The Revolutionary Man

Radical feminist Andrea Dworkin is credited with coining the phrase “war on women” in 1989, when she first used the phrase in a book introduction. Perhaps sensing she had something useful, she later used it in a book title. Democrat politicians have used it ever since to gaslight single female voters. Given the life of Mx. Dworkin, it is no surprise that the phrase is one of those fine examples of the Opposite Rule of Liberalism. The actual war on women has always been from the cult-Marx radicals of feminism.

In other words, just because the war on women, as described by slovenly feminists like Mx. Dworkin, is a fiction, it does not mean there is not a war on women. In fact, the main thrust of the cult-Marx war on white society has been a war on white women, convincing them that their role in society is illegitimate. Not only is the role of wife and mother immoral, it is a tool used by the patriarchy, by which they mean white culture, to prevent women from reaching their full potential. Feminism was called women’s liberation for a reason.

Sex roles in a society are never about one sex. The roles of men and women are complimentary. When one changes even a tiny a bit, the other much change. It’s why the Saudis are so cautious about changing their rules on women. It’s not because they hate women, as loony feminist would have you believe. It is because they fear setting off a chain reaction that would destroy men and women. After all, generations of enforcing a set of rules on the sexes has shaped how men see themselves and each other too.

An example of this in our society is in this story about a pornographer in Florida, who is accused of being sexist. The idea of a pornographer being accused of exploiting women, in the context of modern feminism, strikes most people as an amusing bit of irony. Every day we are being treated to increasingly absurd claims by overwrought females, about how they were done wrong by some mean man. Until the Kavanaugh fiasco, the idea of doing this to a pornographer probably struck most people as the limit of the absurd.

Put that aside and consider the morality at play here though. According to feminist dogma, being a pornographer is fine, as long as he respects the choices made by the women he films having sex.  Similarly, a woman degrading herself on camera, for the amusement of desperate men, is a celebration of feminism, as long as the “sex worker” does so of her own free will and has “control of her body”, whatever that means. In other words, morality has been so deformed it now champions prostitution as a celebration of female liberation.

Pornography, of course, is as old as human society, most certainly older than human settlement. Prostitution is cheekily called the world’s oldest profession, because it has existed wherever settled people existed. Human societies everywhere have had to find a way to both accept the permanence of this reality, but also curtail it in order to maintain the social conditions necessary for the people to flourish. The balance struck is slightly different in all cultures, but the practice always falls outside of what is considered moral.

The thing that is stunning, though, about that story of the Florida pornographer, is the shameless way he goes about his business. He agreed to have a documentary done about him, believing it was good for his image. He is more than happy to talk with the media and let the world know his name and location. Within my lifetime, people in the pornography business tried to conceal their activity and hide from public view, because the public would not tolerate it. The pornographer lived in fear of men.

That’s an important point deliberately erased from the record. Laws governing things like pornography were not imposed on the public by puritanical rulers. They were in response to the threat by men to hang the sorts of people who preyed on young girls, grooming them for lives of prostitution and pornography. By relegating this stuff to a protected fringe, it satisfied the demands of men to protect their women, but also kept the streets from being littered with the corpses of degenerates. It’s that balance that must always be struck.

Today, “porn king” Riley Reynolds is not only free to go about his business in the public square, he is celebrated for it. Feminism was a war on women to emasculate men, so that they would be indifferent to degenerates like Riley Reynolds. As much as modern white men complain about modern white women, a big part of why women are acting as they do is that men are no longer willing to guard their women. If a group of guys dragged Riley Reynolds out of his house and hung him from a tree, more than a few women would cheer.

This is where the men’s rights crowd and the pickup artists got it all wrong. The answer to the degeneracy of feminism is not sullen indifference or craven opportunism. The solution to feminism is for men to get back to policing their own ranks, by enforcing codes of conduct that leave women no choice but to fulfill their natural roles. If white people are going to survive, it will be in a world in which guys like Riley Reynolds are found dead in a ditch. It’s a world where Roosh V lives in fear of men, not in fear of women.

That was always the insidiousness of feminism. It was never really about women. It was always about undermining Western societies by emasculating the men. A society where the men are unwilling to protect their daughters from pornographers, too timid to fight back against Pakistani rape gangs, is a defeated society. Men who wait for someone else to protect their women will never find the courage to fight against their masters. When men on our side get that and begin to enforce a moral code on other men, the revolution begins.

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  1. A society where the men are unwilling to protect their daughters from pornographers, too timid to fight back against Pakistani rape gangs, is a defeated society.

    David Goldman (“Spengler”) made much the same point about Iran, IIRC. But he’s written so much, I can’t find a link.

  2. I respect and read this blog, but I must say this text is unfair. RooshV, Heartiste (etc..) are very important because they were first guys who tell true about women. Their thesis about solution is: Society needs social dictated sexual discipline (patriarchy, whatever) – oterwise your society will fall apart. But if you live in declining anarchy, liberal society, you can do nothing more but practicing game and “treat women like shit”.
    Men have to agree on how sexual discipline in the society should look like, that’s the only solution, or we have gynarcho-tyranny, and roosh and roissy know that and write about that.

    • I concur. Men need to hear from different male perspectives like Roosh, Proud Boys/Gavin, Peterson , Z, Gerald, OlRemus and others.
      I like and admire men , but cant help my sons when they ask me what to do when women are competing with them at college and work , then “play the girl card”. I have no answers.

