Witch Hunters

Alex McNabb is one of the personalities on The Right Stuff. His primary role is as a side kick on the TDS podcast, but he turns up on other shows and works on the various bits they do. In his spare time, he is a licensed emergency medical technician working in rural Virginia. That means he is one of the people riding an ambulance to situations where people are injured. In rural parts of America, there is a shortage of EMT’s and ambulance services, so much of the work is done by volunteers like McNabb.

For the past few week, Antifa agitator Christopher Mathias has been trying to get McNabb thrown off the ambulance crew. Mathias pretends to be a news reporter, but his real job is to harass people with whom Antifa disagrees. He started harassing the ambulance service and when that did not work, he started calling the state licensing board. When that went nowhere, he started harassing the Board of Supervisors. He finally found a fellow lunatic to try and use his government position to pull funding from the ambulance service.

Now, it should be said that most people in McNabb’s position would have tried to lie low for a while until the lunatics found a new target to harass. Instead, he stood up for himself in public and made his case. The Board of Supervisors appears to have been suitably impressed, or perhaps shamed, as none of them were willing to support the lunatic’s effort to harm the ambulance service. That’s not the end of it, of course, as lunatics never quit after they lose a fight. Instead, they redouble their efforts and keep coming.

Even so, you have to wonder if people are starting to get tired of these ridiculous show trials, where mentally unstable people like Christopher Mathias get the final word on public morality. Whatever you think about McNabb’s entertainment life, he’s causing no one harm with it and his work as an EMT saves lives. It’s why rational societies maintain a barrier between public and private life. We’re better off not knowing the interior life of the people we deal with every day. More important, we don’t need to know it.

Watch the video of the exchange between the chairman of the Board of Supervisors and McNabb and it looks like something from a Stalin show trial. The chairman was not there to serve the people of his county. He was there to put on a performance and show his betters that he is a true believer, willing to sacrifice all for the cause. In fact, his antics were so cringe inducing, it made McNabb look like a hero. If you’re on that board and you see that, you don’t want any part of that Boyd character. He’s a nut.

Of course, it is a great example of how people like Mathias are the new Puritans. They spend their days looking for sinners. Replace the phrase “white supremacist” with “blasphemer” or “heretic” in these things and it makes much more sense. It’s why they indiscriminately throw around the term, applying it to anyone they oppose. Just as Eskimos have lots of words for snow, these new Puritans have lots of words for the sinners they are sure must be holding back progress toward the Promised Land.

It’s also another example of something that never gets discussed. Settled society is that space between the fanatics on one side and the barbarians on the other. For most of human history, the barbarians were a real threat, so keeping the fanatics under control was a necessity. The witch hunters in the 16th and 17th century were eventually suppressed, because they were dangerous. In this age, our rulers have no fear of barbarians, so they are amused by fanatical lunatics like Chris Mathias.

At some point, one of these witch hunter is going to mess with the wrong witch and something very bad will happen. It would be one thing if these nuts were content to write silly posts on sites like the Huffington Post, but they are not. As we see in this situation, this Mathias guy has invested a big chunk of his life trying to ruin a life. McNabb is a reasonable guy willing to combat this nut within the rules. One day, the target will not be reasonable and he will not be concerned about the rules.

Even if that day never comes, these stories serve to make the case that the people in charge are, at best, indifferent to what is happening in America. A responsible elite steps in and puts the brakes on this nonsense. The people running the Huffington Post, that would be Verizon, would not give these loons a platform. They may not be able to stop a crackpot like Mathias from stalking people on-line, but they can send the message that his behavior is unacceptable. It’s how sensible elites maintain order.

Instead, we live in a world of daily reminders that the people who rule over us hate us and take pleasure in our suffering. Again, no matter what you think of McNabb, he provides a much needed service. People will literally die if this ambulance company is shut down because of McNabb’s blasphemy. Rural communities rely on volunteers like McNabb for these vital services. That tells you the truth about our rulers. They may not agree with what you say, but they are willing to lay down your life in order to suppress it.

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  1. “One day, the target will not be reasonable and he will not be concerned about the rules.”

    “it being reasonable and just, I should have a right to destroy that which threatens me with destruction: for, by the fundamental law of nature, man being to be preserved as much as possible, when all cannot be preserved, the safety of the innocent is to be preferred: and one may destroy a man who makes war upon him, or has discovered an enmity to his being, for the same reason that he may kill a wolf or a lion; because such men are not under the ties of the commonlaw of reason, have no other rule, but that of force and violence, and so may be treated as beasts of prey, those dangerous and noxious creatures, that will be sure to destroy him whenever he falls into their power.”

