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One of the stranger things about this age is that even the fiercest critics of the ruling class are finding it hard to keep pace with the ruling class confirming their claims. Make some exaggerated statement about the Cloud People and before you have had a chance to defend it from critics, Cloud People have taken to social media to prove your point. It’s a cliché to say that satire is dead, but it really does feel that way. How can you satirize people who are everything you mock them for being, plus some extra to make the point?

A popular theme here is that the people who rule over us act like a foreign colonial elite, divorced from the reality of our daily life. They are not just physically removed, but spiritually and intellectually removed. As a result, they are entirely clueless about what animates our lives and decisions. This critique is meant to be an exaggeration to make a point about our elites. This editorial in the Wall Street Journal by Yale professor David Gelernter, however, is an example how it is hard to exaggerate these things.

The difference between citizens who hate Mr. Trump and those who can live with him—whether they love or merely tolerate him—comes down to their views of the typical American: the farmer, factory hand, auto mechanic, machinist, teamster, shop owner, clerk, software engineer, infantryman, truck driver, housewife. The leftist intellectuals I know say they dislike such people insofar as they tend to be conservative Republicans.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama know their real sins. They know how appalling such people are, with their stupid guns and loathsome churches. They have no money or permanent grievances to make them interesting and no Twitter followers to speak of. They skip Davos every year and watch Fox News. Not even the very best has the dazzling brilliance of a Chuck Schumer, not to mention a Michelle Obama. In truth they are dumb as sheep.

Mr. Trump reminds us who the average American really is. Not the average male American, or the average white American. We know for sure that, come 2020, intellectuals will be dumbfounded at the number of women and blacks who will vote for Mr. Trump. He might be realigning the political map: plain average Americans of every type vs. fancy ones.

Now, Gelernter is one of the few good neocons in that he is much more in line with the original generation than with the successors. I had a short correspondence with him a long time ago and he was very nice. No, I am not the Unabomber. He had written an article about alternative file structures that I found interesting so I sent him an e-mail about it and we went back and forth on the topic. Unlike his neocon brethren, he does not sneer at the rest of us or endlessly advocate for our destruction.

The amusing part about this column is that it needed to be written. Gelernter is a Yale professor, which means he spends his days around Cloud People and future Cloud People. As a Trump supporter, he operates a lot like Dian Fossey, spending every day in an alien environment observing strange creatures. He no doubt has come to care for them and appreciate them, but their weirdness remains the main fascination. Yet, this is a place that is a training ground for the people who will one day call themselves our leaders.

Now, spend enough time in a foreign place and you will start to take on the attributes of the natives. You see that in the description of the “typical American” as something closer to a character from Dickens than modern reality. Whenever ruling class people talk about the rest of us they never mention business owners, the self-employed or senior managers in mid-sized companies. I deal with the latter on a regular basis and I rarely encounter a hard core lefty. They range from right-of-center to way over on our side of the divide.

That’s the strangeness of the current age. It’s not that the ruling class is physically removed from the rest of us, as in the feudal age or even at the peak of the industrial age. In those times, the people in the castles and mansions generally believed the same things as the regular people, at least spiritually. They also felt a duty to maintain order, not just in their own interests but in the interests of the populace. They may not have liked the peasants, but they did not hate them. They certainly felt a duty to look out for them.

In this age, the ruling class believes things that no normal person accepts. The tranny stuff is the obvious example. That will never be accepted by normal people as anything other than an insult to their decency. The Cloud People can bellow about this until they are swinging from a rope and the people will never accept it. Yet, among the Cloud People, gender fluidity is as sensible as worshiping Gaia. Our ruling class now has an entirely alien religion upon which is built their moral framework and world view. They ain’t us.

That’s another thing about this age. The Cloud People lack self-awareness. It’s why comedy is no longer funny. A sense of humor relies on a sense of self and a willingness to make sport of your side. That can only work on people when they are aware of their own foibles and quirks. For our rulers, their greatest blind spot is in the mirror. They imagine themselves as plucky underdogs fighting the man. They think they are nobly sacrificing for the greater good. In reality, they are selfish self-absorbed children throwing tantrums.

