The Art of Life

At the Mencken Conference, I made a point to some big brained people, a point I’ve made here many times. That is, if a reasonably aware and smart person in the 1970’s had fallen asleep, like Rip Van Winkle, and woke up in our age, he would assume the Soviets had won the Cold War. After all, we have adopted the aesthetic of the Soviets. Our cars all look the same and come in black, white or shades of gray. Our buildings are sterile, utilitarian structures. Our high and low art is purely ornamentation, rather than imitation.

Living as we do in this age, we don’t often notice this, but we live among the ruins of the culture that made the West. That culture is dead and has been dead for a while. It’s why our creative side does not create much of anything. The other day a high end art auction featured a work that self-destructs. That was probably the closest thing to art created by a modern artist in several generations. Otherwise, it is all pointless nonsense that says nothing about life. At best, it matches the decor and provides a tax break for the owner.

The death of western culture, or what we think of as western culture, was a top down thing that started with the spread of democracy. Modernism began roughly a century ago with painters of limited skill, abandoning any attempt to imitate or celebrate the world around them and instead make increasingly abstract pictures. By the middle of the 20th, painting meant something closer to what is produced at a daycare center. Sculpture looked like something found in the local dog park and architecture had devolved into brutalism.

The top down decay made its way into the lower forms of cultural expression. Look at popular music which probably peaked in the 1970’s, but is now produced by robots and grunting retards with no musical training. When was the last time someone wrote poetry popular with the middle-class? Do they even teach school children poetry today? The world of fiction is mostly a poor imitation of what was done in the past. Even movies, a modern creation, are now made by robots and aimed at foreign audiences.

Imitation is the celebration of life. That is the art of a thriving, growing culture. Like a child coming into the world, it seeks to capture the beauty of the world around it through imitation. It’s why most of the western literary canon was created by young writers, while the great histories are written by old people. Today, the brightest minds wish to spend years in ugly training centers called colleges so they can get a cubicle job and participate in the enforced conformity that defines this age. Our young people have no souls.

Ornamentation, in contrast, is the sign of a dead or dying culture. There is nothing left to create, so the goal is merely to “add a personal touch” to the creation of others. Home builders stamp out the same dozen house designs, but allow the buyer to alter some of the light fixtures, so they can pretend to be unique. Cars are all aerodynamically designed to look the same, but you can get the sport package, because you’re different. Every pop song made by the robots sounds the same, but the singer wears a slightly different outfit.

As people sensing we live in the winter of western culture, it can be discouraging. After all, what’s the point of trying to preserve anything, if it is already dead? Why engage in political fights, if the outcome, in a larger sense, has been decided? It’s important to remember that the world does not end when an important man dies. The world may go off in a different direction than if he had lived, but it goes on nonetheless. Cultures come into being, grow and thrive, then decline and die. That is the cycle of history, the cycle of life.

Here is the important thing though. The plowed under fields of the one age become the birthing ground from which will sprout the life of the next age. For example, imagine if in the next election, all white Americans decide to sit it out. Whites don’t run for office, participate in the debates or follow the action. Whites stopped voting. Fox News would have Ben Shapiro debating Tariq Nasheed about how the gay black guy is more conservative than the one-legged, transgender lesbian of color, but they will do so as a pantomime to no one.

If whites turn their back on the rest of the people living in this land, those people will spin themselves like tops trying to get whites to reengage with them. That’s because what we think of as culture is purely a white thing. That flicker of life is an ember carried from one white culture to the next, that ignites the fire of what follows the dying present. If whites turn their back on all this, they will not be looking into a void, but into a mirror. They will see themselves and their power to create. This scales up to a new culture being born.

That’s why people on this side of the great divide continue to engage with whites still trapped on the other side. It’s why we engage in politics, follow the news and debate the issues of the day. Every election, every event, is a chance to tap a normal white guy on the shoulder, so he breaks free from the trance for just a minute, to see that that there is something else going on and he needs to be a part of it. After every election, after every turn of the wheel, the boats crossing the river to this side are full of new adventurers.

We may be living in an ugly age, but you cannot have spring without winter. It is the normal cycle of western civilization. At some point, the number of people realizing this reaches a critical mass. The project then swings from trying to animate the long dead carcass of the past, to building a new culture for a new people. In time, the aesthetic will reflect the flourishing of the new, a celebration of life through imitation. Most reading this will never see it, but you will probably live to see the green shoots.

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  1. Thank you for ending with some semblance of Hope. I am a late in life Father with a 9 year old boy and 11 year old girl. We home-school them in a system that focuses on Logic, Memorization, Latin, Math and Debate (its called Classical Conversations). As the Public School System (thought Gulags) continue to destroy the illumination of the soul these young ones being brought up in a truly free thinking environment will plant the seeds for the rebirth of Western Civilization.

  2. When enough white men start to get locked out of the job market thanks to importing Kaleed or some robot and told they won’t get legitimate employment again – we’ll see things get interesting. Whitey still has a bit to lose when you factor his $80,000 wedding to Natalie (who is also outsourcing his bed to Kaleed on the side), his $176,000 college debt, $43,000 truck and $220,000 mortgage – he will wake up and drive to the cubicle a little while longer.

  3. Yeah, been saying white people and their Judeao Christian values is what everybody is living off of. From communist to Negroes and Muslims and every brown skin in between.

  4. It’s not the color of ur skin it’s how colored by THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ur thinking 🤔 is 👀 The ruling classes of the world (people u never hear about in the MSM) have decided to save the world 🌍 by eliminating free thought with approved I live in a box 📦 thought will eliminate u or put u on an Agenda 21 high rise while they live in the luxury of life 👁
    The plan is almost done ✅ wake up and move ur heart and mind out of the fog and see what is really happening 🤔

  5. This is a really fine post with — thank God — a whiff of optimism and a clear direction. I was really moved by the last lines. Good one, Z-man, and thanks!

  6. Jared Taylor started his white advocacy in the 1990s. He told the story of people calling in after a conference in 1996 had been broadcasted on C-SPAN and they were grateful for the event, because they were already considering themselves mad as nobody else seems to have shared those views or even considered the implications.
    Nowadays AmRen has daily traffic from all over the world and the race realists have a lightyear headstart against all those science deniers. Why?
    For all those years Taylor thought his project was just a documentation of the demise of his people some Chinese would look up in the future to discover that yes indeed, some of those people of European origen were aware of what was going down. Now it doesn’t feel as the mere description of decline. For years he gathered evidence, anecdotes and scientific discoveries and compiled them all together. But this knowledge is now not stowed away but energizes all those young people who happen to stumple upon it or are outright directed towards it. It was no steady rise, but a bang.

    You can see the same phenomenon with all these Hoppe memes. Who noticed his purge from his university in Nevada some 13 years ago, but the libertarian circles? Now he’s an inspiration for memes, which also help to weed out the fashionable libertarians from the reactionary ones.

    Am I only imagining the growing interest in these folks and their ideas? Maybe.
    Are memes sufficient enough to count as cultural contribution? Only of a certain subset of people, but they have two important functions:

    1. You see them and realize you’re not alone.
    2. They might not build a culture, but they certainly help to mock and deride whatever is being sold as culture to us nowadays.

  7. this is a leftist propaganda from hell. along with the mistaken facts of iq. until the whites were dumbed down by lack of education, whites and chinese/orientals had basically the same iq. but our children have been lied to for so long that everyone now accepts the lies as fact and truth. THUS, our civilization falters and falls. All planned; all following a well laid out plan which is above the mental capabilities of the masses to comprehend.
    this is why invasion of brown/dark skin is forced upon the ‘western’ world for the masses will gladly accept it and lose their identity. this further is planned to ensure a certain ethnicity controls the world while maintaining their cultural ethnicity.
    But millenials accept anything as truth from socialist, thus the ‘western’ nations fall to the level of third world shitholes. The reason is it is easier to drop a civilization down to the gutter than to maintain what you have. simply, because it takes work and the millenials and others are too damn lazy for honest labor.

  8. This excellent analysis of the condition of what is left of Western Culture needs another component to complete the study; that is to answer the question “To what purpose”. Art for art sake does not adequately inspire a civilization. The building of Cathedrals, classical music, opera, art, poetry, the universities and political and economic theory has inspired the rest of the world to the point of paying the highest compliment, that is imitation, can all be traced back to their Christian roots, particularly Catholicism. There is the petri dish that spawned the great accomplishments of the modern era.

    Until what we now identify as civilization returns to that incubator of creativity, “artists” such as Snoop Dog, the Sex Pistols and the Boon Town Rats will prevail.

    As the fine article points out, apathy leads to atrophy.

  9. Not quite sure how it all works, but since I’ve been coming here, “The Z Blog” in a search engine is always on top. Now you’re three. Who knows? You know what the say about being big enough to catch flak.

  10. Such a nice column, this. Thanks for putting it out there. We really need shocks to the system from time to time to help us sort out what’s really important from the dross. History will take its inevitable course; we don’t really have that much to do with it. The little spark of sentience that flows up and down through time, linking generations, and ever adapting to the shifting fields of circumstance represents resilience, anti-fragility even, for all who judge its tides. We get a new deal each day. For every one thing that is out of our control, there is this other that still is.
    It may well come down to voting with our feet. If the local conditions are not supportive for normal positive human life cycles, then move to where they are. Leave the invaders a cold leftover welcome to what was a decent banquet, forever foreclosed to them simply by their lack of proper eating utensils.

