The Case For Reparations Talk

Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has tried to stir things up by coming out with a plan for reparations. Her scheme is short on details, but it is basically an as yet undefined special tax break for qualified people. She’s not the only left-wing candidate supporting the idea, but she is the first to talk about it in any specifics. It is an idea the radicals all think is a winning idea. For now, most are content to offer lip service, while making references to Ta-Nahisi Coates and his 2014 essay The Case For Reparations.

There’s an assumption among white radicals that all blacks have committed that essay to memory. In reality, 90% of blacks have never heard of Coates or his essay. That’s because Coates is the sort of boutique black that is only popular with the sorts of bourgeois radicals you see on the college campus or the Acela. He is the sort of black that only Progressives can love, in that he confirms all of their deepest held beliefs about their righteousness and never dares ask the wrong questions.

The amusing thing about their love for Coates is that he tends to make the case you often hear on this side of the great divide. His essay is so poorly written and constructed, it’s nearly impossible to critique, as that would require taking it seriously. It veers between conspiracy theory and emotive gibberish. There’s a paranormal quality to much of it, as he works from the assumption that racism is this spirit force that manipulates whites into doing bad things to blacks, without them ever noticing it.

Of course, the usual suspects are in a panic over this sudden burst of honesty from the radicals leading the anti-white coalition. They will never say it, but they know Hillary lost because she was unable to fool enough white voters. If whites wake up from their hallucinations and suddenly see things as they are, the coalition of the ascendant is in a lot of trouble. Telling Baby Boomers that they plan to take their loot and give it to blacks is the fastest way to get them off the golf course and into activism.

That is, of course, part of the plan. The Democrats always run far Left in their primary and then come back to less insane positions in the general. They can rely on the media to memory hole their nuttier comments and positions. They can also count on Republicans to never bring this stuff up. More important, they will never have to explain their plan or defend it against a thoughtful response. Instead, they will rely on the usual suspects in Conservative Inc. to play their role as the racist bigot opposed to reparations.

That’s an important thing to get here. The Left is all about morality. Whatever details they offer are just the minimum to complete the stage set. What they are doing here is carving out two roles, one for themselves and one for the Boomer right-winger, who seems to only care about his money, rather than justice. The role for Lefty in this play is to be seen as heroically defending the helpless non-whites, who are endlessly under assault from the institutional white privilege. The right-wing Boomer always falls for this gag.

There is a better response, one that the media and palace guards from Conservative Inc. will fight to make sure never happens. That answer is to agree, in principle, with the concept of reparations for the descendants of slaves. The one condition is that it has to be a good faith effort to arrive at a number that pays the debt in full. Since we’re mostly talking about cash payments, whatever that number is and whatever the degree of vengeance required, the final number has to stamp the debt “paid in full.”

That is, after all, the point of reparations. The person claiming to have been harmed, seeks to be made whole, by the person causing the harm. After a war, the winner will impose reparations on the loser, in order to facilitate peace. The cost of winning and imposing peace is imposed on the loser as both punishment and restitution. Once the debt is paid, that’s the end of it. If payments are supposed to continue into forever, without end, then that’s not reparations. That’s tribute and that’s what needs to be established.

That’s why a thoughtful person should always respond to this issue with a willingness to discuss the issue. The first question to Harris should be, “Is this a good faith effort to reach a final settlement, where the debt to blacks is fully paid?” Most likely, she would not know how to answer the question. The reason for that is she does not understand the definition of the word reparations. It just resonates with her target audience. What she and they, however, have in mind is tribute, a browngeld to be paid forever.

This is why responding to this stuff on-line with nutty demands like “Well, I’ll give them reparations once they return to Africa” is as dumb as blacks thinking they will be getting an extra check on top of what they get now. It just reinforces the moral argument made by the radicals, while blinding the intended victims to what’s happening. White people need to understand that they will pay. That’s written in stone. The question is, what do we get for those payments? When is this debt finally stamped “paid in full?”

Inevitably, the radicals representing the coalition of the ascendant cannot put a number on it and they cannot agree that there is a number. That’s because they are talking about tribute, rather than reparations. The question that must always follow a demand for tribute is, “If we refuse, then what?” Tribute must always include the threat of force and that’s what has been true about the Left for a long time. It’s why they avoid facts and logic. They make the demands with the assumption everyone knows what “or else” means.

Another angle to this approach is it would inevitably reveal another truth to what’s happening in this age. The radicals would not be able to limit the scope to the descendants of former slaves. Look at the language all of them are using. They never specifically say descendants of slaves. Harris simply says “qualified people of all races.” The reason for this is they are not championing the cause of American blacks, they are leading a coalition of non-whites, many of whom just got here, against white people.

For example, most whites are unaware that South Asians are in on this. Spend time in the Imperial Capital and you’ll notice most of the IT work is done by Indians. Africans, as in people from Africa, can go through special doors to get into colleges and graduate schools, simply because they are black. Latinos have their free pass too. None of these people have plausible grievance against American whites, but they get the handout because they are not white. That’s a reality white people need to face.

Seriously discussing this helps break the conditioning that seems to keep the older generations in a daze, as if they are drugged. The ascendant will never embrace the culture of American whites. They seek to drain the resources and power from whites, so they can dictate terms. This is not a competition they seek to win and then be generous to the vanquished. There is no generosity in their heart. We know this because there is no gratitude there ether. For them, reparations are vengeance with a dollar sign.

The point of our project is to raise awareness and wake up as many whites as possible to the new reality of this age. This is an opportunity to do just that. To allow mindless civic nationalists to lapse into their programmed responses is a mistake. These normie whites need to be slapped across the face and one way to do that is to embrace the issue of reparations seriously and dispassionately. Ask the question, “What is the number that pays the debt in full?” The answer is another red pill.

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  1. Yes, I see the logic in this tactic. I also see the guaranteed result when the neocons bungle it and the reprobate leftists eat their lunch.

    Every Negro in the country will get a fat check, the student loans they used to get that degree in Urban studies and Black History will be forgiven and, for thise that dont care to make use of free educations, the restrictions on items ineligible for purchase with EBT cards will be lifted.

    We’ll be lucky to escape having to quarter them in our homes.

  2. I am fine with reparations as long as it is accompanied by:

    1) Immediate end to WIC, Food stamp, and all other forms of Welfare along with immediate termination of Great Society
    2) End of AA quotas everywhere immediately and permanently
    3) End of Black History Month
    4) Disbanding of the UNCF, CBC, Black Miss America, La Raza, MeCha etc. Race based association groups are immediately illegal by federal legislation.
    5) Massive ramping up of immigration enforcement and repealing birthright citizenship. A person born in the US is a citizen if and only if, both parents are permanent residents or US citizens. Oh and full funding of a 2,000 mile border wall.

    if the GOPee had any balls, they would present this bill along with reparations and call the bluff of the libs and their POC acolytes.

  3. About a month ago, I was celebrating a relative’s 100th birthday at a Presbyterian nursing home. In the dining room was a computer with various brain challenges and entertainment options.

    Under the icon for current events and holidays, Black History month was prominently displayed. And who but Ta-Nahisii Coates was mentioned.

    I found it repugnant that he was part of that in such a place:

  4. The Federal seizure of Southern assets (property/labor) should require reparations to whitey. Will be waiting on my check.

  5. Z man, I’m not one to often praise your positions, but this is brilliant. I’ve nothing to add.

  6. You guys can talk and reason all you want.

    Eventually, this will have to be settled with Flesh and Steel.

    There really is no escape.

    See: South Africa for further details.

  7. Are not the $Trillions of ongoing welfare and affirmative actions admissions, hirings and promotions not essentially reparations already? Four generations of urban blacks have lived off the labor of the productive class of Americans. Enough. Paid in full already- and by citizens who’s ancestors had nothing to do with slavery.

  8. I understand the sentiment, trying to make lefties get specific always upsets them. When they talk about the rich paying their “fair share”, what that actually means is pretty amorphous but always comes down to “more”. The problem is that Democrats could agree to a fixed amount but would have no problem banging the drum for the next round of reparations as soon as the first checks clear. If you think they are going to hold to an agreement saying “paid in full”, you aren’t being realistic.

  9. OFF TOPIC: Strange. I never thought of this until Z Man brought this to my attention awhile ago. As a Drudge reader, it really does look like Drudge is scattering penis articles all over the place lately. He’s really been engrossed in it this week.

  10. I think part of reparations will be DNA from anyone wanting a payout with the understanding that this DNA may be used to solve past or future crimes. Might lower the bill.
    And DNA will determine payout.

  11. Wait a minute – isn’t the current government (post-1865) exempt from reparations? They conquered the Confederacy, freed the slaves, and established a new centrally-controlled Federal system. Why should they pay?

    I do like the idea of forcing a final number, because it will reveal that what the coalition of the fringes want is what they always want – an further bloodletting with no expiration date.

    I can’t remember who I first heard say it (maybe Jared Taylor) but what non-whites want is not the destruction of whites, but rather “access to whites” and control of their intelligence and productive activity. Deep down they know that the white man is the fount from which all gibs flow. As the always perceptive genius of Röcken said, “Whoever lives for the sake of combat has an interest in the enemy’s staying alive.”

    However, if the reparation thing happens I would recommend investments in manufacturers of luxury cars and garish jewelry. And marijuana farms.

    Thought provoking as always, Z!

  12. My white privilege keeps me from considering reparations of any sort. Unless of course it is white reperations for having to carry the white mans burden for so long.

  13. Living in a California, supposedly the most diverse place on earth (possibly, I doubt it) it amazes me just how openly racist immigrants of all kinds are to the blacks. The blacks need Wonder Bread whitie to survive. These east asians (whom I get along with very well) literally call them monkeys out in the open. No PC filter. Same thing with eastern Europeans. Same thing with the latinos. They just make no bones about it. It’s only white bread Americans who look at blacks with humanity and acceptance. How ironic that they probably hate us the most. Pure ignorance. As diverse as CA is becoming, the blacks are moving out. They just can’t survive here. Not enough regular white Americans to feel sorry for them.

  14. Am I the only one who thinks that we must admit the uncomfortable truth? Most whites are unsaveable. Have anybody heard about tiny white homeland where hardworking white people living in peace and never ever committed any crime, killing natives, slavery, colonialism, saved Jews from Holy Hoax and so on. There is such country in the planet Earth ant it is called a SWEDEN…:D.

