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As a change of pace, I decided to smash Ben Shapiro! Destroy Ben Shapiro! Obliterate Ben Shapiro! I was going to use one of those lines for the title, since he loves using the “Be Shapiro Destroys” line so much, but I thought better of it. Even though I barely use YouTube, I figured such titles would now be a violation of their rules. From what I gather, you are no longer permitted to say disparaging things about their people or anyone favored by their people, so I went with the simple title.

In all seriousness, I have been going to school on Shapiro over the last month or so, in order to come to a better understanding of his act. I realized while watching him attack Nick Fuentes that I did not understand the appeal of Shapiro. Since he has come to my attention, he has struck me as a very weird little guy. He often sounds like he is on helium and his rat-a-tat-tat speaking style is jarring. Yet, he has a big audience and can draw a big crowd to his speeches, so I’m missing something.

Part of his appeal, of course, is simply that he has wealthy backers. The music industry has been creating stars for generations, because they decide who gets on the big platforms and who is promoted to the market. Every generation has boy bands, because the music industry creates them for each generation. In this regard, Shapiro is like a boy band. Wealthy donors decided he was going to be a star. As a result, he gets promoted to normie whites as the voice of his generation.

Another part of his success is he does not try very hard to be unique. Read his earlier books and it is just stripped down, boiler plate conservative rhetoric. There is little effort to gussy it up with his own style. It’s like the generic version of the stuff Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity used to sell in the 2000’s. Maybe another way to state it is his style is the bum wine of civic nationalism. There’s no pretending about the point of the product and the reason the user is consuming it.

My main take-away from doing a deep dive into the mind of Ben Shapiro is that he is less of a grifter than I expected. He really believes this stuff. He is a Jewish nationalist, a Zionist, in the truest sense of the term. It’s not just the civic nationalist support of Israel that is common with right-wing grifters. He is really and truly committed to his people and the land of Israel. I would not be surprised that after making enough money, he picks up the family and moves to Israel one day.

The other thing I was surprised to see is his narrowness. He is a smart guy and he has been exposed to the finest education available in America. Yet, that has not broadened his outlook or given him any perspective on his own life. Reading Ben Shapiro, you get the sense that he views learning as a means to an end. Knowledge is about its utility in advancing what he sees as his interests. In terms of philosophical outlook, Shapiro is the same guy he was when he was in high school.

That is, of course, the down side of extreme ethnocentrism. His loyalty to his people is so intense, he lacks the ability to see himself and them objectively. His lack of self-awareness is breathtaking at times. That’s how he makes points on behalf of Israel, for example, regarding ethno-nationalism, without noticing how they would apply to the rest of the world. His focus on his main interests is so intense, the rest of the world is just a hazy set of images that never come into clear view for him.

All of that said, his latest book is worth reading, mostly because it provides an insight into the people that decorate the stages of Conservative Inc. For dissidents, these people are often just two-dimensional objects to scorn. For the fans, they are a mirror that claps, while telling them everything will be okay. Reading his book, I came away with a better understanding of the man. I also came to fuller understanding of why I disagree with him and why he and I are on opposing sides.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 05:00: Judeo-Christianity
  • 15:00: Athens and Jerusalem
  • 25:00: You Don’t Get A Say
  • 35:00: Ben’s Feelings
  • 45:00: The Lack Of Self-Awareness
  • 55:00: Closing

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259 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro

  1. I don’t think you are quite fair in saying Shapiro never uses Christian thinkers in his latest book. He references Augustine a number of times (not always positively to be sure) and also Thomas Aquinas. He gives a very good short summary of Aquinas’s cosmological argument for the existence of God. But he clearly struggles to say positive things about Christianity.

  2. Listened to the whole thing, and enjoyed it. I’m still not convinced that it wouldn’t read very well if transcribed, but still…it’s all good. Whatever, Zguy! 🙂

  3. The anti-Catholic rhetoric seemed odd to me when I hadn’t crossed the great divide, but I simply put this off as an American peculiarity. Knowing what I know now, it appears even stranger. This constant need to connect the Catholic Church to the Holocaust for example is something that seems almost pathological after I saw it explicitly expressed by Cenk Ugyur and not just hinted at it.

    What’s even weirder about it is that I see no use in it, except pettiness. To me this seems like the example of Shapiro trying to curry favor with lefties over wanting to ban Nazis. It’s not like the Catholic Church hasn’t been despised on both the left and the right. Hazony never mentions the persecution of Catholics in Bismarck’s newly formed Germany, but he turns the Thirty Years’ War into a glorious battle in which the reformist nations defeated the evil Catholic Empire. Which begs the question, if Hazony has ever heard of Richelieu.

    The other oddity is the uselessness of the Catholic boogeyman. Does the Catholic Church of today seem set on converting anybody to Christianity? Didn’t they already agree to not try to convert Jews? Aren’t they promoting and financing mass migration?
    Their critics are just beating a dead horse, because I can’t believe they’re seriously afraid of today’s Catholic Church. It’s a bit like the constant fight against Hitler.

  4. In general a total lack of self-awareness is closly related to low intelligence. When the intelligent have no self-awareness it is becasue they have no shame, and may be unable to feel shame; life is a game, you play to win, and if you lose the moment you will win the next one. Shame transforms people when nothing else will, unless it is absent from your makeup.

    • “…they have no shame.”

      The reason why they have no shame, James, is because America is a racist, bigoted, bastion of privileged white people. Why feel shame when you can blame? We have all been taught this from day one, at birth. If you make whites feel guilty others can feel shameless.

  5. It really is astonishing how Jews can advocate ethnic-nationalism for themselves while denouncing the nationalism of others. I used to think it was deliberate strategy but Z’s comment about anything beyond Jewish interests being hazy rings true. Their ability to double-think and pilpul has been finely honed over the centuries.

    • Part of the aspect is that those in the Diaspora are exercising a sort of “vicarious nationalism”. Learning fluent Hebrew, serving two years in the IDF, dealing with angry Arabs; these are not fixtures of their lives. Instead they are just chasing an emotional high. This is why BDS terrifies them, not so much because it could conceivably work (ask the Afrikaners); but more because it creates a very real emotional cost, and risks their cherished status of victims by the evil Christians.

  6. I do not understand how anyone can take Ben Shapiro seriously. I remember back in ’03 or s, when as a 21 year old undergrad, he wrote a piece where he said we needed to invade and occupy the entire middle-east for the purpose of “converting” them to liberal democracy, much like Japan and West Germany following WW2.

    The fundamental question on my mind as I read the piece is why should we take the advice of a 21 year old college undergrad over that of, say military advisors or businessmen having 15 years experience living and working in the various middle-eastern societies. What special knowledge would a 21 year old college student have that a 20 year military or business veteran would not have?

    I’ve never read or listened to what Ben Shapiro has had to say even since.

  7. I have a tough time listening to Shapiro. He is very much a “Well, Democrats have a point…” Conservative Inc’er. Many of the Conservative, Inc types you have to read or listen carefully to pick out the false notes. Shapiro is on the radio when I drive home from work, and the “Sure Trump is a reprobate, but…” and the “Democrats might be wrong about this one thing, but…” notes ring through like a violin out of tune in the quartet.

    I give him 5 minutes some days, then I switch over to something else. I try Levin sometimes, but when he starts screaming, that just switches me off. Besides, he’s another “reformed” NeverTrumper who saw the writing in the wall…

    So I put on some music and think for myself because my ideas are better anyway.

    My family is starting to come around to Shapiro’s game. I tell them to listen for this and that. Then they hear the false notes from Conservative Inc.

  8. Bennie is an ethno-narcissist because his culture rewrote its history to give itself the golden child treatment. Reality’s pushback is now unfair persecution. A persecution complex resulted.

    Narcissists instinctively and intentionally employ a darvo strategy to game social interactions and high trust societies. They deny, accuse, reverse victim and offender. Calls of hypocrisy dont work because theyre not hypocrites.

    Narcissists must lash out at any perceived threat which is anyone above them in standing or capability whose existence undermines their narcissistic world view. All others are viewed with contempt His animosity to catholicism is from a historical threat. Blacks and hispanics are allowed identity politics because its cute and useful coming from them where whites would constitute a perceived threat and that can’t be allowed.

  9. Ben Shapiro would not be the voice of young christian conservatives in America if the Christian church was not so weak and cucked.
    In earlier times that voice may not be a dissident like us but it would be a nominal Christian of some kind.
    Not a Jew leading gentile Christians.
    That voice might very well be closer to us than we imagine if we could have kept a orthodox version of Christianity in America in numbers worth a darn.
    The Scofield bible and Christian Zionism has infiltrated much of conservative protestantism while the progressives have hoisted the rainbow flag over the rest of protestanism.
    Catholicism has been buggered by homosexuality and a South America communist carrying their Catholic banner over a cliff.
    E Michael Jones has some decent points about three main identity’s in America of Protestant, Catholic, and Jew.
    I am still thinking about E Michael Jones and his ideas but certainly he is an ally in many areas. Not all, but several.
    No wonder Christian kids do not know what proper Christianity is and some fast talking Ben Shapiro Jewish guy who sells himself as a conservative genius wins hearts and minds.
    The young formerly Christians only carry a shadow of genuine Christianity with them and voices are abundant to sell them something stronger to hold onto than cucked Christianity.

  10. If Conservatism Inc wants to survive, they have to be willing to morally shame the anti-white racism that fuels identity politics on the left.

    But they don’t want to do this even though it is the only viable route for survival. Because it means they run the risk of being called a racist and cast out of polite society. So they only punch at white identity politics, people who don’t have an NAACP or an ADLbb to fight back with.

    But for Shapiro, he won’t be living in this country 20 years time. A choice spot in the West Bank has his name on it.

    • That’s not it all.Conservatism Inc is composed of cheap labor businessmen and globalists. Groups that benefit from the destruction of whites and the middle-class.

      Look they were at the forefront of destructive trade treaties, importing foreign workers to replace Americans, promoting Globo-homo long before that poisonous dwarf Shapiro was born.

