Cats And Dogs

Anyone who has had a cat knows that the cat takes a certain pleasure in the acquisition of its food. Put food down for the dog and the dog eats the food. Put food down for the cat and it will saunter up to the dish and maybe sample a little, then take a break to watch the dish for a while, before returning for some more food. A bug gets loose in the house and the dog will just eat it, but the cat will torment the thing to death. One animal is all about the process, while the other is about the result.

This difference is something to keep in mind as America descends into the woke totalitarianism of our diversity loving masters. It is assumed that totalitarianism leads to labor camps and people disappearing in the night. Those are the examples we have from our history. The communists liked sending the uncooperative to work camps, while the fascist like shooting the inconvenient. In both cases, the point was to remove the problem and discourage others from being a problem.

Those old school totalitarians were dog people. Just as the dog is happy to eat when hungry, without thinking much about how the food was made available to him, the old totalitarians took an end justifies the means approach to exercising power. Problem people were like any other sort of problem. The point was to solve the problem, which in the case of people meant making them go away. No man, no problem. How the problem felt about what was happening was of no consideration.

Our new totalitarians turn all of this on its head. Like the cat and his food, or his prey in the case of an unfortunate insect, the end is not really the point. It is not about removing the obstacles to their project, in order to achieve some end. The dealing with the problem is the end. In the case of the poor unfortunate who has run afoul of the rulers, the point of the process is submitting the troublemaker to endless torment that has no purpose beyond the pleasure of the tormentor.

Take the doxing business as an example. The people who do this are not trying to make the victim go away, any more than the cat wants the wayward cricket to go away. To the contrary, they hope the victim will cry out in agony and make his misery into a long-drawn-out public performance. They revel in seeing the victim moan about how his PayPal was deleted or how he lost his job. For the army of the woke, the suffering of the victim and the fame for inflicting that suffering is what matters.

When the victim simply kills off his internet character, the doxers have a problem as they do not have that living trophy to show off on-line. They are forced to go onto their social media platforms and imagine how the victim is suffering. We are not far away from a time when Twitter or Facebook start creating scapegoat accounts for the anointed to attack as a part of their rituals.  Instead of relying on a real person to be the victim, they will conjure a fake one that plays the victim properly.

Of course, in every totalitarian society, the people eventually figure out the rules in order to avoid the boot. That was the point of the old totalitarian model. In the new totalitarian model, the rules will constantly change so it is nearly impossible to avoid the wrath of the official tormentors. After all, like the cat tormenting its prey, the new totalitarians care only for the process. Like an engine needs fuel, the new totalitarians need a constant supply of victims to torment.

An excellent example of this is the Covid madness. When it all started, the point was to slow the spread so the hospitals would not be too crowded. We had two weeks to flatten the curve, but after two weeks the rules changed. The rules keep changing as the rulers find new ways to torment us, causing people to go into the streets to protest the new torments, to the delight of the tormentors. Covid has revealed that the new totalitarians are little more than sadists.

What this means, of course, is that there will be not settling into a set of fixed rules as happened in communist societies. We do not know if this would have happened in certain fascist societies, but the experience of Franco’s Spain, Salazar’s Portugal and Pinochet’s Chile suggest the fascists would have settled into a conservative system of fixed rules. The new system, in contrast, will be perpetually disrupting this tendency in order to perpetuate the necessary disorderliness.

The question is whether any society can go on very long when the rules are constantly changing in order to give the Torquemada’s more victims. A bedrock requirement for any society is a set of rules to govern conduct. In order to have an organization of humans greater than the Dunbar number means having a code and a way to enforce that code in order to make the code a habit of mind. This is what we think of when we think of culture. The rules we live by because we just do.

We are already seeing problems with the Covid madness. The ever-changing rules are making life impossible for small business. In some areas, whole swaths of the economy have collapsed. Of course, the religious aspects to compliance are pitting people against one another. The new totalitarians are creating a Hobbesian world where it is a war of all against all, not for limited resources, but due to the deliberate cacophony of every changing rules that have no logic.

The good news, if there is any, is that totalitarianism has diminishing returns, as the cost of maintaining it eventually dwarfs the benefits. Initially it seems to work pretty well, but over time the costs become unsustainable. This new totalitarianism is especially front loaded, almost accelerationist. It is destroying every reason for people to remain loyal to the system. Instead of carrying on for several generations, the new totalitarianism will be lucky to make it past this decade.

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299 thoughts on “Cats And Dogs

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  2. “Like an engine needs fuel, the new totalitarians need a constant supply of victims to torment.”

    This is why, as in the French Revolution, they always end by eating their own.

  3. Excellent piece. I would also recommend on this subject the great Ann Barnhardt. She has a whole series on “diabolical narcissism” that I recommend highly if you want to understand Soros, Gates, Obama, and other government tyrants down to the most mundane mid-level bureaucrat. Though she doesn’t use your excellent cat analogy, she describes how watching us squirm is the biggest part of the sadists’ thrill.

  4. And what half of the human population has traditionally been compared to cats? Hint: It’s the half that’s flooded into positions of power and influence in the last 50 years, cratering birthrates and turning society into a ridiculous shriek fest. “She must be believed.” Pink Pussy Hats, tearing up the State of the Union on TV …

  5. What if the cat is a pussy, and willingly declawed? It then…summons dogs.

    Dogs who doubted coming but kept faith with the other dogs in danger? I can attest personally to this evil choice. I am not proud, shamed a bit actually, but in that evil choice chose my friends in need. If you know a better way show me. (Show, not talk).

    That trick played will not work again, and already frays apart…

  6. I can’t stand either and once threw a former roommates cat into the dryer to teach it a lesson. It came out alive but was taught a painful lesson of repentance in the process. Perhaps we should do the same with those who try to rule against us?

    • Well there is one thing that cats WILL do – and that is take vengeance.

      I’ve never really seen it myself – but I’ve known multiple people who have had cats that basically did a “phuck you” – on their owners. Sometimes it was something as simple as knocking over a picture on the mantle of somebody who just yelled at them.

      But the most epic one was the guy I met at a friend’s bachelor party – who hated cats. His wife had two – and he admitted to constantly torturing them , kicking them – things like that. Well one morning he starts coming out of sleep – and he is having a dream that he’s drowning. He wakes up ……………. to find the cat taking a piss …………….. in his mouth.

      Read a story on Quora a few weeks back about a tiger in India that turned up in a town in India – hunting down specific people , who had been out in the bush trying to track him down.

  7. In the old Soviet days people got so fed up they said fuck you, we’re ignoring all your bullshit. That was that. Same thing’s coming here. The Guard turning their back on Gropey Gizzard is just the beginning. Other than the 2 trannies who want to join the Marines, everyone else is gonna say fuck you and refuse to sing and dance to the lunatic band in DC.

  8. I’ve observed both cats and dogs kill and eat what they’ve killed.

    Cats like to play with their prey before they kill it, usually partially severing the spinal cord, rendering it helpless.

    A cat I used to own would jump in bed with me and gift me a half-dead mouse to share her ecstatic experience (no contact high on my part).

    Most interesting is how they will lie in wait in a timeless state waiting for the right moment.

    • and the narc denied it lol

      I guess as the proud boy thing unravels it could be a source of entertainment

  9. You said it best on GAB Zman when you said this new system puts the burden of proof on the person asking for their free speech. The burden of proof should be on the Censor cancelling people. That is the person who be justifying why they are cancelling people from the Public sphere.

  10. OT. It’s disappointing to see, at latest report, that 45 Republican senators helped their friends on the Left by saying they were solid no votes on a second “impeachment.” A second “trial” could make DC look even more insane to any sane observers outside of the Imperial desmene, but trust the GOP to prevent their progressive buddies from making serious mistakes.

  11. There’s a lot of people making all sorts of analogies here using cats as an example – who don’t seem to know a damn thing about cats.

    Riddle me this: If two people were walking their pets down the street – and one had a 100 pound dog on a leash , and the other one had a 100 pound cat – which one would lead to almost immediate pants-shitting among a good portion of the population?

    I have had a probably a couple of dozen cats over my lifetime – and among those, were a couple that were just stone cold killers. Both of them had been “feral” before they decided to take up residence under my roof – and the difference between their behavior and the cats I’ve had that lived their lives completely around humans – couldn’t be more stark.

    The “domesticated” cats – do indeed play with their prey. But it’s like they have a latent killer streak – they don’t know what to do with. The feral raised cats – don’t play with anything.

    The best example of that I ever saw was one “domestic” cat – that had a caught a chipmunk, he was indeed playing with it. I got the cat away from the chipmunk – when out of left field came the ex-feral on the run and he scooped that chipmunk up in his mouth without even breaking stride and killed the thing while he was running with it.

    The “man” doesn’t let people own anything but “domesticated” cats – for what is probably a pretty good reason.

    They tend to kill shit with great efficiency.

    15 pound dogs tend to be whiny paranoid little bitches that live in a purse.

