The Conquered Man

Way back in the mists of time, alt-right pranksters on social media came up with the term “cuckservative”, which is a combination of cuckold and conservative. They started calling the National Review type of conservatives this on Twitter and Facebook. It was one of those amusing episodes that revealed the gap between the fantasy world in which conservative writers live and the real world outside. None of them initially got the joke or they assumed it did not apply to them, so it made for a week of good gags.

The reason the term was so effective is that is crystallized a reality of the modern conservative intellectual. They are toadies of the Left. Just as a cuckold is a man, who is so completely dominated by his woman that he allows her to carry on with other men, the conservative intellectual is thoroughly dominated by the Left. So much so he willingly submits himself to humiliation on cable chat shows. Worse yet, like the cuckold, the modern conservative endorses and defends the relationship.

What made the gag even more effective is that once these conservative opinion makers were informed of what it meant, we got the old familiar sneer from them. This is where they crinkle up their noses like they caught wind of a bad odor and pretend they are offended by the mere presence of the people mocking them. David French was the most hilarious, as he was one of the last to figure it out. When he did, he went full-on Daffy Duck. The poster child for cuckservatism managed to agree and amplify the insult.

The worthlessness of conservatism, the professional variety at least, is one of the first steps people make along the way toward the dissident right. Today, someone who listens to Ben Shapiro is someone you know is trapped in a forgotten age. They may as well be wearing denim leisure suits and listening to disco. As far as a political movement, it was always a sham, but as a cultural force it at least served as a rallying point. Today, to be a conservative is to be, at best, the house slave who relishes his servitude.

The thing about the cuck label is it implies there is a possibility for the cuck to wake up from his degraded condition and reclaim himself. He literally stops being a cuckservative, as soon as he lifts his eyes and stops bowing and scraping to the Left. There are, after all, a lot of former cucks in the alt-right. There are lots of former conservatives in the dissident right. These are people who saw where they were headed, gathered themselves, and made the trip to this side of the great divide.

The thing is though, there are some people who cannot be saved. They can never reclaim themselves, because they have become so degraded there is nothing left to reclaim or they never had the will to stand alone. There is safety in being a supplicant, so they habituate themselves to that life until they can no longer imagine any other. For them, it is the only way they can live. That’s what you see with the sad spectacle of so-called conservative opinion makers attacking the Covington High School kids.

To normal men, what those boys did is inspiring. It shows that there is still some life left in our people. That old degenerate with the tom-tom thought he could just show up and force the white kids to submit. Instead, they stared the old crook down, refusing to play the role of conquered men. The smirks and MAGA hats are a great touch, but the mere act of rebellion among young people is the inspiring part. It says all the anti-white rhetoric and the endless assault on white men is having the opposite of the intended effect.

To the conquered men, the house negroes of Conservative Inc., this is frightening, so their first instinct is to run to their masters and condemn the insouciance of these boys. The only thing missing from the Frankovich piece was a few lines about how this is “not who we are”, as in “master, this is not who I am.” It is a revolting display of cowardly groveling, but so common with these worms that it has become a meme. Social media is full of “the conservative case for [fill in liberal cause]” one liners.

Nicholas Frankovich is a horrible person, but he is a useful example for explaining why there are acts of retribution after every revolution. In every race of people, there are people like him, who would rather crawl on their bellies to the service of a conqueror, than risk a hair on his head in defense of his people. These are the people found swinging from light posts after the conquerors are overthrown. For a victorious and proud people, there can never be any quarter given to the conquered man.

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  1. Let’s have some fun and give the lefty’s something to howl about! It’s time to push back!
    The A$$hole Ambush!!

    By now every one has seen videos of people wearing MAGA hats being abused, beat on and cussed out. It’s at the point that people won’t wear anything that supports Trump of even America for fear of some type of reprisal.
    Hell I don’t know anyone who would put a Trump bumper sticker on there car. The ones that have find there vehicle has been keyed or the back window smashed. I read where one man had his pickup burned for a bumper sticker.
    Most people are smart enough to see as a lone person with a MEGA hat would be at a great disadvantage. But………….just say you put together a group of say six people, 1 the bait with a MEGA hat, 1 to shoot video and 4 as back up. It would be easy enough to troll the fast food joints. Here’s how it would work.
    1 decoy should be the oldest, smallest of the group.
    2 video person only job is to record the event!
    3,4,5,and6 are insurance only.

