Foreign Rule

The Department of Justice has recently announced that the new great devil for the Empire is the drug cartels, operating just over the border. Empires need an enemy and to his credit, Trump is unwilling to pick enemies from the other side of the globe. Instead, he prefers more practical enemies, ones that cause real Americans real trouble in the real country. The drug cartels are not a threat to “our democracy” or a threat to freedom around the world. They sell drugs and murder Americans right here in America.

That’s a welcome change, given that Trump has often flirted with neocon lunacy regarding Iran and Syria. The ruling class and their media organs will never admit it, but one main reason for Trump is that white people grew tied of fighting wars for a ruling class that despises them. The fact that the Trump administration seems to be serious about the problems south of the border suggests they either get that or simply know how to read polling. Mexican drugs and crime are a serious concern for normal white people.

The curious thing is why it has to be cast as some sort of great crusade. Mexico is a poor country, relative to America. It’s not Africa, but it is it not Canada either. One reason the cartels are a problem is the Mexican government is unable to assert its control over all of its territory. The Federal Police is riddled with corruption, as the drug cartels are able to buy them off or threaten them off. The government is always worried about the loyalty of the army, so deploying them against the cartels is a complicated proposition.

One of the interesting results of this is we have a very good understanding of who runs the cartels, where they operate and where they manufacture product. Every once in a while, the Mexican government asks for help nabbing a drug lord and we are able to direct them to the right place at the right time. We’re able to do this using old school signal intelligence. Unlike the Middle East, we are not deploying and army of drones to monitor what’s happening on the ground. If we wanted, we could own the air space tomorrow.

The proof of this is that we can locate a trouble maker in Yemen and hit them with a missile, without having anyone on the ground in Yemen. We’ve been perfecting drone warfare in both Yemen and Afghanistan for almost two decades now. Presumably, conducting drone warfare in our backyard, with lots of human resources on the ground to augment the drone surveillance, would be much more effective. If we wanted, we could unleash unlimited drone warfare on the cartels to devastating effect.

Of course, the politics of fighting Mexican cartels are even better than running a drone war over the horizon. The support for droning savages in Afghanistan and Yemen is non-existent, so the ruling class no longer discusses it. Their effort to make the murder of the Saudi journalist a big deal is a good example of how little Americans now care about what is happening with these people. A barbaric theocracy murdered one of their people inside the borders of a neighboring barbaric theocracy. Also, water is still wet.

In contrast, imagine Trump announcing that the opioid problem has reached such a crisis that he is ordering the military to conduct operations over the border in order to defend the country against these cartels. Throw in a secondary announcement that he has ordered the arrest and deportation of the Sackler family and Trump’s approval rating soars. The Left would cry out in pain as they strike out at Trump over it, but as we are seeing, this is becoming an ineffective tactic, as people embrace more realistic politics.

This brings us back to where we started. Fixing the problems with Mexico is such an obvious winner politically, but no one talks about it. Trump won the White House on his promise to build a border wall, among other things, but no one in the political class has much interest in the problems with the border. You don’t have to be a conspiracy buff to think that maybe this is not just serendipity. It is not just the politicians, who ignore the issue. The so-called conservative media has always worked hard to ignore it.

It is one of those issues, which reveal the deep loathing of typical white people that has become normalized in the American ruling class. When the ruling class thinks about the heroin problem, they think, “Well, they deserve it.” They don’t think of middle-class parents finding their kid dead in her bed from a fentanyl overdose. They think of snaggle-toothed hillbillies living in shacks, with a few Confederate flags hanging on the walls. For our rulers, there are good whites and bad whites and we are all bad whites.

That’s why these bread and butter issues no longer resonate with the political class. Few of them have any acquaintance with real work. They popped out of prep school into a nice college, then grad school and then a position in the managerial class. The normal people in their family are soon transformed into props for their fictional origin story about how they were discriminated against, victimized or made to feel sad in some way. Theirs is a world of highly choreographed gestures designed to display their piety and fidelity to the class.

For the ruling elite, we are the dirty natives over whom they reluctantly rule. This colonial mentality has become a part of ruling class culture. It’s why they remain baffled by the popularity of Trump’s economic agenda. It’s not that they oppose it. It’s that they don’t understand why anyone would care about coal miners in West Virginia or steamfitters in Ohio. It’s why they never think about addressing the Mexican cartel problem or the human trafficking at the border. These are not their problems and therefore none of their concern.

This is the result of foreign rule. America is the first purely cultural empire, so it is no surprise that we are the first people to be ruled by native born foreigners. The iron rule of foreign domination is that it ends poorly for the rulers. People prefer to be ruled by their own kind. Maybe what we are seeing with Trump is another first. The peaceful transition from foreign rule to local rule, with the foreigners going native. It seems unlikely, but Trump winning the White House was unlikely. Maybe this strange age will come to a strange end.