  12. Everything that’s being done to white people is being done with the cooperation and collusion of white people. We’re still a majority. The “woke” whites who are driving this seem to possess a majority within that majority, for now. Some people say it’s a very slim majority, others say it’s not a majority at all, it only seems like one.
    All I know is that in any group of friends, acquaintances, or strangers, some shitlib, usually a woman, will cock off loudly and confidently about their latest cause du jour, and no one will argue with her, especially lately.
    More and more white people are quietly getting fed up, however. Older white people who just want everyone to get along, so they can hang on to what they have, are dying – more of them every day. At the same time, more and more white people are feeling the effects of this “woke” bullshit, and seeing what it’s doing to their children.
    A day will come – maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will come – when the “woke” bitch in the group starts up, and a man will look past the bitch at her cuck husband and say “Shut her fucking mouth, or I will,” and her jaw will drop, and they’ll both look around the group for support and see nothing but angry glares.
    When that day comes, it won’t matter if whites have become a minority in our own country. The only credible threat to whites is other whites, and once it becomes clear to everyone that the “woke” are afraid of the rest of us, we will take back everything that has been taken from us.
    Any browns who try to stop us won’t know what hit them, and the ones who are left will be relieved that we’re on top again.

    • When that day comes, it won’t matter if whites have become a minority in our own country.
      The only credible threat to whites is other whites,
      leftist whites wouldn’t be a problem either if jews wouldn’t be in charge of america.

      • I’m fond of pointing out that our greatest enemy – indeed, the only enemy that has ever been a serious threat – has been other whites, since at least 1860 (Zman would say since 1642).
        (((They))) didn’t create this division, they just exploited it cleverly.

        • would be wise for someone to exploit the internal divisions and hatreds between the seculars and the hasidics / orthodox. But who among white people would be such a type? You would have to find a real true JJJ hater with a brilliant and devious mind. No one comes to mind.

          One of my corporate jobs was with a company founded by a JJJ. At our office, the VP and office manger and manger of another division were secular members of the tribe. Two things always struck me: the vitriol and burning hatred they expressed toward 1) evangelicals and 2) orthodox JJJs. I suspect with the latter it was more of a family squabbling, but it was always pretty nasty even so.

          • Kind of like liberal “social gospel” Protestants against fundamentalists. I have often seen lefty Protestants try to outdo each other in their virtue-signaling as they compete to see who can make the snottiest, snidest jokes about “fundies”.

    • Look, the only thing you really accomplish when arguing with woketards is proving that you’re stupid, too. Interpreting someone else’s expression of opinion as a personal affront is juvenile and feminine. Arguing with the unteachable in a poor use of time. As a famous carpenter once said, don’t cast pearls before swine. Pigs are going to put things. Don’t take it personally and don’t worry about correcting it. Let it go.

      • “Woketards…Interpreting someone else’s …opinion as a personal affront is juvenile and feminine”.
        Quite so. I sometimes get so damn angry trying out the dialectic with these people. They argue like lawyers. The aim is to win, not to find the truth. Avoid these ppl like the plague!

  13. Take this shot and shove it, i ain’t working here no more ! Said the public school teacher. Soon to be a professional bank robber.

    • from the Reuters article: “Antifa, short for “anti-fascism,” an amorphous and often violent leftist movement”

      Wow. Interesting that the national press would describe antifa like that. Wonder why?

  14. Yes. Also there is Crane Brinton in The Anatomy of Revolution where he says that the frenzy of a reign of terror can only be temporary because humans cannot live live like that forever.

    • if “humans” means white people, then probably yeah

      We have to always be wary of thinking the world behaves and will respond as we do

      Case in point, prison. It was designed by white people for white people on the premise that men don’t like being told what to do and being in cages, so it worked as a disincentive to crime. But doesn’t work on blacks, who actually prefer the simplicity of the lifestyle and not having to work and manage a home.

      Larger point being is that everything we have read on totalitarian societies has involved white people doing things to other white people. Asians don’t mind wearing masks 24/7. Mexicans don’t seem to mind it. Etc etc

      Uncharted waters

        • whatever the case, I would not look to any non-white country for clues on what we should expect and/or solutions

          And I know that the Asians here in America are big into mask wearing and a number of the women have proven natural Karens. And there are lots of them here. I don’t think we can expect any of them as spiritual allies or sympathizers in the fight against tyranny. Or Mexicans or Indians. Although blacks like to disrupt life for whitey, I don’t see them leaving the plantation and joining our side.

      • Mexicans don’t mind masks? Where do YOU live? Where I live, most Mexicans do NOT wear masks, which I applaud.

  15. Internal “health passports” are now becoming a thing.
    Now the race-based vaccinations is becoming official too.

    Yes, they just want to torture us.

    • Vaccine nationalism is on the way too.

      The little people will need to make sure they have a vax with the correct national origin to enter certain countries.

    • Imagine say you’re Italy and you only let in Americans with vax docs. Only maskers allowed. You are limiting your country’s tourism to the most neurotic fukked up people there are lol

      I can just see the poor people of Italy having to deal with them, but they need the money so they have no choice. But behind the scenes the mockery and jokes will be off the charts. Good times.

  16. I sure hope Z Man gives us his take on the GameStop situation. The financial elites just got their asses handed to them by Investment Normie and CNBC can’t stop talking about it. It’s magically delicious.

  17. Dogs and Cats is one analogy. Werewolves (essentially fierce but mindless brutes) and demons (shrewd and sadistic monsters) is another. At any rate, this ominous piece concludes on a surprisingly hopeful note. Let us hope that, indeed, this totalitarian instantiation vanishes swiftly. But I don’t think it will unless there is mass rebellion against it. The “people” have to get the bit in their mouth. Right now, alas, they show little inclination to do so.

    • Let’s not get too carried away by denouncing wolves

      I happen be 1/4 wolf and get sad if people don’t like us

  18. The old totalitarians generally had limited resources and toying with the victim for needless pleasure was a waste of resources. They didn’t want the problem to linger. Which is why I never understood the gassing and incineration of the Jews (and supposedly just as many gypsies but no one cares about them). Assuming the death toll, wouldn’t it just be easier to put a bullet in someone’s head above an open trench? That’s what other regimes like the Khmer Rouge did. It all seems too exotic for a regime that was busy fighting a world war.

    • It was always a function of speed and secrecy. The initial extermination was too public, too slow, albeit effective in the Baltic States initially. It was deemed easier to round up a more compliant population with the promise of relocation. A train of thousands of “relocatees” could be eliminated within a few hours of arrival at a “camp”. Also, such facilities of extermination were often attached to production facilities where slave labor was used in the war effort. The dead slave labor of course being constantly replaced by new arrivals.

    • The Einsatzgruppen tried that, but even with a high percentage of sociopaths, the personnel began “breaking down”, hence the search for a industrial solution.

    • The Nazis did start with bullets. But the numbers of people being killed were so large that the soldiers were psychologically breaking under the strain of shooting them all. Turns out that even the most hardened killers do have limits as to how many people they can PERSONALLY kill with their own trigger fingers. Flipping a switch to gas hundreds at a time was easier.

  19. I’ve noticed something about cats which applies to the ruling progressive cabal. Cats that are feral or wild and starving don’t seem to want to torture their pray. They quickly kill, hide it (if they can) and guard it, and eat it. But the ‘satiated’ cats do torture and play with their pray. Sometimes, they don’t even bother to deliver the coup de grâce, and lose interest once the critter stops writhing.
    This applies to our rulers as well. These are not people whose survival is at stake (despite their cries of being the underdogs, or some other shit). They are secure in their bubble, well satiated with food, disposable stuff and media. They are just playing at being predators. I think I prefer the feral cat treatment over the satiated cat.

    • When my cat brings me a mouse, if you get near him he will lash out and he’s growling constantly for effect

      He’s a unique and very masculine cat. And he jumps and grabs my hand when playing and tears into it with teeth and claws. I love that guy. And he’s a great friend and always there for me.

  20. This is a rare instance in which I disagree with the Zman’s conclusions. The stolen election of 2020 represents the beginning of what is going to be a decades-long slide into left-wing totalitarianism. The only thing that stops it is a kinetic, corrective action by the right.

    The initial wave of executive action and crackdowns is, to use a Bush-era metaphor, more like a shock and awe campaign designed to demonstrate who is in charge and to intimidate the opposition into submission. The next steps will be more calculated, tactical efforts to concentrate power in the Executive branch. Schumer has already suggested that Biden declare a Climate Emergency so he can rule by fiat under emergency powers, which I expect him to do after the next natural disaster event. The courts will do nothing of significance to stop it.

    By 2024 the Democrats will hold a significant majority in the House and will secure a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, which is when the real game starts. Tax rates will soar and retirement assets will be subjected to confiscatory taxation in the name of retirement equity. By this time I suspect most people will be far too conditioned to raise any material opposition.

