The Children’s Crusade

For the longest time, the Conservative Movement operated as the screeching gates of Tartarus that kept the damned from reentering politics. This worked because they had some great thinkers and writers, who functioned as adamantine columns. For the politically engaged, especially the youth, these writers provided the convincing arguments and critiques from the Right. That’s what made Buckley-style conservatism so effective at gate-keeping. They had high quality gate-keepers.

It was this effectiveness that was probably the undoing of Buckley conservatism in the long run. By the 1980’s, being an acceptable conservative was a good job at a good wage, so few were willing to risk being hurled into the great pit of despair. As a result, those gates and their adamantine columns were not maintained. The great writers faded away one at a time. The system itself grew corrupt, attracting grifters and lunatics, who saw Buckley conservatism as a means to an end.

As a result, even those grifters are moving on from conservatism. Jonah Goldberg and Steve Hayes are now peddling their warmongering fetish to Progressives. As Paul Gottfried pointed out in a recent essay, they are just drifting Left in search of an audience willing to buy their shabby neoconservative act, while dressing in the rags of Conservative Inc. The movement is left to hiring homely child actors like Charlie Kirk to run around peddling whatever it means to be a conservative these days.

An example of the callow mediocrities charged with keeping the gates is this recent post at National Review. It is a review of the Andrew Marantz book about various scary creatures he encountered on his adventure outside the hive. Simply on technical grounds, this is something that never would have made it past the editors thirty years ago. It is a dilettantish effort at comparative analysis and a ham-handed effort at gate-keeping, while accusing Andrew Marantz of trying to be a gate-keeper.

The ridiculousness of the post is made plain in the penultimate paragraph when he writes, “For all that Marantz gets wrong, everyone should agree that far-right extremists should have as little influence as possible.” That right there is exactly what dissidents mean when they accuse these guys of being gate-keepers. The writer just concedes to the Left, the people he allegedly opposes, the basic premise that those most feared by the Left can be systematically excluded from public debate.

Later in the same paragraph he writes, “Their gatekeeping either will be too tepid for progressive activists or it will enrage the Right, which will hit back — by revoking their protection against liability under of the Communications Decency Act, or with antitrust enforcement against Big Tech, or with a culture war that puts the would-be gatekeepers squarely in the crosshairs.” In other words, the point of the post is not an attack on the Left, but a friendly bit of advice to help them maintain their power.

Of course, the absurd assertion that the Right will become enraged and hit back at the Left is so lacking in self-awareness that it reads like a troll. The defining feature of Buckley conservatism is its steadfast unwillingness to fight back. They never get enraged about any of the excesses of the Left. Instead, conservatism is just a collection of sob sisters warning that one of these days, not now, but soon, they will stand up on their hind legs and do something. It’s why the word “cuck” stings them so much.

Notice also the unwillingness to address the excesses of the Left with regards to the public space. Marantz is making the case that the rich and powerful should crush the people he does not like, but dig deeper and it is really a way to justify what the Left is doing already. In other words, the mobs of heroin addicts and mental patients called Antifa are just a response in lieu of more responsible elements stepping in to control dissident opinion. Marantz is trying to justify what is already happening.

Nowhere in the piece will you find any push-back to what the Left is currently doing with their terrorist tactics. In fact, Conservative Inc. has been silent on these issues, because ultimately, they agree with them. In their historic role as the gate-keepers, they are always willing to take help from their friends on their Left. The only bad guy in the post is the people both Left and Right agree is their shared enemy. That enemy is the swelling number of people willing to fly the black flag of dissident politics.

Again, the writer is young and inexperienced, so it would be uncharitable to make more of this than is required. That’s the thing though. There was a time when Conservative Inc. did not have to rely on rent boys for content. Someone this age with an interest in writing should be covering high school sports for a local paper or maybe submitting articles to his college journals. That’s where you learn to form your thoughts and express them in a compelling manner, not the flagship of conservatism.

That’s what conservatism is reduced to these days. They operate like a grooming gang of creepy geezers, cruising the college campus for young people so dull and joyless they think pleasing an audience of seniors is cool. Charlie Kirk, an old person’s idea of a young person, is used not so much to sell whatever it is Conservative Inc. is peddling these days, but to keep young people from looking outside the bounds of conventional politics for answers. Charlie Kirk is a far cry from Russell Kirk.

In a time when many dissidents are feeling a bit low about the state of the fight, this should be a source of encouragement. When the flagship of Buckley conservatism is relying on kids like Nicholas Phillips, they’re finished. If the gate-keepers think a ridiculous dimwit like Charlie Kirk is their big gun to defend the citadel against the barbarians, it may be time to open the gates. Children’s crusades are always the last desperate effort of an exhausted combatant.

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157 thoughts on “The Children’s Crusade

  1. Juxtapose:
    “If the gate-keepers think a ridiculous dimwit like Charlie Kirk is their big gun to defend the citadel against the barbarians, it may be time to open the gates. ”
    “Trojan Horse”
    “They shoot horses, dont they?”

    This is more important and a transition.

    Chucky is the “authorized right” which has gone to far without going full zionist silly like Benji the chickenhawk (shapiro) or Jordan Peterson who is off his meds.

    Kirk is Tokyo Rose in reverse drag (or perhaps he should …)

  2. Every so often I come across somebody who listens to Ben Shapiro or links to some video of him “destroying” some 19 year old female Sociology major at Brown who wants Socialism and cries a lot.

    They’ll tell me he’s good, and I’ll ask them if they ever actually listen to what he says. Why does he always say that Liberals have a point? Why does he always concede that Trump is a reprobate, “But…”? Has the person ever noticed that his solutions involve more government policy? I just want them to listen critically. That guy is not our ally. He’s a poser. But people get so programmed to just tune in at such-and-such time on a.m. radio and assume what they hear is legitimate. And the marketing on social media makes it look like he’s sticking it to the man, when all he’s really doing is punching-down at adolescents with nothing but hot air between their ears.

    I’ve got a few converts along the way. That dude is a poser. A lot of these Conservative Inc. guys are just there to skim money off the top. I catch hell sometimes because I’ll crap on Mark “we’re abandoning our Kurdish allies” Levin, another one whose allegiances are mainly due to financial considerations. He shut up pretty quick on the Syria thing I noticed once he learned people were changing the channel during his pro-Kurd rants. “Syria, who?!” lol

  3. Maybe it’s just the last few days, but it feels like something’s going on with this war among the right. Sebastian Gorka just called me a moron on twitter because I asked him if he supports stifling free speech after he asked how Nick Fuentes is on twitter and verified for having questions about the holocaust. The replies then piled up close to 100 percent against Gorka’s free speech hypocrisy.

    I just tuned into Gorka’s YouTube channel, where he has a show and as of now, the upvotes are 344 compared to 2,400 downvotes! The chat is moving so fast with comments ripping Gorka you can barely read them. The TPUSA video (on TPUSA’s channel) showing the Ohio State show last night also has downvotes vastly outnumbering the upvotes. The backlash I’m seeing today is something I’ve never seen before.

    • Next comes the backlash. This is why there hasn’t been any cuckservative push-back on censorship/de-platforming: they’re on the same side and they don’t want people connecting the dots. Probably by tomorrow all the Groyper accounts on Twitter will have been banned (like they did the NPCs) and Fuentes will be deleted from YT.

  4. The problem is the Dissident Right is doing a shabby job at selling itself to whites at large. It’s a vague, nebulous grouping that doesn’t stand for much of anything except HBD which is not much of selling point by itself. What does it off the white middle-class guy or some white blue collar worker? Nothing as AFAIK.

