Open the Door

On the way back from Europe, there was a woman on the plane, who embodied pretty much all that had gone wrong with women in the West. She was 30-ish and as we were boarding, she found that the overhead bins were full in the front. She had no place to put her three carry-on items. Of course, if she had been more punctual, this would not have been a problem, but there she was in the aisle, throwing a tantrum, demanding the cabin crew rush to her aid. She managed to hold up the boarding process for ten minutes.

I was struck by the sense of entitlement. It was not because she was a beautiful women who knew all men desire her either. She was quite plain. Further, the women who work for Wow airlines are stunningly gorgeous. More important, they like being women that are stunningly gorgeous. To be blunt about it, the contrast between the beautiful Icelandic women and this American feminist underscored the fact that feminism is about dining out on appetizer looks. It’s bland women demanding unearned attention from men.

Watching this unfold in front of me, I started to think a big part of what makes American women so unpleasant now is that they are haunted by this reality. Not so much that they are average looking, but that they know the feminist lunacy in their heads is not true and that the old realities of sex roles are forever realities. If they were polite and decent, minding their own business as feminists, no one would pay any attention to them. The result would be a class of barren spinsters that live on the local university campus.

At least with nuns, they have their faith in God and whatever else happens in the nunnery, to give them purpose in their lives. There is an upfront acceptance of their separation from the normal life of mankind. The nun stops being a woman in the conventional sense, so she stops expecting to be treated as a woman. As a result, most nuns I have met are stern about their duties, but otherwise pleasant people. It is a role for them that has well defined rules that addresses the sexual, as well as the social dynamics of life.

Feminists are always in the center of a great mental conflict between what they wish were true about the world and the ongoing reality around them. The woman in the aisle, while surrounded by shield maidens of the first order, was a rage of internal conflict. Her eyes kept darting around the cabin, as she was clearly uncomfortable. The feminist sense of entitlement forced her to make demands on everyone, while her biological instinct was to look for a man to come her rescue. Instead, she was rescued by women from the past.

The irrationality of the feminist, the tantrum aspect to it, cannot be discussed in the mass media, but that is the weak point of it. Feminism is, in many ways, someone choosing to live in the backyard, rather than the house, because they are nursing a grudge against the person who made the house for them. Instead of being good at the thing they can be good at, like being a wife and mother, they choose to be terrible at something no one wants and no society has ever needed. Feminism is the wrath of the unloved and unwanted woman.

That really is the shame of it. I’ve trod this earth for a long time and I have yet to hear a man say, “The trouble is we have too many good women from which to choose.” No man thinks there is a glut of good mothers or women who make excellent wives. It is the complete opposite. Most men lament the dire shortage of women they would want to have as a wife or the mother of his children. This is something men of my generation have been discussing our entire adult lives. It’s why so many of us are unmarried or never married.

Men have adapted to this state of affairs, by developing a taste for Asian women. In my recent travels, I spotted probably a dozen American men with East Asian women. In baggage claim, the entitled feminist was standing across from such a couple. He was a millennial and his wife looked like the typical second generation East Asian female. Our feminist hero was glaring at them for the longest time. At the risk of being accused of sexual assault, I searched our feminist hero’s face, looking for the lights to come on.

All of this reminds me of something I’ve noticed when dealing with feminist women. The best thing is to dominate them. It is not only the best approach in the moment, but it opens a door for them to escape the torment of modernity. In the company of feminists, I often begin talking about repealing the 19th Amendment. I’m polite, but firm. The results are always positive. The reason is, modern women, like our feminist hero, are living lives of bitter isolation, an isolation from who they are as women. They are looking to escape it.

That’s why men should always open the door for women.

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  1. John Frederick Lange (John Norman) was always viewed as a heretic because of his Gor novels (where women are dominated to an excessive extent), but only because Shakespeare was right: “the lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

    The domination of women is the cure to the madness that is feminism. Every crazy bitch shouting about the patriarchy is begging to be collared. Men want beautiful women, but women want men of status who will stand up to them. It gets tiresome after awhile, but that’s the way it is. A real man wants his wife to be his equal, but to get there he has to understand her need and help her work through this.

  2. Feminism is about upper middle class female bitterness that smarts and educational attainment, and goods jobs don’t much affect their SMV. It’s not so much that all feminists are ugly, it’s that they are plain, and life turned out not to be the fairy tale they had hoped. In the past, women had to come to terms with their middling SMVs early in life. Starting in the 60s, as women entered the work force, women assumed men gave a damn about female “achievement”, and when they found out otherwise….

    What gets me is that some of these women could be attractive. Women invest all this time and energy into educational attainment, yet so many of them have weight problems. Controlling their empty carb consumption would be a far better SMV strategy. Let’s be honest — that’s poor parenting. Good parents don’t let their daughters get too big.

