Most people think democracy means the people get to vote on who holds office and what laws get passed. Government by the people and majority rule, at least when it comes to elections and referendums. Not so long ago, serious types would correct someone if they said America was a democracy. They would say it is a republic, not a democracy, which is technically correct. Civic nationalists will still do this whenever someone says America is a democracy, even though the term has become ubiquitous.

Putting aside the linguistic issues, most people think of democracy as something close to the Merriam-Webster definition, “a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.” The people have the final say on who holds office and by extension, what they do while in office. The government is controlled by the people, through an orderly process of elections and referendums.

The people in charge, however, have a different definition of democracy. They look at democracy as a thing, rather than a process. When they speak of democracy, they are talking about the offices and institutions they control, both official and unofficial. The media, for example, is an unofficial part of the democracy. The array of non-profits and think tanks are part of the democracy. The entirety of the managerial state is this thing they call democracy, which is why they endlessly talk about the need to defend it.

For example, this story in Foreign Policy magazine is about how Denmark’s use of computer software to manage welfare benefits is a threat to liberal democracy. The authors use the term in the way in which normal people would use it. They provide an example of how one municipality is using “a system that would use algorithms to identify children at risk of abuse, allowing authorities to target the flagged families for early intervention that could ultimately result in forced removals.”

In order for these systems to work, the state needs access to all sorts of data that not so long ago was assumed to be outside the scope of government. Think about what the state would need to know about “the children at risk” in order to know they are at risk. Most of what would be useful is the sort of information, people in liberal democracies think is none of the government’s business. Then there is the notion that the state has the right to involve itself in the affairs of citizens, before they do something wrong.

Notice too the shift in language. Those inclined to dystopian views like to use the word “pre-crime” to define this sort of thing, but it is actually worse. The new class thinks they need to intervene in your life before you do something wrong, which is different than preventing crime. What the Danish state is up to is intervening in the lives of citizens before they act in a way that may be legal but not in their interests. The state now has a monopoly on morality, in addition to a monopoly on violence.

As the authors point out, the core assumption of liberal democracy has always been that the state must be restrained. This is described as negative liberty. The state is out of the way of the people, who are then free to pursue their interests. It’s why the US Constitution narrowly describes the role of each branch of government. It’s also why there is a bill of rights, which describes broad spheres into which the state is prohibited. In theory, the government is like a dog on a leash. It can only go where the leash permits.

What’s happened in the last several decades in the West is a subtle shift away from negative liberty to positive liberty. This is the claim that to be free, a person must be self-determined, able to control their own destiny in their own interests. For example, an addict is not free because they are a slave to the drug. A black person, despite equality before the law, is not free due to white racism and the legacy of slavery. The state may not be placing obstacles in their way, but the person is not in control of their destiny.

The role of the state, therefore, is not to stay out of the way, but to intercede in order to clear these limits on the citizen’s ability to fulfill their potential. That’s why the Danish government just assumes it is their duty to meddle in the personal lives of citizens. They are not violating their rights. Instead they are helping them reach their potential, by preventing them from doing things that are not in their interests. In the case of family life, it means stopping people from being bad parents or bad examples to their children.

It’s why the new class is in such a panic over the rise of populist movements in the West and willing to use totalitarian means to suppress them. From their perspective, these forces are a threat to democracy, because they are the democracy. The new class, this consolidating class of people at the top of politics, administration, finance, business and the law, are the indispensable class. Without them, there is no democracy, because there is no one to structure your life so you can reach your fullest potential.

It’s also why they are prone to blaming the super natural for observable phenomenon like racial inequality or the differences in the sexes. When you eliminate the natural explanations for why blacks have different life outcomes than whites, then you are left with the supernatural. White privilege is just another way of blaming bad juju. The same is true of “gun violence” which shifts agency from the trigger puller to the object. These various bogeymen become an explanation and a rallying cry for the new class.

