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I said after the last election that there are a dwindling number of ways for disaffected whites to participate in conventional politics. All of them are disruptive. For example, whites can boycott elections, especially targeting Republicans. Elections are about legitimacy and boycotts attack the legitimacy of the election. In a world of outlandish election fraud, the boycott is a useful tool. Even the most craven despots want to believe they have the support of the people.

We may be seeing something like this evolve with Biden. His big speech, which was hyped by both sides of the uniparty, drew 11 million viewers. The YouTube livestream was mostly people taking the time to down vote the feed. YouTube started deleting the down votes, but the ratio was still awful. This was supposed to be The Pretender’s big moment and people either tuned out or mocked it. In the technological age, that is the equivalent of a boycott. It was a virtual boycott.

Of course, apathy is also an explanation. Joe Biden has always been a stupid gasbag, the kind of guy who people avoid at parties. Now he is a doddering old fool with scrambled eggs for brains. Most people are embarrassed to see this ridiculous man performing even more ridiculous spectacles. White people tend not to enjoy seeing someone humiliate themselves. Fremdschamen is a real thing. It is possible the lack of interest is driven by a sense of shame.

Even so, the total lack of interest in Biden must be worrisome. There are two clear pillars of the current regime. One is they are defending democracy from insurrectionist white supremacists. This myth is so important to them they even made Biden compare January 6 to the Civil War. The other is that Biden is the great unifier of the people, a modern day Lincoln. Not all of the people. Like Lincoln, Biden would like to murder half the white people, but he is still wildly popular.

This summer the regime will try to stage some fake patriotic protests in Washington to keep the insurrectionist pillar standing. Those Trump rallies this summer will be cast as Nazi party rallies or perhaps the new Klan rally. That will be enough to keep the regime thinking they are in a great struggle with evil. It is remarkable how guys like Trump, despite the rhetoric, end up being tools of the system. The regime needs Trump and right on cue he is going to be there for them.

They cannot fake the lack of interest in Mumbly Joe. They clearly asked YouTube to rig their system to make Biden look popular. The media will keep telling us that Biden is the most admired man on earth. It is really hard to fake popularity and efforts to do usually backfire on the regime. There is always the risk of a Ceaușescu moment. Given the problems in the economy and the ongoing unrest, it is hard to see how they maintain this pillar of the regime. People just do not like Biden very much.

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241 thoughts on “Thinking About Stuff

  1. JohnWayne, I appreciate your responses. My only point is that explaining our problems in terms of not just Marxism, but Cultural Marxism, is very esoteric for most people.

    I find that saying “anti-white” is far clearer than “Cultural Marxism.”

    Give your dog a pat for me. I hope to get a few doggies soon.

    • Thanks Line. Fair point.

      Maybe thinking about things this way helps. Anti-whiteism is a tactic, a tool. Anti-whiteism is not a sustainable ideology, but it does provide cover for the more devious threat of Marxism.

      Get a dog. Mine never turns me down for a walk and is a great listener.

      • Neither John Wayne nor Clint Eastward would be seen with a cat…just saying, although Clint did have this strange affinity for chimps, which are not uncommon in Lagos.

  2. “I said after the last election that there are a dwindling number of ways for disaffected whites to participate in conventional politics.”

    Who Hasn’t said this?

  3. Men like to break things. The NWO thinks they can change that by putting men in sundresses. They won’t. The NWO will be broken.

  4. I had this sudden image of the NLD (the Non-Leftist Dissidents) sipping their mint juleps and wasting away their lives on the veranda.
    Hell, I’m acting like one of the Supporters of the Confederacy – languishing at home, trying to pull together some hodge-podge of income to support my diminished antebellum lifestyle.
    I’m going to think about this for a while – it gives me the heebie-jeebies to think that we’ve become the people of a Faulkner novel.

  5. Marxism and economics have almost nothing to do with our problems. Our enemies do not want a dictatorship of the proletariat. You are objectively incorrect.

    Stop trying to fit our current problems into a 100 year old framework.

    The framework is anti-white. Why not say it?