    It needs to do better.

    • DR is the life ring when everything goes off the rails. People are mentally going off the rails already, one by one. The ones who are open to reason, who actually think with their front brains, are the ones we want. Be there to support them, and save them from drowning, one by one. It’s all we have. Trying to convince fair-weather people to follow you, en masse, gets you a bunch of fair-weather supporters that will abandon you at the first opportunity.

      A minister I recently heard stated that “people don’t remember what you said, or what you did, but rather, how you made them feel”. Give these lost people a home, and we add people to our thing for life (and they will be our strongest missionaries).

    • My DR splinter-sect is pro-union, nationalized banks, free gubmint healthcare option (native citz only, OFC), trust-busting & Orban-style startup loans for young families. Toss in some free trade schools and make student loans subject to bankruptcy – charge the losses to the schools & banksters, not the taxpayers. And I’m open for more ideas.

      In bust-out America, Whitey must learn to demand prime gibs without shame. We pay for all this crap anyway.

  5. Conservatism Inc always worked by excluding the genuine Right. This allowed Conservatism Inc to keep their East Coast Liberal Republican donors (who are still funding them). The problem for Conservatism Inc is that they have little impact on Trump and the Donors spend to influence policy, not simply fund a debate society. TPUSA is an attempt create a Conservatism Inc ‘youth movement’. They spend their time arguing against the Left and deriding the Right because that’s where the money is. Pure grift from beginning to end.

    • It’s interesting that the incident you link hasn’t generated any outrage from the TPUSA/Conservative, Inc. crowd. Char-Lay was even photographed with a drag queen going by the moniker “Lady MAGA.” These were the same people that “pounced” on the Covington Catholic boys, denouncing them as racists, etc. They’re on the other side, they just manage to hide it better.

      • All of this time I thought, “Yay! TPUSA” because of the work Candace Owens does, plus the confrontations they provoke by setting up tables on college campuses. Before I read this article I didn’t know the other side of the group, but I am well aware of what Z talks about when he rips these NR “conservatives.” I detest them and I was once a NR subscriber.

  6. I thought the article was pretty good. He said as much as he could within the limits of the venue. Some of the syntax was difficult—I had to read it several times!

    “I will do such things, such things as…I know not what!”—king Lear

  7. This reminds me of the College Republicans in the 90’s. Old people’s idea of young people. A couple of them actually wore penny loafers. They likely wear tennis shoes with suits now to look like that imbecile Frank Luntz. Somehow, some way, there’s never a generational passing with Republicans. They simply clone a new generation using asexual reproduction. The more the political environment changes, the more incapable they are of change. Old idiots are just replaced with young idiots. They deserve to be swept away.

    • “They simply clone a new generation using asexual reproduction.” Juxtaposing that with the image of Frank Luntz and his tennis shoes in my head, what other type of reproduction is tenable? Ugh.

  8. Z Man, you’re being SO unkind to Mr. Phillips. Did you know he is a research associate at the Heterodox Academy?!?!??
    (Note the title of his one article at the link above: “What My Fellow Conservatives Can Learn from the Left”)
    (Note two: This guy is a real fire breather. That ‘Academy’ of his describes itself as “a non-partisan collaborative…committed to…open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement…” As long as you sign up to the Left’s moral framework and agree that the dissident right needs to be crushed, of course.)
    I couldn’t find any biographical information on this guy, but I’m certain I have children older than him, and my oldest is a young adult…

  9. The combination of being never Trumpers AND having (phony, baloney) “conservative” credentials guarantees that these guys will rake in the $$$$ because they will be repeatedly invited as “conservative” guests on every mainstream (left wing, hate Trump) media network.
    They do get paid for this, don’t forget.

    In the effort to promote Trump is Hitler / Putin’s lover / a moron, etc. etc., the left wing media (i.e., every single “news” outlet) can bring in “conservative” commentators to bash Trump and make it appear that it’s not just demokrats (i.e. communist scum) that believe Trump is Pol Pot / Hitler / Stalin all rolled into one.

    Oops , I erred!!!

    Did I say Stalin. I forgot; our home grown liberal progressives, demokrat party, lying POS and leftist media slime balls have a real soft spot for “Uncle Joe,” So, let’s delete Stalin .

  10. California liberal politics is killing off it’s utility companies and plunging millions of it’s citizens back into 19th Century life without electricity. Now imagine that this momentum continues until real hardship arises and primal aggression is unleashed in this Brave New World of deprivation and don-eat-dog survival competition. Evolutionary history suggests that the life expectancy of cucks will be measured in days, if not minutes. Cucks are the bane of extreme affluence and the easy life. Change that, and problem solved.

    • That’s one of two things I am watching, as I live on the doorstep of all this California madness. The blackout/fire/homeless thing reeks of an underlying strategy, rather than just a confluence of events. Similarly, what is going on in Chile seems to also be engineered. Massive protests materialize out of nowhere, in a place considered a haven from the madness going on in the rest of the world, on the eve of a major regional economic conference, and the world media is already there to cover the conference. Things are happening, and I don’t think they are random.

      • The Horowitz report is due out soon and the media needs something big to act as a distraction. The Deep State has been trying to gin up a war in the Mideast for that purpose, but Trump preempted that. Ditto for tanking the economy. You’re now seeing the bottom of the list of false flag OPs in their arsenal.

  11. These “conservative” gatekeepers remind me of Neidermeyer at the frat party in Animal House. Every time Ken and Lonny try to mingle and meet new people, Neidermeyer walks them back to the corner and reintroduces them to Mohammet Jugdish, Sidney and Clayton. “Grab a seat and make yourselves at home. Don’t be shy about helping yourselves to punch and cookies.”

    • That’s good….”No, no, no….you don’t want to think about THOSE ideas, that’s racist…come back over here where we can support our greatest ally, and get the brown people to come here LEGALLY, to the greatest nation on God’s green earth!”

  12. I’m having trouble CARING what national review says anymore. First, their site has become so plagued by Ads and background noise, its hard to read. Second, who’s there anymore? Even the names you can recognize, are going through the motions. It looks like Super-cucks Jonah and Mr. French got a Left-wing sugar daddy and are writing for the “Dispatch”, while Lowrey mostly appears in Politico. Meanwhile, poor ol’ Kevin Williamson has been labeled an “unreasonable conservative” and denied a spot anywhere else and is writing crap. And Fat boy Erickson, has dropped out of sight. The whole Never-trumper crowd has simply become irrelevant. But like cockroaches, they’re impossible to kill, and will return when Trump leaves.

  13. A great bunch of questions from Cucking Point USA’s latest cuckfest and a gay black conservative making faces at the questioners red-pilled trolls.
    Nothing kills the fake-right gate keepers like ridicule. Our fine young questioners just mocked the shit out of these people!
    They even booted Nick Fuentes! (if you search his name, the very first link is rational-wiki) They are getting desperate. We need to do more of this punking.
    They can recover from a lot, they cannot recover from ridicule.

  14. NR was founded in 1955 by CIA agents Buckley, Burnham and Kendall as an anti-communist front. When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, so should have NR. Instead, with fellow travelers the Neocons, it attacked Buchanan and other immigration patriots — that is, real conservatives. Real conservatives, like R. Kirk and S. Francis, of course backed Pat. That was a long time ago and now here we are, still waiting for NR finally to go away.

  15. In the dissident blogosphere I keep seeing these debates and complaints about these “personalities” like Charlie Kirk and that Milo creature and on-campus talks by Nick Something or Gavin Whatsisname.

