Extra Black

We are more than halfway through Black History Month and I realized I had done nothing to celebrate the season. This week we remedy that with a whole show on blackness and its traveling partner whiteness. That is one of the things that gets missed in the rapidly evolving ethos of Jim Snow America. The concept of whiteness can only exist in the presence of non-whiteness, especially blackness. Without the juxtaposition with non-whiteness, whiteness is no longer discernable.

This is not entirely by accident. Blackness, as has been discussed here many times, is a negative identity. Black identity depends entirely on the relationship between blacks and whites, real and imagined. Everything about being black in America revolves around the black relationship with whites. Remove whites from the equation and blackness has no meaning. If whites pack up and leave, blacks will have to follow them, as whites are their reason to exist now.

This is what the anti-whites are up to with whiteness. They are seeking to make white identity a negative identity, dependent upon nonwhites. The infamous anti-white tract, White Fragility, is about defining whiteness in a negative light in objective terms, but also as something wholly dependent on nonwhites. The pogrom against white parents and their children in the New York City schools is another example. To be white is all about the relationship with nonwhites.

Unlike blackness, whiteness can have no positive connotations. Everything about being white is bad, according to our genocidal rulers. Most important to white people, the only escape from the dark cloud of whiteness is to remove all whiteness from society, which is simply a call for genocide. Since all whites are guilty at birth, the only logical solution to the whiteness problems is to kill whitey. Since many of the people preaching this are white, it makes anti-whiteness something like a suicide cult.

That is the missing piece to the puzzle. Nonwhites participate in these antiwhite pogroms for personal gain and racial vengeance. The thing is though, they would get nowhere in their efforts without whites at the top of society supporting it. In fact, the driving force behind anti-whiteness are white elites. They are not under a spell or being tricked by a historically crafty. Anti-whiteness is the logical endpoint for white people driven by self-loathing. It is the ultimate form of self-abnegation.

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157 thoughts on “Extra Black

  1. Has there ever been a society that has comitted suicide completely of it’s own volition??

    I say no chosen ones=no white genocide..

  2. This made me think about that story from Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles.
    In it, there were Southerners talking about Black people planning an escape to Mars. They are pooling their money, paying for a trip, and planning to leave the Jim Crow South.
    The main characters are several White people, sitting around and talking about the Black people leaving for the launch site, many of them passing by on foot. They are carrying bundles of their stuff, and hurrying to make the take-off.
    Bradbury has the White folks come to the gradual realization that their lives will be much worse without the Black people – no field hands, no domestic servants, no ill-gotten gains from cheating Black people out of their hard-earned money.

    Now. Today. What negative effects will the nation face, should Black people not be around?

    • Coke is already a very dark beverage. Is it staining my insides so that at least I can be black inside? Like the reverse of what the blacks call an oreo?

      Seriously though, I’m sure this kind of stuff originates as some ultra-edgy gambit on the part of some clever marketing slimeball at Coke with a degree in actuarial science. I know how this stuff works as a math geek myself. You build a table like this of various scenarios and attached probabilities.

      1. Coke pisses off whites so much they form a white identitarian movement centered (initially) around hatred of Coke culminating a revolution that ends with Coke’s executives’ heads on posts; Probability 0.1%, effect on sales: mildly negative given whites declining share of the population and the fact that many of them have learned to avoid sugary soda anyway and their sales figures were dropping anyway.

      2. Coke initially pisses off some of the same white people who voted for Trump but they do nothing besides abstaining from Coke. Gradually, low information whites (wiggers) drift back to the brand along with race-suicidal SWPLs “making a statement”; Probability 50%, effect on sales: initially negative, then positive as even more offensive anti-white ads make Coke the beverage equivalent of “Fuck da police” and the blackity-black drink of choice. As long as blacks and browns remain unconcerned about diabetes and tooth decay (they will) it’s all good.

      It gets a bit more mathy of course. You need to multiply those probabilities by the expected damage/bonus and the answer is supposed to just fall out like Biden’s marbles. You could say this is hocus-pocus but similar reasoning is the basis for insurance rates and it’s not like insurance companies don’t make money. Shorter version, someone at Coke is angling for a multi-million dollar bonus check.

      The counter to this, oddly enough, might be a campaign to educate blacks and browns about diabetes and other ill effects of Coke and similar slop. This way, they lose their white consumers and the PoC’s never pick up the slack. Coke implodes like a hedge fund in a short squeeze.

  3. Black sin is sacral and made holy for the purpose of writing a Dread Warrant on it: Erase Whiteness. White Genocide.
    Genocide is the most Dread Warrant, it requires Divine Invocations.
    Black skin is the Divine Invocation, hence Melanin’s magic properties.

    I told Jonathan McWhorter same on his substack page.
    They’ve never been less human and more objectified.
    This of course is why Saint George got three state funerals.
    All they need is the Holy Parchment of the Black skin.

  4. “Anti-whiteness is the logical endpoint for white people driven by self-loathing. It is the ultimate form of self-abnegation.”

    Every time I encounter one of these self hating idiots I always suggest they do the following:

    They should establish a White Guilt (WG) lottery system whereby anyone suffering from this ailment can put their name in a WG lottery pool. So, when a POC commits a crime, they can pick a name from the WG pool and that lucky person can serve out the sentence for the POC. Naturally the POC will then go free. A great leap forward to absolve them of their guilt and remove them from society.

    A win-win for all.

  5. I was a gymnast in my youth and the routine Z mentioned was just average. The tumbling was nothing special by today’s standards and everything else about the performance was appalling. What next? Twerking on the balance beam at the Olympics?

    • What next? Twerking on the balance beam at the Olympics?

      If it happened would it surprise you?

      Negrolitry. What a concept!

  6. OT Re: “Revolt In The Synopticon”
    Ah, Zman? Quick question. You posted this (admittedly well written) screed in digital (i.e. Synopticon) space – OPENLY! Why should we believe or listen to you? If what you write is true then do you not, by posting it, thereby paint a very large target on your back? In fact, do you not repaint said target every time you post? We live in a time when highly visible – and ostensibly INFLUENTIAL – individuals are openly calling for potential non-conforming news outlets to be deplatformed (no longer be carried by cable outlets) and dissenters to be deprogrammed/reeducated. Yet you remain free to publish how-to manuals for how to effect revolution in the age of synopticon. If your ideas and methods pose any threat to TPTB then why are you allowed to publish them?

