Mencken Day Two

At an event like Mencken, you can see why conservatism failed. Way back when the founders of Buckley conservatism were plotting their way forward, they started with the assumption that the majority of Americans agreed with them. The two problems they faced were that the Left would claim the intellectual high ground, thus bullying enough people into going along with liberal reform ideas. They also faced the problem of getting their people out to vote. They needed to mobilize the majority.

The solution was an effort to build a movement that would do three things. One it would raise money from wealthy white people. Then it would use that money to build out an intellectual framework from which to confront the Left on intellectual terms. Then it would use the ideas cooked up by those think tanks to rally conservative people in support of those policies. The Right would have better ideas and better mobilization.

This strategy always had an internal conflict. On the one hand, the Right was going to cut through the Left’s heated rhetoric with facts and reason. You still see that today when Ben Shapiro puts on his Spock ears and tries to sound like an intellectual. The central claim of his act is that you must put aside your passion. The trouble is, that directly conflicts with mobilization efforts, which are always going to be an emotional appeal for people to put aside reason and act on their passions.

The resolution to this conflict was to sublimate emotional appeals to the intellectual arguments of the Right. At a conference like Mencken, which is still rooted in the conservative habits, the speeches are all recitations of facts, empirical examinations of the Left’s arguments and appeals to the reason of the audience. The only place you see emotion is outrage at the excesses of the Left. There’s a pride in not allowing that outrage to infiltrate the arguments made on behalf of conservative issues.

That was an effective approach, in a country that was close to 90% white, which was America in the 20th century. The conservative movement turned the GOP from a minority party into the majority. By the 1990’s, even Democrats like Bill Clinton were ready to declare big government dead. Then the effects of demographic replacement started to show up at the ballot box. That overwhelmingly white majority began to decline, so those appeals to reason had a shrinking audience.

That is why Buckley conservatism is dead. It turns out that there are no sound empirical reasons to defend your homeland, at least not ones that will cause men to sacrifice for the effort. Those arguments need passion, not four color graphs with supporting tables and citations. The answer to the Left’s demand for immigration was not a tweedy intellectual, but a man with passion for his people and his way of life, willing to rally his people to do what must be done to defend those lands…

An odd thing I just noticed this weekend is the difference in how academics do public speaking versus the private sector. Academics read their prepared remarks, usually looking down at the lectern. In the corporate world, speakers memorize their speeches, maybe using some notes to jog the memory, but otherwise look at the audience as they are speaking. You’re taught to scan the audience to match the cadence of you speech, so it looks like you are talking to each person directly.

Now, the issue may simply be that in the corporate world, speakers tended to be trained to speak by professional public speakers. In my time in that world, I went to plenty of classes on speaking, interviewing, presenting and so on. My guess is few academic take a public speaking course. Instead they just do what all the other academics do, so it has become the custom. Maybe the audience drives it. Academics may prefer to hear speeches read from text, so that’s why it is done…

At the after-party, I was reminded why right-wing resistance to the Left has always fallen to pieces on contact with the Left. Even in a crusty fringe crowd like at Mencken, there is a weird pride in no one toeing the company line. The Left never tolerates free thinkers, which is why they can maintain disciple. The Right has always assumed that the ideological discipline of the Left is a vice, so they have made sure to have a diversity of opinion. The sperg army will never be a match for the Left.

This is, of course, the result of generations of conditioning as to what it means to be right-wing. Instead of being a stand-alone, positive set of beliefs and aspirations, it is a laundry list of complaints about the Left and a determination to be the mirror image of what is understood to be left-wing at the moment. To be a right-winger is to never impose discipline on the ranks, so everyone is free to be an army of one. The Left, of course, is then free to pick them off one by one…

The main reason to go to these events is the social aspects. In my case, it is an opportunity for readers and listeners to meet me. Given the interactive nature of this form of media, I’m just as curious to meet readers, as I have interacted with many of them for years now. The thing I was thinking about on the way home is that I’ve never met a reader who is less interesting in person than their on-line character. It speaks to the superficiality of internet culture. On-line, we’re two-dimensional.

That is why the Left works so hard to keep us from meeting in real life. When like-minded people get together, socialize and talk about the issues, it raises morale and it builds social capital. That’s the force multiplier the Left fears most, because they lack it in their own ranks. Their discipline is fueled by rage and self-abnegation. Social capital is like a fuel that creates more of itself as it burns. That’s why they work so hard to keep us as atomized strangers living in our bespoke silos on-line…

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  1. Academics may prefer to hear speeches read from text, so that’s why it is done…

    I think it’s more they don’t care if the presenter looks at them. Academics spent years writing notes while listening to presentations and lectures. If the lecturer ever looked at them, they didn’t notice.

    Business people sell things and ideas. To sell things, you have to be personable which requires face speaking.

    Its information accuracy vs charisma. Probably why none of these guys get why Trump’s playing loose with facts doesn’t phase the average person.

  2. People make decisions and form identities at the brand level not the feature level. Conservatives have the passion of an accountant finding an error in the balance sheet not a preacher saving people from hell. The left is always helping believers reach an earthly paradise if only they are pure enough, drive Teslas and banish evil people. That is powerful stuff; it is far not powerful than talking about a 5 percent reduction in the corporate tax rate.

  3. Good post. The most interesting part was the impact of meeting offline. The rise of the online world does seem to be a key driver of the rise of the left. When you are dealing with real people in front of you it is harder to hate them and want to destroy them. When you are in hive mind online it is far easier to want to destroy them

  4. O/T but…

    Schrodinger’s Impeachment

    It’s Impeachment until you look at it, then it isn’t Impeachment. Looking at Schrodinger’s Impeachment changes it’s state, so don’t look. Because then it’s no longer Impeached.

  5. The most successful small political group in history were the Communists. Starting from almost nothing, they took over Russia and almost took over the world. Their movement had four advantages over the dissent right. 1) A complete lack of mortality and a belief the ends justified any means. 2) Iron-clad discipline 3) Men willing to devote their entire lives to “The Revolution” even when it seemed hopeless 4) An enormous carrot – Free stuff – that got the masses on their side.

    • Add two more critical advantages enjoyed by the Bolsheviks:
      5) outside funding from sources based in “safe” countries;
      6) the active support of multiple sympathetic propagandists (though in those innocent times we called them “news reporters”) in those same safe countries.

      • And Marx was the Rothschild’s cousin, that helps too.

        But it would have been an obscure footnote to history without Ludendorff and Imperial Germany’s Gold and guns. Just as Mao would have never gotten far without the USSR, the Viet Minh without Mao, and so on. The point is force, armies and money matter.

  6. I was really happy to attend Mencken this weekend and meet a few Zman readers and commenters and to say hello to Z himself. This was my first IRL event, and I agree with Z that it us a great way to meet fellow dissidents, even if the speakers were a bit ho hum for the most part. Most of the old guys I talked to were Jared Taylor style race realists. Many folks were guarded about their beliefs, but once the ice was broken a bit people were more up front. There were a lot of Jews there, which, frankly, surprised me, an Indian, an Asian, and a based black guy, so perhaps this had something to do with the guarded hesitancy that seemed to be pretty prevalent. Overall I encourage guys and gals on our side to show up. I plan to go next year and hope to meet more of you there!

    • Given Gottfried’s leadership I’m not surprised you’d see based Jews there. They’re in a tough spot. Most of the rest of Us (myself included) won’t trust them, especially as a group, and Harzony’s bunch are the closest group outside of the Mencken paleos they could mix with – still very incomptible with race realism and other ideas adjacent to Our Thing. Kind of a no-man’s land. I feel sorry for the legit guys, but I’d frankly have a hard time trusting Gottfried himself at a truly based gathering. The grievances run deep.

      I would have gone to Mencken if I hadn’t stayed in Europe for Scandza Oslo, will try to make it next year – at least you guys weren’t getting mobbed, milkshaked or arrested.

      • “…I’m not surprised you’d see based Jews there. They’re in a tough spot. Most of the rest of Us (myself included) won’t trust them, especially as a group…”

        Perhaps the loneliest people in the world are the intelligent, non-criminal Africans or the non-subversive J3ws. Or the sober Hispanic drivers.

        I do pity then, but I won’t change my world view for them.

        • I should have mentioned that all of the boomers I talk to read Z and know who he is. The audience was definitely more based than the speakers.

        • Readers of the Bible don’t see the civil war that runs all through it, from the very beginning to the very end. The civilized versus the raiders.

          I persist in seeing that the good far outnumber the bad, in all peoples.