    Biden’s not lying when he said dark days are ahead. Best to prepare now. I’m focusing on ways to get assets out of the country and to get a second passport.

    • As Z has said, it looks like the endgame is corporate fiefdoms. Yet business never created a state. That takes legitimate force, law, culture— all the things being undermined to create a blob of helpless consumers. I can’t see how it doesn’t collapse under its own greed.

      • I have spoken with dozens of Boomercon/Civnat types since the election. At least 90% of them firmly believe that American politics are inherently centrist and self-correcting, and that Republicans can take back the government. They have a rude awakening coming at them.

        • One might hope they awaken, but that assumes some rational basis for their current belief. I’m guessing their current belief is an emotional coping response—which, to abandon it, is to enter into despair and hopelessness. Like the Jews to the gas chamber, they hoped that they really were going to take a shower—right up til the gas was seen pouring out.

        • truth be told is they will be dead before it gets really bad

          I think anyone younger than 60 or 65 better start planning for uncertain times

        • Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a black nationalist who wants to build a country but has such low quality human material to work with.

          Posts like yours make me sympathize with the black nationalist’s difficulties.

      • I know I am personally going vote harder.

        I’m gonna break the record. I am going to pull that lever down so frickin hard that I break the bitch !!

    • I think it’s wishful thinking to believe this is going to end soon; the Soviet Union lasted 80 years, and it could have lasted longer had better leadership arisen. Boomers and Gen-X types want to imagine things will clear up and get back to normal by the time they are ready to enter the grave.They want to die in peace, but it won’t be so. They’ll die in a totalitarian state knowing their people will meet the same fate as the Indians before: broken, ruined, and exterminated. If there is a God, that’s a fitting punishment for the people who destroyed this country back in the 1960s. I wish them long lives and hope they get to live to see the fruits of their schemes.

      • I always thought things would collapse *after* the Boomers. But nope, looks like they’re going to get to enjoy the fruits of the sexual revolution and the hippie movement.

        Let the good times roll, man!

      • then the question is is how long has this really been happening?

        It’s been going on for a long time already and yet seems to be reaching a crescendo. This is the golden age for the tyrants but they have been working at it hard for over 100 years

        Maybe we are near the end of it? Who knows.

      • I think it’s wishful thinking to believe this is going to end soon; the Soviet Union lasted 80 years, and it could have lasted longer had better leadership arisen.

        That’s a big IF. That’s like a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking on history that fails to take into account that these institutions cannot act against their nature. Imperial Japan can’t not attack Pearl Harbor, blacks in Zimbabwe can’t not steal and ruin white farms, and our overclass can’t not destroy that which makes the place run. The nature of the beast that rules over us must be taken into account and it’s nature is…not great.

  21. Would add to the analogy, that the dog is dumber than the cat, but also more faithful to its (human) God, and therefore it has risen up above other canids and domestics in general. The cat is smarter but less faithful, and while he has risen above many other felines and domestics too, he dies more often on the streets as a wanderlust.

    Also, the fascist states would have settled into order even more (they already had), had they not been constantly attacked by the alliance of democratics and commies that owns the world since 1945.
    Also, Torquemada was race realist iirc.

    • No. Border Collies in particular are smart to the point of it being almost disturbing. What makes cats seem smarter is that they have no agency, no true awareness of their self or surroundings.

      • Honestly, cats are just retards with incredible reflexes. They get fascinated by the dumbest things and are constantly doing stupid things for apparent reason. However, they are extremely good at clawing their escape from threats. I don’t really get their appeal.

      • On the contrary, cats are hyper-aware. They have a psychic sense, which is quite powerful. I think dogs have it, too.

  22. “Instead of carrying on for several generations, the new totalitarianism will be lucky to make it past this decade.”

    Massive white pill. I agree.

  23. For the army of the woke, the suffering of the victim and the fame for inflicting that suffering is what matters.

    Lest anyone think this doxing just happens to the other guy, to famous rich people like the My Pillow guy, learn that it can happen to anyone.
    After my doxing, my self-righteous, a woke customer of mine researched and contacted my other customers, even old customers, some of which they didn’t even know! A cabal of my customers organized to sign a symbolic, phony legal letter meant solely to intimidate me, spread my infamy abroad, and humiliate me.

    Imagine the above: people that did not know each other, and were brought together solely to destroy me! I was their rallying cry!

    A volunteer organization in which I spent HOURS a month helping people, got wind that I was a racist, and kicked me out of their organization not for violating any rule. But their lawyers send me an intimidating letter that said that my presence would “disrupt” and make others uncomfortable. This was a volunteer position!
    I had done nothing but GOOD for these cunts. I NEVER talked politics in front of them, even when THEY would bring it up. I was nothing but professional in all my dealings, professionally and in the volunteer job.
    I may not be able to work in my profession again, something I have dedicated decades to, and am very good at. Heck, I may never be able to work a job that requires a reputation.
    This shit is real as a heart attack. I found out the hard way. Wokeness, or whatever the hell is going on now, is demonic and sadistic. If ya’ll have kids, wake THEM up to the dangers. Theses people do not play, (BLM/ADL/ANTIFA) and it is their pleasure and costs them nothing to set traps and create permanent, online WANTED posters of you.

    These are not people that can be reasoned with. They seem driven with a religious fervor that needs public venting. They are the enemy of goodness.

    • So how have your responded? Beyond your summary of the warning (which I appreciate), did you respond with any pressure on the culprits? In real life, I mean?
      If my ability to feed my children is destroyed by someone, why should they not realize the consequences? Asking for a friend.

    • When they went after that pro-Trump dude who worked part time at some shake-shack(?) in Florida as if he was the reincarnation of Hitler I figured no speck of dust was too small for their rage.

    • Whether you like it or not, you have now become a modern day ronin, and you can and should fight back with righteous justification. One way (as here) is to spread the word of your personal experience and help others to avoid falling into the same trap. But there are others means as well. You would do well to convert your anger into as many alternative solution methods as you’re able. Cast off your victimhood and act.

  24. The totalitarians of the 20th century at least had balls and muscles behind it if not real bullets, the 20th century totalitarians were masculine in nature. The gynocracy as Z has spoken of in his past essays seems to be the character of our new totalitarians which would explain their cat nature I suppose. Women and men in skinny jeans tormenting us with soft totalitarianism with a 7th grade girls mentality.

  25. This is way off the subject but has anyone seen the boys over at reddit organized a buy up of Gamestop shares to foil some investment firm from shorting the stock? The little hat tribe is begging them to stop buying it and to sell them. They don’t like it when the goyim play there same market manipulation games.

    • You are about to see how fake and gay our “free market system” is. The Lil’ Hats will claim they are being targeted because of their ethnicity and Congress will respond to make it a crime to foil shorts on the basis of ethnicity. When people start to go after Chinese concerns on the same basis, expect the same.

      Whether for profit or whatever reason, this was freaking brilliant. A millions cuts such as this one can cause the system to implode.

    • Don’t get too excited. FYI, the biggest winner of the buy up is somebody called Ryan Cohen, who made a cool billion dollars on it.

      • I dunno; I’m skeptical of all this. There’s more to a share’s price than volume, and I’m certain that just as many insiders stood to benefit as to lose.
        I expect this to be the beginning of a round of market regulations designed to limit Joe’s potential profit on the stock market. Something something antisemitic.

    • And then they banned that subreddit and shut off all the trading platforms all morning. LOL.

  26. Along those lines a lot of the Biden executive orders are just replays of the Obama orders (or sometimes new variations thereof). Forgotten, even though it was only a few years ago, was the damage Obama’s fitful fancies did to the nation and economy, like he would wake up one day and decide that businesses had a moral obligation to hire only people with a extra toe, or something. It got to the point that no one would ever hire anyone ever since it wasn’t worth the risk.

    • “Along those lines a lot of the Biden executive orders are just replays of the Obama orders”

      The politicians themselves are reprising their Obama roles. I just found out that John Kerry is back, telling oil workers that the government that just killed their entire industry will give them better-paying, Green jobs in their home communities.

      As meth dealers, I assume.

  27. The Old Totalitarianism was a product of masculine society. Shoot the dissident in the back of the head; throw the corpse in the ditch; cover it with a bulldozer. Next victim.

    The New Totalitarianism is a product of feminized society. As any guy who has ever gone through a bad divorce or break-up knows, it’s all about the drama: gaslighting, lying, manipulating, blame-shifting, projection, gossiping, rumor-spreading, faux victimization, calling the cops, restraining orders, “I’m afraid of him,” “He hit me,” and on and on and on. Endlessly. If “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” just look at the reaction of the Democrats to Hillary’s loss in 2016: lies about Trump being a stooge of the Russians, the fake sex dossier, the FBI/NSA spying operation, the prosecution of his associates, the fake impeachment, and on and on for four fucking years.