  11. Sorry can’t remember the author ( would like to give credit )

    Loosely paraphrasing, “Steel strapping shitlords must take back the cities they built away from the brown squatters ”

    It’s something our grandfathers understood. Good ,honest men until you pushed them too far . Then they took care of business.

    Honestly feel sorry for the kids nowadays. They’ll never know the feeling cruising down the highway , top down, feel of a big V8, cold can of beer between the legs.

    Bonfires on the beach. Getting laid outside, running from the cops. No passion , no adventure, nothing to fight for.

  12. I got to say this because it has to be said.
    It is becoming plain to me, personally, what Z is talking about originates in the heavily populated centers.
    In the rural, and I’m talking the rural area of the Appalachian range, you look out from here and those high population centers are self destructing. All the concerns out there are so them. The politics, the culture, its like seeing an alien planet out there now.
    Sure, there’s problems here in “The Unsecured Spaces”, though most are introduced in some way from the outside world.
    As the days pass, increasingly so it looks exactly like the heavily populated areas are circling the drain.
    I think the folks in these areas have lost contact with nature in all its facets. Specifically the intimate every day relationship with the natural wold. Everything is artificial, industrial, from food to art. It’s weakened your souls making you easy targets.
    I think Man needs to be tested by nature, to see it in all its glory, to experience nature as it is, it provides humility and grace. This and faith in something larger and better makes Man strong, able to resist and thrive in the face of evil.

  13. We have lost much. In WWII, we whites developed super-secret Nazi technology that performed miracles in Poland, feats we cannot replicate even with modern science.

    We even invented a diabolically complicated plan to hide our true intent behind a war, and erase all evidence of it.

    Sad that we descend into such barbarism at random. For no reason! We can’t be trusted.

    We deserve to die after doing monstrous things to the smartest, most noble, most holy people of all.

    False accusations are not possible for the holy, or the simple peoples they protect– from us.
    Our teachers need to spread the message of our innate wickedness far and wide.

    • I guess this is some kind of sarcasm, but your point is deeply obscure. Less cleverness, please.

      • Sorry, and thanks for your gracious kindness.

        I’m angry at the conditioning.
        We constantly remind ourselves that whites are the greatest evil, worse than all the rest.

        Because we were told so.

  14. I’ve long feared a total eclipse of what was once called Western civilization. “He who controls the present, controls the past; he who controls the past, controls the future.”

    As a preventive measure, I’ve advocated that the greatest works of Western literature and art be transcribed onto acid-free paper and bound into new volumes, to create an archive for the future. Part of this archive should contain a narrative of how we got to the present point. These books should then be placed in specially designed “footlockers,” designed to withstand decades, if not millennia, of time. Obviously, each archive would consist of several footlockers, and there would be several copies or batches of these archives.

    Each set of archives would then be hidden away or buried someplace around the planet: one in an abandoned mine, another buried in the Canadian steppes, etc. The intent is to leave a legacy for future civilizations to re-discover, on a time scale of many hundreds if not thousands of years. The exact number and location of each set of archives would be kept secret, and hopefully forgotten, to prevent the Bolsheviks from tracking them down and destroying them. Heck, that fact that they even exist in the first place should never be revealed.

    i believe that, given the opportunity, the modern Left and certainly entire swaths of non-whites would like to see all traces and memories of white western civilization expunged for history books. These archives would be an attempt to preserve an unsullied record for the far future to stumble across, perhaps in a more enlightened, world.

    • If only our enemies were merely barbarians, we could retire to monasteries and keep the flame alive.

      I’d rather negotiate a monastic settlement for the ‘remnant’ with Alaric than with the coming ruling elites of the Left.

  15. “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
    Percy Shelley, Ode to the West Wind

    Yes, it can. After the western Roman Empire collapsed into its own shadow, it took a thousand years until the Renaissance dawn broke.

    Yet, spring will come. Like those monastic scribes of the Middle Ages who copied and preserved the ancient works, we can prepare the ground for it.

  16. Just today I read that Warner Brothers is planning a new Willy Wonka movie – a prequel this time, since the remake with Johnny Depp in 2005 was not that successful. After reading your essay, I thought of your opinion that imitations celebrates life, and then I realized that this endless parade of remakes and prequels is not imitation, but ornamentation.

    To really imitate the 1971 movie with Gene Wilder would be to attempt to recapture the originality and quirkiness of the original, but that’s not what filmmakers do nowadays. Now, they update and “bring to a modern audience” their idea of what the movie SHOULD have been. The Star Wars movies are a perfect example. These new movies are a long demonstration of how much better the director thinks his new ideas are than the old. In a sense, they’ve taken an existing structure and ornamented it with progressive ideas (along with cutting-edge CGI) and want to be admired for their improvements. They just didn’t notice that when they installed the state-of-the-art transgender bathrooms, they tore down half the supporting walls of the existing building. Now they’re mad that nobody wants to walk inside the groaning, teetering derelict structure they’ve produced at great expense.

  17. My wife’s 2016 BMW 328D, a diesel powered sedan, is red with tan interior. She insists on a red car, her last one was a 2000 BMW 540i wagon, also red with tan interior.

    I dare say she’ll never buy a black, gray, silver, or other bland car.

    I know, this is peripheral to the discussion, but I felt compelled to post it.

    Once, when we were cruising to Montana to be at my old USAF buddy’s youngest daughter’s wedding, I had the 540i cruise control set on 105, easily maintained in Montana’s sparsely used major highways. Sure enough, a Montana highway patrol car hit us with a radar (I had a detector) and turned around. He laid a ticket on me for doing 100 mph in a 75 zone, $75.00 fine.

    • Only rich people can afford the rest of the color wheel! Dirt people are condemned to a life of film noir!

      • As a long time car nut – it might well be that people want to blend into the crowd , which helps them avoid the attention of the man.

        I remember reading an article in Road & Track way back in the 1980’s that detailed a study about “the best color cars to speed in”. As expected red was the absolute worst color to have on a car if you wanted to avoid police attention. They said the best color was a light blue. Which I seemed to confirm one day when I blew right by a MA state trooper while seriously exceeding the speed limit in my 1972 Nova – in a nice light blue.

        I believe that car colors are a fashion of a sort. There are studies out there that follow things like the height of women’s skirts, heel heights of their shoes – and colors they choose in their clothing – and then relate that back to social, cultural and economic trends.

        The thing about cars is (I think) – a lot of people simply don’t give a crap what color it is. An awful lot of people just treat a car like an appliance. So if the dealers (who study what sells) – can sell grey and white cars more easily – well then that is what they’re going to stock – and that is what the uncaring buyer is going to buy.

  18. After 40,000 years of representational art, you guys can’t fathom why artists would want to try something different? I’d like to lock Z in a room with a can of Play-Doh. After about an hour making dogs, people and trees, he’d get bored and start twisting Rover into all sorts of wierd shapes. What a degenerate.

    • I would at least listen any artist who claimed that if he, she or it could show me first that they were capable of making a piece of “representative art”.

    • There are some who’d like to lock up Frip in a room with a stack of porn magazines. After about an hour of ‘normal’ onanistic fantasies, he’d get bored and start checking under the bed and in the closet for nylons and high-heel shoes. What a degenerate.

      • I just meant that we’d all get bored making Play-Doh dogs after a while, and start making odd shapes instead.

  19. “Today, the brightest minds wish to spend years in ugly training centers called colleges so they can get a cubicle job and participate in the enforced conformity that defines this age. Our young people have no souls.”

    Why did so many bright minds of the 60’s generation agree that 1950’s America was an “air conditioned nightmare” and revolt, through the rest of their lives, and radically change the culture? I think there is even more room for this today, and in every sphere, spiritual, moral, cultural, social, economic, political, etc., and I think many people see, or can be made to see, that the only meaningful revolt would come from the right. Visions of a new world have to be offered, heroic myths offered, intellectually sophisticated critiques of everything modern (and this would amount to a critique of ideas and trends going back centuries, or millennia) expounded. I think we’re rotten at the most fundamental level, but that enough people are looking for meaning and purpose and a new world (including radical economic change) to embrace radical rightist revolt. America is still that same “air conditioned nightmare”, only dropped in a Brazilian/Haitian ghetto, with ever increasing doses of ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’.

    • ‘The Air Conditioned Nightmare’, by Henry Miller, saw the light of day in 1944. It’s a travel book. Miller’s highest praise for the peoples of this land of ours is given to the traditional south. In its way it’s a paleocon classic. It’s funny and at times perceptive. Has aged better than Miller’s pompous porn classics that Orwell wrote about in ‘Inside the Whale’.

      It’s about the old weird America and the rising tide of ‘booboisie’ that overtook and now seeks to finish it off.

      • You’re right, but my impression was that the 1950’s came to more purely embody the world he was attacking, and that his cause really became more synonymous with the 1950’s Beatniks and such (who Julius Evola commended for their dissatisfaction, but condemned for the direction they took in their revolt). I may be wrong.

        • I agree. We all know how “bad” the “Fifties” were, a time of peace and prosperity in a white country. Nothing says ‘badness’ like a self-confident superpower of 160 million people driving on interstate highways, living in their own homes, raising nuclear families and going to church, financing the recovery of other countries, sporting a nuclear deterrent, etc.

