The Sound And The Fury

American politics operates on two stages of existence. There is the moral stage, where most of the action takes place. Here, various versions of the standard narrative play out in front of the national audience. The story is always the same, but the reaction of the crowd changes from performance to performance. American political theater is interactive, not just a ceremony or ritual for the people to observe. How the crowd responds will often direct how the players on the stage respond, depending upon the performance.

Then there is the empirical stage, where some minor dramas are acted out and new props are created for the main stage. This stage mostly serves as a support system for the actors on the main stage. The policy experts come up with “solutions” to “problems” and those “solutions” are maybe used by the main players on the big stage. Most of the time, what happens on this stage is a pantomime, where the players pretend they have the ability to implement their solutions or influence those who can implement them.

The way the drama of American politics usually works is the Left finds some issue, or maybe invents it, that they claim is a threat to the community. They have a variety of words and phrases to mean community. Currently, they are fond of “democracy” but there are plenty of others. This threat to the community can be real or imaginary, it does not matter. What matters is their reaction to it. This reaction is intended to gain the attention of the audience, exaggerate the danger and draw in the other players to the drama.

Now, once the threat is identified, the Left announces their scheme to address the threat and declares that “doing nothing is not acceptable.” This is the critical point in the drama, as the new character(s) on stage, the Right, always seeks to dismiss the danger. That’s their primary role at this stage. This legitimizes the debate over the issue. Is it a threat or is it not? Should something be done or nothing? The debate itself makes the alleged danger the focus of the drama, which makes it impossible to dismiss.

At this point, elements of the Right break ranks. The Right divides over whether this threat is real and needs addressing or is not real and should be ignored. Of course, the elements who think something should be done, have to have a plan, so they come up with an alternative to what the Left has offered as the default. This creates a nice triangle. The “soft” Right gets to pose as more concerned and moderate than the “hard’ Right and at the same time pose as more practical and sober minded than the Left.

This is where the empirical stage serves its role. On this level, the minor players argue about the new props used on the main stage. The policy commentators, wonks and experts wrangle over “new” ideas for solving the new problem. Sometimes they replay the old debates about old problems. This stage operates like off-Broadway or maybe a community theater. This is where the Right prefers to spend most of his time, working on policy arguments that will be nothing more than props on the main stage.

Now, on the main stage, once the three characters have emerged fully, the “soft” Right and Left direct the audience to boo and hiss at the “hard” right for being callous about this great threat to our community. After the “hard” right has been booed off the stage, the drama reaches its final scene. The two remaining characters argue over the right course of action, with the Right now repeatedly offering up solutions to the Left, which are rejected until finally one meets the Left’s satisfaction. The music plays and the curtain falls.

There are some variations to this formula. Sometimes the danger to the community gets a speaking part. This is where variations on the devil character get a shot on the main stage. These days, neo-Nazis and white supremacists are popular. Eager for a shot in the lime light, these players are always ready to answer the call. They are even willing to dress up in the costumes laid out for them by the Left. They relish being booed by the crowd as they make their entrance and final exist.  It’s show business!

There can be other bad guys, as we saw with the #metoo stuff. In that case, the bad guy was the Jewish Hollywood type, lusting after the shiksas, using his power to force her into compromising herself. Since there is no role for the white knight to save the damsel in distress, the crowd was encouraged to cheer the brave shiksas, so they could summon the courage to vanquish the lusty Shlomo. The dramatic scene is the heroine finally speaking out as the bad Shlomo shrinks in terror at the empowered woman.

The key part of the American drama is like a real play, there’s nothing left of it after it is finished, other than memories of the performance. Homosexual marriage had a long run on the main stage, but now it is only performed, if at all, at the local level. The crisis, drama and resolution have been forgotten. Abortion is another drama that had its day, but is now largely forgotten. Once in a while a revival comes to town for the entertainment of old white women long past the point where abortion is a practical issue for them.

American theater is an essential element for the Left. It is what holds them together and gives them purpose. Like a theater group or traveling circus, the need to perform is what keeps them from splintering apart. For everyone else, it is like real show business. That is, a life that leads only to degeneracy, misery and the loss of self-respect. Whether it is the Right or the Devil, going on the stage to be the foil of the Left can only lead to failure, because that is role carved out by the writers. The drama always ends the same way.