    Pelosi, Harris, Klobuchar and AOC aren’t going to line people up and have them shot. They’re going to get their panties in a bunch and never stop pissing, moaning, bitching, carping, whining, crying and hysterically shrieking about white supremacy and misogyny and racism and gender identity and they’ll henpeck the white man into submission with a thicket of “woke” rules and regulations and bullshit like the Lilliputians tying up Gulliver with a thousand threads.

    • The New Totalitarianism is a product of feminized society

      Couldn’t agree more. You can tell the health of a society based on the relationship between its men and women. Obviously we live in a mortally sick society. Until we return to traditional gender roles, and become more masculine, we are doomed.

      It starts with each one of us and how we conduct ourselves and raise our families. Long term we need to return to a hierarchical system, and create honor based values and rules.

      • Bingo! Check out Anthony Esolen’s recent three-part series on “Practical Freedom” over at American Greatness.

    • Have you ever noticed most of these cancel campaigns are run by women with a sprinkling of betas that are hoping to maybe get a handjob for joining in?

    • This is why it will never end until women are removed from power positions.
      From a male point of view it looks like an insanity that will burn itself out eventually.
      However, it is really just how most women think (for wont of a better term). For them it is not crazy at all.
      We are just living in this mindset being externalized into the power structures. You see the same thing happen in every sphere women gain entry into.

    • LOL. Maybe something to that, the horrible deaths of Ghaddaffi and Ambassador Stevens under Hillary/Rice? Just vicious.

    • I agree with Pelosi, Harris and AOC. But Klobuchar seems to be one of the more competent female democrats.

  28. Hehe stock market clown world

    Brokers worldwide are down

    Unfortunately I’m much too sensible and cautious to be making a lot right now (making a little beer money, though).

    But fuck the clowns anyways

    • Yeah, I wish I was in on the Gamestop home run, but I always get burned when I chase the big score.

      I like the guy on WSB that claimed to be $35 million up on his GME YOLO.

      He was smart enough to harvest $3-4 million, after which it sounded like he couldn’t find buyers for his positions.

  29. Pinochet had a simple rule. Don’t be a Commie. Otherwise, no problems. Many years ago had to work on an evaluation of all my firms SA businesses. The only two that did’nt suck were Chile and Columbia. Chile because of a growing economy and reliable rule of law (Pinochet). Columbia b/c of remarkably large middle class of consumers for our products. Recommended selling the Venezuela business, significantly reducing Brazil and limiting Argentina to a single product line, denominated in dollars. See a theme? Was interesting to see some poor literary agent got canceled for joining Parler and Gab, only to post a single solicitation for manuscripts on each–no politics. Another rule change. Seems to have backfired.

  30. You are crushing it these days with your writing at least! Might be that your “prison notebooks” turn out to be your best writing. I have read a lot about the Gulags lately, several books anyway, and the main thing to note is that they were in fact very pleasant prison camps for socialists and anarchist enemies of the communists immediately after the revolution, where people could read books and hang out in mixed gender settings that were a lot like a college dorm. Totalitarians have the problem that they will apply their power to whoever is nearest to them and easiest to catch. The Czarist white russian armies were far from being easy to catch or boss around. Ultimately the gulags developed into the nightmarish labor camps in the frozen arctic mainly because of the fact that it was a way of generating raw materials that the Communist party elite could sell for cold hard cash. Basically, the communists invented a slave system for their leadership to use to get money. Unlike American slavery, the communist leadership had zero investment in the people enslaved so they had no reason to help them or keep them healthy. American Plantations at least had doctors for slaves because slaves were very expensive and it wasn’t good business to just have them keel over all the time. Gulags just enslaved new people whenever they were low on workers. So there never was a real “ideological” reason for why you were put in a gulag in Russia. They would just arrest crowds of men on the street sometimes because they needed labor. Our new totalitarians are motivated by a sort of racial retribution, so they want to make us into low status males for the enjoyment of feminists and non-white people. The whole point is to make a public spectacle of our humiliation to confirm their power. So, we are living in a time where, unlike gulags or death camps, our overlords have no end in mind at all other than to watch us suffer. As long as we have no status, and they can lord it over us that we have no status, they are content to just watch us suffer forever because they want to be “over” someone else in the power structure.

    • Yes to all of this, but inevitably the Alphas will fight back (the days of quietly forming queues at the gas chamber door are long gone) and no tyranny can survive without Jackboots to enforce their edicts. That is the modern gambit; pit Patriot militias against LEOs and foster mutual decimation of the Alphas on both sides. But we don’t have to play that game. There is a better option, and focus is the key to success.

      • I dunno. Other than the absolutely hilarious dude in the horns taking a selfie in Congress on the 6th, nobody seems to be fighting back at all to be honest.

        • “nobody seems to be fighting back”
          Yes, exactly and correctly. From the shadows only, leave no trace, don’t get caught. Best yet, if time-delayed and no one notices. If your truck axle is corroding, you likely won’t notice it until it breaks.

          • You are the only person on here who is always promoting what you are promoting, which is a little odd. I am not interested.

  31. The chaotic change of rules has to do with the davos reset, one of their main goals is to collapse US in order to build it back better(this is their actual slogan) as part of a world confederation, this is supposed to happen in 2030(the latest), z got it right, current system won’t last more than a decade.

    • At this point, it’s probably not a bad idea to let them collapse it, which is necessary at this point, and then behead them when the rebuilding begins.

  32. I have a client that has barely left her house since March, everything is delivered she also has imprisoned her teenage daughter and her husband. I would have divorced her by now and taking the child. Anyway, she’s gotten the vaccine and she is still not going to leave her house. It does not matter with these people. We need to hope for Bronze Age collapse part 2

    • If the vaccine is as dangerous as some say and we can keep it from being made mandatory… I’ll admit I can sometimes see tptb’s point of view, though I wouldn’t want to answer for it.

      • An untrialled genetic experiment that permanently alters human DNA to protect against a mutating virus with a 99.7% survival rate, promoted by outspoken depopulation advocates?? Yeah, it’s just a vaccine. Think about it. It is not a vaccine in the traditional sense, yet they enjoy liability immunity for any bad that comes of it. Who would not take advantage of this great opportunity to simply use the global population to trial many varieties of genetic splicing, “enhancement”, time bombs, targeting, etc.? How uch of the “testing” has simply been DNA collection??

    • This is not a new idea around here, but it still shocks me the amount of “men” being led around by their hysterical wives with this thing. Just shocking even if to me it should not be at this point.

  33. Why endure such weaklings for a decade? Worse – why think their replacements won’t be sane, professional totalitarians who may endure decades, centuries, millennia? China has been “totalitarian” for 2000 years.

    India same in their own way.

    Worst; what makes you think we survive at all? We’re passive in the face of weaklings. We may not even deserve survival, they don’t think we do.

    • The problem in China isn’t the totalitarianism at this point so much as it is the corruption. These can be said to be two sides of the same coin, though I would posit the idea that the place would still be just as corrupt, Communist party or no. It’s not too different in Japan where a thin veneer of democracy masks the fact that organized crime sits at every level of the system.

    • You really do need to do something about your despair and defeatism, which you alone can control. And stop whining about what others may or may not being doing. The future belongs to the smart & the strong. Join the ranks or keep the misery to yourself. There’s a tutorial running here now. Use it.

    • You should get off the internet and away from your smartphone for a few hours per day. Make a daily habit of spending several hours not being plugged in. Sounds simple, but self-maintenance is a thing and a skill.

    • I’ve been around many dogs, and the big ones inhale food was fast as their throat can pass it to the stomach (unless it has bones, which necessitates some gnawing and chewing). And the small yappy dogs tend to attack it with smaller bites and a snarl; that is unless they’ve been spoiled by their owner with “gourmet” dog food and develop a snotty attitude about what they will eat.

      • My terrier breed likes to toss his kibble across the room, pounce and play with it til he settles down to serious eating. He did the same with a frog he caught. It’s just that terrier feistiness.

  34. The biggest fear of our masters is that we pick up our marbles and go home. They need us – both as playthings to satisfy their moral preening and as worker bees to keep the system running.

    We have absolutely no need for them. Indeed, we are far, far better off without them.

    They came to power through propaganda, but that is quickly losing its potency. They will hold on to power through threats of destroying a person’s life, but that only works if we have no home base. If whites manage to form their own communities that protect them, it’s game over for TPTB – and they know it.

    • There’s an old saw that basically says “A law that is flouted/ignored by around 10% of the population becomes unenforceable”…I wonder what percentage of the population needs to check out on this social media regime to cause its deflation?

      Look, somewhere north of 40% of the public believes and KNOWS the election was bullshit. Look at the inauguration and the media coverage; these guys aren’t confident. Propaganda needs to be subtle to work.

      • Whites need an alternative. Right now, they have to play by the Progressives’ rules because it’s the only game in town. Show whites a community where whites are openly proud of who they are, have friends and businesses that don’t crap on them, and you’ll see a mass exodus.

        Of course, that is why TPTB will do everything in their power to stop such communities forming, which is why they need to form quietly. Then when the system starts to lose its ability to function very well, those communities come out of the shadows.

