Normal Is Not Forever

If you watch a movie from the 1970’s or maybe look at old family photos from the period, you’ll notice that people dressed funny. The men wore tacky looking polyester suits in odd colors, like lime green and powder blue. Women were also in polyester. They liked high-waisted pants with a bell-like shape to the trouser leg. Both men and women would wear denim or suede jackets on purpose. From the perspective of our age, the fashion of the 1970’s is quite hideous, but the people in that age thought they looked great.

Fashion is a form of public morality. We don’t think of it that way, but public morality is just a set of rules and customs that everyone assumes to be true. Some parts of public morality are informed by religion. In America, rules governing when and where it is acceptable to drink alcohol have their roots in Christian ethics of the 19th century. In the case of other rules, no one knows the source of authority. Like fashion trends, they just seem to be the set of rules everyone accepts at the moment.

If someone turns up in your office, dressed in a denim leisure suit, you’re going to assume they are crazy or maybe going to a costume party after work. It’s not that wearing a denim leisure suit is against the law or causing anyone harm. It’s that is so far outside of present sensibilities, about how people are supposed to dress, that you would assume there is some motivation other than taste. If it was just a bizarre sense of fashion, or lack of fashion in this case, the wearer would exile himself by doing it.

Fashion changes quickly and for no obvious reason. Why did people suddenly decide that velour jogging suits looked great and then suddenly decide they looked silly? Most likely, some famous person was talked into wearing a velour track suit on television and all of a sudden everyone had to have one. Maybe some clothing maker just took a shot and all of a sudden it was a trendy thing. A big part of the fashion business is simply trying to figure out how to create a new trend, so people will rush out and buy new clothes.

Just as fashion can change on a dime, other parts of public morality can change quickly for no obvious reason. It used to be that homosexuality was known, but best kept out of public view. It was perfectly acceptable to mock homosexuals. Today, of course, lack of reverence for homosexuals is on the list of unforgivable sins. Mark Steyn was purged by National Review, because he repeated an old Dean Martin joke about homosexuals. His crime was not being properly offended by a decades old gag.

In this area of public morality, it is popular to assign nefarious motives to the people pushing these changes in public morality. Some of it is true, for sure. Just as famous people wear strange costumes in an effort to signal their trendiness, people pushing trendy social fads are hoping to signal their virtue to good whites. Some of it though, is just the weird way in which trends change. Hollywood has been littered with homosexuals since the start, but it was OK to mock them, then all of a sudden it wasn’t.

Of course, even though something like wearing a denim leisure suit was fashionable in the 1970’s, you can still get mocked for it after the fact. John Derbyshire thought he looked great when he was taking on Bruce Lee, but there’s no doubt his kids still tease him for the hair and clothes. A stock part of family life is the parents showing their kids old pictures and the kids making sport of their parents for their weird costumes. The hideousness of the 1970’s is a nightmare from which the people of that era will never awake.

Would the people in the 1970’s have been more discriminating if they knew their future selves would so ashamed of those outfits? Most likely. If you know that in twenty years, heretics will be made to dress like you dress now, and be treated as pariahs, will you change things up? Most people would certainly like to avoid that sort of humiliation. They would absolutely want to avoid being associated with people being ostracized from future society. That knowledge would certainly change present behavior.

The same applies to other areas of public morality. The Left now goes through the social media time lines of newly famous people looking for blasphemy. Every once in a while an athlete has to issue an apology for something he said in high school or college. The whole “me too” movement was about traveling back in time to find things that were in violation of present morality. Thirty years ago, the casting couch was a fixture of Hollywood. Today it is a crime against humanity, at least it was until it stopped trending on Twitter.

Today, the fickleness of public morality regarding a wide range of issues has created a culture of fear. It’s not just that people are afraid of saying something blasphemous by today standards. They fear holding an opinion that will be blasphemous by tomorrow’s standards. The assumption is that the current trends with regards to human nature, human organization and politics will keep going in the same direction forever. Today it is immoral to laugh at a man in a dress. Tomorrow it will be immoral to not be a man in a dress.

As we saw with the fashions of the 1970’s, public morality can head down a cul-de-sac and then reverse course. Into the mid-60’s, fashion trends were fairly consistent, then all of a sudden they went off course. By the late 1970’s, people were dressing like clowns and goofballs. Then all of a sudden, the trend reversed and people quickly abandoned those goofy styles and got back to dressing like sane people. The fever broke and public morality regarding sartorial sensibilities returned to normal.

Something like that can happen with other areas of public morality. The residue of the cultural revolution is still with us, but the bellowing and shouting we see today could very well be a rear guard action to hold off the inevitable retreat. Antifa enforcers patrolling social media could very well be the velour track suit of this period. The people sporting those ideas today, will be mocked mercilessly in the future. Amy Harmon will be the William Jennings Bryan of this age, a symbol of primitive obscurantism.

It is impossible to know, of course, which is why our old picture albums are full of men in hats and women wearing weird outfits. Public morality, like fashion, does change and in unpredictable directions, because we are not good at seeing the future. With regards to public morality, covering things like science, reality is the ultimate check on these spasms of fashionable lunacy. The same is true of human organization. Multiculturalism is the decorative cod piece of this age. It has no utility and will eventually fall out of style.

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  1. Cue the Terence Mann quote from field of dreams . . .” People will come Ray . . .The one constant through all the years has been baseball . . .America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. Base ball has marked the time. . . . Oh, people will come Ray, people most definitely will come.”

  2. There is a great book by chuck klosterman ‘but what if we are wrong’ on this topic.

    It is more general of course but takes the same view that social norms or cultural figures that are deemed significant now will likely change through the ages.

    One particular nugget was that Melville wasnt regarded as the ‘great american novelist’ at all, only 50 years after his death was he regarded as such, while more successful and celebrated contempories have been forgotten.

  3. Waiting for a anti-white, genocidal movement like multiculturalism to blow over is just sill. It’s driven by ethnics whose hate for whites is hardwired and it’s not a trend, i Blacks never stopped hating whitey after the CRA or even after they were elevated to a protected class in society.

    Yes college educated whites promote whites promote it to prove their moral superiority. But multiculturalism has a life of iit’s own since ihe population of brownskins is rapidly increasing. and pushing whites into minority status.

    It won’t change until whites are either killed off or we fight back.

    Waiting around like a bunch of schmoos in the hopes we don’t end up in a cannibals stewpot or a ditch. Isn’t a strategy it’s a suicide pact.

  4. Sorry, don’t agree about the fashion thingee.. I was teener in the fifties. For us guys, we wore straight casual pants. But the trendy got to be what we called “drapes.” That was dress slacks, or even pants suits, where the knee was wide, narrowing to a narrow cuff. We compared each others slacks to see whose had the most “drape.” It was fun. Did not hurt a damn soul.
    Today, I see all girls/ women dressed in stupid looking togs looking like men wore in ancient Britain.. Skin tight from top to bottom-no style at all. And the boys/men? UGH! Wearing sports or beach wear that looks like what once a ladies skirt. Of course that is a deliberate plan to change the guys from toxic masculine displaying physical masculinity to emulate effeminate women.
    The seventies. I had a beautiful tall blonde lady who dressed with style. And that included not skin tight shit boring pants like today, for EVERYONE THE SAME EXACTLY, but was slacks that had a marvelous straight cut, or slightly wider at the bottom. What a beauty. You would still be drooling.

