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For the first show after the short summer break, I decided to go with a topic that I think is going to be a major theme of 2020. I wrote a post the other day suggesting that the 2020 election will be both one last hurrah for the Woodstock generation, as well as a modern battle of the sexes. We thought the wammin issue was settled when Trump dropped a house on Hillary Clinton in 2016, but it looks like her ideological soulmate will be the nominee for 2020, so the wammin war will continue.

The interesting thing about this renewed war on the sexes is it will no doubt be covered exclusively from the female perspective. Since the media assumes the female perspective is youngish, single and urban, rather than middle-aged, married and suburban, which is closer to reality, the reporting will reflect the feminist lunacy we have come to associate with the issue. Trump did about the same with women in 2016 as Obama did in 2012, but the media assumes women hate Trump anyway.

Where Trump won the 2016 election was with men, specifically white men. He doubled the Obama 2012 margin and did as well as Bush with white men. If you are building a case for Trump winning in 2020, it starts with Warren winning the nomination. Men do not like her and it appears blacks are not enthusiastic about her. Warren seems to poll worse than Clinton with those two groups. On the other hand, she seems to cast a magic spell on professional women. I have a segment on that this week.

The thing about the war of the sexes is that it is really a war on normal women. When you examine the arguments from the Left and from feminists, not a lot of it is aimed at changing male behavior that is beneficial to women. Mostly it is aimed at eliminating the protections a healthy society has for its women. The resulting social breakdown creates more unhappy women, who can then be recruited into the coven of feminism. To what end, other than collapse, is never articulated.

One media note. This weekend I will be filling in on the FTN weekend broadcast. I will be co-hosting with Ethnarch, covering the news of the day. I’m not sure if Allsup will be on, but it could just be the two of us. The whiny millennials, who always moan about Boomers will be treated to some rugged Gen-X posting.  Maybe it will toughen some of you sissies up a little bit. The site is here and I’ll post a link to it here once they post it up on their site. It should be up Saturday evening.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The War On Wammin (Link)
  • 12:00: Warren Wammin (Link)
  • 22:00: A Return To Normalcy (Link)
  • 32:00: Wammin’s Work (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: One Less Airhead Work (Link)
  • 47:00: The Crotch Warrior (Link)
  • 52:00: Wamminhood (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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140 thoughts on “Wammin’s World

  1. We will see how well Black and Hispanic voters turn out for a vinegar drinking fake Indian Schoolmarm. Warren has to go full Kill-Whitey to gin up enthusiasm there and that generates its own turnout in self defense from White man. You don’t have to love Trump to vote to keep out of a gulag.

    That being said, I don’t think there is a war on women. Rather, women are getting exactly what they want, good and hard. Fertility (baby strike) has dropped all around the globe, in Iran, in Algeria, in Tunisia, in Japan, in South Korea as noted. Essentially whenever high urbanization, better education of women, and better earnings rates for women, happens you get a baby strike. Women don’t like their men. The only exception to this and it is a massive one — is Africa. Urban centers have always been population sinks since before Alexander’s time. That’s no different. Give women a choice and they will slut it up as much as possible before (some) settle bitterly to men they figure are inferior to their former boyfriends who did not commit. Alpha Widows, per Heartiste.

    Women are not being deceived as innocent naifs, they willingly buy what Globohomo has on offer. Look at how hard and how failed the NFL has tried to convince Europeans that American football is for them; and how much MLS has failed in the US. Outside Soy Central aka the Pacific Northwest no one cares about soccer, save Mexicans rooting for the Mexican team.

    White women have had a grudge against their men since the Middle Ages. You can see accounts of how quarreling couples were put in a pit with the two tied together, and the wife given a weapon, to fight it out. Tacitus for whatever he is worth recorded no such animosity of German women against their men, but they were mostly herders/light agriculturalists. The Icelandic Sagas are full of bitter, angry resentment of Viking women against their men (generally for the men being too weak, conciliatory, lacking in blood lust). A lot of the blood feuds seems Viking women stirring up their men to kill so they’ll be desirable in the sack. Even if the victims were inevitably brothers and cousins.

    This is the true nature I think of the war between the sexes, seen everywhere but among Africans. To different degrees but I think universally. Women desire, well naturally low IQ, violent, dominant, aggressive, highly impulsive men. What African men have an abundance essentially. Women despise high IQ (absent a sociopathic drive) in men, male cooperation, and stability. To women, this is “boring.”

    The rage among the Hillary/Warren voters is for White men. Its understandable — they were promised bad boys without end and got … us. As ordinary as they are. Its the one sin women will not forgive — being ordinary. Thus there will be no end to anti-White hatred, it flows like an inexhaustible spring from White women’s hate hate hate of the beta male, particularly their husbands and kids by said husbands.

    • His first child was a girl, Lieserl. She died during WWI of scarlet fever while living with her maternal grandparents in Serbia.

  2. Elizabeth Warren may very well be the nominee. The Dems are retards after all. But there is no way she will win the general because the bla’fo’ will not warm to her any more than they did to Hillary.

    I don’t think the Dems will nominate her since I don’t think they have a death wish.

    Who will they nominate?

    Kamala, la Horizontale.

    • Not nitpicking your post or any of the others with predictive nominees. But no matter which dweeb the Dems select I would never predict there’s “no way” they’d win the general election. Obama was successful in this: our demographics, and thus our culture, and thus our politics, were fundamentally transformed during his tenure. And as horrible a candidate as Hillary was, what she DID accomplish was galvanize the feminists to envision a win in the very near future.

      I suppose some see me as a pessimist, but methinks I’m being realistic about the very good chances that Warren or Kamala could be our next president.

  3. Dylan Matthews of VOX Media has been exposing the naked lie by arguing in favor of “cancel culture” to stop white conservatives from exercising self-determination.

    Vox Media is the real “targeted harassment”, which is system-approved. Leftjourno can libel us at will, with nary a consequence.

    There is something wrong when Xinhua treats us with more respect.

  4. I might be off topic because it is late, I’m half asleep, and I am listening to the voice of Mr. Z.

    When the world, at least America, was more sane, men were at the center. You can see it in photos from a generation ago where men were in discussion in government, media, sports, and the other areas of life.

    Today, look at the photos and notice the rise of females in them. I didn’t know how correct men and boys were back when I was a teenager, and back when it was somewhat common to hear the claim that “Women would screw up the world if they ever ran it.” It sounded so sexist and bigoted to me but I really didn’t give much thought to it. My conservative dad back in the seventies warned his kids, “Feminism is bad because it will make women lose their femininity.” But for me, that wasn’t going to come to complete fruition in my lifetime, yet here we are.