    Please note that I am not finding fault with what you write, merely expressing logical doubts. Oh and the reason I did not raise this issue on Tuesday is because I have taken a voluntary hiatus from watching/reading the news and reading commentary such as this. Between feeling terrible and simply recoiling from the deluge of bravo sierra billowing from pretty much everywhere I looked, I just stopped going to almost all places I usually went online.

    I’ll back off now and watch the inevitable flood of vituperation at my temerity to question “The Great, Powerful, All-Knowing and All-Wise ZMan”. Oh and I loved the introduction/discussion for “Extra Black”. I am not a racist but I do not watch contemporary television because I am sick to death of what the ZMan terms “negrolity”. I prefer to watch my kind doing what we have always done in the sort of milieu in which we have always done it.

  7. Thanks for highlighting some of the “accomplishments” of Blacks. I avoid mass media as much as possible, but sometimes, if I encounter something like the Black gymnast or NASCAR driver, I feel sorry for them. I agree, it is Goodwhite’s “slobbering praise” over these Blacks, who to be honest, are usually at best mediocre (Excepting pro sports and certain entertainment fields). I don’t know if a new White Supremacist is really minted every time one of these media spots is created, but a skeptic like me can’t help but be bemused at Goodwhite’s well-intentioned effort to showcase what is usually at best average — by Whtie standards — performance of a distinctive Black. Or more cynically, often the result, presumably unintentional, is biting satire equal or better to what an edgy comedy show could dream up. Just as with affirmative action, quotas, make-believe academic degrees and similar feel-good efforts of the liberals, such fawning over dismal Black “accomplishments” is doubly toxic: it lays bare Blacks’ abject failure relative to nearly all other groups and perhaps even more dangerously, it tarnishes the rare but truly exceptional Black. For Z and others that have visited Washington, DC, here’s a tourist snapshot: Have you been in the tourist areas and seen the groups of Black children pounding out rhythms on plastic buckets, hoping for some spare change? This is pathetic, something I’d expect to only see in a third-world dump, not what was the capital of a once-worthy nation.

  8. The manner in which this society is now fixated on negroes is simply nauseating. I don’t consume TV, but I do watch YouTube content. Every commercial, or maybe 98% of them, features negroes. Even if it’s just a voice-over/narration. No matter what the product; cars, trucks, insurance, food, restaurants, microwaves, books, movies, banks, brokerages, everything.

    I’ve decided to boycott all these products. But now there is nothing I can purchase. I predict the emergence of a product certification scheme, modeled on the kosher certification. All products, even a banana, will be stamped with a BLM certification stamp.

    I want out of this clown country.

    • Consider the promotion of Blacks as a ruse to keep whites from focusing on the ruling class that is pushing Blacks on us while they are destroying our culture and country.

  9. Increasingly today most normal people avoid contact with strange blecks whenever possible, and don’t lose a wink of sleep over it. It follows that when individuals from that demographic prove themselves to be civilized then most normal people have no problem interacting.

    • The people (mostly bleqs but some foolish, foolish whites) arguing poorly about why this is okay. Smh
      Critical theory has given us Idiocracy while the Covid Cult has given us the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s a double whammy of heretofore unimaginable stupidity combined with arrogance. That’s one potent brew.

  10. white liberal ideology is certain gender and race cause all the problems, just reverse version of the Nazism
    white liberal solutions also came from imperialist tactics
    The bring mercenary tribe of against indigenous peoples, rewrite history and culture to undermine national homogeneity

    simply nothing is their own even their ideology, everything they got is inherited from a superior being
    white imperialist, because we human races still ride in a train, cars, planes
    which everything made up by white imperialists

    all of these black better things means to just describe black people as white people
    because it doesn’t add up reality and facts that we encounter and see, It’s absurd and stupid
    people with half brain will laugh on these poor made propaganda

    I suggest that white people teach real history and science to fellow white people
    Resistance should begin with education

  11. Black domination seems fairly universal among any society that is half-way industrialized and has a strong state. It seems to make its people weak, ineffectual, even “faggy” per Idiocracy. EVEN in China and Japan and South Korea, there are substantial (particularly in China) African communities that can basically demand what they want. Even during the height of Bat Flu in 2020, China was forced to make its shop owners apologize for barring Africans. And had to pull several commercials, remaking them so the African guy getting put into the Washing Machine and coming out a Chinese guy is reversed, to the delight of the Chinese girl. That’s power, and real power.

    Industrial societies with a strong state tend to make their people weak. Also smarter, and that’s viewed as latent homosexuality by the stupid, and given contempt. The driving force of Africans and black people is the contempt for the higher IQ, be they White people in Europe and the Americas and Australia and New Zealand, or Chinese in China (or abroad). Mike Judge covered that in Idiocracy (very gingerly) but pretty much anywhere Africans/Blacks go they tend to dominate. Being lower IQ, strong, aggressive, impulsive, violent — that’s like chick crack to women cooped up with higher IQ, delayed gratification, cooperative men of her own background, be it Chinese or White.

    Black people are not dominating the globe including China for nothing. China is still a poor country with many, many poor people. They don’t have a problem with what amounts to soft genocide of the Tibetans and Uighurs. But Africans? Even Xi has to bow before them. Latin America filled with weak states, unable to have a monopoly of violence, and mostly non-cooperative seems the exception (and even there the more cooperative and higher IQ states like Chile have lots of Africans living off the dole). [Peru and Bolivia not so much.]

    • I hardly think the Hutus are “dominating” China. To the extent they have any swat in Asia, it’s because American PeeSea is a global scourge to which even the Chinks pay some lip service. Blacks certainly didn’t dominate even in America before the advent of PeeSea.

    • I was going to disagree with you about China, but then I recalled their sickening obsession with the NBA.

      I mean, they are in the driver’s seat in just about every way, shape, and form, yet they are spending their leisure time and disposable income on jogger worship.

      • There’s probably a lot of Chinese money slushing around in the NBA. Rumor has been around for awhile it’s the only thing keeping the league afloat.

    • Well, like it or not, black men have a very distinct “energy” – especially africans and higher iq ones. Same way that masculine white men also have an aura about them.

      Whites and blacks have a strange relationship, ying and yang. But black men can have a very imposing energy which no doubt women can sense, and is interesting to chinese people who have none of the same inherent in their characteristics.

  12. “In fact, the driving force behind anti-whiteness are white elites.”

    So many cohencidences in that regard

    • White gentile elites are the way they are because they lost possession over all control nodes of our civilization many decades ago. Who makes content decisions in the institutions that manufacture and distribute culture? WGE’s are not only subject to the same media agitprop as we deplorables but also get years of intense indoctrination in the upper tier universities. They have been shaped into being the self-perpetuating enforcers of the new order.

