The White Shadows

I’ve gotten some negative feedback of late about the fact I sound too scripted and spend too much time reading news stories. I think both are related, as I don’t use a script when I do this. I just make some notes and, of course, read the passages of news items I’m doing. Of course, if I’m reading too much copy then I will sound scripted, so that would be why I may sound too scripted. It is one of those things I did not notice until someone pointed it out to me. I have been reading a lot more than commenting.

It is always best to respond to criticism by swinging wildly in the opposite direction, so that is what I’m doing this week. There will be no reading aloud in the show. Not only that, I did not even make notes to remind me of the things I wanted to say in each segment. It’s all off the top of the head in one take. The only prep is I came up with five topics for the show. Otherwise, it is just me talking about the topics as it comes to me for an hour. Even the closing has more me than usual.

Now, I like to mix things up, which is probably not a good thing with this type of content, as people prefer regularity. Someone finds the show, they like it and expect more of the same each week. Variety is the spice of life, not the staple of life. That said, I do what I enjoy and I like variety, which means trying new things and testing out ideas that I think could be fun. This week is a show on dissident organizing, which is pretty far outside my normal content. Just call me Zee Alinsky now.

The reason for this is the topic keeps getting raised by people I meet at various dissident events, like the one I was at last week. It comes up in my e-mail every time I write about an event. There are a lot of people who would like to connect with local people of their kidney to form a social group. There is a great unmet demand for community among our people, but organic, grassroots organizing from the Right is not something you can just buy a book and learn to do.

This week’s show is not intended to be the final word on organizing, but rather a starting point on the topic. The one thing we have going for us is a lot of creative, bright people willing to tackle tough questions. The more these topics are discussed by people with an audience, the more our smart people will think about them. Eventually, the answers bubble to the surface. That and it spreads the word that there are lots of people all over who want to belong to a dissident group in their area.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 05:00: Small and Local
  • 15:00: Community First
  • 25:00: Set High Standards
  • 35:00: Going Old School
  • 45:00: The White Shadows
  • 55:00: Closing

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136 thoughts on “The White Shadows

  1. Listened to podcast and the bit about community is spot on, and our overlords know how important community is hence the massive efforts to destroy it. Most operate on social status points within their real life community, online that dynamic is subverted and you get a rawer interaction. Penn state uni now says ”the communities that form around right-wing content.” are key to radicalisation of white men. imagine that. I expect this dynamic is intensified due to the lack of real community, when that begins to happen/form the jig is up for the current power structure.

    Imagine how many state funded left wing communities there are operating to a progressive agenda in plain view, then consider what number are secretly doing so or coordinating with antifa. Yet they’re upset about online communities? its incredible but frustrating to think how much energy is expended trying to upend the natural way of things.

  2. I’ve been a member of an online community for about two years. It’s a website, based on WordPress, with its own domain. The guy who owns the domain uses his real name since he lives in Europe and has plenty of money but most of the users are anonymous. Membership is more or less by invitation; you have to be recommended. Some of us have met in real space but not all. Many of the members are refugees from a site that is far more conventional: nominally conservative but chock-full of CivNats and other assorted gatekeepers.

    It’s not only about politics, though that is the main theme. There are some folks who tend toward CivNat but they’re slowly being red-pilled. In short, Zman’s suggestions are on target: own your domain, vet your members, build personal relationships. One element I’d like to add is that we have a couple of conference calls each week. These are mostly social but sometimes more serious subjects are discussed. Scheduling is a challenge since participants span three continents (you can guess which three). Short of meeting in real life, it’s a good way to form personal connections.

  3. Does the program have to be a full 60? No one would object to the occasional wicked thirty minutes.

  4. The problem with human networks is scaling. A few small cells or a network of individuals is not hard, scaling above that level is hard. Been working on the problem a few years; what I think is to adapt network rules of thumb from known good networking protocols.
    (Metcalfe et al can come later, after the networks actually exist).

    This might be explainable at college freshman level; Networks: Consider building a human organization as follows: start with ”spines” with all essential functions of operations, intelligence and logistics, communications etc. then the “body” that is doers who report to the spine “nodes”. That way when you expand you simply grow the backbone to SCALE larger by adding more spine nodes with the doer cells branching off. This makes it easier and simple to scale larger.

    You have spine cells and you have doer cells.

    This is how most Internet Service Providers build their networks as its simple and direct. It scales up or down very easily.

    I’m humanizing IS-IS here.
    Intermediate Systems – Intermediate Systems.
    That’s what OSI protocol calls a router – Intermediate System.

    • The point of adapting network protocols is not small cells – its scaling larger- that is making networks of networks.

      Where does this play in? In providing a common platform for all the little groups of the right to have a common plane to communicate and transact within – without having to expose more of their orgs than is necessary or wise.

  5. I have always admired the Left’s abilities to organize. I don’t admire their ideology or some of their other tactics, but they know how to get people out there doing something. Conservatives have been weakest at 2 things; standing up, and organizing. Zman your ideas are a start, but Left is so advanced, we need to rapidly get up to speed.

  6. Good podcast on organization! Perhaps deserving of another podcast would be the role of women in dissident right organizations. I suppose wives and close girlfriends would be the first issue, but I sort of suspect single, unattached women would be tremendously disruptive in a organizing secret society. I think male leadership is essential, but I hate to write off fifty percent of potential recruits. Any thoughts?

    • Given that most normal men bond with women and have offspring, a movement won’t get anywhere far without female support and family understanding.

      • Agreed, but women, generally speaking, are pathologically compassionate. They tend to see the world as a kindergarten where everyone must share equally. When a woman says we must put the care of those outside our group on the same level as our own, she must be reprimanded.

    • I say this anytime it comes up. Single women are a sexual marketplace. One single women can destroy the strongest organization. IRL orgs need to be fraternities. Have socials with wives and girlfriends, sure, but the serious business is male only.

      • In that case you had best keep their existence a secret. Wahmen always demand access to any male-only clubs or activities and it only takes one of them to go sobbing to a judge about “discrimination” and that’s that.

      • Agree. Greg Johnson appears to disagree – had some back & forth with him on this thread. He speaks for himself but I take his position as encouraging single women and to me it smacks of feminism.