      • Prohibition is a great example. I still can’t believe they were dumb enough to commit the Federal Government to policing private behavior, but there it was. It was absolutely unenforceable, as everyone but the goofs who voted for it saw at the time, and it made FedGov look both overweening and incompetent – they couldn’t even get Capone for Volstead Act violations; they had to get him on income tax evasion (itself only deemed constitutional two decades before, in 1913). Mass exodus from social media — or, better yet, mass reportage of the Kommissars for making us “uncomfortable” — would crash the whole system overnight.

    • Already checked out. Work my cube monkey job with minimum effort, get paid. I don’t buy much stuff, no debt. I certainly don’t eat out at third world fast food joints or Uber Eats / Uber which is a welfare program for vibrants. I only help people out from my own tribe. I redpill people and point young guys in the right direction.

      Young guys are totally checked out. If not in the basement playing video games, they’re on drugs. The guys with “careers” like me do the minimum work to get by and alot of grifting. Nobody cares anymore.

      • just be careful

        before you know it, you will be 40 and at the same stupid job

        You should quit and move somewhere white

          • Central KY has multiple counties that are 98%+ white. Land and houses are cheap (relatively speaking). There’s even a decent-sized Amish community in Hart county, near Munfordville. Elizabethtown is pretty, affordable and has a low cost of living while being traditionally conservative, orderly and offers most of the modern conveniences people are used to. Masks aren’t commonly worn.

    • Hence ‘affordable housing’, and hence the need to keep hammering immigration as an issue. Cut the supply lines.

  35. From the shadows, only from the shadows.
    Going Dark (Cont)
    After TV, social media is the worst mental disease vector in existence. But this scourge is also an insidious surveillance vulnerability. Photos posted on social media incorporate time stamps and GPS coordinates, and texts are data-mined for all manner of personal analysis including pattern matching & forecasting. And all of this data is used for many malicious purposes including behavior manipulation via social credit/demerit scoring, and it’s attendant rewards/punishments. If your credit card gets turned off, this could well be what caused it. Don’t be a patsy, stop using social media today.

  36. So when does the new totalitarianism revert to the old? Or is that not possible given the structures and people involved?

    • I was thinking that too. I think it could happen, however,cancelling someone’s reputations as the exclusive means of punishment is a good way to control the population. It may be enough. I’m thinking of that green grocer.

  37. and what do cats do when they are restless, but have no prey to bother? they pick on each other. and we see that already in this new, transient, pseudo-system that we find ourselves in. now they are going after bill maher, who is as faithfully and sincere a leftie as you get. i give this particularly ambitious dumpster fire less than a year before it all implodes.

    funny about Gamestop stock…

    • It is the infighting stage which I am hoping is perpetual, thus taking some heat off whites. What are they going after Maher for?

      • That is something watch. The market topped out toward the end of the Trump reign. That means two choices are ahead. One is it stays flat while the fundamentals catch up and the happy juice from the Fed drains away. or, it corrects to match reality. This attack on the shorts could easily turn into an attack on the longs.

        • The current gamestop short with reddit boys leading a charge by using an organized buyup is really interesting. Lots of insiders losing their asses.

          • They are taking a run at movie theater chain AMC today. The hedge funds claim they have covered their shorts, but we will see how they fare long term. At a minimum there have been a lot of angry phone calls from high net worth clients who blindly let these people manage their wealth.

        • This attack on the shorts could easily turn into an attack on the longs.

          Not “could”. This is absolutely inevitable, at least in the specific case of the Gamestop stock. It will crash just as spectacularly as it grew.

          • Somebody is always on the other side of the trade and there is also a lot of imaginary money that only exists in theory.

            Remember, you haven’t lost any money until a margin call forces you to make the transaction.

        • Asset returns over the next decade are something to watch. Return expectations are historically low. A reasonable estimate for a 60/40 portfolio using the S&P and treasury/corporate bonds is ~1% to 2% annual above inflation, maybe a touch higher but not much.

          That’s dramatically below its historic average of ~4% to 5%. Pension funds are in a world of hurt. They’re already doing all kinds of things to generate income, including selling options which could turn out very poorly. Retired Boomers are also in trouble.

          My point is that we’re staring at a decade of likely low economic growth and poor asset returns. (The Fed can only push up prices so long. At some point, corporate earning matter.) Combine that with the costs of the Boomers and the government will be pinched.

          • I have been assuming we are near the front end of a significant cycle out of stocks from boomers needing to pay for nursing homes. In talking to a couple of people who manage money, a significant number of their boomer clients do not pull back much on their stock investments even after they retire. Some “keep the pedal to the floor” as one put it. Something has to give eventually.

          • They’re right. Most retired people don’t dramatically change their portfolios. A lot have a decent amount of money so they’re not worried about running out; therefore, they design their portfolios more for passing along to heirs, so they keep the portfolio at ~50/50.

            Wealth is pretty concentrated. Most Boomers don’t have much money. Probably 10% to 20% have the vast majority of Boomer wealth. Portfolios that size don’t need to move huge portions to bonds. Also, bonds are paying anything, so people keep money in stocks. (Thanks Fed.)

            What’s going to give is the low returns. If wealthy Boomers are only getting 1% a year above inflation, but they’re taking out 4% a year plus inflation, they’re going to start draining the portfolio and become net sellers of stock. Also, corporations may cut back on buybacks.

            Finally, foreigners who kept the market afloat along with share buybacks over the past decade might switch to non-US stocks, which are dramatically cheaper than US stocks.

            Boomers selling stocks due to low returns plus less share buybacks plus foreigners becoming net sellers could combine for very crappy stock returns, at least for big US stocks.

        • I think the powers-that-be realized the best way to handle inflation now that they are just flagrantly inventing money was to direct all the extra cash into the price of stocks. The price of SOMETHING has to skyrocket to absorb all that extra money.

    • One of the instances of both left and right are attacking a common enemy, effectively.
      They are right to be scared.

    • Gamestop is all fun now, but this type of incident is the sort of thing the Fed and MMs will use as an excuse to prevent retail from day trading. Or even trading at all.

      The pros would much rather have you park their money with them for 30 or 40 years and charge you $100 per call when you want to place a trade.

  38. Z…ten years?? TEN YEARS for this to burn out?! Please say it ain’t so!

    One small red pill…I met a couple last night who was completely red pilled on the beer flu. They were probably 10-15 years my junior but they were disgusted by our rulers and their reaction to the virus.

    I tried not to get too excited and data dump my dissident thoughts on them but I did encourage them on their journey to the dark side.

    • Australia had lockdowns from Influenza, complete with masking, for something like seven years in the 1920’s.

      • We have much bigger problems than just the masks. The masks may go away, while the genocidal anti-white rage will continue. Until someone (not “the people”) says enough and puts a violent end to all this.

        • easy to turn white rage into white respect

          My instinct when the “white privilege” thing started was to double down on it. So I started dressing well or better than I normally do, making sure to be well groomed, showing a quiet resolve in public

          You should see their faces lol. It was both anger and awe and ended up as respect

    • 10 years is good when you consider most of us have never known other than this decline into madness.

      • The Soviet Union lasted 80 years. With technology and AI, this evil regime could last just as long … or longer. I think hoping this will be over by the 2030s is optimistic. This nightmare could be the new normal.

        • Well, it had a lot of help. After it was becoming clear that communism was not working you had the death of Lenin then the power struggle to replace him. Then followed Stalin consolidating his power then the run up to the war and then the war itself. You had about 30 years of things happening that prevented the system from following its logical arc. What we thing=k of of communism did not last a full human lifetime. If you were 20 years old when Stalin died, you were a middle aged man when the system collapsed.

          In reality it lasted less than 60 years and half of that was consumed by events outside the revolution.

        • Depends on when you mark the start of it. I’d argue no later than the mid 60s, trending that way a long time before that. Heck maybe this is what America was fated to become.

  39. Case in point: Whitmer will finally open up restaurants Feb. 1 but only at 25% capacity. Now Fauci agrees two masks are better than one. On and on without logic or reason behind any of it. Like poking a stick at a caged animal by a tormented and maladjusted teenager.

    We have arrived at a place where dark and disturbed souls rule over us. No matter, the mass of compliant retards would be no better as rulers. God help us please.

        • The only thing that keeps the dog from killing the cat is adherence to the rules, and the only reason the cat doesn’t fear the dog is because it is held to rules that the cat does not even have the ability to obey.

          • Mice are adhering to the rules. The dog(s) are currently hiding among the cats, waiting for their opportunity.

          • Dogs know the rules

            other day we had a coyote wandering the neighborhood. Sad to report that my daughter’s cat was eaten.

          • Well no. The cat can’t physically kill the dog but it’s instinct is to claw it right on the nose, which for a dog is like getting booted in the fork multiplied.
            Saw a video once of a cat who had been corned by three coyotes who just started smacking noses and the coyotes stopped wanting to play.

