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With what will be an extended weekend ahead of me, I decided to post the podcast early this week. That way, if you are stuck in traffic or waiting in an airport, you can pass the time listening to my soothing voice. Given that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will be slipping out early today for the long weekend, I figured I should close up shop for the week and get this up on Wednesday. I’m not sure if I will be posting anything over the weekend, but I often say that and end up posting things anyway. Still, the plan is to take a break.

I’ve also been feeling a bit guilty about letting the e-mail pile up. I’m getting more mail as the audience grows. Much of it actually comes from the podcast now. I think most readers will post a question on the site, but many listeners get the show through iTunes, Spotify and other platforms that now syndicate the podcast. The result is I’m getting more e-mail related to the podcast. I try to read all of it and respond, but I am woefully behind and often don’t get to it until weeks later. I have a very busy schedule these days.

What I decided to do a few months back is organize them into similar topics and then do a post answering the most common questions. Then it occurred to me that it could be a podcast, for a week when I want to do something light. There’s no better time for that than before a holiday. The topics are the common ones, but also ones I wanted to address for one reason or another. I get some interesting questions from time to time. A little artistic license has been employed to avoid outing anyone or offending anyone.

You’ll note that there is no table of contents. That’s because it is just one sixty minute segment this week. That means no explosions, for those who have complained about that in the past. Never let be said that I am not generous to my critics. I actually recorded this whole thing straight through with very little editing. I did have to take a break to get a drink or clear my throat, but otherwise it is one straight hour of me talking. That was a lot harder than I expected. Talking to yourself for an hour is not as easy as it sounds.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I’m now on Spotify, so the millennials can tune in when not sobbing over white privilege and toxic masculinity.

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62 thoughts on “Letters To Z Man

  1. ZMan answered a question from a conservative who asked what Z’s principles are. Z dismissed him saying that the victors define the principles

    To the conservatives that ask about principles: Generally speaking, only white people enquire into principles to guide/justify their actions. The majority of non-whites see the world in terms of racial spoils and principles never occur to them. Even high IQ Asians do not fret about principles, they just want their group to prevail.

    This is the truth you must face. (Most) Non-whites want to overthrow you because you are white and that is non-negotiable.

  2. Good podcast.

    One item to note and that is that I believe that STEM is quickly, if not already, hitting its saturation point. I am a hiring manager for a big business and we get dozens of applications for entry level engineering positions. As late as five years ago, it was maybe a few. 5:1 odds versus 50:1 odds of getting hired like I’m seeing today. The market is doing well so it is probably absorbing most of them but there is a glut of STEM majors out there. Of course, my HR department gets angry if I pick a young white male. They have given me marching orders that they want at least 30% of all new hire engineers to be women or non-whites. That is another aspect of the battle that I did not have to experience less than 10 years ago when I was looking for full time work. Imagine these young white men having student loans and these “underrepresented” categories, who got grants and scholarships, getting priority despite not having a great resume or being the right person for the job.

    Just a rant but good stuff. Keep up the great work.

  3. I am grateful for ZMan’s blog and the commenters. Whether we win or face ignominious defeat, I toast you all and am thankful to have you as my comrades, even approximately. (Except for Frip. That guy is crazy…;-)

  4. I posted this at Unz.

    The front page of today’s Grauniad illustrates perfectly just how much the elites fear (and how slow they were to recognize ) “Popularism”.

    The idea that the population should have opinions and influence on how their country is run is obviously anathema.


  5. https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2747/4148620948_2107647c3f_z.jpg

    On this Thanksgiving day, let us be thankful that our ships to safety are burning, that more of us may resolve to help the destruction of this grand experiment we call America along, until the day comes when we can finally kick it all into a ditch. Let us all remember that America is centrally responsible for this mixture of capitalism, democracy, cultural marxism, individualism, egalitarianism, consumerism, feminism, hedonism, universalism, selfishness, bourgeois values, and lumpenprole values that has destroyed the West, and will likely lead it to extermination. Let us remember that this System seeks to transform the entire world permanently into a borderless, cultureless, ecologically destroyed plantation/sweatshop, ruled over by a tiny and obscenely wealthy degenerate globalist-plutocrat elite, in which the masses beneath their boots will live a combination of ‘1984’, ‘Brave New World’, a Haitian ghetto, a strip mall, and a Taco Bell. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  6. Wow, I thought this one, ‘letters from the readers’, was gonna bore the heck outta me but that was actually a good podcast. About civil war or not or what comes next, it could easily be ‘Brazil’, where non-eloi just live in lawless jungle ghettos. I admit, I get moments of ‘holy… this is gonna blow’, usually when Im angry about something. Still in my, what, 5th year or redpil and Im in Europe now and while I hear a lot of stateside stuff, even daily from friends and such over email etc. it can be hard to judge from afar. ON the other hand, if America might wake up one day and find that it landed in Brazil, Europe is going to be Afghanistan. The whole islam thing just makes ‘Brazil’ a nonstarter. That’s not how these radicalized young muslims roll. They butchered 130 ppl in the heart of Paris and the only reaction was a few soldiers at the foot of the Eiffel tower. THat s not gonna cut it w young jihadis, they want more action now. I think, I mean I dunno. But I do believe it s now prudent to have a firearm. B/c I dont think Lebanon or Bosnia saw where they were headed.