    • There’s been too much emphasis here on the clothes fashion of the 70’s. I personally thought it was far out cool and daring. The point is, that the spirit of the 70’s was great. The music was great. The women were never sexier. The tv shows and movies took chances and were more experimental than ever. I was just a kid, but man, it was such as sweet time. If we’re going to pinpoint a time when things actually got bitchy weird, it’d be around 1997.

          • In my experience, the ’70’s were a very odd mix of good and bad. Probably true of any decade, but it was more stark then. It was the decade of hippies but also hard-hat riots, “Billy Jack” but also “Dirty Harry”, peaceniks and vigilantes, Disco and Punk, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan almost winning the 1976 nomination, psychic spoon bending and Skylab, Soviet Expansionism and Detante. Public policy was a catastrophe then, but there was a lot going on under the surface, and speech was utterly free, for both good and ill. It was both exhilarating and frightening. A very odd time to be alive.

  5. Seems Zman loves to refer to John Derbyshire in his articles, although he is never part of his main argumentation. Derbyshire is even in Zmans’s Walhalla “Badder thoughts”.

    Probably Zman nerver read Derbyshire’s Jew grovelling articles like his incoherent attacks on Kevin McDonald (“The Marx of the Anti-Semites”).

    Derbyshire’s general position – when confronted with Jewish overrepresentation in US media and Bolshevik massacres – is

    “Shakespeare’s Bianca would have said: “The more fool they.”

    Never read an intellectually poorer argumentation.

    • Cry more. I’ll never understand the leftist tactic of wanting to cast out those on our side of the divide because they don’t tick every single box. We need brave men right now and JD is one of them.

      • So you think JD should not be criticised when publishing nonsense, because you consider him “on our side of the divide” ?

        • You’re just a hater though. Your nitpicking of JD is merely to signal to others that you sit higher than him in the ideological hierarchy. That you are a little more beyond reproach.

          • JD is not a simple commenter of this blog, he “sits higher than us in the ideological hierarchy” he sits in Zman’s Olymp, which implies that we humble readers should have a look at him and “think to ourself”.

            I presented a concrete example of my look at JD and thought to have a right to your opinions, not only to your expletives (moron, agent, hater, leftist, nitpicker,…).

    • If you’re gonna dis Z, don’t be a moron about it. At least know what he’s actually said on the subject.

      • Maybe you didn’t understand my point:
        Derbyshire considers both, the victims of Jewish overrepresentation in US media and the victims of Jewish Bolshevik terror “fools”, because they let themselves dominate by such a minority. Read his “The Marx of the Anti-Semites”.
        I am just astonished that he could reach the heights of Zman’s admiration.
        And wonder why this astonishment makes me an agent…

        • The problem with antisemitism is it easily turns into a cult for many people. You either subscribe to every article of faith among the antisemites or you are the sworn enemy of the antisemites.

          I prefer to think for myself and prefer others who do the same, even if they get some things wrong now and then.

          • That’s true. But if JD is so scared “to get the Jew thing” as he apparently is, an honest attitude would have been to stay out of that minefield. Instead he jumps into the fray and attacks Kevin McDonald with incoherent arguments of the kind cited, loosing intellectual credibility.

  6. Rumor is Derb kicked Lee’s butt. Edited out for obvious reasons.
    I keep my 1980’s skinny ties for a reason, they’ll be back. Maybe I’ll be cool for my casket. Or maybe a powder blue tux with ruffled shirt like my senior prom.

    • Or maybe a powder blue tux with ruffled shirt like my senior prom.

      Reminds me of Clive James’s description of some ’70s lounge singer wearing “a detergent blue suit with diamanté trim.”

  7. If you look at an early 90s rock video, the fashion worn there is exactly what teenage suburban boys are still wearing today. Basketball shorts, ill-fitting t-shirts and skate boarding shoes. Hipsters fled to the city where they can escape the beatings but once you get out into shopping mall and family restaurant territory, the only difference with boys between now and 1992 is that they are checking their phones every 14 seconds. That would be like boys from the 90s dressing like the late 60s….

  8. “Most likely, some famous person was talked into wearing a velour track suit on television and all of a sudden everyone had to have one.”

    I believe the TV show you are trying to remember is “Three’s Company”. (Another of many that could really never air today with the same characters.)

    Fashion is economics. Fashions change when the revenues decline…people get all stocked up on blue suits that last a long time…so to sell more suits the styles must change. The 70’s were like a great reset button on 20th Century fashion. In the 80’s and 90’s (and a bit of the 00’s) your basic black suit, red/blue tie, wingtips, etc. came back into vogue – minus the hats. That has since run its course for now, and to some extent the skinny-wear of the 80’s is back, albiet in less 80’s colors. I don’t think we ever go back to the 70’s because those are just ugly versions of the suits that are currently not so much in style.

    The 00’s will be remembered as Casual Friday fashion. Jeans at work. A sportcoat…with jeans. Maybe you tuck your shirt in, maybe you don’t. Yeah the brown shoes with the blue jeans is odd, but the brown leather wingtips are a mighty fine looking shoe with the patina they get. Thank Gen-Xers like me for casual Friday fashion going all week long now. I still have my grey/black suits, white shirts and ties though. Toxic masculinity be damned. Sometimes you just want to look damn fine. But the general trend today is “casual…that matches”…and the rise of mail-order fashion boxes. You can be casual without dressing like you picked your clothes off the rack at Goodwill while blindfolded.

    A lot of companies have a “dress your day” type of policy. No client/customer meetings? Just in the cubicle/office on the computer all day? Jeans and a tshirt. Meeting the CEO? Wear what the CEO is wearing. That makes a lot more sense to me.

    I think the trend will be back towards suits and ties at some point, and people will generally start shaving again. The duckbeards are hopelessly ridiculous. A guy with a Ross Geller haircut and a 6″ grey beard just looks like a moron. It’s like somebody thought “Hey, that Civil War general had the right idea, but just from the ears down.” I have a friend I tease him he looks like Joshua Chamberlain at Gettysburg.

    The duck beard thing for sure is one people will look back on and laugh about unless they live south of a certain latitude where such things are more normal.

    • I had to look on Google Images to see what a duck beard is. Ewww. Not many people in my ‘hood go for this, but among those who do I particularly detest the grotesque full beard/shaven skull look. It’s like one of those novelty drawings you turn upside down to see the hidden face.

  9. More ’70’s bashing from our host. Was it a bad decade for you personally Z? Are you Fran Tarkenton? The 70’s were cool as hell.

    • The 70’s were before my time, but as my parents always said, the 70’s are when America lost what little class it had left after the 60’s.

    • Rural life in the 70’s was great, but there’s a good reason our wedding pictures are nowhere to be seen. He’s right. Fashion was a couple or three standard deviations beyond crazy.