      WGE’s have not been exposed to any alternate narrative. There is plenty of blame to go around, but I hope there is a special place in Hell for WF Buckley and his merry band of money-worshippers who not only didn’t fight the culture war when it could have been won but actively and aggressively prevented the Republican Party or other conservative institutions from being used to do so.

  13. Hate Twitter:

    Private lunch counter.
    Private bakery.
    Private hotel.
    Private apartment complex.
    oh wait… you don’t actually mean this, do you?

    “Private company. Terms and conditions breached. It’s not hard”

      • Trust me, Bakersfield counts. It’s just at the wrong address.

        Was there for an event. Stopped to get gas, was trying to make bad map match street so I could find where I was going. Finally asked the (white) guy at the next pump, “Hey, where am I?”

        Says he: “You’re in Buck Owens country!”

  14. —has been interpreted as mocking or threatening the Black people who escaped their enslavers and fought for the British.

    This is one of their favorite tricks when they are complaining about the most ridiculous things. They make their complaint passive by saying that other people have said X or Y. This kind of phrasing is really common in media hit pieces. This is also done with ridiculous 3rd parties like the SPLC. It allows the media to print blatant falsehoods by being able to say that this thing was said about the subject of their hit piece by the SPLC without the author actually having to be the source of the lie.

  15. Still listening to the podcast. Halfway through one thought. MLK is always called “Doctor” MLK, Dr. King, whatever. Seems like you’re not usually addressed as “Dr.” posthumously. No one says “Dr. Albert Einstein” or for that matter “Dr. Martin Luther” (the reformer).

    Other than that, I’d say “black, black, black, blackety-black, black, black, blackety-blackety-black” – John Derbyshire.

      • More words to take up space on the road sign is so important! Using more paint;-) Like all the Black women professionals seem to have hyphenated last names. Using more oxygen in introducing them as the speaker of the day.

    • Another great story/quote from Mr. Derbyshire: he asked a colleague of his about high levels of violence somewhere. His South African colleague responded simply with “it’s the blecks”.
      “End inner quote, end quote.”

    • “black, black, black, blackety-black, black, black, blackety-blackety-black”

      Negrolitry – what a concept.

  16. AWR, which is one pole of the present fascism–black supremacy is the other–springs from postmodernism, which holds that white rationality and reason have suppressed “difference” and marginalized the Other through creating a self-aggrandizing discourse of knowledge. In their attempts–largely successful– at subverting reason, the pomos seek to sow ontological chaos which will damage whites and destroy their civilization. When that happens, whites will be reduced to the cultural and economic level of non-whites. But the key thing to know here is that we truly are in a fascist moment. Blacks are the new Aryans and whites the new Jews.

  17. I moved from LA to a fairly rural town a few months ago – mostly to escape Wuhan Flu Hysteria. The demo here is 97% White, less than 2% black (on paper, I have seen not a single one in 4 months). The medium-sized city nearby is 90% White, <5% black, some Hispanics and Asians. Rarely see a black in the parts of the city I go to.

    It’s such a psychological relief, like dropping your pack and flak jacket after a long road march. In LA, my head was on a constant swivel, I carried bear spray everywhere (no carry “privileges” of any kind in LA) and there were several multiple square mile areas I would not go to, even in the daytime.

    If only the whole country could be like this little town.

    • Cool story and all, but…

      What’s your plan to maintain town demographics at a pleasant level?

      What’s your plan when Biden builds section 8 across the street and starts resettling refugees? When the chicken plant starts employing illegal indios?

      Are you on zoning boards, creating networks, organizing politically?

      White flight without meaningful action has never worked out beyond temporary relief.

      • I have already completed my “plan”, though it was never really a plan.

        I am in my 60s. I have worked since I was 15 and have lead a relatively honest and honorable life. I have raised two White children, neither of which are possessed by any of the current mass hysterias or secular religions. They don’t buy into any of the Woke BS. I can’t really take credit for that; it’s probably just their own inherent natures.

        I am not going to run some underground rebellion as an “elder”, as I have a wonderful wife who is in the process of cancer treatment and I won’t take the chance of leaving her abandoned. Trying to get on any “zoning boards” or city councils, etc, as an “old White man” is next to impossible without money and connections with the corrupt elite and fruitless anyway as you will be shouted down and marked with the Scarlet “R” by the GoodWhites if you step out of line. I am retired but have been looking for work in my field, just to stay active and alive – I’ve gotten no callbacks so far, but reading every job announcement’s “commitment to diversity” (which apparently no longer includes the federally protected class of “age”) should keep me from being surprised.

        If the World – and by the World I mean the White World, because it is really the best of the World – is to be saved, it is not by those of us 50 and above. Whatever window we had to save it has passed – we either didn’t or couldn’t do what was required. If White men in their 20s and 30s have the desire and wherewithal to save it, it may be possible. It’s their world to save.

        • Strange world we live in where old men think they have too much to lose and that the greatest risks should be borne by men who are still raising their families.

    • I was just at the grove working. Place is packed. A tourist van with the sides removed just drove down fairfax, packed. All this just 30 days out from January 20th. Amazing. Enjoy brother.

  18. Gorilla glue matters ! Please send all donations to # GGM@gofundme. I will be donating.0001% to NAACP William Shakespeare book burning fund.

    • You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.
      they razed paradise and tore down the parking lot..

      Joni Mitchell.

      • I think her lyrics were they paved paradise put up a parking lot.
        Maybe you heard the Chinese version. Couldn’t resist. Sorry

        • Pretty sure the enlightened joggers of Zimbabwe tore up the parking lot somebody else built too. Western Civilization will fall after Atlas succumbs to blood loss from the death of a thousand cuts. I don’t expect them to succeed in completely erasing whites but I do expect them to so marginalize us and reduce our numbers to the point that we will no longer be in position to maintain the civilization we built. We will ultimately prevail but the interval between our current era and the next time we build a civilization will likely make the dark ages in Europe look like a kindergarten picnic. The first to feel the pinch will be anybody living in Africa. Not a one of ’em feeds themselves.

          Damn! I’m glad I’m old and will not live to see it. Sorry for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Gonna be hell for them. But as the “Book of Job” teaches us: “Shit happens!”