    Anyway, happy thanksgiving. I am, again, thankful that Im neither a nor in Turkey

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Z. I think I might have enjoyed this podcast more had there been explosions between each question/answer segment.

    • I agree with Bob. Keep the stinger. To me, it’s like Pavlov’s bell. I start salivating metaphorically for the next course of mind food whenever I hear it.

      • Agree. I’m not a great believer in this Democracy shit except in cases like this when we outvote the bastard: Keep The Stinger!

    • When I first started listening to the podcast the “explosion” seemed ridiculous. I thought, “I heard this was a serious guy, what’s with the action-thriller sound effect?” I thought he might be some far-right conspiracy goof. But it soon became obvious that he was in fact a heavyweight. So the juxtaposition of the over-the-top sound effect makes it funny ridiculous (or “high camp”, in prig-speak).

      It shows that he’s secure enough to be melodramatic. You think the BBC would risk the explosion segue? Would be great if NPR tried it. “We thank you for your time Professor Chomsky, KAABOOOOOSH.”

      I’ve always heard the sound, not as an explosion, but as a “Drop the Mic” effect. Not sure if you Gen Ozzie & Harriet folks know what that is. It comes from Rap music. When a rapper finishes a great rant, or “epic diss”, he’ll drop the mic. Signifying with the loud echoing thump, that what he just said is the final word that need be said on the subject. It’s braggadocious and ballsy. It would not work on a podcast from Derb, or Nick Fuentes, or Ram Z Paul or any of those reedy types.

      I gather the complaints about the “explosion” are from older listeners who it completely discombobulates. I can hear their wives shouting from upstairs, “Herald! I think someone crashed into the house!”

      Anyway. I need my thump! You just can’t take it away. It belongs to all of us now. As nominal populists, we should at least get a vote on it. Getting rid of it would be like Lynyrd Skynyrd deciding not to play Freebird in concert anymore. Not so fast hombre, you’ll have a riot on your hands. You implanted it into our psyche like the first notes of a beloved song. The Black Sabbath intro is becoming the same way. You can’t just snatch it back willy-nilly.

  8. You guys have a good Thanksgiving. If you’re giving the dinner prayer, especially in mixed company, do try and freshen the ending, such as, “And in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, please kill all liberals. Even the ones at this table. Amen.”

    • You could add a little excitement to the meal with “and may the Liberals at the table enjoy the poisoned dishes that those of the true faith know to avoid.”

      Then start off yourself with a simple small plate of something vile like the green bean casserole.

  9. Regarding your despair for the future of democracy due to the idiocy and drunkeness of our elected representatives, I spent a few state legislative sessions as a lobbyist for my union (FOP) watching the third rate lawyers, used car salesmen, professional grievance mongers from the black districts, and other assorted jagoffs and thieves that passed for legislators in my state embarrassing themselves while away from home.

    Since those days I’ve often thought that the best way to achieve true political change in this country would be to require every registered voter to go watch how their elected officials comport themselves in the hallways and cafeterias of the state house and at the evening social gatherings when they think their constituents aren’t watching. We’d see 90% or more of the incumbents tossed out at the next election.

    You hit the intoxication, but you left out the sex. The most popular lobbyists were always the pharmaceutical reps, falling off of their eight inch heels, with their tits busting out and their micro- mini skirts hiked up just to the bottom curves of their ass. It was so blatant that I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that we discussed much more seriously than we should have the possibility of adding a female to our team.

    • The lesson from Athens was that democracy kind of works okay for a big town (ancient Athens had maybe 40,000 citizens). As soon as they tried to scale it up over that into a nation or empire, it collapsed badly.

