The Cost Of Profit

Every businessman understands that every dollar of revenue that comes in has with it a cost required to earn it. If the business provides a service, then the biggest cost of sales is the labor required to provide the service. If the business sells a physical item, then the cost of making or acquiring the item is the big driver. There are indirect costs like rents and administrative expenses, but the starting place for any business is the cost of sales, as that is what ultimately determines profits.

There is another cost that is important, sometimes the most important, that does not show up in the financials. That is the cost of profit. This is an intangible cost. What unpleasant things do you have to do in order to make a profit? Maybe you have to be terrible to your employees or tolerate nasty customers. You can make a nice living running a pawn shop, but most people don’t think it is worth having to deal with the sorts of people, who avail themselves of the pawn shop.

As a society, this concept is easier to quantify, or at the minimum articulate, as a society has a shared morality. There is an agreed upon set of things that a society wants to minimize and a set of things it promotes. It may be better for the economy to rely upon slave labor in certain kinds of agriculture, but the moral cost of slavery is too high to contemplate such a policy. One reason manufacturing was shipped abroad is the cost of the pollution and the aesthetics was too high for our rulers.

The point is that certain types of economic activity may be lucrative for the people in that business or for the economy as a whole, but the intangible cost is too high. It is not just the moral cost either. There is the cost of risk. To allow certain types of lending, for example, puts the credit system at risk, so we forbid it. The cost of profit can also be the long term risk it poses the society, which generally means the cost that will be imposed on future generations when those risks become real costs.

A good example is the very lucrative basis trade popular with hedge funds, where they buy US Treasuries, while selling equivalent derivatives contracts. There is a small difference in price between the two, but when done in volume and with cheap credit, the profit to the hedge fund can be enormous. This is great for the private investors in the hedge funds, but it has huge risks for the economy. The recent bailout by the Federal Reserve is a good example of socializing the cost of profit.

This is just one example of economic activity that is profitable to the people doing it and good for those GDP numbers. It’s also high risk and therefore has an unacceptable cost for the profit gained. Throughout the financial system we see high risk strategies that can be highly profitable and serve some important purpose, like lowering the cost of borrowing, but bring with them unacceptable risks to the system. Socializing the cost profit through bailouts does not make it go away.

Another example of how the cost of profit works in the financial system is this story from Reuters about Capital One. This is the bank that peddles high interest rate credit cards to poor people and non-whites. They can specialize in high risk borrowers, because they charge mafia-esque interest rates. That covers the cost of collecting from deadbeats and the inevitable defaults. It turns out another one of their activities was gambling in the commodities markets, namely the energy markets.

Now, the obvious question is why is a credit card company that preys on dumb people playing at the high stakes tables in the commodities casino? Betting commodities is like playing at the baccarat tables in Monte Carlo. Actually, the odds are better in the casino, as the odds of winning are just 1.23% lower than the odds of winning a hand. The answer, of course, is the potential profit for the bank was huge, just as long as energy process never fell below a certain level, like they have recently.

As American states lost the will to directly tax their people, especially their rich people, they turned to indirect ways to fund government. One is the legalization of gambling, especially state-owned casinos. Since every state is in the gambling racket, a new type of casino has evolved. This is one with a grand shopping mall and Potemkin town center attached, so people can dine and socialize. The idea is to get everyone under one roof in order to encourage more consumption.

This model is the symbol of modern America. Our economy is a massive shopping mall, an international bazaar operated by traders from around the globe. Attached to it is a massive casino called the financial system in which the profits from the bazaar are wagered on increasingly high stakes bets. It has become so unstable that the landlord, the Federal Reserve and central government, has to keep stepping in to keep everyone afloat. It is a high tech, high stakes palace economy.

This is very profitable for the nation’s rich people, which get to enjoy luxury unimaginable just a couple generations ago. Even Louis XIV could not have rode out a pandemic aboard his floating castle. Meanwhile, the cost of such luxury will be his fellow citizens (does he consider them his fellow citizens?) lining up for miles to get food distributed by the local food bank. The price of such profit in terms of risk and inequality is simply too high to tolerate much longer.

In times of want, people are forced to think hard about their priorities. The same is true of a people facing a crisis. The Great Madness over the plague is going to send the economy into a depression. The West in general, but America in particular, is going to have to decide if the cost of profit, the cost of this high stakes casino economy, is truly worth it. Is this how we want to live?  For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?

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239 thoughts on “The Cost Of Profit

  1. Z; this isn’t a Casino Palace Economy- its a SOVIET Casino Economy.

    “BlackJack; I Win!! “

    “Dealer; Not yet Comrade; we must report Blackjack to Moscow, and await instructions.”

    That is exactly what the interventions have wrought. Example; how can SBA make “loans” if they don’t know if it is a loan or a *Grant* which means they can’t know if they”ll be paid? Or by who? If PPP or the SBA will “forgive” the loans what happens to the lenders?

    Blackjack ain’t Blackjack in Soviet Casino.

  2. The system is now frozen- the Helicopter money simply acted as glue not lubricant. Wrd/ 401K, pensions, etc. -/ If they are so important we have to above all “nationalize” the Fed – that merely by the way is restoring Constitutional Control of our currency.

    But main point; we have to “nationalize” that is takeover the stock market, to stop if nothing else the gambling. At present we are subsidizing gambling, worse we impose “solutions” like the Fed buying $250 Billion in MBS- the solution of 11 years ago – without apparently knowing that they were making it exponentially worse by destroying the hedge bets of the mortgage industry – in short destroying exactly the sector they were intended to save. <This is exactly why the USSR always failed; the 5 year plans always paralyzed or destroyed the market sectors they were intended to make prosperous.
    Positively Soviet.

    We need to put them all under control, if nothing else we would then have a clearer picture of what is going on.

    ^The interventions have frozen the system^ no one will loan a dollar now, no one is paying their bills – because everyone is waiting for orders from Moscow , and Moscow has no CHEKA to terrify people into action, however clumsy the actions will be. Consequently the SBA – which loans through banks – loans nothing.
    It can’t, the banks are frozen awaiting orders from Moscow.

    How do the SBA banks loan PPP if they are being told PPP is a GRANT?! Grants would destroy them, and Le Govt is well and justly famous for bankrupting its vendors.

    Forward Comrades; we can’t be half Casino, Half Soviet.

  3. Seems to me its pretty obvious the game plan with this:

    1. West is de-industrialized to save the planet (no SME, no private business. Food/goods distribution via Amazon/ govt stores etc). Infrastructure schemes and loans assert huge central control on economic activity.
    2. Oil is being phased out by legislative means (so ME becomes irrelevant, inability to travel very far in crappy electric vehicles, no planes, no ability to use hydrocarbons as to store energy, so energy becomes leased centrally, etc)
    3. A new “biological weapon” Cold war/war on terror with China is needed to keep the us/them scam going as ME becomes pointless. Especially useful after you have spent 30 years building up your enemy (as they did with USSR in the 20s/30s).
    4. Massive govt social programs require large scale private wealth destruction. (Huge layoffs/inactivity force consumption of savings, dollar inflation via stimulus confiscates wealth as FDR did in the 30s with the gold confiscation)
    5. A return to feudalism requires, as in the Middle Ages, permission to move around on the land from the feudal controller (vaccine certificates and travel papers based on submission to tracking 24/7 to counter a myriad of invisible and impossible to verify threats)
    6. The part of the population that would have been shooting for this under HRC is effectively kept in stasis/cheering on their slavery by the cult of Trump they have built over the last 4 years.

    All in all pretty fucking effective I would say.

  4. “President Donald Trump warned of a “painful” and “tough” two-week stretch ahead as he extended nationwide distancing measures that — even if followed closely — could still mean more than 100,000 and up to 240,000 Americans die from coronavirus.”

    Folks could have been 2.2 million, tremendous I am telling you strongly but I closed borders, these are tremendous people, I spoke to President Xi he is a tremendous guy but China could have told us sooner ….my ratings are really good tremendous this fake news real awful……

    The current number of alleged deaths 3867
    Orange clown like all of the rest lying politician/scoundrels will repeatedly come with this story otherwise they would have to accept the responsibility for having destroyed the world (economy) over a flue

    If you need to understand further the role of female hysteria in our demise go quickly through some of these tweets

    • I urge you to withhold judgment on how exaggerated the crisis is until between late April to mid-June. If things get as bad as some say, that is the period when hospitals and ICU’s will be vastly overrun. With riots/civil disorder near hospitals, I would guess. The government has been soft-pedaling the crisis. Just consider Trumps “open by Easter” boast, and a week later the 100,000 deaths/end of April claim. Look for ever-increasing body count estimates, if I’m right… “Well, we’re sorry that Grandma couldn’t get into the ICU, we’ve got a shipment of ventilators due from GM next month…”

  5. But the soulless , dead eyed Jew gangsters control our Fed, surround our president, own the congress, wall street, the TV. We’re on our own, but we’re resilient with a righteous past of people who took no shit. Game on.

  6. A twitter thread:

    Prediction: When this is over, there’ll be calls for more immigration in order to ‘replace’ those who died and “restart the economy” and it’ll be equated to immigrants coming to our country after WW2 “to help us rebuild”.
    Mark my f*cking words
    Also taking in “corona refugees” once the third world starts getting hit.
    Sweden Health Board: Prioritise Migrants Over Elderly Swedes for Virus Care

  7. vox has regrettably succumbed to flatism and taleb has gone full retard more than usual. fun times watching people spiral. Taleb has proven himself to be no more than a hysterical sjw

    • Fear is cruel a master
      He is shitting his pants daily and then trying to cover the stench with love for elderly all of humanity

  8. The other extremely frustrating trend in this hysteria is getting people to understand that the number of CV-19 deaths is exaggerated and that the number of actual cases is undercounted.

    There is political, financial, and media pressure to count every corpse that tests for CV-19 as a CV-19 death. That same pressure also exists to undercount the number of actual cases.