    None of these clowns will solve anything, or get anything accomplished — even if they had intelligent ideas, which Charlie Kirk and Milo do not.

    The Left smashes its enemies into the dirt for a variety of reasons, but mostly not because they have a team of speakers on a college circuit, which achieves nothing. What they have is an endless supply of young soldier-ants and worker bees to form the committees, make the phone calls, do the lawfare, lick the envelopes, point and screech in public. They have two natural advantages:

    1. Young people in general, and Nice White Young People in particular, are naturally inclined by a generous youthful temperament to Want What’s Officially Nice… in practical terms, this translates into Thoughtless Racial Justice, and Brainless Socialism. These kids haven’t been beaten with a stick by Life yet, so they think in vague terms of free cream puffs for all, but more to the point, every young person wants to feel important (and score chicks) by Doing Something Important and Righteous. Marching around and chanting for the invisible blob of Racial Justice gives you that dopamine hit. The conventional Right has no answer to this. They better think of one, and Charlie Kirk and Milo ain’t it.

    2. The Left has a virtually endless supply of naturally hostile, beaverishly energetic, activist young Jews On the Make — the ones doing the lawfare trench battles for the endless supplies of tax-exempt National Jewish Committees for the Advancement of Jews. These are the young Jewish lawyers, activists, organizers, interns, publishing assistants, and professional nuisances who can afford to make their reputation on the entry level by working at that low-wage obscure (but still tax-exempt) Jewish-funded non-profit, underwritten by wealthy Jewish parents. That’s a big supply of worker bees and warrior ants. Real stuff gets done. Your average pissed-off young White dissident kid is busy working at some grind job, just struggling not get suddenly replaced by Mexicans and pajeets.

    In short, the dissidents have to find an economic model, a March of Dimes, to fund the ability to get things done. I thought Donald Trump would have had the horse sense to fund a private low-wage activist army, but no dice. But listening to Nick Fuentes achieves nothing.

    • The Left has a virtually endless supply of naturally hostile, beaverishly energetic, activist young Jews On the Make — the ones doing the lawfare trench battles for the endless supplies of tax-exempt National Jewish Committees for the Advancement of Jews.


    • You make some good points. We are in need of a solid base of support. The energetic Jews went about this the only way they could. They couldn’t just march in and take over. They had to assimilate so they could infiltrate and alter. They had to import allies to bolster their numbers and increase their various fronts of attack on the West…and yet still they have a nervous breakdown whenever a few of us point a finger and say a few words. That’s because they understand that our real strength is in our potential numbers.

      We don’t have to – only – do what they’ve done. A grassroots dissident movement will never appeal to most normies because most normies will never see themselves as a beleaguered oppressed minority. We have been the world’s apex predator for a very long time…and in the force we are still capable of mustering – IF WE HAD THE WILL – we are still very capable of imposing our will on whomever whenever.

      Since Cville, inspite of Cville, our numbers have ballooned. How much of that was thanks to us vs. the insanity of our enemies triggering a group biological reaction within our own tribe?

      Woke for our enemies means going ever further down the wonderland rabbit hole of moral delusions and an exaggerated sense of power and position. Woke for the anti-whites is anti-natural order. They are shoveling against the tide.

      Whites only need to awakened to how things have been unfolding for decades…and maybe even just awakened to the recent acceleration. Once enough of our tribe see it as we see it clown world is over. We don’t need to assimilate and infiltrate our enemies in order to gaslight them. All we have to do is put our foot down.

      Rebuilding our civilization will be a multi-generational task. With accelerating volatility the awakening won’t require multi-anything…enough in our tribe are probably already a lot closer to going off the reservation than we realize.

      We need to keep doing what we’ve been doing: shaking our brethren awake. But let’s not forget it is our enemies doing most of our work for us. Biology is our greatest ally: both in the venom spewed our way and in the reaction this will engender within our own people.

      As volatility and the forces it animates ratchet up inertial states change. Increasing volatility is a white pill.

      • Yves. Excellent reminders and encouragement. What do you believe is the best intro to “shake the brethren awake”? I’m asking for a catalyst idea, word, perspective…is there one? Is it contextual?
        I’m assembling a toolkit and marketing / influence is one element. If we were to begin assembling our own Style Guide, in priority of potential attention-getting from a normie in conversation, what would you list?

        • Something Zman has often mentioned in passing but has never extrapolated upon. Sarcasm and Derision.

          AntManBee makes a good point about the infantilizing if the population through endless happy blue pills. But these perpetual children all think they’re urbane and deep. A little dig, a bit of ribbing whenever someone mouths a goofy clown world platitude. It’s situational but effective.

          Ramzpaul is big on pointing out hypocrisy. This works well within the white tribe: every campus has a black, a hispanic, an asian, a jewish, a this and that group that celebrates and protects the interests of their group. This is also true in large corps and other kinds of organizations. Every group can form a racial or subracial interest group to protect and serve that group’s interest…except one. In a multi-racial society how is this fair? (Remember this only works for white.)

          Jason Kohne argues that we should never ever justify ourselves to our enemies. If their conclusions are anti-white then we reject anything they have to say.

          Then, it’s a bit shopworn but…Bob Whitaker’s “Diversity is anti-white” is fundamentally true. Whose culture is being diluted and replaced, whose institutions are being altered to meet the needs of outsiders at the price of being more and more unresponsive to the people for whom they were built for. Who is forced to pay for most of this even though all of this has negative effects on whites as a group…..

          Somehow we’re all supposed to except the condemnation of and reject the works and manifests of 1000 generations of our ancestors because the mobs that have poured into our civilization during the past century or so don’t like it. They reject most if not all of the intangibles but grope endlessly for the gibs.

          The Derb used to have a succinct way of putting it: “A dash of salt add some flavor to the soup, too much ruins it.”

          I look forward to what you eventually come up with.

        • Don’t forget style. The fash aesthetic is a huge asset. Art speaks to people in ways nothing else does. Looks matter.

          Check out Haidt’s “flavors of morality” theory in “Righteous Mind” too (yes, Tribe, but like Strauss & Rand, quasi-apostate and tactically useful). Learn to appeal to the half-dozen “flavors” of morality he studied. It’s of the best pre-sorting metrics for good recruits. If someone still has moral instincts like shame and disgust, they’re equipped for the red pill. Someone who only sees right and wrong as matters of “harm” or “fairness” is shitlib to the bone and probably will never “get” Our Thing.

      • Imagine that you take your kids to a department store at Christmas time (or “Flavorless Non-denominational Inclusive Winter Holiday” time.)

        There are two lines for the kids: on one line, kids wait to see Santa Claus. They sit on Santa’s lap, and tell the nice jolly man in the magic red suit what toys they want him to bring them for Christmas, in his magic flying sleigh.

        On the other line, there is a stern-looking middle-aged White man. The kids sit in this man’s lap, and instead of saying “Ho ho ho!” He says, “Guess what kids. There is something even better than Santa Claus! Santa does not exist, but even better than Santa is, you have a Mommy and a Daddy who love you very much, and they work very hard to buy you all the toys you get for Christmas. The toys aren’t free, and they aren’t made by elves, we sell the toys here in the store, and your Mommy and Daddy go to a lot of trouble to buy them for you, because they love you and they want you to be happy. Isn’t that so much better than a magic fat stranger in a phony sleigh?”

        The kids on that line will burst into tears. But by the time they’re aged eight or nine, they understand the premise and agree with it. But you have to wait for them to reach that age.