  3. Funny you post this today when lunatic Ford is debate xerself about whether 1-10 teenage boys gropped her somewhere, sometime 40 years ago.

    • Don’t disagree but the dearth of attractive and genuinely feminine western white women limits the potential of that site. Trad women are not traditional when it comes to like and how they age. The site will likely just be a trad, white site for hypergamy. Dating isn’t done in a vacuum.

      • Probably true. But who knows? Great things have small beginnings. It’s a possible sign of renewal. The first crocus of spring coming thru the snow. The Pendulum has to swing back. But will we have enough time and slack to renew? As you say, there are no laboratory conditions in the real world.

    • This thinking is typical of women on the “right” who can’t move past white identity as an pseudo-ideology. How many dozens of Christian dating sites are there already, which are implicitly 98% white? All she’s done is create a secular version – in other words, disconnected it from the actual source of “tradition” and like so many “trad women” is just using it as a buzzword. This is what gives rise to the #faketrad and #tradthot hashtags.

      Don’t get me wrong, given the choice between a feminist and a “trad woman” I’d pick the “trad” every time. But guys need to recognize that this shit is totally fake, like most movements and institutions run by women. It doesn’t arise naturally from any deep philosophy or connection to the past, it’s just a bunch of white women who are sick of soy liberals and would rather virtue-signal to a different sort of man. It’s still hypergamy dot com.

      If you want to meet an actual “trad woman”, then go to a trad church, one where they still preach against feminism and homosexuality. Oh, but that would be hard, wouldn’t it? Having to evaluate all these possibilities, wear nice clothes, sit through long sermons, maybe even move out of the big city… can’t we just have a website where pretty white women put out for betas and don’t act like feminists? LOL, get real.

  4. Living in eastern Asia is a great opportunity to witness the sad decline of western women, especially the white ones, on a daily basis. 90% at minimum of white women are fatter, less feminine and angrier (at lest in the attitude they convey) than Asian women.

    One very rarely sees a middle class or affluent Asian man with a less attractive female. In most white couples the man usually is more attractive, or at least slimmer, than the woman. When you see a white man with a less attractive, fat Asian woman, he usually met and married her in his home country. I had immigrant women in the US tell me that one of the things they first noticed about the U.S. was how the man is usually more attractive than the woman. This shocked them. Even very wealthy men are usually with less attractive wives.

    Besides not having a Jewish media, some of this difference in Asia can be explained by it being a group, not an individualistic, culture. There is a lot of societal pressure on women, especially by mothers, to present themselves in a desirable way.

    Feminism is making inroads and more women are opting to become cat ladies but this has to be a conscious choice because few men will marry or start living with a woman over 35, especially if she has a kid.

    Like much of what happens in China, the same thing goes on but it is on steroids. A single woman over 27 is labeled a “leftover woman.” Any man who married her will lose face which is the worst thing that can happen to a Chinese man. The entire clan, led by the mother, puts pressure on a woman to be married to a man with real estate and have a child by 25. The mother is particularly insistent on early motherhood because motherhood skips a generation in Chinese culture with the grandmother bearing primary responsibility for raising a child. It will be interesting to see how this changes as younger, more feminist corrupted women have grown daughters.

  5. If you want a good laugh at the stereotypical man-hating feminist that you can see daily on the streets of many progressive cities, check this out (

    Among other things, one will notice that many of today’s young, white American progressive females, and not just the fat, ugly or trashy ones with low SMV, prefer dating black men rather than white males. Sometimes it is only a stage during their dating years; a chance to experiment and in some cases check a box on their list of “I’m a good progressive” credentials. But increasingly it is becoming far more common for good-looking, college-educated white females to marry a black male she met while in college or shortly thereafter. That’s why the advertising folks are all about displaying mixed race couples on every TV spot; it mirrors what is going on in society with increasing frequency. The advertisers are simply trying to connect with viewers to sell a product or service.

    As a dozen or so single and married white females have told me over the course of 20 years of bachelorhood, black men as a general rule are perceived by many (but not all) white females as far more “manly” in the sense that they are NOT as deferential to a woman’s whim as white men often are. The polite and college-educated black males (and there are far more of them than many on this thread may want to admit exist) will be polite and courteous (old Southern norms still mean something in many black households despite what you see on the news). Black males are encouraged by their upbringing to still participate in “manly” sports, events, etc. and to display certain mannerisms that emphasize strong male attributes. Assuming they are not ghetto rats but young black males growing up in good households and neighborhoods, they socialize with whites and become accepted by most whites with ease. So white females see them as another option in the dating and mating market and don’t feel constrained to only date white males. It doesn’t hurt black males that they will also demand deference from females to males “when push comes to shove”, which every woman (self-described feminist or not) really wants no matter how much she denies it.

