Rambling Man Vol 2

One of the weird parts of the mass media age is the constant bombardment from the firehose of mass media warps our sense of time. The Pretender Biden was installed just a couple of weeks ago, but it feels like a long time ago. It always feels like so much is happening in the moment, that what happened in the prior moment has tp be stashed in long term memory. Just as you are processing one bizarre thing from the ruling class, they are firing the next bizarre action at us.

It is a relentless succession of events, one more stranger than the next. The most powerful tool of managerial authoritarianism is constant disruption. The thing is, it is not a deliberate strategy. They are not sitting around thinking about what loony thing they can do next to create disruption. They have a need for the constant crisis. They need to feel as if life is on the knife edge at all times. it one result of the feminization of the managerial class. It is endless drama.

Still, when you take a break from the firehose and assess things, it is striking just how bizarre the word is all of a sudden. Collapse of any sort is like a man falling down a very long flight of stairs. From the top, it is a quick tumble then a long landing. That landing runs out of road and another stumble down some stairs to another landing and the process keeps repeating. You can add in a brief ascent back up to a previous landing, if you like, to account for those periods of reform and renewal.

The bizarreness comes from the lack of self-awareness. The people hiding behind the razor wire green zone in Washington never think about how this looks to the hundreds of millions on the other side. They don’t even consider it. They are like fireflies in a jar, obsessed with blinking at one another. They are oblivious to how it looks to those outside, because they are oblivious to the idea of an outside. This is probably the most remarkable change in the last few decades.

Still, the spectacle is incredible. We live in an age when a Puerto Rican barmaid and a bald black woman with the IQ of a goldfish stand on the floor of the House sharing their “lived experiences”, which are totally fabricated. Not only that, these people are our rulers or at least members of the ruling class. Things would be less ridiculous if a state put a horse in the Senate. Calling this clown world is an affront to the men who dedicated their lives to making kids laugh at the circus.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Who’s In Charge?
  • 22:00: The Desperate Grasp For Legitimacy
  • 42:00: Fantasy Land
  • 57:00: Closing

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208 thoughts on “Rambling Man Vol 2

  1. The enemy has a Reach/Grasp problem.
    A dramatic overreach to Grasp problem.
    Focus on their reach, and let them pull back a stump. Ignore what they Grasp – DC.
    DC has seceded from the Republic, treat it accordingly. Had one an Army one should not march it to DC – there was nothing of value in DC politically but legitimacy and they buried legitimacy at that State Funeral of an Inauguration.
    The enemy has a Reach::Grasp problem – deny them further reach outside of DC, let them grasp their millstone of a Capitol, let it be their gravestone. Let them have their Kingdom today, tomorrow their grave.

  2. Speaking of bizarre and downright terrifying, Manchin and Cornyn have introduced a bill “See Something Say Something” which if made law will turn every blog and web site owner into a federal snitch who must by law send all messages or posts that are suspicious to the Feds for review.
    For us it means the end of a online presence period unless the blog is hosted out of the country along with the blog’s host.

    • How in Hell? Manchin, from one of the strongest red states. How much money does he receive from the DNC to run as a Republican? Enough to fools the rubes in WV apparently. Who needs enemies?

  3. I’m sure everyone (who still watches an TV) has noticed that more and more commercials are bereft of White males. I sat through 5 commercial and did not see a single White male. Every other demographic was, of course, prominently on display. This is a simple and subtle way of showing White males as irrelevant. But, you have to ask yourself, how is this phenomenon on every commercial … everywhere? Obviously, there’s a central narrative/agenda.

    • Do you mean that spinning a sign is an irrelevant image?
      Many have discussed this as “woke washing” but Z accurately called it what it is – Black Washing.

    • When you do see a white guy he’s dancing merrily through the tulips with his black wife followed by their 3 kids.

  4. The goal of the Great Agenda is to marginalize White males. White males represent independence and patriotism/nationalism. Anti-semitism can spring forth and flower in a nationalistic society if the controlling group is White males. It’s all about squelching anti-semitism … but only by White males because White males are smart enough to represent the only real threat to world hegemony by “The Usual Suspects” and their lackeys. Ironically, this agenda reveals itself and causes what its supposed to suppress. We’ve seen this movie before.

  5. The media reporting is simply LIES. They’re not insane, but simply deceivers. They know that they’re lying, but they have their agenda, i.e., vilify the White race (esp White males) because they are the main threat to a renewed anti-semitism. This comment will probably be thrown in the “bit bucket” cuz of my reference to the most protected class in our society.

  6. I just can’t get over the fact that these people are now in charge of the nukes. The possibility of a nuclear war is now very real and hasn’t been higher for many decades.

    I can never forget the famous historian AJP Taylor’s preciction back in the seventies that there would, indeed, be a nuclear strike at some point in the future.

  7. around the 22-24 minute mark – it kind of reminds me of an Eagles verse –
    what do you do when your dreams come true and it’s not quite like you planned

  8. We’re being led, like cattle, to the gates of Hell. If you submit, and go willingly, you’ll never forgive yourself. Better dead than looking into the eyes of children , knowing you betrayed them.

  9. Re: the NYT quotes from Knute Bueller. There’s a good chance they didn’t make them up or even embellish them. He ran against a terrible commie appointed into the governorship and whose resume included organizing White privilege seminars when tent cities were populating every large city in the state and Antifa was rampaging around. His main campaign issue: teacher pensions. Complete zero. Lost in a landslide. I’d say he was a RINO but does that have any meaning in the current year?

  10. So you wants you some crazy? The faithful Z-audience delivers!

    “…priming the propaganda pump for a soon-to-arrive any-minute-now mega-plague “ten times worse” than Corona Scam.

    …because the Quaccine is intended to do what all previous attempts at a CoronaVirus vaccine have done: cause enhanced viral uptake of Corona Viridae when encountered in the wild subsequently.”

    Note: the effects of ‘enhanced viral uptake’ meant that every test animal died after vaccination when they caught the flu again the next season.

    We don’t know which batches are being sent to which target areas. Perhaps the rollout is being ‘fumbled’ a bit to delay it past flu season- so that the dreaded lethal “second wave” hits after our rulers have crushed us thoroughly.

    It would be a fine distraction were they to JFK King Joe as the Great Pandemic took hold. Imagine the headlines.

    Source: https://www.barnhardt.biz/2021/02/02/evil-always-tells-you-what-it-is-up-to-bill-gates-predicting-forthcoming-plague-10x-worse-than-coronascam-clearly-this-is-the-intended-result-of-the-quaccine-boosting-lethality-o/

  11. This morning, before coming here, I shared with a friend the Congressional notice pertaining to yesterday’s AOC-led sob fest. Like you, the one thing that stood out among all others is the phrase “lived experience”. What a redundant affront to the language. I said to my friend that I wouldn’t mind providing some of them a “deceased experience”.

    It also made me think of the complacency of normie-cons just a few short years ago. When confronted with this sort of language-torturing babble from the academy, it was always brushed aside by claiming that when these misguided fools moved out of the educational cocoon they’d have to drop the wokeness act. But yesterday’s kvetching is just more evidence that they’ve parachuted their drama into a very willing “real” world. We’re now being ruled by hormonal teenage girls.