      They are our mortal enemies and should be eradicated when the time comes. Because they mean to do the same to us whether or not the Bagel people help them or not. All they want is a race of slaves

  11. I don’t have a problem with Shapiro’s extreme ethnocentrism. I have a problem with it motivating him to try and steer white males away from being ethnocentric and saving their societies. He should be ethnocentric in Israel.

    • “a rude introduction to Jewish business”

      Mind how you speak of Scooter Braun. He’s a third-generation Holocaust survivor. Wikipedia says so:

      Braun was born in New York City to Conservative Jewish parents,[10] Ervin and Susan (née Schlussel) Braun. Ervin’s parents “had barely escaped” the Holocaust, and lived in Hungary until 1956, when they fled to the United States.

      • “barely escaped”

        Apparently Holocaust survivorship is one of those things, like horseshoes and hand grenades where “close” counts.

      • So being having grand parents who safely lived in Eastern Europe during the war and only fled from the Communist take over of HUngary qualifes him as a Holocaust survivor. Man can they pile it high and deep.

        It;s just like all those survivors from, Auschwitz that keep showing up yet they are only in their 80’s which is flat out impossible, unless they are pushing 100 or more, they are lying. Or worse like Abe Foxman who made it all up.

    • Not sure where the “Jewish business” comes from, but the problem has been around in the music “industry” for decades. I remember sometime in late 1990’s when several well known music artists were rent seeking in Congress to have laws passed to correct the “injustices” in their contracts with the major record companies—all signed when they were unknowns and dying for that “One big break”.

      IIRC, Charlotte Church was one of them. She had signed an *8* album exclusive deal with I believe Sony. Of course, only later she realized that most artists don’t have 8 albums in them. So the contract was for the better or best part of her career.

      Asian recording artists don’t seem to have this problem—they give away their songs for free in the hope of securing a following and making lost revenue—which the record companies take most of anyway—up with concerts, souvenirs, and endorsements.

    • All life forms that have volition have an instinct to reproduce. That’s why we were all so horny as teenagers.

      While it is true that genes literally do not have thoughts or intentions, imputing such concepts to genes (“selfish gene”) is a helpful heuristic for thinking about how natural selection works.

      Can you give an example where talking about genes as if they want to reproduce leads to an incorrect conclusion?

  12. Jews in the diaspora both need and fear western civilization.

    They need the West because, since they present as white, it is the only place they can live without being an obvious “other.” This is why they go so insane when the “is Judaism a race or a religion” question arises — the answer is that it is a race and the religion is optional, but the truth blows their cover, so the question is forbidden.

    They fear the West/Christianity because of the millennia of conflict that Z Man noted. Their biggest fear is white people realizing that they have interests and identity that are different from Jews, i.e., white identity. While they hate the ideas of goys like Jarrod Taylor, they love when he says of Jews, “they look white to me.” That is the purpose for which they use the “Judaeo-Christian” concept: “We’re all just one big happy family.” And that is why Jews like Shapiro seek to ban Buchanan, Spencer, Fuentes, etc., from the public square.

    To those who say that they have friends who are Jews and they’re great folks, I can say, “so do I.” I have some long time friends who are Jewish, and they are great company, and not surprisingly, wildly professionally and financially successful. I can also say that one of my dearest friends is black and also a successful businessman, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe 13 do 50 and that places like Baltimore are like they are because they are full of blacks.

    Ask yourself why the Jewish Republican vote plummeted under Trump. (My “conservative” Jewish friends all despise the man. Jew like Shapiro and Levin only support him for professional reasons — their audience would disappear if they went the Bill Crystal/Jonah Goldberg route.) Then ask yourself why the Congressmen leading the impeachment effort, all of their staff lawyers doing the questioning, and virtually all of the key witnesses are Jewish.

    The answer is that the Trump agenda — ending mass immigration (and even birthright citizenship at one point), getting out of the Middle East wars, and creating a trade regime that benefited “regular Americans” — all spoke to white identity and the idea that America is a white country. Trump may have reneged on much of this agenda, but for Jews he still personifies the movement for white identity, and therefore he must be destroyed.

    I know many people on our side of the Rubicon find anti-Semitism to be distasteful, but Jews are not friends of our thing and never will be.

    • You’re spot on. Those DR types who think by not offending the Jews they will eventually side with us are bullshitting themselves. Nor can they admit that what is good for the Jews is killing us – literally .

      If these DR don’t like us for finding Jews a mortal threat to our race, well they can just leave the DR because they are wearing knee pads for the Kosher gang.

  13. I think of Shapiro as a guardian of mainstream conservatism’s right flank. (a couple of years’ of reading the Z-Blog has sunk in) When he punches to the right, his arguments are weak, disingenuous crap.

  14. Ben is a black-hat, trying to hitch his shtel-culture to patriotic America firsters. But he’s fundamentally confused since Israel sponges off of America. The feeder tube only goes in one direction regardless of what Zionists blow-on about with shared values, Judeo-Christian fluff and/or ‘no daylight between our nations’.
    Ben is no different than the rest of his tribe. Commiserate with the larger group, but in the end he’s for his clan and getting what they desire.

  15. Two headlines on Breitbart today:



    • And “ABC News Legal Analyst” Sonny Hostin called Trump a “White Nationalist” today. Are you all ready for the inevitable?

      • If you mean all of us will be labeled as such, then I have taken steps and am ready. If you did not mean that, then please explain. I post here mostly to learn, ask questions, and analyzing reactions to what I say helps me to learn. Lots of educated, analytical, and perceptive folks here.

  16. I really have to disagree about Shapiro being a grifter. It is possible to be a true believer and still be a grifter and a shill. If VD is to be believed, and he says he has the email to prove it, Shapiro is nothing more than a grifter.

    Another thing is that Ben is not at all unique in being a vociferous advocate of his people. The only people worse than blacks when it comes to identity, is Jews. I have been around many (scores of friends/acquaintances) Jews and have even lived with a Jew. Being Jewish is a central organizing feature of Jewish life, even for non-religious Jews. They think about being Jewish way more than any white person, including white nationalists, think about being white. Hell, even the white supremacist prison gangs are mostly just larping and using white as a way to keep the gang members in line. And it is not merely dressing the way being Irish or Italian is for Irishmen and Italians. It is central to the core. It colors everything they do and think and say. It is really difficult to overstate just how important being a Jew is to the average Jew. This has served them really well and it is the reason why Jews are so over-represented in things like colleges, law and the press. You let one Jew into your organization and they have the ability to hire or admit or whatever and suddenly there will be Jews everywhere.

  17. Mexico is full of Mexicans. Yes, but the ones suffering the most are indigenous natives who may be biologically different. They are below the European descendant Spaniard Mexican who gets to live a better life than the native. People tell me that Mexico City is full of guys and gals that look like Jorge Ramos, the chief export cheerleader for Morena America.

  18. Hi Z you got a good point about his point on abortion. But to your mind should the state subsidize abortion?

  19. Here I was expecting “Boris Johnson”, not li’l Benny.

    Best comment:

    Boris is a Russian name isn’t it?
    ISN’T IT!!!!!

  20. Shapiro is, in one squeaky little package, the embodiment of all the reasons he and his ilk do not belong in White countries,

  21. Ben’s last book is especially bad. He does the typical dishonest Jewish thing of his silly invented phrase “Judaeo-christian” shtick to try to insert his people into our history.
    Ben has a knack for coming down on the wrong side of every issue. From automating OUR (not his) jobs to the “browning” of our country to circumcision. The guy is a contra-indicator. If he is taking a position, it is probably a bad one.

  22. Embracing christianity but rejecting judaism is like choosing between modern progressivism/socialism and Conservative Inc.

    Biology before culture in the hierarchy, right? Religion comes from biology. Christianity was invented to heel Europe, particularly Rome, which was degenerate enough to accept a foreign ideology. Christianity is Jewish because it puts them first and replaces the European ancestor cult with a hebrew one. The new testament is a pathetic attempt to coopt the ancient myths of our people into the jewish religion.
    Read it. Christianity is anti- Blood and Soil, anti-family, anti- ancestors. Those are European values based on biology. Those values poking through anyway are us rejecting the middle eastern operating system jews installed on European hardware and trying to fall back on our biology.

    • Noble, I see Christianity as a European face put on the bones of the only realistic encyclopedia they had, which was a foreign one.

      “attempt to coopt the ancient myths of our people into the jewish religion.” Interesting.
      This needs further thought, as I’m beginning to wonder if the 7000 year Oldest War between Aryan and Semite is somewhat symbiotic, rather than merely parasitic.

      • Oops. 5000 year Oldest War. Getting sloppy, sorry.

        Semitic indigenes vs Aryan invaders, both molded by the unimaginable catastophe of meteor strikes.

        (The period of 3600- 2200 BC seem a repeat of 12,800-11,600 BC. Roughly dated.)

      • The Jews found their way in with Socrates. He changed the dynamic with replacing instinct with reason in his hierarchy of the mind. With the advent of writing, only useful to keep track of excess wealth from slaves btw, we began to lose our ability to rely on our biology. Thus, rationalizing allowed the desert hackers to swindle us out of our traditions. Only us today, hundreds of generations removed from the ways of our forebears need written records to understand who we were. How’s that going?. Who wrote those records btw? Who kept track of the knowledge lost when Rome burned? Who burned Rome? Who burned Alexandria?

    • That’s one of the issues that I have with both Christianity and Islam: Believers are to identify with a genetically alien people, imitate them and may even be taught to regard their forbears as barbarians before they converted.

      As a child reading the Bible, I simply couldn’t identify with a tribe of desert wanderers. It’s also distasteful to give the credit for Western achievements to the Bible and Christianity – from architecture to science to law. Western peoples achieved great deeds before Christianity.

    • Christianity has deep-seated flaws that make it a hard fit for a kin–based society but it’s worked historically when the right aspects are emphasized and the wrong are effectively ignored. We lose heavy numbers if we exclude Christians categorically. I’d rather see guys work at reinterpreting the doctrines and modernizing the mythology to emphasize New Testament Christianity as a “clean break” in the same way that Muslims can revere Abraham but have no problem damning the Jews.

