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The old expression is that change is constant, which is true, but the rate of change is anything but constant. Material progress goes in fits and starts and cultural change is anything but guaranteed. The great cultural revolution that begin in America after the second industrial war is an anomaly. These sorts of sweeping cultural changes are not the norm in human existence. if within this unusual period of change, there have been quiet times when things have not changed much.

For example, the 1980’s were a relatively quiet time on the culture front. In fact, lots of people assumed at the time that the crazy changes of the 60’s and 70’s had finally run their course and things would return to normal. Aesthetically, the 80’s look much more like the 50’s than the 60’s and 70’s, so it made some sense. Then in the 90’s the crazies started getting wound up again and we entered another period of change. In fact, we are still in the second cultural revolution.

The thing is, people talk about the stuff that is easy to see like clothing styles, material goods or technology, but that’s not real change. Sure, cars are incredibly complex technology platforms now, but they still do the same stuff as previous cars. People have more stuff their homes, but their home is still their home. Our living arrangements have not changed, other than we have more adults living with their parents and fewer married women than previous eras. That’s the real change,

Oddly, the people who notice these changes the least are the people who have lived through the rapid change. It just gets normalized. Young people, on the other hand, can look at the past from a purely objective set of eyes and see the gaps. Again, it is often in the obvious stuff like technology and fashion, but as we see with the Zoomers, they notice the other stuff too. The dissident youth look around and wonder why in the hell their ancestors created the present.

Of course, the people in charge in the 1980’s were not sitting around thinking, “this is a nice lull in the action, but let’s get going on the tranny stuff.” The weird thing about the great cultural changes we have experienced since the end of the Cold War is that no one alive today asked for any of it. Like the foreign invasion, the cultural changes were planned behind closed doors by the people in charge. The facade of democracy is exactly that, a facade. The people were never asked.

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204 thoughts on “Change Log

  1. Now that I’m started on the media, how many people feel like screaming everyday due to this coronavirus BS?? The media created this hoax almost out of whole cloth. I wouldn’t doubt if some <<<Democratic>>> operative didn’t start this on purpose in the US. How hard would it be to get some CV from China in January or February, and spread it in the US? Then, the media virtue-signals 24/7 about wearing masks, locking down, etc. Crush the economy! THE MEDIA NEEDS TO BE RICO’ed! Get rid of <<<Barr>>> and get somebody in there that’ll do something!

  2. I know that it’s cliche, but we don’t have “news” on TV, anymore. I think that the smart people saw that coming when CNN started in the late-80s (I think). Ted Turner was hot for Jane Fonda, who was a “commie-babe”, and to be honest, pretty easy on the eyes. But, she contributed to the women’s right BS, which is what you’d expect from a women who could now vote. Still don’t understand how upstanding White men every allowed women to vote! Later the “small hatters” wrested control of CNN away from Turner, and the rest is history …

  3. I’d forgotten about Henry Waxman. He, like Schumer, was a walking example of Dorothy Parker’s adage “beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone”. Waxman represented the L.A. coast from Malibu, south through Santa Monica down to Rancho Palos Verdes (CA-33). He was succeeded by the horribly stupid carbuncle, Ted Lieu.

    • Waxman, Schumer … same tribe. Along with Schiff and Nadler … are we beginning to see the problem here?? Oh, almost forgot to mention Barr and Rosenstein … sorry if I forgot someone!

  4. In the few remaining civilized regions of the U.S., particularly in the former CSA where I choose to reside, we try to observe the following rule when it comes to daily interactions. Never discuss the following three matters in mixed company: religion, money and politics.
    Of course, leftists who have moved to the South to escape the consequences of their own politics have contaminated the local culture to some extent, but we treat leftists like we would treat anybody with bad manners. We shun them.

  5. I’m a little older than Z man. To me the biggest change is in young adults. Late teens – early twenties yo today are different than my generation:

    They’re gullible as hell. They’ll believe any bullshit they read on social media – no matter how ridiculous.

    They’re undersexed. Getting laid, finding a mate were major goals. Now they seam unimportant to uninterested.

    The men have been feminized. They’re risk averse, timid, passive aggressive, bitchy and whiny. They’re longing for a white knight to rescue and care for them.

    The woman aren’t exactly masculine but anti-feminine. They’re repulsed by normal feminine pursuits like family formation, children, nurturing, even fashion and beauty.

    Thats without even getting into the fraction that buy in to various aspects of the woke cult like negrophilia and veganism.

  6. Let’s take a toll of the decline of Western civilization since the 60s.

    1. Far more kids growing up without a mother and father being married or even living together, including not just kids of divorced parents but kids born out of wedlock.
    2. The decline of education. Critical thinking is not taught. It is all indoctrination.
    3. 18 year olds can now vote and 38 year-olds live with their moms.
    4. Being gay, tranny, etc. is celebrated.
    5. The proliferation of the drug culture.
    6. The enduring popularity of gangsterism, especially by rap.
    7. Suppression of freedom of speech.
    8. Denigration of Christianity.
    9. Suppression of the right to free association.
    10. The destruction of the small retail business by Corporate America.
    11. The browning of America by Latino mass migrations.
    12. The growth of Muslim population (who would have thought that would be the by-product of 9-11?).
    13. Way more fatsos.
    14. The rise of white guilt.
    15. The denial of whites of equal rights.

    If you went back in time and told WWII vets in the 50s what the future would look like, they would assume you were crazy.

    • We no longer live in an environment that demands the best of us in order to remain vertical. All of the above would not exist if you got up every morning and had to actually fight for food and survival routinely. In our modern world of affluence, learn to whine loudly and you can remain a couch potato for life.

  7. I’m surprised no one’s yet mentioned tattoos as a sign of the uglification of our culture. Twenty years ago hardly anyone was tattooed; since then tattoos have become steadily more common.

    • We may disparage (((them))) here, but that is one thing that (((they)) are smart enough to avoid. I think it’s part of their religion. Some of them had trouble avoiding it c. 1936-1945, but they really can’t be faulted.

      • I’m one of (((them))) and I have two women (((friends))) who have tattoos. They are small and subtle at least. I’m sure I can think of (((others))) too.

      • I had one Jewish friend in high school. After not seeing him for a couple decades I ran into him on the beach one day and there on his arm was a sizable Star of David tattoo. Growing up he’d never evinced any outward signs of belonging to the tribe.

  8. Since it’s Freya’s Day, here’s a bit o/t with Whitney Webb on that catchy phrase, “Dark Winter.”

    Not only does Joe Biden say “we’re about to go into a Dark Winter”, so do numerous other political figures.

    Of course, wearing purple wasn’t a signal flag for a Woke color revolution in 2016, just a fashion statement, right?

    They’re only talking about the weather. Of course.

    Really! The news platforms are there to inform people impartially, without bias or agenda.

    • “The news platforms are there to inform people impartially, without bias or agenda.” That made me laugh so hard I almost 💩 myself. You did mean that facetiously, didn’t you? I imagine that bias and agenda are operative in nearly all times and all places.

  9. Very prescient & measured commentary regarding how the different generations perceive our reality based on when they entered it.

  10. Why isn’t he out chasing girls?

    Have you seen/talked with a woman under 30 recently???

    • Ego tripping. And I thought the girls my age were bad.

      Have to say, for the under-30s I know, dating seems to be a form of cuckolding. It’s a tough break.

  11. The changes brought about via computer automation have far reaching consequences to the media of local news and the communities covered by local news outlets.
    The local beat reporter had time to be a local beat reporter until his paper was ran out of business by “ free” content on the internet, many newspapers were financed by classified advertising. You know? Craig List now. Over at the local radio station the radio station news jock was replaced by a computer playlist and only the local television news was left to spend 30 seconds on a story that should take 30 minutes to read in a newspaper.
    So we are left with national fake news on cable TV and unknown sources on the internet for local news assuming the story’s are even covered.
    Local Journalism 2020.

    • That’s a big issue, journalism is really a low-cost field to enter at this point, but conversely there’s absolutely no money in it, and even big journalism never made money on the news: comics, sports, and, especially as you point out, classifieds subsidized the rest of the content. The press now-a-days has a financial obligation to not represent their community since that is not who is paying them.