    In addition, the testing regime is not good. Here in NJ you need an appointment and doctor’s prescription to get a test. Right off the bat you’re slicing deeply into the potential pool of cases that need to be confirmed. A lot of people won’t get tested simply to avoid the time and expense hassles involved.

    Running some simple, back of the envelope numbers based on the available data on the Johns Hopkins website and the known numbers from the Diamond Princess, I arrive at a total US fatality count around 320k.That would make Corona the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, behind heart disease (647k) and cancer (599k).

    Sure, it’s sad that we’d lose quite a few older and unhealthy people to Corona. My number still doesn’t justify cratering the economy and throwing millions into unemployment, with worst-case job loss projections coming in at 47 to 67 million.

    How many lives has mass unemployment destroyed already? How many will it destroy?

    How many careers, dreams, and futures have simply vanished in our new reality?

  9. I just had the ill fortune of getting on the NextDoor website looking for recommendations for garbage collection service providers. The neighborhood moms are screeching about kids playing outside. Several recommended calling the sheriff on the kids.

    To date there have been few tangible costs for this zero-risk tolerance policy, but the invoice is coming due soon. Layoffs have already started, but there will be millions more in the next couple months if we don’t change course. The headlines will scream “Women and the Young Hit Hardest” and that will be right, and it’s well deserved.

    • Agreed. I’ll just add “women and minorities”.

      But.. Should we really be too worried about the women? In spite of all the social agitprop it’s still much more acceptable for women to return to their parents home, not have a job after getting married, etc than for men. Women have options, fatherly breadwinners don’t.

      Since sexual dimorphism tends to increase in a scarce economy when many households have no breadwinner those with two may experience some soft shaming. I suggest those doing the shaming poignantly remind them to “think of the children”….

    • It will be interesting to see what the suicide rate does in the next couple of years with tens of millions of people living with the realization that their lives have been irreparably and deliberately economically destroyed,

      • The elite are lucky that someone isn’t there to weaponize them. This kind of thing gets you the Austrian or a whole lot of Socilalismo o Muerte .

    • My wife is currently alone of almost all her friends who thinks this lock down is insane (in no small part due to my calming influence, I hope). Only one of the other moms we know is fine with her daughter coming over to play with our daughter. There rest are screeching on social media. She can’t get over the hypocrisy of some of these women. As usual, none of these women will take any responsibility for their hysteria and expect men to fix it for them, again. Might not be able to happen this time.

  10. Z: “Is this how we want to live?”

    The sad truth is that, in terms of the post-1913 regime, and especially since the post-WWII regime, the real question is, “Is this how our Jewish slavemasters want us to live?” Because we will inevitably live in whichever fashion the Jews decide.

    May as well be realistic about it: the Jews own and control all America, top to bottom, lock stock and barrel. Even the things they don’t technically own, they do in fact own. It is pointless speculating who will “win” the November election, because the answer is a done deal: the Jews will win the election. White genocide will continue apace, and it will not be halted.

    Nothing useful or lasting can be accomplished until this sad, ugly truth is frankly admitted and properly understood.

    • Look, the JQ is an important item, to help understand a portion of the elite/ruling class in America, but it ain’t the only thing going. The Magic Jew is not a wizard who makes all the bad things happen in the world. And lots of useful, lasting things *can* be accomplished. To say otherwise is to give into the sin of despair.

  11. Every businessman understands that every dollar of revenue that comes in has with it a cost required to earn it

    I once worked for the biggest telco in Scandinavia and was annoyed as hell by their slow and awkward case handling for even the simplest transaction. I asked the branch manager how much a customer cost us on average. He had no idea, so I had to spend all of sixty seconds figuring it out myself.

    They were backed by Swedish government money and spent several hundred dollars per month/employee on team-building bullshit, LEAN and motivational speakers.

    • So they wasted time talking about Lean but never actually did it (eliminate non-value-adding steps)?

      • So they wasted time talking about Lean but never actually did it (eliminate non-value-adding steps)?

        But they could tell upstairs management that their department was LEAN-compliant. A complete joke, of course – it was by far the most un-LEAN company I ever worked for.

    • An another anecdote from the self-same company: they had a pool of customer service trouble-shooters and an outsourced phone pit, staffed by semi-illiterate temp workers.

      Now, customer service were not allowed to speak to neither the customer nor the phone slaves, the CS employees weren’t even allowed a phone.

      The phone slaves would receive a complaint, fill in a report and send the report to CS. So CS would read the report, fix the issue if they were able to, and if not, write a note in the report explaining why. Most often, it was a simple issue like the phone slave having forgotten to ask basic questions like “what is your phone number”.

      I noticed that these faulty reports were piling up and were not sent back to the phone pit, they were just lying there in a mail queue. So I asked the CS manager how the customer was made aware that his case was stuck in limbo due to incomplete data, and after a lot of hemming and hawing, he explained that in a couple of weeks, when the customer called to ask what the fuck was going on, the phone slave would pull the report and tell him what the problem was. He would then fill in the missing piece of data and re-submit the report.

      It was straight out of Rain Man – the novel – where an insurance company had sequestered its complaints department to minimize payout, a fraudulent scheme to make all but the most trivial problems go away by themselves.

      • “Wait until the customer complains” is also a bad ratchet for Whitey. Who’s least likely to complain, BBQ Becky tropes aside?

        Between White preference for civility and our ability to simply recognize the crap situation for what it is and to DIY our own solution in despair/response, we have to be the most-favored customers among those tribes who actually give a damn in the first place.

        Sun People be like, no worries, man – I just not payin’ you and I got no credit anyway.

    • I work in a decent sized factory, producing a brand name everyone Stateside knows, owned by a bastion of Globohomo that everyone in the world knows. We’ve continued to run during all this and the interesting thing is that we’re consistently producing numbers (“asset intensity” or whatever the hell the latest boy genius VP wants to call it) that we haven’t hit for a long time.

      What has changed? Well, we have eliminated all but the most essential meetings. All the time spent collecting and organizing data, the time spent listing (creating) problems and then using tediously regimented problem solving processes, all the time wasted listening to that guy (there’s one at every job) carping about the most inconsequential issues, has been eliminated. Gone are all vestiges of Six Sigma, TPM, LEAN, etc.

      Now, correlation isn’t causality, but it’s interesting nonetheless. So, when this dies down and all the work-from-home managers and office girls return to the fold, will we continue to see production as we currently do? If not, do you think anyone will draw the right conclusion or will they stand by their bought and packaged problem solving methods?

      • Sounds like heaven.

        do you think anyone will draw the right conclusion or will they stand by their bought and packaged problem solving methods?

        I suspect their conclusions will not apply to what you and I would consider the actual problems, but to whether a problem has been successfully outsourced to consultants so it’s no longer the manager’s responsibility – he can wash his hands and tell the board that he has thrown more money at the problem than any of his predecessors.

        If you do away with all the bullshit, the buck stops at management, and that makes weak leaders uncomfortable.

      • I always tried to be the project manager people wanted to see. I show up, help id and fix a problem – then LEAVE. But I’ve also been caught up in enough corporate fire drills and shit-storms to understand exactly what you describe. Running in cicles and pulling people off actual work so some Senior VP has a nice PPt deck for executive week meetings.

    • Efficiency is important but its not that important. That inefficiency lines someones pocket and therefore gets spent on goods which means they are your customer if only indirectly.

      I’m mean what is less efficient than paying wages or hiring stuff out. That bleeds red ink.

      Get rid of that, arbitrage it down and you save a fortune.

      Of course you get a bloated state (nearly 40% of US GDP) a brittle system (no one has savings to get them through the quarantine) and most of all no babies.

      As an Subgenius would know, Slack is vital.

  12. Women have always worked though encouraging it for cheap labor certainly was a moral hazard.

    I’m also not going to discus usury or hell interest period which is a huge moral hazard as the biggest one the US faces is is cheap labor in all its forms. It was founded on that ideal and as its “leadership” benefits won’t change.

    Over its history US society would do anything, slavery, bomb strikers from planes (1909) frame people from crimes to sell them to mines (a Southern pre 70’s favorite) mass import 50 million people, outsource an entire economy import a deadly virus, anything to avoid paying a few bucks more to the working man.

    So long as usury and cheap labor are permitted, now that the bubble is popping the US cannot thrive and folks should get used to empty shelves or mandatory Amazon as the new normal.

    As far as automation goes, every machine you install is one less baby.

    You don’t need AI only enough automation to make it so the majority of the population faces heavy wage arbitrage and can’t make a living enough to get by.

    We had that by 1973 and between social changes from easy divorce and constant wage arbitrage from the above the US simply stopped propagating itself.

    Hell even Latinos are not having many kids.

    The end game isn’t some elite engineered sterility though no doubt many would love to sterilize the MENA region but a slow fade and it will be replaced by people who maintain their own society, either MENA people at a much lower complexity level or the ultra religious/low tech types at theirs.

    It can be fixed but its going to require either boots on necks till people learn to stop grifting or some consensus akin to the post WW2 period, something I find highly unlikely.

    Ass for taxes, the USG cannot collect more than 20% GDP for any period of significant time at the Federal level no matter what. Ii never has and never will and attempts to do so result in lower economic activity or capital flight.

    Its called colloquially Hauser’s Law and is a function of the Laffer Curve. Thus far no one has been able to hack it, Maybe A VAT tax could but the consumer economy is brittle and I suspect this would just impoverish average folks more and it might gut consumption too even if the money was used for the best reasons.

    The only reason to tax more is to make the rich not be rich. This is perfectly moral but its political impossible baring another FDR able to force his will on an entire nation.

    The “fix” is essentially an end to immigration, H1B ,mass repatriation work sharing (a lower work week) a heavily protectionist almost closed market system (luxuries fine, others no) debt relief or default , moving away from a service economy and methods to bring wages up and make jobs stable Over time they basically have to double if women leave the workforce in numbers.

    This won’t be easy but if it could be managed you’d end up with like a 4 day work week (say 30 hours or so) and much higher wages.

