Echo & The Cucky Men

One of the strange aspects of the Obama years was how much of what they did was an effort to address old wounds that still haunted the Left. Health care reform is the obvious example. The Left never got over how Bill Clinton threw the Left overboard after Hillary’s health care debacle led to the 1994 election wipe-out. The Obama effort was all about addressing that old wound. The ultimate product looked like the result of a revenge fantasy, mostly because it was about addressing those old wounds.

It was not just health care. The entirety of the Obama administration was about the past, despite his endless jabbering about the glorious future. Their dealings with Iraq and Afghanistan were mostly about “proving” Bush was wrong and they were right about how to respond to 9/11. Their Iran policy was a do-over of the Carter years and their Russia policy was a do-over of the 1980’s. They even pitched Obama at one point as the Progressive answer to Reagan, He was their Ronald Reagan.

It’s not just the Left playing the old records and dreaming of better days. The 2016 Trump campaign was a WWE version of the Reagan campaign of 1980. The slogan “Make American Great Again” was borrowed from the Gipper. He ran on the slogan “Let’s make America great again” in his successful 1980 presidential campaign. It’s pretty clear Trump intends to use some version of “It’s Morning In America” in his reelection campaign next year. This campaign ad will feature a panda, rather than a grizzly.

Of course, his presidency has been a call back to past events as well. The seditious conspiracy against him by the FBI and CIA is an echo of what the Left accused Nixon of plotting back in the 1970’s. Both sides are replaying the past as a do-over. Team Trump is going win the Watergate this time, while the Left is sure Trump is going to pull off his face at any moment and reveal himself to be Tricky Dick. In this version, to keep with the current age, Peter Strzok is the soy-man version of G. Gordon Liddy.

The endless echoes of politics past is sure to continue, as we see in the Democratic presidential field. The only two people talking about the present are Gabbard and Yang, both of whom will be ushered off the stage by Labor Day. The rest all sound like museum exhibits from previous eras. Joe Biden is actually running on the slogan “Make America Normal Again.” That sounds a lot like Carter’s campaign in 1976, after Nixon and Watergate, where he promised to restore dignity to politics.

Politics is always a repeat of the past, to some degree, but what makes this age a weird echo is debates themselves. The biggest issues facing the West are never discussed, outside of dissident circles. Trump ran on immigration and trade, but no one talks about those anymore. The Democrats could be running on the student debt issue or the crisis facing the young people of the middle-class. Instead they are talking about socialism, as if it is this brand new idea that has never been tried.

One reason for this entirely backward looking perspective is demographics. Both political parties are built to compete for the votes of Baby Boomers, who remain the largest identifiable cohort. The Boomers are entering the last turn of their race, so inevitably they are sentimental and nostalgic. The fact that the most likely contest in 2020 is between an octogenarian and a septuagenarian, both white and both male, will allow Baby Boomer voters to feel like they are still young and hip.

That’s probably the single biggest cultural problem facing America today. The Baby Boom generation is not going to age gracefully. Instead of picking which one of their kids will take their keys away, they will keep a white-knuckled grip on the wheel until the country goes over the cliff. Nancy Pelosi should be in a rest home right now. Instead she wanders around the capital in her bathrobe and slippers, the third most powerful person in the Imperial government, unable to remember her own name.

The blame is not all on the Boomers. As America becomes majority-minority, the cost of cobbling together a coalition goes up. Bringing blacks and angry Jewish feminists together into a coalition is near impossible. Delivering anything to the white middle-class means standing in front of the open sewer that is Progressive morality. Multicultural America is an ungovernable riot of competing interests, so it is a lot easier to go the nostalgia route and court the white Baby Boomers. It’s easy and fun.

There’s also the fact that no one wants to face up to the truth of the current situation in present day America. Inviting in 50 million strangers was a bad idea. Fixing it means telling most of them to go home. Civil Rights was arguably noble and decent, but the downstream result was a disaster. Bringing back free association is too scary for the soft men and unstable women of the ruling class. Our political class is mostly cucks and kooks, unable and unwilling to muster anything resembling courage.

That’s where we are now. America is a country ruled by cucks who are afraid of the future, so they rummage around in the past. They’re like children putting on shows for their parents, wearing their clothes and singing their songs. It’s all echoes of the past and cucking to current fads. It is an entirely useless ruling elite that will have to be wiped away, before we can face the future. Barring an asteroid strike and societal collapse, it means waiting for the great Baby Boomer die off to clear the path forward.

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199 thoughts on “Echo & The Cucky Men

  1. Well, we Boomer kids WERE brainwashed with what was deliberately and definitely a conspiracy, the greatest hoax and conspiracy of all time.

  2. This isn’t totally related to cuckness, but I do think the Pelosis-in-bathrobes situation is a product of Boomer inability to recognize the aging process. We used to have cultural traditions mediating the process of aging gracefully. People understood that different ages affected your mindset. The Romans had their idea of seven year cycles. A boy became a man at the end of pubertas, age 21.

    The boomers were a generation that rushed to adulthood, and having arrived, decided to never leave. Now they’ve changed the AARP to just mean… AARP, with the official name for those 50+ being “grown ups”. There used to be traditions which governed one’s rise through high society, the cursus honorum. One of the great books of workplace psychology, Moral Mazes, calls this patrimonial bureaucracy, a set of institutions inherited by the modern corporation from the courts of the Ancien Regime. You can still see the structure present in all prestige-track careers. In your youth, you are one who does. Men in their 20s have the most drive and energy, so it makes sense for them to be executing the plans, but they lack the wisdom and experience which would allow them to find problems. As they work, they develop a sense of what is effective and what isn’t. As they enter their 30s, those with a sense of vision are brought up into middle management, those who plan. Having seen lots of plans through, they are now in a position to plan their own initiatives in response to official direction. And they no longer have as much energy to execute. Once they have lots of plans under their belt, they can see the big picture clearly. That’s when you move, in your 50s, to being one of those who decide. Here, people were no longer energetic, but they were wise. People knew that old people weren’t cool, but they had seen a lot. This age was the height of one’s powers, but also the most vulnerable stage. It was understood that making a mistake at this age meant being ousted by one of the ambitious men below you. Every year would diminish one’s power of reasoning, so one mistake would be followed by another and another. That was bad for business.

    Even then, someone had value. So in the final years of one’s seventy (or however long it took to die), one would retire to their estate and could share wisdom with the young. Someone who can no longer stop their enemies still understands how the sausage is made, and can teach the next generation.

    We no longer have that understanding. Old people make mistake after mistake, but how can they be forcibly ousted if they hold all the power?

    Still, this can’t go on forever. Sooner or later, we’ll have a Yugoslavia situation, where the young elites take matters into their own hands. After that, the average age of elites in Yugoslavia plummeted below 30. Young elites shut out of power will be more friendly to dissident politics. Historically, it is the lower nobility that starts successful revolutions. If professionals start turning against the regime, Pelosi and those like her are in trouble.

  3. I’m Z’s age Gen X. How was I supposed to compete with Boomers?

    I got out of engineering school, undergrad, working my arse off to enter industry against untalented Boomers with fifteen years experience over me because they had bottlenecked at their respective career junctures and were forced to remain downside blocking me. Thus in addition to working fulltime I went to grad school reading for a PhD in computer science and succeeded, temporarily overtaking the Boomers ahead.

    For a brief time I enjoyed life but this was interrupted by Boomer networking which trumped my demonstrated achievements towards promotion. And so I went to law school to escape the endless Boomer bottleneck, which I eventually did leaving BigLaw as a patent lawyer by literally “stealing” by “bribery” Boomer clients from Boomer law partners to form my own firm which has grown and triumphed beyond expectation and does not have any Boomers aboard nor shall it ever. Boomers and their herd mentality and their narcissicm have cost me career choices and time in this short life. This said, Boomers and their rebellion to herd mentality and their narcissicm have enabled me to retire before they do. And so there is that.

      • To eliminate any ambiguity, at present I direct both middle fingers at Boomers and shout out my loudest and incredibly sincere EFF YOU DOUCHEBAGS! I feel better already, but it will likely never be sufficient even when they’re finally planted at their “raisin farms.”

        • You need to see a shrink. You are full of darkness and rage. Strange, but we’re all just people – we’re born, we live, and we die; considerable difference of opinion exists as to the meaning of it all; it could well mean nothing whatsoever.

          So what’s with the rage?

    • So what’s the deal, are the boomers the new Jews to blame for your unhappiness and failures? I’m trying to keep up.

    • Gotta love a guy who humble brags that he’s an engineer, a Ph.D. and a patent lawyer with Big Law spurs who “triumphed beyond expectation” by poaching clients who has the gall to call an entire generation narcissists. What must he see in the mirror? Try to understand why a triumphant G. Julius Caesar was assassinated by the Boomer senators of his day and you might just deserve pity instead of scorn.