        Readers will note I start off my comments agreeing that women should be involved, but putting even theoretical lmits on that involvement appears a bridge too far for some, including Greg himself.

        • I am not saying that women should not be welcomed into Our Thing; quite the opposite. But they need the same extensive vetting process as the men. It only take one wahman in the woodpile (so to speak) to bring the house crashing down.

      • Forget single women. Good luck to somenbody explaining to his wife why he spends Friday evenings with a bunch of guys somewhere secret and flies off to Oklahoma or Denmark on mysterious business.

        • My brother in law is a spook. He’s done it for thirty years. I’ll ask him how.

          Mind you, I don’t recall if he’s on wife number 3 or 4.

          It’s hard getting the truth out of the bastard.

    • Women in Dissident Right organizations are a complicated subject. As we have seen with Lauren Southern and other tradthots, a female 7 can lap up plenty of attention, time, and money from thirsty betas, live like a single feminist, and then stab us in the back.

      On the flip side, Saga, Lana Lokteff, and Ann Coulter are net positives for us. In 2 of those cases, the women are married with children. So that is our first criteria for any woman taking an active role in the Dissident Right, marriage and white children. Said children should also be nearly grown up, or grown up. No living like a feminist while spouting alt-right talking points. As for female recruitment, see my next post.

        • Outlier exception that proves the rule. She seems to have some old school skills in keeping her personal life as discreet as someone on the Buzzfeed/Media Matters Most Wanted List can hope to. She appears to avoid long term relationships and I strongly suspect she’s paid a personal price for her high profile. She strikes me as a Sex-in-the-City phenotype gone rogue, strong parenting & religion may be the civilizing influences.

        • Excellent writing, handles the hostile media like a lion tamer. She is the exception that proves the rule.

          She strikes me as the type of woman who would only be happy with a man who had the command presence of a 1st Sgt, and the drive and confidence of a MARSOC operator. Men of that caliber are rare.

          • For those familiar with Heartiste she strikes me as an ingenue mote than a lawyer you know what. Strong father very few if any could live up to. Armchair speculation of coutse.

            Oslo Scandza drama update in next thread

      • As I allude to in that CC thread above, women should have the 3 M’s to be actively involved with us – marriage, maternity, maturity. Even then, inner circle business is men-only. Z’s right on this and I respect his ability to resist the siren call of likes & feminist atta-boys and heed the lessons of history.

        We all seem to agree that Coulter’s an exception that proves the rule.

        A woman who won’t accept a secondary support role “ceiling” in politicking b/c strahng wahman is attitudinally unfit for Our Thing.

    • Red Pill writing often points out that women are a lagging indicator. As Scarface put it, “First you get the money, then you get the power, and then you get the women.” So focus on yourself, your buddies, and the success of your group and its members. Women naturally flock to winners.

      Some advertising aimed at women could be effective. When Mollie Tibbetts was murdered by an invader, the Democrats had been talking about abolishing ICE. I wish the Republicans had balls to put up posters showing ICE Officers controlling illegal aliens, with captions like:

      “ICE, keeping American women like you safe from foreign predators like these.”

      “ICE, protecting American women”

      “ICE, keeping our communities nice.”

      • Yea but ICE is controlled by those who just want to keep you from pulling the curtain back so they would never do something like that…

      • “ICE keeps our communities Nice” feels a bit too much like something Big Brother would say, but the other ones aren’t bad.

      • RE: winners: that is true.

        re: advertising: consider your market research, first.
        This means asking questions of the target demographic.
        Those “advertisements” are only mildly interesting.

      • Dissident orgs tend to attract Gone Girl 6’s and other dented cans because they see us as a smaller pond to be the big catch in, our thirst levels outweigh their patent defects, etc.. JQP said it best on that “opsec” pod I linked this week – keep it in your pants, guys – Our Thing is not a dating scene and you put your bros at risk by treating it as such.

        One of my fringier SoCal gf’s used to hang around the lolbertarian scene & basically admitted she did it for these reasons.


    • I wondered about this piece myself, and where my kind would fit in to the big picture. Much of it of course would depend upon location and demographics.
      And vetting of women would need to probably be even more stringent; there are some real nutters out there.

  7. Excellent podcast, Z. You have very interesting things to say, no need for MSM news articles 🙂

    I agreed with just about every point you made… I have been involved with some DR people I met online. The problem was that they were low IQ, aggressive, confrontational lunatics who thought that marching around Toronto with swastikas was a good idea. Eventually got kicked out.

    I do consider myself a “high value” person – educated, high IQ, decent money. You are exactly right – I will not associate with a bunch of hooligans, and end up ruining my career. I know that might sound selfish… but the way I see it, it’s much more valuable to have people like me up the chain of command in a Company, undercover, than it is to have me on the streets fighting antifa. There are different roles that work for different people. The violent lower-class guys I mentioned also have a place – they are the muscle – under tight control from the leaders of the organizations.

    DR needs to become a lifestyle. The closest thing to what you describe is the Church and the Military – and both are imperfect for obvious reasons. Get a few pioneers creating these kind of groups, and I guarantee it will become a flood of younger white guys coming to join it. There are many dissidents who don’t know they are dissidents. Give them an outlet and they will realize what they’re missing in their lives.

    The demand is there -thousands or millions of young, intelligent, and respectable white men need something to do – and nobody caters to this “market”. We can be the first – but we need to get organizing fast before they get snatched up by the Kosher right and the mega churches.

    Slim pickins here in Ontario, though.

  8. Excellent observations about forming friendships within an organization.

    I am actively involved in a gun club and formed good friendships within it. I’ve attending weddings and wakes, ballgames, lunches, dinners and political rallies. A new range opened nearby, but I’m staying with this more distant club because I have friends. Unfortunately, the vast majority of members just shoot, but do nothing to actually help run the club. 5% of the members do 95% of the work and I’m one of the 5%.

    At one time, Americans liked to join clubs – mom joined the local women’s club and dad the American Legion and Elks. The kids joined the Scouts and they went to church. These organizations were social, civic and charitable. Joining a club and being actively involved is a great way to make friends. The decline of joining clubs is one reason for the decline of friendship in general. For many people, most of their friends are strangers on Facebook.

