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It’s always good to search around the websites of the fringe Left. It is like watching a homeless man soil himself. You’re disgusted, but you can’t help but feel sorry for the wretch. The hard thumping wackos that write for these sites are nutty as fruitcakes, but you can’t help but wish there was a cure for their mental disease. There isn’t and it is important to remember that guys like Markos Moulitsas would gladly hustle you off to the death camps if possible. Here’s an example.

I had already been planning on cartooning the National Rifle Association’s ridiculous annual meeting when my nephew’s unarmed friend got killed in what is shaping up to be another “Stand Your Ground” case.  The circumstances surrounding this shooting may make things a little more difficult for the shooter, who was basically laying in wait to murder someone.  The shooter’s defense attorney has already said his client is going to use a Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground defense.

The Left has a long list of abracadabra phrases. A popular one these days is “stand your ground.” They have disconnected it from any real meaning as we see here. In no state does someone in their home have a duty to retreat. Therefore, “stand your ground” laws would never apply. Further, castle doctrine laws have been common since Blackstone. Self-defense is the most sacred human right.

Regardless of what the circumstances are in this particular case that happened to strike close to my family, it is perfectly clear that the NRA is stoking the fires of paranoia and fear in order to pass legislation, sell more guns and make more money.  All you have to do is listen to the apocalyptic, conspiratorial speech made by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre to get so scared you probably will rush right out and buy a couple AR-15s.  (Which were conveniently available at the time of the speech in an adjoining gun showroom that covered nine (9) acres.)

The NRA does not sell guns. They certainly have seen a  boom in membership. That’s exclusively due to lunatics like Mark Fiore out banging their pots and pans on the street in favor of gun confiscation. People tend to notice things and they noticed that these crazies keep saying they want to gut the 2nd Amendment. They do the sensible thing and organize a defense.

It is baffling to me that members of Congress speak at the NRA’s annual gun fest, an orgy of military hardware marketed to civilians, while the head of the gun lobby group essentially trumpets the need for armed revolt.  (Join now, buy now!)  As a bonus, the NRA held a “Youth Day” last Sunday, which coincidentally was the day my nephew’s unarmed 17-year-old friend was killed.  Ugh.  While you’re watching the cartoon, see if you can pick out which lines are direct quotes from Wayne LaPierre, and which are my interpretation.

A common trick with these people is insisting ignorance furthers their argument. His bafflement is presented as proof that his opinion is valid. This is absurd. His bafflement actually tells us we should discount his opinion because he obviously fails to grasp some basic elements. It is a byproduct of the totalitarian mind. Ideas, opinions and facts outside of those acknowledged by the Left don’t exist. Therefore, placing anything in the set of items that is unknown means they are irrational. It’s a passive-aggressive way of declaring something off-limits.

The puzzling thing is how is it Western society has produced so many crazy people like Mark Fiore? These people are generally smart and usually educated. What is it that has gone wrong with Mark Fiore and his coreligionists on the Left? Why would they join a movement hell bent on collective suicide? It’s as if some outside group has found a way to turn up the volume on crazy people in the west, while turning down the volume on the normal people. it looks like a plot by people who hate us.

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  1. “my nephew’s unarmed 17-year-old friend” was inside the domicile of a complete stranger, one whose house had been burgled multiple times. There are many facts that have yet to come to light in this case, so I do not presume the guilt of the dead youth. Neither do I presume his complete innocence; basing my suspension of presumption on the indisputable evidence of his whereabouts at the time of his death. The local “news” is attempting to rally the public to decry Castle Doctrine. This being MT, they are likely to find sympathy only in Missoula – our own tired imitation of Boulder, CO.

  2. As long as “certain” protesters decide it’s OK to mass assemble outside someone’s home, there’s no need to even discuss large capacity magazines and semi automatic rifles with “scary looking” accessories.
    Say, that execution WAS kinda’ dismal wasn’t it? I wonder why they weren’t using some other, “more humane”, and positive cocktail, like a hot shot of heroin/speedball so popular amongst “celebrities”, or maybe phenobarbital? Did FDA not approve of the lengthy disclaimers….as seen on tee vee, or in (ie)Time magazine.
    In any case, the convicted individual was most certainly deterred from ANY further escalation of the crime rate “data”, or incurring “special” medical expenses for…say…gender transformation surgery/drugs/bathroom remodeling, or “special” diet considerations for “suddenly” found religion on day two of incarceration.

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