That’s why it is hard to be optimistic about a good end to a course correction. How do you reform a ruling class whose identity is based on its hatred of the people over whom it rules? How do you fix a people who are oblivious to the lives of the people they rule and oblivious to the reality of their own lives? It is easy to understand why the Maoists sent so many intellectuals to the rice paddies or gave them factory jobs pushing a broom. It’s hard to comprehend how anyone can be so clueless and self-absorbed, but here we are.

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  1. The old WASP elite was not as antagonistic to the masses as the new crop of elite. The WASPs may have looked down on the commoners but they came from the same culture. Our new elite is heavily Jewish and the non-Jews among the elite’s ranks are heavily influenced by the narratives in Jewish press and entertainment. Jews see the white commoners as inferior and a threat to the welfare of Jews. They are very open about this. When the WASP elite was fazed out from leadership of the elite, that was the time when this big shift took place in the 20th Century.

  2. I say we handle the problem of our rulers like the French handled the same problem during the French Revolution.

  3. Europe made one basic and unforgivable mistake after the fall of the communist. They let them live. You can see the result of that in Germany, England, and everywhere else that refused to clean house after the cold war. America is about to be granted a rare and priceless moment. One where we can cleanse our nation. If we steel our hearts and take that moment to exterminate ALL of the “swamp”. From the top down. We could see a century or more of true liberty for our posterity. If we don’t, and truly, we probably won’t. We will have the rainbow flagged child molesters back as soon as the shooting stops. The “cloud people” excel at one thing y’all keep missing. Survival. They will do or say anything to survive. But if you kill them ALL there will be no next generation of Buffy’s , and Chipster’s and Brad’s & Marsha’s to go to Yale. They won’t rule anymore–EVER. No more banks. No more trust funds. I know that no one has the gut’s for this. But if we did, and stripped every law ,act, or amendment , done to us and our constitution since 1800, and put every “Cloud Person” in a pit, we could have the Republic back.

  4. I still see the whole gender thing as a 1984 type mind game. Basically if the left can actually convince the population to accept that women have penises, they can get them to accept anything. This is one of the most fundamental facts of life, and they have poured all of this effort into it. If they pull this off, which they basically have, when they tell you to believe anything less subtle than that, what choice to people have now that they have surrendered their most obvious common sense.

    The parade coming up from the south is just a big F U to the United States. They are no longer hiding it. They are replacing us, and our leaders are helping them. If Trump does not stop them at the border, this country is finished because that line will never end.

    Also, the 2020 giveaway contest has already started. FREE STUFF is all they have left. Look at California, because that is where it is all heading. When do we stop it, when we have people literally shitting on our doorsteps? It is like the whole Elizabeth Warren thing. Her people do not give a shit about her lying, and her test. She did the test just to tell us that women have dicks and you will believe whatever I tell you to believe. That whole thing did not damage her credibility at all, because she never had any. The left does not give a shit about the truth. They want to turn this into a third world country and the whole time they are doing it, they will be blaming us for it. They want serfs and kings (and queens with dicks) while they pilfer whatever they can get for themselves. Every step along the way is just necessary (and FU to us. There is no logical debate, and it inevitably will end up with violence because that is the only thing that will stop it.

    They are working their way up to us accepting this as a way of life, one little assault at a time. They want bombs going off in the streets because it takes everyone’s attention away from how the government is destroying this country with its profligate spending. No coincidence that the Fed is doing all it can to destroy the market just in time for the election. And we sit here wondering what we can do about it besides rant to a sympathetic audience.

    And, for the comment about the Dirts wanting to be cloud people – not me. My fiance and I are well into the 1% when you combine our income, and all I want to do is move to the country (out of Maryland) and be left alone. Get far enough away from the nuke target sites and prepare for the inevitable.

    • Frank, I couldn’t agree more. There are a lot of use “dirts” that can go toe to toe with most of these “clouds”. The separation is not simply money or fame. Write us all off as deplorables at your own risk.