    • per Marx:
      “I would never join a club that would have someone like me as a member”

      (Groucho, that is)

    • Hear, hear! So many nuggets in this one….”Build on your own land”, Attractiveness (and it’s 1.0 opposite), brotherhood (biker reference is gold)…thanks Z.

  9. I would argue that a good organizational model to adopt is a dual model in which an above-board organization participates publicly as a pressure point in political affairs, while an underground organization performs those functions that the legitimate organzation cannot perform. A usefulanalogy is the relationship between Sinn Fein and the IRA. Without an above-board organization that can partcipate publicly in political affairs the dissident right is setting itself up to be just like the Buckeyites–a team that stands in front of an empty trophy case.

    In the political arena, the public arm of the dissident right should focus squarely on those “Jim Snow” (love the play on works, Zman) issues that are damaging to whites as a collective group and that are overlooked by Republicans. Fortunately, there are many. For example, racial preferences in college admissions and government hiring and contracting should be an issue in every election, especially in red and purple states. Every candidate for Senator, Congress, Governor and other state or local offices should be forced to take a position on these issues, and should have their feet held to the fire once in office. More broadly, the corrosive effects of the diversity racket in public organizations needs to be an issue. The era of allowing white “Conservative” politicians to mouth platitudes about equal treatment during elections, then blatantly disregard their constituency after being elected needs to come to a screeching halt.

    The underground organization can engage in the “sand in the gears” types of operations. I have brought up starting a “Check the Box” campaign targeted primarily at high-scool age white kids to encourage then to check the box for Hispanic, African American, Native American, or other preferred race during the college application and financial aid process. Another campaign: Don’t Hire Democrats (DHD). Another campaign: Boycott Woke Corporations (BWC). Another campaign: encourage low-income Americans to crowd hospital ERs and claim they are Hispanic to obtain free health care–my blood boils every time I see some poor guy who is suffering under hospital debt because he was too honest to tell the hospital his name is Juan Valdez, an illegal immigrant from Columbia, and thereby get free treatment. These are the kinds of asymmetric warfare campaigns that cost our side very little but can drive up the cost of enforcing compliance with the progressive program to the point at which it is prohibitive.

    • *Standing applause*
      Good stuff, Guest.

      Me llamo es Sancho.
      (I call myself Sancho.)

      Lois Lerner puede vecer mi culo.
      (Lois Lerner can kiss my …)

  10. Any kind soul out there willing to broad-stroke this for me? Or might there be a transcript? (Sorry Z Man, I’m sure you’re great, but podcasts drive me utterly bonkers. The only thing I can think of whenever I try to listen to one is “I could’ve read this five times over already”).

    • I find they’re great when I’m driving, but even then I have my @Voice app that can read me any web page in a soothing British accent (“William” from CereProc – those Scots are doing really good work in voice synthesis). I tend to read a look of kindle books this way (thanks to Calibre).

    • I can read many times faster than listen. But I’ll put on the headphones while I’m doing things (cleaning, yard work, early morning insomnia, etc.)

    • Right there with you. The only time I can listen to podcasts is when I’m out on the tractor. Driving in slow circles around a field makes you desperate for something to distract you. 🙂

    • I only listen when I’m driving. I gather reading is frowned upon then.

      I get through 4 or 5 100 disc spindles of cd’s in a year.

  11. Vetting is a key function as is also deciding who is to be excluded. One must assume that some infiltration will occur so a cell structure is indispensable. Notwithstanding Z’s motorcycle gangs, and the feds did get informants. Determining the goals of any organization is also paramount. Social club? General white advocacy? Getting our guys elected? Educating the populace regarding race realism or raising awareness of the ongoing ant-white program? Prepping?
    A network of people composed of lawyers, educators doctors and plumbers could assist one another. Helping one another advance within institutions or placing their sons in apprenticeships would build cohesiveness and strengthen an organization. Essentially do in an organized fashion what the jews do organically. The Afrikaner Broederbond were wildly successful although i have doubts that an american version of this would be possible outside a specific christian denomination. Any organization will have to be designed to be highly resilient for success. Looking into the future, a couple more shooting and doors may well be getting kicked in. Certainly some of the recent laws passed appear overtly oppressive.

    • The only downside with cell structure is that vetting quality control tends to revert to the group mean when you spread those responsibilities around. That said, mitigating the damage from inevitable infiltration or defection is worth that risk. Always plan for the worst.

    • Sidvic, I’m reading your link to the drugmonkey brouhaha. Wow.

      This is the truly smart set?
      I’m seeing a Torquemada in everybody’s future.

      (It’s an official crucifixion of anyone associated with the reprehensible racism of professor Watson, he of helix DNA fame.

      No links to any studies demonstrating a genetic basis for white tendencies to oppress, though. Why not? Our boot is on everyone else’s neck, isnt it?)

      • Yeah, you’d think that a Nobel would insulate one from the Lilliputians. Although to be fair Watson is a jerk who has stayed around long past his sellby date. It’s a problem in academia, these guys are hanging around well into their 70-80s. I fear we will never be rid of the boomers.

  12. I have not listened to the podcast yet, and I assume that Z will not block the post when we put it up in a comment thread next week. (Chatter about this sort of thing has gotten out front of our very deliberate planning process, hence the wait). Lineman and I are working up a meet-up of sorts. It is not a party, strictly speaking, and it is not open to all. The announcement will be an e-mail address, so if you are interested, you can respond. We recommend you use a “disposable e-mail” address if you have security concerns (everything at our end on this will be disposable e-mails and burner phones). After the one announcement, that’s it. We will respond privately to each one of you from there, and that’s the end of it, as far as postings and updates on Z’s blog is concerned. Z is not a sponsor of this and has no direct involvement, mind you.

    We are looking for long time commenters who show an open mind to different ideas, within the envelope of reason, as defined by this community, and a generally congenial tone with others. But building a community also requires reasonable people with a certain like-mindedness on a few things that matter. If you are not a frequent, long time commenter (generally one year plus, of multiple comments per week), who has shown a consistent pattern of playing well with others around here, we recommend you catch up with us next time. Nothing personal, mind you, but the situation today prevents us from simply swinging the door open and inviting one and all, sadly.

