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After a while of doing this, you get to see the patterns. Certain times of the year have high traffic to the site, more comments and so on. Other times of the year it goes the other way, sometimes in the extreme. Most years, the week leading up to Memorial Day in the United States is one of the slowest weeks. Independence Day is another dead period for the site. It makes sense and is encouraging. People are thinking about outside stuff, so they don’t have time for politics.

This year has not been much different, despite the fact everyone has been stuck at home for going on two months. Around here, people would normally be headed to the beach or off to the woods for camping and hiking. The locals would be looking forward to a long weekend of shooting at one another. The lock down has been lifted by the state, but local government continues to keep the policies in place, so the beach and camping are closed. Gun play is still possible.

Still, traffic has ticked down, so I thought it would be a good week to catch up on the mail bag, but the mail has gotten away from me again. I sat down last night to clean out the inbox and the task was too much. I did notice a lot of familiar questions from unfamiliar correspondents. That spawned the brilliant idea of doing a show on the most common questions I get from readers and listeners. All of them are about me in some way, hence the title of the show this week.

I have to say that I did not like how it came out. I’m not a fan of talking about myself, as I’m not that interesting. It’s not false modesty. It is reality. No one is really that interesting when you think about it. You can do interesting things or have interesting experiences, but those things are not dependent upon you to be interesting. Throw Fred from accounting into the middle of a street riot and Fred will have some fun stories for the next office party. Fred, however, is still a boring guy.

That said, I have been studying live streaming for the last couple of months, as I have been contemplating that avenue. One of the things I’ve noticed is all of the popular streamers are highly personal in their presentation. They talk about themselves endlessly on their shows. That may be the appeal. For the people watching these shows, it’s like having the streamer in the home. Even TV chat show hosts are not as personal in their presentation as the live streamer.

What that means is if you wish to be a modern media star these days, you will have to endlessly talk about yourself. That’s probably why the space is so heavy with women and gay men. That’s the other thing I’ve noticed about the live stream world. It has a lot of girls and gay guys. At least I think they are girls and gays. You never can tell for sure, as some of them may be a man dressed as a woman claiming to be deer. Some claim to be hundreds of people trapped in a girl’s body.

This is a familiar topic, but there has to be consequences to having the public space dominated by lunatics. Even assuming they are harmless lunatics, like the guy in drag claiming to be Bambi. It is impossible to have a serious conversation with someone in that condition. Why would you? It is impossible to be mature and thoughtful in the presence of someone claiming to be a deer. It means all serious conversation about serious issues will be crowded out by the lunatics.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. I am now on Deezer, for our European haters and Stitcher for the weirdos. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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201 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. New(ish) to this side of the great divide but have listened to most of your podcasts and I’m trying to work my way through your blog posts. I’m grateful for your mature and thoughtful discussions because unfortunately so many on the far right (or whatever) sound seem shrill and insane, even though they may be at least partially right on the issues. Have you written any sort of all-encompassing summation of your worldview? If so I’d love to read it. (And your book, if that’s something you’re working on.) Anyway, thank you for your good work. I enjoyed learning a bit about The Z Man.

  2. Interesting observation between video consumption vs. IQ level. While I am no genius hate the fact the local news website has every story linked to a video. I mean it’s all videos !

    Just trying to read a quick forecast brings up some over animated weathermen. After several futile attempts to kill the pop up I just sit there and listen to “Mom” tell me about wearing sunblock and bringing jacket for the cool evening temperatures. Now you can even watch TV while pumping gas. Really is starting to turn into some kind of science fiction movie.

    Feel your pain about not having kids . Was too overcautious watching friends get married , have kids, get divorced and fight over the children. Finally found a decent mate, but alas we’re both too old. As far as living in a black community ? Well, I was one of the last holdouts in my old neighborhood.

    Dealing with criminals all day and then coming home having to live next to them just became too much. Think once you move out of that area you’ll be much happier and going back to visit realize just how crazy it was living in that environment. Lastly, can understand natural curiosity, but your personal life it’s none of my business. Enjoy the blog and that’s good enough for me.

    P,S. Have sent a couple of checks . Hope you’ve got them. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the book.

  3. Z on why he didn’t have kids resonated with me. I’m of Z’s generation, but younger and better looking.

    In the 70s-80s, the message everywhere was that marriage was for suckers. My parents, bless them, stayed together while half of my friends’ parents divorced.

    I guess that my parents wondered if they would be happier if they were single and childless I guess my Dad imagined he’d be having lots of sex with liberated women and my Mom imagined she’d be a CEO.

    I absorbed the message that marriage and kids were for suckers and didn’t unlearn it until recently.

  4. Another Gen-X’er here. I just took a quick inventory of guys who were really good friends of mine, from Kindergarten through our early 20’s — we’re all in our late 40’s/early 50’s now. I came up with 11 who didn’t get married or married then divorced, and 4 who had gotten married and stayed married, although one of them, soon to be married 25 years, never had kids. The group of 4 also contained my lone Jewish friend for whatever that’s worth.

    We all grew up in a heavily Catholic rust belt town. Thinking back, I believe all 15 of us had a two parent home, with no divorce involved, and we all had siblings. Further, I bet many of them look back to our formative years very, very fondly. What the hell went wrong?

    As for your friend who talked about becoming a parent late in life, I have to say that’s a fairly selfish thing to do. Besides the uncertainty of mortality, the fact that you might not be around to finish raising your child, there are certain parenting activities that require a modicum of youth. I had my lone child at 43 and I’d say I just made it under the wire. I’m thankful that intellectually it’s the not the me of my 20’s raising my daughter, but physically I’m not so sure. My parents had their three kids by the time they were 28 and I’m convinced this is the way to go. I’d have probably red-pilled much earlier if I’d had children.

    • I just thought of two more, one divorced and one never married. So that’s 13 on the other side of the ledger.

    • When you have kids, you suddenly have to stop thinking only of yourself only and concentrate on the lives of those under your care. And you also realize there’s a future that’s beyond your lifetime, let alone just the present.

      • When they showed me my daughter for the first time, an incredibly powerful feeling of tranquility came over me quite unexpectedly. Something spoke to me and said, “now you can die in peace.” It wasn’t a morbid thought at all, just a sense of fulfillment. I don’t believe it’s possible to have that feeling without beholding your own progeny.

  5. Sorry bout the gloomy Gus

    The Spirit that lives in us- what Christians call the Christ- is what makes the good a tribe too

    Besides, Covid isn’t such a big deal

    It’s only a TBTF bailout of the state and municipal pension funds

  6. Must say I am disappointed that Z man doesn’t think it is necessary for our people to marry before they propagate while opining in the next breath that no fault divorce has been terrible for white (and black) families. No self-respecting DR movement can or should have a blind spot to the serious evil that broken, ununified homes and illegitimacy have had on our community and society. Our movement must encourage lasting, fruitful marriage based on mutual love and support if we are to get anywhere. Fortunately, I think Z is a reasomable enough guy to see the error in his statement and to change his mind, or at least clarify that he didn’t mean “as long as she is white, get her pregnant, and it doesn’t matter if you marry her.”

  7. Hands down best comment section,
    I used to look forward to FTN especially the deep dives when ethnarch was involved.
    I suspect habersham may have left due to jazzhands increasingly shrill tirades “orange faggot” & such.
    I believe halbershram was a moderating influence.
    I thought it was good of them to give alsup job as he is a local boy (pnw) I had participated in an action at the UW with alsup & I was impressed at the time.
    After a few weeks it became apparent FTN was just going to be a JH rage fest, I’ve tried to listen a couple times since but have turned it off.
    Ill just kick the bucks I used to pay them over to Z man. As I lost interest in TDS a year ago.

    • Ethnarch was the one from whom I heard about the Zman when he mentioned the blog back when he would guest-host FTN. Since then, I have been a daily reader. I miss Ethnarch’s opinions and commentary. He gave great bookrecommendations, too. If he is reading this, I am a big fan!

  8. Funny to hear about the whole Gen-Xer no kids thing – it seemed to happen over the span of one afternoon that everyone agreed children were the worst possible thing.

    I listened to Springsteen’s “The River,” the other day and was thinking about how odd it seems now and how, in 1980, it perfectly captured how all the kids felt. How strange: a sad ballad about how a guy spent a couple years shagging his tasty girlfriend, knocks her up, gets married, and then the community provides him with lifetime employment so he can raise his family. But he sings it like it’s a complete catastrophe.

    “Then I got Mary pregnant and, man, that was all she wrote. For my nineteenth birthday I got a union card and a wedding coat.”

    But that was the spirit of the age: a family means your life is over, family is death. Is it any wonder that the subsequent generations figured that, if you’re supposed to live before you die, it would be better simply to skip the dying part?

    My wife bought in to it, as well. “Oh, no. No children.” Fortunately, we were reckless and had two, but it was years before we properly understood what had happened was, well, grace.

  9. I was born in the DC area (DC actually!) and lived much of my life in South Lagos (No. VA). Many times in my 20s and 30s I would day-trip up to Baltimore. It did have its charms, the Inner Harbor, a bike ride around the city, etc. I think it’s deteriorated a bit in the past twenty years, and I doubt I’d be brave enough to go there any more. One thing that suprised me: I would note the decrepit old “Domino Sugar” sign when driving on the interstate. “A remnant of long ago, in Baltimore’s industrial heyday” I though to myself. How wrong I was…Recently I looked it up and Domino is still in business there, nearly a hundred years. Good on them! (Even if I usually use saccharine) 😀

  10. Re-marriagable women. Heartiste back in the day posted or linked to statistics relating that length of marriage and women’s happiness in marriage tracked closely with the numbers of sexual partners women had before marriage. Very closely.