Recently, as the crowd has become less enthusiastic for the performance, the producers have taken to inviting in new audience members from over the horizon. These newcomers are often called up on stage as props, but their main purpose is to cheer the show and shame the old audience into cheering along with them. The chorus of “This is who we are” is the cue to let the new audience lecture the old audience. As to be expected, the newcomers often flub their lines, as in the case of Ilhan Omar recently.

Now, the bitter players on the empirical stage are prone to howling about all of this being nothing but bread and circuses. That’s true, of course, but it misses an important point about social organization. The job of the people in charge of any society is to keep the people fat and happy. Otherwise, they get crazy ideas in their head. There must always been a narrative performance to keep the people focused on that which works in the favor of the ruling class. The rulers must always put on a good show for the crowd.

The novelty of this age is that the producers of our national drama have decided they are tired of playing to the old crowd. They want a new audience, one that is more grateful and appreciative of their efforts. Rather than take the show on the road, they are bringing the road to the show. The old audience, still focused on the show, or maybe busy watching the action on the empirical stage, has yet to notice their seats are slowly be taking up by new audience members, with VIP tickets issued by the producers.

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  1. I think I understood the main points of the article. And I understand what “empirical” usually means. I just can’t make the connection of the word “empirical” to the second stage that was described. It’s probably obvious. Hints?

  2. I had a similar thought, though nowhere near as good as the analogy you presented here, the other day. I told my brother, “The people in charge have given up on converting us.” Thank God. I kind of see large swaths of Middle America as the provinces, and the Coasts and D.C. as seats of the Empire. Yes, we may starve out here if things get bad enough, but the crazies in charge are antagonistic enough to foment revolution without hunger being the catalyst, and that means there’s a good chance that we can calmly notice the seasons changing out here in the hinterlands while closer to the nerve center people actually have to pay for their power (or proximity to it) as Madam Guillotine or just unchecked fire roils through the cities. 2020 is going to be great.

  3. Nothing to say except that Z, you are a gosh-dam genius. This is absolutely brilliant, an instant classic.

    (The Producers. Ha! Perfect, fellas, just perfect.)

  4. The powerline blog is where i imbibe my mainstream conservative thought. The writing is good and they seem to be generally decent guys. Maybe it is the zman’s influence but i increasingly find myself irritated with the blog’s, and especially the commentator’s take on events. Regarding the Christchurch shooting they are currently debating whether Tarrant is a eco-terrorist or leftist. Laughable. Whatever else he turns out to be, i suspect he is a troll. Naming Candace Owens his greatest influence points in that direction. I view tarrant as an inevitability, akin to an antibody produced by the immune system in response to something recognized as foreign. Neither good nor evil.

    OT but James Lafond just published a book with a lot of unique and new source material about white slavery in 1600-1800s plantation america. I’ve followed his work in this area and have found it intensely interesting. I encourage the history buffs here to give it a look:

  5. the fact that there’s a show called “The circus” about american politics means something is seriously broken about our system. While the other western nations have problems – I don’t think its as defective as our own.

    • There’s a little cafe across the street from the statehouse in Columbus OH called ‘Ringside.’ I always thought that was very appropriate.

    • Krusty, I get what you mean in comparing the political circus in America versus other Western nations. But to me, politics in those other countries has always been transparently a put-on–a kind of amateur hour. What’s terrible is that America has now become more like them.

      Especially in the Cold War, American leaders seemed like sober grown-ups compared to most foreign elites. Maybe it was an effect of the WASP (or merely Protestant) ethic (which WASPs have since utterly thrown away); maybe it was the fact that America dealt at the time with matters of grave consequence. But the “circus” was something characteristic of other places in the world, not here.

      Of course, even HERE, even THEN, American politics had a “put-on” quality. It just was not OBVIOUSLY the case through and through the elder American political culture. Now, by contrast, it’s completely taken over: it’s exerting power and/or genuflecting all the way down. We might as well be Belgium.

  6. Speaking of performances and shows, has anybody here been watching the incredibly bad new season of “The Walking Dead”? It’s like a stale rerun of old episodes of “MASH” — all the sanctimonious piety, with none of the jokes, and none of the White people.