    Once initial contact is made, we will screen for compatibility, and also for making sure you are who you say you are. This will take a few weeks and a number of procedures. When in doubt, we are saying “no”, for the security of everyone Involved. We are taking security and safety seriously here. We are also quite willing to change things up, or call the thing off, if we detect a meaningful breach along the way. Again, when in doubt, we are taking the “no” approach, if things are uncertain.

    As to time and place, it will be in Southern California, and it will be on a weekend in January. There will be a “vacation” type element to it as well, not 100% nose to the grindstone.

    • Perhaps organizing a get together under the guise of a hiking trip or paintball shoot-em for team building. Say a hike at Vasquez Rocks followed by a picnic. Or maybe check out the old Nike missile site(LA-94) in Newhall.

  13. Inspiring show. Have to respectfully but strongly disagree, however, about the Twitter segment.

    It’s true that a lot of people never click out of the site, but the key point is that you can redpill people just within Twitter.

    My theory of redpilling is what you might call the Next Step Theory. Namely, a lot of people are not ready for the full /ourthing/, but they’re ready for the next step down redpill road.

    For example, about ten years ago, I wasn’t nearly ready for the kind of things we talk about here. But when somebody told me about the Robert Putnam study showing that diversity reduces trust, I took one more step down the road. And I wasn’t really ready for the “who really controls the media” stuff until about five years ago. And so on.

    Most people follow a cloud of people, some a little more redpilled than them, some a little less. From the more-redpilled people, they’re going to get that next step. Twitter enormously accelerates the delivery of those steps. And then you can deliver the next step to the people a little behind you.

    Also, don’t underestimate the power of jokes and memes. For so long, the Funny Industry has been entirely controlled by Jews who always wrap up a lot of anti-white propaganda in their haha.

    It’s a very powerful tool when these by-whitey-for-whitey jokes on Twitter hit home: a lot of information, and a lot of esprit de corps from our side having a laugh at the other side, in a very compact package. Z has talked about the importance of the emotional vs. the rational element of politics, and jokes and memes can go a long way as samizdat “propa-tainment” for people who don’t have the rare redpilled-just-by-reading sensibility.

    I get the “don’t build on another’s land” argument about websites. But for Twitter I use the Roman Roads argument: just as the Christians used the Roman Roads against the Roman religion, we have to use Globohomo’s own gigantic platforms to save people from Globohomo itself.

    • I don’t read the news, at all, and have little to no time for articles. I’m struggling to catch up on some of the links by Z-commenters right now.

      All I read is Twitter. So much juicy hate, like a fine hog, eaten one leg at a time.

      • Some of the parody accounts are just downright funny. And a good meme is worth many thousand words. Also, it both annoys and exposes Conservative, Inc. What’s not to like?

    • My trajectory here was similar, and I agree with this assessment. I was, and in some ways still am, a Civic Nationalist. I am here, reluctantly, after coming to the realization that all those things I value as a conservative and as a Civic Nationalist, will not survive the demographic tsunami that is sweeping over the U.S. Changing demographics make identity politics inevitable, whether we like it or not. Best to get prepared.

  14. Love your comments about not engaging with Antifa Zman. But on some level, to attract supporters, there will be an expectation that the antifa scum will be routed and done away with. Ignoring them, and allowing them to throw eggs, spray bear spray and beat up normies is not the way to go.

    A brown shirt squad, or a Pinochet disappearing committee is a necessary show of power that will be respected by fence sitters, and bring important people over to our side.

    My 2 cents. Another great podcast, as always.

    • The first rule of Pinochet Committee…

      Rise Against Movement guys are still sitting in jail for stuff that happened during Trump’s election run. Proud Boys got years for self-defense. Fields got centuries for involuntary vehicular manslaughter at worst (how many years did so-brave Kaitlyn Jenner get for speed-bumping a mestizo maid in LA?)

      Engaging with Antifa when they have institutional support will produce outcomes that make reasonably sane people, much less important people, shun us.

      Clear video evidence of self-defense is not enough to protect BadThinkers – and this is on “God-Emperor” Trump’s watch.

      Assume formlessness, ghost-shadows, bend in the wind. Stand-up fighting with honor is our way, but only when it’s reciprocated. We’re fighting with Jerusalem Rules for now.

      • All correct, boys. This is the first time I have ever heard a detailed description of exactly WHO pANTIFA was. The media are all over what they do and studiously avoids talking about WHO they are. I’m glad our host pointed that out because I would never have known otherwise. I thought they were mostly university kids and liberal arts flakes.


        When socialists attack a society they do it through the underclass. Look at the Democrats – the one group doing the most they can to impoverish and bankrupt Americans: they are hugely popular with the down and outters. Pol Pot did the same with dirt farming peasants in the outlying areas. It boggles the mind – Obama did more to hold the black man down than Whitey ever did and the blacks worship the ground he walks on. If this culture war goes hot it will start on the street with losers and low lifes

        I dunno if it is germane to the conversation or not, but it might bear thinking about.

      • One thing Z Man seems to be forgetting is that none of us went out looking to interact with Antifa. They infiltrate us and show up at our events and start fights.
        We must make sure, if we are to have events of any kind, that they are held in places where the cops will enforce the law and keep these freaks away from us. If we want to have a conference or something, it cannot be in a blue city. The cops will do nothing when they attack us and arrest US when we fight back.
        War sucks. It’s certainly not fair. But it is what it is.

    • I agree. They need to have their noses publicly bloodied from time to time in order to warm the blood of those who don’t yet realize they’re DR.

    • Antifa is not the problem, it’s their police and legal protection that you need to worry about. Members of any brown-shirt squads will find themselves heading to jail and for no short time either. Examples must be made.

      You can only open the Book of Pinochet once you are in power and then you control the police and law courts.

