The news brought word that former Baylor football player Shawn Oakman was acquitted of second-degree felony sexual assault by a Texas jury. He was one of three players charged in the sexual assault panic that gripped Baylor University in 2016. That scandal resulted in mass firings, including the president of the university, Ken Starr. A law firm was hired to investigate the claims and their super-secret report led the board to purge the university of just about anyone connected to the football program.

Despite the rumors and over-heated press accounts, there was never much in the way of details to assess. In addition to Oakman, two other players were charged with crimes related to the panic. One player, Tevin Elliot, was sent away for twenty years, while the other player, Sam Ukwuachu, got 180 days for sexual assault. The case against Elliot was strong, even if a bit exaggerated. The case against Ukwuachu was the more familiar story of foggy memories, questionable claims and female regret.

There were some serious crimes committed by at least one player, so the affair was not without some merit. It’s that the hysteria was always way out of proportion, relative to what actually happened. The final result is one player who did some very bad things. One player who probably used poor judgement and another player who was accused, but acquitted. That hardly warrants dozens of firings, millions of dollars in tribunals and tens of millions in settlements to the people fired from their jobs.

Many of the allegations were so ridiculous, it’s hard to understand how anyone took them seriously. This one is reminiscent of the Virginia rape hoax. On the other hand, this seems to be a part of these sorts of panics. The adults dismiss the crazy talk and then there is a real crime. At that point every coed with a grievance shows up to testify about her night of torment and passion at the hands of some brute. The people in charge convene a tribunal where spectral evidence is presented from a parade of young women.

It is an interesting dynamic. The adults who initially dismiss the vivid claims are not wrong to be skeptical. Probably 95% of these tales are imaginary. Maybe more. On the other hand, the people panicking when a real crime occurs are not unreasonable. Colleges are the safest places on earth, so a real violent predator is like a fox in a hen house. The real victims are perfectly justified in pursuing their claims, even if it sets off a panic. In the moment, everyone is acting in what they think is their best interest.

That said, the aftermath of these panics also follows a pattern. Once everyone has virtue signaled on the issue, the show closes, the dogs bark and the caravan moves on. Then years later we learn that pretty much none of what was reported was true. Maybe a few items were close to right, but most were completely false. That was the case with a similar panic at the University of Colorado in 2001. A co-ed named Lisa Simpson made wild accusations. A panic ensued. Years later, none of it turned out to be true.

These panics are not confined to women having read too many bodice rippers. The hysteria over daycare in the 80’s and 90’s was mostly driven by mothers and quacks in the child psychology rackets. There were a few incidents of actual abuse, but most of the claims were completely absurd. That seems to be a common thread with these panics and hoaxes. The claims need to be salacious and wildly implausible. Simply complaining about a plausible and provable crime is not enough to start a panic.

Of course, the frequency of moral panics, going back to the witch trials, suggests they are a feature of human society, rather than a bug. Even in this age, when we can quickly call back to half a dozen prior panics that look like the one unfolding, there’s no heading these things off once they start. They have to burn themselves out. In fact, efforts to prevent the panic from fully blossoming, simply confirms the fears of the people involved. The lack of proof and the denials of the accused are proof that evils spirits are present.

It would be interesting to see if panics are more or less common in societies with well-defined public rituals and a common culture. It’s possible that panics are an ad hoc adaptation to the lack of public ritual that reinforces a core set of public morals. People in every society need to be reassured that the universe cares for them and they are in good standing with it. Public ritual is a ceremony to capture the spirit of the commonly held beliefs. Mass participation binds the community in those shared beliefs.

In a deracinated society like America, with so much diversity that everyone feels like a stranger, panics could serve as a placeholder for the public ritual. They don’t actually bring society together, but they fill that void, at least temporarily. Right now, the community of people who rule over us are ritualistically demanding the politicians condemn the Somali women for her blasphemy. What she actually said is not the point. What matters is everyone link arms and condemn the bad, in order to celebrate the good.

Another angle to the panic is that they are common at end of cycle times. The Great Fear swept France just before the French Revolution. The old system was falling away, but it was not clear what would replace it. Perhaps the proliferation of hate hoaxes and moral panics we are seeing in America is due to something similar. As old white America passes into history, what comes next is not exactly clear. What new civic religion will bind strangers from strange lands together? No one knows, so everyone is on edge.

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  1. Christ, these Z threads start out harmless enough, but devolve into meaningless twaddle at an exponential rate, and then fall right off the (((edge of the graph))).

  2. Was all aboard with a A.B. Prosper until the “marching with known neo-nazis” comment. .

    The so-called nazis at Charlottesville where plants and if they weren’t who cares ? The left never apologizes for their crazies.

    Tired of groveling and parroting the propaganda force-fed my whole life .
    Racism simply doesn’t exist! Mention anything Pro White to the nearest honky and they immediately go into some rant about not being anti-Semitic anti-racist, anti-feminist, blah blah blah !

    It’s just something the left holds over us to keep in control. Giving blacks and feminists a pass on the deterioration of White America it’s simple lying or denying the facts.

    The rest of it, raising wages , fighting globohomo and ending handouts for welfare parasites would go a long way in restoring this great nation.

    Have personally led the life and downfall of the white working man. Don’t have to read any books about why or how it started . It’s here now and the people in power intend on doing nothing about it. What we do about it ( if anything ) remains to be seen.

    In terms of automated trucks ? All for it. People are complete a-holes. In favor of automating automobiles as well. The lunacy out there on the roads it’s reaching epic proportions.

    • What part of Democratic Workers Socialism sounds Right Wing to you?

      Its another Leftist movement and not one of ours even if we agree on ethnic mix. Assuming they are Right wing is buying into the Left Wing narrative. They are Leftists and Spencer is a Globalist albeit with very pro White leanings

      Our nutters are Monarchists and Back to 1700 types and we don’t apologize for them.

      We don’t need to apologize for the Neo Nazis , White Supremacists and so on and they aren’t our enemies but like Libertarians aren’t on our side

      Now I don’t mind them participating if they are disciplined and they tiki torches aside usually are not . They simply lack message discipline.

      Give the fact that it was enemy grounds and plants and infiltrators abound , it is necessary to take precautions

      The Left back in the 60-70’s knew the score and we should to.

      Control you image, control the people around you and stay on mission

      As for Normies, they have to change themselves and they do in real time, not internet time. The Internet or some random race realism rant changed my whole way of thinking said no one ever

      They are changing at good clip. I wish it was faster but it is what it is.

  3. What confuses me, genuinely confuses, is the absence of killings in these cases. In the case of a raped coed I would expect a dead football player. Not every time maybe but one-in-four for sure.

    • Because the girls want and like it and their “male” relatives, if they have any are too busy beating off to the video feed of the said rape. Being a NFL/NBA/MLB affelete is the ultimate status symbol in the USA, other than in Hollyweird. Harvey Weinstein’s “victims” went into the Lion’s Den knowing fully well what they were signing up for. Same for the college co-eds

  4. “The darnel, hemlock, and rank fumitory,
    Doth root upon; while that the coulter rusts,
    That should deracinate such savagery.”