    Now I wish I had taken some college classes in anthropology or biology, maybe even mythology, to trace the attitudes that now seem so correct about women, nature, and man’s fate. The only thing I can really relate is the bible, book of Genesis, and the creation story. The Catholic Church did a good job keeping the womyn out of its business for centuries, so I imagine the scholarly fathers of the Church must have given some serious consideration to the literal fall of man being brought on by The Woman being seduced by Satan. Poor Adam, being a sap for a hot body, didn’t stand a chance. So, the wise Fathers kept ’em in their place until about ’65. As a side note, when a Catholic author in the Seventies railed about the post Vat II Nuns in Pants being the precursor to a greater evil, he was right even though non-Catholic Christians scoffed at such an obscure or trite matter. Those nuns who wore the habit were prayerful and obedient to serving the Church. The Nuns in Pants do Social Justice instead of Christian service, and in abandoning the former for the latter, the Church is just as screwed up as the country and the world.


    • At the end of the article, all of the pro tennis players pretty much agreed that tennis just wasn’t too important after they had kids.

  5. Overtly feminist women fall into 3 categories.

    1. Non-white women.
    2. Overweight women.
    3. Attractive women with weak fathers.

  6. Yeah, the feminist obsession on their junk has always seemed a little odd to me. I might think with my junk sometimes, but not really about it. I am far more likely to find myself thinking about THEIR junk than mine!
    Great episode. A reminder of just how nuts the wammin are.

    • “I might think with my junk sometimes, but not really about it. I am far more likely to find myself thinking about THEIR junk than mine!”

      Yes…Exactly….and that’s the wonderful amazing dance we have done for thousands of generations. Wasn’t it grand!

      Now it’s the lurching dance of the Swedish Hannibal Lecter and the living dead processed into soylent green, as the female freak show writhes and shrieks bearing witness to the handmaiden’s tale.

  7. “Dropped a house on Clinton”…love it. My family all posted “ding dong the witch is dead” videos for weeks after the election…

  8. American women are being turned into Epstein Girls.

    Liberation through sexual degradation for “the elite.”

    In oligarchies, the women become concubines for the rich; the others get leftovers. Note the term “low-income women.”

    • Come on Josh, we’re talking about inviolable conservative principles here. Why do you hate freedom and Human Rights, Josh?

      Seriously though, I haven’t read this. I don’t have the stomach for it today (or most days).

      • He says that it’s to keep the peace and Progressives are overplaying their hand. Yeah, how is the gay marriage compromise working out? Can’t wait for the hot take on why polygamy and Pedophilia are good for society.

        • Progressivism is a mythology contrived to serve the will-to-power of the left-liberal elite, and the coalition they’ve assembled under them. It is rooted in past liberalism, and heavily propagandized, and also defended with the arm of the left-liberal elites’ states (as well as in private economy/institutions, which the left-liberal elite also control). And so, most whites cannot or will not reject it and truly war against it. It is a mythology with power, much like Islam, because it can fire adherents, or infect peoples minds and induce apathy, and direct people in the proper way to give the mythology a presence and staying power in this world. See: Nietzsche and Georges Sorel.

        • “Progressives are overplaying their hand.”
          Hiding out and hoping it all collapses and provides us an opening to rebuild is foolish (if that’s what he’s alluding to). People are highly, highly moldable in their thinking under modern conditions (especially white people). It will collapse if sufficient pressure, external and internal, is brought to bear on it. We need to do everything we can (prudently, thoughtfully) to bring strain to bear on the elite and their system, then be properly comprised that we can take advantage of any openings. The world runs on power, pure and simple. We need our own mythology to fire our people and direct them properly. I don’t believe that, say, the mythology of the American Revolution (I’m thinking of Bernard Bailyn’s book ‘The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution’, although honestly it’s been so long since I’ve read it that I remember little cut) cuts it.

    • Nice first sentence: “I doubt that many Americans would disagree that the country’s conversation about gay rights is far more mature and considered than it was two decades ago.”

      That’s funny, because all I hear is inarticulate howling.

  9. Mostly it is aimed at eliminating the protections a healthy society has for its women. The resulting social breakdown creates more unhappy women, who can then be recruited into the coven of feminism. To what end, other than collapse, is never articulated.

    Haven’t had time to hear the podcast yet but this part is right on. Just b/c I dont want women in politics doesn’t mean I ‘hate’ women. The ones who really hate women are the a-holes insisting they are ‘men w ginas.’ They are not and they will never be happy trying to be that.

    • “You mean you want women to be able to stay at home, raise their kids, not have to work, not have to compete with men, not have to go fight in wars…YOU MUST HATE WOMEN”

    • Wasn’t it only two years ago that this was a meme? NRO is degenerating at an exponential rate. Not gonna miss it.

      From the shill’s mouth:

      “I doubt that many Americans would disagree that the country’s conversation about gay rights is far more mature and considered than it was two decades ago. Today, there exists broad understanding that homosexual people are unavoidable and common, present in all corners and demographics of American life. Through education, and especially exposure, homosexuality is no longer regarded as bizarre, threatening, or mysterious.”

      In <10 years they've 101% converged on homosexuality and they're greasing the rails for trannies. This is indistinguishable from Slate or Vox of that era. Somewhere up there Dabney is laughing his ass off yelling "Every Single Time."

      Unironically, no snark, no BS – NRO if it still exists in 2024 will be stumping for open marriage and the decriminalization of pedo. There is nothing in their vapid anti-ideology left to stop the descent into depravity.

      • NR has written “pro-slut” articles, thinking its “edgy” to counter-signal metoo.

        David French has all but admitted he’s in favor of slavery reparations, but hasn’t used the magic word.

        The Examiner editor arguing for conservatives to “out-woke” the left is the kicker.

      • It’s the Culture of Death writ large as one author put it.

        They are IMO pushing for annihilation of human culture and life. Because that’s where it’s heading.

        Tucker labeled them as nihilists and I think that is what they are. Their church is the charnel house.

        Sooner or later we’re gonna have a fight to the finish with this group. Because they won’t be satisfied with what you wrote. They will come after us. And don’t think Warren or any of the other inmates from a lunatic asylum won’t turn Federal and state law enforcement against us.

  10. If we come out of this thing whole the best way to get women to make the right choice is to give them the incentives and opportunities to form families. Once they taste maternity hormones will take care of the rest.

    Any woman who has 3 or more children and who later works pays no taxes. This will encourage women to marry and have children when they are still young.

    Free housing and tuition for married college seniors and grad students with children who maintain 3.5 or better. Assuming we’ve made university degrees a mark of real accomplishment

    Preferences in skills training and hiring for HOH with children.

    It amazing what you can do with your resources when you no longer have to pay a danegeld to and for vermin and parasites.

    Put the right things in place and allow biology and its extension, the social milieu, to do the rest.