  6. You are always good with advice Zman. Maybe the Bitcoin craze, is someway to financially throw sand in the gears of this regime. Buying from companies like Alaska Chaga Tea and Havamal Soap works if all 250,000 of your monthly readers bought it and told their friends to, it would make a small difference. Financial stuff we can do is always stuff we think about. How can we spend or pool are money in a better way to help our side. Undercut their side.

    • Maybe the Bitcoin craze is some way to financially throw sand in the gears of this regime.

      In re: Z’s immediately previous essay [“Cruel Summer”; posted on April 29, 2021], Warren Buffet is now declaring that inflation is upon us:

      Warren Buffett: We are seeing substantial inflation and are raising prices

      PS: Vox clearly & unequivocally named teh j00 today; muh guess is that it won’t be long until he’s banned from (((Blogspot))):

      Recently Ang1in poasted some representative photos of the (((owners))) of (((Blogspot))) [the two chosen boyz who somehow managed to steal AltaVista from HP, doubtless with the help of traitoress Carly Fiorina]:

  7. Speaking of Glenn Beck – while driving yesterday I heard him give a full endorsement of the murder of Ashli Babbitt.

  8. Please, someday may this be on Biden’s tombstone.

    “A doddering old fool with scrambled eggs for brains.”


    George W is still way worse. For all the reasons mentioned by Z and in comments from past. What a fake-ass family. Lately he’s been signaling against everything Right. I do like how many on the Left won’t accept it and remind everyone that the guy is a war criminal. Let everyone shame that faux cowboy forever. PLEASE don’t let him go to the grave thinking he was ultimately beloved.

    • Point to where where did George and his family touch you?

      It is a slide to compare the actual “Acting” POTUS with a currently non-influential has been from almost 15 years ago. I will add that in their zealous hate for Trump and America, the degenerates violated the first rule of cancel culture which is to not speak names, words and ideas you wish to cancel.

      We should cancel people and bad ideas, as well as transform certain words and phrases into curses as we form our dominant culture. We should do it better than the degenerates, too.

      For example, that dumb cunt who is supposed to be representing the good people of Wyoming is continuing the destructive legacy of her father.

      • George W started a pointless war that cost trillions and worsened our national security. He would have opened the borders but couldn’t get an amnesty done in 06 or 07. I would say he is worse than Biden but then again Biden’s presidency is young.

        • Bush the Lesser was the CIF on September 11th 2001 When the USAF had more planes guarding the Capital of Saudi Arabia than both Washington and Ne York.

  9. I guess the bottom line is we need to wrest back control of both media & academia sooner rather than later.

    • They cannot fake the lack of interest in Mumbly Joe.

      2 x Tater Joe in da newz 2-day [teh last day of April**]:

      FIRST: Pentagon cancels Trump-era border wall construction paid for by military funds

      SECOND: Video of Biden with a Young Boy

      **Tomorrow – May Day – always seems to have a special significance for the pagans & sh!tlibs & trotskyites & whatnot. I imagine it’s just another excuse (((they))) use to harvest the little shegetz boys and drain their blood and imbibe the adrenochrome [particularly since this May Day falls on the (((Black Sabbath)))].

      • Moar Tater Joe in da newz 2-day:

        Joe Biden Takes Credit For Trump’s $600 Stimulus Check In December 2020

        “With the $600 direct payment from December, this brings the total relief payment up to $2,000. This fulfills a promise I made to you, and will help get millions of Americans through this crisis.”

        Which is why sane White Christians once hung signs on their bidnesses declaring “Taterz need not apply”.

        On account of Taterz gonna Tate.

        It’s just what they are.


        They can’t help it.

        Incest, child molestation, ubiquitously incessant grifting & corruption, congenital substance addiction, pathological lying [about even the simplest little things, which needn’t be lied about], whoremongery, existential treachery, etc etc etc.

        All with a great big Emerald Isle stumbling drunken smile on their puffy red faces, right up until they switch to serpent mode, and their eyes go cold and dark and their skin turns pallid and their chattering guffawing mouths go silent and they stab you in the back.

        Taterz gonna Tate.

    • We will never “wrest control” of the media or academia or the government from the current billionaire owners. The only viable option is to create a separate system, with enough others to support it and defend it.