    – Locke

  2. The Virgin Mathias feels threatened by the Chad McNabb.

    Seriously, McNabb has become a target because he doesn’t fit our elites’ propaganda stereotype about the white nationalist as a loser. He comes across as intelligent, competent and responsible. And worst of all from our elites’ perspective, he has committed the sin of fathering a white baby with his wife.

  3. I just finished listening. I have a lot of doc/nurse friends. Sorry folks, if your problems are largely self-inflicted they’re not speaking admiringly of you when they’re out of earshot. Regardless of politics.

  4. I didn’t see the video but I heard the audio on TDS. The guys said the only one clapping was the Negro. You should listen. This is rural VA, not Shartsville. Boyce’s act was a huge dud. It’s a nice white pill (we need them) to see these Whites not jump on the “burn the heretic” bandwagon.

  5. I loved the guy in the crowd saying Amen every time the chairman said the word racism. Best part was when he plugged the show though, fantastic.

  6. Personally, I was hoping McNabb would show up in prison stripes with 1488 written on his arm.

    Until the time comes to slap leather, mockery is our greatest weapon.

  7. Never been a fan of TRS, but his framing at the beginning was perfect. Think that PuffedHo or any of these other media hacks care about children, public safety, personal morality, or even the identity groups they pretend to represent? It’s the fakest of fake concern, never anything more than a public performance to sell ads or punish ideological enemies.

    Everyone should take a page from this; Molyneux has made the same point. Don’t try to defend yourself, just point out their incompetence, incoherence and glaring hypocrisy.

  8. I’m reminded of an fellow I knew who pretty much worked from age 15 to his mid 30’s. He didn’t have much education and ended up doing hard physical labor in very rough work environments. Oil patch roughneck was his latest job

    He came into some serious money in his mid 30’s and bought a house, truck etc

    Shortly after moving to his new neighborhood there was social function where he met one of his neighbors, a lawyer, who told him that he should set aside at least $500,000 as he would need it, as he was now a target for civil actions, paternaty suits etc.

    He told the lawyer that he didn’t see any need for that much money, especially for legal defence, he said he could hire a crack head for less than 10 grand who would break the legs on anyone who sued him, plus burn their house down with the problems family inside.

    I gather the expression on the lawyers face was epic.

    • See ……. yet another example of the point I was making the other day about how eliminating the cash economy is really going to screw you.


  9. We want a wall on the border because then nobody has to treat anyone bad, so perfect a response by today’s America. Don’t want a trail of Mexican tears back to the border. Let the Wall do it. Perfect passive aggressive faggotry.
    We could never do Operation Wetback because we don’t have the fucking stones to drag some bitch by her hair and throw her ass and her kids back across the river.

  10. The elites in the institutions and upper classes treat middle Americans with the same disgust and derision that Yankees heaped on southerners in the past.
    Now Yankees are looked down upon as a disgusting group of inbred back-assward country fucks.
    I find it hilarious when Boomers talk about muh constitution or healthcare,
    That shit is over, those memes are dead, the future is Infinity-migration, your country is gone.
    Interesting that El Presidente Trump has many other ways of battling immigration at his disposal but it has to be a wall, and when that fails that’s it, guess we have to live with infinity-migration.
    We were of course duped, again.

  11. A highly substantial point is being missed. McNabb mentions the local hospital being shut down in that rural community. The hospital reimbursement system is set up to cause this. Rural hospitals get far less reimbursement for the same diagnosis codes than urban hospitals, despite having to care for those patients with less advanced equipment and in far worse circumstances and higher levels of acuity. A community hospital can sometimes be the economic bellwether of a small town. Often it is the largest employer in the community, and the money brought in is one of the few sources of income that can blunt a recession. It can make or break the decision of a business to move to that county.

    The policies of our elites is to destroy rural life as much as possible. There should be a grassroots movement to reverse stuff like this.

    But note: those people were more upset about a few jokes than they were about their town going to shit. THAT is what we can call successful indoctrination.

    • It’s right; a hospital is an infusion of federal funds into a small community via Medicare and Medicaid. It also requires a certain level of technical capability which equates to white. Hence the resentment from above. They would rather see everyone be miserable than whites succeed and other groups fail.

    • “Rural hospitals get far less reimbursement for the same diagnosis codes than urban hospitals…”

      Interesting claim. Link?