  15. I don’t see the point. Everyone understands perfectly well that the answer will be some variant of “never”.

    • You may see the point, but have some empathy and realize MPAI: Very few white men, and even fewer white women, on the left realize this point in any conscious way. It is thus a wedge issue to divide our enemy’s forces, a psyop, agitprop. The end game is 10 pct of white male Democrats and 5 pct of WF dems stay home on 11/6/2020. They’ll never leave the shore and come to Our Side, but maybe they get demoralized enough to stay home. If that happens, Ghengis Khamala will go down in the books as the next Walter Mondale, instead of the next pol pot. If that happens, we have a couple more years to turn the ship around without having to go The Other Way.

      • I just love “Ghengis Kamala” — we really gotta make that one stick.

        My two previous favorites were Karamel Harris, and the Hindu Dindu, but Ghengis Kamala is really directly on point. Though “Aipac Chopra” was pretty good, too.

    • It’s not about getting reparations, reparations is just a sales pitch, right out of the God Emperor’s playbook. Reparations is an issue invented for bargaining purposes only. They demand the moon, then they can settle for planet Earth.

      Also, they make the mainstream Dems seem normal.

  16. We already pay reparations. It’s just named something different:

    SCHIP State Supplemental Health Insurance Program
    Healthy Start
    Food Stamps, SNAP
    School Lunch Program
    WIC Women, Infant and Children Food Program
    School Breakfast
    Section 8 Housing (HUD)
    Public Housing (HUD)
    LIHEAP Low Income Home Energy Assistance
    Universal Service Fund Subsidized Low Income Phone Service
    Pell Grants
    Title One Grants to Local Education Authorities
    21st Century Learning Centers
    Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants
    Adult Basic Education Grants
    Education for Homeless Children and Youth
    Aid for Graduate and Professional Study for Disadvantaged and Minorities
    Job Corps
    Food Stamp Employment and Training Program
    Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Grants
    Childcare and Child Development Block Grant
    TANF Block Grant Child Care
    Community Development Block Grant and Related Development Funds
    Economic Development Administration (Dept. of Commerce)

  17. One of my co- workers, after receiving the back- to- school list of supplies each parent was supposed to send with their elementary aged- kids to stock the classroom for the year, declared he would be happier if instead of paying taxes and then still having his pocket picked for crayons, markers, kleenex, and gluesticks to be communally shared with the indigent kids in his son’s classroom, that the government would instead just assign him a specific black single- mother and her six kids to buy stuff for. That way he could at least establish a relationship with his wards.

    Lakeisha would just call him up every so often. “Mornin’, Mr. Freddy. How you doing?”

    “Doing well, Lakeisha. Doing well. How are the boys?”

    “They’s fine, Mr. Freddy. They’s growing like weeds. Fact is, that’s why I’m callin’. Trayvonne needs some new shoes for school. I surely do hate to bother you again…”

    “That’s all right, Lakeisha. That’s the system we have now. You go right ahead and order them on Amazon and I’ll take care of it.”

    “Thank you, Mr. Freddy. You have a blessed day now. ”

    “You too, Lakeisha. Bye bye now.”

    Honest to God, I think we’d have much better race relations if we all just admitted the reality of black dependence and their need to be taken care of.

  18. You could ask the question about what a suitable reparation is, but it would meet the reply that this is a complicated matter and would be decided by the “Reparations Board” on an individual basis. The fact is that there’s no intention to introduce reparations or tributes – it’s just a carrot for POC to stay on the plantation. That is until the POC have the numbers, and decide they’ve had enough of their white and Jewish overlords and decide to strike out on their own. That’s when the fun will start..
    Reparations ffs, how do you work that out? By a sliding scale of browness? Still, in a world where male sportsmen compete in women’s events and windmills are thought a good way of generating electricity, it’s not so surprising.

  19. You really need to go deeper on this. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society welfare program of the 1960s was slow genocide in disguise. It literally destroyed the black family unit by paying black mothers to cast off their husbands in favor of a faux federal substitute. We’re now into the forth generation of this manufactured familial wasteland and it’s consequences. The Democrats will never give up their dual power programs of institutional genocide and infanticide by abortion. The irony of this is that blacks continue to vote for them by over 90%.

    • Black fathers arent even a thing in Africa. When you look at West African bantu tribes, the woman does all the work and the man sits in the shade. The son is only interacted with when he gets old enough to join Dad in the shade.

      Johnson freed blacks to act like blacks.

      • I grew up in a ghetto in the Midwest. That’s not what I saw. Black fathers whipped their sons with belts for doing wrong and they were serious about attending church and following scripture. Still true in many parts of the South.

  20. Exactly. You write tongue-in-cheek, but I’ve read dumb Boomer Cons who REALLY believe we can strike a deal. Y’know: We give each black $100,000 and every white person gets an autographed picture of Tennessee Coats along with an official “You are not a racist” certificate signed by 40 million black folks.

    The other question to ask, is not just “How much will it take?” but also, “What if they take the $$$, and CONTINUE to call white people racist?”- and what’s to stop them? No ethnic group was treated better then the Irish in 19th Century America, not the Krauts, not the square heads, and certainly not the Wops. But has that stopped Left-wing Irish-American pols from whining about “No Irish Need Apply signs”? Has the USA’s sterling treatment of Jews, stopped the Left-wing Jewish Pols from screaming about antisemitism at every turn?

    No minority is going to keep their side of the bargain – and stop crying “Oppression” unless it stops paying

    • In today’s world, to be a bully you must first cast yourself as a victim. Once you get your “Official Victimhood” certificate from the local liberal arts college then you’re set. You may commence bullying, and we all know whom the target typically is: straight white males.

      The anti-racism and anti-sexism crusades are not, were not, and never will be about ending racism or sexism, but are just about focusing upon a more fashionable target.

    • Back in the eighties, having an Irish boyfriend was a thing in Copenhagen, so you ran into a lot of Irish guys. I met three of them, every one a whiner. And not just about the Potato Famine and whatnot, but on a deeply personal level, down to the way they spoke. A “how’s your beer?” would elicit despondent sighs and existential dread.

      I suspect that’s why they make such great music, they feel pain more acutely than other people.

  21. During the 2016 campaign for prez, Hillary touched on the racial bias issue somewhat, but not enough. There was a moment in what I believe was the third debate with Trump, where she started to talk about the need for training to counteract racial bias and prejudice. I was hoping she’d go on and on about this, since nothing’s more unappealing than having Hillary, the scolding schoolmarm, lecture America on its racism, but unfortunately, the subject was changed right away.

    Kamala Harris needs to be encouraged to go full boat on these racial issues, so that Normie White America understands fully that the blackety-black is the future, which includes a stern black female wagging her finger from side to side in front of us to shame us into giving up our privilege and our money to achieve equality.

  22. Ha! Before he died, Johnny Cochran, OJ’s lawyer, and 5 others were conducting ‘reparations seminars’ in Washington DC at $1500 a ticket.

  23. I’m still trying to figure out what my Han Chinese ancestors in Taiwan (I’m a first generation immigrant from Taiwan) have to do with American slave trade. If my ancestors comes from West Africa or they’re the Arab slave traders, they may have a case…

    • You’re missing the entire line of argument. Your Han Chinese ancestors didn’t immigrate to Tajikstan, because that’s a shitty place. Rather, they came to ‘Gold Mountain’, to mooch off American wealth and success, because America is a very nice place. And part of the reason America is such a nice place is (so it is argued), that a significant portion of the development costs of turning a continent-sized wilderness into a first-class empire in record time, was extracted surplus value stolen from the exploited labor of slaves. In other words,

      a) America is a very nice place in substantial part, because non-compensated slaves helped build it;

      b) You and your fellow mooching Ching-Chongs show up out of the blue, having contributed zero to the niceness of America, and proceed directly to the dorms of UC Irvine (which you also didn’t build, and are stealing that social capital from the Whites who did), while the descendants of the slaves still languish in the ghetto;

      c) It doesn’t matter that Chinese never owned African slaves — you have still benefitted big-time from their exploitation, because you’ve got your fangs sunk deep into the fattest cow on the ranch. So…

      d) Pay up, Ching-Chongs. (ps in a just world, you owe all the White people too.)

      The fact is, in a just arrangement, /everyone in America/ would pay the reparations tax — even African-Americans, because they themselves were not slaves, but do enjoy the quality of what the slaves helped build. They would receive the payment (so the argument goes) not because they were personally actual slaves, but because their behavior patterns have been warped and deformed by the legacy of slavery and the generations of oppression thereafter, which has harmed their ability to fully participate in American prosperity, which is the underlying reason why Ching-chong goes to Stanford, and D’Shauntrious goes to prison.

      Hey, I’m a better shill for this crap than Ta-Genius Coates; maybe the Jews at the Atlantic should give me /his/ gig.

  24. There’s a big problem we have, and it’s the widespread belief in egalitarianism and the blank slate. Whites are always going to out-achieve blacks, so anything like reparations will never be enough. Blacks will never stop demanding things and shrieking white privilege, discrimination, social justice etc until they achieve at the same level as whites.

  25. A very simple, easy way to make the whole “reparations” question vanish like a puff of smoke is to shine a very bright spotlight on the extremely outsize role played by Jews in the slavery business.

    Jews were purchasers of slaves on the African coasts, they were the owners of /large/ numbers of slave ships, they were principal slave merchants in America, as well as disproportionate slave owners themselves.

    Furthermore Jews were large plantation owners in the Carribbean and Brazil — a vastly more cruel and brutal form of slavery than anything in the American South. Furthermore Jewish wealth from slavery was not destroyed in the Civil War, as was the wealth of the Southern planters; Jewish slave-derived wealth was deposited in the north, as well as in international Jewish finance networks. Furthermore Jews made no significant nor proportionate manpower contributions to the military effort to end slavery. A Jew in uniform? A nation giggles in disbelief. Jews profited massively from slavery, and paid no price at all.

    So by all means, let us take the reparations question seriously. But let it be clear that Jews will pay both the White tax (as they enjoy “White privilege”), as well as a Jewish surtax on top of it.

    Most importantly, since determining who gets what and who pays what, as individuals, will be crucial to operating the whole complex machinery, it will be of critical importance to identify every single Jewish individual in America AS a Jew, to ensure they pay the Jew tax in full. We might even have to make them wear a special badge or something.

    None of this will ever happen of course. But simply bring it up in grim earnest at the negotiations, and watch in amazement as the entire reparations issue vanishes at once, never to be discussed again.

    • Thank you for mentioning the psychotic brutality of Welsh slavers where unrestrained- hung ’em on meathooks in the Carribean, they did.

      Pointing out that 78% of Confederate slaveowners were Welsh and controlled King Cotton, and that Welsh alcohol fueled the Indian Wars and was opium to the Indians, would demand a proportionate Welsh tax.