        The problem is, the Left gets the use of these kids while they’re still young enough to sit on Santa’s lap. The Left has a lock on Santa Claus. Those kids vote, and they show up to march and shriek and rally for imaginary racial justice and climate elves, and beat up anyone who says there are no elves. And nobody decorates department stores with pictures of the grim White man with Daddy’s paycheck stubs and the banking and investment documents instead of toys.

    • “Gavin Whatsisname […]None of these clowns will solve anything, or get anything accomplished.”

      I beg to differ. I seem to recall that Gavin Wossname shoved a dildo up his own backside live on air, ostensibly to prove he is not homophobic. If THAT isn’t bold, dynamic, transgressive leadership I don’t know what is.

  16. “The system itself grew corrupt, attracting *grifters* and *lunatics*”

    The links, they are priceless.

    • Yes… the links… the links.

      My guess in each case was confirmed, so I suppose these two personalities have moved on to become actual cultural icons for “grifter” and “lunatic”.

      Particularly the volcano-lancing grifter….

  17. That was just an embarrassing display last night. “I’m gay and I’m not going anywhere, honey” from the black guy. “Oh and I fought in Iraq to save your freedoms, so shut up now that I’ve quoted a Cardi B song.”

    Meanwhile Kirk can’t formulate a sentence beyond “that’s racist” and “you seem to be really interested in gay sex, that’s creepy, dude.”

    I’m older and I’ve been listening to this for 25 years from these people. Fourth or fifth generation and they get stupider and stupider. These responses were so sophomoric I have a hard time believing now that these two are not hired actors. They literally know nothing.

    This has gotten so tiring.

  18. There’s a larpy feel to the young conservatives. They want to “play politics” like high-schoolers in student government, and have civically fortifying debates in the style of Lincoln-Douglas.

    That guy’s Twitter feed reposts some left-wing articles, along with his “refutations.” But the left isn’t listening, and the left isn’t interested in debate. Leftists just hand down fatwas and diktats, and crush anyone who doesn’t go along with them.

    Either the cucks don’t know that the age of civic debate passed long ago, or they do know, and they don’t want the public to wake up to the Brave New World we’re in.

    • Correct. I come from a family of progs and cucks, and in no way do the cucks agree with the progs. They won’t stand up to them because they don’t want the fight. They see their restraint as a function of nobility and sacrifice. They aren’t bad people, they are just from different times with different values. Back then disagreements were resolved by careful negotiation. Unfortunately for all of us their day is over.

      I love the imagery. Tartarus. Hoisting the black flag. Z is a treasured pundit for us political pirates of Penzance! But… I wonder… is it us that hoisted the black flag… or them? I suppose it doesn’t matter. Hoist the mains, bring her about, and run the cannons out! Prepare to board, boys!

      • “They see their restraint as a function of nobility and sacrifice.” I think the cucks also know that they will have a long debate, see the prog’s cognitive dissonance as they sense the logical fallacies of their views, but then go right back to their liberal talking points. I believe it was Jonathan Swift who said, “Reasoning will never make a man correct an opinion, which by reasoning he never acquired.” The cuck keeps trying or plays along. The dissident knows it’s futile and either rages back or disassociates.

        • DLS, I think that cognitive dissonance on the left is now imbedded into who they are, like stains in the carpet that nobody likes, but no one can get out. Time for us to move on and do what we can with those who actually are open to reason. We need to convince them to help us build our own institutions and provide for our own posterity, and give up on trying to repair or enlighten those with the liberal CD.

    • An “emotional” argument wills every time over an “intellectual” argument. In that lack of understanding lies their failure.

    • Yeah, I get the feeling that this is part of a mating strategy. In these circles, there is a bit of a bad boy vibe to being the lone conservative at the party. The girls you’re targeting aren’t the fat lesbians, they’re the cute, lefty, hetero girls. For these girls, you get points for being clever and daring enough to say shocking things like how the best way to achieve all the lefty goals is through a conservative tax policy.

      What you sure don’t do is put yourself outside the tribe by saying anything dissident. They like daring, they don’t like outlanders.

      • Yeah BTP I think that is part of it, as I touch on above vis a vis status.

        But I wonder if it is the ‘daring outlier’ that really does it or if it is more along the lines of ‘sneaky bastard game’ which is more akin to ‘I’m not like those other guys, the jerks, I’m different. I want to get to know you first’ lol.

        Or even more extreme. Like the cuttlefish that can appear female as to not be a threat to the dominant male doing the mating.

        Just hanging around until the alpha falls asleep, then moving in for a sloppy seconds with the female who is content to consume the attention of all suitors.

      • What you sure don’t do is put yourself outside the tribe by saying anything dissident. They like daring, they don’t like outlanders.
        It’s funny I was an outlander but I always got an invite by a woman to their parties and they still would try and debate me every time going away mad…I wish I knew what I know now because might of been able to plant some seeds that would be coming to fruition because of all the craziness going on now…

      • “What you sure don’t do is put yourself outside the tribe by saying anything dissident.”

        Not sure about that. I suspect that in some cases the espousing of lefty and feminist views is a sort of shit test. Funny thing is that (in the aftermath of a wretched mess whose details we shan’t get into, heh) when I stopped giving a shit about approval or lack thereof (particularly feminine approval) there was a lot more interest. Polite but somewhat detached, combined with self assurance with respect to the rightness (pun unintended) of one’s position seems to be attractive.

        Of course, the real trick is to find a lady friend who shares and supports your values.The other day mine was accused with “that’s racist!” because she was winning some argument. Without blinking she responded, “Yeah? Well, I *am* racist. So what? That’s irrelevant to what we’re talking about here.” The other party was devastated, literally open mouthed, and unable to respond.

  19. NR-types and our elected Republicans won’t even take on the Left where there is broad public support to do so — the lunacy of 69 genders or whatever, men competing in women’s sports, etc. We know why they won’t support immigration reform, but these other issues? Awhile back Z said something along the lines that Conservatives, Inc. can only make stands on issues the left doesn’t care about that much, and that’s spot-on.

    • Well, I do think they “take on” those issues like 69 genders…but they do it in a very well-mannered, erudite way. They should do it more like fella at the Culture War question time, who asked if anal sex was a conservative value. It’s vulgar, yes, but it gets the amygdala humming, rather than napping, as the NR levels of discourse do.

    • Here’s the thing with the 69 genders and the men competing in women’s sports lunacies……. they’re easily to just dump into the laps of women.

      So why bother to deal with them at all.

      Men with dresses competing in women’s sports – is really a women’s issue. The real “male” issue – is the forcing of females into “male” jobs like infantry soldier, fireman, and policeman – where there is case after case after case of women just simply not being able to do the job.

      If the women – and I single out women because there’s far more women than men who support all the assorted left wing lunacies – if the women want to say that a man is a woman , then they’re going to be the ones who suffer for supporting that. When transgenderized men start winning all the women’s sporting events, we can just start up a “just like a real woman but better!” campaign – and then sit back and watch them all tear themselves apart.

      Women & the left have been screwing with men’s sports for decades now – turnabout is fair play.

      I think the 69 genders thing is another lunacy that mainly affects women. Most men don’t give a shit about who comes walking into their bathroom – and the brutal truth is that if some gender confused weirdo goes into a men’s room – he’s taking his life into his hands and will suffer the consequences sooner or later. Jordan Peterson has Youtube on this – where he goes into how men understand that disagreements and/or failure to adhere to social codes – likely earns you a severe beating in the world of men.

      Women do not act the same – and most of the 69 genders BS seems to be concentrated over in vagina land. So once again – I see this as something that sane men can likely just largely ignore as it’s the women that are going to suffer the overwhelming amount of pain from all of this.