  5. What comes next might well be Shari’a. That’s certainly what I’d advise young White men these days — change your name to Mohammed Raheem Achmed al Shabazz and start wearing a kufi, then do whatever you like. When your teacher starts getting on you about “intersectionality,” tell her she’d look great in a burqa. No one will mess with you, and you’ll get laid a lot more, too — all for the low low price of showing up at the mosque once a week and banging your head on the floor a few times.

    • Going muzzie does allow one to basically respond “so what?” to anything thrown your direction, and make your response stick.

    • At least there’d be no more fat middle aged woman jiggling around in yoga pants. At times I think Sharia can’t come too soon….but then I remember: bacon!

    • There is a reason almost no White men convert to Islam. Islam is for non Whites only and a White male will be expendible fodder for the non White tribal leadership that runs Muslim society.

      A White male cannot and will not ever belong.

      • My area of Brooklyn has a large plurality of moslems; any day of the week I can see total-body black bags walking around, nothing visible except the eye-slits and shoes. Almost all of the groceries and other stores are owned by arabs. There are many [b]white[/b] girls who have arab/turk/albanian boyfriends; there are quite a few American raised arab women, with real Brooklyn accents, and full body coverings. Many of the men, especially the turks, could pass for “white”.

    • Taking full advantage of dopey young and not so young (age by geological epochs) lefty women has been an art for a long time. Back in the mid 90’s, this scandal rocked the wealthy Bay Area scene and caused many of us to laugh ourselves silly:

      Over the past few years, Swami Kriyananda aka Donald Walters, the founder of the Ananda communities in Nevada City, affiliated with East-West Bookstore in Palo Alto, has weathered several minor scandals with his reputation relatively intact. This place is still rocking today. In November of 1994, however, he became embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit which forced him to admit that he has had sex with many of his students. Swami Donald’s scam was he developed a yoga retreat for the stressed upper middle class Bay Area women in which they paid him to teach them to “relax” and do his house cleaning in a mindful state. Wow…he got sex, money and a clean house! This guy had a line! The amount of bullshit needed to cover this scandal up was astounding…and quite the number of well-heeled or high-heeled women bent over and fell for this literally so they could be put spiritually in touch, ahmmm, then sent home to their unknowing hubbies and kids and Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay.

      In the 90’s, I had a fellow co-worker who truly was an such operator who used a version of this wise man swami line to inspire a chunk of the coeds in Gainsville, FL into throwing their virtue at his feet…and someplace else.

      So, gentlemen, if you’re going to go all Islam, learn from Swami Donald and those who preceded. Don’t underestimate the use of the mystical, mysterious, “meditational” technique to reap the harvest, particularly if you dress as an eastern mystic Muslim. Zirls can’t resist that. Stock up on Geritol and oysters!

    • I’ve been saying this for a few years now. It’s the most logical path, given the West’s (lack of) response to Islamic incursion. I foresee a sort of moderate co-option, with young men growing their beards out a bit, making all the right sounds and motions at the prescribed times, etc. I can’t see a more direct path to taking back power. An oh the deliciousness of watching the Worst Women in the World basically hand that power back over without a fight, because they’ve spent the past few decades lecturing everyone on how you musn’t say boo to Islam. (Also, I suspect they’re all secretly yearning to be put in their place.)

  6. The media was bound to blow the Baylor thing out of proportion. They’re nominally Christian, and thus guilty. Being able to embarrass Ken Starr was icing on the cake.

    Just more almost Fake News from the usual suspects.

  7. The United States of America is not a country; America is a battered women’s shelter. America is a jobs program. America is a global cookie jar. America is a used car lot. America is a hotel. America is a donor list for Project Israel USA! Ameripca is a midnight basketball program. America is the Cayman Islands. America is a gigantic homeless shelter. I know this because Jews told me so.

    America was founded in 1933, when the Jews sailed to Ellis Island and Einstein invented science. Then the Jews gave civil rights to negroes, Martin Luther King ended Vietnam by sitting in a lunch counter at the back of a bus, dogs with fire hoses attacked Obama, and we all converted to Islam and then pressed 1 for Spanish. Every POC got to gay-marry a white girl on top of a solar-powered wind farm, and Orange Man went to Atomic Prison forever because racism and Russia.

    Before that, America was just a gigantic pit of darkness, where evil White people spent all their time murdering Indians and whipping slaves. But then Jews!

    Arbitrage Macht Frei, baby.

    • “He looked a lot like Che Guevara, drove a diesel van
      Kept his gun in quiet seclusion, such a humble man
      The only survivor of the National People’s Gang
      Panic in Detroit, I asked for an autograph
      He wanted to stay home, I wish someone would phone
      Panic in Detroit”

      White people got nobody…..

    • AnyIceToday, that was funny as hell. I don’t know what that last line means but if it means the Jews must fry, I disagree. Still, great comment.

    • The Dems just kicked the Jews off of the bus. Things are about to get more interesting…

      • I have a bridge to sell anyone who thinks the DNCaspora is worried about losing control to Ilhan Omar.

        Now is the time to make exit plans, dear gentile friends, because what comes next will arrive much sooner than expected.

      • Yeah and Max boot just decided that the conservatives weren’t sufficiently enlightened enough for him. This is getting interesting.

    • A.I.T.
      Wow, what a great rant. It’s got it all_!

      Well, at least you are more right than wrong that the Clintons managed to turn the support elements of the US armed forces into a home for unwed mothers and our foreign policy into social work.

      Not sure how much help those degenerates needed from da Jooos, though. Bill & Hil’s circle can stand on their own, cloven- hoofed hind legs in that department, that’s for sure.

  8. “What new civic religion will be bind strangers from strange lands together?” Hatred of traditional white America

    • Agreed. That’s what makes the South Africa example so interesting. The country is imploding and what only keeps it going—barely—are the remaining few Whites that make the industry and economy work (the rest having fled or relegated to vast slums due to employment restrictions.) But political parties continue to run on the elimination of all Whites in the country and threaten them everyday. So this seems much like the fairy tale of the “Goose That Layed The Golden Egg”. Will SA pull back from such self destruction, or go “full Zimbabwe”?

      Given the typical African IQ, I’m voting full Zimbabwe.

  9. When Baylor like incidents happen it means that the people who would have cared for the institution, and not see it get harmed, no longer do, and are no longer there. The same thing is repeated a thousand times. The Boy Scouts of America now allows girls and gays and everyone else. There were always crazies on the fringes who wanted groups like the scouts overhauled or banned. The difference is that the scouting leadership of decades ago would have said, literally “fuck you crackpot, get out of my office.” Today they would say “let’s talk about it.” This then leads to conferences with per-diem, followed by white papers, followed by hiring of cranks inside the organization, followed by abdication of responsibility and opening the doors wide open for the crackpots.