    • “Free housing and tuition for married college seniors and grad students with children who maintain 3.5 or better.” In LDS culture, lots of young folks attend BYU…find the one and get married…live in married student housing or dirt cheap digs off campus….the guy finishes his degrees and hits the work deck..start a family pronto. They don’t return home like non-LDS snowflakes. Within a few years the wife finishes her skill base and heads for work.

  11. All birth rates are going to be in free fall as long as there is extremely reliable birth control. The pill and other effective methods has been around for a few generations and we’ve internalize this concept that having children is a choice instead of a byproduct of having sex. This leads to fewer and fewer people have to deal with the consequences of their actions and having children becomes more difficult because it’s no longer the standard in society. It becomes an exponential feedback loop . Maybe we start having baby farms where they’re all grown in testtubes

    • One of the creepier GF’s I ever had told me in all earnestness that she’d never wanted kids, not even when she was a little girl. SoCal city-born & bred.

      That’s not natural, that’s culturally-inflicted. I think biology will re-assert itself if we stop the cultural carpet-bombing. Women are hard-wired to want kids, men certainly have healthy incentives to love their kids and have them carry on their name and legacy, and we were in good shape fertility-wise less than a century ago. Capitalism should be brought to heel, restoring the stay-at-home mom culture and extended families with local multi-generational roots. This will bury the expense of daycare as well. Reform schools – have kids spend more hours more per day with their family and neighborhood kids, not swimming in a sub-par daycare social petri-dish cell with other “adolescents” developing shitty habits without guidance. And get rid of no-fault divorce.

      • You could make a strong game theory argument that women are programmed to ‘wait and see’ in 90% of cases with having sex b/c being pregnant is a huge risk for women in pre-industrial (really pre-welfare) society. Therefore, the theory goes, she has, say, 10 fail-safe buttons each of which will make her withdraw from a man’s advances. (PUA then becomes the art of moving past those ‘buttons’ w/o setting them off)

        Nature then saw fit to NOT give her the same choices after copulation. B/c, probably, not enough babies would be born if she, in a fickle moment, could just undo the result of having mated w a man.

        Abortion changed that and birth control ‘demoted’ sex from a potential lifecreating experience to mere recreation. Maybe the advent of these two things, in a mind evolved for an environment where they did not exist, ie one where successful women had their mental ‘fail safe buttons’ against premature reproduction. And now you have a system that will slowly work itself towards decreasing populations. Didn’t white fertility drops below 2.1 coincide w legal abortions? I think they did. If true, you don’t G*d to say that we were not meant to have these choices post-sex; nature is showing us what happens if we do, or specifically if women do. The ‘fickleness’ that protects them in the old world, is now preventing enough babies being born.

  12. Yeah the white pill is this we have a fairly easy task. Just convince women that it’s moral and advantageous to do what they really want to do anyways. Get married to good Men and raise little kids. Also that it’s okay if you’re white to advocate for white people. Even the most pozzed liberal won’t send his kids to a majority-black school. If we can not muster the persuasive rhetoric and moral framework that it’s okay for women and whites to act in their own self-interest, then we probably deserve to lose.

  13. The Catholic school teacher story – you made the right point at the end. I was torn between wanting laughed out of court versus the Supreme Court setting a precedence against firing people over speech and politics.

  14. Being a brute with a caveman brain the function of women in today’s society confuses and irritates me. The two sexes are not equal and are are created to perform vastly different functions, hence the vast differences between male and female personalities.

    War on women? Orly? If it were a war women would all be dead, so please cease the hyperbole.

    What we are experiencing is a glut of unfulfilled, neurotic, screeching empty husks of female humans seeking to fill the voids in their lives by making trouble. And since males are naturally protective of females, and that instinct is strongly supported by present culture, males are fearful of criticism or disdain and seek to curry favor. Ergo the class of men who fear women and who are now in positions of leadership – would any counter-intuitive public decision folly made by politicians, or any poorly constructed private policy (I’m looking straight at you Human Resources Department in [insert company name here]) be made without that influence? Open borders? Dissolution of religion and morality in public life? The ‘diversity is our strength’ mantra?

    Women are a vital part of the social structure and their value is immeasurable. Provided they are doing what their brains are best at doing and NOT otherwise. What is that “doing” you ask? Having children and creating a home to nurture and support them. Since the family is the source of stability and teaching the mother and her role is to be lauded and honored. But nature be damned because today that is not so, it is now repressive and backward to propose such segregation. Of course a 110 lb woman can submit a 250 lb man in a street fight, why, just watch a TV show or movie. And of course a women has the inherent logic and reason to solve abstract problems every bit as well as a man. And of course little girls are to be the model for little boys’ behavior, just visit a grade school for evidence. And of course logic and reason are not the sole province of men, and men and women respond exactly the same when confronted with danger. At least that is the current line and if you, caveman, do not agree well thy shall be shunned if not stoned!

    Beyond child bearing men do not possess the characteristics of women, despite whatever costume and pretense an unstable man might seek to en robe himself with. So yes, men are very likely to support a politician that displays the sort of man-like characteristics he either possesses himself or wishes he had the bravery to display and would, too, but his girlfriend wouldn’t like it, so…

  15. At 55:27 a claim is made that Einstein had no children, most likely, referring to a famous physicist Albert Einstein. According to wiki and biographies I’ve read quoting Albert Einstein himself, he had children. Wiki lists 3 children. While overall observation is correct, people on the right of the bell curve tend to have lower fertility rates, on average, this particular example seems to be not right.

    • Einstein essentially abandoned his children with his first wife. She seems to have been the one driving the fertility in that matchup. He ran off with a cousin who acted as his geisha-hostess and stayed out of his way. Very cold fish, not quite Newton-Cavendish level sperg, but pretty close.

  16. I’m still sticking with Harris for the win in 2020. I just don’t see Biden making it through the primaries, and Warren is that screeching harpie schoolmarm that everyone hates. Trump will make her cry on the campaign trail.

    Iowa and New Hampshire are white, white, white, and Harris is still hanging in there with Warren in spite of the fact that all the media promotion is going to Biden and Warren. Harris is neck and neck with Warren in South Carolina now, and if Biden drops out the critical South Carolina black vote will go to Harris, not Warren.

    Harris has the full support of the California Democratic Party. If Harris looks competitive going into California there will be major pressure from California Democrats to nominate a person of color, and Harris is the only contender. If she wins California it’s a done deal.

    • Harris is an example of how white people misread the black vote. For starters, the black vote is driven by black mothers, which means black single mothers. They flocked to Obama, because Obama represented what they hoped for their sons. It’s why Denzel Washington remains the most popular male actor for blacks. In contrast, black women are not terribly fond of black women. female solidarity is a mostly a myth, but in the black community it is non-existent. Then there is the fact that Harris is not really black in the way most blacks define it. She has a white husband and no kids. Black females voters don;t understand the no kids thing at all.