      • Wrestling actual control isn’t going to happen, but I have to believe that sabotaging the airwaves can be accomplished by a people with the will.

    • Yes, but will it be enough to be the top murder capital of the US, beating Chicago, New York, etc.?

      I think it went right down to the wire in 2020. Baltimore for the “win”!

    • Interesting website. Few thoughts:

      Somewhat surprised that murder rate is only up 11% compared to last year. Could maybe be because it already jumped pretty high after Freddy Grey in 2015. If Baltimore was a country, it would be the most dangerous or second most dangerous country in the world (measured by death rate) trailing only Honduras.

      If you click the links and look at the pictures you see stuff that is unsurprising (black on black violence) but also a substantial amount of white people being killed too. These whites, AFAIK, are mostly getting killed in drug related violence. People talk about deaths due to drug overdose, which are terrible, but drug abuse also exposes vulnerable white drug addicts to a violent black underclass. Yet another reason to push back against the normalization of drug use!

      • Control has been wrested before. Who knows.. Sometimes i think that the current regime is a vulnerable brittle husk that a single whack could topple.

      • It is an interesting Web site. I run a shop in Z’s Lagos, and I see quite a few more whites engaging with the usual dealers we have in the alley, who’ve been fixtures for ages… Almost as if there is a new surge of “tourists” for drugs (20s-something white kids). The incidences of aggressive behavior with this lot is more than last year, for sure… Good knows we’ve been on the horn with the police countless times. Not that it means anything.

  10. Regarding Z man’s comments on the blackening of advertisements, I don’t watch TV, but I do use YouTube quite a bit. I’ve also been using a VPN and YouTube commercials are obviously based on where they think you are. If I use an Asian VPN node, I see Asian and some white people in advertisements. A US node yields 97% negroes. Eastern Europe nodes give you white people. Germany shows an unusual number of negroes as does Australia. England is maybe 60% blacks. It’s weird.

    • An objective space alien observing the USA would conclude that we worship blacks.

      I would have assumed that it was psychologically impossible to condition a nation to worship the race with the least civilizational ability, I would never have believed it. Yet here we are. It’s like worshipping termites or locusts.

      Yet here we are. Who engineered this and why?

        • Retired fifth-rate SUNY professor of psychology objecting to “tiny” or to “termite”?


      • Going to mentally break half the country someday. You can’t have blacks as “sacred objects” while also having to deal with the attendant crime statistics.

        Somethings gotta give.

        • Going to mentally break half the country someday. You can’t have blacks as “sacred objects” while also having to deal with the attendant crime statistics. Somethings gotta give.

          Until you start analyzing these things in terms of Insula versus Amgydala, you simply cannot understand the lengths to which the mind of the White shitlib [unitardian, quaker, wesleyan, jesuitical, etc] will twist and contort a faux logic into existence which provides the shitlib with an ostensibly conceivably valid excuse for not being disconnected from The Signal of muh feelz which the Frankfurt School broadcasts directly into their Insulae.

          Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans

          February 13, 2013
          “Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala.”

          The Signal is a psychological heroin to which the White shitlib is hopelessly addicted.

          It’s a sociological meta-substance abuse which is an existential Darwinian failure in the wiring of the Insula-dominant White shitlib brain.

          PS: In muh own experience, White shitlibs also have a terrible problem with actual physical substance addictions [such as actual physical heroin or SSRIs or benzodiazpines or alcohol], and my guess is that the two phenomena – Insula dominance and actual physical substance addiction – are likely to be rather closely related.

      • Magic negroes indeed.

        I make sure to flag literally every single ad I see with a black person. I dont want to see a black guy breakdancing in a bank commercial, nor a black woman taking a bath for an amazon commercial, and what the hell is a rough black man’s voice doing narrating a big white family’s cabin vacation commercial? I know he came from a single mother home like 74% of his community. The vacations he had growing up were being locked out of the house while mom was overdosing on crack.

      • Our leaders are Marxists. Your class is determined by your skin color. Whites are the Bourgeosie, blacks the proletariat. Whites will become the neo-kulaks, sent to concentration camps or Kansas to work oxen and plow. Starvation and misery to be shared by all, except those residing in the politburo and Kremlin, Marxville, formerly known as Washington.