          • We had one cat that was cornered by the three vicious dogs that our back neighbor routinely let roam her yard. They killed her, but apparently all three had to taken to the vet to be sewn up. Since they used to routinely terrorize kids in our neighborhood it afforded me the pleasure of letting the owner know that even under NY law (oddly farmer friendly) I was entitled to shoot them if ever found in my yard.

      • It will be one of the cats that will turn into a dog, like Stalin was the dog to the revolutionary cats in Soviet Russia.

    • When restaurants open, the 25% will be ignored in most of the suburban / rural areas away from the capital. Even here in NJ, restaurants in the little towns around me operate at maybe 25% – of their standing or fire-code capacity. Basically the tables have been moved slightly farther apart. And people wear a mask into the gym, then immediately remove it because who would exercise with a face cover?
      It’s good because people are being conditioned to ignore the idiotic ruling class.

      • Small operators can get away with ignoring the rules until they want to make an example out of someone. Then they come in and crush you. Minnesota has been threatening to pull liquor licenses from rural bars and restaurants that opened in violation of their shutdowns.

        • Sure – closed versus open is easy to enforce. But once you start talking about percentages, everyone will cheat.

      • in brooklyn, the restaurants that are still in business have all built shacks in the street (where the parking spots used to be) as “outdoor” dining. most of them are completely enclosed, so they’re no different from indoor dining, except you get to freeze your ass off.

        • The gym down the street decided one day to hold one of their yoga classes all over the sidewalk I need to use to get to my car. I made a point of walking right through them while others were walking out into the street. Of course it didn’t hurt that it was a typical bunch of useless UMC white wammen doing their version of outdoor ghetto twerking. God I hate these bitches.

        • NYC sidewalks and pavement are totally sanitary. We should be doing our surgeries there, they’re so clean.

      • My suggestion for ironic punishment for Fauci would be “the death of a thousand masks”. You just keep putting more masks on him until he suffocates all the while telling him “it’s for your safety Mr. Fauci”.

    • So three or four have to be better than two, right? These turds are never going to let this go. They can just keep making up new shit and moving the goalposts – that is until they’re forced to quit.

      • At this point I wonder if some of them are just having fun. It’s the equivalent of getting the retarded kid to eat poo by telling him it’s a new kind of chocolate.

        • Good analogy. Fauci and his ilk really are making us eat feces. THEIR feces. And they get their jollies off of WATCHING us eat it.

          What a bunch of sick f*cks.

    • Has anyone besides me noticed how CREEPY Fauci’s smile is? As creepy in its own way as Bill Gates’s smile. It’s a “tell” for sociopaths.

  40. I am glad you mentioned the covid nonsense. That’s what immediately came to mind for me. Especially the masks.

    If someone wants to look like a fool and go around with their face covered for no effective reason (because a facemask doesn’t prevent viral spread), I have no problem with it. But my problem IS with being told that I also have to look like a fool, if only because it calms the fears of the dumbasses around me. Masks are just a symbol of submission and compliance to the narrative at this point.

    There is an essay by Vaclav Havel (“The Power of the Powerless”) that explains that the point of totalitarianism is to atomize the individual and prevent them from realizing that there are other people who disagree. He used the analogy of a shopkeeper who was expected to put a “Workers of the World Unite!” sign in his window. Not because he agreed with it, but because it was an effective means of humiliating him and the others around him into spreading a message that they didn’t want to.

    Propaganda isn’t meant to convince the believers, because they don’t need to be convinced. Nor is it meant to convince the disbelievers, because they can’t be convinced. The real purpose of propaganda is to humiliate the dissidents and force them into despair.

    Same thing with the masks. They are the 2020 (now 2021) equivalent of Havel’s “Greengrocer’s Sign”. This is being made even more clear this week as expectations are being disseminated that now you have to look even more ridiculous by putting TWO “I’m stupid” signs over your face. If you don’t do it, you are a terrible person.

    Highly recommend that people on this side go read that essay. It’s available online and is very illuminating when you think about all of the nonsense – covid, boys pretending to be girls, Washington DC melodrama – in the media these days.

  41. >  To the contrary, they hope the victim will cry out in agony and make his misery into a long-drawn-out public performance. They revel in seeing the victim moan about how his PayPal was deleted or how he lost his job. For the army of the woke, the suffering of the victim and the fame for inflicting that suffering is what matters.
    Which is why the right needs to stop whining on social media. It just feeds the monster and makes them look weak. If someone loses their job, you find him a new job and fund his family during the transition, quietly.

    • i never give two shits because some grifter lost his access to the left’s private playground. shouldn’t be on it to begin with.

    • We’re dealing with drama queens in all senses of the words. No need to feed their psychosis. Take care of your neighbors and separate from this sick cultrue and political grifters.

    • Groveling to and complaining about the hypocrisy of leftards is so old and pointless – wake the F up. You might as well complain about the sun rising in the east…

      • I think its fair to say the right’s own performance art is whining about how unfair the world is regarding the tech garbage. They get a thrill out of it. You’re not a serious person if you get off on owning the libs with their hypocrisy and MUH FREE SPEECH. We get it.

    • Thank you.
      They need to shut the fuck up and stop whining. Every time I see a conservative crying I want to punch them in the face. Stop crying start doing.

    • Totally agree

      and what kind of man anyway whines on Facebook or Twitter?

      first off, what man even goes on those platforms. They’re for children and women. Like church. Not even like church. More like PTA meeting

      ”they’re the real racists” is pretty much all any man says on those stupid platforms anyway Total bitch move

    • More than a little shocked there haven’t been some serious “Falling Down” moments that have gained national attention.

      I suppose cheap booze and legal narcotics are the self destruction most doxed men take instead.

      • More than a little shocked there haven’t been some serious “Falling Down” moments that have gained national attention.

        No doubt. There’s got to be more than a few white men, shoved out of their defence job (perhaps for Pajeet) that could take up the mantle.

        The wife and I watched it the other day. I think we laughed our heads off at the ‘Nazi Santa Claus’ in the skinhead’s basement.

      • I keep thinking of that movie, too. And Office Space. White man isn’t wired for group action but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a monster like no other when he runs amok.

      • Was watching an interview with one of laid off Keystone pipefitters this morning. Could see the quiet seething. Start killing off Gulf drilling and all the refit work for rigs and you’ve got a lot of pissed off people whose skills probably include driving rifles reliably at 500 yards.

  42. Mostly off topic: Has anyone else notice the buyers’ remorse in the Biden voting crowd? “I didn’t vote for this!” seems to be their refrain.This is the world they voted for, now they get to live in it. The mighty ship of state has had its course corrected in short order, and cruises at full steam. Are there icebergs about?

        • Or that the consequences of their voting habits would be foisted off on others. Unfortunately things are so bad now that cannot always be done. Watching those union slobs get their jobs torpedoed by Biden gave me a great big ugly dissident chubby! There’s more where that came from!

      • What they thought? There was no thought process other than getting Orange Man Bad Cheeto Hitler Grab Em By The Pussy out of office. If it took cheating a mentally impaired crook into his place, so be it. It’s going to be tough mustering empathy for these fools when the full impact of their delusional folly bears fruit.

      • They foolishly thought the far-left could be talked off their woke ledge and that Joe Biden would embrace populism and heal the country by being a moderate on economics. They reasoned Trump was the reason they were deplatformed and their statues were torn down, and they thought with him gone that would change. A certain Huey Long loving internet blogger I’m familiar with is losing his shit as Biden screws up, refusing to take his and Richard Spencer’s good advice on how to run the country.

        Pure folly. As I’ve pointed out before, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The only thing that restrains violence is the threat of reciprocal violence; that’s why mobs form & mass looting suddenly starts when the threat of policing wanes. Now that the woke Left has absolute power, the mask is off and they are free to be as evil as their hearts desire with no threat of punishment for their crimes.

        Science shows us that the far Left is more likely to be manipulative, fanatical and hypocritical … and they are in charge of everything now. There is no reason for these people to compromise with you when they can simply enforce their will through violence, political and even kinetic — especially since they are predisposed to those things anyway. There will be no one to hold them accountable for their monstrous crimes, so they do not feel the need to heal anything or to check their excesses. Things aren’t going back to the way they once were.

        • The same sort of people who thought blacks and other AWRs would stop using the race card if we voted for BO. Twice.

    • Still waiting for one of these morons to be asked to define what “equity” is. We all know it means “we take your stuff/jobs and give it to other people.

    • President Harrisbiden is not radical enough for the globalists, she’s a place-holder, just another turn of the ratchet.

      Antifa is going to ramp up its activities, not scale them down.

      • Harris is the political version of Pogo’s “Schmoo”. In return for power she’ll be anything her handlers want her to be. The perfect vehicle. Even Joe, before his dementia, had some limiting factors built in. Now he is just a befuddled, angry old man signing EOs so he can get his cup of hot Ovaltine

    • Boo hoo, i just wanted to grill!
      They actually thought the left and vibrants were getting more violent cause Blumpf was a meanie racist elected by rayciss YTs. Once the Goodwhites stepped in to show their virtue by electing Biden, it would go back to normal!