    If you want children born, you need social stuff and a change in the role of women too but that’s another post.

    If we don’t do this and we probably won’t, we’ll reap what sowed and join our less developed brothers in the Americas, if we don’t USSR first , hell maybe after that too.,

    • AB, I suspect we’ll join our less developed brothers down South (America) no matter what. America will inevitably lose the Smart Fraction needed to keep this shitshow running given current demographics. Might take a century, but it won’t take nearly as long for the decline trajectory to be measured and plotted. Only hope is to partition the country to retain/isolate the important demographic—and therefore the Smart Fraction needed at least for the smaller sub country.

      • Even though the actual American people don’t as a society we deserve it as the wages of cheap labor,and urbanization is death.

    • @abprosper – Latinos in the USA have a significantly lower birthdate than their counterparts in the respective home country across the board. This just shows what a toxic culture we all live in. Even formerly highly pro-natal groups like the Mormons are falling off.

      • Chad, Ed Dutton recently appeared on the “Absolute State of Britain” TRS pod, schooling the lads who still assumed that the Muzzie birthrates Mark Steyn warned of in the “America” books are falling b/c secularism, education and constant hectoring against ethnocentrism. Similar to what he had to say at Scandza Oslo last year.

        Given that they’ve taken the Poz Pill much later than we have, they’re still going to mushroom in population compared with us over the next couple of decades, but it’s a more nuanced situation than what Steyn was looking at around 2010.

        If you want more fertility, religiosity and ethnocentrism for the win.

        • Big white pill for us. Interesting you point that out as I’ve been listening to Dutton recently. Not sure why he still goes on with RS.

        • In Canada, many Muslim women are university educated, support LGBT rights, wear fashionable slim jeans and sneakers, delay childbirth, and boss around their beta Muslim husbands. Isn’t it beautiful?

          Their fertility is still higher than ours because most Muslims do end up getting married in the end and have one or two kids. But I suspect that evangelical Christian rates are higher.

          Of course, the Muslimas I described are not the FOB type. I had this funny thought that whites might actually be the most resistant to the Poz and Globohomo. For instance, Mexicans, Arabs, and Indians go full-blast LGTBQ retard. If we can last it out, we might end up still standing on the other side.

  13. While China was busy building infrastructure and factories – USA was busy building strip malls and McMansions to fuel consumption. Priorities matter.

    • The difference is that China was starting from scratch. These was little to no infrastructure in many/most places. I traveled through western China (Xinjiang, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan) almost 20 years ago and the road situation was incredibly hit and miss. One minute you’re on a brand new, 4 lane highway, the next you’re on the bone rattling remains of a Qing Dynasty cow path. They had to focus on infrastructure just to get off the ground. We’ve had it in place for a long time, we just chose not to prioritize its maintenance. Either way, we’re in agreement that poor decisions were made.

  14. It seems to me that much of America’s problems can be traced to the moral cost of ENDING slavery. Or perhaps you see some special value to vast numbers of obsolete farm equipment from your perspective in Lagos? The hepp cats of the 1920s might have said jazz and today’s normies might think sportsball. Those justifications are as weak as supporting open borders and unlimited immigration because of all the tasty ethnic food.

    • Even ignoring the human cost slavery is inherently evil since it lowers working man’s wages.

      However the post Civil War US was in no position for reparations with repatriation which was the only long term solution since as per usual, America doesn’t want to pay its bills.

      The only caveat has been “defense” spending and that is essentially corporate welfare and a method to keep costs of imports low, Imperial Tribute more or less.

      Pay the proper costs for things or society suffers and eventually dies to catabolic collapse

      We chosen to suffer and die rather than change

      So be it. In the not so distant future we’ll join the Babylonian . Etruscan or Hurrian peoples or the Roman Empire along with the other indispensable nations now on the graveyard of history.

      People will live here, may even speak English but the USA is done since the butchers bill is do.

      • An interesting case can be made that the USA and other countries that had slavery are getting their “just desserts” from the after-effects of freeing the slaves. This is an example, writ large, of human greed (short-term gains of cheap labor) bringing long-term problems (the host country is worse off — including the descendants of slaves — than if slavery had never existed.) “Seemed like a good idea at the time!” 🙂 As the bumper sticker said: “If I’d known this was going to happen, I would have picked my own cotton.” 🙂

  15. Malls do encourage consumptiion, but XDR Tuberculosis isn’t yet a serious threat.

    STDs are ALREADY a serious pandemic (I think 100M Americans are infected), and they are getting resistant to all the cheap and easy antibiotics, and even the easy (non toxic pill) versions. When you have to have infusion, or when even that doesn’t work?

    Before antibiotics, there were Syphillitic sanitoriums where people who decayed to a Biden level of function lived. They are likely to make a come back.

    Even AIDS/HIV became political – then Mayor Feinstine refused to close the bathhouses for a year though the epidemiologists pinpointed it as the source of the plague as much as that pump for cholera that caused intercepting sewers in London.

    The next deadly STD virus (or something that causes maiming like a pox, or TDR Syphillis) will be far worse, but not require quarantines or anything else. Condoms are generally NOT effective for the promiscuous. We will create the situation of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, except that a fertile virgin will instead live in luxury and be more attended than the Queen.

    • 100 MILLION Americans…? Seems an awfully high proportion at nearly 1/3…please elaborate

    • Need a source that 100M are infected with STDs and that condoms are not effective for the promiscuous. I don’t doubt that the STDs are becoming resistant to antibiotics though. People just don’t like condoms. Surprisingly they all suck – you’d think globohomo would have made an improved version or something.

  16. Latest stats
    • We received 7 COVID test results today; 5 negative and 2 positive.
    Total tests sent: 132
    Positive: 5
    Negative: 119
    Pending: 8

  17. “One reason manufacturing was shipped abroad is the cost of the pollution and the aesthetics was too high for our rulers.” Damn, Zman, nailed it again!

    • Lovely. Steely Dan wrote the best (lyrically, at least) song about the degenerate Hollywood scene in the title track to Gaucho. Of course Geffen’s more a kiddie diddler than a bone smuggler so it doesn’t fit his case exactly.

      • And then there’s this from Steely Dan: …show business kids making movies of themselves you know they don’t give a fu*k about anybody else…

        • I’m hoping somebody can take Steely Dan’s “Hey 19” and make a “Covid-19” version 🙂 One syllable too many…

  18. It’s all about choice. Opting in opting out. Does anyone remember being asked to opt in? To what purpose? To what end? You want out? There’s a cost to that. Like a never ending story. You pay and pay and pay and pay. In or out you pay. You are always in. Never out.

    • Fever in this State went up a notch. Governor just proclaimed mandatory stay at home from 5 o’clock tonight until end of April. Can’t leave except for foot or medical. This of course is based on his “medical advisors best recommendations”.

      So we don’t have elected officials running the State, we have unelected medical professionals running the State. Now the few stores remaining open will close—probably pushing unemployment up to 75%

      • As I mentioned yesterday, we have returned to belief in miasmas. Merely going out into the “bad air” is assumed to be a death sentence. We knew we were being ruled by lunatics; we just didn’t know how crazy they actually are.

        • Well, if the “miasma” is the breath of a virus-shedding person in close proximity, it’s not at all unscientific. This is not a hoax, as the USS Roosevelt has recently discovered 🙁

          • You haven’t been paying attention to the numerous cases of hysteria surrounding people merely leaving their homes: news choppers harassing people on a golf course, cops in the UK using drones to shame people enjoying a walk in national parkland, shrieking wine moms calling the police because neighborhood kids are out shooting hoops in their driveways. The belief that any of these activities are contributors to spreading a virus is nothing more than witchcraft.

      • I think it’s more that elected officials are delegating the decision making process to experts. Most of these are only expert in a narrow field so can’t consider the bigger picture. In ancient times rulers would cut open a sacrificial beast or slave and make decisions based on what the entrails foretold. Today they consult an autist and act on whatever mumbling he emits.

        • I have a terrible suspicion that’d we’d be better off if we consulted random dumb beasts, and cut open the “expert” autists.

  19. Your writing has hit a high level cruising speed lately, but coming up with a “model of America” is perfect. We’re no longer a people with a history, a real culture, a reason for living, we are just a globalized shopping mall.

      • It is good politics, given that he will be running as the guy who can rebuild after the pandemic. Most of the money would be stolen, of course, but we would get some road repairs.

        • Given your proximity to the Imperial City, you’ll get some token love. Not holding our breath in the provinces.

          If NYC doesn’t get the Lion of Judah’s share, I’ll eat my kippah.

        • Check this out!

          The stimulus package is funding all sorts of leftist causes and gibs programs out to 2024/2025! Indians (feather), foreign food aid, welfare programs etc. Just a ton of money flowing to the people who hate us. The ADL is probably getting a nice chunk of this money.

        • Be careful what you wish for. After CA passed its transportation dedicated “gas tax;” every county rushed to begin work, fearing the tax might be repealed. For months there were multiple chokepoints on the I-5 freeway where it was reduced to one lane. North/south travel added hours of stop and go frustration. Another great instance of logistical failure due to neglecting unintended consequences.

  20. The nerve of this guy to actually post those pictures to Twitter of him living it up while the rest of NYC endures a pandemic!

    In the past they feared the peasants, now they rub our noses in it! They need a reminder of why they feared us!

  21. David Geffen’s floating casino-pirate ship is the perfect embodiment of rapacious, nation-devouring Clown Capital.

    David Geffen himself is no more an economic asset to America than Blackbeard was to Britain. Contra boostraps mythology, Nathan Cofnas and Ben Shapiro, (((David’s))) ship did not rise on the tides of merit, but rather nepotism and skullduggery.

    Hat tip to an anon h8er at TRS for this tidbit from Tom King’s “The Operator: David Geffen Builds, Buys, and Sells the New Hollywood,” a bio of The Dread Pirate Forelocks.