      • You hit the nail on the head Brother…When we are weak we are gray when we are strong then a show of force is needed…Look to what the Muslims do too invade and mimic their tactics…They don’t get rowdy until they have the numbers…

        • I honestly think that Antifa are a trap. Hence, they are funded and protected. No way on earth this motley collection of terminal losers could organise if left to their own devices. The enemy would love nothing more than for a bunch of our guys to go out and deliver an epic beatdown on them; not only would our guys all be rounded up, convicted and jailed for 10 years at least but it would justify even more censorship and repression.

          For the enemy, it’s a win-win. The dissident movement gets set back a generation at least at the cost of a few otherwise worthless blue-hairs and street trash.

      • And, King, I would add that Trump has never once defended any of his supporters who were attacked for attending his stupid vanity rallies, or were doxxed, de-platformed, or fired for defending him. Regarding the recent Proud Boys sentencing: there wasn’t even a complainant! It was only the cops who let the organized protest and their muscle go.

  15. Who the heck ever thought mild right wing dissidents would be held in lower esteem than a child molester and society would celebrate mothers turning their sons into tranny freaks.
    You have to ask if society is even worth worrying about at some point.
    The whole nickers thing going on during the last few days is a great display of just how degenerate we have become. Where the alleged “conservative” bangs on endlessly about Israel and his black gay friend. We have reached a point where asking an alleged conservative what is conservative about gay sex gets the establishment in an uproar and trying to get you banned from everything.

    I hope Marc Collett has changed and is doing something worth while. Not only are people like that an embarrassment, but they also destroy the next generation. Marc himself got terrible advice from 1.0 weirdos. When he was young and got involved in that stupid documentary, Young Nazi and Proud, some older guy in the BNP should have been there telling him how insanely stupid it was to let this guy into your life to record your every thought and that he was NEVER going to give a fair hearing or represent you in a fair way. A movement with any hope of ever gaining any kind of cultural or political relevance has got give sensible guidance to the younger generation. Youthful energy can be very effective, but it can also be very destructive, particularly to the youth themselves.

  16. You don’t sound scripted to me, Z… but excessive reading of articles is a turn off for me. I think I cut the last podcast short because of it. I can handle short quotes and quips… but I lack the intestinal fortitude to wade through Xirl Science gibberish and MSM shitrag propaganda. I know those people are liars and loons and unless there is a good joke at their expense or a new valid point to be made about it… I’d rather not give that crap the time of day. But that is just me.

    But this show was awesome. I cannot tell the difference between your prepped shows and your spontaneous one. You speak very well. I disagree with you and the dissidents on the odd issue here and there but you can’t imagine the relief it is to find other people that being told to believe in the ludicrous and deny the obvious – and are speaking out.

    I think your idea of building a slow movement may end up being more akin to trying sip a drink from a fire hydrant though. The wheels are coming off, the establishment cannot appeal to the rational man with a triple digit IQ… and those guys are going to need to go somewhere. I think you will have to probably deal with a very large, very sudden influx of new people soon, whether you like it or not. If it happens I hope you and the Usual Suspects stay in control of it. You’re good people and the kind of guys the movement desperately needs.

    Have a good weekend folks.

  17. Appreciate your thoughts on the twitter/social media wasteland. Talk about gatekeeping. Especially when you consider the effects of moral self-licensing and similar energy drains. It has always struck me as a pseudo-intellectual masturbatorium where a stadium of dolts look on with ‘ouch my balls’ anticipation.

    Our side needs to avoid these platforms for anything other than what they *might* offer in terms of organizing and communicating. Even then, seems like a lot of downside for very little upside.

    I have never used social media. Many friends still do.

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that the most politically aware and active acquaintances that use (and actually enjoy) twitter are also the loud and proud libertarians.

    • I went back on Twitter for a couple of months after a years-long hiatus recently – didn’t see the point, went back on hiatus. Z nails the “echo chamber” dilemma. Enoch’s talked about the unwritten 10k follower ceiling, once a BadThink account gets in that range, memory-holed, start over. Sven of TDS was of the mind to keep jamming them with new socks Cloward-Piven style, but ultimately Z’s right about getting little bang for the time spent. It’s a time sink. GAB even more so – zero engagment or discussion, just John Rivers & Harvey Bugman edge-lording each other with the same takes.

      • We shouldn’t be engaging with the anti-whites at all. Be it the dirtbags in antifa or some well paid mercenary sitting in a corporate boardroom. Zman is spot on: build upon a foundation starting with people you know and trust…even if that means just 2 or 3 people. Then observe your daily milieu. If someone is giving off the right signals they may be interested.

        The only people we should be harassing are the Conserv Inc types. NF is just a young frail kid and he’s done more damage to the fake right in a few weeks than have all of the testosterone fueled tough guys out looking for a fight. That powder should be kept dry for when we really need.

        If more of our side and stripe used gab…it would prove to be a very useful organizational tool.

  18. If anyone has a link to someplace that definitively explains just how much and in what ways internet traffic is tracked and even exposed with respect to content, please share it. It’s remarkably difficult to find clear explanations online or winnow out incomplete information. For example PGP encrypted e-mail is nearly unbreakable but what sorts of trails does it leave and where? With your ISP? With any gateways that transmit the message? Ordinary e-mail uses password authentication but at what point does the content become exposed to someone snooping? Z-man’s point about metadata raises the question of how we leave footprints even if the content you send is fully encrypted before it leaves your desktop.

    • I will let someone far more qualified answer this, but due to my ahh ‘situation’ I had to educate myself VERY quickly and this being above and beyond me working in a flavor of IT. I’ll give you the quick & dirty:

      1) If you use Gmail or anything like it, even PGP won’t help you. Google passively scans every single email you send and receive. I’m assuming you are smart enough not to use a major email provider and are speaking about protonmail, tutamail, etc. which are ‘hardened’ platforms.

      2) Anything you send electronically does indeed leave a trail across whatever router hops it navigates but if you have strong encryption only sender / receiver are going to be gleaned from snooping these hops.

      3) Unless you strip the nannies out of Windows products quite a bit of data is being sent back to M$. You leave all manner of digital breadcrumbs on your PC. I am -really- hip and hyper aware about this sh1t because the jackboots seized my electronics as they like to do when playing soldier. But even the PC I use now has some ‘footprint’ and it is something I constantly monitor.