  11. Mr. Z, kind of off on a tangent, but the title of today’s podcast brought to mind a song by Toby Keith, “I Wanna Talk About Me”. While I realize you don’t really wanna, it’s kind of funny and tongue in cheek. Don’t know if you enjoy country music, but you did end last week’s podcast with a good Charlie Daniels song that I doubt I’ve heard in 45 years! Bravo!

  12. I am 55. Your answer on no children parallels mine so much I wonder if I am plagiarizing your life somehow.

  13. Fwiw my vote for best Lebanon bologna goes to Groff’s of E-town. They make a small roll of sweet bologna that can’t be beat.

  14. Z basically describes a female gab-fest party from decades ago as being the way both news and entertainment works today. Those were not his exact words, but that is what I got of of the post.

    The total fraud of the Corona virus panic is a prime example. All kinds of women on TV telling people we would all DIE if we did not hide in our bedrooms. And hid alone! Kick the mate out, he/she might infect us!

    We will never have a decent society again unless men take back control. Damn, I sound like Archie Bunker. But the feminization of America is one of the causes of our terrible situation. (note; I wrote one of he causes, there are several)

  15. Hey Z, would You credit the song at the end? I searched for the words in lyrics, but came up with nothing.

    • Federkleid, Faun

      Across the heath, in the early morning glow
      Birds pass on by, where may they be tomorrow
      I follow the sizzling of the wings into the somber moor
      Age-old songs resound from the haze

      Come and fly away with us
      Let the wind carry you
      Far away from this place
      Come and fly as high as you can
      Let us chase the skies
      In our dance

      Silken Haze, so chilly, brushing my skin
      Further and further, where shall I find my yearning’s goal
      I close my eyes and grow a plumage
      I feel the wind already and spread my wings to fly

      Come and fly away with us
      Let the wind carry you
      Far away from this place
      Come and fly as high as you can
      Let us chase the skies
      In our dance

      The heavens in you, how can I know them, can I see them
      In flight we dance like the stars, moving on their paths

      Come and fly away with us
      Let the wind carry you
      Far away from this place
      Come and fly as high as you can
      Let us chase the skies
      In our dance

      [Strophe 1]
      Über die Heide, im ersten morgendlichen Schein
      Ziehen die Vögel, wo mögen sie wohl morgen sein
      Ich folge dem Rauschen der Schwingen in das stille Moor
      Uralte Lieder dringen aus den Nebeln vor

      Komm und fliege mit uns fort!
      Lass den Wind dich tragen
      Weit fort von diesem Ort!
      Komm und flieg so hoch du kannst
      Lass uns die Himmel jagen
      Im Tanz!

      [Strophe 2]
      Nebel wie Seide streifen meine Haut so kühl
      Weiter und weiter, wo find ich meiner Sehnsucht Ziel
      Ich schließe die Augen und mir sprießt ein Federkleid
      Schon spür ich den Wind und mache meine Flügel weit

      Komm und fliege mit uns fort!
      Lass den Wind dich tragen
      Weit fort von diesem Ort!
      Komm und flieg so hoch du kannst
      Lass uns die Himmel jagen

    • I found Z through his comments on West Hunter (Cochran’s blog). Z’s comments were consistently outstanding and suddenly it dawned on me to click on his name. And I was here. 😉

  16. In regards to the TRS types, I’d like to see our own coalition of the fringes.

    I agree, though, what is needed is not to persuade or convince, but to first find mutual agreement. That’s why people talk in the first place.

    Me and the Christians think each other has it bass-akwards, but we’ve arrived at the same place. The Tribulation is here.

    What the Christians don’t quite get is that many of the figures in the Book- Adam and the Snake, Cain and Abel, the False Jew and the Messiah of the Revelations– are not individuals or entities.

    The narrative shorthand is an Everyman style description of groups, of cultures.
    The Messiah To Come is a people, a Tribe.

    They will gladly herald the wrong one, awaiting a King. Such a simple trick, so it all seems expected, except it brings the dark-mirror version. A Bloody Messiah behind the curtains.
    The Revelations, for some, are not a warning, but a victory celebration.

    The trick is that there’s no cavalry or Calvary coming. The Christ followers, and the others of good will, are already here.
    They are all the force we call the Creator can do. Escape is the only option until we figure out how to defeat the dread Infection.

    Well, at least there’s still a Heaven- that’s what a living world is for, to form one, just as we bodies create the gods, not they us- but the living world will belong to the seeds of Abraham, the Lucifer, and the mad gods of those like him.

    It will take another turn of evolution to push it back if we are lost. I despair, yet still hope, glad we are alive now, and still have a chance.

    • (Apologies to whatever parable I stole this from…) We are just the servants treating each other poorly and wrecking the home, while the Master is away on a journey. The believers would have you believe that Master will punish wrong-doers and restore order when He returns. The skeptics would say there is no master. The Realist (me) sadly notes that, in either case, the house is a shambles in the meantime. No problem, grab a bottle from the cellar, light up a Blunt and enjoy 🙁

  17. Zman, I really appreciated your comments about Lagos. Having spent some time there in the past, I too was struck by its profound architectural beauty, but also saddened and enraged over how badly blacks have destroyed that city. Even in neighborhoods that have been mostly abandoned and overgrown you could see the lingering architectural beauty, much like you would in the ruins of a castle in Europe.

    Various dissident right people have commented on this many times, but perhaps one of the things fueling black-on-white violence in these cities — and the corresponding black-on-white hatred on college campuses — is a deep subconscious understanding on the part of blacks that, contrary to everything they’ve been told, they’ve actually been given MORE than whites have ever been given, and still have failed spectacularly. So in the case of cities like Lagos or Philly, they were given majestic top-of-the-line white neighborhoods, and plenty of cold hard cash and other gibs to live comfortably in those neighborhoods, yet they’ve ruined them so spectacularly that those neighborhoods are now reverting to old-growth forest. It takes a special kind of stunning incompetence to accomplish that — even whites with the entire steel industry ripped away from them never turned Pittsburgh into that kind of third world shithole.

    Deep down, the blacks rampaging on their periodic flash mobs and flash robs understand that they’re abject failures, and this causes them to attack white people. It must be terrifying to come to terms with the fact that you can be given every benefit and leg up in the world only to realize that despite all that, you will still fail and never be able to compete due to biology. There’s no possible way to psychologically overcome that unless you can once more be separated into your own community to look after your own kind, rather than being forced to compete against an alien community that has expectations you’ll never be able to meet.

    You see the same thing on the college campus — there’s less violence, but the black-on-white hatred that seeps into the MSM and social media is born of a deep subconscious understanding that blacks who have been forced into these white institutions will never be able to compete, fueling ever deeper resentment of whites.

    Leftism has grown more unhinged because it has finally realized that integration has failed, but it hasn’t yet figured out how to come to terms with this reality. Scratch behind the MSM and social media, and a surprisingly high proportion of leftists are race realists. I can confirm Zman’s observations about most of white Lagos being race realists — back when I was there I discovered that while whites may have put on an “I love vibrancy” public face, once you got talking to the same people one-on-one or in smaller groups, they were as race realist as John Derbyshire. All of them had given Derb’s version of “the talk” to their kids, family, and friends.

    • Excellent if voluminous post 🙂 Fully agree…most of us here probably agree on the “Blacks are worse off due to genetics” claims. But rarely is it ever mentioned the problem of self-hate. Yes, black-on-white crime is a problem, but 95% of blacks killed are by other blacks. Blacks are their own worst enemy. The best thing we can do is give them a place of their own to run [down] 🙁 White do-gooders should be allowed to help them, but not if it causes problems for those of us who would rather live in a monochromatic community 🙂 If any of the do-gooders manage to make it back to our side, we will treat their wounds as best we can, and nod sadly as they recount their woes 😀

  18. I told my brother when he reached thirty (he’s 60 now) that he needs to go places where the women who want to get married are, like church. He didn’t and is childless. Men didn’t used to require their wives to share their philosophy. Rich, educated men used to marry their secretaries, and went to church with their wives even if they weren’t believers. It wasn’t just the teenage girls who changed in the ’80s.

    • Hmm. I unwittingly followed your advice. I got in a church in my college years and ended up married and with five kids despite being extremely shy with women and having zero game. 🙂

      So, I endorse this message.

      (I’m about two years older than the Zman.)

  19. Zman, what you are talking about (other livestreamers) is a persona. also your voice is probably your best feature (not having seen your face though) and you have said people have recognized you at events based on it. So IMO that should be the “core” of whatever persona you come up with.

    I personally find the South eternally interesting, and more than a little exotic. Southern Gothic is one of my favorite genres, whether in literature, plays, or movies 🙂 And I think there are a lot of Americans with that same interest; maybe even in the South itself.

    So I am thinking you should examine people like Mark Twain, Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, etc. Not to copy them but to get a sense of why they had such cross-over appeal. Maybe I am wrong, but to me you seem to have a good understanding of “both ends of the bridge” regarding the North and South. I genuinely think you could have the cultural and political influence you are working for, by a more oblique approach.

    Also, are you going to go wide, or deep? Maybe both, depending on the topic? Joe Rogan goes pretty wide, IMO, while someone like Michael Savage, or Alex Jones, goes deep. So to speak. What is your “thing” going to be?

    Do you have a clear sense of what your goal is here?

    • Try being that guy that lets his guests talk about interesting things, without the host walking all over the conversation, or turning each conversation into a story about what the host thinks. Of course, the trick is to get guests with interesting things to talk about, and who know how to tell a good story without going on forever. Finding a good supply of that kind of guest is the hard part.

