Open Air Absurdistan

One of the defining features of this age is that it is hard to keep pace with the absurdity we see promoted by the people who rule over us. The degree of nuttiness is certainly a big part of our growing revulsion, but it is also the speed. In the 1990’s, it was possible for Bill Clinton, the leader of the respectable Left, to dismiss homosexual marriage. Ten years later, no one on the Left dared do that. Ten years ago, men in dresses were freaks to be mocked. Today they are objects of worship by the finest people in the land.

There are a lot of people offering up explanations for why the people in charge have suddenly gone mad. Mass mental illness, caused by a pathogen would not only explain the problem, but make for an interesting movie plot. Perhaps this is just what the end of a historical epoch is like. Having lost a reason to exist, the ruling classes indulge in whatever craziness they can muster. Maybe our rulers are so alien to us that their sense of normal falls well outside what the rest of us consider decent and proper.

Another reason may be that democracy lacks an innate legitimacy and authority, so it relies on openness to sustain itself. The authority of a parent relies on the fact the father is the head of the household. He is in charge because he can impose his will. Democracy lacks this natural ability to impose its will on the public, so it must seek consensus, which requires a public expression of the general will. In order for everyone to go along with whatever has been decided, they need to see that the majority is in favor of it.

This openness can only work if everyone in the society is welcome to participate in the process of deciding things. It’s why all modern experiments with democracy quickly move from a limited franchise to a full franchise. Once the West started experimenting with democracy in the 19th century, the franchise expanded quickly, even though most nations still had some form of monarchy. In modern America we are handing ballots to the mentally ill, prisoners and to foreigners now. The door to the voting booth is wide open.

The thing is, culture and morality, the shared intellectual space of every society, can only exist with clear borders. What defines French culture from German culture is not just physical distance and biology. There is a shared reality of the French that excludes all others. It is the opposite of open. It is closed. The same is true of moral systems. To exist, they must draw lines between what is and what is not acceptable. That which defines a people is the rejection of openness in favor of a closed, exclusive mode of thought.

Saying “this is not who we are” seems to track with not knowing who we are or why we are even a “we” anymore. The reason for that is the great effort to fulfill the needs of democracy has left western countries as deconstructed components of what used to be a rational, bounded society. France is no longer a closed system, but simply a remnant of a society, the pieces of what used to make up France. No one talks about what it means to be French, because everyone can be French. It’s a thing with no form now.

If the theoretical end point of liberal democracy is a world without boundaries, physical or cultural, then it is a world without morality. After all, morality is a world of fences and gates that control human behavior within the closed social system. In order for there to be a moral order, there must be order and that must include boundaries. Once the boundaries lose their purpose, the fences and gates are simply gravestones in a cemetery of a long forgotten people. No one cares if the kids knock over the grave stones.

In fact, in a world without form, the hunt for something to level becomes increasingly urgent as there is less and less to knock over. Once the statues of the great men of the past are removed, their names must be removed. Once the basics of family life have been destroyed through divorce and feminism, the innocence of childhood is attacked via the degeneracy of transgenderism. Those hunting for grave stones to topple become increasing frantic as the supply of objects to desecrate dwindles after every spasm.

Maybe the people in late empire Rome, or just before the French Revolution, thought the world was going crazy too. Perhaps part of the social cycle is a period of frantic lunacy that is really just a form of panic at the prospect of cultural death. There was certainly a lot of weirdness with the Romans toward the end of the Republic. The French aristocracy was painting themselves up like clowns toward the end. Maybe to the normal people in those ages, these things were as revolting as seeing drag queen story time.

On the other hand, what we think of today as liberal democracy is a great novelty with which we have little experience. Full democracy in America has only existed since the middle of the last century. That’s roughly three generations. The same is true of Europe, where it was imposed after the last war. Eastern Europe has little of the degeneracy we see in the West, mostly because they just adopted liberal democracy. We could simply be seeing what John Adams observed. Democracies always murder themselves.

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  1. To me it’s an accelerated attempt by certain powerful elements to suppress the Heritage population. A Liberal candidate for Australia’s upcoming election has been cast out for criticising third-world settlement in her electorate and daring to mention how some Muslim women are treated by their co-religionists. This is the very “conservative” party which wonders why working-class whites aren’t rushing to the polls to vote for them. This woman would win in a landslide and the Prime Minister knows it. Still, she has to go and it is probably too late for her to nominate as an independent. It is no coincidence that none of the major parties, even the fringe weirdoes, are mentioning immigration. It is a massive issue whenever it is brought up but the politicians dismiss it as the ramblings of crazy people. The Liberal party have been told by those who pay their bills not to play that card and instead talk about child-care or Vegemite. It’s embarrassing to watch. I think this will be last of the Australian Kabuki elections, very soon someone will mention that the politicians are wearing no clothes.

  2. Also note that the pace of craziness is accelerating. The Democrat Party is an archetypical example of this. Nancy Pelosi is a true loon, but even she is getting overwhelmed by the craziness to her Left within her own caucus. Had Hillary been elected, it is very likely that we would be in actual hot civil war by now. Trump’s presence (and the overheated economy) is tamping down fervor for revolution, that is only temporary. Eventually, somethings gotta give, and it will likely be sooner rather than later.

    • With respect, it was when Hillary failed to be elected that the crazy train went into high gear. That’s what made all the ladies hysterical

      • They are women, not Ladies. Fabian, I’m not nattering at you personally. You inadvertently made a profound point. Although this is small potatoes, how about we also reclaim our language! Since when did we descend to call raging elephant seals Ladies. Since when did we fall to describe a violent murderer as a Gentleman. Our language is now mirroring the spiral into insanity. Words are used to shapeshift and mesmerize by the Left. No rules stick to the Left.
        Woman is a gender. A Lady is recognized in a glance. “Lady” is a title that defines an Elegant Gracious Loving Woman who uses etiquette and diplomacy in both public and private matters. She is regal. Her Beauty comes from within. How’s that for reclaiming the definition!
        Okay….small potatoes when the fecal matter hits the fan, yet reclaiming our standards is important also. Their attack is death by a thousand cuts.

      • On and on it goes, where it ends nobody knows. I said 20 years ago what this country needs is a good depression to set things right, well it didn’t happen then, and it won’t happen tomorrow or next year, the owners of the cow are still pulling the tit and getting milk, but she’s going dry pretty fast. There’s only so much hay in the barn to keep her going, and when the hay is gone and the neighbors hay is gone, and there’s no hay to steal from anyone, then old bossy will go dry and quit giving milk. But there’s still a lot of hay out there for the owners to steal to feed old bossy….

      • “pantsuit nation”… The orchestrated never-Trump effort is my favorite not talked about political tool. We know that there’s a daily issued script as evidenced by the spontaneous new catch phrases but why hasn’t anyone cracked the network yet?

  3. This quote from your article sums it up and each of the two sentences speaks to both sides of the problem. “Having lost a reason to exist, the ruling classes indulge in whatever craziness they can muster. Maybe our rulers are so alien to us that their sense of normal falls well outside what the rest of us consider decent and proper.”

    To elaborate on the first sentence: I would say that the big transition that has occurred in the last few decades is from the dominant interpretation of progress being the one defined by a sort of scientific humanism to one where it is defined by an egalitarian concept of “social justice”. Scientific and technological progress used to be the main way modern democracies established legitimacy. It’s very hard after all to argue that a society capable of moon missions and Polio cures has no value. Some argue that the technological project is stalled. I think this is true but I would contend that the primary reason for that is that the ruling elite lost interest in it because doing so freed up more resources for them to skim. Space elevators and particle accelerators are fantastically expensive, trannie story time only costs whatever a cheap wig and makeup go for at Walmart. Essentially, the rulers decided that the “vig” on the old sci-fi future was too small. They wanted a bigger cut.

    To elaborate on the second sentence: This is where they made what is going to prove to be their fatal mistake. Generating enthusiasm among the masses for technology that lengthens lives and makes life easier and more interesting was never difficult. Most scientific projects sell themselves or only require a bit of simple exposition to connect them to that network of “good things” that exists in everyone’s brain. By contrast, poz initiatives tend to meet with a mixture of only weak support on the one hand and absolutely furious opposition on the other. Even things like “gay rights” (really compulsory acceptance of homosexuality) took decades to ram down everyone’s throats and are still met with this mixture of indifference and opposition among normal people. The elite doesn’t see this because they’ve always been more likely to believe in utopian ideas of heaven on earth while the common man is more likely to just believe in the old fashioned idea of heaven in heaven. Also, while the common man’s religion is more metaphysical than the elite’s, his daily concerns are much more pragmatic since he is always closer to real hardship than any member of the elite. In practical matters things have been getting worse for him for decades and the elite can only counter with “well at least now you have the right to unlimited buggery, aren’t you grateful?”. The answer is that no, he isn’t, and he’s hopping mad over all the ways his life keeps getting worse. A case in point would be the yellow vest uprising in France or simply the surprising success of the Trump campaign.

  4. “Saying “this is not who we are” seems to track with not knowing who we are or why we are even a “we” anymore.”

    One of those profound things no one stops to consider. Since no one agrees on who “we” are anymore, how can one say something is “not who we are”?

  5. Since the end of the Cold War we have nothing to keep the ruling class “honest” and on their toes. During that time they worried about Ivan rolling through the Fulda Gap and taking Europe.

