September Grab Bag

I’m back from over the horizon and I’m just starting to get back to my normal schedule and feel myself. Any time I go away, even for a few days, I need a week to get back into my normal routine. I don’t know why this is exactly. I think one reason may be that I always maintain a full dance card, so when I break my routine, I fall behind on things. When I return, I then have to spend a week playing catch-up. On the other hand, it could simply be that I am now a creature of habit and any break in the routine throws off my game.

Regardless, this week’s show was thrown together in about two hours. Normally, I start making notes the weekend prior and then collect up the material I want to use during the week, so I can have time to record and edit. I’ll go through it a couple of times to clean up the “um’s and ah’s” that seem to be a feature of my spoken word. This week I did not have the time for any of that, so you’ll have to forgive the quality. Not only do I suffer for my art, but I make you suffer along with me. Just hope I never decide to cut off an ear.

This week I spend some time on the new mystery cult we see forming. That is the initiates into the secret ways of the sexually assaulted. Once you declare yourself in this club, you not only get magical powers, mortals are no longer allowed to question anything you say, not matter how insane. In fact, you’re not even allowed to ask for a definition of sexual assault, a term that appears to mean everything and nothing. Another perk of being in this club is you and the rest of the hens get to pick the Supreme Court judges.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I’m now on Spotify, so the millennials can tune in when not sobbing over white privilege and toxic masculinity.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening (Music)
  • 02:00: The Kavanaugh Drama (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Kill The GOP (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: Burning Man (Link)
  • 32:00: The Disaster of Diversity (Link)
  • 42:00: Crazy People (Link)
  • 47:00: Anarcho-Tyranny (Link)
  • 52:00: A People Without A Home (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link) (Music)

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44 thoughts on “September Grab Bag

  1. Another good podcast.

    I went to burning man about a decade ago and it was unbelievably stupid. A whole bunch of affluent white children talking about how great the sharing, barter economy was completely ignoring the fact that they literally spent thousands of dollars getting there and on supplies, most likely of their parents money. I left there thinking our civilization was doomed. I feel pretty stupid for wasting my own money actually.

    And a dust mask is because it can very windy and without goggles and a mask you would not be able to see or breathe.

  2. “…..Doing back flips and throwing around luggage…..”

    Not your proudest moment….but one of your funniest.=) (For those of us of a certain age, at any rate). That just zoomed up the charts for the Laff o’ the Day.

    I did a spit-take.

  3. To play Devil’s Advocate, yes this may and probably will be a long struggle, but (I think paraphrasing Lenin) sometimes twenty years’ worth of history happens in two weeks. Dirt People whites are law-abiding and play by the rules, but if and when it finally sinks in that there are laws and rules only for them (tyranny), a lot of history could happen very fast. Candidate Trump mentioned Kate Steinle and President Trump also mentioned her at the Republican National Convention. I’m also happy that the Ellison/Farrakhan wing of the Democratic Party is making headway and the shooting has started in the circular firing squad of the DNC. Trump already has Dershowitz publicly defending him pretty vociferously (due to Trump’s hardcore Zionism), and he may need some Hymietowners to do more than count his beans at some point.

  4. The whole Kavanaugh rapey-rape nutso business is, unfortunately, “interesting” in diagnostic ways we wish were not so. On the top level, it’s just shameless desperate Dems willing to shriek about anything, no matter how undignified, in order to derail rational process and get their way. In the middle level what’s disturbing is that this nonsense is given a respectable ear, instead of the “Aroint thee, witch!” that it deserves. On the bottom level is the utter childish ret-conning of our entire culture, to make the past conform to present infantile sensibilities. Decorum and social savvy have been redefined out of historical existence.

    Way back in the Pleistocene when I was in high school (1980s like Brett), I once made a pass at a girl I liked, and even though we were friends, she made it clear at once, in a rather witty and amusing way, that she wasn’t interested; I responded by making it clear, in an equally amusing way, that I understood her signal and would abide by her decision, and the thing was at an end. We went back to our “Bergman vs. Godard” argument and the thing was forgotten within 30 seconds. There used to be advantages to mutually pretending we were all living in a Preston Sturges movie. But one of the perks of living under Leftism is that wit, composure and dignity are all things of the past.

    • btw, back in those ethereal, rarified days, topics of male-female argumentation such as “Bergman vs. Godard”, “Ramones vs. The Clash”, “Faulkner vs. Fitzgerald,” “B-52s vs. The Cars,” and “Coppola vs. Scorsese” were explicitly understood on both sides of the M/F divide as happy hunting grounds for flirtation. I can fondly recall one winsome young lass slowly undressing me as she tried in vain to argue that Peter Brook made more sense than Grotowski.

      I feel bad for these kids with their twerkin’ and what-not.