      • The new testament is a con game. Once you know the con, its hard to not to see it every time. I say again that it was Jews who wrote the Letters/Epistles and tried to interpret European myths and fit their favored Jew (Jesus) into them to win over the ignorant masses of degenerate Rome. It was in order to gain power. So yeah, they’re been playing this game for a long time. When we think that it is Christians against Jews, its really the European parts of us rebelling against the desert operating system given to us by sword and fire (not “good news” btw). In their defense, Catholicism is actually the most European because they tried to incorporate pagan myths/traditions to convert the locals. Protestant sects are almost pure Judaism. But Jews reject Christ… yet you are the ones worshiping a Jew as a god. Right.

        • Religions are shaped by their host cultures as much as they shape them. Greco-Roman and Germanic elements transformed Christianity from the original Semitic origins.

          Like I said above, the Muslims don’t let their belief that Abraham, Moses and Jesus were prophets open the door to “Judeo-Islam” subversion. It’s not a hard sell for me to see Jesus as a clean break with the prior tradition and leave it at that. For the good of our people we need to leave the pagan/atheist vs. Christian thing for post-victory consideration. Pagans don’t have the numbers and 90% of atheists come with heavy individualist and libertarian baggage that makes them socially corrosive.

  23. As much as I like this blog, I get and don’t get, the Jew Thing.

    In college I lived in an apartment with two of them, thankfully for only one semester. One was a horribly insane, penny pinching, dollar collecting, over controlling, selfish fuck. The other was laid back, polite, politically liberal, but easy to get along with and wasn’t interested in charging me a surtax to the penny for every mile driven with him in his car. So, that was my second exposure to them. The first was with a kid who moved from Jersey to CA in second grade. He was much more well read than any of us and by high school knew more about history and politics than most of us. He wore his Judaism on his sleeve and unsurprisingly became a history professor specializing in the Holocaust. And, I notice that after living in Sweden, he moved to somewhere else in Europe. Saw him on YouTube telling a classroom with Chechs exactly what he thought of Trump, which was slightly off topic for how genocides happen. Strange, I thought this guy was so smart all of those years, but in a knee jerk reaction, cussed Trump but fled Sweden.

    I had a Jewish professor of Political Philosophy and I liked him because he was “cool” and politically conservative. So I asked him why the penny pinching Jew roommate was living up to the stereotype and his answer was, “Yes, we are the best and the worst of humanity.” To this day, I love that prof. But I hate every person who is giving this country to the foreign interests, and who are lying through their teeth to undo my 2016 vote. And I do note that many of the faces are women, and many of the names are Jewish. Still, I try to not let myself become a Jew hater and anti-semite. We knew about this long ago; it’s all illustrated in the Bible.

    I’m probably missing the point. It’s hard to un-do your social and religious formation.

    • I certainly don’t hate Jews. I’ve made that point too many times to count. I don’t hate anyone. Defining yourself in opposition to a person or group is just putting a leash around your neck and handing them the other end. You hate what they love and love what they hate. It’s a lazy and foolish path to go down.

      White people in America have interests and there is nothing wrong with white people acknowledging those interests and supporting those interests. They don’t have to hate anyone to do it.

      • Aren’t Jews white? Perhaps instead of “White people have interests” it would be better to write, “Christians have” or “White Christians have.”

        Forgive me, but I do hate people who openly practice evil by deceiving the world as they try to destroy the country that protects me and my children. I need to work on this, and as the priest told me, “Change yourself.” I will try, but I cannot lie about my feelings of hatred and anger.

        • I don’t hate Jews, but I do hate what they’re trying to do to my people. It’s a fine line and it certainly gets blurred sometimes, but it’s there.

      • However, they(the Left) hate you. They want you dead. And they are willing to see you and everything you believe in destroyed by any means necessary.

      • But whites should be able to recognize a alien, invasive species in their midst that is infesting and destroying our country and figuring out what to do about it down the line.

        It’s no different than say understanding that Franken fish are wrecking fresh water ecosystems and figuring out the best solutions to deal with them before they kill off large chunks of native fish population.

        The fact that a lot of folks on our side are pissed at the Tribe is probably due to being so damn helpless while the tribe openly wages war on us. It’s natural for those with skin in the game(like having a family) to be pissed.

        • Ah. I remembered the roots of my rage- when I realized I had been lied to about the Big Lie, and that it had warped my moral views on “racism” my whole life.

    • I don’t have to hate your family to love my own.

      I don’t have to hate your family because I don’t want them to live in my house.

      I don’t have to hate your family because I don’t want to listen them tell me how to raise my family.

    • It’s called “not all ____s are like that”. So true. Keep in mind also the group dynamics versus that of the individuals.

      For an example from someone else’s point of view, we see whites as honorable, capable people. Others often see that in us, as individuals, as well. But when they bump up against broader white culture (the white “group”), they see us as selfish and exclusionary. Group versus the individual.

      Here’s a test. Go to a religious service entirely different than your own (a black church, for example, or some other religion that actually is willing to let you attend). You may feel welcomed, perhaps extravagantly so. But it is uncomfortable, you will feel like everyone is always looking at you, and you won’t fit in. You are not part of the group, and that’s just the way it is. We whites simply don’t see and feel what others do, in the group dynamics. It is our kryptonite at the level of the white individual, but also the chink in our cultural armor, from the group perspective.

      • “Win the other guy over to our side.” I’m guilty of it; I want the savages to live according to Christianity since that’s what makes me comfortable. They do it too. It’s like this in everything, sales, politics, war.

        I noticed that when I am around a person of color who is not at all religious or specifically Christian, I feel uncomfortable being around them. In some cases, even white people can come across as savage beasts, or foreigners, when they haven’t been Christianized. If they’re real dark, I might be feeling the pistol or pepper spray on my hip. You can see it in their eyes: they don’t like you; they think you are less intelligent, or conversely, intimidated that you might be more intelligent. My comfort comes when they appear to have Christian values; I just recognize it. They would feel the same if I displayed Muslim values, or secular-progressive, or atheistic, none of which bonds me to them. The GLUE was Christianity; the globalists have taken advantage of our decision to choose smaller families, so we are back to minority status, but the glue is there.

        When these strangers are Christian, I feel like we are brothers and sisters even if there has not been an admission of their faith. We have a common bond. There is no sense of group. That’s what I notice. This, to me, is a result of Christianity. We give up a part of our identity. You ever read Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker? He’s a black guy I just want to hug. He speaks like we do about America and Christianity–right. down. to. the. core. His dad didn’t let him whine about being black. And it is because they are Christians. (Yes, the cultural marxists have corrupted the Church, so I hope people won’t write, “Yeah, you Christians have imported people from….” That is the by-product of Satan working through The Frankfurt School. I digress.)

        But, even our Christian Brotherhood can get shot to hell when the government is designing a scheme that steals everyone’s money, putting them into a Hobbseian state of fear about everyone outside of their family. That is where the rubber meets the road, the true test of being a follower of Jesus. I don’t know why I let myself wander off that reservation. I think it was to harden myself for what is coming.

        I want to focus hate power on TPTB, those who are dividing us to extort every last penny from us.

      • ‘It is our kryptonite at the level of the white individual, but also the –“chink”– in our cultural armor’

        I see what ya did there… 🙂 (unintentional I’m certain, but hilarious nonetheless)

      • Excellent Dutch,

        I work odd hours so catch-as-catch-can Sunday Mass. I’ve attended a Chaldean church a few times. The experience was enlightening.

        We are co-religionists (Roman Catholic) and yet I was the only European and definitely the “Other” there. Sitting in the back pew with one of my sons I was still an object of fascination and uncertainty for the attendants.

        Several men were pleasant and welcoming but there was no doubt this was “Their Church!” I understand it and bear no hard feelings. I only attended a few more times because it worked with my schedule and attendance is about obedience to God and not warm community fuzzies (though that is important).

        Thing is, I actually loved going to the Mass there. The priest, a Chaldean, was clearly old school, devout, the seats were packed with the single men standing shoulder to shoulder at the rear of the Church. The Choir was robust and the music angelic.

        But I understood that their tribe is important, and lacking a dearth of other Catholic Churches being available, they’d rather worship with their own. So I honor that outside of emergencies.

    • I foam at the mouth sometimes because my main news feed now is Twitter. Yup.

      Thousands of examples have led me to Notice a pattern. I want to know “Why?”, so I focus on my best estimate. I really do think there are reasons for things.

      I don’t think any on this side of the divide actually “hate”. We’re just accused of it.

      • History shows that pattern. A bad Jew is Satan personified. Schiff. Nadler. The people who testified in impeachment had Jewish names. Is there not one good Jew? I’ve met some. Some are veterans in North Carolina, and they’re armed to the teeth waiting for the call. They all aren’t like the usual suspects, and the fucker-in-chief, Soros.

        • There are plenty of good people who are Jews. The statement “All Jews are bad,” is not only stupidly hateful, but wrong. However, the statement “A huge proportion of influential bad people, who are harmful to the West in general and the US in particular, are Jews,” is much harder to refute.

          I doubt the average commenter here wants to put any group of people (as a group) into an oven, or whatever. It’s shorthand for noticing. You just said something nice about Lloyd Marcus. I’d probably say similar about YouTube personality Jericho Green (but I don’t want to hug him). Green seems like a thoroughly righteous black guy with his head screwed on straight. But on the other hand, if you read a random violent-crime story, especially one that is particularly stupid/appalling, there’s a >> (much greater than) 13% chance the perpetrator was black. Not all blacks are violent criminals. In fact, most are neither particularly violent, nor criminals. But they are wildly over-represented among violent criminals. Noticing excess violent criminality among blacks is not (or should not be) racist. It is an empirical observation, much as stating that, on average, Chinese are shorter than Dutchmen (real white, native Dutch, that is) is not racist or “anti-Sinotic”. It’s just noticing an objective fact.