      It isn’t blacks who thought up the reparations industry, that’s for damn sure.
      Perhaps this spotlight would break the alliance of the Civil Rights generals and their sepoy footsoldiers.

  26. OT: Can you lurk on Gab anymore? I used to click your link on the sidebar to go to your feed (I’m not on Gab proper) but now when I do it I get an error message.

  27. Do you really believe this is the right strategy or are you being tongue in cheek? At times, you advise to not engage them, but in this matter, you want to engage them with a rhetorical question you know they don’t care to answer. It is clever enough, but it sure wont shut up their constituents. A tax credit or subsidy mentioned in the article is just an entitlement which has neither and end nor a cap. Talking about the Dem’s going far left in the primaries and coming back to the middle in the general may be a historical thing but every dem candidate out there presently is certifiable.

    • Problem is they go Left in the primary, middle in the general, and then back to left once in. Republicans go right in the primary, middle in the general and left once in. One is a zig-zag, the other is truly progressive.

    • I saw that once on a bumper sticker, on a redneck’s pickup somewhere in Alabama (I think), posted right next to the Rebel flag decal. Gave me an evil chuckle.

    • There’s a line in the Canadian Lord’s prayer thanking god it was too cold for cotton to grow there.

  28. Beautiful! I always say that all you need to do to refute any Leftwing idea is take it completely seriously. So let me state, unequivocally and for the record, that I personally will pay almost any amount in reparations — sell the house, empty the kids’ college fund, the works — if it means we’re done with Blacks and all their nonsense. I might have to rent an apartment and walk to work, but I’d be able to leave my apartment door unlocked and walk without fear. You on your side of the tracks, and we on ours… and I’ll even pay for the tracks. I wish no one ill; I just want to be left alone.

      “Lord, I wish we had picked our own Damned cotton!”

      Hello Severian the Good! Yes, I see all you would give up, tongue in cheek, if you could work through this long brewing mess. And Z, damn it all man! Great post, you are on fire, and look at all the hair you set on fire….Wow!

      Folks, this is flushing the game birds! Flush them out! FIRST STEP is to flush out Lefty’s real plan which is TRIBUTE NOT REPARATIONS! Then watch the eyeballs roll in cognitive dissonance. Don’t go all A through Zed on arguments and quibble. Don’t fret about your Granddaddy, North and South, and who did what to whom. Cart before the horse. Make the first move by not playing their morality game. Remember, their morality is not our morality. Just say “Define your terms.” They won’t expect this. We then see what the blowback is and take our next step. “That’s why it is dumb to blow a fuse and do the Archie Bunker dance. That’s what they want. Instead, lets talk about it, because that’s what they don’t want.”
      The Left will have a shit fit, and maybe just maybe a few CivNats, Boomercons and Normies will go deer eyeballs and redpill. Set it up, grab the reins so Lefty unmasks their own Reparation Is Tribute plans and flops like a turd into the punchbowl. Then we assess; then we determine the next step. Concentrate on FIRST STEP to flush out Lefty’s real plan that TRIBUTE NOT REPARATIONS! Then see who and how many stumble to our side.

      Don’t fall for how much and when and by whom…..they don’t give a shit, you’re wasting precious energy, and we’re not going to do it anyway. They want to grab you by the hair and break your teeth into the ground ad infinitum. Come on…Get it! Set the backfire!

    • ” to refute any Leftwing idea is take it completely seriously.”

      They are yanking our string, hoping to see what we’ll be dumb enough to give them.

      They are children playing dress-up.
      They don’t mean any of it!

      I call it a Klingon sense of humor.
      Humorless Vulcans keep details, analyse stats, debate ‘policy’.

      What they want is for you to play along. So play! Agree and Escalate!
      Let the Stupid flow!
      It’s a game of posturing, after all.

      (Then block them in the real world any way you can- increasingly limited, I know.)

  29. There are forty million blackish people in the US, almost all will be dead within eighty years. My question to reparation types is this: What do you claim is owed to the forty million blackish people who have not yet been born over that same period? Do we owe the unborn? An answer to this question will reveal the true nature of their argument even to the stupid and inattentive. They will not say no, even in a lie.

  30. Z: “This is not a competition they seek to win and then be generous to the vanquished. There is no generosity in their heart. We know this because there is no gratitude there either.”

    Yes. And what of future generation POC failures? They’ll be demanding their chunk of flesh too. There is no end to it.

    “Wave upon wave of demented avengers.” –Pink Floyd

    • The logical conclusion to the Prog ideology is white genocide either through execution or miscegenation. Look at their belief system:

      1. All peoples are equal
      2. Inequality is caused by white racism – conscious and unconscious
      3. White people refuse (or are unable) to give up their racism. This is proven by the continued existence of unequal group outcomes despite 50 years of efforts to get white people to stop being racist.
      4. To eliminate group inequality, we must get rid of whites who simply refuse to give up their racism.

      I suppose forcing whites to give up their income and wealth to the point that all groups are equal would work, but it doesn’t eliminate the ultimate source of the problem: White people.

      We will be hounded to extinction if we don’t fight back.

      • It’s been said here before that it all starts with biology. Politics is downstream from culture and culture is downstream from race.

        Policies are also downstream from race. In today’s society, it starts with a mistaken belief that all races are equal in ability, and it’s only environmental causes and white racism that prevents equality. Since the policies put in place aren’t working, there will be more demonization of white people, and it will go on forever in the search for the cure causing inequality.

    • No gratitude! Boy howdy!
      The scriptwriters tell us, “You saved us Welsh in WW2, so now you owe us everything.”

      It seems like every nonwhite people agrees with them wholeheartedly.

  31. “The Left is all about morality. Whatever details they offer are just the minimum to complete the stage set.”

    The Next Original Sin drives the Progs. Someone (whitey) is Always Guilty of “something”.. And WE know how to take advantage of that. Er Um resolve this injustice.

    Talking about Reparations is a genius move. It will open some white eyes. And force Progs to eventually move on to the NextNext Original sin of all Times.

    • Zman’s most important point!
      ““The Left is all about morality.”

      This simple concept truly clarifies the situation.

  32. I would rather argue a reactionary case that the descendants of conquerors are now the rightful owners of whatever their forefathers conquered, as in the link shared in this comment.

  33. Z Man;
    A very creative and interesting take on the subject, a conceptual breakthrough actually.

    To further discussion, here’s a field report from my neck of the woods on how an actual parallel situation evolved, namely how the actual ‘Native American’ Tribes hereabouts share out their recent casino royalty windfall and the socio-political results therefrom. Starting from ~ 15 – 20 years ago, every tribe can now have a gambling casino and profit from the ownership thereof. It does not even have to be on tribal land, depending on the state. They are also able to sell ordinarily highly taxed items, most particularly tobacco products, exempt from federal taxes. This situation was explicitly justified politically at the time as reparations for past injustice. It went through largely because the tribes were few in number and normally far away.* And, at the time it was thought to be ‘new money’, i.e. not taken from any existing rice bowl.

    Although the casino and smoke shop concessionaires pledge to hire tribal members preferentially, about half of the new expanded workforce is ‘white, apparently of necessity. As usual, most of the profit is taken by far-away, politically well connected, hidden figures who are the actual casino operators. Local effects of payments of negotiated royalties to the tribes include:

    1. The ‘indigenous peoples’ do NOT regard these recent income windfalls as in any way diminishing their entitlement to the vast panoply of programs from the welfare state. IOW, there is NO sense of ‘paid’ much less ‘paid in full’ whatsoever. BTW, they paid little in the way of taxes, either before or after.**

    2. Nor do they intend to ever give up any of their federal judge-created special privileges such as special, much looser, hunting and fishing regulations for their members. The tribes occupy a special legal status because they hold their land, in particular, as a result of treaties with the Federal Govt., often created before the area they reside in being granted statehood.

    3. Nor have they diminished their use of many regional tax-supported services such as schools by creating their own parallel institutions under tribal control. They have established local outpatient medical clinics, however, due their remoteness from everybody else’s local services. They have ‘always’ had their own semi-autonomous local governments, just like thier white neighbors do now. Now these tribal governments are better funded. They do operate their own police and fire departments, again, largely out of necessity due to remoteness. IOW, they do what we would do under the circumstances: Optimize their services while minimizing their taxes.

    3. Nor has their militancy against any and all ‘white’ neighbors and their sense of grievance apparently been diminished: At least according to local ‘community organizers’. Actual incidents of trouble are level to down, however.

    4. There is little evidence of tribal governments creating any long-term plan to use these windfalls to promote effective local development, although *programs* have been set up to that effect. The major hindrance is ‘Tribal Land Communism’: While 99 year leases on desirable lake front property are widely available and can be bought and sold, the tribe itself holds title in common to all the land on the reservation, known locally as ‘da Rez’.

    5. Each *enrolled member* of the tribe is given a pro-rata share of the windfall after a tribal govt. haircut is taken off. (Payments may be tax free, I don’t know – might depend on their treaty.) To be fair, it’s not clear that any government, most especially theirs, would a better job with the money. Ordinarily one must live on ‘da Rez’ to participate. Rules vary from tribe to tribe.

    6. Given that tribal membership is now worth money, most tribes have created very strict judicial procedures to determine who is and is not an enrolled member of the tribe.*** Often the rest of the tribe must also vote you in. To admit an additional outside claimant would be to diminish every other member’s revenue stream, after all. Previously there was a lot of inter-marriage, hence a lot of rules. It is darkly amusing that the tribes have mostly adopted the NSDAP rule that one must have had at least one ‘pure blood’ grandparent to qualify. This ancestor’s having lived on ‘da Rez’ and for how long may or may not come into play.

    7. *Most Importantly,* it is evident that this windfall has NOT greatly improved the life of members of most tribes or greatly reduced the terrible social pathologies that made them sympathetic figures for reparations in the first place.
    *All it takes is half a day driving around to realize that most tribal land is marginal land, not wanted by any of TPTB at the time it was granted.
    ** Most tribal areas are observably squalid. Rates of poverty, drug and alcohol abuse are very high. They did before and, sadly, still do constitute a ‘relic population, meaning those with prospects usually move out to move up. There is now and has been little prejudice against individual Native Americans in the larger local society, so they easily can.
    *** It is a real mark of Elizabeth Warren’s stupidity not to have known this ahead of renewing her claims to be part Cherokee. The Cherokee Nation now knows *exactly* who is on their rolls due to the above described sorting process.