  20. To what end? For what purpose? Dissident marketplace or dissident think tank? It looks like there are quite a few higher I.Q. Individuals thinking from a dissident perspective. The best designs are done over time. Proper dissident perspective is a skill developed over time but must have at its core a certain Je ne sais quoi. Being smarter than the average bears helps. Beware the specialists. Look at all the data. Do not confuse hate with rational self interest.

  21. It’s always fun watching middle and upper-class blacks trying to relate to and draw no distinctions between themselves and their children and Travon Martin, Freddie Grey, Mike Brown and now the Jogging man.
    It really is fun watching them justify the appalling behavior of these guys and pretend the only reason they are dead is because they are black and that they themselves are one ‘agitated white guy’ away from being killed in the streets for driving while black or jogging while or just generally living while black.

    Even among the white nationalist types, we just don’t see this behavior. If some white guy wins a Darwin award making a nuisance of himself, he becomes an object of ridicule and not a fellow to be defended at any cost.

    Great show today. Z might be able to make a live stream work occasionally. But the main problem with the live stream format is there just isn’t enough to talk about for several hours every day, sometimes twice a day and so it always devolves into personal squabbles with fellow live-streamers. The superchats always devolve into a shit show. If you only do it occasionally, there might be enough reasonable questions to fill a 90 minute stream.

    • I understand completely why middle and upper class blacks respond this way. Even if they can’t articulate it this way, a “middle class” black mom knows her kids will be just as violent and dysfunctional as the people she left behind in the ghetto.

      One or two isolated “middle class” black kids in the suburbs may be able to have their most extreme impulses managed by their white friends, but as soon as you get a critical mass of black kids in the suburbs, you get the same behavior that you see in the ghetto. This is because the behavior comes from biology, not class or culture.

      So while a “middle class” black woman may not be able to articulate it this way, she knows instinctually that she and her kids bring the ghetto with them wherever they go. They’re not safe just because they’re in the suburbs. Wherever they go, they know they may be forced to account for their uncontrollable children.

      The black “middle class” is an artificial construction anyway. It’s just the ghetto transplanted into ranch houses. A long time ago The Woodpile Report pointed out that 60% of this “middle class” is employed by government.

      • It’s more complicated than that. The black middle class is on average smarter and less violent than blacks in the ghetto. They are on average more violent than whites of the same IQ though. Their kids tend to be closer to the racial average than they are (the same is true for whites) via reversion to the mean.
        But my point is that they know the behavior is appalling and indefensible. And while it may be funny to watch them squirm, at the bottom of it all is hatred of white people. It is very easy to ascribe the bad behavior to the people you don’t like.

          • This explains why Washington’s suburban Prince George’s County, which is full of wealthy black government workers and MBE contractors, is still more violent than poor white West Virginia.

            Even if a mom wants to take her kids out of the ghetto, nature is relentless and remorseless: most kids regress to the thug lyfe.

          • PG County, back when I grew up in Montgomery County in the ’60s-’70s, was lower middle-class/working-class Whites. The so-called “middle class blacks” who moved in and took it over absolutely destroyed it. The entire “middle-class black” thing is a myth. Income does not alter genetics. Even half White admixture is generally not enough to overcome sub-Saharan genetics and life outcomes.

      • Pity the Talented Tenth Blacks (at least a little): they’ve made it into a semblance of the middle class (quite likely with a genrous helping of affirmative action and quotas). Then they have kids. Those darn genetics kick in. Even with “normal” (White people) the sad fact is that kids rarely turn out as successful as the parents (unless the parents are average!). The best thing that wealthier Blacks can hope for is to isolate their spawn from the worst elements of their race, for as long as possible.

  22. An interesting person has an interesting mind. Z-man is an interesting person.

  23. I was gonna say, Lagos is probably the most advanced all African city.

    Does z find baltimoreans to be race realist? I live in a similar southeastern city and I find that most are delusional on race. Right around where I live there have been the most heinous shootings and murders, but the white populace seems oblivious. News reports are brief and sketchy and often to get the full story on what really happened, you have to know the people involved. Some are standard mugging, but some have unclear or random motives.

    A couple of years back, a high profile woman was shot in a mugging near my house, and when I would talk to people about it, multiple times they would say stuff like “now she resisted, didn’t she?” As if she deserved it for resisting arrest or something, lol! Come to think of it, how could anyone know what really happened because she was killed? Delusional I tell you!

    • Good thing the woman didn’t shoot the assailant. If she had, she’d be up on murder and violation of civil rights charges. The NAACP and Nation of Islam would have gotten involved. And ghetto sections of Baltimore, Detroit and St. Louis would have been ablaze. 🙁

  24. I’ve never had any patience for livestreaming. Wrong generation, I guess. The signal to noise ratio is so very low. So much rambling. I remember I went to watch a Nick Fuentes livestream after the fact (after it was finished and posted) right about the time that he was tormenting Charlie Kirk and the rest of his group on their speaking tour and I was curious who he was. The stream had a half hour of empty air at the beginning (before he eventually showed up, which I think is just plain rude. Apparently it is common). I made what I thought was an innoccent comment that it would have been nice if he trimmed off the dead air before posting and got absolutely ripped apart. Apparently in the streaming culture, stuff like that is just expected. Gave me a bad taste of the kind of people who follow Fuentes.

    • I’m baffled by the long intro too. It is common. The music is usually awful. There’s a strong generational element there. Young people love the live stream culture, while older people think it is weird and boring.

      • I am very sorry to insult but younger people like to get united and get something done. Not absurd fight about music or optics or endless fierce bullshit what one or another worn mean or what is better, duginism, bullshitism hamsterism or whattaboutism. This is the main problem about intellectuualism. Richard Spender and Amren and Scandza were thrown out from Eastern Europe because of this. They demoralize the youth. Build strong pro normal people movement, drive the to power, remove liberals and close the borders. Nothing intellectual , irrational dysfunctional, white national or homosexual. Of course, there may be endless discussion what is more important, Hegelian or Ballsrachian but those debates drive every normal person away.

        • Sitting around for two hours at a stretch listening to Nick Fuentes or Owen Benjamin ramble incoherently isn’t getting anything done.

        • Eastern Europe is a special case. Time will tell if they can resist the lure of liberal democracy. The collapse in fertility and church attendance suggest no, but we’ll see.

          • the world will be a diffrent place in a few months when the economic destriction from the “lockdown” manifests itself. supply chains have been destroyed . I feel for the africans . tourism , commodities , and remitances are their meager lifeblood. All three have been destroyed by this . I know that some of their issues come from their governments , but they probably have no more say in their governments than we do, and are thus blameless.

  25. A quick TRS comment, I’m sure there are others. I think you may be dismissing the generational aspect of it. There’s a big difference between Gen Xers who were children of the 70s and came of age in the 80s vs. ones who were children of the 80s who came of age in the 90s. We all experienced the cultural wrecking ball, but yours being 10 years older than our age group. Our experience was even more catastrophic, and created people even more reactionary. I find their AOC monetary policy the most laughable, and yes, they have Jew on the brain, but I enjoy their rage and lashing out, especially at Republicans. I also enjoy Paul Ramsey and Derbyshire, but as boomers, they’re even more mellow and sanguine than you are. Intellectual coherency aside, raw rage counts of a lot in these times. They’re dissidents too, but you have pre-Nirvana dissidents and post-Nirvana dissidents.

  26. Philadelphia is a lot like Baltimore in that sense. It’s one of the oldest cities in the US with lots of great architecture. There are parts of Philadelphia which used to be majestic. Girard Avenue has some very beautiful 3 story rowhomes with elevated 2nd story porches with storefronts beneath them. These were nice large homes with trolley lines serving them and a relatively short walk between them and center city. But today they are just one big slum neglected into a completely sorry state of disrepair in a neighborhood where nobody is safe and all of the store fronts are either completely abandoned or covered in various states of jailhouse bars and grating. There are some old mansions along the train stops which were once the suburbs of Philadelphia. The mansions have been parceled up into low rent apartments and the parks lining the other side littered with prostitution and needles.

    America’s cities, especially those on the East coast have some of the saddest histories. Most have been destroyed in the last 80 years. They are one of the many losses we suffered because of World War 2. It is like they all got hit with bombs and nobody bothered to fix the rubble. Philadelphia has an elevated line called the Market Frankford line. It goes through some of the old industrial sections of Philadelphia and passes under center city Philadelphia. When you look out the windows during the elevated parts you see almost nothing but decay, graffiti and, strangely enough, there are even buildings so neglected there are trees growing out of the roofs. Most of the store fronts are gone, boarded up, impossible to run because of crime keeping the customers away and break-ins at night. Both ends are loaded with prostitution and drug sales where the stores used to be.

    All of this beauty and practicality replaced by soulless suburbs because we are too cowardly to speak the truth and fix the damn problem. The SJWs love to bitch about cars, but the reality is America needs cars because of them! People left the city not because they hated city life. People love cities. People left the cities because they were becoming their very own “Lagos”

    • Worst part is people think it’s inevitable. Even the burbs aren’t what they used to be. The solutions are simple and obvious but too few have the stomach for it. Much easier to cower, dodge accusations of racism, flee to some new subdivision in the countryside or a condo in some small city in the next county.

      Funny, I was listening to JLP yesterday and he said it. Talked about whites running and how the same people end up following them and recreating the mess. Said whites need to stand up. It was… amazing!

      • He gets away with everything. I wish there were some whites on the AM dial with 1/2 the balls of Jesse.