      I know older women in my social circle who were all peeved off when the whole transgenders in the bathroom thing broke out. I got them even more peeved off when I told them ” I think this is a women’s problem. All the weirdos are going to end up in YOUR bathrooms – but women have been protesting and agitating for this for DECADES NOW, so you finally got what you wanted”.

      They didn’t like that response at all. They got all pissed off and asked me what I was talking about. I just said: ” Look – when you go look at any of these movements or marches or protests or whatever – it’s always a bunch of women who are out there protesting for “equality” and all that shit. You will see large amounts of allegedly heterosexual women putting on their pussy hats and supporting the gays and the transgenders and all that shit. What you won’t see is a bunch of NORMAL males – especially not ones who aren’t feminized and/or have some connection to a weirdo. So this is a girl’s problem – and you brought it on yourselves – hope you have fun with it”.

      Set the women adrift . Make them paddle for shore. It should be plainly obvious by now that constantly throwing them a life preserver when they screw everything up is not working.

      • Yea women are emotion based and like to be part of a herd so they never think about the long term consequences of their actions which is why they need a man to rein them in…

      • Calsdad and Lineman–

        Women will not stop wearing pussy hats, herding up with other maladjusted women and screaming equality until a black swan event(s) happens. For instance, the Venezuela-ization of California and then social and economic collapse…literal collapse, housing and economic collapse, a devastating plague, an EMP, another 9-11. Women, including me, don’t know the ass-end of a pair of pliers, and I worked in the water company (bad Range). I don’t conceptualize well. I don’t have an engineering brain. See patterns in life is my forte. I know that about myself. My husband does have a huge engineering brain. When he designed and developed the complete construction of open pit or underground gold mines, if he got stuck on a problem, often he would dream the solve, get up and write it out.

        When any type of collapse comes, single women will not be able to fix a thing nor keep the meager roof over their head repaired. When women en masse are scared, they will shit their knickers! When society really gets bad, the women will come crawling back on their lips through busted glass.

        Basic Husband bemoans, “When men stop fixing shit for women, when a ball busting bitch can’t get her car fixed, they will wake up.”

        As modern people, we have too much free time on our hands…particularly women.

        • “… we have too much free time on our hands…particularly women.”

          Way too much time; especially women.

        • Camille Paglia, a 1960’s Ur feminist and authoress of Sexual Persona agrees. Her line is that without men women would be living in grass huts. No sane woman would disagree with the concept if not accepting the degree.

          • Camille Paglia is a leftist – and a lesbian.

            She also seems to have a good head on her shoulders – and disagrees with pretty much all of the leftist lunacy that has overtaken our society.

        • This is why MGTOW gets a bad rap for a good strategy. The Lysistrata is ancient wisdom. Strahng empowered wahmens are like teenagers seeking boundaries – someone to tell them “knock it off.” Even the best of women periodically sh*t-test their men. The more you try to keep mama happy by catering to this chtonic impulse, the more unhappy mama gets & the more she acts out.

          It’s a hardwired security blanket and self-assurance mechanism – to be existentially content, women need to know their man still has the masterful hand – for personal comfort and more importantly in the all-important status-contest with other women. A self-assured balanced woman does this much less often, but she still does it. Guys can either learn how to deal with these inevitable domestic insurgencies or MGTOW. A lot of modern men don’t have the background or makeup to handle the former.

          My father to his credit gave me all the tools & wisdom I needed. Wasn’t his fault that I wasted a couple of decades chasing strahng unicorns b/c muh Objectivism. Never did find a Dagny Taggart, just a few women who thought they were. Should’ve been looking for that nice sexy secretary the whole time, but Big Brain or something.

        • “Women will not stop wearing pussy hats, herding up with other maladjusted women and screaming equality until a black swan event(s) happens. ”

          Completely agree.

          This is why I am so against all of the different government intrusions in the traditional social control mechanisms. By that I mean welfare, and hiring quotas, and affirmative action – and all the rest of it.

          I’ve thought for quite some time that the only thing that will set this shithouse right is when we get some form of societal collapse and women are finally confronted with the void.

          It’s why I think people like the Heartiste, Jordan Peterson, and all of the assorted MGTOW crew on places like Youtube are important. Because they stress to men – young men in particular – to get their heads straight in regards to women and stop being cucks and enablers for women’s bad behavior.

          It seems women these days just have an underlying that no matter how they phuck up – somebody or something will come along and save them.

          We have an IKEA storage cabinet/cupboard in our kitchen. It’s one of those 6ft tall units with double doors and a bunch of shelves inside. We have it chock full of supplies – which probably weigh in the range of 300-400 pounds when it’s all full. The cabinet sits on four plastic pedestal “feet” about four inches off the floor.

          So the wife decides she wants to clean under it – and maybe move it across the kitchen to where the refrigerator is. This is on a Saturday when I’m outside working on replacing the front suspension on one of my cars. So I get this call – “come in the house and help me” – and when I come in – I find that cabinet about 2 feet out of place – with one of the feet broken off – so now it’s teeter tottering a little on the remaining three feet.

          The cabinet is not made to move across the floor on it’s PLASTIC feet – which are held in with little screws – into pressboard – especially not with 300 pounds in the thing.

          So I tell her – the only way to fix this is take everything out of the cabinet so I get under it and hopefully fix the foot . You can’t move this thing when it’s full – it’s not strong enough for that.

          This makes her pitch a fit and start screaming about I’m always telling her she can’t do things and stuff like that. At first I try to reason with her – then I realize that if I don’t get back outside and finish MY work – I’ll be working on the car in the dark. So I tell her again: “look you broke it – you’re going to have to empty it so I can fix it – I don’t have time for this shit – I’m going back outside”.

          So she goes all mental again. Which completely pisses me off. So I take the whole damn cabinet and throw the entire thing on the floor – shit goes all over the kitchen and she just looks at me like I’m nuts and says ” what the hell are you doing!!??”.

          I say ” I’m sorry – I thought this was act like a fucking lunatic day – so I’m just joining in – if you can act like a moron – why can’t I ? The cabinet’s all screwed up now – I hope you’re happy – I need to fix the car – I’m going back outside”

          When I came in a few hours later – she had the cabinet all emptied out – and I had to build new feet for it. Then she put everything back in the cabinet.

          And stupidity like that has never happened again in the 5 or 6 years it’s been since that incident.

          Long story short – I am now fully convinced that when we hit SHTF time – men are going to have to hang women out to dry in order to get them back in line.

      • Brilliant comment, Carlsdad. I’m all for making people live with the consequences of their stupidity – and women are prime candidates. “Just like a real woman but better” – now that is exceptionally meme-worthy and what I’d tell those women who take their kids to tranny story hour at the library – if I ever bothered to speak to such people.

  20. Conservative Inc, as the Zman calls it, has for decades been hypersensitive about its un-hipness. It’s always trying to say, “hey, look at us, we’re hip, too!”

    Even back in the 90s there was a story on Fox about the young people going to the Republican convention. It was saying things, like “Look, who’d a thought there’d be people at the Republican convention listening to Pearl Jam!”

    It was pathetic then, and it’s sad now.

    Why anyone would want to kiss up to a bunch of Pearl Jam-listening, SNL-watching, Star Wars-worshipping, pretty, white mama’s boys is beyond the Booby’s comprehension.

    The Booby doesn’t see his favourite idiot rock star (we all have one, don’t lie) as anything more than a humerous monkey that provides entertainment. He’d rather read Dostoevsky than watch Star Wars (a modern day nursery rhyme, let’s not lie), and if you take anything you see on TV seriously you need to read Amusing Ourselves to Death by Postman.