      • I don’t have any links because I don’t learn everything from the internet. I was once asked by a rural hospital admin if I knew the shortest road route to the next big town because if it was eithin some set limit his hospital would qualify for higher reimbursement.

        No one talks about low rural hospital reimbursement, they talk in terms of big city hospitals requiring additional monies because of the special stresses of urban healthcare, which ignores the special stresses of rural healthcare.

        It basically boils down to money going where the votes are.

  12. Through most of the night, McNabb taunted others, including a 10 News camera, while openly reading a copy of a pro-white book.

    Lol. It’s Jim Goad’s Whiteness: The Original Sin. They can’t paint it as an anti-Black/Jewish/whatever book, because it’s not. But they, revealingly, react to “pro-white” as if it should somehow be shocking.

    • “Taunting by Reading”:. Gotta be a felony, at least.

      Yeah the way “pro-white” was used in that article jumped out at me, too.

  13. People like Mathias and Lock Boyce aren’t going to go away, and there aren’t just a few of them. They’re everywhere. Their minds cannot be changed and they are highly motivated to seek power over us. There is no solution in which we continue to live together in the same nation.

    • This should bother me but it doesn’t. I guess its going to come to lead.

      It comes to mind the movie V, the fascist Northfire ‘bad guys” a left wing satire of an authoritarian state was freer and more functional in many ways than the real life UK

      There were old people being British , tons of kids and young people. In other words a functional civilization. I suspect Saxon the parodic action TV show was better than the current Dr. Who

      Dialed back a notch its a pretty good model

      Of course in fairness the creative Left has such a poor understanding of human nature the scary movie posters of the family in the Nazi Occupation in Man in the High Castle got a fair universal “eh a bit too many swastikas but this seems nice ” which was exactly the opposite message I think there were trying to send

    • We’re not getting out of this without a serious fight. No peaceful divorce is possible with this power hungry group of fanatics. They’ll only stop when their side starts ending up morgue and in very sizable numbers.

  14. One thing about the first response business, one gets to spend more time up close and personal with “vibrancy” in a couple months than all the armchair Progressives do in a lifetime. It’s really easy to get cynical and/or develop what normies would consider odd tastes in humor.

    • 1st responders have wicked senses of humor, it is a defense mechanism against seeing the worst of humanity on a daily basis.

    • my buddy did EMT in N hollywood; got spat on and cursed for ruining the high of blue lipped unresponsive corpses-in-training… his fantasy was to hitch a wood chipper to the rig…

  15. What an A hole.

    Please… Write a series of posts about how these people are financed, get paid, derive income? I want to learn how to effectively investigate the harassment mob and their financiers. Especially any kind of NGO that channels tax financed funding. This isn’t where taxes are supposed to go and when the public learns that, there will be hell to pay.

  16. These leftist agitators act this way for a simple reason. Because they can. Whether or not they succeed in destroying their intended target they NEVER suffer any personal consequences for their abusive behavior. Normal functional people tend to pretend they are harmless nutjobs and never hold them accountable for their evil conduct. And while they are nutjobs they are NOT harmless. They destroy countless lives causing untold grief, heartache and ruin. This needs to change. And if the system won’t hold them accountable then their victims should do so…… Extrajudicially if necessary. Until these evil crusaders start paying a price to dish out their abuse they won’t stop. Let’s bring back dueling…..and see how fast this lying for fun and profit comes to a screeching halt.

    • Yes, that is a major issue with the Left. Failing has no consequences. It’s a great bet. You either win or nothing happens, like getting free lottery tickets. Why wouldn’t they keep trying. It works some of the time and that’s all that they need.

    • I used to joke that horsewhipping scoundrels into the gutter should make a comeback. Years ago when I commented under my real name at the WSJ had a Social Vengeance Warrior get butthurt, doxx my phone number and call one evening to threaten to “set me straight”. We had a fulsome discussion that included some helpful facts about terminal ballistics and that I was going to report a credible physical threat to local PD. Perhaps the dead-fucking-serious-flat tone in my voice made an impression and he went away. That was over ten years ago. Not sure it would end the same today.

  17. As a parasite, Mathias rightly views any dissenter as an existential threat and consequently behaves with the desperation of a cornered rat. You cannot reason with a cornered rat. You cannot persuade a cornered rat to desist. You cannot expect a rabid cornered rat to stop snarling and biting. A healthy society does not keep a rabid cornered rat as a pet.