          Now let’s switch gears and look at things that are culturally destructive. This includes academia; popular culture (Hollywood, music, pornography); [biased] news/infotainment; government at all levels and branches (pay special attention to the courts; it ain’t just Schiff and Nadler and Feinstein); predatory “capitalism”. In these areas it’s not blacks that are over-represented. But here noticing just who is over represented is a hate crime — if you are not a member of the over-represented group. (They are allowed to crow about it in public, but you can’t even notice.)

          Finally, I think what you’re calling the “Jew Thing” is partly a reaction to the fact that if you criticize a bad person who happens to be a Jew, then you’re accused of being an anti-Semite. For example, the ADL tells us that criticism of George Soros is anti-Semitic. (And Forward Magazine — a fascinating insight into certain psyches, by the way; I recommend reading it on occasion — has even told us that mocking Pajama Boy [Ethan Krupp] for looking like wuss is anti-Semitic.) Perhaps it is not our side that is lumping all Jews together.

          • Well put and I agree. Jews are overrepresented in the fields you mentioned, and that might be our fault for not being more attuned to controlling them ourselves. I’m understanding Z’s point about Shapiro, who I liked at first because he was labeled “conservative,” but I didn’t dig deep enough on what he is actually saying and how his message is funneled for his tribe’s primary interests, first. I’m bored. Maybe I should make a list of all the Jewish names of those who are explicitly working against my interests. It has also occurred to me that some of those Jews who sing music for my ears, might still be angling more for the tribe, first. Then again, they defend it by chanting, “Two thousand words of persecution” as justification. Occidentals have enabled the cause.

          • That was one big red pill for me, the lists of actual names. This, before twitterati started collecting Bluish tweets, getting banned for simply repeating what they saying.

          • That was shocking to me. Accounts that did nothing but re-tweet were deleted. The original accounts went on their merry, hate spewing, genocidal way. The real war is on “noticing.”

          • Very well-stated, Mike_C. I’m a big NAXALT (NABALT, NAJALT) supporter around here, and find nothing you say above to be either inaccurate or objectionable. Well said and thank you.

    • Shapiro’s breathtaking lack of self-awareness that Z points out applies to a great many Jews. They are adamant in their dishonest reading of so much history and purposely ignore every situation that makes them look bad. That kind of dishonesty annoys this History major.

      • An observation that I see floating around the internet is: If you’ve been kicked out 109 bars, there’s something wrong with you, not the bar owners.

        Can’t always blame the Goyim for religious prejudice or economic jealousy, which is what they and their Goyim toadies do.

    • You set social policy based on averages, not outliers. Jewish leadership is the vanguard of anti-Whiteness and the “good Jews” don’t do anything to stop them, so their effect on White society is net-negative. My “anti-Semitism” is self-defensive. They’re the ones throwing the first punches.

      I believe in America for Whites and somewhere else for the Jews, but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t think we should go out of our way to harm them, or any other race or ethnicity. I’m a separatist who’d prefer peaceful disengagement, not a militant supremacist (which very few Whites are).

    • Jews are just people doing what people do. They are just very effective at doing what people do. It is why we are all better off when different peoples live together in their own nations.

      • I must be floating a bad idea since my approval rating just went negative. Answering is appreciated, but I’ve learned folks just tap the – instead.

      • What on earth does “mash” mean?
        And what is wrong or suspicious about probing for legitimate feedback?
        I wrote something about winning people over. For me doing research is the first step. What is it about what I post that you do not like?
        When I ask this, people just ignore.
        This thread started when I said Jew Thing. Z replied that he doesn’t hate Jews, nor do I. Z said he wants to defend *our* people. So do I. Z said he does not hate anyone, which might include Jews as a class of people; I said I hated the obvious *individuals* who are trying to destroy what Z and I want to protect.

        Now, do you want to work with me about any potential differences or misunderstandings without internet slang?

        • “Mash” isn’t internet slang. It’s a Southernism meaning “press”. You get in an elevator, some lady comes in, smiles at you and says, “Mash ‘4’ for me, wouldja honey?” We’ll have none of your australphobia here. Are you some kind of anti-Southernite or something?

          I’m joking of course, but this sort of automatic and rabid counterattack is only one reason people are getting fed up with those public and noisy Jews who purport to represent all Jews. Also, I disagree with whoever said that negative Jewish behavior is no different from that of any other. Calling it lack of self-awareness is generous. Maybe it is exactly that, but to a normal person it comes across as massive hypocrisy. I despise hypocrites and liars. In a really stupid person those might be overlook-able, but among smart people there is no excuse.

          And I thought I gave a pretty good answer to your “why the hate” with the comparison of blacks/violent crime and Jews/cultural destruction. When the proportion of trouble makers reaches a certain threshold it’s hard to make the effort to pick out the good from the bad. Now in the case of one group most of us can limit contact, but when the other literally controls a huge portion of economy, popular culture, academia, government, then you can’t avoid them, so the resentment builds.

          • Thanks brother. Maybe I’ve lived too long in the “holler.” Will provide redneck dictionary in the future.

            Holler: 1. noun; place where rednecks live and Shapiros are never found, deep in the recess between two hills, usually with creek or stream; provides excellent lee in nor’easters and if all goes according to plan, tornados skip over. Alternate spelling for foreigners is “Hollow.”

            2. verb; to call someone on the phone; if you wanna go to the truck-pull just give me a holler.

          • The only time I’ve been to The South is while watching SEC football games on TV. Southerners are the most misunderstood regional people in the US. and modern Blue Belly’s are still prejudiced. Rise again.

      • Yes, sir. Legitimate. Trying to reconcile my faith, upbringing, and education with the current state of the country. Thanks for understanding.

  24. You get the sense that he views learning as a means to an end. Knowledge is about its utility in advancing what he sees as his interests.

    Hate to do the JQ again (*cough*), but in my experience there is no capital-T, unchanging Truth for these people. The “truth” for them is just whatever is in their interest at the moment, and could change in the very next moment, even within the same sentence.

    Like local species that haven’t evolved a defense against an invasive species, normie white just isn’t prepared for this level of sociopathy–people who will just look you right in the eye with a straight face and tell you multiple lies and contradictions with every utterance.

    • Disagree, sort of. There is an unchanging Truth for them. Is it good for the Jews?

      Any action that furthers that Truth is perfectly fine.

      • Also, it shows how lame the modern Left is, that guys like Shapiro and Caplan can actually best them in debate. I mean, Lewontin and Gould and Fanon and Chomsky were liars, but they were skillful liars, and they were all very capable in debating their viewpoints with others, sometimes all too capable. All the modern Left can do is read from a list of Woke talking points, and then scream “Racist!” or “Russian Asset!” at the top of their lungs when someone disagrees. It’s not just a coincidence that the best and most recent takedowns of both Shapiro and Caplan have come from the Right.

    • “Winning” is the Truth.
      To not lose face. One-upping.

      Liberals and Arabs do this too.
      Their brains seem to work differently.

  25. Shapiro is kind of like Bryan Caplan – he got a big reputation taking on leftist loons who wouldn’t know a decent debate point if it bit them on the ass, but he’s in WAY over his head when it come to debating someone why knows anything about politics or economics. Ditto Caplan’s “bets” that he makes so much of – they are almost always against doom-n-gloomers that make outrageous predictions – he seems to be careful about making bets with people who actually know what they are talking about.

    • Picking the right enemies is part of the show. The Left loves picking our leaders, because they get to pick dummies willing to be fools on stage. Similarly, conservative celebrities like debating loons and dummies, so they can have an easy time burning straw men.

    • Caplan’s love of open borders infuriates me. He loves massive immigration so much that when someone challenges it, he looks at them like they are making incomprehensible noises. People like him make me wonder if they have an instinct to subvert societies that are not their own.

      • The really disturbing thing is that Caplan actually seems to believe this crap, and his cognitive dissonance on this issue is simply mind-bending. He’ll argue that we shouldn’t have a welfare state because politicians use public benefits to buy votes, and then, in the next sentence, will state that open borders won’t destroy American politics because “politicians in the US don’t listen to low-income voters”! Simply astonishing.

        At this point, I don’t think that it’s unfair to say that Open Borders is Caplan’s religion. His arguments on this front are much more like religious apologetics, desperately digging up reasons to be in favor of what he already believes to be true. Incidentally Caplan is a pacifist, and he also has a web page devoted to the horrors of Communism, that was only held at bay by military force…As noted, logical consistency is not exactly Caplan’s forte, despite his obvious intelligence.

        • I have a vague memory of reading something Paul Johnson wrote about them in his A History of the Jews: They have a habit of creating castles in the air, utopias that have never existed nor ever will. Bryan Caplan, Ayn Rand and Karl Marx are three examples.

      • You take the good with the bad. “The Case Against Education” (Bryan Caplan’s newest book) is a topic area long considered a sacred cow of the Left and the Right. Given my background in the field he did all of us a favor in broaching the topic.

        You don’t like unlimited (or any) immigration, I don’t like four year schools of “higher education” handing out phony degrees to train Lefty radicals paid for on my dime. 😉

  26. One of the most depressing things about the Ben Shapiro story is Jeremy Boreing.

    Boreing is the Hollywood producer who “made” Shapiro.

    ( — hat tip to the Zman.)

    Boreing is so unusual as to be a sort of unicorn: a young (40) white Christian pastor from Texas who established a home church in Los Angeles–and who is also a successful Hollywood producer!!

    And so how does he use his money and talent? To set up an anti-white Jew, who aggressively suppresses the racial identity that white people desperately need for a number of reasons, as a political superstar.

    Why? Why didn’t he give a voice to one of his own guys? Maybe the color-blind Christian universalism is all too real. (Not a Christian myself.) Maybe he really is a Judeo-Christian, LOL.

    I think a lot of our guys are realizing that fundamental intellectual-political issues are nearly settled, and now it’s a question of money and organization. We need a few of these rich and/or talented guys to break our way.

  27. Don’t know much about Shapiro but I do know that the lack of self-awareness among Jews is truly stunning. They’ll tell you that Jews deserve a homeland and to be distinct group in other countries but that whites shouldn’t have any of that.