  4. Over Memorial Day weekend, I found myself in a rarely visited suburb of my shitlibopolis at a high-end shopping mall that I’ve not been in for at least a decade. I was shocked. The place was transformed. Three-fourths of the people there were recent Asian immigrants who had not been there the last time I was. It was good for the mall, as the Asians were buying things and boosting GDP. But it was bad for America, or at least a certain dying idea of America. As I looked around at the scene I was metaphysically certain that not one of these Asians had any concept of constitutional government or gave a damn about political liberties. So so much for boomer CivNat and what Sailor likes to ridicule as “magic dirt.” But they were swarming and consuming, like termites, hollowing out the husk of the dead tree that used to be our country. I suppose I should be glad that at least they’re Asians, the model “minority.” But I wasn’t; I was sick at heart. It was especially bitter on Memorial Day to know that we invited and celebrate the invasion of our country by these devouring termites, and that the sacrifices of the men that day commemorates has been in vain.

  5. 1. Voting for Trump will not make us feel young and hip. Just a dopey throw away line.

    2. Trump is President because boomers voted for Trump in greater numbers than other generations. Without the boomer vote, Clinton would be president. There is no reason to think things will improve when the boomers are gone.

  6. Deep down most of these people, from Nancy Pelosi to useless Mitch McConnell, recognize that the string has run out and the current “government” is just a placeholder until the fireworks start and it all collapses so they are simply squeezing as much out of the system as they can before it collapses.

  7. As to this generational thing. Have you ever noticed that the ‘personality’ or ‘default imagery’ attached to decades – the twenties, the thirties, the forties, the fifties, the sixties, the seventies, and the eighties – breaks down with the nineties, and vanishes altogether since?

    Each of those decades automatically evokes a stereotyped imagery and Pavlovian reaction so automatic and so powerful that they seem like real things, rather than broad or even ridiculous generalizations. I’ll call it the Time/Life era.

    Before 1920, popular media was in infancy. “Old weird America” hadn’t been dragooned by a national media. By the nineties, national media were giving way to the neo-diversity of the internet, and since of course, have been drowned by it. It looked as if ‘Old weird America’ was about to make a comeback.

    Anyway, this generational thing all started as a tool for demographers and policymakers. It’s quite true that 1946-1964 represents a well-defined ‘cohort’, but it is a careless leap to conclude that it is also a cultural cohort.

    I was born in 1960; Hillary Clinton was born in (I’m guessing here – 1948? 49?). She and I have nothing whatsoever in common, except belonging to a demographic cohort. Yet that seems to be sufficient grounds for some commenters here to lump us together and wish we die in flames. It’s almost like a blood libel – we can’t choose what year we’re born in.

    My mother was 37 when she had me, and dad was almost 43. They were Depression and WW2 people. Meanwhile, several of my friends in school, born in 1960 as I was, had parents with little or no memory at all of that era. Go to their house, and you might here the Beatles on the family stereo, or at least the Young Rascals or the Searchers. At my house, it was the Ames Brothers or Bing Crosby. And of course Lawrence Welk every Sunday. Poor me…

    Cohorts aren’t as simple as they look to the generalizer.

    • Come to think of it, my best friend from college – and his mother – belong to the same benighted ‘boomer generation’. Mom was born in 1946 – she just makes the cut – and he was born in 1962. How cool is that?

    • Totally agree with your observation. I was born in 1961. Dad was 45 and Mom 34. No rock and roll in the house. Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass was about as racy as it got. Lawrence Welk every Saturday and on Sunday, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins followed by the Disney movie. I have nothing in common with most of our generational cohort, but must suffer for its follies. Damned hippies and civil rights activists. Time for a new Bull Connor to bring on the dogs and firehoses.

      • I wanted to mention ‘The Wild Kingdom’ but my comment had gone on too long as it was… I am glad that my parents were not hip, by the way. In high school I listened to Van Halen, AC/DC, Ted Nugent… but I also learned to appreciate the Ames Brothers, Andy Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Eddie Arnold, etc., which others of my cohort never did. Thanks M & D!

      • That Herb Alpert album with the girl covered in cream would not have been permitted in my home. Mom liked the music but not the sleeve; dad – at a guess – would have enjoyed the sleeve but not the music. His idea of a great song was Ann Murray’s ‘Snowbird’, which he sang in the shower every morning until we all wanted to kill him – mom too.

        I treasure those ancient days…

        • In August, 1970, I enlisted in the Navy. I was eating breakfast with my parents waiting to go meet the recruiter and go to the receiving station. The radio was on and the last song that I heard as a civilian was ‘Snowbird’.

  8. I’m a ’49 model Boomer with skills, experience, and a small arsenal. I’ve seen the generations coming after we Boomers and I just say: “You gotta be shittin’ me.”

    Good luck, y’all….

  9. Yes to all of this! So let’s stop wasting time with the canard that we are going to talk our way out of this mess. We’re headed for the ditch, and we can either get there quick (and then begin rebuilding quickly) or we can tap the brakes marginally and decelerate a smidge before launching through the ditch and over the cliff. Addiction to a comfortable life is preventing everyone from recognizing reality as reality. In movies and video games, our society is inculcating a do-over mentality and that fantasy will comfort you right up until the midnight knock on the door.

  10. BTW, has anyone studied the true implications of the 5G project?? Holy shit, the Bentham and panopticon folks were pikers compared to this. Aside from intentionally unplugging and moving off the grid, not sure what else is out there. In the old days, when people were starving, or oppressed forever, revolts happened. But just when did a revolt happen when almost all bellies were full and the circuses continued 24/7?? Even the Romans couldn’t distract their people with 1000 different options available all the time. Only two issues I see is diversity + guns, barring something completely unforeseen.

  11. The USA is the North American version of Yugoslavia, with perhaps a slightly lower IQ. Obviously a different history but most Americans haven’t confronted this reality: the experimental combination of melting pot ideology and unrestricted voting rights is an abject failure. No matter the generation, the sooner the realist youngsters lash up with the realist oldsters and start to build political coalitions based on a grasp of “who we were” vs “who we are today” … the sooner we can have conversations that deal with reality vice political theory, and only then (maybe) the “echo/cuck” shaft can be turned beyond top-dead-center. But let’s face another reality – while many of the ideas expressed here are based in reality, much of it also comes under the heading of “REVOLUTION.” I’m not persuaded there are enough Americans of any generation prepared to labor and bleed for American renewal, so I presume that means we’ll just shrug our way through several more decades of political chaos, at which point the wheels will inevitably come off.

    • It will go downhill slowly until it goes downhill very quickly. Social disintegration will also occur very rapidly because of a systemic lack of robustness in the large urban populations. When your affluence has addicted you to $5 coffee, real starvation induces instant insanity (e.g. whining rage fits). LEOs will evaporate early and violent gangs will run amok. Then comes martial law and the bloom is off the rose. What happens next is an excellent topic for future planning.

  12. Way to work through the holiday weekend Zman! If he fails at all else, Trump has been THE KEY to two events: 1) ripping the masks off most of the cucks and traitors in our midst (see Joe Walsh); and 2) launching a frontal assault on the media and waking normies up to the concept of fake news. These have been indispensable to the cause.

    • Trump also brought the immigration issue to the main stage during the campaign. Too bad lately he’s kicked it into the background.

      • Immigration is a cornerstone deep state issue, as hard to change policy on as foreign affairs or energy policy.

        Remember, when first Trump started his campaign, nobody in their right minds believe he’d end up at Pennsylvania Avenue, not even Trump himself, so he could promise us the Moon. If Trump is the real deal and not a globalist plant, he really is up against the ENTIRE WORLD – or at least, anyone in the world who matters.

        A lot of the MSM/political party breakdown attributed to Trump no doubt is due to the internet itself and would’ve happened sooner or later anyway (I’ve argued that Trump’s election would not have happened without online anonymity) but Trump certainly knows how to sell them rope for their own hanging.

  13. There’s a standard-issue Boomer of my acquaintance

    Last night we had dinner and with him and his wife, whom we know from church. Both are very conservative. The early talk was about how Trump has betrayed us on the border, that it’s worse now, far worse, than it ever was under Obama.

    Anyway, later the guy asked me about my library. We wanted to know what kind of books I like to read.

    I said my standard line: I’m interested in the history, culture, art, literature, philosophy and science of Europe.

    He said, “Why Europe?” He was truly perplexed. Why would I only care about one out of seven?

    Now this is a guy who runs Bible studies out of his home two nights a week.I said, Well, it used to be known as Christendom.

    He persisted. Couldn’t wrap his mind around it. “But why that one continent?”

    Now, let me emphasize, this guy is intelligent, educated, well-traveled, and very conservative. And way religious. And he absolutely could not see it.

    I said, I’m interested in my people, my culture. My race: white people.