  5. It’s almost as though they keep pushing the envelope until they find something that will offend the dirt people. If trannies in bathrooms didn’t do it, they would find some new level of depravity, that their point is to find some point of contention and splitting. That they are fighting us is the point, not any reasoned moral system.

    I was at Harvard in the art museum recently and it was a freak show. One would have thought it was some prearranged circus. Multiple pairs of strange looking guys holding hands and pdaing. In the guys bathroom this little tranny or ambiguous gender thing came in while I was in there. It’s not males who get upset about that sort of thing, but whatever. Literally like another world. I did better at the natural science museum!

    • Celebrating homosexual men having sex with male teens is next after trannies. How dare you disapprove of some 15 year old boy having sex with Elton John, for example? What kind of monster would disapprove of this love? I can already hear the women I know repeating this.

      It will be horrible to witness and it is just a few years away.

      • I read one pro-pedo person talking about “ageism” and how wrong it is to tell someone’s heart that it can’t love someone younger than the mean old fuddy-duddy law allows. It’s unbelievable. I think these guys should meet the same end as that lying husband and father (and closet homosexual) on Brokeback Mountain.

      • This is about destroying the family, so my money is on the table the Clouds will legalize polygamy. Something very odd is happening here in southern Utah. In the last two years, tens of thousands of Warren Jeffs Colorado City people have left the Arizona strip and flooded the communities north from St. George north past Cedar City along the Hurricane Fault.. They are everywhere the women with the big hair and monocolor long dresses. Tons of cash money being thrown about, lots of new Honda minivans and Ford F150s. The housing market is tight what with retirees from Vegas and CA and now polygamists paying cash for houses pricing out local young people trying to buy that first house. Utah, Nevada, Idaho,etc., for a long time have have had their quiet weird small not Mormon church affiliated polygamous groups (Allred group comes to mind) run by a strong man whose people dressed like regular folks and stayed quietly out of sight and to themselves……because they were ILLEGAL! Now suddenly they are everywhere at all times buying businesses and homes and ranches. And the powers that be have turned a blind eye. So maybe the Hollywood sewer pipe worked to desensitize us to polygamy with shows like Sister Wives and Big Love. Getting ready to legalize polygamy.

    • It would be useful for everyone on the Right to understand how holiness spirals work. They are zero-sum competitions for status. You acquire status by demonstrating you’re more woke than your competitors. As leftists approach victory on an issue, their position starts to become the default view. That means it no longer distinguishes them from the herd. As this happens, the SJW vanguard moves on to the next, more controversial issue to demonstrate their moral superiority. (E.g, the far left began to ramp up normalizing transgenders even before the courts had formalized gay marriage. As LGBT gained acceptance, leftists started to explore the normalization of pedophilia.)

      It’s important to understand this because it explains why you can’t negotiate with them. They have no ultimate, concrete policy goals. They just want to move further left than wherever society happens to be at the moment. They’re like a mindless army whose only objective is “take the next hill.” You can’t reach a stable compromise with someone who doesn’t have a fixed position in the first place. If some external force doesn’t break the holiness spiral, you eventually wind up at the Year Zero.

      • Yeah, chedolf, status, and self-ESTEEM.
        Above, I quoted from the Codevilla article, which Dutch recommended yesterday:
        “But the Progressives deplore the “deplorables” not to improve them, but to feel good about *themselves*.

        The Left has more of this stuff than does the Right, but parts of the Right also have some holiness spirals.

      • Right that’s a good word, holiness spiral, but my point is their goal is to find the point where the right, or the normals, say ow! They aim to create outrage in the opposition, not any specific societal objectives.

    • My wife and I have been on a road trip mainly to visit art museums. The Carnegie in Pittsburgh is not only mediocre but tiresomely hipsterish both on the museum management side (transgressive exhibits and captions) and visitors.

      The Cleveland Museum of Art has a far better collection — truly world class — and still has retained a sane attitude toward the great works of civilization on display. It’s housed in a wonderful building, too.