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  1. So I guess ‘Just say no.’ is too old fashion. . . .Create a problem, opioid ‘epidemic’;create a ‘solution’, Narcan; repeat vicious cycle, Big Pharma, “WINNING!”

  2. “The ruling class and their media organs will never admit it, but one main reason for Trump is that white people grew tied of fighting wars for a ruling class that despises them.”

    War itself will be with us forever. I don’t think its so much exhaustion at fighting wars as it is that we fight wars that we don’t win. Regardless of whether we should have done it or not, victory would have wiped everything else away. Its losing, and losing to an obviously inferior enemy that has made people tired. Patton summed up American character when he said that “Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser”. Our ruling class are losers and its the obviousness of this fact that is driving everything else.

    “The curious thing is why it has to be cast as some sort of great crusade.”

    Media mostly. War on its own, especially modern war, isn’t pretty and it looks even worse on television. If you are going to sell something like that, it has to be wrapped up in some noble talk or people might not want to go along with it. At least I think this is what the elites are thinking.

    “For the ruling elite, we are the dirty natives over whom they reluctantly rule.”

    You’re assuming that the elite gives much thought to everyone else; outside of election time, I’m not so sure that this is true.

    “The peaceful transition from foreign rule to local rule, with the foreigners going native.”

    In other words, we are in the middle of a massive course correction. The common knowledge that you hear in the media is that 2016 was a fluke election. With time it might be seen more that 2012 was a wild twist and that Trump is just an attempt to return to normalcy.

  3. Re the Opioid Epidemic: Why not admit outright the need to bring back Paternalism, i.e. protecting the weak and stupid from their own inclination towards folly by force of law_? How is droning Mexican drug lords fundamentally different from the Singapore model of drug control except for less due process_?

    There is little-to-no drug addiction or drug crime in Singapore because of rigid (some would say brutal) enforcement of their anti-trafficking laws. Anyone caught importing or dealing illegal drugs is *hanged* 30 days after conviction.* Singapore is a multi-ethnic polity so nobody should bother saying that program couldn’t work here for reasons of diversity (alone). But it is an authoritarian one, for sure.

    Libertarians and other soft-headed utopians will howl, “That’s not who we are.”, of course, and that’s the point of the discussion we should be having. But is 200,000 deaths a year (many of them preventable through Paternalism) better than taking a few evil, greedy pushers for ‘the long drop’. Besides HBD realism, there’s HB (human behavior) realism needed in the discussion too.

    As another data point, in the late ’80s the military started mandatory drug testing with automatic expulsion for anyone detected. In my larger unit, detection (a pretty good proxy for usage) fell ~ 100 fold from the time of the start of the program.** If that result could be replicated in the US as a whole (and I’d consider that unlikely) that might mean ‘only’ 2,000 OD’s a year. That is, maybe 180,000 lives/year could be saved_!

    My main point is that great reduction in drug OD death is possible through known and tried methods: it’s a political decision not to use any or all of them. So there are reasons people are pushing drug legalization and it taint for the good of the common man, as the horrifying Sackler article shows.

    Say, were any of the Sackler’s many charitable donations to the *Clinton Foundation* by any chance_? Perdue really got rolling in the ’90s and the Clinton FDA was pretty accommodating, particularly to overseas (i.e. Chinese) generics, IIRC.
    *I believe simple possession results in *flogging* (20 with ‘the cane’) plus a large fine.
    ** From ~ 10% to ~ 0.1%

    • Nobody gave a hoot about Singapore’s drug laws until a white guy from a privileged background (IIRC, he was from a wealthy family in Australia) got caught trying to smuggle a brick of smack into the country in 1990, and then suddenly it was wall-to-wall ZOMGWTF about how “barbaric” Singapore was.

  4. The Netflix documentary Heroin(e) was an eye-opener. The naloxone shot works so well the person wakes up immediately and starts going into withdrawal because the shot effectively neutralized the drugs in his system. He’ll go out and buy more heroin and overdose a few hours later. So the firefighters keep reviving the same people over and over.

    One firefighter asked: do we have to give him the shot?

  5. A drone war in Mexico without a COIN strategy and a “refugee” strategy in the US will make matters worse.

    We know for a fact that there are enemy troops on US soil. Any military campaign is going to drive herds of people north.

    The precursor to a drone war in Mexico is an aggressive and violent campaign here to deplete cartel resources. That’s gonna get tough to do as states move to legalize pot. As we’ve seen in CO, that just opened the door to the cartels by shortening their distribution chains and providing legal camouflage to in-state production.