    No one should take “Conservative Inc” seriously, especially since they don’t take themselves seriously.

    • The allure of being a media darling and getting invited to Georgetown parties is very strong. So long as whites continue to see the general culture and its outlets as part of their community, they’ll want their approval.

      If there’s one thing that’s heartening, it’s the rejection of the MSM and academia by many young whites. They understand that these people aren’t their people; indeed, that these people hate them. The problem is that young whites have no organized community of their own to join and are severely punished when they try to form one.

      • Now that the New Left is the ruling class, it’s going to get harder and harder for them to play the anti-establishment game. That’s their vulnerability.

        The harder the elites come down on dissenters the more apparent it will be – even to the most obtuse – that these people are our actual rulers, and are now “the man” that they once tried to bring down.

        That’s why the right has be patient. Let the left draw first blood. Every Jesse Smollete incident, and Nick Sandmann incident, erodes the elites’ claim as heroic rebel and exposes them as the bully.

        Meanwhile, drain the economy of its lifeblood: your consumer spending, your taxes, and your bank accounts.

        • Sure. But many of them will not care since “we” deserve it in their eyes. Only neutral observers will side with us.

      • Yes Citizen. To Boobys point the striving for hip and cool is pathetic. But not just on its own accord, but also because it is entirely within the frame owned by the left.

        Conservatives are pussy beggars. They desire status within a culture that hates them, sees them as low status. Not gonna work for obvious reasons.

        The problem isn’t just the old white dork syndrome, its that the left won the culture war. The culture defines the status hierarchy.

        Until something happens within the culture war that allows for dissidents to establish a beachhead, attempting to acquire status within clown world is futile.

        Just like when a man tries to acquire status with facades of expensive suits or fancy cars but has not internalized and embodied the actual drivers of status; he is negotiating for a woman’s desire with borrowed currency.

        Its why we cringe when we see it and also why we are naturally drawn toward the authentic.

        Larping in the lefts morality play is a waste of time. The entire theater needs to be put in its place: returned to the low status of street performance drifters, fringe freaks, faggots, and ugly people full of bad ideas.

        • The question is can we established a beachhead in hostile enemy territory…I don’t think we can which is why I advocate to build Communities where they can become strong before we go to war…

          • We absolutely cannot build a beachhead in Lefty world. We have to build our own. The big two issues are:

            1. How to quietly build a community without getting crushed by TPTB who know perfectly well that a white identity community is their biggest danger.

            2. Having the strength to walk away from family members and friends who will hate us for breaking away and basically consider us crazy Nazis. Make no mistake, this will be a brutal separation emotionally, at least for us who are a bit older.

  21. You almost make me feel sorry for the average Conservative Inc. cuck. Three decades ago the Left was guys like Tip O’Neill and George Mitchell. It was easy to rail against them and pretend HW Bush was our champion – then go have some cocktails on the DC party circuit. Now the Democrats are rocketing leftward into full-blown anti-western communism, it’s impossible to be the loyal pretend opposition.

  22. To crib from a comment I left earlier over at CC in a post* arguing for why the GOP is our only hope, no third party, blah-blah:
    The Republican Party has never been, is not and never will be a useful vehicle for advancing White Nationalist interests in America. It is a kosher trap which now exists solely as subsidized controlled opposition for the Democrats, a lightning rod for stealing dissident voltage and thunder and a guard dog for the cultural and ideological right flank of neo-liberalism.

    If you accept that two party politics are eternal and bottleneck all opposition to liberalism into the GOP, the most “effective” opposition you will ever have will be some variation on the Trump Administration – overblown rhetoric with superficial tangible benefits as the country slouches ever leftward toward Babylon.

    Like libertarianism, the GOP is a hill constructed solely for Whites to die on.

    To continue plagarizing myself on Halloween-eve, this time from last week here – these guys are vampires. No spark of original creative life or insightful thought remains in their soulless eyes as they claw for shekels with their foetid bagel-hooks.

    They look at young Chads & Beckys like the johns in Jeffrey Epstein’s meat-houses did and mean them no better end. For Chad, they offer inceldom, wage-cuckery or martyrdom fighting muh Muzzies. For Becky, muh carousel, career & cats, in that order, unless she too wants to gun-gurl for Jewry like Con Inc’s IDF & Kurdish pin-up death-kittens.

    May a new dawn** bring them sunlight & cleansing fire.

    CC cross-posting day, I guess:

    • Kosher trap. I see what you did there. Excellent. I’m gonna try to use that in my next political conversation, but unfortunately I’m always more ham fisted when i speak so i doubt i can pull it off.

      • OG, I see what you did there: kosher…ham. Muhuhaha. The Semites are destined to lose the culture wars because they can never know the supreme joy of a cheeseburger with bacon unless they become utter hypocrites. So, they can pick their fate: pity or scorn.

    • Preach it, Exile!! Amen.
      Y’all rightly identify the Theatrical. And forgive me my naivete but who is their target market? Does TPUSA simply exist as a sparing partner for the left? A bogeyman? A construct to complete the Left’s constant narrative and their framing of WNs and DRs?

      If Chads and Beckys are the target, does that suggest that they (normies) are worth going after? I’ve been operating as if they are not worth active pursuit and rescue. I’m trying to think and build toward the new, shaking the dust from my boots and not looking back.
      But if they are, well, that changes things. Guerrilla marketing, whispers behind closed doors, papering the town with subversive signage…what?

      Your comments are always appreciated and valuable to me, and I recognize I’ve got bias toward pragmatic action, but frankly, I’m tired of seeing us discuss and diagnose GOP / Conservative Inc theatre performances.

      Patience is virtuous, so I’ll practice that more. In the interim, how about that website where we can begin aggregating and cataloging best practices to advance?

      • Holiday season for rollout, day job’s been demanding more time this week, haven’t even seen much of Norway yet & the Hater’s Ball starring K-Mac & Hanging Judge Ed Dutton is fast approaching. To throw some nationalist red-meat goodies before Xmas, check out “The Cocktail Hour” podcast with John Q. Publius, esp. this episode if you’re into dissident tactics & such.

      • The most likely “tell” that one is viewing “controlled opposition” is the geekiness, loser-ness of the chosen “opponents” the left designates.

        Ask yourself, does this Kirk guy fit the bill? That Spencer guy? Even if they are also FBI-tainted, flat out spies, plants – they are ALSO geeks, beyond belief. A perfect punching bag for the left.

        And notice how even the worst of the designated “bad people” keep pushing, ahem, certain acts – whether it be the McGinness guy shoving something into his rectum, the Kirk boy and his homosexual All American values…. so even the chosen opponents embrace key tenets of the repulsive leftists.

    • Granted, the Repubs are the Washington Generals, but it will be tough to get to a majority without them. Unfortunately, that could mean we will slouch to the lowest point that the middle of the left will allow. Hopefully, the dissident right will become the dog and what’s left of the cucks will become the tail. We will co-opt them when they try to leave, like they have been doing to us for the last 50 years.

      • Contra the guy at CC, I think some mileage could be squeezed out of a third party over a fairly long timeline. It would take guys operating “inside the wire” with the kind of organizational savvy that Z’s talking about in his reply comment above. It’s pencil-neck beta-cuck work devoid of the LARP’y romance of marching in the streets. I’m a romantic at heart but some of our more autistic Poindexters could do more lasting good for us pushing paper & grinding phone calls than all of our show-ponies making fiery speeches and throwing Roman salutes in the streets.