      The black vote declined in 2016. It could take a nosedive in 2020, unless Warren picks Stacy Abrams, but that seems unlikely.

      • Actually, Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors—White or Black. He is the only Black actor I know of that refuses to be type cast as an angry Black man with a chip on his shoulder over coming racism, yada, yada. When he takes a part, it is a part that can easily (and normally) be played by a White man. His color is not important to the role. Indeed, he has even been in Shakespeare productions. Ordinarily, I will not watch movies with Black leads as I need not abuse myself and pay for such as well.

        But Denzel Washington is another story. If as you say, Black mothers aspire to have their sons imitate Denzel, that’s all to the good as far as I’m concerned.

        • Barak Obama initially ran as a post-racial black guy. People forget that, because of what happened in his second term. Kurt Schmoke, the archetype for the post-Jesse Jackson black politician, was similarly post-racial.

          the trouble with race relations in America is mostly due to left-wing whites and Jews. Blacks would be fine with a colorblind state and free association, as long as they did not face active discrimination in public. The truth is, black people find white people exhausting.

          • Blacks hate—hate—hate being called out on their color, even in an appreciative way. White Libs simply don’t understand this. White Libs love showing off their black pets/friends. Even the wide eyes/big smile when they meet a particular black person for the first time. Yeah, exhausting.

          • There are plenty of middle-class Blacks who live in heavily Black cities such as Newark and East Orange, NJ. They may send their kids to private school, but choose to live with their fellow Blacks. I live in a mostly White town with a noise ordinance set at 10 pm. If someone hosts a party past 10, a neighbor might complain and the police come. I doubt that would happen in Newark or East Orange.

          • Agree without GoodWhites & Jews that the “talented tenth” would settle for a seat at the table and set an example for aspirant right-side Bell Curve Blacks. There’s a feral underclass that needs authoritarian control/exclusion, and TT’s would likely go along but for the constant agitation and baiting by the usual suspects Z names.

            Instead of “post-Civil Rights” America, we could have had 4 generations of improving relations similar to the relatively soft separatism of the Jim Crow South – but for Title VII, ADL-SPLC race-porn stories of burning churches, lynchings and the bogey of “institutional racism.”

          • You’re overlooking the irresistible gravity that tribalism exerts on almost all blacks. The “talented tenth” of blacks rejoiced at OJ’s acquittal just like the gang members did.

            If we achieve a majority white country, the smart blacks will still hate white people because blacks can’t achieve at the same rate and commit an order of magnitude more crimes.

            This is the lesson that conservative/libertarians cannot accept.

          • Any culturally healthy white society can tolerate about 10% non-Whites on an apartheid basis. That could function in “mixed zone” areas which operated as interfacing suburbs between core all-white ethnostates and “free cities.” which were politically and physically firewalled off from us.

      • “Then there is the fact that Harris is not really black in the way most blacks define it.”

        Well, there’s been plenty of Brown in her.

      • Harris’ most annoying trait is agreeing with whatever stupid liberal question she is asked. If she were asked if the Communist Manifesto should be added as the 28th amendment to the constitution, she would bob her head up and down and say, “I think that’s a conversation we should have.”

      • “In contrast, black women are not terribly fond of black women. Female solidarity is mostly a myth, but in the black community it is non-existent.”

        Zman, have you been hiding in the bushes in Lagos, observing and taking notes, maybe with the help of binoculars? Are you sort of like Jane Goodall?

      • >Harris is an example of how white people misread the black vote

        I just sort of assumed she was a cheap Jewish attempt at an Obama reboot, only female. Almost like something out of a focus group.

    • I was all-in for her to win but she’s proven hopeless. 1% black support and no other constituency. If Gabbard accomplishes nothing else this year, she put a stake in Kabbala’s national career, probably for good. She doesn’t have what it takes personally and has no base.

      • I suspect Harris would have sank sooner or later. She is not known as Willie Brown’s whore for nothing. Even dumb Blacks see her as non-authentic. Not that authentic in such thinking is anything to tout.

        • Hopefully the Hindu Dindu is toast, but this cycle is so crazy, anything might happen.

          I find her bid fascinating though, just as a proposition. I mean, think of it:

          1. Both her parents are immigrants — and not immigrants from the type of stock which built this country; an Irishman or an Italian or a Pole has a sort of sympathetic voice with respect to America, because his people gave so much to this country, and because America is an iteration of Europen Christian civilization. A Burmese or an Arab or a Hindu has literally nothing to do with this country, no contributions, no ties — not ethnic, not religious, not cultural, not linguistic, not racial. Harris’s parents didn’t even come here as hopefuls, to work and build. They came as adults, their views and sentiments already fully-formed elsewhere and attached elsewhere. And they came as professionals, looking to cash in on all the nice stuff we have, nothing more.

          2. So then, once here, immi-Dad splits on the family almost immediately (surprise!) and Harris’s mom takes her off to live in… Canada. Okay.

          3. So Kamala spends her formative years in Canada, raised by a foreign Hindu.

          4. She then returns to the United States, literally a Paperwork-American, where she attends a Historically Black College. Now mind you, she’s only half-black, and only nominally so, because her foreign West Indian daddy (NOT an African-American) was not a formative influence in her life in any way. She’s a Hindu-Canadian, dining out on a historical African-American experience (and taking a slot from an actual brutha), just sort of pretending to be Down With The Struggle.

          5. So, she really is not an American in any realistic, meaningful sense. Even the Muslim foreigner Obama has a slightly better claim to being an American.

          6. So, the question is… WHY on Earth does she want so badly to rule over a foreign people? Because we Americans really are foreigners to her.

          The only plausible answer is, racial revenge. She’s a literal racist, motivated by pure hatred to wish to dominate the Other, plunder this country,mand distribute the booty to the imaginary global artificial identity known as People of Color: an identity of people who literally have nothing else in common with one another, other than that the color of their skin is not white. That’s it. There’s nothing else uniting them except racial envy, covetousness, and hatred.

          • I think you give her too much credit by assuming she has a soul. She is a purely political animal that will say or do anything to gain power. She doesn’t think of herself as black, but cynically uses her “color” for personal gain. BTW, her father has actually called her out for her political games (e.g. laughing about her Jamaican heritage wrt marijuana). Tulsi Gabbard dropped a house on her (my new favorite Zman phrase) by pointing how many she prosecuted for marijuana offenses.

  17. I just don’t get that thing with Warren and the working Cat Lady demographic. The ones in my ex-family would line up behind that bint with the same bovine instinct that they did with Hillary Clinton. You could tell them that Clinton should be behind bars, and start reaming off all her crimes – and they wouldn’t care. In the least. They’d probably start screeching about how Trump grabbed some whore’s pussy. These are not stupid women either, most are educated and can function at adult levels – and they’ll line up ten deep behind Warren the way they did with Hillary. Her scamming/scheming with that fake indian nonsense won’t even register with them.