    White males, on the other hand, have been beaten down and taught to defer to their female counterparts for the better part of 6 decades now by the popular media, school curricula and society at large. And the result is that most, though by no means all, single white men in the modern dating scene display a timidity and deference to their white female counterpart’s every whim. Some young women get off on this nonsense and the power it gives them; others are not impressed and seek something more like a strong and assertive male. Some young white men just play along with the deference BS in the dating game to get laid. But far too many are really just programmed that way by their upbringing. The high divorce rates of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s resulted in far too many of these white young men being raised in single parent households by their mothers with less or no meaningful contact with their fathers or other male figures in the family. Deferring to a female is what they know and were programmed to do.

  6. When arguing with fem-tards on these points, I always highly recommend study and referencing of I Ching, the “Book of Changes”. Highly red-pilled, but Ancient and Chinese and “of color,” and therefore has Infinity Multicultural Pokemon Points, viz. therefore irrefutable.

    Pay particular attention to Hexagram 37, often called “Family,” or sometimes “People in the Home”. Deep down, every woman knows Hexagram 37 is true, but here it’s not Evil Xian Patriarchy, but Ancient Chinese Wisdom of Color.

    Like Master K’ung himself would put it, No blame.

    No blame.

  7. You are not just Zman, you are THE MAN.
    Your genius lights up my day. Best regards,and please keep up the astounding great work.

  8. Check out what Paul Elam on Youtube as to what he has to
    say about interacting and dealing with women who are ‘borderlines’.
    and the related topics…it bears DIRECTLY on what Z is talking
    about above.

    Gynocentrism and hypergamy have both been weaponized by
    the jews to destroy the white family and therefore Western Civilization..
    their creation/use of feminism is also a smoking gun.

  9. The entitlement along well off white people has reached epidemic proportions. In my neighborhood they don’t look before they cross the street anymore they just assume cars will stop for them. They are crossing at crosswalks but who doesn’t look at the driver to make sure there’s not a lunatic behind the wheel. It’s been something I’ve been noting for a couple years now. To me it comes across as a lack of agency in your own well-being

    • I started seeing university educated white women in affluent neighborhoods crossing the street without looking 15 years ago. Even mothers pushing a stroller would shove it out into the street without looking as though it was a canary in a coal mine. I asked a woman who lived in the neighborhood why women did this and she said women should never look before crossing because they legally have the right of way. Universities in the US train women to view public interactions as zero sum power plays

      • That explains the spate of hit and runs of female pedestrians and their babies that we’ve been seeing in the news the past 15 years. Damn fool women, can’t even cross the street!

      • LOL.

        I know I’m trying to apply logic here and it’s only going to piss me off – but I fail to see the connection between “should never look” and ” have the right of way”.

        I guess when you spend decades telling yourself equally stupid shit like “I don’t need a gun because the police are getting paid to protect me” – pretty much any level of insanity therefore becomes plausible.

        Reminds me of a “right of way” incident I had while out walking at lunch time. I was doing the loop around the business complex I worked in – and I was walking thru the parking lot to get to the trail. I was coming out of a side entrance and a guy I know was pulling in. I saw the car coming and stopped and stood where I was. He waved me on – and I waved him on. He waved me on again – so I went. When I walked up to him he said “you have the right of way you know”.

        I said: ” no I don’t – the 4000 pound vehicle has the right of way – not the 200 pound pedestrian – the law just picks up the pieces when somebody doesn’t pay attention to the laws of physics”.

        He laughed and agreed.

        If walking into traffic without looking is a new “thing” among females – I’ll add that to the list of out of control female entitlement I’ve heard so much about.

        And if that woman with the baby was walking my kid she’d get a dressing down like she never had before.

  10. In this day and age men should never open a door for a female unless she is a girlfriend, relative or handicapped. It is try-hard to please the whamens, stinks like beta, is not zfg, you’re the servant (the doorman nice!), the puppy happy to please Mi’ Lady for a pat on the head. Chivalry is dead and buried and maintaining a double standard by rewarding the behavior that caused mass degeneracy in the West encourages and enforces the worst of hypergamy. The article starts and almost ends well, but in the final sentence, as usual, Z steps on his dick. You guys should read more Dalrock. I agree that angry feminists often are calmed by a strong pimp hand (because, like a misbehaving puppy, woman are dying for a strong leader they can follow) Listen to that old song “Johnny Get Angry”. Good observations, but sigh and smh on the conclusion reached from them.

    • Besides being an idiot, you are apparently someone who hates himself. When I’m polite and courteous to others, it is an honor I give myself. It’s who I am. You on the other hand don’t do anything unless you get something out of it. Your worthless, transaction life leaves you bitter and lonely.

