Esoteric Political Language

Politics in the modern age was symbolic, as much as practical, as the state had grown so large that meaningful change was going to be gradual. In fact, change was so slow that it transcended generations. One generation of politicians would tinker around with the rules and the next generation would realize the consequences. By the time the consequences of Johnson’s Great Society were felt, the people who pushed it were mostly out of office, so it was the successors who had to deal with the ramifications.

In the post-modern age, some may call it the technological age, political language is becoming esoteric, rather than symbolic. The language and discourse is not supposed to be sensible, but rather designed to test the boundaries of the formal political language. It is a game, of sorts, to figure out how to insert bits of heresy and forbidden topics into the political discourse, in a way that is only obvious to the people doing it. The point of the effort is to get people talking obliquely about forbidden topics and themes.

The most recent and best example of this is the Pepe the frog stuff in 2016. It was not just a pointless gag. It was about testing limits. Initially, it was about getting forbidden subjects into the mainstream of social media in a way that the designer could understand, but that made little sense to others. Eventually, a general awareness of what was happening turned the Pepe image into a symbol. Clownish political hucksters then adopted it as a symbol of their edginess, because it carried with it an implication of radicalism.

Another great example of this is the word “cuckservative” that got going around the same time as Pepe. One of the more amusing things during that period was watching members of Conservative Inc. come to understand what it meant. These are people who thought they were the face of dissident America, so they initially did not understand the term was a slur against them. Slowly, they understood and then the term moved from an esoteric insider gag to a symbol, denoting a line between dissidents and conservatives.

Currently, a similar dynamic is at work with the long shot candidacy of Andrew Yang, the Taiwanese businessman running in the Democratic primary. Dissidents, unhappy with Trump, initially landed on Tulsi Gabbard, due to her anti-war positions. The trouble with Gabbard, though, is her positions are explicit, rather than symbolic or esoteric, so supporting her does not serve the purpose of dissident actors using esoteric political language to test limits. That’s where Yang’s UBI proposal comes in.

The Universal Basic Income is a dumb idea, but that’s part of its appeal to those engaged in esoteric politics. The point of backing it and Andrew Yang is to take the reality of modern politics, that it is a bust-out, where non-white tribes loot the country, and pushing it to the limit. If non-whites have their snout in the trough, then everyone should have their snout in the trough. It’s also an oblique way of introducing white identity politics into the discussion. White Nationalists want their thousand bucks.

The Yang phenomenon is more than just an internet fad. According to 538, Yang is now a serious candidate and as such he is getting serious attention. It is the epitome of esoteric politics that an Asian candidate will become a cat’s paw for a wide range of issues important to white Americans, but forbidden in conventional discourse. You can be an open white nationalist, by sporting a YangGang ball cap, while BoomerCons are getting beat up for wearing their old MAGA hats to their grand kid’s ballgame.

Esoteric political language is not simply about camouflaging taboo subjects. That’s never worked, as evidence by the collapse of libertarianism. That was always the truth about libertarian politics. Outside of the weirdos and potheads, people identified with libertarian ideas as a form of implicit whiteness. Free markets and meritocracy assume that biological reality will take care of the rest, leading to a restoration of heritage America, but the obviousness of this is why it never got very far and is now a joke.

That’s what is different with things like the UBI support among white nationalists. It’s not just a proxy for white identity. It takes the logic of identity politics as practiced by the ruling class and pushes it to the boundary. It’s going to be hard for them to dismiss Yang as a white supremacist or his UBI idea as some sort of honky plot against the browns. In fact, any effort to do so will make them look ridiculous. That’s the point of esoteric political language. At its best, its critics confirm what they wish to deny.

It’s possible that esoteric political language is a natural result of democracy. In the Cold War, threat of nuclear annihilate meant politics remained grounded in the real, even as it relied on symbolism to communicate ideas. After the Cold War, the Clinton years were mostly about symbolism. The Bush years started the same way, but then curdled into a blend of symbolism and mendacity. Bush was the opposite of what he claimed. In the Obama years politics became an absurdist pantomime.

Perhaps this phase we’re entering is something new, where the dull-witted masses participate in democracy, but have no practical influence, because they are manipulated by the smart fraction using esoteric language to avoid plunging into the abyss. Maybe it is just another facet of late-stage liberal democracy. Maybe it is just the death rattle of empire, where practical politics is nothing but frightening choices, so the political language descends into a weird competition to reach some absurd limit.

136 thoughts on “Esoteric Political Language

  1. I must be a idiot.

    I thought and still think that political discourse is all about obfuscation, deceit, lies, verbal manipulation, and just outright bullshit, all geared to fooling the voters and getting the left wing/communist controlled conventional and social media propagandists to say nice things about you, or at least make it more difficult to have them misrepresent what was said and meant.

    A good example is the term “undocumented Immigrant” to describe an illegal alien. Might as well call a murderer a very-late-term-abortion-specialist, or the 9-11 Saudi terrorists as rapid-demolition-specialists.

    And I would hardly call what politicians say “discourse,’ for this term suggests a thoughtful discussion of a subject, something politicians are loathe to engage in for it may reveal the politicians ignorance , stupidity, dishonesty or far worse, voicing an opinion that may turn away some voters.

    George Orwell said it best;

    “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. ”

    That’s a great writers way of defining political language as bullshit.

  2. Yang is against male genital mutilation.

    If we can meme THAT into the conversation, then we will be getting somewhere. Force the Enemy to defend this insane practice demanded by the psychotic demon they worship.

      • It’s the mark of Shechem, the mark of a slave.

        They’ve already forced Yang to delete his stance, just as they are forcing it on Iceland, the tiny nation that defied and jailed the banksters.

        Allah isn’t the only one with slaves. He has a half-brother. Submit.
        They are branding the cattle.

        Or should we also consider FGM another religious freedom for children, like gender reassignment?

          • There was an episode of The Orville, where a couple from an all-male, gay species must decide whether their one-in-a-million infant daughter should have a sex change operation, as per ancient, alien custom.

            The Orville’s crew find this idea abhorrent and decide to fight it out in an alien courtroom, but during the trial, the advocate for the sex change, the public prosecutor-type, asks Orville’s doctor if circumcision is an abuse of the baby’s rights.