    When you point out the hypocrisy and incongruity of that position, they genuinely seemed confused. I used to think that Jews were lying con-men, but I’m coming to believe that it’s more that they’re insane. They’re as much psychopath as grifter.

    • Ask yourself how many Jews would ever seriously inquire as to why the Far-Right is so angry at them? Imagine not trying to explain it away with Freud and Adorno.

      Accepting the truth, that their subversion, hypocrisy and rootlessness is downright evil. That’s a lot of mental trauma. Think of a certain Saul of Tarsus.

  28. Reasoning and rationalizing are not the same thing.

    Reasoning is a rare commodity and requires constant reexamining and testing of what it claims to understand. Reason = Nature’s Laws.

    Rationalizing is the common currency of purpose and interaction. It is a way of justifying what we do and how we do it…to go along and get along within our group and with outsiders with whom we interact. Group cohesion is probably why we developed this ability in the first place.

    Civilization could not exist without rationalization. On occasions it may even mimic or parallel nature. This probably happens more by instinct than by reason.

    BS is no different than any of his tribal predecessors in spinning the self-justification needed for his tribe to live off of a host. This is a necessary part of being a Jew.

    If it’s good for the Jews it’s a Good, if it’s bad for the Jews it’s an Evil.

  29. I also found Buckley unreadable at the end. Shapiro cannot get beyond who he is. It prevents him from seeing or acknowledging reality. He is creating a persona. He sees himself, others see him, and ultimately he is what he is. All people deserve a homeland. Especially the whites.

  30. Lately all you hear is that Jews have been persecuted for 2000 years.
    Really? How come, what happened 2000 years ago?

  31. Hmmm…Ben Shapiro is a whining little twit, but he *is* actually sort of right about the Athens & Jerusalem thing– and your point that Greeks were lost to Europe isn’t really true. Some of the Greek classics were lost, but these people never really lost touch with Constantinople yadayadaydada.

    Also, grunting tribal elders divining the will of the tree gods do not a Parliament make. It just really isn’t the same.

    • Yeah, you don’t know your history with regards to early parliaments. In fact, the western concept of a parliament does not come from the Greeks or Romans. In grew out of early Germanic society. The word “hustings” for a local legislature comes from “house thing” with “thing” meaning assembling or meeting.

      As far as the influence of the Greeks, there is a broad bit of ground between “the Greeks had no influence” and “Venezuela is a mess because they reject Athens.” I agree the Greeks have influenced the West, but they are one part of a much larger list of ingredients.

      • Witengamot is the origin of the English parliament specifically. That one I buy. How influential that Germanic form has been with the rest of the European world is suspect, because virtually all vestiges of it were broken by Edward III and replaced with a very specific Latinized form.

        The Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire and the Serene Republics of Italy are much closer to the antecedents of the modern Parliament– it was called the Holy Roman Empire for a reason.

        The Republic though, is a widespread form of government whose origins would be hard to detect, since it seems to exist in the dim Celtic past and the Etruscans practiced the form as well. How “Germanic” those people are is a matter of speculation. That might be a better way to attack the Greek influence– the greeks had to learn it from somewhere.

    • BS. Where do you think the English parliament arose. It wasn’t the Greeks or the Romans, it was the Saxon Witenagemot or “meeting of the wisemen,” i.e. tribal leaders, usually elders, getting together to advise the king. The witan itself was just a continuation of the Germanic folkmoots.

      Grunting Germanic elders meeting at the tree not Greeks or Romans giving stately speeches does a parliament make – in time.

      • Parsing the Wittengawhat, Greco-Roman Agorameetinupanus and early Byzantitohoot’n’nanny is one of the reasons it’s fun to come here.

  32. Shapiro’s a Jewish dweeb; and a higher-grade strain of kidult millennial to boot. Relative to most millennials he’s a raging genius, but lol that’s not saying much. What’s Zdude’s obsession with this little hook turd anyway? This particular cockroach gets him worked up more than libertarians.

    • “Relative to most millennials he’s a raging genius” — I think you answered your own question. He has considerable influence, and it’s deleterious to our cause. He has to be taken down several pegs to make inroads among that audience. We need numbers.

  33. There is a large contingent of Christians who believe the old covenant is still in effect for the Jews and therefore they do not need to become Christian.

    Another more common view is that modern Judaism is equivalent to Judaism in Jesus’ time.

    Anyone with a minimal knowledge of the Bible can debunk these two claims by pointing out the extinction of their Priest class and Jesus’ staying of the rejected stone becoming the cornerstone.

    Christians go along with JudeoChristian because muh’ holocaust. I believe Vox calls it holocaustianity. There are willing to subvert their own religion to foreign influences simply to avoid being called antisemitic.

    • It’s unfortunate that the Christian testament is packaged with the old. This presumes a connection to what is in fact a great separation. The new is written in do’s, the in don’ts.

      • When the “Bible” was being slapped together there was a serious movement to meld Christian teachings with those of the Greek Mystery religions.: One tiny piece that made it is the elevation of the Host during Mass.

        Imagine the difference if the slap-shot unstructured myths of the hebrews: mostly stolen from other Middle Eastern tribes, hadn’t been legitimized by Christianity.

    • “Another more common view is that modern Judaism is equivalent to Judaism in Jesus’ time.”

      In the sense that modern Judaism is descended from the Pharisees, its true. After the temple was destroyed, only the synagogues were left giving the Pharisees the religious authority. The Talmud is, essentially, the Pharisaical equivalent of the New Testament.

      Gross simplification, but if you’re talking to normie cons you got to keep it simple.

      • Roger;
        Yeah, you don’t have to have spend much time in the Old/First Testament to discover that Judaism today is very different from that of the BC days. And it’s not *only* the lack of priests and temple that has made it so. Separate historical evolution, as you say. You could almost come to the conclusion that they are a divergent cultural species from Christianity that split away after Christ’s death and resurrection.

        *But* not only did Jesus prophesy the destruction of the temple but St John also prophesied that there would be Jews still around at the Second Coming of Christ. Exactly what kind was unspecified, IIRC. And there still *are* Jews around after 2000 years. Almost like there is something else going on here that we can’t see.

        Now, this doesn’t mean that the Jews of today should be allowed to do whatever they want to us and our society, but I do take it to mean that a bit of circumspection is called for in dealing with them. Seems like they might have some invisible protection, and all that. In fact, just like Christ’s church, the anvil that has worn out a thousand hammers. And, the fact remains that the first Christians were nearly 100% observant Jews. Wouldn’t have been in Jerusalem for Pentecost if they weren’t.

    • Ultimately this is what opened my eyes. I always thought Judaism had that OT vibe to it, but I was so very wrong.

    • When Shapiro talks about Judeo-Christianity, we have to hit him from an unexpected angle. Why exactly does he promote a politics of tolerating secularism and gays, while claiming that pious Muslims are not welcome?

      Is it not more academically accurate to speak of “Abrahamic” ???

      But that’s hard for Bin, because “Muslim Zionists” aren’t really a thing. For now.

      • “bin Shapiro”- yup, it’ll get back to there, in a generation or two. Arabic was the main language of the majority of Jews until Hebrew was resurrected by the new Israeli State.

        Our new Emirs just have to get their footsoldiers securely in place, then start evangelizing.

  34. Benji is part of Conservative, Inc’s RINO 2.0 project. Like Jordan Peterson until he flamed out. He has an acceptable appearance, and wearing the kippah shows he’s really serious about his religion. Another member is Cucky Chucky Kirk or TPUSA who lauds the LGBTQ contributions to America.

    • I never got much exposure to him and my impressions were much as yours. I didn’t like him or dislike him… I just saw these dog and pony shows where clueless lefties were brought out and he’d destroy them for the slavering mob to hoot and cheer over. Phil Donahue used to do the same thing back in the day; he’d bring out stumble-bum conservatives and eviscerate them for the entertainment of his fans too. One day the producers messed up. They brought out Milton Friedman and the guy took Phil and the entire audience to the woodshed. It was the damnedest thing.

      Ben attacks the dissidents because he fears them. I strongly suspect that any of the better dissident speakers could do the same thing to Ben that Milton did to Donahue.

    • Slightly off-topic: not sleeping well the last few nights, and I’m prone to shifting my mindset in thought experiments, so I had the odd experience while reading a book peppered with references to “LGBTQ” as if I were reading it back in the late 80s. It seemed almost deranged to see this acronym all over a book of political philosophy, ostensibly devoted to serious ideas, yet continually interrupted with this typesetting error. Or, as if someone had deliberately spiked the copyeditor’s drink to get him to play a practical joke on the readers of the book. As in: what the hell are all of these letters doing in the middle of a text? Send the proof back to the printer for correction, for God’s sake!

      It’s just insane to consider how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone. Younger people may not fully grasp how ridiculous it’s all become. I had a conservative German professor (who fled East Germany in the 1950s) during grad school who would regularly excise the word “gay” from any papers students turned in, for the simple reason that he could see the reason that word was being associated with that particular lifestyle. As a young man at the time, I agreed with him, but didn’t think it was worth going to the wall for: what threat did “gay” people really pose? Let them have their word. Only now do I understand what he was saying about language, speech, and word and image association, and often wish he were still here to apologize to.

      • Yea too bad we don’t have a time machine to show people what the consequences of their choices are further down the road…I sometimes feel like Cassandra when I advocate for us to be building Communities…

        • I heard someone once say if you could have shown the Allied landing troops in Normandy a video of the streets of 2020 London or New York they would have turned the boats around and lynched Churchill and Roosevelt.

          • They pretty much did say that. A reporter decided to ask the veterans in 2009 “Are you happy with how your country has turned out?”

            They got about 400 responses like this:

            ‘I sing no song for the once-proud country that spawned me,’ wrote a sailor who fought the Japanese in the Far East, ‘and I wonder why I ever tried.’

            It is sold as a Book called Unknown Soldiers of WW2


          • That isn’t an argument against WW2, it’s an argument against stopping fighting.
            Why did that generation capitulate in the fight against the elites? It’s possible to have more than one or two enemies. The belief that winning the war meant that they could stop defending their way of life is the problem. Fighting WW2 did not create the present society and if they had continued to fight then we would not be in this pickle.