    • Opening the door for feminist women is, “An elegant weapon of a more civilized age.”
      It’s also how I was raised. But then I am on old man.

    • I agree with Burner Prime on this one. The problem with white men is that they pay too much deference women not too little. In this day and age unless a woman is a family member or is known to be a respectful lady personally, a man should not pay deference. Any deference payed to a strange women is really thirsty desperate beta groveling. The sentiment the Z-man expresses is an anachronistic boomer viewpoint from a bygone era. There is no honor you are giving yourself by paying deference to a strange woman just because of her genitals.

      • No, your point of view is the African one. You have no soul, no sense of self and no sense of duty to your people. Your just acting like a feral animal, doing only that which gets you something in return.

        Edit: The point that you he-man woman haters seem to miss is you get the women your deserve. If all you are is a rutting animal that sees women as nothing more than a relief vessel, you will be surrounded by prostitutes. It is the dumbest and most self-defeating aspect of the PUA/MAGTOW sub-culture. Frankly, it is just as bad as the morons who demand everyone “name the Jew” and dress like Hitler. It’s not about winning anything. It’s about sacralizing their status as losers.

        I have zero patience for it. The fact is, when I’m a gentleman to a woman, they always smile. If that is not your experience, the problem is you.

      • I hold open the door for other dudes, so there’s no reason I wouldn’t do the same for women. It’s not a sexual transaction, it’s just common courtesy, like saying “hello” and “how are you” to your neighbors and coworkers. If you do that expecting to impress a woman, or expecting any kind of reciprocation at all, then you’re part of the problem of people who expect something for nothing.

        “I show up for work every day, so why don’t they pay me more?” “I hold doors open for women, so why don’t they give me their numbers?” “Don’t blame me, I voted for the other guy”. This is all garbage rabbit philosophy transmitted by boomers and now spewed endlessly by their progeny. Just stop. If you’re disappointed with life, look inward.

        • Just stop. If you’re disappointed with life, look inward…
          Oh no why can’t be having none of that…We have to blame, blame,blame someone or something else for all that ails us…Sad That…

        • I’m female, I thank every man that holds a door for me. Why wouldn’t I when I thank every woman that holds a door for me? Like you I believe it’s just common courtesy. I also hold a door for men and women when the opportunity arises.

          I don’t even take notice of who thanks me and who doesn’t. I’m not doing it for the recognition, I’m just paying it forward. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. You will never have a discussion with a real feminist, and you’ll never change their minds. If you show them up for their wrongheadedness and/or stupidity they will shout you down and call you names. If you ‘win’ an argument with a feminist, you really weren’t arguing with one. Real feminists will destroy themselves, their families, and their kids and will blame everyone but themselves. Their beliefs trump biology, reality and common sense.
    The best approach to a feminist in your family is to contain it, isolate it and dispose of it. Burn it with fire if you can.
    All joking aside they are bitterly unhappy and unstable and will ultimately cause no end of grief for themselves and any men in their circle. Trifle with them at your peril.

  12. For a lot of guys, it ain’t the feminism, it’s the obesity.

    I know a lot of nice girls who have essentially ceased to be sexual beings because of their size.

    And sure, it’s easy to point the finger of individual blame at them. But for people of average self-control, the Technicolor Sugarbomb Carbtopia is just kind of overwhelming.

    (And as Z pointed out in recent posts, America has a lot to answer for on the bizpozz front. That includes food.)

    I don’t know if the commercial-nutritional rot is related to the intellectual-political rot, but there can be no doubt that it is profound. Imagine people in the future looking at public photos from our time. What a disgusting, degraded age ours will be seen to have been.

  13. “It’s bland women demanding unearned attention from men.”

    Z-Man you have hit the nail on the head! I have remarked to a couple of people how I find it absurd that ugly, loud, masculine women get the same rights as beautiful quiet feminine women. They could not see what I was driving at. Our society raves about the rights and value of womankind yet does not encourage the actual practice of femininity itself. As far as I’m concerned the ogres of today haven’t earned the title of womanhood and the respect they screech about and demand so loudly. They are little more than men of the most inferior kind.

  14. Feminazis are fun to laugh at, which I do when the opportunity presents itself. I like to close the corral with, “Sure was great how women got the right to vote all by themselves”. Harpies that want to pluck your eyes out. Societies run by women are in a death spiral. No wonder the moslems consider us the weak horse.

  15. Interesting that women’s most important role is carrying civilization forward to the next generation, and beyond. Always has been, always will be. Even more interesting is the creation of feminism by one of the three letter agencies in the 40’s. Weaponized anthropology? Qui bono?