    I can’t see Warren beating Trump in the next election, the menstrual/menopausal demographic simply isn’t large enough. To me it looks like the Donks are writing 2020 off, and that may be a good play while they try to re-unify themselves and do something about the lunatics that are trying to run away with their party.

    • Good example of how logic is secondary to human behavior. Jon Haidt got it right – reason rides the elephant. They want a WOTUS – any logic is filtered to achieve the desired result. The Dem race is still a battle between the Beckys and the other factions. Since the Dems won’t run Tulsi, who’d be their best wahman candidate, Beckys’ gonna cry for another 4 years. Warren is exactly the kind of woman who will motivate Trump voters to hold their nose and vote.

        • No worries – shitlib Woke white wahmen. Sailer uses the term all the time, think it came from the “BBQ Becky” Shoah from a couple of years back where some White woman called 5-0 on some Blacks for being Blacks. Kinda like “fake news,” they started it off as a slur and we meme-mutated it to apply more to WithHer types.

          • The term Becky is much older than that. It has been a term of contempt that black women have used about nice white ladies for a long time and now the New York Times has picked it up. They regularly have headlines with the term Becky in them. I’m torn. As a white woman I don’t like what’s about to hit us but I’m also so sick of those liberal white lady lunatics that I’m okay with it

          • Don’t forget the term Dead Beckys, when a Vibrant rapes/kills a Pozzd woman like the 2 U of Utah coeds that hooked up with male Vibrants and quickly ended up deceased. The Pozzd women don’t have the brains God gave a goose.

    • I agree. She won’t pick up a single non-Hillary voter in the general.

      Making some of the same mistakes Clinton did. Campaigning in the Midwest primaries for hardcore gun control – ensuring she’ll lose those states in a general.

  18. On Lizzie & the horserace, I don’t think she can withstand the spotlight of being the frontrunner and she’s always made Wall Street and the usual suspects a little nervous with her populist posing. I’m 60-40 on the DNC astroturfing a new savior by Christmas. My dark horse Kabbala was even less popular than I suspected with Blacks and I don’t see any PoC with any mojo in the wings. I think McFeels might be right about Newsom being DNC Plan B. He’s a boilerplate Blue Coastal shitlib, but at least the rage of WithHers will know no bounds.

  19. Without women we lose.

    But many of our best minds seem determined to unnecessarily alienate one-half of our population.

    • Spot on Vegetius. Anything that hurts one gender will ultimately hurt them both. Our blog host correctly says that feminism is an attack on women, but more correctly, I think, is that it is an attack on us all.

    • I’m not disagreeing with but it is the nature of most women to love the winners. Don’t pander to women, don’t neuter your beliefs to please them, just win. I know that’s not easy but it is how the world works.

      • @PissinInSand – “I know that’s not easy but it is how the world works.”

        It’s not easy cuz it’s literally impossible. Not everyone can be “number 1!” except to mothers and fathers sporting “World’s Best Dad!” couture. Not to say a guy can’t be successful, but to always “win” and not sacrifice your own beliefs to get ahead? Ain’t happening.

        • Sean, my comment was glib. A man doesn’t literally have to the THE winner, but women are unconsciously drawn to men who are moving in a successful direction within the scope of their lives.

          When the Alt-Right was surging in 2017, many women, Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, EmilyYoucis, Britney Pettibone, and many lesser known ladies joined their men.

          We’ll do it again and surge higher. Just don’t edit your beliefs to appease women.

    • Criticizing Woke feminism doesn’t = “alienating half of our population.” Women who can’t tell the difference between what Z’s saying and “misogyny” are already “alienated.” The only way we lose is if we refuse to call BS on Woke feminism b/c “don’t make Momma mad.” One of the most cringe statements I hear a lot from men even out in the sticks is “Momma ain’t happy, nobody happy.” Men need to learn how to tell scowling foot-stompy gurls “no means no.” It’s a shit-test too many guys seem to fail.

      • Another cringe worthy statement: “Happy wife, happy life.” Every time I hear that, I mutter, “Said every wife everywhere.”

        • Hey… Hey! I DO actually say that! When a woman ain’t happy….nobody’s happy. Meaning….the bitch is loose. Dogs run and chickens scatter. A woman’s big life lesson is to control her tempestuous complex emotions. And not be self-centered. You guys are simple and easy to make happy….you are happy with a truly sweet woman….period. I am a happy wife with a happy life. The gods have shined on me! Sweet!

          • Although I agree with DLS that a guy who says “happy wife, happy life” is probably held in contempt by his woman, RFF demonstrates the truth that most men want nothing more than to be loved by their happy wife. It literally does not get better than that.

          • Well said. I try to make my wife happy. It’s a great thing. I just don’t agree with the thought that a wife’s happiness is more important than her husband’s, which is implicit in the statement.

          • Oh dear. Clearly I didn’t do a good job of communicating the point. Somehow I cannot hear a woman’s happiness trumping her husband’s in that statement. It’s just that men are so affected by their woman’s mood.

            It is not Basic Husband’s job to make me happy. He can’t Make me happy. That is my job. Because I am a flawed individual, I must catch and tell myself many times a day…..your attitude is slipping, sister…I am responsible for what floats through my head and how I express and project it. I have control of me. I learn to control my woman emotions and my nature. I am in charge of me. I practice, I change, I keep moving toward a finer Me. If I wished to be Eeyore….I could be miserable and make everyone near me fed up with me. It is my responsibility to set and follow the immutable standards that shape our home for the better, and be a “lady.” (#####!!! ooops!)

            My husband responds with the deep hard-wiring of the ages with protection, affection….and he shows his love by Doing for me. I don’t need a poet (emotionally exhausting). Husband sweeps the snow off my windscreen without me asking. He fixes the connector to the water shut-off valve and, since life is messy and of course the basement flooded because of 1 small ruptured plastic connector, he repairs the subsequent flood of the basement pantry, from soup to nuts. I thank him. He did a hell of a job! That’s love. Guys Do. And women can be idiots for not appreciating the gift of Doing. When I am grateful for my life, my husband, and my half acre Eden, everything shifts positive.

            In marriage you vow a covenant that the two of you create something greater than your sum total, it takes time to develop deep trust, and when you work to grow that, you become a team..a devoted team that has gone through the hard metamorphic tempering of life in which you learn to trust and shield each other with kindness. No more one-upsmanship. No half-foot out the door. This is not an easy process.

            Then as a team, you are separate but equal facilities…..what we talk about here…respecting each other’s separate qualities that a man and a woman bring to each other, and the great energy that is fueled by that dynamism. Both feed each other’s happiness.