      The Founders were well educated and knew it. Most Americans are poorly educated and were only taught “Ancient Athens – Yea Democracy!”

      I grew up in a New England town were most decisions were made or at least approved in a town meeting. Stupid wasteful ideas get shot down fast and hard when they directly affect your property, your taxes, your street, and your kids’ schools. And if the dumb ideas get enacted, nobody to blame but themselves. Scaled up into a nation of 300 million, nobody thinks they’ll have to pay for the stupid bad ideas that sound nice.

      • Almost nobody thinks they will suffer in any way if they approve of things that “sound nice”. I am to the point of making them suffer, even if it makes me suffer. I want immigrant families camping in every middle class and upper class front yard, defecating on their doorsteps and begging for stuff every time the people walk outside. It has become time for this sort of thing to start happening.

        I want hit-and-run accidents to become the norm, when people who don’t belong here run red lights and turn left from the right lane. I want lettuce borne sickness to infect huge portions of the food supply, so people can start understanding how the system works. I want eat-and-run without paying to become SOP for the “poor”. I want out of control campfires and garbage under every bridge and in every canyon. I want rolling out full shopping carts from the stores without paying to become the way things go.

        All this stuff is going on anyway, let’s make it real for those in the Liberal cocoons. It’s time.

        • I appreciate people who make me feel like a moderate, since I feel that way so rarely. Thanks Dutch.

        • The game now is to settle immigrant “refugees” in working class communities. The way to end this business? Trump should pick out the top five percent of zip codes in terms of income and decree that all refugees be settled there. Attitudes would change right smartly.

    • Jay Severin used to be conservative talk radio host on one of the local stations in the Boston area. Used to catch him occasionally on the drive home from work. One afternoon he was talking about politicians – and he gave examples of men he helped get elected to office. His way of illustrating the corruption in government – was to detail how an overweight used car salesman with a bad comb-over who wouldn’t get the time of day prior to the election – was suddenly divorcing his wife and shacking up with a young nubile chickie half his age – almost as soon as he arrived in Washington D.C.

      You see your example, plus Severin’s example, plus the writings of astute observers of the human condition going back hundreds if not thousands of years – is why my default position is that the government needs to be shrunk down to a bare minimum – as envisioned by at least some of the founders of this country. There is simply no way to remove the problems of corruption and the grasping for power that inherently come with large government. It’s a goddam fantasy to think otherwise.

      Prior generations to ours bought into the big government fantasy – thinking it was going to save them. Like that Russian torpedo in Hunt For Red October – that sucker is now coming back around to sink our ship.

      I see an awful lot of talk among the alt-right and the dissident right about things like destiny being based on biology – well to me destiny is also based as surely on acceptance of big government – as it is on biology.

      Once you accept the fantasy of government being your savior and God – you’re screwed.

      It’s why I have absolutely no tolerance for ANY talk of “redistribution” or lame attempts at defending the current order because “we have to defend law and order” or massive taxation because ” we need roads and schools”.

      As far as I am concerned the trials of the current age were entirely predictable once we set down the path of salvation by government.

      • >> I see an awful lot of talk among the alt-right and the dissident right about things like destiny being based on biology – well to me destiny is also based as surely on acceptance of big government – as it is on biology.

        Acceptance of big government is also based on biology. Or perhaps stated more accurately, rejection of big government is based on biology. Acceptance of big government is the norm outside of a very limited slice of human biology.

        • Big government is very much a recent innovation
          120 years ago and certainly prior to Lincolns war, the only interaction the average American had with the Federal Government was the Post Office.

      • Calsdad says our deepest problem is big government not our blindness to the tribalism of other races.

        Do you deny that the socialist Scandinavian countries were great places to live before the immigrant invasion? How about Japan? Whites and Asians can often handle socialism just fine.

        How far does your revulsion of redistribution go? Are you willing to watch old people die in the streets because they lost their savings or didn’t adequately prepare for retirement? Unless you answer “yes” you support redistribution.

          • All that stuff in the article could be applied to the U.S. Whites here are brain dead, passive to the point of being suicidal. About 1/3rd of Americans are on psychotropics of kind or another. Depression across the rust belt is leading to massive addiction and suicide problems. We have big pharma deliberately pumping massive quantities of Oxycontin into small towns across the U.S. Our middle class is dying off.

            We have no real safety net for whites unless you can fake a injury and get on SSDI.

            Our cities look like shit Full of modern architecture and strip malls that scream “burn me down” that looks like it was designed by insane Nazis and Communists Worse if you’re not making at least a $100k you can’t afford to live in them.