  16. I think we might be confusing cause and effect here. In my analysis, feminism *causes* bitterness, not the other way around.

    Feminism is about infantilizing female sexuality and pathologizing male sexuality, so that even women of low SMV can assert power and control over men. Not through physical dominance, obviously, but through emotional manipulation and social shaming. Mass movements like slutwalks (“feel bad for ogling us”) and #MeToo (“feel bad for not believing”) are exactly this.

    Women get seduced by that power – this extortion racket against men – which MAKES them unloved and unwanted. It’s mudsharking times a thousand. Their personality and lifestyle communicates to every man in proximity that they’re slaves to their appetites, that they have no self-control, that they’re useful perhaps for casual sex but absolutely miserable as marital prospects.

    We’ve all seen the before-and-after pictures. Plenty of newbie feminists start out fairly attractive and could probably end up quite happy in life by resisting the temptation of MOAR free stuff. Over time it destroys them, makes them ugly and irritating and unlovable. The bitterness sets in afterward – after feminism has chewed them up and spit them out and after they realize, if only unconsciously, how it’s destroyed their lives.

    But unlike, say, a cocaine addiction, there’s no rehabbing after a lifetime of feminism. With most addictions, you can get help, dry out, sober up, and eventually get your life back on track. Post-feminism, that SMV is never coming back. So all that these bitter feminists can do is turn back to their old addictions; there’s literally nothing else for them.

  17. What are your points you make to the female about the 19th. Having a good battle plan before jumping in would help me 🙂

    • For starters, I’m always going to do this stuff while in good spirits. It’s hard to hate someone who is cheery and pleasant. Second, the most effective way to deal with liberals is the false dilemma. For example, when they say they want free health care, tell them that can only happen with zero immigration. If they want legal abortion, the response is, “That’s why it was a mistake to federalize it. As a state issue, you get to decide for yourself, rather than having a male judge control your body.”

      When around lefty, always look for a chance to put them in the position of picking between two unpleasant options. That means always personalizing the discussion and phrasing things as best as possible as a question. The Socratic technique is quite effective for this. “So if I understand you correctly, what you want is X.” You’ll note that lefty never likes saying “I want” or “I think” when making demands. Putting them in the position to personally argue for a position is frightening to them.

      Now, usually what happens is some woman’s issue comes up and I’ll take the opportunity to say something like “This is why woman’s suffrage was a mistake. Instead of having the power of the family behind each vote, it is isolated women voting on their own.” Something like that gets the ball rolling. The theme I like is “The effort to make women better has made men worse, which has been bad for women, who were just fine the way they were.” That means if they say things are worse for women now, then they are implicitly agreeing with me about voting. If they disagree and say things are better for women, then I can focus on why are they are always complaining.

      In small company, the way you must always work with lefty is to provoke and then respond to their response in a way that guides them down a blind alley.

      • Another false dilemma:
        1. A trad woman submits to her husband, a man who will love her forever, and creates a comfy, pleasant home for both of them.
        2. A liberated woman submits to her boss, a man who couldn’t care less about her and will discard her the moment she is no longer useful to him.

      • Re: ” In small company, the way you must always work with lefty is to provoke and then respond to their response in a way that guides them down a blind alley.”

        I have a perfect example of that. I have posted this in your comment section before , but I believe it’s a perfect example of what you’re talking about.

        Scenario: sitting in the company cafeteria eating lunch with a few buddies. One of the software developers who was a known almost completely pozzed leftist sat down with us – and proceeded to ask who we would vote for in the upcoming Presidential election ( this was when Obama was running for the 1st time).

        Different responses around the table – and when he got to me I answered ” I hope Barack Obama wins – I mean I just can’t vote for the guy – but I hope he wins”.

        Lefties face lights up – and he asks in a hopeful manner “Why?!?”.

        I respond by saying ” because the way I figure it is that if Obama is going to get elected – it will destroy liberalism in this country and collapse the Democratic party”.

        I then went back and took a bite of my sandwich.

        When I looked up – he was leaving the table. Without saying a word. One of my buddies said his face turned 10 shades of red and the veins were bulging out of his neck. But he was still speechless. And he just instantly walked away.

        The answer I gave sent him from happy and hopeful to heart attack inducing rage within the time it took me to take a bite out of my sandwich.

    • I keep it simpler than Z, because a man must know his limitations. Repealing the 19th is not disrespecting women, it is caging a capricious genie, democratic equality. Madison borrowed directly from Adam Smith–the vices of men, working against each other, both public and private, would be employed as virtues, in “defect of better motives,” good vs bad having failed historically. But in democratic government, the very virtues unique to women are perverted into vices. It is a great dissonance to respect women and democracy at the same time. Late in his life Tocqueville was asked what single thing was responsible for America’s greatness. He had over time listed so many. After a long silence he replied it was the quality of it’s women. How sad is this?