            This leaves the doctor like “Whaaa…? What are you even talking about? Circumcision is perfectly natural!”

            So here we have a civilisation that banned barbarian sports like boxing “hundreds of years ago”, but they still mutilate male babies’ genitals with a knife.

            P.S. I kinda like The Orville, and I’m not even close to being a Trekkie. In that episode, the showrunners went with the non-bland decision of actually putting said girl under the knife.

  3. Esotericism can be frustrating. Been struggling with Dio’s lyrics my whole life.

    Holy Diver
    You’ve been down too long in the midnight sea
    Oh what’s becoming of me

    Ride the tiger
    You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean
    Oh don’t you see what I mean (no i do not mr. dio)

    Gotta get away
    Holy Diver

    Shiny diamonds
    Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue
    Something is coming for you
    Look out

    Race for the morning
    You can hide in the sun ’till you see the light

    Between the velvet lies
    There’s a truth that’s hard as steel
    The vision never dies
    Life’s a never ending wheel

    Holy Diver
    You’re the star of the masquerade
    No need to look so afraid

    Jump on the tiger
    You can feel his heart but you know he’s mean
    Some light can never be seen

  4. I’m a fiftysomething white guy who came from rural, poor stock and worked my ass off to make something out of myself. I pay enough in taxes every year to support 5 or 6 families. I have two kids in college and I don’t even bother filling out financial aid or scholarship paperwork because there’s just no chance for my kids.

    I’m on the yanggang. Screw it. Get the bag. It would pay for my kids’ college.

    • If your children become bums just indenture them to whomever.
      Not like your problem. Not personal or anything, just business.
      Probably kill off the older people just to make sure.
      Probably just kill babies and old people and anything good to eat and anything that protests being eaten.
      Fooking modern humans defining a damnation. Probably involves wealth, or some kind of electricity.
      Start hating your elders and your children and make some bank.
      I guess that ends up someplace else.
      But please invoke tribe family territory god all the while. On the weekends when time permits.

  5. The nihilism behind accelerationism or ‘get my slice before the pie spoils’ is understandable, but I seriously doubt the gibs will end up ‘universal’ by the time it gets run through the identity grinder of the entreched state powers.

    As a means to piss JP8 onto the dumpster fire: it looks good – particularly if it replaces other regulated gibs (housing, heating, gubmint cheese, etc.) leaving 85 IQ squatters to suddenly generate financial discipline from the ether.

    But universalizing the piblic treasure is something our Democracy just won’t do.

    That would require re-personing whites, particularly white males. You can’t have tax cattle eating their own cheese.

    Dont get me wrong, I want my my $1,000/mo.

    I just don’t want to have to be here to get it. No borders, amnesty for all, and liquidating collateral of tax livestock means shit will get interesting real fast. 50 years of kill whitey will not be supplanted by 150 million more EBT cards.

    The only way white men get their cash is if they are chained to their cubes.

    Otherwise myself, and many others who have been told we are the problem and with very few ties to the land and with no observable safe harbors to foster and propagate our culture, will help usher in moar diversity by un-whitening this place and taking up elsewhere.

    Give them that elusive diversity once and for all. That way, all the wakandians and all the single broads can lean-in real hard and become the scientists and investment bankers and programmers. I’m goin fishin.

    • My, those Eastern European gals are really stunning, aren’t they? Rather more traditional, I’ve heard. Beautiful architecture and scenic views, too.

  6. Thanks, Z, for the concise, and rather kind, dismissal of Libertarianism.

    I still am a bit of a small-L libertarian, but the L Party has been a joke for a very long time now. Years ago, I attended a few Libertarian state conventions; there were some impressively “smart-stupid” people there with me. By now, I suspect, even they have moved on….

  7. It’s all lipstick on a pig.. Different faces but the same policies keep being implemented and everything just gets worse for the rest of us.

    I saw a video on Seattle, the city is becoming unlivable because of the homeless that are allowed to camp anywhere they want due to the liberals running the city.

    It’s called Seattle is Dying by a local TV station. It’s worth watching.

    It’s really a nightmare.

    The same is happening to Los Angeles.

    Then there is flood of a million illegals pouring over the border this year.

    As some other poster put it, this sort of talk is probably a “death rattle” of the republic. The bizarre, otherworldly, disconnected phrases and talking points.

    I suspect the Roman elite were engaging in the same sort of s**t when Alaric the Vandal kicked in the door and pillaged their asses.

    • I don’t feel sorry for them. I want them run out of town. The only solution is called the “bum’s rush.” It’s not new. It’s been around for years. The “loafer” or “hobo” is told to get a job or leave town. If he stays the drug addled hobo is taken to the town limits by force. A mental one would be put in something called an “insane asylum.’ It all worked at one point.

    • The airbrushing and restating of our history and current situation is going to be phenomenal, once the Lefties get back in power. Everything will be awesome, and most of what we know today about what is going on will be scrubbed. The Trump interregnum will be seen as a time of deep suffering of the people, filled with sorrows and woes of all sorts. Obama’s special moment in history will be revived in the next generation, bigger and better than ever, as the acute sufferings of all Americans during the usurpation of the republic by Trump’s stolen election will be alleviated. The earth will cool, the sea level will fall, and ethnic and gender comity will be the order of the day. Busting a few million heads open will be a small price to pay to get things right, after that awful four years of suffering and blight. You will be able to look it up for yourself on Google. They wouldn’t lie to you, would they?

      BTW, it is interesting how many people and things depend on waiting out Trump’s tenure, so that they can be gotten away with.

  8. Hmm, a lot of the other side’s language doesn’t seem so esoteric to me: hatefully demonizing white people each and every day, openly cheerleading the ethnic cleansing of white people in their own countries, championing terrible race-bolshie ideas like reparations, etc.

    We’re more esoteric, sure, but I just take that as a natural result of our underdog status. We don’t want to get deplatformed (or worse.)

    But I will say this: the Esoteric Right™ has produced a lot more hardcore identitarians who, unlike earlier generations of “conservatives,” know exactly what they’re about and therefore less likely to change or cuck. And also, unlike earlier generations, have the internet to develop our own worldwide in-group language and culture.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than a million such guys worldwide. I know I’m one, and I come from the normiest American middle-class background imaginable.