  3. Great speech, Z-man! Bravo! It seems you may have struck a chord with your readers…but, judging from the comments, few seemed to address your actual words. I see a lot of beating around the bush (sorry, muh pun)—cherry-picking a few lines from your post to segue into some related but more acceptable manosphere topic. So far, the meat of your post (sorry again) has been disregarded. I wonder why?

    Maybe I sense a bit of awkwardness here, since (let’s face it) the vast majority of American men are porn consumers; your blog followers not likely excepted. Keep it up and you’ll start losing readers…then you’ll know for sure you’re onto some real Truth.

    Someone objected, “We’ll not be removing porn from our society…”

    WRONG. There is coming a catastrophic overthrow of the Western world. And soon. The Fall of Mystery Babylon will happen within the lifetimes of most all of us here. First, I believe, with this nation. Then, one by one, all of the (former) nations of Christendom will follow suit. Finally, all the world will be in either voluntary or forced compliance with the New Order…or face annihilation. All lawlessness will be stopped (good bye porn industry). And everything that was once lawful will be again… For those who survive.

    Nope, not a new age UFO-cult gospel—just the same old Gospel of the Kingdom preached by all the OT prophets and which Christ himself proclaimed. Our Anglo-Saxon ancestors which founded this nation overwhelmingly believed this and structured their society around it. And up until the end of the 19th century, this was common fare in all American churches, schools, universities, and everywhere else. YOU, White man and woman, are the victim of a sophisticated memory wipe. Those (((imposters))) who orchestrated it will be exposed and brought to judgement. Watch and wait…

    The Change is coming. (Ezekiel 21:27)

  4. White males should fear the courts. Sit in any court room and watch blacks and Hispanics treated to “catch and release”

    The system knows they have no money and prison time is not a threat , just a chance to catch up with old friends. Have defended the women in my life and been lucky these individuals enjoyed harassing women but quickly folded when met with any real threat of violence.

    If things had become physical there’s no doubt my home, job and freedom would be in jeopardy. It’s a risk I’m willing to take, but the courts know we have more to lose it’s why they lean on us the most.

    Of course if white men banded together we could end this. Sadly we still remain divided.

    • As I commented above, the current judicial system has been severely corrupted and will actively attack any male that defends traditional values; but I do not fear the courts, nor should anyone else. The proper response is to adapt to the new environment. As in any warfare, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, and then avoid competing in their areas of strength while attacking their areas of weakness. Today’s society is highly complex, so you must use science more than instinct, and invoke the seriousness of a live or death struggle. Our modern affluence has made the existential threats of the natural world extinct, but civilization has wrought new types of threat that are every bit as lethal. The avenue to success is to be stronger and smarter than the hive people.

    • Of course if white men banded together we could end this. Sadly we still remain divided…
      And to comfortable…We can’t even form Community to start training together let alone fight together…So we will be picked off one by one until something major happens then maybe the pain of it will force us to band together…Sad That…

  5. Nihilism is the balm of the conquered in the current metapolitical age.

    The diaspora decapitated the white ruling class in America and ritually debased them by turning their soft attitudes towards women, comparatively deferential relative to the Meds and Slavs they were used to, into a full on house of debauchery celebration of smut. This so tore at the soul of the prudish Anglo that he was finally broken and became little more than a broken husk to be worn and, now, discarded.

    As others have noted, guarding is a social convention. White men who guard women today are found in jail or the morgue after a run-in with policemen who answer to the call of the new ruling class. Some few get away with skirting the new convention and law, but on the whole most white men will have to choose between safeguarding the women in their lives and having a life outside of extreme isolation from the rest of their society.

    • I always appreciate your candor, Isaac.

      ZMan and Derb would tell you that if you believe that the diaspora “decapitated the white ruling class in America and ritually debased them” then you are granting them supernatural powers but I agree with you.

  6. If you want men to be men again you have to bring back government regulated dueling. As it is, only people who have nothing to lose are willing to fight for women and so women think they are the alpha males.

    • Many right wing guys want to bring back dueling and I don’t understand it. Suppose some guy f*cks you over but he is better with a gun than you. What does dueling solve except who is has better hand-eye coordination? Isn’t this just another form of might makes right?

      • Dueling doesn’t have to be with guns or to the death. It can be with just fists and some safety gear or with swords to first blood.

        A man afraid of a fight isn’t worthy to be followied by men or women.

        • OMG, stop, you are going to make me wet myself with laughter.

          Millenial dueling: you only need to know how to slap (rhymes with fap)

  7. I play a game in the car where I see how long I can listen to NPR without them saying something CultMarx. It’s usually between 15 seconds and, max, 2 min.

    Yesterday some girl-voiced woman was saying, “society has always accepted when fathers would say, ‘If some guy ever harms my daughter I’ll murder him.’ Well, it turns out that maybe that’s why girls don’t report these abuses. For fear of dad’s violence against the boyfriend or whomever.”

    No doubt the whole discussion was subtle prop against Kavanagh. But it shows you that we just can’t win. It’s also shameful how women are TO THIS DAY, ok with always presenting women as passive reactors. I.e. A woman hears something, and from that alone, she can only do either THAT, or its opposite. They’re never expected to make the independent alternate choice, or to just ignore whatever garbage they’ve heard, (“been told”, as the phrase goes).

    • True dat.

      Another fun NPR game: how long before the story turns to something homosexual and/or transgender?

      Bonus points for : female “vocal fry” and female (or more frequently male) “uptalk”.

      NPR is a total poz-ed s-show. Yuck.