  18. Assuming Mathias lives hundreds if not thousands of miles away from McNabb and where he works, why in the fuck would anyone give him the time of day? Who is really “mentally ill” here, Mathias, or the compliant sheep that cower at his threats?

    • Next, Mathius will demand that McNabb bake him a cake, and claim damage when he doesn’t.

      Mathius is a “job wanted” ad.
      “Pick me! I’ll do it, pick me!”

      If this isn’t malicious intent to harm, I don’t know what is. It seems that the whole system is a one-sided demonstration of power, the #MeToo Party. Join #MeToo!

      • Sorry, Tax, I missed it.
        Why do “the compliant sheep .
        …cower at his threats?”

        Corporations aren’t converged intially, but converged against their will.

        We have got to find a way to reintroduce real risk to lawyers, judges, and their disparate impact tools. Hint: real, risk.

      • Mathius is evil but an astute career man. He knows which way the winds are blowing and who is the real power behind the thrown. He provides a white goy face to the plan and will be rewarded well for his service

  19. Interesting post!

    I’m intrigued about something, this is not meant to be trolling, but what is meant by the “true believer” demonym I see tossed around from time to time? It’s typically used in reference to some over the top neo nazi skin head sort. Also, in the movie The Believer, for instance.

    Does it mean that most of the alt right type posters are merely entertainers, that you don’t see yourselves as a legitimate political interest and subtly mock those who do? For example, McNabb likened himself to the Jerky Boys. Clearly TRS is mostly entertainment, but what about others? Where does legit start?

    Alex Jones is characterized as wacko conspiracy, but he had on that young man from Columbia, and everything they said about immigration sounded compelling to this believer!

    • I use it to describe Progressives nutters. The reason is to underscore the fact that it is a secular religion. These are not people working from a basis of reason anymore than a Muslim or Evangelical Christian is working from facts and reason.

      • This is a common misconception; Christians are indeed working from facts. The Gospels are eyewitness accounts. They are facts in evidence. Nobody saw Mohammed fly to the moon on a magic horse, nobody saw the Angel Gabriel talking to Mohammed, but plenty of people saw the ministry, trial, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. I don’t want to start a long zany religious quibble, this is just a question of different types of materials, a difference which is easily lost in the glosses of off-the-cuff comparisons.

        • Here’s a fun fact about Muhammad and his magic horse. Which of course was entirely a dream that he flew to the Temple Mount and that is Muslim entire claim to Jerusalem. The horse had a name. Barak

        • Not quite. Granted Christianity has a more rational base than some other religions as it happened in historical times , the record if only do to the passage of time is sketchy

          However no one can prove they saw a resurrection only what they thought was a resurrection. People right now every day come back from injuries as bad as or worse than Jesus had but we can’t rightly claim magic

          Also as the Old Testament is a required part of Christianity bat least it was in my day

          Huge parts of that are outright myth and the best evidence is that the entire story of Exodus is myth and Genesis is an outright fairy tale

          • Don’t mix up evangelical Christianity with actual Christianity that commands us to reason and prove. The former is completely emotion based, as is shown by most congregations complete acceptance of equalitarianism and immigration.

          • I’m not

            No one can prove the central tenant of Christianity, the Resurrection much less the more abstract things like the existence of Sin or Jehovah being the actual creator

            It still requires faith

            Practiced properly Christianity is an excellent religion however and even its crappier forms aren’t too bad however

            The West can only survive with folk religions or Christianity. Nothing else will work.

          • No one knows that for certain . Its an article of faith.

            There are even a few scholars who question the existence of Jesus as the Gospels show him or other facets and these are not all anti Christian ones.

            I do not agree myself but its a thing.

            Christianity may be more rational than some religions and a damn sight better than most. Its still requires faith over proof which is fine. People need something to believe in

            cue Poison


          • By the same standards of evidence applied to all ancient documents.

            Find me ANY other historic fact of the Roman age attested by four (and actually more than four) roughly contemporaneous accounts. Good luck.

      • No healthy system of belief is based on ‘facts and reason’. That’s an Enlightenment conceit which has led to nightmares.

        Take it easy on the Evangelicals; they don’t kill people.

    • It’s a very old phrase that means the same thing as “dyed-in-the-wool.” You don’t need to read a book; just know American English. I’m assuming you are a “visitor.”

    • True believers have broken minds — their infinite utopia does not and cannot exist but outweighs every fact and prevents the use of logic.