    These guys, who are going to keep the flame alive no matter what, are going to be a much trickier proposition for the left than our squishy forebears.

    • You hit on the problem. Over 100 years of “earlier generations” letting us down. Literally a hundred years, actually more. Looking at history, the current state of politics, 2019 , was a foregone conclusion. But again, so is the coming bankruptcy of about 18-22 countries now that we’ve reached the “progressive” Valhalla. At some point, even a site like this will be de-platformed at the ISP level. That’s where we’re going. But one thing they can’t control is that their policies bleed red ink. Hard currency is the future, and will turn back a lot of this.

      • I see the current moment as the opportunity to make sure of what you think and what to prepare for. We will be isolated and booted from the net. Watch what is going on in China today, to understand where we will be in a few years. There is no way around it, that I can see.

        • To expand a bit, your face will be mapped, everything you have ever posted or looked at on-line is already on file and screened, every place you go and everything you do is already mapped, your tendencies and beliefs are charted and scored, every dollar you spend is catalogued, and what matters to you is known to them. They will not use carrots, they will use sticks. You will be tracked, followed, and limited in what you are allowed to do. You will not be allowed to congregate in groups of like minded people, and your continued health and well being will be subject to a Chinese style “social score” (see Facebook/Twitter red checks and blue checks). If you are perceived as a threat, you will be arrested or disappeared at a moment of relative isolation from others (driving down the road, asleep at night). Right and wrong, legal and illegal have nothing to do with it. It is the pure exercise of the power of the leviathan. All for the greater good, of course 🙁

          • And now they’ve launched Dissenter to flush out the haters excluded from normie media, a honey-pot collecting hate-posts for future reference.

  9. Considering UBI, replacing the Federal Reserve with a national currency that pays dividends to citizens seems more sustainable.

    It’s an oblique way to bring up the globalist bloodsuckers that own the Fed- the ones that are busting-out the US while using us as vassal mercenaries for their FDI Empire.
    (And to discuss the nature of citizenship, as well.)

    As David Goldman (Spengler) gloats, “we are paid great seignorage for our services as global policemen.” No, Goldman, *we* are not. You are, starting with that 6% off the top.

    • It’s funny how the same people who push for global government don’t seem to realize that if we get it we’re going to have jurisdiction over all of their foreign hideaways, and they’ll be chased down like prey.

    • Note: FDI, foreign direct investment

      When you created a ton of Federal Reserve Notes outside the border, they must be redeemed at home, creating both inflation and a bust-out as our country is bought up/sold off piece by piece.

      • For example, here in Brooklyn, Chinese nationals are buying up real estate, as an investment, a bug-out from China, and a way to get US residency. They’re paying more than the actual market price would be. An example: $1.8Million for a single family on a large lot, submit plans to put up 2 two-family houses. Ten years ago these same houses were $400K.

  10. I wish it weren’t so, but to me the support for Yang amount dissident righties seems less admirable than clever esoteric signalling or well-thought-through wanting racial parity in handouts: it’s simply a sign of how NEETy, how (as our opponents online disparage us) mom’s basement dwelling-y, so many of our brethren are, that $1,000/month seems like a salvation. And I think that, also unfortunately, since the Trump election surprised everyone, there are now so many professional leftist dissident righty watchers in the media and academia that the time loop between developing esoteric dissident symbolism and it being identified and marked for attack has shortened – as exemplified by the linked articles already mentioning Yang’s “alt right” support.

    • Yes we are “NEETy” which btw virtually no one here knows this is a heavily boomer / Xer skewed board not 4chan so let me help– Not in Education, Employment, or Training—> a bum.

      But it speaks volumes that you look down your nose from your high white ivory tower. Very leftist of you! Did you consider that perhaps there are so many white NEETs because there are entire swaths of this nation where industry has vanished? That once you’ve been sent to the back of the line a dozen or a hundred times for a job you are qualified for that was given to some unqualified cunt that just has the right set of victim checkboxes you may just give up entirely? Or maybe you just graduated from high school and after 12 years of being told you are human fucking garbage you aren’t feeling very confident in your ability to contribute to the world?

      Your post stinks of leftism and ‘just pull yourself up by your bootstraps like I did Johnny!” boomertard cuckism. In other words– Just stop. Until you’ve driven through appalachia or similar areas you are just making yourself sound like a d-bag. Just FYI…

      • 1.6 million new jobs under Orangeman. 60k of them were for male us citizens born here. Rent a hint and buy a clue, Ian. In 10 years, Us versus Them is going to be a literal existential struggle. So unless you’re giving your Beretta a bj in the next year or two, recognize what team you are on and start supporting it.

    • LOL “Apex Predator” saving Western Civilization with gay hysterical freakouts online. Well done.

      The problems that you guys mention have been brought on by affirmative action, globalism, anti-white racism, and general cultural rot, the same things that have been in our enemies for decades. If we can’t make headway in those battles, we’re certainly not going to be benefited by giving up and hoping that whatever post-middle class welfare system emerges from that will be in any way end up set up for our benefit.

      I’d love to help poor whites laid off from factories or otherwise dispossessed. But I think engaging in the fights listed above, as well as prosecuting the opiate companies, will do it more than another social program.

      Whites set up a social safety net for ourselves during the New Deal, and it ended up being used against us. And under any new UBI the same tens of millions of blacks and browns that have been parasiting off us for decades would get their same food stamps and Section 8 as always, plus a new $12k a year of our money too. It’d also go to AntiFa types. No thanks.

      UBI for all Americans would cost maybe $4 trillion a year. Total Federal revenues are about $3.5t a year. Where would all the extra money come from? Unless something changes, it’d probably be extracted from the employed white (and Asian) middle class, the only people who currently pay our fair share – and not from the brown underclass who have been parasiting off of us from below or the billionaires who have parasited from above.

      Instead of UBI, I’d rather see massive tax cuts for people earning $40k-$250k – which is where most white people are – while hiking up taxes on parasites making more than $1m/year.