    The new POC female show runner for this season has basically turned it into a metaphor of what a Karamel Harris presidency will look like: she’s literally killed off all the show’s interesting White male leads. Of the two remaining White men, one (the old renegade Daryl) has become a mollified hermit, and the other is a mewling Soyboy built like a toothpick. Instead of zombie attacks, the plot consists of the hot Hispanic chick dating the dull black guy but getting knocked up by the dull Muslim guy. There was literally a bit last night where the tough black chick got captured by a mob of feral blonde White kids who for no understandable reason went and branded her, like a you-know-what (WTF?), and then there was an orgy of bloody revenge porn where she got to slaughter a bunch of evil blonde White children. Very symbolic.

    Everything else is gooey mudslide kumbaya, and the big villains are a bunch of bumbling dopey White rednecks who live out in the woods like animals, dressed up in zombie skins (I’m not making that up) who can never do anything right.

    This is the dream world of POC majority FUSA. That and the commercials, where neurosurgeon black Dad and super-architect black mom are always giving each other a Lexus for Unnamed Winter Holiday.

    • Australopithicus:
      Yes, excellent summation of the steaming pile TWD has become,including commercials.
      Hell, they’ve even neutered Negen.

    • I did and it’s unwatchable. It’s stupid and as PC/MC as can be. The stories are horrible and make no sense.

      But this is what happens when “woke” takes precedence.

  7. Interesting way of explaining the whole charade.

    Probably also explains why Hollywood and the “elite” political class seem to like each other so much.

    Many years ago I ran across some stuff from a guy named Lindsey Williams. His take on the whole thing is:

    ” Hollywood is their ‘perversion’. The MSM is their mouth piece. The MSM is just their propaganda machine. It is used to program the sheeple “

      • Does seem a tad hypocritical to be “anti-Hollywood” yet pay the sad sack John Nolte to write film reviews…

  8. Bruce Charlton, who comments here, has a superior post on his own blog today that might serve as a real-world elaboration of Z-man’s final paragraph above. He makes a distinction between the Old Left (think of the Soviets) which ruled, ostensibly, on behalf of the people, and the New Left (Charlton references the ruling elite of Britain) which rules explicitly *against* the people, in the name of “protecting” “minorities” from a malicious majority (read: old-stock citizenry). The latter mission statement of modern rulers is meant to justify their efforts to impugn the old citizenry as evil, and to constrain and re-educate them.

    The whole post, plus Dr. Charlton’s follow-up comment, is worth reading:

    • Great read! Damn…am black pilled again!

      “Parliament specifically, and the ruling class in general, seem to have No Idea what this looks like to those outside the bubble – they just carry on with their twisting and fudging, continue broadcasting their smug moralising superiority – and things are still escalating daily.

      And all the parties are complicit – the whole system is discredited; there only no ‘goodies’, only Baddies. The party system is broken, gone, dead – it just hasn’t yet stopped moving.”–BC

      All of western civilisation is taking a header.

    • Old left, new left, neo-left, whatever.
      It makes no difference what they proclaim, because in the end they will impose a totalitarian form of government in which individual rights cease to exist and which they, the leftists , are the only ones remaining who have the right and the means to obtain wealth and power.
      I am amazed that anybody listens to leftists or even tries to explain why they do or what they say or if they are for/against this or that.
      It is all total BULLSHIT.
      They will lie and deceive and say and do anything whatsoever as long as it advances their goal of obtaining absolute power.

      What is there about leftists that is not already known?
      What remains to be explained about leftists?
      What remains to be asked?
      Is not 100 years of real world experience with these power hungry totalitarian SOB’s not enough time to evaluate their true goals?
      Is 100,000,000 killed in the 20th century by lefitsts not enough people killed?

      Makes you want to pull your hair out.

  9. This is exactly what’s going on. What’s going to unravel this show, is that this Circus hasn’t been in the black in decades. This show is very expensive, the props are very expensive, and getting more so. Free day care for illegal aliens won’t be cheap. All the props they want to buy going forward have huge price tags, hence the self trickery where they think this MMT machine can print anything and everything without consequence. We can’t afford today’s props (including F 34’s rolling onto stage from time to time) let alone tomorrows. So the actors are busy printing more and more food and drink tickets every day, and they still have to pay their Chinese vendor who’s starting to yell at them.

    When the theater starts running deficits of $1 Trillion in food and drink tickets in supposedly the flush times, you know that it’s lights out soon. It will soon be sold to a new operator.