      • For your suggestion to be workable, we will have to dispense with several laws and Supreme Court decisions since WW II. I can provide you a list if you need one 🙂

    • It would be a very long shot, but if one could invest in some of the classical architecture and hold for, um, several decades, perhaps things might improve. Growing up around DC, I witnessed (at a distance, mercifully) the decay from 1960s for a few decades. But in past twenty years or so DC has had quite the gentrification, probably the most in the country. I’d say odds are against my investing idea, but DC does show that sometimes an area can come back. I’m still waiting for world on what might encourage middle-class whites to move back to America’s once-great cities 😀

  27. Just read that CNN pundits were kicking around the idea of having lockdown protesters waive their medical coverage. Yeah, it’s a fluff sesh, but the mere suggestion is annoying to me. They lobbed a few loaded questions to some ponce doctor about how protesters are “potentially inflicting death upon their communities.” Shame!

    Honestly, I think that big healthcare and the medical insurance covens (mostly women) have a lot of nerve to tell us about propriety or endangering lives when they’re charging 600 dollars for a 30-day supply of insulin. What’s even funnier, they’re generously “discounting it [insulin] due to the current crisis.” Thanks, guys, for charging 60 dollars — nearly double the normal rate of insulin in most other countries — during a crisis. If every other company on earth can cope with merely quadrupling their profits, why can’t Eli Lily?

    • There’s nothing that the Leftist won’t do to hurt those whom they disagree with. They are just showing another example for the record. How about we change COVID-19 infection to penalties for being overweight, diabetic, or hypertensive. Doubt they’d sign up for that as those lifestyle “diseases” hit a bit too close to home for them and their pet minorities.

  28. Even assuming they are harmless lunatics, like the guy in drag claiming to be Bambi.

    I don’t think he’s a harmless lunatic. He’s busy trying to destroy Twitch. Like the other mentally ill man dressed as a woman who has taken over the open source movement, these lunatics also tend to be obsessive and devote endless energy to their projects. Since it is impossible for a company’s official position to be “You’re a lunatic, go away,” they wear institutions down through their persistence.

    • Drag Bambi is a lure operated by others. If the people *really* destroying that platform ignore Drag Bambi, no one would care about his act.

    • Destroying twitch would be a service to the world and more than we could ever hope this lunatic could accomplish. Personally, I just cannot understand what people like about it. You go watch other people play video games or women thoting for subscriptions.

      IMHO, twitch is one of the signs of how rotten everything is.

  29. Your content is basically great, but one suggestion is to chop up your podcast into individual videos. You don’t even need real “video”, just one photo per segment.

    People will be less intimidated by the 5 and 10 minute run times. Also, the “classics” can go viral, and be seen for many years after they’ve been released.

    As it is now, they’re “locked up” in the longer podcasts, and only very hardy or hardcore listeners will binge-watch whole podcasts from years before.

    Just a thought.

  30. We went the other way on the children thing.

    When my high school sweat heart got pregnant, we got married. Coming from shitlib families we were considered a disgrace, and nobody gave our marriage a chance of lasting more than a couple years. (We just had our 35th anniversary back in March). Contrarily, unlike the other kids in our families, we are the only ones still on our first marriage. All the others are divorced. 🙂

    I hate to say it, but having a child was the biggest life mistake I ever made. I was in trouble right from the start. The other shitlibs in my family went to work on my daughter and when I tried to parent my kid, all I got was flak from the relatives. They felt that my kid should be able to behave in ways they would have shot me for when I was her age.

    When she started flunking out at school and acting like a monkey in class, I gave her a spanking and told her to shape up. I nearly had Family Social Services called down on me and could have gone to jail for it. “We do time outs now! Spanking is child abuse!!!” her teacher screeched at me. I told her to FOAD and have no doubts that if I tried that today – I’d be in court up on charges. Everybody carefully avoided noticing that my kid went from being a problem student to an accomplished honour student after having her backside tanned. I got my revenge though: when she graduated 6 months early from high school with honours, I rubbed their noses in it. They hated it too. How smug I was! My marriage was intact, my kid had done well and all her options were wide open and she was a beautiful young woman that had the world by the tail. She went to university to take the sciences. How proud I was.

    Then disaster struck. She had gone to an open house for a no-name college and learned that she could party her way to a fine arts degree. They were honest enough to say “The money wouldn’t be great…” but then followed it up with “follow your dreams, and then the money will follow that!”

    She sand bagged me when she came home to announce that she was dropping the sciences to study art. At the family meeting my in laws showed up and scolded me for being unsupportive. “ALL education is GOOD education!!!” my cucked father in law declared. It was the beginning of the end.

    She took the course and the rest of the story is classic. My beautiful smart daughter went off to take the liberal arts, and came back an unhappy militant lesbian. We had another family meeting and I was informed the family was now officially pozzed. My daughter and her creepy girlfriend would tell us all how to think and speak, my place in the family was that of a punching bag, but only if I behaved myself, and we were all under the rainbow now. I was exiled a little while later. Being a father has been impossible for decades, Z You dodged a bullet by not having kids. I sometimes get bitter and angry and think about what it would like to be a grandfather and what my grandchildren might have looked like … and then I have visions of Greta Thunberg and realize that maybe I have dodged a bullet too.

    I’ve told this story in your pages many times and must apologize. I spent a lot of time being angry and hurt about this (we no longer speak, me with my daughter or my pozzed family). But… so many men have lost so much more. I got off fairly lightly. I’ve seen perfectly good men reduced to suicidal wrecks after being divorced and raped in family court by vindictive ex-wives; I’ve seen them drink themselves unconscious after being financially ruined and seeing their kids turned against them by their mothers. We’ve all seen the vile wine soaked cat ladies these women eventually become. I’ve seen perfectly good kids turn into feral scum while their idiot single mothers pose as heroes and powerful wahmen.

    As you say, Z – none of it shouldn’t have been this way. We shouldn’t be letting grifters and carpet baggers sell our kids fake degrees in fake universities, Our daughters should not be sluts and degenerates, and our women should not be wine soaked rage heads and cat ladies. Nor should such women be in charge of our affairs.

    For me, the first serious resistance started right here, right on your blog. I see intelligent men talking factually and dispassionately about the real state of affairs, and considering options and alternatives. If we can’t hold our families together, we sure as hell won’t be able to hold our communities or nations together either. The wheels are already coming off.

    If I have any advice worth listening to – it’s that in certain cases, the shitlibs are right. Don’t have kids. Fathers are now targets, and if you want to be a good one you will need to be able to take your kid out of the mainstream and support them there for most of their childhood. And that is assuming you marry a good woman and not the average North American Slut.

    Breed wisely, boys. For those of you caught in this maelstrom just trying to be good fathers – you have my prayers.

    Have a great Friday fellas. Sorry for the novel.


    • Sorry you had to go through that Brother but I disagree with you on not having kids…If we do that the future belongs to those who do have them…

      • Yep, the future belongs to those who show up. My one big regret in life is not having more kids.

    • If you don’t have one already, develop a local mannerbund. It doesn’t even have to be explicitly political. You’ll be shocked have much pain you can absorb and how much easier you can swat away your pozzed families’ idiocy (and influence them), when you have a strong male tribe you are attached to.

      Learned this in my twenties when I wondered why everyone saw me as weak and a pushover. Once I started hanging out with a group of like-minded guys, it changed like a switch.

      • I think you men have the right of it. In fact, I think it should become one of the first and foremost missions of the dissident right.

        Look: we know how these f*cks roll. They sexualize kids in elementary now, and put queers and pedos in charge to teach them everything they didn’t need to know about anal sex. It goes downhill from there: kids are taught from childhood why Johnny has three daddies, why Trump=Hitler, and why Tyrone and his fellow joggers can never succeed.

        We need the Boy Scouts back – minus the queers and pedophiles. We need boy’s clubs that teach the young ones how to behave around the girls, and how to be active and constructive in their communities.

        Young fathers need this too. When I was a younger man all this was still new. There was that, plus the fact that I lived in the hive and wouldn’t have seen anything of the manosphere, the NRx or the DR… it wouldn’t have occurred to me to look.

        Most of all, I think we need the churches back, and for the women most of all. It gives them a framework of established morals and ethics, the value and joys of motherhood, and financial, spiritual, and emotional support in bad times.

        This is something that is do-able, and would make for a major kick in the balls to the left – and one they desperately need.

    • I sincerely feel bad for what happened to you with your daughter. I am blessed to have great kids who have never given me a minute of trouble. They are the best thing that happened to me in my entire life.

      I can’t even take credit for them being the way they are. They have been that way since birth. I never even had to discipline them. They are now adults and are much better people than I am. I just got lucky.

      • I generally don’t give down votes, but – you’re full of chit. I’ve seen any number of parents that brag about their perfect children. Single moms are the worst, they all think their children are ‘amazing’. And the kids are invariably always monsters. By the time their kids are in their teens they’re either failing at school or in trouble with the police, or both. Pull my other finger, MA – It has bells on it.

        • You are obviously a very bitter, damaged man.

          I didn’t tell my story to brag. In fact, I admitted I got lucky. But I am no fool. I know my children and everything i said is true. I don’t really care if you think i am full of shit.

          The purpose of my post was to provide an alternative view your anti-children diatribe. I don’t want young people who read this blog to believe that the bleak picture you painted is inevitable.

          You have posted at length about your personal problems in the past. You should consider going on Oprah and emoting like the woman that you are rather than spreading your toxic garbage on a site that is focused on furthering the interests of the future generations of white people. As Lineman said, the future belongs to those who have kids.

          • Yep. My kid put me and her mother through the wringer. It leaves marks. I am still hurt and bitter about it. Perhaps your good fortune rubs salt in a very old wound of mine, and maybe I reacted badly to it. If you and your kids are perfect, smile and carry on.