    First Geffen got a job in the mailroom at the William Morris (Jewish-founder) agency. He told the Jewish man who hired him, Howard Portnoy, that he was (Jewish music producer) Phil Spectre’s cousin. He also lied and said he had graduated from UCLA. [p. 46-47]

    Note that David’s real-life ladder to success closely mirrors that of (((Michael J. Fox*))) in the 80’s flick “The Secret of My Success,” in which young Michael/David also has an affair with his aunt.

    If this is what it takes to succeed, I’d keep it a secret, too.

    * married to a Jewish woman. Has four children, all of whom he is raising as Jews. Member of a Reform temple. Helps his kids with their Torah homework = Team Zion.

    • These people are great at finding ways to spin the hamster wheel faster without actually doing any work.

    • You have to hand it to him. If nothing else, he’s got some brass ones. He’s just rubbing it in our noses! Pandemics are for suckers! The friggin’ chutzpah of this guy. “While you guys are suffering and trying to avoid the flu or the consequences of shutting it all down, I’ll be here in the Caribbean, wishing you well.

      (((They))) need to fear the peasants again!

      Where’s Robespierre when you need him?

    • Teach died quite nobly at the hands of the beat cops for the Cloud People’s Cloud People of his time. Geffen will try to give head before the terrible swift sword removes his.

      Speaking of bad optics, the ADL begging for gimmedats from the Magic Money Bag certainly rivaled David’s Love Boat air kiss.

    • The high percentage (and raw number) of commenters over at Instapundit defending Geffen — as a hard-working Horatio Alger type, and dismissing his critics as merely jealous — was rather depressing. Of course it’s jealousy. Goyische jealousy is eternally the sole root of all the eternal and tendentious suffering..

      • It gets better – here’s some more from King’s book – thx again to the original poster:

        In the mail room, Geffen met “Barry Diller, a Jewish kid from Beverly Hills who years later became one of Geffen’s best friends, when the two were among the most powerful moguls in all of Hollywood.” [p. 50] At a night club, he “struck up a conversation with Herb Gart, a manager who had recently come to New York with comedian Bill Cosby.” [p. 50] “He next set his sights on romancing Nat Letkowitz, the celebrated head of Morris’s New York office.” [p. 51] “Enlisting Letkowitz’s support was a brilliant move. Geffen had realized the value of having a ‘rabbi’ in life, someone powerful to help him get what he wanted.” [p. 52] [Journalist — and later Hollywood everything — David Freeman likewise notes this “rabbi” relationship with Marv Seligman, his boss at the New York Post: “Marv was my rabbi at the paper. He had hired and trained me.”] [FREEMAN, D., 1992, p. 10] “Geffen worked in the mailroom for six months until “he was stopped by Scott Shukat [also Jewish], who offered him a job as secretary to Ben Griefer [also Jewish], one of the office’s most respected television agents … Brooklyn born and raised in Queens, Shukat … too, had lied on his employment application at the Morris office, listing his stage name, Scott Logan, Jr. But when he arrived at the office on the first day and saw the executives’ names on the company directory in the lobby — Letkowitz, Kalcheim, Griefer, Weiss, and so on — he hustled back to the personnel office and told them his given Jewish name.” [p. 52-53] [KING, T., 2000]

        The poster provides even more, but you get the drift. You betcha I’m tracking down this book and doing a review.

        • Great, can’t wait. Rich stuff, Exile.

          In the meantime, we can fantasize about the Lord Mountbatten finale.

      • Instapundit is full of Jews and their useful boomer idiots. I see our own Vizzini over there from time to time putting up a brave fight, one that I’ve largely given up on.

        • Ah, good to know about Instapundit. I’m the opposite of a regular there. Popped over because someone elsewhere claimed that “Glenn Reynolds has gone nuts with anti-Chinese racism”. I was skeptical about that assertion — and remain so. Didn’t see anything that looked racist to me. Not that I particularly care, but I am reminded of something a colleague (black African) from Zimbabwe once said:

          Of course I do not enjoy being the target of racism. But even more, I despise those whites who would PRESUME TO SPEAK FOR ME without bothering to find out whether I am actually offended.

        • I actually “defended” Geffen on that thread, not because I support him, but because they were all attacking him for the wrong reasons.

      • The types who hang around Instapundit have typed “constitutional conservatism” no less than 40 or so times by noon.

        • I didn’t start the sh*t. He’s doing the “crazy Joo hater spending hours in the weeds” trope. I’m pointing out that 20 minutes out of my day to help some guys Notice is worth it.

          Your contribution to the discussion is equally useless and girlishly spiteful. Thanks for nothing.

  22. Profit is the reward for creating value. Value comes from making sausage. Waking up early in the morning and turning the crank to grind L&A into tubes of meat. Creating value.

    But thats for suckers. Our hero’s do not make sausage; they make feelz.

    The American dream is not about the labor of making something useful out of less useful components, but it is about minimizing the cost required to create desire in the consumer.

    Progress has converted our grinders – and more importantly the dignity of labor and pride of producing value, into wannabe grifters and preening brand ambassadors.

    The L&A that would be sausage is now Leverage and Arbitrage that wants to be passive income, profit culled from the System.

    While inside the grinder, these tools can be useful, but stripped out and applied to the system at-large, these tools are like mercenaries.

    They demand payment which can only be achieved if their swords extract value from the other side. They create nothing on their own accord. Raiders and pirates plundering from the margins of other people’s labor.

    They can turn on their paymasters for unknown reasons or suddenly demand more; their true costs never being trued-up to the tumult their very presence creates, but instead leaving chaff for the System to digest.

    To counter the culture of value extraction, the value of labor must return – and the rituals of consumerism must also be reigned-in.

    For leverage and arbitrage afflicts both sides of this affair as the consumer fixates on her own cleverness and convenience, ignoring the true cost just the same.

    • All of this.

      Virtually every transaction more complex than simply buying a share in a company involves socialization of the private profiteer’s risk.

      A good rule-of-thumb would be that if the average high-school graduate cannot understand how a transaction works, ban it.

      If Alan Greenspan can’t understand how an instrument is valued, assume it’s radioactive and jail everyone involved.

      But muh capital flows! Muh risk-allocation! Blah-blah. The loss in marginal “efficiency” we lose is worth the transparency we gain.

      Any instrument which allows a profit-taker to avoid or worse yet shift his costs is net-negative for the society as a whole. True aristocracy comes from taking real risk with one’s own skin. Today’s arithmo-crats risk only our skins.

      • @Exile-

        Agree. It is the curse of the Economist to point out the risk allocation create more efficiency in the market without also comprehending that the mechanism creates inefficiencies by creating a socialization of the risk. Which is just to say that if a thing can only exist if a transnationalist elite create it, you don’t want it created.

        • Economist Magic Boxing:
          Joke: “assume a can opener”
          Woke: “assume a sucker willing to pay for all this…”

      • If we are going to have a stock market, what about banning all derivatives except futures on commodities? That way, farmers can still plan on the amount that their crops will yield while prohibiting all the other dangerous foolishness. Are there downsides to this proposal?

        • Never happen. The amount of “not at risk” money to be made, every day, by securitizing everything, shorting both sides of the deal, and riding down the decay in the trading premiums, is unreal. Sorry to throw jargon, but the structure of financialization creates untold wealth by simply engineering the boundaries, no matter the outcome. The only threat to the whole charade is counterparty risk, which is why we are spending untold trillion$ to eliminate counterparty risk this time around.

          Counterparty fails are what brought the system to its knees in 2008. A contract is a contract, but when the other side has no way to pay you back and there is no recourse, the game is over. That’s why John Q. Public is hit up, again and again. JQP is the fall guy, the dad or the brother-in-law called in to bail out the ne’er do well son who blew it all, so that Louie on the street corner doesn’t off the son.

          Line, what you are getting at is a good thing, but it can never happen in the real world, short of burning down the current system. Gotta match?

          • I like Line’s proposal. Unfortunately, like with so many things, it’s a castle in the clouds.

          • Great analogy. Somebody (I think Rees-Mogg and Bonner) used the analogy about government bail-outs: In a total free enterprise system, there would be more frequent smaller fires that burn out the underbrush. With government guarantees, the analogy is the tiny fires are put out, but at the long term expense of a huge amount of dry tinder under the huge trees, just waiting for a spark… Sobering image, especially if you’ve ever seen a forest fire, or the aftermath of one. To further sweeten the desire for a conflagration to be done with it, there are certain plants that REQUIRE a burnt-down forest for their lifecycle…

          • Who says we’re not burning down the current system first? I already bought Ball Parks and marshmallows.

          • …and the game will continue until the logical end, which I suppose will be when no one is willing to take the dollars any more.

      • We’re getting to a point where the average HS graduate cannot understand any transactions 🙂

        Regulations are supposed to be for our benefit, not economic efficiency. I agree… if the damn fed chairman doesn’t know how a financial vehicle works, it probably should be banned.

        • I almost said “college grad” for that reason, Tars. Let’s say “a high school student from a charter school in Vermont.”

      • Corollary: if you can’t explain it to a 6 yr old then you don’t understand it

        (Einstein or some brainy guy originally stated it more / less that way)

        • Hint: You are not supposed to understand the transactions, that’s the point. Pay attention to the right hand moving about, and ignore the left hand, please.

          Another hint: It’s not about “efficiency”, it’s about the “skim”. “Efficiency” is a concept to enthuse the muppets*, to make them think they know what is going on. “Win-win” is another.
          * “muppets” being the word Goldman Sachs people used to use, to describe their own clients. Which no doubt upset the goyim clients greatly. Tribal clients certainly understood that they were being used. Everybody uses everyone else, and it all works out in the end, from their point of view. Parasites don’t kill the hosts, and little Jacob will need references for a Wall Street job someday.

  23. This distinction between the marketplace where you earn your living, and runaway robber baron style exploitation is a terrific tactical wedge to drive in to the black and white worldview pushed upon people.