  10. Full sleeve tattoos can’t be taken off. Maybe they can be zapped off over a thousand hours and tens of thousands of dollars. What people are doing today is like stapling powder blue leisure suits to their bodies, never to be taken off. Including women. There’s no such thing as a tattoo that complements femininity. In the last couple years I’ve noticed people’s full sleeve tattoos getting darker and darker, as old tattoos do. Since this trend started in the oughts, it’s been 10+ years of this now, and wow is it aging poorly on people. They’ll be a sad reminder even if society begins mocking tattoos, which is certainly will.

    • I told my kids that the only acceptable tattoo is an anchor with the name of the ship they serve on.

  11. Fashion is an interesting cultural artifact. There is an inherent tension between utility and aesthetics. I have worn uniforms at several stages of my life. They can evoke esprit de corps in one moment and stifling conformity in another. Consider how an SS officer’s garb can be both more stylish that those of other military outfits and at the same time a symbol of appalling evil. There do seem to be some deep cycles to fashion. Ties, or any neckwear, are almost out; while hats and beards are becoming ubiquitous. And the rules change, too. Young men never remove their hats or caps upon entering a house or sitting at table. Their indignation at being told to remove it by the bailiff in a courtroom is palpable. As Hericlitus put it, change is the only constant and you cannot step into the same river twice.

  12. Normal seems to run a 2,000-year cycle. Think ‘normal’ for Rome and today. Pretty much the same actually. Attitudes towards diversity, sexual behavior, tolerance of multiple religions, infanticide, slavery, class warfare, international warfare, jobs taken by foreigners, elitist government that doesn’t represent or respect the will of it’s citizens.

    Really just more of the same, isn’t it? Move along, nothing to see here…

  13. Classical mens’ style is timeless. The highest ideals, the best material. Flawlessly executed. Proportion, balance. Built to last upon a sound foundation. Fashion may change every seventeen seconds but neither my style nor my principles do. Trendy for its own sake has never been part of my life.

    If that resonates with you, treat yourself to Sartorial Talks:

    • Well, I don’t know about “timeless”, but certainly, if you had worn the same style of suit that you wore in 1955-1960 for the last 58 years, you would have looked better than 90% of the guys around in any given year, and been recognized as such.

  14. I’ll step up to the plate with the black pill and will assert that for most of us reading this blog the multiculti pc poz will, for all intents and purposes, last forever. Whites in America have a TFR that is below replacment rate and are dying faster than they are reproducing. Meanwhile, the family reunification policy of immigration guarantees that immigration quotas into the US will come from overwhelmingly non-white countries.

    The white demographic holds a vastly disproportionate amount of assets in the US and is transistioning from a working economic source that generates income and tax revenue to a retired economic sink that sucks assets out of the Social Security and Medicare system. This is inherently unstable. The younger, browner population of Americans is not going to work themselves into the ground to support the lavish retirement of aging, white boomers.

    AOC and her socialist cohorts are just the tip of the iceberg, or more aptly the pointy end of the spear. Asset confiscation is coming. It will be preceded by the villification of whites as a class to justify the confiscation.

    • As many jokes get made about the French, they seem to be the only ones with a plan B for when democracy starts failing. They also threw honest riots when marriage “equality” happened.

      Afrikaners are under the gun in ways that would turn your hair white and don’t seem to be able to do anything.

      It’s like chess, you either fight, block, or run. No one really has a plan for any of these options as far as I can see.

    • The thing is (with all respect to Wolfgang Pauli) – “You’re not even wrong.” But neither are you totally right.

      What you said is all true, but your own theory invalidates the final hypothesis. The multi-culti CAN’T last forever because the model is inherently unsustainable. So my point of contention is this part “last forever”. It can’t and will actually burn out rapidly one way or another.

      So the present trajectory will take a hard turn one way or another. Either the orcs will finally drop all pretense of civility (likely given current events) and start outright stealing retirement / SS / etc. as well as basically writing edicts that criminalize white skin. Reverse Jim Crow and europeans will go quietly into the night. (You alluded to this at the end)


      Backs pushed against the wall with little left to lose Europeans find their collective consciousness / balls again and the thing turns sporty very quickly. This can happen much faster than I think some people anticipate. Single incidents, historically, have sometimes spawned sweeping world events. As the acidity, hatefulness, and outright calls for violence for basically nothing increase the likelihood of this increases as well.

      The future is not a straight line on our current trajectory and is almost guaranteed to do a hard pivot one way or another.

      • I shouldn’t have to spell this out explicitly, but I guess I do. The phrase “for all intents and purposes” was meant to convey that the word “forever” means “within our lifetimes.” I thought that was pretty evident to any decent reader.

        Also, I did not refer to the multi-cult model that as unstable. I referred to the situation in which the younger, browner cohort of Americans are working to finance the lavish retirement of an older, whiter cohort of retirees. The politics of AOC sharpen into focus when viewed through that lens.

        The notion that whites are going to push back is laughable. Whites are soon to be a minority of the population, and an old minority at that. Even within the population pool of whites it is difficult to find majority support for imposing significant limitations on legal immigration, much less an overtly pro-white immigration policy This simply is not going to happen in our lifetimes.

        • You could just stick a gun in your mouth now then, get it over with, right?

          This is the level of black pill defeatism I will –never– get behind. I already laid out for ‘a decent reader’ (nice passive aggressive snark, very lefty) that moving forward the situation will not be static. As you increase pressure on a system of any sort that pressure needs a release valve. If you think these people aren’t going to turn up the pressure to max you haven’t been paying attention.

          Once I am stripped of my rights, assets, and can be arrested for wearing the wrong skin suit– what, exactly, is preventing me from having my molon labe moment? More clear now?

    • Black and Hispanic fertility is 1.8 right now. ,White and Asians fertility at about 1.6 maybe a bit high here or there

      The culture is so bad no one is having kids and every single group is below replacement . The national TFR is well below replacement and there is room for it to fall further. I’ve heard speculation of German (1.5) or Polish (1.3) level low being fully possible

      The only groups with significant fertility are the Amish, welfare Somalis and a smattering of very devout Christians and Jews

      The headlong rush into automation combined with the POZ basically means there will be as much immigration as can be canned down without a revolt and within a few years, those groups will stop having children, as well

      Over time this should shift the culture hard right as the only people left will be religious people who take the faith seriously

      This may take a lot longer than any of us like but with nearly fifty years of constant below replacement fertility that is as clear a trend as can be had

      The only way this can be reversed and the better parts of modernity preserved is for a Right Wing authoritarian state to gain power but that is another scenario entirely

  15. “Fashion changes quickly and for no obvious reason. Why did people suddenly decide that velour jogging suits looked great and then suddenly decide they looked silly? Most likely, some famous person was talked into wearing a velour track suit on television and all of a sudden everyone had to have one.”

    Famous scene from “Mean Girls”

  16. Hearing the seattle public morality of adults, and then talking to their kids, it has become clear to me that when the adults are scolding about social justice issues, all the kids hear is Nancy Reagan saying “just say no.” It’s not that they openly disagree with the parents, it’s just that they don’t care at all what religious principles loser adults are spouting, they are doing their own kid thing. I’ve tried to explain this to the adults but they don’t seem to get it.

    • Every generation needs to be “sold”.