    The reason the elites don’t want to touch Mexico and drugs in general is that they’re not sure they can win an insugent war on US soil. And the casualties are likely to be quite high.

    There’s a very active Fifth Column of re-Mexicanization supporters, anarchists, anti white racists, Democrats, and Media (but I repeat myself) to deal with as well.

  6. Regarding the Sackler family, and OxyContin, as a matter of personal anecdote I had a tooth implant. It didn’t hurt when they extract of it, but when they put in the screw, it hurt like a Mutha! they gave me two prescriptions. The really high dose of OxyContin, and 800 mg ibuprofen. The ibuprofen control the pain wonderfully I was functional. However the narcotic didn’t really completely control the pain, and it left me pretty zonked. My question is, do these things really work, are they just a form of addiction? I have reservations. Of course people differ in the biology.

    • My question is, do these things really work, are they just a form of addiction? I saw a movie once, where the G.I. had his side mutilated and one leg blown off. The medic belly-crawled over to the injured man begging to be killed because the pain was unbearable. What was injected? Wasn’t ibuprofen. IRL I have hoped to the gods of my lucky karmic stars that the doctors and the politicians, that steadfastly refuse to alleviate severe chronic pain over this opioid crisis, be blessed with 10% of my pain. Sorry. [an operation earlier this year greatly relieved over a years worth of agony] Anyway, YES they work.

      • Yes but OxyContin is different from morphine and fentanyl. Those do work. Did you know why heroin was invented? As a powerful cough suppressant to help tuberculosis patients sleep. That’s what kills you in tb, the cough won’t let you sleep’

  7. Maus is correct. Ask anybody in public safety , courts , fire ,PD, EMS , jails etc. If their honest they will tell you the white addicts are just as bad if not worse than the brown ones.

    They rob their neighbors. Hell, even friends and family. They go undetected in white neighborhoods stealing everything that isn’t nailed down.

    Even though sharing the same sentiment I down voted only because despite being very jaded still try to talk to some of the younger junkies.

    That’s the difference between white people vs. black / brown people. They stand behind their scumbags no matter what. Despite the unlikelihood of these whites ever being rehabilitated still try.

    This is where whites are failing. If Z- man’s prediction is true and we become the minority we’ll all have to band together regardless of our differences and shortcomings.

    Would love to see the president get serious about the drug cartels.

    • MIke, you asked for a Z response, but… I respect data and Unz, but I’ve lived near Hispanic areas that oozed crime. Just like I don’t believe that Asians are as tall as Africans, I don’t believe that the crime rate of Hispanics is the same as whites.

      I watch the SF news and the number of Hispanic criminals reported far outweighs their population.

      I respect data but Unz’s claims contradict my lived experience. Like Fred Reed claiming that Hispanics are smart.

    • I think Ron likes seeing if he can argue against reality. The fact is, the data we have, tells us Hispanic crime rates are significantly higher than white crime rates. No where near black crime rates though.

  8. If Trump wanted to build the wall or restrict immigration, he would have done it by now. What he wants to do is give tax cuts to the rich and service Israel. When he told us that he wanted to build the wall, it was like a manipulative female telling an ugly guy that he’s handsome.

    Trump is awful. Unfortunately, all the other choices are much worse.

    • You are wrong – not that I don’t share your frustration. Building walls and restricting immigration require political cooperation; DJT has been rather shrewd lately and – at a guess – the post-midterm GOP (however the outcome) seems to be more receptive to being led by the Donald.

      The whole point of Z-man’s post was that DJT can use the drug cartels as a reason to divert national attention to ‘the southern problem.’ Even the open borders post-nationalists can’t behave like they don’t care about the drug problem (even if they in fact don’t).

      Let’s see what the Donald does after the midterms.

    • I believe trump had good intentions but simply had no idea what he was up against politically. The Russian hacking and impeachment threats have brought him to heel, and he is now little better than a bush clone. In exchange for acting in the Middle East and backing down on immigration issues, they are allowing him a pseudo victory against the fbi for now, but he if got out of line it would all be back tomorrow.

  9. Everything Trump is doing this month is focused on winning the upcoming election and holding both houses of Congress. Every statement and action is geared toward appealing to some voter block or countering political initiatives by the Democrats. He is being hugely underestimated once again, and the Democrats don’t have anyone in their party with the brains to compete with him. The Democrats are being led by the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Booker, and Waters; and the ghost of Hillary is still haunting them as well. If the Repubs gain 5 seats in the Senate and only lose a few in House, the Dems will likely launch a hot revolt in desperation. Be careful out there.

  10. I read the timing of this announcement as an acknowledgment of confidence by the Trump administration that the midterms are in the bag and the Republicans will keep control of the House and Senate. If there were questions about Congress the administration would have waited until after the election.

