When The Bad Guys Lose

Normal people like it when the good guys win. Our progressive overlords and their toadies root for the bad guys, so of course it is always good when the bad guys lose as that harms the people in charge. it is one of the rare examples of where the friend of your enemy is you enemy working out to be right. What’s bad for our rulers is good for the rest of us.  Here’s a case where the bad guy really lost.

A Florida dad who told police he walked in on a man sexually abusing his child, left the suspect motionless and bleeding Friday morning on the living room floor, police said.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported that the suspect was found at the Daytona Beach home at about 1 a.m. Friday. The paper, citing the arrest report, said Raymond Frolander was found with several knots on his face and bleeding from the mouth.

The 35-year-old father and his son were not identified, but the father reportedly walked in on Frolander sexually battering his son.

The paper obtained the 911 call and reported that the dad told the dispatcher, “I just walked in a grown man molesting…and I got him in a bloody puddle for you, officer.”

He told police that he didn’t use any weapons in the beating, nor did he ask the suspect any questions.

“He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you,” the dad reportedly told police.


5 thoughts on “When The Bad Guys Lose

  1. I dug up the details. He was 18. The child was 12. My question is: where the hell were the parents? An article says the 12 year old was playing video games with his “older” friends. Who allows their 12 year old to be “friends” with mid-teen and older boys? And who allows those older teens to be alone with their child?

    While it is beneficial for pre-pubescent kids to socialize with other age groups, even the post-pubescent, it should be supervised by parents.

  2. What if the dad is lying? The face pictured above looks like a kid himself, maybe 16 max. Maybe when he heals he’ll look older? How old is the dad’s son? Maybe they were just a couple of gay teens engaging in consensual activity. I’ll google around and see what details I can dig up.

  3. One of the worst mistakes I have ever made was when I was on a Federal Grand Jury in Houston. A child pornography case. The ADA told us we were free to examine the photographic evidence they seized, but advised against it.

    I was compelled by a sense of duty to look at some of them. I wish I had not seen them. Those people are sick, sick, sick. Irredeemable. Execution would be a favor to them and the rest of the world.

  4. Florida – prosecutor/jury could go either way.

    But it doesn’t matter. If he isn’t dead, the whupee will do it again, no matter what punishment he gets. Child molesters never quit molesting children. Ever.

    • Yep. We would be wise to create a penal colony for them and send them off for the remainder of their lives. That or put them in general population and let the cons handle ’em.

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