More ominous is how the new class, at least in America, is slowly coming to the conclusion that the reason the new citizens are not reaching their potential is that the old citizens have a mystical power source. The mere presence of legacy Americans, minding their own business, living their lives, is bad for the new citizens. After all, that is the definition of white privilege. There can be only one solution to that problem. That probably explains why the Sackler family walks free. They are the sword of democracy.

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  1. You need speed breaks between the state & you – Tribe.

    Has europe had a regime where the common man has any dignity, since christianity destroyed tribes – no.

    Tri-functional hypothesis.

  2. Did no on notice that the article expressing concern over a welfare state action written by two academics from a Danish university who are absolutely in love with liberal democracy are an African and an East Asian?

    Is Denmark so short of people with a hint of scepticism about government interventionism that they have to import these, too?

  3. Underlying the move to positive liberty is the concept that our overlords are capable, if we are controlled, of creating a paradise on earth. Who are we to stop paradise from being created?

    One of the few bright spots of the rise of Trump has been our overlords loudly proclaiming their hatred of us. Even the denser proles are starting to see that the elite and would be elite despise us and feel they deserve to rule us.

    The Jews have become particularly blunt about how much they hate us and want us to die off. Most whites can’t allow themselves to notice that yet but the word is getting out there. This causes the Jews to implement more censorship because goys cannot be allowed to notice that the Jews are telling goys they hate them. “We hate you goys!” “That is anti Semitic that you think we hate you!”

  4. Not taking your point re: the Sacklers. Are you saying that they’re permitted to operate because their drugs are killing off rural whites?

  5. America is no longer a Constitutional Republic….if it ever really was one. And it’s not really a democracy which the US War College defines as “mob rule at the ballot box”. What we are saddled with is an “Oligarchic Kleptocracy” where a handful of unelected power brokers loot the wealth of the country.

  6. “There can be only one solution to that problem.”


    What’s terrifying is that the elimination of white people is the obvious, logical conclusion when you start with premise that there all peoples/groups are equally capable and whites are the cause of any inequalities. You can’t escape it.

    White racism – whether conscious or unconscious – is preventing blacks, Hispanics, etc. for performing better. Whites stop blacks and browns from achieving a higher standard of living. Whites keep them out of jobs. We destroy their culture through racism, which causes their higher crime rate. Our racism literally kills blacks and browns, even if we’re not the ones pulling the trigger.

    White racism is holding the entire world back and causing the deaths of thousands of blacks and browns and that’s just in the United States. This is horrific and must stop.

    Whites have been trying to reform themselves for more than 50 years and have failed. We’re now simply recycling old programs to eliminate white racism. If they didn’t work in the 1970s and 1990s, why do we think that they’ll work today. Whites simply won’t give up their racism – and that racism is preventing millions, if not billions, of people from achieving better lives and causes the deaths of thousands, if not tens of thousands, every year.

    What is the logical conclusion from that line of thought? To me, it’s pretty obvious: White people need to be eliminated, either by killing them or having them breed out of existence.

    You can’t get around that conclusion.

  7. When they ask at the pediatrician’s office, “Any guns in the home?”, I wonder how that is any business of theirs. Maybe should I ask them, “How many drinks to you have each week?” or “Are your currently taking any pain medications, legally or illegally?”. It is my business to know that my child’s health care providers are not substance abusers.

    • Kentucky Headhunter: Next time your pediatrician’s office asks this question, just tell them, “Yes, but, it’s O.K., because I keep the children locked-up.” That will take end the questioning.

  8. Indeed, in order to reach their fullest potential cattle must be fattened and slaughtered. The system of new “democrats” described by Zman is the ultimate objectification of the human person and a triumph of materialism. The Founders understood that equality meant the right to be as idle and stupid as a person desired, but the consequences were as unavoidable as the free choices that yielded them. And that history has unceasingly taught that some people are fit only to be slaves.

  9. Look. The French figured out how to deal with there “masters” in the 1790’s. You remember. Big blade. Two uprights. Then KILL THEM ALL. From the highest unto the lowest. Kill them. KILL THEM ALL. KILL THEM NOW. They cannot try to rule you from a pit.

    • You can tell how well that worked out by what a bastion of freedom and liberty modern-day France is and has been since the time of the revolution.