    This is the start of election 2020. Let’s see the Democrats continue to block funding for a wall on the Southern border when it’s part of a plan to tackle the inflow of drugs from our friendly neighbors to the south. Republicans will have illegal immigration and drug interdiction. Democrats will be wailing about LGBTQ rights, #metoo, and international relations after the murder of Mr. Khablahblah in Turkeystan. Trump 2020!

    • I don’t know what to expect from the midterms. The media gaslighting is so intense, it’s hard to assess the House races. The GOP will pick up some senate seats. I don’t recall a midterm where the Senate went one way and the House went another, so maybe the House follows the Senate. I see the so-called conservatives are posting columns imploring voters to vote GOP, despite Trump. That suggests they are trying to get in front of the parade so they can pretend anyone pays attention to them.

      • Agree on gaslighting. Last week I went through the numbers on each race that Real Clear Politics lists as a toss up. Republicans are heading for a 53-56 seat majority in the Senate. AZ, MO, and NV are going red. FL, IN, and MT are harder to call. (WTH is wrong with this Braun guy in Indiana? There’s no excuse for not being able to turn Indiana red this year. You can’t even tell he’s a Republican from his website.)

        I gave the Democrats every benefit in the toss-up races for the House and it resulted in 218R, 217D. A more realistic bet is 225R-210D, plus or minus 3 seats.

      • I’ve been receiving an awful lot of robo-texts, purportedly from GOP agents, seeking to “get out the vote” and also, I suppose, contribute to unknown urls. I just delete these text messages, but I’ve sure received plenty of them. Not sure what it means. Might be the Nigerian GOP . . .

  11. (((Who))) benefits from the drug trade? They line their pockets and degrade formerly working class Whites.

    • The Sackler family, who gasp are members of the tribe and so well connected no one can touch them. It’s easier for us to blow up some cartel goon than to arrest a pudgy member of the tribe.

      Consider this. We had opium dens in SF during the 20’s and 30’s. No one cared. Opium was easily obtained yet there was no epidemic. Yet this was during the GD. So what happened.?

      Perdue Pharma/Sacklers invented Oxycontin and made it very, very easy to get. Promoted it very heavily. They deliberately flooded entire regions with it. Far more than was needed for medical purposes. They knew full well they were supplying pill mills across the country and to unethical doctors specializing in supplying addicts.

        “Oxycodone, sold under brand names such as Percocet and OxyContin among others, is an opioid medication which is used for the relief of moderate to severe pain.
        Oxycodone was developed in 1917 in Germany as one of several semisynthetic opioids in an attempt to improve on the existing opioids.”

  12. If Will Durant had lived to write a volume on the history of the West since WW2, what would it be called? The Age of the Baby Boomer? The Age of Neurosis? The Age of Mass Media? The Age of Radical Egalitarians?

  13. ‘white people got tired of fighting for a ruling class that despises them’?

    Actually non-whites are disproportionately represented in the enlisted male cadre of the US Army:

    And Hispanic Marines are disproportionately represented in the KIA statistics in Iraq, a war started by white males (Bush and Cheney)

    • Please. That bullshit has been debunked too many times. I’m not wasting my time on it again. If whites stop joining the military, we have no military. The same is true of the police and fire departments. If you doubt that, come to Lagos.

      • Yeah, that is because the majority of the country is white, so yeah the majority military is white as well. My point is that the armed forces in general are tired of fighting foreign wars for a ruling class that despises them, irrespective of race. But “your-side” to which race is like Viagra cannot see past race. No one is claiming that the military is a non-white military or that the military can sustain without whites signing up.

        • Then what was the point of your comment? The fact is, you have been programmed to react to race realism by going in to a NAXALT loop. That’s useless code in the demographic age.

          • Whites by and large operate in a “guilt culture”, blacks/Hispanics in a shame culture, and Arab Muslims in a fear culture. Impugning collective guilt onto us is what he’s doing. Perhaps he should go and shame some non-whites as to why they won’t vote GOP. Plenty of them will admit they consider it a “white party”.

        • UpYours, will your non-white brothers protect you when the time of judgement comes? Unfortunately, race is deeper than values. We can wish it wasn’t so, but you will be rewarded with a flaming tire on your head, eventually.

          With a small feeling of sadness, I will laugh at you.

    • In 1981 I started a college literary magazine called “Up Yours”. It lasted less than one issue. A few years later – in a graduate school paper – I cited a spurious article from ‘Up Yours’, with all the references and annotations fully MLA- compliant.

      So, in a sense, ‘Up Yours’ is real, as real as Comrade Ogilvie.

      Are you SURE that your handle isn’t a rip-off?

