The Black Death

Way back when I still had a cable sub and still watched television, I was watching an episode of Red Eye, the late night Fox News show, and the topic was crime. One of the guests was a black libertarian, who said something along the lines of, “In order to have a sensible discussion about crime, the first thing we have to do is put aside the issue of race.” All of the nice white people on the panel fell all over themselves agreeing with the black, of course, mostly because they were grateful that he let them off the hook.

My recollection of my own reaction was to wonder why they would bother talking about crime at all, if they are not going to consider the primary element. After all, net out black crime from the statistics and crime is not an issue we bother discussing. Sure, Hispanic crime rates are significantly higher than white crime rates, but they pale in comparison to black crime figures. The only people worried about white crime are white liberals, who like to tell each other scary stories around the fire pit about their trip to Walmart.

People on our side of the great divide tend to think the people in charge deliberately obfuscate on the race issue, because of nefarious motives. It’s tempting and there is no doubt that we are ruled by sociopaths, who enjoy lying to us about everything, not just crime. Still, a lot of people have simply lost the ability to talk about race. They have become so fearful of the issue that it has taken on magical qualities. Just as Jews are prohibited from speaking the name of God, most white people fear saying “black.”

This weird New York Times op-ed reminds me of that.

When they staged a “die-in” at Stroger Hospital in Chicago earlier this year, Delmonte Johnson and his friends — who together formed GoodKids MadCity, a group dedicated to ending violence in urban communities — had a straightforward request. They wanted what their wealthier, whiter, more suburban peers already seemed to have: freedom from the oppressive fear of being gunned down in their own neighborhoods.

Mr. Johnson, a 19-year-old who loved to sing and dance, who was an athlete and a budding social activist, will not get to see that vision realized. He was shot and killed Wednesday after playing basketball near his home.Mr. Johnson’s death was tragic and unnecessary and enraging. It was also the sort of death that’s become far too common in America, and in particular in Mr. Johnson’s hometown, where more than 2,000 people have been shot so far this year, nearly 400 of them fatally. While mass shootings involving high-powered guns and high death tolls have claimed an outsize portion of the nation’s collective grief — and its headlines — street shootings like the one that killed Delmonte Johnson are far more common.Mr. Johnson, who lost several of his own friends to gun violence, knew that fact all too well. His own advocacy emerged in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., in February with the hope that some of the attention captured by that massacre might be cast toward communities like his — communities that are underserved, overlooked and routinely plagued by gun violence. “We have been screaming for gun control for the longest time,” says Carlil Pittman, a friend of Mr. Johnson’s who co-founded GoodKids MadCity. “But it’s not until it hits other communities that people pay attention. And then they respond with harsher laws that criminalize black and brown kids.”

As everyone knows, guns stalk the streets of our city. For some reason, the government just let guns walk in over the border, unmolested. In fact, they have programs to help guns come in to the country and gain residency. It’s as if the government wants guns to come here and kill people of color. If you did not know better, you would think that the people in charge of government care more about guns than American citizens. When will people wake up and realize that we need a big wall on the border to keep guns out of the country?

All kidding aside, you have to wonder how it is even possible to write about “gun violence” with a straight face. To a sober minded person, it seems impossible for anyone to believe such nonsense. That’s why so many in 2A community think it is deliberate and well considered lie. A multi-generational conspiracy sounds more plausible than people thinking guns magically cause black people to shoot one another. Sadly, that is what the people who write this stuff think. They think blacks are compelled to violence by guns.

The murder problem in Chicago is a problem easily understood with a bit of math and a little bit of race realism. Put a lot of black people in an area and they will start shooting at each other. Chicago has a lot of black people, so it has a lot of murders. The city is roughly 32% black, 32% white and the rest Hispanic, Asian and a mystery. Of the 405 homicides this year, as of this writing, 330 of the victims have been black. Just 26 have been white. Just 48 have been Hispanic, who are over 25% of the population.

Now, it is possible that there are gangs of white supremacists roaming the streets killing black people in all black neighborhoods. It’s possible that these white supremacists are so skilled that no one has ever seen them. It’s also possible that a gang of leprechauns are terrorizing the black neighborhoods. All things are possible if you wish hard enough, but the most probable answer here is that the victim rates reflect the crime rate. That is, 75% of the crime is being committed by 30% of the population, the black population.