      • It’s very bad. BBC is the same. Every time I tune into BBC on my XM they’re always talking about Africa. It’s a really weird thing. They’re obsessed. The only thing good about that is, they gave us Do They Know it’s Christmas. Fantastic song. The Left despises the lyrics. It really is a chauvinistic as hell chorus. It makes me laugh. You’d think it was from the 50’s with that theme. But it was as late as ’84.
        I’m so happy they hate it.

        The guy who wrote it is Midge Ure, from Ultravox. Who had this great, romantically British song called Reap the Wild Wind. If you grew up in the 80s you’ll remember this video.

  8. Perhaps not entirely on topic, but 1960’s feminism is inexplicable. Look at Andrea Dworkin. Why the hell did straight women take life advice from fat lesbians?

    • maybe the women were ready to go rogue and Freidan picked up on that; i.e. her book didn’t start things, it just talked about what was already happening.

    • I made a comment above where I mentioned my hot feminist girlfriend who loved Dworkin. In retrospect, I believe that she was attracted to Dworkin and feminism because they promised special privileges for women and freedom from consequence for their actions.

      In a feminist world, all female choices are celebrated and supported by the state except choosing traditional marriage and motherhood.

  9. We’ll not be removing porn from our society, too much of it was released into the wild this past generation. Novel forms will be created and some will interface with sex dolls and new technologies, perhaps even the attempts to grow meat in the laboratory may contribute to increased realism and fantasy. Naturally-born flesh and blood females will attempt to compete with the artificial standards else drop out of the sexual marketplace. Men cannot stop girls gone wild, in fact, some males like Roosh and of course the money will help sustain the entrenched degeneracy.

    Men can no longer hope to control women by means of moral codes because the court system, i.e., activist judges and lawyers, will jealously strive to undermine historical morality. The Victorian era will not return any more than those millions of aborted children will go back to the womb. Women are approaching two-thirds law school students in the US, elsewhere in the world the legal field already belongs to females, most of them far left.

    Blacks and reform Jews have never bought into the white man’s morality and they will undermine us for their own purposes. Genii will not go back into the bottle no matter how many Riley Reynolds take one-way helicopter rides. Barring a catastrophe, our society will remain sick.

    • Sorry for this near-duplicate post. My browser had indicated the first posting was rejected. Over the past several days I’ve experienced difficulty accessing the blog.

  10. Now go one level deeper. The failure of modern men to defend traditional values (such as protecting young women from predators) is a consequence of the divide and conquer strategy of the Progressives. They now own the legal system, courts, and LEO agencies. If an alpha takes forthright action to put an end to degenerate conduct by other men, the full weight of this corrupt system will be brought down upon his head like a ton of bricks. The Progressives proactively pit this type of Blue-on-Green conflict in order to decimate both camps and weaken society at a macro level. The modern alpha cannot allow himself to fall into this trap because it ultimately kills off both sides of the good guy cohort. A new paradigm is necessary, and it is far far more successful.

    • If he was alpha, he’d have a posse that’d back up his alibi and put a dead raccoon on the judge’s steering wheel. Whites are so afraid of the State taking away their toys and livelihoods that they’ll give up Western Civilization to keep them.

      Start a gang and stop accumulating money.

      • I’m neither alpha, have a posse, nor a virgin. But the court system isn’t all powerful and the way to beat it isn’t new.

    • Anonymous Conservative talks about this all the time. Now is not the time for individual action; have to wait for the entire herd to turn.

    • The 1984 Gary Plauche case is instructive. Plauche ambushed, shot, and killed a guy at an airport because the guy had kidnapped and molested his son.

      He received NO jail time. We can see, (1) that Plauche had the older, keener attitudes towards both family and justice.

      But also (2) that the judge was someone who understands that the law ultimately has to bear some tolerable relationship to the natural sense of justice that inheres in human nature.

      But now, 34 years later, if anybody tried it again, nothing would make Judge Sarah Rosenbaum happier than to clap that guy in jail for the rest of his life, and let waves of impotent anger and fear ripple across white America.

  11. Ach, just the other day Zman commented to me down here that he wasn’t keen on Tom Wolfe, but when it comes to the breakdown of the family, and the Slide into Pozz, Wolfe has got a clear eye.

    “The wall around promiscuity was always intended to protect the institution of the family. In the 1970s one had a marvelous, even bizarre opportunity to see what happens to that institution when it is left unprotected.”

    Sadly, “In Our Time,” one of his best books on this sort of thing (including how women’s lives were changed by the new psycho-intellectual climate), is out of print and not available as an e-book. But here’s a pretty good excerpt:

  12. I agree with the idea of men rising up to protect women but it can’t be done on a large scale unless if it is agreed upon by society as a whole. A long time ago most people in our country agreed that the bible was the moral code for all Americans to live by. Some of our leaders were not Christians but they still lived by the principals put forth in the bible for the greater good of our country.

    Now we live in a morally relative society. Everyone decides what is best for themselves. And the result is craziness like fighting to let a tranny use the women’s bathroom.

    After the big break up of our country some time down the road, the first thing that has to be done is the new society has to agree on a universal moral code that all are willing to abide by. Then they must savagely protect that moral code and punish severely those who seek to undermine it.

    • we live in an amoral society; maybe the argument can be made that amoral is a synonym for moral relativity.

  13. Many men are reluctant to enforce standards because the State will retaliate and enforce its standards on us. Or so we think.

    Fun fact: most surveillance cameras are dummies that don’t work.