  20. “It’s how sensible elites maintain order.”

    Anyone on here know any sensible elites? I’d like to contact them.

    • Funny you should ask. I am friends with some uppercrust super wealthy “elites” through a hobby of mine. I was having lunch with a couple of them when a local (((business))) man came by our table to kiss their asses a little bit. Their demeanor went from friendly to curt quick. The quote: “that’s why we don’t let them the club”. And by club they mean the high end country club whose initiation fee is more than I could make in a lifetime, and I do OK. The club let a black dude in though.

        • I met the black dude they let in and he is on the far end of the curve, and a nice enough guy, but honestly, it was strategic tokenism.

    • Sometime long ago the sensible thing for the elite to do is to surrender. Too much to lose or just don’t care? Doesn’t really matter.

      • It’s like the question they ask about cuckservatives like Jeff Flake. “Is he stupid or gullible?” And the answer is: “What difference does it make?”

    • The Swiss. With the exception of one Central Banker a few years back, they are usually sensible enough to keep so far in the background as to be anonymous.

  21. Words have consequences….. free speech or not. Racist hate speech have no place in our society even under the blanket of the first ammendment….. especially por the purpose of “entertainment”. Say what you want and if what you say has consequences, own those consequenses. Be kind and respectful to one another…… it’s really not that hard.

    Just remember, a Nazi has no place in civilized society. You’ve no right to debate, no right to discussion, nothing. We literally fought a war over it and we’ll do it again if necessary. It’s time to get back in your holes and be quiet. I know you think Trump is your great white knight, but he’s not. You’ll never have any claim on America. The south will never rise again. It’s over.

    he named his show ‘the Daily Shoah’ ffs. His employers do not have to have a guy like this representing them. Free speech and free market means the market doesn’t support outright bigots who boast of unprofessional job performances. That he would even fantasize doing so means that he is a risk to the community. Screw this guy!

      • These twats who go around saying “speech has consequences” always seem to forget that “consequences” can ALSO have consequences.

    • Troll or satire, Ben is actually right in a sense. We can’t exist in the same society.

      The other white tribe truly believes that white identity and the desire of some whites to associate with their own people is an abomination, something beyond the pale of a civilized society.

      The idea of a group of whites freely discussing racial differences and choosing to set up a white community within the overall society is simply not tolerable. We cannot be allowed to operate within that society.

      In their minds, we’re no different than a pedophile. We viscerally disgust them – and, again in their minds, for very good reason. Would you allow a guy who openly discusses his desire to have sex with little boys to be an EMT in your area, even if he promised to be professional on the job. Of course not.

      Yes, I get that pedophilia is illegal while having racial opinion is not, but that doesn’t matter to these guys. It’s the same in their eyes, and if the law won’t put you jail, they’ll make damn sure that you are destroyed in other ways.

      We need to remember how we are viewed by the other side. They won’t quite because we ask them nicely.

    • So does that mean that you oppose the terms “white privilege,” “implicit bias,” “institutional racism,” etc? Or do you think those are “real things” rather than anti-white racist hate speech?

      • I’ve always found that the reply to accusations of “White Privilege”
        are best met by
        Oh, you mean White Heritage, where I adhere to the beliefs behaviors and attitudes that my people developed over centuries and which built the modern word?

    • Can you see it? Little bitchy Benny dressed up………. as Kirk on………. the bridge of the Enterprise, lecturing ………… himself in…….. the mirror and……..

    • fyi: I recognize the above as a pastiche of comments, by “Benjamin” (and others?) on the WSLS article linked to by zman.

  22. Watched most of the exchange. What’s interesting is that Chairman Boyce very quickly moved from what McNabb said to statement after statement about how great a person Boyce is and was. I saved blacks in Africa, etc.

    Also, when McNabb points out that it’s comedy and a fictional character, Boyce repeatedly shoots back that McNabb shouldn’t even think these thoughts. Orwell’s name is thrown around too much in my opinion, but in this case, it fits.

    The truth is that the different white tribes hate each other. There’s no chance for reconciliation. We need a divorce.

    • People like Boyce will never leave us alone. They view as their purpose in life to ram their views down our throats often at the point of a gun or some other form of extortion.

      IOW the only we get a divorce is when people like Boyce stop breathing.

  23. Have you noticed that these leftists, though always accusing us of hate, are on fire with one thousand times the hate of any of our guys? A classic example of the “liberals always project” rule.

