24 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to…(damn..can’t use yet “fellow travelers” or “it takes a village” or “my collective.” Am dusting off and practicing totalitarian phrases for the dark days coming.)
    Merry Christmas to ALL… now that’ s better. Hang on to the rudder throughout this New Year. Going to be a rough ride.Thank You Z for all you do and bringing us together! Wishing you strong health and moments of contentment.

    • In the name of God, The Derb, Vox Day, Greg Cochran, Audascious Epigone, Heartiste, Spandrell, and the European peoples may we one day slake our thirst with the blood of sjw’s, toasting ourselves from cups made of their skulls on mountains of their charred bones. Deus Vult Gentlemen.

  2. Merry Christmas Z. As an aside I work in retail, was in a large shopping centre yesterday where there was a karaoke to raise funds for the Carmelite Lourdes pilgramage, being hogged by a fat guy with jet black slicked hair and grey eyebrows. I went to the cashier who had a strained look on her face. Eastern European girl. Asked her how her day was, she pounted subtly at the fat guy’ Thats my day, four fuckin hours ‘. Bless her. Hope everyone here had s better one.

  3. Merry Christmas, Zman! Thanks for your fascinating blog, shot through with style and intelligent, creative commentary.

  4. Thank you, Zman, for posting this link, and Merry Christmas!
    Not trying to be snarky, but wasn’t Elvis an early sign of the decline of American culture? Many parents were outraged by his performances. Maybe they had a point.

    • So much we pine for as innocent today was not seen so at the time. Pelvis with his gyrating hips–it was a step in the negrification of American culture. The Blacktivists have a point when they complain that he basically took the Negro’s act and Whitened it up for mass consumption. Once upon a time jazz was seen as a terrible affront to decency. Nice White girls smoking reefer with Negro jazzmen, in their new, skimpy dresses, dancing like tribesmen.

      Sorry for the “bah, humbug,” guys. Merry Christmas!

    • Every person who warned of the degeneracy of Elvis, or jazz, has been proven correct beyond their wildest prognostications. Yet almost no one in the past who supported the degeneracy of their times, like Elvis, would have chosen the culture we have now, with Miley Cyprus and Desmond the boy f@cktoy. The supporters of the current degeneracy always say that their transgressions will not progress any further and they always do.

      Is it possible that 1950s America could have enjoyed Elvis’s sublime singing without his hip thrusts and n3grophilia?

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