  12. These two local reporters were on scene during the aftermath of the JFK assassination. Fascinating glimpses into a time when reporters were the real deal instead of the glorified state protectors they were to quickly evolve into from that very day forward. Bob Welch, toward the end of his interview, takes stock of how the profession has changed in his lifetime and refers to the incident of Brian Williams (not by name) lying as an example.

    These guys came of age at the exact moment when the American people would permanently lose trust in their own government. Two things really leap out – One is that everyone looks and acts like an adult. Second, the scene is purely American, in every aspect.

    Bob Welch:

    Bill Mercer:

  13. “If the young only knew, if the old only could.”

    Nice reach out to the youngsters on the killstream. Very much NOT my cup of tea, but it was a good reminder that the people who have to do some heavy lifting have some pretty solid grievances against the olds. Even though they don’t understand it’s not that cut and dried.

    Generational politics are a fantastic way for pols to split groups that should have common interests. Hard to see how it works until you’ve been around a few decades.

    • There’s a time for coming together and a time for airing grievances. I get where zoomers are coming from. In fact all the under-50 badwhites I know get it. I also get where boomers are coming from, though in a less visceral way. They grew up in a different world. The point is getting them to realize the world’s changed.

  14. Zoomers cannot even imagine a world where you are out with your friends and the only way mom or dad could talk to you is if you stopped at a phone booth and called them! Or shopping lists.
    I grew up in a very “diverse” area. My HS class was probably 35% or more black. Even in such a diverse area with Ronald Reagan as president, this stuff just never came up. If it was brought up, it was all race-blindness. Despite all the propaganda about race blindness, the lunchroom was close to 100% segregated. Not only the lunchroom, but the street. There were race based boundaries where literally you could not walk beyond a certain street without getting jumped. I did not know anyone not race conscious. Racial consciousness was just a given. That was why they were so against it. The only way you could not be race conscious as a teenager was to live in the suburbs. In the suburbs, blacks were such a small minority that they had to fit in. There was also a lot of Puerto Ricans in my schools. They also segregated. They hated the blacks way more than white kids. Puerto Rican families used to show up and beat up the black kids for picking on the Puerto Rican kids.

    • Maybe I’m mistaken, but I believe our host once talked about the fact that high school cafeterias are perfect examples of the natural order of things. Left to their own devices, people will self-segregate along very predictable lines.

      • I recently watched the making of the original Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston. At one point they mentioned that when the cast and extras were in their ape costumes at lunchtime, those made up as chimps, orangutans and gorillas all segregated into their respective groups without anyone saying a word.
        It just happened and no one could explain it.

        • Kind of reminds me of the stories that went around in my youth of teachers segregating children by eye color to teach how bad racism is. But segregating by eye color is dumb because eye color is generally not a superficial indicator of ethnicity let alone race.
          This was the first big lie about race, that it had something to do with the aesthetic of skin color or that racism or race consciousness was only skin deep. I have actually had egalitarians say to me “how does black skin cause X?” with a very smug attitude. It was like a mic drop in their minds.

          • You may not need the lesson, but allow me yet again to plug Richard Fuerle’s book Erectus Walks Amongst Us which would provide a good answer to the Egalitarian, also to a thousand other questions. Available for free on Just for fun, I looked it up by author on Amazon. He has two listed but Erectus isn’t one. What is remarkable is that it was listed earlier but as being “under review.” I guess they found out what it’s about 🙂

      • I used to chair large bar association committees. After the first day of leadership retreats, everybody self-segregated by race and, ahem, hats for the rest of the events.

        In contrast, my comparable ACM and IEEE meetings were completely mixed. Of course there were nearly zero joggers there, which was readily apparent. And the small hats weren’t really interested in small hat life.

      • Schools and prisons. Two places where different races are forced into close proximity, and where group enforced segregation is most pronounced. Jared Taylor has many good examples of this in his book White Identity.

    • Regarding the neighborhood thing, I have a 90 year old uncle whose parents dated and married in the 1920s. Our hometown has/had two wards that were predominantly Polish, separated by the proverbial set of railroad tracks. The difference was that one ward was settled by eastern Poles and the other by western, more Germanic Poles. And the two sides brought their prejudices to the States with them. They had their own social clubs, their own parishes, their own businesses. When my uncle’s father wanted to court his mother, who lived in the opposite ward, he had to arrange a sit-down with the boys from her neighborhood and ask permission so that he wouldn’t be jumped if spotted on the wrong side of the tracks. Even with language, religion, and great swaths of culture in common, the rivalry was that fierce.

    • But even Pat will not say that America was never a great republic. He will date the empire as beginning at some point long after empire actually started. The thing that separates Pat Buchanan from Schumer is for Schumer, this is year zero and for Pat it is 1965.

  15. Another thing that changed was the way news was delivered on television in the 1970s. I was in high school in Boston and was a news junkie, and at some point channel 5 changed ownership, and the call letters changed from WHDH to WCVB. The local news at 6PM went from one guy reading the news and the occasional reporter on the street, to a two person tag team. They were Chet and Natalie, and they did lots of happy-talk in between news segments. Soon the other stations were doing the same thing, yucking it up, and telling the occasional joke.
    It was all very warm and wonderful; designed, I suspect, to make it difficult for the viewer to question the veracity of the news being delivered. Chet and Natalie wouldn’t lie, would they? Of course not! They were such fine people. You’d want them as your neighbors.

    • Also the sheer amount of news. The news used to come on at 6:00pm and run for 30 minutes and again at 11:00pm and run for 30 minutes. Now the local news runs for hours.

      • Just about every city now has an affiliate with the tagline “(Channel X) on your side!” Whose side is that, exactly? Since the people in a community are not homogenous in their priorities, taking a “side” means that you are inevitably operating against the interests of many others. As said above, please just compile facts, names, and timelines and let me know about them. I don’t need bubbly Suzy or Shaniqua, with their communications degrees and feigned concern, to be on my side. If I have an actual problem they’re likely going to be next to useless when it comes right down to it.

    • There was a distinct phase change it seems in the way television news was delivered with the introduction of all the trivial palaver between the “anchor team” on the local news. About the same time, on the national news there was a very noticeable change in the content when I would say to my wife, ‘WTF!’ whenever I came in range of a national news show. ‘That’s not nationally important. Why are they reporting that crap on national news?’ It might be an apartment fire somewhere, or somebody’s wedding, or a pile-up on a freeway. It may have been sometime in the nineties when that started. I think it had to do with the consolidation of ownership of the news business. Of course, the uplifting minority feel-good piece has been around since the seventies. That was mandated from the top, or at least the FCC.

      • ‘That’s not nationally important. Why are they reporting that crap on national news?’

        I noticed, too, and then realized- they want to paint a picture.

        Test it. Watch Good Morning America with the sound off. There’s a deliberate and malevolent visual parade of imagery.

        The smart, lecturing negress, then the earnest, honestly humble latina, then the fat, stupid white woman whose life is a total mess.

        • Alzaebo, last week you asked about corporations. I’m no expert but I was going to write something about some of the biggest myths of corporations. I never got around to it but the biggest myth is that the profit motive is “baked in the cake” of the corporate form so to speak. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Z alluded to in his podcast today.

          The Board of Directors can do whatever it wants, as it is usually controlled by one or two or three key members who call the shots.

      • When I was in 6th grade, 1965-1966, my teacher gave me an assignment; watch the evening news (local and national) every weekday and write a report, which I did. Made me a news junkie. So the changes that happened a few years later really hit me.

    • I recall someone saying that evening newscasts are geared more towards women viewers so stories about kids and animals dominate the broadcasts. Once I heard that the structure of these news shows started to make more sense.

  16. It’s pretty amazing how quickly America got wired for broadband. I went from a 2400 baud modem in 1993 (fastest modems were 14.4 at the time) to 3mb DSL in 2001. My city was lagging way behind other cities in broadband. There was a brief period of time where all of the ISPs were locally owned and operated. Then from around 1998 or 99 to 2003, they were all wiped out. Everyone thought this was going to take decades.

    For all the benefits of internet and “smart phones,” this has been one of the most destructive forces ever unleashed on society. The ability of these people to push political correctness through the internet didn’t exist back in the 90s and before.

    • “It’s pretty amazing how quickly America got wired for broadband.”
      It’s pretty amazing how poorly America is getting wired for broadband.
      I’m in MD 35 miles north of the Zman.
      MY best internet option is piggybacking off a neighbor’s DSL line.