  14. The SAID principle is one of the most important basic concepts in sport science. It is an acronym which stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. It means that when the body is placed under some form of stress, it starts to make adaptations that will allow the body to get better at withstanding that specific form of stress in the future. The adaptation process does not occur by any one mechanism – it is a general tendency of the body which is played out in innumerable separate mechanisms.

    What the above means, is that if you do something your body isn’t used to, the body will adapt accordingly. But it also means, if you don’t do something (like running regularly) then the body will de-adapt; i.e. you lose muscle mass and conditioning.

    Let’s apply this principle to the topic at hand; the decline in masculinity. Because that is the root cause of all this sexual turmoil in the West.

    As industrial “power” replaced human power, the level of effort in a man’s life has gone down considerably. Our species is losing about 1% of it’s bone mass every millennium. We have teeth we don’t use (wisdom teeth).

    And now, we are dumping tons of estrogenic chemicals into the environment and food supply.

    What can *you* do about this? Train hard. You must lift to stay strong and male. I am 60+ and I lift 4x a week, so I am not just talking.
    I look at the little cream puffs all around me and have to hold back from physically confronting them.

  15. The day it is the socially acknowledged right of a husband to beat his wife and kids and stone an adultering wife to death is the day that the traditional family is restored. The Taliban have real marriage. Marriage in the West is a farce.

  16. The single problem men have today is that they take women seriously. They listen to what women say as being ‘profound’, ‘intelligent’, ‘actionable’, ‘enlightening’..blah, blah, blah.
    Recall the old Progressive Insurance commercial harkening back to the ’50’s, and the man admonishing Flo…”quiet dear, men are talking.”
    When the men in the US go back to that mindset, when they just listen to women with the automatic head-nodder activated, and then go about their business, all this nonsense will begin to disappear.

    • I don’t. Enjoy chatting with women, but not about anything substantial. Which is fine with me, as I enjoy that, too. At their core, women are child like by design. Except the ones with abnormally high levels of T.

      • Funny how that works. It’s like I need to put on a different thinking cap when interacting or socializing with women, most times. That “child like” thing has infiltrated our entire society, which is part of the problem. Look at how Ford was treated vs. Kavavaugh in the hearings. They were talking to a child, right there, with her.

    • Arch, there’s nothing wrong with “taking women seriously”, provided that, when you do so, you *stay* in the drivers’ seat, and GYOW (or otherwise jack them up) when they go on an indulgence fit, or otherwise try to game things.
      If you *steadfastly* uphold standards of adult conduct, you’re liable to reach the reachable.
      If they want to be heard, like men always were, they must *fit in* to the mores of adult (male) conversation, instead of trying to move it to childish (stacked feminist) mores.

      • When you hold them to adult standards, some of them will pull themselves together.
        Where they (childishly) stick to pushing for subtle advantages (e.g. in the Blasey-Ford hearing), it’s time to GYOW.

  17. Read an article once, about a study done on one of those stone age tribes that were still around in the 50’s and 60’s. When a hunter with a wife had a good day (i.e. caught something big) he would go to the hut of a single woman, and trade the food for sex.

    It’s absolutely critical, in areas of human behavior, to get below the levels of socialization, to the bed rock of instinct and reflex. That’s where all the answers lie.

    Are human instincts universal across the globe? Maybe Greg Cochran knows (I don’t). What I do know is that all human behavior is ultimately tied to our ancient origins.

  18. Z: “Men who wait for someone else to protect their women will never find the courage to fight against their masters.”

    About 15 years ago I was staying at a decent business traveler hotel. A LaQuinta type place, next to an Outback Steakhouse and nice mall. I left the room to get dinner and walking down the hall, here comes 8 bros with a white girl in the middle in short leather skirt. Obviously going to shoot a gang bang video. The vibe was ominous. No talking. Though she was a slut, I did feel like they were taking one of ours. It was brazenly bizarre. They obviously walked through the lobby like this. They didn’t eyeball me or intimidate. They didn’t have to. They knew what I was thinking and they knew I had to eat shit. I’m trying to imagine myself protecting her as Z advises. Suddenly reaching out and grabbing her by the wrist, saying, “What the hell are you doing! And what do you goons think you’re up to.” Cut to Howard Cosell: “Down goes Frip! Down goes Frip!”

    • Pick your fights. That girl chose the path she was on. She is already lost. You will be doing well to keep your own women folk safe.

      • Exactly, Karl.
        Don’t piss away your powder for super-sluts.
        Save it for those who care enough to *earn* respect.

    • As Z said, you’re not protecting the girl, you’re punishing the men. Don’t feel bad for not protecting her, since she chose it, and her menfolk neglected her. Feel bad for not having a posse you can call to bust up the degenerates.

      • Having a posse to bust up the degenerates is what we are aiming for.

        Not to long ago in Idaho there was a group of Muslim immigrants who gang raped a white girl. The parents did nothing but bleat, local police did little since the Muzzies were associated with Chobani Yogurt(the Kurdish owner makes a big deal out of hiring Muslim immigrants). By all rights the whites should have burned down their hovel and beat the men senseless.

        There was not even a protest march.

        Whites just sit there and take it,. This is why the Left is winning

        • That town is mostly mormon. Our culture has never been about fighting back. See Elizabeth Smart’s dad crying on television. And there was doubt about how much the muslim raped. I’d like to think mormons aren’t representative of whites.

          Whoever tried to cover up the whole matter, though, should’ve been strung up with the muzzie.

  19. You know, if you looked like Dworkin, you too could not help but become a hate filled, frustrated, disgusting , repugnant revolutionary Marxist-Leninist like that pig Dworkin,

    What makes folks like Dworkin so disgusting is their demands to coerce others to act, think and behave as they command; and it’s just all to compensate for their own life failures, miserable existence and resemblance to a hairy hog.