        • The rulers are not Marxists; they are postmodern capitalists. We are beyond the point at which one’s stance on economic structures determines one’s political position.

          • We will never move beyond the point where ones stance on economic structures determines ones politics.

          • The rulers are not Marxists; they are postmodern capitalists.

            Class, repeat after me: There is no difference between Karl Heinrich “Marx” Levi and Alisa Zinovyevna “Ayn Rand” Rosenbaum; they are one and the same j00.

            Crapitalism is Marxism and Marxism is Crapitalism.

            All ideologies are psychological warfare campaigns.

            Again, class, repeat after me: ALL IDEOLOGIES ARE PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE CAMPAIGNS.

            Karl LLLevi attacks you from your LLLeft; Alissa RRRosenbaum attacks you from your RRRight.

            But they are precisely the same j00, acting on precisely the same the satanically motivational imperatives: En-trance the goyim, hypnotize the goyim, corral the goyim, and send the goyim off to the kosher slaughterhouses so that the goyische b100d may be imbibed for Purim, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah and Passover.

            Once moar, class, repeat after me: CRAPITALISM IS MARXISM AND MARXISM IS CRAPITALISM.


            And you, poor stoopid goyische fool, are what’s for dinner.

        • Marxism and economics have almost nothing to do with our problems. Our enemies do not want a dictatorship of the proletariat. You are objectively incorrect.

          Stop trying to fit our current problems into a 100 year old framework.

          The framework is anti-white. Why not say it?

          • The framework is anti white. Ok? I thought that was a given. Stop with the constant woe is me they are picking on me cuz i’m white, already. Widen your field of vision. Anti-whiteness, censorship, state control of media, state control of education, class warfare, racism, federalizing policing, unequal justice system, authoritarianism, socialism, state control of the economy, loss of freedom, corruption, taking of political prisoners. Sounds a bit like Marxism, no? At least it looks and walks like a duck.

          • Just finished morning walk with my canine pal. Few more items come to me. How about rigged elections, redistributive confiscatory tax policy with hugh loop holes for the wealthy, intimidating the supreme court, rogue judges, re-writing history, brain washing our kids, Wait till they come for your guns.

    • There’s also the gaying of the media. The last three recently-released shows I’ve watched have prominently featured homosexual relationships, often in ways that make me cringe, and often just shoe-horned in: “Look! Gay!” You’d think the population of the US is 50% black and 30% gay.

    • The Left is always saying how POC were made invisible till now. Earlier today I was leafing through an old Sport magazine I still have from when I was a boy. 1978. Black man on cover. The great Raider Cliff Branch. Ok, black athlete on cover, that’s a given.

      Inside, Army ROTC ad. “6,000 ways we help students go to college.” 16 people pictured. 5 are women. 1 a Latina woman. 2 black men. 1 of them prominently in first row.

      Another ad from Rawlings. Showing close up of 15 grammar school kids in class. 2 black kids. 1 is boy. 1 is girl. 1 Asian girl. Black boy is the focus of the whole photo.

      Marine ad. Blond woman tuning an engine.

      Ad for Plymouth Arrow. Shows two couples. 1 couple white. 1 couple black. …1978

      Army National Guard ad. Featuring Arthur Ashe. A famous black tennis player who was secretly gay and died of AIDS. 4 people next to him. 1 Asian. 1 Latino man. 1 white guy. 1 Latina woman.

      O.J. Dingo ad. Pictured with 3 legs. “The man’s all legs and knows about feet.” Besides being obscene. How stupid.

      1 article on Martinia Navratilova. Bulky Czeck steroid lesbo tennis champion. Super positive article.

      I’ve got loads of magazines from back then up until now. Sort of a collector. From high-brow to low-brow. People of color weren’t made invisible. It’s easy to forget that even in the 70’s media weren’t ignoring blacks.

      There are exceptions however. Looking at my Vogue magazines. Until pretty recently, you’d be hard-pressed to find black women in them. Like, I have recent issues in which there’s not a single black model, either in an ad, or a fashion layout, in 200 to 300 pages.