  6. I’d say that a ruling class that hates its people is probably heading for the exit. But what do I know?

  7. A sense of humor relies on a sense of self and a willingness to make sport of your side.

    It’s funny you mention this because I think this is one of the most glaring deficiencies in how the Cloud people assess Trump. Both the left and the jelly-faced d**ks***ers of Conservative, Inc. love to claim that Trump is some kind of uptight, thin-skinned child who stays up all night fuming at some personal slight. In fact, he’s probably the most upbeat easy-going willing-to-take-a joke President ever. I can’t remember the commenter, but I distinctly remember someone making the point that Trump might be the first President to end his term more vital than when he began. Most of these empty suits and nobodies are convinced that they’re the Caesar Augustus of our generation so they agonize over every minute spent in the office and turn themselves gray. Trump doesn’t take himself that seriously so he’s willing to just take every day as it comes.

    • Reagan seemed to have a genuine sense of humor and could yuk it up with friends and foe alike. Definitely not a NPC. Getting shot in the heart did take a lot of vitality out of him.

    • What is funny is that most normal people know a guy who talks like Trump. So they get it. He may embellish a story to make it funnier or bluster a bit. It is not a big deal.

      I mean shit, Trump cracks an obvious joke at a campaign rally on 2016 about the Russians having HRCs emails… next thing you know they are launching an investigation.

      I used to think they were intentionally dense, but maybe they just don’t know better?

      • Oh, Flair, the leaders know better (*when* they bother to think about it at all), but the flock just make sure they “fit in”.

      • They are the big sister that cannot deal with the little brother. “Mommmmm!!!”. Infantile is not just a word, it is a way of life.

      • Flair, the movers and shakers know better, i.e., that Trump was making a joke. They simply are disingenuous and will use any excuse to paint Trump in a bad light. Now, I’ll admit that there is a cadre of dup’s who upon hearing such disparities believe the party line wrt interpretation, but we have the same sort of people within our ranks as well.

  8. Thanks Z – as one of those “senior middle managers” myself and many of my peers have grown tired of Conservative support being described as exclusively blue collar. Living in Massachusetts we are overwhelmed at the ballot box by academics and government parasites and elites , when the money runs out this state will go red fast.

    • Here in California, people carefully test the waters in private conversations, taking rather neutral positions on matters of the day. The tell is that the conversation does not immediately go into a rant about Trump or Kavanaugh or whatever. We both smile and move on, the coded conversation is in place, we know who the good guys are.

      • Exactly Dutch ! It’s always very reassuring to find a fellow traveler when we have to be carefully reticent in our states or in the high tech workplace.

        • Yeah, first present yourself as *really* open-minded, and as extending (and implicitly demanding) politeness.
          Let the Lefties get the rep for Crowding people.

    • The system of Political Correctness exists in order to grease the wheels of the multikult liberal system. A few Russian bots were all it took to undermine ouh demokracy you know.

      Just think of what would happen if the system could be subverted for even a week. Civil unrest, insurrection, even civil war are not out of the realm of possibility if the thought control system can’t be restored. Trump is just a common cold.

  9. its hatred of the people

    I don’t know about “hate,” but there’s no question about “utter disdain.” The Cloud People are, IMHO, incapable of either “hate” or “love,” aside from self-love.

    • dad, it may not be self-love, but rather, desperate efforts to boost self-ESTEEM.
      From the Codevilla article, which Dutch recommended yesterday:
      “But the Progressives deplore the “deplorables” not to improve them, but to feel good about *themselves*.”

      Deep-down inside, there’s no there there, so, in order to gin-up some feeling of having a place in the world, they flock to the security of toeing the Party Line, while feeling like they’re more “individualistic” than these crass Deplorables.

      • Many of these Bugmen became that, due partly to the Self-Esteem school of psychology, this led largely by (once President of the American Psychological Association) Carl Rogers, who clearly had tries to the CIA.
        Leave it to the Deep State, to ruin damn-near everything it touches.

        • I thought Carl Rogers was, as psychologists go, one of the good ones. Why do you say he was a CIA associate?

      • Conservatives have expounded on “liberal guilt” for I don’t know how long. I don’t believe “liberal guilt” exists, but do believe there is plenty of liberal and cuckservative moral grandstanding, or, to use the current term, “virtue-signaling.” These moral hams don’t feel guilty about anything; quite the contrary, they are very proud of themselves because they say the right things and hold the right views. A kind of perverted secularized Protestantism. Faith over works.