            IOW I’ll take Denmark’s or Finlands boozing and boorishness any day over what we face.

    • I was a lobbyist for two years in CA. What you learn quickly in states with term limits is that the lobbyists and the more senior staff members run the show. In meetings, you address the pol but you pitch the message to the chief of staff. The pol watches uncomprehending as you horse trade amendments with staff. The committee hearings and floor votes are kabuki theater for the sheeple, where the pol acts out the preordained script. I concluded that war was a more honest means of politics (ala von Clausewitz) than legislative democracy.

  10. On the subject of the JQ, it’s important to acknowledge that the Jews require no special magical powers to infect and take over Western civilization. All that is required is weakness and corruption on the part of the White ruling elite. In order for us to purge the infection and de-Judaize our nation, we must understand the weapons which the Jews used to subvert us and exploit our weaknesses: usury, pornography, post-Modernism (all the cultural Marxism stuff), feminism, cultural warfare against traditional Christian morality, etc. We can only win if we understand the battlefield.

    • Yeah. I saw that. They promised us flying cars and colonies on the moon. Instead we have a potion to keep degenerates from dying of an STD.

    • A drug that is about $90 per pill that you have to take everyday and can cause serious liver and kidney damage. A condom is more effective.

      • Amazing. One could avoid the $90 outlay by just avoiding putting ones pecker where it doesn’t belong. But then, I’m so old fashioned.

        • AIDS is essentially a behavior driven illness. But you can’t say that because the Gay mafia goes apeshit and implies the Gay lifestyle will kill you.

  11. Well, a very happy Thanksgiving to Z and his commenters and readers. Despite all the lunacy that besets us, there’s still plenty of things to be thankful for, and lots of ways we can consider ourselves blessed.

    Maybe there’s still a sane, peaceful, rational way to unravel this mess and avoid mayhem. Here’s hoping somebody finds it.

  12. So you are thinking of escaping to a slightly freer state?

    My son is graduating High School next spring. I’ll be readying myself for a serious job search that will involve an escape from New Jersey. I’ve had enough of this place. Pennsylvania and New Hampshire are my top two destination states although the job search could take us to a different red state.

      • I’ve just (2 years ago) moved from PA to MD.
        In Eastern PA ,10 miles from Jersey, the area was still predominately white but section 8 housing was sprouting in towns like Stroudsburg.

        Here in Northern Carroll/Baltimore county in MD it’s white and I have to drive 10 miles to guarantee seeing a poc.

        Carroll was, I’ve been told, the only MD county to vote for Trump. Overall State taxburdens are about equal with all things considered at least for me and mine.

      • Consider South Central PA … Fulton or Bedford counties good; the former one mtn range too far in during winter for the daily DC commuters or weekend escapees. Franklin good too — family there — but population is growing a bit, though it’s holding red at +30%. Many remote and beautiful spots of old America still secreted among the valleys and “coves” along the margins of the county. Tremendous history there, much of it captured by an array of amateur historians in the late 19th through mid-20th centuries.

        I’ve explored little farther north (Huntington & Juniata Counties). Both nice also, though the latter is “culturally sparse”, even for that stretch of Alabama on the Susquehanna (i.e., Central PA) ….

        • Problem is – I’ve seen much debate about that up here , and it’s not conclusive that it’s the Massholes that are turning the state blue.


          Most of the Massholes in my experience – go into the counties showing up as red. There’s also a telling comment on the above page: ” Reporting counties with higher minority populations tended to favor the Democrats “.

          I don’t care if they flowed thru MA at one point – I don’t consider “minorities” as Massholians , since in my experience – even if they lived here in MA for a while – they were just here for the lovely welfare benefits, they weren’t true Massholes.


          The two counties that are pinkish in the lower right – are the ones where most of the Massholes migrate too IMHO. The solid blue county in the middle left hand side – that’s solid blue in every map I can find. I think you’d find that’s an area populated with a bunch of NH natives.

          I know during the 2016 election I never saw more Hillary signs (except for MA towns like Jewton) – than when we took a day trip into upper NH. Lower NH and MA suburbia was chock full of Trump signs – including a LOT of those big plywood sized signs that they were giving out.

          Living up here – I think NH is going bluetard all on it’s own. It’s not getting much help from MA migrants.

          • I’m a Jewboy from Jewton, we used to call it that decades ago. What a hoot to read it on a blog comment at this stage of the game.