      The only way to be 100% ‘gray’ is to simply use anonymous everything, sit behind a VPN at all times, use a TOR browser, and aliases. This includes a burner phone w/ no identifying information on it. The less you are aligned with this ideal the more exposed you are. We are living in a society that your namesake ol’ George could never fathom because the tech wasn’t there yet. It is 100 times more intrusive than the ‘telescreen’. You carry your ‘telescreen’ around voluntarily in your pocket and you PAY for it! If you’d like to get a better idea of how insidious this all really is go watch the newest Joe Rogan Experience w/ Ed Snowden. He goes into explicit detail about this tech particularly mobile phones. Did you know you are tracked when your phone is OFF? Yeah… its like that now. Look at the camera on the back of your phone, see how tiny it is? Now imagine all the places an out of control police state could hide something so small and you then have a better idea of the network of surveillance you glide through blissfully unaware of every single day.

  19. I’m really busy today and have not listened to the podcast yet. But I wanted to remind everyone how difficult it is for the dissident right to organize. The Usual Suspects are doing all in their power to keep us from gaining traction and reaching critical mass. This is why they went hysterical when Trump emerged as a political force: he did it in the teeth of their opposition. Ever since, the Left has been in damage control. Pre-emptive media strikes and physical disruption are part of that strategy. I’ll have more to say once I hear the podcast. It’s great that this topic is being raised.

    • The Usual Suspects flipped out because Trump was drawing enormous mobs of really pissed-off Whites. The Jewish hind-brain narrative kicked into gear, the only story they’re capable of telling themselves:

      “Oy vey, it’s happening again! It’s the Nuremberg rallies all over again! Once the moon turns full, they’re all going to put on their jackboots and put us all in CAAAAMPS!!! Once the goyim figure out we’ve been looting their country for decades, and we filled it up with foreign monkeymen to break their political power, rape their daughters and steal their jobs, and we did it all on purpose, they’ll put us all in CAAAMPS!! It’s just like that time when we looted Germany and tried to destroy it, but they figured it out and put us all in CAAAMPS!! Why do they persecute us?! Is it a crime to loot somebody’s country? Is it a crime to wreck their economy, force them into debt slavery, and genocide them? Why is that a crime?”

      The non-stop bogus Trump impeachment assaults have a clear message: in the New Americaberg, whites are to have zero political power and no influence at all over their political destiny. Whites cannot be allowed to win elections in their own country, or else CAAAMPS! The latest impeachment farce is pure election nullification. The White people won, so they have to be stopped at all costs. The looting of America and the wholesale destruction of the only nation that was ever kind to the Jews must proceed as planned. Tikkun olam!

  20. Z, your best shows are the “letters to Z Man” ones. The ones where you rap about a question for 5 minutes.

  21. That was Stalin who said ‘Quantity has a quality all its own,’ in response to concerns that Hitler’s troops were of higher quality than those of the Red Army.

  22. One idea I’m 90% sold on for rolling out a website for Our Thing is registration-only. I’ll have a public side blog that’s more open but I’d like to spend most of my energy on a space where truly like-minded people can focus on developing ideas and projects without a lot of first-principles debate first. More of a forum-posting style rather than blog-posting style for that side of the site.

    We can have some round-table discussions between different groups with different agendas at times, but I’m looking mostly for small groups to develop their own ideas based on their sub-group’s ground-rules and goals. After awhile you see where the some agendas overlap and can be coordinated in a mutually-supportive way.

    Gatekeeping the anon-trolls at an “invite only” level lets us deal with mature postive-approach people and not babysit so much.

    • I think a novel idea would be to have a very simple website, using OpenStreetMap. It won’t be called “Z Man Meetup” or “Dissident Right Map” or anything. I would call it something like “Orchid Spotting Club” and those who wanted to get in touch with other orchid-spotters would check the map, and see who was close by. The map pin would just show a name or an email. Preferably not a real name. Then we’d have a spatial awareness of our people and where they are.

      • For all that a lot of older guys around here hate the use of jargon and meme-speak, it’s one of the things that makes us a moving target. The censors are constantly having to adapt to our changing glossary. Eskimos, Special People, Echoes, Dindus, “gamers,” etc…

        Considering that 2/3 of the Woke Social Stasi are Pajeets & other diaspora mystery meats, pushing the esoteric edge of English fluency and nuance is an effective way to slow them down. It’s also one of the few effective ways to subtly signal each other in a public discussion or under suveilance, depending on the sophistication of the social clutter & potential informants surrounding the signaling shitlords, of course.

        Most slang develops in underworlds for exactly these reasons.

    • E. Game on. Even a 1.0 collection, initially for consumption only (via invite) would be solid. An aggregated site with some best practices, a library, perhaps periodic humor / meme, etc. Cataloging information to start and equip local cells.
      Then vs 1.1 can begin front door interactions. Credentialing is key. I’m thinking about that as well. Multi layered, with some history, perhaps a point of sponsorship, etc. Infiltration will happen but how to limit it’s reach is key.
      Very excited to see where this goes….thanks E.

    • Just so, V.

      I think that Z misunderstands the biker gangs: the gubbimint can’t infiltrate the gangs, because the gangs have infiltrated the gubbimint. They’ve got members that are clean cut, wear $1500.00 three piece suits and get around in Beemers and will never be seen with motorcycles, or greasy rogues in doo-rags, leathers and tats. They are masters of diversification and playing for the long game. Up here in Canada, they own shares in the RCMP. They know when and were the raids will come as soon as the cops do, and they have a voice in law makers circles. Comparing the dissident group to them is like comparing apples to oranges. They are small, they are motivated, and they think and act together with dedication and purpose and intent. The dissidents are still trying to establish who they are as a group and how to go forward. The biker gangs are already there. They have blood oaths and they do indeed enforce them… but seldom need to.

      When Z talks about the community he wants, he is basically seeing the same community created by non-pozzed church groups. Believe it or not, certain sects of Christians could operate very well under the dissident umbrella. Like the dissidents – they are under direct fire from the lunatic left, most honest Christians are very intelligent and hard working people that reject the social and fiscal degeneracy of the left. They’d make excellent allies and would bring an existing and entrenched social network and infrastructure that the dissidents sorely need. Just sayin’.