          That said, the idyllic nation of 1950 is now the decaying and frankly comical post-nation of 2018; we blame communism, but at a guess guys like Miller were closer to the mark when they saw our ‘Achilles heel’ in things like, well, air-conditioning. In a way, I think he was trying to tell us that Sears and Roebuck cannot be a national saint, like Joan of Arc in France.

          Just tossing off ideas here, at the Z-blog, a place of friendship among the aging and the doomed.

  20. Nothing sucks the life out of art of all kinds as does the democratic equality. Inequality drives art, and literature no less. Long before women and retarded people were added to the democratic equation art was in decline under democracies. And there was never much art in America.
    Someone pointed out there was more art of greatness produced in 17th century Venice, a small city, than in all of 20th century Europe. Genius is provincial. The object of democracy is universalism. Leveling. With a few smart monkeys left to keep it level.

  21. >”For example, imagine if in the next election, all white Americans decide to sit it out. Whites don’t run for office, participate in the debates or follow the action… If whites turn their back on the rest of the people living in this land, those people will spin themselves like tops trying to get whites to reengage with them.”

    That’s delusional. No they won’t. They’ll take power, disarm us, open the borders, confiscate our land, and ship anyone who complains off to a re-education camp. Because leftists know how to wield power, and we don’t.

    • Would be interesting to see “A Day without White People” similar to the Day without Immigrants pulled a while back But it would require a large % participation. Would be more effective than sitting out voting. I have a strong suspicion it would have more impact than an un-mowed lawn or un-mopped floor for a day.

      • It would be nice but I suspect there are far too many fence sitters, cucks and Leftists to make it stick.

    • This is absolutely the truth. Worse than not knowing how to use power, the Right hates using power and the few that don’t have no vision for what they would do with it if they got it

      They got very pozzed by Libertarians

      Truth is you can’t run away to Monticello 2.0 and Leave Me Alone is not an ideology. You have to understand and actually run a complex 80% urban society with many options. It can’t be left alone to run itself or it would degenerate and be subverted . Cthulhu always swims Left after all

      A small caveat here, one part of the Right the Deus Volt , Abortion is Moloch crowd understands the need for power. They just aren’t going to easily get it as few ;people want what they do and they just suck at messaging anyway

      Its just another batch of tedious humorless scolds, this time in Christian drag

      They also have a poor mental model for consequences , the abortion ban they want would make the US much browner and more like Brazil as would an end to welfare but tell them that and they look at you like a crazy person.

      Hopefully instead of hoarding guns and ammo the Dissident Right lacks the leadership and probably the will to use , maybe they should take the short reprieve and concentrate on ideology and organization

      Let people who could be on your side know what a Dissident Right led world means to them , simple terms, leave out the hard stuff and sometimes the nasty stuff as well.

      Me? I want a Hallmark Chanel world. implicitly and overwhelmingly White , safe. clean and orderly and decent even I have to go full Norsefire to go there. How that gets communicated and agreed upon as a goal is much less put into action by a bunch of atomized people is beyond me

      If someone has a better idea, maybe they should get it out there and to repeat, leave me alone isn’t an idea.

  22. Western civilization, as embodied by art (in essence, the thing that outwardly has no meaning or seeming value but in reality lifts the spirits, re-animates and inspires people in the west) is in this age a shallow and flimsy exercise.

    It has no purpose because the people in the west have no purpose, other than surviving stress and consuming to mask reality. There is no will in the people of the west to be uplifted any more. What is offered by present day ‘arts’ are shadows devoid of depth, because the west now lacks depth. There is nothing to propel us to new heights.

    When art dies, life perishes. Hello, western civilization — are you feeling it yet?

  23. The dems got 218, if it had to be, that was the slimmest margin possible. But I cant quite escape the feeling that losing the house when it is clear that the left is baying for white blood, for our jugulars, is not good. Not good. Maybe it actually will be civil war or secessions or something really big like that.

    I see Z’s point about rebirth. I just wonder how many whites will eventually be left for that. A Cherokee or Comanche talking about their ‘rebirth’, in the 19th century, yall think they had their current stature in mind…. Of course not.

  24. Listening to Trump’s press conference. Low energy. Focused on cooperation with Dems. No fight in him. Not a good sign.

    Got a good smackdown to CNN though.

    • Trump always leads with the olive branch. He gives his potential opposition a chance to play fair. When they either assume weakness or wont come to the table, then he spanks them.

      • The “resignation” of Sessions, coming a short time after the presser, tells me that ‘phase 2’ of the Trump presidency is now at hand. I found it very encouraging that the enemy media is now talking about the “vast Trump cult”. That’s their classy way of acknowledging that the Donald is far from unpopular.

  25. With regard to aesthetics, I doubt peoples’ tastes have changed as radically as the “gatekeepers” would have you believe. The Marxist “long march through the institutions” ceded control of the public space to the enemy. Including what is available in automobiles, housing, furniture, etc.

  26. Unfortunately, “white Americans” aren’t going to sit it out because a realistic analysis will clearly show that this is not a race issue, it’s a class and ideology issue that frequently clusters around racial lines. Denying the intra-racial differences is as wrong-headed as denying the inter-racial differences.

    If the racialists had the sense to concede that the “white Americans” they praise are actually just Amerikaners and about 80% of the fringe right, then the idea might actually have some legs. But as long as you insist on commingling with liberal/progressive whites just because they’re white, the project will continue to fail. You cannot and will not get through to 50% of white Americans. If you allow them any access to the new structures you’re trying to build, they will destroy them with escalating demands for democracy and inclusivity.

    Most Bolsheviks either couldn’t understand or couldn’t believe that they’d be discarded after the Revolution, and most Bolsheviks were pretty smart. This is what 50% of white America is now. It doesn’t matter who did it or why or how, what’s done is done and that’s the reality we’re in.

    If I had to give a rough estimate, I would say that the coalition you want in America consists of about 50% of whites, 15% of Jews and East Asians, 8-10% of blacks and browns, and approximately 0% of unmarried women of any race over the age of 20. Note that these are percentages of the total population, not the coalition, so you’d still end up with a white supermajority, if you feel that’s very important. It just has to be the *right* supermajority.

  27. Stagnation in art: I think it’s a matter of Cognitive Closure (philosophical term). Human brain has only so much cognitive power, and we have reached it, probably in 18th or 19th century. For example, we have symphony orchestra. Nobody human will ever write a piece to be performed by 64 symphony orchestras and hope that people may be able to appreciate it.

  28. For books and movies, hit the old bestseller and top grossing movies lists from way back. Find out what you like. I enjoy the noir stuff, and the Chandler and Hammett books. The political polemics, such as Sinclair, wear thin. The histories are good. Some of the really trashy movies and pulp lierature is fun. You get a few things out of it all. One is that people were always getting pulled around from thing to thing, jumping on the latest fads. Middle class life has always had elements of struggle to it. Crime and trashiness has always been the root of many entertaining stories. You also get some idea of what people carry around from back then, culturally, but have no idea where it came from. Also how much has been lost, and most people don’t even know it is gone, or ever was here. You will better understand the cultural cues that the Coen brothers throw into their movies, or how much the current lierature and press ignores and repeats the errors of the past. You will also come to understand that we used to aspire to building great cities and flying cars and cities on Mars. Now we aspire to make sure a middle aged five-o-clock-shadowed Bozo in a skirt can use the little girl’s room

  29. I’ll eat my crow and admit I called the House wrong. Demographic change comes at you fast. I think we’ve crossed the demographic threshold where Republicans can no longer win the Presidency or hold a majority in the House.

    I suspect massive voter fraud in Nevada. Republicans were up slightly in the polls, which have a 2-5 point bias in favor of Democrats. Heller lost the Senator race by almost 4 points and Laxalt lost the Governor race by about the same. There’s no explanation for that kind of spread other than voter fraud.

    Trump is effectively neutered as a President unless he goes to war against the Democrat deep state and wins. Release unredacted memos. Fire Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller. Expose corruption in Democrat party and prosecute those responsible. If he’s unwilling to do these things then he might as well spend the next two years lining up real estate deals for the Trump brand and call it a one-term Presidency.

    • Corruption in the Democratic Party is at least as old the “Curley Effect.”
      The assumption that they’d vote differently if their corrupt machines saw the light of day is belied by their history. They like corruption. They depend on it. That’s why securing the vote never gains traction. It doesn’t bother them even a little bit as long as they maintain power.

  30. If you are looking for some uplifting art, I have two recommendations. Google “art contrarian” (If part of waiting for Tuesday is to see what Remus posts at the top of his page, along with the short but informative descriptions, you will be in hog heaven). For those on the West Coast, get on over to the Getty museum. These two will completely overwhelm you with the kind of art that sets your spirit soaring. The secret is that one rejects, and the other ignores, modern art. Both tail off somewhere in the early to mid-twentieth century.

  31. Green shoots may emerge; or maybe not.
    And if they do emerge, no telling how long it will take nor how long it will last.

    When the Russian Czar met his demise, the only shoots emerging were Bolshevik red ones and they were far more murderous than any Russian Czar of the preceding 1000 years.
    Any evidence of green shoots had to wait until 1990 or so.; a wait of about 70 years or so.
    Most adult Russians alive in 1917 were already dead by 1990.
    Not so sure what color shoots they have now in Russia, but suffice it to say that Putin is not a big fan of open borders or the suicidal notion of “diversity.” Must give him credit for that.