            Hope this is an answer to you and is not too heady. Husband’s eyeballs would be rolling back in his head by now, and would have said this in 2 sentences.
            Best to you and yours.

          • Range Front, your comment is practically poetry itself! I’m going to share it with a friend who also puts her husband first (and he puts her first in return). You are spot on re constantly watching one’s own mood. It’s easy to criticize and be sour. Now, even when my sons are griping about one of dad’s idiosyncrasies, I remind them (and myself) that their freedom to gripe, while having food, clothing, shelter, etc. is all due to dad working long hours at a job he doesn’t particularly care for. Your metaphor of a team is, again, spot on.

          • Hi 3g….you are a jewel in return. Glad there was some meaning to you in my blathering. Isn’t it a pleasure to see in this blog that some of us recognize each other and look forward as I do to good thoughts from familiar folks behind familiar blog handles. Stay strong and well 3g.

        • That statement is cringe-worthy or not depending on the woman. Feminine women aren’t needy & very easy to satisfy. Feminine women become unhappy when their man is milquetoast cowardly, and when a good woman is unhappy the man notices (usually around 10-11pm). There’s a lot of things a good woman can do to make a good man GREAT. Because I trust my woman’s character & judgment, I can assess my masculinity on whether or not she’s happy. But all of this revolves around men attaching themselves to (and validating) feminine women.

          • Great! Thank you for your teaching! May your woman always be happy at 10 pm. And may your woman kindly tell you what’s on her mind without a flame thrower, without high Russian grand drama and not melting into a puddle on the floor.

    • Old “maternal feminism” looks interesting. I think it connects with much of what GK Chesterton argued in favor of:

      “Instead of sending her to seek such freedom as notoriously prevails in banks and factories, I would design specially a house in which she can be free.”

      The idea that having a well-cared for home and family (an occupation in which there is considerably more freedom of choice and action than at your typical modern wage-slave employment, as Chesterton discusses) is drudgery and slavery, and that working “in the world” at Wal-Mart, in cubicles, or what have you, and having to submit to bosses and to the increasingly miserable and demented general public is “freedom”, is insane. However, the prevalence of this idea demonstrates the power of propaganda, especially under modern conditions, i.e. modern mass media technology and modern intensive education. The question is why has this propaganda, and this state of affairs for women, developed? I do not believe it is simply the JQ, I think there must be incentives elsewhere.

      It seems to me that to attain what Chesterton is discussing would require major reforms from a proper State intervening in the economy. This would require defeating and burying Conservatism, Inc./the Conservative Industrial Complex.

      In my opinion, this should be subsumed under an ideal of a society of people, united in culture and blood (therefore, there is a real unity and connection between people, and not the weak, uneasy, artificial connections of multiculturalism/multi-racialism), bound together by Duty. A society in which all gain, because all are united by Duty and willingness to sacrifice for the collective (sacrifice for one’s family, and for one’s people as a whole).

    • You totally don’t get it. You’ve internalized the leftist view of women as men w different plumbing. They’re not and that view will leave men and women miserable.

  20. “…I will be co-hosting with Ethnarch…”

    Cool! Good to see…or in your case, probably, hear you…on the network again. To be honest, I kinda expected them to approach you take up Habersham’s spot when he pussed off to whatever he’s doing now.

    • Honestly, I’m not sure what they are planning. I suspect they want to divvy up the workload a bit, so Jazz and Ethnarch can get some free time. It probably take about 15 man hours to put each show together. There’s a few hours for each side to prep for the news side. The deep-dive could take a day to prepare. Then there is the recording and post-production work. It’s a lot of work to do that type of show.

      It’s probably a good idea for them to have a rotation of guest hosts. That way, they don’t get burned out. I take off a week here and there for the same reason.

      • I’m a (young) old Boomer who quite enjoys TRS, but I’m hoping you give those young whipper snappers a torrid time tomorrow…they have it coming, I won’t feel bad about it, and no one should apologize…

      • I’ll be listening. I really like FTN’s content. The Reagan Deep-Dive was almost too much to take in at one listen. Jazz Hands and Ethnarch are great (as was Halberstram.) Adding Allsup, you, and whoever becomes the next player-to-be-named-later is a good thing.

      • @Vegetius – Yeah, really. Took off like a kite in the night with no word and warning and had his former co-host give the announcement he had departed the show. Rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t particularly care why one leaves a show, but look, do the door closing yourself.

        • You want us to think that you have some sort of inside knowledge regarding Halbertram’s departure, but it is clear that you know really nothing about it.

          Halberstram worked incredibly hard co-hosting FTN for four years, including the crucial months of the Trump campaign. Frankly, I am amazed that he managed to last as long as he did. Halberstram deserves some sort of a medal for the enormous contribution he has made to the Dissident Right.

          • I hope that for Halberstram the juice was worth the squeeze and that the dice didn’t come up snake eyes.

  21. Xers, Y’s and Zoomers who’ve spent most of our adult lives in large American cities have been swimming against the strongest tides of career gurlism and n-tropy-wave feminist degeneracy. Sex in the city is not worth the carrot.

    Go country, young man. For those already there, stay. I’ve said a lot here about urbanity being bad for Whites in general, but outside the big-brain stuff, practically speaking, country living gives you the best chance to meet a decent woman, have decent neighbors, practice a lifestyle that teaches practical skills Our Thing needs and give you the most happiness and feeling of belonging to and being a part of a community worth fighting for. The dissident Right is top-heavy on urbanite keyboard jockeys. Take it from one of them who’s learning these lessons later than I’d like. Build your life outside The Wire and if you must travel there, treat it like a recon into enemy territory. Do what you have to get done and get back home safe & sane.

          • One milk cow – 4 gals/day from a mixed Jersey/Brown Swiss. Milk, cream, butter, yogurt, cheese … and ice cream; this one cow meets the dairy needs of 3 families. I also keep about 20-head of Highlands and process a couple beeves/year. It’s a good lifestyle for an old retireded guy.

          • Capt….you are impressive indeed! Milk and meat…keeps your head quiet and occupied with real world problems and solutions. And you’re “prepped.” Good for you.

            You might be interested in this: Northern European cows trick off my arthritis like a beast. Southern European cows (Italian cheese) don’t. We talk genetic mutations on this blog and…well….here’s how it worked on cows:
            • A1 beta-casein comes from the most common cow breed that originated in Australia, United States, and Northern Europe. Holstein, Friesian, Ayrshire, and British Shorthorn features A1 beta-casein genetic material. A1 beta-casein can be found on all commercially-prepared milk.
            • A2 beta-casein is protein found in milk produced by ‘old-fashioned’ cows like the Jersey, Charolais, Guernsey, and Limousin. Milk produced by other mammals such as those from human, goat, and sheep is similar to A2 dairy milk mainly due to the presence of proline.