    When that fear ended, the ruling class was free to do as they please namely kick the lower classes in the teeth, Thatcher in England privatized and gutted their industrial base and permanently wrecked the English working class in the process. She turned productive workers into boozed up proles that did nothing all day. She was a disaster. She also downsized the military to the point Britain could no longer defender her assets. Clinton shifted the Democrats from white working class to minorities and white urbanites, he embraced globalization and gutted our industrial base and started killing off white blue collars and the middle-class. After those two things really went to hell for the lower class whites and the West in general.

    Now days the ruling class is like Tiberias or Commodus they can and do indulge in anything they damn do well please with no consequences. A

    Now they openly state they want whites dead and gone and have declared war on us in terms of destroying our culture, history, values and any who stand in opposition to them and Trump turned out to be one their biggest assets. by pulling a Merkel and inviting in all of South America.

    • You’re right. Trump is a sort of updated version of Thatcher/ Reagan.

      Tough talk and talk talk talk… to act as a pressure relief valve for your supporters…but do little or nothing of consequence to actually accomplish what you’ve promised.

      Then go full tilt in the opposite direction. As long as you occasionally say the right thing or make a symbolic gesture every now and then, your supporters will follow you into the abyss thinking it’s a mountain top.

      Collapse is inevitable. Stop feeding the beast. Protect you and yours.

      • Collapse is inevitable. Stop feeding the beast. Protect you and yours…
        If people truly understood that and wanted to protect them and theirs they would be doing everything in their power to build Communities…I wish more people would wake up to that fact…

  6. Always remember: “There is nothing new under the Sun.” This is no different, and the reasons for the every spiraling descent is as simple as Eve’s disobedience in the Garden–Man (to include women, of course) is a fallen sinner hellbent on listening to his own wants and desires, lusting for power and control. . . all the time disobeying God. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN A FALLEN WORLD. The ONLY permanent cure is the SECOND COMING, of course, and we await that Glory.

  7. Some 2,000 years ago, the Romans could have blamed their insanity on the latent effects of lead poisoning. Today, I suspect fluoride in the drinking water is responsible for much of the insanity in America. Here in Europe, where we don’t fluoridate our drinking water, I’m guessing insanity affects our elitist and ruling class because they have an inherited susceptibility to it.

    • Bad thinking, very un-German of you. If Europeans don’t imbibe fluorides but are still insane, that means the fluorides are probably not the cause.

      (Incidentally, the same goes for people who believe that GMOs are responsible for rising cancer rates and dropping sperm counts: GMOs are verboten in Europe, but the epidemic pattern is the same.)

      • Floss is important to dental health.
        “Toothpaste” is irrelevant, unless you really really like the taste.

  8. I wonder if some people in earlier crumbling empires were as aware of what was going on as we are now? John Glubb and others have clearly laid out the cycles of empire and all the symptoms they suffered towards the end (Defensiveness, Pessimism, Materialism, Frivolity, An influx of foreigners, The Welfare State, A weakening of religion).

    It has happened over and over again and now it’s our turn.

    • If I’m not mistaken I think Monasteries were built by those who saw what was coming and decided to take action to preserve what they valued…They knew the state was failing and evil and wanted to be affected by it the least as possible so their way of life could be preserved…That’s just one example…

  9. “One of the defining features of this age is that it is hard to keep pace with the absurdity we see promoted by the people who rule over us.”

    I think they do it simply to humiliate us, to display their power, to crush all tradition. They want to keep doing it to make us afraid. If they can force you to accept hairy men in sun dresses in the lady’s room, they can do anything they like.

    • Power=Freedom
      They hold the Power so they are Free to do what they want to us…
      Until we get that through our heads we are just spinning our wheels…How many of us would it take in one area working towards the same goal to tip the balance in our favor for that location…In my opinion it would only take about 3% of that locals population…Then we move out from there conquering as we go…Who’s with me😉

      • Those nutjobs are insane enough to use nuclear weapons on their own people.

        • They certainly did the equivalent to the South in 1864-65 and afterwards.

        • Nuclear option is strategic, albeit we are making them smaller and more tactical with our new renewal program. The point is that there is no point in killing a fly with a sledgehammer. Only if the opposition becomes large and centralized would such a weapon prove effective. However, that seems unlikely if we are talking about small percentages of patriots resisting/contesting control in smallish groups. Imagine the UK fighting the IRA back in the 70’s with nukes.

    • “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to. ”

      Theodore Dalrymple

  10. US Democracy is so democratic that the two parties are in tight orbit around a collection of issues which benefit single digit percentages of the population.

    Of course, this will be argued as a feature and not a bug. After all, the elite are made of better stuff (three souls instead of two – just to start) and keep the even keel, etc.

    Worry not Zman, populism has been subverted.

  11. Maybe democracy doesn’t create the problem but is a bellwether telling us that a festering problem has become very serious. Neither France nor Rome were democratic.

    In nature complex systems often break down when they become too complex, or they break off and continue to evolve along different paths. Human organizations are part of nature. At some point we reach a complexity horizon where a naturally evolved system can no longer function. An entity has too many demands made upon it or it has too many masters so it ceases to function properly.

    We have always been a nomadic species, always chasing some frontier. North America probably extended the life span of Europe by having that frontier. In contrast, China which had no frontier into which to expand, went into stasis for 1000 years.

    We always seem to need a frontier and a great dream, even if unattainable, to pursue. The modern West, Bourbon France, the late Roman Empire, Imperial China…They no longer had a frontier within which to pursue a great dream.

    Stasis seems to set the stage for decline.

    • I think we’re all coming to the same conclusion using different paths. They all terminate at the same trailhead. Detached….aloof….degenerate…oligarchy. Something that naturally springs out of every type of society. Something that is part of human nature. To rule and consolidate. And something that’s torn out by the roots when it becomes too old and diseased. They no longer bear fruit. They become a child like Eloi. Effete.

  12. Off topic, but my favorite right-wing blogger from England, Morgoth, dusts off the old Zman line, this will not end well, in an excellent new video:

    (Money quote: “The people with the most power and influence claim to be oppressed by the people they oppress.”)

  13. Well, i for one am at the breaking point. I am starting to not feel good about myself as a man. My motto has been run silent to run deep these past several years. I think its taken its toll on me. Starting to feel like a coward for keeping my mouth shut. We are up against a bunch of fat women after all. I am really really getting pissed with this noxious bullshit.

    • I think you feel better even if you just do internet stuff. I started doing the Twitter meme wars, writing for small d-right outlets, and donating money to our guys. Sure, it’s not super manly, but something is better than nothing.

      But you’re right, that’s part of the outrage: we used to be a people that could win real wars, but now we’re losing to a bunch of fuck-ups and their barely functional third-world mascots.

      Just got to use that for motivation.

    • We are up against a bunch of fat women after all. I am really really getting pissed with this noxious bullshit.
      No we are up against the state and that’s the only ones that matter because without the state they are just dust and ashes blowing in the wind…So until we wrap our heads around what to do with the state we will forever be just running around in circles losing our minds… Because seriously without the threat of law enforcement the trash would of been taken out long ago and the degenerate would all be in the dustbin of history…

      • You summed it up succinctly and eloquently, Lineman.
        Behind that morbidly obese land whale that is teaching our kids and grandkids to embrace and revere all things LGBTQ, behind the illiterate multi-cultis tearing down our statues, behind all the 80 IQ mestizos, squatemaleons, and Muslim invaders demanding our paychecks and our daughters, behind all of these stands the power of the State.

        Despite owning most of the guns, Normals know that if they attempt to take out the trash, they will be imprisoned or killed by minions of the criminal justice system. Witness how the leader of the group that was intercepting groups of invaders inside our Southern border and turning them over to Border Patrol, has been arrested by the FBI and is being held WITHOUT BAIL while the State conjures up bogus charges that will send him away for decades. It is meant to send a strong message to any other Normals who might be getting any ideas, and believe me, ole Norm gets the message loud and clear.

        Things are currently the way they are because .gov and it’s appointed bureaucrats and running dog media WANT it that way. Things will eventually come to a head. But as Claire Wolfe has said, we are in that awkward time when it is too late to change anything but too early to shoot the bastards.

    • A strong man, a wise man awaits the right time. And when it comes, you will know it. Don’t run yourself down. Self-immolation for immediate emotional gratification is not the path for you.

      • A strong man, a wise man awaits the right time…
        I would say he prepares himself for the right time Brother…If we are only waiting we will be rolled up by those who are acting…JMHO…

        • Agreed. But i can also imagine what would happen if 1% of white men did something stupid and counter productive. Blood and shit would be sluiced down the gutters in copious quantities. Counterproductive could quickly morph to very highly effective. Hey has anyone been diagnoses with pancreatic cancer lately? OT… but is it?

    • My office has been targeted for a protest sit-in next week… One hopes they’re only mis-informed rather than un-informed. I am, however, not very optimistic and running low on “give a fuck”.

  14. I’m having trouble figuring out who the “finest people in the land” might be….

  15. When was the last time you saw one of those gay “rainbow” flags defiling the front of a synagogue, the way they routinely defile an Episcopalian church? Or a “refugees welcome” banner on a synagogue? Or a BLM banner, the same way they pollute the facades of Christian churches?