      I doubt that many poor whites in Appalachia for whom UBI might actually help are the ones making YangGang memes. I imagine it’s more guys on 4Chan/Gab who grew up in comfortable suburbs and are NEETing it up, addicted to video games. I have affection and appreciation for those guys, but I don’t want to base public policy off of their inertia.

      I don’t buy it that we should admit that we’ve been defeated by Globohomo and have no chance to make it in life, so giving up and hoping for UBI is all that’s left for us. I respect people who work towards what has always been the source of our strength – having a job, having a family, going to church, staying healthy, and doing the slow steady work of organizing to advocate for ourselves. I respect people who put in the solid work for us – like Tucker Carlson, James O’Keefe, or Tom Fitten – than the guys who give up and bring us harm, like the mass shooters.

      I fail to see how getting excited about a non-White Democrat who has zero percent chance of actually winning the presidency and openly says he rejects us somehow support a white future. It’s generally gay and lame to hope that somehow this candidate who posted a single Tweet sympathetic to the struggles of legacy white middle class will somehow save us were he to actually be elected. Comparing the promise of what a candidate says to the reality of what an officeholder actually does is not realistic either. Trump’s presidency has been disappointing in many ways, especially lately, but he’s done many small things like stopping TPP and ending aggressive DOJ “civil rights” prosecutions than Hilary Clinton would not have done and Yang probably wouldn’t either.

      • A $4T cost to a $3.5T economy?
        Ye gods, man, you’re talking full on, outright slavery here.

        • I personally don’t want my taxes doubled or tripled with much of that money going to underclass parasites.

          If you confiscated the entire net worth of Bezos, Gates, Buffet, Zuck, Larry Ellison, and Page and Brinn, it would come to at most $500b. That’s not where they’d get UBI from – I predict that it’d come from normal people (and, again, laregly go to the usual parasites).

  11. I haven’t seen enough of Yang to form an opinion. I have sort of formed an opinion on Gabbard. The fact that her own party establishment went after her with both barrels blazing over Syria and other foreign wars, told me a lot. I was hoping with Obama that at least a silver lining would be that the Pentagon would get a substantial haircut. Nope. Not even a tiny silver lining. Sequestration was a joke.

    One of the biggest elephants in the room is Conservative Inc.’s support for an ever larger, more expansive military that hands out cough medicine to every child in Africa, builds every school in the middle east, and then bombs all of them the next day. And the worst part is, it’s all dressed up as if the founding fathers would have wanted it this way. Pay no attention to the fact that even a standing army was controversial when it was proposed.

    I can’t stand the thought of a woman being President, but the men in our country are so balless at this point, what does it matter. You’re just trading one eunuch for another. The worst and most heated arguments I get in with conservative boomers involves the military. It’s not a bastion of conservatism. It’s a green collar welfare program. They’re not “fighting for us.” They’re tooling around and getting Tri-Care and free toys for tots. And they would be the first ones to turn a Blackhawk on a domestic crowd, no questions asked. There’s nothing American about a massive overbearing military. That 1940’s script is tired.

    • Gabbard is most certainly right about Syria and other insane foreign entanglements, but she’s wrong about everything else, especially immigration. I couldn’t support her, but she is at least the hottest presidential candidate we’ve ever had, and that’s an excellent trend. If we’re going to have fake elections anyway, we might as well get some decent-looking candidates…

      • Of course she’s wrong on everything else. And even if she became President and vetoed the defense budget, with the current state of politics, a supermajority of both parties would override her veto and give the Pentagon the money anyway. This is the pointless state of American politics, where Trump basically says he wants more “legal” immigrants than ever and his cheering section still thinks he gives a shit about them. Where Trump can eclipse even Obama’s budget deficits and he’s considered by any measure, a “conservative.’ Where that dyke shrew Rachel Maddow can crow about Syria intervention and fighting ISIS, and “Russian influence” and the derelict hippies who watch her cheer on. About 80% of the electorate on both sides are total chumps. This place is a mad-house with a lake of gasoline in the basement. It’s only a matter of time before a match is thrown down there.

        • >>> It’s only a matter of time before a match is thrown down there.

          Given the FUSA’s demographics, the sooner the match gets thrown, the better. And I speak as someone with no training or inclination toward violent confrontation.

          Truly TINVOWOOT. Accept the best alternative.

      • Tulsi seems intelligent. Having served in Iraq, she has knowledge of foreign entanglements. I’ve followed her on twitter for awhile now, and she doesn’t seem very knowledgeable about immigration. Maybe she could be swayed to the sane side if she were presented with the effect on the environment and on American workers’ wages and jobs. I don’t know.
        I think she simple goes with the “spirit of aloha” when it comes to immigration, which to her includes no discrimination of anyone.

        • She’s got more guts than sense. Way too naive, psychopaths like AOC and Warren will eat her alive, but she’s still admirable, insofar as she actually did serve in the military, which is more than any neocon can say. She is also, far and away, the most likeable of the possible Dem candidates, with the possible exception of Yang.

          • ” she’s still admirable, insofar as she actually did serve in the military”

            What the fuck is “admirable” about signing up to slaughter innocents for the political filth?

          • Dammit, jones, we’ve all been led astray! It’s the point of what they do! Cannot a sinner try to redeem herself, wicked though she may be?

          • She at least didn’t advocate for war while having a comfortable sinecure at the New York Times, she put her ass on the line. Can Kristol or Goldberg say the same? The war may not have been admirable, but the courage of the men and women who fought it was. Would that it had been in a better cause.

          • That’s true but the underlying issue remains, and the “right” in all its forms remains impervious to it: The police are the the retail distributors of the main product of the State; Violence, and the military its wholesale arm.
            Both will be used against anybody when it’s considered necessary. Decent people should not support either branch.

  12. I got on the YangGangBang precisely for this reason. He got my $1 donation, and I love setting up the conversation with local idiots by saying things like, “If the brown kids can get their money, us white folks should get ours too…” They get a confused look as the cognitive dissonance vapor locks their brain. It’s great fun and recommend everyone who reads this blog do it.

  13. If UBI is a dumb idea, at least it’s a helluva lot cleaner and more efficient than the hodgepodge of bureaucratic payout schemes we have now. Not so dumb.

    • If they would actually get rid of all the galaxy of welfare programs that you mention, and replace them with UBI, that might work, but you know that’s never going to happen. Gibs are forever.