  18. Women cannot conceive that the reason the can’t find a “good man” is that no good man will have them as the women themselves aren’t good enough. But, its hard to blame them sometimes when you realize that they’ve been told how “amazing” they are all their lives. Still, isn’t it the definition of insanity to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

    What makes you amazing, Becky? What is the evidence that you, Becky, are amazing?

    • Fathers are really bad about this. Too many treat their daughter as a princess. Men should offset the matriarchal propaganda from the mom and the overall culture.

  19. Me and an ex-girlfriend used to exchange selfies about once a year. She liked sending her pics and hearing me tell her she’s cute. A few months ago I asked for a pic and she texts, “no”. I say “why”? She texts, “because I don’t want to be objectified.” Mind you, we only ever exchanged selfie FACE pics. I didn’t ask for “boobs” or even body. Her response would have been inconceivable just 5 years ago. Their brain chemistry has changed. The dopamine rush she got by getting to use the word “objectified” and feeling victimized overrode the rush she’d get from a man telling her she’s pretty.

    Z: “In the company of feminists, I often begin talking about repealing the 19th Amendment. I’m polite, but firm. The results are always positive.”

    This is hard to fathom.

    • It’s not as hard as you think. Sure, the nuttier ones will stomp off. The reason they stomp off is once they realize I am immune to point and sputter, my laughing is the clue, they have a choice. They can remain and deal with the disconfirmation or flee. Now, the more normal sort that just goes along with the feminist nonsense because they have been socialized that way, will laugh and engage.

      90% of women are not feminists. Most mouth the platitudes because they pick it up from the culture, but they cannot escape their biology. The fish may want to walk, but he knows he is a fish.

      • Curiously, I have had a bit more resistance from men communicating this idea than I have from women. The virus of democratic equality has infected the western mind no less than Islam has infected it’s own host.

      • I find what you suggest is only highly likely to work if I am the only man in the conversation. Inevitably, any other man will use my comment as an opportunity to white knight and will play the past of the woman in the conversation. Sometimes the woman will appreciate the difference between me and the white knight . Often, though, the white knight enables the woman to stay in her comfort zone by giving her the dopamine hit of validation

  20. I noticed her in Bangkok that when I hold the door open for young women [ under 25 or 30 ] they just breeze through without any recognition, as though I were the doorman for them. Two reasons. These people don’t make much eye contact. The young women are narcissistic and completely self absorbed with the cell phone screen.
    Same thing in the supermarkets some of these people will just bump you indiscriminately as they pass you, so now a lot of them get the stiff unflexing shoulder, Man Woman or child.
    I noticed though the maids here will be quite shocked and very lifted that a farang would hold the door for them. They will give a sign of gratitude

    • I also live in Bangkok. The young attractive women here are narcissistic but they are that way almost everywhere. However, western white women have a different vibe. Asian women usually don’t convey the anger and condescension towards men that are so common among western white women.

  21. I think feminism is one of many possible responses to the atomization of society. I’ve been reading The City, by Max Weber, and one theme that runs through it so far is that the modern urban city as it began to evolve in the middle ages was that it purposely helped to form the idea of the individual in order to break up the clan based political structure that had, in various forms, been the political substrate of cities going back to ancient times, as described by Fustel de Coulanges.

    This process of atomization has continued up to our day, and when weak individual women are thrust into such a state of affairs a kind of atavistic backlash toward the primitive clannishness occurs, except there is no family clan to turn to. Those of their own sex become their clan, and they then view anyone or anything outside their clan as an other to be reviled.

    In other words, feminism is a mutated expression of primitive instincts.

  22. And, yes, by & large Icelandic women are stunningly gorgeous, as well as vivacious in the literal sense of the term. Just fun, vs. drudgery.

  23. “In the company of feminists, I often begin talking about repealing the 19th Amendment. I’m polite, but firm. The results are always positive.”

    I find this hard to believe and would expect that epic hysteria and denunciation ensured instead. Care to substantiate?

    • I’ll give you my own example back in the early 90’s. In the HR area there was a discussion about women in the workplace. This was an all female area and today I would get fired. Anyways, I mentioned the women would be happier at home running the house and raising kids. The hysteria was priceless. I just made my statement and went about my business. Later I went by the same area and one of the younger ladies stopped me and said she was impressed I stood my ground.

      Women like to shriek and moan but they’ll follow a man who stands up to them.

    • I have never had a woman get mad at me for saying women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. They think it’s funny, even when you say it stone-faced. Try it.

  24. Don’t forget to bring back coveture. Domination makes feminists happy, so coveture will bring us back our historical strength.

