The Mumbly Joe Problem

An old expression mothers used to say to their children in the before times was, “Be careful what you wish for.” Getting what you want often comes with unforeseen and undesirable consequences. The logic behind it is that a strong desire for something is a near term thing. You want whatever it is now. The trade-off that comes with that thing you desire, on the other hand, has long term consequences. This is something that the managerial class will be experiencing this year.

The 2016 election became an identity event for the managerial class. The cool belief to hold was that Trump was a rube and his voters were all yesterday men condemned to the dust bin of history. The same people who thought the same thing of Hillary Clinton in 2008 were suddenly sure she was the future. It is the nature of luxury beliefs that they have no intrinsic value. What matters is their moral potency in the moment. In 2008 the cool kids mocked Clinton. In 2016 they loved her.

The traumatizing effect of having those luxury beliefs rejected and mocked by the voting public in the 2016 election transformed opposition to Trump from a luxury belief into a moral imperative. Opposing Trump before the election was like any other fashion statement in that it was confirmatory. The beautiful people were confirming a truth by displaying it to the public. When that was mocked by Trump and the public, opposing Trump became the identity of these people. It was who they are.

This is an important element. When the starting point of your identity is opposition to some group or other group identity, there can be no compromise with that group. The managerial class became class conscious and part of their identity was opposition to the hoi polloi. The great and the good were the moral superiors of the masses. Their job was to guide them, but when the masses rejected them, they could not turnaround and agree with them. This is what made it impossible to work with Trump.

Who they were was entirely bound up in getting rid of Trump. For four years the great and good plotted and schemed, without thinking much about what comes after they get what they wanted. They rigged their own primary just to avoid having Bernie Sanders win the nomination, because they knew he would lose. They rallied behind a time-serving dullard in the early stages of dementia. They pulled out all the stops to “fortify” the general election and install that old man in the White House.

Now, they have a dementia patient running the government. Every day it becomes clear that Mumbly Joe is struggling with serious cognitive decline. He was not the brightest bulb in the bunch when he was in his prime. Now, he sounds like an old man in a nursing home, parked in front of the window. It has already reached the point where they cannot trust him to speak with world leaders. It is not unreasonable to assume that he will not be able to perform his duties in the near future.

Here is where we see that the great and the good are not the master villains many on this side need to believe. Sure, South Asian money bought the VP slot for one of their own, but no one seriously thought about what happens when Biden loses his marbles and has to be removed from office. The political class tried twice to remove Trump and could not pull it off, despite his own party ready to support the effort. How likely are they to engineer a coup against the guy they installed?

This is not to say they could not remove him if he is just a drooling lump, but that is not how cognitive decline works. People in his condition have good days and bad days and within the day they have good periods and bad periods. What happens over time is the bad stretches get longer and more frequent. Mumbly Joe could be borderline for many months before it is clear he is no longer fit. This is fine if nothing important happens for the next four years, but that’s rather unlikely.

Then there is the fact that a White House is like court. All of those appointees have their own agendas and they often represent narrow interests. Having a weak man in the Oval Office is always ideal from the perspective of these people. Then there is Biden’s wife, who is quickly becoming the Edith Wilson of this administration. It is not hard to see how the players inside the administration can exploit this reality to secure their own positions in exchange for remaining silent about Biden’s health.

Let’s assume for a second that Harris, Pelosi and Schumer come up with a scheme whereby they can remove Biden and install Harris. They would either have to rope in a majority of the cabinet or pass legislation to establish a committee that would determine the fitness of Biden. This would throw the government into crisis. Public approval of Congress is already approaching single digits and half the public is convinced the last election was rigged. A crisis could easily get out of hand.

If by some miracle Biden does them a favor and drops dead before they have to remove him, they are still not out of the woods as Harris has zero support. Most of her own party thinks she is an obnoxious dimwit. The public would rally initially, but after a few speeches she would remind everyone why they would rather have cancer than have her on their televisions. She would quickly become a highly unpleasant version of Gerald Ford, a place holder until things could be sorted.

The point is the managerial class got their wish. The bad orange man is gone, but it is going to come with a hefty price tag. It will not be long before many behind the rigging of the election will have buyer’s remorse. That will only add more fuel to the fire. Given that the geniuses behind this caper could not see just a few months down the road, it is unlikely they will navigate this minefield they created for themselves. That’s why they want those troops in the city. They know they will need them.

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190 thoughts on “The Mumbly Joe Problem

  1. “That’s why they want those troops in the city. They know they will need them.”

    They can’t count on the Troops.

    The Troops will defend life, and life only, and probably only their own or immediate comrades. They are not allowed to use force to defend property.
    They are not allowed to use force to defend buildings.

    Also and critically: > There is a reason that DC – ringed by 11 bases in the NCR/National Capitol Region and 12 including Quantico USMC – is being defended by out of state NG. The reason is DOD said NO, and DOD said NO because DOD has done this dance many times overseas. DOD knows what the first Green Zone looked like, and recognizes the trap. DOD is not being brave, just not going to be used to do any dirty work *because everyone, including and esp the NG know well they’ll be betrayed if anything unpleasant happens.*

    JAG made it very clear what happens if the guns go off. Any takers?
    Of course not.

    It’s BLUFF.
    This govt exists on inertia now. Admittedly there’s a lot of inertia, but it’s not enough. Inertia and bluff may get them through this, but that’s not the way to bet.

    What Z left out here about the managerial class is they are COWARDS.
    Admittedly it’s so well known as to be a commonplace, but in the context of semi military semi occupation govt cowering behind razor wire deserves reminding- cowards cannot credibly use force, esp illegitimate force, esp if they are known to be faithless to all.

    Will inertia and bluff be enough? Time will tell, but it’s a bad bet.

  2. “All of those appointees have their own agendas and they often represent narrow interests.”
    What the ruling class needs is a strong leader to keep all those narrow — and crazed — interests in line. Oh dear.
    Be careful what you wish for indeed.

  3. purging white men out of every position in the country means you won’t have one before too long.

  4. Orange Man has positioned himself as the sniper poaching Rinos on the elites game reserve. Mr Chao (aka Mitch McConnell) is in the crosshairs. This promises to be unintentionally entertaining.

    Also hard to explain, why we funded this bioweapon. Fauci bankrolled this monster with taxpayer dollars. He and others in the cartel got quite a return on this investment.