      Anyways, welcome to hell. This is the normal and has been for quite some time.

      Normal literally cannot come back, as “normal” was only possible in a white supermajority, Christian and Anglo Saxon – derived society. That’s gone now. What we’re seeing is the present taking root.

        • Probably most.
          We don’t realize how awful things are in most of the world. It doesn’t take much for the USA to be an upgrade

          • It’s a good point. These people bring their neighbourhoods down – and we say they look like crap. But considering where they came from, it all seems to make sense.

            Years ago, my landlord at the time told me of the problems he’d had with the former tenant – an African who slept on a mattress on the floor. The place was filthy, but then again, to someone who may well have escaped becoming a child soldier, various exotic diseases and had to negotiate African cities I am sure it was like the Hilton.

            Look! running water! Look! Reliable electricity! Look! Reliable buses and trains! Of course, all these things would fall under the category of white supremacy.

          • After defeating George Foreman for the heavyweight title in Zaire, Muhammad Ali returned to the United States where he was asked by a reporter, “Champ, what did you think of Africa?” Ali replied, “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat.”

    • I recently came across a viral Tweet made by a woman whose Keystone pipeline worker husband was yelling at her for voting for Abidin’ since he’s more than likely going to be unemployed soon.

      Yeah, a lot of his voters will be rolling in their graves soon.

    • Don’t believe it.

      These anecdotes are brought to you from the “owning the libs” and “democrats are the real racists!” crowd.

    • The first person I hear complaining that they didn’t vote for Harris when they voted for a 78 year old dementia patient will feel my full wrath.

    • I was at a thing this morning where the 7 people to arrive first were all white men- no women yet, I mentioned that this was thus a group of bigoted racists and explained the Biden Regime teaching Critical Race Theory. My closing line was that this bullshit wouldn’t effect me much but was likely to make life harder for my son and that meant that anybody who voted for Biden was my enemy and I was going to do what I could to each and every one of them.

      There was general agreement with one exception who had the sense to keep his mouth shut.

  43. The Cat & Dog Analogy fits well into this recurring topic of being ruled by Gynarcho-Tyrannical Feminism. Cat by nature is feminine, dog by nature is masculine.

    The cat like behavior is passive aggressive. Inflicting torments, social shame, ostracization, being ‘outside the group’. These are incredibly feminine behaviors so of course our “betters” wish to inflict them.
    The other examples provided of more muscular historical regimes fit the Dog / Masculine motif. Problem (person), solution (bullet). Move on to next logical step…
    It is unfortunate because if we had more masculine dog like enemies this entire thing would come to a head much more quickly. Where I’ll disagree is the last paragraph, re: the unsustainability of feminized passive clown world.
    This passive cat like toying can go on in perpetuity basically until a strong man appears (probably a radical muzz infiltrator) who will start to implement more ahh, ‘direct’ methods of reeducation. It is only then we will see who will get on the boxcars or against the wall as directed and who attempts to push back and die on their feet.

    • The thing about pitbulls seizing power from plucky passive aggressive pussies is that there is no telling what happens when actual masculinity is displayed as unapologetic aggression-aggression.

      Legitimizing this power via overt masculinity will have its own set of consequences indeed. A cascade perhaps.

      As polarity begins to reverse it is always sloppy but it will reach a point when suddenly the slumbering and sedated hindbrain of a latte of males will awaken.

      The macro of a strong independent womyn adopting a pit bull puppy comes to mind. So misunderstood those gentle pups.

      The TBD of course is whether it will simply open her neck over a bowl of mislaid kibble or if it will eat the three kids in the apartment next door because no extreme of myopic matriarchy can uncurl a double helix.

      Much like the coal toll of the great new blackdeal, its not whether or not it gets paid but rather who ends up paying and when.

      A few generations of suppression and repression culminating in peak absurdities of clown world are but a few seconds on the genetic clock of men.

      Our culture has strapped men in rocking chairs and locked them in a room full of cats. When men stop apologizing, maybe thats a sign.

      I am quite tedious of all the poosy footin around these fake and gay hierarchies. I know I am far from alone in this. But unlike our femme zoo keepers, my optimism is growing thin.

      • I had to evict a tenant last year, single girl with a pit bull. I shouldn’t have even let her move in, but live and learn. After the thing bit an insurance agent inspecting my new roof it was sayonara. And of course I got umpteen tear-filled choruses of “he’s really sweet!”

        • Modern AWFLs have lost their danger sense to a large degree due to several generations of living in gilded safety bubbles. This is why you see the ‘refugees welcome’ idiot blond women in Sweden who later end up getting savaged by rape apes. Ditto for the ‘backpackers’ that go to Morocco only to have their necks opened by a misunderstood jihadi wielding a ~Blade of Peace~. The list goes on and on. Pitbulls are another symptom of this syndrome. The best outcome as I’ve said before would be immediate consequences for poor decisions like the pitbull gnawing their faces off.

          I’m becoming more convinced as times goes on that if you gave women everything they wanted (we are nearly there) they would destroy society and themselves utterly and then b-tch about men causing it all.

  44. I must say, regarding the Covid madness, as I am up in the capital of The Isles today, I have been maskless. Everywhere I have been. I have greeted store assistants with a smile and enquired as to business: nice chats were the results. Who knows, maybe they thought it nice to speak to a non-droid like entity.

    • Watch out for your diverse bobbies (although the photos I’ve seen, it was White bobbies with their nightsticks beating the crap out of White Englishmen).

    • I just got back from the store and already saw a few “double maskers”, I just started laughing and got the kill the heretic eyes from them. These morons just love living on toilet paper mountain.

      • Spot on. Yes, as I go about the store with my mask either under my nose or under my mouth, laughing at all the others double-protected against the bad air, I get either “kill the heretic eyes” or embarrassed shrugs from those who know better but lack the minimal courage to buck the rules.

        • Notice that while you get the stank eye, nobody actually *does* anything. “Sir, masks are required to enter this store.” “Oh, okay”… he says, walking right past them and getting on with his shopping, maskless. On the very rare occasions someone tries to enforce it, I say ” I have a disability” and walk away, getting on with my shopping. Let THEM try to figure out the risks of kicking a “disabled” guy out of their public accommodation (and yes, I’m really looking forward to unleashing my inner Karen when one of them dares to ask me which disability. Y’all got to Alinsky that shit – make them live by their own stupid rules).

          • My friend’s version, when challenged about not wearing the face diaper, is “You didn’t even ask whether I had asthma” (or some other respiratory condition). She doesn’t, of course, but has gotten the Karens to apologize for their presumption as to why she’s maskless.

        • “Yes, as I go about the store with my mask”

          ” those who know better but lack the minimal courage to buck the rules.”

          There ain’t no deception like self deception.

  45. As more and more businesses close around here, I see more and more of the Bezos fleet driving around. It looks like he’s taking over the world, but each one of those drivers is probably silently humming the old Johnny Paycheck song in his head (Bezos, unlike UPS or USPS, does a lot to alienate his workforce). Even if they replace those drivers with bots, the ones who really make those bots work will be white guys. They won’t be “our” guys, and will be mostly the ponytailed libertarian white guys who look like Styx, but they’ve still got brains and an axe to grind most of the time and will only allow themselves to be pushed so hard. I’m not saying do nothing, but I am saying that if you really look around and listen, it seems to all outward appearances that you’re doing nothing while you’re taking in quite a bit. In Vietnam, the subservient Mama San smiling and Yassah-ing as she washed GI laundry was sharpening punji sticks every night in her little hut after she went home. Being the underdog and the outsider can suck, but you can make it fun, too.

    • If the My Pillow Man is to be believed, he was a victim of a variation of the Fake Account Syndrome. Mike Lindell claimed that once locked out of his Twitter account, it was accessed internally and tweeted pro-junta memes, the best I understand his claim. Social media is on it’s way down so efforts will be made to coerce usage for the reasons you cited.

      I differ somewhat with your analysis. We have an interesting divorce taking place, and parallel societies forming. It drives the totalitarian to even more extremes and forced participation will be one aspect. Forcible voting may be attempted as people refuse to participate in the fraud, as happens in Australia now. Vlacek Havel nailed it years ago: live as if you are free. In an illegitimate, vicious system, that is solid advice.

      • Make some bright-colored t-shirts and decals that use the Biden-Harris campaign logo. Then on a line beneath that: YOU MUST BE SO PROUD.

        • I think about 1/2 of my UMC white neighbors actually wouldn’t get it. They would think it was serious and nod in agreement. The Cult is that strong here.

          Oddly, I think the numerous Indian tech workers around here would get the joke and actually approve. They would probably smile and think “here’s at least one white guy who gets it. It’s not that they didn’t support Harris/Biden but they knew why. No false consciousness there.