Again, sober minded people understand this. The trouble is, we are not ruled by sober minded people, at least with regards to race. They really do believe that race is a social construct and that astronomical black crimes rates are a symptom of social inequality, racism and poverty. Rather than Old Scratch tempting the villagers into sin, there is now this mystery force called “whiteness” that is like swamp gas, rising from the America’s long racist past. In other words, black crime is a spiritual problem, not a practical one.

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    • Yep. Again… I’m a teacher in inner city Chicago. I live in a 23 story apartment building.

      Come in the waters warm. People are people. Some suck. Most are awesome when you get to know them.

      The answer isn’t segregation. It’s letting go of fear.

      • You sound like an NEA, SEIU mind numb robot.

        As a teacher, please endeavor to learn about apostrophes and the overuse of cliches.

    • So segregation?

      Fought and won already.

      Maybe the answer is getting out of our bubbles and actually talking to people. It’s hard (and scary) but it can work if people are brave and loose their prejudice.

  1. Sorry to be a downer… I’m not understanding what you’re purpose for this article is. Question for you Zman: What should be done about Black Crime? I live in Chicago and a ton of good Black people live in these neighborhoods. What’s your solution? If it’s not evil progressive solutions like better education or work programs what’s the answer?
    A magical White Ethno State where all the poor misunderstood White Males can congregated?
    Whether we like it or not we are Americans. Violence in the inner city is an American problem just like opiods ravaging the rural communities.
    Just tired of people feeling so “brave” as to say “Blacks commit a lot of crime.” Yep. Everyone knows that. Whats the answer?
    Lazy article that appeals to the Alt Right who have no answers just hatred.
    And yes… I’m a Jew, a Libtard, a whatever. Now what’s the answer?

  2. There was something kinda interesting. Derbs was saying for some reason US born Hispanics have higher crime rates than fresh off the boat(or rio grande ferry lol). He didn’t know why but I thought I had a good hypothesis. The ones who come here are older or at least of varying age. Most crime is committed by young males, so by definition we are missing the peak crime years of the Hispanics born in Mexico. In other words the crime rate of Hispanics born in the states is more likely to reflect their true crime rate. Good?

    • Your hypothesis regarding age and “peak criminality” seems to make sense. I’d add another (which admittedly is probably a secondary effect). Victimhood. Back home in their country of origin our New American may or may not have been from a lower (discriminated against, vicitmized, whatever) class, but if he was, it was just part of the order of things. Those in power were convinced that as a member of a lower order, he had it coming. In short, no one gave a shit about his plight.

      Now in the US our New American friends are constantly told that they are in fact VICTIMS, and society at large, and whitey in particular, OWES them. So the bar to unlawful behavior and actions is dramatically lowered. It’s no longer a matter of deciding to become a criminal, it’s “getting revenge” or “getting some of my own back” or “informal reparations”. Whatever you call it, the toxic ideology is the same.

      I’d also note that our least successful, and most successful minority groups (neither of these being Latins) each have taken victimhood to heart, and have, in their own ways, used it as a club to beat the rest of society with.

  3. It’s hard to be a heretic. I never anticipated being on the losing end of a deadly serious conflict with my own society over such basic generalizations about the world.

  4. Z is on Gab. Get an account and follow him there. That way if they de-platform him you have a quick way to rally. That’s what Andrew Anglin did.

  5. Black guy on Fox…Do you mean Charles Payne? You better not be dissing Charles Payne, Z Man, else I gonna kick your ass!

  6. The ‘error message’ I saw gave the impression Zman de-platformed himself. The ‘contact…’ was Zman.
    Keep up the fight. I was going to sign up for gab… Is that a useful rally point for when they come for you next? Poxing you for mentioning the Black Plague?

    Lies. Damn Lies. Statistics. Mix. Combine. Rinse. Reorder. Repeat. The Cloud persons regularly ThinkLaunder thinks/things/personas they non grata.

    Actual facts are Laundered to take the stain of, in this case, BlackPlague, out. Gossip is Laundered to become squeeky clean evidence to secure a warrant for a non-crime.