  5. Great podcast. Miscellaneous comments; I could easily believe the story of the med school prof getting fired. In a tough field, Sweden still stands out as a complete PC madhouse. But, not to be upstaged, Britain gets back in the looney game here

    ‘Burn down the GOP’; well, having grown up in both America and Europe, San Diego in the US so I was interested to see Copenhagen compared to SD and personally dont find a lot of similarities but I digress. But, I was was saying, I agree w that. In fact, and this applies to both sides of the aisle and both sides of the North Atlantic (and both sides of the 49th parallel just to cover all bases), the whole damn system has to go. Sweden just had an election and when the only sane party gets just short of 20%, after all the vibrancy Sweden’s enjoyed, you know what, we are NOT gonna vote ourselves out of this one. Look at Trump, beseiged on all sides by ‘through the institution’ zombie marxists. And imagine a parliamentary system where such a guy would never, repeat NEVER, be allowed to rise to the top of an established party. If we dont have revolutions, we wont have countries to live in soon. But not having a major army at my disposal, I dont know what to do about the conclusion that society cannot be saved within the parameters of the system.

    And finally, about Europe looking up to America, absolutely. Europe to America is largely ‘ape sees, ape does.’ 99% of Europeans lost their balls somewhere between Stalingrad and D-Day, or was it the Dresden bombing. Point being that actual, independently minded men and zebras or kangaroos, are probably roughly equally spaced on the streets of Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin or have a dozen other euro cities. It’s all females and shemales right about now. Hell, looking at Europe today one would have to conclude that living under Soviet domination for 40 years did wonders for ppl’s mental health. Which is not a fun conclusion.

    • Sweden just had an election and when the only sane party gets just short of 20%, after all the vibrancy Sweden’s enjoyed, you know what, we are NOT gonna vote ourselves out of this one.

      How many nationalist parties are there in Congress?

          • There’s a nationalist in the white house now. And yes, I do believe there is more room for ‘man culture’ in the US than in Europe. Not that things are great in either place.

  6. The problem with immigration policy is that it is viewed not as a domestic policy (like taxes) where the opinion of the plebs has to be taken into account, but that it is viewed as a subset of foreign policy (which answers to an unelected permanent establishment).

    On a fundamental financial basis, all of the money spent by the First World on refugee resettlement would go much farther being spent returning refugees back to their homelands upon the end of the war.

  7. It’d be wonderful if a 100 early-50s men who grew up in the DMV area all came forward and admitted that they groped Professor Ford at a drunken teenage party.

  8. My grandparents forbade my Dad and his siblings from speaking Italian in the home once they started school. Grandma and Grandpa were never very fluent in English, but they knew what they wanted their children to be: Americans.

    • While that is the admirable stance in our narrative (and the stance my Gaelic speaking ancestors apparently took), Europeans and liberals view this as boorishness. Despite the lack of utility for the vast majority of Americans to knowing the average of 3 languages that Euros do, lots of people point to this as the reasons behind the failure of the education system (wrong: racial demographics) and the parochial “exceptionalism” that this country is said to have.

  9. “Third government shutdown of the year.”

    They risk people noticing that they get along just fine in their daily lives without the federal government.

  10. The whole Ford-Kavanaugh thing is simply a giant shit-test of our entire system. The accusation, the handling of it by Feinstein (including hiding Ford’s letter), the “demands” made for Ford’s appearance, the mocking of Whelan’s doppelgänger theory (which does explain how something happened to Ford but Kavanaugh can truthfully claim innocence), and the general burning down of the house in Salem Witch Hunt style. Roll over on this giant shit-test, and our society will be totally cucked.

    • Put me down as not believing anything happened to this women. The concept of recovered memory is even less bogus than the concept of repressed memory. It’s not science. It’s witchcraft. On top of that, I was a teenager once too and teens talk about everything. There are zero secrets in those years, because kids that age can’t keep a secret. We don’t have the expression “teenage grapevine” by accident.

      The whole story story does not pass the laugh test. The fact that adults in the Senate and media are treating this as a serious issue is the argument against democracy. It’s rule by simpleton.

      • I was giving Ford the benefit of the doubt that she got groped at a drunken teenager party and with no adult supervision around. Plausible. That’s all we are talking about here. In the early ‘80s, that was a perfectly reasonable thing to expect, no matter what people say about it, retroactively.

    • This is a repeat of the McMartin Pre-school frenzy where innocent people were destroyed by the MSM and a lunatic DA.

      We had psychologists claiming people had “repressed memories of Satanic worship, etc”. No, what was going on, was mentally disturbed psychologists were projecting their fears into their patients.

      It was all a outgrowth of the “Satanic worship” frenzy instigated by insane people across the U.S. in the 80’s.

      • In San Diego the prosecution was done to run a low IQ adult male out of a church Sunday school teaching job. Then the prosecution took on a life of its own (he was supposedly murdering giraffes in a secret basement room). The guy was so innocent, the gang bangers in the jail protected him, knowing that he was a sort of a grown up child. Once people go down a weird path of persecution, they seem compelled to keep going, even when it is crazy to do so. A hard dose of someone doing a brutal reality check is really needed in those times.

