07:00: The commenting software was updated last night. Of course, they willy-nilly changed things in a way I don’t like. I know about the color schemes, which are stupid, but I have to dig around to find where to fix them. if anyone has other issues, post them here.

10:30: Setup reCaptcha. That should be working now. The appearance will take some time, as I think I need to edit the CSS itself. I think it should be high contrast, so a white background with heavy black text.

11:00: Okay, I removed the reCaptcha for now. The stock version is terrible. The spam filter should be enough for now.

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  1. I’m currently engaged with a group of scolds on the “Next Door” app, where they insist the rules state, in effect “no politics”. Last night I pointed out the very thing you‘ve written here, although not nearly as eloquently and from a different angle.

    Because hierarchal structures are so primitive and basic to most living things, from mollusks to Humans, I postulate “politics” is inherent to man’s nature. For the website owners (another group of Silicon Valley tyrants) to forbid “politics” is thereby incompatible with Biology.

    They protest that talking politics increases polarization.

    They would wet their pants if they knew who I read and listen to.

    I’m gonna hit them with the Democracy angle next.

  2. Might there be a way to add a button to auto-expand all comments abbreviated by the “read more” link, or leave comments un-abbreviated by default? Anyone else here think that”s a good idea?

  3. Kind of a pain to move the cursor around to correct spelling, insert additional text etc.

  4. Maybe I can explain Rachel Maddow’s new level of nuttery. I reference 120 years ago, when then the Left was much the same. HG Wells channeled their unconscious dream then in The Time Machine. In that story the slave Morlocks lived undergound while the elite got to frolic above ground, with their food delivered by dumbwaiter.

    Right now, the situation is kind of reversed. The Eloi are locked in while the Morlocks (in her mind) are out and about.

  5. Mr Z,

    I am a well nourished and well known conservative. I will appear on a discussion panel with you for a donut honorarium.


  6. Toldjya so. You shot your face off at Cornelius Rye on Blab. He may be a jogger but ya don’t mess with guys like that or they’ll f*** you up.

    He’s giving Torba and his creepy as mofos the hell of it too.


    Methinks not.😆👍

  7. “I think it should be high contrast, so a white background with heavy black text.”

    Although the new format doesn’t have enough contrast between type and background, too much contrast as in the old version is stark and glaring. What’s wrong with the new format is the gray background. Dial it down to a light tint — not necessarily gray — and with perhaps a little trial and error you can obtain something readable that doesn’t try to punch the reader out.

    I’m at sixes and sevens about the “Reply to … ” tag. It is easier to follow what is a response to what than having to study the hierarchy of indentations in a long thread. But it distracts from the comment itself. Might work without the name of the commenter replied to being popped out in rich blue.

    The pistachio-ice-cream green used for commenter names is off-putting. That aforementioned blue would be a better choice.

    • I like a slightly off-white background for text rather than #ffffff (hex code for the whitest white you could ever white). So I would probably go with a very light gray and black or nearly black text. Eye strain is a problem if you read a lot here but the current grays are too close together.

  8. Looks like it’s working.

    Edit: and editing works too.

    Ok, I’m happy.

  9. This ‘upgrade’ is to strain eyes more reading the comments. This is sabotage. Means your blog matters. But sucks for the comments section.

  10. Insightful article! Earth shaking ramifications!

    Would agree about needing slightly more contrast between gray background and text, but I’m a low-maintenance person.

  11. Long time reader, never time commenter (until today).

    Gray on grey is a bit of suck for those one or two of us that have ‘redshift’ installed.

    Other than that… I got nuffin’.

    Edit to add: comment pertains to viewing on a desktop/laptop machine.


  12. It’s your blog so do as you wish, but I don’t care for the gray on gray text. Liked the basic format before the change.

  13. Oh dear God. Why can’t they leave anything alone? Change is not the same thing as progress. And progress is not always desirable anyway.

    This post is just a test, but while I am testing I would like to point out that no one has blamed Boomers for all of this yet. Why not? Everyone over at the “we are all high IQ” site would have by now.

    • Real high IQ’s don’t tell you they have high IQ’s, they show you. And the boomer resentment comes from jealousy. You guys got to grow up in a 90% white country, we had to grow up in a dystopian nightmare.

      • Not all boomers had it as easy you young people think. I was bussed from a military base into a majority negro high school in the ghetto during the late 70’s. It was basically prison except that we were able to go home at the end of the day.

        My father was career military and was sent to Vietnam in 1968 when I was 7 years old. I didn’t see or talk to him for a year. No internet or cell phones back then. We got letters from him and that was it.

        But at least my father made it home alive. I had friends with older brothers who were drafted and died in Vietnam.

        So I do get a little tired of young people bashing boomers like we all lived such privileged lives. I had great parents and I was very lucky in that regard. But it wasn’t all rainbows and lollipops like some of youngsters today seem to think.