      “FCC Report Concludes US Internet Speeds Are ‘Among Worst in the Developed World’

      The latest infrastructure report by the American Society of Civil Engineers has given the US a D+ in infrastructure. (2018)

      The US has inefficiently spent trillions destroying the infrastucture of other counties.

      • Do you really mean that you don’t have a landline and that is why you need to piggyback off of your neighbor’s DSL?
        Generally speaking, DSL is based on your central office and the distance between your house and the CO.
        Frankly if I were closer (as in friends not distance) to my neighbors, I would be doing the same thing. Every person having gigabit connection to the ISP is a total waste. I forget my alleged speed. It might be 50gb (it’s fiber). I don’t know. I have a 100Mb wired network and even slower wireless network. My NIC is substantially slower than my alleged bandwidth. But even at a hundred Mb/s of my lan (well, this PC’s “home run” to the brouter), I could not use that much bandwidth. I don’t launch large applications across the internet and I don’t tunnel into any private lans. The most data intensive thing I do is watch youtube videos. My PC is a MUCH bigger obstacle to YT than my bandwidth. With a 1368×768 monitor, high bitrate 720p is the upper limit of any video quality. The geeks all insist on using 60fps maximum bit rate and my computer chokes on those videos and I have to lower it to 480p to get the fps back to 30. Even when I finally splurge on a new PC, I don’t forsee any reason why my speed would not be fine sharing a neighbor’s 50Gb line. I would think the CO would be a bigger obstacle than even a 100Mb/s bandwidth. I have actually run Windows across a shard 10Mb line with 20-30 other machines all booting from lan running windows for work groups. This was years ago. As far as I know, almost nobody does this anymore.

      • There’s a lot of territory to cover and infrastructure companies use some pretty brutal math to determine where those lines go. Local regulations, of course, don’t help. People are generally amazed when I tell them that the Denver area has been the worst for getting internet since industrial areas are usually set off from residential areas and local governments often require the lines to be buried.

    • Had a 28.8 modem in high school. Thought I had it good. Then I went to college and had a T1 connection in my dorm room. It was world changing.

      • I still remember the first time I had access to a full T1 after switching jobs. When you are the administrator, nobody can catch you using the bandwidth to surf the web and downloading videogames either. I did all my downloading at work to my laptop and then took it home and transferred it all to my PC. Those were the days.

        • Yep. We had a dorm complex wide intranet. People would rip CDs and post the files in their folder for anyone to download. This was just before Napster started catching on.

    • Fascism is not merely stirring on the Left, it is rampaging. And its cultural agenda (all fascists have them) is the subjugation of whites to blacks.

      • I meant it in terms of crossing the great divide between nature and nurture, like the national socialists did. That would be a tectonic shift.

        And something to be closely watched. We see what happened to Germany. Those lefties are an immoderate bunch.

        Point taken though. They’d probably take the dysgenic path. No master race.

        • The leftist mindset revolves around creating utopia on earth. With the science of genetic engineering, this may actually be possible. There is a link between crime, poverty, and life outcome based on IQ scores. If we can adjust those even 5 points higher for each demographic, there would be an immense improvement in the quality of life on this planet. 20 points and you’re at the gates of heaven. After America falls apart and this current woke regime is discredited in the process, maybe some desperate lefty gets the idea to do what’s natural to them and make paradise? It’s something to watch. If it happens at all, I expect the left to do it. They are the ones with the revolutionary mindset unlike reactionary conservatives who sit back and do nothing until they are forced to.

          • That would bring happiness and help those of extremely high IQ in the short term, but over time I’d guess there’d be the same bell curve— and a strengthened argument that those at the low end struggle unfairly.

            Seems to me human nature doesn’t change, and I’d guess the distribution of whatever traits doesn’t either. Nature would adjust.

  17. I enjoyed Robert Novak. Whenever he was going to say something profound or profoundly cynical, he’d lean way back in his chair, stick out his gut and talk with his chin on his chest. But it was always harsh and spot-on.

    • Ah, there’s a name I haven’t heard in years. I remember the days when I thought Crossfire was divisive. It’s nothing compared to MSNBC’s prime time or any part of CNN these days.

  18. I went to high school and college in the 80’s. For a few weeks before a Presidential election people would talk about politics. Often they were fairly ideological – less government with Reagan or more with Mondale… But nobody really talked about it again for 4 years. It was peaceful bliss.

  19. Do not disregard aesthetic change. It is very important both symbolically and literally. America had a comparatively attractive culture 60 years ago. Automobiles, design and architecture had much to offer. Formality in personal grooming and dress allowed most people, even those without many natural aesthetic gifts, to be easy on the eye. Popular music was worth listening to and classical music was still revered. Hollywood produced films, television shows and commercials that were not gratuitously repulsive, and which, in their aesthetics, reflected the attractive broader culture. Most important of all, the vast majority of people cultivated and sought beauty in all things.

    Fast forward to the present. Everything I noted above has been reversed. We live in an ugly, coarse, vulgar and revolting society. This is not accidental. It comes in tandem with egalitarianism. Anybody can be ugly, but only a select few can be truly beautiful. The beautiful are “privileged.” This means that the standards of beauty must be disemboweled and the cultivation of hideousness encouraged. This may be good for those who are vile and are incapable of creating or appreciating beauty, but it is awful for society in general. Living amid aesthetic ruination is very unpleasant. For demoniac forces, however, it is home.

    • There’s a good reason that Aristotle considered Beauty a transcendental category like Good or True. Things, including people and ideas, have an objective aesthetic value. We apprehend almost immediately the order of this quality when we compare similar things: one woman is clearly more beautiful than another; one building is clearly more ugly than another etc. The pursuit of a nonexistent equality of everything and everyone has led to widespread self-deception and a warped appreciation of reality. The imposed cultural solutions are pushed to the two extremes: either outright lies that exalt ugliness as its exact opposite, some paragon of beauty; or the reduction of everthing to a bland, gray, amorphous blob incapable of meaningful comparison. You can have any color of Ford Model T, as long as it’s black might just be the metaphor that captures the 21st century zeitgeist best.

      • Had an omnipotent creator set out to equip man with a truth-seeking physiology, He could hardly have done better than to provide us with this peculiar beauty sense of ours – David Gelernter, “Machine Beauty”

    • The Zman noted that a certain tribe of people are smart, and they are, in a narrow, focused sense.

      They lack the kind of intelligence that expresses itself in our kind, though.
      What do they lack?

      The sheer love of creation in all things- our buildings, our inventions, our art.

      • An interesting observation. And it may be substantially true. However, when it comes to the love of classical music, the Small Hats take a backseat to nobody. That said, their contributions to composition are relatively meager: Mendelssohn, Mahler, and lesser lights such as Bloch, Milhaud, Diamond, Goldmark, Weill, Schoenberg, Copland, Gershwin, Bruch, Schnittke, Ligeti and Korngold.

    • This is something we can each work on fixing, as individuals. First we get ourselves in order. Then we get our wives and children in order. Then we keep it up, consistently, at home and in public.
      A good example can make a tremendous amount of difference, simply by giving other folks permission to show their better selves.
      Obviously, if you’re living in places like Baltimore you’ll have an uphill battle, but still. 😉

    • I have connections to the music world. Everything is woke.They are trying, ever so hard, to cram black culture into the concert hall. They are despatate for it. The cutting edge stuff is obsessed by it.

  20. You know, z-man, one of your talents is the pithy phrase and referring to the media is “ruling class assets” is a great phrase. Definitely going to start using it

  21. It is odd to look back on the 80’s and not remember a single conversation about how much better life would be if more children were trannies

    • 80s?! We weren’t talking about it TEN years ago! Leftism has accelerated at breakneck speed during the last decade. I graduated high school in 2004 and I don’t remember a single pillow biter in my class.

      • I graduated less than 10 years ago, other than one weird tranny who changed its name, a couple homos and a few closeted queers It was totally normal.

        Things seemed to go insane around 2016. Coincidentally it was also when they ramped up immigration to canada. I think that’s the year the elites freaked, and went from slow boil to all out war.

        • I graduated less than 10 years ago, other than one weird tranny who changed its name, a couple homos and a few closeted queers It was totally normal.

          This would sound like pure gibberish in 1990s, when I studied.