  5. I recently watched Petticoat Junction and other old days productions
    I want to escape thing around, but instead I got hurt
    Because Realization came after a moment I see good old days

    The enemy wants to replace beauty to ugliness, dumbing down the quality of life itself
    It’s just not mean quality of life of Americans dramatically declined after financialization
    degrading quality of society and values it selves, they literally lower on humanity so humans can accept the lowest form of the condition, other Jewish things

    understand why Washington hates so much about ethnic homogeneity
    healthy society will barricaded any ethnic alien attempt to access power
    Anyway, we all found out that white men won’t fight back, so I crawl back to escapism

  6. It’s worse than you think. They cooked up an absurd, overreactive fear response to COVID-19 to help get rid of Trump.

    Now, they want to turn it off, because even libtards are no longer buying the fake “remote/hybrid” school scam. And, like the dog who finally catches the car, they DID get rid of Trump, but they can’t get rid of the hysteria they created.

    • Hard-left parentheses person and Biden voter, Howard Bloom, tonight:

      “It’s amazing! Covid cases have been reduced to one fourth of what they were a month ago!”

  7. Great post. My prediction is that the Jamaican/Indian prostitute will assume office just as we have our overdue economic meltdown, and she’ll be wholly and completely without talent in dealing with it. And given our social media environment, it won’t be long before some bizarre detail of the old man’s death comes out. Like Kamala on video walking out out of the residence at 3am or something. It’ll be like that Alien Autopsy video from 15 years ago. So even if he dies peacefully all kinds of rumors will be circulating, just as the former middle class is crashing into poverty and being evicted. It’s going to be wild times.

  8. Trump never demonstrated he was capable of understanding what the swamp was, much less what to do about it. He kept hiring his enemies, his personal lawer, Jamie Gorilick, master of three disasters going back to 9-11 and including the mortgage meltdown. The full Democrat shitstain of government will do more for my side than the guy who couldn’t be bothered to figure it out in four years. Trump was the best thing that could have happened in ’16, and 2021 is the best possible result now.
    If an actual right winger had looked around at the pathetic state of the Republican Party and US government in 2015 Machiavelli himself could not have arranged a better course to expose and cripple the legitimacy of all our illusions.

    • Hatchetwoman Jamie Gorilick?!
      They didn’t just have him by the balls, they had them babies tied in a knot and stretched out.

  9. Let me add, France is a country to watch. Macron is terrified and is introducing all sorts of anti-Jihad measures after the beheading of a teacher a few months ago. He’s not worried about Le Pen. In France like the US ballot stuffing means the election winner is already known well in advance. Nope, not that. He’s not worried about the Yellow Vests either. His military can easily crush them.

    No, he’s worried about his military and police. Many are now Muslim, or African, or both. And now highly willing to declare a Muslim / African Republic and remove him and his people and rule France with an Iron fist and setting off the Jihad of all Jihads. [In such an event, no doubt other nations would appeal to … Russia as the only strong military power willing and able to defend them from the onslaught — they have no capacity to stop a tidal wave of Africans and Muslims nor the will themselves to fight]

    My guess is that France’s ability under the Euro system to push out patronage dollars has been crushed by Covid-19 drops in taxes and required expenses. Massive global food price spikes and fuel price spikes might push the Muslim/African military and police over the edge into declaring an Islamic Republic and general genocide of the French population. This would spark a similar uprising in Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Some would be successful and some not, those that survive will call on Putin to save them.

    I don’t know if he would. He might. He might not. It will certainly change things here to see Europeans massacred by Muslims and Africans in their own streets at any rate. [On balance I don’t think Putin intervenes as his logistics are very bad and he knows it — he does not have enough trucks and air lift etc. to supply people in Western Europe. He can barely supply them in Crimea right next door.]

    • How about some pic’s of these Muslim/African police and soldiers in the French forces you speak of. I’ve yet to see any uniformed Frenchmen in action that is not lily White. Occasionally one sees the Foreign Legionnaires parading with a Black face.

      Last I looked, there were 67M or so Frenchmen. New births were 75% from all French parents, 10% foreign born parents. France is arguably more White than the USA. Not that it can’t be too White as far as I’m concerned, nor should one discount emigration invasion potential from Africa, but looking toward a coup and a proclamation of a “French” Muslim State is absurd and ridiculously paranoid.

      • doesn’t matter what current demographics are, israelites are constantly bringing fighting age subspecies into europe.

      • It is against French law to count racial differences in birth stats, so said numbers aren’t entirely trustworthy, I’m sorry to say.

    • there will be a western european exodus to eastern europe, just like there will be a white american exodus to mexico and other latin countries.

      also, muslims can’t stand joggers, their “alliance” won’t last long.

      unfortunately the western world will collapse, population displacements happened often during history, it sucks, many europeans will die and suffer, but at least whites will get their heads straight after this event will take place, not even israelite propaganda will work when the subspecies onslaught of whites begins.

  10. I’ll take the contrary position, Biden is the perfect President for the Democrats/Managerial class. His weakness allows each power center to do what they want.

    A. The True Believers get to purge White men out of every position in the country, and prepare for re-education camps. They are in David Hogg heaven.
    B. The Managerial Class gets to impose its ESG agenda, eliminating food from the American diet and “breaking your will” in terms of heating your home and gassing your car.
    C. Open borders means Whites as a discriminated third class minority in this country forever, beloved of both the Managerial Class and True Believers.
    D. China gets to take over the country without firing a shot, purging the continent of all non-Chinese and turning it into a giant farm for China.

    Both Zero Hedge and the Financial Times are predicting at least $100 a barrel oil, and my take is that it might go up to $250 or higher. We are already seeing surging food prices and both Con-Agra and Heinz said they will pass on massive price spikes to consumers. Expect beef, pork, chicken, eggs, milk, bread, potatoes, rice, corn etc. to double or even quadruple in price and massive shortages. Along with massive fuel price spikes, and shortages.

    And this is JUST what the Managerial Class and True Believers want. It will be the crisis to enable them to finally get rid of the thing they hate hate hate: White Men. To enact a “Green Utopia” filled only with non-Whites 16th Century technology for most. Yes they are stupid. That’s the point. This stuff is coming. Its like a Tsunami and rolling in now as we speak. It can’t be avoided. Time to get to high ground.

    Imagine no power for months on end, as “normal.” No gas, no cars, no food. The US military withdrawn from everywhere and tasked at relief and anti-White operations. Roving bands of Street Reparators. Getting Reparations with official approval. Already its your fault Whitey that blacks are beating and killing elderly Asians (no I’m not kidding).