            So I dropped dairy…..still getting worse…my autoimmune feedback mechanism is screwed up….then I dropped all green things….and went all beef carnivore. OMG….arthritis deflaming…rocky steady mood…and TaDa…weight dropping like a spent rocket. The vegans can all go the way of Linda McCartney and I don’t care a little rattie’s ass. Capt….you kill the cow and I’ll eat it!

            Basic Husband brought to my attention this link:
            Joe Rogan interviewing Jordan Peterson. His daughter was slowly dying due to autoimmune dysregulation, she went carnivore…then Jordan went carnivore to keep her company. This interview will take you into a world of health that is rare and astoundingly informative.


            And here’s Jordan’s daughter Mikhaila Peterson doing a Youtube entitled Don’t Eat That about carnivore.


            We need folks like you Capt in our brave new world…..so we can eat Cow! Eating all cow has truly upped my game! Best regards!

          • Thanks for the gouge RFR. I tested our milk cow to ensure she was A2/A2, and thankfully there aren’t any allergies to our milk/meat. I’ll look into the links you provide. The big thing I’ve learned about bovines, though, is that Big Ag is doing it all wrong, and its all to the detriment of American health. Ruminants thrive on grass, NOT corn, and particularly not GMO corn. It takes me 3 years to grow out a beef on pasture while the factory feed lot produces supermarket beef in about a year … guess which product is creating all the health problems?

            I figure two big benefits to raising cattle: 1) I get heart-healthy beef to go with my beer, and 2) Raising beef pisses off the libs.

          • “Raising beef pisses off the libs.” And an Amen Brother to you, too. Healthy Yummy Beef! When those big critters hear The Range is getting her freezer empty and ready, they hear in the wind, “Fear This!”
            Take a look at what and how others like you are doing in the West.

  22. It is funny, we keep talking about all these wars. War on women, war on white men, war on Western European culture, but there is a problem. wars take two competing factions.

    I don’t see wars, I see slaughters. Can there even be a war when all is already lost? I mean, in WWII at least the French put up some modicum of fight. We lost all of these wars already. We went to sleep, woke up and without really firing a shot, they won.

    Who beat us? Other white people.

    To me, it is getting to the point where even discussing the insanity on the left, or in government, or on tv is simply a waste of time. Nothing is going to change, at least in my lifetime, the war is lost. Likely lost for my kids too.

    Oh well, the Jews were patient for centuries, guess we will have to be too. The only problem is I don’t ever see the dark skin migrant hoard taking over ever carving out a piece of the world and giving it to us, not now, and not in 1000 years from now.

    There are no wars, and even if there was, its over.

    • Look at what you can do now. Are your kids red-pilled? Wife? Can you change your address, job or lifestyle to unplug from the Hive? There are two competing factions. There are thousands of us who are fully red-pilled on this, and millions who are sympathetic. If we weren’t a threat, they wouldn’t be white-knuckling the levers of society to keep us down.

      Don’t count a White man dead until you’ve seen his body. We do need to be patient, but we’ll win this if we keep our heads and don’t OD on black pills.

  23. I haven’t even listened to this yet, but I’m already anticipating a classic. The segment titles alone have me chuckling. As significant as race realism is, the male/female divide dwarfs all other problems in our society. Really jazzed to hear Zman riff on the topic!

      • I agree that the man-woman dynamic is hugely consequential in our individual lives, but on a societal scale, the issue is simple: Most women will believe whatever the mass media tells them to. If you control the mass media, you control most of the women.

        If Z assumed dictatorial control of the mass media, most women would be traditionalists within a year.

  24. “when Trump dropped a house on Hillary Clinton…”

    That was good for a real laugh. Of course what troubles me is not only that most youngsters won’t get the joke (or reference if you like), but they also won’t understand the constellation of cultural assumptions which made it possible for it to be funny in the first place. Also, Margaret Hamilton’s reaction to the line is utterly hilarious. She was only in her early 30s when she played that role so convincingly, can you imagine?

  25. Great podcast topic. “The thing about the war of the sexes is that it is really a war on normal women. ” Exactly right. Which also means its a war against femininity, but that’s pretty much a mission already accomplished. I ask myself, “When was the last time you had a brush with a feminine woman?” Seems these days I have to go to a nursing home to find a woman of gentleness, grace, meekness … and they’re dying off fast. The femininity deficit runs through every income bracket, from the wealthy to suburban soccer mom to the denizens of WalMart – they’re all shrewish, ear-splitting battle-axes. Much is made of the dearth of masculinity, but that problem is inextricably linked to the dearth of women who WANT men to step up to the plate.

    • Capt S……”If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with!”

      Have Hope! Femininity is not lost…..just few and far between in bastions quietly awaiting. On this blog, you are surrounded by women with wonderful alluring names like Ursula! Wow…you can’t top that…. Can’t be a battle ax with that seductive name! What do you want? Eggs in your beer? Enjoy your beer and have hope. And if you can’t find hope whilst enjoying your beer, time to leave where ever you are.

      As for you wamyn feminazis out there, “You have no power here! Begone, before somebody drops a house on you, too!

      • Usula? The Sea Witch? Or feminist author Ursula K Le Guinn? No offense to our own Usula, but the name doesn’t conjure up inherently good connotations for me.

        • Man…did you miss out on a good name and good times for guys. How about.. Ursula Andress, sex goddess. Sea Witch or Ursula K LeGuinn…..Wretch! Sad for you.

          • Okay alrighty….the names are generational…I get it. The guys from my generation had a va-va-voom woman to stare at. Sounds like your generation had Eeyore.

      • I’m surrounded by beautiful femininity … got a wife, 3 lovely daughters, and a doting daughter-in-law. But my original statement wasn’t exaggerated hyperbole either … femininity and masculinity are very much on the wane. My hope at this point is that the few masculine men and feminine women find each other, and then have LOTS of children.

    • For all of the constant talk about their vaginas, including a play about one, then tend to think of themselves as deficient males. They hate everything about real women, especially beauty. They hate beauty more than anything.

      Everyday I see something that makes me think ‘this cannot go one forever.’ But the sad reality is, that it is probably going to keep going and keep getting worse for a long time. And every day we get a little bit closer to Mao’s Cultural Revolution. It’s just hard to see it going any other way.

      • No. This is not lasting long. Economy crash is coming and revolutions are always made by economy. Culture is irrelevant until you can ignore it. But when average Joe can`t afford his sixpack anymore, he switches off the TV rises from the couch and goes to the street. Then the hell break off…:D

    • It would help a lot if men stopped rewarding slut behavior. What women crave most (next to babies) is male attention, and if going around with their tits hanging out gives them that attention, that’s what they’ll do. So everybody should stop ogling thots and get down to patrolling them.

      One thing I never understood about Trump is that this guy is rich and famous, and not only did he marry a mail-order wife who’s done softcore, but in his spare time, he fucks porn stars!?! WTF? AND HE PAYS FOR IT!

