Tales Of Ordinary Madness

With the infuriating madness going on in politics, I thought it was a good idea to take a look at the general madness that is the current age. It really is remarkable just how crazy things have gotten in a short period of time. The other day I was picking around YouTube, watching some old clips from 1970’s shows and I was struck by how strange and alien it all seems. Even though I was alive then, I was too young to notice what was happening in the world, so to my old eyes, it looks like another country, because it is another country.

Even in my adult life, things have changed so fast that my teenage years now feel like the past of different person from a different world. When I was in high school, no human walking the earth thought teenagers fumbling around in the dark was anything but normal, as long as it was a boy and a girl, of course. Today, it is grounds to destroy a man’s life, humiliate his family and maybe even warrant physical harm. The Anita Hill travesty looks quite innocent now, compared to the disgusting displays we saw this week.

More worrisome, the madness we see is almost exclusively a female problem. The women of America have gone insane. Not all women, of course, but a very large swath of them. Now, it is possible many are just liars, taking advantage of the lunatics to gain attention, but that seems worse to me. I think I’d prefer it if some women are simply insane, infected by some unknown pathogen, rather than knowing that some portion of our women are sociopaths. We are faced with nothing but bad choices.

Anyway, this show is a sampling of the more popular forms of madness we are witnessing today. Sadly, most of it is female madness. I guess the last two segments could be argued as both male and female, but I don’t see that as encouraging. The fact that male and female are close to being forbidden concepts speaks to the madness of this age, more than anything else, I think. Perhaps that is the real shame of it. The men are no longer able to keep pace with the women in the race to the asylum.

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93 thoughts on “Tales Of Ordinary Madness

  1. Z man, one quibble with how you imagined how the testimony of Judge, Kavanaugh’s pal, would have gone. You described how the Republicans would have questioned him, but I’m certain the Demoncrats had a VERY different plan: They would have torn him to shreds, on his underage drinking, his alcoholism, etc. And they would have made all sorts of allegations and accusations about all the horrible things he and Kavanaugh did together. When they were done with him, and after the news media had “reported” on his testimony, there would have been nothing left of him but a blood spot and an empty bottle of gin. And the Left would have LOVED it!

  2. I keep reading about china getting control of country’s infrastructure through loans. and that these loans somehow give china leverage over the country. what is to stop these countries from just telling china to fuck off, and stiff them? what would china do, repossess the country?

  3. I’m always somewhat impressed by how the left continues to reach new lows.

    My theory about nationwide female hysteria is that there is no longer a patriarchy and men no longer provide limits to women. All of the women I know, even friends and family, always push the envelope of acceptable behavior. There is no longer a patriarchy who puts an end to it so women keep pushing further and further. Ultimately this is not a sign of the 19th Amendment but the fact that men are no longer men.

    The western world will eventually construct a patriarchy, the question is if it is a white patriarchy, a Mexican patriarchy, or a Muslim patriarchy. I of course prefer the first one but white men are not doing their job so the likely outcome is probably the second one in North America and the third one in Europe. A sad sight to see.

  4. To your discussion of the French dealing with Le Pen, there’s more behind it than Americans may be aware of due to the interpretation of French law.

    Germany and France (and all European countries) have laws that protect freedom of speech. However unlike American law, we have very clearly defined limits which are also included in our Constitutions and also in broader EU law. As you can imagine, historical events from our recent past have heavily influenced these laws and why they are phrased as they are.

    In Germany, we have what is known as the “basic law” (see link below). Article 5 addresses freedom of speech and prohibits censorship. France also has a similar law and I have linked an English article that explains it very clearly.

    The big difference between US and German or French laws is we have expressed limits to what one cannot say or publish. In Germany for example, any public expression that promotes a favorable opinion towards a certain Austrian Chancellor is a huge no-no. This is why you sometimes see articles about people being arrested and fined for giving a certain “old school” salute.

    The catch-all phrase in Article 5 is “…and in the right to personal honour.” This is the sticky point for German courts and has been used quite successfully to sue people for being insulted.

    It’s also why you won’t see Germans giving each other the dirty finger in traffic. Here in Germany, under the protection of Article 5, that expression will get you fined. If you call someone an “idiot” or insult them in anyway they feel threatens their honour, you could very easily end up in court.