    • My first thought when I heard about the death of Limbaugh was that at least he won’t have to live through what’s coming. to the western world and U.S.

    • The whole point of green energy, carbon tax, etc. isn’t actually to save the planet. It’s to make energy unaffordable for the middle class.

      Just like the point of opening up prisons and not prosecuting prisoners isn’t racial justice… It’s to make the usa unlivable and dangerous for white people.

      Hell is coming and 90% of our people have no clue.

      • 90% of our people have no idea Hell is coming.
        Honestly our people that can’t grasp their peril:
        I don’t care.

        10% are all that’s ever useful anyway, 10% is fine.

        We have a long list of I don’t cares, as in I don’t care if you call be racist, nazi, anti-semite, white supremacist, sexist, transphobic, etc, etc…
        We need to add to the list of “I don’t care” our people that refuse to get it.

        I don’t care.

  11. “If by some miracle Biden does them a favor and drops dead before they have to remove him…”

    I think the phrase you’re looking for is “a lucky stroke” or “a stroke of luck.” Quick and painless

      • Kamala’s dirty little secret is that the My Pillow order wasn’t just for those luxurious Giza Dream Sheets. No, Joe, the pillow isn’t a secret santa gift for the White House party in December.

        • Does anyone have the new Cheat Codes for My Pillow?

          First they shut down “QANON”, then they shut down “TRUMP2020”, and I can’t even get “TRUMP2024” to work.

          Someone tell Lindell that if he wants to be a Leader of Men, then he needs throw some bones to the foot soldiers freezing to death in the trenches.

          No Cheat Codes, no fight.

          • Mike is really just pushing Christian revivals when you look into the networks of orgs he supports. He is especially big into rebuilding the Third Temple. The politics stuff is just grift.

  12. I fear the dissidents are in the same boat. We want the Donks and neolibs gone, with no power over us. I believe that is going to happen, sooner rather than later… but whenever… what is the dissident plan when they finally catch that garbage truck? What will they do with it?

  13. People blinded by monomaniacal passion do rash and stupid things. But, no matter how bad circumstances become for them, they will still be less miserable than if Trump were still in the White House. The Archons of the Power Structure were willing to commit suicide of a sort to see Trump evicted. And, perhaps, that is exactly what they have done.

  14. No one holds him in greater contempt than me, but I can’t agree that his clip in Banditelli’s tweet was incoherent. He seemed to be holding his own quite well.

    But wait a few more months . . . .

    • I had met with an in-law before she got too bad off and I was struck by how she could have a perfectly coherent conversation one minute, but then not remember what a coffee can was not ten seconds later. The part I found darkly amusing with that was that her kids came and took her keys away, but then years later had no issue voting for someone who had the same issues to be president.

      • Yes, I learned about that sort of decline from a friend whose father is experiencing it. She had a devil of a time convincing doctors and her own sibling that her father was experiencing mental decline, because for a long time he was able to rattle off the date and who was president and so forth, while at home she saw the confusion and mental fog.

  15. The typical person has difficulty seeing beyond today, next week…. occasionally next month. The long term sequelae of today’s decisions altering what happens years from now is unimaginable to many. Thus the aphorism “be careful what you wish for”. It’s one of the many reasons why I state that we are NOT an intelligent species, merely a clever one.

  16. Yeah, he’s a problem. Surely, they’d hoped that he wouldn’t decline so much, so quickly. I imagine that they (well maybe not Mx Emmrich) had hoped that he’d make it through one term. If they have to ease him off the stage, it won’t be pretty. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that they don’t care much about how things look any more. With millions more Third World invaders and postal voting, they no longer have to concern themselves with the votes of the Deplorables. And letting us know that they no longer care what we think might be part of their strategy. The troops, the wire, the bragging articles about “fortifying” the election, the daily rants against Whites in the NYT and the WaPo might be designed to let us know just where we stand.

  17. “but after a few speeches she would remind everyone why they would rather have cancer than have her on their televisions.”

    No truer words were ever spoken – Bravo Z

  18. Indians are of particular note because they have several characteristics well-suited to thriving in Third World Amerika.

    They are:

    – High verbal IQ, like the parentheses people

    – Some grind ability, most obvious in their kids’ success in spelling bees

    – The ability to play ethnic hardball, shown by their IT hiring practices

    – Most dangerous of all, they are very good at playing the, “Help me, I’m just a poor brown person struggling to express my, 100% genuine inner White person, ” LARP

    • The last one only works on some whites. It will not work on Hispanics or Blacks because they see through that s**t. You don’t kid a kidder.

      Without white run establishment protecting them, those Brahmans will become prey real fast.

  19. If they aren’t already Alzheimer’s sufferers are going to be a constituency soon. The coming wave of Boomers losing their marbles makes me glad I was born in the 30’s and most likely will get out the door before the worst of the problems manifest themselves.

    • so that means you’re a silent. I find the silents to be interesting. They’re the last generation that had to live by the “square” rules. Like there was no R-rated movies or hard rock music as teenagers

  20. Currently reading Paul Gottfrieds book on fascism.
    We are currently residing in a form of fascism. I have trouble now days deciding what exactly we are living under but fascism does describe some of it. But whatever it is take the white male out of it and it will cease to function correctly in short order. Our woke overlords have decided the white male is the target in his own civilization, it may take a decade or so but this thing we see around us will start to throw off pistons and rods and blue smoke will be coming from the tailpipe.

    • “I have trouble now days deciding what exactly we are living under but fascism does describe some of it.”

      I would say it’s core ethos was being anti-white. Therefore, you are – and I am – living under an Anti-White Regime. In normal times, the economic buffoonery, and daft suggestions put forward by ministers, governors, congressxzirs and the like would have been silly and quite concerning. But not critical. It is the anti-white component that drives the regime to it’s absurd new levels.

      Of course, we can’t forget the over the top health and safety zealotry, either.

    • “We are currently residing in a form of fascism. ”

      imo current system is the opposite of fascism.

      i know many see liberal capitalism to be left wing fascism, but fascist regimes usually focus on the archaic: some focus on traditions, others on bloodlines, others on religions and they usually wish to strengthen the population, to give it some pride.

      Current regime rejects history, rejects racial hierarchies, rejects tradition and they really wanna destroy white pride.

      but if you wanna look at it from the zionist perspective, which is israelian fascism, then yeah current system we live in is a form of fascism.