    • Nice overview of the tribal nations. I have seen quite a few fancy new Tribal Police vehicles as I drive through the reservations on the State Routes. I don’t know how far their jurisdiction goes (onto the highway itself, or whether you drop one wheel off the pavement?), but I drive slowly and carefully through the reservations now. I would not want to get caught up in a seizure or arrest situation, where I have no rights that I could exercise.

      • Dutch;
        I guess it depends on state law. Where I am, felonies by anyone, even if committed on tribal land are all tried in the normal county courthouse. Tribal courts have jurisdiction over misdemeanors on tribal land by tribal members.

    • Splendid effort.
      I see White Reservations in our near future!

      By tribe? “That Irish-Italian border is heating up again”

  34. This a brilliant post. Ok let us discuss reparations. What are the terms? I hope conservatives take up this idea. It will be worth it to see what comes of it.

  35. To demand reparations one must show damages. Blacks living in America enjoy an annual income 26 times greater and a life expectancy 25 years longer than blacks living in western sub Saharan Africa.

    • That’s not the point. Details and numbers don’t matter. This is about framing and marketing. It’s about forcing normie whites to see that POC will never – never – stop hounding you, that you, your children, your grandchildren, etc., will be their slaves forever. There’s no end to your groveling and dispossession.

  36. Zman has the matter squarely framed here: “The Left is all about morality. Whatever details they offer are just the minimum to complete the stage set.” No need to parse things into questions of whether affirmative action is included, or which descendant gets what or even who pays whom… because this isn’t even altogether about money. Perhaps not even primarily. This is about what Zman mentions, morality. The POC hyenas will never let you pay the debt in full. That would be tantamount to saying “Okay, now we are all even, morally equal and justly reckoned with each other.” The Left’s primary weapon is to claim the moral high ground and never surrender it. The one thing that will shatter the spell they cast is to show just this: Whitey will never be allowed to pay his debt, in full or in part precisely because they want Whitey to feel in debt. Whitey must always be the debtor to POC, in perpetuity.

    • “Whitey must always be the debtor to POC, in perpetuity.”

      If you’re always in debt, you’re a slave.

      Blacks don’t want a “paid in full” amount, because they want whitey to pay forever. It’s just a way for blacks to actually bring back slavery — with blacks as the masters this time.

      That’s the concept to use to refute a lot of the demands of the non-whites, that they want whites to be their slaves. In addition to whatever rhetorical power it may have, it has the advantage of being true.

      • Random passerby: that revelation has zero rhetorical impact. It’s just Dr3. They know they are racial supremacists, it’s a fundamental part of their ideology. That’s like pointing out to a reaganite that they’re pro-free market.
        The zmans point is that this engagement on the idea of reparations will highlight that to yt still on the left. The coalition of the freaks breaks down if/when the yts still in the D tent realize they are on the menu, not just the waiter.

    • Some may be missing the point here. The objective of the exercise is not to corner Lefty into an answer and then actually pay these jackals. The point of asking the question “How much to retire this so-called debt, forever?” is to wake up normie. Let him see that there is no number that would ever satisfy Lefty, that normie is expected to remain a moral slave to non-whites forever.

      • YES! Finally, someone who read the same post I did.
        For all the BoomerCons talk about how great education was for muh-muh-my generation, they have some G*d-awful reading comprehension skills.

      • Remember, your target audience is not the black guy seeking the reparation, but the white normie who thinks it may be justified o ris clueless (and whose complicity in the evil is ultimately required). That is the weakest link, and that is where the “paid in full” reframe will have to have effect in order to be successful.

  37. A tale of time preference and how reparations would look two years in:

    Way back in the Before Times (1970) the U.S. Army was having a hard time keeping trained specialists in service at the end of our enlistments because Vietnam was still a thing. My specialty had a $10,000 re-up bonus which was taken advantage of by some lads famous for their short sighted “planning” for the future.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that $10K = $66,590.48 today – quite a windfall for a 22 year old boy from the inner city!

    It was widely known that most of the re-up bonuses were going to buy fast cars and faster women to say nothing of recreational pharmaceuticals of all flavors. Most of the money was spent by the time these guys got their new Permanent Change of Station transfer order back to the war zone.

    If reparations go into effect in the current age I predict that the same redistribution from the dumb to the smart would be seen again and in a few years the money would return to its rightful owners – the smart.

  38. I get your logic. As always, you make a good point. The amount ($$$) here, though, is going to be staggering, assuming we go ahead and do it. I must admit, the very idea of reparations sticks in my craw. It takes as true the idea that slavery, which was terrible for blacks, is still, a century and a half later, causing them to make bad choices and not succeed in evil capitalist America.

    Your paid in full notion is sound. But it will never happen. There will always be another scab to pick, always, on to infinity. You took my water, you stole my land, you kept me out of Harvard. And once reparations are paid to blacks, why would it end there? Other groups would line for their share of the spoils. The Sioux come to mind.

    And then there is the collective guilt business. Neither I nor any of my ancestors had a thing to do with slavery. But I owe because of the color of my skin? Trying to rectify the past, in whatever way we find, knocking down Confederate statues, deleting names from history books, defacing paintings, paying reparations, is at its core a ruinous and poisonous idea. Dems are all for it. Which may tell you all you need to know.

    • titan28 and others keep talking as though we’d ever get to the point of agreeing on a number, making the payments, and calling it even. Z Man’s whole point is that the left would never allow such a thing to happen, and that people need to see this, they need to see it clearly, and they need to see it now.

  39. Very well. I accept her reparations. I have had numerous ancestors who served in the Union Army in Civil War combat, several of whom were wounded in combat, attempting to liberate those who were enslaved. $250,000 a piece for me and my fellow ancestors of said soldiers should about do it. I’ll take a check.

    • Well, get behind me in line — one of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower as an indentured servant, which is to say, a slave with a fancy contract. Surely I deserve reparations, or better yet tribute!

    • You can write me a check for $250K as penance for your ancestors self-righteous behavior, bringing the Republic to an end and birthing Leviathan.

    • Well, you should be on the hook for additional reparations for your ancestors crimes in the Northern War of Aggression.

  40. I’m still sticking with my prediction that Kamala Harris will take the oath of office in January 2021. It will be the best thing that could possibly happen to our team–boomercons will finally wake up.

    • That’s what I thought about Obama. They’d vote for him one time because it made them feel good – my God the vapid excitement was so depressing that day – and then they’d finally learn their lesson. That sort of happened but he was still reelected.

    • They won’t actually. What makes you think anything will be different after all the gibs that have already been extracted?

      Please articulate as clearly as possible what you think will happen when the ‘white peepo’ tax is levied. Marches on DC? Storming congress in armed insurrection? Hell, even a call to a congress critter? I think not.

      They will coast by on retirement pensions / SS until the reaper’s hand touches them perfectly content to ‘go along to get along’ once more with a little more money shaved off from their late years fortune.

      The only way ‘out’ of this is the ‘all in’ strategy. Frog boiling will continue apace otherwise. I’d like to see a 90% tax rate on all white people ONLY. I’d like to see an additional reparations tax on top of that. That will leave whites with about hmmm, 5% of their income left.

      There are two things in the universe that immediately correct behavior and spawn instantaneous action with ‘muscle memory’ to repeat the action again to avoid the scenario. Pain and Fear. Right now, far too many whites have neither.

      90% tax rate, 5% reparations tax. Roaming orc hordes sauntering through gated communities. White people at the back of the line for employment, education and all other opportunities. The vast majority will take this sitting down. It took 3% of this nation to topple the British Empire at its apex. We are fighting mud races with nothing close to the capacity that britain had during the revolutionary time period. With 1% of this nation primed for armed conflict this could be reversed in one year.

      • Well, except for tanks, Apache helicopters, rocket launchers, guns that fire 50+ rounds per second, a nearly omnipresent surveillance system, etc. under the control of Pres. Harris. But yeah, we are just about as close to parity as the Colonists and the Brits in 1776.

        • How does that blackpill taste c matt? Pretty bitter going down, innit?

          Those machines require fuel, maintenance, parts, etc. They also have to land and / or park at some point. The men who operate them have families. They also had all those weapons in Afghanistan and we didn’t ‘win’ there whatsoever. Nobody said it would be easy but what is your alternative? Roll over and die? Glad to see that spirit of ’76 is still alive and well…

  41. There is no way in hell and god’s green earth that black or white reparation advocates will ever, ever, ever, ever agree to being “paid in full,” even they agree with this concept.
    They will always come back for more and more and more, regardless of the form or amount or type of “reparations” they receive.
    There simply is no way to win an argument with these folks; they are immune – actually they don’t care – to reason or facts.

    The liberal progressive/communist mind set is motivated by hatred and contempt of any group – white, black , hispanic, native American – you name it, that will thwart their ascension to absolute and complete power.
    Any cause of theirs, any, is only a mechanism, a tool , a strategy to further their ultimate goal. They do not give a flying F**k about anybody or anything other than attaining power. They could give a s**t about blacks; they just want their votes.
    Even Obama totally ignored his fellow needy “bros,” preferring to hang with billionaire white folks and millionaire black actors, TV/movie types, rappers and other assorted upper crust people of color.

    Look at how they treat black conservatives; they call them Uncle Toms, white ni**ers, Oreo Cookies, etc.
    They claim to be “for” the poor and disenfranchised, but they totally ignore the most poverty stricken group of people in the USA – American Indians; who generally do not buy into the left wing bullshit, and thus are ignored by liberals.

    This is why there is no point trying to discuss or even reason with a liberal progressive/communist.
    They are NOT INTERESTED in anything other than attainment of absolute power.

    A real good example of this is that communist POS, Bernie Sanders, assuredly a pro-reparations acolyte. .
    Yes, this sanctimonious Hitler/Stalin wannabe has a college degree.

    Despite the disaster that was the Mao’s China, the USSR, all of communist Eastern Europe, and present day Cuba, N.Korea and Venezuela, he still !!!! claims that a communist type of govt. is best for the people.
    A form of govt. that has a perfect 10000% record of failure, poverty, tyranny and mass murder.
    None of this matters to him and those of his ilk because the goal is simply attainment of power.

    Personally, I am all for reparations to those who were born into real slavery or for the the children of those born into slavery.
    Let’s see; slavery ended in 1865 – so those born in 1865 are long dead.
    Their children could have possibly been born as late as, say 1920 or so; which means there may be a few dozen slave offspring still alive. They would have to be in their mid to late 90s.
    Yep, give them each some $$$$.

    By the way, a very large percentage of Americans have ancestors that arrived in the USA AFTER 1865.
    In fact, the vast majority of Americans have ancestors that arrived in the USA after 1865.
    But of course, this argument is also irrelevant, because liberal progressives/communists are not interested in discussion or discourse,

    You would have better luck reasoning with Heinrich Himmler about how to treat jewish folks.