  14. The comment threading is nicer. As others mentioned, the gray on gray is too low contrast but I like that we can post pictures too. Hopefully the new theme doesn’t glitch out and make a mess of things like so many WP plugins and mods seem to.

  15. Whenever I start writing anything beyond a capital Z it auto-corrects to “Known White Supremacist”.

    But for real, I actually like the bold dark grey non-serifed font on the light grey background. Kinda clean & classy if you asked me.

    • About that term…

      I’m in my 20s. All my friends and family know full well I’m a white supremacist. Parents even used to vote democrat, mom’s on board and gets it, dad not so much. My friends agree with most points but think I’m a little bit extreme. I don’t think it packs quite the punch the establishment thinks it does anymore… That or the people I am close to are just much cooler than most. I’m really just a separatist though. The sad truth is, the top spot has been swindled away from us for the time being.

      But I gotta admit, supremacist sounds cooler.

      • My leftist associates think I’m a white supremacist, but to them anyone who likes Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist. I myself don’t see anything supreme about whites, especially the ones who have come along in the last 60 years and helped to decline my country. Before 1965, though, whites were pretty awesome.

  16. Colors are worse than South Central. Image insert…

    The edit screen does not contain an insert widget…

  17. I’m just drinking beer. One good thing about the Chinese virus panic is it’s dampened down the usual CivNat obligatory flag waving and dick riding on Memorial Day.
    Guess we ain’t as free as they thought.

    • Whenever I see a flag in the neighborhood I look down and shake my head like a cowboy who’s seen something wrong. Of course, I live in a neighborhood where the average age is 65 and the average ethnicity is Euromixed. I’ll let them have their fantasies today.

    • It is beyond me why the wannabee founding fathers if Honkeytopia trash one of the few remaining artifacts of the culture they want to preserve.

  18. I do like the grey background, but not the grey font.

    It needs to be a solid black, Please….

  19. Holy $#it….1st. comment to ACTUALLY get past the “invalid email address” in like 2 years…..and appear here.

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  21. Well, the good news is I can use my ‘real’ commenting tag now via Disqus. The bad news is the gray on slightly less gray does indeed lick balls. :-). Not sure we needed 10 separate new threads to say it vs. just replying under this one but at least the message will be heard loud & clear. LOL.

    EDIT: Also something seems jacked up w/ the thread nesting. I replied to VMax71 but I’m also shown as a top level ‘new post’. FYI…

  22. Z—Just walk around your digs for a day with a 10 year old boy attached to your hip. He’ll have website upgrades solved pronto. Suggest you don’t procure a local Lagos vibrant boy…shit can’t say that word… for website fixes.

  23. Comment box fails to load on any of my (aging) desktop browsers.

    Sent from my look-at-me portable spying device.

    11:30 EST

  24. Have to concur the black lettering on gray background little tough on the eyes.

    capitcha is different mildly annoying but keeps out bots or something ?

    Seems to be working a little bit faster loading comments.

  25. Have to concur . The black lettering on gray background is a little tough on the eyes. Other than that seems pretty basic.

    Maybe a little bit quicker loading the page and posting ?

    Capticha is new. Keeps out bots or something ?

  26. I do like the use of color to differentiate those who have logged in vs. not. Perhaps just tweak the colors so we aren’t given the bright bold red and then the dim grey.

  27. The grey on grey of completed comments has too little contrast I think. Whatever color the last edited font is assigned would be better.

  28. The desktop version has a little click-here-to-comment circle that floats above the content of the entire article all the time! Nuke that little bastard!

    Also, line break not working–breaking in the middle of words.

    Overall looks nice on phone, a bit gray-on-gray on desktop.

  29. Commenting on comment problems, computer is an iPad…

    Line returns in middle of a word often.

    when I hit discuss button to comment (not logged in) it returned me to top of blog, not at comment.

  30. Yeah. The color scheme messes with your eyes. Your screen name is this big font bold red while the script is in black with a gray background and then your name gets converted to a Small font blue in the replies. Once you get a hold of the controls ,like you said, you’re probably pick some more soothing colors

  31. Thought maybe you’d turned Torba’s crew loose on your settings. Seems to work. However, with the verification code turned off, you are going to invite the trolls.

    • That Gab front end fools me in to thinking it’s a serious operation but then the site goes down and it’s “lol, my ten year old RAID controller died, had to get a spare from EBay”.

  32. I’m in mobile mode on an iPhone and the line breaking is broken. I’m at standard zoom, default settings, and almost every word is broken at its first letter with the rest of the word at the start of the following line like t/hat

    Also, I’m using chrome so maybe I deserve it.

  33. Other than the bad aesthetics, primarily the color as you pointed out, the new format is much better.

    • Yeah there are some pluses like you can tell who’s replying to who but it is kind of messy.

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