            I should shut up about it, I suppose. There’s enough horror stories about modern love and marriage out there. And perhaps I do react emotionally when I see younger men going through the same meat grinder I did… or worse.

            I will adamantly disagree with you and our esteemed blog host: if you are going to have kids, it is something that you really, REALLY need to think about. There are real risks, and if things go the wrong way, you could be in for a world of hurt.

          • John. All important life decisions involve proportional levels of risk. Marriage is a risk, even without kids. Read any of the men’s groups for eye openers. And I’ll admit, marriage seems a poor choice for ready availability of sex these days. Marriage would seem important precisely because of desire for family.

            In the Jewish tradition it is considered poor form to brag about your children—as they are a gift from God, good or bad—and you play a limited roll in the process. Jewish beliefs aside, we know from HBD science that our majority contribution is from our genome and that often does not turn out well despite our best efforts in nurturing offspring.

            So if I or others here state for the record our relief that our children have turned out to be better replicas than the original—it is through the Grace of God that such has occurred—and not a statement of our inherent superiority in the reproductive process.

          • Any word on how men (or women for the matter) turn out after a divorce? I’m a sample of the no-kids, never-married male, but just the risk of divorce would quash the deal for me. A wise man once said, “When the dick grows hard, the mind grows soft.” 🙂 As regards the lower classes, widespread welfare destroyed whatever remained of the need for a traditional male in the home. Did the middle class really do much better?

          • As I understand the stat’s from Murray’s book, “Coming Apart”. The middle and lower middle classes are not doing very well in the traditional family department. That’s in contrast to the upper middle and elite classes who have not readily abandoned traditional values such as marriage and family.

            Not sure of cause and effect here, but in friends who have broken (or no families) families, I tend to note that they are/were also doing poorly economically at the time.

          • Fair enough, John Smith. I don’t want to feud with you or anyone else on this message board. You have a right to your opinion. Let’s just agree to disagree and forget the whole thing.

            As I said in my first response, I am truly sorry about your daughter. Time can sometimes heal old wounds and I hope that some day you can reconcile with daughter, even if you disagree with her current lifestyle. I have seen it happen with other people and I sincerely hope it happens for you.

          • My sibling John says, “if you are going to have kids, it is something that you really, REALLY need to think about. There are real risks….” True, but not relevant: Children are ALWAYS a leap into the unknown. I feel for my bro and the family insanity he’s experienced. Yet today’s children will inherit the future and make it what it will become. We cannot leave it to the degenerate and insane, so we must take a leap of faith and be the best parents we can, even if we risk failure in the end.

          • Possibly Jim. I can see a flip side to that: what kind of kids are raised by single parent mothers? 25% of all our mass murderers and criminals are from single parent families. And I have no firm numbers or data, but my anecdotal observation seems to be that over 80% of the remainder children – go on to become marginal adults at best. What use in there in whelping morons and dysfunctional children? They can’t look after themselves, never mind our collective future…

            But as one of the others pointed out – you can do everything right and fail, and do everything wrong and succeed. Having and raising kids is an emotional, divisive issue, especially for those of us that threw everything into their kids and lost. I suppose I am too biased to say anything useful on the subject.

          • John said with respect to having children, “as one of the others pointed out – you can do everything right and fail, and do everything wrong and succeed.” That is true; it is also why having children is always “a leap into the unknown.” Yet doing so is related to the Christian concept of faith; that is something we must uphold, no matter how uncertain the ultimate outcome.

      • I have watched kids in our private school go from 3 years old to 8th grade for a long time. Some are like your kids and never gave any trouble at all. Some had great parents and some had bad parents. On the other hand, there were those who were bad apples from being a baby. And yes, some had good parents and some did not.

        There is something in the DNA that contributes to these things. Damn, I’ll say it. Genetics matters.

    • Having one child was the biggest mistake of your life because… had one child. Even couples with everything going for them don’t bat a thousand unless the occasional broken bat fly drops in. BTW, I know what it is to lose a kid, and it is consuming.

      • I made lots of mistakes, James. In my defense, I was still on the other side of the great divide. I didn’t come here willingly. It was only after my daughter left home that I began to notice things and question them.

        We should have homeschooled – but at the time our economy was in recession and we both had to work to make ends meet. We couldn’t afford the private schools either.

        The other thing that I would do over, if possible – would be to move as far away from the family and in laws as possible. Especially my mother in law. She was a domineering (pardon me: “powerful and independent”) woman that knew everything. My father in law was a cucked peckerheaded boomer that wanted me as pussy whipped as he was. They were always involving themselves in our affairs and stirring up shit. Getting exiled from The Hive was a relief, and I made sure it went both ways. I didn’t want to see them again either.

        There are other things I could have done better … but hindsight is 20/20.

        • glad to hear about your daughter doing well . Keeping her from being turned into a SJW against the force of the cultureal firhose of smut and decadenc aimed at girls is a true acomplishment

        • Other than the very well ordered mind, most of us live our lives by stepping in shit and then spending long periods of time working out of it. A drinking buddy of W C Fields told him that happiness sometimes comes in the door you didn’t know you left open. One can hope.

      • The one piece of advice I now give to parents is, don’t stop with just one child. My wife and I did stop with one (tried for another, but we started too late I guess). He’s a great kid with a good heart, but the only child thing is very real. They are spoiled in more ways than I ever imagined.

        It’s not just the material stuff. Not having a younger sibling, he hasn’t learned the independence that comes when parents have to shift their attention to a baby. Not having an older sibling, he doesn’t have an example. It seems to me that the only child is a bit more needy and later to mature. There also seems to be increased difficulty making friends.

        There’s also the very real worry that when I and my wife pass away, he won’t have the close family ties that only immediate family have.

        So, if you have children, try your best to have at least two. I just think it’s better for everyone.

        • It is thought that much of the feminazi grift gripping the culture is due to small families bringing on great percentages of girls having no brothers.

          • I’m thinking it might also be from boys having no brothers. Brothers fight and learn to fight by fighting each other. Not too long ago, my young son started making some noise about wanting to fight a classmate. I reminded him that this classmate has an older brother, who isn’t exactly a nice guy, so he probably knows how to scrap better than my son. Of course, it made me realize that I need to find an outlet to teach him how to fight. Couldn’t hurt his hockey game either…

          • I would also add that boys growing up without sisters has blinded them to the reality of women. It is much, much easier to place a woman on a pedestal when you don’t know what she is really like.

    • Obviously I can’t/shouldn’t blame the victim here, but I’m just not feeling your dynamics as universally applicable. My general memory of having and raising children was of myself and wife broaching no interference in upbringing and basically being in agreement. Nor do I remember such problems occurring to the extent that bit you in the ass and ruined your daughter. I will also say for the record that to the extent our kids are anything to talk about, it is to the fault/benefit of my wife. She was a natural at this and took to raising them far above my skill level and had her priorities straight in that regard—often to my selfish regret at the time.

    • I know this opinion could be very unpopular here but I think… spanking a child turns out bad for the child (except for maybe a necessary light swat on occasion around the age of two or three.)

      What the liberals always leave out is the other side of the coin, the need for something to replace spanking. Discipline your child yes, or you will have a little monster but there are ways to impose punishment without making it physical. Don’t be like the blacks and treat your children like dirt. I know this from first-hand experience.

      Young parents, take a parenting class if you come from that background of physical punishment as I and my wife did. Yes, it’s a progressive thing but they’re not wrong about everything. It will change your life for the better.

  31. This humble commenter thinks completing the book is far better than any sort of video, especially if you can make it an audiobook. I sent my normie, Reagan-loving father “Age of Entitlement”, which was perfect for where he is. I have a lot of colleagues who are in about the same place.

    A book from you would be just the right amount of wrong-think to get potential dissidents to the next level.

  32. You know these packages, cards and gifts that are sent to you? Start unboxing videos with them, it should be a super hit. Just watched one with an unboxing of a new gold usb-c cable. Awesome.

  33. When I first read the title of this I thought it would be about Karens, didn’t everyone else? 🙂 Since the myopic self-as-the-center-of-the-universe worldview has infected most western wahmen from teenage to menopause at this point sadly. But to just riff off your actual topic perhaps you should try a ‘proof of concept’ live stream. I see very clearly you have an interest in it so as they say, it can’t hurt to try.

    What I -would- say is you attempt to come at it from a different angle by not making it about you. This would have two main benefits 1) Something different and perhaps interesting for that reason alone which would also potentially make you stand out in a crowded playing field and provide a niche 2) Would probably appeal to your established audience more. I get that livestream is where the big money is and do not at all begrudge you for wanting a slice of that too. It is nice to not have to grind out a paycheck most of which goes to Leviathan and globohomo corps that hate your guts.

    Lastly, I remembered why even though I’m in Sodom on Potomac I don’t visit nearby Bal’mer often. ” The locals would be looking forward to a long weekend of shooting at one another. Gun play is still possible.” Hilarious! True, funny and sad simultaneously.

  34. The danger for some of us coming into the dissident movement and I include myself in this is that we never noticed much about the little hats that was destructive before.
    Now we notice it.
    But we can get to carried away with it and I am guilty of this myself.
    Getting carried to far into little hat theories is not productive to us in the long run.
    Just as the Trumpsters always coming up with an excuse for why Trump doesn’t do what he is supposed to do on policy
    we can see little hats behind everything.
    Trump does some good things but the Trumpsters can be blind to his failings.
    The problem with the little hats and what those wise among them should be concerned about it is that their bad actors are really sticking out now. It’s much easier to see the little hats doing bad things than it should be for them .
    From Epstein to Weinstein to Weismann it’s a bad look.
    But to go too far with noticing little hats is unproductive for us.
    It becomes obsessive and creates in us a negative identity much like the Black’s relationship to whites.
    The Z is right about this.