    • There is no way in hell and god’s green earth that black or white reparation advocates will ever, ever, ever, ever agree to being “paid in full,” even they agree with this concept.

      You would have better luck reasoning with Heinrich Himmler about how to treat jewish folks.

      That’s exactly Z Man’s point.

      People in the mushy middle, and even passively liberal voters need to see that this is so. Discussing terms exposes the scam to the many who have been thus far able to keep the issue restrained to the fuzzy-thinking hemisphere of their brain where it only generates a generalized unease, but nothing specific.

      Start the discussion now, while revelations of the Great Reparations Bait-n-Switch can still have a meaningful impact. In another 10 years, even if enough people were left to give a damn, there will be about as much point to speaking of terms as for the French in Geneva after Dien Bien Phu.

      Put another way, losers trying to set terms merely invites contempt and violence, not discussion, and so the left’s natural reaction will be seen as entirely appropriate to the occasion.

      Offering the prospect of exceptionally generous terms from by far the most powerful player on the board (the offer of reparations naturally extends from all whites remember), however is an act of magnanimity. The left will still of course react with contempt and violence rather than discussion. The difference is in how that will play, the size of the audience to receive it, and the moral context it will set for the inevitable civil war to follow.

      Z Man has nailed this.

  42. The taxation idea is stupid: those “in need” of reparations are in dirt low tax brackets, while those in real tax brackets don’t need reparations! It will probably come in the form of credit card and student loan debt forgiveness. I bet we would all be surprised to learn to what degree this is already happening!

    What is the endpoint, the paid in full stamp? They are asking for equality of outcome, of course. When socioeconomically and in all measures of outcome(Nobel laureates?) nonwhites are equal to whites. It’s the perpetual motion machine of racial grievance I talked about before: blacks are doing worse than whites; but the races are equal by postulate; ergo whites are hurting nonwhites. It’s a formula for perpetual resource extraction and democratic votes. Nobody asks why are whites doing so much worse than Asians or why some groups of whites worse than others.

    • A lot of it is just going for the “gibs”. Tom Wolfe immortalized a good word for the shakedown process, “mau-mauing”.

    • Anything other than actual cash money (or Federal Reserve notes if that’s what we are using) will present decades, at least of whingeing.
      Debt forgiveness is an appalling idea. The most profligate get rewarded the most.

  43. Seriously discussing this helps break the conditioning that seems to keep the older generations in a daze.

    Yeah, I don’t know, man. The media and educational establishments have become so sociopathic and Stalinistic, monolithic in their voice and with the barely-concealed threat of violence behind their “humanitarian” appeals, that I wouldn’t put it past them to put this over on the cowed and browbeaten white normies.

    Look at all the garbage they’ll already accept. I don’t want want normie white to start quixotically thinking himself a great political debater: “Well, we just need a sane, rational, responsible way to carry out reparations etc. etc.” while evil leftists snicker at the self-genociding sucker behind his back.

  44. We’ve transferred something on the order of 20+ trillion dollars in browngeld payments during the past 50 years. Welfare, Grant, bs fed jobs, bs private sector jobs, cities and neighbors run into ruin, etc.

    All of this under the nose of the boomers, millennials and Xers.

    Even if they have to finally face reality those who have gone along to get along for so long will suddenly, at a calcified age, take action?

    Agreed it’s better to finally have everyone’s cards on the table. Expecting something to come of that? Longshot.

    BTW, we’re already a minority. A significant percentage of whites (and I don’t mean our fellow whites) will willingly sacrifice themselves to the Poz gods.

    • YOu forget the WWII generation, the “notch” group between them and the boomers, and the group before the WWII folks … the malfeasance began in earnest on their watch. I’ve talked to many survivors of the WWII cadre. Some say they saw it happening way back when, but that no one thought things would really change so …

    • Baby step, my friend. Baby steps. It took us 60 years (more really) to get to this point. And we were calling the shots! It’s going to take just as long – if not longer – to get back home.

      Just keep moving the ball forward.

      • I normally agree with most of what you post and just upvoted you on another comment here but you are waaaay off target on this one.

        “And we were calling the shots!” Umm… what? We are under withering fire from every angle with fewer places to find cover. Shitlib lefties and fake oppo ‘conservatives’ marching in lockstep.

        As for taking 60 years to reverse course. Check your watch. Demographics is destiny and time is a bitch. In 60 years there won’t be anyone left TO reverse course. You will have a South Africa / Brazil scenario where even with zero political power and as a super minority you are still the ‘oppressor’. If you think any of this shit is going to stop ever until the very last white is hunted down?

        I’m all for keeping a positive attitude and not being overly blackpilled but let us also live in objective reality where the situation on the ground requires a dire course one way or another. There is no gentle glide path out of this.

        • Regarding calling the shots, I was more referring to 1950s and 1960s before the PC police hit hard and the Jews more or less took over, but, in general, you’re right.

          You’re also right about the time frame I gave. I thought about that after I hit send. Regardless, we have to do what we can, even if they’re baby steps.

          But I agree. As I stated above, the other side will never leave us alone willingly. They hate us and blame us for all of their ills. They want us dead or as slaves, apologizing all the while. That’s a fact.

          They won’t back off until we punch back. But it’s going to take some time to reach a point where we can do that. All we can do now is work toward getting some solidarity. (And, I suppose, on a personal level, get an escape plan ready in case we can never convince our fellow whites to care about themselves.)

          • It won’t happen

            1950s white men are way stronger than current year white men and they decide to submit to government

            And Hell, I saw the Base Gen-z girl posting Abolished the Wall sign with mom

            Younger white boy aren’t much better when wearing trump hat and think voting republican party is only options

            You think 20 year later where white demographic reduce to 40 percent will fight back Anti-European Order?

            at that times I will actually surprise any pure European left,

            Think about Chinese literally exploit Africa and take aggressive action to their neighbor

            or Israelis who just made law that Israel are Jewish national state and go hell to the Palestinian

            They promote ethnic identity and used to discrimination between in-group and out-group for gain power and wealth

            Its racial supremacy 101, and no problem with that because self-preservation justify everything

            It’s Normal human behaviour and only white people are so guilty about their existence

            I thought World War 2 murdered European spiritually

    • I lack your optimism. Probably because my perspective comes from California. I’ve watched it change from the Beach Boys, John Wayne, the early tech revolution, the flowering of the UC system and the beauty of its coast and mountains into neolithic savagery, tech enslavement of the young and ugliness everywhere.

      The whole time YT didn’t lift a finger to stop it. Those who did escape the rot even carried the poz elsewhere spreading the Californiacation.

      I’m more worried about our own tribe screwing us. The muds and the rootless cosmopolitans can only win if we defeat ourselves first. California is a very very very big black pill.

  45. ‘Paid in Full’ is an interesting concept.

    Would that mean I wonder, that if we cut a check to the individual descendents of former black slaves, that we could also then disband every single solitary policy designed to give them preference? Can we then do away with the concept of ‘equal results’ as measure of success in fighting racism? No more affirmative action in hiring, school admittance, or government contracts? Can we do away with funding normalization for public schools based on test scores? How about programs like ‘head start’ designed to normalize results across racial and demographic lines? Can that be dropped?

    If so, then looking at it on a Present Value basis, it might not be such a terrible deal. Just think about how many things would run better and more efficiently without the pernicious effect of having to carry all those affirmative action folks whose contribution isn’t just to the deadweight account, but actually use all their free time to fight damned hard to make things worse.

    I’m not saying we should hand it over. All I’m saying is that it might be fun to work through the accounting of how much ‘reparations’ we’ve already paid.

    This would in effect be the black community saying that they no longer rely on their elected representatives to apportion their part of the reparations, and now want a check cut directly from white people.

    • Since they tend to have a short time horizon and we have a long one, they would certainly take the deal and both sides would see themselves as better off. The trouble is, the drumbeat for more would almost immediately start all over again, as the short term bennie to them played out. Our grace, tolerance, and generosity would be tested and taken advantage of once again, because we are rightly seen as “easy marks”, and we are.

      The value of the “paid in full” argument is the argument, not actually seeing it through.

      • This is correct. Unless you actually get to the “paid in full” part, you’re just setting up another transfer payment that will never die and they’ll keep coming back with their hands out for more whenever they decide they want it (“Tribute” is the way Z put it). And YOU have established a precedent that you’ll give in to it.

        Then again, they’ll do this even if it is “paid in full” so the value is the argument, not the conclusion.

      • Exactly – it is never a done deal. It would be like promising to drop income taxes in exchange for a sales tax. What really ends up happening is the sales tax gets added, but the income tax somehow never gets repealed.

        But then, as Z man says, this is not about actually doing the deal, but getting people to talk about taboo topics such as AA, right of association, merit based advancements, and a slew of gibs.

    • I think the answer to your question is NO. I do think the Z-Man’s plan is elegant and should be adopted. I do not think it will achieve the result of really and truely paying in full some (perceived) debt. In fact, I think it will only fuel more expansive and hysterical calls for white reparation. The desired end would for complacent, deluded traditionals to finally see the game afoot on the part of the LEFT.

      • There is also the short term micro benefit of making your enemy “cross their beams”, in what they are actually trying to do with this reparations thing (browngeld). Never cross the beams.

  46. I’m all in favor of reparations – as long as the recipients also turn in their American passports in return for a one-way ticket out of the country.

  47. Reparations funds are going to be funded from what? I just don’t get it. Any of it. Where are we going to be when the boomers die off? The same place we are now, fucked. I have an uncle in his late fifties that bought a house years ago in Anaheim Hills during one of the many California housing market dips. His plan is to sell his million plus dollar home at some point and bounce to a more hospitable climate. The old man keeps telling him to sell now, and get out now. Nope. He’s going to wait. Who the fuck is going to buy these properties at these prices? Who’s going to pay for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and interest on the national debt? No amount of currency printing is going to save you now. No one is going to pay it, because it won’t get paid.

    Reparations? Sure, lol, OK, whatever you say buddy, I’ll add that to the list of shit that won’t get paid either. You’ll be lucky to have a shack and a sandwich.

      • Bad;
        Sure, print the reparations money, but *in scrip* – create a dual currency like the ChiComs did in the late ’80s. Only so much can be redeemed at a time. It looks like you’re rich but you can’t buy anything with it but local product, whatever that might be.