    Are you gonna believe your ‘lyin’ eyes? Or whatz I tellz ya? We don’t want no facts which are inconventient to the Trooths we hold cherished, today…

      • Damn them they don’t know what they are messing with…Do they not once Pandora’s Box is open their screams will be heard in outer space…

      • This “de-platforming” shit is extremely dangerous. Eventually dissidents will be left with no other option but violence. Way to go, progressives!

      • Thanks for persevering Z. You’ve got a great site and knowledgeable commenters. One of the best spots on the net. Thank you for running against the wind.

      • As of 9pm EDT, still having issues with the Zblog. I tried 3 different browsers (Chrome, Dolphin & Edge) and I cannot connect (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED) Changed DNS servers. Nothing works. The only way I could connect was going through an annonymous proxy page. Wondering if my ISP has you on some sort of blacklist.

    • I did on Firefox and was told Zman’s account was “suspended” and the label “de-platformed” came to my mind.

      The Left and the cloud people are going down a dangerous path. They need to tone it down if they don’t want to spook a massive wave of sabotage and kinetic actions.

  7. @Z, et al. You do know that the Banana Empire’s official stats on violent crime have been skewed against YT since the 1970’s no? The FBI reports, first reference years ago by Jared Taylor in “The Color of Crime”, split out the invented race ‘Hispanic’ as a separate group when counting the victims of violent crime but deliberately lump them in with whites when reckoning the perpetrators of violent crime. Even with this obviously deliberate attempt (three guesses who cooked up the formula back in the Nixon justice dept.) to skew the results to make whites look more violent than they are, blacks are still massively more violent. Of course now with things like the ‘Compstat’ system used in a number of big cities, murders are routinely re-classified as accidents and missing persons.

  8. Delmonte be lubbin to sing and dance and wuz a good afflete. Good thing some other negro shot him before he became another professional social activist

  9. Somewhat tangentially, there are other words that can’t be said on 9/11 in any given year: jihad, Islam, Muslim, etc.

  10. Following the history of gun control and firearms in the United States is very instructional in watching how the viewpoints have changed.

    Gun control in the US has it’s roots in keeping firearms away from blacks.

    Apparently way back in the 1860’s – people had the common sense that you shouldn’t put guns in the hands of blacks, so they put legislation into place to restrict access to firearms – for blacks.

    Ever heard the term “Saturday Night Special” (it was pretty common back when I was a kid in the 70’s) ? A Saturday Night Special is a cheap revolver. Cheap means poor people can buy it. Poor people is synonym for black people.

    A slang term for an inexpensive, small-caliber revolver. Dave Kopel, Research Director at the Independence Institute, explains:

    The “Saturday night special” is in part a linguistic descendant of the racist phrase “Niggertown Saturday Night.” The obvious implication of the phrase “Saturday night special” is that it is a gun used by “niggers” to shoot each other with during their wild Saturday nights. No one denies that the people disarmed by a “Saturday night special” ban would be predominantly poor and non-white.
    Saturday Night Specials are preferred by the lower classes, therefore they must be dangerous.

    Ever watched the movie Glory? (Denzel Washington, Matthew Broderick).

    There’s a scene in the movie where the first black recruits are brought in and handed their rifles – they start playing with them like 10 year olds. The Irish sargent gets pissed……. That movie came out about 19 years ago. Even then there were some shreds of race realism still to be found in the culture.

  11. Love your title to this article…The plague and the negroid population have many similarities killing the host being the top one…

  12. A few years back i hard a black spox explaining that crime was inevitable since people kept putting all them damned liquor and gun stores in the hoods. This person has cause and effect mixed up badly.
    I suspect there are regions where folks would love to have a few extra gun and liquor stores around for convenience sake, but the market just won’t support it.

  13. “White people are pussies.”
    – John Derbyshire

    Few whites will talk honestly about race because they fear the repercussions. It’s a severe handicap that ensures exploitation of whites and their children. Better grow some ballls — or the situation will likely worsen.

    • I can understand this, but don’t allow fear of repercussions to prevent speaking of race issues among the immediate family, especially your children. I know I had the “talk” with my daughter before she went off to college. Prior to that, while she lived at home, I would casually bring up local news stories regarding minority shenanigans among the University athletes at the local school. The point always was that these people were not the same as she had interacted with so far in her life and caution was required. No different than walking alone late at night through an unsafe neighborhood.