      • Yes. Australia does have compulsory voting. But that doesn’t mean you have to vote. As long as you attend a polling venue and have your name crossed off the roll, you can lodge an ‘informal’ vote, if you want. Instead of numbering the squares (we have a ‘preferential’ system here) you can write something like “None of the above is acceptable”. Our Constitution and the Electoral Office are silent on what would happen if a majority of ballots were invalid and it’s never happened. But I do wonder what the authorities woul do if such a circumstance were to occur.

        • “None of the above is acceptable.” LOVE it! That would be my go-to option, about 95% of the time.

        • It occurs to me that compulsory voting would really curtail election fraud because you’d know in advance the exact number of visits you’d receive per voting district, and you’d know the maximum number of votes a candidate could receive as well.

    • Recently I’ve found myself feeling almost enthused about what’s happening, because I keep feeling these minor thrills when I consider the gloves are off. If you’re inclined to have a little fun, and you do it smartly (which only increases the satisfaction), this is a great time to be alive.

        • Not giving a shit about a lot of things that used to waste my energy is nice. Sportball, patriotic crap, support for the military/police, getting angry about red/blue team nonsense, caring about taxes and the economy from a libertarian/fairness perspective, worrying about foreign affairs, etc. It’s as much an attitude thing as actively throwing sand in the gears. The sand will come naturally.

          • Gah. That is the old life, on a different planet. I used to be the number one fanboy of the cops, the squaddies,

          • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Not that I’m going to, but if I was able to remove myself from my closest family members, it would sever the remaining ties I have to clown world and I’d be incredibly content never having to imbibe of the Potemkin reality the cloud people have constructed.

          • Same. Its liberating once you realize this isn’t our country anymore. And as such is merely a location, an economic opportunity to build wealth for the chilrens. One doesn’t fight for such a location anymore than ((())) would take up a rifle and join the (US) Army. As for the mass immigration, the systemic racism and the rest of the mayhem created by the increasingly fascist cloudies- the only question one asks is ”How can I profit from this?” When the universe of what you care about, and what you’re willing to fight for is downsized to me, family, tribe then hope and optimism are restored. You cant save the country. But you might save your family, maybe your Nation.

    • And this proclivity exists because it works. Corrosion is ubiquitous and relentless, and extremely difficult to stamp out. Yes, the Jackboots will kill off a few peons in the public square in an attempt to frighten everyone else into submission, but then a new form of corrosion arises somewhere else and it too is much more severe. Evolutionary escalation back & forth, and Civil war by attrition. But Jackboots can only kill, not grow their own food.

    • Lol, can guarantee those drivers aren’t humming Johnny paycheque. More like durka durkha humdull-Allah.

      We are really creating a formidable force of dark skinned, bearded, angry, and stupid uber drivers, Amazon drivers, and mall security agents.

      Step 1: import millions of low IQ third worlders Step 2: offshore low IQ labour and destroy the energy sector so there’s no jobs for them Step 3: make housing unaffordable Step 4: ????

      • step 4: 3rd world immigrant trash gets hired by state to police over whites cause they have zero empathy for white people

        • Something like that. Our vibrant security agents were looking very excited to get to boss white people around in the COVID lines. Glaring at the customers and directing them forcefully. They love having power of whites.

          When the cops go to shut down non-compliance businesses in Toronto, almost all the cops are smug looking non-whites. They’re getting a taste of what they want.

          They do hate us all, bad or good white, I’m sure they would be more than happy to open fire on us if asked to do so.

      • With the Fauci-villes cropping up, I’m seeing whites taking all kinds of jobs they wouldn’t previously take.

      • Check out not merely Amazon drivers, but armored car drivers. Those who service ATMs and such. Those firms (Loomis, Garda, etc.) hire a lot of noggers, both local and African (another job ‘murricans won’t do, particularly all those weapons-qualified White vets). Those guys carry loaded weapons.

    • There’s been several local instances of Amazon trucks getting hijacked and stolen. Given the predominate racial make-up of the drivers one can’t help but suspect that it might be a team effort, like a really low-watt armored car robbery scheme.

    • I’m still trying to figure out how they plan on using drones and not having them shot or stomped on and broken by Laquisha’s children

    • Styx is an interesting example to consider because he’s likable, at least to me, but I know that eventually we’ll be fighting on opposite sides. It’s a strange feeling to have personal affection for people that you know that you will eventually face off with.

      I guess I could extend that comment to most of my family and half of my friends…

  46. It’s Witch Trial Syndrome. When the PTB can’t recognize, let alone manage, a cultural sea change, they persecute witches. It burns itself out once the PTB themselves start getting accused (in Salem, the governor’s wife). It took a little over a year in 1692; given modern information velocity (and the Special Needs Toddlers’ clear determination to go all in right away) I give it no longer than that.

    • I think Trump is going to be laughing like a loon in the days ahead, and will be thankful he was ousted. As our esteemed host is fond of saying, these are the good ol’ days. When the foreclosures start, the food banks and flop houses and soup kitchens become our major industries – it will be Mutiny On The Bounty – especially for our leaders.

      • it almost seems like he intentionally did things that will cause the progs real problems with their supporters, if they don’t match or continue the results. super high covid money, extrea long unemployment, SS increase, roaring economy, increased wages.

        • Covid stimmies may now be seen as an entitlement. What happens when they’re cut off? Then again, the AWRs are also making noises about guaranteed incomes, so perhaps those will take the place of the stimmies. We’re through the looking-glass, which means that no form of fiscal malpractice is off the table.

        • Try not to interpret every failing of Trump as some intentional master stroke.

          He was forcibly driven out and he threw his most ardent supporters under the bus.

          • “The disingenuous defunding of the WHO, then redirecting that precise amount to the Gates/WHO sponsored GAVI Alliance.” – Ann Barnhardt

            He seems more and more like the ol’ bait-and-switch, staging the sale.

      • Except they aren’t going to be given at least a chance in a lifeboat – it’ll be walking the plank at a minimum…

    • I’m praying this thing goes from being analogous to Salem to being analogous to the French Revolution. In private conversations with friends I refer to DC as Versailles and the Capitol as the Bastille.

      • Remember that Versailles was created out of wilderness after the monarchy had formerly resided in Paris.

        I have to wonder if things get too hairy in DC whether the government won’t relocate itself to a safe zone. Perhaps somewhere protected by natural barriers, etc.

        or will they just go down with a burning ship ?

        • I think Versailles was more-or-less the attempt by the monarchy to reset, rather like Constantine abandoning Rome for a new city he named after himself. An early version of draining the swamp, if you will – finding the swamp un-drainable, the only alternative might be to start a new swamp.

          The critters of the swamp will never choose to leave it.

          • I agree with this. I think it can start with state republicans standing up against the federal government. Start ending anti american policies at the state level. If other states or the US gov sues, then it’s time to secede.

        • I’d recommend Yellowstone for the new DC.
          In just a few years, nature may clean up government completely.
          With fire.

        • They’re still buying up everything in Martha’s Vineyard, despite the fact that their nonprofits say it will be underwater due to global warming soon enough. Maybe they’re all planning on “transitioning” to mermen and naiads. Speaking of our rich elite and their wonderful charities, did you see where the bigwig at Apollo had to resign because he paid Epstein something like 150 million in “consultancy fees”? That’s steep for blackmail, but if you can afford Edvard Munch’s “Scream” you can probably afford it.

          • The fact that the super rich still love their coastal property is one way you know climate change alarmism is a fraud.

        • Burning ship. They need the symbols of power that fill up DC. Underground bunkers are not an option for them because the Elites can only sit on the throne, not actually lead, and the throne of ‘Murica is bolted down in DC.

          It’s why they tore down our statues to replace with their own. They’re that dependent on symbolic power.

          • I think a great move for our team would be to move en masse to around DC and just live our lives there quietly. It would freak them out knowing that at any time the beast could awaken.

            In fact I am looking for a place around DC. A lot of it our of pure curiosity to see how they live. Plus I like the landscape of Virginia.

          • “It would freak them out knowing that at any time the beast could awaken.”
            That already happened when they kicked the National Guard out of the Capitol Building because most of them were white Trump voters.

          • Living near the Imperial Capital will probably be one way to guarantee that you always have access to utilities. No way will the swamp go without access to social media.

    • With the racial element embedded within this totalitarianism it may take longer than that and become quite ugly before it burns out.

    • Paul Ramsey has a good take on what’s going on:

      The far left defined themselves through their opposition to the bad old Orange Man (TM); they were “the resistance” fighting the man. But they are the man, they are the bad guys and they always were. Pretending otherwise was the only way they could rationalize their hypocrisy as the oppressor. Since Trump is gone, they’re left with nothing to sustain this fiction — no identity of their own outside of hate — so they are lashing out in an attempt to get their hate mojo back.

      This is the end result of a multicultural empire with no common bonds — no loyalty to the national interest and a constant need for a boogeyman to validate their existence and provide fraternity with others in this bleak era.

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