      • The merging of the corporate with the state is what brought me to the idea of labeling this that we live under a form of fascism.Anti white is the official religion of the state that has merged with corporatism.
        Not many years ago the left separated corporatism from their idea of a just state. Now corporatism is embraced by the left.

      • The term is literally meaningless now. It belongs to the Jew and the SJW now, and can mean whatever they want it to. That fatty chick at Disney literally got cancelled trying to make that point.

      • Good point about fascism.

        Is some ways the system is fascist, in others it’s a weird new godless theocracy. The progressive project at heart is a weird heretical form of Christianity, that retains much of its ethics, teleology and eschatology even as it rejects the foundational belief in god. The idea that racism is some great evil is sensical only with a belief that all people are equal before god and that god judges people based upon actions and beliefs that they freely choose. Remove god from that construct and it all falls apart. Remove god and agency as progressivism does and it becomes absolute nonsense.

  21. My bet is that they keep Mumbly propped up for at least 2 years. Then our “Pretty Woman”-in-Chief (ref the film) can ascend to the throne and still be eligible to run for 2 more complete terms (see 22nd Amendment – or as the cool kids spell it – XXII Amendment). If she plays it low key and quiet, she will be a shoe-in to win in 2024 because of the Obama syndrome – if you don’t vote for her, that’s because you’re a sexist racist …. she was #2 and did a good job so its HER turn now… yada … yada .. yada.

    • Given Biden’s current rate of decline and having watched this happen to elderly family members, I don’t see how they can keep him going through the midterm election. He will have to be down to making zero live, unscripted statements by that point. They might even use tech to digitally put together video clips of him and release them to compliant media. There is no way he will even be close to the level he was at during that horrible town hall by the end of a full term.

  22. The Road Back (cont)
    Don’t be low hanging fruit.

    The American Stasi loves stupidity in its victims, and they desperately want to make examples of useful idiots that can be lured or entrapped into manufactured acts of phony insurrection. So they will continue to deploy undercover agent provocateurs (often in leadership roles) to infiltrate patriotic groups with the intent of fostering false flag acts of crazy. Why do they do this? In part, for promotion within the hive, but most fundamentally, to enable a corrupt Congress to enact new draconian laws destroying our freedoms and privacy. Yes, it really is that bad. The only safe haven in this Brave New World is to be found solely within the confines of your cranium.

    • It’s Hegelian dialects, all the way down.

      Problem: White guys start organizing in groups.
      Reaction: Move heaven and earth to infiltrate said groups.
      Solution: Use infiltrator reports to justify gun grabs and mass arrests from said groups.

      • They will collect names, face photos, video, voice samples, and DNA via discarded materials. Everyone’s dossier will also include criminal history (if applicable) and personal data from official records and social media. Big Brother is a real thing.

    • This is why successful crime cartels are family based. They are next to impossible to infiltrate. We need to take a page from their playbook. Keep everything in meat space and within the family and relatives.

  23. biden’s only role is to sign executive orders, rest of the time he spends walking the dog and talking to the shadows in his head.

  24. If Biden thinks he can lawfully wipeout $10k worth of college debt with the stroke of a pen, what statute does he think keeps him from doing $50k or just making all of it go “poof”?

    Somebody on TV suggested he just wipeout car loans instead. Much more egalitarian, especially if you do it for loans of $20k or less.

    • I have not seen the graph of who all $10K takes care of, but the $50 took care of 50-60% of all loans, while leaving some of the high end professional degree seekers still on the hook. That seemed initially fair, since those folk with $100k+ debts are getting good enough jobs to pay them off.

      I haven’t the foggiest if Joe has the power to write them off all by his lonesome, but his party runs the show. Why he’d have opposition from the Dem’s is beyond me. It’s a pretty good sop to the younger radicals.

    • Debt write-off is a band-aid on a broken system. It is a system that is broken *because* of easy student loans that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy.

      College President: “You mean the government will loan people hundreds of thousands of dollars for college, and there are no obligations on the colleges that the students will learn anything useful, no restrictions on tuition, and the kids are on the hook for it even if they can’t get jobs anywhere but Starbucks? Muhuahuahuah! Jenkins, Raise tuition 20% and write me up job descriptions for 100 more administrative staff, stat!”

      Jenkins: “Are you sure 100 will be enough?”

      College President: “Don’t worry, that’s just for next semester. But good point. Add six Angry Studies departments for people who are too stupid to make in the College of Education!”

      Jenkins: “Too stupid for Ed., sir? Can people like that actually read the loan application?”

      College President: “Why would we care?”

      Trying to fix it with debt “forgiveness” and “free” (TANSTAAFL) tuition is like trying to fix it with unicorn farts and fairy poop.

  25. The only reason I could see why members of the Administration would let Biden do a town hall is speed up the removal process. Steve Sailer highlights another hilarious one, where Biden has noticed corporate advertising now includes mostly biracial couples in ads. Although being a moron from a generation that was easily manipulated by the media, Biden thinks this is result of popular demand.

    • OT- did they remove the comments over there or did my repeated attempts to load them use of various browsers just fail for some reason?

      • They removed them a month or so ago. They posted an article as to their reasoning. I only scanned it because I already knew the reason no matter what the article stated.

  26. Assuming they try to keep biden the four years, I wonder what a reelection campaign would look like? Given his condition is bound to worsen, it might be pretty hilarious.

    It’s pretty horrible what they are doing with the Nat. Guard though. They aren’t meant to be used as a permanent garrison in the capitol, probably far away from home. Normally they get activated for a few weeks to a month until a crisis is over, then get sent home. I’m hearing that the congress-critters wanna keep them there till the fall. That’s pretty unprecedented.

    Then again, assuming those guys are all “vetted” they might be a bunch of misfits and libturds, and are getting what they deserve. Who knows. Either way can’t be good for morale.

    • Where are they sleeping, then? Still in the parking garage, or what? The black trans-ladies in logistics couldn’t figure out cots or porta-potties, ffs.

      • I have no idea. What really scares me is these people are pretty lax about guarding their equipment. They finally found the humvee that was stolen a month ago during the festivities. If the wrong people were to raid the armories during civil unrest, things could get ugly very quickly.

    • I expect Biden to last 2 years and a day. If I understand the Presidential Succession Act correctly, Kamala can be elected for two full term if Joe lasts 2 years.

      That would make Kamala The First Black Woman to Serve 10 Years as President.

      • The lockjawed, elite icebergs in DC won’t tolerate this bimbo for long. I’ve worked in this environment before. They have zero tolerance for wannabes like KH.