    I have no inside track to that organization, I just know that happened. It happens in all aspects of organizations as they age, churches, civic-orgs, government etc.

    The worst thing you can do is entertain a crazy, to give a crazy even one inch of space in society. The crazies are the first to de-platform, the first to destroy everything. A crazy is a trojan horse. They feed on naiveté and “dialogue.”

    • Father of an Eagle Scout here.

      Scouting was dying years ago. First thing I noticed was that the requirements for badges and advancement had deteriorated and the product was getting “softer” with time. Folks with “problem” children were attempting to use Scouts to straighten them out. Of course, that was never the role of BSA, and was more or less impossible since the problem the particular child had *was* his parents.

      The decline of Scouts simply followed the decline of the American family and what used to be called American values. What now passes for Scouts is an organization that has been thoroughly “poz’d” as we’d say in this group. Proof of that is how little attention the organization now gets from the Lefty/Progressives. Oddly enough, the Catholic Church and the Mormans recognize such and are disassociating. CC I’d write off, but the Mormans will likely start their own scouting alternative (if not already). And perhaps that’s the way it should be.

      • “The LDS Church, the oldest and largest charter organization of the Boy Scouts of America, will drop Scouting from its Young Men’s program for boys ages 14 through 17.

        Today, about 1 in 6 American Scouts is Mormon. Effective Jan. 1, 2018, the move will carve as many as 180,000 Mormon boys from the Varsity and Venturing Scout programs in the United States and Canada, replacing the programs with activities created for boys in those age groups by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

        The church will continue to sponsor Cub Scouts for boys 8 to 10 and Boy Scout programs for those 11 through 13 in those two countries, but statements released by the church about the announcement signaled that it may drop those programs in the future.”–Deseret News

  10. “The old system was falling away, but it was not clear what would replace it.”

    That’s the question. Will the future be some mix of California, Texas and Brazil – crappy in many ways but functional – or something more dystopic? I don’t know.

    California is the Ron Unz counter-argument to the civil war types. If the country’s demographics will look like California in 20 years, you can look at California to see the future. And that future isn’t civil war or a land of white identity or a land where whites are particularly singled out for harassment, though there’s plenty of affirmative action.

    California doesn’t seem to be a on a great path, but it ain’t South Africa either.

    That said, given what’s going on nationally, the California model just doesn’t feel like the future. AOC types don’t seem content to mostly live and let live. They want “justice.” And there’s only one group that deserves that justice in their minds: Whites.

    With the passing of the boomer generation, we’re reaching a fork in the road. The old world of white norms and white dominance of politics is looking tenuous at best. The old whites and Jews running the Dems really does look ridiculous. It’s not their party anymore, and everyone knows it. The GOP doesn’t stand for anything except tax cuts, which no one cares about.

    No side has a vision of the country that includes all sides because that’s simply not possible in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious society. The coming United States will be forced to openly recognize the various tribes, something boomer whites are desperately trying to avoid now.

    • CA as a future destination seems “ok”? Not from my vantage point. What I see is that wherever POC obtain political control, disaster follows. I live in a county and city here in the Southwestern USA where politics has been under Hispanic control for decades. Steady deterioration followed of the infrastructure and economic viability of the area. Now we are in the process of a formal vote to be a sanctuary city. No let up in sight. Economic viability always—ALWAYS—takes a back seat to political/ethnic solidarity and redistributive efforts vis a vis welfare. There is no concept of capitalist economics as the intellect of the political establishment is too low to understand such.

      Now perhaps Ron Unz with his $$$ can live decently in CA or where I live currently, but few else will. Now expand such to a national scale with a few decades of veto proof control of the Federal government budget and a program of unlimited gib’s for POC. That’s Venezuela—Brazil would be a step up. If there is an electorate out there that can put AOC into office, and take Bernie Sanders’ proposals as credible, then there is little hope that our current electoral system can control such happening on a national scale as the White majority shrinks.

        • And that may just be fine with those mega-rich globalists pushing such. If you have enough wealth, you can buy comfort anywhere and associate with whom you please. I, and I suspect most folk posting here, are not in that category of wealth. 🙁

          • Yup, the mega rich do OK in Mexico too. In fact, the system there keeps them mega rich.

      • I’m not saying that I wholly agree with Unz. I don’t live in California, but my suspicion is that its rapidly turning into a Mexico-like place where rich people do relatively well but where most of the people are poor. I’d also assume that its infrastructure is wearing down.

        And, yes, I’m sure California looks just fine to Ron, who presumably lives in a very nice, very white/Asian area.

        My only point is that California with all of its problems isn’t the Balkans in the 1990s. It’s also not a place where whites are the subject of government-approved harassment. Then again, I also believe that for working and middle-class whites, California is probably a crappy place to live.

        I guess that I’m trying to reconcile what I see on a national level – with AOC types looking to turn the country into some mix of Venezuela and South Africa – with what I see in Texas and California, places getting crappier by the year but still more or less functioning without much white hatred.

        Regardless, the choices aren’t great. When you look to Texas and California as your best case scenario for whites, you’re in a world of hurt.

        • I live in California and its basically a fairly nice Latin American nation now. There isn’t much White vs Hispanic animosity and while I’d rather live in an all White area, we aren’t at each others throats

          Asians are not well liked and at least for the Chinese even Whites are not that friendly.

          Nobody much like Blacks though Whites again will tolerate decent Black folks

          The race categories are also a bit sketchy as some Hispanics are White enough and I know half Mexican , Indio looking Fox /OAN watching Deplorables personally and they aren’t that rare

          Assimilated Mexicans are also susceptible to pox leading to a TFR of 1.8 among all of them. Given this includes first gens, they aren’t better off the Whites by much

          The thing is do to issues with inequality and land costs, only the ultra rich do well and even the rich have rot and creep into their neighborhoods

          There was a wealthy So Cal Neighborhood that had a nasty gas leak and was told “suck it” normally well off people get service but people had to make calls and sic the lawyers on them, and lo and behold somehow the problem went from “not repairable.” to fixed

          This is serious rot .

          The super rich are doing well enough though our roads make their life hell too.

          In the end, most the decay problems will only be fixed with a lot of effort. If the dissident right is to get power, it will have to use it in a heavy handed manner .

          Its is the only Right leaning movement such as it is capable of doing it, the militia movement are all rural/small town boys and morally opposed to government other than local and abhor responsibility and leadership anyway and NrX is all talk

          The other movements are Leftist variants of one kind or another

          I would suggest though that things like caps on personal wealth via escalating taxes be considering

          Writing the tax code for that is tricky but the US needs to have caps on ownership of real property, wealth, income and corporate size in order to avoid being crippled

          This will make the other Right palpably sick but inequality is inevitable with more tech and too much inequality in a developed urban society kills it

          And note its not a new problem, the Medieval guild system was designed to keep wages higher for skilled labor for reasons of diluting efficiency and making sure urban workers could get by

          We have to do similar things since the alternative Lassiez Faire plus subsidy in form a basic income is too expensive

          Future generation won’t have much economic liberty but if they have stable, comfortable lives I’d consider that a win.

