As you read this story or watch the video, what’s on your mind? What is the question you have as the story unfolds? What is not answered until you read the comments section? Most likely, everyone reading it had the same questions and slowly started to have the same answers. Even the the truest believers in multiculturalism know the answers, even if it they try hard to suppress it.

Imagine if it was a gang of Hell’s Angels rioting at the beach. The copy would have full descriptions of everyone involved along with scary pictures of the bad guys. If a bunch of skinheads, assuming there’s enough of them around anymore to create a ruckus, were fighting on the streets their race and ideology would be front and center, probably in the headline. That’s not the case here so we are left to wonder who they were and what they looked like. Were they Chinese octogenarians?

Of course, everyone knows what’s going on here. That’s the way it is these days. Large parts of reality are simply unmentionable. We live in unreality-ville. That’s where we know things by their absence, in the same way astrophysicists identify a black hole by examine the space around it. That which can never been seen or pointed out is known by the warping of objects around it. It is there, but not there, because no on dare mention it, at least not in public.

What makes it laughable are the comments on every one of these stories. It has become a game among the commoners to come up with the pithiest way to fill in the missing parts. In fact, it is the the best part of crime stories these days. What makes it even zanier is the PC fanatics who run these sites don’t bother to police the comments section. Maybe they have simply thrown in the towel or perhaps it is just another weird angle to the unreality.

3 thoughts on “Unreality-ville

  1. That is the rule of thumb for the reader. If there is no mention of race it is the race. I see small acts of resistance now and again around the country. A reporter will follow the race guidelines but include a statement from a relative of a perp, for example, in the video.

    I expect also that business interest in Lauderdale beach don’t want it widely known that they have organized race riots every summer, sorta like an African spring break.

  2. Should the police be interested in prosecuting any of those involved, it wouldn’t be too hard. The unmentionable individuals have everything documented blow-by-blow on Twitter.

  3. “Check your privilege”
    I did, it works just fine thank you.
    Here’s the receipt.

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