  27. The leftards with all their evil vitriol finally got their wish and orange bad man is now orange man gone – even though they laughably failed to put a stamp on it with two bogus shampeachment efforts. All well and good from their standpoint. However, they’re now saddled with a senile old man who can’t fell shit from shinola. You might be able to slither by with a paper pusher, make work economy. But who do they think is going to keep this shit show running long term – you know, little things like electricity, running water, food production etc? Poofters, xirls, trannies and joggers? W/o white men taking care of business, a collapse of some sort is guaranteed and there’s nothing these vacuous turds in the “green zone” can do about it.

    • If that cautionary tale of a city (Portland) is any indication better get your wood burning stoves and generators while you can. We had an ice storm Saturday and most of the metro area lost power. The ice was gone by early Monday but every time I look at the update there’s more lines down, substations out, etc. Yesterday was a mild, dry day but restoration is apparently so far out the electric company won’t even venture a guess. It has truly been a year from Hell here with no end in sight. But we got bike lanes that are useless half the year, light rail that careens around 90% empty most of the day, and a cool looking vanity bridge so that’s something!

      • The libs conveniently forgot that Portland (Oregon) lost its power too. They’re happily screeching that Ted Cruz insulted the weather gods.

        Don’t let these b*stards off the hook. Their infrastructure policies are based on white-made WARMING, not “extremes” or “change.”

        Infrastructure should have a buffer factor. Gods bless all those redneck lads working overtime in subzero temps to rescue things, and our Z-folk in TX and OK. Headed that way myself, oh boy.

        • The only sensible mass application I’ve seen for renewables is solar during hot, sunny days when demand peaks.

          Other than that renewables can’t support base load and can’t adapt to surges and spikes in demand.

          Texas is an object lesson how worthless they are in severe cold conditions.

          Not much value there.

        • While our power is still intermittent, it’s now on more than off, whereas it started with 2 non-consecutive hours of power out of about 30 hours of freezing our butts off. Thank God we have natural gas for our hot water and a gas cook top, or we would have been cold, hungry, and dirty. We have a generator, but it’s in a box in the garage. Moral of the story – figure out how to use what you buy and have it ready to go. We were stupid in that regard.

          • I just caught a few seconds of network news coverage of the power outage. You’re not going to believe this, but apparently minorities were hardest hit.

          • I appreciate and value your posts. Thank you for contributing here, and I believe you post at Unz, too.

            You need to learn your generator, so please remove the machine from its box and play with it. Go online and examine every article and video concerning your particular model, especially how to lubricate it and tear it down. Then go tear it down, run it, and tear it down again so it still runs afterwards. Stock up on the lubricant.

            Generators are good for only so many cycles and then they stop. Don’t get caught in jeopardy without the ability to switch to a second source or generator, or possess the knowledge how to repair your device with certitude.

            Generators are very simply machines with exception of their control logic. When you need them, well, you really need them not to fail. And that’s exactly when you can count on them to fail. This could kill you and nobody here wants that.

            I know you shoot. Treat your generator as you would a piece. /thus endeth unsolicited lecture

  28. The rhetoric coming out of this corrupt, mentally impaired administration is chilling. They are literally calling for secret police to oppress their racial enemies.

    So, yes, the dog caught the car, but it’s Cujo and he will break through the windshield and kill and maim until shot dead. Advantage can be taken at the state level, though, during the bedlam that is coming so that advantage needs to be exploited.

    Your points are valid but no one needs to believe we are not in the midst of dangerous times. An empire coming apart is a dangerous empire. Ask the Armenians.

    • Could not agree more.

      The regime, its supporters, and their mockingbird MSM are using the language of Stalin, of Mao, of Pol Pot to refer to us.

      That’s no coincidence, and should be extremely troubling given the historical track record of people who speak like this.

  29. That’s right. White men were actually hindering the launching of the spacecraft by preventing the full potential of Black Women from being unlocked.

    Retarded white libs actually believe that. South asians, Jews, and chinese push this agenda as a way to undermine our civilization.

    • They very much do. I was reading a California anti-racism in Math Education publication and they basically explain that before white people enslaved Africans they had a brilliant civilization of splendor filled with intellectual achievement that was completely erased by white men in the lust for money and exploitation. They really believe that. And they think that once these previously marginalized people are liberated from white people culture they will once again flourish. More lunatic literature from that side of the isle will actually go so far as to say that white people stole technology from africans, used it to enslave them, and then destroyed the history of what had actually happened. They genuinely believe these things and they are reshaping all of our institutions around those kinds of ideas. That’s what they mean by “anti-racism”.

      • In future, the ruins of infrastructure built by former European colonists will be unearthed and explained away as being part of that glorious African civilization whites destroyed.

      • It is truly insane. Throughout all my readings of history, I have never seen a western author refer ‘pre-scramble’ Africa as ‘advanced’, ‘civilized’ or ‘intelligent’. That I am aware of, no mathematics has come from sub Saharan Africa. In fact, the best defence of racial differences is simply to say “Look at Africa”. Yet these people continue to push the agenda, I suppose it’s another reason to keep your child out of public schooling.

        • The wildest thing originated where you are–inserting Africans and other low IQ groups into historical events that probably could not have happened if they had been present in significant numbers let alone leadership. That ahistorical ignorance is migrating here.

          • Heh. A lot of people see this. And a lot of people are angered by it. But it will never be covered in any honest way by our media organs – but that is a foregone conclusion.

            In fact, if it is still Black History Month – and it may well be, seeing that it seems to extend for more than a month – I’d like to see the following question answered sincerely by all occupants of The Isles: “Would you like to live in an England that was 85% black?”, with a follow up “If yes, how do you think this would benefit whites?”.

          • American movies have been promoting that narrative for some time.
            The American crusade against European colonialism was premised on the idea that the Third World had been held back by the evil Europeans and that once the subject peoples had their revolution they would flourish like the US.
            This trope began in the US.

        • When people start spouting off about how rich and developed African culture is I just ask them if they have ever heard of anyone travelling there to take in the architecture and art galleries. (“Africa” = sub-saharan in this case)

          • With the exception of Egypt, nobody is travelling to the Arab countries of North Africa either for reasons of architecture and art. And in Egypt, that architecture is pre-Arab.

          • Where is the Shakespeare of the Swahili? The Beethoven of the Bantu? Until those Neolithic savages begin sparking off some geniuses–or even one–I’ll remain skeptical of Africa’s human capital.