    • –The Republican Party exist as a kosher trap whose sole purpose is subsidized controlled opposition–
      That goes on the wall, Exile.

      • Or, as Irving Kristol planned it over fifty years ago–“One can say that the historical task and political purpose of neo-conservatism would seem to be this: to convert the Republican party, and American conservatism in general,
        against their respective wills, into a new kind of conservative politics suitable to governing a modern democracy. “

  23. “Children’s crusades are always the last desperate effort of an exhausted combatant.”

    There are so many ways to exploit children when trying to influence adults. Whether it’s making them the center photo opportunity during faux chemical attacks, having them talk about climate change, or using them to take away the 2nd amendment, it’s all disgusting. But I don’t think liberals or neocons are exhausted, so we’ll undoubtedly get more of this formula.

    • Yeah, Greta Thunberg is Princess Astroturf, one of the phoniest phenomena of the 21st century.

      I watched this video of Morgoth’s twice, just because it made me laugh out loud every time he said “that retarded Swedish girl” in his Northumbrian accent.

      Morgoth goes at left-wing propaganda with a sledgehammer.

    • I use them the same way. I ask affirmative action supporters why my children deserve to be discriminated against.

      The left has written a morality play where they are the hero’s of the tale. Facts are irrelevant to their play. When you write a different play where they are the villains they get upset. It really seems to make them angry. That’s why this tranny thing is a goldmine for rhetoric.

      They are actually mutilating children. And should be reminded of it constantly.

  24. @Zman “Charlie Kirk, an old person’s idea of a young person” Nailed it. Man that’s funny!

  25. Interesting.

    ” we all should agree that far left extremists and communists should have as little influence as possible ”

    Said nobody on the left – ever.

    Maybe that’s a question we should start posing to lefties. Why have you let your party of record get taken over by far left lunatics whose political philosophy has an unparalleled record of genocide, oppression, terrorism, and corruption?

    • By any reasonable measure of objectivity, almost all of what is coming out of the mouths of the leftist politicians and candidates these days is simply batshit crazy. It takes a special kind of stupid gullibility to accept any of it without laughing out loud at the absurdity of it all. That most people are simply placidly accepting what they are told, suggests to me that they are either brainwashed, or intimidated into silence. They cannot be that innately clueless.

      • “That most people are simply placidly accepting what they are told, suggests to me that they are either brainwashed, or intimidated into silence.” Those are the white liberals. The blacks and browns only pay attention to the free stuff and victimization mythology, so they have no concern whatever about the batshit crazy parts. The jews don’t mind the crazy because it’s not truly their country anyway, and it’s populated by a bunch of christians, so who cares if it goes to hell.

      • Yeah but that crazy talk is like a Nigerian email scam – it is aimed at the stupid – a stupidity litmus test. Like Starbucks® “coffee” … if you do not immediately spit it out, and vow to never, ever let it pass your lips again, you are chemically confirmed as A LEFTIST.

        • I’ve often wondered if all of this craziness isn’t just some sort of sorting mechanism.

          As a friend of mine used to say on another forum (until he got kicked off) whenever some leftist would start spouting their crap : “Congratulations – now you’re on the list”.

          So the left wing starts spewing all their BS – and a certain segment of the population eats it all up. It makes it all very easy to figure out who to put “on the list”.

      • Dutch: “They cannot be that innately clueless.” May I recommend to you the wisdom of Mencken: “No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”

    • The Left will not learn or retreat. Talking to them or asking them to do anything against their interest is a waste of time. Assume hypocrisy and indifference and start from there. Concentrate on what we can do to defeat and then punish them. That’s what the Left is doing.

      • The 2018 midterm results told me that there is a whole lot more brainwashing than people keeping their heads down. That black pilled me into the combo of the Benedict option and of doing what I can for the people around me who are still sane. I look at the rest of it in utter sadness, that a culture with so much history and promise, can simply throw it all away. I think we truly are a Remnant of sorts, first and foremost, destined to hide the cultural books from the book burners.

        • It wouldn’t hurt to write memoirs about our day and age, and for those older than me it would be even more interesting to see their past.

          We can bury the papers in our backyards, maybe some chinaman will find it in 200 years or something.

        • “The 2018 midterm results told me that there is a whole lot more brainwashing than people keeping their heads down.”
          Dutch…yes on the brainwashing. However, consider another group of factors that cause people to bury their head in the sand and hoist their arse end in the air.

          One factor is group identity. As the HBD folks are learning, the pull to identify with a group is much stronger than given credit. That’s why the Left main stream culture is vacuuming up tons of the brainless because the Left is dominant and lots of brainless want to line up with the perceived big winner. Once your family is flipped left, your friends are lefty flipped and your hair cutter, your owner of your favorite restaurant, your carpet cleaner, you too flip left. The Tidal Wave Effect…per Range.

          Also, by experience I have determined most people can cope with a large degree of cognitive dissonance enforced by group identification. I can’t take much cognitive dissonance before the angle of repose is hit, reality becomes dominant, and I am an outlier. Most people sit in large amounts of cognitive dissonance (what is one’s belief of reality vs. what one actually sees) and can put the discontinuity on a shelf in their brain and walk away. Facts and figures don’t count to change a thing in the lefty brain. It is useless to keep throwing facts and graphs at a lefty.

          It’s all about how a lefty Feels! The lefty vacuum can effectively suck up more brainless by gauzing over their culture in evocative emotions. Strong emotions. (The Children are in Cages….Sob! We’re so Nice to Diversity People…and You’re Not, You Evil SOB!)) One feels and does not think, and keeps company with the same brainless.

          Group Identity—Containing large doses of Cognitive Dissonance—and Feelings woo woo Feelings Because We’re Authentic and Nice (r/K Selection Theory)..and You’re an Evil SOB! Then add in brainwashing to reinforce these concretized influences.

          • Well said, Range Front. I concur with your assessment. There was an older lady with short, gray hair driving a car with a “Resist Hate” sticker on it this morning. I would love to have rammed her. Resist hate? Hell no – I revel in it.

          • Thanks 3g. Hope to meet you at the January West Coast gathering. Take care.
            PS: Years ago I got into a verbal scrap with a 50ish gal who cut me off in a parking lot and zoomed into the parking space I was waiting for. I got out and big dogged her by woofing and telling her off. Good Lord Amercy..she ended up bursting into tears and pitifully imploring to her secular deity that how could people be so cruel and scare her so and made her cry and blah blah blah! There was no copping any iota of responsibility for her behavior. She was pathetic. Wanted to kick her. Just walked away. We’re F***** Hon. Now in CA expect her to pull out a gun and off me. Have had 3 run ins with Hespanics, the women are bad. Those 3 took 3 of my cat lives. So I moved. So…..we keep our temper now.

          • I generally restrict my outbursts to screaming in my car with all the windows closed – or muttering (while looking at no one and striding ahead) about exterminating parasites. Let them think I’m a nut talking to myself. It makes me feel better to say it either way.

          • If one is handy I try to let the girl riding shotgun take care of fellow wahmens – I’ve seen much the same when solo’ing these encounters. SoCal Karens are the epitome of crying out as they strike you – f-bombs, head-shaking, the whole nine, but the minute you exit your car the fears & tears routine starts. Dindushas & chollas will just cut you. There’s something more honest in that.

          • Why?

            Embrace Clown World.

            The faster it burns down, the better.

            Of course, I’m Gen Z so I have very few fond memories of Before. I could see it being quite hard for a Silent or a Boomer.