      • Liberté, égalité, fraternité mean different things to the French than us.

        Also it would be wise to realize essentially no one outside of the Anglo Saxon world and only parts of that wants the kind of society we promulgated in the past.

        They want and expect to be governed and ruled and when we get in the way of that we cause more trouble than its worth

        There ways are not our ways

        • There are few cultures on Earth that are as intellectually intertwined with the Anglo world as the French. Maybe the Germanic nations. Our various philosophers, leaders and political writers all read each other, shared a religion, bred with each other, (and, yes, fought each other), and worked from each other from Roman times. The French frame of mind is not so alien to ours.

    • Most of those French lefties were sadistic monsters. They once grabbed a perfectly innocent old aristocrat and guillotined his entire family in front of him…starting with his 12 year old grandson…and then killed the old gentleman last. Yeah, that’s who they were. And there were far worse incidents than that.

      • If you want to make sure people don’t get back into power or aren’t a threat later you often have to do some bad things.

        Its standard tribal/ pre modern warfare shocking from a supposedly Christian nation against other Christians but bog standard for much of history.

        Also let me ask you.. Who won and is still in charge?

        Thought so.

        In any case the lefties were correct in the assertion that individualized punishment is largely ineffective against the elite or their institutions. You punish an entire tribe .

        Sometimes you get lucky and don’t have to but firebombing Dresden and nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki with its mass civilian casualties did more to end the war than solider to soldier fights

        Its also not entirely opposed to our values either if you read the old testament but that is neither here nor there.

        Its ugly but its not special

  10. The sociopathic Sackler clan deserves bullets behind the ears; in minecraft of course. My wife is a physician. At one point she was recruited by a pain clinic. The hours were great, the money was fantastic. I sat her down and explained that her soul was in grave danger…. and i’m an atheist. People are dropping like flies from ODs my region of the country. I’m spooked.

  11. I love the old quote usually attributed to Alexander Tytler (whoever he was): “A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.” As Tim Newman said upthread, democracy is a means, not an end. Historically, it was a means — seen as the best means — of legitimizing a State. These days, I bet not 1 person in 10,000 has any idea what the word “legitimacy” means in this context, much less has any idea why it’s necessary. I guess the tl;dr is “once again, a Dead White Male said it centuries ago” and “we’re screwed.”

    • White men have not been the ones primarily responsible for voting for all the government gibs. Single women, the Chosen and our replacements are the big champions of government as a sugar daddy. That makes sense because Democratic Socialism in the US is simply a way to vote to redistribute white male wealth, status and quality of life to every other group.

  12. Government is a living thing, a multi-cellular entity that behaves like all living things on the planet. It’s highest priority is it’s own survival and the more you feed it, the more it thrives and grows. Over time, all governments morph from referee, to busybody, to gangster. The US federal government is now openly, flagrantly, and unabashedly corrupt because it holds enough power to flaunt it’s true self and not worry about the consequences. It will grow like a cancer until something stops it or everything dies (end of empire). It will not go quietly into that good night.

    • The Danes and the rest of Scandinavia are “happy” because they drink the most alcohol and consume the most antidepressants of anybody on the planet.

  13. Re:
    ” The role of the state, therefore, is not to stay out of the way, but to intercede in order to clear these limits on the citizen’s ability to fulfill their potential. ”

    Nancy Pelosi illustrated this point pretty clearly when she made those idiotic comments back around the time of the passing of the Obamacare bill – when she said something along the lines of how now that everybody has healthcare – they’re going to be free to go out and be artists and musicians and social workers – or some other such nonsense (I don’t remember the exact quote).

    I laughed out loud at the time when I heard her say that – it was a perfect example of how truly insane these people are. And there’s multiple levels to the insanity.

  14. My main issue with how people speak about democracy is many don’t understand it is a means to an end, but think it an end in itself. Hence when Hamas lost its funding after winning the Gaza elections people complained, because they thought provided something has happened democratically it must by default be virtuous. That democracies can produce appalling results is the flip side of the fact that dictatorship can have upsides. Unless democracy is producing decent results, it’s not working.