  12. If you didn’t understand the complete depravity of the power brokers in the GOP , here are some recent developments that make it clear:
    and covered up by Rick Wilson and Karl Rove: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/02/01/karl-rove-ive-known-about-john-weavers-pattern-of-behavior-since-1988/

    and of course there was Dennis Hastert, the Former GOP speaker of the house still in federal prison for molesting boys when he was a wrestling coach.
    God help us . clearly nobody else will .

    • Please work on your reading comprehension. Karl Rove had been trying to run John Weaver out of the Republican party since 1988 for being a sexual predator. Both mainstream media members and inner party members who knew the truth smeared him as a liar for telling the truth. That isn’t a defense of the rest of Rove’s career, but to say he covered up for Weaver is just wrong.

      • all he had to do if he were genuine, all he had to do was whisper into the ear of a few friendly fox news reporters the names of a few of the names of the victims. the fo news crew could have done the rest . in reality, Rove v weaver is just an inner organization power struggle .
        Rove was the one who brought the democratic strategist into fox news as their election desk manager . clearly in on the election steal. And I’m supposed to believe a story he tells to try to deflect blame for not speaking up about the pedo for the last 28 years? No thanks .

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  14. They are like fireflies in a jar, obsessed with blinking at one another. They are oblivious to how it looks to those outside” zman, brilliant way of putting it. They are about as stupid as tiny fireflies are too. They remind me of an old poster by the group, “death car for Cuties” showing an abandoned taxi filled with light and

    Flies. Amount and in the dark .

  15. Legitimacy has already been achieved. Tucker Carlson noted that Bank of America trawled through every transaction of their customers looking for anyone who might have been a Trump Supporter or in DC. And sent all the info to the FBI who questioned everyone in the list. At least one person was interviewed but later cleared of any wrong doing.
    Jihad against White people is the new unity. Legitimacy flows from Corporate America united with BLM to destroy White people who by their existence are evil racist homophobes etc. The plan is to put all 75 million Trump voters in Chinese style camps, take their property and give it to illegal aliens or blacks or both (reality — corporate america) and pursue the last White man into an all black SEAL team crossfire.
    Really, what else can they do? The whole point of the Civil Rights movement is that all White people are depraved evil nazis and racists and thus must be destroyed. The whole purpose of Corporate and Government America is to destroy evil, which is White people. This the foundation of the regime’s legitimacy. Biden neither needs or wants White people’s assent. He has Bank of America. That’s all he needs.

    • Remember: Never talk to the police/FBI/government, even to “clear your name.” They call you on the phone: hang up. They come to your house, they better have a warrant. They take you in: you say nothing. Be a stone.

      Either they already think they have enough to convict you, or they don’t. In no case will saying anything improve your chances. You’ll note the Miranda warning doesn’t say “anything you say may be used to benefit you.”

  16. One of the most entertaining podcasts by Z Man. I laughed out loud a bunch of times. My wife wondered what I was listening to on my headphones.

  17. They do own it. Here as well as there.

    A colleague recently challenged me when I referred to ‘The Pretender’ Biden. I said that from what I hear, the thing was a very dodgy affair. He asked where my evidence was to which I replied with:

    1. Any complex set of rules can be bent to a person’s ends.
    2. Government institutions consist of complex rule sets.
    3. Left wing people are far more devious in their pursuit of an end goal and will bend the rules as much as they can.
    4. The US government bodies are dominated by leftists and their sympathizers.
    5. Therefore step one.

    Says he: ‘You have a really low opinion of people’.

    • The AWRs dedicated their entire lives to overthrowing Trump directly he was elected. Anybody with two synapses to rub together really think they would stint at fudging a close election in order to achieve the aim that had consumed them the last four years? The opportunity arose; they took it.

  18. “We live in an age when a Puerto Rican barmaid and a bald black woman with the IQ of a goldfish stand on the floor of the House sharing their “lived experiences”, which are totally fabricated.”

    That is pure poetry. You sir have arrived at a Mark Steyn level of brilliant comedic writing.

    • Yeah, that’s one of the best passages he’s written. The amount of sublime tautologies crammed in there should defy making the thing understandable, yet it’s perfectly visceral at a glance, too.

  19. Whoever is really running the regime is putting the equivalent of horses in the ‘elected’ positions, right from the President on down. Their contempt for the electorate and representative government in general is as naked as can be and they are more than 1/2 right. Who are they? Is there a leader? Is it a central committee? Even in previous totalitarian regimes run by central committees there was always a prime. Anyone know?

    • It’s like birds flying in a V, or ants in an ant farm. They all just seem to know what to do without being told.

      • I don’t believe that is true because if it were it would be without historical precedent to my knowledge. Maybe someone can chime in with an example I’m not thinking of.

      • Thank you, Apex. I’m so very tired of reading putative DR guys say they’d bang, or she’s got a nice chest, or is attractive in one way or another. As a Puerto Rican she’s 15-20% black, at least another 40% native indio, and always reminds me of a mule.

    • Lincoln was assassinated at the theater. It seems apparent that we Deplorables will be genocided during a circus performance. I shed no tears for him, but I refuse to clap for the performers of either. The time for passive viewing of anything couched as entertainment is over. Live your life according to your own light and tell anyone who wants your humiliation or death to BTFO. The choice is now simple: embrace hardship or have it imposed.

  20. I haven’t even listened to this yet, but the written text that accompanies the podcast had me cracking up. “IQ of a goldfish” is one of the most hilarious insults I’ve ever encountered. It has the added benefit of being painfully true. Bravo!

    • Calling this clown world is an affront to the men who dedicated their lives to making kids laugh at the circus.

      …is my favorite line.

  21. When chaos and insanity reign, focus is the path to clarity.
    Waking Up To Reality (cont)
    The lesson of Bill Barr. Once upon a time, a guy named Trump got elected president against all odds and the concerted efforts of a corrupt DoJ/FBI/CIA. He picked a crony named Sessions to be guardian of the rule of law, and promptly got stabbed in the back. So he fired the asshole. Then along came a shaman cloaked in majestic robes of honor, decency, and integrity as the new sheriff in town and promised to set things right. He fooled everyone, everywhere, all the time with masterful sleight of hand and a liquid tongue. At the witching hour, he too did the Brutus treachery with a Cheshire cat grin on his face. Never, ever trust a Fed. Swear it on your life.

  22. The thing is, all these “people” or probably the vast majority started life outside the bubble. Thus one would at least think some portion of that group would be aware of the disconnect between those two realities – outside or inside the bubble. Maybe they are all pod people and/or the collective is simply too strong to resist. Either way, something of one sort or the other has to be done to rectify this, or we all may just collectively go insane.

    • The intensity and relentlessness of the crazy is intentional. It’s purpose is to sow despair and defeatism among the weak-minded. Kill your TV. Stop rubbing feces in your eyes and ears. Focus on what you can do to help accelerate the collapse. But from the shadows. Only from the shadows.

      • This x1000! When you kill the TV, you begin to realize two things: the managerial class is really weak, and this world is pretty good. The propaganda blasted by TPTB is an inversion of reality, and watching it gives you no insight into their plans or ambitions. Cut the cord and be free.

        • Au contraire. Much insight is given, but I grant at a price. The price of potential frustration and demoralization.