  14. The Left’s version of esoteric political language is the way they talk about their wildly expensive and, depending on how they are implemented, wildly unpopular ideas like the green new deal, slavery reparations, medicare for all, etc.

    Whenever they are asked questions about the specifics — Is it REALLY feasible replace all fossil fuels? Who qualifies for reparations, how much do they get, and do reparations replace things like “affirmative action” and welfare? Can people supplement medicare with private insurance? — progressives fall back on the same trope: “We need to have a conversation about how to accomplish these goals…”

    This ‘conversation’ will, of course, be just like the one they want about racism, white privilege, etc: “Shut up and pay up.” Beware ‘conversations’ with progressives…

    • Steve, allow me to give you some free advice. When Lefty says “let’s talk about slavery reparations,” you are mishearing xit. Lefty means “Kill whitey.” When Lefty says “let’s talk about global warming,” you are mishearing xir. Lefty means “Kill Whitey.” As long as you keep protesting that we can’t kill whitey because it’s really impractical and expensive, we are going to stay on the express line to civilizational death and the eradication of our progeny. When you say “how do we stop using coal?” Lefty hears “how do we start killing honkeys?” Stop agreeing that we can and should kill Whitey, but that it is just really hard so we shouldn’t do it.

      • Educated Readneck, thanks for the free advice, but I think you mistake my meaning. I’m just an observer. I know better than to have such ‘conversations,’ and I never have or never will have them. But our “leaders” (in government, academia, the press, etc.) are engaging in this same ‘conversation’ all time. Just look at any news source, and representatives of Conservative, Inc. will be “owning” progressives with these objections with regularity. Would I rather they simply said, “%#^$ off”? Sure, but that ain’t going to happen. The question, for which I certainly don’t have the answer, is how get of the path to “civilizational death.” Perhaps you have the answer to that?

  15. Is Illinois’ legislative love affair with the Green New Deal an example of rule-by-esoteric-language?

    What happens when this is taken to its logical conclusion, and the dimwits elected to office pass laws that, since repeal never happens, force for example the end of supplying natural gas to homes during January?

    Just when you think the clowns already ran the circus.

    • The Illinois Clean Jobs act, a Green New Deal on steroids, seems to mean lunatics plan to cull the rebellious Ice People kulaks by one means or another, or by any means necessary.

      Don’t worry about the muds. Plenty more where they come from.

  16. Let me get this straight: Yang is the Black-pill candidate, the guy who promises to intentionally steam the ship at flank speed into an iceberg?

    Why not simply support the black gal who came in second in GA’s gubernatorial race?

    None of it matters until the nearly four-decade Extraordinary Popular Delusion of Pathological Trust, Pathological Openness and Pathological Altruism comes to an end, which will be signaled by the collapse in asset markets (especially the value of IOU’s in the Bond Ocean.) When this largest-in-history Pyramid Scheme ends, we’ll see what emerges. Until then it’s just Kabuki Theater.

    • I am not supporting any of those people. I want the other side to own every last bit of what is coming down the line. I intend to remain the kid who absolutely refuses to open my mouth at the dentist’s office, no matter what.

    • Yang is not explicitly Anti-White, and has thrown a dog whistle or two our way.

      Abrams is an angry HR lady who will punish us for merely existing. Queen Kamala Kill Whitey is simply a more aesthetically pleasing version of the same.

      If the plane is going to crash anyway, let’s at least be in an advantageous position in the wreckage.

      • We don’t know the future. Is the plane doomed to crash? None of us knows. Even if I thought it mattered which was I “pushed,” I have zero notion of the effects of pushing one way or another. For this reason, I think the entire discussion is silly.

        • The plane’s continued existence means the genocide of our people and erasure of our ancestors

        • DN- By your own admission, the plane MUST crash. Your very post above this re: 4 decades of lunacy express as much.

          I don’t see how you can have such clarity in one paragraph and then ask “is it doomed to crash” in the next. Unless there is an ‘X’ factor we are not aware of (meteor strike, global war, etc) nothing will now change this course.

          That being said- You are cruising on vapors with 5 hours left on a doomed flight over the pacific. The plane is going down. The flight attendant comes by and offers you a choice of a fine cognac and a cigar or a slave mask with a ball gag. How would you like to spend your last hours sir?

    • You can vote for anyone you want, but Trump and thr GOP shat the bed and will be crushed in 2020.

  17. If you’re speaking about esoteric signaling don’t forget the inyourface satanic/Illuminati/Masonic/Cabal. It’s just a fad, right?

    • Pizzagate was just about a pizza parlor with edgy art and lots of emails about junk food, right?

      People who bomb millions or push trannies on toddlers would never descend to such depths. All gods are different ways of saying the only One God, so everyone really works for the same god, yeah?

      • Between Ping Pong Comet Pizza and Pedo Island, a lot of eyes have been opened. Pedo Island has a scapegoat, Epstein, who is likely to be Arkancided soon to shut him up. Pizza is a more delicate situation, but the Podesta brothers might want to stay off of 737s for a while.

        • Thanks for getting it. They are truly working for Someone Else.
          That Someone can win, and intends to win, a Tribulation without end.

          Your Benevolence is quite real- although an atheist, I’ve met Him myself, in person, a Presence so vast one must fall to one’s knees because one cannot bear to stand. Your God is real.

          My recent hysteria is because of the Great Deception.
          He did not create evil, the suffering. Because He is not all-powerful, nor the Creator. He doesn’t need to be, either, to exist.

          That is the Deception- that we are being punished. None of it works as you’ve been told.

          Original Sin doctrine, along wirh priestly celibacy, was pushed by the Church when it started grabbing property. It resonated with much older themes in the OT, from the very beginning, when survivors reasoned that the sky gods rained death from above to punish the fertility gods of the land.

          Nonetheless, there is war in heaven, and as above, so below.

          We are the soldiers in this battlefield. We are built to defeat the demons, to find the gods, and Heaven, the World Beyond.

          Fools! It is the Prince of Darkness who rules this world, the World Below.
          It is he whom we must defeat, or die trying. To quit like men!