        • Lots of white folks still believe in the “college experience” and credentialism even in the HBD movement.

          That said, even Jordan Peterson who is a university professor and liberal openly states parents shouldn’t send their kids to college because of the damage that is inflicted on them. Go read RottenChestnuts, it’s a blog by a retired college professor. What he describes is scary and it damages young people.

          Oh if you still have kids in K-12 or know someone who does. Tell them to go look up the “Gender Unicorn” this is some of the stuff that is now being taught in K-12.

          • Its changing a tiny bit, Even the news which I was cozened into watching mentioned that lots of jobs require no degree now.

            They were even neutral about it to my surprise.

            That said if the US were say 90% White and free of Leftists it would be one of the safest best nations on the planet

            Getting there would not be easy though it is possible if the will is there.

            Also are going to have to stop conflating economic policy with social policy. You can have a homogeneous socially conservative state with or without some wealth redistribution or business regulation

            More power to the rich and global corporations is not an inherently conservative idea and is closer to what it says on the tin, economic liberalism

  14. Well, in a way, it is indeed a spiritual problem, because Whiteness or White Privilege or the idea that guns carry curses that only black people are sensitive to – these are all constructs of African mysticism.

    The violence itself may not be the result of spiritual forces, but the sophistry around it definitely is. The discourse has literally been Africanized.

  15. Ok, let me see if I can connect a few dots. I own guns and have never shot anyone. So there’s that.

    The left loves them some African-Americans. How do I know? I saw it on TV.

    But, but. Their pet religion, abortion – has resulted in millions less black Americans since inception. Pay no attention to the ‘dreams of Margaret Sanger’ and her stated intent to reduce the quantity of racial inferiors in the country.

    But, wait, black on black crime is quantified by the data to be the main form of crime that African-Americans suffer from. The statistics are indisputable, and massively one-sided. Just keep feeding them some rap, some LeBron, and keep them in their ghetto.

    Hell, in his book from 1903 …. ninteen ought three …Booker T. Washington laid out the problem of black unemployment. And the ills that it bred. Yes, he used a badthink word in the title, “The Negro Problem”. At least it wasn’t LBJ’s “nig-rah”. In any case, Washington stated that during the Antebellum Period, blacks were taught trades. If you needed a suit, you went to a black tailor. Shoes? A black cobbler. And so on. After the Civil War, blacks were indeed free, but there was no replacement for the skills they had been taught… and as Washington said then … did I mention 1903?!?!?! … ‘a few black professors’ should not distract from the plight of the majority, lacking skills to gain employment.

    And now? The left has not done a thing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. except EXPLOT their beloved African-Americans. Worse, while post Civil War black intact familied (aka marriages) actually exceeed whites for a time …. now over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. So ‘worse than nothing’ is the net result … and we still see the Ben Carson, Condoleeza Rice, and sports ballers like that Hillary Clintoon shill LeBron, raised up for their racial ‘community’. Yet, there are as many bad actors raised up, rappers too numberous to list, race-baiters like Sharpton … et. al.

    So the blacks kill one another in droves. Black pregnancies are aborted at a clip of almost 50% of live births (444 to 1,000). One would think the left HATES them some black people … but for ‘look, a rayciss over there!

    • Hope I am misreading or misunderstanding your comment, because it seems to imply that there are no genetic differences and all Negroes need is job training and intact families to realize true equality. In other words, Chicongo and similar cities suck solely because of Democrat politicians, i.e. DR3.

      As far as intact Negro families exceeding Whites for a time, untrue. Exhaustively researched and documented by blog Those Who Can See.

  16. Progressive fanaticism to disarm the citizenry is so strong that they are happy to foster high crime black neighborhoods and then use the ensuing violence as a political cudgel to push for more gun control. It really is as simple as that.

    • Matt Yglesias was brutally mugged by blacks several years ago in DC. He accepted it as the price of prog utopia. In prog world the only morally legitimate response to crime is more social programs and a more invasive security state.