          • The lesson learned from WWII was that demanding and taking steps to keep your nation’s integrity was evil. Hitler was an order beyond simply integrity, but purity (which I think a fool’s errand) and murdering people the wrong way about it.

            They extrapolated Hitler’s horror and evil to nationalism and the natural feelings of empathy made us sympathetic to giving away our country to Jews.

            In 30 years, we went from being an isolationist country with strict immigration laws to a globalist “welcome the world” proposition nation because no one wanted to be like Hitler.

          • Google “the Battle of Athens TN” … those WW2 vets did exactly what you’re suggesting; they absolutely didn’t capitulate. And heck, they elected Ike who called out the looming Military-Industrial Complex. The only area I fault their generation is for rearing Boomer materialists.

          • What generation, of those following the Boomers, is not rightly called materialistic? What you imply is a failure of a particular generation affects all generations raised in the unprecedented prosperity of this nation after WWII. Boomers are a product of their environment and had the good (or bad) fortune to be the first generation to experience such.

            Boomers are also a population cohort in their final years in which personal wealth is at a maximum after a lifetime of accumulation. In 10 to 15 years, you’ll say much the same about Gen X’ers, and Millennials—albeit, their absolute numbers will be smaller. I doubt however, there will be any less a proportion of the nation’s current aggregate wealth in their hands. (Which I have said before is highly problematic for society.)

          • In a plausible alternate history where the European and American powers decide to sit out Hitler removes the Bolsheviks and ships most of the Jews off to Israel. I suppose that’s supposed to be a horrible outcome.

      • I realize there’s still a lot of debate about the so-called Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (the idea that language shapes thought to a high degree) but my take on it is that it is unfortunately and devastatingly true. The Soviets and other communists were masters of constructing vocabulary and slogans to which the conditioned mind responds almost mechanically. The modern Left picked up where they left off and you can see this on display in everything they talk about. A good example would be the way they still use the term “assault weapon” to describe guns they don’t think you should have. Another term they invented was “homophobia” to describe any consideration of the notion that maybe homosexuality isn’t perfectly healthy and harmless. The “pronoun game” which consumes millions of man-hours and billions of dollars in govt-corporate-land was a brilliant bit of intrusive mind control on their part too.

        It’s sad that the people who could easily connect Stalinist propaganda with modern Lefty rhetoric are now so few and the younger generations don’t usually see the connection. Even those who hate the modern Left can’t see past the modern degenerate’s dyed hair and piercings to the old Bolshie troublemaker underneath.

        • I see “right to exist” all the time with Israel. It’s so obviously just a phrase forced on us.

          One thing that I think is a problem is there no word for “white Americans.” The phrase is just clumsy. Odd but the native stock has less of a descriptor than the immigrants.

          It would be nice if we could talk like “British culture” or “British values” without having to resort to physical descriptions. I’ve heard “heritage American” though.

        • There’s even more to it than that – by altering the underlying institution words apply to in almost imperceptible and negligible ways, it changes how we think about things.

          200 years ago, marriage was a public institution for bearing and raising progeny, passing down property, values, and genetics.

          Today, procreation has scant to do with it and marriage is a private institution solely predicated on the feelings those in it have for eachother.

          You try to talk about marriage in the old sense and it’s a completely foreign concept to them. Maybe in India with a traditionalist, you can still have that conversation, but no one in the West has any reference to marriage having any kind of foundation in that.

          • The word “nation” is another term. In older literature it was often synonymous with peoples. The Jews were a nation, just one without borders. A multi-ethnic nation was a contradiction.

            Even the resurgence of nationalism is watered down. Modern nationalism excludes the culture and character of the people, and replaces it with just the people subject to the tax laws.

    • I don’t get Z recommending Benji’s latest book because it is a good primer on topics we need to know about. I am not about to put one red cent in this guys pocket. Makes the case against him then this.

      Plenty of books and resources out there without resorting to this.

      • As a reasonable guy, I can find value even in that which I find objectionable. How can anyone find fault with my analysis, when I am clearly so reasonable?

        • Oh yeah?

          I used to think the same way. I figured I was the height of reasonableness when I actually paid good money for a copy of ‘The Audacity Of Hope’ by Barkie Obutthole.

          I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see the other guy’s side of things. I forced myself at gun point to read it and got a third of the way into it before I couldn’t take it anymore – I threw that fuggin thing in the firepit, it made me so damned mad. Then I dressed up in swastikas and goose stepped around the fire pit Zieg Heiling as it burned too!!! Can we please start using the magic N-word again? Please???

          I couldn’t believe anyone could be stupid enough to write dreck like that… and the joke was on me because I was stupid enough to buy it!!!! I’m STILL mad about it!!! 🙂

          You are a better man than I am, Z. Ben should be honoured that you took the time to give him a fair shake. Far as I am concerned – if they look like vibrants, and sound like vibrants… welp… I got better things to do!

        • Hit your Goodwill or Salvation Army. You’ll find little Benny for $2 and he won’t get the royalty. I sift through masses of the CivNat stuff (O’Reilly, the Limbaughs, Savage, Levine, Hannity, Dinesh etc.) to find the occasional good History, Scifi or decent fiction.

          As the older folks pass and their kids donate their personal libraries, the thrift stores are full of the stuff. I didn’t realize what a fortune these grifter Fox News “writers” lifted from the elderly.

  35. “Yet, he has a big audience and can draw a big crowd to his speeches, so I’m missing something.”

    I often feel that way when confronted by a Shapiro supporter … or a Levin listener, or a Hannity watcher. It boils down to the conservative propensity to seek dragon-slayers; the propensity to outsource intelligent discourse to a professional class of rat-a-tat bloviators. I’d prefer to ignore their fan-base but they’re also the very people we need to help peel away as fellow-travelers. Not sure of the best strategy but my attempts generally revolve around showcasing Shapiro’s self-evident narcissism.

    • Just tell his supporters that they should love their people – American whites – as much and as openly as Shapiro obviously loves his people – Jews.

      Shapiro, like all Jews, doesn’t hide his hypocrisy. Whites just choose to ignore it. Don’t let them.

      • Great point. I do that … I wonder if you get the same response? It’s sheepish embarrassment, along with wide, doe-like eyes that seem to say, “Did he REALLY just utter that, out loud?!?” I’m amazed at how Sovietized we whites have become.

        • I get exactly that response, even from my own mother as I mentioned in a response somewhat to Z-Man. Z is right that we’ve been conditioned to not even think in group terms for ourselves.

          I always make sure to state that we should think in group terms as a defense, i.e. “if every other race is going to think in group terms, white should also”, rather than an offensive. It eases whites into the notion. Otherwise, they will refuse to consider it.

    • US Conservatives are fond of a particular individualism that expresses itself through consumerism. That’s why Con Inc keeps selling books to the deluded Boomers. It’s political aromatherapy, if people buy just enough trinkets, then society will revert to perma-1950s.

      On the balance, right wing talk radio is exclusively US. It doesn’t really exist in CAN, UK or NZ. It was one guy, Andrew Bolt in OZ. While it might have helped in the 1990s, it is weakening us now because the Boomer audience is captured and unable/unwilling to find new voices like Fuentes.

  36. I’ve been reading up on African American culture and I keep making the same observation. Blacks talk about their entire history as if they are the annoying little brother who just wants to be accepted by his big brother: white people. When they talk about the beginning of the slave trade and our modern taxonomy of the races they fixate on this “us vs them” view of history. It’s a constant saying. “You didnt say that we were exactly, in every tiny detail, just like you instead you made “whiteness”. It really explained Z-mans negative identity thing.

    It explains the Jewish-Black affinity too. Ben Shapiro has the exact same fear of exclusion. Except he has that Jewish haughtiness that demands he fix the world in a way that disadvantages the uppity white people.

    • Various Jewish individuals and organizations have successfully reshaped America to reflect their values, serve their interests and gratify their 2000-year-old spite against Christians and even more ancient spite against Gentiles in general. Self-serving Jewish ideas have reshaped the entire world due to their cultural conquest of America and the West.

      • Ris, in the rare instances when I expose myself to the media, that’s all I ever see, but all dressed up in other distractions, of course.

      • You bet, Ris, we’re just another staging base for raiders. Why build weapons when you can seize them?

    • Another thanks, to Tykebomb. I never quite got “negative identity”: us vs them, by the annoying kid brother.

  37. My brother puts all his hopes in Ben Shapiro. He believes that Shapiro can best the liberals in debate and convince the non-whites to love civic nationalist America.

    I used to feel that way about Dennis Prager. I abandoned Prager when I became convinced that tribalism is the most powerful force in politics (for non-whites and j3ws) and this cannot change.

    The main point on which my brother would differ with Z is that my brother believes that Shapiro’s love for his own people and Israel does no harm to our country.

    • Most whites in America are institutionalized. They have been conditioned their whole lives to see their own interests as immoral, so they never think hard about their own interests. Even the appeals to their economic self-interest are couched as sacrifice. All the talk about free markets and capitalism is really about sacrifice to something called the economy. Look at how open borders is pitched as good for the economy. You have to sacrifice your community in order for the community to grow.

      • I once told my mother that whites need to think like Jews. Not having ever lived around Jews, she didn’t understand. I told her that whatever the topic, the first question Jews ask is “Is it good for the Jews.” We need to ask “Is it good for American whites.”

        She was stunned – and visibly uncomfortable – by the idea. It had literally never occurred to her to think that way. A white pill post-note is that years later she said something along the lines of how you need to look out for your group, like other groups do. Little seeds can grow.

        • This is something I’ve often pondered in discussions about Jews and Judaism: Why not emulate their ways insofar as their actions and attitudes are designed to consistently benefit their own tribe (aka “their people”)? Is that so bad? I don’t advocate plundering other cultures and peoples, but why not start thinking of European-descended whites—or “Occidentals” as Zguy puts it—as “our tribe,” and why not consistently and universally act in ways that “will benefit our (white) tribe”? The Jews have done it to great effect, so—in the absence of lying, cheating, dissembling and acting overtly to harm other groups—how can it be wrong?