          We talk of TV frequently here, but never as a glimpse into reality, but more as to what TPTB want us to believe, i.e., their propaganda, which can be instructive. And of course, a good rule of thumb as many have noted, is to assume the real situation is usually the opposite of what TPTB say in their propaganda.

          If you can’t take watching such as it affects your mental state too greatly, sure tune out. I certainly have immediately after the “Jan 6 Insurrection”, but the TV is not going in the trash. It is a tool and has usefulness—but as with all tools, only if used properly.

          • It’s a much more efficient use of time to scan news sites if you want to know what your enemy is thinking. While information can be definitely be gleaned from viewing TV, it’s definitely not the only way to do so, and it’s far from the best. It’s also fairly costly, in the dollar sense, to turn on that deluge of propaganda. It can, and should, be easily done without.

          • It does take time to acclimate to the crazy. Crazy is designed to hook you emotionally. Once you realize that, one develops a thick skin like a waitress. The yappers are just trying to yank your string.

            Hint: Picturing Jake Tapper as ‘Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp’ really, really helps.


      • Sure, the cord can be cut and that’ll help to a degree. Unfortunately, in my situation, there are others in the household who aren’t quite on board and we do have to live together. Personally, I don’t watch any national news and haven’t in years. The local version is close to getting the same treatment. However, there still is the internet which is where I and millions of others get the bulk of their info and opinion – places such as this fine site. As such, you still can’t fully escape the dissonance – just find some islands of relative sanity in the maelstrom. The rub of course, is you still know what kind of shit is being served up on a continual basis and it galls…

      • The relentless insanity is indeed intentional, but killing your TV won’t solve the problem, because the insanity is in print, on the internet, in your kid’s schools, in the HR department of your employer, and in your car dealership.

        The problem is that normal working people spend most of their effort trying to stay afloat and maybe get ahead a little. The working guy does not have the energy to keep up with, let alone counteract, the constant assault by the left-wing nutjobs after he finishes a ten-hour workday or works overtime on a Saturday (not to mention that fact that he will likely lose his job if he tries).

        By contrast, stirring up shit is, for practical purposes. the full-time job of the professional leftists — the politicians, the bureaucrats, the media, the professors. Many of them are in jobs they cannot be fired from, and pay higher-than average wages with more time off. These people are essentially a permanent revolutionary cadre (a “vanguard,” in Lenin’s formulation) of the GloboHomo revolution, and that’s why the onslaught never ends.

        • The working guy does not have the energy to keep up with, let alone counteract, the constant assault by the left-wing nutjobs after he finishes a ten-hour workday or works overtime on a Saturday.”

          Then perhaps the working guy ought to go ahead and surrender. If he doesn’t have the strength to cut the cord, which is by far the easiest part of this battle, then he simply doesn’t have the strength to fight the harder battles that inevitably await should he continue to resist.

      • I got that feeling at a stop in Lineman’s Montana. It felt like 1970s Nevada, relaxed, good-natured, American as hell- goshdammit, it felt like home.

  23. I went down to my local Fauciville today to see if I could trade a can of Van Camp’s pork & beans for a usable set of shoelaces. With my bad luck I just happened to move through the camp at the same time an Alexa drone was doing a flyover through Tent City. Someone said something anti-Semitic (or maybe homophobic) that got picked up by the rotocopter and the next thing I know the Prime wagons are disgorging Bezos bots to do a clean sweep of the whole camp. About half of my friends got swept up and will probably die laboring in the Fulfilment Centers, but (and I don’t mean to sound callous), the thoroughness of the job the Bezos Bots did on the camp meant that lots of supplies got left behind in the raid, and I got my shoelaces and managed to keep my can of beans. I haven’t seen my ageing mother in weeks, which only confirms the hunch I have that the rumors about the Soylent Caucasian camps are true. Yes, the process doesn’t involve much suffering, and they even let you select images and music from a more peaceful, whiter time as the euthanizing IV goes into your arm. Knowing Ma she probably requested “Gone with the Wind” (which is definitely on the ADL’s Banned Registry) along with Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” Hopefully she died with a smile on her face while that Sackler juice was pouring through her veins. Speaking of ole Dolly Parton, I’ve heard pray tell that some neo-Confederates got an outpost in the ruins of Dollywood. If I keep to the backroads and avoid the cities where even the most resourceful whites die running the BLM gauntlets, I’ve got a chance to reach Pigeon Forge by springtime. Not a good chance, but I’ve got to to take it.

  24. The growing clown show is a symptom of a larger disease: the consolidation of power by our friends, Deep State, Wall Street and Big Tech (though, of course, our friends well represented in Wall Street and Big Tech, so I repeat myself).

    The more that the real work and decisions are done behind the scenes, the less important the actors become. But the fact that TPTB don’t recognize that they should at least make the show believable for the masses, shows how little they respect us.

    The clown show that we’re viewing is really TPTB laughing in our face.

  25. The Puerto Rican barmaid is just one of 435 elected representatives in the US Congress. From the very beginning she has been a daily staple of the mastodon media. Isn’t what other representatives have to say meaningful? How about hearing the opinions and ideas of Dan Newhouse, Dusty Johnson and Stephanie Bice? They’re elected representatives, too. What’s the motive for 24/7 coverage of AOC? Is the media trying to drive up her stock for greater ambitions?

    • Well, she is the best-looking of the swamp creatures (not a high bar, I know), and her canned lines are pretty snappy (like a left-wing Trump). The main goal seems to be getting the next generation of voters to accept the need for financial grift. Her pitch is basically that if the big players can grift, why can’t the commoners? By throwing Millennials a small bone from the grift carcass (in this case, UBI and student loan forgiveness), she normalizes the financialization of modern life, which permits the (((wealthy))) to continue their lobbying and investment grifting with less blowback from the proletariat. The problem, of course, is that wealth is fundamentally the production of usable material goods, not numbers on a screen.

    • She’s a postmodern politician. No substance and no one cares. Its all about the twitter likes and fake photo shoots with children in cages at the boarder. She’s a vector to create an emotional resonance with certain low information voters, like David Hogg and Greta Thunberg.

      • She’s a postmodern politician. No substance and no one cares.

        Yeah she’s a hyper-real politician. Whereas the older politicians at least consciously grifted, AOC actually buys into her own bullshit. Reminds me of a great book “On Bullshit” by Harry G. Frankfurt. He distinguishes between the liar and the bullshitter and concludes that the bullshitter is much worse.

        “It is impossible for someone to lie unless he thinks he knows the truth. Producing bullshit requires no such conviction.”

          • “Fraud is bullshit plus horseshit multiplied by shisterism”

            I know she’s capable of wilful grifting.
            But I think she actually makes herself believe in her absurdist ideologies and really does see the storms in teacups.

      • Plus, Conservative, Inc loves to run clips of her and talk about how crazy she is. Tucker falls for this quite a bit.

        • Yes, you’ve hit upon the other side of the equation. Conservative Inc is as guilty of her promotion as the MSM. We need our devils as well.

    • Dusty Johnson is a Silicon Valley worshiping stooge who voted against the border wall. If you aren’t hearing what he has to say, you aren’t missing much.