          • I went to “the Berkeley of the Midwest” in the early 90s and things were heating up. I saw my first “gay pride” parade, and was struck about how ANGRY the faggots were. (We’re here, we’re queer, DONT FUCK WITH US” they chanted). Also, the girls were woke as shit. There were women studies classes, too. Dont forget OJ!

        • One of the things our esteemed blog host missed on his list of things that have changed radically is education.
          When I went to school, we got in trouble for swearing, chewing gum in class, or running in the halls. The strap made short work or repeat offenders.
          Then, the student’s self esteem became more important than their education. The strap was taken out of schools, and now the kids bring guns and drugs to school.
          I personally think that it should be a mandatory cornerstone of Dissident Creed that parents either homeschool the kids, or send them to reputable charter schools than public schools.

      • Leftism has accelerated at breakneck speed during the last decade.

        We are now at a point where the extreme Left is making noise about hate crime legislation directed at heterosexual men who reject the advances of trannies.

        • Will that be the straw that finally breaks the camels back? The promotion of “love is love, at any age” I doubt it
          I can’t see living with these people, matter & antimatter.
          I urgently want for them what they want for us.

      • I grew up in Tampa FL and there was an east-west road defining white and black areas (Kennedy Boulevard) and along it were a number of gay bars. We’d see gays and trannies walking that street all the time. In my high school we had a number of gays and lezbos. I guess Tampa got me ready for what was coming. I feel bad for you guys who never had the exposure to this crap and had it hit you in the head like a ton of bricks.

        • I grew up outside DC. Around 1980 or so, one of my more Bohemian high school buds, later a retail coke dealer, took me downtown to see the gay bars. 😳 It really wasn’t my thing, but an eye opener. A few times in life I’ve had real-world experiences like Aerosmith sings about in “Dude (Looked Like a Lady)” 😡

      • I remember Eddie. Murphy getting caught with a tranny. Actually,,, I just saw pars of “””risky business” with Tom Cruise. A tranny makes an appearance there, with hilarious results!

  22. I was on Blab the other day and one of the wanks posted one that showed a kid chasing dollar bills in the breeze. In the next frame, he caught a few, but was balder and fatter and was running like mad for the rest. In the final frame, he was a geezer with a big armful of money… and the final cliff in front of him.
    We can leave money for our kids… but we can’t seem to leave wisdom.

    • Or can’t impart wisdom at least. We currently live in the most information-rich era, ever, in world history. Period. Want to learn how to do something, look that shit up. But what actually goes on? Constant facial fornication with a phone. It’s getting mad at the clouds, but every time I tell somebody to move at the store it’s because they’ve chosen that one spot to mess with a phone. And what are they consuming? Messaging and crappy memes. People have been gifted with amazing resources and technology, but were never taught how to use them. The lack of imparting is what depresses me most.

      • My favorite meme on this subject is the one where an AWFL uses a $1200 iPhone to film an African joggeress so she can share the clip across her social media.

      • All human knowledge is available at any time on a device used primarily for cat videos and arguing with strangers.
        Quite remarkable really.

        • I don’t think so. You have access to a limited or narrow range of information. A library at a good size college still has way more information. There are books you can find in a library but not readily online, but there is probably nothing you can find online that you can’t find in a good library.

          • You haven’t looked closely enough.

            Google books, for example has 1.6 million separate publications under “Victorian Poetry”. most with more than one edition available.
            For WWI Google has 110 million.
            WWII 65 million.
            Ron Unz’s little project has half a million publications.

            The Library of Congress has 14 million plus items available on line,

            Books etc in NYU’s 10 library system has about 6 million books, a large number available online.

            The Bodlian (Oxford) has 12 million items.

          • Although I’m not in the industry, I wonder how much of the older usually public domain books or other media are at risk of being Memory Holed or edited to reflect current fashions? I’m not aware of claims this has happened yet, but it is certainly did in the past, perhaps even in the USA. We’re already at the point where articles and books are refused, retracted or even pulled from distribution, even in academia, because of pressure from various factions.

          • Also, no one asks what words mean. And why certain words are new, yet somehow apply to all human history. Of course, I’m thinking of “racism”.

  23. Really enjoyed the points about being a younger man and being talked down to by elders in the workplace.

    I experienced the same thing at the beginning of my career and hated it because it was wholly undeserved.

    • I dunno man, there is a natural order to older/wiser educating the young/stupid. Talked down to is not good because it implies condescension. But now? The young upbraid the old in the corporate space because of their lack of ‘faith’ in the Woke F-ckery that is their new religion. Literally the least educated most ideological rigid generation in modern history are driving policy in million & billion dollar organizations. What could go wrong???

      A little condescension IMHO is far preferable to the upside down clown world sh-tshow that is corporate ‘merica today.

      • My experience went beyond condescension, I was basically insulted and belittled by that particular supervisor from day one.

      • I can hardly wait for the day Woke Elders dispense condescension to Gen Zyklon. Lordy let me live long enough to see that!

    • My boomer parents still do it to me… they said the 60s riots were the same as St Floyds “ peaceful processions”.

  24. I didn’t expect a Godwin in a 2020 presidential debate.

    ” *Affordable* health care is a right.” That distinction is is important, and he just slipped that in.

  25. Technology accelerated societal changes through transmitting thoughts. Different people resonated with different thoughts, changing their behavior. The feeling people resonated with the sound of other people’s feelings, contributing to societal chaos. The thought people will outmaneuver the feeling people, restoring order. Technology sped up the process of evolution, but not without the side effect of air sickness.

  26. Has anyone noticed that in times past, probably from the 1920s until the 1990s, there were distinct stylistic periods…dress, music, film, automobiles. You could look at a picture and guess fairly accurately when it was taken.
    I do not think that’s been the case since the late 1990s. If you ignore the ubiquitous cellphone, I’ll bet you wouldn’t be able to guess the year of a picture taken between, say 1998 and now. Dress has generally not changed. Pop music is the same electronic-dance-rap-hybrid as it was after the turn of the century. Popular movies have been action-fantasy for twenty-plus years. Automobile styles have changed, but that’s it as far as I can tell.

    • Young US males and females look nothing like they did fifteen years ago or prior. It’s too depressing to contemplate on a Friday.

      • “Young US males and females look nothing ike they did fifteen years ago or prior.”

        And the few that do are outcasts among their peers.

        • As to the intergenerational skirmish, I thought Z gave a very nuanced and thoughtful analysis. I’ve never jumped into any of the hate on boomers/millenials stuff. Yeah it’s fun to point out the absurdities of this new age and its youth, and I find my own familial elders’ backing of Israel because of some asshat huckster named Scofield equally perplexing.

          Mostly I find this stuff annoyingly distracting. We as White people, particularly older (I’m a few years younger than Zman) should be bridging that gap.

          My children came into my life later than most so I still have high schoolers. I stand astride three generations as we have close extended family in near proximity.. Boomer through Gen Z.

          I watch my youngest boy, athletic and proud of his heritage and fully aware of the mad world he has inherited. I marvel at how he and his friends navigate the crazy SJW moonscape of school and social media (made worse by this covid-hide in your homes- B.S.) AND all the while his core group of friends (all athletes) carefully mock the insanity. God they have to walk a tightrope!

          I’ve also lost a millenial stepson to the SJW madness. He’s all about the diversity, shame, gaia, weed and abortion. He’s listless, underemployed, and caters to his own weaknesses. It breaks my heart. I went easier on him than my own flesh and blood son because of that very natural stepfather/son dynamic that can so easily occur. I could see I was losing him to the nonsense and tried to make reasoned appeals but the draw was too strong. It was fun for him at first, being part of the “rebel” against his people and their privilege… but eventually their messaging got through to his core being and he is a shell of self-loathing, depression, and misdirection. Still, if he shows signs of growing tired of this dead end racial self flagellation, I will jump to help lift him up.

          This sounds like me, me, me… but I have a point. We have to learn to understand the world these youths are inheriting. We can’t give up on them. Not all are lost and not all are irredeemable. If you find yourself griping incessantly about these woke kids today I challenge you to ask yourself what you are going to do about it. Do you mentor kids in sports or activities? Do you challenge your school board members and their policies?

          What do you do to turn the tide, brave White man or woman? Our children and the future of Our People are the reasons we are here, no? It isn’t easy, and you’ll sometimes fail as I have, but do try, please. You may have to listen to them and not always agree, but you’ll be surprised just how much they are hungry to have someone not feed them bullshit for once. What more noble thing can you do for Our race than help save them? Or we can gab about just how screwed up they are. Choose, please.