          • During Peak America, 1950’s to 60’s tax rates hit 75% or more though few paid them

            Its also not about revenue, its about preventing excess accumulation of wealth that harms the public good. In future USA is to work it need to be a middle class society

            Part if this means making sure the wealthy lack the ability to pursues aims in such a way that they can opt out the consequences

            That opt out is why the US is so screwed up now

            In any case its our guys spending whatever revenue is made so there is that/

            Also re: pensions, stop being jealous of the public sector. Those so called generous pensions are what you would have had if the private sector that gave a shit for America.

            Getting upset that someone else’s wages managed to keep up is just being a good corporate stooge

            Corporations fucked American workers, lobbied for immigrant labor and made everything worse for short term gains. They are not your friend but the people who made work both a poverty trap for many and a PC hell

            I do not think public sector wages should go up mind you and they might be a bit high but the issue isn’t their pensions but our lack of them

            The only way wages will go up is with boots on necks and more regulation ,

            get used to it. If the Dissident Right gets power, a lot of economic liberty is going bye bye for the common good

            This is not “Communism” the private sector is the lifeblood of material progress but we will need to make sure that people are well paid enough to start families and that the work life reflects Conservative values

          • @AB Prosper

            1950’s America was peak America because of tax rates?

            Commie entryist is getting sloppy.

            If you’re really a reactionary, tell me the real reason why 1950’s America was peak America (hint: it’s not tax rates).

          • No, no, no.

            The US was economically successful because it was basically the only game in town manufacturing wise and had enough demand for labor that wages would allow a person to start a family on one income.

            Its not a morals issue nor a cultural one and its not a racial issue. The US was 85% White in 1973 ,hugely conservative compared to now and guess what the TFR was only a tiny bit above current .

            The reason taxes rates existed at that level was to force the rich to eat from the same bowl as the rest of us. This way the don’t get to say pursue open borders to benefit them socially or economically without the migrants living in their neighborhood too.

            Riches past a certain point take people away from the broader society at large grant far too much power to a few people and this leads to the bad results we have now.

          • Anti-tech AB Prosper denies racial differences. Mr. COINTEL OP entryist, go back to Clown World and bring Dicky Spencer and “Recuse Muhself” Sessions with you.

          • Sane people are afraid of tech and I”’ cop to being anti tech, strongly so. I know what the stuff can do and misused its the death of all of us or our slavery or currently, sterilizing the entire developed world

            If after foreigners were repatriated and the Left removed from power , closing the internet and controlling computers was what was required for family formation than I damn well would do it same as Hannity would ban automated trucks to protect the working class

            people before machines.

            Now as to fertility , the US was overwhelming White during the baby boom and overwhelmingly White after the fertility shortfall and well into the 90’s

            Our population went into its nearly 50 year decline period while the nation was White. The entry of illegals had a rough effect of 10% reduction at most taking us from 1.8 to 1.6 and that is a very weak correlation

            The relative performance of one group or another had no major effect and as for race differences, sure they exist . They are very little germane to our current problems with automation and immigration

            Smart people like say Asians are just as bad as Mexicans maybe worse.

            One thing that the entire period from 1972 when it hit rough replacement till now has in common is increasing technology allowing for wage arbitrage

            There is some connection from large scale female entry into the work place but its also heavily automation

            Since people can no longer start families and smart phones and automation and a hundred other things are killing us off, than if needs must they go and so called progress can FOAD

          • @AB Prosper

            Banning Smartphones to ensure family formation? Captain Save-A-Ho once again doubles down on letting feminism off the hook. Modern Egyptian patriarchy has no problem with having family formation and smartphones… I wonder why?

            I expected that some anti-tech posters would have an actual Redpilled position on women instead of a feminist one. But every anti-tech single poster was Bluepilled! Real anti-tech reactionary groups such as the Taliban and Boko Haram ( ”Boko Haram” literally means “women’s education is a sin”) can answer my questions that AB Prosper’s NPC script cannot answer:

            “Which sexuality needs control, the man’s or the woman’s?” Explain why.

            “Can a husband rape his wife? Is marital rape an actual thing?”

          • The West is not and will not be Muslim, we’ve always given our women rights and this mostly has benefited us.

            Its a matter of degree and neither radical Islam or Jim’s Blog “bring back the 17th century” nonsense are gonna fly

            Making a big deal about something as fucking obvious as gender or racial differences is not for me.

            If it produces values for the Dissident Right great but I’m far more interested in other aspects of the movement.

            I know the facts as presented but its not the only problem and only money cucks and greed heads think its A-OK to screw workers over if they can force women to breed

            And blue pilled or not, the anti tech guys are right.

            Long and short, machines are the problem and when automated trucks get here in a few years, you no longer have a working class

            A few more years, maybe a decade, two or three at the long end you no longer have anyone but a few rich and a lot of poor

            This ends modernity and very possibly with a few gene driven mosquitoes ends up killing all the rest of us unwanted for the happy happy Georgia Guidestones world

            No amount of marriage reform will square that circle

            The other option is at current fertility rates, a couple of hundred years you get your Conservative world as the main groups will be Amish with some Orthodox Jews and a smattering of other devout types

            Its not terrible outcome as it solves the tech problem but for all you machine lovers and for those of us who like the idea of future people being able to argue on the Internet and enjoy running water and the like, its not so nice.

          • @AB Prosper
            “we’ve always given our women rights and this mostly has benefited us.”

            AB “Fermi Paradox” Prosper fails to answer my RedPill 101 questions… questions that the West’s ancient/medieval Church Fathers, Amish bishops, Russian Orthodox clergy and the mullahs can easily answer!

            1.8 birthrate is not a “benefit.” And the West used to have patriarchical 6 kid birthrates well into the Industrial Age.

            For lurkers in here, this is an excellent example of the effectiveness of the RedPill 101 test’s ability to smoke out COINTEL entryists and academic marxists posing as “my fellow reactionaries.” 100% hit rate!

            Beware, and be safe.

          • If feminism is HIV, the iPhone is the shared dirty needle.
            If you need a license for a HAMM, why not for a smartphone. Seems like a progenic/procivic idea to me.

          • @Educated Redneck

            Funny how that’s not a problem in rural Egypt. Plenty of smartphones, but no skanks and thots walking freely.

            Your turn on RedPill 101:

            Who’s sexuality needs control, the man, or the woman?

            Can a husband be “guilty” of “raping” his wife?

          • @Educated Redneck

            Another thing I noticed about AB “Fermi Paradox” Prosper, his visceral hatred of advanced tech and those who build it. Especially those who build it. Real anti-tech reactionary groups such as old school Amish and Taliban tend to have mostly utilitarian attitudes toward tech they don’t like. Not visceral hatred. Similar to your example, the Taliban banned TV sets because the TV set can be used as a one-way pozz vector. You can yell impotently at the screen, or turn it off. The Taliban preferred to keep it permanently off.