      The problem with truly “forceful” ideologies that never explain why is that the minute you’re out from under you rebel. Spartans were badasses around other Spartans. On their own, they completely collapsed.

      Give someone a why and don’t lie to them. Never “just because”, defend, show the connections between virtuous behavior and the real benefits that accrue. Our ancestors knew virtue needed to be shown to be beautiful, that’s what all the art and architecture was in aid of. Don’t lie about virtue either, you can wind up getting it in the neck even if you do everything right. But truth be told, while it’s not easy, it’s always easier on you.

      Don’t lie about the wages of vice either. The minute they see one kid light a joint and not die, the scaremongering goes out the window as a lie. Vice is bad enough without gilding the lily. You may “get away with it”, for a while, but eventually the game of russian roulette hits a live chamber.

  17. Changing clothing fashions is usually harmless, changing fashions in public morality is usually not. Public morality performed important social functions. It was there throughout all history in all cultures for a reason. It remains a fact that there are permanent, real physical and psychic consequences for violating it. Just ask those killed by the opioid epidemic or living with a permanent STD.

    To begin with, public morality set up a marker for what kinds misfortunes (always a combination of bad decisions and ‘bad luck’) you could expect your society to help you with and which not. It provided a curb on the bad decisions of the those with less intelligence and impulse control. At the very least it gave cover from peer pressure to fainthearted proles on the bad-decision bubble.

    It is the natural fallen human inclination to want to privatize pleasures and socialize their costs. So public morality is always a nuisance to adventurous elite who could afford and avoid the consequences of bad decisions much better than Dirt People. But it was one of their duties to pretend adherence to public morality, even if hypocritically. But that’s all gone now.

    We have apparently decided to subsidize any and all avoidable ‘bad luck’ with taxpayer funds. This cannot survive the coming fiscal collapse, any other considerations of morality aside.

  18. One of the aspects of western fashion I have always found fascinating is the rapidity with which it changes. You can go back to ancient Greece and watch the progression among Europeans over the centuries. It’s quite remarkable. It really began to speed up around the time of the Renaissance. There is nothing like this among other cultures. Their fashion plates are frozen in time for centuries. Not ours. We change our clothing styles and philosophies at a dizzying pace.

    • “Freedom” to try on clothes fashions, philosophical fashions, and cultural attitude fashions. A by-product of Western personal freedom, which serves to introduce a particularly dangerous version of Pandora’s Box.

    • I’ll tweak the “velocity of money” concept to a “velocity of status signaling” for the wannabe elites, since status is their currency. Their fiat currency is approaching hyperinflation.

      • No, Epaminondas makes a good point. It’s not like barbarians don”t like to flaunt their wealth; spending it on temporary trends is a Western invention.

  19. I guess the “bright side” is there is not much farther we can descend. We already celebrate every sexual deviancy except pedophilia (wait for it), and abortion until the toes are out.

    • Culture has been saying that for centuries…I am not sure we can even comprehend what will be tried out and sanctioned in future decades.

      • Have we forgotten Caligula. Plus forgotten the name of the Caesar johnny that when done torturing his sexual tidbits would then hurl them off high cliff. Unfortunately we can descend further.

    • They are already starting the push for pedos as attraction to children they are just “born that way” like trannies. And as for the toes out abortion, that just passed in NY state. You can abort up to the moment of birth now.

      So once again, we are behind the far left prog curve. I’m thinking bestiality and post-term abortion up to 6 months will be next. Don’t like being a mom? You can still murder the child up to 6 mos later, no regrets. It sounds like absurd parody and fiction until you consider where we are at this very moment. We make Sodom & Gomorrah look like Disneyland, hopefully righteous fire will ensue like last time.

  20. Horny juveniles always want to get laid, and in our modern culture (as in many other species), outrageous appearance can help draw attention, which is what drove the Saturday Night Fever dress habits of the 70s. By the 80s, cocaine became the new lubricant, and no one could afford the ridiculous clothes (plus disco mercifully died). Current social insanity is a function of the death of hardship, and parasitic people have nothing better to do with their time, so they opt for passive/aggressive attacks on others. A return to smash-mouth feedback will put a quick end to that.

    • On an odd historical note, disco was widely regarded as “reactionary” by the Left of the time, despite its gay subculture roots. After all, in its heterosexual manifestation, it involved men and women getting dressed up in what, at the time, were considered nice clothes, going out to nightclubs (just like in those racist 1940’s – 1950’s!) and dancing dances that had actual steps, instead of just gyrating around, usually to music that had no social subtext, other than a vague sexual hedonism. I can well remember Lefty movie reviewers at the time growling about “Saturday Night Fever” for these very reasons, along with the fact that the movie had a view of abortion and racial tensions that were not very liberal at all. The “Disco Sucks!” movement of 1979-1980 mostly consisted of drunk guys who couldn’t learn the dance steps and thought that the whole thing was faggy, and fat chicks who couldn’t fit into the dresses, but there was also a distinct Lefty component to it as well.The late 1970’s were a really bizarre moment in history, in lots of ways.

  21. Read a really good piece over the weekend about how now that we’ve become “post-Christian” society is reverting back to pre-Christian paganism: sexual deviancy, euthanasia and abortion, imperialism, bread and circuses. Basically, Judeo-Christianity served as a constraint on our animalistic urges and now that it’s gone we are simply reverting back to our natural selves, even when the consensus thinks we’re “evolving” towards the “right side of history”.

    And the irony is that a lot what passes for morality these days is based on a very dumbed down concept of Christianity: “Be nice to everyone no matter what. Only mean people judge others.”

  22. Zman, I wish you were right that the idiocy would fade, but it serves an important function; namely, the justification of interest group social predation. So it’s more than just arbitrary fashion.

  23. “Then all of a sudden, the trend reversed and people quickly abandoned those goofy styles and got back to dressing like sane people.”

    True to a large degree but we still have some fashions that will be viewed as hideous in the future. I hope the current business suit look of short jackets and too short straight-leg pants, with blue cloth against brown shoes, dies a quick and painful death. I work with a lot of millennials and notice that mom jeans are making a comeback. ecchhh. I also can say that capri pants never looked good, and still don’t.

    • It is truly unaccountable, this thing of wearing brown shoes with a blue suit.

        • Or everything shaved hairless wonders! Ughbarf! Good Lord deliver me from things that go bump hairless in the night!

      • Yes, and the shoes are usually that pale dog-doo tan color, scuffed-up lace-ups. I’ve even seen a sockless look with these. The suit’s blue color is a medium blue, not a Trumpian navy. Mostly younger men, under 40, I think wear this “look”. I no longer live in an urban area, so I don’t see commuters on a train going in to work any more.

  24. As America becomes more brown, and especially as Islam pushes its way into more power and influence, we’ll see how much homosexuality and trannies are celebrated.

    • As I predicted, Cernovich and other alt-lite grifters are migrating back toward the left. His recent shilling for Islam is only the beginning. On balance his comments weren’t wrong though. Our fear-mongering about Islam for 20 years has only once gotten us a reduction in immigration, via the Trump cut in refugee resettlement. Praising Muslims for their family values is a better tactic, it also annoys the secular Zionists. Never use Judeo-Christian, always use Abrahamic.