    • From your last source: “It is wrong to say that minorities are disproportionately bearing the burden. Whites are indeed slightly under-represented in today’s active-duty military as a whole: They make up 64.2 percent of the force, compared with 69.1 percent of the U.S. population. (The reserve components are somewhat whiter.) But whites are slightly over-represented among the dead, at 70.9 percent.

      Conversely, African-Americans are notably over-represented in the military as a whole. They make up 19.1 percent of the active-duty force, and a staggering 24 percent of the Army, as opposed to just 12.1 percent of the population. But blacks are not significantly over-represented among the dead of this global war: They make up only 12.4 percent.”

      The point of the spear is disproportionately white.

      • So to sum up, combat troops are disproportionately white and the army has a heck of a lot of black truck drivers.

  14. Im not sure Americans are the first to be ruled by ‘native born foreigners’, from Europe to India, there’ve been quite a few but I will say that Obama’s election showed the fundamental deficiency of the ‘natural born clause’. it failed to keep this singularly anti-national out of the white house so it doesnt work. I think it is actually a magic dirt clause. Anything under which an Irish immigrant MoH winner cannot run but a New Mexico born jihadist can, is not helping the good cause.

    I think Trump is part of the pattern of nationalism becoming a viable alternative to globalism/Davos rule. And that is indisputably a good thing.

    • A case could be made that imperial Russia was ruled by ‘native born foreigners’, who lived in Petersburg and Moscow off remittances from their unvisited rural estates. Z’s dictum, that foreign rule ends poorly for the rulers, certainly applies.

      • European royal families used to trade countries and thrones like, well, a bit like game of thrones I guess. I think the rusky czars were actually ethnically German. Certainly didnt end well for them….

        • Yes, but I wasn’t thinking specifically about the royal family. I was thinking about all the absentee landlords depicted in Tolstoy’s novels, thoroughly Russian by ‘blood and soil’ who drifted into the cities to staff the imperial bureaucracy and officer corps, totally disengaged from the source of their power and wealth, speaking French at soirées rather than Russian, as ignorant of the life of the ‘dirt people’ working their farms as our modern elites are of “steamfitters in Ohio”, as Z man put it.

          • Re Russia, yeah could be, I dont know the history well enough to have a strong opinion there

        • I think you’re wrong about any of the lineages of “rusky czars”, though Catherine the Great was indeed German.

          • Quite possible. I know the last czar was cousin to both the German kaiser and the British king and that the British House of Windsor is generally considered German stock (they changed their name from something very German to ‘Windsor’ during WW1 when it was not popular to be German in London). So, w a German cousin and British cousins who were also a sort of Germans I figured the guy who ended his day being murdered by the bolchies, was probably German too. Maybe Im wrong there??

  15. I’m all for a drone war on cartels and mass deportations of illegal Mexican immigrants; but let’s quit enobling a segment of American society purely because they are white. The fact is that some people are ignorant, uneducated, unproductive, uncultured proles who just happen to be ethnically white European Americans. As a former prosecutor in a county with a very small minority population, I can tell you that the crime, squalor and filth flows from these utterly contemptible white proles just as disgustingly as it does from inner city blacks or from those Mexicans. If any white person, rich, poor or middle class puts a needle in their arm, then their death from overdose is their folly and of no concern to good, decent, law-abiding whites. When these degenerates obtain their fentanyl-laced heroin by stealing everything that isn’t locked up or nailed down, they are nothing more than a scourge of locusts whose death portends greener fields in the coming season. I shall not weep or call it a tragedy. I shall not support public policy that provides Narcan, or needle exchanges, or safe places to shoot up. These are a waste of productive tax-payers’ money. Unlike the wealthy liberal elites who want to decriminalize the sale and possession of opiates, I favor harsh penalties, even capital punishment, for traffickers. So, if you want to use the deaths of all these people as a causus belli with Mexico, that does not offend me. But to suggest that they have some moral equivalency with me merely because they are white, or that they are undeserving of contempt merely because it seems to flow from globalist elites, is laughable.

    • Drugs are a form of pharmacological entrapment of young, naive people. I think it would be marvelous if the cartels were wiped out. They may be weak, they may have made poor choices. But the death of addicts is still a tragedy.

    • Wow, this screed could be from a NOI member or a Ayn Randy.

      You fail to realize we didn’t have a opioid epidemic until the Sackler family pushed Oxycontin and allowed pill mills to flourish across the country. Perdue Pharma(owned by the Sacklers) knows every pharma in the country that is a pill mill and ships them 100-1000x more pills than is needed.

      And the Sacklers are very much a foreign elite.