        • I think some is driven by idiot/crooked DA’s looking for that easy high profile case they can ride into the mayor’s seat with. Some is driven by the MSM and sometimes just really bad police work.

          Richard Jewel was a victim of the latter two. The FBI and MSM destroyed his life for doing his job.

          The Duke LaCrosse rape fabrication embodied all three. DA Nifong acted in a criminal manner. The police did a worthless job and MSM convicted the boys merely because they were white and came from well off families.

  11. I recall seeing online, some time ago, a man who “identified as a dragon”. He had his ears removed, and his face tattooed, to look like his idea of a dragon. I wondered: what if I identified as a dragon-slayer, and killed him? What if I identify as the exterminator of the invasive star seeds, and see my job as eradicating them?

    Is it murder to kill a trans-human? Not that I have any such plans, but I have wondered how that would play out in the courts. If we’re required to enable their foolishness, mightn’t those be logical results to some? Maybe we’ll see more legislation, coming soon…

  12. I am an “aging hen” (one who is crazy about her rooster, though). This Kavanaugh spectacle has moved me from strongly disliking feminists and not associating with them to being disgusted by them. I look at these women with revulsion.

    Let us assume Kavanaugh did what this lunatic charges. Any woman who has reached the age of 20 and who has NOT had a man make a move on her the way she describes will be in therapy because somewhere down deep, she has to know something is terribly wrong with her. This woman and the people backing her are making a circus over something that every normal person experiences early in his or her life.

    I don’t think Kavanaugh did anything and if he did, it would not change my support for him. What this is doing, though, is making me more vocal on my thoughts about feminists. There are many women who have men in their lives whom they admire and love. What decent woman wants to support a movement that makes it this easy to destroy men when it could easily be used to destroy her own husband or son?

    This whole affair has been embarrassing. These stupid, stupid women seem to not understand or care that they are destroying the credibility of women everywhere.

  13. The story about the Swedish biology professor sounds legit, although I doubt he’ll actually be fired. Unlike Larry Summers.

    Just like with immigration, Continental Europe is not as pozed as the US when it comes to university politics. Mind you, Sweden is chock full of gender retards, but they don’t run the universities yet. A few years back, Swedish art history professor and Mohammed cartoonist Lars Vilks held a lecture titled “Allahu Gaybar”, resplendent with colorful pornographic ‘art’ of Mohammed. When the jihadis tried to no-platform the controversial Vilks, the police came and removed… the jihadis! And Vilks is about as popular with the Swedish government as Pamela Geller is with the American.

    I challenge anyone to find me a Swedish, French or German student berating their professors as is almost routine on US campuses, never mind the university caving in to the screeching terrorism.

    • Well, Helmuth Nyborg WAS fired in Denmark for saying men were more intelligent on average than women. Europeans will not have it said that they are less crazy than Americans. The proud continent of marxism, nazism, postmodernism, freudism and the very concept of -isms, will never allow a looney gap to develop in America’s favor, so help them, Brussels.

      • Well, Helmuth Nyborg WAS fired in Denmark for saying men were more intelligent on average than women.

        And he was reinstated and the university was rebuked.

        Notice that your other example is from Britain – I specifically wrote ‘Continental’ Europe because Britain is as infected as the United States.

        • Nah, he was bumped out. He was the equivalent of a tenured professor at a serious US university, there havent been many cases of such being fired. It was an extreme case of academic PC witch hunt

          • Nah, he wasn’t.

            He was eventually acquitted by the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty of the charges of scientific misconduct and the university was forced to reinstall him to his chair.[13] On 21 September 2006, the university gave Nyborg a “severe reprimand”, revoked his suspension, and declared the case closed.[14]


          • I know the guy, he was railroaded. Ive studied and worked at universities on both sides of the pond, your claim that things are better at Swedish, Danish or European univsersities is dubious at best.

          • I know the guy, he was railroaded.

            True enough. But he was also vindicated and reinstated, as I wrote.

            And mind you, he didn’t make the Bell curve claim – that women clustered around the middle, but on average blablabla – he outright claimed that men were smarter than women, period.

            your claim that things are better at Swedish, Danish or European univsersities is dubious at best.

            Then show me a video of Continental students berating their professor. Show me the faculty cave in to their retarded demands.

            There’s an informal Sweden Watch group here in Denmark. They’d have swooped upon such stuff like starving hawks.

          • The point is, he was treated rougher than any full professor at a significant American university. This exemplifies why your claim that things are not as bad at European universities, is fundamentally wrong. That is further substantiated by the Swedish story here and then the British story I brought.

          • No, he didnt. He speculated loosely, from an administrative position, that there might be more very high IQ men than women. Nyborg said that is what his research data demonstrated, from an academic research position. And Sumners was sent back to the economics department, Nyborgs end career was left as a bomb crater.

            While both cases were PC hit jobs, Nyborg’s was the harsher hatchet. But, given that one involved the most prestigeous university in the world and the other a relative backwater, Sumner’s was far more heard about.

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