    • Excellent and incisive point. They don’t hate us as much as we hate them. We are subjected to their images and decrees every day, so we know who they are – thus our hatred. To them we are at best house-flies. No one hates house-flies; they’re just annoying.

  10. In your commentary on Gelernter’s article, you hit on a key source of friction and frustration for we Dissident Right thinkers, particulary those who must work in the knowledge economy. We have to work close-at-hand with these crazed Cloud People. Unlike many of the occupations cited by Gelernter, which enjoy a physical separation from the crazy, those in professions predominated by Cloud People or their striving disciples have to endure daily contact with it. And it must be endured in silence, lest our “heresy” be discovered and punished. The Cloud People really do assume that anyone smart enough to work with them must be one of them and, correlatively, no Deplorable could possibly be that smart. It leads to a very palpable and unpleasant sense of alienation.

    • “…a key source of friction and frustration for we Dissident Right thinkers, particulary those who must work in the knowledge economy. We have to work close-at-hand with these crazed Cloud People.”

      YES!!! Being in a university sometimes feels like living a double life. You learn after a while that no arguments, statistcs, logic, reason etc, will change ppl’s belief systems. And that politics gets in the way of everything. It is enormously frustrating.

      • Hang in there, Simba, you’ll get used to it.
        Chalk it up as practice, in presenting yourself as apolitical – this will serve you well in coming years.

        It’s not just in the knowledge economy, but, most everywhere in “blue” parts of the country.
        See the below exchange between Dansidea, Dutch, and me.

      • Don’t give up on the Universities. Spent 31+ years there. There are plenty of dirt people in faculty positions—especially in the hard sciences. Enough so that they can keep the place operational once sanity is restored. The country doesn’t need 40% of its population with college degrees—most of them worthless. Of course as we know, today’s University system is a scam selling pieces of paper for big bucks. You could reduce the college population easily in half (or more so) and still produce the highly skilled folk needed to keep the country in first world status.

      • I’m an academic physician (ISTR you are as well) in the Northeast. While I don’t make a point of rubbing people’s noses in my politics, I’ve stopped bothering to hide them either. Somewhat to my surprise, it has hardly made any difference in my standing personally or professionally. Personally, those colleagues who disliked me may dislike me more, but those who were friends remain friends (including self-described progressives, not to mention the Muslim Hillary supporter). Professionally, I haven’t notably been cut out of much if anything, research collaboration-wise. Again, somewhat to my surprise. (There is the theory of “They’d like to get rid of me, but can’t find anyone who can do what I do — AND is willing to do it at what they pay me,” but that’s another story.)

        I may have gone too far at a department-wide seminar when two very senior people were going on loudly to each other about arguments (read “attempted browbeatings”) they’d dished out to some deplorable types, shouting across the room to each other (public virtue signalling and mutual grooming, the clever little primates). As the speaker was getting ready and they were trying to get the audience hushed, one of the senior persons, who was seated next to me, called to her colleague in a final sally with “And then I said to him, but you know I’m right!” I turned to her and said equally loudly, “No, [NAME REDACTED] you’re not right. You’re left. Very left.” I admit that was hardly the pinnacle of wit, but it was what came to me at the moment. Shocked big eyes, quickly slitted. Silence. Glare. Oh, well. Stuff happens.

        The thing is though, even though that was a few years ago, there are still people who come up to me and say, “No, you’re left!” and snicker or cackle madly, because they were (and are) sick of it. Some objected to the pervasive leftism, others to the bad taste and bad manners of talking partisan politics (especially as senior leadership, which is obviously coercive) in an all-hands evolution, regardless of their personal politics.

    • And don’t you dare go to an Amren, Vdare, or H.L.Menken conference and hobnob with like minded people, lest you be exposed and doxxed.

      • These were exactly the kind of real concerns that kept German businessmen, judges, firefighters, school-teachers, civil servants and the military class awake at night in the early to mid-30s.

        There were families to support, pensions at stake, honors not yet realized.