  19. So at 7 am this morning I’m at the store having had the car warm up in my driveway for 1/2 hour heater on full.
    I do my thing get my stuff get back to the car and I’d left the lights on, the car wouldn’t start. Call the wife, she’ll be there in 20 minutes, lift the hood, 30 seconds later a guy pulls his jeep next to me and gets the cables out.
    Need a jump?
    Done and dusted in two minutes.

    I like living in a white society .

    (And this is MD 30 miles north of Z’s hellhole)

  20. When blackness is the achievement, it moots other possibilities.
    Why bother with the process when a pretentious title will do. Segregation preserved black cultural norms and a tribal identity diversity politics has destroyed.

    The stage is being set for a population reset, but as usual, the rhetoric won’t be the reality.

  21. ESPN and other sports media wrote the exact same kind of stories about Danica Patrick the first time she led a lap at the Indy 500. From asking a couple of friends who follow NASCAR, they say Wallace is good enough to be a driver, but will never be a top level guy. He would be like a guy who is a backup QB in the NFL for 5 years before teams decide he will never be a starter and go with someone younger and he ends up out of the league. Wallace is another half white, half black athlete who only identifies as black and hates whites, just like Colin Kaepernick.

    • I don’t follow NASCAR or people who drive around in circles (more of a monster truck kind of guy), but hardcore fans told me in the past she was basically eye candy who happened to be good at driving.

      • She was a finisher but not a winner. Didn’t have the guts to win (or crash trying). That said, the fact that a woman can even compete as an Indycar driver these days demonstrates just how little talent is now required to drive those cars. The cars themselves and the spotters now do most of the driving. The drivers are little more than rich corporate shills who stay out of trouble and say the right things in front of the TV camera.

  22. “Anti-whiteness is the logical endpoint for white people driven by self-loathing. It is the ultimate form of self-abnegation.”

    How does that work? How does “self-loathing” get expanded to “anti-whiteness”? If a person’s self-esteem is so low as to become self-loathing, what’s the connection with some general disgust with one’s own race? Abnegation is an individual act so self-abnegation is redundant. Collective abnegation is maybe possible but illogical.

    Do you really feel that the incredibly wealthy elites that have financed the SJW movement from the beginning are self-loathing? Nothing could be further from the truth. They look down on every one else, regardless of race.They might hope that by providing the money for the organization of non-whites (whoever they are) will buy them out of purgatory or secure them a positive place in history but that’s doubtful as well.
    More likely is that they wish to effect change, which, historically, is the only way to insure remembrance in the future. Nobody remembers or cares about those who kept the big machine turning in the past. Those who get their names in the history books ripped things up, Alexander the Great, Peter the Great, Lenin, Stalin. Bob the Ordinary and Max the Uncomplicated are quickly forgotten.

    • Well. Self-abnegation is not redundant because abnegation simply means a rejection of something. That a person rejects himself is a possibility.

      I suspect you confuse the ideas of self-esteem, or self-identified status, with self-loathing. But this gets back to first principles: what does it mean to love? Well, it means to will the good, for myself (I love me) and for others (I love you). The opposite is obvious.

      So, an an example of self-hatred and hatred for your family, consider the Tinder THOT who insists that her child, who lives with the child’s grandmother, is the most important thing in her life. Yet, what is good for the THOT and what is good for the child is that she not be a whore. Therefore, she is objectively hating both herself and her child even as she ostentatiously celebrates both.

      This is what is happening on a large scale and is also why the attempts to rationalize those motivations is incorrect – missing the point. What we are observing is a pathology driven by concentric rings of hatred, beginning with the self. It’s common, and was trouble enough that even the old law banned the practice: You shall honor your father and mother. You can rationalize a spiritual sickness, of course, but it’s better to understand the thing for what it is.

      • Honoring one’s parents is a healthy activity. Dishonoring one’s parents leads to a phenomenon I was taught in Psych 101 back in 1970 known as “cognitive dissonance”. We cannot truly lie to ourselves. At some level, conscious or unconscious, we really know the truth. Since our parents – for good or ill – are part of who and what we are, hating our parents (including forebearers) means hating ourselves on at least some level. Self hatred is the most corrosive of all hatred. In the long term it will destroy an individual.

    • I don’t know if it’s self-loathing that drives these fools either. The ones I know personally seem exceedingly high on their own supply.
      Several years back, even before Trump, I witnessed this sycophantic evangelism towards the Sacred Negro. I was invited to a get together by a neighbor who had completely mistook my political leanings and there witnessed the sorry spectacle. Obama had just paid a visit to our then (mostly) fair city and one of the attendees had the extreme good fortune to share space with him in at some PR & pancake driven event. One of the white haired old crones hearing of this brush with greatness put both hands over her heart and with sparkling eyes lifted towards heaven exclaimed “my hero!”.
      Realizing I was in the company of nutjobs I made a hasty retreat. Did I mention the gathering was all UMC Whites?
      I have a niece by marriage who acts like this too. Why she married my very Nordic looking nephew is a mystery.

      • With respect to the old woman: Obama hated her, but she worshipped him. This is what self-loathing looks like.

      • I put these people in the same category as that guy in Vancouver who liked to live with the bears—at least until one decided to eat him and his ditzy girlfriend. He really didn’t understand that he was not a “bear” and that bears don’t reciprocate love and good will. They’re fucking bears. They eat, shit, make more bears, then die.

    • Its extending how one feels towards an individual (oneself in Z-man’s essay) to a group. You are right that there is a jump from blaming an individual for something to blaming a group. Making this jump doesn’t have to be logical, or consistent or rational though. Humans affairs are not necessary based on the rational decision making.

      For sake of argument, lets assume rational world. Why might someone blame themself (and then an entire community) for something?
      1. Individual is rewarded for behavior of self blame. The reward can be a job or a promotion, some sort of affirmation, cash money etc (e.g., Robin DiAngelo, author of “White Fragility”). Here the reward for the self blame outweighs whatever consequence there is towards slander of oneself.
      2. Individual is not who they seem. They disguise themselves as someone who they are not and slander the disguise they wear, not true identity (e.g., Jewish person on twitter saying “fellow white people…”). In this case what appears to be slander directed towards the self is actually directed towards the other.
      3. Mental identity is different than physical identity. Individual has an undisguised physical identity but mentally choses to identify as a member of a different group (e.g., Rachel Dolezal, Uncle Tom). Here mental identity trumps the physical identity, allowing a person to direct blame at physical rather mental self identity.