  15. Tyranny doesn’t generally happen overnight. We started with “equality under the law,” “equal opportunities,” and now we’re on equal results. Americans drank the equality Kool-Aid. Now any group difference (when I was a kid we were supposed to judge people individually) is seen as prima facie evidence of discrimination.

    Even having too many men in the fire department is seen as discriminatory because women are now deemed “just as strong as men.” The level of lying to preserve the fantasy of equality is reaching dizzing heights.

    You also have the collapse of church authority vis-a-vis family and personal issues. What churches and charities used to take care of is now in the hands of government bureaucrats, a government which is further and further removed from life among the plebes. They apply their bizarre theories they learned from their CultMarx professors and you get our current dystopia.

    • “The level of lying to preserve the fantasy of equality is reaching dizzing heights.”

      The media and the educational system have created an alternative reality that bears little relationship to the reality in which the masses live. This manufactured reality is like Bizarro world in the superman comics. Reality and Bizarro world are 180 degrees apart.

      Thus the need to censor social media because this fantasy can only be kept up if the megaphone is the sole property of the elites. It is also why humor is such a threat. The elite use the granting of status as an incentive to go under their spell and that is starting to work with middle class suburbanites. That status will not be desirable if the elite are turned into laughing stocks

  16. “The Danish government just assumes it is their duty to meddle in the personal lives of citizens.”

    But since the left has abandoned any but the flimsiest pretense of neutral political principles, and has shifted almost entirely to who-whom race war, the power to meddle will be from the start, albeit always under some euphemistic pretext, abused for the purpose of smashing down political/racial enemies.

    In the U.K., for example, the despicable Rotherham council (the very same people who helped cover up the rampant Muslim rape of white children) forcibly removed three white children from their white foster parents’ home because the parents supported UKIP. The council cited the parents’ opposition to the “active promotion of multiculturalism,” not any parental neglect in the traditional sense, as their reason.

    (Strangely, after a huge public outcry, the government said the couple could adopt new kids, but not get the original three back.)

    That was simply state kidnapping, state terrorism. Expect to see more. But how much more can people take?

  17. I think it is unavoidable that intervention in the “personal sphere” will increase as a result of welfare statism. If we cannot eliminate SNAP without fear of riots (we’ll find out in a month if the shutdown continues) it’s not unreasonable to demand BMI auditing and sumptuary laws. We’ve accepted the legitimacy of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis surtaxes. A “sugar tax” and a “meat tax” are likely to be implemented in some developed country in the next decade.

    • For people who read sites like this, it might be easier to spot. But out there in Normieville, it might be subtle–or even invisible. That’s why we’ve got to spread the word and help people see what’s going on.

      • Yeah, I doubt most people notice this stuff. Look at something easy like “illegal alien” becoming “undocumented guest worker.” Even when it is pointed out, most people don’t quite grasp the implications. Thee shift from illegal alien to guest worker is not just an effort to normalize, it is an effort to sacralize. Hence the follow on cry of “we need these workers for the economy!” We quickly go from burdensome law breakers to economic saviors beyond scrutiny.

        • Thank you, Mr. Z, for including that article about the Sackler family. I live in the greater Sodom-on-the-Potomac (TM) area, and have heard of the Arthur Sackler Gallery.
          I am reading that article today, and have saved it for future reference.
          So very interesting!

        • What on earth would the folks in Alexandria, Georgetown, etc etc do if they didn’t have their indentured servants working their lands and coding their computers? They’re above those menial tasks – they are idea people! Juanita even gets 4 hours every other Sunday off!

      • More books and articles….It’s a great way to stay in touch with our movement, within our movement. But how effective at awakening normies is this if it’s all we do?

        A great opportunity has been thrown into our laps: the Dem takeover of the House of Reps. One week and they’re already off the rails. The old guard has to walk on egg shells within their own caucus. We should be lighting fires under these clowns daily.