        • Interesting that we Whites could destroy a “complete” history of a people (Black Africans) such that their once advanced Maths skills are now unknown—and further completely remove that ability from the Black genome such that no Blacks today, even with access to University education, can demonstrate such skills.

          Damn, we’re a great and powerful people.

        • “Jessy Grizzle, director of the U-M Robotics Institute and a professor of electrical and computer engineering, said ‘the course is based on the understanding that talent is uniformly distributed, but opportunity is not’.”

          Hmm… Uniformly distributed talent, you say Jessy? Good old lies. They’ll be at great pains to understand why it is that Jamal, DaTontavious and Obamaniqua are still struggling. They must know why. They must hate themselves for knowing it. Good old white guilt.

          To echo commenter ‘David Wright’ above, it is indeed hard to see how linear algebra will be helpful to them. It is still a rigorous field. That said, anyone can multiply out a matrix… well, almost anyone.

          • Sports are a good example of how “talent” attributes are not uniformly distributed. In my prime, would never be able to sprint anywhere close to Usain Bolt, no matter how hard I trained. OTH Bolt would never beat me in a single scull. Was subjected to a lot of lab testing during my competitive career. All of us at the top had very specific fast/slow twitch ratios, VO2 max, blood lactate tolerances, etc that combined to optimize for a 6-7 minute event. Sprinters have their own, but suited uniquely to a 10 sec to 50 sec event. You are not going to turn a 100 IQ into a physicist, but a 140 IQ is going to be a crappy bricklayer.

          • Actually, I recall reading a study that purported to show that highly intelligent people were better at cognitively less demanding tasks than people for whom those tasks were demanding, but they quickly became bored whereas the person who achieved mastery through a struggle remained motivated . The conclusion was that higher intelligence helped across the board.

        • During the debates when Trump vaguely mentioned this kind of nonsense and Chris Wallace retorted with the question: what’s wrong with a little diversity training?

          That was a watershed moment for me. The willful ignorance on Chris Wallace’s part about what really happening. It’s the farthest thing imaginable from “a little diversity training”. I realized that Fox News is really not watchable at that point. Haven’t watched it since.

          • “what’s wrong with a little diversity training?”

            It’s anti-white, Mr Wallace. It’s anti-white.

        • I am a Michigan alumnus who read for a terminal degree in c.s. with a dissertation focused on AI. The engineering school has always coddled its pets, especially the negroes. With whites and east asians in my day it was, “look to your left and then to your right, one of you will not be here next semester.” The few privileged black pets sat in back daydreaming because they knew they would be advanced through their coursework with “active support measures” as The U. coined it back in my day.

          I’ve since attended ACM, IEEE, patent bar association and the like conferences where a black engineer from alma mater has presented and once the give-and-take questioning ensues, boy, were we in for a treat. They were coached well but have never actually understood the material beyond a superficial level. I met two talented black engineers, one from U. Alabama and the other my lab partner in diffy q’s, the latter a coal black beauty and cheerleader with a really good math mind. The rest are a wash and net drain on most any non-academic entity.

          • I was at M for undergrad engineering in the late ’90s.

            I received multiple personal object lessons from the chosen.

            Their, “support structure,” was enormous then. I can only imagine the manic levels it has reached now.

          • The Wild Geese Howard, I am apparently locked out from replying you directly. Odd.

            Go Blue! Brother by a different mother.

        • Perhaps not lunacy, but I don’t know enough from the article. I do know that my old department had some courses which were considered to be “weeding out” courses—designed to discourage weak CSc majors from applying only to fail out a year or so into the program. One such course was a Physics course with a considerable amount of Math involved.

          Of course, these days any restructuring of time honored/proven curriculum in pursuit of diversity has to be examine in light of AA and forced decline in standards of the field in order to produce the necessary quote of AA grad’s. Minority increase was specifically stated as the goal of the restructuring, so I’d be cautious.

      • One of those leading this “anti-racism” agenda is that orange-haired woman, Nikole Hannah-Jones. She’s the one who came up with the 1619 project. I recommend reading her work to better understand the enemy. Of course, anti-racism simply means anti-white.

  30. White libs are just morons.

    Jews, south asians, and chinese play hardball.

    Will be interesting to see who takes over once mumbly joe is out. Either way, it’s clear that white gentile, anglo saxon, christians have totally lost control (both lib and conservative – the former is just too stupid to know) of the country from an institutional standpoint.

    • Yup.

      White libs are just useful idiots that will be the next targets.

      Hell, look at all the knives that are suddenly out for Cuomo from across the Establishment spectrum.

      Looks like Andy forgot about whiteboy day.

    • We used to play hardball as well. Alas, nothing fails like success. But it’s good to remember that only a few short generations ago, white men were the most feared people on the planet.

      We may have lost our way due to a very long winning streak, but we can fight our way back. The truth is that whites are the most capable group on the planet. We have an unusual combinations of brains, loyalty, cooperation and bravery. Other groups have brains but can’t work together the way that we do. Other groups are too stupid.

      Whites control our own destiny. Whether we’ll rise to the occasion is still to be seen.

      • Capable, but greatly outnumbered. Any with a large contingent of traitors in our midst. True, it is not over yet. But the fat Lady is warming up.

        • History isn’t linear. But, yes, there will be a serious culling of the herd for whites.

          Being outnumbered isn’t the issue. We’re not trying to take over the world, just carve a place for ourselves. If we get through this time and form loyal communities, we can accomplish that easily.

        • We need to fight like any guerrilla outfit. Make them fight on our turf and terrorize any would-be shirkers and traitors.

        • Whites have always been outnumbered, but that never stopped us from dominating the planet when we wished.

      • We’re also quite tough and powerful.

        Big-time sports and sports celebrities have been packaged and sold to us to make us forget this fact.

        Disagree? Go watch any high-level strongman competition.

        You’ll notice the demographics are distinctly non-vibrant.

        • A tall, fit, no-no sense white man cuts an imposing figure, at any age. The mental attitude and strength is the most important, tbh.

          I remember growing up, I always thought of rap music as the cool music that cool people listened to. White people were nerdy and dorky losers. Luckily my sports heroes were NHL players so they were all white.

          But it is very bad for our people to think this way. Because it’s not true. Decades of conditioning has made this a self fulfilling prophecy, where white guys are either too nice, dorky, or self deprecating.

          Vibrants back off instantly when they sense strength. White people should try it sometime.