    Here’s how it plays out the group filters in as singles.
    Decoy gets cup of Coffey and sits in a conspicuous place maxim views.
    Video picks spot with good view of decoy.
    Insurance team sets up as close as possible..Make sure there MEGA hats are tucked out of sight.

    When the asshole starts shit with the decoy….The decoy with out using any profanity try’s to get the asshole to leave them alone. This could go on for awhile depending on how good an actor the decoy is or if the asshole is more aggressive.

    If gets to the point the asshole wont take no for a answer the decoy gives a signal….it could be stands up or what ever the group decides.
    At that point the insurance team stands up puts there MEGA hats on comes over and asks if theirs a problem!!!!

    This video would go absolutely ballistic!!! A few of these video ambush’s and these assholes would think twice before going after people!

  2. Those white boys might be on the right track but their caps lack the true symbol spelling Freedom.

    And that symbol is the battle jack adorned with two crossed bars and 13 stars.

  3. Further down the page from the Frankovich poison there’s a piece by the ridiculous Mona Charen praising the Gillette ad. These people are beyond redemption and deserve to be in the first tranche of ‘swingers’.

  4. That this nothing burger is even ‘news’ is sign of a society that has lost track of priorities.

  5. one thing is sure

    Nobody seriously believe Democracy or Election reverse Anti-European “civil right movement”

    Right mind of people don’t want European Civilization going to off-line

    WASP (White elite) and Jew really make hard to maintain European Civilization

    Since I’m the Chinese, I know how China and Non-European world look like
    Undesirable to live, every body in here want to immigrate Canada
    Also I know that Once European-Canadian Gone, Canada going to be shitty place to live

    I have one question, why the hell WASP and Jew believe they can live in Non-European America when there won’t enough white babysitter to satisfy Angry brown babies

    What will happen when Government saying that “Sorry, door is close/class ladder already folded” to their precious minority?

    White working/middle class stop having babies quite long time ago

    White minority mean scapegoat minority, eventually barbarian will seek out to white upper class (WASP and JEW)

  6. This letting senile injuns run wild takes place back east and not in places where this red savage is native even in Nebraska much less like in Wyoming or especially South Dakota. My grandfather Fred Lindstedt told me that North Dakota was full of sneaky Norwegians and they let their Indians get away with all manner of things that us honest Swedes in South Dakota wouldn’t tolerate for a minute. He was born in 1896 and died in 1995.

    South Dakota injuns know theyz place — and theyz’ place is theyz’ reservation. They stay there and beat theyz’ squaws and molest theyz’ papooses and eat theyz’ dogs and us settlers have nothing to do with them any more than you go to your urban reservation to visit your natives in Lagos.

    My grand-uncle Emil Svenson got along with them injuns pretty good. He could eat boiled skunk & dog without blinking and not barf it up and so he’d get pretty good grazing leases in Western South Dakota. He was born in the 1880s and I met him in the Belle Fouche SD nursing home in the early 1970s.

    My father would stop by the Pierre pound and instead of giving them a turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas give the injuns & squaw-men theyz’ favorite meat. They would work hard for puppy.

  7. The hoax around these kids angers me like nothing else has recently and there is plenty to be angered about these days. All the standard cast of characters, whether good whites or fellow whites, played their roles and revealed their blood thirsty outlooks while cucks cucked. It has also shown that we just have to be happy the kids’ lives might not be destroyed while, if the roles were reversed, anyone who criticized the kids would be banned and lose their sponsors/advertisers.

    If the roles were reversed, a Democrat would have invited the kids to the White House. As is, we have to just be happy that we have a president like Trump who didn’t automatically condemn them.

  8. ” he went full-on Daffy Duck ” seriously laughed out loud when I read that.

    As far as the monument thing , the difference between now and then that old wino would be wearing the drum over his head and deservedly so.

    Getting tired of the left shrieking like little girls every time some non event happens.

  9. The Frankivich link is gone. The NR has a new piece up about how the Indian guy lied and the media bought it. Dumb dumbs.

  10. Totally agree. Proud of those kids.

    Ben Shapiro is like a guy who is gold mining on a claim that was mined out by 2004.

    Also, he has a radio voice that sounds like a 12 year old wearing daddy’s suit for career day.

    Just a few weeks ago I was listening to my Conservative Inc. radio station while driving. Shapiro happened to be on, which is the only time I catch him. He was blithering on and on about free trade and trying to make the case that wages aren’t really collapsing and people are just being paid what they’re worth. I nearly slammed into an oak tree.. The rhetoric from these people is just so painfully hollow and laughable. It reminds me that the 90’s were a long time ago already. Even Smash Mouth songs are aging better than this rhetoric.

