Mokita in Manhattan

I saw this posted on Drudge. I’m not a fan of Opie & Anthony having never listened to their program. I’ve seen Anthony Cumia on television, but I have no opinion of him. He could be a horrible person for all I know.

Warning: This article contains graphic language.

Anthony Cumia, of Opie & Anthony radio fame, launched a misogynistic, racially charged rant after he was allegedly roughed up by a woman in Times Square.

The 53-year-old shock jock said he was repeatedly punched by the woman early Tuesday while innocently snapping pictures and she accidentally got into a frame.

“So I’m taking pix in NYC & a black girl who was in frame punched me in the face. I called her a f–king “&$;;-:” cause that’s what she WAS!” the always articulate radio personality tweeted on Wednesday.

The first thing that jumps out is the warning. My goodness. Have we become such dainty flowers that we can’t take a few dirty words? Then we have the totally insane idea that accurately mentioning the race of someone is racist. Thinking maybe the Post left out the really bad stuff, a highly unlikely possibility, I went to the twitter account and read the tweets. Crude and stupid maybe, but typical for Twitter. It is, after all, the preferred communication method of the two-digit IQ community.

We are headed to a place where basic parts of reality are now off limits. News accounts avoid mentioning the race of criminals, for example. A new genre of commenting has arisen in response to this habit. The readers make sport of the weird absence of basic information in crime stories involving non-whites. In most cases, the comments are the best part. Its like a weird game of charades, where everyone looks for clues to fill in the important bits of the news story.

I’ve written elsewhere that we are becoming a different version of Iran. They have a small group of lunatics in charge and they force everyone to go along. The typical Iranian knows the eggplants are nuts, but the eggplants have the guns. It is simply easier to pretend that you believe in flying carpets and invisible imams. In modern America, we are increasing faced with the same choice. You either go along with some reality warping nonsense like trans-genderism or the lunatics. Cumia made the great error of noticing the race of his attacker and now he is out of work.

3 thoughts on “Mokita in Manhattan

  1. Someone should come up with a grammer book, like who and when the use of words like nappy haired hos, etc. can be used. It would save a lot of time and grief. The way we are doing it is like hitting the secret word on “You Bet Your Life”, only it costs money. It would be a lot quicker.

    I once thought the police should just send my son a couple seat belt tickets a year, it would save time and frustation.

  2. “Then we have the totally insane idea that accurately mentioning the race of someone is racist.”
    Well, you see, that’s what the definition of “Racist” has become to folks of a “certain” level of intellect.
    “Higher” academic apologists call it “usage”.

  3. We certainly don’t want to mention that hoodiewearinghettorats are comminting crimes. That would be racist.

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