    He nodded his head and said, “Hmmm.”

    Then we went on to a different topic and never got back to books.

    • “Way religious” is the key. Modern “Judeo-Christians” are the second-most converged group on the Right, right behind the military (with lots of overlap, of course). Charlemagne’s Christianity didn’t render him ethnically blind, deaf and dumb. We have to either rework Christianity to de-emphasize the universalism and egalitarianism or we have to find a new faith.

    • That’s the kind of interaction all of us need to have. Not loudly hitting your educated friend over the head, but simply a confident statement about taking an interest in our own people, our own race. To Make Support for our White Race Normal Again.

    • That does sum it up, and rather well. It’s hard to imagine we are products of the same civilisation.

  14. Zman, you’ve quietly suggested an interesting sci-fi plot in this statement: “Bringing blacks and angry Jewish feminists together into a coalition is near impossible.”

    What if they WERE brought together, in a secret breeding colony? For a generation we don’t hear a peep out of them, and we think we’re safe. But then their unholy offspring hatch (like that scene in the Orc hatchery in Lord of the Rings) and are unleashed upon society, with dystopian results for everyone else.

    But–would the hybrids combine the most destructive assets of the parental ethnicities: a Marshawn Lynch with the brain of an Alan Dershowitz? Or merely their most laughable traits, like Jussie Smollett?

    • “A Marshawn Lynch with the brain of an Alan Dershowitz” LOL. Scary! That’s a line and image never to forget. I’m gonna have nightmares tonight!!!

    • Jussie is far likelier. A white and black produced the joke that was Barry O, didn’t they?

  15. So much of what happens in the future depends on whether the Left can keep the indoctrination machine going. How successful will internet censorship be? Can they keep control of the education system? Will HR departments continue to dictate corporate policy and values?

    • The left is in very good shape, better all the time. The sense that they will achieve their dreams blinds them to what is actually going to happen when they do. Or, like the Praying Mantis it’s more important for the fellow to get laid than it is to not be eaten after the act.

  16. I’m not nearly the only person who doesn’t pay for a print newspaper or cable TV. By a long shot. The dancers and prevaricators (cucks, if you will) have an ever dwindling audience.

  17. I’ve tried to keep some sympathy in my heart for the Boomers but they don’t reciprocate. Their shallow materialism, crappy consumer culture and vapid, ritualized patriotism cannot be hurled into eternal darkness soon enough. And that’s just the guys on the Right. The Left is guys like Bill Ayers & wahmen like his psychotic squeeze Bernadine. If anyone needs assistance writing the Based History of the Worst Generation, count me in.

    • Got an idea for a replacement, I mean something viable in waiting?
      But heh, what’s the deal with those Boomer jews? Am I right, huh, huh.

      • “If you don’t have a solution, you can’t criticize the problem” is a silencing tactic, not an argument.

        If you’re this pissed at the diagnosis, you sure as hell can’t handle discussing the cure.

        And who said anything about Jews? Is criticizing BoomerCons “anti-Semitic” now?

    • @ Exile

      Agree that Ayers is scum. but he’s silent generation, not a boomer. Get your facts straight. Re-defining terms to accomodate sloppy usage is part of why we lose.

      “I’ve tried to keep some sympathy in my heart for the Boomers but they don’t reciprocate.”

      This forum is obviously filled with boomers who reciprocate. At some point we need to get off the internet and gather our numbers in meatspace. The quintet of novels about the Northwest Front by the late Harold Covington ( a boomer btw ) offer a compelling blueprint for doing this.

      This intergenerational vitriol among Whites, just like the engineered alienation between White men and their women via militant feminism and the disruption of White families, is exactly what our jewish overlords want.

      • Agree with the meatspace part – would love to see our version of the free-state movement libertarians pushed for New Hampshire back in the day. I assume everyone can figure out NABALT without making an explicit disclaimer every time I get rhetorical or outright hyperbolic. Hair-splitting definitions to show how punctilious we are with our analysis impresses Objectivists and other spergs but it’s more a liability than an asset in a mass political movement. The guys who openly embrace ridiculous double-standards and smear opponents with sloppy definitions are the ones who’ve been winning since the Second Founding.

      • Disagree with the meatspace part. The internet is where we are strongest. Meatspace is enemy territory – we should not break cover until we’re ready to take over.

      • Yes Ayers is late Silent Generation, not Boomer. But that’s not interesting. Whenever Bill Ayers comes up I feel compelled to remind people that his father was CEO of Commonwealth Edison. That explains his life so much better than any generational analysis.

  18. Short time horizon. Everyone has that now. Back in the day, whites had a long, multi-generational time horizon. Plant the tree your grandson will sit under, and all that. Somewhere between the WW’s, Korea, and Vietnam, the time horizon shortened up. Not being drafted or serving a tour of duty was noble. Hanging around and not accomplishing much (“finding yourself”) was OK. Fealty to a spouse and a community became something to be mocked. Honestly, as a previously civnat conservative, my own time horizon has shortened up a lot in recent years. I do not see a larger community to be a part of, that is not actively targeted for destruction. I hope Lineman is right, but I feel like the surveillance state will have none of it.

    From another angle, I see the multi-generational long time horizon way of living as simply a golden goose to be plucked by others. It’s what is going on now, as our culture is picked clean.

    • ” Plant the tree your grandson will sit under, and all that. ”

      I often think along these lines. I wonder how much inheritance taxes and easy, stigmaless divorce played into it.

      • Inheritance taxes weren’t a big enough factor for the masses, they only affected the elites with a *lot* of money. Still do, in fact. I, for one, am all in favor of confiscating the wealth of the rich who vote to destroy the middle class by importing aliens to take their jobs.

        • Inheritance tax seems to affect the ability to pass on the “family farm” and it would seem to make building generational wealth difficult unless you can afford the high dollar estate planners like the wealthy families can. In fact, inheritance tax doesn’t seem to have hurt the wealthy much beyond creating a class of leaches who manage money.

          Imagine if inheritance were tax free. Any somewhat responsible parent could pass a nest egg on to their children. In time, we’d see dynastic wealth, however modest, being acrued across the socio economic spectrum and we could start talking about the American Dream again.

          Children could also turn to family for money for college, a first house or to start a business. Financial independence from banks and the government would become possible.

          Of course, this would hurt the tax farming industry.

  19. The title of this post must seem odd to those who don’t know the band. Which is pretty much everyone here.

    • I still own Echo & The Bunnymen LPs, so you’re wrong as is customary. Z plays top shelf music during his podcasts. Come to think of it, Trio’s “Da Da Da …” is perfect for you.

      • First band I was in when 17 years old was Echo and the Bunnymen, we soon parted ways but are still friends.

      • One of the better bands to come out of Liverpool, I was in band for a short time but made my own way in music later……fun for a young man, for a short while anyway.

      • One of my favorite gen Xers, a nephew, gave up easy and profitable life as an electronics salesman, making big dough in his bathrobe on his computer, to become a Detroit copper. Money – down. Personal satisfaction – through the roof.

        It all comes down to people and what’s in their heart.

    • Boomer here. And I’m very familiar with Echo & the Bunnymen, same with a lot of those types of bands back then, like Psychedelic Furs, the Cure, New Order, etc.

    • Or could it be that Z man knows his audience better than you do? Many of us have enjoyed Echo and the Bunnymen, the Smiths, Joy Division, Radiohead, Dead Can Dance, the Go-Betweens, blah blah blah. The names of half the bands I enjoyed in the eighties and nineties are lost to my declining mind. Fun, but hardly the Beatles or Mahler or RV Williams or Sibelius or Shostakovitch or Szymanowski or one of my heroes, Albérique Magnard, cut down wielding a gun against the advancing German army in 1914 Belgium. Several of his chamber pieces are to die for.

      We aren’t all in elderly care just yet, dude.

      • Magnard is an underappreciated classical composer, along with Enescu, Ernst von Dohnányi, Martucci, Rubbra, Moeran … . No, not titans like Beethoven or Mahler, but very much worth getting to know.

  20. I’m limping off the stage just as fast as I can. The old knees don’t work as well as they used to, you know. I do want to caution you that things might not get much better when we’re gone. They might even get worse. We’re the last generation alive who actually remember when the US was a great nation.

  21. Systems have a way of muddling through until the next crisis, which is always every 10 to 15 years or so. Just as an old man will shuffle along until he gets pneumonia or breaks a hip. The current system is a fragile old man.

    The baby boomers are the first generation to detach itself from organized religion en-masse. Religion brings a quiet assurance and dignity to old people. The baby boomers will become ever more manic and uncentered as their lives start slipping away from them.

    The next crisis will be a replay of 2008, but on a scale of several trillion more. They barely put the 2008 crisis into a box. Won’t be lucky this time.