          • Sorry Zman, off topic, outside the purview of this blog, but if I don’t don’t just up and lay it out, I’ll keep talking in esoteric circles and lambasting people here who are truly better in all ways than I will ever be.

            Their inputs are more pertinent and valuable, anyways, and I don’t wish to drive them off. Perhaps I can sit down and be quiet now, I hope.

            Discovering the resonant frequency spectrum, the miasma, of the beast gods- that demons are real and have or seek hosts- really threw me off my feed.

            But such hope! They are weak though everpresent, like germs, amelioration and perhaps a limited vaccine- what faith is attempting- is possible. We can defeat evil, the mad suffering they cause! We are built to do this!

          • What caused this madness?

            The frogs.
            I awoke, listening to the frogs in the ditch, singing.
            That song is 100 million years old.

            That we should dare to comprehend such scale! Such power!

  18. “Maybe it is just the death rattle of empire, where practical politics is nothing but frightening choices, so the political language descends into a weird competition to reach some absurd limit.”

    You nailed it here. The country is disintegrating along tribal lines. Nobody wants to hear that. Leftist politicians are probably the most clear. They openly blame whitey. But even they can’t use as direct language as they’d prefer, or they’d frighten Nice White Ladies and Boomers, groups that they still need.

    There is no path forward because we are no longer a true nation. Clear language is a form of honesty, of acknowledging reality, and no one wants to face that reality.

    • “Clear language is a form of honesty, of acknowledging reality, and no one wants to face that reality”

      One of my old man’s friend’s daughter married a full on commie professor. Several years ago the “left” was running around saying that they wanted to have a “conversation” about race. The professor pulled that on my old man. The old man told him, with a sparkle in his eye, that he would be very happy to have a conversation about race. The professor, I’m sure seeing where the conversation would go, changed his mind about wanting a “conversation”.

      • Re: the endless twaddle about having a “national conversation about race.”

        Whenever I hear this topic broached, I crack a huge grin and tell the leftist,

        “Excellent. By all means, let us have a conversation about race. But first, we need to have a national conversation about Jews.”

        You wouldn’t think silence can be turned to eleven, but it can.

      • Yeah, it’s an interesting scene when someone brings up some achievement gap issue, and you state clearly and nonchalantly that it’s because of genetic differences, just as you’d expect different breeds of dog to perform differently. If you do it right, the matter of fact nature of your statement will mess them up.

        Just state it as though you were stating any obvious fact. I love to act mildly confused by their lack of understanding this, much like I’d be confused by someone not understanding why there are puddles on the street after a rain storm.

    • at least they’re tribal to the point that the bickering between the groups has gotten out of control.

      • One thing I have noticed is that as the rest of us have chosen to step back and not engage with them on all of the sociopathies of the Left, they have no one to argue with but each other. They go all hindbrain angry reflex reaction on each other, while the rest of us go somewhere else and have a beer. Not an ideal situation, but not engaging them at their level deprives them of all of the endorphin release highs they seek by engaging us.

        • self awareness is not one of their strengths, once their favorite food is unavailable they always resort to cannibalism. as they increasingly seek diversity and intersectionality, I have given up on the naïve notion that they will discover the individual, much less value it.

        • If they are fighting each other and not teaming up to fight us, we win. Never interrupt your foe when he is making a mistake

          That said the real fight is between the Neo Liberals who are just Republicans in Democrat Drag and the actual Left which is amusing.

          Also the Actual Left tends to chew itself apart , this has always been the case but its amplified by intersectionalism a lot

          Still given people are not being killed in numbers, I’d call it a spat as vs anything real

          If/when people actually die by the tens or hundreds, we’ll have a war. Otherwise its just the signs of political dysfunction as the US slumps to mediocrity

          Its a collapse, not in slo-mo but not in internet time either

    • Citizen said: “But even they can’t use as direct language as they’d prefer, or they’d frighten Nice White Ladies and Boomers, groups that they still need.”

      4,500 fewer boomers every day, praise God. The balloon can only go up or the RealTalk start once enough boomers go to the great big Harley dealer in the sky.

      • I can understand the justified anger at the Boomers, but the idea that the situation is going to get better when the last Boomer kicks the bucket is misguided. Yeah, there are plenty of redpilled Millennials and Z’s, but overall, these generations are much, much more leftist than Boomers, who can at least remember when the country wasn’t an overtly anti-white clown show. In public opinion polls, Boomers are more lefty than Silents, X-ers are more leftist than Boomers, and Millennials are more leftist than anyone. Maybe the Z’s will turn this trend around, but seeing as how they will be the least-white generation in American history, educated by leftist harpies, that’s not the way to bet. The future is now.

  19. I think you’re right on “esoteric” language. I also agree that UBI is a dumb idea. However, shouldn’t we address UBI similar to your proposal on reparations? That is, “OK, let’s have that discussion.” Let’s discuss reparations, as long as it includes repeal of ALL racist federal policies. And after an agreed-upon “paid in full” we want to hear no more about white discrimination or freedom of association.

    Similarly with UBI … “So what level of basic income will wipe out EBT cards, minimum wage laws, subsidized housing, WIC, Obama phones, and the panoply of “free stuff” welfare? Give us a number! Let’s have that discussion, but let’s also assume it’s analogous to credit consolidation … one UBI covers everything, and the deal means we hear no more about producers not caring for non-producers. Anyone who clamors for poverty status after UBI – immediate exile to labor camps.

    Of course neither reparations or UBI would work, because some prefer to be parasitical victims. But having the conversation will call them out, no?

    • Agreed. Just as engaging on reparations is a way to discuss other topics, discussing UBI is a way to talk about other things. By embracing UBI, you’re simply saying, “Yeah, this civic nationalist stuff is pointless, as whites are the only ones doing it. May as well get our beak wet too.”

      A big part of what props Progressivism up is white people refusing to acknowledge reality.

      • I disagree. What props up Progressivism (Utopianism writ large) is 1: a long period of seemingly rising living standards and 2: a social mood mania openly evidenced by the endless absurdities that surround us, not to mention a credit bubble and resulting asset price mania for the ages.