      I guess your pre-woke upper-class white women wanted ZERO image association with downmarket black women. And the companies paying big money for the photoshoots and the ad placement weren’t about to risk it. Now, almost every page of Vogue has a black woman. Vogue is the new Jet. LOL.

      I think 1978 had the ratios about right. Pretty damn reasonable. Even Liberal.

      As LineIn said below. Hard to imagine the change. But Prog knows that minds and culture can be molded like wet clay on a spinner. They’re not gonna NOT take advantage of that just because some fuddy-duddies stand in front of them yelling stop. They laugh at that. It’s so over.

  11. Joe Biden has always been a stupid gasbag

    Now he is a stupid gasbag suffering from senile dementia, a spokes-muppet.

    Even so, the total lack of interest in Biden must be worrisome.

    I disagree. I think the lack of interest in Biden plays into the hands of the people with their hands up his ass. The less attention paid to him the easier for them to pull off whatever schemes they want!

    This summer the regime will try to stage some fake patriotic protests in Washington to keep the insurrectionist pillar standing.

    And you can bet your last dollar the “protestors will be bussed in and carrying nice, professionally printed signs.

    People just do not like Biden very much.

    Which is part of why I expect Kameltoe to effect a 25th Amendment coup by Labor Day. Then Gropey/Dopey Joe will be back skinny dipping in his own pool and “Doctor” Jill will be back diddling hunky poolboys.

    • I am hoping however that two women will clash. Dr. Jill could be the new Edith Wilson keeping the VP away.

      • Jill Biden is not going to want to babysit Joe in a retirement home in Wilmington. There will be an epic girl fight when Kamela Harris makes her move to replace Joe. I don’t think, however, that she’ll act until after January 20, 2023, so that she can serve out Joe’s turn and still be eligible for two full terms, after which she’ll probably be president-for-life.

    • Rejoice!

      The Biden Ascendancy (and Trump Downfall) has made it abundantly clear:

      The President has as much power as the Queen of England. Which is to say: none at all. He’s a figurehead now; we can all quit following the horserace the bestows “legitimacy” to US Gov because we have elections every couple of years.

      (Would that it were that simple)

    • Comrade Joe Stalin – Comrade Joe Biden
      White House, Capitol Bldg – Kremlin, Politboro

      Bourgeosie, Proletariat – whites, blacks
      KGB – FBI

      Tass, Izvestia – NY Times, Washington Post
      Stupid wars, Afghanistan – Stupid wars, Afghanistan

      Socialism – Redistribution
      Discrimination – Affirmative Action

      Political prisoners – Political Prisoner
      Social Justice – Social Justice

      Secular atheists – Secular atheists

  12. How ‘come nobody told me about the charming local traditions of Philly?

    The ferals here Philly don’t do drive by shoots

    They do drive-by half stick of dynamite

    In daylight, in the middle of traffic, ffs

    • Hmmm. Does Sailer’s Law still apply in such a “drive-by”? You know. The one that goes something like

      “In any mass shooting, if there are more wounded than killed, the shooter(s) was almost certainly Black. There were more killed than wounded then the shooter was almost certainly NOT Black.”

      (Inquiring minds want to know.)

      • Full Black, yessir, celebrating their historic blackness, and pissed at their oppression by Puerto Ricans

        • I’ve noticed. He was very quiet on ed dutton’s show and kept things relatively PC, but he’s becoming more cynical in the last few months.

    • You DO realize, don’t you, that what you wrote is a mortal insult – to ficuses!

      • I offer apology, seeing as how the botanical kingdom has a better grasp of issues
        A recent comment, overheard:
        “In regards to AOC, well, the jellyfish has lasted for 650 million years without a brain”

        • Sorry, but I still love the Zman’s “she has the brains of a hamster”

          Those teeth-
          Those eyes-
          I can just see her cheeks bulging, busily munching, clutching a bit of gerbil food in her paws

  13. I realize you guys have always thought tv commercials were bad. But they were competently bad. Averagely bad as in everything for a mass audience is average. (And I’m not even talking about the woke signaling in ads. And not production value, obviously, the white men handle that. So that’s still good.) But just the quality, as in execution of idea.