  11. If you boys want to hang Nicholas Frankovich I am just peachy with it. I think it’d be more fun to set him on fire or maybe fire him out of a canon – but I understand the need for decorum and civility.

    But – what we are seeing here may be more a function of degenerate journalism than degenerate cuckservatism. We see similar gambits by the left wing chit rags all the time: some unfortunate liberal lickspittle is ordered to take one for the team, and right something conservative to inflame and anger the readership. It’s a great deal for the rag sheet: it generates controversy, which in turn generates clicks and ratings. It lets the editor put a fig leaf over his bias and pretend that the piece was published in the interests of objectivity. That’s why most leftist rag sheets employ a token conservative. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Ol’ Nick isn’t a cuck, Z – he’s a chitlib all the way through. And look – he just sent your entire readership over to the NRO.

    Boys, one of the best ways to take advantage of your enemies is to make him mad. Make him so mad – he loses his chit. Lefty has been doing it to us for years. All my life actually. I almost wept with joy when Trump sent that letter to Stretch Pelosi, telling her that her little junket was off until she returned to the Whitehouse and did her effin job. We need to do more of this – ridicule, humour and wit are devastating weapons and Lefty is wide open to attack from that angle. Keep your sticks on the ice, boys. Play the man (or sexual degenerate as the case may be), not the puck.

  12. Meanwhile Rod Dreher, in defending the Covington kid (, manages to let slip this little gem:

    “I started out ready to condemn those boys, but after watching more videos of the entire incident, I changed my mind.”

    So here is someone who purports to be a serious thinker and observer of the culture, from a “conservative” standpoint but his initial response was to assume the guilt of these kids. Like a day after the Buzzfeed fiasco. I am a little shocked that he didn’t manage to work in a plug for his ridiculous book somewhere in the post. With people like Frankovich, Dreher and Kristol leading conservatism, it is not a huge leap to see that the cuck boundary guardians as a far great, immediate threat than the loons on the Left.

  13. Conservatism is CUBAR – Cucked up beyond all recognition
    Hephastus was apparently the first cuckold. Which is why the classics aren’t taught

    The problem is that poltics has become Football, so although there will be a Superbowl between two opposing teams (like the World Series or Stanley Cup) is that the day after nothing has changed.

    Until Trump

  14. Before you had the facts, you offered your children for sacrifice and you exposed your throat to people that hate you. Think about why you did that.

    You are anti-white traitors but I hope you can see the error in your ways. Protect your children who are standing up for themselves in an anti-white world.

  15. My quick reaction yesterday was negative, I would still find it to be surprising to see a narrative collapse here.

    It looks like just another piece of evidence that demonstrations in liberal cities are fruitless, even of the milquetoast variety. That we had public figures calling for violence against the students marks a new level of depravity.

      • Feelings don’t care about the facts.

        In any case, the left will simply downgrade to state that wearing the red hats is now equivalent to “incitement”. I don’t see how anything is going to move moderates that won’t watch the entire unedited video.

          • But you agree it doesn’t help when our side is too eager to find examples of the other side’s narrative?

            To me, the proper initial response to the vide would have been something like, “The only thing missing was the red hats singing, ‘Men of Harlech.'”

          • One drop of arrogance on our part stirs up a hurricane.

            So it behooves us to be humble.

            No, it doesn’t help that our side is led by traitors. I’m simply acknowleding the facts, that optics matter. We’re triggering primordial parts of the leftist brain that shut down rational thought. It would be best to avoid that, as it generates a tribalism we cannot match.

          • No, it is best to provoke MORE of it.
            The optics of the far left over-reacting benefits our side. We need to do MORE of it, not less.

            The more the left REEEEEEEs, the stronger our side gets.

            Plus, provoking the left is FUN.

          • Controlled opposition is the most potent weapon the left has against us. This causes us to waste our energy following false leaders that go nowhere… or worse getting sued or jailed. Notice that these false leaders never make sure that there are pre-arranged reinforcements, disguises, lawyers on retainer and judges and politicians on our side before staging a demonstration.