    When WWI ended in 1918 – the war to end all wars – green shoots finally began to emerge in Europe in the late 1940s; that took nearly 30 years. But given the suicidal policies of the neo-Stalinists who now control Europe, the green shoots are rapidly dying or are already dead.
    Perhaps there is hope in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Baltics and a few other nations there. Ironically, it is the former Communist Europe that understands how delicate and evanescent freedom and with it, real progress, really is.

    In S.Africa – for the blacks there (mostly composed of two tribes, the Zulu and the Xhosa, who hate each other and wish to annihilate each other), green shoots emerged in about 1994. Since then it has been all downhill; arguably, in terms of economic progress, they are no better, if not worse off than under apartheid. Further, the blacks there are not begging whites to help fix the mess that is S.Africa today; they are out to kill all the whites (and then, finally, the Zulu and Xhosa will turn on each other and we will witness a reprise of the Hutu – Tutsi genocide of Rwanda.)

    No need to look for green shoots in other African nations; even those that were left by the British with English parliamentary and legal institutions. Apparently, the green shoots departed with the colonial powers and never grew back. Ditto for the Arab nations.
    Goes to show that cultural institutions – legal, political, economic – REFLECT a culture; and if they are imposed, however beneficially, upon another culture, they are not necessarily transferable or accepted by that other cultures.

    I’ve read that when the Roman Empire fell, all of Europe went to hell for 1000 years or so ( I am not up on pre/post Roman history, so I could be off by +/- 500 or 1000 years or so). Green shoot finally emerged during the Renaissance – the greatest period of human progress the world has ever seen; but it sure took a long time.

    When Hugo Chavez of Venezuela died, no green shoots emerged; in fact it got a lot worse.
    When Batista of Cuba fled (1958 -ish) Castro took over ; no green shoots there either- it’s been now about 60 years and no green shoots in sight. Ditto N.Korea.

    Green shoots do not necessarily have to emerge; that is the lesson of history. And if they do, there is no telling how long the green shoots will survive.

    And to Z’s point about whites being urged to re-engage with the “rest of the people,” well, maybe that can happen, or maybe the “other” people will declare whites to be Kulaks or Untermensch or deplorables or the enemy of the people or simply fascists.

    Personally, I can’t imagine a Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Barbara Lee, – and their fellow congressional black nazi-caucus members doing anything other than first confiscating white owned assets and then planning to have whites all placed in gulags.
    You can bet that hispanics – see Ocasio Cortez – will join in on the fun too .
    These two groups are motivated and driven by hate and envy of “white” institutions and whites in general; hate and envy are the two human attributes that are satiated only by watching your enemies first suffer and then exterminated. See Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Che Guevara , et. al.

    Yep, no green shoots for whitey is a distinct possibility.

    • The thing is, they hate each other more than they hate whites. so bake that into your calculations…

    • The commies always bitch about the Nazis, but the more I’ve watched and learned – the more I’ve started to wonder if the reason why lefties and commies hate “Nazis” -is because the Nazis put their “hate” (if that’s what it even was) to constructive purposes, whereas the history proves that progressive commie hate always ends up with degradation, destruction , and decay.

      I consider myself to be a builder. I’ve spent my life building things, I built my own home, I built a barn , I’ve restored cars, I weld as a hobby, do my own car repairs – etc. When I see mice eating the wiring in my car – I kill them. When I see termites chewing my house – I kill them. Do I hate them? Not really – but I do recognize that they’re destructive and need to be eliminated or they will destroy my life’s work.

      An outside observer might say I “hate” ants and termites. But I don’t stay awake at night seeking vengeance on them – I just want them gone so they don’t destroy things. I don’t kill them with extreme prejudice – I kill them because I don’t have enough time in my life to keep repairing and rebuilding things that have already been built. So I don’t consider that to be “hate”. It’s a matter of expediency – it’s easier to kill the agents of destruction than it is to keep repairing their damage.

      I believe this analogy also applies directly to certain agents within our midst.

      And I’ve started telling people : Why is it that I can’t help but come to the conclusion that my life would be better if person X was just dead?

      Commies on the other hand – I do “hate”. And I do believe that much of what motivates the left these days is “hate” , but it’s likely hate driven by some deep seated psychological issues, as they haven’t really one single goddamn thing that I’ve been able to discern in my entire lifetime. They’re more like termites that are pissed off because you kept them from eating your house – which they felt they deserved to do

  32. Great post, makes a ton of sense at the 30,000 foot view. But I can see how the progressive would spin it. What about all of the art and beauty created by primitive cultures? Black music, Indian art, ancient Chinese/Japanese culture, all plowed under by western civilization. Look how much culture from others would then flourish if the evil white person was not there to appropriate it.

    • I’d leave aside East Asians, but the rest exists only because white people preserved and in many cases unearthed it. Japanese culture was a beautiful thing. It may reemerge again after Japan regains its independence. There’s a lot to admire in Japanese culture.

      • Agreed. I lived in Japan for a while and admired much that I saw. It pains me to see them talking about relaxing their immigration policies, and to see the young ones coloring their hair reddish or blondish to be more Western.

        Watched an old 1940’s-era John Wayne movie the other night, “The Barbarian and the Geisha,”which was the true story of the first American consul to arrive in Japan. He was spied on and thwarted at every turn, but managed to make some diplomatic inroads with the Japanese.

        There’s a really good, intense scene in the movie where John Wayne is trying to convince a high ranking daimyo (warlord) to stop Japan from being so isolated and to open up to Western powers. The daimyo’s response was very interesting:

        “A true Japanese would rather see his country perish in flames and perish with it, than see it corrupted by foreigners and slowly rot…”

    • To a certain extent, the survival of us as a distinct culture requires that we become inward looking, localistic, and endogamous. I actually like it when the left complains about cultural appropriation, as it leaves no other option for whites other than eurocentrism. Obviously leftists would be outraged at a “European cultural revival”, but they lack the language to express their desire that whites have to assimilate into multikult. If whites stop listening to rap, and watching the NBA, blacks aren’t going to be concerned.

      • Think of it a similar way: Feminists have always been lasered on countering criticism from traditionalists, and from incel. Feminists are petrified at being coerced into a marriage with a lower status male. The idea that men would ignore women, MGTOW, doesn’t activate their mental alarms. Feminists don’t have fears of being a cat lady, even if they might regret it later. And women have always been more comfortable with polygamy than men. The idea that men need to be incentivized, shamed and coerced into marriage, would be a revolution in feminist thought. A fifth wave.

        • And women have always been more comfortable with polygamy than men

          They are only more comfortable with polygamy where offspring isn’t desired and is easily disposable or society is relied upon for provision instead of an invested male.

          When offspring is desired or can’t be cast off and society doesn’t care about you and your offspring, monogamy is more desirable.

          I’m a “kids are important” kind of person, and extended family helping in the raising of the kids… but there is a really stark (even if fine) line between that and the “its for the children” and it takes a village mentality.

          The idea that society is responsible for protecting children from their parents’ choices and decisions has had a huge and perverse impact the familial dynamic.

          • Polygamy signals a male with an abundance of resources to be able to sustain multiple wives and children. Polyandry is practically unheard of outside of strange cults, because male parental investment cannot be ensured without some sort of communism. Feminists have a superficial opposition to polygamy because the man must be more powerful. But feminists have never objected to men transferring resources to women, so their opposition is insincere as long as a woman makes the choice without “coercion”.

          • Note also how feminists claim that men are victims of “toxic masculinity” but they do it out of a sense of morally shaming men. The actual state of male well being is of little interest to feminist thought, which tends to wish that men should either “get out of the way” or “shut up and do as they are told”. The idea that men have a duty to women is still existing within most female minds, but feminist thought doesn’t engage because it implies reciprocal female duties. An unprincipled exception.

          • Most women do not want to share their men and will not. Anything other than the one-man-married-to-one-woman model is degenerate.

          • Not entirely true. Most women, given a real choice, would prefer sharing a strong man to exclusivity with a middling man. Polygamy is more natural than we were led to think. Most men are are middling. How could it be otherwise? Until recent millennia 40% of men did all the reproducing, and that is how our DNA was built. Western Civ was more than anything the result of a trick, monogamy, conning women out of their instincts. It looks like women are onto us. Unfortunately they are not onto themselves.

          • “Most women, given a real choice, would prefer sharing a strong man to exclusivity with a middling man.”

            Ridiculous. No. Women want to be queen of their household and the one and only mate to her man, her king. A woman will scratch out the eyes, pull out the hair and gut any other woman trying to horn in on her man, figuratively speaking of course. The “trick” of monogamy for white people has been a beautiful piece of the many wonderful aspects of Western Civilization. There’s a reason we whites flourished living in a culture founded on Greek philosophy, Roman law and Christianity.

          • Kinda what I said. And I repeat myself, not enough kings to go around for the tastes of many women.

        • Blacks have been perfectly fine with their own barbershops. White people tend to only show up as a guest of a black friend.

  33. “[…] Ornamentation, in contrast, is the sign of a dead or dying culture. There is nothing left to create, so the goal is merely to “add a personal touch” to the creation of others. Home builders stamp out the same dozen house designs, but allow the buyer to alter some of the light fixtures, so they can pretend to be unique. Cars are all aerodynamically designed to look the same, but you can get the sport package, because you’re different. Every pop song made by the robots sounds the same, but the singer wears a slightly different outfit. […]”

    Tattoos fall into this category. I’d say they are the chief illustration of your point.

