The Eskimos on the Left

Franz Boas is credited with originating the idea that the Eskimos have an unusually large number of words for snow. The implication is that they have an usually keen understanding of snow, due to being surrounded by it most of the year. The accuracy of the claim is tangled up in a much larger debate about language, culture and now, genetics and race. In dissident circles, the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis is enjoying a bit of a renaissance for the same reason

An example is in this post on National Review.

Apparently only conservatives and others on the right can be obstructionists, according to Roget’s Thesaurus.

A search for synonyms of “obstructionist” on, which cites Roget’s, reveals that the source considers several words related to conservative and right-leaning political stances to fit the definition of a “person who is cautious, moderate; an opponent of change.” Under antonyms, it lists left-leaning words.

Included in the list of obstructionist synonyms are “right-winger,” “right,” and “rightist” and ”Tory,” the British conservative party.

Other synonyms listed for obscrutionst are “traditionalist,” “conserver,” “conventionalist,” “unprogressive,” and “redneck.”

Here’s a screenshot of it.


Progressives have a long list of words for “bad.” Terms like “extreme” and “right-wing” are lefty epithets clearly intended to mean “bad.” This is whi it has become a gag on the right to call yourself an “extreme right-wing extremist right-winger.” Another way to look at it is these are all words that mean “outsider” to the hive-minded members of the progressive cult.

The Daily Howler has another example, this one from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

In July, we learned that a Google search of the word “bigotry” turned up a definition that equated the word to “right-wing.” The sample sentence from the Oxford Dictionary set off a small firestorm of anger by conservatives, who don’t consider themselves bigoted and don’t think it should be part of any dictionary definition of the word.

Well, it seems Merriam-Webster also thinks conservatives are bigots.

A review of Webster’s synonyms and antonyms section of the word reveals the following:

In other words, liberals and progressives are the opposite of bigoted, but anyone related to “conservatism” is.

If you are a member of a cult, a hive or a tribe, knowing the boundaries is all consuming. It is, after all, the boundaries that define you. It’s why Jews, for example, look at Christians as a monolithic block. From their perspective, they are just the the rival team. The atheists and non-believers are mixed up in the undifferentiated other in way that seem strange to Christians, who draw different boundaries.

For Progressives, we see the same siege mentality we see with Jews, the former being irrational while the latter is rational. That’s an important distinction. For the Left, all that matters is whether you are inside the walls of the cult or outside the walls. The former is “one of us” while the latter is the hostile undifferentiated other, for which they have an endless supply of labels.

Note too that Progressive theology is greatly shaped by Judaism. It has long been noted that Jews are wildly over represented on the Left. It is reasonable to assume that a lot Jews getting together to create a political movement will end up leaving a lasting impression on the resulting product. It’s why neo-conservatism sounds like a weird combination of tzedakah and libertarianism.

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9 years ago

From your previous post, I think Sailer is correct that successful (and ambitious) minorities tend to gravitate toward alliances with the ruling class. This condition can be true whether they operate clandestinely or fearlessly in the open. “[W]e have spent most of our history as a vulnerable minority … That is why Jews both value and insist upon multicultural societies where the rule of law prevails, where distinctive identities can flourish, and where tolerance and respect are values equally applicable to all citizens.” — Abraham Foxman, Ha’aretz, February 13, 2006 It seems the most sensible answer to “Why are Jews… Read more »

9 years ago

“A host society that tolerates or promotes progressive change and diversity, and aggressively pursues universal equality, will be a comfortable place for a group that has been a traditional target of persecution.”

This explanation resonates with me, but I would not for a moment cede the high ground of “progressivism” to today’s Leftist Democrat Party, which the majority of American Jews support without fail. The growing intolerance of the Left in this country towards those who disagree with its political and social orthodoxy is a danger that should not be ignored.

9 years ago

The Merriam-Webster definition of bigotry is itself bigoted and serves as a wonderful example. Funny that.

Howizzit that we have no dictionary or thesaurus of our own? I fear we will not win on any battlefield the left chooses until we do.