    • You sound sarcastic, but you appear to have grasped the point. If we actually paid reparations, we would be “paying,” not paying. It’s all Other People’s Money, Mickey mouse, fake news. No body is actually going to PAY anything, it’s just another trillion in debt US gov borrows from itself. Like Jeff Foxworthy’s old joke: hell yeah I can write you a check… I thought you wanted money!
      You guys going “I’m not paying” seem to think the fedgov has a balanced budget or something. UsGov actually paying its debts stopped in the 1930s. Do try to keep up.

  48. MY reparations debt will be “paid in full” when I run out of ammo or die, whichever comes first. And I don’t GAF what Horizontal Harris and her ilk have to say about it.

    “Molon Labe” applies to my firearms and any stupid attempts at extracting “reparations” money from me as well. I am a healthy, strong, and nasty old “Boomer” and at this point in my life I no longer GAF.

      • I got the point, pal. I just don’t GAF. The only thing that’s going to “wake up whitey” is violence and death. And it is coming. Same as it ever was.

  49. Another question to ask:

    Where does the money come from? Because if it comes from the treasury, then it’s coming from all taxpayers, which means blacks are funding their own reparations. This is obviously intolerable. But exempting blacks would increase the burden on other oppressed peoples, and why should they have to pay to expiate white sins? So in order for it to be fair it would really have to be a special extraordinary tax applied solely to whites.

    • Good point.

      I understand and agree with what Zman is trying to do with reframing the argument – and I disagree with his opinion of saying: ” ok here’s reparations – now you’re going back to Africa”. I see that as just a different reframe. In fact I’ve been saying for a long time: “sure I’m all for repatriation! ” in response to people who scream “reparations!”. The reparations crowd usually has such a feeble understanding of the English language that they think I’m agreeing with them.

      If my tax load suddenly has a line item that says “pay back the coloreds” on the ADP check stub I get every two weeks – I can tell you that I WILL start taking that danegeld out of somebody’s hide – one way or another.

      The other thing I can guarantee you – is that it will make a HIGH percentage of whites just simply stop working and go Galt. Especially the young ones – who actually work.

    • You’re getting into details – because you’re a smart white guy. But details don’t matter.

      This is marketing, not accounting.

      • To be more transparent: I’ve never had the reparations discussion with an actual black person.

        To your point about marketing: If I had to discuss reparations with an actual black person, my response would be something along the lines of : ” I hope you realize that if you try to force reparations down my throat – I’m going to be highly motivated to want you dead – and EVERY single other white person I know feels the same way”.

        It doesn’t matter if the “ever other white person” thing is true or not.

        How’s that for marketing?

        • That’s negotiating. And I like it!

          Regardless, I’m just trying to force white people to realize that we’re slowing becoming slaves (helots, really). If they’re okay with that because it gives them some perverted masochistic pleasure, well, I say, let’em die.

          • I hope you think this is worth dying for – is a statement that really makes a person stand up and take notice.

            Recently I’ve taken to using the argument: ” you know – I don’t why people keep putting themselves into the position where they make me come to the conclusion that my life would be better if they were just dead”

            Sometimes I get a ” what do you mean by that?”.

            To which I respond:

            “there’s people I really like, I WANT them around and in my life. Then there’s an awful lot of people that I simply don’t care about – I don’t know them , they don’t explicity do anything to me good or bad – they just sort of travel thru the world on their own path and mind their own business. Then there’s people that I come across that are nothing but a burden to me. They get into government and make my life worse. They steal my property. They clog up society doing stupid shit on a daily basis. Sometimes they feel the need to actively go OUT OF THEIR WAY to do shit that makes my life worse. I didn’t used to think like this – but now I realize – my life would be better if the people in this last category were just dead”

            I’ve noticed over the last few years that there’s an ever increasing population of people who meet the “I’d be better off if this person was just dead” classification.

            If the blacks want to keep pushing reparations – then they’re ALL going on that list.

            The more retarded will usually respond with complaining about how I want to kill people.

            That’s not what this is about. This is about realizing I’m better off if these people are dead. That means if they step in front of a bus – I don’t say anything. That means if they want to shoot up drugs and kill themselves – I’m going to oppose treatment programs. That means I think we should sending firearms into Chicago so the gang kill each other at a higher rate than they are currently. That means when I see stupid people I think I could do without – who are doing stupid shit – I don’t lift a finger to stop them.

            “My life would be better if these people were just dead” – is an outlook on life that can be applied across a whole spectrum of decisions.

            All you need to do is start asking the very simple question of yourself: Would I be better off if this person was dead?

            And let it flow from there.

      • This is marketing, not accounting.

        Correct. Maybe I’m not much of a marketer, but I was trying to do what Zman suggests: find a way of showing ordinary decent wooly-headed white people that “reparations” is code for tribute.

    • If it’s reparations and not “tribute”…i.e. a 1 off payment, I’m all for dividing the tab equally among every existing white person.


      Citizen “W”: you now owe Citizen “B” a check in the amount of $500,000. Payable now. Your federal government will loan you the money at a reasonable rate of interest. (terms are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy, also non-negotiable, and payments will be withheld from any paycheck you receive).

      That would be nice. Every white man, woman, and child would get the bill. In one generation, maybe two, it’s all over.

      Then it’s done. No more reparations. No more affirmitive action bullshit. It’s a new “white man’s burden”, and the last one we ever agree to.

      • It’s a new “white man’s burden”, and the last one we ever agree to.

        No, if you agree to it once, you’ll agree the next time, and the next, and the next. What did Kipling say about the Danegeld?

    • ” which means blacks are funding their own reparations. ”

      Who should fund the reparations of blacks like Barry the Kenyan?

  50. Maybe I’m just rephrasing the thesis here, but I think there needs to be a companion step – a condition precedent – and that is getting them to actually define what “paid in full” means. Does it mean no more affirmative action? No more preferences? A restoration to true property rights and freedom of association?

    But I totally agree, taking this stuff seriously in order to unmask it is a smart way to lift the veil of those dupes in the middle who don’t pay enough attention to this stuff.

    • That’s exactly right. By engaging in the discussion, all of this stuff is suddenly out in the open. What goes unnoticed by most white sis just how much is now off-limits. No one talks about freedom of association, free speech, affirmative action, etc. When was the last time a politicians question the rationality of giving newly arrive foreigners special privileges?

      That’s why it is dumb to blow a fuse of do the Archie Bunker dance. That’s what they want. instead, lets talk about it, because that’s what they don’t want.

      • I’ve seen massive back of a napkin tallies of a century of welfare, foodstamps, EBT and assorted fees that have already been paid. This doesn’t take into account affirmative action or the ‘brown tax’ you pay for ‘good school districts’, nor the real and social costs related to 13-50.

        Does calculating and presenting this, with a receipt ‘paid in full’, ‘now GFY’, work in your argument to reframe?

        • I think it plays back into their hands if you say “we already paid”. Their rhetoric is that we *haven’t* paid. Bringing up the past is what they want you to do so they can call you a racist. Instead, talk about the actual proposal now. Because that’s what they *don’t* want to talk about.

        • That’s the thing, actual numbers are all phoney-baloonie. “Real” calculations are laughable, what you’re actually dealing with is “indignity damages.” Say we agree us gov pays cash money, $100,000 per slave in 1865, inherited down to surviving descendants. That’s $400 billion from FedGov – but in reality this is just MMT and it’s all OPM and Monopoly money anyway. Or screw it, do a million, that’s just quantitative easing part 4, add another zero.

          And that makes Z’s point: In exchange, that wipes the slate clean, right? So then why would they oppose repealing all the Great Society legislation? We will either shut down this line of thought and redpill some normies, or we will buy our culture’s freedom with fake money. Or finance it by expropriating all the boomers’ 401ks, RVs, and Harleys. Team Not-Us is going to take it anyway, why not have their sacrifice go to undoing some of their generation’s failures?

      • I’ve used this method on other issues before, playing the role of the very woke white. It works extremely well.

        Take the academic achievement gap. Suggest concrete actions that could be taken to help blacks. Bring up busing or Section 8 vouchers to get blacks into wealthy whites’ neighborhoods. Suggest that white kids should be required to work with black kids at school, maybe have them join after-school groups together. Suggested hiring black and Hispanic teachers as roll modes, and if we can’t find enough certified teachers, we should have a program allowing uncertified teachers in the school if they were black and Hispanic.

        It works. Talk specifics, talk concrete steps. If someone brings up the wealth gap, suggest a tax on white people that goes directly to a tax credit for blacks. Whatever. Just make the suggestion specific.

        It’s what’s coming anyway, so whites better get used to it.

        • I like this, Citizen. It’s been pretty easy for a lot of whites to “not be racist”, even though they might move out of neighborhoods getting too diverse, citing “good schools” as a reason. Forcing the issue on them is a good way to move them off their moral (not racist) perch.

      • The goal is to wake up normie whites who either aren’t paying attention, or who are currently deluded into thinking that supporting social programs, race-based quotas which punish whites who never considered owning a slave, let alone ever did so (oh, excuse me, “Affirmative Action”), etc. Wake them up, get some reasonable percentage of them to vote the right way (or vote in the first place – there’s a lot of apathy out there), and you relegate the reparations people into well-deserved obscurity. You will NEVER convince the vast majority of POC, because they generally aren’t motivated or conditioned (by the schools and their own culture) logic or fairness, but by pure selfishness and hatred. Some, the intelligent ones (maybe 10%), have seen the light and don’t think/act this way…but the other 90% (and the legions of other POCs coming in courtesy of the Dems) are utterly beyond hope – you’d make far more progress trying to explain the Theory of Relativity to your dog.

        Frankly, the only way that the fence-sitting, or collectivist-minded whites are going to wake up is if they get it good and hard where it hurts. I’m not terribly optimistic about logic doing the trick…but it is the cheapest and easiest option, so let’s try it. Because, in any case, they (and we) are really going to get it good and hard where it hurts, but maybe we can change the calculus a bit before that day comes.

  51. The issue of reparations came up for the first time about 25 years ago. I remember watching some guy on TV say what a good thing it would be because we could finally put a number on it and be done with blacks constantly complaining about slavery. I thought it was a good idea back then, and still do. But as Zman says, minorities will never let whites off the hook. If reparations were to be granted them, the next item on our agenda would be to have affirmative action canceled because it would no longer be necessary. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Whites are going to be pronounced guilty into infinity.

    • That’s why the Cloud People are in a tizzy about this. WaPo did not instruct McArdle to come out against this by accident. In the old days, the Left was never willing to pick up the issue, because they knew it would give the game away. But, elevated expectations has the coalition of the ascendant rushing for the goal line.