  34. This reminds me of your commentary about Conservatives in the “Our Conservative Enemies” podcast recently. That really struck a chord with me, as I’ve followed Conservatism my entire adult life.
    For some reason, most Conservatives recoil from culture. Everything has to be about economics – Capitalism vs. Socialism. Over the years, there were several posts at Free Republic about some symphony orchestra in some large city that had to shut down due to lack of support and the city stopped funding it with tax dollars.
    The Conservatives were absolutely giddy at this. They loved it. Waste of tax money!
    Well screw that. If there is one thing that most people are OK with supporting with tax money, it’s cultural institutions like symphonies. With all the money we throw at Blacks, we can’t afford classical music? That was one of my early clues about the dysfunction of Conservatism.

    • Some cons get into art and culture. Intercollegiate Studies Institue, Institute on Religion in Public life (First Things magazine), John Jay Institute, Witherspoon Institute, etc. The problem is they are squishes and cucks. They claim to admire great men, but if they ever met one they wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to stab him in the back.

    • One of the major reasons that conservatives have abandoned art and culture is that the leftists have taken over the teaching institutions for these fields. When an openly conservative student is not allowed to graduate art school, conservatives see no point in supporting artists. This also applies to many of the fields that should be a critical part of western civilization and western culture- When there are no non-hostiles in a field, there is no reason to support that field of study. See literature studies, any of the grievance studies, language arts, music, art, most seminaries, etc.

      The reason that conservatives have excelled in the hard sciences and in business/economics is that there are very obvious objective standards in those fields. Conservatives can very rightly say that feelings don’t matter to the data, and can uphold a set of objective standards in the face of social justice /leftist pressure. But the downside is that because the sciences and the business world is where most conservatives are either trained or brought up, conservatives tend to view the world through the lens of the business world.

      If we want conservatives to start paying attention to art and culture, I see two ways to do it. Find and support a non-school trained artist, and become a patron/supporter. Or start punishing your alma maters and the public colleges by withholding state support and alumni donations until they start taking steps to change the overwhelmingly leftist faculty and administrations. (Note: This also includes not supporting their football program)

  35. The Derb said it in his book. Culture is “pooped out.” Literally. Harridans menstruating on a canvas. Auto tune mulattoes. Sculptures that look like wreckage from 9/11. Just end it already.

  36. this was the case of dams breaking. In the us house, the democrats won in a lot of areas they weren’t expected to – like in a Gwinnett County based seat – but in rural america – the Rs did better than expected which explains Brown and Manchin’s smaller than expected victories.

    It’s actually kind of horrifying. Both parties are in a race to max out there constituencies.

    • GA and TX were closer because white/suburbs moderates in suburbs started voting like moderates outside of the South. The Abrams and Beto candidacies drove turnout higher than it otherwise would have been, flipping those House seats. We don’t know if these moderates have permanently re-aligned, or will flip back without the emotional backlash to Trump. Black pols may decide that a (black) Blue Dog is a better option than a DSA member, even at the risk of decreased black turnout.

  37. ZMan, I was thinking about you when I looked at the stats for who voted for whom based on race and sex. The black vote was something like 87% democrat, the Hispanic vote was something like 67% democrat, and the female vote was something like 65% democrat. You are certainly right about demographics eventually completely crowding us out. If it was not for the abortion industry, I am guessing the black vote would have already guaranteed continuous democratic victories going forward. I had to laugh when I saw that a lesbian native american won in one race. If she was just a one legged transgender, she would have had the 100% victim-hood lottery ticket. The fact that the guy running for the governor of Florida even came close is a perfect example of where we are heading.

    The tipping point is coming. Between the racial demographics, flooding the country with illegals, and now getting the vote to 16 year old’s, we are pretty much doomed. I will not live to see the absolute tipping point, but if they do not start taking voter fraud seriously, within 10 years we will be over the threshold. Just the fraud possible by using 16-18 year old’s might swing it. I believe eventual financial collapse will be the trigger, or weakening our defenses to the point that Russia and China will finally take the shot, but it is definitely coming. I cannot remember who said it, but the statement about when a majority of the voting population can vote themselves free stuff out of the treasury the country is doomed. We are about 2-3% away from that now. Another 10 years and we are probably well past it. I always remember that women were in a very large part responsible for voting Hitler into office.

    • The free stuff quote was Ben Franklin. I am not as pessimistic on 16-18 year olds. That is the time before they are propagandized in college, and are not old enough to get the free stuff. Plus, whites are more likely to drag their kids to the polls. I am hopeful that GenZ can preserve the country.

    • The tipping point is not coming, it’s already here, no fraud necessary. Both Georgia and Florida only escaped by a hair from being governed by vengeful psychopathic black retards. And there’s lots more where they came from.

      Forget illegals, look at it this way. Every year we naturalize a million brand new voting-age Guptas, Mohammeds, Fareeds, Ching-chaos, Pedro’s and Yolanda’s. By 2020 that’s two million more Guptas, whose prime directive is not American values, but to keep the gibs, the chain migration and the H1-Bs flowing. And this is all legal, and actively cheered on by Shlomo, who controls all the choke points.

      Now add in the brand new voting-age children of the last crop of Guptas and Mohammeds.

      Now subtract another two years’ dying-off of the older Trump voter cohort.

      Like I say, fraud will still be rampant, but it’s totally unnecessary; this math does itself.

      None of the new Guptas gives a rat’s arse about alleged American values; none of them knows or cares who Duke Ellington or Audie Murphy or Joe DiMaggio was, unless it’s to game a question on the SAT. They just want our stuff, our land, and our women. America ceases to exist, and becomes an international parking garage. Shlomo is now rubbing his hands fast enough to travel back in time.

      Donald Trump was given four years to go nuclear on the immigrants, their enablers, and the whole Cannae-like process that is grinding America to death. So far he has wasted two of those years on tax cuts and favors to Israel.

      If Trump doesn’t or won’t come through, then Partition is what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Forget about work camps, though: White Americans are the people who flattened, incinerated and nuked the Empire of Japan in three and a half years. If White Americans decide that one-third of all North America is to be a permanent giant Whites-only ice cream social, No Shlomo’s Allowed, shut off by a mile-high electric fence, then so it shall be, and in dizzying speed.

      “Let the maps of war be drawn.”
      — the otherwise ludicrous Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

      • The funny thing is I can get along with the Guptas better than any liberal you ever met, but the words that came to my lips while reading your post were: Now yer talkin’.

      • Well said, Lester. And true enough.

        But you guys still don’t get it. History is not a series of random events. All of these things are happening because of simple cause and effect. Like it or not; try and wish it away and say it ain’t so, but the actual founders of this Nation (not the “founding fathers” of this current ‘constitutional’ government), but the original colonists were white and Protestant Christians, and they came here specifically to build the “Kingdom of God”. Their sole purpose was to create an exclusively Christian society. Read their own words. See the 1639 New Haven Colony covenant for a good example ( has a copy) . Follow their history—all the way to the Revolution. And remember that by 1776, there were 2.5 million Americans, and 99% of them were (still) white, Protestant Christians…(put that in your perspective).

        It’s probably just a coincidence that about the same number of Israelites left Egypt to become a nation, or that there were 13 colonies… and 13 tribes (Joseph has split into Ephraim and Manasseh), or that the unprecedented gain of wealth and prosperity from a nation of people which literally sprang from nothing out of a North American wilderness uncannily resembled the events of the book of Exodus (and the rest of the OT chronicles as well)…

        But then what happened? Deuteronomy 28 happened. To them, and to us. Read it for yourself. Prepare to be astonished.

        God gives the nations the leaders (and the government) they deserve. He did it for Israel, and He’s done it for all White nations since. History meticulously bears this out. The blessings and the curses of Deut 28 are indisputable, non-negotiable, and forever in force. Any heritage American who wants to still be around to see those “green shoots” better get to know that chapter like their lives—and those of their children—depend on it… because they do.

    • the kansas story ” a lesbian native american won in one race’ is that she ran against an open borders Super cuck anti trump congressman named yoder. he was hard core antitrump cuck. democratic female who won the governers race in kansas was endorsed by the last 2 GOP former governers. Big Ag is the beating heart of the open borders -free trade wing of the GOP and they worked hard for the dems in kansas against pro trump republicans . The loss of the house is a result of paul ryans total opposition to the trump agenda .

      • Yep, Big Ag and the Chamber of Commerce run the GOP in Kansas. You saw that with the purge of a great man in Rep. Tim Huelskamp. The moneyed bugmen opposed him with a CofC squish and ran Huelskamp out of office last cycle. The there is a huge faction of the GOP here who are democrat-lite. Yoder sold out the country on his H-2 amendment paving the way for 3 million more legal Guptas over the next decade. There’s a picture of Yoder next to ‘Supercuck’ in the dictionary.

  38. Our species is changing, and very rapidly compared to the history of our evolution. Whereas our ancestors were once the survivors of a natural selection process that favored intelligence and robustness, we now live in an environment in which possessing hive traits results in a competitive advantage for survival. That is why our art and culture are so monotonous and lacks creativity. These modern traits cannot be changed through dialogue and an appeal to intellectual reasoning. We will continue down this road until the environment once again demands better of us.

  39. “After every election, after every turn of the wheel, the boats crossing the river to this side are full of new adventurers.”

    I’m one of those new adventurers that slowly crossed the river of the great divide in the last three years and I would like to see more of these type of posts, or maybe a podcast, dedicated to managing our expectations.