  10. Perfect. And you are right, I’m thoroughly bored with the whole thing. I rarely watch national news. When I do, I feel like Like watching a rerun of a sitcom. I may not remember the exact details, but I can recognize the story arc, lame jokes, and know how they story ends.

    • I try to watch the ABC Evening News every night . It’s as predictable as a sitcom. I think the comic value of the whole thing keeps me coming back.

      Leading off tonite – we have a bomb cyclone in the heartland!! Pretty much every night there’s a storm in the heartland with millions of people affected!!

  11. “Whether it is the Right or the Devil, going on the stage to be the foil of the Left can only lead to failure, because that is role carved out by the writers”

    Well, this is possible only because the left owns academia. There is no foundation of an intellectual debate to be played out objectively in what the author refers to as the “theatre” because there is no arena for all-imlportant debate within our universities.

    Every new “threat” – real or otherwise – is simply fast-tracked through academia and absorbed by the academic intelligentsia, including the media, the school teachers, the bureaucracy, the lawyers, etc.

    Trying to debate within the media is already a lost cause, because by the time the media picks the latest so-called “threat” it’s too late. The narrative has already been consolidated within the halls of academia. It’s rubber-stamped as “science”, typically by interjecting the words “studies show”.

    The 1960is were the time to doing something about this. It’s little late now. America didn’t have the balls or the brains to stand up to the campus radicals in the 60s, so now it’s a radicalized society.

    The Booby has a hard time finding any sympathy for a country that gets what it deserves.

  12. Z;
    A brilliant and humorous allegory. Like Swift or Mencken. But I think you elide the essential point that all players must implicitly accept that there’s actually very little at stake, sorta like university politics. But is that really true_?

    Of course, it’s *not* just a play. There is permanent damage after it ends. For example, parents are now exchanging texts about how best to permanently mutilate their own pre-pubescent ‘tranny curious’ children so that those parents can compete for status, now using ‘tranny points’.

    Such is the wicked result of homosexual acceptance > homosexual marriage > homosexual acclaim > tranny acceptance > tranny acclaim. Each step down into the pit played out just as you outlined. However, there are real casualties after each act and we are, collectively, now about up to our noses in degradation.

    In the end, these plays all depend on there being no God. Else there are *very* important things at stake. It feels like the days of the First Testament prophets, constantly warning that God is not mocked. Eventually the Assyrians and Babylonians showed up.

    • Agree with all, even the end, except for “depends on there being no God”. I think the classic mistake is in assuming there is only one.

      The logic trap is this: ‘because demons (or angels, or gods) exist, there must be One, highest, above all the rest.’

      Why? How does one lead to the other? That’s like saying there is one individual in an ecology that rules over all. It’s an appeal to the strongest magic.

      I don’t agree with the boasts of iron age slavetraders. The Babylonians were trying to reintoduce civilization, again. Nebuchadneezer brought prosperity and stability to his lands.

      They had been defeated before by the same bunch- when Abraham, the Lucifer, tried to bring down the Lord Hammurabi, who had rebuilt the civilized world after a 400 year dark age. The Lord told his right hand to stop with the slave raids on tributaries; Abraham fled and rewrote the play. Judea repeated a similar betrayal and revision in New Babylon.

      I accept that there’s a playbook; I don’t trust the all the scriptwriters, or their claims. The lessons in the history Book of political propaganda can be used for us or against us.

      • Later: forgive me, Al, I try not to reply to you out of love and respect. But that Christian complacency!

        The faithful are unaware of the severe limits to God’s powers. He is tremendously constrained in what He can actually do, despite unceasing effort. Not by his own hand, either, but by his very nature.

        It took millions of years to come up with the right combination- us, the People of Light, the Euro-Christian West, the breakout civilization.

        The beast gods, feral as animals and ignorant as pigs in shit, can win. WIN. Their slaves can overwhelm us.

        I’m not worried about God, he can go play on his other worlds, I could care less about anything but the death of this one, and the Heaven that depends on our continued existence.

  13. Human nature being what is, people are always going to engage on various issues. The only way to win is to set the agenda, become the wolves not the sheep.