  25. “That’s why men should always open the door for women.” – I disagree we should not be saving those cat-ladies from them selves but let them fester it their own life’s choices while “shopping” for better quality in East Europe/Asia

    • Eastern European women and Asian women are women. Many of them come from scarcity societies. They grasp the need for men in scarcity conditions. As soon as they get a taste of Western abundance, they’ll be spouting “like a fish needs a bicycle”.

      • Perhaps not them, as the need to keep depending on good man continues while raising children, so the “scarcity” psychology remains. But look out for the daughter of this pairing, who wont know scarcity, especially one who goes thru our public indoctrucation system

        And speaking of scarcity, this is why feminism first gained inroads in the boomer generation — first generation in America (and human history) never to feel the scourge of scarcity

      • I disagree. Asia in general is no longer a scarcity society, and Eastern Europe is moving away from that situation rapidly. Japan is easily as wealthy as any Western nation, and China isn’t all that far behind. The difference is nurture, not nature. My wife is from Asia, and her culture continues to promote strong gender roles, not because the culture is unenlightened, but because those roles *work*.

    • Agree. Actions should have consequences. When I still lived in the US, I would stop at crosswalks to let men cross the street but I wouldn’t stop for women unless they were old. Why? Men would usually wave thanks while women would stick up their noses and convey an attitude of “another pig who just stopped because I am so stunning.”

      Now I live in Asia and Western white women are just as obnoxious here as in the US so I hold the door open for Asian women but not for white women. I have learned that western women, especially white women, despise white men, unless they are obviously very high status, who are kind to them without the woman having to first earn that kindness.

  26. I agree that much of feminism can be explained as women who are bitter that they aren’t more attractive to high status men. However, another motivation for feminism is that, if a woman cannot find a man to care for her, she must fend for herself in the workplace. Many women feel outmatched by men in the workplace and hence are receptive to ideologies that promise to intervene. The solution is to get these women married and out of the workplace. That is why I am encouraged by the Alt-Right’s emphasis on self-improvement for men so that they can be more attractive as husbands.

    What advice would you give to a physically unattractive daughter or sister who is forced into the workplace?

    • What advice would you give to a physically unattractive daughter or sister who is forced into the workplace?

      The same advice parents have been giving daughters for a thousand years. Find a man who will marry you and make him a happy home.

    • i would advise her to work studiously on her sexual technique, and getting her weight down. then go for a husband. if she puts on a bit of an ego pleasing show during coitus, most beta males will propose on the spot.

    • No matter how hard men work to improve themselves, half of them are still going to be below average. That’s mathematics. The social problem is to compel below average women to mate with below average men. However, once the toothpaste is out of the tube….

  27. Mentally ill women start showing symptoms in their late 20s to early 30s. By that time they have a husband who has to take care of them. Mentally ill men start showing symptoms in their teens. They have no one to take care of them which is why they end up sleeping under a bridge.

    • Nail, meet hammer. Yet no one wants to consider that mental/emotional issues are made worse (if not entirely brought on by) the intensity of hormonal drives, and whether those drives are (properly) satisfied.
      Men need to be married early. Being in a committed relationship focuses their energy and improves their early success. It discourages the development of bad attitudes and habits, too – i.e. the commitment avoiding, “keeping my options open”. It is this spineless opportunism which western men are dying of.
      In the same way, the custody of a woman is supposed to transfer directly from her father to her husband. Fathers who abdicate proper custody and raising of their daughters, and husbands who fail to exercise proper custody of their wives, are essentially abandoning them to the madnes of societal evils – woman was not made to stand alone, and there is an inevitable insaniy which stalks every woman who strays outside those biological and social boundaries; how much more so, the woman who was not properly raised with this wisdom in the first place.
      Why else would white men of good appearance, talent, and discipline be choosing east-asian women with growing regularity? Could it be that the east-asian culture has done a better job at raising girls to understand and appreciate the priviledges and benefits of marriage than our own Western society?

      What God has joined, let no man tear asunder.
      He made all the puzzle pieces to fit together a certain and specific way. Those trying to create a different picture than God did when He created us, do nothing but deface the puzzle for everyone, and frustrate themselves to madness. This is “feminism” in a nutshell. Homosexuals, trans-genders, weaboos and furries, and everything further afield – you are simply the same faulty equation, but raised to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th powers, respectively.

  28. I can’t help but think this was intentional. Where did women get this idea that men are attracted to their brains or their career? Where did women get the idea to spend their twenties cock hopping and working on a career? “Modern” western women are miserable obese Zoloft popping wastes.

    I have two nephews. Both of them are attractive stable young engineers in their early twenties. Neither of them have any intention of marrying…EVER. “The juice isn’t worth the squeeze”. Will they fuck them? Sure, they’ll do that. Why not?