            Staging demonstrations is useless anyway. More effective would be a small group of highly connected and wealthy 05s and 06s plotting a coup. If I was a plotting O6, I would start with the Personal Reliability Program as a starting minimum to screen the quality of coup plotters. Then take the requirements for keeping a security clearance, and turn up the strictness to eleven (no indebtedness! no indications of kompromat). Screen the coup plotter recruits by testing their knowledge of the Redpill concepts and whether they accept the reactionary definitions of class, not the Marxist definitions of class.

  16. Wow, just when you think NR cannot get any worse. They do more damage to the true conservative cause than any left-wing rag could dream of. The indian was clearly the agitator, but it looked like everyone was having a good natured time. It is beyond disgusting what the left and cucks have done with this.

    • Well, look what they did in Charlottesville. They didn’t even LOOK for the truth. They simply allowed the left to dominate the narrative because it served their own purposes. Cucks are far more dangerous than lefty.

      • The leaders at the Charlottesville rally are controlled opposition.

        A good example of such false leaders is Richard Spencer. I spotted the first indication of fakeness from him in his gut reaction to getting punched by Antifa.
        Weev noticed when DickieSpence was demanding facial photos and other PII from people who wanted to join his movement.

  17. You just know the school is going to have a big event in the auditorium or stadium where they lecture the kids on tolerance etc. I hope those boys shout that shit down and revolt against the entire quisling regime issuing apologies left and right.

  18. A+++++++

    The mind boggles to watch the world up in arms over something that simply did not happen.

    But kudos to the film makers. As agitprop it was effective beyond any measure they could have imagined.

    • Yes….and they also put another nail (or several) into the MSM’s coffin. Going forward, Normies will never again believe what their eyes are seeing, because it’s likely they’re only seeing about 1/4 the story.

      • Unfortunately, most normies will never know that the MSM’s calumny was debunked. I am confident that my mother and sister will go to their graves believing that the Covington kids lynched and then set fire to the peaceful Indians.

        • There are a number who seem to have drawn a lesson from this, and apologized for jumping on the two minutes of hate bandwagon. Whether that is remembered or forgotten the next time remains to be seen. I’d like to think that every example of this drives home the lesson that their media can’t be trusted, but some people will have to “burn with anger” in the camps perhaps before it is really learned.

        • As Tim (below?) observed, the number of Normies which sees the light increases each time something like this happens. We’ll get to critical mass soon enough.

          And at some point in time, somebody WILL ‘lynch and set fire’ to the professional agitators.

        • The ABC Evening News tonite was even showing the truth behind what happened.

          I’m pretty sure the bloom is off that bullshit story – if the Evening News is forced to capitulate and start telling what really happened

  19. As far as cuckservatives are concerned it still amazes me the power of a big paycheck or some little sinecure can have over some men. Are there no mirrors in these little shit’s houses? Shame can be compartmentilized to a point that their only way to live through it is to hate even more the men that they are not.

    • The lesson I’ve learned from The Trumpening is that there’s no underestimating exactly how phony these guys are. Like The Z-Man has pointed out before, Jonah Goldterd was working on left-wing documentaries for PBS before his mother groomed him to play the role of “Acceptable Conserva-man” on TV, radio and in print. Guys like Goldterd have literally no commitment to the principles they’ve pretended to support over the years. To keep the paychecks coming from the MSM and their left-libertarian donors, they just keep reading (and writing) from the scripts they’re handed. And given the fact that most of these cucks are just actors playing roles, I really don’t think the thought that they should feel shame even enters their consciousness. Did Bob Denver ever feel shame or the need to hate competent mariners just because he kept screwing up the latest chance to get off that island?

      • Now that these cuckservatives are obviously controlled opposition, they’re slowly becoming more useless as controlled opposition because we know them to be controlled – see Weekly Standard.

        Thusly, the Deep State is sending new controlled opposition pretending to be reactionaries… and new controlled opposition pretending to be independent progressives (because of the now neutralized threat from Bernie Sanders).

    • I live the Northern Virginia area around a ton of current and ex-military officers and intelligence agency guys. Great guys, great neighbors.

      They would take me to prison (or worse) in a second if ordered.

      They have families, mortgages, vacation homes, college payments like the rest of us. They will not give up their comfortable lives to protect me or you. Not for a second would they even consider it.

      • Not too many Robert Lees or Thomas Jacksons in the officer corps of the army since the men in uniform became “men, women, and trannies in uniform…”

      • Mainstream Conservatives such as Sean Hannity who say over and over again that most FBI agents are honest, disgusted with the actions of Comey & his gang, want to speak out, etc., are wrong. A FBI agent might disapprove of what his superiors do/did, but will do as he is told because he values his job, paycheck and pension more than honor, law and the Constitution. The difference between a ruthless careerist such as Peter Strzok and an ordinary FBI agent is a matter of degree – Strzok was actively plotting and the ordinary agent passively obeys.