    Since the term “honour” has different interpretations to different people and cultures, you can see why this has recently become problematic and how these laws are being used to protect our new dusky residents in ways that were never intended. It’s why Le Pen is in her current situation with French courts.

    The real lesson here is history has shown us over and over that any law, no matter how well intended, can and will used by those in charge, as they interpret it, against those they which to oppress.

    French Freedom of Speech

    German Basic Law

  5. According to a Trump-hating Bushie data analytics RNC-insider, the GOP coalition post-K hit job is more united than it’s been in years. I think our weak flank is legit scared. K went to all the right schools and is socially acceptable…and it doesn’t matter — he must be destroyed, and the Borg are in near orbit.

  6. Who would have thought the dissolution of the family and traditional sexual mores would be bad for women’s mental health?

    How could anyone have ever suspected that spending her prime fertile years being pumped and dumped by an endless succession of strangers instead of raising children with a husband who loves her would leave a woman feeling unsatisfied and unappreciated?

    If only we’d been warned.


    • Dr. Kristine. I’ve always been in favor of women’s rights. And thought conservative talk of keeping traditional roles was just fuddy duddy talk…their fear of change. But I’m seeing now that it really has turned women into freaks. Those old crusty conservatives ended up being way more hip to reality than my punk ass ever was. It’s embarrassing. Fucking goofy old Russel Kirk has been cooler than me this whole time!

      • Female nature itself precludes any possibility of women’s “rights” or “equality”. They are biologically driven to seek a worthy dominator to whom they can joyfully submit. The flip side of this is that they must necessarily have contempt for and dominate those who fail their tests or those who just happen to find themselves lower on the social totem pole. Women just don’t “do” equality. With them it’s all kto-kovo. The only reason they claim to want equality above all else is their desperate desire to escape the sado-masochistic prison of their own psyches.

  7. This stuff worked. Flake cucked unlike Graham confronted by a screaming harpy. White men lack metaphorically the pimp hand needed for those women.

    So expect it everywhere. You office. There will be millions of out of work White men with nothing to lose soon.

    Society does White men no favors encouraging White knight cuckoldry.

  8. Probably a dumb question, since I assume you’d check this, but were the superscript 1 and 2 in the Radio Ethnography article referring to end notes?

  9. Sally Field was very plausible in Norma Rae. I conclude, therefore, that Sally Field was really a southern factory worker and union activist.

    • Vizzini, it shows you how self-righteous and angelic women perceive themselves to be. Ford thought that her word alone…no evidence required, should be enough to destroy a good man’s decades-long reputation. What arrogance.

      • I only saw a few seconds of her testimony, with the sound off, and combining what I saw with what is being said about her attorneys, her “handling” by them, and by DiFi, she just got hung out to dry by them. She volunteered to slime up Kavanaugh a little by providing anonymous background stuff, and the attorneys and DiFi upsold her to appearing, under threat of her letting the (wymyn) team down. She got played, big time, by them, and will suffer her own sort of misery for it. Don’t mess with slimy attorneys and politicians unless you want to get slimed. As Bugs Bunny would say, “what a maroon”.

        • “She got played, big time, by them, and will suffer her own sort of misery for it.”

          She’s a hero to a large part of the country, and to her peer group. And to herself. There’s no loss for her. Let’s be careful of wishful thinking.

          • She’ll be lionized as an icon for “women’s rights” for decades by all the Lefty institutions. If she hadn’t aged so badly and was actually attractive, she would probably be the face of the women’s movement for the next couple of decades. As it is, she’ll undoubtedly wind up with a seven figure book deal, film deal and probably a million-dollar GoFundMe. There will be college courses which feature her courage and bravery. She’s the embodiment of that ridiculous statue on Wall Street of the little girl facing down the raging Bull. Don’t kid yourself. She’s going be an icon for the Left.

          • To my mother and my sister, Ford is like MLK, Gandhi, and Jesus, except more stunning and brave.

            This is a situation where different people can look at the same data and draw diametrically opposed conclusions.

            Nothing but bloodshed will resolve this impasse. I look forward with anticipation and dread. I’ve got lots of ammunition, water, and silver.

          • LineIn: “To my mother and my sister, Ford is like MLK, Gandhi, and Jesus, except more stunning and brave.”