  14. Great summation, except you forgot to mention that the performance is held in the David Geffen Theater, on the Sheldon Adelson Mainstage. It’s produced by Izzy Shekelstein and written by J. Judah Rosenberg, based on a story by Ira Glassman and Seth Millstein. Tickets printed by Noah Rothberg, and paid for by Solomon Bank, which prints something else in turn. Broadcast by Communist News Network, run by Jeffrey Zucker, with moderators ADL, SPLC, Mark Potok, and Rebbe Meir Nussbaum.

    Did I leave anyone out?

    • Z wrote before, that Shekelsteins are the smartest people, and the smartest people should be in control of everything. Therefore everything is OK.

      Well, I considered it a hilarious satire, until other reader of Z-blog told me, that it is actually the author’s logic. Is it really?

      • No idea. But I haven’t found the Steins to that exceptionally bright. (Sure, they’re smarter than goys on average, but their advantage isn’t enough to overcome our numerical advantage, i.e. a ~108 verbal IQ on 2% of the population still leaves a lot more smart goys than Steins.)

        I’ve found the Steins advantage over goys to be personality traits. Steins are way more aggressive and cocky. They are much more likely to start a business and take it as far as it can go. They also push hard to get ahead in law firms and corporations. They really want to succeed and make money.

        (I’ve also noticed that Steins don’t seem to care much how they succeed and what gets them there. Goys start a business to make a better product or service. Steins just want to make money.)

        Throw in a bit of nepotism, and the Steins excel. But it’s not so much their brains as their pushiness. They’re not the most talented lawyer, but they fight hard to make partner. They’re not the best businessman, but they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make money.

        Trump seems pretty similar. Just win, baby. Make money for the sake of making money and having power.

        • “Sure, they’re smarter than goys on average”… WHO told you that? Think goy, think! 🙂
          Check WHO funds the NOBEL committee…

          Truth to be told, I do enjoy some Eskimo TATTLETALES. Specifically movie directors: Joseph Cedar and Albert Brooks. However, to understand the sheer amount of the raw truth in their movies, one needs to know a little about Eskimo culture.

          may I recommend movie ‘NORMAN: Moderate rise and tragic fall of New York fixer.’
          Interview with Cedar is available on YT, L’CHAIM: Joseph Cedar.
          Min 35-50 discusses right to exist of EskimoLand. Amazing.

          Other movies from these Eskimos:
          JC – Footnote (entirely in eskimo language/hilarious)

          AB – Lost in America, Real Life, Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World.

          I’ll finish with the quote from Lost in America:
          “I’ve seen the future! It is a BALD MAN FROM NEW YORK!”

          • First, I’m talking about Ashkenazi Jews, not all Jews. And I’m willingly to be skeptical about their higher verbal IQ, but I’ll stick with believing that they have a slightly higher verbal IQ until evidence says otherwise.

            Regardless, I don’t really care. If they do have a slightly higher verbal IQ, it’s not enough to matter that much. Also, gentile whites have shown themselves capable of creating the greatest art, philosophy and technology the world has ever seen.

            Frankly, Jews don’t seem that impressive on their own. They need us; we don’t need them.

            However, in the end, this isn’t a pissing contest. I don’t care if other groups are better or worse than whites at various tasks. I want to live around my own not because I believe that we’re better or worse than other groups but because whites are my family, the people I feel comfortable around and because we create a society suited to us. I want a homeland not because I hate other groups but because I love my own.

          • Agreed. I was just trying to be funny. Kids keep telling me to stop it, but do I listen? NO.

            The older I get, the more I realize that many of my opinions were based on false premises, missing pieces of info or wrong prescription from the optometrist…

            “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” Mark Twain

          • Forgot to link the very best review of the NORMAN movie, at THE TABLET magazine:

            (explains the plot for the normies)


            And while you are there, enjoy Mark Oppenheimer’s other article on Weinstein. The piece caused such a stir among fellow eskimos, that they even posted comments. (It costs $2!)
            Mark’s apology is also funny.


    • Yep. For the moment, the show is funded, produced, directed and written by Eskimos. The question is whether the new actors will be willing to stick to the script and whether the new audience members will be willing to look past a show that glorifies ideas (gay marriage, trannys, abortion, women’s rights, etc.) and a people (Eskimos) that they abhor.

      The future of the Dems depends on Eskimos ability to control groups that hate them and are just as tribal as the Eskimos. In theory, the Eskimos should maintain control because they still have the money, the media and the political organization. But low IQ groups have a way of not always doing what they should logically do.