          • My nephew was recruited to play Ohio State football yet saw ahead and declined for the Ivys. Nearly 300lbs in h.s., very large man beast. All-East. He had the good luck to start for Princeton and win his bonfires. Dropped weight to become a racked 225 chiseled sub-4-hour marathon “winner” who has ladies calling to schedule him for an hour and then they’ll let themselves outk quietly, PLEASE. Late 20’s and making 200+k/year.

            Dude, who is a truly moral person and very smart, just moved from Santa Monica CA back into his parents’ CT-area home. He and his family have zero idea how to proceed henceforth but they are all burned-out and searching for answers.

            Our so-called best and brightest don’t know what to do.

      • Can vouch for this from the perspective of doing sports physicals for high school and college students from time to time. I see large, amorphous masses who are soccer players, or swimmers. People who cannot simply hop up onto the exam table but have to work at it a little. 18 years old. Not kidding.

    • On the youtube podcast Revenge of the Cis these thirty somethings were making fun of Don Jr’s casual buttoned shirt wear . In the chat I sarcastically said look who is talking, two guys who’s whole ensemble are t-shirts. Well that struck a nerve to elicit a rebuttal from them.

      • I listened to those guys at work sometimes. The Cuban guy is very good, but the other guy is hit or miss.

    • Yes, I have noticed the same thing.

      Music, movies, and fashion have very much become a sort of cultural grey goo since the turn of the century/millennium.

      I believe this is a symptom of equalism via all the DIE initiatives.

      • There’s no longer a national culture / identity any more, so there is much less pressure to be part of the in-group … because there isn’t one. In a country where 90% of the population is White and, despite political differences there is widespread agreement, it’s okay to conform to what you see around you because you’re all still part of the same extended tribe.

        In 1994, probably the inflection point of this phenomenon, about 1/3 of white democrats were more socially conservative than the average republican; that figure is about 5% now. Afterwards, you’ll notice — especially starting around 1998 — pretty much everyone looked the same save only a few brief fashion fads (cargo pants in the early to mid 00s). Add in the internet, and it’s easier than ever for people to see new fashions on other groups and say to themselves, “no that’s not for me.”

        Before this era, I can not only recognize fashion trends by decade, even most guys can do this, I can also do this intra-decade. The early 90s (1992 -1994) had grunge styles exemplified by movies like The Crow and 1995 — 1996 had a style common in movies like Clueless and Showgirls. All of those movies generally captured what was going on in the culture at the time.

        Would I wear the fashion promoted by a far-leftist who has made vile comments about my group? Never. Of course, you might say that most people are sheep so they’d never actively boycott anything, but I do wonder if their might not be a passive boycott going on, perhaps on a subconscious level. For example, despite the lockdowns, sports are declining in popularity, especially since they began promoting BLM. They should be soaring in viewership, but that’s not the case at all. Of course, there’s cord-cutting, but that can’t be all of it because the same thing was seen back when they promoted BLM in 2016. Ratings only returned when they dropped that stuff.

        I think people are separating into groups and refusing to adopt a wider national trend in clothing or even in what they watch because there is no longer a national culture. Look closely and you’ll notice this is definitely NOT the case for countries like Japan and South Korea and even China.

        Perhaps you could argue this is also a trend you might find in Europe (can’t be sure), but I’d contend the influence of American media is partly responsible for that. How else can you explain the BBC shoving blacks into everything as the Americans do when that’s not really justified considering UK demographics?

        • It is astonishing that we went from the Defense of Marriage Act (signed into law by Bill Clinton!) to Obergefell v. Hodges in less than twenty years.

      • Actually think that in the upper classes, signaling via modes of dress, books claimed to be read, jobs worked, and most importantly…the correct opinions, etc is still very much a thing.

      • So that would be when the Boomers handed off the creative mantle- a twenties (for music which went bad in the 90’s) thirties/forties thing for the rest , to the X’ers?

      • Walton below makes a good point. There really is no national culture because the nation only exists by inertia and to a degree force.
        It goes beyond DIE which is a part and into the fact that a fake culture created to move product by companies only works when those companies have roots in the place they are selling.
        It also helps when there aren’t easy alternatives to what they want you to have. Now there is no reason to listen to the Top 40 unless I like that tune since now I have all the musical styles known to man to chose from.
        I don’t think this is bad as the US is normally quite divided along State and Regional lines and the Internet simply brought that back.
        Where the problem is the Left/Right divide. It isn’t normal for US political system to produce conditions in which all factions want the other dead all the while basically every institution private and public is no longer functional or maybe barely functional at its job.
        The does presage a civil war or collapse in most cases and with tech speeding things up we may get our in real time instead of historical time.

    • I think people have decoupled from mass culture to a large degree, and that might explain it. The divide between what I see in the media and what I see in the real world is greater than at any time in my life. Which I guess is a wordy way of saying people are waking up. Thank God!

      • I don’t miss it as much as I miss being able to “capture” a decade by the style. If I see flannels and torn jeans, I immediately think 1992. If it’s short hair and goatees on men, and baggy pants on everyone, I immediately think 1996. What is memorable about, say, 2002? 2008? 2015? There was a very brief hipster period around 2012-2013 but that was highly localized and it didn’t exactly wash over the country like bell-bottoms did.

      • I opted out of the “culture” in 1992, and, based upon those rare instances when I tune in again, can safely say I haven’t missed a dam’ thing.

      • As much as the 70s with polyester collars, disco, and muscle cars.

        You could still go to a 7-11 without fearing for your life. It was weird, and goofy, and still America.

        • You could still go to a 7-11 and find a White person there well till the early 90’s
          How the hell a Dissident Right Republic if one happens is going to break the overwhelming lust for heap labor and more consumers that has consumed our ruling class is a huige challenge we will face if we take power.

          • There will be very inflexible and exceedingly robust limitations on immigration, especially from the Third World.

          • I own a small arsenal. Pretty much worthless except for point defense. Temporarily. The numbers imported and actually landed while they fail to exceed bullet count are here to stay until they have strip mined our territory. Hello China. Hello India. Hello South of The Border. We need enclaves with walls, no other way to survive not even Alberta or Alaska. Me, I just want the northern strip of the US combined with Alberta and Alaska. Won’t happen.

    • Women are going back to the 80s/90s look. For men, your race decides how you dress; every Filipino man has earrings. Every Arab has an ugly fade and ugly beard. Every Indian has the same haircut. White guys wear plain tees and Jean’s. Boomers apparently all dress like shit.

      We men are all just NPCs.

      • I recently read a comment after an ’80s music video full of pretty girls that said, “Ahhh, the ’80s. Back when women were beautiful.” The commenter indicated he was a very young man, and there was an implied wish for a landscape of lovely females which he has not personally known.

        • I see comments like that all the time. On YouTube, when watching random videos of people walking through the streets of some American city circa 1940 (I’m a history buff), I’ll sometimes see people mockingly comment “but where’s all the diversity?” I’ve also seen the same comment on uploaded 90s television shows like The Nanny and Mad About You: “Ah, America before diversity.”

          Of course, these comments get lots of likes, more than you’d think based on hysteria about racism from the media. I think there’s a general recognition that something is missing from this country these days. That’s why I expect the regime to slowly fade out old television shows and movies so the public can’t see what they’re missing.

          They’ll do this first by going all digital — no more DVDs. With streaming, it will be possible to edit out offensive content, which they’ve already done to shows like Scrubs and 30 Rock. Then they’ll escalate to purchasing rights and putting old shows behind a paywall, which is what Apple just did to the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, effectively censoring it. Then they’ll start banning outright. A few old properties will be remade with current year regime dogma inserted (example: Birth of Nation) so the public will forget the old stuff; expect this with a lot of old movies. Then they’ll move to using deepfake to alter past movies, perhaps even then lying about the original, “Scarlett O’Hara always endorsed the Nazis in Gone With the Racist Wind White Supremacists. MSNBC’s fact checkers and Wikipedia said so!”

          • so many young people gravitate to the 1950s Betty Boop aesthetic or to 1980s music. Hipsterism is essentially a love letter to the past. As are thrift and vintage clothing stores.

            One way to look at this is that they are crying out for a return to an America they barely know but sense it was better than the diverse madness that surrounds them.

