The Slow Detroitification of America

Whenever the topic of America’s decline is raised, it is almost always in the context of the size and scope of the state. That usually leads to the stats on dependency. A sad aspect of the modern age is everyone has been conditioned to think happiness can be quantified by some government statistic. It’s not that these numbers are unimportant. It’s that they always assume that material well being is the only thing that matters. The white suicide rate in America is the highest ever, despite the country be rich and at peace.

Putting that aside, there’s another aspect to what is happening in America, one that the great Sam Francis often discussed. That is the government gets so large, promising so many things, that it is no longer capable of doing much of anything. In the 1960’s, when the Federal government was a third of its current size, adjusted for inflation and population growth (Yes that’s right), the government could start a space program and put a man on the moon within a decade. Today, the government struggles doing the basics.

This institutional failure would no doubt happen in a country with a non-diverse population, but it seems to accelerate in diverse societies. Look at Detroit. It was the envy of the world in the middle of the last century, when it was a white city. As the white population fled, in the face of a growing black population, basic services like crime control, water treatments, sewer systems and so on went into decline. The reason Detroit became Detroit is the city government could no longer perform basic government services.

The Motor City is one example, but it is hardly an outlier. This story about Baltimore shows it is something we will see more of as we slide into the abyss. Baltimore, like Detroit has had half of its citizens flee to the suburbs. The primary reason is crime and failing schools and the reason for that is racial. Whites don’t want their kids getting stabbed in the public schools, so they either put the kids in private schools or flee to the suburbs. Either way, they are unwilling to support a city government that does not serve their interests.

The assumption has always been that white flight was mostly driven by quality of life stemming from declining government services. People got tired of being mugged and seeing trash pile up on their street, so they left. Others will claim that white racism is what drove white flight. It really does not matter, as the whites fled and will flee again if the state tries to transport blacks to the suburbs through public housing schemes. The cause is unimportant. Whites flee diversity and take their tax dollars with them.

This is an issue of academic curiosity as long as America has a relatively low population density and is majority whites. Places like Detroit and Baltimore are disasters, but they are avoidable ones. For most people they function as urban reservations where the uncivilized are kept away from the rest. Large swaths of these cities are no-go zones that are clearly identified. The cops even patrol the borders, warning off the lost and the curious. In other words, in small doses, failures of diversity and institutional failure are tolerable.

The question that no one wants to face is what happens when America is a diverse country, where whites are a minority? Detroit scaled up to the country level is what we see in Africa. California is a great example of what happens to a white state that gets turned into a brown one. Whites can flee, the brown tide is threatening to swamped the whole nation. What happens when the managerial state that rules America is asked to rule a population that is majority non-white? It’s Detroit at a continent level.

A curious thing you can find, if you dig around in newspaper archives from the 50’s and 60’s is that white Americans used to be very different. In the 60’s, when black riots broke out in Baltimore, the cops were just as worried about white mobs taking matters into their own hands, as they were black mobs. Of course, in Los Angeles, when the blacks rioted over Rodney King. the roof top Korean was born. In other words, people used to be more tribal and territorial, but suburbanification provided an outlet.

What happens when that is gone? The most likely outcome when the managerial system tries to regulate a highly diverse America is a combination of the anarcho-tyranny predicted by Sam Francis, the collapse of local institutions we see in places like Detroit and a rapid return to tribalism and territorial defense. The unknown is just how the anarcho-tyranny will impact it. So far, this ruling elite seems determined to set the world on fire, so that could mean the future gets chaotically violent as a result.