      We’ll see.

  15. Bear baiting theater and redemption dramas were eventually eclipsed by Marlowe, Shakespeare and Jonson

  16. Yes, most of political theater is a variant of the Jerry Springer Show and designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator in society. At it’s root, it’s salacious and puerile. and largely resonates with the hindbrain emotions. The best of these charlatans can get the crowd to tingle with naughty delight, in which they get some self-satisfaction from being less worse than the bad guys. My, how far we have fallen as a species.

    • Yes TomA, always important to remember that while we might be thinking and arguing with logic and thoughtfulness, we are talking to people who are working their hindbrain, which uses none of those things. You cannot get a dog chasing a car to logically think about what he is doing and why.

      • Yes, but the dog chasing the car is oblivious as to the danger to self and therefore *fearless*. I have had hunting dogs attack and get torn up by a herd of pigs—but only stop when they collapse. If only more people were like those dogs. Right now we have people afraid to wear a MAGA hat in public. They’ll certainly be the last to be eaten, but nevertheless they will be eaten.

        • Compsci, I assume you are talking about the people on “our” side. Some people on “their” side easily fit that description, where they will quickly and unthinkingly double down on anything they are fighting or arguing for. That is the hindbrain at work, and we just don’t have many hindbrain thinkers on our side. I am not sure if that is a blessing or a curse for us and ours.

          One thing the MSM does is to encourage hindbrain thinking in their audience. I don’t know if we have a way to win that battle, other than to peel people away, one at a time.

          • More brilliance. Street hustlers, actors, and politicians can be quite stupid in book learnin’, yet blazing fast in reading people.

            They are quick because shallow- operating on instinct speed, not debate speed.

            The problem is, they howl like packs and breed like dogs, too. How to intoduce a neutering program?

          • Dutch, you read me correctly—our side. Yeah, I accept that reactive folks (hindbrain) might be problematic for “our” side, but this constant backing down, cowering, and the like in the face of Leftist bullying is a downer. And no, I’m not suggesting violence, per se. Just that way too many of my acquaintances—who are otherwise quite conservative—refrain from telling Leftist/Prog idiots where to get off, whereas such folk of a progressive bent are more that willing to “express” themselves whether the situation calls for it or not.

            Really, we can’t allow our virtues to be used as a weapon against us. Say what you will about Ben Shapiro (and you’d probably be right) but watching him tell off snowflakes never tires me. Jordan Peterson, likewise. 😉

          • Compsci, I suspect our allies react like people do when someone with road rage is on the freeway. Get in another lane, slow down or speed up to avoid him, and don’t get caught up in someone else’s problems. It is actually a smart move, in the moment. But one can do that for only so long. Sooner or later someone needs to be dealt with and taken down.

            Our California smaller city is on the conservative side. It has two new indoor shooting ranges. They are both jammed, 24/7. Shooting, the new bowling. There will be a lot of pushback from our side when things get serious, IMHO.

  17. Dionot be so pessimistic Z. There may yet be a time for the black pill, but not for the present. New actors are taking to the stage too. Trump is not doing all that bad for a new kid. Brazil has set Leftie on fire and run him out of town. A lot of blacks know how the game works too, and understands that without Whitey, there are no gibs. Venezuelans are just about done with their fling with crony socialism.

    Democrats basically screwed themselves – right up the pooper too! They are masters of divide-and-conquer politics… and now they are so divided that they cannot form the consensus they need to rule. In fact, you have this exactly backwards now. The hard left was booed off the stage with Hillary. The left has only those roles filled and they know it. Donkey Choppers, that towel head from over the rainbow, and fake Indians and blacks that offend pretty much EVERYONE! They are now frantically searching for moderate and all they can come me up with are flunkies like Kamala and Beta O Rourke. The nut roots of the democrat base will never accept them.

    Stay positive – comedy and hilarity are about to commence!

    • I learned here that Bill Mitchell was a fraud. I see that some have not caught on yet…

    • Donkey Choppers!
      From a heartiste commentor:

      “I have heard of the ‘Age of Aquarius’, but what is it with this New Zealand Prime Minister and her choppers, and AOC, and Lisa Page? Are we now in the ‘Age of Women Political Leaders With Donkey Chompers’?”