    • One of the tricks of doing Littlehatology is that even when it is the little hats (which is often) you look like a lunatic, especially to the center-right people we need to bring on board if we want to win, if you talk about it all the time.

      The art is to do Littlehatology without getting swallowed up by it.

      • The art is to do Littlehatology without getting swallowed up by it.

        Twenty years ago, John Derbyshire called it the “Jew thing.” For some reason, some people go bonkers when exposed to this topic. Greg Johnson once said that Keven McDonald’s books should have a special lock that requires a 120 IQ to open.

        • Perhaps the zealous littlehatology of some, has something to do with the passion of the newly converted. When you first come to see the littlehat element of what is going on all around you, it just takes over your life for a while.

        • I can understand an initial explosion from people. For most of us, there’s a six-month period or so when we realize that:

          1. We’ve been lied to all our lives;
          2. Those lies are destroying our people and already have destroy what was our country;
          3. A small group of people from another tribe have been the driving force behind those lies;
          4. That group pretends to be a part of our group even as it works to destroy us;
          5. We can lose everything if we even talk about those lies (and that same group is the one behind the punishment).

          That’s a lot to digest in a short amount of time and creates a lot of anger, which it should.

          That said, you have to come out that stage and realize that the Little Hats aren’t the cause of all our problems (the con artist needs a willing mark), and they’re not omnipotent. They’re just a another tribe with strengths and weaknesses trying improve things for their group.

          • You can’t cheat an honest man. Never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump.

          • The Enlightenment combined with the destruction of WWI and WWII combined with a hubris of being on top for nearly 500 years combined with previously unimaginable material wealth made us the perfect mark.

            We were just begging to be conned. Our bad luck was to have the world’s best con man living in our neighborhood.

    • Absolutely right. There are nationalist blacks that think whitey is behind everything. Then there’s nationalist whites that think Jews are behind everything. I’ll quote Mike Enoch of all people, who says “just say no to (((them)))” and then paraphrase John Derbyshire who says whites are more to blame for allowing the 2% to dictate the livelihood of the 70%, if the antisemitic allegations are correct.

    • Remember there’s always a catch. No need to hate, just stop being naive. It’s game over at that point and the rest will work itself out peacefully.

    • So true, G Lordon. We must never forget either that they sank the Titanic! Goldberg, Steinberg, Greenberg, Iceberg, they’re all the same.

  35. About 20 years ago I noticed I was getting irritating rashes in my armpits. I switched to the deodorants sold in health food stores. The rash problem went away. A few years ago I had to use a national brand again while traveling. The rash came right back. I’ll never go back to using them again.

  36. Grtst Gen 85% White
    Silent Gen 80% White
    Boomers 72% White
    Gen Xers 60% White
    Millennials 55% White
    Gen Z 50% White

    Under 15 years old is majority non white.

    As this continues all problems – ones of faith, economics, governance, political optics, political rights, cultural touchstones, community formation, power and influence – will no longer be a problem for whites to mull and argue over. Non Whites will relieve us of those responsibilities.

    It would be great if all dissidents could all be on the same page in how to approach this but that’s not going to happen. A temporary alliance and a bit of tongue biting in facing the above backdoor genocide isn’t going to kill us. Not bundling ourselves into a fasces will.

    This isn’t Romans vs Gauls, Catholics vs Protestants, North vs South, nor one form of Western populist Liberalism vs another form of Western populist Liberalism. We are faced with an actual clash of civilizations, one which we are losing. Western Civilization could literally collapse under the onslaught. 40,000 years usurped not by warriors but by foreign parasites. A disciplined focus on the immediate and most pressing problem of demographics could keep less pressing differences under rein and harness all of our energies in stopping our destruction. Losing isn’t simply another period in Western history, it’s the end of Western history.

    • We definitely need unity Brother if we want any hope of survival…We are in a quandary that’s for sure…

    • Destroyed by our own success and vanity. But therein lies our hope. We are not being overwhelmed by a better people but by ourselves.

      Our resurrection is in our hands. We don’t need a miracle. We simply need to wake up. And that coming demographic change likely will be one hell of an alarm clock.

      • God I hope you’re right. We’ve been waiting for that alarm to go off for ages. My biggest worry is that as things deteriorate more and more of our people simply begin dropping out because they don’t see anything worth fighting for. At some point a quandary becomes a lost cause. Too many people going down their own rabbit hole isn’t helping.

      • Just so. Imagine the heady 1950s and 60s in the USA. We’d just won the world war, democracy was victorious. Anything was possible. We could finally throw off the last shackles of the Negro. Now with equal rights, he would join his rightful place in civilization. Meanwhile, we saw that we must generously let in a lot more of the foreigners who would become good Americans in just a generation or two. Hell, we were going to the Moon. Nothing was impossible! Alas, reality set in. I grew up in the 1960s and 70s. Most of the unintended consequences of Civil Rights had only begun to erode the older system. All of us here know how those ideals turned out in reality. Often overlooked is IT WAS WHITE PEOPLE WHO LET IT HAPPEN. Not communists. Not Jewish lawyers. White people. 🙁

    • Great comment. Demographics are destiny.

      The pro gun people in Canada keep screaming about Trudeau’s tyranny… but never at the demographics that make it possible. Chinese and Indians hate guns. Just because 1/75 guys at the gun range are whitewashed Indians doesn’t mean Indians are ok with guns in general.

    • Not to worry, empty stomachs are a great motivation. Won’t be long until American whites aren’t fat & happy. Reading the tea leaves a bit, but I get the sense tptb are realizing what’s coming.

      • “Not to worry, empty stomachs are a great motivation. Won’t be long until American whites aren’t fat & happy.” True. Other great motivators include being attacked, hated, abused, slandered, shamed, and ultimately possibly murdered en masse. Oppression—or the realistic threat of it—is a wonderful tool for driving people together. That would be us.

    • Demographics and gradual displacement of heritage people is the most important issue. The rest may be interesting but are details compared to this.

  37. Interesting discussion about long-term goals. I get caught up in that as well – to my detriment.

    Looks like Z Man has taken up Trend Following as a life strategy, which we should all consider. Normally, trend following is associated with investing, but it’s really just a general philosophy and an effective one.

    Its principles consist of:
    1) Try a number of paths
    2) Ride the winners
    3) Cut you losses
    4) Manage your risk

    Often people/businesses have a grandiose plan with one big goal in mind. They then pore massive amounts of resources and time into that plan. If it starts to falter, they pore even more resources into it trying to make it work. Finally, after years of failure, they finally give up.

    The better plan is to try a number of things in a much smaller way with only a vague outline of what you think it will lead to. Keep going with those endeavors that are working and cut bait on those that aren’t. (Btw, there’s nothing that says you can’t try them later if you think the time is ripe to see if they might work under different circumstances.)

    Don’t get caught up in why some things are working and why others aren’t. Just follow the trend(s) to see where it/they will lead. It all likelihood, you’ll end up in a place you never expected, but you’ll have achieved the most.

    Keep moving forward making small bets. Stick with what works. Cut out things that don’t work. Rinse and repeat.

    • “[A] grandiose plan with one big goal in mind. They then pore massive amounts of resources and time into that plan.” Until it fails. Been there, done that. It’s called “libertarianism.”

  38. While I don’t know if expanding into video would be necessary, or even necessarily desirable, your audience estimates are probably off. I think as general populace IQ declines the dependency on video is increasing greatly. The video I consume generally are podcasts that use the image mostly just to show supporting material that require only occasional glances at the screen; it’s handy as a podcast playback system that can be speed adjusted so slow talkers aren’t so boring.

    Just as a point of comparison, Dan Bongino’s YouTube channel has just over 400k subscribers and his daily podcast video has about 150k views within its first 24 hours. From what I can find the NYT’s website has about 200k unique visitors a month.

    • Hey Jeelvy, love your stuff @ Counter Currents. Tell Greg to stop being such a sissy.

    • Hey, are you the Counter Currents Jeelvy?

      If so, (1) we like what you’re doing. You and Houck are my always-read guys over there.

      And (2) tell the boss we want a Zman blogpost collection–not even the new book, I’d pay $$$ just to get the “greatest hits” of his old blog posts!

  39. I can relate to your disappointment with TRS and associated acts. I’ve generally backed away from dissident politics as well. It seems most of what used to be known as the alt-right has morphed into socialists that don’t like minorities. They’re perfectly happy with the welfare state, they just want redirect the benefits away from minorities to white people.

    This is a good example why few in the mainstream right, conservative/libertarian normies, have little reason to be interested in the dissidents. Think about the message here. They’re basically getting told what the dissidents will give them is a better class of parasites to support.

    Yeah, I guess that’s not nothing, but not exactly a reason to storm the barricades, either. I understand that people like the TRS guys and Richard Spencer are tired of being known as the Evil Racists, and want to talk about something else. The problem is when they talk about anything else, it becomes obvious how woefully unprepared they are to be running a political movement. They should stick to being Evil Racists. It’s the one topic they can discuss with any degree of competence.

    • I would not call TRS dissident right. They just hate Jews. It is what defines them entirely now. I’m old enough to remember their act in the 70’s and 80’s. They are Stormfront, The Podcast. That’s fine. They should be free to do that material. It’s just not what I’m into or in any way dissident right. In fact, they have made that clear on many occasions, so I’m not breaking new ground here. it’s just an acknowledgement of reality.

      • They used to be funny – when they were doing it for fun. That was how they struck fire.

        Even an unfunny and monomaniacal focus on the tribe has its place, especially in the context of current events.