    • Don’t be too sure about not getting through the next one,. The lack of demand for labor is deflationary as are overpriced assets which means the normal inflation risk from money printing is muted quite a bit

      This means that its much easier to goose demand with fake money since taking the fake money is the only alternative to bankruptcy,

      Its irrational but as Keynes noted “The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”

      They may be able to print through several more crisis though the dunduification of our political culture means baring a cultural backlash, actually fixing anything is not gonna happen

      Its just gets worse slowly instead of falling apart

  22. Z Man;

    I don’t see why people think that things will automatically get better when we old Boomers all die off. It is the elite Boomer spawn who have already been stepping into their parents’ seats of power, not anyone else. They are no improvement: Think Hunter Biden.

    Staying with the Hunter Biden theme, the actual hope has to be that since these emerging elite Boomer spawn are even less competent than their parents, they’ll be easier to push aside. But they will need to be pushed. So simply waiting and hoping for better times when we’re all gone is foolish, even if it feels good to slam Boomers.

    Don’t forget, the elite Boomers now running the cloud from Davos were mostly parachuted into power by their own parents in the so-called ‘greatest generation’ using the Clinton’s to part the waters. For example, see GWB, Al Gore, etc. They, in turn, plan to pass on those sinecures to their grand-spawn Hence the anger of the Bernie Bros & AOC.

    Those of us Boomers not so advantaged had little use for these privileged age mates of ours even at the time. Did us no good to just carp at them, though. And it will do X’ers etc. even less good.

    • In many ways, the Millennials are like the Boomers, only without the good points. The Zoomers may be better, but from what I’ve seen, I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • Nepotism implies continuity with the same. Every 100 years or so, old lines of power are severed and new ones formed. It’s part of human nature and human history. Dynastic changes. Old faces chiseled off the stone, like in ancient Egypt.

      • J R;
        Time to cue up the cliche_?
        – Hard times make strong men.
        – Strong men make good times.
        – Good times make soft men.
        – Soft men make hard times.
        I’d say line 1 started 100 years ago. Line 2 when we Boomers were spawned. Line 3 is now. Sucks to see that Line 4 looks to be just over the horizon.

  23. ….while the Left is sure Trump is going to pull off his face at any moment and reveal himself to be Tricky Dick.

    Well, like Nixon, he is very liberal on a lot of issues!

  24. After speaking with my brother, a 25 year Army veteran, and my fiance’s daughter (24 year old PhD candidate) I realized that this country is doomed. If smart people like them cannot understand what socialism /communism is and what its ultimate impact on the country will be, we are finished. They both think the new green deal is great, that our social programs should be bigger and that we should allow our borders to be overrun by illegal immigrants. They think our future saviors are Occasional Cortex and people like her. I sit there with disbelief, and the desire to hit them in the head with a 2×4 . If people like them cannot see what these people will do to the country, we are doomed. I thank God that I will not be alive to see the end of this great country, but I do have a 21 year old son, who will reap the rewards of this bullshit. A huge part of it is simply that they believe that America is the most fucked up country on the planet, people are starving in the streets, and dying from lack of medical care. Facts do not phase them in the least. As a healthcare policy “expert” with only 20 years in government healthcare, I have no sway with them. I am just a right wing ideologue who doesn’t understand the difference between communism and democratic socialism. Socialism good, communism bad (may be).

    • “Democratic Socialist” –Socialist still waiting to sweep an election
      “Socialist”–Communist without the guts to pick up his/her own AK
      “Communist” — bodies and trenches are a “win/win”

      • The Left knows they are slowly winning the economic conflict and as such have no reason to be violent.

        In any case I don’t see the oh so brave Economic Liberals picking up their M4’s and resisting either.

        The fact is wealth redistribution is a product of complex societies and more recently technology and its just no longer possible to do society on the cheap and have it work

        However unless corruption and immigration are dealt with it won’t work either so you’ll end up poorer .

    • The temporary fulfillment of age-old grandiose dreams was only made possible by the world shaped by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and all that came through that door. Few people know anything different. That is their reality. People will learn their lessons after bankruptcy, not before. In our case the financial bankruptcy is dwarfed by the collapse of a people tethered to tradition formed through hard experience.

    • You would do the country a great service with that 2×4. Now if we could just pass them out to every dissident.

    • If they can’t see destruction staring them in the face, maybe those people aren’t really smart.

    • The military practically runs on “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” so the vet doesn’t surprise me

      However Social Democracy =/= Communism and those people do know the difference . Load of countries redistribute wealth, have national pensions systems and welfare systems and for most people in them such systems provide a decent outcome

      They allow overpopulated nations with limited resources to have very decent standards of living and in terms of life expectancy and general health adjusted by race are on par and often better than the US

      And note the US GDP is already about 40% State spending (half federal/half other) and if somehow you could make the spending lower , it would just mean a smaller GDP not a large economic boon

      The reason for this is an efficiency trap but that’s a whole other post

      And yes I know that there is a long historical classic liberal low tax culture in the US. It basically died in the 1930’s with automation and technology and once people realized that regulation can in fact make lives better, clean air, safe food and water and rivers that are no longer on fire, something that happened in the lifetime of many here, no way does anyone want to go back

      In fact I’ll suggest the next time you go into say a restaurant and see a kiosk there for taking orders, that’s a whole bunch more votes for Social Democracy because if people can’t get a job that pays the bills than they’ll take handouts

      With so much factory automation, free trade, computers and networking wage pressure is immense , they are down by more than half measured as percentage GDP since the 70’s

      This means the logical thing to do is to take at least the wealth that would normally be used on wages and claw it back as welfare

      You don’t like that? You have three choices , collapse the economy to a low complexity one (thing Chad or Niger here) make the wages go up or win a civil war and stop it . Otherwise automation means a bigger state

      Where the economic left went so wrong is on the issue of immigration

      Even frikken Paul Krugman knows you can’t have a welfare state and mass immigration or at least did not that long ago.

      No immigration hell reverse immigration means a functional welfare state. Otherwise it all falls apart

  25. “…One reason for this entirely backward looking perspective is demographics….”

    Maybe, maybe not.

    The democrats are Marxists; every policy they pursue is informed by their religious zealotry in pursuit of – they will say, a workers paradise, social justice for all, blah, blah, blah…, which of course is total bullshit..
    But Marxists are Marxists and their true ultimate goal is attainment of total and complete power and the ability to live like Kings and Queens of Olde.

    Who thinks Maduro or Castro or Honnecker or Tito or Lenin or Ceausescu or .. take your pick….”toiled” with the workers, endured food/gasoline/electricity rationing, or ……whatever.

    Nope, not for the Marxist ruling elites; they know a good gig when they see it

    Who needs three homes; oh, that’s right, that Brooklyn born communist POS Bernie Sanders.
    Like all Marxists, they are all great fans of capitalism; but ONLY for themselves.

    We peons are too stupid, dumb, deplorable to survive without their governance.

    There is no mystery why every democrat party policy increases the concentration of power in favor of a centralized government and decreases individual liberties.
    The demokrats are Marxists.
    I simply do not understand why everybody does not see this.

  26. This constant re-hashing of the 1960’s – 1970’s has actually been going on quite a while. In many ways, the Iraq interventions were all about the mainstream Right looking for a Vietnam they could win, while much of the opposition to the war was a New Left “Greatest Hits of 1968” compilation. One of the reasons that the second Iraq war went wrong was that almost no one was seeing Iraq for what it was, as opposed to a surrogate Vietnam. I personally think that things are going to get worse, not better, after the older Boomers are gone, but one advantage will be that, with any luck, this constant urge to re-fight the Vietnam war will vanish.

    • No different from the Socialists. “We’ll get democracy for the yellow/brown people right…this time”. Wars fall into two categories, “total” and “punitive expedition”. Every attempt to split the difference fails miserably.

    • Altitude Z (zat you Crash_?),
      I was in the military at the time and can confirm that Gulf War I was explicitly seen as a re-do of Vietnam by many both inside and outside the swamp, particularly near Boomers (e.g. Colon Powell, N Scwartzkopf, etc.) in senior command slots. But it was the ‘greatest generation’ still then in charge (Bush I, et al) that f**ed that ending up too. Small consolation.

  27. “Barring an asteroid strike and societal collapse, it means waiting for the great Baby Boomer die-off to clear the path forward.”

    Here’s one Boomer who hopes to be able to live long enough to see that happen.

    • Bravo. I’m shooting for being the meanest, oldest rayciss ever. Ironically learning to “hate” has made me get in shape & take better care of myself. Let’s all live 100+ years & watch these mofos burn.

    • Baby Boomers have pretty poor health all things considered as they figured they would be “forever young” and lived accordingly.

      The oldest are now 73 and the youngest 55 and our society as decrepit as it is will outlast them and the Silents

      No need for an intervention by SMOD

      By the Mid 30’s when most figure SWHTF the oldest millennials will be over 50 and it will be up to Gen Z to figure this stuff out

    • The structural effects of the real estate and stock market selloffs as the Boomers try to unwind their assets so they don’t have to leave their kids anything should be a pretty good start.