      The problem as I see it is that Z may not have a choice on how fast his movement grows. Let’s face it – if you have a triple digit IQ, there is no place for you in mainstream politics anymore. The Donks have pozzed themselves into ruin and the repub cucks are not far behind. The big wheels in the movement may find themselves having to absorb large numbers of people quickly or see competitors arise.

  23. Best show in a while. Practical instructions on how to self-organize and throw sand in the gears is what we need.

    Remember, ridicule is the most powerful force in human society. We are social animals, and the damage to social status that effective ridicule creates is more powerful than rational argumentation, which we also have, but treat that as a backup.


  24. The brotherhood “mannerbund” concept is very important – here’s another JQP pod on this from some time back

    The band of brothers is about making everyone’s lives and characters better, not just about politics. The activism grows organically from defending guys & families you respect and usually like.

    Some of the posts I’ve been working on cover lifestyles that are good fits for dissidents in terms of recruiting and what we personally like to do as well.

    Traveling, camping, hiking and hunting/fishing are all activities that tend to attract our kind of people and have a wholesomeness that’s not easily tarnished by media smearing.

    Bugmen congregate around screens and urban tourist-traps, spectating rather than participating. The outdoor lifestyle gets us away from where they congregate, a plus in terms of doxxing, confrontations and just having a better time without sh*tty people around. It gives us a reason to get together that isn’t inherently suspect.

    Traveling and particularly outdoor-related travel provides a superficially-neutral lifestyle space for us to operate within that’s conducive to privacy, free association and meeting non-Hive-minded people. No real downside, and it’s a lifestyle with tons of collateral benefits outside of Our Thing.

    • You do have a way with words Brother…I concur and it’s why I advocate for the trades especially my line of work… Imagine the power(pun intended) if our guys controlled the infrastructure and we’re United in our Cause…

      • Unions back in the day had that kind of clout, though God knows it was often mis-used. With the influence the 1970’s unions like the Teamsters had, if one of their guys got the Daily Beast treatment, the Hive that owns them would be up to their necks in uncollected garbage nationwide within a week, no shipping, no construction, etc… We threw some babies out with the bathwater with right-to-work & my dumb ass was cheering it on the whole way.

        • Unions have their place when they focus on safe working conditions and that their workers are treated fairly…I’m in one so I know the good and bad of them…

    • Don’t forget organizing paintball groups, that way our side gets a some tactical training and get to chat latter in meatspace. And since everyone does paintball no one will look twice at a group white guys plugging away at each other.

  25. I hate to criticize people who work a lot more for The Cause than I do myself, but Frodi, God bless him, might be a quality person, but he’s disastrous optics. Neck tattoo? A hammer pendant? I suppose slackers can’t be choosers, but sorry, Frodi, if you’re reading here, that’s going to turn off a lot of normies. Wear a shirt buttoned up, or a turtle neck, ditch the hammer.

    • Fuentes and his Charlie Kirk trolls are doing the optics thing generally right – suits and ties, give no indication that you’re suddenly going to ask a very non-acceptable question.

    • I’ve noticed a lot of visible tattoos in that part of the world. Mostly sleeves, but quite few neck tats too. There’s certainly a generational thing there. I think Frodi is in his 30’s. Younger people are more comfortable with ink than older people.

      • Like a wise man said, ‘neck tattoos are messages to the criminal underclass’ or something similar.

        • Yep I’ve only seen neck tats on Mexican gangmembers I used to work with at a local factory – the factory would hire recently paroled gang bangers/

          So when I see a Hispanic male with neck tats 0r for that matter Russians with them – you’re dealing with very bad people.

      • …quite few neck tats too.

        Not on facers and sales persons, people expected to pull in the punters.

        Again, it’s no impingement on his efforts, but if we’re to reach beyond the people we’re already reaching, if we’re to appeal to Normie, neck tattoos is not the way to go, runes are a big, fat no-no, and so is the hammer. Viking bling is very much associated with version 1.0 white supremacists here, Charlottesville-types, rather than Nickers. I strongly suspect DenMarx Radio only gave him airtime so they could showcase the tat.

        • Also, for one more piece of unsolicited advice from the peanut gallery: this may not be quite as apparent to Anglos, but Rasmus Paludan is not an asset either.

          I voted for him myself as a fuck you to every person in parliament; the fact that he’s ugly as sin would not be a big problem if he had just a pinch of charisma, because he’s smart enough and says the right things, and the ugliest man ever to live, broke the old Danish four-party system almost single-handedly.

          But Paludan comes across as strident and obsessive, and he doesn’t manage to make his little dog-and-ponyshow with the Koran-burning funny, just annoying.

          Also, he’s a career politician – a rogue one, but still a careerist, so vet him well. He’s already switched party three times, four if you count establishing his own party.

          • I’m with you on that part. The anti-Islam firebrand schtick is past its prime and the guys it attracts are almost always Zio-cucked. Antifa crashed our Hater’s Ball in Copenhagen largely because of his high profile. Hearing Greg Johhson plus another speaker would have been more than worth the price of his omission and we would’ve avoided the post-conference drama as well.

        • You’re right Felix, especially because Normie is already nervous about the scary racist. He’s expecting an evil monster and he sees a guy that looks like he’s part of a prison gang. We are trying to get Normie to open his mind to things society says are bad. Normie’s looking for a reason to write off the bad guy. If Normie sees a clean cut, articulate, responsible looking person, he’s surprised and he starts to question what he’s been told to believe.

      • In the part of So Cal where I live tattoos of all sorts are ubiquitous among every age group and race though its class driven, wealthy people don’t have them nearly as much.

        Dissidents should head Vox Day’s advice and politely but firmly never talk to the press ever unless they are allied like Red Ice or the like.

        The press will distort everything you say against you to support their narrative . They have more time, skill and resources to do this. Even Milo Yiannopoulos who was good at press wrangling got wrecked in time

        Truth if you have tattoos or religious jewelry and a picture has ever been anywhere, hard to avoid since everyone has a smartphone, you can’t hide it anyway. Cover them up or take them off out of respect when warranted , feel free to get rid the swastika and iron cross but long term, this won’t matter.