        The average Party member of 1939 wasn’t interested in killing Jews or conquering Russia, but in preserving their pensions or the cost of sending their kids to school, and in mimicking those ‘necessary attitudes’ required to avoid being “hurled into the void’, as Z-man puts it.

        If we really mean what we say here and elsewhere in the ever-diminishing haunts of dissident opinion, on the fringes of the internet with our fake names, then we must either go Galt or dance for our masters. It’s A or B, for those of you in these hermetically-sealed thought pens. We who chose ‘C’ – years ago – well, like our hero Eric Hoffer we live in relative destitution, smoke and drink too much, but, we can state to the dollar every week what we earn, and what we did to earn it.

        We’re like the ‘book people’ in Fahrenheit 451.

    • Well, you could walk away from it. There is dignified work out there that pays well.

      MGTOWism can be economic, too.

  11. Extreme prolonged affluence has evolved a class of people who are divorced from reality because realism is no longer a survival necessity for them. They are damaged members of the species and a healthy evolutionary environment would purge them before they reproduce. Nature used to perform this function when the environment was ruled by hardship and existential competition. In our modern era, these drivers have become extinct and the societal cancer is spreading fast. We cannot talk our way out of this mess, but we can restore the original drivers.

    • Nature has shown a persistent and unsentimental tendency to ‘restore the drivers’ quite independently to human wishes, and will do so again.

      A mighty solar flare could knock out power systems for months or even years; a pandemic could wipe out hundreds of millions; the exhaustion of oil could drive all-out war among developed societies; the global financial system could be wiped out by some destabilizing earthquake or political coup in mere moments; some random misunderstanding or computer hacking could unleash nuclear combat.

      So cheer up. The correction is coming,

      • Brings to mind what Anonymous Conservatives talks about – K vs. R with a K wave on the way.

      • I agree that (on a long enough time line) nature will self correct. But we live in the present and have to contend with current events. This may include a descent into tyranny resulting from an explosion of human parasitic behaviors. Evolution built us to fight back against such hardship and we would be dishonoring our species if we failed to act.

        • >>>Evolution built us to fight back…

          Even 70 year-old bookish men can be pushed into subversive, violent acts. And rightly so.

  12. Got another reminder of that separation last night down here in AZ. Hosted a table at a dinner with a bunch of our business partners–we’re the NY guys, they were mostly Midwestern and Southern. But we did that little ritual where they have to figure out if the NY guy is Cloud or Dirt. So we did. And they figured out I was Dirt. Then it was game on. Most of these are guys running mid-size businesses and man are they hacked off–and every damn one is voting.

    • That is funny. I live in Minnesota, just outside Minneapolis. When I go to rural areas, the locals play that game with me to see if I am one of them or a city guy.

    • I think their real desire would be to reestablish a feudal order and put us back on the manors as serfs.

      • Feudalism expected some reciprocity of duties, a share of the crops in return for protection inside the nobleman’s castle. Neo-feudal Uber and other parts of the “gig economy” seem to exist purely to dodge payroll taxes and labor laws.

  13. FWIW, new poll shows Republican Scott ahead in FL by 1 point. No new polling in Indiana, but I read an article yesterday indicating that Braun has internal polling showing him ahead of Donnelly. AZ, ND, and NV are going R. Now it looks like FL and IN may go R. MT is still 50/50. Republicans may have 55-56 in the Senate. This means that the party can primary Murkowski and Collins from the right.

    I looked at the 2020 Senate races last night. If they can hold CO and AZ then Republicans will likely gain 2-3 seats in 2020 (MS, MI, MN). If Republicans can pick up one more state they will have a veto proof majority in the Senate.

    By 2022 the Senate map is going to be a great swath of red across the country with blue on the West coast, the Acela corridor, and Illinois, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada on the interior.

    The Senate map will be the best proof of Zman’s thesis that America is this great swath of a Republican country that is ruled by a hostile, foreign element concentrated in the Acela corridor and on the coasts (frankly, in the Bay area).

  14. I see things moving past simple hatred of the Dirt people. Now that they are threatened, the Clouds and their media attack dogs have moved onto dehumanizing us. Once the enemy can be viewed as evil and not human, they can be beaten, robbed, and killed with impunity.