        Only a people stoned to zombification could sit by while 100 million immiscible peoples flooded into their towns. Only a people so stoned can spend decade after decade, $T after $T, squaring the circle of black and brown underperformance. Only people who raise complacency to an Olympic Event could endure the promotion of sexual deviance and mental illness (gender “dysphoria”) without exiling their advocates to a social wasteland. Only a people that believes resources are without limit could support UBI, “Reparations,” Affirmative Action and every Utopian scheme, paid for with borrowed money, that came along.

        The last several decades will someday be added to Charles Mackay’s 1841 book as the apex Madness of Crowds. Until the spell finally ends we apparently must endure whatever literal insanity our most-insane neighbors dream up, because no one will awaken from this stupor until it reaches its end, however deep we’ll then be in this abyssal hole now dug.

    • Anyone who clamors for poverty status after UBI – immediate exile to labor camps. Anyone who clamors for poverty status after UBI – immediate exile to labor camps.

      A few years back, a Danish Olympic shot putter – Joachim Olsen – made waves in the political landscape with his no-prisoners-taken libertarianism. So he tweeted that there were no poor people in Denmark, which got the usual suspects all hot and bothered.

      One tweet took another, and a Commie muslima in parliament promised to deliver on an actual poor person willing to let Olsen go through her budget on camera. She found one woman who was willing to open her books on condition of anonymity, a girl the public quickly dubbed Pauper-Carina.

      So here you have the whole political clown car show live on air, when it transpires that Carina – the one the muslima picked herself as an example of destitution – has a larger available income after taxes, than a full-time professional nurse.

      The muslima – a professional politician since high school who never held a real job – was so gone in her bubble, she had no idea what kind of money normal people subside on.

      And Pauper-Carina still insisted she was poor.

      They’ll never stop whining, it’s the basic mode of communication for welfare careerists. It’s not about getting what’s rightfully yours, or what you need, it’s about getting more.

      • I now notice that said muslima in fact did have a short career in the welfare-industrial complex. Still on the public payroll, but real jobs all the same.

      • 10/10, phenomenal reference.

        Anyone who has not read Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy, do so immediately.

        • That’s a Star Wars reference, folks. The beauty of stories is that the old themes keep resurfacing with new names, a deep well of wisdom thousands of years old.

          Lord knows what stirs the Harry Potter crowd’s soul. The limp Left seems to truly believe in magic.
          (And that Congress is Hoggwarts.)

  20. Great topic and highly pertinent. It focuses on the greatest weakness of the DC kleptocracy and incipient tyrants in our political class. They are expecting (and have prepared for) a traditional grassroots revolutionary reaction when their true face is revealed (jackboots at the ready). But they have no defense against a parasite wave swamping the welfare state with new bloodsucking gimmicks (such as UBI). Presto chango, instant financial collapse and SHTF. Then it’s every man for himself again and fitness selection reboot.

  21. “Maybe it is just the death rattle of empire, where practical politics is nothing but frightening choices, so the political language descends into a weird competition to reach some absurd limit.”

    This past weekend I watched the Saint Partick’s Day parade in San Francisco:

    Mexicans on horseback
    East Asians made up most of the marching bands.
    Political dignitaries in Eldorados were almost all exclusively non white, the Irish contingent of public service workers looked like they had a few older guys along for the ride;everyone else was brown, black and yellow.

    I did see lots of local Irish, though…on the sidelines. Dressed like sluts and goofballs. Most of whom were drunk and high. Many cheering on their conquerors as the parade passed by.

    Looks like a limit to me. At least I hope it is…

  22. Newton’s third law. I think I’m on the younger side of your readers. Could be wrong, but it seems that way. The first election I could vote in was in 2004. The difference in the “right” between then and now cannot be overstated. The “right” in 2004 was still the button up shirt briefcase carrying poindexter mother fucker that had been running the Republican party for the last fifty years (National Review, Jonah Goldberg type). Pepe, Cuckservative, and now Yang? “Supporting” Yang is just another method of “pissing the normies off”. Hell, I remember when 4chan convinced the media that the OK hand sign was a secret white nationalist code. Why? Well, because they could, the “establishment” is that stupid, and it was funny. The whole thing smells of an emperor has no clothes movement.

    • I see it as a blowtorch. UBI is welfare-crack vs. present welfare freebase, same shit, different delivery system. No politician’s going to save us regardless of policy or promises. Double-talking Don taught me that hard lately (see Counter-Currents for a takedown on him this am). I’m down for whatever(non-criminal) acid eats at the present system at this point.

  23. When I started following politics as a Reaganite GenXer from the Randroid wing(nut), politics was about muh Soviets and the nuclear threat. I had my own skin in that game. Fast-forward 30 years and I’m an exile in my own homeland, a dupe who cheered for Ashkenazi blood-feuds while Rome burned, and now wants to burn me. After Orange Judas openly turned his coat this season, there is nothing left in politics for me in the dialectic or exoteric sense. I have no skin in this game.

    I’ll reserve my true feelings for my people and make earnest efforts to help us separate from this mess and build something better for the future. Systemic U.S. politics is now a sport for other races and I’m playing like McEnroe from here on out. Yang-Ganging the GOP and throwing gas on the Dems intersectional dumpster fire will be worth some lulz in my downtime.

    • I am quietly approaching my conservative friends and planting the seed of a plan to relocate and build an actual community. As march has served up more black pills, what originally started as a bit of a lark is getting responses that I was not getting a few months ago. I guess the next step is to suggest a meeting…

      • I’ve been wondering where we relocate. Sun People don’t like snow. Ice People can hack it. The less desirable for them our eventual home, the less pressure vs. our “exodus.”

        But Blacks in particular will not let their gibs-woobie go without major tantrums and tears. Reconquistas would like a few more whacks at the gringo pinata, but aren’t as engaged.

        Not sure how Asians and Jews as the New Elites of NoWhiteMerica will play out. Two groups of highly enthocentric, low-empathy worrier-warriors with a sweettooth for cheating will set a different tone than we pale pathologically-altruistic empaths have, that’s for certain.

      • Put down the bug-out bags and organize for fun and profit. Doom porn is just another way to jerk off.

    • Good post, but how does one ‘play like McEnroe’? Smash your racket and cuss at the ref?