      • Where does one get that Boomers wish not to leave assets to heirs? Last report (I believe from Bloomberg) was that millennials are estimated to receive $62T (up from $48T last report) in inheritance in the next couple of decades—which would be the largest amount of transfer of wealth ever. I don’t follow such information as I’m not in the financial management business, but that sure doesn’t paint a picture of a profligate generation.

  28. Make America Normal Again

    You mean like the good old days when we had drag queens reading stories to little children in public libraries? Joe’s for that, idn’t he? The Dems are simply too far gone to make anything normal again.

  29. The truth is that the USA and I he world will be much better off when white “men” do not have institutional power.

    Don’t believe me?

    Just ask white women. They increasingly PREFER Men of Color for relationships and fathers of their children

    That tells you something right there

    • The only women who prefer colored men are fatties who cash in their white credit to date above their attractiveness level.

      • And usually have to have 3-4 “vibrant” boyfriends to guarantee at least one is out on parole at any given time.

      • Oh god I took my 3 year old to the kiddie amusement park the other day and the number of fat white girls with black children…

    • LOL.

      You just proved you’re a black male – because you’re too damn lazy to even come up with a new line of trollery.

      This is the same stupid shit you posted about 2 weeks back.

      Re: Institutional power.

      I look forward to the day when the POC has “institutional power”. Seeing as how every single city where they’ve gained that power has turned into an open air shooting range – where the murder rate of black males goes sky high – and nobody gives a shit……..

      Sounds like fun.

    • “Boomer” is useful shorthand for “out-of-touch, stuck in the past” mindset. Just like there are White N!ggers (as Robert Byrd said) there are young boomers. Take Nick Fuentes for example.

      There are based boomers but most are still dreaming of their MLK America which cannot possibly exist. Politics will change when they’re gone. I don’t like cheering day of the pillow though. I’ll still miss some of them.

        • My exasperation with the BoomerCons is that they are, generally speaking, the only people who still believe the Constitution and race-blind individualism will save us. Their economic success insulates them from the realities that would dissuade them from their civnat beliefs. If they could wake up, the impact would be enormous but they are determined not to see and that is frustrating.

          • I still have some hope. I was born in 1964, so the last year for boomers. In the course of several years, I went from being a Reagan/Bush, National Review, civnat, immigrant sympathizing, GDP worshipper with libertarian leanings, to a Zman reading, race realist, closed borders, non-interventionist, fair trade, Trump supporter (disappointed that he is merely at the rightward end of the liberal Overton window).

          • One of the hardest things for me has been losing the friendships of buddies who served in the MIGA wars. Military guys are generally solid citizens but they’re the most converged BoomerCons. I still have their backs but they think I’ve gone Commie.

          • I’ve had some discussions with BoomerCon friends about changing demographics. I’ll point out that minorities vote overwhelmingly Dem, and they’re adamant that they’re on the verge of abandoning the Dems to vote GOP. They really think this is a movement percolating that’s going to save the GOP, and all will be fine.

          • Blacks and Hispanics are much more culturally conservative than the Left. Blacks are anti-gay, religious, pro-gun and anti-Jew, while Hispanics are religious and anti-abortion. The impact of that on how they vote is about 10%. The remaining 90% of their focus is on who is gonna gimme what.

            Ah, yes. “family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande. ”
            Wow, who knew a Bush family member posted here???
            Never lived near or interracted on a close basis with minorities, huh?
            They abort they keedz at an over 50% rate, 74% born out of wedlock, commit around 75% of murders, 89% of rapes, 85% of robberies, drugs, DUIs. Incest and domestic battery is as common as dishwater, the majority of trannies are non white, black gay sex in prison is not considered “gay,” but rather as a sexual emergency or as a show of force, monogamy is not a concept they understand or a word they can spell. Despite the GOP & Dem talking points, they’re lazy, incompetent, surly workers, always late, taking days off, fail to produce, constantly file for Worker’s Comp, claim every criticism is racism,love ALL big government gibs, prefer to do away w/both 1st & 2nd As, hate whitey & all of whitey’s laws & rules, and if you’d ever spent some time in black Christian churches, you would mostly be left scratching your head trying to figure out where the Christian part you recognize was there.
            And about 9 MILLION other things I’m too tired to type out.
            No, just NO.

          • Creflo Dollar would like to have a word with you about his black Christian private jet. I thought every good pastor flies one around!

          • Don’t forget their penchant for supporting any war to protect “our greatest ally”…

        • It would help us understand what you wrote if you told us which version of Boomers you were referring to.

        • Then find a new term. I for one am of the generation that for decades has been described/denoted as “Boomers” yet, every time you use the term, it is in a derogatory context. Like I said, I’m getting more than tired of it. I have so far been patient and took such in what I thought was good humor, but such is wearing thin these days.

          • Born in 48 but no one has called me a boomer, yet. When that happens I’ll correct them. I’m a buuster. Break up the United States.

          • No, you’re not, you Goober.
            65-83-GenX, AKA, Baby Buster.

            The amount of butthurt in these comments is like reading a Millennial girl’s Tumblr blog.

          • The wife and I are in one of those weird in-between spaces between GenX and Millennial – ’80 and ’83. We grew up mostly like GenX then when college hit HOLY SHIT THE INTERNET! CELL PHONES! DIGITAL EVERYTHING!

            It’s like we have no place anywhere. The soy millennialism of my younger siblings disgusts me, and the GenX bleakness and depression just makes me angry.

          • Instead of having a cry have a think about why z refers to boomers in this way. Obviously not ALL boomers are responsible for the civil rights virtue signalling leftist mess we find ourselves in but the generation as a whole most definitely was.

      • I’d almost want to generalize it further to the point where it describes a group of people so unwilling to face the reality of the situation, they run away in order to continue to believe the lies.

        I also think I know what the younger generations version will look like: the techno futuristic cult surrounding elon musk. Even though he is an obvious huckster pitching monorails for VC shekels, he offers a promise of a future order than being surrounding by a sea of smelly brown. White flight in space is the pipe dream of the bugman.

        • Tacitus, you touch on a good point wrt Elon Musk. Total huckster and probably a true grifter, but he sings a song of hope for the future and that is very powerful. A budding rightest movement could learn from him in this respect.

          • Compsci: What musk is, is a magician in the true (esoteric) sense of the word. Magic being the art of manipulating others perceptions of reality in order to influence the choices they will make. When it is done for selfless purposes, it is white magic and fairly innocuous, often benevolent. When it is done for selfish purposes (greed, power, etc), it is black. This is the ‘unveiled’ definition from antiquity.

            To that end, yes, our movement will certainly benefit from the selfless variety, which we actually have quite a bit of already, albeit decentralized. Attempts to ennoble your fellow man, inspire virtue and proper conduct, living in reality, I see these frequently. I also see people like Benny boy who have a limited knowledge/understanding of these techniques who then apply them for selfish purposes, acting as a hindrance (thats being generous).

            The old mystery schools used the term ‘profaning’ to describe such a phenomenon. Some two-bit conman from outside the temple (pro fane) using knowledge he is not of sufficient moral character to use for personal benefit is a trope for a reason. It’s not realistic to expect everyone in this sphere to fully immerse themselves in ancient philosophy and esoterica so as to hone their bullshit meters (though the more that do strengthens us), therefore we need to be very careful concerning who such a person would be.

            We don’t need another Jordan Peterson repeating the golden verses of Pythagoras (with his insidious spin), or Benny boy. They are like psychic detectives trying to work on a missing person case: at best they burn time and money, at worst they do damage by mixing their own brand of lie in with the truth they peddle.

          • Good analogy wrt Musk the magician. He deflects to keep the masses from wising up on his (mis) adventures. Jordan, I don’t completely agree on.

        • Some bright and worthy people, like Moldbug, were into Seasteading. As a practical idea it’s ridiculous on multiple wipe-out levels, yet they didn’t seem to work that out. As an analogy it works to concentrate the mind on the conditions in which humans work best, the first being free association.

        • Re:
          ” I’d almost want to generalize it further to the point where it describes a group of people so unwilling to face the reality of the situation, they run away in order to continue to believe the lies. ”

          Among the hard core gun rights crowd – there’s a term for those people: Fudds

          The behavior is similar to the right-wing immigration cucks who think importing the third world will work out just fine because the Dems said so.

          The Fudds are pretty much always for any type of gun legislation – because they’re sure it will never go after their precious shotguns with the inlay and gold plated receiver.

          Maybe the dissident right should take some clues from the gun world – because Fudds are often attacked mercilessly when they can’t contain themselves and start agreeing too openly with Dem efforts to severely curtail gun rights.