            Funny. Sad. For me this would be way harder to endure than my dad carping about racism.

          • And I say that she will still be miserable, through it all. Of course, she was likely miserable under a whole different set of conditions beforehand. Happy people don’t waste time and energy anonymously throwing stink bombs at public figures they don’t like.

          • I might be wrong, but I’m just not feeling it this time. I think the Left has misjudged the moment. I hope so, anyway.

        • Well first off she’s a nutter. Students who reviewed her classes either feared the nutty professor and her hour long political tirades lest they get on her bad side. Or just viewed her classes as useless,

          The fact her facebook page was scrubbed and her HS yearbook pulled means there is a lot of ugly c**p about her she didn’t want anyone to see. Nutters like her start showing those traits in HS.

          Secondly she’s brittle. It took her lawyer and make up artist and probably some Xanax to make her fit to appear before congress. Once out of the spotlight she will turn into a raving b***h.

          But wait there is more. In three months no one will remember her. Does anyone remember Cindy Shehaan orJessica Lynch? No. Once the “next big thing” comes up she gets memory holed like them.

          • Not sure I see the connection. Jessica Lynch was an apolitical survivor that tries to live a fruitful life. Cindy Shehaan was/is a moral train-wreck of a human being who politicized her sons death in service. Come to think about it maybe Dr. Ford is a prep school version of Shehaan dancing on the honor of actual rape victims, rather than a son’s grave, to be the next star of the #LookatMe movement

  10. The Frankfurt School was mostly German-Jewish intellectuals who worked for the American Intelligence (OSS/CIA) to not only re-educate Germany but also create what is called “cultural Marxism”, which basically is a more business-friendly form of Leftism, more concerned with Indentity Politics than Unions or Labor Rights.

    During the Cold War the CIA and the US State Department had a offfcial designation for cultural Marxism, it was called “anti-Soviet Left” or “anti-Stalinist Left”, the queen of Feminism Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA, it’s known that the CIA promoted Modern Art, if you look at the Barack Obama family it looks like they came from this branch of the CIA.

    The American Left is Indentity Politics, now more than ever.

    • So wierd. Ford is a psych professor in the department of the university that developed the MKUltra programs, and her dad was the Agency banker that funded them under the black budget.

    • And, how about her folks and siblings?

      Did she tell any of them 36 years ago, about this “horrible trauma”?
      Why not?

      • Because she didn’t remember any details until a shrink revealed her repressed memories to her.

        “Repressed memories.”
        The only thing that wackadoo idea helped were the careers of female lawyers, their unjustly accused victims be damned.

        • Drake, she really did. Her vibe didn’t help the Left at all. I love how that rope of hair dangled down her face…and literally INTO her mouth at one point, and she seemed not to notice.

          It’s funny how so many guys mention sane women on their juries, that supported the accused man. I had the same experience. The only hold-out was a lonely 60-something homely lady. She made us come back for a second day. I was talking to a lawyer afterward, and he described her perfectly without me saying anything about her. I guess they make problems for juries alot. It’s definitely a type. Well, obviously, we call them crazy cat ladies.

          • 10 seconds into it I knew she was lying by the way she was hiding behind her hair and big glasses.

            She is a left wing activist who thought she could toss this stinkbomb into the process anonymously and then it snowballed on her.

            As for midterms I predict the Dems will lose big. They think they own women just like they own blacks.

  11. My wife is relatively conservative but does not regularly follow politics or national news. She tuned in yesterday and was revolted by Feinstein and Ford. She immediately and adamantly sided with Kavanaugh and was cheering him on as he slapped down Feinstein’s questions.

    I think they badly miscalculated and will lose badly in the mid-terms.

    • My observation yesterday was that middle aged woman could not get past the fact that Ford looked like she was 80, but acted like a little girl. More than a few I noticed said something like, “She’s my age I look much better than her.” I think the little helpless girl routine was the clincher. That seemed to piss off a lot of women.

      • Yes – the wife and I are both 52 and try to take care of ourselves. Ford easily looks a decade older but talks like a teenage valley-girl.

        • In fairness to valley girls, heck, my daughter sounds like that, and so does my wife’s oncologist. Soy boys talk this way. A deacon at our parish uses uptalk. And all of this in one of the backlands of western NY.