    If you looked up in a dictionary the definition of mentally ill, psychopathic corpulent pig-dog, you would just find her photo. For sure, if Dworkin had been a conservative Christian, Hollywood would have made the most vile, graphic horror movies with a Dworkin look alike as the mass rapist and killer of children .

    Sorry for the above rant, but years ago I saw her interviewed on TV; her attitude, mannerisms, tone of voice and comments elicited from me an instant revulsion – all made worse by her disheveled, unkempt, sloppy, really disgusting appearance. Her angry words just amplified the horror.
    She was easily the most repugnant and angry individual I have ever seen interviewed.

    • Don’t you think kharma took a big chunk out of Dworkin’s huge celluite covered ass? She died young, never had a happy moment in her life, and is still ridiculed after death.

    • Even in the 1980s, attractive women were drawn to Dworkin’s message. During that time, my attractive feminist girlfriend dragged me to one of her talks. I remember the drive home afterward, when she cried because I expressed doubt about Dworkin’s claim that there were more porn shops than fast food restaurants.

      The task of white men to win the trust and devotion of white women is formidable. Many women want to profit from their sexual attractiveness without consequence. They want quotas for women. They want the celebration of abortion. I believe that they would find traditional motherhood most fulfilling but the entire media tells them the opposite and they believe it.

  20. We’ll not be removing porn from our society, too much of it was released into the wild this past generation. Novel forms will be created and some will interface with sex dolls and new technologies, perhaps even the attempts to grow meat in the laboratory may contribute to increased realism and fantasy. Naturally-born flesh and blood females will attempt to compete with the artificial standards else drop out of the sexual marketplace. Men cannot stop girls gone wild, in fact, some males like Roosh and of course the money will help sustain the perpetual degeneracy.

    Men can no longer hope to control women by means of moral codes because the court system, i.e., activist judges and lawyers, will jealously strive to undermine historical morality. The Victorian era will not return any more than those millions of aborted children will go back to the womb. Women are approaching two-thirds law school students in the US, elsewhere in the world the legal field already belongs to females, most of them far left.

    Blacks and reform Jews have never bought into the white man’s morality. Genii will not go back into the bottle no matter how many Riley Reynolds take one-way helicopter rides.

    • Blacks and Jews didn’t buy into the court-enforced morality because they’re not afraid of the courts. Jews can weasel around it and blacks are moving from gibs to prison then back to gibs.
      If whites weren’t afraid of their courts, then we could enforce our own rules. Minorities have created no-go zones where murders are never solved. We can too.

      • Minorities have created no-go zones where murders are never solved. We can too

        Use to think that but have now realized that people are just to comfortable to do anything proactive…Sad That…

      • White males will NEVER get anything as long as they act like losers. They will just end up the boxcars for a one way trip.

        Take a page from Fight Club or the Muzzies for starters. Learn to organize and support one another and promote agendas that help whites in general and when people push you, you push back.

    • Jews, Muslims, Blacks and Mexicans have their own cultural norms and blow off our court system with alarming regularity.

      The problem is most white men are geldings and useless. They have no fight left in them. They just make up excuses why they are punching bags for women and everyone else.

      The failure is not women, not the courts. It’s the men failing to act like men and do what is needed. Loser movements like MGTOW, PUA’s are canaries in the coal mine that something went really wrong with white men in the West.

  21. >”It was never really about women. It was always about undermining Western societies by emasculating the men.”
    True enough. All of leftism, but especially feminism, is one huge shit test that the West has failed miserably.

    >”If a group of guys dragged Riley Reynolds out of his house and hung him from a tree, more than a few women would cheer.”
    And what, end up in prison for the rest of their lives because they couldn’t resist playing Captain Save-a-hoe? No thanks. “Man up and save that thot (from the entirely predictable consequences of her own poor decisions, in the face of a legal system and social mores/incentives designed to destroy your life if you try)” is as much a non-starter as “Man up and marry that slut”.

    >”The solution to feminism is for men to get back to policing their own ranks, by enforcing codes of conduct”
    What do you want me to do, walk around town with a birch paddle smacking the ass of any Chad who tries to pick up a barfly on a Saturday night? What you suggest is the kind of thing that only works if society’s mores/incentives as a whole are behind it. Individual action, or even small group action, in this area is useless. And you’re not going to get large-scale action on this matter without a *major* Christian revival in our society. The idea that it’ll happen any other way is pure delusion. So what’s the plan for that?

  22. Protecting whores is stupid. It just allows feminists to manipulate the “let’s you and him fight” ploy.

    Yes, protect chaste and obedient women. But where will you find one?

    • I do business in East Asia, and there are plenty out there. Chaste, obedient, and slim! The only question is if you can accept weird-looking half-and-half kids with identity issues. I’m not sure I can.

      • uh, hate to break it to you, but those “chaste” asian girls are screwing every white guy that comes along. and if you marry them they will dump your ass one minute after they get permanent residency. read up on it if you don’t believe me.

        • Go read R/Hapa, that’s the plausible future awaiting many white males married to an Asian (East) wife.

        • Nah. I’ve lived and worked in East Asia. A LOT of guys come with the idea that it is going to be easy but they go home with not much. If you can’t get laid in the West, you won’t in Asia (for free anyway). Japanese and Korean girls are now mostly celibate and that is partly because their parents were arranged married. The idea of encouraging guys to go out and find a girl has never been part of mainstream culture. The girls are addicted to their phones, their English is terrible and they are emotional cripples. Even the military have clamped down on mixing with the locals.