        But week after week of Enoch doing revisionism seems… fake.

        • But week after week of Enoch doing revisionism seems… fake.

          A lot of people seem to making that connection. There was a long post tweeted out by Greg Johnson claiming that the old alt-right was orchestrating some sort of NazBol rebrand. I skimmed it:

          I don’t know enough to pass judgement on that claim, but there has been a clear change in direction that seems coordinated.

          • An 8,000 word “update”?

            I am not sure what Duginism is, but surely a summary of the entire belief system ought to take half that many words. Or less.

            I prefer Hofferism:

            “There is not an idea that cannot be expressed in 200 words.”

            That’s a bit extreme but at least it errs in the right direction.

          • Verbosity is arrogant self indulgence with an intellectual veneer. The real skill is to frame thought concisely.

          • As I said in the show, I tend to view verbosity as an insult.

            Not everyone has your gift for keeping it brief lol Some smart guy once said “I didnt have time to write you a short letter so I wrote you a long one”. Some dont have the mental horsepower to distill so they send you the raw material, w all the noise still there. That said, succinct, clear and brief are the three corners of elegance.

          • Having now read the article I have a few observations to make:

            1. The Alt RIght has become a pro-wrestling match in which the kayfabe has been scripted by PKD.

            2. I am still not sure what Duginism is, but my spidey sense tells me it is simply a less entertaining form of Zizekism. That is to say enervating Contintental pseudo-intellectual shaggy dog bullshit.

            3. Feels bad man for Seventh Son.

          • That guy is a very solid writer: one of our guys, with no nonsense or weird esoterica.

            For people who like the Zman, but who also have an appetite for longer-form writing, he’s definitely a keeper. Here’s the article itself:


            His blog is badly laid out, but it’s worth searching out some of his other pieces. The one on fake vs real environmentalism is very interesting.

          • nazbol may seem cringe but it is at least logically consistent. you cannot really reconcile post-1776 individualism and republicanism and capitalism with far-right conservatism. Many have tried. You end up with weird libertarian- authoritarian mashups.

          • When the rising rhetorical energy was on the non-Republican American right the “alt right” was sent to displace and discredit it.

            Today’s rising rhetorical energy is in a not-worked-out-yet and probably impossible left-right alliance against woke corporate everything, so NAZBOL GANG has been sent to displace and discredit that.

            Anyone who publicly embraces any amount of literal Nazism and hasn’t been banned from literally everything is a fed.

          • I know enough to give me a clear impression that the DS’s latest radical rebranding, the “voter suppression” meme deployed against James Allsup in the Styx debate, Styx’s selection as RamZ’s co-host, Greg’s recent “Duginism” kick and a lot of other recent in-fighting shade seems like a coordinated effort to “pillow the wignats before November” and seize the “dissident right” brand.

            Buckley’s ghost is laughing at us somewhere in Hell. Sic semper right-wing solidarity.

          • Ex, what is the “voter suppression” meme?

            I would like to think that this fight is over whether or not one thinks handing state power to an African lesbian (or mulatta cop, or Choctaw princess, etc.) during a global pandemic and economic depression would produce a good outcome for white people.

            What I have noticed is that no one on this side is talking about action in the public space any more. It seems that anyone acting in the public space (the open-it-up crowd, for example) recieves the sort of criticism that used to be reserved for the SJWs.

        • That’s the frustrating thing – Enoch is not a revisionist, he’s an outright Holocaust denier. The mainline revisionist movement, the ones who take it seriously won’t outright deny something the Jews call “the Holocaust” happened, but that what is purported in mainline history courses is certainly not accurate.

      • The TRS guys may hate jews. Another interpretation is that they are not distracted by the small number of jews who are not anti-white. TRS is dealing with jews as a totality. It’s like having a realistic view of blacks as a totality despite Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas.

        • Yet Sowell and Thomas are general recognized as rare examples of human genius, regardless of their status as the “talented-trillionth” for blacks. The TRS folks have displayed in the past many difficulties accepting incontrovertible Jewish contributions to anything. Amazingly, I’m not even including Mike Enoch in that cadre. This threat they’re treating as a totality is actually a small minority TRS has admitted in the past is the most active. Ironically, being so black-pilled they’ve pigeonholed themselves into a place where they’re no longer a threat.

        • Mike Enoch has said on many occasions that he hates Jews. He hates them in the particular and in the generality. I think he should be free to hate who he likes and do so publicly. Further, I’m unwilling to soften his message or interpret in some way to make it less explicit. I take him at his word.

          Not to put too fine a point on it, but he has said on many occasions that he wants Israel destroyed and all Jews removed from white countries. Without being asked, he says he does not care if they have no where to go. You don’t have to be too clever to understand what is being implied. He considers Jews to be the mortal enemy of white people and all of his politics flows from that axiom.

          As I have repeatedly said, he should be free to hold such positions. I’m unwilling to play make believe and pretend he is making a novel or thoughtful critique. William Pierce and Revilo Oliver made all the same arguments fifty years ago. In other words, I know this material cold and I’m seeing things clearly. I’m not misunderstanding anything.

          • Jews are <3% of the U.S. population. We do not need them here. They are the richest per-capita minority on the planet. I don't care where they go either. They don't need us to look out for them. They can ask one of their many, many billionaire co-ethnics to worry about that.

            Were you this concerned about the stronger rhetoric that was used against Blacks in the recent post here about Aubery? Is Jared Taylor or Paul Kersey's position on Blacks any more "extreme" than Enoch or TRS in general on Jews?

            I agree with all of these men on all of these races, for what it's worth. But it seems that position is incompatible with the new fashionable brands in style this season.

        • LineInSand, “hating” a group is not the same as “having a realistic view” of that group. It is not a “distraction” to say “I don’t hate [all] Jews.” Why? Because NAJALT. Nor is it a “distraction” when one does not “hate [all] blacks” because NABALT (as you noted yourself). A “realistic view” makes sense; chaining oneself to some group via undifferentiated hostility towards them does not, even if that group may on balance be malignant.

          • Fair point. I respect your outlook. Personally, I have found that making grand gestures to show that you acknowledge that not all jews are our enemies does not actually yield any advantage. Maybe your experience will be different.

            Honestly, I acknowledge that there are jews who are not our enemies, but from my experience, it is a distinction without a difference.

          • Sand Line, I gotta respond with respect: It is not a mere “grand gesture” to note that “all Jews are not our enemies.” It is an acknowledgement of reality (one that apparently needs to be repeated in certain environs). Making sure we are not chained to an observably false reality is always beneficial. (I must emphasize also that I don’t deny the statistical reality of “on balance” truths, which are undeniably significant.)

          • Exile, I don’t believe I saw that thread, and would not have mentioned NABALT if I had. <i>Unless</i>, that is, someone banged on about how all blacks are like the stupid, violent, dangerous criminal Aubery (who got what he should have expected to get, and what he deserved).

        • “The Right Stuff” 5 years ago they started a blog and a podcast as racially aware libertarians who opposed immigration and affirmative action. They attracted a big audience because many people found them funny and insightful. Their positions have evolved towards pro-white advocacy, “antisemitism,” socialism, and Modern Monetary Theory. Mike Enoch Peinovich is the leader. Many of their podcasts require a paid membership, from which a few of them make a living. They are a big deal in the pro-white world.

      • Z, since being anti-Semitic is so clearly not a part of being “dissident right,” how do you define “dissident right” today versus last year when you appeared on TRS’s “Fash the Nation” and the TRS-friendly “Myth of the 20th Century?” Is the admirably anti-Semitic “Rebel Yell” podcast of Identity Dixie – where last week’s “Power Hour” is on page 1 – part of the “dissident right?”

        I’d bother to mention that the TRS guys are considerably younger than you or I am, or point out that their network is probably newer than this blog, but you’ll just tell me you were joking about the 70’s and 80’s rather than trying to give the misleading impression that TRS is some legacy WN 1.0 outfit.

        If you’re talking Stormfront, that’s early 1990’s, not the 70’s or 80’s.

        As for anti-Semitism in general, that’s obviously a bit older. Irony there, just joking.

    • You’re absolutely correct. The Alt-Right’s embrace of big government repels a lot of potential recruits. Additionally, many of them have proven complete cucks on this virus hysteria. Richard Spencer is such a self-destructive twit that he might as well be a Fed. The Alt-Right’s ideas tend to look like little more than adverse reactions to mainstream conservatism. Hunter Wallace is an especially glaring example of that. Beyond that, whatever leadership they have shows no grasp of public relations at all. Say what you will about Nick Fuentes — he’s a lot more grounded than some of these other clowns.

      • If you had to choose between living in an all white big government polity or a multiracial small government polity, which would you choose? Is the crucial issue race or economics?

        (This is a hypothetical example as I don’t believe non-whites would ever choose small government.)

        • That’s fine as long as it is clear it is a hypothetical to make a point and not a real set of choices. I think the critique of Team NazBol in this virus panic is that a) they spent years saying you can’t trust the media and now they suddenly believe every word and b) they spent years claiming our greatest ally runs the government and now they want to state to have unlimited power.

          • It’s not a coincidence that Mike Enoch went full NazBol the moment that the court dismissed his issues in Charlottesville.

            Not a coincidence. Secret plea deals happen.

          • Meme….I don’t have the time nor will to look up Mike Enoch/TRS/NazBol. Please tell me what is NazBol? Nazis-Bolshevik? How do they embrace big gov’t? Just curious. My life will go on if I don’t hear about this.

            Thank you Z for your clarity. And your on-line community. A good weekend to you.