          Jim Zumbo got his ass handed to him a number of years ago when he decided to write a column about how “black” guns had no place among civilized people. It took all of a week before he personally felt the effect of pissing off the people who were paying the freight on his lifestyle.

        • The left even noticed that far too many of his rocket scientists and engineers at SpaceX are white. Diversity doesn’t get you to the moon. SpaceX is his least bad idea (but tunnels with vehicles on sleds is a pretty typical sci-fi type idea for moving cars around with a lot of upside). Some of his stuff is kooky, sure, but he’s willing to dream, which is more than I can say for most whites these days, glued to their Netflix and mobile games.

  30. Think I picked up the “Cargo Cult” theme here. But what passes for “elites” are simply at a loss for any new ideas, so they just fall back on the old rituals hoping that the “bounty” will magically return. Problems with race that ultimately link to behavioral and cognitive characteristics? Conjure the spirit of the Klan and Nate Forrest! Toss in some trannies and intersectionality for extra credit. As much as the left denigrates the 50s, they sure wish the fruits of economic hegemony were still around to pay their bills. Trump drives them nuts because he keeps asking why we want to import MS 13 and export our IP to China or why we should keep subsidizing trade and cheap drugs for Europe. So the rituals continue…and who better to lead them than a bunch of old farts and proto-Socialists

  31. Our country hasn’t seen governmental statesmanship for several decades; it’s simply a lost tradition, along with archaic things that many hope will bring national revival, such as “the Constitution” or “the Republic” or “sovereign states” or “elections matter.” All those things in quotations were important for a USA that had a common language, national identity, effective borders, and two readily apparent genders. But that USA that we read about in history books no longer exists. I tend to think Millennials grasp that better than Boomers, yet it seems the Millenial responses are things like open-borders, unfettered democracy, and a myriad of gender identities. For those of us who will live to see the post-Boomer governments and their ensuing chaos, buckle up.

    • I agree, but think it will take longer to unravel. The media and culture are dominated by gays, so the sissified zeitgeist seems larger than it is. We will also at some point be constrained from offering welfare to the world by the debt time bomb.

  32. You know, we keep saying boomers arent going to age gracefully. I say, they haven’t aged gracefully. But, they are the best we got and after they they are gone, the slippery slope gets steeper.

    The moderate, old, white boomer is the only group in the country capable of delivering policies moderates want. Right wing Gen X politicians are all Christian suburban types that POCs and apathetic millenials intrinsically hate. While Prog politicians of all ages are trying to be POC groveling millenials.

    Tim Pool, whose identity is being politically moderate, wants policy from a white country but cant admit it will take a white country to get them. He seems indicative of the rest of the country. Normie is just stuck in 1990.

  33. Well, that brings up another question nobody wants to answer: how old is too old to vote? Or run for office?

      • You obviously need a new psychic and need to put more effort into your seances…😆👍

    • In my utopia, married men (or widowers) with at least one child, who own real property, and whose family takes no government assistance should get a vote when they are 35 years old. You get two votes if you have 4+ children. You lose the vote if you take any form of gov’t money (e.g. social security). You only get to vote in the town you have spent the majority of your adult life in, and only then if you still live there > 90% of the time. Cosmopolitan travelers and snowbirds need not apply.

  34. There’s no way the USA stays intact. I don’t know when it splits apart and I don’t know how, but all the political fighting and animosity going on now is nothing compared to what’s coming.

    • When and if the Rats push through their Popular Vote scheme where the candidate who gets the most votes nationally is elected President , then you may see some movement on secession. It will effectively negate votes in about 45 states. Only a few states will then determine the winner and only on the coasts. Middle America will not be happy.

      • Right now the coasts aren’t happy that a few swing states control everything…

        Why is it that people are fine with their own team owning the cards, but when someone else starts taking over… then its “WE NEED CIVIL WAR!”

        • Normie said
          “Why is it that people are fine with their own team owning the cards, but when someone else starts taking over… then its “WE NEED CIVIL WAR!”’

          Competition 101:
          Don’t let your opponent win.

        • If you think that the Midwest or “a few swing states” have “owned all the cards” at any time in the last 100 years, you’re more delusional than the average Normie. And oh, yeah, hi Tiny, how’s it goin’? Still no life yet?

        • Dumb question. Who doesn’t want to win & crush their enemies? I certainly do.

        • This dude’s name for himself is pure misdirection. He/she/xhir is in no way “Normie.”

          — This one is a hard-leftie disinformational-disruptor. The rejoinder to his/her/xhir comment is obvious:

          — National Popular Vote is a naked scheme to subvert the constitution, something no true “Normie” would countenance.

          — The intent of that subversion is to ensure electoral decision is shifted fully to the most dense population areas, which are nearly all hard left (minus a few like those in OK).

          — it fully disenfranchises rural / flyover America, which almost uniformly supports traditional concepts of American founding, culture and individual character.

          — It is, as are all the schemes of the left, cleverly and carefully structured around hollow platitudes, such as this worship and mis-use of the term “democracy”, in a nation founded as a republic.

          — It in fact grants ALL power … forever, to those highly populous swing states, and limits those states in which the left has to concentrate it’s political energies so as to effectively exert control.

          This yet another footsoldier in the ceasless plan for transformation and tyranny.

    • Politically, dissolution of the USA is the best we can hope for.
      In any event, there will be plenty of pain to go around.

      • In your new Land of Nod post secession, I can be your tribal storyteller:

        There once were two cats of Kilkenny,
        Each thought there was one cat too many,
        So they fought and they fit,
        And they scratched and they bit,
        Till, excepting their nails
        And the tips of their tails,
        Instead of two cats, there weren’t any.

  35. People use the Boomer term when just old is more accurate. Pelosi is no Boomer nor many that get blamed. Just a pet peeve for me.

    Now when Boomers get out of the way then what? GenX, Millennials? Pretty useless. There aren’t any really promising signs of a generation that will right the ship. Maybe we have taken on too much water. Maybe start thinking more of a generational alliance, much more useful.

    • I actually don’t blame the Boomers for much. They were born after our first horrible experiment with socialism – the New Deal and resulting Great Depression. They were raised by the idiots who still idolized FDR. They had to go fight an stupid war – which they won anyhow, only to have it given back by their elders. The first big elections in which they were all adults were won by Reagan.

      Maybe the whole blaming arbitrary generations instead of individuals is nonsense.

        • No one here does that. Large group tendencies do not mean every person in that group is alike or responsible for the actions of that group.

          One can make an argument that say all elite are responsible as they operate like a tribe if you are willing to go down that route but entire races and generations are far too large for that mindset.

          Broadly the Silents, the WW2 generation and Korea generation everyone up to 1945 or so is the most responsible generation for America’s decline as they passed the laws and enforced them

          Where it went wrong with the Boomers is they were, hell, are ,so complacent and self deluded that they have done nothing to fix anything when they have total power and have spent tremendous effort even obstructing needed repairs .

        • Nothing says “well argued” like an emoticon in the place of a period; we’re not accustomed to that here at the Z blog, being adults with literate backgrounds.

    • The earliest of the Boomers were just out of high school when Hart-Celler was made law. The people who gave us that law grew up one or two generations prior, and the rumblings toward it it must have gone back several generations before that.

      • We are constantly being blamed for things that happened well before we could vote (I’m an early Boomer and the first national election for which I was eligible to vote was 1968). A lot of the damage was done by 1968.

        • My first vote was 1980, and what a delightful year that was. Gipper – in; Al D’Amato (our last GOP senator in NY) in; around the nation people like the odious Frank Church – out; McGovern – out. I forget all the details but it ruled. I was 20, girls everywhere, and the libs on the run. I want 1980 again.

          THAT was morning in America.

      • Hart-Cellar was forced upon people. To keep folks from rioting in the street, LBJ & Teddy Kennedy assured folks that it wouldn’t change the racial demographics of the country. And it didn’t, right away.
        You also have to take into account that the majority of counties in America all the way up til the early 80s were 96% white, most people still traveled very little, and when they did, it was within a 2-3 state radius. They slow boiled the frog, before yanking the knob up to rolling boil the last 2 decades.
        You have ppl to this day who live in 80-95% white areas who don’t get all the fuss over mass immigration. It’s still ok where they are, after all, and most people tune out of what’s happening in areas across the country from them. Heck, most ppl don’t even know what’s happening 20 miles from them.
        You’re also talking about a people with no access to the info we have today, nor the jaded view toward the instituitions they were taught to revere, from the day they were born. My parents are 83 & 87, and we’re always jaded about politics and race, but they whole heartedly believe every Holocaust/WW1/WW2/Vietnam/Iraq, etc. they’ve been fed. They would never question a doctor or think to get a 2nd opinion.

        tl;dr it was a different world with different people, different understanding of their world

    • Exactly, it’s much more important to build alliances between generations. This generational warfare nonsense is one of the biggest impediments to an incredibly important element of dissident politics: mentorship. Baby boomers and millennials have a lot in common, including shared experiences in a time of political flux.