  23. There is a term for someone who only tries to enforce standards on other men without enforcing any standards on women… it’s called “white knighting.” No man has any duty to protect a porn actress. There are certain behaviors that once engaged in, permanently place a woman outside a man’s obligation for protection. Once a woman engages in them, no man should willingly step forward to protect her and if a man does, he should be relentlessly mocked and beaten down. That is the standard we should enforce. It is fine to force the pornographer to live in the shadows, but any woman who sucks a dick on film should also know that no man will lift a finger to help her for the rest of her life.

    • Eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap

      That is why white knighting exists.

      The real problem is the consumer, and all of us including myself are not without fault.

      • There are two types of males in the world.

        One type compete for females.

        The other type is competed over by females.

        Out that into your over simplified calculation 🙂

  24. The military used to be a great way to discipline men into having “their heads on straight” and taking on the responsibilities of manhood. If I had to do things over again, the one thing I would do differently is enlist for a few years.

    • Today, you would be enlisting in Political Correctness. I have no interest in being under the command of queers, blacks, or women. This is not the country I signed up for.

        • Well, it would be up to him to enlist or not, and I would respect his decision. I would not push him one way or the other. For myself, I would do it. What I would have gotten out of it, in “growing up” and “manning up”, would have jumpstarted my adult life. People get killed by drunk drivers and wrong medical decisions everyday, so I am not a good one to play the “what if” game.

          • Yup, I do. College humanities classes wrecked his attitudes, his thinking is faulty. He can’t deal with anyone who thinks differently than him about anything, the edumicators got to him but good. The idea of him surviving in a military environment is laughable, but it would do him a world of good, IMO. Daughter went the STEM route and is much better grounded.

      • True enough. I grew up right after Vietnam. My business partner did enlist, and was promptly turned into cannon fodder in the Army in 1967-68. He refuses to talk about it. I live next to a Marine base, and I think the Marines might still be a bit immune to the problem you reference, from my interactions with some of them and their families.

      • It is not about fertility rates. It is about your responsibilities and attitudes as a man, and many of them need to be held and understood in a context and an environment where those responsibilities and attitudes are widely held. To hold them alone, when everyone around you is soy boying or is a PUA doesn’t do anyone much good. That’s why the military angle can make sense. It provides a broader environment that supports such thinking and living one’s life. In my experience, trying to live one’s life “properly” in an environment that either outright rejects it, or doesn’t even understand the concepts of civic responsibility and basic human civility, is like a cry in the wilderness. The point is not only to “do the right thing” as a male, but to reintroduce such attitudes to a culture that has completely lost them. I don’t know how to do that.

        I think everything goes together. Get the rest of the culture right, and fertility takes care of itself. White culture has traditionally been long term oriented. Get things back to the point where people start living for the long run, not scrambling in the short run, and fertility will go up. Part of it is reestablishing the elements of male and female roles that foster such thinking.

  25. In my younger days I used to say that ”whoever the guy was that convinced woman that meaningless, random sex was the ultimate ideal of womanhood” was th greatest genius of all time and a true hero to men.

  26. Also, as social and legal penalties against prostitution and pornography increase in a society, given the nature of male sexuality, which is an appetite that increases to the unbearable when deferred, the value of prostitution increases until there is someone willing to risk the penalties because the financial reward is so great. So this insures that there will always be some level of sex trade, no matter how puritanical the civilization. In japan they have substitutes such as hentai, which is porn anime, and these vending machines where one can get soiled women’s lingerie. Gross. I think I would rather just allow porn.

  27. BOOM goes the dynamite

    This is it. Kavarape is FINISHED. This is embarrassing for right wingers. How does it feel? Knowing that you support rapists alcoholics pedophiles liars and evil men

    As Kirsten Powers has pointed out he has lied under oath several times. This “man” in unfit to serve as a SCJ.


  28. Thank you – I’d not thought of that connection before.

    As a woman, I do know that emotions are often, if not usually, the basis for their decisions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (usually) – women can be quite perceptive in observing the little cues that show character, honesty, and other virtues – or vices.

    However, in areas of life needing logical responses, women are – usually – handicapped by their natural instincts. They are capable of supporting people whose philosophies would cripple society, as long as they “seem nice”.

    It’s not that all women are incapable of logic, they are simply seldom trained for it. Women in science and engineering disciplines have that training that might help them overcome their natural tendencies, if they were encouraged to make their decisions using logical processes.

    Hate to say it (since it would dis-enfranchise me), but the 19th Amendment may have been the worst action since the passage of the 16th, enabling the income tax. But, when the effect of that change led wholesale to voters seemingly incapable of rational participation in public affairs, it appears that future generations might want to consider repeal.

    Thanks, Democrats.