      • Agreed. If we haven’t learned that we can never trust anybody in Washington…well…I don’t know what to say.

  26. “They have a need for the constant crisis.” There’s one just around the corner called China, Taiwan and Myanmar. Biden’s clown show doesn’t have a tent big enough for that event but it will interesting to watch.

    • The Chinese think long, so I suspect they just bide their time as the American ruling class collapses the empire. Why pick a fight over Taiwan, when they have paid agents in the White House setting policy?

      I think Iran is the land mile in the road for these guys. The neocons are back in power. Israel wants the US to go to war with Iran. Russia probably would welcome it too.

      • Agree. I’m not sure why people talk of China making aggressive moves. It’s utterly unnecessary, and the Chinese know this.

        The US is quite obviously in serious decline. Why mess with that trajectory. Brazil isn’t a threat to China’s ambitions. The US is heading to become North Brazil. Wait it out.

        Now, Iran is another story. Israel seems determined to get that war, and Israel generally gets what it wants. But it’s so obviously a horrible idea for the US. It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.

        • I’m not sure why people talk of China making aggressive moves. It’s utterly unnecessary, and the Chinese know this.

          Wasn’t it Sun Tzu in the Art of War who said
          “Never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake”?

          The Chinese have known MANY years of struggle. I doubt they’d risk their very recent ascent on any brash action.

        • The other thing that China knows is the rest of Asia will soon figure out that the US is fading fast, so they will realign on their own. Asians are much more willing to embrace reality than modern Americans.

          Iran is another matter. There is one faction in the regime that wants to restore the Iran deal for no other reason that Trump dropped it. Another faction wants to get aggressive on a new deal, forcing a confrontation. The truth is, Iran is no match for the US in a shooting war, but the American public has no interest in another war. Whipping up enthusiasm would not be easy.

          • Would be interesting to hear the very inner discussions of intelligence agencies from various Asian countries about America’s future. It’s not exactly a secret that we’re heading downward, but how fast and how far remain unknown.

            When do you jump ship or, at least, start to develop better ties with China? Tough question to answer, but again, it’s not “if” but “when and how” that’s likely being discussed.

            Regarding Iran, the American public has zero interest in another Middle East war. That’s yet another area where our friends seem oblivious.

            As you change the demographics, you make the most fervent defenders of Israel less and less important. Dem voters are a coalition of urban whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others. Quite literally, none of those groups – except one – cares a whit about Israel or the Middle East. Indeed, some are hostile to Israel.

            Republican whites are the biggest fans of Israel and Middle East wars, but those same whites are hated by our friends and are being pushed out of power and demonized.

            Iran will be a good test of whether enough propaganda can influence the Coalitions of Fringes in the same way it influences whites.

          • I can’t imagine Japan is not ramping up their nuclear retaliation capabilities in order to provide some measure of self-sufficient protection from China. Smaller countries like Vietnam will probably just have to get used to going back to vassal state status. I wonder if Taiwan would just submit too? Would a nuclear Japan enter a treaty with Taiwan? Can they afford not to?

          • It is not obvious that Iran is no match for the US in a shooting war. Perhaps conventional, open battlefield war, or even a nuclear war. But as we should have learned in Afghanistan, Iraq, and even Vietnam, holding territory and subjugating a foreign enemy using guerrilla tactics will require many boots on the ground fighting city block by city block, or acre by acre in rural areas. Is the US Army any better equipped for that or prepared for that than it has been the last several decades? Having many more arms, tanks, planes, drones, bombs, etc. is nice, but does not ensure you can occupy foreign territory successfully.

            What would be the objectives of a war with Iran for the US? Total war and unconditional surrender? Regime change? Take out nuclear sites? Defining victory depends on all of those things.

            A parallel keeps coming into my mind for the United States’ next war – the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-05. An arrogant, overconfident empire whose rulers were completely out of touch with their people waltzed into a war it was sure it would easily win against a bunch of lesser yellow people. My God did the Russians get their asses kicked all over the place. And this defeat exacerbated already existing popular discontent. The Russian people gained the full realization that their rulers had no clothes, which eventually led to the Bolshevik Revolution.

            Empires in decline are often ended by a major war. Ask the Habsburgs, Ottomans, or the British (who nominally “won” WW1&2, but in reality lost their empire).

          • Justification for ww2 was not being exterminated by the Germans rather than sustaining the empire.
            In fact imperial concerns being paramount would justify an arrangement with the Germans in 1939.The Soviets and Americans presented a bigger threat to the empire.

          • Agree on Iran. The Iranian response to the Soleimani murder was to demonstrate that there is pretty much no US interest in the Middle East that cannot be accurately targeted by Iranian missiles.
            There are, presumably still a few sane people in positions of if not power, then influence who remember that.

          • At this point, I wonder how many people would actually stand up and cheer if the Bidenreich managed to goad Iran into doing some terrorisms over here (or false flagged some, same difference). They might be very surprised if they expect another burst of 9\11 flag sucking. Unless you lose a family member, I’m betting “meh” is about the most pro-“American” reaction they’re likely to get.

        • Brazil doesn’t have affirmative action and anti-white discrimination holding its best and brightest back. Efforts are made to keep blacks and poor browns in barrios. They all share a common language, pretend to follow Civnat culture (hello fellow latinos!), and all worship the cross.

          I’d say that Rhodesia is closer to where the usa is headed. However modern day Zimbabwe is also not a threat to china so the point stands lol.

        • The can make aggressive moves because they increasingly are realizing that the West won’t have the stomach to fight them in any significant way. They took Hong Kong more than half a century before they agreed to in the treaty with Britain. All the West did was meekly bleat. That’s all the West would do over Taiwan as well.

      • If China is smart, they will wait until the Iran crisis starts, and then make a move on Taiwan. I can easily see our politcos, with fresh Chinese bribes lining their pockets, just letting it happen. What, you want a nuclear war with China?

        • There would still be American military bases in East Asia. That kind of regional flare up would be impossible to ignore.

        • If China is smart, they will wait until the Iran crisis starts, and then make a move on Taiwan.

          They need to take no such rash risk. They can just wait 100 years, and Taiwan will come back all by itself.

          • Worked for Hong Kong. Every time people get worked up about the fate of the people of Hong Kong, I remind them that the UK had 100 years to renegotiate the terms of that lease, much of it when China was much weaker and needier than it is now and probably could have been bought off.

            Hong Kong belongs to China now and crying about it makes about as much sense as crying that your landlord owns the house when your lease is up.

      • Have you been paying attention? Biden has restarted Obama’s deal with Iran. He’s suspended military sales to the UAE and Saudi. He’s ended support for the Yemen War. Biden is pretty much owned by Iran. As is the Democratic Party. Its all about the money.
        Conflict is likely high with Russia over Syria but Biden has basically given Iran a green light to dominate the Gulf and raise oil prices to say, $200-$300 a barrel.
        China is quite unstable. They sit on a volcano of lower class resentment that periodically boils over. The crudest nationalism is the only other trick besides rising living standards the Party has and the ability to raise Chinese living standards is running out of room.

        • Persia has always occupied a key position on the Silk Road. Iran is a battered player in need of a stronger partner, and Iran has oil.

          China would be wise to take the wind out of the sails of armed Semitic states controlling the price of oil transit. Arab mechanics can’t keep those fancy military toys running anyways.