          Advice to young men: When you meet an attractive and thoughtful woman who does not ‘uptalk’, sweep aside the competitors by any ruthlessness necessary, and marry her.

          • Uptalk makes adult people sound like they are 12. I think that’s part of the plan. “Doctor” Ford could read the prologue to the Canterbury Tales and make it sound like a nursery rhyme for kindergarteners.

    • Drake: “She immediately and adamantly sided with Kavanaugh.” A lot of women have been cheated on, as singles or when married. It cuts deeps. So when they see a good guy like Kavanaugh or a Mike Pence type, they really appreciate them and very much want to defend them.

      Around 15-20 years ago, a popular idea sprung up among women, (in women’s magazines, talk shows, etc) which advised women not to get married before 30. As they didn’t know who they were yet and are liable to huge mistakes. They can’t say this anymore of course, but it shows you that women know that women shouldn’t be making decisions until well into adulthood. I.e. young women are batshit and everyone knows it.

      • “Around 15-20 years ago, a popular idea sprung up among women, (in women’s magazines, talk shows, etc) ”

        Bless your heart. Ideas don’t just “spring up” around women.

        When (((women’s magazines, talk shows, etc.))) trot out an idea, it’s not for the benefit of their viewers.

        ‘Ladies, postpone marriage until after 30. Don’t have children during your prime child-bearing years. Slut it up at college and burn your fertility out in the workforce.’

        All these old ass ladies in positions of power show that women shouldn’t be making decisions – PERIOD.

        • I think it was Dr. Laura Schlessinger who got the ball rolling on the “women shouldn’t marry before 30” thing. Not being a big believer in marriage, I tend to agree with her.

          • (((Dr. Laura Schlessinge)))

            Like I said.

            “Not being a big believer in marriage.”

            Whatever the fuck that mean, drip

          • “Not being a big believer in perpetuating the human race with mentally stable young people, I tend to agree with her.”


          • I used to listen to her at lunch time during the 90’s in LA. She was a total controlling b***h. She had a degree but not in psychology or medicine. She was unfit to dispense any sort of advice.

            She shacked up with her college professor which broke up his marriage.

            When her mother died, whom she paid for her condo. she didn’t even know for two months and couldn’t even be bothered to pick up her remains from coroner until months later.

            And you consider what this nasty skank says as valid?

          • Rod, yes. 90% of the time I fully agreed with her. She had an ancient wisdom that wasn’t obvious because her delivery was so annoyingly yenta. It was subtle. Underneath her speed was a weight. As for your tabloid accusations, I know nothing about it. She may indeed be a crazy c**t. But my interest is on the message not the messenger. She was good for our side.

    • My wife who does not care much for Trump, was livid about Kavanaugh — and particularly his family — being treated so poorly. And she is not prone to that kind of “heat” in her responses. You can bet that the Dems just handed Trump 20+ House seats, plus 5 more senate seats.

  12. I’ve been looking for an appropriate forum to publish this comment and this is probably as good as it’s going to get. It may be better placed in the Rotten Elite column but time has moved on and nobody will read it there now.

    It is beyond time to reconsider and redesign the Senate confirmation process for all confirmations, but particularly for Supreme Court Justices. The current practice of interminable Senate investigations and hearings into the background of a nominee simply has no legal or historical basis whatsoever in the Advice and Consent clause of the Constitution. Between Bork, Thomas, and the complete clown show that was the Kavanaugh nomination, Senators in the Democrat Party have demonstrated that they are not capable of conducting a professional hearing process for conservative nominees. The hearing process should be ended and nominees should move directly to a floor vote, or simply be approved by a sub-committee of the Senate.

    Under Article II, Section 2 the President has authority to nominate Judges of the Supreme Court and, with the advice and consent of the Senate, to appoint the Judges to the Court. There is no clear definition of “advice and consent” in the historical record. It’s not remotely clear that the phrase “advice and consent’ requires affirmative consent in the form of a vote of the Senate, or whether consent by a sub-committee or the simple failure to object would be adequate consent. What is absolutely clear is that there is *no requirement* in Constitution for the Senate to conduct the type of investigations and hearings that characterize modern Supreme Court Justice nominations–this is simply an artifact of modern Senate practice.