    Cultural corrosion and the nonstop parade of offense and absurdity are straight out of the (((Bolshevik))) Red Terror playbook. It’s a tactic, nothing more. Just keep baffling ’em with bullshit so they can’t see what’s really going on. While the goyim are busy flustering over 10-year-old “transitioning” drag queens dancing in feather boas for gay men, or hand-wringing over “how to fix their broken schools”, which of course are only broken because the Noses flooded them with weaponized feral negroes and immigrants in the first place; the whole time the ship has been sinking from fake holes, the Noses have of course all along been quite busy stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down, and even the things that were. Look over there, goyim! A trans-sexual blue-haired walrus is teaching a walking nipple ring how to put a gold-flaked condom onto a gay banana! (Loots your pension fund while you’re busy gawking.)

    Don’t worry, though, it’s nearly over: almost everything worth stealing has already been grabbed by the Noses. Once the last shekel has been stuffed into the last gunnysack, and they’ve all buggered off to China or Tel Aviv or whatever the next designated gangster hideout is, the goys will wake up with a massive hangover, wondering why they’re all covered in glitter and their former country is now packed to the gills with shit-colored rape-apes. Then they’ll start wondering where they left the blueprints for the cathedral, so they can tear it down and build another holocaust museum in its place.

    Serves you right for letting the basis of your laws be switched from a recognizable constitution to a bad poem stapled to a Fench statue by a rich slave-owning Jew. You want symbolism? Take a selfie with that one.

  16. “In fact, in a world without form, the hunt for something to level becomes increasingly urgent as there is less and less to knock over.“

    Here, Evan Sayet’s thesis applies well. To summarize, our overculture has concluded that because no moral system (no set of rights and wrongs) anywhere has ever succeeded in eliminating all poverty, war and strife, the real problem can only be found in the very attempt to be right and moral. Any inequalities amongst people therefore must be the result of the worst sin ever: discrimination; in other words, someone cheated. They really think equality is the state of human nature, and this being so, the only reason whites created skyscrapers and Africans barely understand the wheel, is whitey rigs the game. Hence the frantic search for ever more marginalized groups to herald as victims worthy of redress and praise.

    Most of this is signaling, because as Charles Murray observed, the inhabitants in the super zip codes rarely practice what they preach. However, they will foist their degenerate leveling on the rest of us.

    • Maybe Mr. Sayet should address his Tribe with his complaints or openly call them out for their outsized responsibility for much of the West’s destruction, if he truly wants to make things better.

  17. One of the best cultural border defenses is having a language of your own. Like with English and Spanish, there are hundreds of millions of non-French, native French-speakers; Portuguese, Dutch and even German have native speakers outside Europe. But if you have the amazing privilege of being born Danish, you have your own, tribal safe space, with a complete set of cultural codes embedded, which are exclusive to your people.

    Barring a few Inuit, Icelanders and Faroese, nobody outside Denmark speaks Danish, so there’s (nobody) looking over your shoulder when and how you debate politics. This makes Danish politics absurdly parochial at times, but I believe it is the main reason Denmark is allowed much more freedom of speech than America: if the globalist discovered how we debate Islam and immigration, they’d nuke us from orbit.

    Or rather, I suspect they know, because there are special people in Denmark too, but because of the language barrier, the cancer is contained to Scandinavia so they don’t care all that much, they can always deal with us once they’ve destroyed America.

    I realise this is not very helpful, but there you have it.

    • “If the globalists discovered how we debate Islam and immigration…”

      See, that is how you know you’ve already lost. What grounds for “debate” are there at all, to begin with? You want to “debate” Islam and immigration? Do you debate cancer? Do you debate a tapeworm?

      1. Islam has no place anywhere in Europe, not ANYWHERE, and no place whatsoever in the Christian West. Muslims have no business in Denmark. None.

      2. Denmark is a tiny place. It is literally “Dane-March”, the land of the Danes. It is all they have. There is no room for any immigration in Denmark, and certainly not for rape-ape immigration. To open the floor to debate is to lose the debate.

      Stop debating.

      • Do you debate cancer?

        Yes, of course. And we debate immigration in much the same vein: how do we put a stop to it?

        Stop debating.

        Great idea! Maybe if we stop talking about it, it will go away by itself. Just like cancer.

        Trump would never stand a chance in a Danish election, because he’s too soft on both immigration and Islam – even Campaign Trail Trump was waaaay softer on immigration than Danish lefties: You want to make illegal immigration illegal? Well, duh!

        And “Dane-march” literally means “borderland of the Danes”, not “land of the Danes” – the border in question being the border to the Carolingian Empire.

        • Just to give you an example of the different level of discourse, in the last election, the four (!) winning parties ran on these slogans:

          – “A Crash Stop for Immigration” (and in Denmark, that means ALL immigration, illegal or otherwise)

          – “Stop Nazi-Islam!” (Granted, they got in hot waters for that one.)

          – “Closed Coffers” (For immigrants. This was from a minuscule party of economic libertarians, and their full slogan was “Open Borders – Closed Coffers”.

          – “You Know Where We Stand” (This was from the Danish People’s Party, the nationalist-populist party who have been fighting to stop third-world immigration for 25 years. )

          The latter got the most votes, which in Continental parliamentary tradition means you get to pick the prime minister. The result amounted roughly to Marine Le Pen winning the presidential election.

          And now we face a new election within three months, and some dude turns up in the deepest Mohammadan ghetto, wraps a Koran in bacon and sets it alight. The POC did their POC thing, and the police had to use tear gas and even hard ammo to protect his free speech.

          His little dog-and-pony show provided the signatures to get on the national ballot in three days! Serious parties struggle for years, without ever getting the required signatures.

          Remember his name: Rasmus Paludan. You’ll be hearing from him soon.

          • This is thrilling news! Many thanks for this informative and encouraging post!

          • I’m afraid it’s the white-pill version. The Danish People’s Party turned out to be managed opposition and the establishment parties were lying, of course. At the moment, there are effectively zero anti-immigration members of the Danish parliament, zero true nationalists. They’re globalists, every single one of them.

            But that’s another story. My point was that this is where the voters are, this is where the Overton Window is.

          • [face palm]


            2015 was one of the most important elections in modern Danish history, as the Danish People’s Party for the first time had the power to deliver on almost three decades worth of promises.

            The fact that they turned globalist when the chips were down, is why Paludan got his signatures. The 2015 general election was as close to a plebiscite on immigration as you can possibly get, the voters delivered a resounding no, and the politicians delivered more of the same. So why should voters take politics seriously, if politics doesn’t take voters seriously?

            Well, this election is going to be about immigration and Islam front, back and centre.

  18. Abstractionism and universalism seem to go hand in hand, and cycle into predominance in the minds of elites at times when societies reach a plateau of development, and the people who get the worst cases of the infection tend to be the kind that go about seeking statues to overturn. It is as if they are born with the idea that if a society is not waxing great that it must be in decline, and there can be no state of stable equilibrium for man in the mass, and it is not worth seeking this.

    Thus we have schools and universities teaching these tenets, and only them, and our diplomats and politicians have spent their entire lives swimming in an ocean the surface they have never dared peek out of.

    A normal world may as well be a foreign planet to them.

    • One definition of joy is taking stock of the wonders of the world around you and enjoying your little place in the midst of it all. If someone can’t do that, then I guess one needs to go slay dragons and burn things down. It’s all up to you.

      • @Dutch
        Can we do both???
        We would just have to be selective on which dragons to slay and burn only the evil ones…

  19. The speed of the craziness that Z talks about is amazing. To me, gay “marriage” is absurd to begin with. But until very recently, it was at least a topic open to debate. A lot of the democrats, including Obama I think, started out with no marriage but civil unions are O.K. Now, nothing less than all-out worship of LGBTetc is tolerated. Questioning gay marriage is unthinkable.

    • Even it the 70’s and 80’s it wasn’t the elites who were keeping the lid on the nuttiness – it was the blue-collar base of the DNC. Gary Studds could win elections on Cape Cod despite his blatant degeneracy. But the party as a whole would at least pretend outrage at that kind of immorality.

      But now that the party has turned on whites and the working-class, they are free to embrace their true immorality.

    • It seems like the Current Year has become the Current Day, where every morning you wake up and something that has been considered wrong for all of history is now a Moral Necessity and you will lose your job and reputation if you don’t pretend that it has always been right.

      I find it interesting that the word “Kafkaesque” has largely dropped out of use just as public life became unbearably Kafkaesque.

      • Yes – and this kind of crap can only happen in a rich empire where people have much to lose if they risk open confrontation. Poor dirt farmers would just get together with pitchforks, torches, and nooses to fix the problem.

        • Bingo! It’s also the sign of a people with too much money, food, and WAY too much time on their hands as a result of the wealth and bounty. These are the “problems” of people who have never had to struggle a day in their miserable lives. And I use the word “miserable” advisedly and deliberately because in the absence of *real* problems and struggles, they manufacture them, for the human organism *requires* adversity and struggle to thrive. Without it, we get an open-air Absurdistan. All this BS about transgenderism–well, the very corruption of the word “gender” itself–and feminism and “rayciss” and all the rest of it are the manufactured problems of people leading aimless, pointless, miserable lives.

          • Yep Agree and if they didn’t have the power of the state behind them then they would just get to be miserable for a short amount of time…👍

  20. Your finest piece. Should be memorized and deployed as counter-argument against the madness.

  21. Thank you, Mr Z. Absurdistan is the finest one word description of the mess we find ourselves in now.

    It’s where we all have to live, whether we want to or not.

  22. “Having lost a reason to exist, the ruling classes indulge in whatever craziness they can muster.”- They didn’t lose it. They never had it.