        Books and blogs are great, but at this point they are for the most part preaching to the choir. If we are going to grow at a meaningful rate some form of public activism (principled, humorous, constant and spontaneous) is necessary. Normies don’t need arguments they need to see our enemies, especially their bioweapons, unleashed in all their glory.

        A card left here and there with a quip, A casual remark dropped in conversation that can reframe what many take for granted, putting small “propaganda” stickers on advertisements that peddle poz. There’s a guy who goes by the moniker “Wrath of Gnon” who post pictures of the world we’ve all but lost with a to the point blurb on them. I print them out and leave some here and there when I go out. Be discrete and you’ll be more effective.

        We have the numbers to do this sort of thing. Probably in the millions. It would drive our masters and their minions to foolish extremes.

        At some point we’ll need some form of group action. Depending upon how it goes for Trump the next couple of years, maybe a Euro-American Peoples campaign for civil rights: freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of unlawful search and seizure…a campaign based on an interpretation of the Bill or Rights that our grandfathers and great grandfathers would understand.

        • We live in a society where six media conglomerates and five tech companies control the news flow. The only thing slowing them is that the three telecoms are still regulated.

          AOC benefits whenever clueless Boomer conservatives rip her. And I don’t exactly have a problem with billionaires paying higher taxes, I want many of them making aliyah.

          The best thing our movements can do IMO, is play dead for the time being. No publicly announced events, ever. Let the left start fighting among itself. Convince any normiecons you know to delete their social media accounts.

          • Well, here’s one Boomer that….frankly, my dear, does not give a damn about that young twit Occasional Cortex. I put her on “ignore” right around Christmas and will keep her there. Soon Pelosi & Co. will squash her like a bug.

          • Spot on. OC is a wrecking ball that Pelosi can’t touch without looking like a racist. So it’s hands off on this Marxist devil as she stirs up the ethnics and terrorizes the elderly whites running the Democratic party and they are very elderly.

            It couldn’t happen to a better bunch.

        • Put on a $5 yellow vest. Buy a couple for friends. Give them to ordinary people “for safety”. If enough of them start showing up it will get noticed.

  18. Just when you think Z can’t top himself, he does. I’m going to have to buy stock in a paper company, for all the articles I print out and pass around.
    You are opening eyes Z. One at a time.

      • Totally agree. Z’s essays are cogent, lucid, persuasive, — and fairly brief and to the point. A 150-page or so hard copy “Best of Z” anthology would do wonders to making converts to the Only Realistic Point of View Remaining. Wouldn’t take hardly any editorial work, either — this is some really tight writing.

        And besides, he’s got the voice to do his own audiobook.

        Even better would be a Zman / Sailer / Derbyshire anthology called something like, “What Sane People Think”.

  19. Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy In America Book II Volume IV “What sort of Despotism Democratic nations Have to Fear”……

    ” Above this race of men stands an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications and to watch over their fate. That power is absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild. It would be like the authority of a parent if, like that authority, its object was to prepare men for manhood; but it seeks, on the contrary, to keep them in perpetual childhood: it is well content that the people should rejoice, provided they think of nothing but rejoicing. For their happiness such a government willingly labors, but it chooses to be the sole agent and the only arbiter of that happiness; it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their necessities, facilitates their pleasures, manages their principal concerns, directs their industry, regulates the descent of property, and subdivides their inheritances: what remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living?

    Thus it every day renders the exercise of the free agency of man less useful and less frequent; it circumscribes the will within a narrower range and gradually robs a man of all the uses of himself. The principle of equality has prepared men for these things;it has predisposed men to endure them and often to look on them as benefits.

    After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp and fashioned him at will, the supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.

    I have always thought that servitude of the regular, quiet, and gentle kind which I have just described might be combined more easily than is commonly believed with some of the outward forms of freedom, and that it might even establish itself under the wing of the sovereignty of the people. “

    • A lot has changed since Alexis de Tocqueville made his observations. Rotten Chestnuts featured a good post recently in which he observed that Marx was correct that societies organize around the means of production. (He was wrong about everything else.) Early America was a nation of small farmers, craftsmen and merchants. Almost all citizens had a stake in the future of their communities, or they had skin in the game–so to speak. Today’s America bears little resemblance to that economic system, and a republican form of government can no longer function. The demotic element simply becomes a battle between propagandists to determine who gets strip mining rights to the legacy of a once great nation.