            Thus a test for AB Prosper. It is already known that he failed the RedPill test. Now it’s time to test his peculiar visceral hatred for technology and people who build it. Would AB Prosper ban SpaceX’s Starship/Super Heavy? The fully reusable 100 passenger rocket, its prototype upper stage test hopper nearing readiness to do test flights in Boca Chica, TX…

            Would AB Prosper make cheap space travel illegal if he had the power? Remember, I’m not talking about TV sets and various info tech… I’m talking about transportation across the Solar System.

          • And the anti-tech types reveal themselves to be communist entryists.

            Define what “too much inequality” means…

          • Techies broadly are anti civilizationatinal , Leftists and corporate property.

            To answer your question any level of inequality that makes it impossible to start a family and results in nearly 50 years of below replacement fertility and mass immigration is too much.

            that is what we have now as vs the 50’s where the ratios were far more even and the population was growing

            Some decline was inevitable but 1.8 to 1.6 is a civilization’s death spiral

            People are not going to scrape and scrimp to have a family so some rich leech can buy another sports car or house, not now, not ever

            if we want a future, the bills must be paid and if techies insist on automation than it will come from taxes and money printing.

            The other option is collapse and guess what with current fertility rates the only people with large families are Amish (5-7) Orthodox Jews (5-7) and a mix of Fundamentalists , Muslims and Orthodox

            Basically the tech industry has eaten all the seed corn and unless there is mass repatriation, and economic regulation , if wages don’t go up, housing doesn’t go down and there isn’t steady work, the West dies.

            Even the Left who have radically different ideas than me on what makes a healthy culture get this,

            Its only techies and Libertarian types whose crippling social autism seems to make them think babies don’t cost anything

            Capitalism is not mandatory for the West, we were the west under Feudalism and other system. Western people and values are and continuing those requires babies be born to Western people which requires the bills be paid

            Pay up or die off and if it requires heavy regulation and an end to grifting. to get there, and it does. So be it.

          • @AB Prosper blames wealth inequality for low birth rates! LOL

            In the 19th Centurry, in the age of Andrew Carnegie and Mr. Westinghouse, working class men can easily afford 6 kid families.

            Notice that Commie AB Prosper is giving feminism the pussy pass.

            Entryist pukes like you ruined the lives of many young White men at Charlottesville.

          • Anyone willing to march with known Neo Nazis especially in enemy territory is dumb as deadwood.

            The fact that these guys are pro White doesn’t deflect from the fact they attract bad press like dead meat does flies.

            We live in a world where tech means everyone six and up carries a camera in their phone with real time global broadcast capacity and that same tech means you need to be far more media savvy than you ever have before.

            In any case re: economics. I only care about results. Communism is not going to work and provides atrocious results although the current system is so bad the USSR in the 50’s still had a higher TFR than anywhere in the West or Russia today.

            The current system isn’t working and hasn’t for nearly fifty years.

            Now its fashionable to blame divorce alone for the fertility shortfall .

            No doubt less stable family arrangements have had a huge impact but its pure cheek to try and tell me that a fifty percent decline in wages measured as percentage GDP had nothing to do with it.

            The lust for cheaper labor measured in automation, mass entry of women into the workforce and immigration has hurt families a lot

            Now should the Dissident Right make divorce harder? Yes they should but unless they are planning to ban birth control, its not going to be enough

            Japan got to low TFR with mainly rubbers.

            A ban on abortion isn’t going to cut it either these days White abortions are comparatively rare and a complete ban with 100% of all White babies delivered wouldn’t put the White TFR near replacement

            A platform of “lets cause economic hardship to strengthen the family.” which is what the money cucks on the Dissident Right seem to promise will be met with a hail of lead from the rather well armed normies or if the Democrats wrest the party away from the nutters , with a far more Left Wing system

            if regulation of banking and tech overlords to protect our rights and privacy and trade controls to create jobs are needed than that is what we should do.

            This doesn’t means anyone thinks the State should own the means of production only that we should pursue the goal of a stable enough system that people who wants kids have them and that requires well paid workers

          • @AB Prosper

            Now that it is apparent that you cannot pass RedPill 101, and you believe in women’s rights… it is time to examine your visceral hatred for technology. The Taliban has a much more utilitarian approach to its anti-tech bans, mostly concerning tech that can be used to spy or spread enemy propaganda. Fair enough. A test on what motivates the eco-marxist’s hatred for tech such as you.

            It is understandable for real reactionary groups such as the Taliban to hate pozz vectors such as US Television… time to test eco Prosper’s motivation.

            If you had the power, would you ban SpaceX’s 100 passenger Starship/Super Heavy fully reusable rocket?


          • If anyone is an entryist its the Libertarians, money cucks and techies.

            Reactionaries understand that you can separate economic systems from the culture and that the greater good for the established culture is the purpose of the State

          • @AB Prosper

            And yet you are unable to explain or accept racial differences and the true nature of women. Just like every single other COINTEL entryist so far.

          • Both exist but they are not relevant to the problem at hand.

            More dysfunctional blacks on welfare do not make it that vastly harder to start a family sine the upfront ts costs aren’t that great

            As far as female nature, women were far better contained in 1973 and yet the fertility rate has not changed significantly.

            Mary Tyler Moore did not cause the fertility crisis, lack of stable jobs did

            Also the TFR hit bottom long before common easy divorce was ubiquitous

            Tech crazed, progress and corporation obsessed people have too much cognitive dissonance to see the real culprit

            Machines, cheap labor for immigration , outsourcing and yes massive female entry into the work force killed the family and all of them will have to be controlled, including your precious machines

          • @AB Prosper comes to the defense of thy ladies! The brave Sir Commie Knight to the rescue…

            No Fault Divorce was introduced in the sixties (that’s before 1973), it was just the last nail in the coffin. Women’s Suffrage introduced in the 1920’s (before 1973). Women’s emancipation introduced in the early 19th (before 1973).

            Your NPC script doesn’t cover the RedPill so you just respond with unresponsive script. For example, I mentioned the time of Andrew Carnegie and you responded as if unstable jobs were a recent phenomenon. Just like Carlylean Restorationist’s scripted non-responses on Jim’s Blog.

            Here’s a bonus edit:
            Who’s sexuality needs the control, the man or the woman? And tell me why.

          • Not true. The first US no fault divorce law is credited as coming into effect in California in 1970

            A paper from the University of Utah claims earlier dates for a couple of states but by and large No fault Divorce was a 70’s and later phenom. It was earlier than i remember however so…

            Now a fertility rate does not suddenly decline with social changes and while the US did undergo a social shift n the 70’s the downstream effects of such a shift would take a long time to manifest

            Its unlikely the divorce jump suddenly caused a rapid fertility decline and almost all children were from married relationships in the period as well

            My reasoning not that you deserve reasoning is that we had extremely low fertility from the 30’s to the 40’s without easy divorce or liberalism or birth control

            This suggests that there is a hefty economic component to it

            It may not be the only component but more economic freedom won’t produce more babies in any case.