    The elite of today, political, commercial, etc., are mostly the children of upper to upper middle class suburbs. The whole American mythology of “bootstrapping” closed up by the 80’s. These are the sons and daughters of the 1950’s and 60’s professional class, bar and pool room in the basement, etc.

    They have no reason to exist because they had no life journey to exist. Even though they pitched a tent in Peru in the summer of 1991 in an attempt to go on a life journey. They were handed their status and positions. The dirtiest secret of this country is the explosion of rife classism. It creates a society where a Vanderbilt heir, Anderson Cooper, who looks like he’s constantly battling sepsis from his alternative lifestyle, thinks he knows how society works. We’re run by thousands of Anderson Coopers. In governments, in media, in education, they’re all the same. And they haven’t had an original thought in their lives.

    Compare this to Vladimir Putin. Born to lower class people in St. Petersburg tenement housing, and climbing a hundred levels to the top of the Russian heap. He knows his reason to exist. Leadership can almost be defined by someone’s journey from the periphery to the center, before even assuming power. If someone is born in the center, by nature he doesn’t belong there, and must be booted to the periphery.

    • Tucker Carlson is an heir of the Swanson food corporation. He seems to be firmly in touch with the dirt people. Ideologically, he is directly the opposite of Fagerson Cooper.

    • Hold on there just a minute mister. You’re talking about a “ruling class,” when the problem is “democracy!” Those elites are just insane and anti-white because they are minimally peppered with elected officialdom. Pay no attention to the lion’s share of state employees being civil servants or appointees. Wouldn’t it be great if the Bloombergs became an imperial dynasty? They would surely take good care of you cattle, what since they had a long-term interest in their property.

        • Oligarchy is not democracy. You do not live in a democracy. You can blame democracy for anything you like, but it will always be a misdirection of your angst.

  23. At some point, someone needs to stand over the remaining untoppled gravestones with a gun, and make sure they are left standing. I suppose that’s who “we” are.

    • Sounds good in theory, but in reality it will never happen. The unspoken part of this article is that this urgency and aggression didn’t arise in a vacuum. One thing the shitlib left is, if nothing else, are absolute spineless cowards.

      They are the pack of hyenas and jackals nipping at the heels of a single lion. Once they sense the lion is weak enough to be attacked 10 against 1, they go in for the kill. They learned this behavior I suspect from their minority ‘pets’ who very much operate this way as well. I spent enough time around them in my youth to know the behavior quite well.

      So where I’m going with this is— you can stand over that ‘gravestone’ with a gun. And when the blue haired nose pierced ham beast lesbian arrives to knock it over she won’t be even a little afraid of your pop gun because she will have ten armed police officers behind her ready to crack your skull open so she can desecrate that grave with glee. If you doubt this, I refer you to yesterday’s article about Cville.

      We are in a precarious position because you don’t just fight the mutants and misfits. If that were the case, this would have been over decades ago because 10 lions can trounce an entire herd of wild hyenas. No you fight the full power and force of the State. This means lawfare, media bias, academia, and most critically to your scenario, the militarized police who like Z said yesterday will gun you down w/o a moment’s hesitation if told to do so. They may even agree with your cause, but they sure as f-ck are not going to risk a pension or their reputation to speak up. Trained dogs are just that. Trained. Dogs.

      • I think you are taking my figurative description way too literally. I don’t disagree with your conclusions, but I see my first comment as more of a “where we fit in the situation” rather than a thing to be done. The graveyard is imaginary, the gravestones don’t exist, and our standing over them with guns is as abstract a notion as the old “Uncle Sam wants you” posters. Z creates a vivid imaginary scenario, and I am simply trying to imagine our role in the picture.

        • No I read you loud & clear, but my point is that in any way you try to defend that which is targeted for destruction you will be hit by the force of the State not just the force of the freak, so be willing to accept this mantle. It is a heavy burden few are willing to bear, and rightly so. My ending point was simply that if it comes down to a meat space confrontation you will, in fact, be facing armed thugs with badges protecting Globohomo and their agenda.

          • Agreed. Venezuela is instructive. People interviewing the “man in the street” find that few of them have much of a opinion on things, at least an opinion that they are willing to share. They are hunkered down, enduring the situation as best they can. There are a few people on the “coup” side, and the force of Maduro’s authority on the other, and everyone else is simply trying to stay out of the way. Most people feel no agency to affect things, or are at least they are not willing to exercise whatever agency they might have. Given that, my bet is on Maduro, and a Cuban future for Venezuela. Here would probably not go down much differently. Part of the globohomo onslaught is to comprehensively remove people’s perception that they have any say in the matter.

          • Apex, be more encouraged you’re bringing down morale. There’s 50 million guns floating around out here they’re scared shit-less:)

          • @SidVic- Not trying to be Debbie Downer or Blackpill Bill, my intention is not to demoralize, it is to educate so people fight ‘smarter not harder’. Direct confrontation is a recipe for disaster. I say this again, from traumatic personal experience.

            This is a 4G Warfare scenario. You are the guerilla facing incredibly asymmetric force which will be applied in all arenas against you not just meat space physical violence.

            I could write a ‘how to’ manual on 4G warfare and ways to disrupt this but this is not the forum and I am -definitely- not the guy given my history and the radars I exist on already. I’m certain creative people can think of all manner of ways to disrupt and discredit w/o my implicit instructions.

            As for the weapons floating around out there, you are way low. It is 300 million but here is the rub. They don’t fire themselves contrary to what gun grabbing libs think. The force of will to use it is the key and unless you do it as a mass movement you will be made an example of, so don’t fixate on weapons that are not useful right now. “Too late to start voting to early to start sh00ting.” That is where we live right now for better or worse.

          • This is a point that I have made elsewhere to some American friends who believe their AR15s will somehow keep the blue-haired beasts from their doors. And what, pray tell, are you going to do with your AR15s when they show up? Open fire? You’ll die in a hail of return fire or spend the rest of your life in prison.

            I support my American comrades in their fight for their 2A rights but I do wonder sometimes if the guns in your closets have provided you all with a false sense of security. Yes, you’ve still got your guns but you’ve lost just about everything else.

          • The Booby agrees with Apex regarding your odds in a fight with the establishment..

            You can’t fight the police and the military, but you can weaken the state. Stop feeding the parasites.

            Reduce economic activity as much as possible. Shop outside the official economy where sales taxes and payroll taxes are collected. Do as little work as possible. When situations will allow it, do as shitty a job as possible. If you work for the gov’t suck the system dry and do as poor a job as you can get away with.

            Buy land, gold, and hard assets instead of putting money in banks.

            It’s not as crazy as it sounds. One bad recession may be all it takes to bankrupt the pension plans of all those police officers, the trained dogs as someone called them, and the rest of the gov’t workers.

          • Ten-plus years of zero interest rates have already assured the failure of those pension funds that have not already failed. The process is already underway. It can not be stopped.

          • Booby, since Z-man is not inclined to writing such a dissident right’s “how to manual”, I nominate you. That’s precisely what I was talking about when mentioning Abbie Hoffman’s “Steal this Book”

          • Thanks, Compsci.

            The Booby just might take you up on that. His current site is about helping men, young and old, deal with a world of full of nazi feminists, gov’t parasites, corporate stupidity, and social justice assholes… but he’s starting to think he needs to offer fellas some advice of the more subversive nature.

            Stay tuned….

      • Exactly right Brother so we would be fighting our own kind first in the form of law enforcement and then when we are weakened the hyenas will come in and finish us off…That’s why I advocate so much for Community so that the law enforcement is us and we can focus our whole force on the hyenas…Also don’t just stop at Community you keep building on that and pushing into surrounding areas taking county after county until you have the state then it’s on to other states…

        • MRV, I doubt it. You make the same mistake as folk often do wrt to SSI, i.e., that the plans pay one month, then stop paying the next as the last dollar is withdrawn. WRT SSI, the situation—by statute—is that the payment amount is reduced—across the board—until there is enough monthly income to pay out a portion of a recipient’s former monthly retirement check. A haircut, not a cessation, currently estimated at a 25% reduction.

          Likewise, State plans have income from younger employee’s and investments. Some States have horrible liabilities and are basically insolvent—unless their promised payouts are drastically reduced—or State taxes drastically raised. That mixture will be the case, as it must be the case, either through emergency legislation or court decree. There is precedent for this as well.

          Do/will folk like getting perhaps only 50% of what they are “entitled”, hell no. But that is the result of a bad investment decision on your part when you undertook to work for a public institution run by pol’s. But whatever it is, it is not a cessation—which is what I assume you mean when saying “those plans will be gone in 10 years.”

      • Yes. There seems to be two sides of the of the normies: wards or agents of the State and wards or agents of usury.

        A cop will kick my door in long before some antifag grows the balls.

        Ive got some good toys and some training but all that evaporates when the tank pulls up and six or eight pensions and medical bennies are on the line.

        The rest of the males on the street won’t risk an ill timed frown, no matter how clownish the circumstance, for fear that the purple haired HR lady or neighborhood diversity sergeant pulls their number.

        In which case the private school tuition, status mcmansion mortgage and three car payments bury him.

        He can liquidate his 401k for some float but his old lady prolly wont stick around for that so he can talk to the Judge about potential income formulas in child support.

        The economic precariousness of the comfortable modern life is a big part of State control. Status quo is addictive.