          • Now that the revolution has moved into its rewriting of history phase, you see tons of YT comments popping up laying a thick layer of “systemic racism” on every old movie. Imagine being stuck in that myopic hell!

          • Already happening with Disney taking over A Charlie Brown Christmas.
            As weird as it is copyright reform (two 14 year terms only) and removing the memory hole will be a big part of what the DR will end up doing.
            Ultimately what they are doing shaping the culture for their own used is what we need to be thinking about doing as well. Its smart.
            President Trump gets this with his executive order requiring traditional and classic architecture styles. Its something we will be doing to and it will be pretty common for there to be an outright ban on say modernism and brutalism even for private structures.
            Just to remind people, Our Thing is not a Freedom Movement. TilL COVID at least we had that its a restoring tradition and encouraging families and a healthy culture movement
            No you cannot have a brutalist playground (yes such things were made) and repeated offenses might get your salience pulled because clearly someone who designs thinsg that are harmful tot he eye and can’t be used by children is either evil or crazy and should not do that job.
            Things like economic regulation , social regulation and the like which cause libertarians to gag are going to be crammed down.
            Leftism is a disease of urbanism and prosperity and the ugly irony is that if DR Republic did its job right, it will pop right back up.
            It become incumbent to understand that its insidious and subversive and must be kept from power.

        • Not only were girls groomed and pretty during the 80’s (in competition with one another). They were trim.

        • In addition to my comment the other day that a major turning point in American culture was when white men started calling other men “bitch,” is the sudden popularity and acceptance of fake boobs.

          I think there is a tie-in between the popularity of fake boobs and the social acceptance of trannies, but that is beside my point I am trying to make here. Which is that Playboy magazines are sort of a fossil record of the times and you can see how curvaceousness and natural boobs gave way to angularity, muscularity, and bolt ons. And perhaps this does in fact tie into the homosexualization of the culture where female beauty had previously been defined by straight men and gave way to it being defined by gay men and ugly (((women))).

        • What about us gals?! All we have is soft hairless high voiced weak crying pussy men to look at!
          Now this ‘89 Levis ad is yummy. That man has a Come Hither smile. Damn, and look where that gearshift goes. That’s how to make a commercial…from a bygone era.

          • This isn’t the fault of gals like you but ladies today often aren’t worth the time and have been increasingly lousy since Gen X.
            There are a lot of reasons but when people on a Christian Blog find it controversial when a women says that men mostly want a debt free virgin without tattoos we have issues.
            Once women start to behave like women with some dignity they’ll be worth having and they’ll get good men. As a group women after all get the men they deserve and vice versa.

      • That’s true actually. If you see photos from the 1970s, whether it’s Beirut or Hong Kong or Chicago, everyone has the long hair, the flared pants, and the big collars. Women seemed to all wear their hair straight and long.
        Nowadays almost everyone dresses casual to sloppy, and it does break down by race, and (forgive my Marxism) by class especially. Higher-class people of all races tend to look better at the supermarket.

        • Funny how grocery stores seem to be the epicenter of people watching in BSA. I wonder if it has long been so?

    • People aren’t anywhere near the same as they were in the 1990’s. Especially the young who grew up under the internet. I never saw males who looked like Hipsters during the 90’s, my god talk about freaks of nature.
      Movies are totally different. Action pictures are almost all have black leads or someone like The Rock. Comedy movies are so bad it’s beyond belief. The bad guys in movies are now all whites. Women in movies can now drop a 240lb man with a single punch. White men in general are portrayed as idiots and wusses.
      Music is totally pozzed today. It’s all a variant of rap crap.Pop music is mostly junk written by 5 writers in the world and sung by females who dress like hookers on stage. Compare them to Olivia Newton John, Whitney Huston, Roberta Flack, etc, Who dressed with class
      Back in the 90’s people were a lot more positive. Off-shoring of jobs really hadn’t begun, nor H-1B’s replacing techies on a mass scale. NAFTA still hadn’t gutted the country.
      Oh yeah my town was still almost all white back then too. Today it’s mostly Mexican,
      Different worlds.

      • Ah, the Ridiculous Rambette. One of the silliest cultural tropes of the last 30 years. For a classic example, watch the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and see itty-bitty little Michelle Yeoh whip the hell out of 10 martial arts guys all by her lonesome. It is to roll one’s eyes furiously.

        • I haven’t watched a movie in years for just this reason. There won’t be theaters much longer anyway, COVID will kill them off and if/when the Us goes hot, no one will want to gather in groups.

          • The last cold I caught was almost certainly in a “theater” (actually an indoor small venue for music), about March 1, right before COVID-19 broke. I recently saw an article that rates movie theaters as the most unsafe of common businesses, from that standpoint.

    • I made this same point on a Youtube video recently. It was a clip from the movie Me, Myself, and Irene (2000). I wrote that with the exception of cell phone usage and the appearance of most cars, there’s really nothing to distinguish the movie from the present day. Think about how different 1955 looked from 1975, or 1975 looked from 1995, but twenty years after the turn of the century and the changes are trivial.

      But maybe the cell phone is a big reason for that. When one has one’s face buried in a screen all day, every day, for years, that person has no need to adjust to what’s going on around him.

      • with the exception of cell phone usage and the appearance of most cars, there’s really nothing to distinguish the movie from the present day. 

        This is because the march of technology is a logarithmic function, though our progressive Puritan betters cannot admit this, because, “muh science !”

    • Lack of social change is the historical norm
      However even ignoring the POC just as ChicagoRodent noted, young White people look different. these days.
      These days they look weak and often dysgenic but back in my day, they honestly just looked like European kids do now.
      Modern kids do live very indoor lives. I was a bookworm par excellence, owned a video game console and a computer and yet spent a lot of time outside far more than almost all kids do today.

      • Everyone I grew up with had an Atari, but after an hour or so we instinctively got up and went outside again.

  27. “People have more stuff their homes, but their home is still their home.” I know what your saying, but without taking that too far out of context, I would challenge that statement, when in fact very few Americans actually own their homes outright.

    One can argue the number of home “mortgages” may have increased, but I would counter that actual “ownership” has declined. And the risk of people loosing their homes is also much greater than in the past.

    Same with all that stuff in those homes, like their cars, big screen TV’s; very little, if any of it, is actually bought and paid for so they don’t own all that stuff either.

    We now have a generation that has filled their homes, which they don’t own, with stuff they also don’t own. And worse, what they’re making payments on are depreciating assets that will be nearly worthless by they time they are paid off.

    There’s a big difference between having something and actually owning something which is also another huge cultural difference between the current generations and generations of 40-years ago.

    • No one one on my street in my leafy suburban paradise owns their home. The smallest, three bedroom ranch (next to the busy street) is required to pay north of $10k per annum in taxes for “good schools” and such. Median tax bill is north of $14k. Oh, and the pensions are substantially less than 1/2 funded. When THAT bill comes due, remind me: who owns the house?

      • If there is a Dissident Right run Republic at some point property taxes will need to be banned federally at the very least for two houses and strictly limited on any others.
        Also debt and interest collecting instead of productive effort will need to be tightly controlled and discouraged,
        However an nation that attempts to remove this will need to be very dangerous indeed. No person on this earth has less scruples and is more vindictive than a bankster. They’ll turn everyone that owes them money against you so be prepared.

      • You are so right. The powers that be had to extend limitless amounts of credit or the people would have risen up against their staggering tax bills and the inflation of printing money around the clock.

  28. Whatever this country is, it is NOT a democracy. For the last four years, officials at the highest level of government have been trying to overthrow our elected government. First, leftists physically threatened electors to change their votes to Hillary Clinton before Trump even took office. When that didn’t work, they colluded with the democrat party’s media to float Russiagate; the WaPo led with a bogus story alleging that “When it Comes to Trump, All Roads Lead to Russia.” Complete lie. The story quoted “anonymous” officials which are certainly guys like John Brennan and his aides.

    Three years of the Muller fiasco and nothing. Not a shred of evidence of any Russia collusion. But they’re not finished. Brennan’s former aide just sent a letter signed by 50 officials falsely alleging — without an ounce of evidence — that Hunter Biden’s laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Please. The story is all but confirmed now, even as NPR and the democrat media ignore the story. It’s a deliberate effort to help a corrupt politician gain office. Disgusting.