      • I couldn’t have expressed it better. The US civil war destroyed our republic and it’s not coming back. We have to face facts and plan accordingly.

        • We don’t need the old Republic back anyway, it can’t work. We have to adapt which can be the hardest thing in the world for Conservatives

          That Republic as configured could not have survived modernity in any form. It was designed for a rural pre industrial nation with minimal involvement in the affairs of other peoples and limited immigration

          Slavery was the first rot since it enshrined into our national consciousness that we were entitled to cheap labor if not slaves, convicts, pressed men than Chinese or Irish

          The Second was immigration and the 3rd Interventionism

          Beyond that the natural progress in technology made it so neither minarchy not a State driven system would be effective anyway

          Its simply not possible to run a high tech society on the cheap or without a fairly complex bureaucracy, the friction between the need for more profits by business and the needs of the citizenry is too great

          A properly configured State must be the mediator and must force companies to act in the public good, to not pollute or abuse workers and to make sure that workers have the means to support a family and to take part in prosperity gains if only so there will be more profits

          Natural human shortsightedness and greed will ensure that the cardinal rule of economics, wages are markets and profits will be violated six ways to Sunday

          That violation is a huge chunk of why the US fertility rate is so low, no money no babies and this being you know 2019 will not just pop out kids so the elite can exploit them, they just opt out

          The rest is social which is for another post but a social fix isn’t going to happen enough to make the fertility rate rise and no wistful hope for collapse will make it happen.

          • I left unwritten much of what you assert. But it goes without saying that the industrial revolution destroyed many of the assumptions intellectuals like Jefferson and Madison had taken for granted. Calhoun was astute enough to realize it, and he warned Southerners shortly before his death that if they were determined on secession, they would have to move quickly before the growing industrial North made such a move impossible. That the old Republic was destroyed was as much a result of economic revolution as anything, war or no war. Commodity prices, for example, drifted downward for over fifty years following the war. Modern communications and new trading methods placed the bankers in the driver’s seat. And even if the Confederates had been successful, a reckoning with modernity would have been necessary very soon thereafter.

          • And now multiply that by 1000 or more with computers, CRISPR, robotics, neural networks and AI.

            A human focused society in the face of that technology requires more effort than people are willing or able to give and that will screw us.

            Now in a couple of hundred or more years we’ll enter the deep post industrial age but that is a long while off and preserving our people’s for that age requires effort now.

            The US however is not capable of it. We can’t even govern effectively or in good faith as this shutdown shows. And note is causing huge chaos where I live, despite what some on our side wants to think, this shutdown is not a good thing and despite what the media wants you to think, its entirely on the House to fix it.

            I suspect the Democrats figured they’d get the Senate too and could just go impeach President Trump and maybe V.P. Pence or force him to resign and just rule as they see fit

            It was a stupid plan on its face and risks well the entire union. So we get this bullshit

            I can’t imagine how bad it will be when the reserve currency money stops and people refuse to pay taxes

            A continuance of lack of adulting does of course allow us the rocket train to the 3rd world option but that is far from pleasant, The upside if any is I suppose that we will quoth JM Greer here, will have already collapsed and can avoid the rush

        • Gore Vidal claimed Lincoln was our Caesar for that reason.

          A remote bureaucracy ruling over us was more tolerable when those remote rulers looked like us and could pretend to care about us. Now that illusion has been shattered and they openly hate us while looking different than us. This makes the red states less invested in the federal rule which is why some of the more practical minds in the Democratic party would like a white man to run in 2020. They feel it is easier to preach hate against us and work against our interests when it is one of our own doing so.

      • No, nothing has changed since Tocqueville wrote this He predicted our current state of evolution in astounding detail The reason Tocqueville could see the future when others could not is because he alone sought see the past so unflinchingly.