  18. What a great metaphor. After the horrific shooting in Kiwi-land, I was struck by how NONE of the MSM even dared ask why there were so many damned Muzzies in the place to begin with. I mean I knew why they wouldn’t ask, but I found it curious. Even more so when their Lady Prez went to visit the mourners with a newly native headdress on. Crazy stuff.

    • With the right mindset – just watching even the mainstream news there’s enough evidence there to showcase the crazy.

      On the ABC Evening News their reports were showing video of people outside the mosque, and it was a hodge-podge of African looking types in full head coverings, some Asians, and a few Middle Eastern types.

      All I had to do to set the wife off was by simply asking :

      ” look at the video – why the hell are those people even there in the first place – they didn’t get there by accident….. ”

      The other benefit to the Christchurch shooting ( Christchurch – why is there a mosque in Christchurch?) – is that the cuck behavior of the left as well as a whole lot of “christians” – has been on full display. The national and the local news were chock full of reports of Christians and Jews falling all over themselves to apologize to Muslims.

      • Calsdad…as a futurist looking forward, how do you think the increasing Hispanic populous and growing Muslim numbers in the United States alone will regard each other and behave toward each other? Clash of civilisations? Muslims dominant-Hispanics indifferent? Legacy population beaten down and ignored, except to fleece their money? Currently few Hispanics in politics and quite a few Muslims elected last time around, trend being established.

        • Z…excellent thought-full post! Challenges me to stretch brain and think outside of box. Very much appreciate your time and effort you take to inform us.
          This last week including the weekend mess has pushed me into black pill territory. Many thanks for your uplifting podcast of the longshot underdog winning. Much needed, good history and a reminder history may not play out as we anticipate. Have listened to podcast 3 times and brings a smile to my face! Thank you!
          Great ending of podcast with Kenneth Branagh/Henry V. Am ready to slog on fight on through the mud now! Ooops…sounds too much like chick mud wrestling.

          • PS: The other matter that black pilled me was the Senate gang of 12 voting against Trump’s national emergency border wall funds. I live in the only state in the union, Utah, in which both senators Lee and Romney went full cuck! I am embarrassed. Crap, I once sent money to Lee. Then he and Mia Love went all never-Trump, went all Mormon virtue signaling pious jump on piano bench clutch pearls ridiculous. Plus Lee is 30 years behind the times clinging to the Constitution claiming Trump has no Constitutional power while not noticing the fact that the Left pays no attention to the Constitution anymore. To them it is a “living-breathing” Constitution, which translates to anything they wish, Ginsburg prefers the South African constitution, and the left only waves the Constitution around to shut up and glaze over the eyes of the dumbass Right like Pavlov’s dog. As for Romney, he’s just a greedy, lying, globalist opportunistic carpetbagger.

            Am disappointed with the naivety of my Mormon neighbors and their herd animal behavior. Naive of me to have thought otherwise and chased the unicorn. These people are sitting ducks for every lefty worldly scam. Due to their track record of not allowing blacks to join their church until 1978, they are now in full grovel mode, open borders love your neighbors from across the border, virtue signaling good whites, and the church will play footsie with the left to keep it’s tax exempt status. This state is devolving quickly.

        • The wierd thing about the POCs is their emerging dedication to the progressive stack. If they arent apathetic, they are social justice warriors par excellence.

      • Christchurch, last stop to Antartica, maybe the most remote, isolated modern city in the world.
        Yet somehow, someway, 46,000 Muslims ended up there.

        (Along with the Parkland kids last year and John Podesta a few days ago…oddly enough.)

        • Google the immigration requirements for N. Z. Obvious that your standard goat-humping muzzle would never come close to qualifying. One could extrapolate from this that either NZ has managed to lure the most educated, talented and hard-working 46,000 ass-lifters in the world or that somehow they are exempt from meeting the same requirements that you or I would have to follow.

          • Maybe when the Lord of the Rings movies got finished filming there, a bunch of the Orcs went feral…

          • Ha!
            Seriously though, if I were writing this particular act for the stage, as Z would say, what better way to send a message to the world to forget NZ, don’t bother running here to avoid the upcoming unpleasantries because we are already in the process of population replacement with the Orcs of our choosing,with the added bonus of disarming the current residents.
            How many of our billionaire elite are starting to second-guess their decisions to build their million dollar survival bunkers in NZ ?