    Along with promoting free association, divorcing the concept of capitalism from this marketism/exploitation is a key strategy moving forward. In fact, can be a point of cooperation with many liberals, who are highly affected by something’s apparent fairness. And as much as conservative boomers worship capitalism I’ve had many point out to me that the wage gap between CEOs and the lowest employee was much lower in the 1950s…this is fertile ground.

    Looking forward to hearing more on marketism.

    • Ending fractional reserve banking would help clear up a lot of this mess. It would be a painful process, but the house of cards would become a house of concrete pillars.

      • There’s a reason usury used to be stringently condemned by the Catholic Church. Technically still is, but good luck getting a Priest to rail against it.

        • I recently had a conversation about usury with a coworker, and he enthusiastically agreed it was negative. Ppl are open to these topics….I just bring up credit cards and student loans as exhibits a & b and that sets the stage. It further sets the stage for the “what kind of society do we want to live in” discussion to get people off economy worship.

          The topic to avoid at all costs is anything relating to “values”. That word triggers an instinctive reaction that includes the phrase “doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like”. IMO the “values” take ascribes far too much agency to regular people.

        • The problem with the old Catholic prohibition of usury was that it guaranteed that (((someone else))) would be providing loans to all the good Christians. Industrialization created the first truly capital intensive industries and the early capitalists’ vast hunger for capital made many of those (((others))) very rich just by loaning to people who made things. This is one of the roots of our problems. I would say that lending needs to be rewarded but tightly regulated. In general the “finance industry” needs to be made the servant rather than the master of the productive economy.

          • It’s the eternal compounding.
            “You owe me a growing sum, forever”– who says? I’ll pay a pre-agreed, set sum.

            30 year mortgages? Who in hades thought that one up? It bakes inflation into the cake.

          • Hmmm, interesting point. Some author (can’t remember) once noted that historically, Islamic countries tend to do poorly in capitalism because of the prohibition of charging interest, at all so far as I know. (Said author was probably not opposed to regular capitalism an d normal interest rates.) However, I’ve read the Muslims sometimes evade that prohibition, just like the “temporary marriages” to enable adultery by any other name. Sort of a modern version of indulgences, I guess.

  24. When the gambler had to travel to Las Vegas or even Atlantic City to gamble no big harm to society. And they could relax and take in a show with Sinatra and the rat pack.
    But now we got a casino every 50 miles and several in most major cities.
    And all of them pump out money our states need.
    And not only that as mentioned in this article our entire financial system is built like a casino.
    But don’t worry Sheldon Adelson is donating money for masks.
    And Trump our casino owning President is in charge.
    All is good in America land!

    • The key for all of big business is to find the way to easily send part of the take to Capitol City, in a manner and form that the ruling denizens of Capitoll City will personally and individually appreciate. It’s all downhill from there.

    • If the two verities of life are Death and Taxes then voluntary self taxation of the stupid isn’t the worst way to go for that piece of life.
      We need to be working the involuntary death of the evil end of things.

  25. If a depression results, priorities and realities WILL assert themselves. Violently, if necessary.

    • People’s normalcy bias is really off the hook at this point: there’s A LOT of faith that things are just going to bounce back and it’s based in pretty much nothing.

      • It’s incredible how many people out there think you can turn the $21.5T US economy on and off like a light switch.

        Of course, most of those people are the same ones who are nailing themselves to crosses about how great the shutdown is, and how we’re making all these noble sacrifices to keep grandpa alive on a ventilator for a few more months.

        It’s also interesting how these people make such little mention of their children’s futures being put on hold. I think that really supports the argument that for so many libs/SWPL/AWFL/goodwhite types their children are just a lifestyle accessory or bullet point on their bucket list.

        • Great point about children. Of course, they haven’t mattered since the deficits started exploding and Ronald Reagan couldn’t get anybody in Congress or even his cabinet to talk about cutting spending.

          This is all just a way for Establishment Republicans to dip their toes in the virtue-signaling pond.

          • Jesus had some thoughts on the attitude towards children, and he was addressing a specific audience. Just sayin’

        • This won’t be a popular opinion round these parts but those trillions of dollars can be minted pretty easily and likely with few repercussions.

          The reason is pretty simple, even before this probable gross overreaction to COVID 19 every single economic structure leads to deflation and default

          This will happen no matter what is done and all these trillions can do is delay it a bit.

      • Its been a few weeks of this. Its completely unreasonable to expect a massive social shift from normal people in such a time frame. Give it time.

  26. >Now, the obvious question is why is a credit card company that preys on dumb people playing at the high stakes tables in the commodities casino?

    Because they are betting the next time (this time) would be like the last time, when a lot of people ran to, or at least at, commodities?

  27. Mark 8:36. Nice! My favorite bible verse.

    Getting one of those mailbox bible verse signs Mennonites have has been on my list. Going to put it on the garage.

  28. We’ve been playing grab and go en masse for so long now that any ability or willingness to reexamine the current milieu or turn things around has probably passed us by.

    We’ll balkanize by race and region more and more in the pursuit of our rightful cut (this is what’s left of morality)…but reordering and rebuilding would require tasks that not enough people are willing to do. Most are still oblivious to either rhyme or reasons of why they should do so.

    The necessity of the fantasy to continue will have the money presses and the plastic fabricators working overtime. They will pump in so much more garbage into the system to keep it from collapsing that everyone will deludedly imagine themselves to be another Croesus. To attempt to slow or turn things around is to put off the inevitable by a handful of years if even that. We, meaning our descendants, will need to rebuild from the foundational level. To put this off again and again and again only puts our people into a weaker and weaker and weaker position as we are steadily out-numbered and lobotomized by our enemies. You’re out to redeem what is no longer worth redeeming. Let nature do its work. The greatest gift we can leave our posterity is to put them in the position of being able to rebuild instead of awaiting the abyss.

    Before Orange Man came down that elevator no one in this thing thought electoral politics or any reform of our current institutions would pull us out of the muck. That hasn’t changed. The Thatcher-Trump effect takes a sober evaluation of conditions and the hard decisions and actions needed…and turns it into a MAGA group hung where nothing gets done. We are all tied emotionally to what was handed down to us by our fathers and grandfathers. So many of us even those in the dissident movement live in a pining for the nostalgia of what we imagine was an idyllic recent pass. That recent pass gave us our present miasma. Stop being the good son and grandson and become the forefather of what we’d like to see come to fruition.

    When enough of the buffalo herd have cascaded off the cliff then maybe some of what’s left will cut themselves out of that herd.

    • Agreed. We can’t go back. The past was nice maybe but it was also easy. It was when the destructive habits were taking root. We live in a brave new world now. Our future will be totally different than our past. That ended with the Boomers. Embrace change, embrace new ideas. As long as they help our people move forward.

    • But we can preempt the collapse by organizing now, building a (real life) network now, and prepping now. If we don’t hold on to those of like minds, will we lose everything worth saving.

      • This

        Notice how quiet and anti-climatic it all is?
        For what?

        For “The Storm”?
        This is “The Storm.”
        Quiet, ain’t it.

        Get ready to turn in your guns for food you wankers. You’ll shortly re-evaluate whats worth saving: and it won’t be like minds. 🤣🤣

        And since I’m feeling candid, have you figured out who the new Buckley is? 😉🤣🤣🤣

        For those of good heart, like this Fash Fellow rock on. I think your day is coming. Only because I know how incompetent and in truth weak, paralyzed your opposition is…seriously most of your dreaded opponents should have never got above mid sized city mayor. Even the older ones before Buttreig were tapped out when he was still learning how to repress his gag reflex in school.

        So those true of heart take heart; your day is coming.

        The rest… well, yes. Prep. 😉🤣🤣

    • Take the worst of the corona predictions and put them in context. How many of our tribe have died through prescription drugs, illicit drugs, booze, eating a bullet, through unnecessary wars and crime waves allowed to run rampant? How many of our communities have survived intact? Suburbs aren’t communities they are white refugee relocation camps. Marriages broken, marriages never formed. Children never born. Those children who do make it out of the womb browbeaten, wiggerized and marginalized. They become ciphers in the lands built by their ancestors. Women stripped of their natural charms and regurgitated out as bargain basement men. Men feminized or turned into worshipers of the perpetual pursuit of mammon. This rip in the fabric of the dissidents is misplaced by both sides. Greg Johnson,Et al sees it correctly as opportunity but that opportunity is mistakenly seen as rose colored. Zman/Ramz,Et al play the adults in a room full of hissyfit throwing gynotards. At this point the adults with positive masculine traits are putting those traits in the service of reanimating a leprous corpse. Buy American! Guess who still wins?

      If we are going to replace Clown World we need to kill Clown World. Collapse will be a Hieronymus Bosch painting for one and all. Those with the mettle to have had hardened themselves and organized themselves will be the ones who set the foundations for what is to come. That’s what I thought this movement was all about: preparing to replace the necessary collapse with the building of a positive vision for our own people and not acting as a quasi preservation society for PozLand or daydreamers for the rosy redemption. The excesses of Corona have given us the opportunity to inflame the pustules. If there is no worse there will never be a better.

  29. It’s not just the economy, either, but the whole country, how existentially galling and degrading normal people find popular pop music, the landscape, the architecture, comedians, etc. Tucker Carlson and co. are wrong that a people cannot be ruled by an elite who hate them; they can and will tolerate it. But they cannot tolerate being ruled by people who mock fundamentally what they find sacred, and never so openly as it’s done now. And if now they can’t even deliver the phony-prosperity that keeps the masses narcotized? Remember that in the slowdown in the Ruhr Region where Germans just stopped producing coal and left their machines in the factories, how quickly everything fell apart. At the start of the War a dollar was worth four and a half Deutschmarks. And then all of a sudden it was worth 250,000,000,000. Your average person will not accept an economist’s expert opinion on anything at that point (and why should they?) The thought’s expressed by an old Witzblatt: “What do you mean an egg’s fifty dollars? What does that chicken know about the Treaty of Versailles?” It doesn’t take long to figure out that the problem’s not the chicken, or the farmer, but the banker.