  17. “They think blacks are compelled to violence by guns.” Which suggests a fun disruptive tactic: Saying (ideally in your best Foghorn Leghorn voice) that this is why we need stricter Negro control. Obviously we can’t remove all sixty-two gazillion firearms from America, for the simple reason that a gun is much smaller than a Mexican and we’re told, by every liberal in America, that it is **simply impossible** to deport even the kind of criminal aliens that murder cute little joggers in Iowa (even when you’ve got him in custody!). But we *can* track Negroes. In fact, we’ve field-tested the technology extensively already. It should be a snap for the people who Fucking Love Science ™ to use computer modeling to track Negroes into areas where they’re likely to encounter one of these magic, violence-causing firearms….

  18. The violence issue is the same as the schools issue. The US has bad schools, everyone says. Look at how well Denmark and Finland do. When you take out blacks and hispanics from the test scores, the US whities are right there with the Northern Europeans. But nobody is honest enough to say that out loud, so blame the teachers and blame the guns.

  19. Eventually, any honest person is forced to understand that Jim Crow laws were the most humane and reasonable method available to shield the rest of us from runaway black dysfunction.

    • Yes, if one has lived near a large concentration of blacks and witnessed their violent, dysfunctional ways, one can see how Jim Crow came to be, for the good of everyone.

    • I was raised a standard lib and, although I was aware of the “problem blacks” in middle and high school, I also knew a few IKAGOs and kept reassuring myself things would work out. Even after my mugging at the hands of vibrants, I still resisted wholesale connecting the dots (They’re not all bad, can’t judge everyone based on appearance, etc.). It was not until my consular tour of hell, in the non-paradise of Jamaica, that I finally accepted that yes, the vast majority ARE all like that. I realized the Negro “American citizens” I was forced to visit in prison there were, in almost every way, indistinguishable from the natives.

      DNA is REAL. And it matters. Deal with it and move on.

  20. I do take satisfaction from Sweden’s plunge into vibrancy. They are smug fukkers and deserve a few years of muslim pegging.

  21. Even as a kid I was a gun nut. It wasn’t a good place to be because my family were all shitlibs, cucks and progs. When I was 18 my mom found my .357 Dan Wesson target pistol amongst my plunder and then told Pop about it. They put 2 and 2 together and came up with 7: Obviously I was involved with selling drugs or gangs. I remember the bitterness with which I told my father to go f himself when I got home and they confronted me. I slept outside that night. It was one of the reasons I moved out of the house and it was one of the irreconcilable friction point between us ever since.

    The hell of it is my family are not stupid people. But for some reason, they will not listen to any argument no matter how well civilized and reasoned. When people set their minds like that, all you can do is flip them the middle finger and tell them to lump it. It’s like that with all their other sacred dogma too like social justice, affirmative action, feminism, etc.

    This is why we will eventually need to kill large numbers of them as a warning to the rest. When stupidity like this sets up in people the only way to deal with it is with lead and fire. At some point we are going to have to fight or go insane with them.

    • Stories like these make me glad I grew up in a time, place and family where I started shooting at something like six and my Dad bought me my own rifle when I was 12.

      I feel for people who had to put up with the environment you did. Good job overcoming it.

      • My evil assed old man had us shooting when were six or so. We shot his little bolt action 22 he got when he was eight. The sights were off just a little and the old bastard new it. We would shoot and miss. Shoot and miss. He would walk up, put it to his shoulder and plink, over went the coffee can. “That’s why boys, shouldn’t use man’s gun.” Busted him out years later when I dug that gun out of the closet, and he tried to pull it on eighteen year old me.

      • Started at 8. Then shot in the NRA junior program. Washed a gazillion cars and saved up enough to buy an Anshutz sportetr Kept that and the H&R 20 gauge passed down though my uncles in my closet from age 10 on. Funny, but never occurred to me that these were playthings. Or that it would be cool to shoot someone. Grew up with too many men that actually killed people. It left a mark on them.

    • 😉 My father was the same way. Immigrating here after WWII, he had little use for guns. He lived in NYC his whole life, I moved to AZ. When in college, I bought an AR-15. In those days, you just kept it in your room. No one cared.

      One night I get a phone call from dad, he had been mugged by one of NYC’s impoverished minorities—right outside his apartment door! First statement out of his mouth was a request for me to bring him a gun next time I visited (NYC not issuing permits except to Cloud people in those days).