      • If people were half as smart as democracy requires, Cerno would be running a floor buffer at nights. Guys like him are a useful reminder that the goal is not to win the crowd, but to control the guys who wins the crowd.

      • “Our fear-mongering about Islam….” spoken from true ignorance. Canonical Islam has been at war with non-Muslims for 1400 years.
        Half of their Qur’an, Sirat, and Sahih Hadith are about conquering and dhimmifying non-Muslims. “Fear mongering” you say? I say you have no idea what you’re talking about. There are only two Abrahamic religions; Islam isn’t one of them. Just as a lagniappe, Judaism and Christianity worship YH-H while Islam worships Allah. They are not the same deity.. “Family values,” you say? Such as marrying six year olds, beating wives, and FGM. Those “family values?”

        • You chased the stick, eh Herman.

          The volume of polling data indicates that Islam is consistently the most unpopular religion in the US, but this hasn’t done anything to shut down immigration from their lands. Muslim societies have always had internal mechanisms to contain their fanatics, the rise of jihad in modern times is the fruit of Western and Israeli interventions.


            I’m not the one arguing in bad faith here, I dislike Islam and desire their repatriation. But I must also bow to reality rather than engage in wish fulfillment. The average person crimestops whenever confronted with hatefacts. So we need to find ways around it. And we should be well aware that in the coming years that conversion to Islam allows a straight white male to “renounce their privilege”

          • The sociological explanation, both “Western imperialism” and “poor Abdul didn’t get into Ecole Polytechnique, so he became a Jihadi” are made by people who can’t credit the canonical motivation driving the most observant Jihadi, such as bin Laden. The sociological explanation fails because Islam has been doing Jihad since 1000 years before America existed, and modern nations, existed.
            What you call “fanaticism” are the most observant Muslims. Jihad is canonical, intrinsic to mainstream Islam. That you proffer the sunshine and bunnies version testifies that you’ve never studied its trilogy.
            Distinguish a Jihadi from a terrorist for us…I’ll wait. If you think they’re the same thing you betray how little you know of its canon..

          • My previous answer to you vanished. Must have stepped on tender toes. Stating the canonical facts about Islam, what Islam says for itself, is not “hatespeech.” Sociological explanations for 1400 years of Jihad satisfy those who can’t take religion seriously as a motivator. Therefore, in their “erudition,” they posit that nobody takes it seriously.
            How arrogant of them. There are several ways of doing Jihad. By speech, by the pen, by using money as well as violence. If one heaves a sigh of relief that “we’ve solved the jihad problem” by curtailing the violent few, the PEACEFUL jihadi continues to operate right under your noses. You cannot remain smugly ignorant about Islam and think you can effectively curtail creeping Shari’a. Cultural marxism loves Islam so much because they both hate the West. I have no intention of letting them frame the debate. If you want to get into what motivates the JIhadi you cite your secular sources and I’ll cite canonical Islam.

          • Failed attempt at deflection. Say whatever you will about–or from–the Talmud. I’ll present what canonical Islam says about itself, civilizational war, and Jihad. It has nothing to do with current western imperialism, sociology of disaffected Muslim youth in the West, or polls.

        • Islam is the knife, but it is a Judaic hand that wields that knife.

          The two Abrahamic religions are both Semitic, as Christianity, the merger of Mediterranean and Northern Europa, was solidified by Constantine and Eusebius.

          Both Islam and Christianity took 300 years to finalise.
          We are taught that Islam is the invention of ignorant Bedouin, but they were merely the shaped vessel to gain revenge for the lost kingdom of Israel. Lost by their own obstinate perfidy, but that doesn’t matter.

          • alzaebo, whether or not Islam had “help”, the conditions on the ground in the ME appeared fertile for a “cut and paste” of Jewish and Christian canon, along with a street gang orientation to religious observance, demonstrations of fealty, and penalties for trying to leave the gang. Islam may have had (((help))), but I am unwilling to let Islam off the hook that easily. They have had 1400 years to figure it out, and, by and large, they have stayed with the gang mentality all the way through.

  25. Having grown up late 30s/early ’40s, behaving, speaking, dressing … by the standards of those times hasn’t let me down yet. Reading this post felt more like watching a BBC documentary on chimpanzee ways than reading an essay on human mores.

  26. The Dark Ages may not be a real thing, but there was a long period of time where mass migration destroyed the ability of the Roman State to do anything. The new rulers never stopped pretending they were Roman. Charlemagne was crowned Roman Emperor almost 400 years after the Western Roman Empire collapsed.

    In four hundred years, it will be the fashion for howling African tribal chiefs to wear American flag pins in the ruins of Capital Hill.

    • “…howling African tribal chiefs to wear American flag pins in the ruins of Capital Hill.”

      Now that would be justice on a cosmic scale.

    • The Dark Ages was a very real thing: by some estimates, we did not reach Roman levels of civilization until the 15th c., despite progress in science and technology.

      • I read in National Geographic about twenty years ago it took England until about the mid or late 19th century to regain the literacy rate it had under Roman rule.

  27. Someday, the beliefs of today will be laughed at a lot more than dad’s polyester lime green leisure suit and mutton chop sideburns.

    • Wolf, one can hope. I used to compare our current situation to the history of the Salem Witch Trials. They got worse and worse and accusations more and more ridiculous that finally the Governor stepped in (to protect the few condemned left unexecuted) and the populous no longer listened to the hysterical girls making such accusations.

      However, I’m still waiting and it seems such nonsense increases in intensity and frequency. If this is a prelude to a final flare out, it is the longest super nova ever recorded.

      • I agree with you Compsci. I keep waiting for just one leftist to shriek “Bruce Jenner is a guy you assholes.” But I know it won’t happen they’re too well programmed.

        • That’s for sure. At the ESPN award show a few years ago, when Jenner received the Most Courageous Award, Brett Favre was in the audience and the camera panned the crowd and caught Favre half-heartedly clapping, and being the first in the audience to stop clapping. The look on Favre’s face was like, “I’m clapping for an old man in a dress.” The New York Times scolded Favre for his less-than-enthusiastic behavior the next day.

      • If memory serves me correctly, the governor intervened only after his own wife was accused of witchcraft. That’s one reason that I rejoice when I see the Left eating one of its own, which doesn’t happen nearly frequently enough, but it does happen.

  28. I often suspect that the entire fashion industry is a giant troll to see how ridiculous a get-up has to be before people call them on it. That or a plot to provide full employment for scrawny strung-out “models” and pillow boys.

      • “Does anyone look at this show and think: “I’ll wear that to work next week”?”

        Yes, Michele Obama. With a gold lame cutaway and gold sequin $4,000 Balenciaga thigh high boots.

        Or Elton John.

    • Arthur, I believe you are basically correct. I remember distinctly when low pants (waist below belly button and open midsection) became popular. It was anything, but spontaneous—unless you define spontaneous as occurring/spreading with rapidity. Rather, the TV ad space was saturated with pictures of young women/girls walking along wearing these new cut of jeans and the voice over announcer stating that this was the new cool thing all the women were now wearing. Even stating that if you were not wearing such, you were out of it. Blatant—and it was obvious to everyone I knew. Prior to seeing such on TV, I had never seen anyone wearing such on the street. And I was not in a small town, but rather an large city. Within a year, everyone was wearing such pants. Other than fat people wearing such, the result was fine with me—until the “style” drifted into men’s wear. Still plagues me today.