    We’ve already seen a mass assassination attempt, a U.S. Senator beaten almost to death, and numerous lunatics “confronting” Republican politicians. Assassinations are coming.

    • Thinking about debating the issues with them using logic and reason and evidence seems like a long time ago.

    • I agree, it’s moved on beyond just hating us dirt people and now they openly want us dead and gone.

      It will only get worse from here on out, especially if the GOP hold the House of Reps. That will drive the Progtards insane.

  15. One thing that jumped out at me during the Kavanaugh deal was how Inbred the DC ruling class is.

    I was watching Fox and Brit Hume casually mentioned that he had known Ford’s father and Kavanaugh’s father.

    Even outsiders are groomed at a young age. Look at young Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, supposed outsiders… even they did not just pop out randomly.

    It is really quite unnerving when you get into it.

    • Twitter’s Rising Serpent refers to the DC swamp creatures as “the Circle of Filth”. That circle seems to encompass far more, including academia, the media, and Hollywood.
      Connecting the dots is easy, and unnerving. It’s one gigantic incestuous relationship.

    • >>>Even outsiders are groomed at a young age.

      That’s the entire (current) purpose of the Ivy League finishing schools. Recruit talented youngsters from Flyover Country, and groom them to think like native Yankee assholes. These are well represented among the National Review set.

  16. Last night was a big step forward in the fight for us Regular Folks in the battle against the Cloud People when Trump thundered on stage that he’s a Nationalist and urged everyone to use that “old-fashioned word.” The gasping and sputtering and pointing and shrieking from the likes of Kristol, Boot, Hillary, Romney, the NYT, WaPo, CNN, etc is going to be fun to watch.

  17. This is why the NPC meme helps me understand the other side. Not the anointed but their stupid minions that me too everything and cry at Hillary speeches. These followers are without introspection, original thought or even empathy for others.

    I get now that the ruling class hates us, they want more for themselves along with security at any expense. Their npc followers are just that. If they could think, the realization would kick in that they are in the same boat as us.

    • That’s correct that they’re lacking introspection, original thought and empathy. We know their positions on every issue. They have very little understanding of our opinions beyond “BIGOTS!, RACISTS! FASCISTS!”

      • I don’t know why I didn’t reference Charles Murray’s Coming Apart book.
        Quite relevant and goes in depth on the separation of the upper and lower classes. Elites really don’t know anyone else and thus have little understanding. Nor do they want to.

      • On a primal level, they know that if we ever obtained and consolidated power, that their lifestyles would be curbed or they would face exile. The Shah’s Iran was a liberal country, now all the liberals are in Los Angeles.

  18. Off topic (somewhat): I am staying at a Hampton Inn in Louisville. When I tried to bring up Unz.com on the internet, I got this message:

    The requested site could not be loaded. 451 The kiosk owner has requested Uniguest block certain web sites due to questionable content.

    Apparently SiteKiosk, whatever that thought suppression device may be, has not yet heard of the Z blog. You will have to work harder to join the honorable ranks of SiteKiosk’s “questionable” badthinkers.

  19. “How do you reform a ruling class whose identity is based on its hatred of the people over whom it rules?”

    I favor the classic revolutionary French method. I mean who would not agree with the head of Bezos, De Blasio or Hillary being held up to: “Behold the head of a traitor”? OTOH, the contemporary method of the Maoists seems okay although not as personally fulfilling. Stripping the Clintons, Fiensteins and Pelosi’s of their ill-gotten wealth and possessions and putting them to work beside their “noble” immigrants in the lettuce fields and Napa vineyards would also be rewarding. Either way there must be a reckoning. They cannot be allowed to sniff their own farts for another generation.

    • Just voting them out of office, taking away their security clearances and other perks, making them equal under the law, i.e, prosecuting them for their myriad crimes will work. No need to go frenchy on them.

    • If we have stripped our elites and alien elites of their power and wealth, then we will also have solved the noble immigrant problem as well: they will have been sent home to their native lands. Our elites will be picking lettuce along with antifa activists.