    • Head over to Western Rifle Blog and check out the post on the 1st annual ADOS Conference. No kidding, American Descendants Of Slavery. And it’s sold out…

  24. Yang is also much more acceptable than Gabbard to many on the right, because Yang is also anti-interventionist, but is also significantly to the right of most other Dem candidates on immigration and guns. He’s certainly not a right-winger on any of these issues, but he’s opposed to open borders and the banning of all “assault rifles”, and that puts him on the rightward fringe of the modern Democratic party, and he, alone of all candidates, Democratic or Republican, is willing to discuss the White Death realistically. The UBI is a crock, and it isn’t going to happen anyway, any more than The Wall did, but if we have to have a Democrat as president, we could certainly do worse.

    • With a Democrat House and Senate (which is likely) and a President Yang, there is a meaningful chance at a UBI. I don’t believe it will happen, but there is a realistic chance.

        • That’s not a bad way to push men into the WN camp and fast.

          That said its probably time the White Right accepted that the government is an occupation one and illegitimate and go from there.

          There are no good outcomes in that but so be it.

          The Democratic Elite are scared to death of the Far Left taking over anyway and are highly likely to make everyone get UBI so the remaining Whites don’t desert the party and the Sailer Strategy doesn’t wreck everything

          Lots of White women who vote Democrat have sons, husbands, fathers and will not want their boys getting locked out .

          Also I suspect Yang who knows who you know actually builds society wants to alienate Whites who he seems to like OK. He’d probably make sure everyone is covered

          All that said, a UBI is largely impossible and might well lead to the US losing reserve currency status if s0omehow it did happen

          The hellish irony is that we probably will have to have one as while there are jobs out there, too few of them pay enough for family formation and nearly every nation out there is at or near replacement fertility

          It does no good whatever to create a plethora of jobs at $12 an hour when a house is 250,000 for a starter home.

          There are ways to bring housing prices down but not enough to make junk jobs family friendly.

          And no people do not want children enough to cut everything just to have them. They’ll simply not have kids and Whites of fertile age are at 1.6 already with other groups only a margin higher

          The lower bound seems to be 0.7 right now (Singapore and parts of China) ours being probably a bit higher

          Since we can’t change our economic models, won’t regulate automation and will not be able to do these things except under a directorship probably after a collapse , the only option is to force distribution into the system

          Combining Yang Bucks with National Health Care a COLA and limits on green cards, immigration and prison labor and an end to minimum wage might well do the trick

          We’ll end up with a petro state economy with most workers part timing when they want to buy something and small skilled worker class but such a configuration is kind of stable, sort of

          Its probably better than a collapse or at least the elite think so and the Democrats were not too anti gun and limit immigration they probably could give themselves 40 years of power if they did it

          Roosevelt 2.0 on roids

          They probably aren’t that smart though

      • Word! Time to get off the #MIGA bandwagon.

        “Lowest black and hispanic unemployment! Lowest female unemployment!”

        “Protecc mah Israel, Attacc Syria, but most importantly- F-ck whitey!”

        Pass… he did ‘some’ good things and a lot of nothing. Partly due to the fact that his handlers let him know who the true power behind the throne was. Partly due to Jarvanka, and partly because he is a blowhard narcissist.

        • I think it’s also b/c he is a civic nationalist and therefore actually believes that things can be “fixed.” He doesn’t see what we see; doesn’t want what we want: the destruction of the current setup followed by a new start. Anyway … what he wants is just as impossible as what we want.

          • I think you are correct. Trump still believes things work the way they did in the 60’s. Which in a lot of ways is surprising. But, he’s not the one to overthrow the system. The amazing thing is the Uniparty could have played it calmly, made some minor changes, and gone about their business. Instead they showed their true colors.

        • A 72 year old hotelier, casino maven and entertainer with civic nationalist tendencies is not going to be the guy to fix things. He doesn’t have the temperament much less the power to do it.

          President Trump can buy time which he is doing well enough and make some small changes too some good, some bad

          Mostly he is in it so he can have one last alpha male accomplishment and he hopes leave a nation in which his families type of enterprise can thrive. If the country is looted to the 3rd world , no room for trump steaks , shady real estate schools , mediocre wine or gaudy overpriced hotel rooms for the no longer existing middle class

          Saving the West means removing the bi-coastal elite, globalists. Leftists and FIRE people from political power for good, repatriating some tens of millions of people, regulating economically and socially and closing the border.

          President Trump admirable as he is , is not the man for this job.

          And no I don’t know who is, if one comes about it will probably be a surprise. I’m not going to comment on if this could happen, the US collapses or we just Brazil on into the dumpster of history

          No one knows.

          Now if you want to burn it down, Yang is your guy. His UBI despite what people think can be paid for with money printing and monthly cost of living adjustments but this will wreck society . The sudden flattening of everyone will be amusing as a lot of young people quit college and become stoners or slackers and the rich get poorer and the poor stay flat

          No doubt the cheap labor crowd will go full bore green card too which puts fuel on the fires

          However its politically impossible as well as the US political system can’t even pass a budget

          Ultimately change will probably have to come at gunpoint which is a damned shame if you ask me.

          • One thing you can take Trump at his word on. He is neither a nationalist nor a globalist, just a zionist. And not a very good one at that, either.

          • Inject it right back into the loving hands of our corporate masters; one hand washing the other.

            At least we’d get a piece, too, so I’m awful tempted. I don’t want their nice goodies to disappear, I just want them to stop being repurposed against us.

        • Like AOC, Trump was a good probe of the enemy’s depth. We’re waking up fast, now.

          (Donkey Choppers! I still wanta make her bug eyes swivel like a chameleon)

    • That seems to be the theme of the latest Murdoch Murdoch cartoon, Yellow Dawn ( Also, there is a savage sendup of Reagan and the CivNats.

      • Top kek. I actually don’t like a lot of his stuff but this one is -really- funny even if you aren’t a MM fan. Nice find.

          • I’m an Xer and I love MM.

            Glad they’ve finally stopped using that particular old Hindu symbol on their videos.

        • In my opinion, the MM video, “When My Brothers Finally Wake Up” is so good, I sent it to my friends all over the world and really pushed it on the Anglo Saxon sites. Even the fellows I know in India loved it.

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