          Clawing their way up is the ancient way, but I would rather shame and defeat for the ruthless minority in every population.

  7. The comment conversations here in the last few weeks have been fascinating to me, as there appears to be a real coalescence of thought in what I like to privately call the “crowdsourced informed speculations” of this commentariat.

    We have three major issues now, each with both mostly settled assumptions and also new questions about how to move forward.

    1. The thinking about culture, race, and community. What nurtures a community we want to see and live in? What poisons it? How to physically and socially build such a community and network of communities? How to get it done both on-line and in meatspace, in a practical and realistic manner?

    2. An understanding of critical thinking versus emotional thinking, the element of collective envy and guilt, how people live emotionally, and that “facts” are used to buttress emotional assumptions, rather than letting facts and evidence lead people to truth. How so many people are emotionally manipulated to believe and act against their own self-interest, and how they are trained to ignore and suppress the realities right in front of their eyes, in service to the external manipulators of emotion and feelings. We are breaking or have broken those bad habits and manipulations for ourselves, how do we do it for others? How to we constructively redpill others? How to open conversations up to the obvious things that are suppressed, but need to be discussed?

    3. The most vexing, and I think the one that Z wrestles with the most. How do we impose our way of seeing things on the rest of the world, both because we are fundamentally correct in most of our informed speculations, and also that we need safe spaces for ourselves and the others who might come to see the light. Do we do that by simply walking away and doing something completely separately, largely secretly for now, and putting up walls around us in medieval fashion, to protect ourselves from our enemies? Do we work within the existing system, to bend it to our own ends and preferences? Do we watch the world burn, and perhaps accelerate the process a bit, to build something better out of the ashes? Some combination of all three? This is the endgame for us, and for Western Civilization, as it now stands. The real question, and the hardest one to try to find a good path through.

    I am intrigued by how we have bulldozed through so much of this stuff lately, finding a lot of rough agreement and shared understanding in the first two areas. That last one, though, is a real bugbear, and the one where I don’t even know where to start, other than trying to get my personal wits and preps together in anticipation of something wicked this way coming, and building out a network of contacts that could, in fact, one day be the root of a modern Underground Railroad for people such as ourselves.

    • How do we impose our way of seeing things on the rest of the world

      We keep doing what we’re doing now. We’re growing our movement at a tremendous pace and if it ain’t broke… Or as Uncle Dolf said: as long as we’re gaining adherents, confrontation is not in our interest.

      We live in the Internet Age. Going back to mailing lists, secret handshakes and clandestine meetings, is like going back to steam engines. The future is online and if we want the future to belong to us, we must win the internet.

      • We have to be able to operate in both spheres. We need tech and hacking savvy to keep ourselves online and maintain our own micro-networks, as well as taking advantage of the BRICs emerging alternatives to US-dominated internet resources. It’s still important to have some backup capabiltiy in old-school communications though, if nothing else as as a failsafe for when the Internet Age tech is unavailable or unsafe. None of us has a single answer to any of these problems. Antifragility is about maintaining options and planning for the worst.

        • if nothing else as as a failsafe for when the Internet Age tech is unavailable or unsafe.

          If they want to shut us down, they’ll have to shut down normie internet too, because we’re the real normies.

          That said, I would strongly encourage anyone to invest time and energy in their local communities, strengthen local and national traditions and pursue a poz-free lifestyle, but not if you do it with a political agenda in mind. Nothing wrong with political agendas, but the ideal society is one where Normie shouldn’t be required to think in political terms or organize along those lines.

          Let’s hold the politics until the neighbours’ gone home and the kids are asleep. Then we don our space-grade aluminum helmets, fire up the conspiracy machines and conjure down a rain of gay frogs upon our pharaohs, until they let our people go.

          • ” Normie shouldn’t be required to think in political terms or organize along those lines.”

            I think you are living in a fantasy world.

            Normies ignoring of the political has led to the destruction of the Christian West.

            We are in survival mode,

    • On 1, build from existing adjacent subcultures like prepping, county lifestyles and travelers, RVers, off-roaders etc… That’s the main population we blend into and recruit from. Things to avoid – race-mixing, single women/feminists & individuals and groups who want to change the existing group culture or hierarchy, including religious hardliners. Group loyalty & solidarity will be more important than any particular policy preference. We’ll have to start very small and be more of a loosely-allied confederacy until we iron out some of the disagreements.

      On 2, that’s very dependent on who you’re trying to recruit. I like Z’s idea of making recruits undergo a long probationary association before they’re brought into the main community. This dovetails with the previous point about being loosely-allied small groups at first until we all learn to trust each other more & work together.

      On 3, we do this mostly by walking away and forming separate or sub-communities. We maintain ties with the normie community primarily through the internet, secondarily through a diaspora network of suburbanite travelers and other folks who can straddle the lifestyle gap without major scrutiny and finally through sleepers and coverts. Once again, the bikers serve as a model. Even in maximum security prisons these guys manage to handle outside business by taking advantage of systemic corruption and otherwise having allies in the right places.

      This is a cocktail-napkin version of the stuff I’ve been working on since the summer.

    • Here’s my 2 cents.

      In regards to #2

      “How to we constructively redpill others? ”
      – a multimedia approach. Start out with flyers and pamphlets explaining the essentials and if they are interested point them at certain websites that offer topics in greater detail.

      Now since your target audience is normies. Watch your language. Explain what you oppose and why – such as multiculturalism and political correctness and demographic destruction in concise terms and then what our side proposes to fix that. A 2 page pamphlet should be enough.

      We can produce other flyers targeting Conservatism Inc front groups like TPUSA and exposing them as phonies and why. These should be distributed on every college campus.

      BTW don’t be afraid of using nostalgia – the way the U.S. once was. I know Zman hates the past but it still resonates strongly with us older whites who remember how it was. That can be leveraged to our advantage. BTW that will also drive the Left crazy. Use images of advertisements from 30’s onwards and constrast to them to the mystery meat ads of today. Nothing shows contrasts better.

      We could produce other tracts targeting feminism, transgenderism and BigTech/H-1B, White Heritage, etc.


      We do what the Mexicans, Jews and Muslims do, create our societies and clubs(based on the lodge system by invite only) on the down low. We have to because the Left/GloboHomo has regulatory capture of the system and they will openly crush us after Trump is gone. These people are evil and cannot be reasoned with. As to who will be part of such networks. We we can start by who shouldn’t be. Such as people on government pensions or anyone whose business or job depends on government contracts, We’ve all seen or heard about what happens when state retirees from CA move out of state to a small town – they poison it with the same crap they fled from.

  8. Z, are you attending Mencken openly as Zman? Because somehow you don’t seem to be entirely on board with the program, and I would have thought that might be a problem.

  9. Zman hit the nail on the head – it is a religion, in every way. This video is a good rundown on the religion’s state about a year ago, brought to you by the people who pitched the phoney feminist academic papers to nonsense journals (which we often enjoy!). They describe their methodology and how they reverse-engineered the left’s “academic thought process”, and achieved a successful hit rate before pulling the plug and making it public. Pluckrose’s description of feminism as a cancer attaching itself to every single academic discipline seemed particularly apt.

    Tim Pool is in the audience and all these guys themselves are liberals (but not insane progressives). The “right-most” of their own set has been taking fire for a few years now, so a religious civil war is already underway between the liberals and the progressives within their own walls. Another schism in their religion is being born.

    Meanwhile, a homely imp Saint Greta frowns down on cities. Straw guilt! Car guilt! Thanksgiving guilt! She’s an atheist, yet a believer.

  10. I shall be in Austria and Bavaria this spring. If anyone knows any contacts that are not government agents, I would love to meet some German speaking dissidents.

  11. To be a right-winger is to never impose discipline on the ranks, so everyone is free to be an army of one. The Left, of course, is then free to pick them off one by one.

    That is better than picking us off wholesale, like they did at Charlottesville, it requires more effort by them. If you make people organize and sign up to a program, they can attack all of us by labelling us and then attack the label.

    As an army of one, you are impervious to such tactics. I stopped, with little regret, calling myself alt-right after Charlottesville – not a difficult decision since AR was such a nebulous term to start with. Richard Spencer? Not my CINC, always thought he was a few vehicles short of a panzerdivision. And when Z gets tired of speeches and conferences and starts stalking Baltimore at night like Paul Kersey, you can say that sure, I visited his website, it doesn’t mean I agree with him on everything.

    That is why the Left works so hard to keep us from meeting in real life.

    They work a lot harder keeping us from meeting online.