  30. Capital One is an interesting case. They are the apotheosis of the globohomo Theory of the Firm, in which economic agents band together to utilize assets in a more efficient way where “assets” can be defined in many imaginative and vibrant ways.

    So. Their assets.

    First, a group of people with high I.Q. and low cost. You have to pass something very like an I.Q. test to get hired there. They especially liked hiring Chinese nationals who had a high-I.Q. stamp – say, a PhD in biology from a good-but-not-great program – who also had english language skills sufficiently awful as to ensure they’d never get a job in academics. Person like that is plenty smart to write SAS code under the student visa/H1-B while the company works on their green card.

    Second, a market of product-addicted Americans with poor credit. They liked to claim that they’d figured out who was really a diamond in the rough in this group because their modeling was so much better than everyone else’s, but the main source of revenue from this bunch was the fees that were charged whenever the account was late or over-limit or whatever, which they always were because, well, they aren’t financially-stable households and really have no business using credit in this way. Anyhow, that creates a big sack of money.

    So, you gotta find stuff to do with these assets…

    • It seems like every business has used it profits not for its own business but to buy chips a the casino, and selling contracts on how well their gambling will be.

      • Every investment has two sides, and there is decay built into every investment. Your home will eventually rot and fall down. The trick, on the one hand, is to profit from the decay. On the other, it is to craft something of value out of the investment, that raises it up and does something positive, before the decay sets in and takes over. Wall Street has evolved from sponsoring the buildup of value by throwing capital at investments, to instead engineering profits from the inevitable decay. That sort of thing is done by people who don’t give a damn about their neighbors or the community.

        • ” done by people who don’t give a damn about their neighbors or the community”

          Why should they care about their neighbors, seeing as the neighbors are not even actual human beings? (This is not merely snark against Those Who Must Not Be Noticed; it also pretty much applies to Chinese attitudes.)

  31. All true, now connect the dots. How did we get here? Politicians want to get reelected so they can continue to grift at the public trough. They get reelected by bribing dumb voters with money borrowed from future generations and distributed via bread and circuses legislation. Grifters are good at criminality and poor at leadership. And we have many gullible dumb voters because we live in an affluent era in which common sense is no longer required for continued survival. There was no hard-knocks gauntlet to run and obtain hard-earned wisdom. But that is about to change.

  32. As American states lost the will to directly tax their people, especially their rich people, they turned to indirect ways to fund government. One is the legalization of gambling, especially state-owned casinos. Since every state is in the gambling racket, a new type of casino has evolved. This is one with a grand shopping mall and Potemkin town center attached, so people can dine and socialize. The idea is to get everyone under one roof in order to encourage more consumption.


    Class C Gaming in Oklahoma was legalized by ballot initiative in 2004 if memory serves. Immediately following which of course all of these “Indian Gaming Casinos” that pocmark a once beautiful landscape began to crop up quick, fast and in a hurry. I’ve said elsewhere (perhaps here as well) that one of the ‘silver linings’ in all of this Corona virus madness is the empty parking lots at these eyesores. I’ve also said that if I owned a bulldozer and thought I could get away with it, I’d begin the process of bulldozing them all down free of charged to my native state and her citizens. We were driving by one of these illicit establishments the other day and my wife noted that one of the very few vehicles in the parking lot had a box trailer behind it which bore a sign indicating it was the truck and trailer of a company which specializes in ‘debugging’ public gathering places possibly compromised by pathogens of various sorts. Upon which we both of course concluded that the gaming casinos all over the state are in the process of preparing for their grand re-openings on the day of jubilee. See what I mean; should have bulldozed them all down while we had the chance!

    • 10,000 times to your comment. I live in that state also and those places are a cancer on the landscape. Our current governor is trying to claw some money back from the noble Redman but he is being fought tooth and nail by both and Indian and non-Indian (funded by Indians). We can thank Brad Henry for this crappy gift that keeps giving.

      • I live in Oklahoma, too. The Indians are taking the Indian Territory back, one slot machine and recipient of SS or SSI at a time.

    • Indian gaming got a foothold here through the courts. State in the 70’s got the lottery bug and started one up. Indians started casinos. State tried to exert control. Went to Fed courts which ruled in brief: State could not interfere/suppress since the State lottery is de facto recognition of gambling as a legal activity. After that ruling State entered into a gaming agreement with Indians rather than bounce the issue through the courts forever.

      Now the lottery initiative was passed as raising needed money for the “children” (sound familiar?). But what happened—as in every other State—was for initial school funding to spike in first few years and then sink back to normal trend line (accounting for growth and inflation) as the succeeding State legislatures allocated less and less public tax funds toward schools, since the lottery funds were filling the gap.

      Bottom line, we institutionalized a vice and the purported beneficiaries—the children—were no better off a half dozen years later that they would have been without the lottery. This all was predicted and backed up by studies of States that had previously started lotteries.

      • The Disney parks are now surrounded by jazzed up shopping malls. Everything but the casinos. Walt Disney envisioned Disneyland as a place for dads to take their kids for the day. Now it is just a different version of the financial shakedown.

        • Disney will join the hotel industry in feeding from the Magic Money Bag, from what I gather, but it won’t be too long until Daffy is greeting the kids on their way to the nickle slots.

  33. I’d much rather be poor and live in a decent and moral society than be slightly less poor and live in a clown world. I hope this whole house of cards collapses. It just might.

    • Clown World can linger a while in a collapsed house of cards, and may even get clownier.

      • Doubtful, if history is any guide, post 1929 crash America was a very unclownish time period. It’s when the eugenics movement got it’s legs.

        • We are currently exiting Clown World. Biden, Hillary, Obama, and Trump are artifacts and personalizations of Clown World. As are David Geffen’s big boat and “Epstein didn’t kill himself”. In a matter of months, they, and all of it, will seem quaint. The new world will be something entirely different, and we are on the cusp of it. Testosterone, not estrogen, will be the driver of this new world. I have no idea what it will look like, but I have a feeling that “might makes right” will be a big part of it.

          • I wish I shared your optimism. Clown World is a religion at this point.

            Just in the two weeks we’ve been locked down, the new hero has become a gay bigamist meth addict. A fitting king, indeed.

          • Uh… what? Well whatever that is that’s a media creation and the unthinking masses don’t move history anyway. The motivated minority does. All revolutions have been driven primarily by small portions of the population. The continental Army fought off the brits with less than 4% of the US population at that time, with 20% of the population being loyalists. A mere 30,000 men marched on the Italian capital the day Mussolini took power.

          • You mention successful revolutions, but how many unsuccessful ones were there?

            “Motivated Minorities change History” destroyed a lot of good people’s lives three summers ago.

            Try something now and you’re a lot more likely to end up like Commander Rockwell than Mussolini.

          • I said 30k men not 2k miscellaneous with no clear objective. These were hardnosed fascists molded by the greatest economic collapse and war in history, not a gaggle of unprepared shitposters.

          • There are some when they see blood – its over. I refer to Charlottesville. There is no point pursuing such men or attempting to enjoin them to anything that might lead ever again to bloodshed.
            Including marching in protest.

            So give it up Fash. Move on.

            They’re not gonna do anything, bitching on the internet is free.
            If bitching on the internet becomes costly – that’s over too.

            Frankly other than message board, sounding board the internet is played out. Its the quiet fellows you need now.

          • Read about the Italian fascists and what they faced before taking power. Being a dissident back then meant not only imprisonment but risk of outright assassination, bombings, etc..

            Agree with their politics or not, these guys had their skin in the game.

          • Right, which is why I’ve never seen better conditions than what we are likely to soon experience. When people don’t have anything left to lose, they also lose their fear. The thing that keeps coming to my mind is the quote “Strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times, hard times create strong men” We are entering the hard times part of the cycle.

          • Although I don’t especially like the results, Mohammed got his religion thing started with a handful of men with swords 🙁

          • Clown-worlders can’t survive in reality. Like bacteria in a petri dish when the agar runs out.

  34. Brings to mind the quote, “the problem with socialism is socialism, while the problem with capitalism is capitalists…”

    • Or the problem with socialism is it’s disproportionately promulgated by the very same sorts of people who also happen to be a disproportionate percentage of those wreaking havoc under the guise of being capitalists.

    • Could anybody explain what those Jew invented words actually mean ?
      Russians laughing that capitalism is good because all profit does to Jews.
      Socialism is bad, because in socialism , some profit may go to somebody else …:D
      Gulag was capitalist. No profit was redistributed to lazy overpaid workforce. Comrade Stalin knew how to cut costs.

  35. The shopping mall is now closed. Can Magic Money reopen it? Probably, temporarily.

    Western people long ago decided to exchange their freedom and autonomy for bread and circuses, which is to be expected. The high cost of profit apparently was worth it. The state mediocrities, the putative buyers, are little more than crack whores high on power and gimmedats who dutifully police the sellers on behalf of their Cloud People employers. This all comes crashing down when those behind the curtain no longer can pay the cops. The bounced checks very well may happen this time after the smoke clears from the financial rubble. If not this time, the next.

    And we are close. Jerome Powell snapping up securities, bonds and other “private” financial instruments tell us this is true. The pile has been placed on red and the fear is palpable. The television footage of our neighbors not complying with officially approved boundaries tell us this is true. The obliviousness of the Cloud People posting their version of social distancing, a constant in their lives, tells us this is true. The food pantry line tells us this is true.

  36. This is a great chance for Our Thing to get out in front of this issue. Make social media burner accounts and flood them with hashtags: #BuyAmerican. #CancelChina. Etc. I see a lot of people around me who have some vague thoughts along the lines of “Do we really need to jump back on the Cheap Chinese Crap treadmill?” Let’s do our part for Western Civ by helping make those thoughts conscious. If ever we’re going to affect change in the real world — all without leaving our keyboards! — there will never be a better opportunity.