    The disastrous spectacle of the Kavanaugh nomination has made it clear that, at least for the Democrats, Supreme Court nominations are now a completely political process. There is no legal or constitutional reason to subject Supreme Court nominees to the filthy political process that the Democrats (and only the Democrats) practice. Republicans control the Senate. They should end the hearing process and simply send Supreme Court nominees straight to the Senate floor for an expeditious vote, which was routine Senate practice before the 1950s.

    If the squish Republicans in the Senate won’t end this fiasco then Trump should indicate with his next appointment that the nominee will be sworn in on a date certain, and the Senate’s failure to act by the date certain will be considered “consent” within the framework of the advice and consent clause.

    • The issue is something predicted by critics of the Constitution in the 18th century. The anti-federalists argued that the general welfare clause would result in an expansion of the federal state. A delegate from New York named Robert Yates, writing under the name “Brutus” predicted the Supreme Court would become the source of almost unlimited federal power.


      Basically, the central defect of the Constitution has led to this result. The SCOTUS now operates like the Council of Guardians in Iran. Therefore, the next judge helps shape public morality for a generation. In theory, Congress can use jurisdiction stripping under Exceptions Clause, but it happens rarely. There’s also the problem of federal judges just doing what they please without fear of removal.

      The only way to “fix” the problem is to repeal the 17th Amendment. That returns the Senate to the State’s house as a natural counter to federal power. That will never happen without a revolution.

      • “The SCOTUS now operates like the Council of Guardians in Iran. ”

        Basically yes. Since the gay marriage decision, SCOTUS can read ANYTHING into the constitution, ‘between the lines’ or ‘evolving decency’ or whatever.

        The deeper problem is that the constitution was written for one particular culture, where things like ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ has a meaning everyone understands as meaning compared to traditional common law punishments. If a sharia clergy, say, were to look at that, he would conclude that the US is not even within sight of any punishment he would consider ‘cruel or unusual’. Ergo, the constitution does not work when the culture stops working.

        • The 16th, first.
          America was taken over before Russia, Weimar Germany, and Spain.

          We became the staging base.

      • Absolutely correct. There is no point in speculating about this rule or that rule fixing the Senate for three simple reasons: 1) The Senate rules are made-up and approved by Senators and only Senators. 2) I am not a Senator, nor likely to be one. 3) No one else on this forum is a Senator, nor likely to be one. Ain’t gonna happen.

        The 16th A. transferred all wealth to Congress. The 17th guaranteed the total membership would be comprised of whatever sort of low-life or nut-job the power brokers could slap a “Party” brand on from Bolshevik ideologues to common grifters. A system like that doesn’t produce sane, much less sound, governance? Who knew? I love my great grand-fathers but, boy, did they screw this pooch.

  13. I really enjoyed that in your tone of voice you could sometimes hear the complete bafflement of someone with a grain of normal sanity left looking at what’s happing in leftie’s current year lol Like ‘WTF??!!!’ If Leftie ever meets Dali in the afterlife, they will greet each other with Leftie saying ‘Oh, the amateur’ to which Dali would have to acknowledge ‘yes, compared to you I never even scratched the surface of surrealism’

  14. So much in that podcast. I don’t think there is any going back either though I’m not looking forward to the destruction.

    This is an interesting essay on the fate of Empires and the similar characteristics at end-stage one of which is female empowerment. This is not the first time women have gotten a great deal of power. We forget about all the times before because when the civilization collapses it becomes dangerous for women to be on their own and 100% of gains are lost so women always think they are charting new territory.


    • Yes, Sir John Glubb notes that the deification of women and sports heroes usually occurs as a society is collapsing.

  15. How about Lindsey Graham’s epic face turn? He blew up entire carefully constructed alternative tribunal system the Dems had created in about 60 seconds by simply recounting the timeline of Dems actions.

    • Graham probably sealed the deal for Kavanaugh. He’s going to be the one out there facing off against the feminist nutters. He is giving the cucks cover.

      • -He- is a cuck. Hence the line about Ford being a victim, too. As if she hadn’t outed herself in the WaPoo. That poofter Lindsey is what passes for manhood on the GOP side of theSenate Judiciary Committee says it all.

    • Credit…big credit must be given Lindsay. Others on our side are talking about his motives, or that he’s still Lindsay. Granted. But for this moment he was the only pair of balls in the room. It was strategically crucial that someone acted like the man of the house and wrenched back the moral high ground.