    • Individualism is always going to lose out to a group which is why the Money Right loves and it and the Left does too.

      The Money Right wants atomized consumers who exists to buy goods but believe in nothing except an artificial status boost from their products.

      This atrocity is all so they can keep counting proverbial shekels and nothing else. These men are like a soulless and empty black holes of greed.

      The only reason the military and police tolerated is they must have them and both are a great source of loot.

      The Left of course wants dependents of the State though they acknowledge the benefit of groups that swing their way.

      It’s a temporary necessity to play at being an induhvidual for security reason s but long term, it’s a losing proposition.

      Strength comes from kinship mostly and optimally you’d never need to any business with anyone who doesn’t have frith with you.

      That is the future you want , no more multinationals, no more cheap goods, a future where everything you need and much of what you want is in house and your “house” is strong enough to resist near anything a declining state or gang can throw at you.

      This kind of strength will crush late stage capitalism and create a moral functional society.

      We had some of this in the 30’s, a 97% domestic economy mostly local and we had strong institutions like Masons and Churches.

      We will need to build new ones of course but the core is there, if they aren’t your people, don’t do business with them.

      Lastly anyone who is all “me me me.” for other than strategic or tactical reason, i.e he is a dissident is a leftist whether he knows it or not.

      The graveyards are filled with indispensable individuals but families, clans, and organizations live on. They matter, you don’t.

      • Individualism is always going to lose out to a group which is why the Money Right loves and it and the Left does too.

        Twentieth century thinking. In the Internet Age, I do not need to organize in meatspace to meet fellow conspirators or rally my people. Zman mentioned in this week’s podcast that he had 100,000 readers. That’s more people than at a Trump rally, an army of army-of-ones, with no organization necessary.

        And I’m not advocating individualism on a philosophical level, only as an organizing principle, a bit like the cell structures of Commie resistance movements.

        • You can talk online till you are blue , it has some value but in this soft power is also dependent on your enemies not just shutting you down via doxxing or A.I. censorship which they eventually will.

          Now granted sure a lot of solitary people out performing Auftragstaktik, go do this thing can work to destabilize the system. No doubt.

          An example of say an army of people posting its OK to Be White or if things are hot an army of Dorner’s can be useful but it builds nothing.

          Good luck getting anyone to do anything though.

          For now as a tactic, its fine and as I said it might be the best one but if you want to win this thing, the future belongs to the organized group.

          Still I think we aren’t that far apart really.

          • this soft power is also dependent on your enemies not just shutting you down via doxxing or A.I. censorship which they eventually will.

            True, but doxxing and AI censorship is fairly easily evaded, simply don’t use Big Tech solutions.

            but it builds nothing.

            Also true, but we’re nowhere near the building phase yet, we need to burn down their temples before we can build our own.

            the future belongs to the organized group.

            Thrice true. Once we’ve burned down the system, the organizing will happen organically and inevitably.

            But now, in the war phase, organizing divides us. To illustrate: if I wrote the rules, I can assure you there’d be wailing and gnashing of teeth in this forum. You could kiss your guns goodbye and Jesus would be relegated to doing comedy skits.

            Right now, we should put our secondary griefs on the back burner and concentrate on Item Number One: stop mass immigration. Once that is in order, we can have a discussion about what Item Number Two should be.

            Still I think we aren’t that far apart really.

            Neither do I.

          • “Right now, we should put our secondary griefs on the back burner and concentrate on Item Number One: stop mass immigration. Once that is in order, we can have a discussion about what Item Number Two should be.”

            Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.
            I have a lot of major flaws to work on.

            That, right there, is the anchor to seize.

            Pretty much the Whole Enchilada, really, because everything flows to that, to the physical reality of mass immigration.

          • I agree with you. Now is the time to carp, vote and work on things and to build the foundations for what we want.

            Who knows we may even get it the above board way without a collapse. Stranger things have happened.

    • “always thought he was a few vehicles short of a panzerdivision.”

      *”starts stalking Baltimore at night”

      “Commissioner Gordon, he’s back!
      Quick, light up the Cat-signal!”

  12. To the extent a niche remains for acacdemic or professional speaker conferences, I suggest we do larger formal conferences in friendlier territory – like Russia, Hungary and the other Visegrad nations, or other places outside the Resettlement of the Pale (where Code Orange has apparently been declared against our threat to civilization).

    Smaller-scale meetups focused on the meat and potatoes of social networking seem to be the way to go for events inside the Wire.

    Sharing our intellectual thoughts can be done in books and online. Even our rhetoric is best disseminated to the masses via the Web rather than risking our nascent leadership with public events in the West. Sooner or later we’re going to draw a Manhattan-style Proud Boys attack and get years in jail for for defending ourselves.

    The groundwork for this is being laid by the propaganda we’ve seen about Copenhagen & Oslo – speakers arrested or otherwise prevented from giving “incendiary” speeches and otherwise making the brown kids angry. To the extent Western law enforcement doesn’t see us as an outright terrorist threat, they at least see us as guys poking a hornet’s nest. Most probably fall somewhere in between.

    TRS “Europa Report” listeners will recall the 10/30 episode where Jay ran down the new German policy on “hate speech.” Give it a listen – in short, Hanukkah came early this year for Mutti Merkel’s plucky Zionists. Those sadistic supremacists unwise enough to Krampus their Festivus this year will be even more effectively destroyed by this powerless innocent bullied minority.

    This is actually good news. We’ve forced them to commit to an iron-hand strategy that makes for bad optics on their side, particularly if we maintain discipline and keep our cool. Contra the boogaloo accelerationists, I think we should make use of this time “in the wilderness” to build our offline infrastructure at the grassrooots level with a very low profile. We can use times like these for vetting, digging in and networking our existing guys more than recruiting and proselytizing. It’s what smart dissidents do during crackdowns. As Z said the other day, let’s be the Army of Invisible Hitlers for awhile.

    False flags aren’t working to gin up ME wars anymore because Westerners don’t buy what the media is selling. Sooner or later the ham-fisted Deep State is going to get caught with their Dancing Shlomos hanging out again. The more we force them to go on the offensive with Fake News attacks, the more chances they have to f*ck up.

    Pure Sun Tzu – fight when and where you are strong and the enemy is weak. Preparation is where the fight is won.

  13. “but a man with passion for his people and his way of life, willing to rally his people to do what must be done to defend those lands…”

    Deep down in your bones what you are saying is that it’s going to come down to a new, ‘literally you-know-who’ or someone like him (and no, not Mr. Potato that we have now. not even close). It always does. It’s inevitable.

    • Even CivNats like Ace of Spades and semi-based Jews like David Cole have warned the Chosen of Honkler’s Revenge if they don’t knock it off. No knock-off in sight. Maybe the hundred-and-tenth time is the charm?

      • AoS, as well as Instapundit, Rush, and so on, are in rough alignment with us these days, but for their own reasons, not ours. One of our challenges going forward is to break down the barriers blocking the “things that shall not be spoken of”, which are the roots of our understanding. It is a tall order and a challenge for us. Without breaking down those barriers of understanding and opening up the conversation to “forbidden” Ideas, most of our situational allies will remain purely situational, and the alignment of interests will eventually diverge.

        • Any media platform dependent upon advertising dollars will never approach ‘forbidden’ ideas. The advertisers would flee and the platform collapses. An example of Z’s theory of the controlled opposition.

  14. When the big anti-Whiteman push began, a few years before the Trump phenomenon, I was certain the left was going too far, far too quickly.
    Their assessment of their strengths; the depth of their penetration of the deep state and the willingness of the Corporate Media to irremediably prostitute themselves was all too correct and came as a surprise to me.

    • Most white people honestly believe that only the BadWhites are bad – if they just stop being racist, put their heads down, and celebrate diversity, everything will be okay. The media only hates the BadWhites.

      The problem is that said “diversity” doesn’t see Good or Bad Whites. They just see “white people” and they hate them all. Well – they love our stuff but they hate our people. Their eyes are almost fearful when I bring up DR talking points. They seem to know deep down that what we say is right, but it’s buried very deep. “Shush, don’t say these things, let me be a GoodWhite so I can be spared” is what their body language tells me.

      Yes, it has been shockingly easy to make the average white cower before diversity. “Suburban white women” especially – and even worse are their husbands who refuse to say what needs to be said.

  15. Everybody wants to know “what’s next?”

    I’ve been thinking about “community.” The left can’t demonize it (like alt-right), it lets you transition to other topics (“I won’t let you destroy my community with illegal immigration”), and it’s an easy sell to the soccer moms (who are already there).