      • Yes. One only needs to look at South Africa to see how whites react to being made second class citizens in their own country. They virtue signal and try to please their new masters to keep their fools gold handcuffs on

    • Playing to a man’s vanity and greed is a sure way to make them your property and puppet. That’s whole notion behind the ‘straw boss’ The straw boss is the disposable hired help that insulates the real boss from having to deal with the peons. And if by chance the peons get mad and kill the straw boss, we;; there’s plenty more where he came from.

      Economists and Intellectuals for hire are the equivalent of a ‘straw boss’ or ‘porch monkeys’ for the elites who need mouthpieces to justify their looting of a populace.

    • Every e-celeb jumped on the kids, thus proving the central thesis of the post. After the revolution, she’ll be walking around with a shaved head.

      • Simply shaving her head is too light a punishment. I suggest hanging. Don’t want to go easy on her because she’s a woman.

      • Except that after the revolution she will likely be on the winning side. Only drawback for them is what they will be left with won’t be worth preserving

        • The establishment Left’s largest weaknesses is that most of the men with guns are not on their side. But the men with guns need a leader to help them point all the guns at the Left. Now that the institutions the Left controls are losing their legitimacy, they turn to their most effective weapon against the dissident right, controlled opposition and entryists.

          So how does one know a commentator on this comment section is an entryist/controlled opposition?

          The topic on Whites having few babies is relevant here. Whites – and now Blacks and Hispanics – have a birthrate below replacement. In fact Christians and progs in America have below replacement birth rates, but Muslims do not. In Prog America, Muslims are allowed to practice their religion.

          What part of Islamic religion allows high birth rates? And should we emulate this part?

          The answers to both questions will reveal the entryist.

  20. I just took the plunge and read the Frankovich article you linked, in which he lectures us about Jesus (and in answer to your questions about Frankovich, yes he is you-know-what). He claims he does not understand what being pro-life has to do with being pro-border wall. Has this idiot never heard of Mouse Utopia or the Calhoun experiments? If whites think or know their children will be a despised minority in the future, they will be reticent to have children, which creates a feedback loop in which the fear of low fertility demoralizes whites into not having babies (who wants to curse their offspring?) If you can’t defend your family, who wants to have a family? Of course the Wall is a pro-life gesture (for whites). Sailer or Audacious should do a granular analysis on the Obama years and Trump years, and see if there’s a boom or a bust in there (even a mini-one) for Team Whitey.

    • Bullshit.

      Oppressed peoples have been having kids to carry the fight into the future for as long as there’s been recorded history.

      Isn’t this article about being a cuck? How about stop being one?

      I’m 54 – I have an 8 week old infant sleeping in the other room. If things get worse – I’m going to teach him what’s up and fill his head with thoughts of fighting for his people.

      Maybe you should stop whining and do the same.

      • Good job! And good insights in your postings, Get some sleep, C-Dad. You’re going to need it.

      • There’s no question you’re the baddest motherfucker on the internet, but your post, aside from its boasting, is based on two (false) assumptions. 1) That I don’t have kids 2) That your personal bad-assery has anything to do with the larger problem of many whites not having children because they frankly don’t want their children to be a hated minority (not everyone is a combination of Dirty Harry and Moses, carrying the fight to the bad guys while beleaguered and outnumbered in the desert).

        And no offense, but we need more young whites having children. Men over forty who have kids have offspring with a much higher rate of all kinds of birth defects and all kinds of medical problems, like diabetes. Hopefully your wife is younger than you, like two decades younger.

        • The point here is stop spreading demoralization and go out and do something. If I can do it after listening to 54 years of leftist crap – then young whites can do it too , and they don’t need any “help” in discouraging them by pointing to Calhoun experiments or filling their heads with thoughts of them becoming a future despised minority.

          Muslims move here – are ACTIVELY despised – yet still find a way to spit out kids by the bucketload.

          Blacks are actively despised – and do the same.

          Why is it that whites seem to be the only ones to suffer from a cucked mental state where they decide to not have kids because everybody hates them?

          Like I already said: Isn’t Zman’s column about the cucked state of the right? How about just stop doing that? How about not spreading fear of a dark future and then linking in Calhoun experiments and crap about how mice don’t reproduce.