      These bizarre issues of self defamation are common today because there is no consequence to the individual for slandering white people as a group. Simply put, people can do or say whatever they want and pay no price for offensive language towards whites. This is the consequence of the enlightenment (focus on individual rights, divorce of mental and physical self conception) and the modern nanny/police state. If people were less individualistic they would have stronger group identity and be less likely to defame themselves. And if the nanny/police state was weaker there would be less protection for the individual for offense group hate speech.

  23. The solipsism is a good point. I’ve seen it with other minorities too. They are always trying to show white people what they’re doing as if to prove themselves. For instance indians/pakistanis will talk endlessly about how extravagant their weddings are. Punjabis have a phrase “lad of punjab, lion of canada”. Constantly trying to be noticed and get our attention, like children. Chinese people were recently telling me about chinese new year and wanted me to say happy new year. I just said oh, ok then changed the subject.

    They sulk like toddlers when they find out that I don’t care for whatever thing they’re talking about. I used to be polite but I just stare at them blankly now when one is trying to describe some “cultural” item.

    They’re obsessed with white people. Are they too fob brown, are they whitewashed, were there white people around them, was the crowd too white, was it not white enough… Etc. Etc. I think most are pretty miserable deep down. Blacks are stupid enough to not be miserable but other non-whites adopting the mentality get depressed

    • I have been around many Chinese (living in a majority Asian city) and they never asked me to say Happy new year for their new year. I did get invitations to New year’s dinners though. Maybe my sample group wasn’t typical.

      • I wake up next to one every morning. Have been for a couple of decades now. She makes twice what I make, been to every national park in America with her parents, ( is assimilated not mosaic) can’t drive to save her life, has a total knockout yoga body , and doesn’t call the cops on me like that witch from Oklahoma I married back in 83. Ask Derb, he’ll tell ya. You got your jungle Asians and you got your city Asians. They don’t get along. Night and day.

    • That is precisely why Gentiles have hated Jews. The Jews typically don’t want anything to do with their “host” culture. We may not think Jews are superior to us, but they certainly think they are to us. After all, aren’t they God’s chosen people? 😄

    • american schools are all about that black excellence, it won’t be long now before Shanique before pyramids.

    • These days, it seems nothing is more important. The future is so white, I mean dark, I don’t gotta wear shades.

  24. The Road Back (cont)
    Nothing can be something.

    For the vast majority of liberty-loving dissenters, the primary contribution they can offer is to simply stop digging. We now live in an ecosystem of social & cultural rot that gets exponentially worse with each passing day. Media lying is now ubiquitous & deliberate, the Federal Government has gone full retard, and the WallStreet/Tech Tyrants are Hell-bent on turning the US into their own personal fiefdom. But they can only persist if the nation’s economic engine keeps running, and that requires a complicit productive class. For many, this will be the hardest habit to break, but break it you must, for it feeds the beast

    • Identifying liberty as your highest value is a good part of the reason why we are in this predicament, race-blindness. Liberty is a secondary value that only exists in white ethnostates. I guess that TomA will ignore this because he comes off as an individualist, Sailor-ite “let the most fit of whatever race” win.

      • Almost all of our problems can be traced to a relatively small cadre of Elites ensconced in powerful positions within government, education, Wall Street & banking, IT, social & news media, and Hollywood. And almost all of them are Caucasian males. If every black in the US disappeared tomorrow, they would still be in place wreaking destructive havoc on our culture and society. If you want to fight a war on two fronts, so be it, that’s your choice. Alternately, if you want to prioritize your beef with Blacks in the US over the peril of our pwn homegrown tyrants; again that’s your choice. Either way, throwing rocks at me does not advance your cause.

        • Spot on. As you say even if all Blacks disappeared the ruling class that is killing our country and culture is still in place.

          Even Tucker Carlson has hinted at this when he pointed out that the ruling class has set the races against each in what amounts to a human cockfight while they sit back and laugh at us.

          • Yes, the best defense strategy for a corrupt elite class is to keep the plebs fighting amongst themselves, kill off the alphas with either a civil war or foreign conflict, use their fiat wealth to hire a mercenary guard force, & then hunker down in their gated communities until the smoke clears. The wise response is . . . don’t engage in needless conflict, don’t sacrifice yourself to fight their fake wars, and if you want to be proactive, infiltrate their guard force and contribute to their false sense of security. Evolution demands that we get smarter.

        • When you emerge from the catastrophe, and find some jews, asians, blacks, and hispanics, I will watch you try to bond with them on the basis of your manifest fitness. You will find they have allegiance to deeper racial bonds.

          You will be astonished as they, for the most part, cannot conceive of why anyone would desire a liberty-based society.

      • Call me naive if you wish but I, for one, fail to see how seeking an abundance of liberty can be a bad thing. Wasn’t that what the founders fought the revolution for?

    • Regarding Jim Snow, I’m working my way through a book titled American Constitutional Development by Carl Brent Swisher. It was published in 1943, and Swisher was a professor at Johns Hopkins. The text of the book is over 1100 pages and it primarily relates to the Supreme Court cases – to that point – that molded our understanding of the Constitution.

      I’m only about a quarter of the way through the book, just finished the section on Dred Scott. The author was insistent that Chief Justice Taney was falsely slandered by the Northern press and abolitionists in the wake of Dred Scott, so I decided to flip ahead and read his take on Plessy v. Ferguson. After a couple fruitless minutes, I went to the index. It turns out that the case is mentioned only once in the entire 1000+ pages, and even then only in a footnote. Stunning. A single footnote for “separate but equal”? I can’t imagine a book as exhaustive as this one, written on the same subject today, where that case wouldn’t have an entire shirt-rending chapter devoted to it. So successful has the academic left been in demonizing whites, that they turned a historical footnote into a cause célèbre.

      • Fascinating. So in 1943 Plessy was merely a footnote. Contrast that with these references I found by googling “Plessy v Ferguson”

        Plessy v. Ferguson was a landmark 1896 U.S. Supreme Court decision that upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation under the “separate but equal” doctrine. … As a result, restrictive Jim Crow legislation and separate public accommodations based on race became commonplace.

        Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537, was a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court that upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation laws for public facilities as long as the segregated facilities were equal in quality, a doctrine that came to be known as “separate but equal”

        Plessy v. Ferguson was important because it essentially established the constitutionality of racial segregation. As a controlling legal precedent, it prevented constitutional challenges to racial segregation for more than half a century until it was finally overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954)

        As I said. Fascinating. Please note that Brown was handed down in the early 50s. One might be tempted to date the fall of western democracy – at least in the U.S. to that decision.