          Digital yuan have been accepted into the SWIFT settlement system, so China’s gained legitimacy as a trading partner. India’s diversity will prevent it from ever having a functional infrastructure. China could offer Iran a backdoor into SWIFT.

          • Addendum: China-Iran cooperation would be like China’s submarine yard and nuclear investment in Pakistan: a major thumb in India’s eye.

      • Iran could be that proxy war in which China and Russia involve themselves. Iran can’t be taken over like the other chumps we pick a fight with. Plenty of time for China and Russia to send over weapons to neutralize our offensive force.

        • There couldn’t possibly be – nor could it be whipped up – any popular support for a war with Iran. Christ, the military has been in the middle east theater for 20 years and not a damn thing to show for it, other than thousands of dead and maimed of our own and tens if not hundreds of thousands of the “bad guys, girls and kids”. I say no way to another ME clusterf***. Of course, that’s just little ole me saying it – as we’ve all discussed ad infinitum lately, the blob apparently doesn’t much care what the peasantry thinks, but I believe they’d be pissing into the wind big time with this one.

          • Yep, and I don’t even dislike Iran. They will eventually tire of their clerics and toss them—but that will never happen if we provide the boogie man to unite the nation.

      • Biden seems to be pro-Iran, so Israel is on it’s own. And he’s also pro-China. The current administration and neo-liberal agenda will not support a war on any front.

        China has the “home field” advantage in addition to being well equipment, well trained and above all, highly motivated and with a numerical advantage.

        Their military is today what Germany’s military was in 1938 with all the political rhetoric, flag waving and propaganda to back it.

        This all sounds vaguely familiar. It will be interesting to see if Taiwan becomes the new Poland.

        • They see Syria as Russia-by-proxy, though. Everyone has seen how weak and terrified Americans have become due to Covid so expect something outside a conventional response, probably in the form of threats, if that gets kicked off. If credible enough, the United States Ruling Class will fold like a cheap yarmulke.
          Bottom line: contemporary America is nowhere near as strong and confident as Britain at the outbreak of WWII.

        • It’s been said that globalization at least prevents war as everyone is too enmeshed in trade networks and frankly just loves luxury and pleasure too much. It sounds like the neoliberal agenda is what you’re counting on here to maintain that equilibrium. I might have agreed before last year but seeing what the ruling class here is willing to do to ward off real or imaginary threats (Trump and Covid, respectively) I’m not so sure. Z-man might be onto something in thinking that the ruling elite behaves more like a deranged woman than an evil but rational man. Of course this means they might do practically anything and that’s what’s worrysome.

      • If a hot war against Iran comes after whites have been mustered out of the service, I’m all for it. Many PoC soldiers will be eliminated, and there’s a chance AINO will lose the war, which will further diminish its international standing.

        As an aside, it should feel very odd to pine for “America’s” defeat in war. Alas, it does not. It feels entirely natural.

        • I would take Iran without odds unless things went straight to a nuclear first strike. Iran isn’t a Third World backwater like the Arab countries the United States has invaded, and would be willing to do whatever it takes to win. This will not happen unless a total and complete purge of the U.S. forces happens (possible) and fanatics decide it is a good way to go after Russia (more likely).

      • The only thing that would make China a threat would be it has its Fifth Column in place among the United States corporate and political class in the event of a hot war. The same Fifth Columnists also would be the ones who ultimately decide whether there would be a hot war. Any guesses as to what their choice would be?
        But…Troops are being sent back into Syria under the cover of darkness. So we are looking at a Deep State-directed two-tier proxy war: Syria to get at Iran to get at the Russians. As everyone has seen, the moment America’s Ruling Class has skin in the game it goes nuts or runs. What possibly could go wrong? All Assad has to do is threaten to sneak a weapon of mass destruction–or nasty flu–into the East Coast, and a de facto surrender disguised as de-escalation will commence. Lessons have been learned from the Covid Affair.
        And even if that were to happen, the Deep State would return to its internal enemies. The new enemies would have learned from the earlier surrender how to handle matters.
        Bottom line: the primal screenfest in Congress last night is simultaneously comforting and alarming. After all, estrogen-drenched wrenches are prone to suicide. This is why, unless purges are complete, to expect a slow, low-intensity terror campaign rather than a full-on genocide. The paper tiger knows it is a paper tiger, and as long as it doesn’t get the menses will behave that way.

    • The USA gets 80% of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for its drugs and vitamins from China. (India gets 75% of theirs from China, and I’m not sure that there’s a comparable third source at the moment.) That’s just one industry out of many that have been outsourced to China.

  27. Normal people do not see Ashlii Babbit’s body, the razor wire or machine guns: only our brave soldiers who valiantly saved Our Democracy (TM) from the evil “insurrection” orchestrated by Bad Orange Man and his legions of Nazis in water buffalo outfits.

    The readers of Mr. Z’s well crafted thoughts are NOT watching the same movie as at least 3/4 of this land.

    I know it hurts, but take the time to glance at the free portions of the Washington Post, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

    Understanding what these people are thinking (feeling) may make the difference between our freedom and our slavery.

    • The readers of Mr. Z’s well crafted thoughts are NOT watching the same movie as at least 3/4 of this land.

      That is probably true. It is also well known by all here, I’d imagine. Still, it does seem that many have been forced to have a good hard look inside the hurt locker, and they’ve discovered it’s ‘orrible. It is these people who may be in the best position to start their journey over here.

      Also, what is 1/4 x 236 million?

        • Of course it is. Hell, half or more of the country does not know or care who’s in office or even what day it is. Yes, those against us may outnumber us, but forget about comparing our percentages to the country’s numbers as a whole—most of them are along for the ride and mean nothing. In that, it is as it always was.

        • Nassim Taleb notes in one of his books that a lot of things have become fixtures in society simply because there was some minority (often 1% or less) who were absolutely adament about this one thing. It could be labels on genetically modified food, signs in their native language, kosher approval… It didn’t matter that the majority not only didn’t agree but often didn’t even know about the issue. The steadfast and hard core minority prevailed. Of course most of these things allowed the silent majority to pretty much live as they were doing and were not actively poisonous or detrimental to them.

          In this case we’re not demanding to stick a warning label on the Poz-burger the system has been forcing down their throats. We’re offering an option to refuse the burger.

    • Yesterday I was watching the latest Red Ice news roundup video and had to shut it down after Henrick started playing mainstream clips of the 1/6 “insurrection”. The lurid framing of this event by the disembodied female NPR voice was so dishonest, creepy and manipulative I could feel my shoulders balling up into knots as I listened. Their evil plan has been out there for those with eyes to see for years. The hounds of Agenda 21 have been released. Protect yourself, including your sanity, accordingly.

    • “nOrMaL pEoPLe… but take the time to glance at the free portions of the Washington Post, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.”

      So the people reading 2 of the 3 most biased leftist rags on the planet are the ‘Normal People’ according to Moe Noname? Are you a banker by chance? Because then they’d be ‘normal’ in your world.
      The coastal d-bags you are referring to are hardly ‘normal people’ and they are outnumbered by a large margin by those that don’t look to those papers or eat avocado toast for breakfast. Try again… your post sits somewhere between naivete and disinformation shill, I’m trying to gauge which you are here.