          • “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
            Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
            The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
            The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
            And, superiority excites envy.
            Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”
            Joseph Sobran, April 1997

    • Goodwhites use the pox as props in their little play of feeling superior to badwhites. They’re in for quite the shock when the pox inevitably turn around and attack them.

      • It’s kind of analogous to a breathtakingly beautiful woman who doesn’t use her looks to get what she wants. She just goes about her life ordinarily – mostly unaware of the awe her beauty inspires – in both sexes.

  31. Said that from the beginning. Those troops are not there because some “insurrectionist” found his way to Pelosi’s chair and another walked off with her podium. The leadership all knows what is coming and they know it won’t sit well. The Green Zone is for what’s to come. Hence the immediate priority of purging/intimidating the military and creating the myth that the ghost of Nate Forrest and his pal, the 12th Invisible Hitler are hiding under every bed. Just watching Sundown Joe fumble his way through that town hall–with Cooper crutching him every step of the way, leads me to believe it will be sooner.

    • The troops are there to prevent demonstrations against the junta as it implements “emergency” police state measures. The regime is willing to look horrible to the rest of the world as long as it can implement totalitarianism.

      Dissent will not be tolerated.

        • They have no choice. They need the symbols of power that D.C. is full of.

          They can’t actually project power. Not reliably, not yet, until this second purge of the military is complete.

      • The regime better be careful then, because soldiers sent in to protect the current one have often been the vector of revolt and revolution.

        Which is why the pix of NG sleeping on cold concrete parking lots and stories of their mistreatment, actually warms my heart and gives me hope.

      • She’ll be found floating face-down in the East River (or wherever it is that they dump the bodies in Nw York) before they’ll let her get anywhere near the White House.

      • KH will never be able to breach the firewall of contempt in which she is held by the Borg queens of DC. She is out of her league, and she knows it.

  32. Unfortunately, the managerial class is not opposed to the hoi polloi in general. The last year of crisis after crisis with no real leadership or way out has been like being thrown in the deep end of the pool to learn to swim. So, I have read a lot of what the Left/anti-racist literature has to say about what they are actually doing. Know your enemy and all that. The managerial class is opposed not to the general unwashed masses at all. They love semi-literate non-white undocumented immigrants, just to give an example. They love obese black women on welfare with 10 kids who didn’t finish high school, just to give another example. I could go on. No, the managerial class is specifically opposed to “white men” being the moral and cultural core of the American Ethos. What they are doing is called, in their literature, “decentering” white men, which means they are explicitly looking for and attacking any institution, arena, activity etc that is primarily composed of or enjoyed by or benefits white men. So, they want to make some other group besides white men into the core beneficiaries of American culture. For example, everything could revolve around what makes Indian computer programmers happy, wealthy, and secure. Or everything could revolve around what makes trans-sexuals happy, wealthy, and secure. Or everything could be centered on feminists and their aspirations rather than promoting strength and vitality among boys. They are doing this because they believe there is this vast untapped reservoir of human potential that has traditionally been silenced and marginalized by white men in general, e.g. through slavery or the institution of marriage (which is a kind of slavery for women), and white Christian men in particular. So basically they are trying to undermine anything that a white Christian man would believe or do. And they are absolutely winning in every conceivable way. The geezerly right wing Christian identitarian has this nostalgic idea that they are going to win they day by having a huge Billy Graham style revival of Christian culture. Unfortunately there are hundreds of billionaires, the Saudi Royal family, people like JB Pritzker and suchlike, the Chinese and Russian governments and so on, who are investing hundreds of millions of dollars every year, worldwide and locally to completely thwart the resurgence that white men in America are hoping they will one day see. The managerial class is managing that thwarting. They are not thwarting everyone. They are specifically undermining you and people like you. They are tired of white American men having all the money and power and status. The sad fact is, though, you are doing almost nothing to make yourself palatable in that world they are creating, so you are making it pretty easy for the managerial class to thwart you. Hoping that in the end a mass uprising is going to sweep aside the globalist machine is about as realistic as hoping Jesus is going to return to save us. It ain’t happening. There is absolutely no one helping us and hundreds of millions of people worldwide working very hard to defeat us, including almost everyone in the US government, which has bought 100% into the anti-racist agenda of decentering white men.

        • But seriously, David is wright (sorry); a little paragraphing would do wonders to the legibility of your post.

          • I think you guys missed the point about “decentering” white male subjectivity. The less readable you find it, the better it is. White male standards of conformity to past literary rules, conventions, and standards is oppressing my inner blackness. That’s why bell hooks never capitalizes her name (I recently learned) too.

            Anyways… I am just highlighting the point of what leftists are doing nowadays. The whole point is to hurl you out of the seat you have at the table by any means necessary.

            But yes, I should use the enter key and every other relevant key on the keyboard.

    • They love semi-literate non-white undocumented immigrants, just to give an example. They love obese black women on welfare with 10 kids who didn’t finish high school, just to give another example.

      No more than Jews love Mohammadans, despite the fact that they’re the main motor behind mass immigration to Europe. They wield the browns against the whites like a club – dividing and ruling – but they despise brown proles as much as they despise white ones. It’s about class to them, not race.

      • Not particularly. Class is an olden days notion. They have definitely iterated their ideology. You do not seem to have learned anything about the topic since the 1970s. A lot has changed. These are not the Communists of your parents generation.

        • Thanks for the helpful advice, Citizen. I’ll go read some books then, but riddle me this: how come the ruling classes are full of POC but there’s not one single poor person?

          • I upvoted your comment and generally agree, but having poor people in the ruling class is a circular impossibility. How long did it take a NY barmaid and a Somalian refugee with a husband/brother to obtain wealth and power?

          • Jay Z, the infamous rapper, was raised in a housing project and is now (almost a billionaire) tycoon that sets the cultural agenda. I could go on to give hundreds of such examples. So, I am not sure what you mean by there are no “poor” people running things. You stop being poor once you rise to the top. That’s the whole point of being included among the powerful.

            If you are asking “why aren’t there any currently poor white people in their adult years included among the ruling elite” the answer is that to be an adult poor white person is a sign that you are either very low IQ (and hence incapable of taking up the role that has always been wide open to you) or suffering from some kind of addiction/alcoholism/mental illness. Being poor means you cannot manage your resources very well. So why on earth would you be managing global enterprises? Nobody is going to mail you a plane ticket to move to New York City and start as the CEO of a multibillion dollar international corporation. A poor non-white person, on the other hand, is poor for entirely different reasons. They are included in powerful institutions all the time and with enthusiasm. Like how poor kids from the ghetto get free ride scholarships to Harvard. The elites are not at all excluding poor non-white people. Quite the opposite.