    “Community” lets you break away from the libertarians and corporate types. Yes, Mr. Galt, we are going to have zoning. No lead smelter next to the elementary school in our community. It also might provide some talking points against climate change and diversity.

    Obviously, “community” is not a magic bullet. But we seem to be having so many problems with language. Maybe a starting point.

      • Magic Jew Theory – Omnipotence Variation.

        So what if the Zionists have a tactic to fight our activism? It doesn’t mean they’re going to fight in every town, or that they’ll win every fight.

        Some here might think I believe Jews are hiding under my bed, but it still doesn’t mean I’m not going to sleep there.

        “I’m a light sleeper and I keep a pistol handy” – Solomon Kane.

        • Hah. I always had a vague idea what was under the bed, but once you start really paying attention, it’s freaking everywhere.

          With violent (and stupid) crime it’s 50-70% by about 12% of the population by my observation (which is nicely in accord with FBI statistics, as it happens). But with actions destructive to Western culture and norms, it’s gotta be something like 80% by Those Who Cannot Be Named.

      • “a starting point”, ahem. Tucker’s right.

        “Hey, my kids play there!
        Hey, we fish in that lake!
        Hey, you! My customers park there!”

    • There are two major threats to “community”. The obvious one is the racial “seed” people, the Section VIII housing, and all of that. The insidious one, which is one of Texas’ problems, is the migration of what I call the “wine and cheese” whites. They are often well intentioned, but they have been pozzed into seeing social relationships as mostly or purely transactional. The wealthy white person social problem. So when they move to a red state or a red neighborhood, they don’t know how to relate, fall back harder on the transactional, and one of the biggest transactional categories is involvement in political entities and movements. They don’t intend to destroy the environment they move to, but they do anyway, because their understanding of human relationships is not in alignment with those of the neighborhoods they move to. Despite political outlooks not too very far from ours, it is the transactional nature of their human relationships that destroys a host culture. Beware of wealthy whites moving into middle class dirt people neighborhoods. Those people are poison.

      • In spite of my repugnance to the “Don’t come here because you are from CA” crowd, I agree with your analysis. When I was in MT a few months ago, my friend there said it usually starts when transplants say, “Hey, what can we do about the horse poop left on the roads, or the slow moving tractors slowing down vehicle traffic……”

        It was interesting how he described their own, or possibly imported, environmentalists who control local policies: if it is natural to the environment, nothing else, including mankind, mattered; human progress would have to take a back seat. Incongruently, they go so far as to overlook their own naturalism in order to allow random killing of humanity prior to birth.

        Now, in the schools of the B’root Valley, the kids there are taught that if daddy yells at or disciplines you, then they are to go to their counselors the next day and talk about it. This really raised his hackles, and being a lawyer he went into the school to draw the line for the do-gooder adults by explaining just who the parent are. No matter — he would receive a blank look and when he left the school the policy would continue. Remember, this was MT, not CA. What does this tell us? A red state that is decaying locally and quietly.

        There’s work to be done. Becoming aware and awakening is a first step and is better than defeatism.

      • Modern day versions of Typhoid Mary. Sadly CA is infecting many other states with them. Many seem to be fat cat retried state workers who fled CA after poisoning it. I read NYC retirees are the same way and are ruining FL and other states.

        This is why I hope and pray for a stock market implosion that will destroy their platinum pensions and their ability to fuck up communities.

        In the meantime locals of red communities need to ostracize them if they move in. Make them feel unwanted and intimidated. You have to play hardball with them. Do the same thing Mexicans do to blacks in their neighborhood – drive the SOB’s out.

  16. Trump’s ability to speak in emotionally charged rhetoric is how he was so successful. He wasn’t talking about optimal tax rates or other dry subjects nobody really cares about. He spoke directly to people’s hearts. We’re going to make America great again!

    • Governing, as opposed to campaigning, is a lot about various dry subjects. P.J. O’Rourke once compared governing to being a cell in a plant. Trump’s governing has basically been Jeb Bush with an aggressive twitter account.

      • Tars is 100% spot on point. He showed the way, and now all the dirty laundry is coming to light. Great men are rarely also good men.

        Narrative is hearts, not minds.
        All religions know this instinctively.
        They use emotive language, not neutral informative language.
        None swoon at their CPA’s latest.

        Religion- say, the Left- is a hominid social mechanism of hierarchy, status, and opportunity. It determines who will breed with whom, thus, the emotive hindbrain processor.

        Confusing it with Diety, details, or worship was one of the tricks, a tie-in, throwing shade for the ambitious. The Left avoids such niches.

    • Spot on.

      Trump understands the sales aspect of politics very well. He knows emotions are what gets people motivated to vote or buy something.

      That should be our take home from him. We have to get prospects emotionally involved to make the sale so to speak. Just spewing facts like some basement dwelling nerd or academic gets us nowhere.

      That said, Trump’s platform during the campaign hit all the right buttons for working and middle-class whites.

      Right now our side has neither the content nor the emotionally delivery aspects.

  17. Buckley once said about Jaffa, “If you think disagreeing with him is hard, try agreeing with him!” That, to me, describes the circular firing squad nature of conservatism and its individualistic membership.

    Conservatives are individualists, libs are collectivists. Libs work together with feigned concerned about the other while conservatives will tell you to take a hike for the least dogmatic difference. We split hairs over the most trivial stuff and if you don’t believe me, just read the forums where rugged individualists tell you to stay the heck out of their states because you automatically will turn it left, even though you are fleeing left wing tyranny.

    Learning just yesterday who Richard Proenneke was and what he did, was all I needed for the moment.

    • “rugged individualists tell you to stay the heck out of their states because you automatically will turn it left, even though you are fleeing left wing tyranny.”

      In their defense, Texas is turning blue in part due to Californians “fleeing left wing tyranny “.

      • I would like Rush Limbaugh and everyone else who agrees with you to prove that Californians are turning states blue. And I like Rush a great deal, so I think I will send him a note and ask him to prove it or knock it off. Yes, let’s keep on losing friends and influencing enemies. That makes no sense.

        Start by looking at the election map of Texas. The thing that sticks out the most is the entire border region, which is blue and fraught with voter fraud.

        • Austin is the most pozzed city in Texas and its colleges & K-12s are factory farms for NPC’s and antifa degenerates. Every non-DR Californian I know says its their favorite place in the state.

        • Why does there have to be just one cause? Does anyone disagree that some combination of foreigners and liberals-fleeing-liberalism-to-recreate-liberalism are the causes of red states turning blue?

          • Why would liberals want to go to Texas? No-one has ever explained this bizarre notion. It’s like suggesting that conservatives want to go to California.

          • Liberal parents in CA get tired of walking with their kids and stepping over bums and needles. They get tired of most of the resources in their kids’ schools educating foreign kids who don’t even speak English. They get tired of having their cars broken in to and worry they will be mugged/killed. But their beliefs aren’t changed by these experiences.

            My sister is the most horrible progressive. She’s decided to leave Portland, OR for a mid-sized, conservative town in Eastern WA. She brings the plague with her to that poor town.

          • “The lack of economic freedom in California compared to Texas is likely why, according to census, from 2012 to 2016, a net of 521,052 Californians left the state. Texas was their most popular destination, with a net of 114,413 Californians moving 1,300 miles east to the Lone Star State.”

            They can sell their CA cottage for $1,000,000 and buy a a TX McMansion for chump change, pocket the difference. No state income tax. Relatively low cost of living. Not too cold in most of the state. They like Austin, especially. Plenty of progressives there to keep them company, artsy fartsy. Austin is even starting to have a homeless problem.

          • Correct. There is NOT just ONE cause. Otherwise Rush Limbaugh would be responsible for making CA, NY, turn blue and FLA turn pink, since he came from Missouri.

          • Fleeing liberals from California are certainly affecting Arizona; or so I’m told by my real estate professional friend in Arizona.

          • 1. CNN poll. Not trustworthy. What story would they like you to believe?

            2. People lie

            3. Texas is turning blue more because of immigration rather than migration.

            4. Even people born in TX preferred O’Rourke over Cruz. Schools, media – propaganda works.

            5. If you’re a lib you are overjoyed. Your dream of a one party totalitarian socialist state is almost here.

          • 1. This is unfalsifiable but, uh, OK

            2. Are you saying that locals have a different propensity to lie about their voting intention than migrants? Why should we assume this?

            3. (trying to figure out what this is supposed to mean) Are you trying to distinguish between international and interstate migrants? Because if we assume that international migrants are more likely to vote Democrat than locals, that mathematically thus requires an even more conservative pool of internal migrants to drag the figure up to 57%.