      • I agree with that, but it means Boomers have to stop being so prickly about the use of the term Boomer. That’s more annoying than the cheap Boomer-bashing you see from Zoomers like Nick Fuentes.

          • Join he discussion…Do you mean Humpty Dumpty theory of language? The question still remains,,’who is to be master..”

        • “…Boomers have to stop being so prickly about the use of the term Boomer.”

          I respectfully disagree.

          Smiling and asking for more when our generation is singled out for abuse goes hand in hand with doing the same when they attack white males generally.

          • Absolutely. As far back as the mid-90s, when I went through the gauntlet of race-aggression at graduate school, I was made to understand that ‘being white’ isn’t NECESSARILY “being white”. Whiteness is a state of mind, which with proper training can be brought to heel through a careful program of good thinking.

            You aren’t being condemned for being a a literal boomer or a literal white – fates such as these can be evaded by adapting to the newspeak alternatives: Not a boomer, but a “boomer”; not a white, but a “white”.

            Our ball club is getting better at this wordplay, and it’s spooky. Being an Orwellian kind of guy since the age of 14, I don’t care for these word puzzles thrown at us by clever people – even on our team. Especially on our team.

        • I rarely see GenXers like me & Z castigated, but both of us missed the arbitrary generational bracket of Baby Boomer, 1946-1964, by a hair.
          Leaving aside obvious things like my BB husband, born in 1946, has way more in common culturally, politically, ideologically, etc., with my mother, born in 1936, than he does with either my sister, born in 1956, or me, born in 1966.

          Wasn’t it Rand-McNally or some large insurance company that first come up with the whole idea of generational groupings, & it gained traction because the narcissistic Boomers that shaped the culture, liked the idea so much? Muh g-g-g-generation upon whose every whim we must cater to and be lectured by?

          It’s way more complicated than that. If you grew up in the 50s & 60s out in the Alabama boonies, on your parent’s dirt farm, you had little to nothing in common w/kids who attended Berkeley & went to Vietnam war protests. You were more likely to be one of the kids that they fed into the Vietnam war meat machine, instead of being one of the rich kids strolling the sunny Cali campus, preaching undying devotion to Commies.
          As for castigating Xers as a whole for our failures, fine. I would likely agree with you on a number of things.
          It’s beyond tedious to constantly assure Boomers that yes, everyone knows NABALT, not all Boomers are like that. WE KNOW.
          My hubby, as well as my mom & dad, hated the idea of government welfare, immigration, desegregation, legalized abortion, degeneracy, forced association & the like, before 98% of the dissident right was born, for all the good it did them.
          Time to worry about the future, there’s nothing we can do about the past.

    • Boomer has lost its exclusive demographic meaning. It also implies a Ben Shapiro type of politics, a weird civnat desire to out-Left the Left on race,identity, sex, etc.

      • Many of you are reacting to Baby Boomers with disgust. Believe you are reacting to certain qualities of human nature wrapped in the unique generational wrapping paper of Boomers that you can’t seem to see are the same qualities of all younger generations.

        I’m a Boomer and grind my teeth about the behavior of many Boomers. My generation did not produce stately women and manly men that are images of great leaders in the home or community. Can understand your disgust watching these old skanky bitches like Fonda and Maclaine still rutting around in movies and writing/shrieking about it. Who wants these old bitches for your grandmother! Yes, their faces look like a map of the Nile delta, and people normally wouldn’t mind except they arrogantly rut and strut their stuff in your face claiming they are not growing old, only better, the terminal arrogant Peter Pan syndrome.

        Dope..dope…and dope…We produced endless hopeless loadies. Having a conversation with your loadie grandfather is like trying to follow 6 rabbits and 3 hounds set loose. And he crashes and collides, and won’t give up the car keys. And neither will you when old. My father came from the WW2 generation, my grandfather from WW1 generation…and both wouldn’t give up the car keys.

        And you’re sick of hearing all music came full blown from the head Zeus in the 60’s and 70’s, nothing like a Clapton guitar riff, and set the stage for all other music, began and ended with us. Sick of that. Yet to my grandfather, the world began and ended with opera, and made no room for any other musical influence.

        Problem is…it’s just the wrapping paper. You younger generations have your own unique wrapping paper covering the same qualities of human nature….you’re not going to do or produce any better, just different, particularly because the cultural capital of western civilisation is almost gone, working against you, very few standards-morals-ethics left that took a long time to build and a short time to destroy.

        You folks will find out you’re just another variation on the theme of civilisational decline. Only you as an individual can elevate the human condition. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a few more individuals in your generation and across generations to understand and work solo and/or together to elevate the human condition. This blog.

        My grandmother was stately, and I miss women like her.
        And you folks have blue-haired, skanky, tatted, depressed, brassy, self-obsessed, childless, crap wine drinking cat ladies and soft, emotional, soy men with poopie little dogs to look forward to, exercising on Peloton bikes in endless high rise rabbit warrens.

        I’m wise enough to know to get out of your way as it is now your time to inherit the wind.

        • Afterthought: Z is right on this point about Boomers, we are as a generational herd absolutely stuck in fuzzy, gauzy blinkers mode about biological reality/race realism, i.e. we should all be equal, those who are unequal should be given an affirmative action/reparations hand to raise them above us, Boomers are awash in guilt so big like a cloud on the mountain top the BoomerButts can’t see beyond the cloud of guilt that all white people should atone for raaaacism against all people of color…..because whites are Bad and held them back.

          When my generation is mostly gone, you youngers won’t be as hobbled with color blindness as the reality of tribal revenge will be sinking through a great number of your noggins.

          • Our political whirlwinds shall not be any less than the tornadoes of Oklahoma and Kansas.

    • Nancy Pelosi, b. 1940. For the US, that’s pre-, not post-war. This entire generation business is not particularly enlightening, but if folks are going to use it, they should at least get it right.

    • Yeah, I’m getting pretty tired of the Boomer bashing myself. Seems we get all the blame but none of the credit. We made this damn country and kept it going until now—good and bad. So I challenge you, Z-man, to stop bashing and start explaining what you predict can, will, and should happen when the largest stable and highest IQ cohort disappears and you are left with a mishmash of POC minorities (in total, the majority of residents) with an average IQ of 90!

      It’s pretty easy to bash—seemingly your new pastime—and I’m predicting you have no answers, just bitterness. And that will never found a movement, at least not of the intelligent.

      • Love it… A site based on bashing minorities takes offense to the Blogger bashing their worthless Generation… The irony.

        • The irony is you, Normie. You’ve exposed your ignorance, your pretentiousness and your inhumanity very concisely here. I hope you are young; you might grow out of it.

          We’re having a conversation among adults here. Mind your manners.

          • Weird. I thought I made a good point: that bashing huge swaths of people is always wrong.

            But I guess the easiest thing to do when you’ve been made a fool of is to pretend your “the adult.” So Boomer of you…

        • HEY NORMIE –
          Turn off your interwebz (if you know how) and go glue your face to the bloody CNN propaganda you’re so fond of. They’ll have what you’re looking for: Leftists galore.

          We don’t (at least, I don’t) expect you to find your brain any time soon. Don’t let the metaphorical door hit you on the way out.

          • Hey Carrie,
            Sorry I hurt your feelings by stating the obvious.
            Feel free to skip my comments for now on and stick in your old person bubble of ignorance and racism… I’ll keep living in the real world where people like you aren’t even allowed to speak what you believe in public.

      • So, Boomer is your trigger word, lol?
        You guys are as sensitive as a Millennial whale in a bikini or Lolbergtarians.
        For me, it’s easy. We GenXers f*cked up our kids by being both helicopter parents who refused to let our kids experience even the tiniest failure, while simultaneously giving them every single consumable good we could afford, all while telling them their future would be ruined if they didn’t rack up 5 &:6 figure debt attending college indoctrination centers, because, OF COURSE, they could be whatever they dreamed of being, no matter how useless or absurd the dream.
        We Xers naively accepted the political status quo. We grew up in the last fumes of old America in a mostly white, harmonious country with limited foreign engagement. We saw no reason to protest,. to become politically and socially militant, (what was there to protest? Grenada? Shoulder pads?), and most of us truly resented the Baby Boomers who wouldn’t STFU about it & their superiority.

        You can blame us for that.

        • Maybe we should put aside this generational stuff in the interest of more important things.

          But that means actually put it aside.

        • Gen-X should have rebelled against the Boomers, just like the Boomers rebelled against the WWII generation. Instead, Gen-X unquestioningly accepted the hippified country they lived in, and didn’t dare upset the spoiled brat Boomers who created it.

          Can’t blame them, the Booby supposes. It’s hard to rebel when you’re raised with few, if any, rules, pathological permissiveness, and mom and dad are “friends” not disciplinarians.