    Our press is controlled by the opposition party which lies about everything. They claimed violent riots were peaceful protests; they lied about everything surrounding George Floyd. They even tried rigging the second presidential debate (the moderator was caught collaborating his questions with a Trump enemy — then lied about it). They did successfully rig Trump’s town hall on NBC: they deliberately messed with his audio, gave him an uncomfortable chair, attacked him with biased questions and placed a black woman over his shoulder who was supposed to recoil from Trump as Matt Lauer’s buddy Savannah Guthrie denounced him. They demand Trump denounce “White Supremacy” while supporting black supremacist groups like BLM and the NFAC (an armed militia group). They shriek at “White Supremacy”, a racist dog whistle, to cover for the democrat party’s summer of hate — of violence and murder.

    Speaking of NBC rigging debates, they did the same thing during the primary. They were credibly accused of muting Andrew Yang’s mic; they used a computer filter to surreptitiously place a pimple on Tulsi Gabbard’s face. They floated lies about Russia wanting Sanders to win. All three candidates were hated by the regime and all three were sabotaged by it. MSNBC was Russiagate conspiracy central for years. Still is.

    In what way is this country a democracy? We’ve got the democrat party running coup plots (TIP, the New Yorker) and sending threatening letters to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs demanding they remove Trump after the election. We’ve got guys like Robert Reich threatening to “denazify” his political enemies after the election (define irony). The press is practically all democrat and all they do is lie — about everything, all the time. The government is corrupt and these bigots, to get back at Trump’s voters, will attempt to destroy our oil industry after the election: bye 4 million jobs, hello $10 gas … but it’s cool because these rich wine sippers can afford it.

    This country, I don’t recognize it anymore.

    • Trump is the cleanest guy ever. Pretty sure they could even dig up more dirt on me than against Trump.

      That said, the wine liberals are the true enemy. POC are their accessory, and tool to destroy us (and eventually themselves).

      • I don’t know if Trump is clean. I also don’t care.

        I’m sure he’s cleaner than anyone in washington, but you don’t become a billionaire by being scrupulously honest and kind. Heck, he even said in his book that he lied to get building contracts. That said, he pisses off the cloud people, so I really don’t care how dirty or hypocritical he is because it’s not like the cloud people are boy scouts.

    • Feel like an Aspie writing this, but please call this country what it is: a Constitutional Republic. (On paper, anyway)

      This incessant propaganda about being a “democracy “ has led to an illiterate polity who can’t understand why the popular vote doesn’t necessarily lead to the President elect. UNFAIR!, they cry, being taught that 50%+1 vote=our system of government.

      Otherwise, agreed.

      • Of course. I expected that response. Please stop offering it. It’s ridiculous and spergy, and I’m sick of seeing it. Words have both connotations and denotations. Stop assuming other people are stupid for writing “democracy” when the intent is obvious. You’re not making yourself look any smarter by saying it, which is the obviously intent of those kinds of comments.

        • ProZNoV made a fair point in context.
          Sure, we all know the republican form was established to avoid mob rule. Right now, republicanism is all that’s saving us. So of course the usual suspects are desperately eager to implement a (sham) form of direct democracy and have their cities govern the rest of the country for eternity on the principle of “50% plus one makes right”.
          And if we don’t kick back, they’ll eventually get their way. Then the ratchet will kick in.
          So while we in the DR may get the picture (as ProZNoV acknowledged), Normie voters need constant re-education in civics.
          That means the DR needs to stay on message, even though shorthand might be OK among ourselves as individuals.
          Better to suffer the occasional reminder on our forums, rather than end up with one man – one vote – one time.

          • “ProZNoV made a fair point in context. Sure, we all know the republican form”

            No, he didn’t: “Oh, you said screwdriver? No, it’s a flathead.” It’s pedantic and wrong. Stop making that dumb argument. It’s just an opportunity for people to pretend to be more knowledgeable than they really are. No one is confused by saying “democracy” over “republic.” If you honestly think that’s going to make a difference, you’re in for a rude awaking.

          • Reading comprehension is not your strong point, Milton. Pedantry (as you mistakenly understand it) will be life’s way of encouraging you to work on that.

      • BTW, “democracy” is a broad term that is usually taken to include “republic.” Stop being pedantic. The term was used correctly in the first place.

        “The term republic has many different meanings, but today often refers to a representative democracy with an elected head of state, such as a president, serving for a limited term, in contrast to states with a hereditary monarch as a head of state, even if these states also are representative democracies with an elected or appointed head of government such as a prime minister”

        • The people who downvoted that comment couldn’t rebut it. One final time: stop falsely claiming “America isn’t a democracy, it’s a republic.” That’s like saying a flathead isn’t a screwdriver. It’s wrong, and claiming otherwise doesn’t make you look smart, which is why people bring that point up in the first place. Absolutely nothing changes by saying “republic” over “democracy.” It’s a trivial distinction that perfectly characterizes the boomer right’s dumb adherence to self-defeating principles and definitions and their bizarre belief that either will advance their interests.

  29. “… democracy is… a facade.”

    We have lived in a fake democracy since at least the presidency of Bill Clinton. We have had a choice between Republican-flavored globalist and Democrat-flavored globalist. Globalists will let us exercise power over things that they do not care about like the administration of local government. (1) However, anything to do with the design and implementation of civilizational architecture/civilizational engineering (like international trade policy, immigration, tax policy) they fight tooth and nail to maintain control.

    This is the essence of their bitter resistance to Trump. They spent many decades gaining possession of key control nodes from which to rule our country (like taking over the unconstitutionally overpowerful supreme court and the financial system especially manufacture of currency) which they then used to leverage obedience from the conventional optically-visible control nodes: electorally-dependent Congress and the Presidency. Then along comes this guy with orange hair who makes an end run around a lifetime of their hard work Morganthau’ing our country, daring to attempt to undo their re-engineering of the European and Christian West.

    We are in an existential religious and race war with globalists. Who are these people and what do they want? The short answer is that they are a would-be planetary aristocracy that, while it has designs upon the entire world (2), is concentrating upon cementing control over the central and secondary elements of their empire, America and Europe.

    Diversity is only a strength to the globalist oligarch importing the divide (foreigners with papers) for ‘divide and rule’. Diversity must all go back and the globalists both Democrat-flavored and Republican-flavored who imported them as a weapon with which to destroy Western Civilization must not escape justice.


    1. Globalists set the parameters for local governance, but let local leftists do the actual governing)
    2. There is a reason they constantly do the Russia! nonsense even though half the planet interferes in our internal affairs far more than Russia, e.g. Mexico, China, India, Israel, etc. They want Russia with its vast natural resources under their nasty thumbs, too. They are PISSED that it escaped their control under Putin.
    • I think that’s certainly part of it, but I’m also sure there is more to their hatred of the man. Part of the reason Donald Trump is so hated among the elite lies with the fact that he reminds them of how mediocre they really are. Trump is a crude, big-mouth real estate developer, yet he played the greatest political game in modern American history. That’s an incredible success story, one they could never pull off themselves, and they know it. Despite their inflated perception of themselves, these people are mostly unimportant losers stuck sniffing their own farts at places like The New Yorker and Buzzfeed, and Donald Trump reminds them of that uncomfortable fact. That’s a crime they’ll never forgive him for.

      • Trump may be brusque and boorish, but he is not a stupid man. In fact, his career suggests that he has high levels of book, social, and street smarts.

        This is the key fact about the man the Left can’t process.

        Trump even jiu-jitsued the Left a bit by toning down his normal TV personality a bit during last night’s debate.

        I think the Left really expected Trump to wind up red-faced and foaming at the mouth over the muting and the laptop so they could spend the weekend painting Trump as some kind of lunatic versus gentle, slightly weary Joe.

        One thing Trump is missing easy points on is tying the Green New Deal to the wildfires and rolling blackouts in California as a preview of Biden’s America.

        That’s an easy layup Trump’s not taking and I don’t understand why. Even the biased MSM polls show that climate change is a non-issue for most Americans.

        • Not that I listen to one word of it, but Is anyone besides me sick and tired of the fact that the moron talking heads feel obliged to give their analysis as to who “won” these presidential debate? I get an overdose of vapidity even in that short period when I can’t get the TV turned off in time to keep from hearing, “Now we go to our panel for analysis as to who won.” It trivializes what just took place, as though it were a competition between housewives to see who could sell the most items at a fiscal year’s worth of tupperware parties. There will be no “winner” until the propositions of one side are totally banished from the face of the Earth.
          Speaking of morons, I’m sitting here watching the Senate on C-Span with these idiots wearing masks, McConnell being Exhibit A. I don’t guess I am ever going to get over the shock of seeing how easily cowed the American people are.