            4. If this is true, then why doesn’t education and media propaganda work as well on migrants? Because we can exclude the possibility that foreign migrants are more conservative than Americans, it means that (see point 3) internal migrants must be more conservative than foreign migrants – have these internal migrants not been exposed to Democrat propaganda in their origin states? Or are native Texans just uniquely easy to manipulate?

      • As is Arizona. Colorado’s already gone. The commie swine shit in their own states and destroy them, then flee their handiwork to repeat the process elsewhere. Fascinating.

        • It’s always amused me that we have multiple examples of Californicators fleeing their fucked up state and the first thing they do is recreate it, We are, however, given to believe that shipping a Shitload of Somalis ( I believe that’s the technical term) to Maine will instantly turn them into WASP New Englanders.

    • Watching Proenneke build that cabin, from absolute scratch, in the middle of deep Alaskan wilderness is awe inspiring. Very few men like that left in the U.S. these days. He walked the walk.
      That cabin still stands to this day, by the way.

      • I agree. What amazing carpentry and mechanical skills he had! Think about the number of ways a man can die when he’s all alone in the wilderness like that. He can:

        break his legs in a fall and have to crawl miles back to the warmth of his cabin, if he can make it;

        capsize in the boat and die of hypothermia in the cold waters;

        be attacked by a bear;

        get covered in an avalanche;

        No one to help you when you need it, but he was smart and skillful enough to live alone for 30 years.

        I wish I followed in his footsteps when I was young.

      • I remember watching those old Dick Proenneke films in awe. Perhaps you have seen the Canuck Youtuber, “Shawn James”. Interesting, low key personality & outdoorsman. A blue collar guy who engineered a successful white collar biz then lost it all. He has rebuilt an enticing new life in the Canadian wilderness. James has held Proenneke in his pantheon of heroes and recently traveled to the orig cabin. Beautiful video work:

        • Problem is very few can actually live alone because they still rely on the outside society for a lot of their needs…

  18. Yeah, it would be nice if rightists put aside their statistics for a second to give us a simple vision of health, a vision of victory, sometimes.

    You know, communities of white people living together, extended families in daily contact, physical health and no obesity, no pozz, doing productive work, interesting hobbies, schooling children according to constructive values.

    (Strangely, now that I think of it, my grandparents actually lived like that; so did my parents, until they left their hometowns for college in the 1960s/1970s, and never went back.)

    Above all, a vision of the future. Basically a right-wing version of the “I have a dream” speech.

    The left does have their own vision, which seems to be, “after we kill or oppress all the white people, then we will all be completely equal.” Of course, it’s not going to work out like that; like all left-wing visions, it’s going to end in strife and violence.

    I do understand that as a matter of practical propaganda, we have to shit all over our enemies’ thing. But you might say that their are four modes of political argumentation:

    (1) spergy criticisms of the enemy
    (2) poetic/visionary/religious/narrative attacks on the enemy
    (3) spergy support of your own thing
    (4) poetic/visionary/religious/narrative support of your own thing

    Zman is right to argue that our side concentrates too much energy on the first one. He’s also right that we neglect a fifth mode of political action:

    (5) IRL meeting and organizing.

    It’s damned awkward to bring up, but there of course is a sixth mode of political action, as well:

    (6) Violence.

    I hope it doesn’t come to that, but our opponents are relying on it more and more all the time.

    • I’m working on a fiction piece today that’s intended just for that. Fiction is the best way to get across a wholistic “sense of life” about what we want for our people and the rest of the planet. For the forum side of my rollout site I’d like to have a fan-fic section for that. Fictional treatments of your own “ideal universe” are also a good way to game out your ideas in your head to better understand how they would and wouldn’t work in practice.

      Frankly screenplays would be even more valuable than short stories or novels but it’s not my thing. Anyone who has that interest or experience should hit me up in the comments here or after the holidays at my thing.

        • I’ll have a full site in January, tiered and categorized registration with contact info. I’ll drop a link on the sites I comment on including here once it’s ready for off-Broadway rollout. I’m keeping lists for interested folks until then.

      • Ohmigosh. That’s how you sell the vision, and the warning. How to normalize it without launching Leftie into attack mode.

        Look how the post-apoctalyptic ‘Dystopian’ genre ebooks have exploded across Kindle and Ebooks. Far faster than fantasy did.

        I’d love not techno-wiz SF or space opera, but near future, realistic sociopolitical SF. Female authors teach heavy history with their romances. Dissident LeGuin the model.

        I learned everything from SF, the dead authors sniffs can go stuff it. I’d rather more beauty and speculation in two paragraphs than 12-tome volumes to get across one idea for another age.

        • PS- none of that miserable Muh Murica trash. What was that horrendous dreck that started and ended with burning some poor lady alive, was that the pile with “aforen’t y’all move the fuel drums, ya gotta read everthang from Aristotle to Burke!”

          Jeebus. Jeebus H. Cripes. That’ll set Sperg Army hearts afire, fer sure.

          Alexander Jablakov.
          Paolo Bacigalupi. Gene Wolfe.
          R. Garcia y Hernandez. Kage Baker.
          Maureen McHugh. Ursula LeGuin.
          Bruce Sterling. Frank Herbert.
          That’s how you do it, folks.

  19. These august conferences and forums are great, but why not just take the skinheads bowling?

    Rainbow guards attacking would-be bowlers = priceless metapolitical spectacle.

    • Dark, but meme-worthy. I’ll bet a few of those oldsters would be willing to take a bike-lock for the team, FWIW. Z would be one of the few Mencken attendees they’d avoid taking a poke at.

    • Ha! Now I’m singing “take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling!”

      (Holy smokes. I actually did that once!
      I was the crash pad for my beloved yobbos. The movie “Suburbia”, late 80s, is their paean.)

      • The best thing about the skins?

        They adopted Granma and Granpa Hmong. Tiny ancients, wrinkled as prunes, with those hand-emboidered hemp blouses. Couldn’t speak a word of english, they looked a hundred years old.

        The skins saw the newcomers scrounging, trying to survive, just as the skins did.
        The blacks and cholos saw them as the new niggas, the bottom of the totem pole, ripe for a beating.

        After a few examples, word went out: do NOT f*** with Granma and Granpa. The skins wear spiked rings and Doc Martins, and they are serious about their violence.

        Those steadfast, quiet, grateful little people, turning every bit of wasted dirt- abandoned lots, the dead shrubbery, the filled in pools of ghetto complexes- into miniature farms with hoes, sticks, and string.

        The skins, true racist Nazis, swastikas and all, adored granma and granpa. Protected them with justice and ferocity.

        That’s what is in us. We are a Great people.

  20. It IS interesting about how academics merely “read from the page” versus the corporate world. And the lack of feedback loop can make for a snoozer.

    In my public speaking in the corporate world, either for a presentation (set of remarks to a club / group) or to teach, I have either a list of bullet points I know well (pre-practiced with the main ideas) or, if I’m instructing a course, I have a “lesson plan” that I am well-acquainted with.
    And within that plan, there are highlighted bits that are the most important. Going into it, I’m familiar enough with the content and teaching goals that the outline, while detailed, is enough to refer to, from time to time. And the rest is engaging with the audience / “students” based on the stated goals of the presentation or workshop. It’s really very straightforward. But takes practice.

    Maybe it’s because academics are by nature, academic, (of course I repeat myself) and so they are used to blathering on extemperaneously about a subject, while they assume the “students” are rapt with attention at their knowledge and experiences.

    It IS an odd habit though. Even on the right, it’s likely a symptom of academia being totally disconnected from their audience. That’s still what happens when one stares at a paper to read.

    • I’m parked in CA in the middle of a one week whirlwind tour to visit the “troops” after we did a restructure last week. You are dead on. I have the canned portion of my remarks—but at each stop—customize based on the functional make up and what I know about each audience. Have done this stuff for years, but it is a skill and takes practice to weave in enough bespoke remarks to make sure you engage and connect to the audience. Too many academics turn these pieces into rhetorical death marches.

  21. The Left are malicious, not stupid; contra Hanlon’s Razor. They did not back Kamala because they knew that the response of angry white men would be to cry out in rage “Never another Nigger!” with the debacle of Obama still fresh in memory. Instead, they advance a selection of doddering white fossils quibbling about competing socialistic economic initiatives, the perfect fodder to ensnare the Right in passionless academic debates. The era of Affirmative Action is waining fast. The so-called Talented Tenth is no longer needed or wanted. Demographic replacement will soon create an unruly majority who respond only to gibs and grievances; incapable of reason, hence unmoved by appeals to it. Time to get passionate and learn to counter-emote.