    • You know how I know Trump is never going to do anything for us? Because Instead of using this crisis to call for manufacturing to move back to the USA so we can make our own N95 masks and ventilators. He is attacking the companies who own the few factories we still have left here. Factories that aren’t set up to make ventilators anyway. You can’t just convert a factory into making an entirely different product overnight. I don’t know if he is that dumb or if it’s just a deflection to appease dumb people but I don’t like it at all. This would be the perfect opportunity to campaign on closing borders, moving business back onshore and rejecting superfluous PC ideological excesses, but what do we get instead? Retardation. MIGA. The only promises kept. Iran and Jerusalem.

      • Be that as it may, “we” don’t need Trump to do anything. This is purely a citizen initiative. Tell people to commit to making their families strong, and safe, by avoiding cheap Chinese shit. Help out an American worker and protect your family in the process. Ask yourself, “Do you really need this? Isn’t there something else you could use the money for?” That’s a win-win. Make it an anti-Trump thing if you think it’ll help (lots of Goodwhites will do it just to spite the Bad Orange Man). I don’t care how it gets done; I care that it gets done. There will never be a better opportunity,

        • At a certain point, a tipping point, the ability to find certain things still made in the USA is rather limited—if not impossible. That point was reached a decade or so ago. Individual choices aside, there needs to be a movement at the political level to require/encourage internal production.

          There lies the conundrum. Production is overseas due to demand of oligarchs in the pursuit of profit. Oligarchs buy politicians, dirt people buy next week’s groceries. Who would one bet on to change direction of the off shoring phenomenon in the long run?

          • Well, I stopped shopping at grocery stores that hire 3rd worlders. It’s not that hard. Some chains still hire white high school kids, some are hiring Indians FOB. When they eventually all do it I’ll just retreat to buying from local grocerterias.

          • “Made In USA” label is expensive, too, and denotes a bit of luxury overseas. Lol, kid you not, average name-brand shoes are about on par in price here in Japan with America. But! I was perusing a used clothing shop and a pair of made-in-America kicks by New Balance…¥22,000, about $200 used.

          • Over here in Europe, some American brands have maintained their luster, but the “made in America” label lost its cachet permanently in the 1970s, when people realized American-made cars were even more shoddily put together than Italian ones. You’d be hard pressed to find a single “made in America” item in the average household. That which isn’t German or Japanese is Chinese-made nowadays. Apart from specific narrow niche markets or quasi-artisan sectors, American industry is absent from the consumer goods picture. The only things I’ve come across in the last ten years have been luxury vape juice, faux-retro bicycles and the odd musical instrument – implements of hipsterdom, basically.

            Industrial tools & machinery might be a different story. Though I have noticed the near-complete disappearance of American-made equipment from the farming world over the last 20 years.

            My impression of “made in America” as synonymous with banal, unreliable, stylistically vile and perpetually on the edge of obsolescence is fairly typical here. A day late and a dollar short might be a good description. Besides, it always puts me in mind of diabetic nignogs in a correctional workshop, half-assing their way through everything, working by “good enough” standards.

          • I’m still piqued by Zman’s claim (I accept as true) that many hoity-toity “Italian” luxury items are being made by Chinese, IN Italy! Technically true, but sort of like Foster’s “Australian Lager” being brewed in Canada so they can still say it’s IMPORTED 🙂

          • Therein lies the problem with the dirt people Instead of getting in the faces of CEO’s and other executives every day who off-shore their factories and protesting outside their homes. Dirt people are too busy watching sports and other mindles fare.

            We do have the power but bread and circuses is more important. But the coming Great Depression II will change that real soon.

            Because that will be result of shitting down our economy so hard and throw 30% of the workforce out of work. When that happens one better not be a politician, doctor or media personality.

        • You’re right, that’s exactly how I feel too. It’s up to us. I think pointing out that we have an economy built on usury and foreign labor at home and abroad and it has made us weak is a good idea. The anti-trump stuff is to that point actually, “orange bad man” is not gonna lead us. We have to lead ourselves.

          • I like we must lead ourselves.
            Yes. Where?

            Where? To point it out?
            Pointing it out?
            Everyone knows, everyone knew.
            Everyone save the neoliberals has been pointing it out.

            Trump pointed it out.

            If you want a future you’ll have to fight for it. I mean fight.

            Really – isn’t this all a bit talked out?

            Time to stop talking.

          • It’s never time to stop talking, and it could soon to be time to fight. This chaos that’s happening right now opens many doors. Once people stop cowering in place, things might start to kick off real fast. We’ve had a decadent and immoral elite for some time now and a huge economic downturn is likely coming soon.

          • Things will change now.
            Only because they’ve gone and hopelessly fuxed themselves.
            Not ideas, not movements, not the DR, not the Dems, not the GOP, not Trump. No, the Masters of the Universe went and fuxed themselves by finally and firmly fuxing everyone else.

            Saving the bankers while destroying the shopkeepers was bad policy. A 20-30% unemployment rate on combined with bankrupt shopkeepers means… change.
            The shopkeepers make revolutions.
            They are the peoples natural sergeants, lieutenants, captains.
            And they’re ruined.

            The SBA ain’t coming, they’re paralyzed. The system is paralyzed for lack of guidance. If you liked the FDA with the test kits, you’ll love the SBA with COVID PPP. They don’t know what to do. Paralysis.
            Neither do the banks. Right now VC is scrambling along with everyone else to get a piece- this is the real sausage making and it takes years.

            The Fed buying $250B of MBS actually destroyed the mortgage companies hedge positions. > This in itself is an act of almost unfathomable incompetence.

            What I am saying is the actions of the gov in dumping trillions has actually *Frozen* the system.

            Here we have more folly; they dangle trillions before the masses- but it does not reach them. If your business can’t survive on its own, it will not make it. This will only feed the dying middle class rage.

            If I were organizing, I’d organize the shopkeepers. That my Dears is the key. The middle class are actual doers, leaders of doers.

            But don’t put down the popcorn for those so inclined. Something will happen without you.

            Or to you, and you’ll have no say.
            In Vukovar in the quite civilized, really like northern Italy or southern germany the Croats held up the Serbs for months of siege (breaking the energy planned offensive into Croatia, so not in vain). When it was over the popcorn and preppers crowd came out of their shelters.
            The victors (the Serbs in this case) rounded the cellar hiding popcorn crowd up- and shot them.

            So popcorn and prepping is overrated. You see.

            But don’t take my word for it; someone will explain it personally.

      • If past patterns hold, it’s a deflection. Coronavirus truther in chief will return once the numbers slow enough. Political theater.

        The guy really tries one’s patience at times.

    • But we should capitalize on this. I have been. The public mood has definitely shifted in our direction on key issues because of the virus and it’s effects. People are rightfully disgusted by the bat soup thing and there is no denying that closing borders and being more open to “xenophobic” thinking would have prevented or at the very least slowed it’s spread. Hammer this point to anyone who will listen, it is a potent one.

      • If this is really the “war” that it’s being called by everybody from President Trump on down, then it’s time to put up or shut up. Call a (permanent) moratorium on any kind of Chinese immigration, since once they get here they are going to be flying home to visit all the time and bringing back every kind of bacteria and germ from their hygiene-deprived food culture, let alone their Bill Gates-financed germ warfare drive-throughs.. As far as I’m concerned, wartime measures would also mean sending the rest of them who are already here home with all due haste. As long as we’re suspending the Constitution, we might as well do it right.

        • Well, we are already in the middle of a war.
          We can’t use nukes, somebody pushed the button for a biobomb. Several practice runs may have been the incendiaries.

          We don’t know who fired the first salvo.
          News is a mix of wartime propaganda and fog-of-war.

          Blackout curtains are up.
          Field hospitals being readied.
          Shortages, rationing, and martial law discussed.

          Economic disruption.
          Big players grabbing assets at firesale prices.
          Small players declaring fiefdoms like chieftains in Gaul.

          All we need now are disintegration chambers like that virtual war in the old Star Trek episode.

        • The war started almost 25 years when Clinton and the GOP opened our markets to China and allowed American businesses to off-shore.

          it was our business and ruling class who declared war on America in the name of easy profits using Chinese slave labor. They didn’t care that it was building up China into a superpower.

          Today those two groups will fight to keep the status quo. Why? Because they benefit. This is why we can’t shut down immigration, trade, rampant Chinese espionage, etc.

          Of course by crashing the economy TPTB will be ruling over rubble and a very angry populace with no jobs, no future and armed to teeth.

    • The green shoots are going up in strange places, from Ronald Dworkin at The American Interest (not a hotbed of right-wing thought): “Global capitalism gave us open borders and the easy transmission of the COVID-19 virus; it also created a wage scale that demands both parents work, even if one parent would prefer to stay home and raise the children.”

    • Tucker Calson is already bringing this and other topics on his show that we need to bring manufacturing back and dump China because China has now shown itself to be our enemy.

      In fact he’s doing a better job than “Our thing” which has never shown any sort of pR savvy to capitalize on such things.

      Maybe the DR won’t go full Potato but I doubt it.

      • Uh, I’ve heard that all over the place in our thing. Even liberals are saying china supply chain thing is an issue. I like tucker alot but I think you are giving him a bit too much credit on this particular issue. Did he mention chinese theft of our intellectual property or better yet the takeover by asian students of our colleges? Or about how colleges whore themselves out for money to foreign students while getting million in aid from our gov’t at the same time? These are all normie friendly takes he could mention. All stuff I’ve heard discussed in DR circles too. Normies are fags anyway, no system has ever been toppled by normies. You need hard nosed ideologues to actually effect change. Normies are sheep who will follow the strong horse and do as they are told.

        • It would be interesting to know how many millions of dollars the ChiComs are funneling to our universities.

        • Twitter Guide To (((World Domination)))

          Stage 1: we have to reach the normies!
          Wake up Murica!