      That’s so mindbogglingly gross. I’d rather fuck Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

      • I thought Europeans were more relaxed about that sort thing what with topless beaches and all that good stuff.

        • Topless beaches? That’s old millennium stuff.

          Politicians used to go on about how much we could learn from the Noble Savages, but they stopped after having said “kebab” too many times, when asked about Mohammadan contributions to Europe. Off the top of my head, I can mention a handful of things, one of them being “don’t dress like a prostitute.”

          But yes, I’m probably not speaking for the majority here.

      • “mail order”? Not sure what that means….Trump married an Eastern European woman who had already migrated to the USA. “Mail order” is just ethnic slur, no?

        • “Mail order” is just ethnic slur, no?

          Is “gold digger” any better? At any rate, she was doing nudes and has posed for lesbo action for a French magazine, so there’s that too.

          The first wave of Iron Curtain immigrants coming West in the nineties, were thieves, beggars, menial workers and, yes, a shitton of hot prostitutes, semi-pros and mail order wives.

          Their reputation has changed a lot in the last few years but twenty years ago, a young, Eastern girl in Copenhagen was usually a sex worker of some kind, telling you she was from Germany.

          That said, God bless her. She’s done extremely well for a girl from Buttfuck, Yugoslavia, and she’s hundred times the FLOTUS that Michelle Obama was, of course.

          Now, don’t get me wrong: I’d do her in a minute (cue jokes) but if I were a famous billionaire with Trump’s charisma, I’d like to think I could score better.

          • Gold digger, eh. How about trophy wife…that old term. A gold digger from her neck of the woods actually not Pozzd by the feminazis is maybe just easier to get along with. And she’s a stunner, easy to wake up to. Plus she has brains. Looks like earlier in their marriage he still got to roam the fields while she got security, status and safety to bear his child and establish the Daddy connection. An alliance.

            Women do often work on auto pilot in this realm. We’re hardwired to gold dig above our level…studies are done on this as women “respect” and succumb to a man who is more “dominant”..and makes at least 1.5 times what she does. That’s why professional women making bank have a horribly hard time finding a guy making more $ to trip off that dominance hardwiring.

            I’m laughing as I fell right into this. When I climbed to Senior Distribution Operator status, my salary grew to over 100K…I often had opportunities to date but played carefully and no one inspired me. Then I met Mr. Mining Engineer Manager of Underground Gold in Russia for Barrick. Tons in common…..and he made 2X my salary. Damn…got rolled by my hardwiring. As for him, I had to pass the “eye” test, demonstrate a broad range of interest, be conservative and I owned firearms…a big plus to him, we both had a geology background. When I told him on the first date (to place in the open in case he freaked later) that my folks were full on Trots…that after they passed I worked my way to this side of the divide…that clenched it for him out of the starting gate for he said I could think my way out of a box and risk social rejection.., a rare trait for a woman. I happily laughed, and agreed.

            Was I a gold digger? Eh… auto pilot nature pushed me hard. Now I’m his gold digging (literally) trophy wife girlfriend.

          • Gold digger, eh.

            Fair cop, that was a poorly chosen term, at least in the sense that I do not condemn her morally.

            How about trophy wife

            There’s the problem. There is a multitude of reasons to admire her on a personal level, and she’s doing the FLOTUS act in grand style and poise, almost pulling off a Jackie Kennedy if not for her awkwardness.

            But she’s still an on-the-record sex worker. The president’s children know their friends have seen nude action shots of their mother with another woman. Not in an FB leak, but in “this is what mom did for a living”.

            She’s not a trophy – or should not be to right-thinking, upstanding white people. She’s poz, and it’s one of Breitbart’s evil genius ideas to market her as a right wing icon.

            Putin: “I’ve seen your wife naked.”


          • Hi Felix…You know….you collect points for clear thinking with that one. You reminded me I am thinking blinkered and I was a tad defensive. What a pozzd world. “Hey Mom…what did you do for a living when you where young?!” I get your point about Putin’s comment to the Prez. OOps ..2 dogs with hair on back standing on end. I naively forgot how many people ascend up the corp. ladder by lying in their back i.e. Harris and Willie Brown.
            Ha! Didn’t work my way up the water company THAT way! I was placed in my first job in H2O co because the clerk before me was boffing her boss…they frisked loudly in the office with his shades drawn, forgetting to keep it quiet…and all the paving and pipeline guys walking through the corridor were all atwitter. Finally she was moved to admin position upcountry …and yours truly got her career start. What not to do.

            I’m still a proud gold digger and a trophy wife and I did it honorably! Wish I was a better poker player.

          • Great story, Range, and a lot of good insight, too.

            The Booby agrees with much of your “hardwiring” case.

            Of course, fellas are hardwired, too. Problem is, most men are hardwired to follow an alpha male or a beta male into the hunt or into war. Absent that, their brains are useless.

            It’s not a knock on them, they can’t help it just as the majority of women can’t help conforming to whatever the herd wants them to be, which in our age means a feminist, gender-neutral, diversity-extolling shrew.

            Most of their men, in the absence of any other authority figure, obediently go along with this. Just so long as the fridge is full of beer, football is on the TV, and wifey is bringing in an income.

        • “mail order”? Not sure what that means…

          Wait, you don’t know what the term means?

          Damn, I’m old. Back in the day before the rise of the internet, there were dating bureaus hooking up East European women with Western men. Instead of a dating site, you had catalogues sent by snail mail, with photos and phone numbers.

          You had that for Thai and Philippino women already, but when the Wall fell, you suddenly had a lot of hot, white girls looking for a Western passport.

    • Bull puckey, despite a massive effort to brainwash us into fat acceptance, I still prefer pre-blonde Alizee to Tess Holliday.

      If feminist conditioning cannot undo my preference for a shapely derriere, and a perky bust, why the heck would it undo a feminine preference for jacked, confident winners?

      Case in point, there is an article written by a feminist about how she cannot stop herself from getting railed by Trump supporters.

    • Look no farther than the behavior of the US Women’s World Cup team this past summer. Crude, crass, sluttish, rutting creatures. They were given a parade in NYC where they carried on like so many Larry Flynts with priapisms in front of little kids, male and female alike, to the delight of the yoga-panted stronk womyns who dragged them there.

      I hope the children who are living through this turn on their parents and drive them into the sea for what they are doing. Has there ever been a period in history where at least one — maybe two — generations of parents seemed determined to corrupt and debase their children to bring them down to their own failed, sybaritic, pit-of-hell level of behavior and thought? Shoving their kids in front of perverts at libraries and leaving them to fend for themselves. Absolutely unforgivable. They have sullied everything, destroyed a great deal, and they’re just getting started, in their own heads.

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