      • Trump’s been through lots of public phases. He grew up when men were men and he’s unapologetic about it – gotta love him for that.

        But in spite of having money, the bluebloods have never accepted him. In the late 70s and 80s he appeared in the society pages all the time, but it was his sister-in-law Blaine who gave him the social lifeline to the Lynn Wyatt, Anne Bass, and Pat Buckley (yes, believe it or not) “ladies who lunch” circuit in NYC- and their husbands. After that older group faded away, Trump then found other ways to make his own waves the next 20 yrs. But that desire to be accepted seems to have never gone away and Obama hit a raw nerve with his remarks at the 2011 Correspondants’ Dinner. Trump had a jaw of steel that night as he got pelted in a more personal way than Ann Coulter got a few years later.

        It may be that Trump savored keeping the cleptocrats on edge about whether their antics will see the light of day or not as he gathered more dirt. What’s more pedestrian than a bunch of government hangers on growing grotesquely fat trading influence for dollars? Trump’s got to have nothing but contempt for these lazy louts resorting to the lowest common denominator while he had used creative means (plus a hefty opportunity cost) to climb the top of the political heap as an outsider.

        Maybe what we perceive as passivity is Trump privately enjoying cleptocrat agony in worrying about their future – afterall, he does have them acting in desperate frenzy, outing themselves more each day. And he had it in the bag until the bug. But there’s some satisfaction to be had in him enjoying revenge (intended or not) with their uncertainty since we’re all trapped on this ridiculous roller coaster ride anyway.

        It’s pretty amazing that Trump turns out to be the best natural politician, maybe in the history of the country. Reagan was always called “the Great Communicator” but Trump is able to open the Overton Window much wider, bumping right up to its very limit in a way Reagan never even attempted.

        • LOVE Trump’s machismo. Such a refreshing antidote to the limp dick Obama/“journolist” class.

    • They rode the Puritan tiger to the top.
      Note how the Asian tigers were broken, so that their newest steed, the Chinese tiger, might rise.

      • Update: note how “white values” in our schools are being assaulted.

        That seems to hurt Asian students in the USA, but no– it actually raises the value of Chinese schooling. And, usurps their main competition as well.

        Yup. We’re soon to be replaced, put out to pasture, sent to the glue factory.

    • Yes, they want Russia. That’s the basis of their hostility to Russia, the fact that Putin ran off the oligarchs. They’re really pissed that they let it slip through their hands.

      • And the flanking pincer of China, NATO, and Turkey- after Persia is finally broken- is how they’ll take the Heartland. Our place of origin.

      • Tom K: The globalists would be no more capable of “controlling” Russia than Napolean and Hitler were capable of surving Russian winters.

        • The Politburo exerted fairly effective control across eleven divisible time zones. And then there was this former petty criminal, a Mr. Steel who was Georgian, and he held the whip for a time.

    • One question, Who are these Globalists?
      Is it Globalists are the same term as Deep State, Cabal used by Q people?
      It’s so vague that feeling like children whispering to parents about how boogeyman hide in the closet
      You see Other side openly define who is an enemy
      Its Biologically European male who do not willing to become a doormat

      How the hell you gonna ensure your interests when you don’t know who is the enemy?
      There’s no organized political movement without identifying who is the enemy

      • You make excellent points. I’m working on a better characterization right now. Thanks for prodding me into getting this started. Unfortunately, the enemies working to destroy Western Civilization are not a homogeneous bunch. There are multiple overlapping ideological, racial, and tribal groups: globalists, marxists, communists both national and international, Jews and gentiles, foreign invaders and native quislings, etc.

        “Who is the enemy?”

        The enemy is anyone who thinks that European-heritage peoples have no right to exist in their own communities in their own countries.

        I like an epidemiological analogy. Our ancestors didn’t know about bacteria and viruses (before the germ theory of disease was postulated and proved) but they DID know that there was a threat and they knew that quarantine (a variant of social distancing) was an effective solution to mitigate the threat. The disease, whatever its origin, can’t harm the people if the people don’t let it near them.

        We may not know the exact details of the demographic structure of our enemies or what motivates their hostility (1), but the solution is the same: country-level social distancing. Those who think we should not exist should go live in some other country.

        A first cut on globalists and their fellow travelers:
        Globalists are a would-be planetary aristocracy. They are a manifestation of the will-to-power, will-to-empire that has existed since the beginning of human civilization. It has been elevated to a planetary stage because of the dominance of international political and economic institutions Americans created both in the aftermath of World War 2 (end 1945) and as tools to fight the then newly started Cold War (start 1948). (UN, IMF, etc)

        The end of the Cold War (2) (1985-1991) had us at a crossroads. Ostensibly, we won the CW and at its end we dominated all global institutions, especially transnational finance. We should have either reformed or dismantled them because they were dangerously unaccountable to any of the national peoples whose taxes were funding them. Unfortunately, our ‘decider’ at the time was George Herbert Walker Bush, a traitor and globalist who openly talked of the ‘New World Order’. His leadership resulted in unaccountable institutions (to the citizenry of the West), which had been created to help us fight a planetary war against communism (3), being repurposed to be the scaffolding upon which a new planetary empire would be built.

        GHWB did not act alone. He was the optically-visible spear tip of a much larger post-national movement that believed that the entire world should be under one government. The development of this movement is bound up in the transition of the American ruling class from White Anglo-Saxon Protestant’s to a coalition of Jewish-led multiculturals, of which WASPs are a junior member. The details are beyond the scope of an already too-lengthy blog comment.

        (1) “The concept of envy …” (Joseph Sobran, 1997)
        (2) The end of the Cold War was a process rather than a singular event. It was clear by 1986-87 that the military confrontation phase was over. The dissolution of the Soviet empire occurred in stages until the final end in December, 1991.
        (3) The exigencies of war are forever a poison to the maintenance of liberty.

  30. There is a wonderful line from the 1972 movie “Cromwell” where Oliver, speaking to Charles I (though to my knowledge they never met in this fashion) states “it is simply that the “people”, being “ordinary”, would prefer to be asked rather than told”

    • Cromwell was a real cool guy. Ask any Irishman. Charles II’s return to the United Kingdom resulted in the greatest celebration in its history, before or since. Oliver’s body was exhumed, beheaded and his head publically displayed on a pike for eighteen years. The “ordinary” people were overjoyed that the noxious Puritans had moved their operation across the Atlantic to Massachusetts where they could continue their treason, set the ground rules for American culture, much of which exists to this day, and instigate both the American Revolution and the War Between the States.

      • Yes, but Oliver fundamentally altered the “monarchy” game. Charles II was restored, but Parliament continued its supremacy. And with the installation of William, the right to fire & hire was cemented.

      • Cromwell gave the Irish a taste of their own medicine. I say a taste because by the standards of the time his actions were moderate.
        The people who mutilated his corpse were not “ordinary”.people

        • The Irish didn’t invade Britain. In fact, the Anglo occupation of Northeastern North America was a continuation of Cromwell’s Puritanical line of thinking. The Puritans detested and abhorred normal English culture and decided to transfer their city on the hill to a place where the pickings were easy. Rather than oust Europeans from their homes they preferred to go after the native Americans, whose only allies were other neolithics.

        • I suspect the world we live in would be immeasurably better had Cromwell died or been killed by some time traveler.
          Not only is the Puritan ethic and philosphy vile and anti human , as Bilejones noted Cromwell and his wonderful “New Model Army” likely made him property of Jewish moneylenders.
          Honestly given that Cromwell was opposed to anything that any person at that time would consider Right Wing or Conservative, it amazes me that anyone would think he was a good guy. He was in many ways the start of the the mess we are in and his Puritan allies were the progenitors of the SJW.

          • Radical: traveling back in time to kill Hitler.
            Tradical: traveling back in time to kill Cromwell.

      • “Cromwell was a real cool guy”

        Who sold out his country to the Jews. They’d been banned since Longshanks.

        • Perhaps their return to Albion was inevitable at some stage, but their return during Cromwell’s rule is one of those “what if?” moments.

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