          • @DLS
            Jay Z, the infamous rapper, was raised in a housing project and is now (almost a billionaire) tycoon that sets the cultural agenda.

            You’re making my point for me, but Jay Z is about the worst example you could come up with. He doesn’t have the power to set his own alarm clock, he’s a muppet.

      • “It’s about class to them, not race.”

        Could be a bit of both. It’s certainly both for Jews, though their intermarriage rates show some leniency.

        I live in the DC area around a lot of these folk. They are overtly class conscious against whites (especially Southern working class whites) and covertly class conscious against POC.

        However, it’s their feelings toward POC of their class that’s most interesting. There is some friction growing. The white and, particularly, the Jewish managers are noticing those pushy Indians and, to a lessor degree, Asians.

        The Asians bug them because their kids won’t stop grinding at school, and thus are putting little Ian or David at a disadvantage. But the Indians are really starting to piss them off. First, their numbers just keep growing. Second, they are openly tribal. Third, and this is a bigger issue with the Jews, the Indians immediately start looking to own businesses and to run for political office, i.e. they are looking to grab control. Finally, the Asians and Indians are laughably playing the victim/oppressed minority card.

        This is not going over well with the whites who get no guilt tingles from getting yelled at by Asians and Indians (same is true for Hispanics). And, of course, the Jews hate it because other groups are pushing their way into their game.

        Trust me, managerial whites and Jews are aware of other races in their midst.

          • We get alot of the brahmins over here. Often times, they are insufferably arrogant. Mostly without the off setting benefit of being competent.

          • People who work for them can’t stand them. Indians treat employees, even management or engineers, like dirt. They view anyone below them as a peasant and don’t try to hide it.

        • Brahman’s are not only nasty and abusive towards all non-Brahman’s but highly nepotistic, corrupt and racist as well. Just look how badly they run their own country, they are bringing that same cultural garbage with them to the West. We can see it on display with people like Nikki Haley and Nera Tanden. They hate whites and hate America with a passion.

          At the business level as others have pointed out they are abusive towards their employees and they do their best to replace native employees with more Pajeets.

          We would do well in the future to expel this cancerous alien growth back to it’s land of origin.

    • America has been consumed by Lincoln Syndrome. As Zman noted some years ago, our country cannot recover until we kill Lincoln. And then MLK. When you stop to consider what must occur before that is possible, you realize the enormity of the task.

        • We lamestream blightists incline toward minimizing the options available to us and emphasizing “the enormity of the task,” because it justifies our indolent refusal to organize and fear of being “found out.” It has been that way since the first coup, 57+ years ago, when by any measure the task was less enormous.

    • I generally agree with you to an extent. I’ve referenced the story of Aeneas on here a few times. Was Aeneas a fool for fleeing Troy? No. It’s foolish to fight a battle that’s already lost. We are in a similar situation. The Greeks are inside the walls. They hold every institution. There are countries that we can flee to that are not lost (Poland, Hungary, Argentina, Uruguay have all been mentioned here).

      With that being said, there is one glimmer of hope on this country. Some respected economists (not just those on our side) are beginning to sound the alarm on the insane spending of our government. To pay all these “relief bills” and its regularly unbalanced budget, our government is simply printing more and more money. We’ve created a massive bubble that will burst with record inflation at some point. When the financial disaster happens, our side will have an opportunity if a proper leader can arise out of it.

      • Let me know if these countries we supposedly can flee to will really let us in. I know it is not the main thrust of your post but saying that really isn’t helpful. Whatever happens, it happens with us on the battleground.

        As far as economic collapse as an opportunity, chaos will rule the day. Our enemies rule through chaos.

      • That was my first reaction…I wonder if these geniuses have factored in the moment when people realize that the money is as fake as everything else.

      • They are terrified of conservative whites in the military and those who just left it. Hence their obsession with vetting(which is code for purging).

        On the bright side these purges and planned reforms will cripple the military and saddle it with a black and idiot female officer corps that can barely tie it’s shoes let alone conduct COIN ops or engage a half way competent enemy.

    • Venting can be therapeutic, and therefore I can understand why this rant is so long & emotional. But, at some point, you have to move beyond complaint and into solution development. And the problems we face are neither easy nor insurmountable. Time to roll up your sleeves and get busy with devising effective solutions based upon your knowledge and skill set. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

    • They love semi-literate non-white undocumented immigrants, just to give an example. They love obese black women on welfare with 10 kids who didn’t finish high school, just to give another example

      White nationalists aspire to live like the progressive elite. They may say they like these people, but their lifestyle says otherwise. They love the abstraction of the downtrodden single black mother or Central and South American ‘hard working immigrant,’ but they don’t want to be anywhere near them. They love the poor, but they hate how they smell. They admire their pets from the comfort of their McMansion and their 98% white zip code. Really, they watch too many movies, too much TV and read too many newspapers. They love the portrayal of diversity in these mediums. The smart hard working black kid who gets railroaded into prison for a murder he didn’t commit and the black or brown woman in the commercial who is a dark skinned white person.

      It’s a fantasy world. If they got to know diversity, they would hate them every bit as much as they hate us.

    • Years ago, many years ago, I was “arguing” with a leftist about illegals. At one point the light bulb went off in my head and the words came out “You just like them because you feel you are better than them and they pose no competition but white guys do.”

      They can act and feel superior around them. Notice how they tend to keep quiet about Asians; they probably resent them too but know they can’t say anything bad about non-whites.

      I don’t think it gets much more complicated, at least for the vast majority of the leftist boobs.

      • You are probably spot on with analysis. Unfortunately, my recent projects have had many illegal aliens. Theoretically the contractor uses E Verify, but these people can’t speak English so that’s a good indication. The IA is completely subservient to the White bosses on the job site. They jump on every command, show up on time and work hard. The White bosses love this because it makes them feel powerful and superior. I detest it myself. I would like to see the job site populated with only Americans making a decent wage. It’s hard, outside work in Wyoming. I have never seen a single black person in the work force of, at times, 400 people.

    • “They are tired of (((white American men))) having all the money and power and status.”

      Fixed that for ya…

    • it might be worthy of a read, but i skipped it upon seeing the commitment in reading time…

    • Unfortunately true. Entire world is sick and tired from US Empire and want it gone. Even the most US friendly Visegrad nationalists claim that when US whites win, they do us the same what they did to Germany in WW II.

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