  29. Couple little data points that give hope. First, in our little burg, despite Republicans been being the minority, we actually had Democrats secretly asking us to get a slate together for the local elections. Bizarre? Well apparently the leftist cat ladies have so dominated and intimidated the remainder…and nominated their pet leftist slate that the normies over there desperately wanted an alternative. So badly that they were willing to approach the other side. Second, big red pill discussions with my high school daughters. Both have been fairly apolitical, but now are beginning to understand as we’ve had to do reviews for various AP history and economics classes, just how much they have NOT been taught. And they instinctively get it. The youngest has now had the experience of being the academic #1 in her private school class + a top athlete, yet kids who are minorities, ranking far below are applying and getting full scholarships at private schools. That is a sobering discussion to have.

    • Well, perhaps there is a valid reason for your few remaining lib’s to gin up opposition to their leftist majority. Here, a very minority, blue population seems to care less, and a lot of the pleas for an opposition party candidate seems more to promote the illusion of choice among the voters. This illusion requires a Washington Generals team be fielded against the Harlem Globe Trotters, but it doesn’t seem to require that the Generals win any of the games played. 😉

      • What’s interesting and I’ve noted it here before, is that the “normie” Democrats are scared crapless of the Jacobins in their midst. I’m a couple districts north of Mini-Maduro down in the Bronx. The operatives that work for my “traditional” Democrat congress critter are terrified of them too… We’re deep in a Thompson-esque “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” moment.

        • The Starbucks guy is probably sensing this, too. He says he’s an “independent”, but I suspect he wants to capture the Dem nomination, as the Dem normies run screaming from the rest of the field.

          • Schultz has picked a good year to try the “third party” gambit.

            Given the widespread disgust likely to be felt toward both Trump, and whichever huckster emerges from the Democrat field, he has a significant opportunity.

    • Where I live certain posts are reserved for Republicans to run as Democrats because the Dems are so crazy their leadership realizes they can’t leave control in the hands of their base. So some guy runs in the primary as a democrat for sheriff and all the republicans vote in the dem primary, or enough anyway, to overwhelm the crazy dem vote.

  30. The future of Multiculturalism, morals, fashion, what-is-hip, etc., will be whatever the totalitarian State wants it to be. And you will praise it. Or else.

    • Fashion will be what the Italian and French designers say it is and at what the Jewish marketers determine the price to be.

      • Fashion is for those who have no taste, just as etiquette is for those who have no breeding.

    • If our elites believed that us wearing velour track suits was indispensable to their dominance then we would be required to wear them or at least not criticize them. That’s why the fashion metaphor misses the mark.

      • That, and the fact that particular fashions can go away completely, but gays will always dominate Hollywood and the media.

  31. A fashion-related post that doesn’t touch on the public morality aspect of all the fat women running around in yoga pants? It’s enough to make an old Indian man cry. Or, looking back to the past, what about mini-skirts, or the micro-mini?

  32. Peter Turchin thinks the current fads will turn violent in the 2020’s. The Red Guards finally went away, and the Gang of Four was arrested, but not before millions died.

        • “The farm murder campaign in South Africa is a direct consequence of a fringe Afrikaner terrorist group in the 1990s.”

          I’m sure that this didn’t help, but given the track record of the rest of Africa, persecution of the white minority was only a matter of time. At most, Afrikaner extremism speeded things up a bit.

        • Wikipedia articles on politically charged subjects simply cannot be relied upon. Check the link to “South African farm murders” and note they deny any link between the murders and race. Yeah, right.

      • Although Tucker Carlson spent the first few minutes of his show analyzing the armed troops grabbing Roger Stone from his home, Tucker barely brushed against the main reason this was done…..Grabbing Stone was a show purge for our witness, a cautionary show trial and apex morality moment. Mueller was demonstrating ….”Don’t F with the deep state ever again! Don’t F with me as I am in the height of my power! No one on your side can touch me! Your legislators are weak, rolling over and pissing on themselves. They bow to us! Don’t run anyone for president who isn’t one of ours or we will take him out, attack him relentlessly, take out anyone of his who is appointed to cabinet, counsel, etc. and bankrupt them legally, and we will destroy his family and bankrupt them. We have unlimited money to do so. DON’T F WITH US!”

    • The unrest will begin next year (2020). The country will break apart in 2032 or thereabouts.

      • “The country will break apart in 2032 or thereabouts”

        As our Tribal friends say “From your mouth to God’s ear!”

      • Back in the late 90’s I predicted the breakup would occur around 2025. Now I’m not so sure when, yeah maybe 2032 or so, but it will happen. No doubt about it.

  33. With my kids this weekend, I watched Peter Jackson’s director’s cut of The Return of the King (the last of the LOTR trilogy) which was released about 15 years ago. It struck me almost how anachronistic it looks now because the various tribes of men do not have PoCs sprinkled throughout maddeningly as if the diversity fairy was on set demanding appropriate representation.

    The Rohan looked like they were all related, as did every other group. This includes the forces aligned with Mordor (the bad guys) who had Middle-eastern looking tribes (again all homogeneous) and the others were the same. There is no way that the movie trilogy would be made today without “inclusive policies” from Wakanda or the Subcontinent or Latin America.

    Hopefully in a decade’s time we’ll all look back at the current urge to turn every piece of popular culture into a living Colors of Benetton advertisement and laugh. I am still hopeful.

    • I saw the recent movie about Mary Queen of Scots. Seems sixteenth-century England and Scotland were crawling with blacks, including the English ambassador to Scotland! WTF? So if a historical reality that lacked negroes has to be larded up with them, you can be sure a fictional one has to have black hero too nowadays.

      As for LotR itself, I noticed how “old-fashioned” the overall story is, revolving around honor, duty and self-sacrifice. I think there’s a natural yearning for such virtues in the human soul, but you’ll never see it any modern movie or television show unless it’s either firmly set in a mythical setting or treated in a sneering urban-hipster fashion. Everything about the modern world is the exaltation of degeneracy and the disparagement of all that is good and beautiful.

      • I stopped watching Doctor Who when the doctor and his black companion were in London in the Victorian era and it was half black. And the companion said I wasn’t expecting so many black people. And the doctor said history has been whitewashed. It’s disgusting. And the know-nothings that see it believe that that is true.

        My own sister thinks there were no white people in the Mediterranean 2000 years ago. This is the line I heard growing up. When the brown people were building great civilizations, white people were still in their caves in Europe. I heard that over and over and over again. I’m 50. This is been going on for a while

      • If it hasn’t happened already — most likely in the London theater — a production of Romeo and Juliet with black/white star-cross’d lovers is inevitable. Take that, you leukonormatives!

        The theater can absorb a certain amount of racial casting against type; it’s a genre where you automatically accept certain absurd conventions for the sake of voice and acting. We’ve long had black opera singers playing “white” characters, and nobody’s bothered. You don’t expect to run into Wotan or Manon Lescaut at the CVS, so there’s no naturalistic ideal for opera.