          Show me how what you’re doing is helping and not hurting.

    • I’m interested in your claim that Frankovich is a Jew, since the name is Croat or Slovenian and, from his writings, his religious obsession seems to be with Catholicism. Did you, as I suspect, merely pull this from your butt?

  21. Can a society really keep going in such a constant state of rage? The redpilled among our guys are raging. The other side, especially members of the J-POC coalition, are raging with exterminationist hatred against us. Can we really go on like this? Does anyone really see any scenario under which the constant ratcheting-up of hatred subsides? I don’t.

    • The oft used Herbert Stein quote remains unassailable in its truth: “if something can’t go on forever it will stop.” The only question is when. It certainly feels like it can’t be very long. The American Civil War heated up for 10 years plus. Even at the actual onset of hostilities, nobody saw it coming… even though everybody had seen it coming. It feels to me like it’s a matter of the exact right video going viral at the exact right time, which could happen any day.

      • I think something more along the lines of the Argentine “dirty war”, or the Spanish Civil War is in our future.

    • Wait until the next presidential election,,,
      The old cliche: “Politics is war by other means”, will drop the “other means” part. De platforming and antifa violence at all trump and R rallies will become the norm.

      • The permanent Democrat presidency will finally link the corporate – Google, Paypal, etc. – censorship and oppression of whites with open government censorship and oppression. They will join together along with Deep State to systematize our becoming helots.

        Government-approved/endorsed limits on free speech, free association and free markets will be enforced by corporate America and, when harder measures are needed, Deep State. Whites will be second-class citizen BY LAW, i.e. there will be no legal appeal.

        No camps, just an endless stream of humiliations, threats of violence (and actual violence) and legalized theft.

        I used to believe that some weird California/Texas/Mexico/Brazil was our future, but I’m beginning to suspect that I was far too optimistic. The anti-White rhetoric point toward explicit policies against my people. We will not be left alone.

        • “No camps, just an endless stream of humiliations, threats of violence (and actual violence) and legalized theft.”

          Far more realistic than the nonsense about whites who have never pushed back going all Rambo.

        • >>>We will not be left alone.

          We will be left alone IFF we tacitly consent to having somewhere between 50 and 90% of our life efforts diverted to the support of those who cannot or will not support themselves.

          The Left’s strategy is to get as close to 100% as possible without setting off massive, active resistance. As far as I’m concerned it’s better to reach the tipping point sooner rather than later.

  22. “These are the people found swinging from light posts after the conquerors are overthrown.”

    I have a personal list of local cucks. A lot of teachers are among them

    • Everybody should be building their own private (for now) databases of the State’s Violence Arm- Troopers, deputies, cops etc. Where they live, their wives and kids and schools.
      At some point it could well be necessary to have them more concerned for the safety of their loved ones than obeying the dictates of their paymasters.

      • Western Rifle Shooters calls these accountability lists

        Being more than a little facetious here

        If said conquerors are smart they’ll take the enemies fertile aged women in decent health of the same ethnicity and make sure they are offered to single warriors .

        We will have a lot more of these than we should and a woman of one’s own is a prize that motivates men to fight.

        Constitutionally we can actually do this as slavery amusingly enough since its a fitting punishment for sedition but its far better to make it a sort of parole, work and being a good wife an mother or go to the labor mines.

        And yes its a bit Handmaidens Tale, oh well. The more I think about the the more I think other than the polygamy which is stupid the Sons of Jacob were the good guys in that book.

        On a more serious note, if there Right Wing state that period before all the fashionable Leftism vanishes is going to be a bit tricky. There are a lot of young people who’ve known little else and lack the skills to live normal lives.

        The Right if they are wise will afford them opportunities and help getting their crap together before they send many people to the gallows

        There are plenty on the left who are young, able to have kids and be good parents with a few people getting the Pour encourager les autres applied and some effort.

        Its a risk but its a genuine difference between the Left and the Right.

        best done as William Shatner of course

        “We’re human beings with the blood of a million savage years on our hands! But we can stop it. We can admit that we’re killers . . . but we’re not going to kill today. That’s all it takes! Knowing that we’re not going to kill — today!”