  24. Another example of Ruling Class insanity:

    Dianne Feinstein, at the AG Barr inquisition, flanked by a coven of butt-ugly Dykes as she spews her bullshit.

    We are so f’ked.

  25. Obama’s repeatedly saying “this is not who we are” was the great wake-up call for me. It revealed the totalitarianism of the proposition nation. In a country defined by blood and traditional culture, a myriad of ideas can exist because what defines “who we are” – the ethnic nation – is not being attacked by those ideas.

    In a proposition nation, especially one that is a full democracy, opposing ideas cannot be tolerated because they challenge the definition, the soul, of the country. “Who we are” is defined by the proposition, so it can’t be challenged. If democracies always murder themselves, proposition nations always become totalitarian.

      • Yep. A proposition nation is both absurd and horrifying. It can’t die soon enough.

        • I agree. A proposition nation needs to get rid of people who don’t follow the proposition. It needs a state backed church and an inquisition to maintain itself.

          • That’s another thing. Proposition nations and democracies – and especially democratic proposition nations – hate religions, or should I say, competing religions. There can be no other God.

            Can’t have priests or pastors telling people that there may be another way to live. Best to get people out of the church or force church leaders to accept the proposition, which is what we see in the United States. Churches can’t shut up about inclusion and immigration, and tolerance for behavior that is explicitly banned by the bible.

          • Yes, unfortunately, many do. But there are as many, if not more, churches that do not accept that the government acts as though it has power to do this, as I hear from church-going acquaintances.

            And beyond that, millions of believers who are not joiners don’t go to a church at all and decide based upon what evidence they can gather, what is “the way to live.”….which is what the “That’s not who we are” types want to stomp out of them, as the inner-directed are the most dangerous of all.

  26. Virtually everyone I come in contact with loathes Absurdistan’s carnage. And I’m not simply rubbing elbows with right wing boomers either. I still think this cultural stink bomb is happening far too quickly and that there is not a small possibility of a spectacular pushback by the normals like me, who are still the vast majority report. It’s largely a very sizable silent majority deciding to avoid candor in the public square, which skews perception of what the actual spirit of the age consists of. But who wants to stick their neck out in the public square and tell you what they really think in this insane atmosphere?

    • The surprisingly positive reaction of shitlib parents to 2010’s “Waiting for Superman” showed that, at least on the parent-child level, even the Woke still have some grounding with reality. 2020 will be a good litmus test for how far they’ve gone downhill since then.

    • Yeah, it’s like an angry but cowed peasantry that knows it’s being oppressed, but hesitates to do anything about it, because it knows that the Thought Police (Media, ADL, etc.) and Woke Capital–i.e., the people who really control this country–will come down on them like a ton of bricks if they speak out against their Forced Enrichment.

      I am willing to accept any level of spectacularity in the Spectacular Pushback.

    • Per the Chateau: ” and suddenly, out of no where, [Pinochet] was elected to power for no discernable reason”

  27. Those in the vanguard of moral madness today are predominantly scions of broken families. WEIRD family structues have degenerated from extended families to nuclear to atomized individuals “hooking up.” This has broken the normal transmission of parenting skills from parents to children and set up a huge negative feedback loop at the core of our society.

    The craziest SJW’s I’ve known seem driven by adolescent angst and revenge against their own upbringing. Like locusts rubbing wings, these malcontents radicalize each other and draw those less damaged into their madness by social pressure. Crazy people who can LARP as functional tend to socially signal like “strong horse” leaders. The castrating bitch SJW who was triggered by her mom’s serial boyfriends creeping on her draws in the quiet, nerdy girl who just doesn’t fit in, and pretty soon the feedback loop produces an army of variously damaged misfits welded together by the desire to Burn It All Down.

    The public school system makes us warehouse our children with these nihilists. I recommend John Taylor Gatto’s “Weapons of Mass Instruction” for some insights into how the schools act as “hot zones” for psychological contagion. He praises the Amish for resisting compulsory schooling not so much for religious reasons but rather for removing children from their homes and families and subjecting them to indoctrination among strangers bad & mad.

    • Modern life makes most families into “broken” families by historical standards. That’s part of the problem.

    • Well said. The Babe too.

      However its not easy to control hypergamy in a wealthy urban society with a lot of boots on necks and that may not even work. Iran is a literal theocracy and it has a 1.5 TFR and rampant decay and Saudi Arabia where women have mostly zip rights and custom to enforce it is just a bit above replacement, maybe.

      A society (US White here) with a total fertility rate of 1.6-1.8 and like half of them, illegitimate or divorce victims can’t be healthy . This is a real healthy TFR of like 1.0 and that’s being generous

      Fixing it would require a dictatorial effort to do , essentially reforming everything around intact family formation and job stability. It could be done but Americans are highly individualistic and there are a lot on the so called Right who would gladly turn into terrorists over Federal marriage reform

      And yes it does have to be Federal . Since the custom was broken by easy divorce and gay marriage there has to be one new custom enforced from above xxtap

      • Most people think religion exists to provide a common morality but they’re wrong. Humans and animals have a morality independent of religion which can be seen in studies of babies and altruistic behavior in wild animals (to other species even).

        Religion is social technology. It exists simply because those who are religious out-reproduce those who are not over time. If you remove the parts of it that promote fertility it’s no longer a religion, just an ideology that has to recruit new members at or above replacement levels or die out.

        Most of the world thought Christianity was a dead religion around WW2. New “religions” were introduced like Humanitarianism, Environmentalism, and Martin Luther Kingism yet they all lack the aspect that encourages fertility.

        Martin Luther King was the big tell. A black African named after a white protestant with the addition of the title of King. He was obviously an artificial prophet for a new religion. They even sacrificed him publicly for emphasis. Federal and state workers get the same amount of time off work for him as Jesus Christ gets for Christmas.

        If we want to fix Western Civilization’s problems we have to start with an in-group fertility ritual and go from there. Even if we cannot remove all the degenerate ideologies, we can force them to pander to our morality for recruits.

        Interestingly, this is exactly why cults are vilified. They’re doing something hyper-competitive and a threat to the establishment. It’s why Mormons are evil with polygamy but honky dory without it.

        • The LDS are quite fertile with Utah being one of the few states with above replacement fertility unless its finally declined . No one minds if they want to LARP like its 1980

          Singapore literally did what you suggested and tried to make its National Night (its biggest holiday) into a fertility celebration with ads, sponsors (Mentos of all things) and more including government support from its Social Development Unit

          Its was a complete and utter failure as such rituals have to be organic and believed in by the ruling class

          Since this is a high information, high tech urban society you don’t get to cheat on fertility anymore . No free social capital from rituals since such traditions are much more applicable to rural living anyway

          To make it work you have to have a highly natal ruling and upper class which we don’t and pay good enough wages over long term so that the 18 year investment (at minimum) that parents have to make to have children can work, which we can’t

          Worse automation and computers means we don’t have enough jobs or job varieties that pay well and it means that other than the very religious, fertility will remain low

          Its 2.0 among Hispanics BTW which means they are in slow decline too

          No money, no babies

          Now in the very longest time frame, its self correcting. You get a smaller far more religious population with much higher fertility . However this time frame will be at the end of modernity

          Baring some medical breakthroughs we won’t be around for this but give its a couple of centuries and it wlll be a very religious agrarian society much like it was when we founded it . Probably have a similar tech base too.

      • Homeschooling was the norm in the US along with very small schools. In areas where education was valued , this produced a remarkably well educated population all things considered.

        Teaching at home is easier than it used to be but I’d suggest that homeschooling families ought to get to know other homeschooling families . Knowing someone who has skill or knowledge in subject matter that you don’t have is invaluable.

        I don’t have kids but if I did, my math skills beyond maybe basic algebra are weak and my science could use a upgrade

        I can learn these things but its also good to have someone around who knows the stuff inside and out.

        If said families are local enough to you, knowing people with common interests is a great way to network for mutual support

        Americans need to learn to make more friends

  28. Whether it’s from too much democracy, the end of a cycle, or CultMarx, unfortunately the rot has distilled into a very simple emotional heuristic that many normies and NPC’s have internalized: instinctive perversity.

    I think most people have an intuitive sense of right and wrong: it’s wrong to hurt people and steal, it’s wrong to have sex with children, it’s wrong for men to mince around like women.

    Leftism/degeneracy/decadence trains people to take anything that people instinctively know to be wrong, and celebrate it. I reckon that it started with elites who wanted to set themselves apart normal people, who had naturally healthy moral instincts.

    The worst part is that this status signalling has trickled down from shitlib elites to normies who virtue signal against other “close-minded” normies: some fat middle-American housewife proudly “transitioning” her son, oozing superiority over … some other fat housewife?

    Pretty soon, there won’t even be any moral holdouts among the normies, and it will only be (a) imagined badwhite normies, or (b) us, the explicitly philosophical right, that they can signal against. We already saw a taste of the latter in the people who wanted a pozzed new Notre Dame to “own the alt-right.”

  29. I was thinking about the late Roman Empire period all through the article too. People who get their history from Monty Python or SNL may think that the Romans always practiced decadent feasts with vomit rooms and orgies. But the reality is that kind of rot only set in as the collapse was imminent

    Does the moral rot cause the collapse or the impending collapse drive the rot? Either way, they seem tightly linked.