          • When I was a young man, I had a part time job at Ellis The Rim Man on Comm Ave. They used to lament seeing Christmas decorations in Newton.

  13. Speaking of letters: My comments about “restriction to using printed newsletters and postal money orders” may already have been exceeded. I am surprised at this, one would expect that the bureaucracy would just take the money and look the other way. A left wing court could easily uphold the same under the “obscenity laws” even without the passing of new legislation.


  14. You are so right that this is a glorious time for young men. Young men want adventure, activity and excitement and they are willing to risk their lives for it. Think about the Conquistadors or the Early Texas Rangers or the Comanches. None of these people wanted to settle into the safety and security of farming. This is a great time for young men they should be thankful

  15. as the father of three recent college graduates , I would like to put my $.02 in on the college major business.
    many community colleges offer Criminal justice and fire science associates that are loosely affiliated with the local community departments. They are a good way to get a leg up on getting into those fields. also if you child wants to do stem but is not able to do the calculus and diff. Eq of engineering , there are electrical engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology , and civil engineering technology degrees available at many schools that lead to good jobs in technical sales and support. The graduates of those degrees usually come out with a very high level of technical skills .

    one thing though. The level of propagandizing and POZ is UBBELIEVEABLE. and yes at all colleges. If your child is not secure in their politics and Red pilled, don’t send them . Your nice young son could come home for thanksgiving in an ANTIFA dress and a prescription for hormone replacement .

    If they can commute to a local college instead of living in a dorm , that is good for avoiding the worst of the degeneracy.

    best of luck guys. https://www.thecollegefix.com/porn-star-gives-college-students-intro-to-bdsm-training/



    • Seconded. I taught college, all levels, for many years. Imagine being sent to Siberia for reeducation, except you pay the equivalent of a mortgage (in a nice neighborhood!) for it — **that’s** college. Community colleges are just as bad in nontechnical subjects, and even there you get the poz. If you’re not studying for a gotta-have-it-for-the-job certificate in a technical field, DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE. Don’t let your kids go to college. Don’t let your friends’ kids go to college. Commute to JuCo, pick up a cert in HVAC repair/installation or welding, and make $80/hr in a job that’s impossible to outsource. If you really want to learn anything in the Humanities, the Internet is your friend.

      • A story I’m fond of telling. Way back during the first year of the Bush reign of terror, all the lefty publications were fixated on the depression that resulted from the Bush victory. I’m waiting for a haircut, reading one of the news mags, Time, Newsweek, etc.. They have a long sob story on college grads that cannot find work. One such case was a girl with a degree from Harvard who was waiting tables, because she could not get a job in her field. Twenty five paragraphs of how tough it has been on her and then in the penultimate paragraph we learn her major at Harvard. Folklore and Mythology.

        I started laughing so hard, the people in the barber shop thought I lost my marbles.

    • I agree with Severian (GW fan?).

      As far as dealing with overcoming the Calc hurdle…there are ways around that.

      The major problems: Precalc skills are iffy. (#1 problem)
      Most instructors are incompetent.
      Most HS Calc courses are the equivalent of
      reading the Cliff Notes version of Shakespeare.

      Solutions: Make sure you can do All precalc level problems
      without searching the text for example solutions.

      Do problems. Do problems. Do problems

      There are great online resources to supplement
      lousy instructors:
      Khan Academy
      Mathtutor DVDs (As an Intro the best)
      YouTube Calc courses (MIT, etc.)
      Use more than 1 Textbook (I recommend Thomas)

      Do problems, Do problems, Do problems.

      Calc is not some mystical esoteric knowledge distillation available only to the Big Brained. Any reasonably intelligent person willing to apply themselves can master the fundamentals of both derivative and integral calculus. The hurdle is rewiring your mind to see math problems as an exercise in modelling a possible solution…INSTEAD of simply plugging numbers into some formula. Something like Polya’s How To Solve It should be used in senior level HS mathematics.

      • Agree wholeheartedly that most instructors suck. Badly.

        I struggled mightily with it until I had an instructor teach the derivative as merely the equation for the slope of the line, and the integral merely the area under the curve. Light turned on and I was fine.

    • Just returned from Thanksgiving dinner with relatives. A friend of one came in. Drop dead gorgeous girl. We chatted for a few minutes. Ten minutes later, her black boyfriend came in. I quickly ate and left without a word and nary a glance at the coal burner. No, I didn’t have a good Thanksgiving. I still cherish freedom of association, even if many don’t.

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