        The young people who count don’t care, fellow Dissidents don’t care and normies willing to pay attention to the press can’t be persuaded.

    • Neither is strikingly noticeable in person. As Z mentions a lot of guys here are inked. The younger guys I’ve spoken with universally respect Frodi – have yet to hear an unkind word. In terms of demeanor he’s the near-opposite of a tatted Varg’d out vanguardist. Don’t see it as a big deal myself.

        • Agreed. We need the face of the dissident right to look like a Mormon recruiting poster. Visible tattoos and facial piercings are a huge negative to our target audience.

          • If your target audience is boomer normies, sure. But I’ve already noted that most of you are wasting your time. They’ll reset to the default “notrayciss” as soon as you’re out of view and they’re back among the horde. If your target audience is the younger Whites, particularly men, most of them already have tats anyhow and don’t negatively judge those that do. And no, I have none nor am I favorable to them, but it’s a generational thing.

          • This. There’s obviously a reasonable tipping point, but if someone is scared off by a smallish tatoo on someone’s neck or a “heathen symbol,” they’re likely more baggage than benefit.

            Consider it a first-pass filter for purity spiraling trad-Caths who would rather rack up piety points than defend their race. See Dan “P.T” Carlo and Katie McHugh.

            FWIW, I have no ink and in my ideal world no one would but 9-5 job-acceptable ink is not a good reason to Shoah someone – even if they didn’t have Frodi’s track record of honorable service.

          • It actually says alot about the male who has the tats and it’s not good. First off tats are expensive and if they’re lower class it means they have no monetary discipline if they piss money on those tats. That makes them a security risk

            Secondly it serves as a tribal brand and makes them easily identifiable. Say we heavily recruit among the tat set, the Feds will have no problem id’ing our peeps and rounding up every tatted up white boy.

            The point you do not want to call attention to yourself in what amounts to a hostile environment.

      • Don’t see it as a big deal myself.

        That’s because you know him, but to Normie, rune tattoos are a turn-off, almost as bad as the swastika. Even the biker gangs have stopped with the runes. I bet he covers up when he goes to the Faroe Islands for Christmas, because back home, people still take Jesus seriously.

    • Actually the tattoos are probably going to be really helpful after the collapse to separate the good guys from the bad guys. I’m thinking about getting one. I’m not sure what I should get but something that identifies me as not being a Crazy liberal white woman. And I should probably do it soon. Because what’s happening in California is going to spread. We’ve all heard and seen it our entire lives. Everything that starts in California eventually spreads all over the country and then the world. It’s coming

      • Lots of Crazy liberal white women are tatted. Blue hair and tats are a marker quite often in many places.

        • Yeah good point. I’ll just continue to do without. It’s less expensive less painful and less effort. Win win win

          • Whitney……Saw a pic in the EBMUD propaganda rag of a woman I knew years back retiring. Old Lefty Chinese woman with blue hair, the same Lefty dope who left her car unlocked driving through Oakland to work, got a pistol to her face, shoved out of the car and car went bye-bye. Of course dumb-dumb had months of therapy and never faced responsibility for being dumb-dumb. Duh! Anyway, she was so bitten by the Feminazis that she grew to old, ridden hard and put away wet, retired with a wee neurotic doggie, a box of wine, tats stretching and folding into her old saggy skin, and blue hair dye to keep company with. Once a decent looking woman who now scares children, or at least scares me.

            Hon….no tats, no F****d up rescue dog, no hair dye, don’t drink crap wine, don’t drive in Vibrantville with your door unlocked. We love you just the way you are!

      • I don’t think women should have them but if you felt you needed to I would get something Celtic on your wrist flowing into your hand with it being meaningful to you that you could explain to someone when they ask in a way that would give them a hint of what you stood for…JMHO

        • I agree that tats really aren’t for women – if I could count how many meaningless flowers or fairies or other idiotic tattoos I’ve seen on women, not to mention the full sleeves on some at the gym . . . personally I think it’s because they’ve been made ashamed of their White skin and feel the need to deface it. My older son got tats (against our wishes, of course) but, FWIW they are either related to his military service or 1/4 Irish heritage (from the Book of Kells on his upper arm). He seems to have stopped with what he has now, to our relief.

      • I suspect that a good way of identifying yourself as an /ourgirl/, will be not to have tattoos.

  26. Always found it helpful to think of network creation in terms of Metcalfe’s Law n(n-1)/2. Good measure of both potential value and complexity/risk in any network.

    • Agreed. I thought about weaving that into the show, but I’m unable to explain it to a college freshman, so I left it out. I need to think about it a bit more.

      • It nicely explains why cell structures de-risk organizations. And why I always use “cells” to manage large projects. Ultimately you want to get to the stage where one transmission of “John has a long mustache” and the revolution happens….

        • Exactly. I’ve said many times that one day, some pol or right-speaker will go one a rant about the glories of diversity in front of a white audience and everyone will start laughing. At that point, everyone realizes they hold the same thoughts and the revolution begins.

      • Freshman level; for scaling networks of networks.

        Networks: Consider building a human organization as follows: start with ”spines” with all essential functions of operations, intelligence and logistics, communications etc. then the “body” that is doers who report to the spine “nodes”. That way when you expand you simply grow the backbone to SCALE larger by adding more spine nodes with the doer cells branching off. This makes it easier and simple to scale larger.

        You have spine cells and you have doer cells.

        This is how most Internet Service Providers build their networks as its simple and direct. It scales up or down very easily.

        I’m humanizing IS-IS here.
        Intermediate Systems – Intermediate Systems.
        That’s what OSI protocol calls a router – Intermediate System.

    • Saml and Zman, what’s the general heading of where Metcalfe’s Law is found?

      The name of the discipline or science, for the curious but illiterate?

      • Originally developed to describe the increase in utility of telecommunications systems. My personal interest in it came from trying to understand how to best construct expert networks in a highly dispersed organization.

    • Metcalfe doesn’t get nearly as much credit, or blame, for the intertubenetwork world in which we live as he deserves

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