    • Vomitoriums were not for binging and purging , that’s a myth. It ,means roughly “theater exit”

      There certainly was decadence at the time but that was not a thing,

      What killed The Western Roman Empire was what is killing us, urbanization and immigration. All the wealth wealth went to the cities and too many people stopped having families.

      If it gets too hard to make a living and pay the bills in an urban society and welfare won’t cut it than that society dies.

      Our society richly deserves what its going to get .A well armed populace so cucked by individualism they have no sense of national or group identity doesn’t deserve a country

      They can’t even organize well enough to vote solutions much less shoot their way out

      Sow, Reap

      • They can’t even organize well enough to vote solutions much less shoot their way out…
        I concur on that… People are still too comfortable to do anything proactive…Sad That…

      • Political craziness sure helped kill the Republic and then the Empire. In 408 Stilicho, the greatest living Roman General, lost a political battle and was executed. Two years later, Alaric (pictured at the top of this page) and his Visigoth army were sacking Rome.

    • Samuel Dill’s “Roman Society in the Last Century of the Western Empire” should be required reading for those who comment on the ‘decline of Rome’.

      Rome “declined” longer than the USA has existed or likely will exist. If only we could look forward to a “decline” like Rome’s, I’d be voting for Caracalla in 2020.

    • AB Prosper is speaking my mind on a bunch of these, but I’ll add this re Drake: careful what you believe about myths of the foundation and traditions of western Civilization told by *ahem* those who oppose the West. Catherine the Great objectively did not have a special bed made for her to have sex with horses, but a certain group she banished back to the Pale of Settlement and expropriated now teach us our history, so now people think she fornicated with beasts. Now, who was it that the Romans defeated, enslaved, and expelled from the middle East?
      Every. Single. Time.

  30. There’s no “who we are” any more. All the different groups now hate each other. The Left, the Right, Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans, SJWs, MAGA folks, the Weird, the Normal…it’s all about conflict now and into the future….Welcome to the era of Racial Politics.

  31. “We could simply be seeing what John Adams observed. Democracies always murder themselves.”

    The latest example:

    #1: GOPe cucks calling for US military intervention in Venezuela while the Pentagon sends cooks and lawyers to our Southern border.

    #2: Trump joining with the ‘Rats to spend 2 TRILLION $ on “infrastructure.” Mao and Stalin used to call these efforts “Five Year Plans.”

    This government – this country – is dead. Like a Brontosaurus with its head bitten off by T Rex, the country is as dead as a hammer. But the “tail,” i.e. the Masses, don’t know it yet.

    • I’m actually all for spending on infrastructure. That’s what healthy societies do. The roads where I live are cratered obstacle courses. The water system is near collapse. But, Congress will never pass that bill, as the GOP’s owners will never allow it. They wants to suck every last dime out for the usual suspects. Even if it did pass, the money would be stolen by those same usual suspects.

      • How does a country with trillions in debt pay for it? Other than printing more money and eventually making paupers of all of us, I don’t see how.

        • Debt is relative. How much is the country worth? Not for nothin’, but the debt-mongers have been predicting doom for as long as I have been alive. Yet, here we are.

          • Betting against Japanese bonds in anticipation of rising rates due to the country’s massive debt to GDP has destroyed so many careers that it has its own name: the Widow-Maker.

            Japan’s debt to GDP is ~250%. U.S. debt to GDP is ~100%.

          • “the debt mongers have been predicting doom for as long as I’ve been alive”.

            Yeah …. so?

            I’ve been getting told my entire life ” you know if you keep waking up every day and eating like that – one day you’re going to die”.

            And the people telling me that will correct one day – won’t they?

            Debt is only “relative” – if you want to pick the country to the bones to pay it back.

            If you’re not – then it’s the same as that democracy thing you properly stuck a shiv into, namely a history-proven bad decision.


            ” This is the Sovereign Debt Crisis. This is how ALL empires, nations, and city states have died – always by their own hand. Unfortunately, this is our fate. It is what the NY bankers do their best to try to prevent people from reading what I write because they live in fear of the truth that what will happen once capital wakes up and sells bonds? The bankers will run to government with their hand out again threatening the collapse of government unless they are bailed out one more time for who would sell their bonds? It is the bankers who are paying people to espouse the gold standard without debt reform so they can cash in their debt and walk away. It is not the issue of what is money – it’s the debt and the bankers argue for higher taxes to keep their interest income flowing until they can redeem the bonds and walk away with gold. ”

            When I see people making excuses for out of control national debt – it’s a big indicator that the person who’s saying is living with at least one foot in globohomo fantasy land.

            The debt is being used to fund all the things you claim to be against. For that reason alone – you should stop making excuses for it.

          • The majority of tax revenue in the US including most of what is spent on the military goes directly into peoples pockets or for health care.

            The bad stuff gets borrowed.

            Note too that public social programs are much cheaper to run than private ones. Government charity is 80-90% aid sometimes more, Private Charity is often the opposite
            with 2/3 more more going to adds and bloated salaries

            You want to make sure people have food, health care and such , have the State do it, its much cheaper per dollar given and can scale to any problem

            The long and short is modernity, good and ill is expensive as hell to run , costing more in State spending , wages (the 80% city dwellers will not have kids unless wages meet a comfortable cost of living) and all around general costs for everything

            Modernity almost mandates national healthcare as well since the economic costs of people working with say influenza and infecting others are very high.

            Trying to cut our way to prosperity will fail

            Also you really can’t do the whole “low wages uber alles” thing if you want anyone but Amish farmers to have kids. The US total fertility rate has been below replacement for near 50 years, more if you count the depression and its mostly economic.

            You can’t church your way out. You need to pay money and lots of it, after you fix divorce

            The way you cut costs is to repatriate roughly 30-50 million people and than tightly control imports and banking This pushes wages up and since the money is contained domestically and used for productive enterprise its recaptured thus lowering the burden.

            There is a huge caveat to this though, technology and preference means that there are large categories of stuff that there is may be less spending on

            Media is a big example and I suspect demand for automobiles may well decline if self driving cars make it into production. There is no reason for an infrastructure for media, no CD stores if everyone is downloading or using Spotify

            Less need for DVD’s with Netflix and so on

            Uber isn’t solvent but if automated cabs become a thing, you’ll see lot less car buying. Why not rent when you need it.

            This means more and more of your paycheck and taxes will go to buffering the effects of the now smaller economy.

            There is no way around this either. Either you get a lot of State jobs as a buffer into the middle class and family formation or a sclerotic mixed economy with a low work week, everyone getting some welfare and a lot of part time work oh and no kids

            The only way this can be made tolerable is a very homogeneous society so that the various tribes and races won’t be at war

            The US does not want to be Scandinavia or Europe but it may be the only way we can keep it together in a world with the Internet and automation

            If we dodge this , we won’t have such a horrible cram down of a welfare state but its hard to predict that far

          • Wait, did A.B Prosper just say that if the government ran food production it would be cheaper?

          • No. Some natural monopolies like roads, charity , defense , police and some utilities are best handled by the State

            beyond safety and clean up regulation government should not be involved in any areas where competition and the market is the best for it

          • AB Prosper aka Alinsky tells us government is wonderful and efficient. Really explain Venezuela, Soviet Union, China, Iraq, Iran, Congo, Yemen to us. Or why everyone loves Detroit, Newark, St Louis, NYC, Chicago, and Gary.

            The government, the only entity that could spend 20 billion dollars to build a five mile road in Boston.

          • Detroit was a product of a black mayoralty and lack of trade control , Japanese car imports killed it, Newark, Black again, St. Louis , same Chicago isn’t a White city , Gary again a product of Blacks and free trade its 80% Black

            NYC also run alright under a White focused government but with a more Black centric one (the White mayor to married to a Black woman) its degraded

            Mostly African American and Multicultural Political systems along with free trade the problem not government

            Oh and guess what, if you weren’t allowed to buy so many imports and had to buy domestic , you might produce enough good quality jobs that you wouldn’t have to have as much government encroach

            You can get the government off your back, its not hard,

            #1 repatriate a lot of people

            #2 stop buying imports

            #3 hire American workers at good wages and benefits relative to the size of the GDP

            and #4 clean up your mess

            Given nearly every business will cheap out and cheat and any or all of these to save a few pennies and be more competitive , the State will step in.

            You earned big government with every piece of automation, every industrial spill you didn’t clean up, every shoddy product you didn’t deal with every low wage job where decently skilled adults need benefits to get by and with every non luxury good you import.

            You don’t like it? Tough, Your inability to get people to to control their business conduct gave you 40% of the GDP as state . Baring a civil war, its only going to grow and grow and soon enough most of the GDP will be government with the private sector leaching off it

          • Amen, Calsdad! Testify, brothuh! You’ve hit the nail on the head. These people saying “They’ve been saying that for [fill in the blank]” — Does that mean that it is not going to happen? Fools. It is [finally] underway now and cannot be stopped.

          • Is the debt too high? Yes.

            Is the money being used for mostly awful things? Yes.

            Is the debt going to sink us within the next couple of years? No.

            An adult country would have minimal debt and only run it up during wartime and maybe massive recessions/depressions – though even that is debatable. But we don’t live in an adult country. However, there’s a lot of rot to run through before we hit a debt crisis.

          • The US is certainly not run by adults but historically has basically never been able to get by without borrowing no matter how tiny the State.

            The 19th century and the 20th century was debt city and in the last 50 years we had maybe 10% of the time a balanced budget.