            Also if you bother to ask married fertile age people now, i.e millennials the main answer they’ll give you is “we can’t afford it.” and I’m pretty sure they’d know

            Basically people espousing your Neo Liberal bullshit views are freeloaders who want the grift to go on and don’t want to pay what it takes for people to have families

            The idea you might have to pay $20 more for an American made suit sickens people like that since they put money above everything else including nation or loyalty

            And while I applaud you creative use of buzzwords, you do know I’ve been here for a rather long a while now and in various Dissident Right blogs for more than a decade if you count my MRA time

            You however seem kind of new and your aggressive attitude and doctrinal vomiting of Neo Liberal ideology makes me suggest you are a troll or hasbra like Tiny Duck

            Now if you aren’t, the thing you have to understand is, first, this isn’t really a movement with leaders. Its a group of like minded people who are socially conservative and typically economically nationalist

            We are much closer to Paleocons like Pat Buchanan than anyone else

            Its not Libertarian, Neo Liberal, Neo Con or Austrian .but actually Conservative, aka nationalist and if that requires regulation so be it.

            If you don’t like that, toddle off the Weekly Standard or Reason where you belong

            As far as I can tell my fellow reactionaries have no issue with regulation as needed and few us worship the rich almost all of whom have proven to be our enemies as the all lean left

            That said I think we both agree that social reforms are needed including divorce reform and maybe eliminating the 19th amendment as well. That we can agree on

            Mass repatriation and an immigration freeze will be needed as well

            If that is enough and it might be, than great. If not? Well than you use regulation to make sure people have stable work or once your society gets too urban, it dies or well in the case of ours, undergoes catabolic collapse and 2219 is not Star Trek but Amish Paradise

          • @AB Prosper

            Look how the entryist responds by trying to mimick what he thinks the manosphere thinks. “MRA”, ha ha.

          • Reread the post and note the phrase “if you count” and note that MRA back in the day was a major entry point into the dissident right

            A lot of dissident right people started with MRA worked out. This is not the case now where we are closer to the mainstream of course

            FWIW my first exposure to these thoughts outside of Paleo-Conservatism (Pat Buchanan, I had not heard of Sam Francis) was at the late great Spearhead webisite (not the UK magazine) which was mostly about the nature of women but branched into reaction at times

            These days you can find out about this kind of thought all over the place but back I don’t know late Bush 2 or so, this was not the case.

            In any case I’ve probably been around these parts for more than a decade which makes me a damned elder not an entryist

            So you don’t have to go and look up everything else I’ve written, I’m basically a Paleo-Con with slightly left leanings on a couple of issues and am strongly anti immigration

            I used to be more Left Libertarian/Anti Immigration but I’ve shifted a little rights

            I care little about race realism as its a distraction, the JQ since it draws a bad dumb element, c.f Charlottesville, the obvious gender differences and the rest unless those concerns help me achieve the best outcome

            I want the following

            A variation of Marriage 1.0 back to stabilize the family
            An actual American foreign policy not a globalist one
            much less poz.
            A near end to immigration for good.
            Voting reform,
            Enough mass repatriation so we can get at least an 80’s demography
            and last enough economic regulation enough to produce jobs

            I’s also like to avoid a civil war if possible

            Its pretty simple really, Paleconservatism on roids

            This as pretty much been my public position for a very very long time

            If that makes me an entryist than so be it.

            The question is what do you want ? Put up or shut up.

          • @AB Prosper

            Great mimicry. Still thinks manosphere is “MRA,” which is what an academic marxist posing as a reactionary would think. States that old fashioned marriage would stabilize the family, but is unable to explain why ( you couldn’t answer my questions on that topic).

          • Underemployment is rampant in Japan and the working conditions, which essentially pencil out as wage hour are so exhausting that people do not have time for family formation

            Singapore suffers the same problem

            Japan’s fertility seemed to crash at the same time as lifetime employment ended.

            Stable work is a must for family formation in modernity, ideally with one worker and regular pay increases to keep up with inflation and as new children are born

            Modern drives for efficiency seem to make this impossible and the general response has been to have much smaller families

            It does correct in time, as the population declines either jobs increase the ability to sustain modernity goes out or big business replaces the population with foreigners and the culture dies

            Cultural preservation in modernity requires work . Our resident troll will scream but the Reds pegged this with the term “alienation from the means of production” like 150 years ago

            The Reds solutions are stupid but no stable work in an urban world means no babies

          • And yet Japan hasn’t fallen off the globe into some darkened abyss. Huh, almost like perpetual growth isn’t needed to keep a civilization healthy and happy, just stability, homogeneity, and rule of law.

          • TFR matters a lot now because it’s almost synonymous with generation size, It would be interesting to map survival rates of children with TFR.
            TFR is going to be higher if the family loses one or two before they attain adulthood.

          • Yes of course but for many centuries people had as many kids as they could and this resulted in very slow, negligible population growth

            Right now we don’t have a lack of food or land, we have a lack of means for people to purchase goods in the market

            Its not “post scarcity” but its nearer daily to post demand for labor and that leads to nothing good

            Demand for labor is the means scare goods are allocated and the means by which urban children are fed.

            No demand for male labor means lower family formation as we see right now with the the largest generation in US history the fast aging Millennials the oldest who are now 38! near past the fertility window

            Now Xopher does have a point re: divorce and hypergamy but if you ask millennials , they’ll tell you its lack of resources and debt

            Trying to impoverish people to encourage family formation will not work, All the nations that have suffered huge economic declines have low fertility

            You can push Christianity as Russia is doing ban abortion and make Christ your King as Poland has or go nationalist as Hungary has and this helps some but it doesn’t bring the babies . Russia is about where we are and the others lower

            You can make women need men to survive but you can’t make them have babies

            For the time being at least easy divorce is too sticky to be rid off so maybe concentrating on economic reform on a large scale might work if combined with natalism .


    • the reason california is not the future is that the elected officials there can intentionally drive away conservative leaning voters from the state – but if the left runs the us federal government – it is more difficult to drive away people from the united states.

      • I loved my spot in Northern California but decamped because it was obvious that the craziness and disintegration could not be contained. Now I’m in a western red state and it feels like California 2004 about the time Arnold became governor. Most people here signal about how liberal and welcoming they are. They are offering their naked throats to the dagger of diversity so that everyone will see they are not ignorant rednecks.

    • The oldest boomers are 73 now and the very youngest 54. They won’t be around much longer and will not have much political power to speak of by the 2030’s, around the time many people think a crackup is most likely

      As an aside the size of boomers cohort is smaller than the last with the decline starting in 1961 or thereabouts . This has some profound effects on the political scene

      By the 2030 the White Right will be aging Gen X, rather Conservative, peak Gen Z and a handful of others and will prove to be quite different than n what we have now.