  19. The “new danger” serves the same purpose as the “maguffin” in a Hitchcock movie. It doesn’t really matter what it is, and the audience never actually has to see it. What keeps the attention of the audience is the fact that the players seem to care about it a great deal, and create the illusion that it matters.

    This is why they rely so much on actors and celebrities to get their points across. The public has been trained to react in specific, predictable ways to the chosen stimulus by everything they are exposed to in popular culture. And a primary reason they need to import a new audience is because the old one is getting jaded at too fast a rate to suit them, given the existence of media outside the chosen narrative, like this one.

    Excellent post.

    • Next time I get in a discussion with one of “them” about something, I am going to label the matter at hand a “maguffin”, without elaboration. I’m curious to see where the conversation goes. Will they ask what I mean, or sail right over it? Will they acknowledge that their argument is a means to the same old communist end? The maguffin element offers a great opportunity to turn the argument over to what their real endgame is, which is always so difficult to introduce into the conversation. Thanks!

  20. El Rushbo calls it the daily soap opera, every week a new pig to chase through the village, a new noble cause to champion, another issue to wield as a battering ram.

    • Limbaugh is just as much part of the display as the rest. He plays his role very well as the ‘edgy’ right-wing commentator, and has made a fortune off of it.

      • Yes, but that doesn’t make him useless. His disease made in off wrt cause—and therefore cure—but his analysis of the progression/spread is spot on most times.

      • You can never lose sight of the fact that Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, etc are all first and foremost entertainers. Add in Beck being insane and you get very little of value from there other than the same talking points delivered more expertly.

  21. Off topic as hell, but I was perusing the Essential Knowledge posts and didn’t come across Will Durant in there. Any reason I shouldn’t read him? Dan Carlin seems to like the guy a lot, even if Durant is a bit dated.

    • Durant has a heavy liberal bias. So much so that you begin wondering what might have been left out, and what has been overemphasized and perhaps made up. I read him and his wife on issues that I tend to have prior knowledge of just to get their perspective and to see if they have any particular insights or knowledge of facts not mentioned by others. I never use them as a primary source of information.

      One old movie on the fall of the Roman Empire used him as a technical advisor. He did a good job. Worth watching.

    • Worth reading but with caution. He started out as a Marxist but ended up rejecting it. He remained a liberal. He was French Canadian Catholic his wife a Jew. Great stylist, some wonderful passages, lots of things to cringe at.

      He wrote for an intelligent lay audience. Wove together a narrative that included events, philosophy and culture. Not an expert but had a learn•ed perceptive mind.

      • Agree with teapartydoc & YV’s characterizations of the Durants. I would add that they were “old” liberals, when they could still be considered to from the same species as the rest of us. Their piece, “Epilogue in Elysium” (a conversation between Voltaire and Pope Benedict VIX in heaven) at the end of Vol. 9 (“The Age of Voltaire”) is one of the best illustrations of the problem of religion and the effects of the Enlightenment on human society ever written. It would be difficult to believe that they were not atheists or agnostics, but they had the good grace to describe the problem fairly and sympathetically.

    • His books are okay up to about the period of the Renaissance. After that, be alert for political mischief. All in all, he was a very good historian and his volumes on Greece and Rome are superb. FWIW, you will never find an historian without some kind of bias. Thucydides was the finest in this regard.

    • I’ve read four of the Story of Civilization volumes; Caesar and Christ twice. The Greece and Rome studies seem to me the best, possibly in part because there are limited sources so he can’t pile the data too high, and Durant strikes a good balance between the historical record and his own analysis.

      When he reached the middle ages and Renaissance in his survey, more facts (or alleged facts) were available and he seemed determined to use as many as he could fit in. Some of the former elegance of his writing boiled off and what was left wasn’t always digestible. The medieval book in particular is simply too long and detailed for those of us who aren’t historians.

      At his best, Durant offers literate and thoughtful accounts of the glorious heights and appalling lows of mankind’s struggle to find its way.

    • I listen to hours of Durant’s work on youtube, some the audio recordings are a high quality narrator, not librivox. I think is a fine general introduction to history. There was a time in the 50’s when the middle class would collect his books as part of their cultural improvement. Sigh…

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