            A consistent balanced budget cant be done and you can’t cut you way to prosperity when 40% of the GDP is government spending

            The old guard of the Republicans and Libertarians assume that this spending is a drag on the economy and that a massive cut in spending would set the economy free

            The exact opposite is true, only state spending is keeping the US from utter economic ruin

            We are in a hellish efficiency trap with too low a demand for labor and a lot of reasons, good and ill, wages can never go up. Outside of government, wages are spending and are the economy since they are demand.

            And to skeptics if you decided to say phase out social security and medicare, savings would go through the roof. Assuming the taxes collected was given to the employee and not to the bigwigs which is honestly risible, the required savings so people can stop working at say 68 would cripple the economy

            You cannot have an economy with 30% savings since there is no one out there to buy goods and you’ll be lucky if anyone has children c.f Japan

            As it is the natural deflation in the economy will ensure that the US can keep borrowing and minting for far longer than you might think

            There is no easy “it all falls apart” out. Its going to dragon on for a very long time and baring some touchstone event, door to door gun confiscation maybe , nothing will happen.

            Things will get worse and worse and maybe the States and localities will just stop following orders and go federalist with the possibility that sometime in the next 50 years the US will just kind of all apart

          • Sr Prosper command of history and economics matches his mastery of the English language. Did you learn it by mail or did you graduate from Harvard Law?

            Before I could hope to understand your economic rants one would have to penetrate the laughingly sophomoric English or is it Ebonics?

            I’d suggest you seek a position as investment adviser to Bernie Sanders. He deserves you.

          • I’m sorry your reading comprehension is so poor Fergus

            Take a refresher course at Khan Academy if you’d like to get better.

            Being in a magnanimous mood , I’ll give you a pro tip. The Dissident Right is not for Economic Liberals but for Economic Conservatives.

            Go back among your own kind on the country clubbers and the cucks where you belong.

            You will have regulation , either from the Left or the Populists Right . No one will allow you to cheat, pollute , chisel , arbitrage wages down, flood the US with job killing imports or avoid taxes

            You don’t like that? Move to some Libertarian nation. I hear Somalia is nice this time of year .

          • Funny that’s what every graduating snowflake says before he declares bankruptcy. Say Citizen can I offer you a credit card with a measly 21% rate of interest, you know you can afford it because “there’s a lot of rot to run through before you hit a serious crisis.”

          • The devilish beauty of “democratically-elected” government is that when reckoning day is reached, “our rulers” can point to the people and say (quite correctly, in a technical sense), “They the People voted for all this; they have to cough up the jack. We’re just public servants.”

          • Ok, Carlsdad. Shit or get off the pot: remortgage your house, sell your Harley, and empty your 401(k) to bet against US sovereign debt solvency. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

            You have to realize it’s a con game, the Fed lends money to the Treasury to lend money to the Fed to lend to the… etc. It’s a 2 party game of musical chairs and there’s two chairs. The ball only drops if THEY intentionally drop it, and why the hell would they do that? They like their heads attached to their necks.

          • People have been predicting economic collapse for at least twenty years, the numbers seem to support it. Yet nothing happens other than more inflation.

          • The first I read as a young man was the Great Depression of 1990, published in 1985

          • No one knows how long mass trust (in the IOU ocean) will last. The dynamics of markets for intangible goods (like bonds) are not understood. It’s all nothing but mass psychology, AKA fashion. Eventually it will end. When it does, the cupboard will be suddenly revealed to be bare. All the promises to pay (from pensions and “entitlements” to bank accounts and debt maturity) will evaporate. It could have happened 20 years ago. It might not happen for 10 more. Or it could happen next year. Anyone who says they know is lying.

          • James must be about 25 or else he’d understand that the $1 candy bar he pays for was 5 cents in 1968. I suggest youi read what the Weimar Republic did to its currency and why Hitler came to power. After all its only inflation-ah to be in Venezuela where inflation has exceeded 2 million per cent a year!

            James tell us the truth, you are an Amherst grad aren’t you. And I bet you teach sociology at Sara Lawrence.

          • Given the increase in the GDP , that candy bar now costs less in adjusted dollars what it did in 1968 .

            It was 5 cents an ounce in 1968 with a just under a 1 trillion GDP

            The current cost is 50 cents an ounce with just under a 20 trillion GDP

            It costs half as much in adjusted dollars

            If you factor in wage arbitrage though wages as percentage GDP are half what they were in 1968, well the candy bar costs exactly the same amount of time and money.

            What’s expensive is housing in areas where there is work. It hasn’t remotely kept pace with the GDP increase

            More importantly lack of regulation of foreigners and big investors along with some growth regulations ha made housing unaffordable for many

            This along with student debt has hurt family formation dramatically

          • Debt is relative is what the dead beat always says before he packs up in the night and leaves the land lord wondering how to collect the last 8 months rent. Doom mongering is what I saw in Venezuela and the Lefties told us paradise had been achieved and it took a decade for the wealthiest nation in Latin America to start eating zoo animals and its pets. But hey, the Leftists achieved equality for the vast majority of people. Now they have no food, water, nor electricity nor toilet paper. That’s what the Left always provides because money grows on trees.

            And as Leftists always say, you can live in your parent’s basement.

        • I worried about the national debt for 30+ years and disdained “identity politics.” Now I’m an exile in my own country but the economy roars on. I’m open for a Keynesian course-correction at this point so long as my people get some of the pie.

        • It’s all relative. U.S. debt to GDP is ~100%. That’s pretty middle of the pack. Also, with interest rates are all time lows, so the cost of that debt is negligible.

          Of course, that could all change in a couple of years. Presumably, we’ll have another recession in the next two or three years, pushing up that figure. Then you have the boomers’ medicare and SS costs, which will also push up that number. So let’s say that number goes up to 130% or so in five years. Even that’s not too bad. Heck, Japan is 250% – though their debt is own almost entirely by Japanese.

          The real question at that point is interest rates. If they go from 0.5% real to 2% real, well, that’s going to take a major chunk of the budget. Of course, Pres. Harris could always just raise taxes on those evil whites.

          • The dollar has value as long as the holders of them believe it does. In that sense, the rest of us are in alignment with the powers that be. They hold dollars too, and have a vested interest in maintaining their worth. Not to say the wheels won’t come off, but the dollar is a unique combination of a shorthand store of value, and an easily negotiable instrument of payment for purchase. Most tools of trade are one or the other, and not as efficient and frictionless at either task. We have time on this, until we don’t. Debasement still marches on, and every paper currency eventually goes to zero.

          • FDR proved that Gold is only currency because its permitted to be used as such.

            In a global connected world there is nowhere anyone can run to and hiding without a states aid is hard

          • GDP is a lie.
            The moment debt stops growing, its artificial support to “GDP” will evaporate and GDP will evaporate faster than water in Death Valley summer. No one knows when this will happen. But it will happen.

          • What a magic ball you have! No evidence, no support, just bold assertion. That’s my kind of snake oil.

          • Take a look at Venezuela’s numbers in 2014; odd how they compare with the US today. And of course we all know there is nothing to fear. Venezuela is in such fine condition, nothing to see here, move along, all is well, spend, spend, spend.

            So people like me can buy it all up at 5 cents on the dollar when the collapse comes. But as Silly Citizen tells us, all is well, spend, spend, spend.

        • Debt at the federal level is a fiction l. We’ve been on a full fiat currency for city years at this point. BTW. It hasn’t led to the apocalypse either.

          • I guess this means any debt to the Federal Government is also a fiction.

            BTW – at what level does debt become non-fictional?

            And if 2 billion or trillion for “infrastructure” is good (sorry, I forgot which number I heard on the news today), then 20 billion or trillion for said infrastructure is AWESOME. It’s all fictional so let’s do this.

          • Pimkins nephew: that’s what stupid counterfeiters do, and get caught. Smart counterfeiters use an IV drip approach, like NoKo, Mexican cartels, or the Fed, and do it for decades or centuries or millennia. As I said above, this game breaks down only when they want it to: it’s one guy playing chess against himself. You only stop the game if he wants to.

          • At what point does the debt become non fictional?

            When the dollar ceases being the worlds reserve currency. Which will happen at some point. But is probably centuries away.

          • Great post, nice to see some cold hard thinking. If debt is a fiction why do we need taxes, just borrow it all. The snowflakes who keep telling us that debt is great can invest in it.

            By the way I collect currency. I have hundred billion notes from weimar Germany, Hungary, Zimbabwe, Poland, and other states that believed debt was a fiction.

            I am a trillionaire based on these currencies holding..

        • They don’t.

          They collapse once the debt starts being called in.

          And the debt gets called in when the people holding it come to realize that it’s not going to be paid.

          That realization that it’s not going to be paid – comes when you look at who is holding the debt – and realize that they’ve gone mad and have therefore lost their capability to generate income and pay back said debt.

          Ergo: The time draws nigh

          • The US Dollar is backed by the full faith and credit of the US Military. The numbers are just made up nonsense and bear only coincidental relationship to actual reality. What makes me wonder about the dollar is this stuff about UFOs they’ve been floating lately, as if to make it look like US has secret UFO tech… are they worried China and Russia are catching up and people are seeing the US as a paper tiger?
            I’m way more worried about some kind of military conflict involving weapons of mass destruction, particularly with lunatics in charge of the asylum.

          • Full faith and credit is another way of saying I won’t come the check is in the mail and I won’t come in your mouth.