    Mocking and tolling progressives from behind a desk at the Oval Office is great fun and may slow them down but it doesn’t stop the madness and certainly doesn’t create something new. Even here on the dissident right a lot of questions remain answered.

    “At some point there will be a critical mass” and “in time we’ll see the green shoots” are true and hopeful yet vague statements and from a personal point of view it matters whether that is 20, 50 or 100 years from now. I’m not asking for silly predictions of the future but every bit of additional guidance on where we are at and what can be realistically expected is more than welcome.

  40. “Our cars all look the same and come in black, white or shades of gray.”

    Living in a non-driving city for decades, I’d lost track of buying and selecting cars. I was amazed one day a couple years ago to notice that very thing: all cars look alike, and come in black, white and grey. When did that become a thing? Take a look at a movie from the “dull grey 50s) and ordinary people are driving Pepto Bismol pink and canary yellow cars. Or those old Cadillacs in Cuba.

    • One reason car design is so blah is government regulations. The same reason every car will probably soon be a four cylinder turbo. Safety and emissions regulations.

    • Leaving cultural issues aside, modern automobiles are technological marvels. They are more reliable, safer, and far more comfortable than anyone in the 50s could imagine. I know. I’ve lived through the evolution. Remember how ghastly those 1970s/80s Detroit cars were? (Shudder.)

      • Yes, compared to what we drive today they were pieces if shit. But they were big, and brightly trimmed and even though they broke often you could fix it yourself with a screwdriver and duct tape. Ya didn’t need a half million dollar diagnostic machine and an imported mechanic named Ludwig. Plus, you were safer in crashes, had room to make love with your girl and could carry ten kids to dollar a car load night at the drive in. But yes, they were shit. Now we drive under powered uncomfortable mundane vehicles that have sucked all the love of driving out of a guy’s soul. And soon, real soon even these cookie cutter Yugo wannabe’s will all disappear to electric crap cars that will actually relegate The American Automobile to just another appliance to get you from here to there. Sad. Unless you’re like me and sneak out to the old garage in the dead of night and quietly slide off the car cover to reveal a pristine factory condition 1965 Lincoln 4 door convertible, turn on the radio to the oldies and smoke that cigarette your wife doesn’t know you have hidden and remember Wildwood in 1968.

      • Put me off American cars for life…although I do miss a company that can make and name a car called the Gremlin.

      • Those old cars were easy to work on. They were also cheap, big and comfortable. And were not self-propelled coffins. Yeah the 80’s era Detroit Iron sucked. But after that they got better and better.

        The new ones take what amounts to a aircraft mechanic to diagnose and work on. Oh yeah the engine compartments are now so cramped you can’t reach half the stuff unless you dissemble half of the front end. Even on smaller SUV’s it’s bad.

        I know this from experience buying and restoring salvaged autos bought at auctions and junk yards. I stay away from compacts and even mid-sized cars for the most part unless it’s from the the early 2000’s.

        I can afford a new car but won’t touch one. . So I stay with cars with salvaged titles. Usually big sedans because they’re seen as not cool and dirt cheap. My current car cost less than a Ipad.

        Screw the generic cars of today. They all look the same and handle the same.

        • The older cars were much less safe to drive in, than new cars. The old cars did nothing better than new cars. Yeah you could work on them, as they needed tuning every couple of months. You can get one and drive it and fix it right now — but you won’t.

          • Having worked a few hundred MVAs over the years, when it comes to safety, new cars win hands down. Extricated people from wrecks that by all rights should have been dead, not just bruised, bloodied and scared pissless. Back when my grandad and uncles were doing the job, these would have been body bag case.

        • Dammit I miss bench seats.
          And telling all the neighbor kids, “Just get in the car, we’re gonna see Caveman at the drive-in!”

          I’ve always wanted to thank Ringo Starr for that. Poor as church mice, with a gaggle of kids sitting on blankets. We were screaming with laughter. So stupid and funny.
          That was a good, good night.

    • Nathan is correct . cars are all a result of the quest for the last .02 MPG as dictated by the EPA. Safety regulations also play a part. the short windows you see on all new cars reflect mandatory roof crush standards. the huge radiators are required to cool the turbocharged engines that are necessary for GPG, as are the wind tunnel drive body shape. this makes them all the same.

    • Because when you go to the dealer for a new car, they show you a model that’s white, black, or grey (or sand like my truck) that you can test drive. When you decide you can live with that model and ask if it comes in another color, they show you a brochure of all the colorful models of it you can choose for just a little bit extra and you can’t drive it off the lot but have to wait for it to be delivered…..and that deal you talked them down on? Gone. So you take that crappy colored car because you can have it today and at the price you’re willing to pay.

  41. The project to kill Lincoln and Churchill has already begun. We need to put our heads down and struggle into the light.

  42. The laws of God, the laws of man,
    He may keep that will and can;
    Not I: let God and man decree
    Laws for themselves and not for me;
    And if my ways are not as theirs
    Let them mind their own affairs.
    Their deeds I judge and much condemn,
    Yet when did I make laws for them?
    Please yourselves, say I, and they
    Need only look the other way.
    But no, they will not; they must still
    Wrest their neighbor to their will,
    And make me dance as they desire
    With jail and gallows and hell-fire.
    And how am I to face the odds
    Of man’s bedevilment and God’s?
    I, a stranger and afraid
    In a world I never made.
    They will be master, right or wrong;
    Though both are foolish, both are strong.
    And since, my soul, we cannot fly
    To Saturn nor to Mercury,
    Keep we must, if keep we can,
    These foreign laws of God and man.

    A.E. Housman, Last Poems

  43. Ah, don’t despair, Z. As Popeye the Sailorman once said, “Ars longa, vita brevis.”

    Art operates on geologic time; our era is only a blip in its perspective.

    Besides, the current dead patch is running out of steam, and will be replaced by youth and skill. Like it or not, in terms of painting and literature, Modernism HAD to happen, there was no alternative. (And the true Ab-Ex’ers were FAR more serious than you realize; they only seem trivial to people who don’t know what they’re looking at). Post-modernism did NOT have to happen, but it’s dead anyway, only to be replaced by Identity Grievance Theater, which will also soon die in the gutter.

    Believe it or not, there is still some very high-minded art being made, it just comes from unexpected quarters. The greatest, most serious work of art in recent memory is “Adventure Time,” a silly-looking cartoon show that packs a nuclear punch. One of the finest recent films was a vampire movie, “Let the Right One In.” Of the two finest recent novels, one is a murder mystery (“Sharp Objects”) and one was a comic book (“Love and Rockets”). Another very profound work was a musical cartoon aimed at little girls: Disney’s “Frozen”).

    I agree pop music is in the outhouse, but there are still gems like “The Virginian” by Neko Case every now and then. And besides, stuff like “Shiny Beast/Bat Chain Puller” or “Rid of Me” or “Double Nickels on the Dime” aren’t really so long ago.

    “Stars are out, and there is sea
    Enough beneath me, to bear me
    Towards the future, which is
    Not so dark. I see.”
    — Frank O’Hara

      • Just thinking about part of it, rather than the whole. I understand your larger point, but you tend to write dense, complex, thought-provoking stuff.

        One bite at a time.

    • Actually, quite a lot of knowledge regarding the mechanics of producing high art have been lost. No one can replicate a Renaissance painting, or a Michelangelo statue. Important knowledge has been lost (starting with the formula for Roman concrete)…

      • But just think of all the money we’ve saved!

        (I’m being extremely sarcastic. Losing our heritage for the idiocy of economic efficiency above all else makes me bitter.)

      • You’re right of course, much has been lost, but not irretrievably so; some, or maybe even a lot, can be reconstituted or inferred, based on the (inferior but still quite impressive) technical skills of many artists now working. It can grow back if there’s a will. Harder to re-grow is the kind of lore that develops over many master-to-apprentice relationships over a long chain of time.

        Highly skilled artists do exist, but they lack a matrix to support them. Look at a guy like Odd Nerdrum: that stuff is very close to Dutch Old Masters quality (you have to see them in person to believe it), but his vision, his subject matter, is preposterous and embarrassing. There are lots of guys like that out there — they have the technical chops, but their subject matter is just plain stupid.

        A revival of sincere Christian religious art would work wonders: it’s an inexhaustible subject with an innate sense of dignity and profundity. I bet some chap in Hungary is doing that right now. Art needs a common cultural matrix in order to flourish. Part of the problem is these young kids get taught that Classical themes and subjects are banal, when of course they are the Source itself.

        Your observation is true from where we stand right now, but not forever hopeless.

  44. Demographics is destiny.

    Lets look at who opposes you: Blacks, Asians, Jews, Muslims, Homosexuals, Transexuals, white girls, Hispanics

    I like our chances

    • The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.

      Samuel Huntington

  45. The fourth turning is upon us, we view all institutions as corrupt, public trust hits new lows. How this turning ends is anyone’s guess, but if the previous ones are any indication it will be bloodier than the last.

  46. Things move faster now, so anyone around in 20 years will see the newly emerged system in full (or nearly). One thing the brown horde may not count on, is that Whiteville will not fund them once the split-up occurs. They will inhabit horrible 3rd world mega cities, filled with violence and pestilence. Federal government will be much weaker and smaller too.

    Will there be any great nations in this new system? I don’t think so; people don’t have that feeling of working to build a nation any longer. So we will have city-states that are Venice like in their prosperity, woven into federations of like minded people.

    Perhaps people will connect across distances, as a replacement for national connections.