      Does this sound like a cliche, yep, but it’s absolutely true. 😉

      • Which is why you never listen or follow advice from someone suicidal…It’s sad though that so many do and actually encourage it…

    • My sons’ gun safety lesson was when grandpa sat a can of pop on the rail of his back deck, shot it with his .38 and said, “That could’ve been your head.” No problems with carelessness from them.

  22. I can’t watch “news talk” shows any more. Even on Fox, they are dishonest. Either avoiding the real issues or lying about them.

      • You can’t buy cable a la carte in this country, so buying the cable package means paying for channels you don’t watch. Congress specifically carved out an antitrust exemption for this. Watch the highlights of Tucker on youtube, encourage all Boomer friends to do the same.

  23. Also, just for the record: all the comments I made on other articles this past week that disappeared into the internet void were uniformly brilliant.

    • It’s disappointing that my cure for cancer and path to world peace disappeared, too. They were the only copies I had and I couldn’t begin to reconstruct them.

  24. I know a nice liberal white lady, 60s, who got pulled over in her Lexus for letting the tag expire. When she took 10 minutes to tell me the most boring story ever she implied that she was absolutely terrified of the cops. I would have challenged her because it was just completely absurd that that would be true but I was so bored I didn’t want to continue the conversation

    • Well, the police do have that scary automatic gun, and they come at you like a bully demanding your papers etc. They are also big and bossy, leave you with a bill, and have been known to shoot poor ole black folks in their sleep. What’s not to be terrified of by/for an elderly liberal white lady ? I would’ve reassured the old bag, that police are unionized and vote mostly democrat.

  25. Race realism and the ethnostate are like a chicken and egg problem — or maybe a catch-22: do we not get an ethnostate until we openly talk race realism, or not get race realism until after we get an ethnostate?

  26. The only good information I got out of this is that Hispanics aren’t as bad for us as I thought. Still not my people.

    As far as black on black crime goes last night was a bad one, (I hear, won’t watch). Giants slaughter the Lions in sportsball.

    Remember how Scandinavians used to denigrate the US for it’s violent crime? Not so much anymore given an unhealthy injection of our virus into their ecosystem. I don’t take any satisfaction out of this though, we still have too much to lose together.

    • A pro-immigration trick is to lump Black crime in with White crime and then proclaim “See? Immigrants — even illegal aliens — are more law-abiding than US citizens!”

      Leave aside the fact that 100% of illegal aliens are, by definition, criminals.

      Why should we want to import a population about whom the best that can be said is “at least they’re not as bad as Boacks.?”

      • Another trick is to use the phrase “US born.” This hides the fact that once the threat of deportation is removed, the “American citizens” return to the base crime rate of their race.

        White ethnostate is the solution to racial crime rates.

    • Mr. Johnson, a 19-year-old who loved to sing and dance, who was an athlete and a budding social activist, will not get to see that vision realized. He was shot and killed Wednesday after playing basketball near his home.

      A real whodunit, wonder how that happened? Maybe the perp was an eskimo…

      • A real whodunit, wonder how that happened? Maybe the perp was an eskimo…
        No no no the perp was an evil gun sent by whitey to hunt down black folk…

    • The hispanic crime rate in Chicago used to be much higher, having had access to the Police statistics over a number of years, but has settled down…IMO that’s due to less Police attention due to political power, and the stability provided by the Cartel.

    • Unfortunately we will not lose together but lose we shall. After we have been forced to segregate ourselves into our group identities out of a simple desire to survive the real tribal violence starts. Then the Marxist come.Sweeping in with their claims of being able to stop all the violence through the magic of socialism / communism. It’s the same old play out of the same old Playbook. Very depressing especially for our grandchildren.

    • Scandinavian super high crime rates are the result of Moslime/Islamic refugee immigrants they let in. They regret if today. Like Germany and……………………
      Rape and domestic violence are thru the roof because of these uncivilized scum.

    • Combine deliberate cultural blindness with a good paycheck, and you have 95% of what passes for conservative commentary today, as witness the mess of an essay at America greatness you wrote about yesterday.

    • Not OT – he wrote an essay on exactly the same topic today.

      “..most of us plain don’t care about you or your doings. There was a time when we did care, but you betrayed our good will and played us for fools. We laugh about it now, but we actually believed you wanted equal opportunity and mutual respect and to live in harmony—all that stuff. Ain’t it a hoot? Imagine our embarrassment.”

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