    Since everyone here supposedly “don’t watch tv”, “cut my cable”, “haven’t watched NFL since Ditka.” I’m here to tell you that just in the last year, ads have lowered to remedial level bad. From the somber to the “fun” to the comedic…have become conspicuously bad. The kind of dumb that even a dumb viewer think is dumb.

    It used to be that ad agencies and their corporate clients in the Creative Dept, would have a few token females or Pocs to chime in with an idea. But it’s obvious from ads now that they’re in charge of Creative. Or if not actaully in charge…their ideas can’t be dismissed anymore. (Picture men and woman in brainstorming session. Men stifling laughter, “Yeah Sally…no. That angle played itself out like 15 years ago.”) But now the dumb idea from dumb Fempocs has to take center stage. Reject Shantelle’s idea and half the poc room is mumbling about sexism.

    Again, most ads were always stupid. But expectedly so. Now they’re “how did that get approved?” level bad. And I’m talking from the viewpoint of average TV addict Jill Sixpack AND Libtard Karen. They’re yelling at their tv more than ever, “How is that funny?”

    Which is all to say, you can actually see how wokeness effects quality in real time by watching commercials. Hell, just watch them for fun. Like, revel in the shit. (In high school our group of buds used to rent bad movies because they were way more fun to watch than the “good” movies”). Enjoy these ads knowing that even our enemies realize they’re a new level of woke bad. And especially our hip, creative white male enemies know it. Hell, their truly creative ideas get shot down in meetings now so Dante’s idiotic idea can end up being the commercial…JUST because it came from poc. You KNOW Creative Dept-whitey is PISSED nowdays. I don’t care what he parrots in Starbucks. Inside he’s seething and probably wants to join us. heheh

    (FWIW, I’m not one of us who thinks TV shows and sitcoms have gotten worse over the decades. I think they’ve gotten much better. Levels better.)

    • I’m not one of us who thinks TV shows and sitcoms have gotten worse over the decades.

      Depends. Stuff like I Love Lucy, etc are still watchable, but even I’ve been surprised at the unwatchability of stuff from the nineties that I’ve gone back and viewed. And as for the quality of today, “Modern Family” negates all that by itself.

    • Our ape reviewers in the future are going to have a ball binge-watching a Crapathon

      Revel in it, indeed, their cup runneth over

    • I’m no expert, but the very annoyance of the ad may be deliberate. Maybe they really are brainwashing us, but I suspect an effective marketing psychology. I can still remember ad jingles from my childhood, 50 years ago.

    • Yeah, this is why I quit listening to NPR.

      I start screaming at the radio in less than 60 seconds.

      TV is now much the same, including/especially the NFL.

    • To add to your post, I saw a Ritz cracker commercial that made me do a face palm.

      Homosexual black male putting lipstick on while looking in a mirror.

      Ding dong, the front doorbell rings.

      Dude rushes to the door, opens it, and his white lover enters.

      They proceed to embrace and lock lips in a passionate kiss.

      The only thing I thought,(and it wasn’t Ritz crackers), is who the hell are they marketing to?

    • Yeah this happened to my company. Masculine owner wants to hire hot young women. They hire an HR woman who hires as many women and POC as possible. They ball their eyes out during st george floyd day and decide to ask everyone to declare their race, and use MOSTLY black female talent in all of our commercials and stock imagery moving forward lol. Black people are not interested in our product and most can’t afford it, yet here we are. I can see the data, and nobody is buying from the black women-lead ads.

    • Pro-tips

      1) buy a raspberry pi kit and setup a pihole instance to block ad requests at your router.
      2) if you need to watch something on YT, search the title on bing videos and no ads.

  14. Yes, it does feel like we’re living in a strange, in-between time. I remember feeling that we veered “off script” the night Trump won. It felt really important that Hillary lose, that we were on the cusp of something very bad if she was victorious. Since November 2016, we’ve been off the rails.

    Biden going in hasn’t fixed anything. As much as they would like to go back in time, and paste 2021 back onto 2015, it isn’t happening. There are *alot* of people who are no longer sleep walking. Not necessarily our guys but their ears perked up. 75 million Americans voted Trump in 2020, despite the greatest brainwashing, demoralization, and anti white racism campaign by Biden/DNC/Media of all time.