    • WWG1WGA on Twitter notes that Trump has invested $500 million into Gitmo and it now has capacity for 16k people. Also that rules for applying military tribunals to certain kinds of cases were rejiggered at the first of this year. Also 55k sealed indictments outstanding. Hmm…

    • The French Revolution was among history’s stupidest revolutions. I don’t look to it as anything but a cautionary tale.

      • Most events in history are cautionary tales, Vizzini. That doesn’t mean we can pick and choose the good parts for our own purposes. I’m not suggesting sending 20,000 people to meet Madam Guillotine. I think a few hundred of the top traitors can serve as a good enough example.

  20. I think the ways that our overlords will be ultimately dealt with will be in the breaking up of their companies and in whittling down the huge educational establishments. Not sure exactly what form this will take, but it seems like something will happen over the next twenty years or so.

    • Doc;
      Think Henry VIII vs the monasteries. Start some semi-dubious Rico-like legal proceedings, seize all Big U endowments, require taxable 100% distribution of all foundations with no living descendant of the founder, use the proceeds to liquidate the national debt, voila.

      • Join the discussion…I don’t know how much of the national debt is owned by the Fed, but whatever is can be eliminated by just not paying it. The debt was created out of thin air, and it can be paid back by thin air.

        • The country made a major mistake by not holding on to the TARP stakes in the banks. Hundreds of billions of dollars in dividends and stock appreciation would have accrued to the Treasury. It would have been a fitting punishment for wrecking the economy, but the Right was led astray by free market fundamentalism.

          • The rise of “woke capital” post-Occupy movement would have been headed off by a GOP Congress that would be grilling bank executives about Affirmative Action and corp sponsored gay pride. Instead we have bank executives plotting to defund the firearms industry. By contrast, Fannie and Freddie weren’t sold off, earning the Treasury $100 billion, which still pales in comparison to the trillions in QE.

          • >>>The country made a major mistake by not holding on to the TARP stakes in the banks.

            Ahhh… but you are forgetting that it’s the LOSSES that must be socialized, not the gains

      • I like the Saudi method better. You round them up, lodge them in the best hotels, wine them and dine them and then you put a gun to their head: “PIN-code, please.”

  21. They could not exist without our support, Z. It is a truism: people get the gov’ts they want and deserve.

    Coming from a upper middle class proggie family I can tell you that there are plenty of Dirts that believe this “tranny crap” too. Most trannies are Dirt People. They will tell you that Donald Trump eats puppies and hangs upside down in a cave during the day, and that Hillary Clinton was crucified by an ignorant and uneducable rabble. My own mother thinks that I am a fascist without a swastika, no doubt gulled by poison-minded hate thinkers like you. She gets her info from the mass media, and day time talk shows featuring good people like Orca Winfrey, Ellen Degenerate and all the harpies on The View. Granted, she’s elderly and getting a little stupid – but she was always like that. I no longer speak to her – she insists on going political whenever we meet and we just end up making each other unhappy.

    Point is – we need to look in the mirror too, and stop taking the crap off the Dirts that push this twaddle too.

    • The Dirt People that believe all this stuff are those who are appalled at being Dirts. They aspire to Cloudhood and take up all the airs of Cloudness. They look in the mirror and don’t like what they see. They live in luxury that 99% of all people everywhere have never known, and bitch about things. They believe that their own material abundance is simply a given, but that others need to conform to their twisted set of mores, “for their own good”.

      • Yeah, Dutch, these Dirts do indeed aspire to be Clouds.
        That’s why some of us call them Bugmen, i.e. soul-devoid pseudo-Individuals.

  22. David Galernter is an underrated genius. From his book “Machine Beauty”:

    Had an omnipotent creator set out to equip man with a truth-seeking physiology, He could hardly have done better than to provide us with this peculiar beauty sense of ours.

    • Agreed. I respect him simply because he is the only person I know, other than me, who has thought about the implications of metastructures, technology and human intelligence. Steve Sailer dabbles a bit around the edges, with regards to test taking, but that’s it. Then again, maybe I hang around the wrong sort.

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