    • I was dead wrong about KH being the new hot ticket, double threat Obama with bosoms, etc… They put tons of $$$ behind her early but I think Bernie has more Black support. I overlooked her lack of “real blackness” and law enforcement priors, plus she’s just an unlikeable b*tch. You may be right about the Obama effect too, too soon = backlash.

      • KH ran into a buzzsaw named Tulsi. Ignore whether or not Tulsi has any redeeming political positions, and focus on how she took KH down, fearlessly getting in her face like Tulsi doesn’t give a s*it. There is a lesson for all of us there. If you are put in a position where it is put up or shut up, don’t look right, don’t look left, go for it, all in.

        • Right now she’d get my vote, FWIW. Trump’s an albatross & a sleeping pill for us and Yang totally fizzled as a disruptor with The Bag gag. Tulsi’s anti-Forever War & probably the closest thing to America First, but no one will even dare name her as VP, much less let her get nominated. She also seems to understand the fix is in and is willing to rustle jimmies over it, unlike Bernie who tucked tail like the toothless old hound he is in 2016.

          • Tulsi Gabbard seems to be the only one on the Left who actually seems to like being an American, and to actually like people in general. The rest of them just seem to be vexatious navel gazers who want to pee into every punch bowl they can find.

        • Right now Gabbard is the Honey Badger of the Democrats. My bet is she saw the implosion potential of the current crop—and yes Harris is just plain unlikeable and having a mystery meat wrapper couldn’t overcome that. Gabbard is young and can wait for the turnover after the current crop crashes, burns and/or simply dies.

      • Per the left, the winning ticket now would be Vice President Stacy Abrams.
        Quote: “yeah, and she’d piss off all the right people…”

        Practically drooling when the host said it, drooling or about to orgasm.
        Nobody, oddly, discussed her policy positions.

  22. I’ve spent the last 10 days in the Belly of the Urban-American Beast and I can see it is definitely all-she-wrote WRT the American Republic. I see the Corporate Media/Entertainment/Educational Cabal as the implacable enemy facing the rapidly dwindling numbers of “Trad/Dissident Americans.”

    Outside of violent direct action, I see no way to halt the power and strength of the Cabal. Therefore I am resigned to the fact that this house-of-cards is bound to collapse and no meetings, social functions, debate, New Right, Alt-Right, Paleo-Right, etc., etc., is going to prevent it.

    WASP’s are just as dangerous as POC’s in this Brave New World. Those who will resist and/or refuse to submit will be driven underground or – driven out.

    • Anyone calling for violent direct action is either a fool or a fed.

      As for the hopeless black pill routine, speak for yourself – although I fail to see the point in speaking at all if you believe this way.

      • So who is calling for violent direct action? It ain’t me, pal. Now you go organize your Ethno-State and I will deal with reality.

        • I said anyone, not you specifically, “pal.”

          I’ll go organize and you can “deal with reality” by Eeyoring in your beer.

          What exactly do you get out of telling a bunch of people who want to make their lives better “give up, it’s all useless?” Does that help you cope?

          • Many inhabitants of ancient Rome fled the city for more stable parts of the empire in advance of the approach of Alaric’s army in 410 AD. These people did not give up and did not believe it was all useless. But they did possess the foresight to acknowledge that the jig was up for their ancient
            capital city.

          • I have to laugh Carl B brought to mind a passage from the movie Return of the King when the steward of Gondor came out and said Flee, Flee for your lives and Gandalf thumps him…Some people when they let there fear overtake them just need a good thump on the head…

      • Depends on what the question is. If the question is “What do you want for dinner?” then a guttural scream of “Violence!” is certainly not the correct answer.

        On other issues, violence is a legitimate option that should be considered.

  23. People aren’t, by nature, logical thinkers, only a small subset. This is why the founding fathers hated democracy. The left knows, and has always known, that the average voter is a bundle of passions that react to circumstance. They’re governed by their hearts. Menchen knew this too. If you have a member of that club who actually believes in democracy, then he doesn’t belong there. Menchen’s core philosophy was that the average person was an imbecile, that the public high schools at the time were cranking out imbeciles, that one day we would elect enough ignoramuses to down the whole place and that democracy would be shown for the failure that it’s always been. He hated preachers of his time, and this was long before Joel Osteen. If anything, Menchen was a man of the future, or the past, but certainly not his present or ours. I think he would like this era because you really get to see the wheels falling off by the month and the social craziness. So much of what he said is validated in our current lives. It would be interesting to know the percentage of that club’s current composition that rejects democracy outright as Menchen did. They should if they’re true to the name of the club.

    • after reading the trash coming out of the “social sciences”, I’m skeptical that the average voter is a bundle of passions. it appears the average voter is merely a dopamine response to trigger words, disordered sentences seem even more effective as it induces that “speaking in tongues” effect…it’s “super awesome” and super effective especially because the victim doesn’t understand where their certainty came from.

  24. One quibble: “Their discipline is fueled by rage and self-abnegation.” Rage yes, but self-abnegation? More like forced other-abnegation, so they can live guilt free and feel good about themselves without sacrificing anything.

  25. ” The sperg army will never be a match for the Left.”

    If all these right wing kids online pursuing STEM majors would switch to marketing and law, then we’d have a movement. As it is, the right is a sperg incubator. Empirical arguments based on statistics that the majority of Americans don’t understand are no match for inspirational speeches and catchy slogans.

    • “I’ll take worst advice ever for 1000 Alex”.

      That’s right those silly chemical engineering, molecular genetics, and advanced physics degrees needed to keep up with Russia & China? Don’t worry about those kids! What you need to focus on is feel good marketing with the army of lefty turbo bitches in your class and we -definitely- don’t have enough (((lawyers))) either. Go forth! Be fruitful & multiply.

        • well they really sucked at keeping up with China and Russia cuz we lost that shit.

          Hardly the engineers’ fault that their jobs and knowledge was exported to China. And while you laptop may be assembled in China, the core processors, the CPU and the GPU, are still made in Silicon Valley.

          China is where the Japanese were in the eighties, back when Japan was the Yellow Menace. We might yet fall to the Chinese, but they still have everything to prove – they’re still playing catch-up and whether they will surpass us is an open question. Japan didn’t.

          • Old enough to remember with the Japanese were all 16’ tall and invincible. Now my industry is full of Japanese capital that is being thrown into business, any business in the West that might do something other than shrink or provide a respite from negative interest rates.

        • You don’t need to be an apex thinker to catch sarcasm, bud, and it flew over over you head like a squadron of low-flying C-17s. But I digress. Too many of these super genius stem studs are terrible communicators. Smart, spergy, almost right when talking within their field, but total bores to listen to otherwise.

        • Oh I ‘get it’ just fine, though you are not totally wrong, I am a blunt force instrument, isn’t that EXACTLY what you are asking for? Less think more ‘do’.

          Either way, you are viewing this as binary and it is not. There is no need to turn out even more useless degrees like marketing and the glut of lawyers already out there to recapture the narrative. You don’t need 4 years of college to sway the opinion of the sheeple.

          White men in STEM are the people that keep the trains running on time and the power on. The only reason this idiocy persists is because they have lost the power to say NO. I’ve said before this entire thing would grind to a halt in about 2 weeks if the collectively pussified western men simply went Galt. You would marvel at how fast people pay attention to you when they are starving, cold, and in the dark…

          • STEM classes are also the last academic redoubt against the Poz. Anyone going to law school is going to need double-agent talents and strategy. Those places are totally converged. If you take that road, play the game as a Lefty until you get your bar card.

          • Funny thing, we’re replacing lawyers with machine learning for a lot of rote tasks like contract analysis. It will be a shrinking industry.

          • @Apex
            I agree Brother and it’s why I advocate for the trades also mine especially because we control the switches…

          • “White men in STEM are the people that keep the trains running on time and the power on. ”

            Those trains are carrying immigrants to whitopias outside the cities, who cares if they stop? Engineers etc have little if any social or political status. Off the top of my head, the only “scientists” that ever have any sway in policy are climatologists and social scientists. Engineers, physicists and other hard science careers just prop up the infrastructure for progressive policies to run on.

            If smart dissidents went into law we’d have lawyers to defend against doxxing; if marketing, maybe more effective outreach. Both of those would be more help than propping up California’s infrastructure.