      • Mr. Predator,

        Talk about failing to keep my personal op sec opaque. You get the lollipop for “banker” (the relatively poor, grunt work sort in the financial services biz).

        However, I would hate to be considered “disinformation shill”, because if I am, it is 100% unintentional. Only reason I wouldn’t consider myself naive is because I have such a hard time spelling the word without spell check…

  28. Like the Prisoner clip. A clue is dropped at the beginning in every episode, who is number one?

  29. This new format for the show is really good, alternating it with the normal show structure seems to be working out well for people who wanted a bit of a mix up.

  30. The diversity hire Defense Secretary has ordered a “stand down” to address “extremism”. (Code for White Supremacy).

    Apparently the military purges have begun.

    Stalin would be proud!

    • First the purges, then we’ll be told to sign a “loyalty oath”. What a brave new world we live in!

    • They must really be confident that a right winger will never be in power again to wield the right wing equivalents of these brave new ideas

          • It’s kind of unfair to the genuine Vichy government of World War II France, which tried to make the best of a bad situation after a genuine catastrophic military defeat. Some Vichy French, such as Paul Laval, might be comparable to Republican turncoats, but Phillipe Pétain was a genuine French patriot compared to Mitt Romney.

          • Pétain was a doddering old man like Joe Biden. Just like him, the real powers used him like they will Dementia Joe, as a figurehead.

          • Met an old French lady in Dijon a couple of decades ago who was managing her family’s winery. She swore top to bottom that Petain was the true savior of France and that DeGaul was scum.

          • She was right. Republican France can FOAD, man. And, come to think of it, that’s exactly what it did in 1940.

          • Say what you will, but the steadfastness of the French volunteers in the Waffen SS (Charlemagne Division) in the face of overwhelming Soviet odds is legendary. They defended the Reichstag building to the very end.

          • The American conservative idea of French ineffectiveness in combat comes from their amazing defeat in 1940. It never occurs to them that the defeat was the result of the way the Republic had been thinking about their army for decades, a mode of thought that, at Verdun, for example, had not yet completely hollowed out the fighting spirit of French soldiers.

            By 1940, the army that had fought like animals at Verdun was incapable of any effective action and was reduced to being given orders like, “Hold your ground at all cost,” because that was the only order they could understand. To the extent that Petain put the blame on the decadence of the Republic, well, he was exactly right.

          • There were numerous French counterattacks during the 1940 campaign, but they all tended to be “a day late and a dollar short,” due largely to communication difficulties. In one battle around Stonne in mid-May 1940, the town of Stonne changed hands 17 times. An army capable of retaking an objective 16 times is not one able only to hold at all costs.

          • Additionally, wasn’t Petain also fairly traumatized by the memory of Verdun, which led to his subsequent decisions?

          • If you’re comparing Mitt to a French collaborator you should use his super hero name: Pierre Delecto.

      • David , hate to break it to you, there are no ” right wingers” see my post on the GOP leadership . not the elected ones , the real power brokers and money men who run the whole thing . pederasts and crooks

    • “extremism”. (Code for White Supremacy).

      Which, of course, is code for whites not kneeling and groveling about how terrible we are.

      That said, I live in the DC area and have known many current and ex-military guys. They are colorblind CivNat to the core and will go right along with this. Nice guys, but they have bought into the narrative completely. Don’t expect them to push back. (Granted, these are career military guys who generally work at the Pentagon, so they may not represent regular officers.)

      • Concur with this … completely. I am in a Zoom-facilitated navy senior leader training course this week, so there’s all the standard tent-revival bromides about D&I, SAPR, etc. and all of these senior officers, mostly white males, have completely drank the Kool-Aid about how wonderful all these Leftist ideas are. I have heard this week senior officers offer such obviously stupid ideas like “weapons don’t win wars, ideas do” in the context of Diversity. I have previously heard very senior leaders suggest that the US’s biggest advantage over China in a potential war is our “commitment to diversity.” What I take from this week is that my previous belief that the military is comprised of leaders who will say anything to advance their careers/keep the funding coming is wrong. No .. these people really are true believers. They really, really think that the Navy is more combat ready b/c ships are full of women. They really believe that implicit bias is a real thing. So while the rank and file might not be there (yet), the senior leadership is fully, entirely onboard with all the creeds of the managerial elite. The military is not going to save the culture, and it is CivNat fantasy to think otherwise. And it makes me sad, b/c this is all an exercise in cultural Hubris … and we’re going to get our asses kicked, and as a result a lot of good sailors are going to get killed.

        • Similar experience last week. I concur. We are going to be so screwed when it really hits the fan.

        • The military exists to break things and kill people when necessary. Everything these diversity clowns are pushing runs 180 degrees the other way.

          • We would have a far more powerful military if we had demobilized at the end of WW2. We have been on a war footing for 75 years. The military is spent.
            The US military was TINY in 1939. It was minuscule. The airforce barely existed on paper. It had scores of planes. By 1944 it had over 65 thousand planes and all of the necessary men trained and equipped to fly, operate and maintain them . The military was well under a hundred thousand men. By 1944 it was 10 (Actually, IIRC, it was 16) million. The military can be ramped up basically over night. Yes, they made some comical errors early on, but they adjusted very quickly.
            A standing military is a destroyer of nations.

          • Good post.

            It’s been argued that Germany got the better end of the Versailles Treatment, militarily. They got to get rid of all their obsolete equipment, whereas France was weighted down with millions of WWI guns in a million different calibers – an impressive force on paper, which gave the peace factions plenty of reasons to resist buying new equipment.

            The 100,000-man German army allowed by Versailles was, by necessity, hand-picked and given the very best training Prussian minds could conceive, so when Hitler decided to step on the accelerator, he had 100,000 superbly trained officers ready to go, while the French still had a fat, military upper crust of WWI thinkers.

          • Plus they were not burdened with financing a large military for the 20 plus years between the wars.
            But your points are excellent.

          • America had a small army prior to WWII because it had no real enemies or military threats. Following WWII the US would have had to quickly evacuate Europe and Asia to return to a similar situation – which was seen as foolish at the time – ultimately leading another WW.

            Even so, The US did demobilize significantly in 1946-47 cutting to less than 1/3 the peak manpower. It was Korea a d then the Cold War that drove the permanent large military-industrial-political complex.

          • The military never demobilized. There was a large draw-down right after the war, but then it goes right back up. My primary measure is not of men in uniforms, but spending. FWIW, we have a million and a third in uniform today.
            Nobody wanted the US to be the world’s policeman. We spent the next 75 years getting involved in pointless wars that have terrible effects for us. For one, the USD has lost like 95% of its value since 1945. This is primarily because of our militarism and standing army. WTF did we ever need thousands of nuclear weapons for?
            The ONLY reasons there was not a ww3 was those nukes. America did a terrible job.

            This state of affairs benefits big business. It does not benefit Americans.
            It all becomes permanent. The official rationale for NATO doesn’t exist anymore and hasn’t for 30 years. A kid born when NATO was last relevant is approaching being too old to enlist. When Trump tried to scale it back, the system went in full defense mode and full propaganda mode.

