Answering The Dorm Stormers

This was linked up at National Review. The commentary at NRO is pretty much what you expect from people on the Right these days. There are are no greater defenders of Israel and American Jewry than American Conservatives. Even Israelis are not as enthusiastic for the Tribe as these people. They are so over the top, you can’t help but wonder where their loyalty lies, but that would be called antisemitic.

The strangeness of it is America Jews are mostly hostile to the Right in America. Some think that speaks well of Conservative Inc. and those who look to them for guidance. It means their position is a philosophical one, not political. On the other hand, it is every bit as insane as chasing the black vote or thinking Hispanic immigrants are natural conservatives. It wastes energy on a fruitless venture.

“Dorm Storming” is a tactic used by anti-Israel activists at many campuses to slide mock eviction notices under student bedroom doors in the middle of the night, allegedly to let students know how Palestinians feel when served with eviction notices prior to demolition of their homes. The content of the flyers, including the frequency, number, and practice of such pre-demolition eviction notices is disputed, but that’s somewhat besides the point.

Students for Justice in Palestine frequently is the perpetrator of these dorm stormings, as happened at Northeastern University recently, resulting in SJP’s suspension.

The point of sliding political flyers under dorm doors, rather than handing them out on the street as students enter and exit, is to intimidate students in their most vulnerable place, their bedroom, and at their most vulnerable time, while they sleep. That is why many if not most universities ban the practice.

I’m not sure if it is intended to intimidate. Maybe it is. Maybe sometimes it is. Maybe it is also intended to draw attention to their cause. There’s a tradition in America of this sort of outlandish behavior for the purpose of drawing attention. These activists may be anti-Semites, but in America we don’t do thought crimes. All we can know is they are using  a tactic to press their case in a way that is very American.

There’s a time and place for everything in an orderly society. Harassing people who have zero to do with any of this is exactly what the school should discourage. On the other hand, This is not a legal issue. This is a culture issue. Why in the world are we inviting this here? The easy solution is to send all of them back to their respective lands so they can sort it out over there, not over here.

Assuming the constitutional right to free speech applied to private college campuses as in public spaces, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld ordinances protecting homeowners against unapproved intrusions.  Rowan v. U.S. Post Office Dept., 397 U.S. 728, 738 (1970)(“We therefore categorically reject the argument that a vendor has a right under the Constitution or otherwise to send unwanted material into the home of another…. That we are often ‘captives’ outside the sanctuary of the home and subject to objectionable speech and other sound does not mean we must be captives everywhere.”)

This is where it is time to change gears. There are no Muslim run countries where this sort of deliberation is possible. There are no Arab countries where this is possible. The concepts of free speech, peaceful protest and privacy are strictly Western concepts. More precisely, they are northern European concepts. If not for that collection of eccentrics on a barren island in the North Sea, liberal democracy would have remained a mystery to mankind. If the people called “Palestinians” got their way, we would all be dead, including the Jews.

The “dorm storming” is really much broader than just this college campus. By letting these savages into our lands, they are treating our country the same way they treat this college. These people have no interest in being Americans. They have no interest in the culture that allows for liberal democracy. The only reason they are here is to cause trouble for the West. The response  to macro-scale “dorm storming” should be mass deportation and a ban on all immigration from Muslim countries.

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  1. I recommend that the Dorm Stormers start a website so they can swap tips. They could call it The Stormer. That would be appropriate somehow.

  2. I’m convinced it’s a subconscious form of cultural suicide, which is absurdly common throughout history, but barely acknowledged. When a civilization no longer believes in its animating principles its behavior starts to reflect that quietly suicidal urge. Islam’s single overriding political philosophy is premised on a kind of parasitic predation, it has built itself up basically through such a multi-generational strategy of taking over weak and dying cultures. Pre-20th Century India and China were defunct as civilizations, and Islam made huge strides transplanting itself into these comatose cultures, but in the past few decades both have seen a resurgence, and the parasites are having a rough time of it. The West is a happy victim for such a parasitic death dance. It’s unlikely the West will ever rise from its slumber, as its lifeblood is sucked away.

  3. You have put into words what a lot think but are now too scared to say as the Liberals who orchestrated, the rich ones that is, are far away from the mayhem and don’t give a flut about the consequence of their actions, as long as they get the vote…the ‘whats in it for me ‘ vote..ignorant greedy immigrants. A virus as true as WW Z is a movie.
    Muslim’s went straight for the jugular when they invaded the viking netherworlds. They never in their wildest dreams thought it would be so easy to assimilate. Now to conquer!

  4. “….including one—“Khalid from Almere”—who can be seen on right-wing websites posing with heads he has separated from infidel bodies.”

    Cites please. What makes you think a Muslim Jihadist who has more in common with Hitler and National SOCIALISM, a distinct ideology of the Left, than right-wing conservatism, has anything to do with the right? Or are you a Europeon?

  5. At least the Dutch, French, Danes and Brits are fighting back. It doesn’t appear that the Swedes, Spaniards, Italians and Germans are.
    Especially the Swedes.
    And the Belgians are all but toast.

    It isn’t just the insane immigration policies which will kill Europe. It’s the obsession with enforcing even more batshit crazy feminism and homosexuality barging into not only the bedrooms, but the bathrooms of every European as well.

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