  23. I knew a dindu in the Army who, when someone was picking a fight with someone who could easily kick their ass, would just shake his head, grin, and say, “They fucking with the wrong one.” That’s how I feel being white right now and being mocked and goaded constantly by the invaders and their enablers. This is the race of Rudyard Kipling and Lovecraft and Charlemagne. Even in something as simple as getting holiday decorations up at the same time, our team demonstrates a synergy and coordination that’s incredible. Just driving through this winter wonderland this morning and looking at the plowed driveways, I couldn’t help but shake my head, smile and think, “They fucking with the wrong one.” When normie whiteys finally snap in large enough numbers (and it will happen) it will be glorious.

    • I recently rewatched The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain, and couldn’t help but feel a lot of pride in my race. It’s hilarious that the movie was made by Weinstein’s company, Miramax.

  24. The left is hell bent on doubling down yet again.

    Just as they did with the young man at Columbia they are now declaring a fatwa on this kid.

    Someone I’ve never heard of, an actor/ country singer has put a bounty on this high school kid. A reward for a video of someone punching him in the groin.

    When the time comes scum like this go first, Frankovich will have to wait his turn.

  25. In the immediate aftermath of WWII, French women who were known to have slept with occupying German officers were shamed and vilified by shaving their heads as a public display of their disloyalty to their French heritage. This form of retribution and stigmatization arose spontaneously, and was both just and effective. I’m not sure if cuckcervatives can actually be humiliated by exposure as worthless Eunuchs, but it’s worth a try.

    • So now the French women get to sleep with their black and brown conquerors and it’s okay? Because Hitler bad, Muslim good?

    • Nothing that happened in the aftermath of the Vichy Regime was spontaneous. It was a well-choreographed bit of retribution and victor’s justice that spread throughout the Western part of the continent. It would have been a lot worse if Eisenhower had been allowed to truly punish the Germans, as he wanted to. Ike was an original cuck in the sense that, because he had the Teutonic name, he wanted to punish the Germans and collaborators to prove he was a German in name only. More people starved in Europe after the Second World War than died in concentration camps, even if you accept the official estimates.

    • His name is Nick Sandmann and here is his statement on the matter:

      ” It was clear to me that he had singled me out for a confrontation… I did smile… because I wanted him to know that I was not going to become angry, intimidated or be provoked into a larger confrontation.”

      Personally, Phillips would have been wearing his drum around his neck if he banged it near -my- ear, but I’m not a turn-your-other-cheek type.

  26. I’m so angry watching the left and the right try to destroy these teenage boys lives. I’m sickened by it.

    • Me too, Whitney. 25 years ago had Lakota friends. Did many sweat lodges, hamblacha put on the hill (bear country…eek!), sundance, pow wows, lowampi, etc. Learned a lot of “good old Indian wisdom.” (quote from “Powwow Highway”), good teachers, and some bad Indian non-wisdom. Also learned to watch for endless scams in the Indian world, scamming both Indians and basic whites. White women falling all over any Indian “medicine” guys who claimed to work the juju, women all goo-goo eyes and fawning, payment by nookie en masse. Witnessed 25 years ago the fake shamans were working the Mother Earth-Gaia racquet. Saw a famous son of a medicine guy and his bros work this racquet at a fancy estate in Hillsborough in which 40 whities showed up, he and drum bros arrived 2 hours late (running on Indian time), beat drums, did fake “healing ceremony,” talked bullshit- wisdom for an hour and said absolutely nothing, wanted a hefty donation…… and real medicine is Never Ever given out this way. What a scam and so easy to run. Worked great on the women and roped in the soft Euro wienie men who were circling for a few crumbs. Plus never underestimate the anger and distrust still held and stoked by Indian people for Wounded Knee, Trail of Tears, etc, etc, etc. This is get even time for quick money and easy pickins white women nookie. Read or watch a Tony Hillerman film and note life directions of Leaphorn and Chee. It is a tough balancing act to keep one’s traditions and live successfully in the modern world. Many urban Indians travel back to visit rez and get a dose of background tradition. The Rez is truly a different world. Family, clan, tribe, traditions, old grievances define. Hopelessness. To move ahead means to move away from family and tradition. No end in sight to the mess and prejudices. Must fly…storm coming in. Must get wood in.

      • Wow. Rode a motorcycle once into South Dakota. Riding down a road to Red Cloud saw a big black bull coming at me on the highway. We stopped, looked at each other and as I turned he spooked and ran down into the ditch in the opposite direction.

      • Regarding the Covington setup and subsequent shitstorm, a majority of Indian people choose to have an ax to grind, and usually ally with Lefty, particularly with big environmental outfits. Follow the money. Plus lots of adulation for good old Indian wisdom! The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy, but will feign alliance. Good to hear MSM Narrative Collapse!