          Gen-X grew up as the hippy wave of pussification swept across society. Not surprisingly, the ones with Boomer parents grew up to be pussies.

          And here we are.

          • Gen-X was too busy trying to understand, survive, and then game the system run by the Boomers. They then figured out that Boomers gonna die someday. Then we can start fixing things. “Biden” our time.

    • I agree. Blaming Boomers doesn’t cut it, And I really don’t trust people pushing generational strife. I mean WTF is next, box car rides for Boomers to the local quarry. The shit is self-defeating.

      The fact is most of the serious damage inflicted on the country came from the ruling class and Wall Street. They chose who we voted for; they kept the borders open and didn’t enforce immigration law; they shackled us with crooked trade deals that gutted industry and devastated entire states; they looted businesss by the hundreds with LBO’s. None of this was our doing. Much was passed behind our backs This litany of hell was rammed down our throats by a unaccountable elite. While the MSM perpetuated their lies for decades.

      Yet our thought leaders blame some self-absorbed aging schmuck down the street for our woes. Go figure. It’s shit like this just black pulls me on the alt-Right.

      • “The fact is most of the serious damage inflicted on the country came from the ruling class and Wall Street”

        Boomers are responsible for our current mess in the same way the Japanese are responsible for bombing Pearl Harbor.

        When the boomers are gone, Gen X will be the problem, etc. No generation has righted the ship yet. The generation that does will be heros. Don’t take it personally if it doesn’t apply to you.

      • Absolutely. I love the Z man and understand that generational differences exist – in fuzzy logical terms – but this herding of people into categories is lazy, insensitive, and unconstructive, producing offense and annoyance among those of us who are entirely on this team. It’s like we’re overpaid veterans on a baseball team being waived or traded for draft picks and minor leaguers.

        It’s what the Left does everyday. We’re better than this – it’s not who we are. Anyway it’s not who I am.

        One of Orwell’s last essays was about Gandhi. Orwell suspected him of being somewhat of a phony, but over the course of the essay his view seemed to change into some reluctant respect. Gandhi was asked what he feared the most: It was the hard-heartedness of intellectuals. Orwell was impressed by that; he knew a good deal about such hard-heartedness in England, and understood the threat.

  36. I don’t think the current demographic landscape is going to be able to keep up with the complexity of the system. This is a system built by white men for white men and being forced to hand over the reins to low IQ people is not going to work. Idiocracy was funny because the robots are already taking over but we’re not there yet. In my majority-minority city every time a water main breaks I wonder if we’re still capable of fixing it. So far so good but Detroit is everyone’s future but without the state pumping money into it

    • Did a tour of duty in Detroit back in the Coleman Young days…was a fully formed third world kleptocracy back then. Only miracle was that it continued as long as it did. One good thing is the experience anchored my reference point for what “bad” is compared to the other places I’ve lived in since.

    • We all hope for an eventual uprising from our tribe but look at how far we’ve fallen in just 1 single generation. Except for our fringe movement no one else is even tapping the brakes.

      It’s possible we will never stop falling and devolve into 5th rate status. At some point there is nothing left worth fighting for.

      Just in terms of agency, there seems to be a linear decline in get-up-and-go as you move from the Boomers down to Gen Z.

      Some days the glass looks half empty other days half full. There is a lot of enthusiasm on our side and it seems to be spreading. But is it enough to stave off the decay reaching a point when most people simply give up?

      • This is a real concern I share. It’s not just the old Boomers who have to go. I won’t fight for a culture that doesn’t absolutely reject the degeneracy represented by gay marriage and the right of women to dye their hair blue and get full-sleeve tats, let alone slaughter their unborn child in the womb. I often feel drawn to the desert like those fourth century monks who fled the decadence and decay of the urban outposts of the Roman imperial decline. Life today is pushing the cortisol to 11. It seems like fight or flight is the only response possible. Is getting out just giving up, a lack of fortitude? So, for now, I stay and stew in the toxic mess as the decline appears to accelerate.

        • For many of us, just holding on to our identity, not adapting to the current truths, etc., is warfare enough. Decide where you stand and stand there, until knocked over – just stay defiant. You don’t have to argue with people; let the way you live be the counter-argument. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a hero of mine in this respect.

          The first task of one who would defend civilization is to be a representative of civilization. We talk of cleansing meteors but that’s childish. No sane human being wants the world to burn because he hates trannies and George Soros and the rest of the subhuman filth now regnant in our twilight society.

          • The endless leftward drift only ends when absolutism cuts it off:

            Ave Caesar not Ave Maria.

            Peisistratos, Sulla, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, Deng Xiaoping, Plague…stop Cthulhu.

            If this is followed by a renaissance it will depend upon who’s left: is it Charlemagne and Deng…or is it Lenin and Stalin…

          • How about Francisco Franco? Dictator and all-around hard-ass, yes—but withal an avatar and upholder of Western Civilization. The Generalisimo’s efforts effectively rescued Spain from the prevailing chaos of the Popular Front regime in 1936 and prevented the country from succumbing to the fate of becoming a full-blown Stalinist regime in Western Europe. Likely several millions of Spanish people draw breath today as a direct consequence. Any country could to do loads worse, no?

      • I’m not the best white pill guy but Europe gives me hope. It’s going to take more time than I likely have left but I’ll hopefully point some youngsters in a better direction while I watch Globohomo burn.

      • But is it enough to stave off the decay reaching a point when most people simply give up?

        Are people tempted to give up because they understand, realistically, that their nation and culture are a write-off and all that’s left is carpe diem? Or are they waiting for a movement of ideas that will crystallize for them what they can do to restore a civilization that, however imperfect because it’s human, is worth loyalty and even sacrifice?

        On that question hangs the balance between surrender and renaissance.

    • Not only was the system built for high IQ white men, it was also built for moral, honest people willing to sacrifice to preserve the system. Not only are our current rulers cucks, they are evil power hungry liars, who are foolish enough to think they will survive the collapse of the system they are actively trying to destroy.

    • I’ve listened to this Edward Dutton fellow a lot recently. Over the weekend he and Richard Spencer had a good discussion. One of Dutton’s views is that IQ is declining and has been declining for a long time. Smarter people have less babies, while stupid people have more. That’s even without considering the millions of migrants, which will accelerate the IQ decline.

    • Even in homogeneous white and asian societies, average IQ is seeing serious drops. Jews have fallen off a cliff as a group in standard testing. Unz has a brilliant novela style piece on this and how the white Christians are the most discriminated against in ivy league admission. It’s astonishing really, I do wonder what is happening. Is idiocracy unavoidable?

      • Its a high probability that we’ll get what is called a catabolic collapse.

        TL:DR version is that society is too complex and expensive to sustain and as such will collapse to a more sustainable model

        We might get idiocracy along the way but a simple lack of ability to get resources we need at an affordable cost will doom modernity in time and the automated systems will simply stop working

        My guess is 200 years from now won’t be Star Trek as we won’t have the energy for widespread electrification or the like. Instead you’ll get schitzotech Amish Paradise . Hell the demographics are heading that way with the Amish often having seven kids , the other faithful with large families mostly sustainable and everyone else below replacement

        Exponential growth is no joke even starting at small numbers

        And yes I do know that isn’t how stats work and won’t work but its illustrative of the effects of modernity on human well being as vs roots and tradition

        Assuming somehow radical life extension is developed and I manage to stay around for it all and find a place honestly I won’t mind that much. I’ll miss the physical ease of life but most of the population will be moral and White and being smart will be useful instead of being outsourced to a machine or some cheap labor

        • Good site & the post is a good read. Gene Wolfe’s New Sun is how I see the eventual new equilibrium – low tech masses with a hyper-tech elite aristocracy. Herbert’s Dune reads much the same. Fukiyama missed the mark entirely in thinking democracy was a crowning achievement of progress. Those not high on his prop nation supply see that it leads to Huxley & Orwell, not Galt’s Gulch.

          • I basically agree though our aristocracy including the tech elite couldn’t maintain a lot of the high technology at least as we have it today

            I suspect there will be at early stages, under a few centuries, simple cars and maybe occasional warplanes but something like the few years old computer I’m posting from is fiendishly complex to make and fragile

            Also unlike in the past the tech elite at least tend to fairly small families and no real inheritance

            Bill Gates has three kids but it seems to practice among today’s wealthy is to give the kids a “starter package” and kick them loose . I seem to recall reading somewhere they were going to get 10 million each , in like 2000’s money and than they rest go to his foundation

            As for the rest I don’t think many of them will even be rich much longer, Facebook is waning now as are the others

            if this cheers you, one mistake from Elon Musk’s Internet satellite project might result in a Kessler Event and could wreck obit and the use of satellites

            This will not have nice outcomes, best case no Internet and a collapse, worse case, mass famine

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