      • Why do you want to keep up with Russia and China? In this coming age of mass migration, bustling economies are just glowing targets. There is no will to fight off the invaders while things are going great. Once America is no longer the largest, most advanced economy, the migrant flows will lessen. Prosperity attracts leeches.

    • We need a broad talent pool in STEM and social fields. Having guys inside the companies that keep Big Other running could pay off someday, and having skills useful to other enemies of the Empire helps build bridges to those camps as well. We’re dissidents now, not patriots.

      • Fight fire with fire. Use all talents.

        Why should they be the only ones harvesting status and money from such lucrative fields?

        They take sectors to dominate them and make them self-licking ice cream cones.
        What, we can’t out-compete these tunnel-visioned termites?

        “Young man, you wanta run, or do you wanta kick some ass? Hint: chicks dig guys who kick ass…”

  26. A big part of the problem we have in our politics is that what we are facing is at bottom a physical divide, not a conceptual or philosophical divide; and old-style conservatives refuse to admit it. Viewed in a certain light, things boil down to…

    1. Just about everyone on earth would prefer to have White people’s stuff, rather than their own stuff. Instead of making their own stuff and taking the considerable trouble to have it be better than White people’s stuff, it is much much easier to try and sneak into White people’s countries, and take their stuff. Almost all of Leftism could be summarized in a handbook titled, “How to Grab White People’s Stuff.”

    2. With the exception of the Japanese, and a certain non-majority percentage of other NE Asians, at the end of the day, pretty much everyone else on planet Earth would rather be White than what they are. White people live in the nicest real estate, we have the coolest stuff, the best-looking women, by far the best art, music, architecture, literature, technology, philosophy, movies, everything. Everybody wants to be us, or at least sneak into our countries, live next door to us, enjoy our stuff, and try to rape our women. Look at the difference between the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics: in the summer Olympics, black people run fast and jump high, in stadiums that white people had to build for them, and that’s about it. In the Winter Olympics, white people ski down the sides of mountains, they do ballet in ice skates, they do mind-blowing crazy stuff that nobody else ever thought of. Plus, White people thought up the Olympics in the first place, not anybody else.

    3. Europe, North America and Australia are real places that belong to the White people who created them. They are not lifeboats and they are not cookie jars. Every brown person on planet Earth cannot live there, and everyone cannot have a cookie. There are not enough cookies.

    Conservatism has to realize that in Current Year, their actual position does not consist of abstractions. It consists of: No, Neejander Hakeem Dlalipeej, you and your entire village cannot crash on my couch, you cannot rape my daughter, and you cannot have a cookie. I don’t care what those Jews told you. Go home. Make your own cookies.

    That’s it.

    • Isn’t it odd to even have to make this post? Things that were daylight obvious a generation ago now require lengthy explanations because of how severe the gaslighting & propaganda has been.

      The situation is nearly binary in nature as you described but we get the Shapiros and the Crenshaws of the world coming up with these absurd explanations and tying themselves in pretzel knots to keep these absurd positions. When the whole thing can be summarized in 3 bullet points.

      • Yes, we see it as simple and obvious. Shapiro and Crenshaw and Kirkland the rest of them are paralyzed by the principle of non- discrimination. Discriminating against non-whites is the worst thing you can do, according to most of the right and all of the left. That’s why Crenshaw and the others get so angry at the Q&A groypers. They wouldn’t react like that if the questions challenged tax policy.

        • “. Shapiro and Crenshaw and Kirkland the rest of them are paralyzed by the principle of non- discrimination.”

          I disagree. Their actions are compatible with goals of overthrowing white christian civilization.

    • “in the summer Olympics, black people run fast and jump high, in stadiums that white people had to build for them.”

      I find it hilarious that the NBA has had five commissioners since 1946: Three Jews and two Irishmen.

      Maurice Podoloff (1946–1963)
      J. Walter Kennedy (1963–1975)
      Larry O’Brien (1975–1984)
      David Stern (1984–2014)
      Adam Silver (2014–present)

    • “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
      Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
      The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
      The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
      And, superiority excites envy.
      Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”
      Joseph Sobran, April 1997

      • Upvoted you. I once read a black man in charge of an education reform group who wrote, “White teachers are prejudiced and may not know it.”

        Some men just can’t earn a living on their own without being funded by left wing groups with lots of money to throw around.

      • That Sobran quote makes it clear that the best response to an accusation of “white supremacy” is a simple “yes”.

        • If white supremacy implies empire, then say “No.” We don’t want to rule them, we want to separate from them.

          I agree that all races have their talents so it doesn’t make sense to talk of supremacy. However, some talents are more desirable than others and white people have the talent to build the civilizations in which all other peoples want to live.

    • We’re the Elves in this world.

      The root problem:
      1960- 3 billion
      2020- 8 billion
      “Too many cars, not enough asphalt.”

  27. Where are the voters coming from, for this new movement? You aren’t getting the left, and you aren’t getting Trump supporters. Who’s left? The soft right; i.e. gop squishes? For a dissident party? Not likely. They will drift around, and vote for whoever the GOP/Trump put up.

    I’ts genuinely too bad you cannot be dispassionate enough about Trump to see how he is this gigantic gravitational field, pulling in voters from all points of the political compass. Wait until the Dems see the exit polls in black areas, next election. Their fukkin’ eyes will pop out of their heads! Use your powers of imagination to paint us a picture of what happens when Trump owns 60% of the voters. And he says in 2024 “you know, the Dems and media stole my first term, don’t you think?”…

      • Derbyshire has been quoting a funny line that if voting mattered they wouldn’t allow it. But we still have to show up. Part of the huge media propaganda push is to discourage us and make us think all is lost.

        • Yup, DLS, gotta go with the army you have.

          Religious right: the Navy
          Trumpcon right: the Army
          Financial right: the Air Force
          Dissident right: Special Forces

    • No Karl, the Dems aren’t going to lose the black vote, even with Candace Owens and Kanye pledging allegiance to Trump. Nobody on the GOP side is going to outgibsmedat the Dems.

      • They don’t have to vote our way. That hope will always lead to disappointment. They just have to be disinterested enough to not show up.

        • Hit the nail on the head. The black vote went to the Dems with LBJ, just as he told his ol’ buddy Richard Russell. Low turn out is the best to be hoped for.

      • So sad watching the MAGA crowd fall for that pickaninney’s routine. Then watching the Kanye come to Jesus tour, it’s just amazing to watch. Even right wingers are conditioned to need spiritual intercession from a magic negro. Every day is like watching The Green Mile.

        • The Big Man is a deeply rooted biological social structure thats in all humans psyche. Trump is a similar example. Civilization is about directing the power of the Big Man to better ends than his own gratification.

        • The right wing fawning over Kenye makes me sick. His skank mudshark wife just got a mulatto woman (Cyntonia Brown) who executed a white man freed from prison and now she’s working hard on getting a black man (Rodney Reed) who raped and murdered a white woman (plus 7 others including a 12yo) freed from prison.
          They are dancing a racist Watusi on the graves of white victims of black violence.

          • Agree 100%. I rubbished this negolatry over at CC in a couple of threads. I don’t care if Kanye is having some kind of based awakening or just grifting. If he’s willing to put his Benjamins and influence behind Hotep separatism, get back to me – until then, he’s of no use to me or mine.

            I know Mike Enoch’s pushing the idea that Trump’s pandering may put him over the top by suppressing the anti-Trump Black vote, but I see it as more of a sop to the NABALT’s in the GOP (per yesterday’s post), and I frankly want Trump to lose. To that extent, contra my own comment below, I’m an accelerationist. Red Team governance puts Whitey to sleep. For this and many other reasons, the GOP is a bigger obstacle to our thing than muh Dems.

        • He’s losing them. True, we don’t need much of the black vote, but no republican is ever going to get a majority of black votes. Not gonna happen unless the Republicans becomes the part of gibs.
          It’s nearly impossible to win black votes without alienating larger numbers of white voters. If you gain one point with blacks, but lose a 1/2 of a point with whites, you lose.

        • Black and latino vote were about 4% each, I don’t know what the percentage is now.

          That’s jumping over a dollar to save a nickel.

    • This dissident right movement cannot be about attracting voters, it has to be about capturing the minds of the future oligarchy that will rule when democracy fails.

        • We wait for the bond market to fail. And it will fail. The political failure has to be carried through to the economic failure. Nothing will hit home like millions lining up for biscuits.

        • What’s next must specifically reject democracy.