      • Range Front;
        Plenty of Rez in my neck of the woods too. Pitiful places of human ruin that a man can feel sorry for but want no part of. A Cultural Keynesian could say that the Rez is now a low-level, socio-cultural equilibrium trap. Poverty, drugs, alcohol, rampant abuse (sexual and otherwise), third world squalor in the woods, etc. Worse than Appalachia but with casino’s.

        Casinos bring in money by ruining any susceptible neighbors who have the gambling jones, making everybody else worse off. Mobs get much of it, but the casino money is propping up the tribes, who dole out some of it to enrolled members. Unlike Prog.-devised welfare, you can have a job and still collect, but most do not work steady anyway. That and SNAP cards keep the squalor going. Since tribes collectively own the land, not many members are into self-improvement. A Rez is an excellent showcase of Communism but without the usual involuntary work requirements, coercion and secret police terror, i.e. Welfare Communism.

        In the past, members with drive and IQ were boiled off the Rez. A generation ago there wasn’t that much prejudice (or money) to keep them in. Re prejudice: It was a point of pride some places to claim Native Am ancestry, witness Sen Warren. It is darkly amusing that the tribes have had to devise their own versions of the Nazi racial purity laws to decide who gets on the rolls for the casino money. I don’t know if you have to live on the Rez to collect or can have the checks mailed to you elsewhere. It would seem stupid to do the latter, but no doubt some SJW BS about sharing in the eternal collective injustice could be devised to cover this.

  27. Interested in thoughts on Trump’s proposal: practical, political, philosophical, metapolitical, etc.

    My understanding is that a lot of our people are trying to wedge Democrats in the purpled districts by calling and telling them they need the shutdown to end ASAP, that this may be the best deal they are going to get, etc.

    • My first thought was that he was doing the same bow and scrape routine Republicans have done my whole life. They think if they grovel just the right way, they can shame the Left or appeal to their reason. The Left has no shame is never reasonable.

      Having seen the offer, it looks like this is to pacify cucks in the GOP. He can now move to a hard line position, after the Democrats refuse the offer.

      We’ll see.

      • Last January Trump offered amnesty to 1.8 million daca’s in return for 25 mil for the wall (
        That’s obviously been taken off the table.
        On the current offer, I think you’re right. He wants to pacify the babies in his party. He knows the left will reject it. (They actually rejected it before it was offered.) I also hope he now returns to his hard position and lets the “government” stay closed forever, while waiting for SCOTUS to rule that since DACA was illegally established, Trump can shut it down as he pleases, with or without giving reasons.
        This isn’t about a wall, it’s about who fights for their base more, Trump or Pelosi. Please Donald, do not cave.

      • I read that once federal employees are furloughed for 30 days they can be fired en masse, as long as it doesn’t look like anyone was targeted. I hope he is using this as a way to drastically gut the worthless Commerce, Labor, Education and other departments, and weed out the climatrons at NASA and EPA. A boy can dream. I hope its a deliberate strategy to offer the Dems just short of what they will accept, shrink the government, and then declare a national emergency.

        • I hate to sound like one of those “Trump is playing 4D chess” types, but I have started to wonder in the last few days if this whole thing isn’t just Trump’s effort to clear house after all the fight-back he’s gotten from the leftist infestation that permeates so many Federal agencies.

          Seems like people keep falling into the mode of thinking that everything is a straight line, I.E: no wall = I shut things down. Maybe however it’s a more a matter of him gutting the opposition – all the while blaming it on something not connected at all to the original goal.

    • There’s plenty of people on the right who are whining about the shutdown as well.

      I’m currently in a slugfest on another forum I visit because I came right out and said I hope the shutdown lasts for months and the alleged 30 day rule actually exists, so they either layoff hundreds of thousands of Federal workers – or they just finally give up and HAVE TO go find other jobs.

      One guy pulled out the venerable “we’ll have anarchy!!!” argument – and we were off to the races. I probably started it by telling him he was a little bitch , but whatever. I’ve seen that whole anarchy argument get pulled so many times anybody even talks about cutting one single cent from the Federal budget or laying off one single worker – than I’m immune to it.

      The fact that I just recently spent 14 months being laid off – and the nightly news is chock full of stories of Federal workers reaching the end of their rope after just 30 days – makes me less than sympathetic to their plight.

      30 days is a freaking vacation. Come back to me when you’ve done real time.

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