      • Since patriotic American whites aren’t allowed to be proud of their people, they tend to pour that emotion into other things such as Israel and what a great economy the United States has. CivNats love to talk about how much better our economy with its free markets is compared to socialist Europe or economically repressive China.

        CivNats believe that you should sacrifice for the economy in the same way that you sacrifice for your nation because they are the same thing in their minds. Sad, sad people.

      • Your takedown of Praeger a while ago was masterful, and some of your best work. I don’t recall whether it was a written column or a podcast. It’s worth posting a link to it if you can easily access it.

      • You have to wonder why White Americans are so insistent on hating themselves, and being Martyrs. At some point you have to just say “Hey, Commit suicide, just leave me out of it” .

  38. I was listening to the Bennington Show on SiriusXm yesterday and he had on jewish “comedienne” Judy Gold. The subject of increased anti semitism was broached and Gold said that she blamed Trump for it because he had made it okay for racists to speak out and air their views.
    Trump. Yeah.
    The same Trump who has stated that we need to love Israel more? The same Trump who has given his daughter to the jews? The same Trump who has turned over the White House to the jews in the form of his son in law Jared Kushner?
    The cognitive dissonance on display in this country is astounding. If you try to point out the role of the jew in destroying this country you will be met by either blank stares or incredulous looks.
    I don’t believe that normie will ever open his eyes to the real threat to this country. He has been indoctrinated from day one to turn a blind eye to the real problem facing us.
    As I write this I am fully aware that it is too late to save the rotten corpse of this former country. We have lost. It is time to do what needs to be done to put an end to this charade and move on and rebuild something better.

    • It seems to me that American Jews have concluded, perhaps because of Trump, that a person can be pro-Israel and still an anti-Semite. To them, Trump is just such a person (The reverse, of course — anti-Israel but not anti-Semite — is a metaphysical impossibility…)

      • If you refuse to pay, or actually try to make THIS country better – even if it’s not directly at the expense of Israel , or think that white American males shouldn’t die endlessly in Mideast wars……… you’re an anti-Semite.

        • Calsdad,

          You are on to something here in a larger picture way than this narrow subject.

          “or think that white American males shouldn’t die endlessly in Mideast wars…”

          If we are to succeed in helping Our People into the future this must be the style of rhetoric we use. Make it positive, make it personal for Ours, make it something people can support morally and if challenged can feel outraged.

          To whit: work to point out how white people can help their own. We have an opioid and meth epidemic gutting rural America. White suicide, particularly young white males has risen greatly. The most impoverished segment of America is white Appalachia. White longevity is declining. Our boys statistically pay the butchers bill in M.E. wars. Start a charity or awareness push. Hell, do something that helps Ours. That’s the point.

          Framing is everything. Example: You can tell a white mother you are working to prevent suicide among young white men and teens. She’ll see her son as potentially threatened. You have an ally and a listening ear. Protest can be deflected by saying, “Of course I’m concerned about all teen suicide, but statistically young white male suicide rate has risen… I want to help Our boys…”

          Sure. My outrage level gets overwhelming some times it can be cathartic to vent about whatever and “tree of liberty…”, “tearing it all down…” and “We got da gunz they dont…” blather.

          That all accomplishes nothing. Best case scenario you get the satisfaction of preaching to the choir. Worst case you foolishly draw the attention of some intrepid internal security apparatus Fed fresh out of college and hopped up on getting him some “white supremacists talking violent overthrow of the government” he’s heard all about in his four years at NYU. It’s stupid and counterproductive.

          I honestly dont want to be around all that foolishness. Ideas that work should be Our focus. Helping Ours and raising self-awareness among Ours is the goal.

          • Amen Brother and Well Said…I think sometimes people don’t understand the PACE principal and how you can apply it to all parts of your life…

          • Lineman,

            What you are doing is at the core of what we need to do. Build community, physical or otherwise. Its positive, morally correct, and more important it is legal. Yes, we won’t get a fair shake from society at large but that isn’t Our goal. We are trying to rescue a people from destruction, not stupidly wave a flag begging to be incarcerated or killed.

            I understand that if things get spicy all bets are off. Let’s just assume we can exhaust every other legal means prior to that. It isn’t inevitable.

            It doesn’t have to be grand gestures either; diving into Appalachia on a rescue mission. It can be supporting the local Highland Games, the Hibernians or starting a classic literature club. We all talk about how Our culture is ine of the most amazing things to happen to humanity. I agree. Show me.

          • Lineman,

            Thank you for the PACE strategy. Had to look it up. We had something similar to that when making planning counters to hostile infantry formation movement to contact under an artillery umbrella.

            Primary planned artillery targets along the route of advance. Secondary targets to deal with targets of opportunity. Should the route change or the battle space move, tertiary planned targets. An FPF (Final Protective Fire) was the oh sh*t this didn’t go as planned and “May we be truly grateful for that which we are about to receive” moment… overrun and dump everything that goes boom right next to or onto us and we’ll duck and pray.

            I like it (PACE) and see how it can be applied across the board in life. Fleshes out the old adage “Two is one and one is none.”

          • What you are suggesting is fine to a point but I disagree that ‘the tree of liberty…’etc. is “blather”. I just flat out do not see anywhere near enough awareness among normies to think it’s possible to wake them up in time. I think people like you can’t face the reality of how serious the situation is. It’s all simple math. We are reaching a point well within our lifetimes, of whites becoming a minority in a totalitarian hellhole former country. Shit is getting real, the government is finally really becoming the monster many of us have seen coming…No sir, the tree of liberty is dying fast and you are advocating sprinkling a few ounces of water on it…

      • a person can be pro-Israel and still and anti-Semite

        Actually, I resemble that remark. Israel is a shining example of an unapologetic nationalist state that looks out for its own people first. I’m all for that. And I can still be an “anti-Semite” because I don’t like the harm that leftist Jews do in the US. They should all move to Israel.

        • But but but if they all moved to Israel then who would direct foreign policy to benefit them and fight their wars for them…They know if they all left that would be the end of them…

          • “They know if they all left that would be the end of them…”
            Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        • You’re not an anti-semite because of your views on leftist US Jews. They are a totally different species than Israeli Jews. Most US Jews don’t give a crap about Israel, and are really only Jewish in a cultural sense. I spent a good amount of time in Israel during Obama’s reign, and the Jews I talked to detested him. I take The Godfather view of Israel, that we should wish them well as long as their interests don’t conflict with our interests, but otherwise they can handle themselves.

          • If the majority of US Jews “don’t give a crap about Israel,” AIPAC would be insignificant in the American political scene. Just one more lobby among hundreds which politicians could ignore with impunity. But that’s not the case, is it?

        • …and if American Jews suspected you of these views, and you aspired to or attained a public position, then they would do everything they could to destroy you…

          See: Trump, Donald, U.S. President.

          • No they can’t. If this thread (and the last 50 years of voting) has reinforced anything, it’s that “Party Politics” isn’t a vehicle for grass-roots political participation. From any side.

          • Clearly, the polio vaccine would never have been found and all progress would have ended before 1900 just as people predicted.

          • And a bunch of other stuff, admittedly. But the point is both humorous and taken. In the same vein, I sometimes ask,

            “I like peanut butter as much as the next guy. But, are PB – and the traffic light – worth the cost?”

        • Too right, Vizzini. If the British hadn’t been standing in the way Adolf, who was already packing them on boats to nowhere, would have been the worlds leading Zionist and six billion Jews would have been spared this unpleasantness.

      • Sleepy, it seems to be a Trump thing. Can’t anyone deal with an obnoxious white guy any more? Is the entire culture a bunch of snowflakes? Does everyone have daddy issues? The Trump Derangement Syndrome is really something to behold. I don’t think history will find the words to be able to properly describe the depth and breadth of the thing.

    • Trump did not turn his daughter, Ivanka, over to the Jews. She was born Jewish because Trump was stupid enough to marry the Chosenite, Ivana.

    • No matter what Trump does to show his love for Israel, it’s never going to be enough. Except maybe if he launches a full blown war against Iran and Syria.

    • Getting blasted on a comment thread right now for anti-Jewish BadThink.

      Apparently the Steele dossier included an accusation that Russia was recruiting Jewish businessmen to spy in the US. The article called it an “insane” conspiracy theory.

      I merely pointed out that given the number of known Jewish Soviet spies that worked in the US, Jews spying for Russia was hardly an “insane” idea.

      But of course I’m literally Hitler for noticing that.

      • I wish I weren’t banned over there. Of course these are the same people that think Arnon Milchan and Jonathan Pollard did nothing wrong by betraying the US.

      • Uncle Joe coined the term useful idiots. He exterminated the Jewish Bolsheviks from power back in the twenties and they went quietly to their executions because if that was what it took to serve the cause that is what they would do. 55 for 55 in the American atomic spying business.

      • Whenever the subject of the Second World War or the Jews comes up I always inject something about how the modern day 30 years war has done enormous damage to the West.

        The first response is by some sperg correcting me that it was 31 years…but without fail the first reaction to those 31 years by the well conditioned whites is a comment about the 6 million.

        Not once has anyone followed up with the 70 million European peoples who died in that period.

      • Yeah I comment over there sometimes under a different name. PJ Media will always be Philo-Semitic. Any criticism of Israel or Jews automatically means that you’re an ‘insane far right KKK jew hater’ or something, and immediately they go on about how you should go join the far left in jew-hating.

      • That is quite awesome, I had no idea this existed primarily because Frank Zappa has never been my jam. That is a pretty racy / graphic song for the time period it came out in. He is a bit too quirky for my normal listening tastes which are fairly wide, genre wise. But this is a gem for certain and REALLY describes lots of the JAPs (not the asian kind) that I went to college with. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason…

    • “I don’t believe that normie will ever open his eyes to the real threat to this country.”

      I am not sure about that. I have been seeing “in real life” more people willing to notice if the subject is brought up — carefully. “Man, those eeevil Jews!” is a bad idea for any number of reasons. But “Hey, did you notice that the Trump impeachment thing is almost entirely a Jewish production? Weird, huh. What’s up with that?” Well, that gets very different responses.