          Extending the franchise to non-stakeholders was a disastrous mistake. Then extending it to women was a mistake of Biblical proportions. Literally. Feminism was a one-way worm hole into permanent denial of Nature’s Laws. Free love, divorce, broken homes, abortion, homosexual marriage, and now broken trans kids who will be unable to procreate. What’s to like? The only good thing is that Nature Will Not be Denied and what cannot continue, won’t. But we must never make this mistake again.

          • Literally a mistake of biblical proportions. And Elizabeth Warren’s Presidency will be the crowning achievement of that failure. A really do want a woman like that in charge when we go down. It would be so ironically fitting.

      • It can’t be about that but until a majority of whites see the entire process as illegitimate it is foolish not to deploy such power as we have to influence voters.

        We have to be able to walk and chew gum.

        • When we talk about “white people” what are we really talking about? People with something to lose. They’ll tolerate anything, the Kamala HR types, the terrible politicians, anything, terrible traffic, to keep their dwindling share of the loot. When they find out that the loot is gone, that’s when changes will happen. The establishment should only be scared of one thing. White people with nothing to lose.

          • I worked 40+ years for what I have, I looted nothing instead worked 50+hours/week while paying taxes, I paid every single penny that supposedly was owed to the gov; the loot is what the gov has taken

          • Good. Good. Keep that anger as you see that your social security will only be able to buy a meal at Denny’s, and that your pension is just a ledger entry based on terrible bonds that will sell for pennies on the dollar.

    • Just in case you’re wrong about these electoral numbers and predictions, I’d advise a backup plan.

      Edit: For example, Chesa Boudin is the new District Attorney of San Francisco. This guy’s parents were domestic terrorists. He’s taken the respectable path to the same goal. This is where we’re headed in California, and it’s going to start spreading to other parts of the US.

      I wouldn’t count on a Silent Majority out there. I see no evidence for it.

      • The Democrat running for a seat in Congress in San Diego is directly related to the mastermind of the Munich Olympics massacre. Nobody seems to care.

      • Trust the plan. Activate Sessions. 100,000 sealed indictments ready to drop. Standfast, the calvary is on the way. In the meantime Google “woman bodyslammed in Popeyes parking lot by employee” to see the future for white folks if we continue on this same path.

    • Wow! Comments about the futility of voting, and everyone’s a sage about it. The LEFT obviously thinks voting matters; why else do they cheat so much? The problem is WHO we put up to run, and for that you blame the parties, and you change that.

      So, stay home and let the socialists win, then head for Canada or New Zealand, or use up all of your ammo in futility.

        • I’m upvoting you.

          I didn’t say I like the GOP either. They are for the most part, gutless. I wrote my congressman and ripped him even though he’s a Republican. I ripped him because he’s invisible and he gave me stupid canned answers for the bullsheet going on in DC. He isn’t like Jordan or Nunes and a few others in the FC. I wrote Minority Leader McCarthy and ripped him too because of the many RINO’s in the party who are not doing enough to stop the left in DC, because they’re captive of special interests and are squeamish about populist Trump. I donate money to Judical Watch and Nunes because they have brass balls and they actually do something.

          And Trump isn’t perfect. Thank you, Ms. Coulter, I hear you. But, maybe this thing called elections causes a politician to be careful. I’m not a skilled pol consultant so I don’t know what the electoral effect of rounding up millions of CACAs, i mean, DACAs, would be. Yeah, I hear my friends say that 63 million would approve. Don’t forget that 68 million disapproved of that in 2016, so you gotta be careful when it comes to certain “optics.” If I’m right and Trump rounds em all up and a judge stalls it, then if he loses in 2020, what did we win? I’m just asking here and not making the case against deportation. It’s easy to say, “Deport em” and go back to drinking your beer.

          We’ve got bad people in DC. We’ve got years of corruption that need to be reformed, and that means trials and sentencing for the perps. Yeah, I know the chances are slim, but it’s the only fight right now. We will know when the nature of the fight changes and goes hot, but we are not there yet.

          I’ll name ONE thing that we have, and that is some degree of freedom. We can associate freely. We keep our guns, no matter what.

          It sounds like the Z Man wants us to work in cells. Good idea, but why?

          One reason might be to inform people about conserving things and to tear down other things. Be subversive in order to convert possible like minds. Well, what for? Ultimately because we vote.

          I’m still behind the curve on this site. I don’t like the fact that Shapiro was Never Trumper, but I like how he goes after leftists. Yet here, people hate him. Okay, I need to learn why that is. Same with Candace Owens. I think, “She’s trying to get blacks off of the plantation and vote smarter.” People hate her and disagree with Turning Point. I admit, I don’t know anything about TP and I assumed that it was going to campuses trying to LEARN the kids there about free speech, etc., but I read that the readers here hate him too. And, what in God’s name is a Groyper? I read this blog wondering exactly what it’s all about, and it’s clear to me that I still don’t know. I haven’t been retired long enough to learn the nuances.

          • Stick with it and read past posts, listen to pods. You’ll get there. Most guys with any right wing background who can judge facts from propaganda will agree with us once they have time to digest all of this.

            You’ll feel genuine grief for what’s been done to Americans and anger at being duped. I dealt with this for the last few years, was a big Trump guy in 2015-16 and a full-on Bush GOPer through about 2010 or so.

          • I voted for Ford, Reagan, Reagan, Bush the Elder (barf), Dole, Bush the Younger x 2 (barf), McCain & Romney (slashing my wrists now), Trump.

            The other alternatives want me dead and my sons perpetually poor so that they will become street hoods like those poor black/brown victims of capitalism. That’s what socialism does — to white people.

          • Need to use every single weapon and delaying tactic in the toolkit.

            It’s a wicked, wicked world, but dammit people, the lights are still on.

          • It’s a wicked, wicked world, but dammit people, the lights are still on.
            Well that depends on where your at Brother…

          • ” And, what in God’s name is a Groyper?” Yes, I’d like to know the answer to that too. I keep seeing the word pop-up everywhere. It sounds like a medical condition.

            “The X-Rays came back. Doctor says I got a groyper on my liver.”

          • Pepe the frog is technically a groyper.
            Nick Fuentes filched the image and created the name, his infiltrators at TPUSA are the Kek Army 2.0.

            Sneering white nationalists, spergs online and suits in public, sabotaging Con Inc with ridicule. That’s a groyper. They don’t do policy conferences, they whisper Deus Vult and leap the barricades. Saboteurs, sappers, and miners. In, out, before reinforcements can muster.

        • But would you be voting for the GOP or voting for Trump? I don’t think they are necessarily the same thing. Voting for Trump might just give you another 4 years in which to organise. The would be invaluable surely?

        • Guiliani became mayor of New York.
          and reduced crime by 75%
          (auto theft from 120,000 cars per year, down to about 30,000 cars per year. homicide from 2,200 per year down to about 400 per year.)
          These changes, because a republican won, have lasted over 20 years,in spite of liberal “republican” Bloomberg, and commie Wilhem Warren AKA Bill DeBlasio, despite a city council that is 95% democrat/socialist/communist.

        • Compared to what? Keeping the (D)irtbags away from power is always a win – any power they get will be used for partisan gain.

    • Use your powers of imagination to paint us a picture of what happens when Trump owns 60% of the voters.

      Doesn’t matter much if Congress is stuffed by Globohomo.

  28. Ole Murray Rothbard had a rule about hintellectewal dissent. Everybody got ONE big break from the party line and after that they were subject to ridicule lol. Now there was a lot wrong with Uncle Murray, but I have always thought that rule was a good one. So, say someone thinks the American flag is fake and ludicrious, that’s their *one obscene deviation*.

    I dont think the right ever really got what an “intellectual” is…never read their Gramsci.

    • At least MR called out the Objectivist cult early & often. As lolberts go, he was one of the better guys.

  29. I used to spend a lot of time at lefty social functions, and while they don’t allow difference of opinion, they do know how to cut loose and have a good time. Then again, when hedonism is your primary “religion” that’s very easy to do. Witness all the current pedophilia scandals these days for example.

    While doxxing is always a primary concern, I agree that meet-ups and building communities should be our main goal right now.

    • You know, that’s how the Left did it.
      A union rep would show up at a restaurant or bar where the factory guys or truckers ate, and start talking, fishing for prospects.

      One-on-one, face to face, til a group had formed. Street organizing a la Alinsky was just the ward heeler’s version.

      vxxc sent in a union organizer’s step-by-step guide late yesterday.
      We excel at teaching each other, heck, look what wypipo did with youtube, wikipedia, and howstuffworks, made them what TV should’ve been, the largest self help library ever.

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