        • Tocqueville also had firsthand eyewitness knowledge of a rapidly evolving situation — his crystal ball thereby clear, his social trajectories evident, his eyes sharp.

  20. What is the difference between a slave, a ward, and a prisoner? There are differences, but these three share in the fact that they are not free. Chattel slavery is over, and no one seriously argues for its return; however, every society has a subset of people who do not have the intelligence, foresight, and judgement to run their own lives–never-mind vote. What is to be done with those who lack agency? Court decisions over forty years ago emptied the mental institutions so that mentally incapacitated people must now liver under overpasses. A huge percentage of the young, black male population resides in prison. When leftists argue that slavery never really ended, they have a point. What shall we do with the dysfunctional among us? I prefer some kind of reservation system, but there is no Andrew Jackson around to get that going.

    • I have come to believe in setting up “no-go” fenced and patrolled areas, to send people who continue to break the laws or otherwise have no impulse control. If you can’t deal with others in a normal, peaceful way, get sent to live in the “city”, where SNAP cards rule and people are free to prey on each other, unhindered. For the rest of us, simply free us of their predations. Jail, mental asylums, and a rigorous border/immigration policy used to serve the purpose, but now the powers that be use them all for introducing the bad guys to us, rather than protecting us from them.

  21. The term “democracy” is meaningless in the miasma of a multicultural empire. About the only things we peons are allowed to do at the local level is vote on local bond issues or decide which civic nationalist gets to be an assemblyman. Good government at the local level is still vital, but for how much longer? The ruling class is sucking the life out of our nationalist spirit. And when that is finally gone, the Great Replacement will roll on.

    • Kritarchy is one of the better terms to come out of our movements, a complement to the earlier term of lawfare. Populist phenomena tend to lack support by nature in the elitist legal establishment. So it is in almost every Western country that the courts are used to obstruct any action on our key issues. This despite most countries being civil law, where the ability of judges to interpret is circumscribed. Law is too important to be left up to the lawyers.

      • Yes….and as Z wrote in a previous post, if the ruling class does not like how we vote, the voting process will be held again and again and again until we vote correctly. And the Ruling class can move in one of their own judges to overthrow the election vote should we be taking too long to vote correctly. These actions continue to clear the way for the ruling class administrators to simultaneously intercede for the citizens’ ability to “fulfill their potential.” If your kids walk to school, these harpy busybodies may swoop in, snatch your kids and charge you with bad parenting, as a current example.

        • The average bureaucrat is there for the benefits, pension and inability to be fired except “for cause”. Most of there time is spent managing the underclass. The real problem is the academics and the “charitable” foundations. That’s where the real devotees of the system are found. Force the foundations to divest at 10% per annum, and force the universities to pay tax on endowments for loan repayment.

          • DeBeers and Calsdad…do understand the academics and charitable foundations are a magnitude greater ideologue. However for perspective, the bureaucrats are numerous and a pain in the arse. And not just a rectum pain, they can be life threatening. My years of life experience have given me a window into the abuse by the managerial class of “the West.” Remember the Dept of Interior upper mgmt asshole caught on tape saying, as he walked into a meeting, that when the Romans marched into town, they grabbed the first 5 men and crucified them on the spot, giving the message to the villagers, …Don’t F with us! We’ll eat your brains out on the spot! The mgmt toadie used this example to be creatively followed to make examples of ranchers who don’t immediately comply. Please look up Wayne Hage and his 25 year battle with the feds to take his ranch in Monitor Valley, 50 miles away from my old home in the center of Nevada. Peruse to get an inkling of the heel on the throat of Westerners. The feds have unlimited money to grind you down, and know that most people east of the Rockies and the cosmo cities don’t get it and aren’t interested. Okay…rant off…beg your pardon. Last year, Utah passed a state law entitled “free range parenting law to protect parents while kids roam.” Pass a law to protect parents, pass a law to admonish parents, pass a law to direct parents, etc. Maybe I’m the space alien that was brought here and dropped on my head. When I was a kid in the California hills of the Bay Area in the 1950’s my mom just shooed me out for the day. I roamed for miles in all weather. Would take naps in trees, got stuck up the ladder in a neighbor’s hay barn, during the big winter floods in the 50’s a neighbor kid and I would lower down into the raging creek and clinging to tree roots work ourselves upstream against the current, would climb the fossil ridge where all sound stopped and my ears would ring with silence and return with a 13 million year old oyster shell rock. And that gave me the drive to pursue geology. Anyway we all fell down, broke bones, tottered home with blood dripping from wounds, learned to pick up gopher snakes by the back of the head, and we all survived. When I worked at a water treatment plant a few years back, I spotted a gopher snake by the door, so I happily picked him up wrapping him around my arm and pranced in to show my guy work partners. They turned white and ran. I thought all guys knew how to pick up critters and was surprised they weren’t interested. Sigh.