    And when people don’t suppress their hate, but instead support it with sanctimony and rationalizations, that’s dangerous. And in the end, I suspect, they may turn us into the haters they always said we were.

    • Read the comments by Benjamin on the article linked ( a fellow lunatic) by the Zman. I think the term for him is cognitive dissonance.

    • I’m a hater. When I think about Justine Damond getting shot and killed by an enricher or James Fields going to jail for life or think about Tucker Carlson’s beautiful children who the left hates not just because they’re his but because they’re beautiful, I hate them back.

      • The trial presumably wasn’t fair but Fields deserved his sentences. Save your advocacy for those who’ve suffered actual injustices (the KKK guy who drove off flamethrower man, the League of the South guys attacked at the garage…).

        • Puh-leez grandpa… 411 years in prison for vehicular manslaughter (and even that is questionable). He deserved to do time but the sentence was outrageous and egregious.

          That was a fucking show trial in a kangaroo court. You, boomer, are a HUGE part of the problem. Your generation has screwed us and goofballs like you still haven’t gotten the memo apparently.

    • they’ve done it to me.I’m turned, i’m old, and ready to take some with me — big C and a mound of smoking brass >>> just big C!

  24. I heard Goad interview McNabb and he came off as a very knowledgeable professional in his field. He is definitely a smart guy, one just has to get past his physical appearance.

    Good for him to fight this. You mentioned he is a volunteer, so this is not his regular job?

    • I’m not entirely clear on this. The ambulance company is called a “volunteer” company, but they may have paid employees.

      • Lot of times it’s a mix of vollies, paid-on-call and full time paid. Was volunteer Fire/EMS for years. Funny thing is, even in “vibrant” areas the bulk of guys are white, not all that personally enthusiastic about the natives, but never saw an instance where that affected service. Even in one of the vibrant adjacent cities next door, where we routinely mutual aided their chronically understaffed paid department, we’d never hesitate even though we had to ride “heavy” with an extra guy just to watch over the rig so everything didn’t get stripped off it.

        • The county McNabb works in is (according to wikileftopedia) 91% white and 6% black, with a smattering of other vibrancy.

        • Just yesterday I came across an article saying that firefighter is among the Whitest and malest of all professions — Whiter and maler than police or military combat arms (both of which are very White male). Unfortunately, I can’t remember on which site I read it!

          • I think yer lyin’. The TV is telling me that at 25% are women – and of the rest at least 50% are black.

          • Yep. In one of the cities next in our county, they eliminated the criminal conviction disqualified to get more vibrancy. All that happened was the guys we sent up the FTC for the FF I&II classes complained they had to put locks lockers provided since shit kept getting stolen. When I went through you could leave anything out and no one would touch it. Only place safer from pilferage was a shooting range.

      • At your prompting I looked up a story on this at WSLS.com. McNabb was described as paid part-time.

  25. Old people with nothing to lose need to stand up. I’ve tried talking to the old man, who they can’t do anything to, to go to these open meetings in his town and be, “that guy”.
    I spent my summers on a farm, and there was a salty old ex ww2 vet, mussel fisherman, electrician, and farmer in his late eighties down the road that got into it with local cops and “hunters”/trespassers. The cops came to his house and threatened him, the salty old fuck, no shit, this is a quote, told the cops: “I’m eighty nine years old, my wife is dead, I’ve lived the best part of my life, and I’ll take you sonofabitches with me”. They left him alone.

      • I miss that old man. He used to come get me and pay me to help him work around his farm. Every summer from about the age of nine until I went to College. We blew up stumps and beaver damns. No idea where he got the dynamite. “Farmer’s luck boy, bull calves and daughters”. We were walking to the barn one day and his wife was working in the garden and waved at him from a distance. “Whatever you do boy, make sure you marry a good hoer hahaha”. Didn’t get it until years later. Drove all damn night to make his funeral. They buried him in his Sunday best bib overalls. Those fuckers wouldn’t put up with today’s shit.

        It’s funny what sticks with you.

    • Nice of you to sign up the AARP crowd to fight your battles tough guy.

      We’ll step up when we see your bright shiny faces going out there and hunting down some of the elites and their tools. Until then, learn to HTFU.

      Look dealing with Anti-fa is simple, if they threaten and harass you and try to destroy your life. You fight back and use every dirty trick in the book. If you don’t know them go read George Hayduke.

      BTW that old guy you mentioned. with today’s police, he’d arrested on the spot, trussed up, stripped of any guns in his house and broke.,

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