          • No, the military is mostly a jobs program, with a small wing that actually fights – not that they fight for anything good.

            Ninety percent of the military is basically one gigantic “dig a hole and fill it back up again” operation.

        • The problem is we are never going to have a conventional war again, and out current military spending is just a grift.
          Our enemies will never go after us militarily, but just rot the culture and take over from the shadows. In twenty years all of our corporations will bend the knee to China and most of our elected officials will be on their payroll.

          • Well, our officials are on the payroll of another group now, so what’s the difference.

          • What is a conventional war? Certainly, nothing resembling WWII, I agree. However it seems we will run out of third world flunkies to bomb at some point or run into a proxy war between us and the other two major powers in some turd-world crap hole. At that point there will be conflict which we may very well lose in a demonstrable way that even Joe Normie recognizes.

            This will not be a bad thing IMO.

          • Going to be heartbreaking seeing small-town whites get killed by diversity in their own ranks while on foreign lands.

          • Yep, but we’ve seen that already in Afghanistan and Iraq. Even worse, we won a war with these poor Whites and the politicians gave the victory away and wasted those efforts.

          • Nuclear weapons should have made conventional militaries obsolete overnight.
            Instead, we rely on obsolete ships that are far too big and expensive and have too many souls on them to risk losing them. In any kind of real war with an enemy capable of fighting back, the navy is basically irrelevant.
            From 1940 to 1945 the US built 90 aircraft carriers. It takes us longer to build one. America just does not have the shipyard infrastructure to ever do that again.

        • Thanks, yes, the officers (NOT the NCO’s, at least yet) are True Believers, not just opportunists. Attitudes outside them have changed, fortunately. Family and friends, some with very long military careers and subsequent connected civilian employment, have told their children and grandchildren outright they will disown them if they join. Some of these kids grew up on bases around the country and have seen with their own eyes the preference given to dysfunctional, low IQ minorities.
          The United States has lost or at best not conclusively won every war it has entered since WWII save Grenada. More often than not, those wars have not had an end goal even to measure victory. The brass have adopted every Social Justice Warrior cause, and now wants to move its Napoleonic zeal inward to the dark corners of the Heartland. There is no reason to think it will not suffer an equally humiliating, devastating defeat thereat home.
          Anyone who thinks the United States military is nothing short of a menace here and abroad is a fool, but fortunately those with a little knowledge know better..

          • Why should the government use the military on the homeland when they have a much larger and better trained police state? It’s not just all the cops. That is one part of the police state. Every university in the United States is part of the police state. There are all kinds of crazy areas of expertise that are used to solve crimes that would work just as well against an insurgency.
            The military is simply the wrong tool to fight on the homeland. The military is exceptional at breaking big important stuff. Communications, bridges, power generation and other important critical infrastructure. That is what the military does well. Breaking big shit in the US would hurt THEM not an insurgency. All of their toys would be completely useless fighting un-uniformed civilians living in suburban developments, playing soldier by night and going to work by day.
            But the civilian police are an entirely different story. They have endless surveillance and resources to find the insurgents and arrest them. They found Saint Timothy in a day or two. They found the first world trade center bombers in a week. They named Bin Laden while the towers were still standing. Make no mistake, the press will fully back the state. Every person arrested will be painted as a white supremacist who hates wamman and minorities. Kid’s shows will make them out to be super-villains. The insurgency will not survive the propaganda war because they are entirely unprepared for it. They think they can win an insurgency with small arms. They are retards. People forget how well this worked with Saint Timothy. The ENTIRE patriot movement collapsed after Saint Tim was smeared and sent to death row.

          • For starters cops can’t take casualties. They are well paid clerks with guns not soldiers.
            Crime solving? I remember the Dorner case, the Los Angeles cops almost couldn’t find a giant black man who offed two of theirs. The cops later mistook 2 Mexican women driving a truck for Dorner who was 6’4″ and 290. The police almost killed one woman and shot up the entire neighborhood because most cops can’t shoot.
            In another instance, they mistook a old white man driving a pickup for Dorner and rammed his pickup injuring him.
            It eventually took the entire LAPD, Sheriffs along with police from other counties to find this one man. Some 6000 all told.
            And the LAPD ended up paying out multiple millions to the innocent people they almost killed.
            Imagine if there are a 100 like him active at one time. It would be impossible to handle.
            PS McVeigh’s capture was not because of police competence but because McVeigh wanted to get caught. He made it real easy. And there is nothing about that case that ever made any sense. It had all marks of a staged attack.

          • I read that two FBI agents were killed and three wounded in a shootout with a child pornographer. There’s more to this story than meets the eye and why does it take five FBI agents to arrest a child pornographer?

        • If you want to know what the military brass is like, look no further than West Point. From everything I know, West Point is a hive of SJWism and has been for a long time.
          Every single one of us has been through the education system. We either need to take back education or withdraw entire from it.

          Fortunately for them, I would imagine the Chinese military is not that much better. They have a lot of military propaganda of women soldiers marching around. Their SJWs were far worse in the 60s than ours are now. The rott is from top to bottom in China unless they have all repudiated this stuff. They might not believe abstractions can win wars though. It’s pretty hard to outdo that.

        • I am wondering if the atmosphere these days provides little latitude to push back against the cool aid. Military guys (unless they are headed into retirement) want to get promoted and above a certain point (O6?) promotions require senate confirmation.

          Someone in Biden admin could say, “first guy to get me a boat load of trannies firing cruise missiles at Iran get promoted, everyone else GTFO.” No matter their politics, military guys are hoping to keep their career. They are likely under serious pressure to keep any bad think views quiet and toe the party line no matter how nonsensical.

          • Incentives work.

            Career military guys aren’t going to give up the pension and future employment that they’ve worked so hard to get. They have families and mortgages just like the rest of us.

            They’ll do what they’re told. What’s bizarre is just how many of them come to believe the propaganda. I suppose that you almost have to believe it or you’d go crazy.

          • I agree with you regarding the incentives. I am wondering if career military really believe the things they are saying regarding DIE.

            Do they really believe it? Or do they not believe it but have to pretend to believe it for career advancement? Or since the outcome is the same either way, does it not matter?

          • The ones that I’ve met seem to believe it. They’re not excited to talk about it, which means that they’re probably 100% on board, but they generally agree.

            They also don’t deal with everyday blacks and Hispanics in the military because the military requires a certain IQ to get in.

            They seem to be generally colorblind CivNats who probably know that they’re are racial differences but have come to believe that those differences are relatively small and that racism accounts for most of outcome differences between races, which is why they’re mostly on board.

            You have to understand that they’ve been in the military since they were 22 years old. All their friends were and are military guys. They’ve lived on military bases. It’s their life.

          • Stockholm syndrome is at the core of this and pride is very likely the mechanism behind that. It’s humiliating to think, every day, that you are not your own man, that your career involves fostering the evil doctrines of fools and madmen. When forced to assent to insane ideas for a long period of time, accepting them as your own is tempting since it allows you to fancy yourself a noble warrior in a good cause instead of a coward and careerist.

            The continuing insistence on mask wearing in many places is similar. When the mask nonsense started around here in the spring of last year, maybe 40% of the people were going along with it. Now it’s virtually 100% and people wear them outdoors and in their cars. I think a lot of them have made the transition from going along unwillingly to an attitude of “Look at me, I’m fighting the Virus!!”