    • Put that is part of the quid pro quo – reparations in exchange for debt paid in full, including affirmative action cancelled, release of all claims, known and unknown, etc., etc. Just be sure to get it into the settlement agreement. If they refuse, then i guess they just aren’t serious about reparations.

      • The Left has (perhaps unconsciously) anticipated this. Racial quotas haven’t been about compensation for slavery for some time. The (not so) new justification is ‘diversity,’ which we all know by now is our strength.

        In Grutter v. Bollinger Justice O’Conner estimated that affirmative action would only be necessary for 25 years. That deadline is in 9 years. That deadline is dead letter and always was, because it is based on the blank slate theory and everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that that theory is total horsesh__.

        As a result, racial (and gender) quotas will continue until at LEAST 13% of all good paying jobs go to blacks, ~15% go to browns from below the Rio Grande, 51% go to women, and so on. Of course, ~40% of the highest paying and most powerful jobs (investment bankers, lawyers, studio executives, etc.) will continue to go to the Welsh. We love the Welsh.

        Oh, and racial quotas will continue after that because a) otherwise the numbers would revert to their natural values, and b) Racism.

      • Wrong. They honestly believe that whitey is keeping them down via conscious and unconscious racism – a form of voodoo. They believe that if whites gave up their racism, we’d all achieve equally. They believe that so long as there are gaps, white racism still exists and, therefore, whites should be punished.

        Since those gaps will never go away, whites will be punished forever.

        • Right.

          Who cares if they “honestly” believe they’re being held down?

          All you have to do to talk around that bullshit belief is point out that human history is full of peoples that just TOOK what they wanted – sometimes as a distinct minority . They didn’t whine about being “held back”.

          The Afrikaaners didn’t move to South Africa and whine about the blacks owning everything. They took that shit over and ruled the place.

          Wright is right. Reparations and the constant bleating about past sins is a tacit admission that you can’t compete without help.

          Pretty sure even Jordan Peterson would back up that statement.

          To paraphrase Sean Connery:

          “losers always whine about racism, winners go home and fuck the prom queen”

          I don’t see any point at all to playing into their bullshit word games and claims of racism.

          • I agree, but our target audience isn’t POC but normie whites. We need some of them to find their way across the great divide and this is a way to do that.

          • You get the normie whites to get on board by continually provoking the POC to chimp out. Sooner or later the normies are going to suffer directly from it and get “woke”.

  52. The Pigford case. Some folks were given a bad time, indeed. Yet many, many folks signed up and got free government money. Tribute will be the same process. Oh, I do love Z Man’s morning essays.

  53. Given that some of my ancestors fought and bled for the North during the North’s subjugation of the South (and incidentally helped to end slavery) I expect a nice, big, fat check from Black America. They did not a thing to free themselves, but did so only on the backs of white guys from up North. This descendant of those guys expects repayment–with interest–for every drop of sweat and blood.

    Until that happens, Black America can DIAF.

    • That’s what Lefty hopes you say. Maybe Harris will send you a thank you note for playing your role so well.

      • Its a waste of time to reason with the Left. Its them or us and the sooner Whites get that, the better.

        The problem is as you said, this is a religious war and “Good Whites” have bought into the opposing belief system

        Change that, you change everything

        That said I’d be OK with a one time payment of 100K to anyone who can prove they were a victim of systemic legal racism , that is born before 1965 or so . I’d suggest 100,000 US as its roughly “40 acres and a mule.” with a basic of tools. I’d double it and extend it to anyone who\ might have been if they’d renounce US citizenship and settle somewhere not here . I suspect no one will take up the offer though ironically the actual Black radicals as vs the grifters, well if any radicals are still around would be all over it.

        That said it will come to a fight and the only reason to negotiate is to build your forces. Its a long road ahead with only half or so of babies being born White and maybe another 15% of the others having enough American to manage to live in the culture

        Close the border and fix the economy to increase reproduction and you can fight a long war but ultimately its fight or lose North America

        • Such payment must be contingent on a change in law and policy which favors the recipient, such as affirmative action prohibition.

      • Get over yourself and your self satisfication with your own cleverness.

        By getting the right to start opening up to talking about reparations would just set up a situation that would end disastrously for us. You would think you are being clever, but what would happen is some Republican politician would take your cue, run with it and “compromise” ending with another payout and no “final settlement”.

        Not that the left would ever accept a “final settlement” anyway.

        You whole article is more 4d chess bullshit, and the only proper and masculine response to the question of reparations is NO! and a bunch of crude insults and jokes.

      • Why did they have to wait to join the war effort until they were allowed to? That’s the point. Blacks (supposedly) lent some help to what whites were primarily responsible for accomplishing.

        Blacks would be respected and have some respect for themselves if they were responsible for freeing themselves from slavery. They didn’t rise up and free themselves from slavery. They didn’t then force whites to the bargaining table to negotiate a peace treaty to see who gets what. No. Slavery of blacks ended because white people ended it. Blacks got their rights not because of MLK, etc. but because white people gave them their rights.

        • If black people had proffered up one of their own – instead of Obama – and that person had been even a halfway decent President – they might have some respect today.

          By “one of their own” – mean a black man who can trace his lineage back to actual AMERICANS and maybe even had slaves in his background. I know these men exist . And I know there are blacks out there who have served this country and profess to love it and want to defend it. There are blacks who I am sure can trace their lineage back to Civil War soldiers. There are blacks who can probably even trace their lineage back to men who fought in the Revolution.

          You want a Martin Luther King level guy who REALLY cements blacks place in the US? You pick a guy who has that history.

          You don’t pick Obama.

          But that’s not what they did – they picked a half-black (he’s as white as he is black as my wife would say) . And the black half didn’t even come from this country. Add in all the shadiness in Obama’s past – and what you’ve got is exactly what a lot of right wingers called him: some sort of Manchurian candidate.

          So the blacks all pile on and vote for the guy en-masse and start posting shit on Youtube about how their mortgage is going get paid and now comes the era of free shit for everybody.

          So what’s my point here? Blacks completely proved themselves to be abject racists – and also proved themselves as not giving two shits about this country all in on fell swoop.

          Now they’re going to bitch about reparations? Bitch please.

          When I make these observations to white people – I find they shut their mouths about “having a black President” and don’t bring the subject up again. Because it points out very clearly what really went on there.

          Black America didn’t really get “their President”, they got played – and they completely doubled down on that decision and continue to do so.

          There’s plenty of arguments to wake up whitey. I think this is but one of them. Pick and choose the most appropriate one depending on who the idiot is you’re dealing with at the time.

          • I don’t think he was picked by the blacks. More likely, he was selected, supported and groomed by that lily-white cadre of hyper wealthy, uber-elites who quietly are driving this whole show. They just wanted the optics; they didn’t give a rats ass about genuine-ness.

          • You’re missing the point.

            So Obama was chosen using the methods you outlined. So what?

            Were there ANY blacks of prominence who said what I said above ( I know there are blacks out there who get this , guys like Tommy Sotomayer have said the same things I said) – or did they all just double down and start shoving the “black candidate” down our throats?

            What’s the % of the black voters who voted for Obama? Isn’t it something like 85 or 90%?

            With Obama blacks (for the most part) – demonstrated very clearly that they’re racists – and that they really don’t give two shits about any founding principles. It was all about tribal loyalty – even though Obama isn’t really from THEIR tribe – and it’s all about free shit and lording it over whitey.

            If blacks had rejected Obama and said ” find us a GOOD black candidate who is one of our own” (in other words if they had done what Trump voters did) – then we’d be living in a different world right now.

            But they didn’t do that – did they?

    • Your version of right and wrong don’t mean shit. Stop thinking that it does.

      Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, South Asians, Muslims and Good Whites operate under a completely different reality – a reality where you’re the bad guy and so were your ancestors regardless of whether one of them fought in the Civil War for the North. You’ll never – NEVER – convert them to your morality, so stop wasting your time.

  54. What is the amount that pays the debt OF SLAVERY in full. Reveals the tribute goal AND divides the enemy.

    • From what I’ve read of their arguments, they indicate that there is no monetary level that will satisfy them. That probably isn’t the case, but the usual demand is for the black household income and wealth level to be equal to the white level.

      Remember that they are still making hay out of the gender pay gap. And they claim that women making 75% or so of the purchasing decisions is actually oppression.

      • Key statement—“tribute, not reparations”. Tribute is blackgeld. Pay the blackgeld forever. The thing is, we pay it already, just not with checks directly written from us to them.

        Do not fall into the trap of responding to emotional arguments and demands with logic. Logic has no place here. “How much and to whom makes it ‘paid in full’?” may be unsatisfying to ask, but it has the quality of unmasking their fraudulent argument in a way that does not require a deep dive into logical thinking.

        • Point taken, but I tend to think like DeBeers. The few times I’ve bothered to listen to these arguments wrt reparations—how much, how long, who, etc.—the answer comes back indefinite. Usually hinging on/until some type of parity is reached.

          Of course, if one understands and believes in HBD, such parity can never be reached. So the ultimate outcome is tribute rather than reparations. Also, I would say that we’ve paid reparations already since the civil rights act of ‘65 in the trillions of dollars. More will do no good as it goes against human nature.

          However, the rhetorical tactic suggested by Zman is a sound one. It works either when agreed to or disagreed to—assuming the other side keeps the agreement. 😉

      • I don’t think a response from them would be the point, but rather the point made to those who will be paying the tribute. Some of them may hear the question and its non-answer and start thinking.

  55. Well written article. This line is gold: “Telling Baby Boomers that they plan to take their loot and give it to blacks is the fastest way to get them off the golf course and into activism.”

    • American will be ~40% white post-Boomer. That assumes some restraint on the border, but that’s not looking too good.

      • We need our own countries. But at this stage I’d be happy to see conservatives just admit that the demographic transformation was immoral. “Legal” or not.

      • And half of them are suicidal so yeah that’s looking bad. We’re going to have to become tribal ironically like the Jews

        • I’ve been saying for years that we’re all Jews now. Time to start acting like it.

      • Of course, we always talk about America as if the percentages across the landmass were uniform … yes, we acknowledge the geographical differences, but I’m not sure we really let it sink in, or contemplate what that means to us for charting a way ahead.

        Most of this country, landmass-wise, is white. I spend considerable time on a virtual march through this nation county by county (yes, using Wikipedia as an initial source — their format is consistent, offers easy access and provides a good encapsulation). Looking for the place to resettle so as not to be caught behind the lines if this thing erupts (an internal, citizen-refugee?). One interesting observation: In the “non-elite” counties, the Red-Blue vote patterns generally hew within 5-10% of the black-white voter breakout. But go to Fairfax county …. mostly white, and 75% Dem. So it’s easy to see what places aren’t ours anymore. Yes, there are areas that are lost.