        • One might be tempted to also note that all the “Jim Crow” laws were enacted by Democrat controlled legislatures in what was formerly known as the “Solid South”. Whenever I bring that point up I am inevitably advised that it was a “different Democrat party”.

  25. White libtards have spent so many decades bending over backwards (and forwards) and trying to brainwash every other White into making sure the utterly worthless joggers know how very special and important they are. It’s been going on so long now, it’s become an article of faith.
    No amount of blindingly obvious disfunction can be acknowledged, recognized or discussed. It seems our folk had their time in the sun and that time is coming to an end. One thing is absolutely certain though. It won’t be joggers on top of whatever or whoever comes next.

    • Yeah i think latinos will do a better job fighting off afrocentrism than white liberals. There are no welfare or affirmative action programs in latin america, so the blacks there are all relegated to the worst areas and jobs and kept out of government and media. Latinos have recently sterilized their own indigenous people and gone to war with them. Mexico didnt even recognize their black citizens on the census until 2015. So i dont imagine latinos putting up with the negro obsession forever.

      • Mexican men seem quite hard headed and slow moving. They just want to do the *bare* minimum at work (will do a harsh job but never ever go above the bare minimum required), drink beer and fuck their wives. It is both good and bad, one good aspect is that they seem surprisingly resistant to Globohomo.

        However given the gang and poverty issues in Latin countries a better question might be how will they control the Cholo population as their numbers grow in formerly white areas. Just because Latins are anti black doesn’t mean they are pro white, at all.

        I really don’t worry about what other groups are doing. We need to focus on what our own people are doing and secure a future for ourselves. Nobody else will help us.

        • When I moved to charleston SC I was surprised and a little contemptuous of how slowly people moved. First hot summer was a revelation. Slowed my ass down pronto. There is something to the rabbit and turtle fable.

        • I work as a builder/carpenter. I can tell you, the Brazilians bust their humps. They’re not the best at their trades, but damn do they work hard haha. The Mexicans have also traditionally allied with whites against blacks, especially in gang situations. There’s a lot of interesting literature, but La Eme has gone given green lights on several occasions on crips and bloods, while they constantly ally with bikers and aryans. This has become the norm in California and Texas.

      • Look what happened when Floydistas tried to roll into Latino hoods last summer.

        Didn’t end well for them.

        The Mexicans are in a good place because they have some of the Euro-Latin strategic and organizational traits as well as the ruthlessness and strong stomachs of the Aztecs and Maya.

        They just found 18 trash bags filled with human body parts in Mexico for a reason.

      • Whatever its drawbacks, Mexico has very few of the Negroid race. I’ve visited there many times, all over the country. Virtually the only Blacks I saw were American tourists.

    • It’s a young race. Only 500 years old, hard to believe. And being multicultural at the root, I wonder if they too will struggle with guilt in maturity.

  26. I will say that one of the key contributions of Z has been his insistence that the Whites leading the anti-White zeitgeist are not driven by political calculation but by a suicidal self-hatred and that this self-hatred has a spiritual cause — interpreted variously.

    Our side, having an excessive amount of sperg, suffers from a lack of artistic spirit. Dostoevsky might have written a character based on Steve Sailer, who would have comically mis-diagnosed the motivations of his enemies and gone insane in the last chapter, after the city burned to the ground.

    • “Whites leading the anti-White zeitgeist are not driven by political calculation but by a suicidal self-hatred and that this self-hatred has a spiritual cause”
      so whites have devolved from worshiping israelite subverters to worshipping african subspecies.

      • so whites have devolved from worshiping israelite subverters to worshipping african subspecies

        Yeah. Pretty much. I believe the ZMan’s term for this is “negrolitry”. (although I might not have the spelling exactly correct)

      • Those are symptoms not the disease. At it’s core these anti-Whites are nihilists.Though I doubt they are conscious of it given that many have lost their individuality to the collective and with it the ability to do self-inquiry.

        Those of us who have tried to discuss topics with them have found that out. They all pretty much spew the same talking points. IOW if you talked to one you’ve talked to pretty much all of them.

    • The main issue with the spergy Sailer crowd is that they only acknowledge the mind and never the soul. They have no functional concept of evil, and thus cannot make inroads against their enemies because fundamentally, they do not understand their enemies. The self-loathing that has led to anti-whiteness isn’t irrational, it is evil. It’s an inversion of the moral precept to honor your parents ( and, more broadly, the veneration of one’s ancestors). These are people who find a sick delight in criticizing those who came before in order to absolve themselves of maintaining the order that their parents, grandparents and so forth worked so hard to build and maintain. It is ingratitude, it is laziness, it is hypocrisy, and it is evil.

      • Yeah, I don’t want to live with white people because of our low crime rates or high SAT scores or whatever metric Sailer is coming up with.

        I want to live with white people because they’re my people and I want to live in a society beneficial for both myself and my people group. That’s the only explanation needed.

        Asians and Jews have higher iq and lower (busted) crime rates than whites anyways. So we should just let ourselves be controlled by asians?

        That said sailer is useful. He brings over moderate civnats and it’s our job to slowly guide them over to this side. If you move to fast the normie civnat will reject you

        • Yeah, I don’t want to live with white people because of our low crime rates or high SAT scores or whatever metric Sailer is coming up with.

          Good point. If I had to choose to live with a bunch of IWSBs or a bunch of poor White rednecks, I’d choose the Whites.

      • A society based on lies is by definition evil. The modern western society worships a new religion (division & diversion) and the religion is evil.
        Wuhan flu is not transmissable.
        Hug a Chinese person or you are racist.
        Masks dont prevent transmission.
        Close everything for only two weeks to flatten the curve, prevent the hospitals from being full and avoid a shortage of respirators.
        Everyone has to wear a mask.
        It is all Trumps fault.
        Biden won the election.

        …well, i guess that last one at least is true: he is sitting in the White House, sipping his Ensure and President Trump is in Florida.

    • There’s the rub. The sperg is competent and efficient The artist is playful and inspired. The way forward is somewhere in between, but good luck communicating it in a way both sides can understand.

      • Well it is the unique genius of whites and white civilization that they combine high intellect with high creativity. Asians and Jews are (slightly) smarter on average. Yet Asians cannot come up with anything politically beyond various grim tyrannies and have periodically neutered themselves scientifically with centuries of stagnation broken by only brief spurts of advancement. Jews are more creative but seem to expend a huge amount of that creativity on political and financial scheming. This is only a profitable (in any sense) way of life when placed in the larger context of a different society.