            Of course, Oregon is currently the most maskist state while others, like FL, remain blissfully unmasked. People won’t shake hands here anymore either. This is going to become a de-facto cultural rift soon if it isn’t already. This won’t help the elites much if they actually intend to avoid a breakup of the country.

          • The ones with a conscience and integrity will not humiliate themselves. They will either retire early or not re-up.
            All the military will have are mindless ass-kissers for officers that get men killed and lose wars.

          • They don’t believe the shit. Seriously they don’t. If they are white they have been repeated skipped over for promotion by Blacks and women. The discrimination is in your face.
            Same with the NCO’s.
            They also will have experience the preferential treatment that women and certain minorities get like Muslims and gays,
            Because of this a lot of good guys will not make a career out of the military. They will use it to get some desired skills and bounce.

          • Biden is targeting the combat branches first. Spec Ops, etc. Why? Because it’s composed of high IQ white guys who are generally conservative and have no use for PC/MC. Austin and company are afraid of them.
            Simply getting caught with the wrong tattoo or image will end a troopers career and he will be detained and interrogated by the FBI
            Read the BB article on this, it’s chilling.
            Even now word has went out among AF Spec Ops community(Para-rescue, etc) to go silent.
            Eventually this shit is going to drive most of the enlisted out early, they will either not re-up or take a early retirement. Because they are going to be watched closely from here on out. If they say the wrong thing or associate with the wrong people it’s over for them, No sane man will put up with this.
            Bottom line is this: SPec Ops is finished as a elite force. The same will apply to the infantry, Marines, etc.

        • I have heard this week senior officers offer such obviously stupid ideas like “weapons don’t win wars, ideas do” in the context of Diversity

          Kind of makes you wonder why so many nations are stockpiling weapons instead of ideals given the latter is apparently much more effective in armed conflict.

        • They really, really think that the Navy is more combat ready b/c ships are full of women.

          I must admit I’m rather baffled to hear that. My only guess would be that these people have never been in an all-male peer group so they don’t know any better, but still…

        • I’m sure the Chinee is shaking in his boots at the thought of the USS Liberace keeping the seas safe for sodomites.

        • The norm throughout most of western history for “generals” commanding more than 1,000 men (more or less) has been politically dependable, military incompetents. It’s one of the reasons that the few militarily competent leaders shine through. Truly brilliant military officers are vanishingly rare. It’s a credit to America ca 1940 that she had so many in WWII. And merely a return to the historical norm since Korea.

      • Yeah, a white supremacist is quickly becoming just a normal white person trying to raise a family. And wants to do so without cartel violence, jogger violence, and strange islamic foreigners hanging around.

        Non compliant white men are the new taliban and are going to be treated harshly.

        • A white officer who questioned why blacks, Hispanics and other groups are allowed to have officer associations while whites are not would be considered an extremist. Let that sink in.

          Even scarier is that most white officers would agree.

    • The diversity hire Defense Secretary has ordered a “stand down” to address “extremism”. (Code for White Supremacy).

      Good. I’ve been amazed at how quickly the CivNat NormieCon types who worshipped the military and military service a couple of months ago now say (depending on age) that they wouldn’t serve or would prevent their sons from doing so.
      What is really resonating with these people is the concept of “Why should white men fight and die for a government that hates them?” The clearer and more explicit that the system makes its hatred for ordinary whites, the better.

          • FBI team raided a mother of eight’s home today. She was described as an “insrrectionist” who took part in the DC “riots” on Jan. 6. The FBI, full of beta makes and womyn, are effective soldiers when it comes to dealing with White dissidents.

          • A mother in her home is hardly the same thing as a cohort of armed, motivated, and probably well trained dissident white men in the field. The former is shooting fish in a barrel. The latter is a different kettle of fish entirely.

      • The problem is that they do not need an “effective” military at their disposal, all they need is a few teams of tattooed, shaven-headed, white male race-traitor “operators” with a license to kill “domestic American terrorists.”

        And they have that.

    • Prediction– There will be a ‘Political Officer’ or something equivalent embedded at the Company or possibly Platoon level soon. This may not even be an acknowledged rank but he will be there nonetheless to ‘monitor’ the troops.
      The Soviets were big fans of this arrangement and they’ve cribbed enough of the playbook from the Bolshies that I don’t see why they wouldn’t add this guy. Will he be executing people on the spot like the Soviet Commisar Officer? Not yet… but given the astonishing speed of the full on Commie take over I don’t see why they wouldn’t at least give him the powers to immediately remove and court martial any BadThinker that may slip through the cracks.
      If you are a White Male and you are contemplating being involved in the military or worse, letting your kid, you have literally gone full retard. Go get shot for Israel, Big Oil, etc, by people that hate you defending people at home that hate you even more. Brilliant!

      • I would assume that you’re right, at least for combat units. They’re heavily white and heavily Southern, double extremist.

        Like you said, they don’t have to kill anyone, just ruin their career. There’s a reason that these guys are called “career officers.” They’ll do what they’re told to protect their careers, pensions and jobs after the military. They have families and mortgages, just like everyone else. They’re loyal to their families and their military buddies, not us.

        The question is the next generation. Will young whites who don’t yet have families and mortgages continue signing up to serve a military that openly hates them. We’ll see.

        • The question is the next generation. Will young whites who don’t yet have families and mortgages continue signing up to serve a military that openly hates them. We’ll see.”
          Yes, they will, because it will be one of the few jobs with steady pay, benefits, and retirement left open to the White underclass. All desirable positions will only be available to GoodWhites and the Diverse.

    • You’re doing Stalin a disservice. His timing was disastrous, but the purges were done to improve the Red Army bloated officer’s corps, most of whom were trained under the Czar and had no notion of modern war. Very few of them were otherwise punished; the large majority of the purged were merely demoted and later reinstated as officers with new commands.

      What we’re looking at here, is Hitler’s “Court of Honour”, a starchamber affair that decided if the accused was “worthy” of serving in the military or if he could be stripped of his uniform and given over to the “People’s Court” to be hanged.

    • This is actually tremendous news for three reasons. First, it demonstrates how cowardly and frightened the Power Structure is, which suggests that the Power Structure is nowhere near as formidable as it appears from the outside. Second, the exodus of whites from the military will render it far more dysfunctional and incompetent, which is good because it weakens AINO. Third, those whites mustered out of the military, ipso facto, become OUR soldiers.

      **rubs hands together** This is shaping up very nicely, indeed.

    • It’s coming:

      Wokeness Comes To West Point


      More On Wokeness At West Point


      West Point military academy is now requiring cadets to read “Critical Race Theory


      West Point Prof Pens Blistering Takedown of U.S. Military Academies


      Historical context:

      Lenin Military-Political Academy


      Political commissar


      I wouldn’t be surprised to see political officers (commissars) included in the ranks of the American military under the democrats to ensure loyalty to the regime. The US already does this in the corporate world with HR departments, so why wouldn’t they extend this to the military, especially considering that the Chinese already do this and the country seems to be playing catch-up?*

      *The Covid lockdown response was partly an attempt by Western elites to prove they were just as effective as the Chinese government.

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