    • Our nature is to tend towards individualism, even though we are unmatched in terms of collective military power. We react to decline by turning inward, or becoming collaborators, rather than through higher birth rates. It is said that whites in South Africa devote far more time to wildlife conservation, than to conserving themselves in the face of a system that ensures they cannot exercise power without begging blacks for permission.

      • The truth is, most white people will do as they are told as long as their belly is full and they have ample entertainments. That’s always been he issue in South Africa. As long as the bloody edge of reality lies beyond where city dwelling whites live, they go along with their dispossession.

        In America, we have multiple generations raised on a religion of self-loathing. Look at the idiots who gave the black woman money, simply because she claimed to be a conservative. She’s probably checking in at around a 90 IQ, but that’s enough to fool most whites into handing their lives over to a black promising salvation.

        It’s a tough problem, for sure, but whites were not always this callow and stupid.

        • Private security outnumbers the police and military combined in South Africa. These mercs could overthrow the government were they to develop a political consciousness. No post-colonial ruling party has yet lost an election in Southern Africa, a legacy of having the appearance of achieving independence through military victory. It will be interesting to see in Bolsonaro causes a change in the former Portuguese African colonies.

        • Spot on. IMS the whites who voted for Hillary were all college educated urban professionals and government employed whites.. Basically well off people who have benefited from globalization and current government policies.

          They aren’t going to change unless the pain becomes personal and imminent. The closet we came to that was the last bubble collapse. That really puckered some a**holes out there.

          It will take something like that again to get whites to pull their heads out of their asses.

          Right now it’s too Nerf World for that to happen.

          That said, Trump got exactly what he deserved. McConnell and Ryan bottled him up, McConnell tabled over 200 pieces of legislation the House sent him to make Trump look bad.

          Trump should have called them all out and named names of the GOP obstructionists at his rallies instead of kissing ass. This doomed Trump’s agenda.

          • Attacking government employees is unhelpful. Due to veterans preference, there is a sizable number of GOP voters working in the public sector. Any time someone is attacked, they get angry and their turnout rate increases. Cutting the public sector won’t create enough savings for a vote-earning tax cut. But going after tax-evading oligarchs like Zuckerberg will win back the Bernie voters.

          • The long-expected financial crisis has begun, and there’s no stopping it. It will take the form of a worldwide currency crisis. The US dollar will continue to appreciate against ALL other currencies until entire countries (well, their gov’ts) simply go under b/c they won’t have enough of their own currency to buy US dollars to pay their external debts. Eventually the crisis will get to us b/c we are the best house in a bad neighborhood. As interest rates were kept artificially low, every pension fund in the world was ruined. We have seen Dallas police and fire pensions disappear already (and some others). But that will become universal throughout the world. It’s too late to do anything about it. Also, the current Grand Solar Minimum (the Eddy) started in 2015, and it will bring global cooling, increased volcanic and earthquake activity, and catastrophic crop failures, which will force southward migrations of entire populations. Things are changing already. It will be a wild ride.

        • Look into Biohistory and the work of Dr Penman (an Aussie). There’s a book “Biohistory: The Decline and Fall of the West” and Penman’s interviews on You TUbe.

      • Look into Biohistory and the work of Dr Penman (an Aussie). There’s a book “Biohistory: The Decline and Fall of the West” and Penman’s interviews on You TUbe.

  47. The modern songwriting process goes like this: gather multiple teams of 20-year-olds with laptops into a conference room. Give them 2 hours to write a song. Pick the best song. I heard about this process on an NPR podcast and said yup that explains everything.

    In contrast, a member of the Allman Brothers was holed up in a motel or cabin trying to write a song. In frustration with writer’s block he went out to the local store. Inside a woman was chasing her young daughter down the aisle calling her name. He liked the name and went back and wrote the song “Melissa.”

    • An interesting book to read is called The Wrecking Crew. It is about a collection of studio musicians in Los Angeles who records most of the hits produced in the 50’s and 60’s.

  48. That’s optimistic. Mexico has never created art, literature, arcchitexture or music to compare with that of North America. Perhaps north Asia, China and Japan that is, can hold a candle to us. If there is a resurgence of art it will have to come from Europe.

    • “Mexico has never created art, literature, arcchitexture or music to compare with that of North America.”

      Excuse me for pointing it out, but anything north of Central America is North America. Mexico is North America. Taken in context, the meaning of “North America” is the gringos who live north of Mexico. The whites who create cultures and civilizations that everyone else would like to live in.

    • My point is that we are being replaced demographically. The invading groups, using Latin Americans as “a part for the whole,” are incapable for the most part of creating western art, but will insist on inclusivity and that popular art resembles them. This is not a source of inspiration for minority white artists who will not pursue these avenues. There can be no artistic spring without the genetic substrate. But perhaps I’m being hateful and cynical, maybe some sort of equilibrium will be achieved and hope and inclusive love will rekindle the artistic flame.

      • I enjoy small doses of mariachi music, Diego Rivera, and street tacos. I just feel like I need to take a shower afterwards.

      • I don’t know about hateful, but have you been to Mexico? Guadalajara? Merida? Maybe you should go and have a look. Things weren’t always the way they are now. And it was whites who made the mess, not browns. They are just cashing in on our stupidity and vanity.

    • You might want to do some travelling in Mexico. Open your eyes to a few things. The world wasn’t always the way it is now.

  49. Appropriate (and very good) post given the results last night. This is the type of downer shit people need to be reading rather than “We picked up seats in the Senate”. Last night showed that Trump’s election was a mirage and that there is zero political will to fight the left amongst suburban voters.

    • There is no democratic solution to the inherent defects of democracy. The two questions that matter are who seizes control of the state and how will whites react to it. I think the former question is about serendipity. The person who seizes power will simply be the person with the will and opportunity. My guess is it will be a cabal of the left with a brown as the figure head. Obama was a dry run. But, I could be wrong.

      What matters to me is the second question.

      • I think over the next 6 years, whites will be forced out of the Dem party, and cause a forging effect in the wider white community. The jews will be left out in the cold as they don’t fit into either party at that point. No one is going to be feeling too sentimental or kind towards the brown hordes.

        • In terms of fight or flight, the flight option will always be chosen unless moral leadership tilts towards fighting, or there is nowhere to escape to. There was lots of Boomer conservative rage at the New York gun ban five years ago, but no politicians were assassinated. I scarcely even recall petty vandalism. When 10K gun owners went to Albany to protest, the state billed them for lawn damage. And they actually paid up, rather than showing up a second time and burning the city down.

        • I think you underestimate the hold that the fanatical religion called “antiracism” has on a HUGE number of whites. They will not leave the Bolshevik Party. They are True Believers.

          • The deputy leader of the SACP, Jeremy Cronin, is white. The ANC finds it useful to keep a few token whites around as shields. Even ZANU-PF north of the border has done the same.

          • educated whites will stay in the Democratic party as long as the business and financial elite are there. They can virtue signal about how much smarter and better they are than the lower class people in the Republican party. It is like highschool. Most people want to be with the cool kids.

        • Jews wield too much power to be left out in the cold. If they were as smart as they are alleged to be, they would hitch their wagon to whitey.

          • Oh, they have.
            The mob boss doesn’t keep subordinates who can replace him. He wants his kids to inherit the business, not yours.

        • We’ll see who rises from the ashes of the coming economic collapse. Not sure when it will be but it seems to be a black ship rapidly approaching.

      • I get what you’re saying, but I think under a limited set of conditions, democracy is viable. Switzerland seems to be rather well-governed place.

          • I just think those on the other side of the river need an explanation as to why democracy produced *reasonably* effective governance for awhile but no longer. Something along the lines that with high levels of social trust, Democracy isn’t a disaster. (On second thought, Sweden had that and gave it all away. Maybe this theocracy just has to run its course before and generate enough misery before anything happens.)

          • “Those on the other side of the river” have analyzed and explained this literally hundreds of times. You just haven’t informed yourself properly.

            To condense thousands of hours of reading down to a few simple concepts: The degenerative effects of democracy are proportional to wealth and population density, and inversely proportional to IQ. Switzerland will fail, and is failing, it’s just taking longer because of its small size and limited migration. Feminism has already taken hold, c.f. the recent incident at CERN.

        • Being surrounded with mountains, an armed militarily trained male population, a nearly universal gentile population, and seperate cantons for one’s western European language helps a bit too, eh ?

        • Viable in the short run. In the long run democracy is a perverse incentive, or a positive feedback loop. The great mystery is why everyone does not vote for more free stuff? The incentive to produce a tragedy of the commons via the ballot box is just too great. Accountability comes with ownership.

        • Switzerland also has aspects of their society that have long since been wiped out in this country by our progressive overlords.

          The lack of ability for women to vote is one of them ( I don’t believe women got the right to vote until 1971). A militia type system of military service instead of a military geared towards empire is another one. And an obstinate refusal to allow in outsiders as refugees or otherwise is another one. Go and read some WW2 history and remember back to around the time of the Clinton adminstration – (((people))) were jumping all over the Swiss because of their refusal to take in refugees during WW2.

          In a society of male property owners who have rough equality – I can see how “democracy” might work. Just like how “socialism” sort of works in a tribe of people related by blood.

          But there’s no way either works in what we have today in the US

      • My trepidation about whites stepping away from the struggle for power is quite simple. The browns and their puppet masters would herd whites into work camps and starve us to death.