        That’s less true in movies, which by their nature are a pseudo-realistic form of entertainment. You have to kind of believe what you’re seeing, even if the plot line is ridiculous or fantastic. The same is true in spades (no pun) for TV commercials. They portray scenes adapted from daily life, and a steady stream of black bankers, research scientists, etc. just set themselves up for mockery. You’ll know the tide has turned, if it does, when the onscreen negrification begins to look like an outdated parody.

        • By now, black/white Romeo and Juliet is old as the hills, to be edgy now you’d need Juliet to be a White nine-year old and Romeo to be a steer… Or maybe Romeo is collectively played by an entire gang of middle-aged Pakistani rapists.

          The new hideous thing I’m starting to see in the annals of multiracial TV couplings in advertising (not enough to trend yet, but it’s coming) is White Soyboy male and homely mystery meat female. The really worrisome one, the death blow that I’ve seen the tip of, is studly White alpha male paired with homely obese Goblina of Color. The semiotic message is, LOL goyim, the black men took all your women and now all that even the best of you can aspire to is this shit-colored she-thing!

          The Jews will use this as a covering defense against the charge that all depicted couples are BM/WF. See that, goyim? We paired up Bradley Cooper with Jennifer Hudson? Now quit complaining!

          Of course all interracial genetic math leads to White extinction since, whether M or F, the basic equation is, White plus non-White equals Non-White. There is no such thing as a “mixed race” person. Barack Obama’s father simply negated and erased his mother’s line, for good.

          The marriage of British royalty to Mud Queen was a master-stroke for (((Our Bestest Friends Ever))). Don’t tell me there wasn’t team of nuclear-powered super-yentas working like mad to cobble that one together. The message was perfect: Even for the richest most powerful White men, the best you get is the leftovers. It’s one of the many reasons (((they))) hate Melania Trump so much. Can’t have an Alpha White scoring an Ice Queen.

      • YOU are GUILTY of the sin of NOTICING! You are not supposed to notice the race of the English ambassador. Well, of course, you ARE supposed to notice because that’s why he’s black. But you’re not supposed to notice because noticing is a sin.

        Get it?

    • I hear the people getting upset that a white(ish) women will be playing Cleopatra in a new movie. Despite all evidence that the historical Cleopatra was White.

      • Hollywood is not our friend, so it behooves us almost to signal boost non-white complaints about “appropriation”. Fewer white actors in Hollywood is a good thing, and if whites are only allowed to practice Eurocentric culture that’s about as good as it ever gets for us.

    • I can easily picture a time very soon where older movies that are deemed “problematic,” are banned from airing on television or on-demand services. Someone’s probably already made a list of those movies that they’d like to send down the memory hole. Edit: Of course someone’s made a list. I just googled, “problematic movies” and there’s a lot of SJW outrage out there.

      • I saw this coming 25 years ago. I have a large collection of contraband movies on DVD. I even managed a good copy of “Song of the South” from an Asian source.

    • The LOTR trilogy is universally reviled by SJWs because of that very thing. It is also not hard to see the allusion / allegory in that story with our present situation which is why I recommend playing it on repeat and showing it to anyone and everyone.

      Hordes of jet black large violent murderous orcs (Uruk-Hai) led by pasty white wizard telling them “Man Bad, orc good”. Low IQ savage murder machines wound up by big nosed “white” wizard.

      Elves- comically Nordic looking with the extremely fair hair, skin, light colored eyes. Considered the master race old when the world was young, now retreating because they cannot stand to see the world burn under the dusky hordes.

      Men- The men fighting to save the world are your salt of the earth caucasians to a man. The light brown men from the south decide to join the jet black orcs and devils of Mordor to subjugate the world under them.

      The One Ring- needs no metaphor. It is Power unadulterated. Which is why it so thoroughly corrupts anyone it touches all but the strongest willed can resist the call to use it to bend other beings to their will.

      So you have a coalition of the damned. Black orcs, middle eastern dusky men, shifty manipulative wizards and ‘advisors’ (Grima) who are behind the throne puppeting it all. On the other side, the men, elves, dwarves, and their dwindling sense of good, right, honor, and sacrifice (h/t Saurons Lazy Eye) who seem to be fighting a hopeless battle against a world thoroughly corrupted with amorality and evil. Sound familiar?

      The question is thusly– where is our Frodo, our Gandalf, our Aragorn? Because the story doesn’t end well without their presence…

    • And Peter Jackson was suggested to be a racist for this. (Such as the appearance of the Orcs.) Don’t forget that…even though he was bringing the source material to life.

      I do love the LOTR extended edition. Once you watch it, if you even still remember the theatrical release, you can’t go back. It’s like a whole other film.

      A good rule of thumb I use regarding “representation” is that any score on Rotten Tomatoes is 15% higher if the film displays appropriate “representation”. That’s why, for example, Wonder Woman gets 93% when it’s really more of a 78% (and the % of people who liked it is lower than the critical reviews). It’s why Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which 2 years later is just awful dreck, got such high scores. It was all about “representation”. My kids asked me to take them to the new Spiderman flick (Spiderverse), so I did. I noted that it is something like 97%. It’s also more of an 82%, but it gets +15% for “representation”. It’s pretty good, but it’s not 97% good. Nor was Zootopia…another 99% movie that was at best a B+ if you take out the “representation”.

      The backlash against that stuff is coming, and it is coming in a big way for Hollywood. They are actively pissing people off with constant preaching. People will stop going to the movies, and many already have.

      • Zootopia’s message: Inner-city yoofs aren’t inherently violent, they’re just the victims of a CIA conspiracy to destroy their community with crack cocaine.

        • Zootopia is a strange movie. It tries very hard to present itself as your standard Liberal PC pap. Everybody is a blank slate, we all get to choose who we are and what we want to be, etc. If we all just resist our animal impulses we can live in perfect harmony…utopia. Total PC garbage that ignores thousands of years of history. Zoo keepers get eaten by tigers within seconds if they don’t lock the gate. Just ask Siegfried and Roy…

    • Similarly, the whole appeal of Game of Thrones is to give white people a fake history they can immerse themselves in because they’re not allowed to enjoy their real history.

      (Also, Daenerys’ storyline is instructive — she has a short-lived marriage to a vibrant PoC that’s pretty rapey but she convinces herself it was real love; she plays her hand at being a white savior for a while but it turns out that MENA will always be a shithole anyway; then finally she returns to her Northwest European homeland to attend to her real duties to her own people that she’s been putting off, with a few minutes left on her biological clock.)

    • By what magic will MC and the ethnics just vanish from our society?

      It won’t go away without a lot of suffering and death. That’s the reality of it. Look we have a massive welfare/police superstate that only through massive bribery and threats can they keep our now very brown country staggering along even as the ethnics are sucking us dry.

      Taking care of 3rd world people is very expensive. You ought to see the medical clinics in Southern California to get a idea how bad it is. Imagine millions of people who are so stupid they don’t even know what medication the are supposed to take to stay alive or so stupid they flat out refuse to wash their hands even in medical clinics

      Or are so stupid they can’t even follow basic instructions than any 4th grader could follow.

