This is an interesting story.

Wikipedia has imposed a 10-day ban on all edits made anonymously from the House of Representatives IP address, for making what Wikipedia has characterized as “disruptive edits,” Ars Technica reports.

On the user talk page for the IP address, Wikipedia moderators explained that the cause for the ban came from abusive edits made to the Mediaite page after that website published an article on the @congressedits Twitter account that has been publicizing edits made from congressional IPs.

The offending edits characterized Mediaite as a “sexist transphobic” blog that “automatically assumes that someone is male without any evidence.”

The ban sparked a debate over the fairness of restricting the shared IP address over a few abusive users.

“Out of over 9000 staffers in the House, should we really be banning this whole IP range based on the actions of two or three? Some of us here are just making grammatical edits, adding information about birds in Omsk, or showing how one can patch KDE2 under FreeBSD,” a user posting from the House IP wrote.

First, lets start with that last bit. The job of a government employee never includes editing Wiki pages. The sense of entitlement from this person is grotesque. They think they have a right to screw off at work “adding information about birds in Omsk, or showing how one can patch KDE2 under FreeBSD” on Wikipedia. These people should be thankful they were not fired. Instead, they are outraged that they cannot screw off on the taxpayer’s dime.

The interesting part is the neologism “transphobic” in the complaint.  Let’s go ahead and assume for a second that “trans” in this weird context means someone that likes to pretend to be of the other sex. The second part, “phobic” has a primary meaning of “strong fear.” Agoraphobia is the strong fear of open spaces. The second definition, one fairly new, is “strong dislike.”  Putting it all together, the new scare word now is “a dislike of people who pretend to be of the other sex.”

The thing about the hive minded is the intellectual base stealing that must go on in order for their internal rules and proselytizing to make any sense. Fear of people who think they are invisible or fear of people who think they can fly is a reasonable fear, as they are a danger to others. Anyone who deeply believes things that are clearly untrue has a lot of mental problems. Thinking they could be a danger to themselves or others is reasonable. It is why we lock them up.

The crotch warrior wing of the Left, skips past the debate over “trans-sexualism” and declares it “normal” and natural, even though it is abnormal. Therefore, anyone not embracing this is evil. The word “transphobic” becomes another word for bad. The list of words that mean “bad” or “outsider” for the Left is very long. It could be a dictionary all by itself probably.

The more important point is the narrow mindedness and intolerance the Left. Like Islam, the zone of acceptable thought and conduct is shrinking. In the Middle East, the Muslims blow up historic sites and stone heretics, while in the West radicals deface your Wikipedia page. Like all fanatics, our Progressives suffer from a form of eleutherophobia. They live in fear that somewhere, someone is thinking and acting according to their own will.