        • Perhaps I’m a fatalist, but if that’s true, then we’re going to be herded into camps anyway. In fact, the gradual genocide is the more effective, so pressing the issue could finally snap enough people out of it to save the day. It’s why I think we should actively discourage whites from joining the military. You cannot run the modern American military with 90-IQ CO’s leading 85-IQ soldiers.

          • it will only be “gradual ” until the numbers give them uncontested control of the levers of power.

          • ..well Z man they HAVE been running the military with that low IQ for some years now…grown men in high heeled red shoes…..and it is in steep decline….the once vaunted army RANGER school now graduates the wimins !fitness in the combat arms is minimal !!! so by that logic we are going in the right direction and winning….until somewhere else decides we are at the lowest readiness….and there you go

          • There comes a time when the ship has too much rot in the hull and mast. So cut your loss. Give it one last coat of paint. Sell it, and build a better vessel with what we have learned as a wright.
            Don’t invest time or money in a leaky vessel.
            Time to chew your arm off if necessary to get out of the snare. Least ye die where you lay.
            I love that new country smell. Don’t you?

      • Democracy gave a predictable result reflecting the needs of the oligarch class. What’s going to shock the normie right in the coming days is seeing their “right wing” supreme court appointments foreclose on the remainder of Trump’s reform attempts.

        • That is a strong possibility. For most of the FNC crowd, it will not open their eyes. They will blame it on magic or something and go back to hooting about their constitution. We have to come to terms with the fact that most white people are not worth saving.

          • “Most white people are not worth saving”. There lies the problem. Not enough red-pilled whites, and we will never get there. There once was an alignment of interests between the powers-that-be and the average whites. That alignment disappeared some time ago, and we are on our own. I don’t really see how we get there from here, other than bringing on board who we can along the way.

          • “Most white people are not worth saving”. Really? In your heart of hearts, do you really mean this? So then, some white people are worth saving, just not most of them. Got it.
            I’ve always enjoyed your writings. You’ve got a unique perspective on the issues I also care about. And today I’ve seen your feet of clay. What an arrogant ass you are.

          • Most whites are unwilling or unable to face the truth. Attempting to save them is therefore a waste of valuable time and energy. Zman is hardly arrogant for understanding that.

          • Exactly. Any movement, political, ideological or cultural, has a limited amount of ammunition is can expend on converting new members. Wasting time trying to win over people who will never fully come your way is a waste of time. That’s most people. The Left did not take over the institutions by winning a majority opinion. It was a dedicated minority, along with a cadre of sympathizers and fellow travelers.

          • My husband and I watched an old TV movie called ‘Escape From Sobibor’, about a mass escape of prisoners from the Sobibor concentration camp in 1943. The guys coordinating the escape had a great plan to get everybody out with no drama, but in the end it fell apart. Then there was no option but a mass run for the fences while shooting at armed guards, and hope for the best. 300 people made it out, but amidst all the chaos, there were several dozen older people who just sat down on the ground and refused to move. The leader of the escape pleaded with them to come: “Get up! Run! You’re free! Save yourselves!” but they wouldn’t or couldn’t take in the situation. In the end he had to be dragged away, leaving them to their fate, or else he’d have been killed along with them. I think there are going to be a lot of people who’ll react the same way when our moment of crisis comes.

          • Just like a human body doesn’t need extra fat cells. think of the culling as a diet. Anyway, they can keep the brown hordes distracted while the core gets organized.

          • White people are worth saving? Hmmmm. Been to a Walmart lately? Contrast a typical mid-western town’s business district in 1948 to Walmart today. Of course the modern architecture is hideous, but the people have gone to shit too. Obesity, grungy clothes, sloppy tattoos, and green teeth were not things you saw much among whites a couple of generations ago. The only things that are better in the public spaces are the lack of cigarette butts and coal dust everywhere. Our side does a fine job cataloging the deficiencies of our opponents, but whites are far from blameless. Many whites have fully embraced the corn syrup, soy, and strip malls lifestyle.

    • “zero political will to fight the left amongst suburban voters”

      Must depend on where you live. Where I’m from it was tooth and nail.

      • Where I live , the suburban voters ARE the left. Michigan had a real blue wave. from the top to the bottom of the ballot

    • It’s more complex than that and not a downer. I expected it since about half of the GOP House is composed of cheap labor republicans like Ryan. They refused to give Trump any help on immigration related issues.

      Look most Repugs are still Bushite Repugs. They are not populists, they are not America first types at all. They are bland globalists. They have no real motivated base. Some are just real horrible pols with stupid platforms that drive voters away. Yoder was a classic example.

      Some were actually attacked by the GOP like Kris Kobach. The KS GOP actually sided with the Democrats to defeat him.

      • That (Kansas) and the Montana Senate race result were the most disturbing outcomes of Election Day.

    • Disagree..Trump showed his power campaigning in certain States, and the defeated or retiring Reps were mostly worthless cucks, whom we are better off without. Meanwhile, with 54 Senators, Trump will be able to push through his nominations for the real unelected Government without difficulty. The House, which has become useless anyway, will give the Dems a chance for internecine warfare by the minorities against their antique white leaders.

    • Suburbans have not experienced enough diversity up close and personal yet. By the time they do, it will be too late (if it’s not too late already).

      This is what I don’t get about third worlders – you leave your shthole country to come to white country because it’s better. Why the hell would you then vote (once you get the chance to) to turn the new place into the same shthole country you just risked life and limb to leave?

      • I seem to remember some polling data that showed that a majority of Hispanics in the USA are opposed to more immigration. I suspect that even more would be opposed to more immigration as long as they could bring in their own family members. Hispanics will always vote for the free stuff candidate. Worrying about the long term ramifications of policy is sort of a white thing.

        • >>>Worrying about the long term ramifications of policy is sort of a white thing.


      • C Matt;
        Applies to CA & NY/NJ whites too. Apparently a higher IQ (if true) is not enough to grasp the fact that if you bring your emotional-centered politics with you, the result will be the same in the new place that it was in the old place you left.

        • Well, a high IQ isn’t often paired with shrewdness and humility. Take Sweden. And Minnesota, for that matter. “Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher. All is vanity!” That explains Sweden and Minnesota (and Frau Merkel and teddy bears for refugees and all the rest of it). “We don’t have a race problem, so let’s import one!”

          “Great idea!”

          “Yeah, we’ll bring all these brown people here and give them money and housing and education, and they will admire us and love us! The whole WORLD will admire us and love us! Let’s DO IT!”

          Simple human vanity. Explains most of what we see “high IQ” people doing.

      • You can move an ant from Africa to America, but it will still act the same way. Come on now, do you really that obtuse when it comes to human nature?

    • I would be interested to see stats on White male voting versus the other emotional creatures (Women, Gays, Blacks, Browns, and brainwashed youth)

  50. Scott Alexander of SlateStarCodex made the point that western civilization isnt Western Civilization. It’s a demon wearing its skin. What I took from it was that all things eventually become their most efficient forms. Western medicine is the four humors and modern medicine is just medicine.

    Communism is just Capitalism for ‘spergs. Its whether maximum efficiency is described by a communist bureaucrat or market forces.

    • The phrase “western civilization” has always been a euphemism for white. That’s even more true today than in the past.

      • The phrase “eastern civilization” has always been a euphemism for yellow. That’s even more true today than in the past.***

        ***We called them chinks then, so there you go. They have rockets and stuff now, so we don’t call them chinks anymore. Plus they have higher IQ than we do and we love IQ so there’s another reason not to call them chinks.

        • No they don’t have higher IQ’s, if they did then they would be the inventors not us. There are 4.5 billion Asians in the world and the ones we read about are the sliver at the top. If you compare White innovation and creation with Asian as a ratio of population the question of intelligence is answered.

      • Efficient for what purpose? Why breeding dindus of course. Dindus of all races, of all colors. Mystery meat galore. Even very r-selected otherwise white person who also dindu nuffin. Mass produce the useless, the broken, the sex-addicted, so when the great dying off comes Satan can have a bigger laugh. The more the merrier.

        (I hope no one can tell I’m in a dark mood – okay that wasn’t a pun but it should have been)

        • Darth Curmudgeon, more right than you know.

          The elohim, the old gods, are beasts. Their immaterial ecology evolved to feed on a unique source: the energy gradient of overstimulated bioelectric nervous sytems.

          They feed on pain, fear, and death.

          Life needs fuel; life must eat.
          For untold eons, the fate of most was to be eaten alive.

          We thought animal sacrifice was merely symbolic? Not so. The gods demanded to be fed.

          They are very much alive in the dark corners of this world.
          Now a broken, shattered people, infested and driven, have brought them to us. Their close cousins bring them to our ancestral homelands.

          The higher breakout races are dying.
          The vulnerable lesser races are breeding explosively.

          The elohim are preparing a feast.
          A great and terrible feast, of unimaginable proportions.

          (My measurements of the world beyond are so far away. I pray to complete them in time, that we may know with what we contend.)

          • Forgive me. Madness, I know- so I would’ve said myself. I must go where the evidence takes me.

            There is joy, and Life, beyond measure to be found.
            But! This world is truly a spiritual battleground.

            There is no help coming.
            We are the soldiers here.
            To plead with the force of binding- the Force of creation- is like pleading with gravity, or heat.

            The gods are ignorant as rabies.
            We, the embodied, are far stronger than we know.
            We are meant to do this.
            To make war upon the mad gods.
            To subdue and defeat their blight.

            Win, or die. Win we must.
            Win we shall!

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