          Stage 2: the normies are retards
          let’s enslave them

          • Is there a degradation Americans are unwilling to endure? The optimist in me says it’s only because Americans are the minority in America. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

          • Americans are powerless to do anything about it is the truth. What else can they do but endure? I see it, I wanna fight it, but what can one man do? We need numbers, we need organization, we need a clear goal and the means to accomplish it. They hold all the power right now, but that power is weakening fast. Opportunities to take steps to stop enduring it may very well arise, and soon. If the economy is destroyed and lots of people lose everthing, lots of people will have nothing left to lose and a peasants revolt is likely to occur. That’s the most viable path that I can see to changing things.

        • “Did he mention…?”
          Yes, Tucker hammers these things frequently, or did before the virus crowded out every other topic.

  37. When I think about the profit made on the products I consume, whether it’s the coffee from the local shop or the car I buy, I think of it as the price of quality and choice as well as the reward for good service. In the communist experiments of stripping away all profit, people didn’t have choices or quality. Over time, those profit margins are much cheaper than the alternative.

  38. Just as much as the Cost of Profit, it’s the Cost of Estrogen. Not only is this current panic hormonal, as pointed out in Saturday’s column, but also, since the ’60s, the eternal and infernal shopping that all this credit has funded is another Cost of Estrogen. Ironic, since Estrogen loathes competition and the free market, but loves the shopping mall.

    Credit also funds every hypochondriac’s every whim, be it Medicare, Medicaid, or Visa – this is another indulgence of Estrogen Gone Wild. The personal injury lawyers and the Fed have tapped into all this societal female hormone – no one is ever supposed to suffer from bad luck or the roll of the dice or just plain stupidity or recklessness or moral hazard. Everyone is to get in the fetal position and wait for government to kiss it and make it better. If only small children were receiving the equivalent of a fraction of this mothering all day at home with an attentive mom.

    And the wily testosterone that flows in the globalists’ veins exploits all this for all it’s worth.

    • Moral hazard. A concept that needs more discussion. Like the Chinese flu culling the old, the weak, the infirmed—moral hazard culls the greedy and stupid. Remove that from the economy at your own risk.

      • What I meant was that under Big Estrogen, as manipulated by the 1%, no one is supposed to suffer from stupid investments, for example banks making loans unsupported by a lender’s solvency or excellent prospects for solvency. I would like to remove the financing of that from the economy.

        • That’s just the people in power washing each other’s hands clean. It’s corruption, not estrogen. Large doses of testosterone will be required if we are ever going to clean it up though. They will not give up their power willingly.

          • Breaking news. Coronavirus destroys your balls. It’s a bioweapon aimed at fertility and masculinity 🙂

            Anybody figuring out the game yet?

            We’re either dealing with true villains, or incompetent larpers. Given the general state of retardation, which is more likely?

          • Another ‘leadership’ possibility exemplified by Career Builder Monkeys Super Bowl XL Commercial.

          • It may. But that hasn’t been proven yet. It’s likely, though, that people with uncompromised immune systems will fare okay. The testicles have a special antiviral and antibacterial layer that makes them better protected than the kidneys.

            So yes, jizzing is more important than pissing.

          • I’m out on this coronavirus business. The millions of forecasted dead aren’t happening so now it attacks manhood, or young people, or whatever it takes to keep people watching. It’s too much. This is actually retarded. It’s an argument for depopulation instead of actual depopulation.

            And that’s not a word I use lightly but I don’t know how else to describe what I’m seeing.

          • The best (or worst) part is the flat curvers will claim another victory of science over nature. Just shiver in your cages and millions won’t die. Be sure to stay 6ft apart. Trump will get in on the action too, no doubt. The Breitbart crowd will hit their knees.

          • Don’t worry, I’m sure that once the deaths fail to materialize the media will discover that C-19 exacerbates climate change – or was exacerbated BY climate change, maybe both. The take-home point will be that Orange Man Bad. Then again perhaps the WHO and CDC will simply reclassify any death anywhere, from anything, as Coronachan related.

            After all, the mentality of our time seems to be in the direction of attributing pretty much any bad thing to some vague miasma or combination of spooky-action-at-a-distance phenomena. I believe Zman has commented on this. It’s a return to a sort of modern animism with vague social ills replacing tree and river spirits.

            So yeah, definitely an argument for a Great Culling.

          • [We’re either dealing with true villains, or incompetent larpers. Given the general state of retardation, which is more likely?]

            This is exactly what most people say about the Right.

          • Loans to insolvents are sold as all helpless children are to be treated equally, regardless of solvency. That is an appeal to estrogen.

      • The problem is, the moral hazard is only growing. Most recently it’s…call it the Coronavirus Bailout (2020, already 2 trill? 4? Who’s counting?)

        2008 it was the E-z mortgage blowup..nearly brought on a Depression according to some…

        1975 was the NYC and Chrysler bail-outs…
        1971…US reneged on its gold standard (for last time)
        1934…USA reneged on Gold standard, devalued from $20 to $35…

        I’m sure there’s many more, but to make a point…the government gradually been reneging on the value of its promises and/or being guarantor of private contracts…

        1964 took away many freedoms of association (Civil Rights act)

        1948 … took away restrictive covenants on property …
        1860 … took away rights to certain type of property we must not mention here…were the owners ever compensated? Nope, not that I know of…half a million Americans died too. Pretty big prices…

    • That’s quite an interesting perspective – made all the more so as WATV is female. In addition to Cost of Profit and Cost of Estrogen, there are other costs – Cost of Stupidity being one.
      I do, however, heartily concur with your assessment (and inasmuch as I am a male of the species – hopefully it is permissible to do so).
      Are there are there other likeminded women out there, or is yours the voice of one crying in the wilderness?

      • I have a barrel racer friend who agrees with me wholeheartedly, SISL. She’s self-employed in the beauty biz and shut down right now as “non-essential.” That this government can tell any business it is “non-essential” makes both of us furious. We girls raised on ranches usually aren’t afraid to look a problem in the eye. Meanwhile, other female friends regard me warily as I try to explain the economics of this situation to them.

        • The ‘non-essential’ thing reminds me of that old Twilight Zone episode where people were being declared “obsolete”…

        • OMG. OMG. I love her. I love her.
          I LOVE this kid!!

          She is so far ahead of the curve she is meeting herself. And a modified Nazi salute from the Terran Empire, to boot!

          Earth Empress by 2064. Bet me.

          • Listening to her may become “cool” in teenage circles. She could be the next big thing. Who knows – she may save a bunch of these mixed up kids from themselves.

            And a little child shall lead them . . .

    • It’s funny how women are so “anti-bullying,” yet they’re the first to shout down anyone who questions the religion of #stayhome and #flattenthecurve

    • Oh please the panic is not driven by hormonal women. Z is dead wrong. The Media has been using panics to goad the population before Z was born. We can easily go back to the sinking of the Maine to see that.

      Most DR are too damn young and anti-female to remember the series of panics the MSM played on the American people since 70’s and there is a lot of them which the government and business benefited greatly from.

      Though in this panic it is clear that the males are just addlepatted as the females. It is quite clear even the elite and military leaders have bought into the hysteria and wiling to destroy the U.S. economy and probably set off a civil war.

      • Bro the maine thing wasn’t a panic, it was a false flag so the gov’t could gin up a war against spain to “liberate” cuba. Seems everywhere we “liberate” ends up being our enemy don’t it? And the wahmen psi op has been going on since the 20s. Most women didn’t even want the vote then. It was purely donor class created anti-whiteism to depress the birthrate. A funny one from the 70s was “global cooling”… lol. I’m not sure about the virus though, probably is far less lethal than claimed but I’m still gonna be washing my hands and not touching my face just in case. Call me a pussy if you want. Idgaf. China is not gonna shut down a quarter of its economy for 2 months for nothing, how many women leaders do you see in china? None? And maybe that’s part of why they are kicking our ass in most things today despite being peasant farmers 3 decades ago. I don’t buy it. The virus being a chinese bioweapon is more plausible to me than it being jussdaflubro.

      • The media wouldn’t be as influential without the easily manipulated, shrieking women. And they Are definitely worse for it.

      • Part of the reason many men in online rightist spheres (Z blog’s august audience excepted of course) skew bitter towards women is simply because there are so few women in their circles. Scarcity in the sexual market place means these women often behave poorly and probably seem out of reach.

        Go to a party in nyc or Washington and theres two women for every man. All liberal, all gentle as kittens as long as you don’t flaunt your power levels.

        • Female hypergamy means that 5% of the guys do 95% of the f**king. Those women who don’t turn themselves into orcas in their teens will be passed around by that 5%, then depart as bitter, used-up shrews. Lack of fathers means many young men have no one to teach them how to “be a man.”

          I’m married and past all that crap, but I still feel for my younger brethren. Don’t cast aspersions with a sexual version of “Muh Bootstraps.”

          • Meme, this whole 95-5% or 80-20% thing is just an idea or speculation I’ve only ever seen in certain corners of the internet. It’s rediculous on it’s face for multiple reasons.

          • Well I think the pareto thing is true, at least on dating apps like tinder. My anecdotal evidence confirms it. On the other hand, the user base is 80% male so most women don’t use it. The women who do are mostly flighty, boring and shallow from my experience. Post a few shirtless pics, flex your abs and it won’t matter at all what you write in your profile you’ll get plenty of matches, but not anyone you would want to do anything other than a 1 night stand with, personality = 0. Be average looking and/or flabby and you’ll get nothing but bottom 20% women in your queue, if that. Tinder should be destroyed, and it’s creators redacted. It’s a meat market, the opposite of what courtship should be.

      • He has a point.
        The media and their masters have long played the Americans, and others like fiddles.

        Really democracy was never supposed to go past the fighting men. Even then foolish wars happened but you suffered for it.

        Estrogen just takes the crazy and the emotional gullibility to new levels.

        This is a strain of flu. That’s it.
        But now we can’t get out of the loop, nor the Depression and likely war to follow.

        Well they’ll pay with their own suffering, their own blood.

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