  29. The problem with feminism is femaleness. For most of our history we were a polygynous species. Most of the females reproduced with half or fewer of the males. Women have evolved to think that, regardless of their level of attractiveness, they deserve high-status men. Although when permanent monogamy was imposed upon them and they were forced to mate with lower-status men, they never reconciled themselves to it. As soon as social and political conditions—e.g., the 19th Amendment—allowed, women overthrew the system of permanent monogamy. It’s too early to see how this will play out, but it’s pretty clear already that it won’t be pretty.

    • Our social stability is based on widespread monogamy. A man for every women; a woman for every man. It is an aberration. WWI killed off a good chunk of the so-called cock carousel so women had no choice but to settle down instead of pounding every Chad they could find, because most of the Chads were dead. This stabilized our society in a way that’s completely abnormal.

    • We have 1000-1500 years of “abnormalities” behind us(ever since we abandoned our old Gods and old Ways), it’s gonna be real hard to come back from that without a major upheaval

    • Yes, females are inherently irrational and feminist communism merely gives them a completely undeserved and often unwanted platform to impose their crazy ideas on the rest of us..I think that advocating the repeal of the 19th Amendment is a very good way to separate the wheat from the chaff…As to the white men and Asian women, yes, it’s everywhere including my own extended family..Anything to avoid crazy…

    • Rush Limbaugh’s Undeniable Truth of Life #24: “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.”

      Pretty much what Z said.

  30. One thing I’ve noticed via social media is how there are all these educated feminist women who will post things about how lonely they are (“Another night with boxed wine and the cat!”) and then post explicit male bashing stuff later the same day. Do they really think their attitude is going to sit well with potential mates? I suppose they think any man they would be with would have to be a self-hating SJW type, but on some level even the feminist women don’t seem to really like soy boy self-haters. Hence all the “nice guy” deferential males who complain they have played by the rules of feminist society but women won’t take to them. As for the women who have to post anti-male stuff several times per week, I say “Enjoy spinsterhood!”

    • Having, in effect, killed traditional masculinity in the western world, the feminist women (or should I say “womyn”?) now complain loudly, asking “Where have all the cowboys gone?” Hypocrisy doesn’t even begin to describe it….

  31. Ive never had a problem with feminists women…The ones I use to date turned into conservative women awful fast and wanted nothing more than to quit work and start having babies…Women need a strong hand and be treated like your queen…Your article is spot on…

    • To some extent that may be true. One co-worker of mine, strong feminist, attractive enough. I am guessing her husband who is a nice enough guy, leans left. I don’t doubt for a second if he were reactionary, she would follow unquestioningly. Strong hand works in every direction.

    • Yes, both my adult sons married last year to “feminists” but lovely young women. Now these lovey young educated woman are both in seriously low paying, college required employment and being very well supported by their husbands. One was making six figures, the other worked like a dog to get a masters in a field that the government requirements would make you kill yourself.
      Feminists? Sorry, I have been a working girl/woman since I was 14.

      Can we just say that women are women and men are men, gays are gays, etc. and let it be. Sick to death of so many people in your face with their issues. Get educated, make educated decisions and begin to be a beneficial part of society.

  32. At it’s root, feminism is a psychosis brought on by a maladaption to a societal dysfunction. Patriarchy evolved, and still persists to this day in many cultures, because it works. It allows for the efficient distribution of labor within a reproductive social unit (family). This feature of human nature, codified by innate traits, was formed over millions of years of evolution. It cannot be wished away by a century of feminist insanity. Do feminist even realize that their genes are dead-ended?

    • I’m sure Tyrone, Jamal, and Darnell are more than happy to give them a child to continue their lineage through. Taxing whitey will see to it that they don’t have to stick around and pay for it either.

  33. If I was ever ti find myself single again, I can’t imagine even dating. Most of the women I work with seem incredibly unpleasant outside of work. The stay-at-home mother types I see at church or my son’s High School activities seem nice – but most of them outweigh me.

    • I nearly spit out my water when I read your last line: “– but most of them outweigh me.” THAT was funny! Thank you!

  34. You are so right and I love the anecdote about the guy who when admonished by a feminist for opening the door for her by saying, he needn’t do that because she’s no lady, said, I’m not opening the door for you because you’re lady. I’m opening the door for you because I’m a gentleman.

  35. Wish this was true Z. The two women I dated before meeting my wife were stringent feminists. Even though they enjoyed the sex , having someone to do heavy yard work, move furniture, fix vehicles, etc.

    They still couldn’t get off their soapbox. In both cases it just became weary and had to bid them a fond adieu.

    Maybe the Millennials will be more receptive and not buy into the propaganda. Whenever I have the chance I always encourage young people to start a family now , don’t wait.

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