            The big issue for my little world is lining up buying a cow critter to slaughter this fall to fill the freezer. Am learning to can beef in Ball jars and lay aside cases of canned beef, and looking to buy a freeze drier to fulfill goal of 6 months of beef (frozen-canned-freeze dried) as the broken supply chains bump along. I eat only beef-salt-water. The lyme is gone, 55 #s gone (like instrumentation-the bod reached a set point and stopped at my 27 YO weight), skin nice, no body pain At All. Dancing up and down my stairs, walking daily, my life is sweet, happy and respectful husband. This is deep keto Carnivore for those of us with trashed immune systems. Also hugely lowers inflammation, which is the cytokine storm mechanism that takes out people with the Chicom flu. Just saying!

          • Hey RFF,

            Great to hear from you! Was in Deseret not long ago and thought of you (didn’t make it to Cedar).

            You’re 100% right as to what NazBol is – it’s essentially Communist economics married to National Socialist racial policy (conveniently forgetting that Uncle A was perfectly content to let Krupp & co make gobs of money as long as they supported the regime.)

            Sounds like a great way to win over the 25 year old white guy in Iowa who’s working at WalMart watching his High School buddies drop dead from fentanyl, right? Because if there’s one thing that guy wants, it’s multiple hated political ideologies!

          • Hi Meme! Thanks for your take and good instruction. I don’t have the strength of will anymore to noodle around and research. So I go to a trusted source, you and Z, to open my brain and download concise info into my head. Must be a coping mechanism due to much incoming flak. Have a good weekend. Time for my walk.

          • I don’t listen to TRS. Is the NAZBOL legit? Because from my experience many conservatives have taken up capitalism as a religion and call anything critical of corporate behavior socialism. I’m also apparently supposed to believe the nordic countries are hell on earth because of “socialism.”

          • The Nordic affluence experienced under socialism is really quite a recent thing, and the socialism followed the creation of wealth. 19th century Nordics were quite poor. They are by no means immune the the wreakage that socialism brings to family formation and everything that sustains a civilization, and their clock too is running out.

          • Well I’m pretty sure there’s tons of advanced structures from as early as the 16th century in Denmark so I’m little skeptical of your claim.

            What I can see is that most European countries were able to prosper under feudalism, monarchy, socialist-lite, and capitalist systems. Which tells me that the key ingredient is a population of high IQ, industrious people. They can make anything work. While places like Africa can’t make any system work. Even East Germany was many times wealthier than African nations despite an absurd government.

            While socialism may be absurd it is not the prime driver in making a good country to live in- certainly not to the extent we’ve been led to believe. It was merely the only thing we were allowed to think about because biology was removed from the Overton window. But it seems clear to me biology is a much bigger factor. And the Nordic countries are far better places to live than most of the cities in the United States despite their economic policy.

          • National Bolshevism is an interesting topic. One of my Russia listeners provided some interesting material on the topic. I think I’ll do a show on it one day soon.

          • It’s not a coincidence that your boy is re-branding his website to remove references to Jews and race. Or is that more satire, Meme?

        • There will never be anything like small government under DIVERSITY — as you hint at parenthetically. As to your questions: I choose race over economics. However, choosing race is essentially indistinguishable from choosing economics, because we all know the type of preferences that whites in this part of the world tend to have.

          • All the evidence suggests that government expands to fill the available resources. So far as I know the only proven way to get less government is collapse. Could the corona panic be a Libertarian hoax designed to achieve just that?

        • “Is the crucial issue race or economics?” Race, of course. Because economics is well downstream of race. So?

        • Non-whites (ex- Asians) probably are incapable of forming anything resembling a large government. (Counter-examples, please?) A geographical area with a smattering of tribes is not an acceptable substitute 😀

          • Simple explanation, which I assume you know, tribalism/ethnocentrism. White’s and East Asians are about the only ones to get beyond it. Hence any “successful” governments in those areas are by necessity, authoritarian—rather than democratic—albeit they might operate under such facade.

          • Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, Hittites, Jews? All had empires at one time or another. (Of course some would argue that some-or-all of those examples are essentially white.)

      • Not familiar with all this but it sounds like they might be making a play for the Bernie bros. On the (no longer outlandish) chance the Democratic party withers away, there will be room for a kind of nationalist leftism. Fascism by another name?

        Lefties being unprincipled opportunists, it’s possible. Question is, does the former alt-right switch camps?

        • Paintersforms, interesting question. is written by a hard leftie, that has gotten to roughly the same place we have on a lot of particulars, even though the underlying philosophy is completely different. I get the feeling that there really is no easy way to put things together in a way that is both internally completely consistent, or that would be popular enough to be picked up by Normie. We must simply chip away at things with what we know and understand, and we will find situational agreements about particulars, with those coming from other places.

          It is interesting to me how a couple of assumptions, such as that the elites are running things for their own benefit, and that the voting and other elements of democracy in our society are simply a facade covering something else entirely, quickly bring people to the same conclusions on a lot of things, even though they follow completely different underlying philosophies.

          • Interesting stuff. Haven’t read anything on the left in a while, so it’s good to see they aren’t all braindead.

    • I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but Spencer and the TRS guys aren’t doing what needs to done, which is getting the patriotic, flag-waving folks on our side. I’m sure they think of these people as “fake and gay” or “cringe” or some other contrarian novelty take. They’ve blown past trying to recruit American patriots to help stop importing the third world and keeping manufacturing at home, etc, and are off into some delusional new type of government which will have zero appeal to almost everyone. I’m sure they sneer at people like Fuentes, or Vince from Red Elephants, Vdare, or Jason (No White Guilt) or even Michelle Malkin and their attempts to appeal to ordinary patriotic American people.

      • Wignats lost the optics war and are no longer relevant. The only purpose they serve is to make sane Nationalists look bad.

        And who benefits from that?

        • Optics-cucks are quick to declare victory and demand we all move on.

          Don’t count a White man dead until you’ve seen his body, Meme.

          PS – please explain how you can reconcile saying “who benefits from that” with the new Z-blog stand against anti-Semitism.

          It’s ok to vaguely hint at Zionist conspiracies so long as you say 3 NAJALT’s first and take a sip of the communion kool-aid?

          Readers, keep in mind that “optics” can be used to distort as well as enhance clarity.

    • TRS and the Jews. Right train wrong track.

      The only thing worst than their current tack would be ignoring the JQ. Holocaust denialism after 7 decades of brainwashing is self-defeating. Holocaust weaponization against the West would be a more productive tack. Describe Jewish group interests and how they differ and conflict with Western interests and values in a few paragraphs. As an example focus upon the fevered dreams about the Holocaust coming out of Hollywood and how they are like everything else that comes out of Hollywood, an endless anti-White psyops working in favor of non Western group interests. Add a few examples without getting lost in the weeds. Then treat it as axiomatic and go from there. Painting Jews as evil manipulators automatically sets off visions of dancing NAZIs in the Western imagination. Decades of hard wiring won’t be undone with spergy guided tours through Auschwitz-Birkenau.

      From there means…how it has altered and weakened Western peoples and thus the civilization through the corruption of our tangible and intangible commons. Focus on the damage done and not on the perps. People will naturally have more of an interest in how events affect them than on what motivates the actions of an enemy. Any venom should be aimed at traitors, especially the well-heeled ones. Point out the treason they have committed against the civilizational building of their grandfathers, great-grandfathers and their 1000 generation ancestral lines. Point out the murder they are committing against their born, yet-to-be-born, never-to-be-born, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the end to an eons old ancestral inheritance. Treason and genocide for 30 pieces of silver, others for power, others for a decadent form of false morality. Many are clueless clowns who are too easily manipulated. Others are manipulated by having falsehoods played upon their nobler virtues. Focus on “us” not the “other”.

      Maybe I’m naive but I don’t see anything coordinated. I see men from younger generations who have been damaged in many ways. They are reacting to a correct enemy in the wrong way and in so doing are letting the bigger picture and better opportunities get away from them. My enemy’s enemy had a funny little mustache so I’ll play that card and overplay it and overplay it and …

      Every faction of the dissident movement wants the same thing: Westerners in control of their own destiny in white ethnic nations free of non-white group demands and interference. The only turf war we should be engaged in is the one to protect the turf that runs from the Arctic to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic to the Volga.

    • I would say a country of our own, free from the vast majority of PoC and AWR whites is worth storming the barricades. And you’re dam’ sure not gonna get that from the Deep State right.

      • Ostei, you’ve essentially got that in the Visegrad Group. Oh, you meant in North America, yes?

        • The Visegrad countries are worthy of tremendous respect. I wish they were not in the EU, but they at least don’t seem to be as corrupted by that organization as the other members. But, yes, Visegrad could be an analogue to what I, and many other dissident rightists, have in mind for North America.

          • Not to worry Ostei: The EU is crumbling as we speak. The Visegrand Group won’t be in the EU for much longer, as the EU won’t continue to exist (and thank heaven for that).

    • Buchanan was always pretty much right. I’m through dipping my toe into the alt/dissident/what ever its called right. Paleocons were right, the Buckley wing took our eyes off the prize, its time to go home.

  40. Throw Fred from accounting into the middle of a street riot

    I like the way you think.

    • Fred from accounting….yes…

      Kid I work with has cousins in risk management on The Street.

      Good kid, kinda well clueless but alright.
      If his cousins are like him – just took a job cuz it was easy and pays well….

      I’ve been trying to find a way to explain they’re getting paid well to plug numbers into spreadsheets they can’t possibly understand because they are fall guys and literally signing their own death warrants.

      Not sure how to get this point across.

  41. Clearly Rogan hasn’t gotten around to my request to have you on.

    When he does, you go on Rogan. Talk about yourself and your finished book.

    Then move on.

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