        And cross into the SW quadrant of VA … the western point area running west from the eastern margins of the Blue Ridge, and it goes to 92%+ white, and predominately Trump votes in 2016. Very few elites want to spend real time there — except to go to the occasional bluegrass music festival.

        But these phenomena driving the LEFT’s operations and success are highly localized, and present a real and scary threat to the their mission. Thus the Obama administration’s “refugee” resettlement operations — Maine, rural Idaho … really. And now they’re talkiing Wyoming? We need to get ahead of them, because most of the country still belongs to the traditionals … that hardworking, flagwaving but clueless bunch who just want to live their lives.

        But we need to be careful. They have a plan, and are fully committed. But I just don’t think it’s going to shake out either as the LEFT, or our own doomsayers think.

          • Good work well done, Primi.
            I’ve been in all 48 states, the diversity and poz is everywhere.

            Move from CA, why? There’s nowhere left to go.

          • From Nevada, with considerable sadness. And there are some places less close to immediate foreclosure. Problem with NV, that the left figured out, is that western states with small rural county populations are ripe for the plucking. NV was perhaps the easiest, as it has the highest urban to rural population ratio in the nation, as I understand it. Estimated 2.2M+ in Vegas, in a state with around 3.1M … over 2/3 of the overall population??? One of the highest, if not the highest percentage hispanics in the nation (my facts might be a little dated). A state that absorbed all the un-moored Americans who lost their jobs as industry closed across the nation following NAFTA, so they went to Vegas when it was the fastest growing metro area in the country … for over a decade. Lots of good service jobs and casino work …

            This condition is an immediate threat to several western states (ID, MT), and a longer term risk for the high plains and a few closer to midwest. Arizona, NM and TX are / were each a bit different in the threat to their stability.

            When I first moved to NV forty years ago, there was great N-S tension, and much unhappiness on the part of southern NV leaders jealous of the north’s hold on state politics. Finally, they got the traction to overwhelm the north and the rest of the state. Most state legislators are from Vegas. And those in the city are DEM.

            So, that one county in 16, along with the now fully California-ized southern 1/4 of Washoe County control — 8K mi2 for the former; 6500 for the latter — now are dropping the heavy blanket of LEFTist madness over the entire 110K mi2 state.

            The LEFT was just salivating at the prospect of using NV as a test bed for their American makover. I saw it coming, and decided it was at last time to get out.

            And yes, diversity and …. POZ … is everywhere (I’m not enough of an initiate or player to use the in-group lingo). But, I think while we see official examples, and expect to see it on prominent display at the local human services office at the most remote counties, it’s just not really that much of a factor out where the normal people really live.

            I see it here now in the eastern seaboard state where I’m currently on extended visit in one of the more remote, rural and traditional places I’ve been in years.

            Some states are actively resisting. Some counties are in states now behind the progressive curtain.

        • PP, what you say is true, but so what? The most clueless whites are in the whitest areas. There is no organized resistance, there is no resolve. I read somewhere that, recently, the editor of a small town Mississippi newspaper opined that ‘the klan should ride again.’ He was immediately replaced as editor by a black woman. Even in Mississippi the line isn’t holding. You can bet the local doctor, banker, etc., doesn’t want to be associated with the unwashed in those towns.

          Furthermore, white people don’t even need to be bribed to turn on their own, usually a pat on the head is enough..

          In any event, we don’t have thousands of Depression-era white boys, who grew up doing manual work with just enough food, waiting in the wings. Most of the kids in the suburbs and even the small towns are walking around in a daze, looking at their cell phones.

          • Yes ….. but I don’t think we’re really facing off against blacks. Sure, they vote Dem, and that’s a real problem. However, the existential threat to us is our hostile, implacable, America-hating intellectuals / elites. They’re what’s killing us, not the blacks. And yes, white Americans are weak, ignorant, self-absorbed and complicit. But we have to start somewhere, with something. Not all traditionals are like that. Just heard today that in my (now lost) formerly-free (and former) home state, the newly elected Governor, who just signed the first of many anti 2A bills, and is working National Popular Vote passage in state — this man was soundly booed at the recent UNR basketball game. Something is out there. It will just take the right myth creators and leaders.

          • More focused on your point — they (regular, traditional Americans) don’t know how to organize, to analyze problems, to plan, or to motivate people. Almost 30 years working with people of all sorts in operational organizations taught me this hard lesson. Even among those who are supposed to be trained in and good at such activities, real inspired ability is painfully rare. Most seem to get by on rote task completion, and survive / advance via interpersonal skill, political acumen or just plain shameless self promotion. I mean, just look at the disaster in Iraq after the initial fight “defeated” Sadaam. Who was it that didn’t forsee the looting, collapse and insurgency to follow? And those were supposedly our best, most experienced and highest ranking ….. along with the bright lights of our political and foriegn service cadres — graduates of our top educational institutions.

            So what are we to expect from the common business owner, rancher / farmer or manufacturing shift supervisor spread across America?? Out of any group of people, I found you’re lucky if one or two have real leadership ability; if any can really grasp the nature of a problem or threat; or if they can “see around corners.” It’s just not that common. And I fear that among the urban LEFT /elites / hyperwealthy, they’ve been working to ID those few on their side who have some such skills, or at least just manic drive and an ability to avoid the big disaster.

            I don’t think that on our side it’s that they just don’t care or are all places too stupid. But in fairness ….. most still think we’re in 1962 America, or are wishing, or hoping, that’s the case. (More to follow)

          • Right now if you are a married Christian with more than one child, you are actively part of the resistance. (Married to the opposite sex that is.)

        • Across the intermountain west, where ever the is industrial agriculture there are lots of Mexicans. Yakima county in central Washington is 45% Hispanic. Even with the Yakima Nation reservation it’s only about 4% American Indian. Huge dairy farms owned by Friedlander immigrants or their descendants and operated by immigrants of uncertain legal status from south of the border.

          • Yes …. same in that great swath of dairy farms running north and east up the Cumberland valley of South Central Pennsylvania. Opened by Scots-Irish, Welsh and English in the early 1700s, heavily settled by Germans beginnning in the early 1800s, it still retains its almost postcard-like traditional farming image. But starting about 25 years ago, local farms began looking to expand dairy operations, and many were unable to do it with family or locally supplied labor ….. or, they didn’t want to pay the wages “native” Americans would demand. So they began to hire Mexicans. Then, when they sought to add additional milking shifts, those same Mexicans just said why hire more, we’ll work both, or they offered to broker additional workers from among family still south of the border.

            We’ve brought this on ourselves …. those same farming parents sent their kids off to one of the vast number of colleges in PA, where the kids absorbed cosmopolitan preferences, a social justice outlook and an aversion to physical labor. You know … gotta ensure they have the best life, those dear, sweet kids …

            So now, their kids all move to the booming urban areas, secure employment in clean, cow-s#it-free cubicles, and have immediate access to Starbucks and their local pliates studio. Many small farmers disappear, large family business conglomerates emerge managed by those who remain, and the Mexicans have a good source of steady work.

            Meanwhile, the offspring of the old German families live in hipster enclaves or white suburbs around Harrisburg, Pliladelphia or Washington DC, and concentrate on career success, while contemplating the thornier issues surrounding gender reassignment, or what color to dye their hair next.

            It’s astounding how quickly this unfolded.

  56. The hell of it is – your average two-bit garden variety vibrant isn’t going to see a dime either. He’ll happily give his vote not knowing that oligarchy is the way coloured mutts roll. All through African and South American chit holes the pattern is the same – the privileged 1% get everything and the rest grub along as best they can.

    Take that coloured underclass – and drop, en masse – an entire demographic that is smarter than they are, and just as ruthless when motivated. I think if these coloured monkeys get their way, we will see Mexican, blacks, and other human trash being death marched to Mexico first

  57. A good heckler would bring up the name “Julius Malema”.

    Can he make the same jump to the big leagues that Trevor Noah did?

    • Who is Junius Hooha and who cares?

      Nobody and nobody.

      “A smart heckler would show off his knowledge of minor characters in the Marvel Comics universe!”

      Surprisingly, no.

      • Julius Malema, leader of the EFF in South Africa, promising death to whites.

        Why isn’t he as well known as a similar leader, Nelson Mandela?

        • Because the left has moved from only being able to kill whitey over there – to being on the brink of being able to kill whitey over here.

          Julius Malema just gets in the way of the narrative and reveals their true intentions. So he gets memory holed.

        • Maybe somebody could write a clever article about it in the National Review. That just might be what it takes to change everything.

  58. To paraphrase from Burnham’s Suicide of the West quote:
    When I am weak and you are strong I ask for my liberty because that is your principle.
    When I am strong and you are weak I take away your liberty because that is my principle.

    It’s always a power play or shakedown. Reframing it as you did as tribute is a better way to put it. Our enemies can’t be argued or reasoned with, or even shamed with the hypocrisy they always display.

    People haven’t even noticed how the game has constantly changed and the goal posts moved. Legacy of slavery went to just any black person to now any non white. Next perverts. Any tool to destroy us is fine with them.

    • “Reframing”?

      That’s like reframing the Battle of Kursk. The men are dead, the tanks are knocked out; spin won’t help.

      After we “pay in full”, blacks will still be who they are now. We’re promising to fix them. If the plumber doesn’t fix your sink, he comes back on his own nickel until he does fix it. Well, we’ll be coming back a long, long time before we fix this one.

      And it doesn’t matter what we think about it. How many divisions has whitey? Zero. Discussion over.

      • I don’t know, if we kill enough of the whites supporting this bullshit, we have a fighting chance..

      • I think the North America vibrant – or at least their goodwhite handlers – may have learned from the Haitian example that you can’t just kill YT, ‘cause who gonna make all da gibs?

        • I don’t think they care. Look at South Africa: most of them wouldn’t mind living in caves, if it meant getting back at the white man.

    • Holy Crapski! It’s R. Crumb! The Greatful Dead Keep on Truckin’ man. This comic was done 26 years ago. Felix, do you opine that RCrumb drew this to lampoon the “paranoid” whitey, or do you think he believed there is an element of truth to his cartoon? Possibly, knowing his early cartoons and the times, he was skewering middle class whites. Your take?

      • I have no idea. I even suspect it might be a fake, but if so, he’s got Crumb’s pen down to a tee. On the other hand, Crumb was a real weirdo, even by the standards of his time. Maybe he had a bad trip or something; there’s a touch of authentic dread to it.

        At any rate, I think it’s safe to say they had a bit more freedom of speech back then.

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