      Same goes with “You know, I saw a Forbes 400 list (400 richest people in the US) by ethnicity and area of activity. Blacks were generally under-represented, and none in the financial sector. Speaking of that, I was really surprised to see how many of the hedge fund guys are Jewish. Who knew?”

      Personally my preference is not to lecture or declaim, but to ask slightly leading questions. Even play naive once in a while. (And no, I am NOT a fan of Socrates. Had that barefoot bastard lived today, he’d be out there with Antifa.) Persons more strongly embrace ideas and concepts if they feel that they figured it out themselves. It’s an ownership and pride thing; they become invested if it’s their idea rather than something that was merely told to them.

      As to Israel, I’m in favor of it. (Of course with the caveat that we shouldn’t be propping them up financially or militarily. Shyeah, like that’s gonna happen.) In addition to Vizzini’s point about an unapologetic nationalist state, *I* am in favor because Israel promulgates the idea of the brave, heroic Jew. Contrast that to the general myth of the poor, powerless, weak Jew cowering in his shtetl, the eternal (and always innocent by definition) victim. Victimhood and suffering breed resentment, resentment breeds spite and viciousness, and offers a justification for any horrible action, because it’s righteous revenge. I don’t have much hope that victimhood will cease to be a central defining mythos of Jewishness, but that hope is not zero.

      • “Leading questions to ownership”

        Man, did I need that.
        I’ve forgotten how to soft sell, trying to rush the close. Thanks!

    • I don’t make a habit of discussing the JQ with folks but when the subject has come up I’ve encountered an interesting dynamic.

      Noticing with “regular” white folks about negative Jewish influence in America and you’ll get blank stares, sputtering rote defenses or outrage.

      Even hint at the same to a black person; before you finish your sentence they’ve taken it over and are cataloging their gripes with them. They seem to be hyper-aware of, and make clear differentiation between, white and Jewish people. It’s been my experience that we are considered the far lesser of two evils with black folks.

      I could be wrong on this. It’s just been my experience and I’m not really sure why, considering the endless constant promoting of Jewish Freedom Riders in the 60’s.

      • I’ve noticed the same about blacks on the subject of Jews. David Cole offers his take on the matter at TakiMag.

        Money excerpt [he is speaking to a Jewish activist here]:
        I hate to break this to you, but every time you’ve crowed to a black or brown friend about how you’re “one of them,” that person was silently despising you. Oh sure, they may have been smiling politely, but that’s only because, inside, they were imagining beating the shit outta you, and they found the thought pleasing.

        The truly “marginalized” generally see Jews one of two ways—as run-of-the-mill white (with all the “privilege” they claim comes with the color), or as super-white, the one percent of the one percent, the richest of the rich…the whites that other whites bow down to.

        But they don’t see us as marginalized nonwhites.

        But go and RTWT.

      • Part of the deal is that there are *millions* of American Whites that have basically never been around Jews as a group. For most, it’s either 0 interaction, or that lawyer in their small town, or the specialist they see for their hip surgery, or the guy that bought the local factory and moved it to mexico, but they don’t connect to that person ‘as a jew’ because it doesn’t even enter their mind to do so (and those people tend not to bring it up if it might not benefit them). Even television hides it in plain sight – I grew up with literally *no idea* that the cast of Seinfeld was a bunch of Jews. To childhood me, it was a weird little religion that had Hannukah and the Nazis hated them for no reason…

  39. “Rat a tat speaking style”.

    This is a common strategy used to impress. Quick, serial sound bites delivered too fast for comprehending makes the listener feel inadequate, too stupid to follow the quick minded fast thinking of the speaker. I had a college professor who did that. No pauses to allow the listener time consider what is being said.

    • Salesmen use the same tactic as well to push a product. As a rule anyone who uses such a tactic has a ulterior motive and it’s not good.

    • There’s even a name for the tactic. It’s called the “Gish Gallop” after the young earth creationist Duane Gish. He would set up these debates with various evolutionists and was famous for spamming his opponent with megatons of nonsense so that he had to pick and choose what to respond to. Then Gish could always claim that most of his points hadn’t been addressed. These debates, while not about politics, were a good illustration of Z’s point about the futility of debate and “having better arguments” in general. Debating a dishonest and disingenuous opponent just makes you a stooge.

    • There are several variants of this strategy of making the listener feel inadequate – and they all seem to come from college professors. Instead of fast sound bites, put big words together in unusual ways. Jordan Peterson, for example is an excellent bafflegarbler.

      “I would say that each of these people, each person has that sovereign responsibility, and that if they adopt it, that actually constitutes something of singular importance, and that’s an old religious idea, in some sense, that each person has a soul, let’s say, that is somehow a center of reality itself, and that that needs to be manifested in life itself, and that if it isn’t manifested, then something of tremendous value is not brought forward. And worse, and this is the end of the case, let’s say, and worse, to the degree that that’s not brought forward then something hellish moves in to take its place.”

      I think he said “If you aren’t doing good you’re doing evil?” maybe?

        • Seems everyone who is famous, successful, and makes a good capitalistic buck is considered a grifter here.

          • Because none of the people you describe have the balls to just tell it like is instead of meally-mouthing around and cucking out when they start to feel some heat. Colin Flaherty is a guy that got into exposing the black violence epidemic and he pulls no punches…I don’t think he is a grifter…

      • I’m certain one can always pick and choose among the overwhelming words Peterson has spoken to find such gooblygook, word salad. However, that is not near the norm for Peterson, or he’d have never acquired his acclaim. Just about every college class he’s taught has been filmed. I’ve watched several lectures to his students and he is clear and concise when undertaking instruction in controversial topics such as IQ and it’s meaning wrt accomplishment. True, he doesn’t take the topic to its fundamental conclusion as we do here, but what he does few others at his level even attempt.

          • Gatekeeper. Peterson’s philosophy is anti-truth and anti-Christian. It is radical moral relativism that has the aim of paralyzing and neutralizing young men.

            He can’t answer a straight question about objective truth to save his life. He peddles lies.

            He is a globalist who is opposed to recognition of White identity and has worked with the UN to help author one of its major globalist policy documents.

          • And yet, Peterson has millions of fans/followers, while we have perhaps a thousand or so in this group? Why?

            Perhaps our never ending search for ideological “purity” has us playing a game of subtraction, rather than addition. News flash, there are no perfect DR’s, just a spectrum from better to worse.

            I prefer to recognize and acknowledge many of the foundational DR principles that these folk have exposed “normies” to, rather than shit canning the individuals involved. Gatekeeper and grifter are just names that keep us distracted.

          • Peterson’s popularity is the same reason that TED talks are popular. People like ‘feeling smart’ and that their instincts and/or beliefs have a smart person behind them. They don’t actually have to understand anything being said, they just nod along.

  40. You are really tempting the beast in the comment section today. I’m going to enjoy reading them. It should be more fun than Disney World. Though not as much fun as when transgender men invade women’s tennis. That’s going to be like Christmas morning!

    • “” Though not as much fun as when transgender men invade women’s tennis,”

      Never heard the name Williams?

    • Or how ’bout Brexit BoJo for some fun?

      More best comments:

      Scots: oatmeal savages 

      Given the choice between Narwhale tusks and freedom

      I think the Labour Party needs to go further left


      Well, that didn’t take long

      The Mueller report was a total success

      I’m really starting to like Russia

      The electoral college strikes again!

      As long as he breathes, Putin will remain a threat to the Free world I fear

      Russia ate my homework

      NPCs gonna NPC

      good try though

      Cry more

      She should have tried that low cut top idea

      More prosecco over here please

      Boris is a Russian name isn’t it?
      ISN’T IT!!!!!

    • I just regard women’s tennis as something for beautiful girls to do to keep fit between photo shoots.

      Invasion of the testosterone monsters is the worst.

    • I’m disappointed. It didn’t really pull out the anti anti-semites did it. Though anti-christian is definitely a percentage. Maybe that’s the ploy

  41. Shapiro for me was a waypoint on the journey to the dissident right, he served his purpose but i find him now just a mouth piece of Conservative Inc. So I can understand why you would get some push back from people.

    When you are dying of thirst to hear the left denounced for their nonsense, he’s there to give you that proverbial drink…

    Problem is when you start to actual listen to his thoughts – i.e. the browning of America tweet.

    Or you see him up against a non-lefty college student, as in the interview he ran away crying from with the Andrew Neil, it becomes apparent what he really is.

    For some reason the theme from Curb your Enthusiasm started playing in my head after i thought about the BBC interview with Andrew Neil.

    • You’re right Shapiro and Crowder etc are the gateway drugs to deeper understanding of politics and culture beyond the feeling / emotional discussion pushed in academia and media.

      • Completely agree with you both, Chaz Chazstein & Paul Pesce.
        The whole genre of woke mocking, which was ubiquitous on Youtube back in 2015-2016, really stirred me as I had no idea the lunacy had gotten this bad this fast.
        People like Sargon of Akkad, Shapiro, Crowder, Gavin McInnes, Milo, Roger Scruton, even Dave Rubin or Dennis Praeger or the Weinstein brothers, whatever their motives, serve as ferrymen of sorts. Chronicling the happenings in the academies – the nation’s laboratories of dyscivilizational madness, slated for general release in lawbooks near you within a matter of years – and confronting the most mentally unstable of useful idiots may be easy pickings, but for many it’s the jolt that starts the noggin jogging. You soon move on to deeper stuff once you’ve had your fill of “leftist cringe compilations” and “snowflake annihilations”.
        By showcasing that the conveyor belt of leftist insanity has been keeping on grinding, despite the apparent dormancy of the mid to late aughties, they demonstrated that the status quo is neither tenable nor desirable.
        To pooh-pooh their shallowness of thought is like deriding your old school teacher for her lack of depth; you’ve moved on, they’re still recruiting on the ground floor.

    • I agree, a lot of conservatives are simply reactionary to leftism, so Shapiro “destroying” trannies or whatever sounds like he’s on your team. But then you realize they’re just arguing about best ways to implement leftism.

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