      This doesn’t mean it won’t come to lead and lots of it mind you but a weak enough US might end up throwing in the towel USSR style instead of a civil war

      In the end if the Dissident Right gets power, they’ll have to reform the electoral system along with a hundred other things. work work work, all the time work

      Rules need to be Can’t hold public office unless you can vote in that jurisdiction No voting till 21 , must own property and have legal residency in that jurisdiction for ten years which should reduce the risk of future Californification and carpetbagging

      • Two other changes.
        Only eligible voters can donate to candidates.
        Binding public referenda.- ballot items to include the removal of judges, all elected and politically appointed officials.

    • The only reason CA hasn’t blow up is because whites can migrate elsewhere: OR, WA, the Rockies are full of ex-Californians.

      If the whole USA went CA there’s no where to run. No pressure release valve. Boom!

      • This whole California thread in the conversation is, well, very Californian. I can’t even follow the logical progression in most of the arguments. As a Californian, this is how the local culture works. Everyone talks past each other in unintelligible fashion (go listen to Nancy Pelosi sometime, WTF is she saying?), and then they go off and build expensive train tracks in the middle of nowhere. At least in Florida, the dysfunction in Florida Man is clear, stupid, and funny. California dysfunction is so convoluted and knotted up, you can’t even mine much humor from it.

    • I live in the outskirts of Los Angeles county and it’s a mess. If you’re white you send your kids to a private school. Forget about public schools. Social services are overloaded dealing with Mexicans many of whom are so stupid it’s beyond belief. Doctors throw up their hands dealing with them. Personal hygiene is a foreign concept and unteachable to them.

      Right now Los Angeles is choking on a homeless problem of their own creation with permanent camps sprouting everywhere including in front of city hall. They have more rights than home owners. Typhus had made big comeback, same with hepatitis . In some areas streets are filled with shit and needles.

      The white mayor stays in hiding and emotes meaningless platitudes while his city rots.

      Now here’s the kicker. The state is dependent on less that1% for it’s tax revenue(Silicon Valley types). If the stock market drops or these people move out. CA collapses. IOW my state is living on borrowed time.

      It’s not the future, it is just a taste of things to come.

  11. “What new civic religion will be bind strangers from strange lands together? No one knows, so everyone is on edge.”

    There will not be any. It is not possible to bind strangers together. That is why America is breaking up. It just hasn’t happened officially. DC is more like the seat of empire – like Rome which “ruled” over diverse tribes. There was no religion, just the sword. Everyone is on edge, but it is tha of the gladius.

    Even the earlier wave of migration through Elliss Island was bad, but it was still generally European Christians. Many returned. Most assimilated. It may have taken WW2 where we all fought as “Americans”, followed by the cold war.

    But there was NO Civc Religion, there was Christianity binding us together, with a small government. Dumping Christianity left Government as an idol, complete with temple prostitutes, but also heretic hunters and inquisitions. That is the “civic religion” we have.

  12. Colleges are the safest places on earth

    Very disappointing to hear you say that. Compared to your home town, sure, but for most people college will be the time they’re most exposed to crime and most vulnerable, physically insecure and least able to defend themselves, for example no guns on campus or they’re too young for a license. The only time in my life when I’ve had to use the threat of lethal violence to stop a felony? Inside the “safe” confines of a college.

    • The University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins are veritable police states. Hmm…wonder why that is…

      • D.B.D.
        My theory of panics is that a concrete incident of a widely rumored and feared condition sets off a mounting cascade of competition for celebrity status (often among young females) that rolls over incompetent authorities who have lost confidence in their ability to control events. Hence they fail to nip the matter in the bud, either because they can’t do it or don’t get the implications (incompetence) or they are fearful of personal consequences should they try to nip it in the bud (lack of confidence).

        As evidence, to expand on your point about the U of Chicago: When I was there in the mid-70’s they had the 6th or 8th largest police force in the state, depending on how you counted. And they needed it. And everybody knew *why* they needed it. White-colored police call boxes were every half block and on every corner. The parks set up (via ‘urban renewal’) to bound the Hyde Park Community (the sheltered-yet-hip home of Barry Soetoro, among other Prog. notables) were widely know as ‘The DMZ’s. It was (exaggerated-yet-technically-truthfully) said that those parks were, “Just a pistol shot away from the projects”, etc. There was watchful wariness but no panic because the authorities appeared to be in control.

        So at that time the U of C ‘community’ didn’t have the important precursor element in panics, namely a growing sense that the authorities lack confidence (because they lack competence) and consequently that, they can be easily rolled. As an example of confident authorities in action, earlier versions of the SJW’s at U of C at the time protested that the direct-to-dispatcher campus alarm boxes were colored white, implying they were for YT only. The reply went something like, “They’re white for visibility. Would lit-up, black-colored call boxes work better for you_?”.

    • One of the things college coaches like to do in order to entice feral negros to join their sports gang is to dangle young attractive white co-eds in front of them like candy. It works.
      One of the most under reported occurrences at athletics driven universities are the sexual assault of white girls by black athletes.
      While this particular case gained media attention, the fact is universities work very hard to cover up interracial sexual assault on their campuses, and the local police, prosecutors and politicians are actively complicit. Some of them are alumni, but they all know where their bread gets buttered.

      I suggest reading a book called “Scoreboard, Baby” by Ken Armstrong that documents this phenomenon.

      • As a former Division I-A basketball player, I can tell you this is very true. The commuter school I went to had these attractive white girls who serviced several of our players. I thonk the practice has been scaled back, but the idea of attractive white young women prostituting themselves for hoops or football with blacks is disgusting. I had teammates get away with crimes big and small because the judges and juries don’t want to ruin Big U’s season or their careers.

        Utimately, it’s all about the dollars.

        College basketball’s corruption has been laid bare by this recent FBI investigation into Adidas, but all of the “revenue” sports are filled with corruption, be it buying players or covering up felonies. Money has corrupted most of college athletics to the point I can’t stand watching because I know what takes place.

        However, I knew the Duke lacrosse case sounded fishy (non-revenue sport, unreliable victim, etc.) Not all scandals are truthful, but since we live in this paranoid age, who really knows until the feeding frenzy ceases?

      • M.M.M;
        Humm. So the panics are about ‘sudden virtue syndrome’, assuming the stupid girls in question weren’t groomed and prostituted_?

        • You have to imagine that, from time to time, one of the whores bolts from the harem when she realizes how devoid of value she has become, and how she can reclaim fame and glory by blowing the whistle. A system relying in part on young dumb white girls degenerating themselves in a revolting and degrading way for the good of State U, while relying on them keeping quiet has inherent instabilities. >>> Or is the occasional “bimbo eruption” a controlled burn to actually advertise the system, wink wink nod nod, to the future potential recruits and “recruiter-ettes?”. Either way, the NCAA must burn. College sports, Harleys, and DR3 have a finite horizon for their reckoning, which get 4500 fewer supporters every day.