        • I don’t know if this is the kind of thing that most people even notice – but for as long as I can remember the discrepancies between all the ‘rules’ that I’m supposed to follow – have completely pissed me off.

          On the one hand if I let my kids walk to school (to use your example) – I’m a bad parent. Yet if I drive them or put them on the bus – I’m a bad person because I’m destroying the environment.

          Then I’ll get yelled at because as an American – I’m wasteful and using up all the world’s energy – and destroying the environment. Yet I’m also an a-hole for not wanting to allow in tens of millions of immigrants – who will then adopt the American lifestyle – and contribute to that environment devastation.

          I’d probably be more willing to follow my “rulers” – if they weren’t so completely full of shit on so many subjects and completely lacking in any sort of comprehensive logical viewpoint on things.

    • Although I always thought Democracy was merely the camouflage, the tool by which “our” Rulers blame us for their evil actions, I’m beginning to think, like Brett Stevens @ Amerika, that we need an aristocracy. And a King! Before this lowest common denominator kakistocracy ends it all for us.

      • Kings are often poor leaders, due to the roll of the genetic die. It’s as if you bequeathed your entire nation to a drunken Rotary club gambling fund raiser. The boys that march out of the womb are often underenergized, overpartying and just plain dull, matching what you would expect when the king gets to ball the concubines.

    • Indeed it is. What the word “democracy,” means in various contexts is much less important than the structure of the oligarchy behind it.

    • Common Core has taken one of the most important and fundamental local responsibilities, school curricula, out of local hands. To be fair, it wasn’t just Common Core. That was just the last step in a process that’s been “progressing” for more than a century.

      This will not end well.

      • Know that many school systems spend money touting that they don’t use common core, even though the approved cirriculum is just like common core, down the the categorization of lessons. They truly think we are stupid and they are enlightened.

    • Not of the Right learns what it wants and how to rule than stops cucking and running.

      If you want society to be a certain way you have to force people to make it happen until its second nature, All that social capital, the religious and moral people Adams spoke of didn’t happen in a vacuum, the people were forced to behave that way or they got hanged , fined ,beaten or exiled.

      You have to be willing to do that for as long as it takes or until you can’t.

      And as for Democracy, the Constitution allows for it to be suspended . Until people get their shit in order, no Republic or Democracy. Instead you have an interregnum , one party, one people.

      Your children or grandchildren get the Republic back

      Until the Right throws away Libertarian bunk which is just a leftists camels nose under our tent anyway and embraces purposeful righteous merciful authority, it deserves to lose

      Rule or be enslaved

      First though, stop complaining and decide what the hell a Right Wing society would be like and how it would run. Have an ethos and yes a governing plan too.

      That is what you are fighting for

      Understand we haven’t even considered the problem space . Its so bad Neo Nazi groups like Northwest Front have a more workable plans than the Right

      And in case anyone is asking, I do have an after plan and an ethos. the TL:DR version “Hallmark Channel Meets Forged in Fire, Special Guest, President Pat Buchanan”

      Its obviously more complex than that but outside of Vox Day and his Deus Volt ilk, I’m pretty sure my slogan has more meat than the rest of the Right which seems to be “Leave me Alone” which is sad if you ask me.

    • So then, lift weights & prepare for war।।


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