      It took a Southerner by the way.

      • The bets line of the week was when some harpy protester said to Graham, “I was raped” and he responded, “Then call, the police.” That was pure gold.

      • I thin it was the strategy of harassing senators in the halls and elevators that did it. Had the intended effect on Flake. Opposite effect on Graham. If you don’t kowtow to them then you are pro-rape. That was too much for Lindsey.

      • True. But had white, Evangelical, conservative, Southerners not cucked out last year when someone scared them about Roy Moore, we would be in much better shape.

  16. It’s like there is something missing in many women’s lives. Perhaps it has something to do with the idea that our culture has become so transactional in nature. It is all about the Benjamins, about buying and providing. That’s the male’s job. Nurturing is the female’s job, and the idea that societies and cultures should nurture their young has been completely thrown out. It’s not about nurturing any more, it is all about indoctrination. Don’t teach your own children and instill your own values and culture into them. Turn them over to the public schools and the government instead. Atomize those kids into some sort of generic human beings. Women are out of a job. And they simply aren’t as fulfilled, as a group, at the rough-and-tumble of providing.

    When I was a kid in a white middle class Southern California suburb, we had all the usual stuff going on. My buddy’s dad ditched his mom and ran off with his secretary. We knew who the adult alcohol and drug users were. The doctor down the street had interesting “parties” (swingers, most likely) and a seriously hot and “mature” daughter. And we had two wives, in seemingly durable and happy marriages to nice men, commit suicide in their homes, a few years apart. The common thread? They were childless in a neighborhood where every single other household was a family full of kids. Women need to nurture little ones, IMO it is wired into them, and they are miserable without it.

    • ” Turn them over to the public schools and the government instead.”
      If the schools made it easy for mamas to attend their kids’ classes, the mamas’ involvement there could mitigate the emptiness to which you refer.
      We’d have to have more or bigger schools, for the extra seats for these mamas, but I’d be willing to spend that extra $$.

      And, mama’s presence there, eyeballing how school brass handle things, would keep them more “honest”, and less prone to puking out SJW indoctrination.

        • Mom’s used to do that! They ruled the PTA.

          Dutch, lately, has been on a roll.
          All this screeching is the lamentation of de wimmin trying to get their job back- by invoking ancient, instinctive means.

          Goshdam brilliant observation.
          I blame the foreign cultural influence, of course.

          1969: Jewish Vice-President of Planned Parenthood sends proposals for population control to Bernard Berelson, Jewish head of the population council:

          encourage homosexuality;
          make women work;
          compulsory education of children;
          postpone or avoid marraige;
          encourage smaller families;
          contaminate the water

          (whose coethnics were at one time over 90% of the abortion industry’s providers)

          Kavanaugh, remember, is “a threat to”… a certain industry.

  17. There was a case where I live of a made up rape that contained that same detail “he turned the music really loud.” That comes from a surfeit of cheap romance novels I’ll wager. I’ve never heard a real rape story with that detail. The woman in that case was also compelling and provided many sensory details. There was no “depraved cruelty” there either.

  18. There is nothing that would benefit the left more than to criminalize normal sexual activity with no statute of limitations and no resort to due process for men. And many women play allng with this shit because it helps them in the job market. It really is a war of the sexes. Seeing the crazy was easy for me. I didn’t need 1970’s youtube. I spent the late sixties in south central Africa and had a worse culture shock coming back to America than I did going to Africa. And then I spent the rest of my formative years in a university town where I got to see the freak show up close. And people wonder why I married a foreigner.

      • Pyrrhus: Have a care. In my time as a Peace Officer, I have refereed a lot of domestic fights involving war brides and foreign women spouses. They come here and turn into monsters. It’s like a virus.

        • Most of those are basically mail order brides and whores that marry soldiers (who don’t know they are whores, much of the time). I’m not saying that there’s a formula to marriage and that marrying non-Americans is a panacea for everyone. What worked out well for me (going on 39 years, now) is not necessarily going to work for others. I was just explaining my circumstances and experience. I too have seen a lot of bad marriages with foreign women and kids that suffered from them. Not something to take lightly. Good idea to know the woman for quite a while first.

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