    • Some of the blame must fall at Christianity’s feet. The underlying principles of Christianity has made whites weak. It’s values of pacifism, turn the other cheek, and perhaps the worst culprit, good ole Catholic guilt has logically led to this point.

      • — St. James the Great, Moorslayer, was not available for comment

        In future, please, do try not to be quite so absurd

  27. I have no idea what the hell happened to White people. We have a long history of warring and conquering anything in our path and now so many seem to want to end Western Culture and White people all together.

    I can trace my own family back to Europe but even my ancestor who first came here came to fight. He was a baron and a warrior under Fredrich and brought his family here to get land and kill Indians. He came from Prussia and we have 7 family Bibles narrating or family since he came in 1752. He joined the British (that was done in those days) and he and his son got to kill French along with Indians. Then the son got a commission with some dude named Washington and got to kill British and Hessians (along with some Indians).

    And so it went from generation to generation all the men in my family fought in one war or another. We explored, populated, settled and fought for this country for over 200 years and now we’re hated White supremacists and it’s WE who ow everyone “reparations”.

    And that line of thought is made possible by other White people!

      • Riffing off Cormac McCarthy, are we? Chigurh’s monologue was more about the efficacy making a string a bad decisions. The Enlightenment was a long time ago, a lot has happened since then. Choices made that long ago have not obviously gifted us with the most favorable condition today, but then nothing exists in a vacuum.

        • Riffing, indeed. But we are a culture of the Enlightenment and are trapped in the values of that culture. It’s a point Z has made several times before: the pathologies we see in our society are not somehow perversions of our society, they are the logical outcomes of our culture.

          We point to the problem being Boomers at Woodstock, except it wasn’t really them, it was FDR; except it wasn’t really FDR, it was Wilson; except it wasn’t Wilson, it was the culture we adopted after Lincoln; etc. But it isn’t an infinite regress: there is a patient zero in our dismal culture. I think that Patient Zero is the claim that hierarchy is bad and that governments are those things we choose to secure natural rights. If those are the rails, then the train is going to follow them wherever they lead.

          • And yet, in 1960, some 200 years after the Enlightenment commenced in earnest, the West was still a glorious civilization. Fast forward only 60 years and it is a smoldering ruins. Something awful happened in the 1960s. And I believe it was the wholesale abandonment and excoriation of Western rationality by white intellectuals. Now I’m not saying the Enlightenment was remotely uniformly wonderful. It was not. I adjure some of its features. But the utter abandonment of all Enlightenment principles has proved disastrous.

          • Or how about All men are created equal? Great for those believing in creationism before we knew about genetics. The logical end result of, all men are created equal is Ibram Kendi’s theology. If everyone is created equal , and blacks aren’t currently equal, then the systems are racist.

          • Not really, all men are created equal in the eyes of God. Equal opportunity to go to heaven, treated equally in front of the court, freedom to try and fail. It doesn’t mean that every 80 IQ african is going to become a rocket scientist. Some people are just stupid.

            The above reasoning makes total sense, but it has been perverted. Like most western things it doesn’t work outside the confines of a highly christian society.

          • One could point to Derrida(team Tiny Hat) and the Po-Mo’s who i infested the Ivies with their poison in the 60’s. Where it mixed with Marxism to give us the intellectual and moral rot that now pervades all of academia, the political sphere and poisoned countless upper class kids who attended the Ivies and other centers of higher learning.

            At it’s core it is very much anti-Western, anti-rational and nihilistic. All the attributes that we find today among the Left and the Wokestoppos.

          • This is actually more of a reply to Ostei K. but applies to your comments too BTP. “But the utter abandonment of all Enlightenment principles has proved disastrous”

            It seems the “reply” links don’t work for comments too far down the tree. Anyway, I would also speculate that part of the problem is that the low hanging fruit of rationality in the form of science and technology has been plucked. In 1960, there was still some on the tree. What I think has happened is that smart people have largely decided that making their fame and their name through attacks on scientific problems is increasingly difficult. What to do then? Well, if you have a bit of a sociopathic streak (most smart people do and I know I do), why not apply your cleverness to politics, finance, law – to zero-sum game scams in other words, to put it bluntly.

            You don’t need to be smarter than the people who got stuck trying to unify quantum theory and gravitation, you just need to be smarter than a typical dumb California liberal. You don’t need to be Isaac Newton, you just need to be Nancy Pelosi. There’s also a nice hierarchy among the scammers and parasites themselves where the top parasites feed on the lower ones just as Pelosi needs AOC and Omar and they, in turn need even dumber people below them.

            The problem is that this shifts society from an “anabolic” (building up) phase to a “catabolic” (tearing down) phase of life. The end of such processes is death.

            This might be seem hopeless but it’s important to note that science has gotten stalled before. At the end of the 19th century, for instance, there was a smug conceit that physics was “complete”. All that remained was to measure the constants of nature to ever better precision. Then along came Einstein, Fermi, Heisenberg,…

            I’m not saying we just need to wait around for someone to invent a warp drive but that there might well be a new age of discovery and this might at least illuminate a better path forward than most people see now. Even without any new discoveries we can take advantage of the fact that Leftism works, fundamentally, in opposition to nature and reason, while our ideas work with them. The Left may seem like the strong horse right now but it’s only because they’ve stolen most of the hay. They are dragging their cart up an ever steepening incline and their human cargo is getting ever more massive and useless.

        • “And yet, in 1960, some 200 years after the Enlightenment commenced in earnest, the West was still a glorious civilization. Fast forward only 60 years and it is a smoldering ruins.”

          Our Enemies won WW II, and White Civilization’s last hero has been demonized ever since. Our Enemies seized hold of all our institutions and have used them ever since to destroy our minds, hearts, and grasp of immutable natural law.

          All this Derrida-chatter is only a gang of courtiers admiring their navels and gasping in wonder at the Emperor’s new clothes. None of this is hard to figure out, but one must look for the glaringly self evident and leave the sounding brass and tinkling cymbals out.

    • Hoagie, what group has had controlling influence over the media since before you were born? Does that group have historic hostility towards whites?

      Derb used to say to try a reductio ad absurdem where he would say that if whites could be conquered by a small group then screw the whites. The reader was supposed to reject the conclusion and thus reject the antecedent.

      I reject that this is a contradiction. We were conquered and now we have to respond.

  28. The best nba player right now is white, no relatively good black NBA player wants to play with him cause he outshines them, blacks hate it when that happens, his team is stacked with trash, it’s also badly assembled, he has to break his back carrying a bunch of losers.
    Whites are blamed for racism, yet joggers are the ones sabotaging whites.