  13. College football is poisonous. Baylor’s scandal isn’t uncommon, and the worst was Jerry Sandusky and Penn State. The worst is the boomer cucks who blindly looooove State U, like a cult.

    • If I had a dollar for every Boomer that said “I’ll watch college ball instead of the NFL kneelers”, I could bankroll a sealed train for the Dissident movements.

    • Agree. But let’s not limit the wealthy Alumni that poison what was once a truly amateur endeavor worthy of a fan’s interest. They may now be of the “boomer” cohort, but it did not start with boomers. Nor should we let off the professional teams that use the colleges as farm clubs to feed them talent. (Why all the scandal with football and basketball, and little in baseball?)

      • Because baseball doesn’t use college as the recruiting ground-they have the minor leagues. Baseball’s culture has remained the same, for the most part, as it was when it was a White only league, and because baseball hasn’t been overrun by feral negro afletes. Probably because it takes years of disciplined effort to become skilled enough to play the game, which Shitavarious and Mo’Gibsitron can’t and won’t do.

        • Baseball is land-use intensive, absent public property it’s harder to have pickup games. Recall the broken window trope. Football is also land-use intensive, and even more equipment intensive, but pickup football is easier. But there’s a major decline in youth football as parents opt out over concussion fears.

          Basketball is easy for pickup, only soccer is easier. The Z man also likes to mention how megacorps don’t sponsor Little League. It’s not uncommon for a megacorp to sponsor the YMCA/JCC where you can play basketball.

  14. “It would be interesting to see if panics are more or less common in societies with well-defined public rituals and a common culture. It’s possible that panics are an ad hoc adaptation to the lack of public ritual that reinforces a core set of public morals.”

    Using the witch trials example, the New England puritans had very well defined public rituals and common culture; puritans held formal trials and condemned people to death. Quakers also had strong public rituals and common culture, but their leaders didn’t give credence to accusations of witch craft and, as far as I know, nobody was found guilty in any formal trial though a few were informally lynched. I’m not aware of any witchcraft panic among the Anglicans in the South who also had public rituals and common culture.

    I don’t know if this means anything or not. Doesn’t seem like enough data to come to a conclusion.

  15. Deeply cynical thought: when it comes to panics and purges, ’tis better to give than to receive.

    • Everybody is always telling you not to panic. But look, you really never want to be the _last_ one to panic.

  16. Bring back public hangings and society will be less likely to over-react to nonsense accusations and more likely to be serious minded about actual crime.

  17. “It would be interesting to see if panics are more or less common in societies with well-defined public rituals and a common culture.”

    I can only think of two examples: the Salem Witch Trials, and the Mutilation of the Herms.

    But take a look at what happens when homogeneity and public ritual breaks down:

    • It has occurred to me that given the current trajectory of the Democratic Party, we could wind up with the equivalent of Robespierre with PMS.

  18. Spectral evidence, demons whispering in our ears while we sway back and forth on the currents.

    Definitely feels like the end times

  19. Got one of those going up close and personal right now. Grade school teacher accused of running a “slave auction” in her class as part of history lesson. Two parents simultaneously go to the school administration AND the press. Made the NY Post and Daily Mail. So now the Mau-Mau’ers are out in force and sacrifices have to be made to satisfy the appetite of the racial Moloch. And everybody gets to feel like they have exorcised the evil spirits of Hitler and Forrest from suburban NY.

    • What are that teachers credentials? what far left college did she get her “education” degree from?
      I no longer reflexively think people who do slavery re-enactments are right wingers; I’m betting this particular teacher is a lefty.

      • Pretty middle of the road–actually something that’s been done in class for at least four years…all the kids (black and white) are asking “what the fuck?”. But great example of how demand for racism so greatly outstrips supply that you have to manufacture these things. If I were a teacher today, I’d refuse to teach minorities–Asians excepted.

        • Heh, which “Asians”? Kazacks? Uzbecks? Indos? Pretty much all “Asian” countries outside of a couple of a handful of East Asian countries (let’s be honest – just Taiwan and Japan) produce human trash on par with blacks, Africans and Arabs.

  20. This concept is a big part of Rene Gérard’s “I saw Satan fall like lightning.”

    If you’re interested.

      • Girard is a fascinating study. However, he commits the common error of confounding expressions of behaviour with causes of behaviour. Mimeses don’t cause anything, they’re simply the way people express carnal group instincts.

        It’s like saying the two gangs at war with each other both wear coloured bandanas, therefore coloured bandana cause war.

        The Booby says it ain’t so. Folks war and kill because they’re hardwired to do so, and because it feels good. It explodes out of of control they’re either 1) desperate, or 2) have reason to believe they can’t lose.

        Looking at the bourgeois white moral majority today, the Booby will venture to say their soft, pimpled asses aren’t desperate, which means they feel secure that they won’t suffer any consequences for joining the panic mob.

        • I’m not sure I buy your think reading, Da Booby. I think it’s a pretty useful model to think of the central problem with societies being a collapse of desire to a single thing that can’t be shared. Solving that problem is, in some important way, the main task of civilization.

          The very first war in Western canon was fought over who would have a single woman.

          • Don’t get Da Booby wrong, BTP. he’s read a lot of Girard over the years and believes there’s real value there. He just doesn’t buy into mimetic theory as a causative factor. An exacerbating factor? Perhaps. But certainly not the underlying motive that drives people to engage in warlike behaviour.

          • Ah. Your point is well-taken. I recall someone asked him about cases where a lynching victim really had done the crimes attributed to him. Girard’s response was something like pointing out the underlying need to do the deed was still sacrificial in nature. Maybe.

            Sometimes violence is rational and not merely a rationalization. It’s impossible that Girard never thought of that, but I guess he figured he had bigger fish to fry.

      • That’s interesting. I like reading about bloodthirsty crowds . I read a lot of doomsayers from the past, historians and philosophers and whatnot, and sometimes I just start laughing when they’re making their predictions and I just think “you haven’t seen anything!” It really is something to look at the predictions for the horror of the future and realize they don’t come close to the fact of where we are right now

      • Interesting. In a culture that has made the old libels meaningless, we have to invent new ones. Oppressor, racist, one who fails to honor minorities, etc.

        What a time to be alive!

    • I’ve read a few things from Z that suggest he’s read some Girard. I agree with Z on this: without good substitutes, we fall back to the default solution when the sameness of desire leads to crisis. We rip some poor bastard to shreds.

      There is a real danger to the globalist aim of leveling absolutely everything in our world & that is it. Put differently, the ubiquitous Pottery Barn – a Satanic plot?

      Well, yeah.

        • This is all womanish behavior, combined with women’s quest for power. At no time will a real man raise his voice in quavering fear and tremblingly point a finger at something dark in the shadows. He goes and checks it out. It’s like my sister who prides herself on being a powerful bigshot because she works for the gov’t but won’t park in dark places where she’s alone. Women long for power, and also for … click here for More

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