          • Nonsense, The US can declare bankruptcy at any time and no one can collect a penny of it

            The only reason we have a fraction of the trouble we do is free traitors, I’m free traders. If we made it here, sold it here, bought it here and only allowed a few luxury imports, we’d be fine

            Globalism, immigration for cheap labor and ready votes and bankers are killing your economy not government spending

          • But you are overlooking the problem that is antecedent to both: the gov’t itself. We have lost control of it. Nobody even pretends anymore. Confidence is eroding everywhere. The end draweth nigh.

          • I’ve been hearing the end is nigh since I was a boy in the 80’s . The economy is still kind of functional, the birth rate close to the same (1.8 vs 1.6 now for Whites) and the checks still cash

            Given there is a lot of ruin in a nation and economies can stay irrational for longer than you can stay solvent, clown world economy may go on for a long time yet

            Its going to get worse but collapse is not guaranteed and may happen so slowly that what would normally be regarded as “the end” will just be the new normal

            Anyway counting on a collapse is just a way to dodge the real responsibility which is to figure out what kind of society you want and to get together with others make it happen

          • A.B., If we declared bankruptcy or some other onerous manipulation of our debt, then I suspect two things would happen: we’d lose our status as the world’s exchange currency, and logically then we’d have to pay for goods in some other more reliable “currency”. In short, we’d beggar ourselves more than our creditors.

            Now I suspect that suits you fine and seems to work into your general slant on things, but such a collapse would make the Great Depression look like a mild downturn in comparison.

          • We have an entire continent full of resources and Canada if we care to take it

            So long as we have functioning nukes which is not a given no one can do a thing about it either,

            Such a trade collapse would suck on a huge scale but the US could get through it and probably come out stronger for it, caveat good leadership which is also not a given

          • Even when it comes to finances, common sense shoulders in from time to time. If you owe me a million, I’m a millionaire on paper; if you owe a billion, then I’m a billionaire on paper; up to a point I can repackage these obligations as ‘assets’. The value of such ‘assets’ (for me and for people I do business with) consists in the assumption that you will pay me, when I need the money or by terms of the loan contract. This is called “good faith and credit.”

            Of late the shills of unlimited government spending are explaining to us that ‘fiat money’ isn’t like real money. It’s BETTER than real money, because it isn’t tied to debt or obligation. It’s tied only to “good faith and credit.”

            And what can elicit our good faith and credit better than a government that openly ignores its own debt? Ah, I forgot: We’re in the good ol’ USA – those greenbacks will inspire awe around the world until the end of time.

      • The Market Cult operates along similar lines, and the spectacle of limousines dodging potholes may seem as ridiculous to the robot historians as the rouge and wigs of Versailles.

      • That is precisely the problem. We use words like “spending on infrastructure” and to you and me it means repairing bridges and roads. To people in D.C. it means a way to spread bribes funded by tax-payers to politically influential donors who in turn ensure the re-election of lawmakers. In fact, the last thing they want is to actually repair a road because then they don’t have a reason to do the whole process all over again. The goal of infrastructure spending is the opposite of repairing the infrastructure.

        • Same applies to any number of things. The party, or parties, wouldn’t fix certain things if they could. Why lose your sure-thing voters?
          If the Left could magically end racial division they wouldn’t. It would cost too many votes, that’s why they stir it up instead.
          If the Right could end abortion, they wouldn’t. why lose all those people who will never vote for the pro-abortion party?

          • You’re right about the left. You’re also right about the establishment members who call themselves “the right.”

            As for the real “right,” though – yes, they would end abortion if they could. We’re talking the people, not the politicians who just mouth certain opinions while their hearts are elsewhere.

            Backtrack just for a moment. The debt became much more serious when W spent like a madman, followed by O, who was in charge when the debt doubled what it had been under all presidents before him, when totaled.

            The biggest reason is the “stimulus” bill, passed right after he came into office, which, oddly enough, was touted as being largely for “infrastructure,” while all we saw were signs saying “This project (what project?) brought to you by the Stimulus.” What happened? Has the average voter already forgotten that?

        • I lived in one place in California for over thirty years, and read the papers every day (back when that was a thing). I was very familiar with what roads needed repairing, and where new roads needed to go. My opinions were frequently reinforced by newspaper articles detailing highway-expenditure proposals, none of which ever went anywhere.

          Until Obama came along with his manna from heaven for shovel-ready projects, giving states latitude on what to spend it on. A lot of road construction and inconvenience occurred, absolutely NONE of it anything that had been needed or proposed.

          Highway 101 through Monterey County, a sort of Frogger course of potholes, was given mile-long left-side get-up-to-speed lanes everywhere crossing traffic was allowed. This was an idea no one had ever had, a solution to a problem that didn’t exist, and the potholes of course are still there.

        • If they name it the “Invest and Repair Infrastructure” bill, then you know its effect will be the exact opposite.

      • Ah, but whose money, and whose infrastructure. Your position cries out for LOCAL, or, at the highest level, STATE, intervention using LOCAL or STATE tax dollars. Why should I pay for LA’s ludicrous swarm of highways and byways? Why should you pay for Boston’s? PUSH TO THE LOCAL LEVEL AS MUCH GOVT AS YOU CAN. AFTER THAT, PUSH TO THE STATE. AT ALL TIMES, RELIEVE NATIONAL LEVIATHAN OF POWER.

        • This is an astonishingly stupid way to do things. You pay for stuff so that poorer and lower trust states don’t push the US into a race to the bottom . Its far better

          Also its nice to be able to drive from one state to another and to get goods from one state to another easily.

          Of late “States rights” brought us such things as gay marriage and street sh*tters so screw that

          Also that Leviathan you hate so much spends most of the money that it takes in in salaries, health care for the old and poor and transfer payments .

          You are certainly welcome to espouse a policy that gets rid of that role but I promise you , the results will not be pleasant , your business or job will probably not survive a sudden 25% decline in revenue combined with a vest increase in savings, just pooling there doing nothing but blow bubbles because there is no demand for jack

          Mass repatriation and FIRE regulation at the Federal level would buy us some time but I’m sorry to say because of technology and urbanization, keeping society running will cost increasingly more

          Or well you can become a third world country and be sucked dry by multinationals subsidized by rival powers

          And no, corporations cannot do the job. A simple look at 20th century history would tell you that and the modern corporation has the long term thinking capability of a 68IQ cannibal from New Guinea

          • There are people who trust the federal government. Then there are those who don’t. Watching so many go to DC and become multi-millionaires, often staying around for life, colored my view.

            We watched as state after state voted against gay rights, but SCOTUS knows best…the street poop thing has spread from Third World migrants and is allowed by local dim politicians. Good thing it’s not before the Supreme Court, or we’d prob all be stepping over poop.

            It is hard to decide which is more corrupt-gov or MNC’s; for a long time, I shared your view. Now I’m of the idea that I can go to another corporation if this one is unsuitable, but voting in a different congress makes no difference at all (Uniparty.)

      • The same phenomena is spreading to the rest of Murrlin. Most Montgomery county roads are terrible to drive on, even in Chevy Chase. The liberal hell scape known as Columbia has been importing only the finest from Lagos, and is slowly turning into a suburban version. Now all those soccer mom’s are fleeing and buying mcmansions in what used to be farmland in my little country enclave. This is spreading even though Carroll and Fredneck counties (though much less). New housing “developments” with pithy signs advertising prices “starting from the low 800s”, a guard stand, and HOA fees as a way to keep the melanin enriched out without being explicit.

        Methinks all of this behavior derives from the fact that most Murrlin residents are suckling on the gubmint teet in some way. Bureaucracy encourages this passive, anti social, atomizing, yet “opulent” behavior. The few people who do honest work (including the select few in gubmint jobs) that I’ve talked to are very aware of these things. Leads me to suspect white collar busy work has destroyed the minds and morality of the 80% of people who are functionally useless.

      • Healthy societies do not borrow from unborn generations to satisfy their desires. Healthy societies do not waste money on foreigners while ignorning the needs of its veterans and aged. Healthy societies do not penalize the industrious and reward the parasites of a nation. America is a sick, degenerate place, ruled by the isolated and greedy. They rule over the apathetic, the ignorant and lazy.

    • Carl,

      POTUS has not joined with the Rats. Think about this: What is one thing that everyone does when contemplating filing for bankruptcy? They run up their charge card balances, buying new stuff. Why? Because they know they’re not going to pay for it anyway.

      POTUS is gunning for the Fed – look at what he has done so far: Used their own metrics to make the economy look awesome. It’s not “awesome”. It sucks. But the Fed cannot criticize POTUS, otherwise they would have to admit they use the same fake alchemy to fudge their books and increase/decrease inflation. POTUS is going to audit the Fed. And then use the results of that audit to dismantle and get rid of it.

      POTUS is, in effect, going to make the Fed pay for our new infrastructure and rebuilding the military. Which is fine with me – the Fed should be audited, dismantled and then burned to the foundations – all members carted off to the Stoney Lonesome. Forever. Central banks – the Fed included – have engaged in the biggest theft in human history. And I’m fine with POTUS head-faking one way (“joining the Rats”) and then doing something else (getting rid of the Fed). It’s his hallmark.

  32. Your observations about pre-revolution France are telling. Wigs, long stockings, rouge on the cheeks, and frilly appendages…. and these were the “men”!!!

    It seems revolutions happen not only when times are bad, but when times are bad and the people have lost respect for the “men” in charge. Hunger + contempt = revolution. Perhaps.

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