    • critical theory has replaced critical thinking, STEM is putting up somewhat of a fight but maybe the relentless nature of the left will win out?? smh

    • Ye Gods and little fishes! And I believed if I came out I would be drawn and quartered and keelhauled! And head stuck on a spike on London Bridge. Thank you! Finished my career at the big water company in the Bay Area (1.4 million accounts) as a Sr. Water Distribution Operator and Hydroelectric Dam Operator (think final scene Dr. Zhivago). Irony is parents were full on Trotskyites and stork dropped me in wrong house. Red pilled after parents kicked the bucket bought the farm, 9-11, and bought my first home and paid the property tax bill! I’m a gal now in southern Utah and started having heretical thoughts about the right to vote for women after 6 decades observing that we act and think like such herd animals! Some of the early suffragettes expressed concern that women would vote tribally and not with their brains. The male/female ultimate issue is men learning-training-working to control their strong sexual nature and women learning-training-working to control their extreme emotional nature.
      I am a realist. I am the outlier. As for women voting, there is no going back….it is what it is. This and many other cards on the table brings us to the cycle of fall apart. No fluffy bunnies and unicorns here. But we must still live well and that includes training our girl children to think and that starts in the home. Regardless of nature.
      PS: Handy to have a geology background. Trained to think deep time. Yes read history (reading Modern Times again ) AND do go find the really old rocks and have hope. Metamorphic rocks put under great pressure and heat are gorgeous…absolute stunners….or remelted back into schmutz…no way out. When the world weighs on us and scares us, my mining engineer husband and I drop down the long grade to Mesquite and walk through Bundy’s range land in search of the ~1.5 billion year old Grand Canyon sequence. Bracing stuff!!

  29. I don’t know whether it’s funny or sad that the linked story is about *financial*, not sexual, exploitation.

    • I know. Grooming young women to be whores is not big thing, but not paying them fairly is an outrage.

      • Well in fairness, they weren’t just “being paid unfairly,” they were being trafficked — that is, they had been deceived into actual, honest-to-Mikey sex slavery. That’s vastly more horrible than being snookered out of your overtime at the tuna-canning plant.

        • Fair point. But the article itself would never have been written absent the financial angle. The sex part has been going on forever (“a girl turns 18 every day”), but only when one girl filed suit for back wages (or whatever) did the DB get on its horse to wax indignant.

      • There’s gotta be a wage gap between male and female sex workers. Sounds like a fun econ paper to write.

        • Actually, from the little I’ve read on the “industry” it’s the women who receive substantial compensation whereas the men do it essentially for pizza and beer.

  30. This needed to be said. The PUA stuff always seemed to be about attaining some kind of social vengeance for the decline in value of masculinity. The reality is that a simple reaction like that in and of itself further degrades the social value of masculinity. Ditto the MGTOW stuff. A huge rock in a stormy ocean doesn’t move. We need to be that rock.

    • PUA is about banging hotter women than you would be able to get otherwise. How is that wrong? It is one of the practical ways of maybe getting a few women back on track. Can you elaborate on why/how it seems to be about vengeance of some kind?

      Also, it trains young men in the proper evaluation of women’s character. Another good thing.

      • That may be true, but what is also true is that civilization is about men rising above their base instincts and base desires. All codes of conduct are predicated on it. The very notion of male honor is based on the belief that men can and must live above their base desires.

        If all you are is a rutting animal. then you deserve to be treated like a zoo animal. That’s been the sales pitch from the cult-Marx crowd for generations. The PUA guys accept it and try to make a virtue of necessity. That’s fine, as long as you understand that it leads to being the brightest peacock in the game reserve.

        • I don’t know if you are being disingenuous or not, so I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt here 🙂

          You are only covering one side of the PUA “philosophy”; the other side of the coin is that decent women *are* worth having and working to keep. It’s just that they are so damn rare these days.

          It’s easy to dump on guys that aren’t naturally good with the ladies (like our host is) but it really is brutal out there for young males. A lot of these poor bastards are in a genuine existential fight.

          • I get that, but let’s not be naive here. Roosh V is not about uplifting male standards of behavior or protecting women. He’s promising to make the dork into Chad Thundercock. He’s an exotic Ross Jeffries trying to turn a profit from degeneracy. I think there is value in cultivating an attitude among /ourguys/ that makes people like Roosh V nervous to go outside.

          • Z,

            I’m torn because on the one hand, I agree with your basic premise re: Roosh and his ilk. On the other, though, from a game theoretic perspective, the Roosh/PUA/Red Pill thing makes a lot of sense.

            The target demo is sexually unsuccessful men. These dudes typically come to the manosphere well after their friends have are facing a choice between A) settling for the sloppy seconds (or tenths, or twentieths, or .. nths. , more realistically) a woman offers post-wall after one or (many) more “naturals” got done with her to reproduce, B) a life of bitter frustration/hedonistic PUA/MGTOW resignation, or C) the Elliot Rodger/Stephen Paddock route at the extreme end.

            None of these options is especially dignified. Take a young adolescent on the cusp of manhood… You’re asking a lot of these kids to take option A, especially given that their male peers generally will not, and an even smaller fraction of their female peers will have made any effort to remain marriageable.

            Basically, I’m saying the cost of decent, respectable manhood as it would be recognized ca. 1950 has become prohibitively high. PUA may not be honorable, but it is certainly rational.

          • Roosh is a huckster, and I don’t care about him. My comments were addressed to the young males driven to seek out help.

        • I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Chateau Heartiste. I’ve always felt a strange disjunction between his political pieces and PUA pieces. It’s like half the time he’s a patriot, half the time a sociopath. Unnerving.

          • give an example of him being a sociopath, please. and CH has been mentioned here a couple of times.

          • Agree completely. It’s always unnerving to peruse the Chateaux. I alternate between relating completely to the political/social posts and being completely disconnected from the PUA posts. I attribute this to my age.

          • Yesterday he issued an outstanding post, “Female Power Vs Male Power”, about how the female wiles have been allowed to get out of hand (in the West, particularly in America), such that civilization’s delicate balance is being undermined, and dire social disharmony is being bred.

      • Karl, the hope that PUA will get a few women back on track is, at best, spitting in the ocean, and probably won’t have that effect anyway.