    • Larry Bird would get insulted when opposing coaches tried to guard him with a white guy.

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  30. Yeah, on the DR there is alot of vitriol thrown in the direction of the hat people. But anybody who spends time around upper middle class white liberals knows that they are extremely enthusiastic about almost everything woke & globohomo, and ultimately their own demise.

    The whites in Toronto are unfortunately so far gone that there’s no point trying with them. They want to die, and want to bring all of us down with them. It’s the only explanation.

    One thing to watch is the fact that white liberals have almost completely stopped reproducing in the last decade. they are coming for your kids, yes, but they are not producing many kids of their own anymore (relative to conservative /christian whites).

    • We are handing our kids over to them on a silver platter. I’d tell anyone that has kids in public school – get them out NOW. Globohomo runs the public schools, and if you don’t want a little SJW or sexual degenerate on your hands… just get them out. There are parallel home schooling networks everywhere now that will teach your kid how to read, write, and reason. Some of the better churches are in charge of them and administer them.

      If you leave your kid in public schools, you are letting people that hate you indoctrinate them and they will turn them against you.

      • Liberals are good at getting on local school boards, too. In some areas, school board members are too ignorant to even ask questions. They go along to get along, and the teachers run right over them. These people are collaborators.

        • AWRs are great at worming themselves into all positions of power, overcoming and then effectively destroying organizations, institutions, nations, and possibly, civilization itself.

      • Here in Oregon the teacher’s unions managed to finagle themselves to the front of the line for the vaccines, even ahead of 80 year olds. Now, I’m pretty skeptical of these vaccines but it seems to me that this is a bit like handing out body armor to accountants before soldiers. They also still won’t go back to work anyway. I have something of, shall we say, inside information about them since I talk on the phone to some of them. Always a wammen, always describes xirself as “an edjookator” rather than teacher, always an entitled shithead with a chip on xir shoulder pads. I hope these bitches are assigned latrine duty in the camps.

        • The ‘slave revolt’ in morality and the life-denying effect it’s had.

          Fully aware he lays it on Judaism and Christianity. While I can’t speak to Judaism, he is right about Christianity— the way it’s taught and practiced.

          Imo it’s the fixation on the cross instead of the empty tomb, but I might be a heretic.

          At any rate, again imo, he precisely diagnosed western civ’s ailment over 130 years ago. And he’s just an enjoyable read. The guy was a polemicist, a funny one, too, and I think his use of humor and overheated language to get the point across is lost on too many people. Why so serious, right?

          • The “slave revolt” critique is an interesting one. Certainly, in AINO today we can clearly see a society that venerates timidity and weakness. How ironic that this slave mentality has come to the fore when the country is more secular than it has ever been, and that the country was rather more manful when it was unabashedly Christian. Is it Christianity that has made us fatefully soft? Or could it be something else?

          • The resurrection is proof of Jesus’ divinity. Take that away, and He’s just another prophet who fought the law and got himself killed.

            In whose interest would it be to play up His sacrifice and make it a thing to worship but the weak and timid?

            And how could any religion so constituted do other than collapse? or any civilization that observes such a religion?

            I think we’re farther along than we may realize and our secularism might be proof of it.

    • I’m convinced the SWPL crowd has shifted to various abuse mechanisms to create more SWPLs going forward.

      I don’t know if this was conscious or unconscious.

      This is also why SWPLs are pro-abortion and pro-deviancy.

      • It’s worse for girls, once she has one abortion she’s more likely to be permanently fucked up/likely to engage in deviancy. It does fuck women up just like birth control pills do, even though nobody wants to admit it.

        It also explains why they attack the incel movement so hard. Ironically it’s the losers at the bottom of the pile who are (generally) most resistant to the increasing BS coming through.

        • It’s not ironic for the people getting the worst end of a deal to be most opposed to it. Incels are the smelly, unwashed canary in the coal mine (the coal mine in this metaphor is their parents’ basements).

        • It’s worse for girls, once she has one abortion she’s more likely to be permanently fucked up

          Very likely messed up physically as well. I know a woman who had an abortion in her teens – despite there being a childless couple who knew her and were willing to support her until the baby was born and to adopt the child afterward. In later years, after she was married, she discovered that the abortion had rendered her cervix incompetent and she was only able to carry her children to term because of what are called “purse string” sutures applied as soon as she became pregnant. I wonder how many other women have had their ability to bear children so impaired.

    • True. As often pointed out, our era of abundance and decadence enables much of this mis-directed energy.

      In my experience with white elites they aren’t so much suicidal as they are neurotic consumers. Of everything.

      Their consumption is conspicuous so as to support their status.

      As consumption by nature is destructive, that striving for status is perpetually demanding more and delivering less in terms of their status. Hence the neurosis.

      The salve for that neurosis is where we come in.

      Whiteness is a resource like any other. In decadent times resources are distant from their origins; milk comes from the store, petrol from the station on the corner.

      They chew through these things as if they have always been and always will be.

      The infinite wont and finite supply is a kind of slow suicide. But the difference is that status they cling to affords them the moral claim to exceptionalism. They have evolved beyond their whiteness, as validated by their status.

      So they aren’t suicidal as much as they are homicidal. Some will indeed toss their kids in the volcano. But most are looking at your kids to be consumed.

      Their whiteness is not the same as our whiteness.

      Old badwhiteness, like some sedimentary layers of oppression and thievery, is a kind of white coal to be unearthed and fired in the furnace of progress.

      The latest efforts to mine badwhiteness demonstrates their neurotic desire obsession with self-cleansing and the increasing scarcity on the heels of 70 years of burning whiteness into coal dust.

      And like any finite resource, when scarcity finally arrives it will strip bare the facades like status, and their exceptionalism will find no purchase with the monkeys running that hungry furnace.

      By then its too late. Ignoring a cutter on the way to suicide is tragic. But ignoring those who want you dead is actually suicidal.

      • I think it’s both.

        Old good whites are actually naive and well intentioned.

        Young good whites actually enjoy being destruction and derive please from being degenerates / subversive.

    • B125, you make a good point: we have multiple enemies. Should we try to deprogram the traitorous whites, identity the small hats, or something else?

      I guess that identification is probably the best bet. People like Z seem to favor deprogramming first. Of course, we can do both at once, but the deprogrammers feel compelled to renounce the identifiers for the sake of their status.

      Final question: how do we deprogram the traitorous whites when the small hats still have controlling influence on the media?

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