    • Why do you think LOTR was such a smash hit? We tend to forget that before Jackson, stuff featuring dwarves and elves was not normie-friendly, it was strictly nerd territory. Same with GoT and Vikings: nice ethnostates with lots of white people, like those Victorian period series cat ladies love.

      The reason BBC wants to poz up British history, is because they dread that historical dramas will become popular due to the inherent whiteness, and thereby awaken an awareness of Europe’s cultural roots. Never mind the vibrancy, but if Euros re-discover their roots, globohomo will be in dire trouble.

  34. The thing I’ve never been able to understand about this kind of SJW virtue signaling is the hypocrisy. I mean, rich white parents are usually liberal but they also tend to have have extremely normal values and morals about divorce and education and thrift and (usually) abortion and 99% of them would be devastated if one of their kids decided he was gay and wasn’t going to procreate. But heaven help us if any of them ever preached the superiority of their own values. This is why I’ve always thought it was just a fad. They say these things and vote this way because it’s what they think they are SUPPOSED to do, not because they actually believe it.

    “Love is love! Two dudes kidding is beautiful! BUT WHY CAN’T I HAVE GRANDCHILDREN?”

    • Despite Ivanka Trump’s worthless feminist signalling, her lifestyle is that of a religious traditionalist. Sadly the wrong religion, but perhaps better than nothing at all. Jared is about as beta as it gets, but she never undermines him in public and probably not in private either.

      • That’s been frustrating as f@#$ to me is the number of women I know who preach feminism, but their personal life is practically medieval levels of traditionalism (marry masculine man of same background, maintain feminine appearance, no children before marriage, etc.).

    • Yes, Oscar Wilde’s parents must have been devastated by their lack of grandchildren…not. In fact, he did more to reproduce the White race than, oh, 90%of “alt right” keyboard warriors. In terms of reproduction, Hitler was the homo.

    • I used to think it was a fad, and eventually everything would go back to normal. But that was 50 years ago, and normal isn’t anywhere in sight. This fad has become the Halloween mask you suddenly find you can’t get out of.

    • (Epistemic status: speculative)

      This was always the weakness of Anonymous Conservative’s shtick. High-status progressivism advocates r-selected behaviors in the catechisms of its faith, sure, but high-status progressives still adhere to k-selected life scripts in the long term — perhaps more now than ever, with assortative mating of the kind Charles Murray describes in Coming Apart.

      To the extent that these people do flirt with drugs, with slumming it, with living as “lesbians until graduation”, it’s almost a way of showing off that they can come away from it all with minimal lasting damage. Some people can handle being surrounded by easy access to vice, and some people can’t. To willingly subject yourself to all that in your youth and still seamlessly transition into a stable career and a life of yoga and bourgy hobbies is a strong fitness signal to your mating prospects that your children will have genetic safeguards against the very degeneracy you champion in your Facebook posts. Some upper-caste Brahmin kids here and there will still fall into a downward spiral to their doom (or at least fail to get the joke while they’re still fertile), but that’s just making up for the lack of childhood mortality that historically protected the gene pool.

  35. But seriously, my dad’s generation wore hats. Mine didn’t. Not even those baseball caps with a port for your ponytail. We’re paying for it with semi-annual checkups for those little precancerous thingys. My bald son is never without a hat for that very reason. Fashion be damned.

  36. “Multiculturalism is the decorative cod piece of this age. It has no utility and will eventually fall out of style.” I do not know about its eventuality but comparing it to a codpiece has made my day!

  37. I think that history will not help. All fashion stuff changed when US was 90% white and industrial powerhouse. Of course, revolution and war can be also called a “change” but this is very gullible hope that current madness with Global Elite and 100 million of POC will just go away like Disco or something. I think this fashion will go away like French revolution or Russian revolution.

    • MC won’t go away, Zman is dead wrong in his analogy.

      It won’t end until the welfare/police state that created and enforces it as law of the land is dead and gone. Only when this happens will go away.

      Even then there will be mass bloodshed as the hundred million brownskins on the dole will still want their ‘gimmedats’ and freebies from the whiteman and this is where violence will come in.

      It’s kind of ironic. It’s the white law and order clowns who make this current hell possible. Just like in Germany, England and Sweden. It’s the white cop helping end Western civ.

  38. We may not like admitting it, but multikult can function effectively. The trend lines are converging towards authoritarianism, and recent technological advances would seem to tilt the balance in favor of the police state.

    ETA to: The Conservative Case for Political Correctness and the Conservative Case for the Chinese Social Credit system????

    • I don’t know if technology will progress very much in the West, owed to the increased vibrancy, but certainly the multicultural system creates it’s own demand in a way that Disco did not.

      When diversity becomes untenable, demographics will have already made it inescapable. The end goal is likely to make the post-diversity monoculture a re-badge Sunni Islam, as the Sunni fanatics are the tip of the imperial spear in Asia.

    • If politically correct multiculturalism increases the ability of our culture to survive it will continue. If it doesn’t it will die out, hopefully before it takes all of us with it.

    • The Police State is the last step on the road to failure.. It appears to be an Iron Law of History that, when a political system resorts to force and repression in order to continue, its days are numbered.

      • That’s an iron law on a lot of things.

        Try beating your wife to keep her around – and see how long the marriage lasts.

        Try beating your employees to make them more productive – see how well the business does.

        Failure and rot produce beatings to keep the “system” going (whatever that system is) – the beatings accelerate the failure and the rot.

        That’s why the phrase ” the beatings will continue until the attitude improves!” – is a sarcastic joke.

      • I’d also add that: inducing beatings from the political system, is a time honored method of gaining allies.

        I remember reading something quite a while back about commies turn young college kids to their cause. They fill the kid’s heads with all of the usual leftist drivel – and then they get them to come to the next protest or rally.

        At the protest – they make sure all the wide eyed youngsters are out in front of the mob. That way when the riot police show up – all those young kids get their heads knocked around – and arrested. Now they’ve got a record – and they think “the man” is their enemy.

        Congratulations – you just gained a convert to your cause.

        One of the tests of right wing seriousness – should be to watch to see if they gain converts by manipulating the left wing psychos into attacking people who aren’t down with current day leftist lunacy.

        All of this ” they want you dead white man” stuff I see lately – is a good start at that.

    • It can only function when the various communities are allowed internal self rule, like the Ottoman Millet system

    • I have a suspicion it will end..but not for about a few generations. SocJus has already won. They are in the mopping up and consolidation phase. The first generation is full of zeal and insanity. The second generation sees things calm down, as the revolution seeks stability in order to rule. Rot sets in. The third generation sees everything collapse. Of course the nature of technology may see this cycle accelerated.

      • SocJus has already won. They are in the mopping up and consolidation phase.

        That’s probably what the Catholic Church thought of themselves, when the first typeset press was introduced in Europe.

        Of course the nature of technology may see this cycle accelerated.

        More like kicking over the chessboard and lunging at the opponent, teeth first.The internet is far more revolutionary than the typeset press, and we’ve only just seen the beginning.

        If you play by 20th century rules, you are history.

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