        However, MGTOW is indeed much about training young men, in the proper evaluation of women’s character, and in standing up to female narcissism.
        It’s men’s warning to women “until you shape up, we ship out!”
        Specifically, it’s warning women that (esp. with their #MeToo tantrums) they’re pricing themselves out of the market.

        • Most men cannot make a conscious decision to live the PUA lifestyle, and most PUA followers are only interested in a girlfriend instead of a harem. I’d even say that PUA is on the decline, as it existed as a 2000s fad that was easily monetized.

          MGTOW as the “active community” is quite nihilistic, but as a wider phenomenon of disengaged men it has already wrought social changes out of passivity. Even low value men can typically marry a “post-wall” single mother, but it is usually for the best that they don’t.

          • w/r/t the sex problems faced by young men today, well as the old saying goes, “the best way around, is through.”

            You can skirt all the moral mush of PUA by keeping in mind a simple principle which takes much work to actually achieve: all women are turned on by prowess — visible, demonstrable, public prowess at some actual, physical, testable thing (viz. there must be a risk of failure, which is visibly, publicly, and demonstrably surmounted.)

            If you can hit the bull’s-eye on a dartboard with a throwing knife at ten paces, I guarantee you will go home with the hottie of your choice. And you won’t have to kick yourself in the mind for doing all that retarded “begging” reverse-psychology crapola.

        • If they can still get at your labour through taxes, MGTOW doesn’t matter and won’t have any “strike” effect.

      • That is not helping young men by reducing them to mindless horn dogs and women to urinals for them This is the same attitude that Russ Jeffries promoted decades ago and started the PUA movement.

        There are lots better ways to build men up than lowering them down to animals in heat.

  31. “When women go wrong, men go right after them.”
    – Mae West

    Actually it’s men who go wrong first — by abdicating their responsibility to maintain civilizational standards. Women react by going loony with “emancipation” and attempting to live far beyond what their natures dictate is best for them. Men respond to that by becoming entirely milquetoast and tolerating out-of-control females. Women get even more loony, as they can hardly endure male weakness and subconsciously sense a need for firmer structure. Men fail to read those cues and become even more obsequious instead. It’s a vicious cycle that ends in cultural collapse. And men are ultimately most deserving of blame for it.

    The society that gets the sexual dynamic wrong will inevitably get everything else of import wrong. Welcome to modern America.

    • Thus, you have the leader of an entire once-great nation, spinster Mutti Merkel importing masses of horny, swarthy seventh century savages while calling them “children.”

  32. The modern State does not will not cannot tolerate men guarding their women. Female voters and managers will not allow it and will punish severely any attempt.

    • “mate guarding” is seen in manosphere terms as one of the most “beta” behaviors. Thus it can only be implemented on the communal level, rather than by an individual.

      • That’s stupid.

        Mate guarding is one of the most basic behaviours to any animal. Society reflects the individual..individuals who wont mate guard will create a society that doesnt mate guard.

        • the better response (than mate guarding) is to hit the other fellow in the face, if he gets too chummy. mate guarding is a sign of weakness and low trust in the female.

      • Idiotic and nothing more excuse for the man being a wuss, which today most are. It’s no wonder women despise men.

        I can see these “men” now:

        Wifey, GF: “Honey this crazy black man is hitting on me”
        Manosphere man: “uhh yeah, I gotta be somewhere else”.
        Wifey/GF: “You coward”
        Manosphere man yelling while running away “I don’t know her!!”

        • Sexuality is viewed by the courts in a feminine primary manner. What you infer is not the norm, mate guarding is what women complain is “controlling” behavior by men. PUA teachings are about having “options”, mate guarding is seen as the “scarcity mindset”. It isn’t about controlling other men per se, its about stopping your women from meeting “higher value” men.

          Others can explain this better than me, as I have no interest in living out the PUA lifestyle so I can’t speak from experience.

          • What a bunch of crap for the PUA cucks. They are basically okaying other men molesting their wives and daughters.

            This is the same attitude the British males have towards their females. They let a bunch of foreigners rape and molest them at will. While they hide and rationalize the fact they have no balls.

          • I haven’t read much Manosphere stuff in a long time. But I think the mate guarding they refer to is when a man is in constant fear of losing his woman, even when there is no perceptible threat in the area.

            Basically, he is so low SMV that he resorts to clingy, embarrassing behaviors like initiating PDA to “mark” her as his. I don’t think giving her the occasional unexpected peck on the lips or pat on the ass qualifies. It’s more the “bear hug from behind” type of stuff. I’ve never read anything that suggested men shouldn’t handle business should the need arise.

      • I’ve seen that, mate guarding makes you a pussy. Meanwhile according to the pua community any women can be seduced. So allowing a sexual grifter to practice his craft on your wife is manly. Seems illogical…..

  33. I’m reading a book about initiation rites in primitive societies and a universal part of any initiation Rite is a separation of the male child from his mother. How they go about it can vary. Some of them are quite violent some of them are just ripping the child out of the mother’s arms and he goes off with the men. And when he comes back he’s a man and he no longer answers to his mother. I can’t help thinking that this is a huge part of our problem. There’s never a separation from the mother

    • somewhat reminds me of the old Jesuit saying:
      Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man

      I have heard it expressed other ways which is better where let the woman have him until seven and then let the man take over the major upbringing and teaching. Either way, men should be right there watching and guiding.

      What men now?

    • some of those rites involve getting circumcised (using flint!) at age 13! That probably will make you into a man right there 🙂

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