      You also didn’t notice you can buy Fentanyl, Pink and other synthetic opioids directly from China and sent via E-packet to your home. Since ‘it’s a E-packet, there is no checking done by CBP. That’s how a lot of teenagers are getting it. $50 gets a nice supply.

      The Chinese government is allowing this because they have declared war on the U.S. people. Drugging a people is a ideal way of crushing their spirit and destroying their society.

      As far as Mexico goes. They are the chief distributor of Chinese manufactured opioids. This has to stop.

      We can’t punish China(though Trump is ending the E-packet scam) because too many wealthy whites will scream bloody murder. But we can drop the hammer on Mexico.

      • China is also sending the precursors to methamphetamine to Mexican cartels who are producing super meth, a drug in many ways more destructive than opiates.

      • ” Since ‘it’s a E-packet, there is no checking done by CBP.”

        You get this claim from where? A quick DuckDuckGo tuns up:

        “Thus far in FY 2018, CBP has interdicted 186 shipments of fentanyl at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport IMF, one of the five locations where the AED pilot program is currently operating. One hundred and twenty-five of those interdictions can be attributed to AED targeting. For example, on January 9, 2018, CBP officers assigned to the JFK IMF processed one seizure of benzoyl fentanyl that arrived in an e-packet mail parcel from China. The parcel was targeted in the Automated Targeting System (ATS) using AED. During the examination of the parcel, an unknown white powder was discovered. The parcel was referred for testing and was positively identified as benzoyl fentanyl. The benzoyl fentanyl was seized and, as a result, a joint law enforcement controlled delivery was conducted and a suspect was arrested and charged.”

    • Your radical indivualism is civilizationally retarded. Would it be “of no concern to decent law-abiding whites” if it were your own white family members? Every society has an underclass, but here in the USA we are saddled even with other people’s underclasses. A nation (not the state) is an extended family. The fuckups need our help.

    • Nice try, Maus. Your intemperance, clichéd generallizations and raw inhumanity cannot be reconciled with your claim that you were a prosecutor. A prison guard? Maybe.

      • Nice resort to ad hominem there Pimpkin. I’d prove I was a prosecutor for many years, but I don’t care to dox myself. The only time I entered a prison was to participate in lifer hearings so as to keep murders from receiving parole.
        As for generalizations and cliches, the comment form fosters them. If I wanted to write an essay with specific, cited examples; I’d create my own blog. I prefer to leave that creative work to excellent writers like Zman.
        I admit I was intemperate and somewhat calloused about the fate of addicts. That is born of utter frustration at the societal breakdown of morals and the rule of law. Walk a mile in my shoes, carrying the five to ten active felony files of each defendant who “only” commits crimes that are no longer prison eligible and whom probation will not actively supervise. No one aspires to be a professional who merely ensures that the human effluvia doesn’t clog up the system.
        I apologize if I offended anyone who has lost a loved one to opiates, but real life is hard and rarely filled with rainbows and butterflies.

      • Can we not lump the Adolf and Julius Streicher in the same execrable company as the deeply racist Margaret Sanger?

        There is such a thing as not speaking ill of the dead, you know!

  16. It’s like you don’t know that white supremacy is the evil of our time that must be defeated

    Don’t you guys get it that the majority of Americans and especially Americans of Color who will be the future are against you?

    Mexico is part of America

      • “Native born foreigners” is a marvelous turn of phrase. (Even if it is simply a radical mis-spelling of “Jews”).

        I sometimes ponder with awe Z’s ability to discuss, ably and intelligently, the keystone problems of our time without exploding into a firestorm of well-deserved rage. Quite a personality trait. I mean, there are of course a wide variety of rational methodologies for analyzing the whole cluster-f!ck, but it really takes some doing, on a Brechtian scale, to maintain such an even composure in the face of it.

        On a totally different note, I was surprised and pleased this morning to come across on YouTube a clip of the eternally elfin Jon Anderson, performing the incredibly complicated composition “Awaken” with an Icelandic orchestra and choir.

        Now, keep in mind that Iceland is a tiny island country with fewer than half a million people. Yet they can somehow manage to field not just one of the coolest cities in the world, but also an orchestra and a choir that can play intense compositions on the level of “Awaken”. Try that on for size, Cory Booker. Privilege, my ass.

        If the glorious vibrants want to be called (ahem) “People of Color”, then I think the Whites who built Reykjavik almost as a minor hobby deserve to be called the People of Magic.

    • Yes, I think it’s a well-understood phenomenon, that if you flood the country with foreigners, they will turn against whoever proposes to close the borders. But calling them “Americans” seems a bit of a stretch.

  17. Clearing the Mediterranean of pirates led, in large part, to the ability of Rome to go into empire mode. When people talked about the Pax Romana they were referring to the Mediterranean basin, not so much continental Europe, where they continued to deal with barbarians.