  26. At TPUSA “Culture Wars” yesterday we saw several smart, well-dressed men make a complete laughingstock of Kirk and co. Then his sycophants went to twitter to try and gaslight what happened.

    The donors behind these TPUSA jokers must be wondering if making a bonfire with their cash would be a better investment.

    • This has been going on at the last couple of Kirk/TPUSA events. The questions overall have been good. The “Dancing Israelis” question was very clever. Kirk handled the questions poorly. Most of the time he didn’t even answer the question, but went on and on about our greatest ally, or how we need skilled immigrants, etc. The usual Conservatism Inc talking points. Kirk is on the ropes right now getting pummeled. Expect the next Q&A to get canceled.

      • A little surprising how fast Kirk got rattled. I would assume he is a skilled public speaker and should be able to handle mildly hostile questions without losing his cool.

        • I don’t think he or TPUSA was expecting this pushback though. TPUSA had thought of itself as the vanguard, not the gatekeepers. Maybe they were a kind of vanguard very early on, but then the GOP donors found them.

          • When these geniuses were putting their org together, did none of them ever consider that the acronym TPUSA parses itself in the average American mind as “Toilet Paper USA”?

            Maybe they did, but they just had a firm faith in truth in advertising.

        • I think Kirk’s used to debating the crazy left, similar to Ben Shapiro. For Q&A, I assume it’s always been questions from like-minded college kids. Now that the questions are coming from the dissident right, it’s knocked him off his game. These are questions he hasn’t considered.

          • Would also consider that there are very few ‘safe’ responses one can respond to dissidents with without either outing yourself as a clueless half-wit or a crypto-leftist.

          • They only debate kids. Wee Bennie and Char-Lay won’t debate anyone that challenges the bs they’re paid to promote, which is why the Groypers showing up in the Q&A line was so delicious. They’ll probably start pre-screening the line by social media or just having plants. Last night was just too embarrassing for them.

        • I can’t be 100% sure if there is a correlation but Kirk’s father, Robert, was the project architect manager for Trump Tower in New York.

          Make of that what you will but I would bet a month of paychecks that it has something to do with the recent rise of TPUSA.

          • TP-USA was initially funded by a guy named Foster Freiss, who was allied with the Kock Brothers. He’s a Christian conservative, but presumably an open borders fanatic. If you look at the current donor list, it is all the sorts you would see at Bush fundraiser. It is a well funded, GOP establishment organization.

            That said, there is much to be learned from how they operate. They treat each chapter like a business unit, giving them goals for recruitment and marketing packages to use in their proselytizing. The money men are not relying on Charlie to do their organizing. They brought in pros from the political class.

            This is why the alt-right was a colossal flop when they moved off-line into the real world. They were wholly unprepared for the well-organized players operating in the meat space. It was like a rag-tag militia facing off against a professional army. Worse yet, they had no idea how well organized political groups function. That’s why studying TP-USA is a good idea.

          • Another big difference is money. Watching some of the Fuentes stream last night and the amount he raked in a more crowd-funding fashion was staggering. Funding might not be as big a hurdle as some once thought if we are shrewd enough that payment processors don’t blacklist us.

          • This Fuentes thing is a big white pill for me, seeing others calling the establishment gatekeepers out, and having fun doing it. If only I was 20 years younger…

          • Freiss ran for Governor of Wyoming in 2018 and finished 2nd to the State Treasurer in the primary. He had endorsements from the Trump family, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum, whose Presidential campaign he bankrolled in 2012. Gordon had endorsements from nearly every elected Republican in the state.

            He is a not a cynical open borders fanatic, but more of a save the world type. Freiss appreciates the cheap labor component, but genuinely thinks he can engineer a way to “save” the third world. Wyoming has better resisted getting stuck refugees than any other state. I wonder if that wasn’t at least a small factor in the outcome.

        • Or even if he gets irate, to be able to defend his positions against the obvious fissures appearing.

          Unless there is no defense.

    • I watched some of the videos of Kirk at OSU yesterday and it was a minstrel show complete with a black gay male veteran conservative. It was funny and the young guys posing the questions pretty much made Kirk look like a fool, sorta like square Pat Boone trying to be cool in the 60’s. The culture is moving on.

      • The question is, is Charlie slaying road beav? I hope at least he’s slaying. If not, he could be the saddest man in politics. Besides Milo.

    • Next stop for the cuck-truck is Columbus, OH – I’d love to be there to hold Kirk to account for what’s been done to my adoptee fam in that city alone. Ask me about my very underage blonde cousin who got turned out by one of Mitt’s Somali imports sometime.

        • I don’t want to grace Z’s mixed-company pages with the appropriately “colorful” language. Let’s say for now that the young apple didn’t fall far from the tree, sadly – with the exception of the blonde’s father, her mama burned more coal than Casey Jones & never watched her speed. 3 kids, 3 baby-daddies, #1 Bubba-chad convict, #2 Tookie’s cousin convict & #3 was a cholo convict, FFS. Skittles-thottery: taste the f*ckin rainbow.

      • That annoying guy was a leftist not long ago. He now knows where the real money is. Black, gay, Iraq vet….hits all the right notes for the cuckservatives to fawn over. Right out of central casting.

      • TPUSA: Murica is great because we create more black millionaires, black celebs, black athletes, blackety black.
        Also TPUSA: Whites who worry about whites are racist.

    • This is how it’s done- good looking, clean cut young men asking questions that are thought provoking and that shine a light on the disconnect between Cuckservatism and the average person.

      We win like this. Not by parading around in the streets in another nation’s vintage military apparel.

    • I called out the Kirk guy to my friends way back, even before the shill lady that went from leftist to TPUSA “conservative” heroine was gone. When he kept yapping about “our values” whenever he saw a rainbow flag unfurled … and how we need to bring these “values” to a world fortunate enough to receive them, no matter their local customs … well .. that was pretty much end of credibility for geeky Charlie.

      It appears the clean cut questioners that asked him about why there is this amazing NEED to couple the worldwide man-on-man crusade to his “conservative” movement .. well that just jammed his programming and all he could do is point to the man on stage next to him, the one planted there because of having a variety of attributes that some believe elevate him high on the Virtue Hierarchy.

      You know the trope, “as a gay man even I believe…” Blah-blah.

      The response i hear now is along the lines of, “Candace will help get the black vote … we need the gay vote..”

      Isn’t this the definition of pandering? Both dishonest and disingenuous? I just asked one of my most liberal, atheist, lefty friends – his young son is having “issues in school” and “just wants to play video games…” Plus low self esteem. I asked him, “are you letting your wife raise him?” Answer: Kind of. Then, “Do you want him to grow up gay, or Incel? Answer: No, I am so afraid that is going to happen to my son.”

      His only son.

      So if what the shill Kirk is pushing won’t even appeal to lefties, along the lines of forcing “our values” on the rest of the world … why do I need to sign up?

      I don’t. No movement is worth supporting that forces one to sell one’s soul, and hand one’s sons over to the sodomites.

      Sorry Charlie.

      • TDS nailed Kirk’s dilemma last week. Charlie’s resident (((handler))) can field questions with a little rope to play with b/c he has his Tribe card. Charlie has to stick very tightly to his script or risk causing annudah Shoah with some mid-wit ad-libbery.

        With double-file ranks of smirking shitlords crashing the mic at every stop, itching to meme Charlie into rhetorically hanging himself, don’t be surprised if Charlie gets farmed out to stud with some second-tier Shabbos roastie like Michelle Fields.

        Who’s next on the TP Shabbos sock puppet list? Ian Miles Cheong? The Chu-thot? Ashley Laptop-Dance thot?

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