    From this standpoint, while it might be nice to get the drug cartel thing taken care of once and for all, we could be setting ourselves up for a rule by transnational elites the likes of which we have not yet seen or dreamt of.

    • These are different times. The drug cartels are not what is standing in the way of the ambitions of the trans-national elite. In fact they make a pretty convenient “crisis” to use as the moral equivalent of war (just like climate change and terrorism) to help pass their globalist political agenda.

      • Think of what the general attitude of people would be if there were no drug cartels and no crime coming from Mexico. The border with Mexico would end up being even more porous than it is. All the dreams of those guys that were planning a highway and train system all the way to the west coast of Mexico would be approved in a minute. We’d be talking about more NAFTA-like crap than you could dream of. Goods would be cheap, but we’d need welfare moneynto buy them with because no one would have a job outside government.

        • What you’re saying is that the War On Drugs is useful for the Right. Fair enough. But we’ve had the better part of a century of warring on drugs and it hasn’t helped secure the border very much. Look around. It’s a pretty crappy tool.

          These “moral equivalent of war” manufactured panics used to galvanize population in favor of a particular policy are dishonest and manipulative. You base your policies on crap reasons, you get crap policies, whether left or right.

          If we convince the population that the reason we need to secure the border is because of drugs then, yes, we’re left in the position that if we actually “win” the war, we’ve lost our justification. That’s the consequence of basing a position on the wrong reasons.

          Instead, the attitude needs to be inculcated that a secure border is good for enduring national reasons, apart from the drug trade.

    • Personally – I think Trump ought to use the drug cartels the same way we’ve always used nefarious characters.

      For instance:

      Apparently there’s a caravan of a few thousand Hondurans and random others marching north. When they get to the border – suddenly Trump is going to have a big problem. If the cartels were used however to go in and shoot up the caravan – then Trump could suddenly claim “Humanitarian Mission!!” and send in the Marines.

      The Marines could shoot up some cartel sicarios – and gather up all those saintly wannabe illegal immigrants – and then haul their asses back to Honduras – “back to their homes and safety!!”. He could gain additional points by releasing information about how Soros and other left wing organizations funded and “enticed these poor but great people into a very dangerous situation” – and then crack down on some of these NGOs. My understanding is that some US politicians were just in Honduras before that whole march started. With any luck you could tie the Democrats into the whole thing and bury them too.

      • That’s prevented from being automatically the worst idea ever only by the existence of so many other terrible ideas, but it’s a contender.

  18. There’s a certain current of Black opinion that revels in whites dying from opioids. In their eyes, the 1980s crack boom which resulted in mass incarceration was a conspiracy theory of white racists in the CIA. Now that whites are victims of drugs, we are “hypocritically” asking for rehab instead of mass incarcerating white junkies. This doesn’t fly with the evidence that it is “distribution” that hits most criminal charges, and that black pols in the 80s supported the Drug War just as much as white pols did.

      • From that article:
        “As Mark Krikorian has said, immigration is not a left-right issue, but top-down. Business interests and economic libertarians in the Republican party push for more low-wage labor, while ethnic pressure groups have become a primary constituency of the Democrats. Both sides embrace an ideology of one-world globalism, which conveniently aligns with their upper-income class interests. This coalition often comforts itself with the belief that mass immigration is not detrimental—and perhaps is even beneficial—to the low-skill Americans with whom the newcomers compete. We beg to differ.”

        Maybe there’s hope after all.

        • Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric have been tone deaf to the use of H-2B visa workers on the Trump properties. I’m not getting my hopes up just yet. We’ve got tens of millions of potential voters working in low wage service jobs. That 15/hr min wage looks quite appetizing to those of a sub-95 IQ. Restricting immigration to drive up wages is a good idea, but limited Executive actions can only do so much.

      • If that is the perception – then maybe people have to ask if there is any truth behind it.

        A few months back I spent a few days down in Kentucky. I had to pick up a piece of equipment, so the wife and I drove down and spent a few days. While there I had a number of conversations with white guys in my age bracket (50s) – and heard this same tale from each one of them.

        They claimed that in the area we were in (Morehead and general vicinity) – there was actually lots of jobs available at “good wages”. Now I do understand that good wages in KY are a different thing than up here in MA, but these guys were claiming that good wages were enough to buy a decent piece of real estate. I checked out some of the real estate books while I was down there – and home prices were indeed quite a bit lower than up here in MA.

        The problem they said was: the companies can’t find anybody to work there – because nobody can pass the damn drug tests. One guy in fact told a pretty sad tale of how his daughter has basically ruined her life with drugs. They then went on to talk about how there are illegals in the area – everybody knows it – as well as lots of legal immigrants. And the thing is – the companies need to hire somebody to stay in business (fixed plants are a big asset that you need to make pay off somehow – they’re not easily moved) – so since they can’t hire people who spectacularly fail the drug tests – the immigrants and illegals get hired.

        Point here is – there might be something to that perception. I’m pretty sure if you were talking to some cloud white from Boston – the word “Kentucky” would be pretty likely to come up in conversation if you were to ask them where the badwhites lived.

        Second point here is: it’s going to be more productive for whites in general – to start asking some really hard questions . Things like : Why is there an epidemic of drug use among white people?

        If you’re losing a war because your troops can’t shoot straight – you’re never going to win by just engaging in propaganda and claiming that the other guy’s troops shoot worse. You’re going to win by training your troops to shoot straight. Same principle applies to drugs. Find out why whites are using them – and make it stop.

        • we should breed the poor whites with nigs and asians and see if we can’t come up with something useful

    • Lived in two major “shithole” metros during the crack epidemic. And you are absolutely correct–open the paper in either city and it was community leaders, correctly, demanding a crack down. In one of them the locals and DEA did a massive distribution gang bust that literally took out the entire leadership of the major distribution gang. The unforeseen effect was it turned every dealing corner into the OK Corral as the underlings battled for distribution rights. On clear, windless nights you could even hear them whacking away at each other on E. Jeff and Charlevoix in Grosse Pointe. Oops.

  19. Great piece. Taking it a bit further, dropping precision strikes on Mexican cartel leaders and their crony elites would do a world of good for the country itself. Doubters would say “others would take their place”, but we have a lot of precision missiles, and when the expected lifespan of filling that role goes to days or weeks, the jobs will remain unfilled. Imagine how much good would come out of all of it, for the average Mexican.

    • In my opinion this piece of thezman maybe his most superficial and least memorable. The catastrophic misuse of Oxycontin hits every social class not just the white lower classes; it is easy to blame the Sacklers when your 2nd lumbar is not crushed in an accident and you are not seeing stars from pain.

      • Sorry dude, but Zman is correct, it is by far an epidemic of white working class young men and women. I work in the field and see it every day. A causative factor is the destruction of families and communities perpetrated by globalism and the elites plundering the capital of our nation for their nefarious schemes.

        • An 18th Century French aristocrat once said: “We really have nothing else to do but to seek pleasant sensations and feelings.”

          We are all now 18th Century French aristocrats.

    • Drug cartels are really insurgencies. You have two options, massive retaliation or COIN operations. We’ve never been good with the latter. So if we are going to drone them, it has to be quick (a couple of weeks) and absolutely ruthless. Civilian casualties are ignored and every single known target gets pulverized. Assassination teams are sent for anyone on the target list who manages to escape. When the press starts screaming you simply scroll pictures of everyone in Mexico and the US killed by the cartels or from OD’s.

    • None of the Senators had the stones to say that Blasey Ford was doing anything other than mistakenly associating Kavanaugh with a real event. You think they’ll risk linking themselves to collateral damage in Mexico, video at 11?

  20. Please fix “These are not there problems . . . .” in last sentence, para. 11. The end of the sentence has it right;-)

  21. How (or if Trump) responds to the Mexican issue is going to determine his political future, as well as more pressing issues, like whether or not there will be a future. I was stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, right across from Juarez, and I got to see up close how scary it is. But the Central American Migrant Caravan needs to be dealt with before Mexico, and dealt with harshly. Fighting drug dealers is easy. The altruism/empathy bug that is constantly being manipulated in white people (especially when crying children are involved) needs to be fixed. Scott Adams claims the fentanyl is mostly coming from China right now, anyway, and though I’ve never heard other guys in the Army talk about it, the Actiq/ Fentanyl lollipops we used in the war are probably going missing en masse from TMCs (troop medical clinics). My guess is some vets are also pushing dope, but addressing that is probably a third rail, since all soldiers have to be treated as heroes (on the bright side at least John McCain is dead). I haven’t kept in touch with friends since getting out of the service, but I know some are dead from ODs and others have probably gone “treetop flyer” (or off-roading) with Fentanyl distribution. Fraud/Waste/and Abuse was always a black market goldmine.

  22. Can tell you from my former colleagues still in the Fire/EMS business that the elites are getting a fuck-ton more concerned about heroin now that their little darlings are getting Narcan’d around here on a regular basis. But politically the debates are still around signing up to get all our electricity locally from “renewable” sources. Not whether there are real jobs for skilled trades in mining or building pipelines. Of course if you point out that the total electricity consumption of the downstate NY, mostly proggie towns that have signed up for this scam is an ungodly multiple of the actual production from renewable sources they shriek and point like something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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