    Trump made them expose themselves. They came out from the shadows and demonstrated that pretty much everything normiecons believed was a lie. And that is huge. We cannot start rebuilding until people realize that modern America is a lie (and actually the whole “democratic west”).

    I still get the feeling that in the future Trump may have saved the West and even the entire white race, not from any action but simply by gumming up the system for 4 years and showing how evil the DC swamp is. I think Hillary had some really nasty things in store for white men, and at that time the frog was still boiling in the pot.

  15. The MSM has never been our friend and in fact as Z points out hates us. For example they painted the Tet Offensive as a great defeat of the American military when the opposite was true.

    Domestically they created mass hysteria on multiple occasions. One of which was the AIDS epidemic which they told the people that everyone could get it. So as to not to draw to disgusting sexual practices of gay men.

    Then we had the Satanic cult scare where they created a total lie that the McMartin Preschool was the center of a Satanic child sacrificial cult. Even local law enforcement went along with the hysteria. They so convinced people that they ended up seeing Satanists everywhere.

    Fast forward a few years and then there was major PR effort to get us to attack Saddam Hussein. And why? Because his troops were supposedly stabbing Kuwaiti babies in incubators(a total lie created by Hill and Knowlton PR for Bush 41) to get Congress behind a invasion.

    And let us not forget the Cold War hysteria. All through the 60’s to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Our MSM neglected to tell the people that it was American farmers feeding the Soviet empire and keeping it from dying.

    GWII – a total MSM generated event where the press turned into stenographers for the Neocons. And convinced the people that Saddam was behind 9/11.

    Another is how they sold NAFTA to the American people as something good all the while knowing it would gut the working and middle-class

    Richard Jewel. The FBI and MSM teamed up to frame a innocent man who saved lives. They ruined Jewel’s life for sport.

    Steven Hatfill. The FBI and MSM blamed him for the Anthrax letters even though he was innocent.

    • The so-called “mainstream media” has been the propaganda department of the Council on Foreign Relations for nearly a century. The next time you see Jake Tapper interviewing Antony Blinken, just remember that you are watching two CFR members reading a script. Here’s a chart showing a fraction of this interlocking network:

    • Fast forward a few years and then there was major PR effort to get us to attack Saddam Hussein. And why? Because his troops were supposedly stabbing Kuwaiti babies in incubators

      Excuse me. My son was in the Gulf war you blathered about. He was actually IN Kuwait City mere hours after the Iraqis left. I described to me just a hint of what he saw. The stuff they said about what Saddam’s troops did there? The MSM didn’t tell us even a SMIDGEON of what those bastards did. Oh, and my son told me so I took it to the bank and so can you! And I don’t give a fart whether you believe me! Put THAT in your bong and toke it.

      • Fucking Bush lover. Saddam was our puppet and was no threat to us period. And you know what Arabs are butchers and thugs. That’s how they roll. Have you no clue about foreign cultures?

        The babies being bayoneted was a full on lie created by Hill and Knowlton at the behest of the Kuwaiti government and the so-called witness was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador who was not even in Kuwait

        Can’t refute that war lover.

        • So you’re saying my son – a BY GOD DECORATED COMBAT VETERAN – WHO WAS THERE is lying to me, his DAD!? But you – who WEREN’T THERE are telling the truth? Your eyes are brown, aren’t they. They HAVE to be!

          Ignorant pissant! YOU! WEREN’T!! THERE!!!

          Please note that I do not hide behind some indecipherable, untraceable net logon. I, BY GOD – FEKKING BOLDLY – post here and everywhere else under my own name! Cowardly pissant calls my son a liar.

          • Take your medicine before you have a stroke, Gramps.

            Sing a few verses of good ol Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” and make it all better…

          • Bill, the mongoloids here can’t grasp the difference between an honorable man, like your son…and the sociopaths that sent him there. It is what it is. America is being destroyed, unfortunately, we’re witness to it.

        • Here’s the full story of how the fake “babies in incubators” testimony was used to sway public opinion in favor of the Iraq war. Whatever else did or didn’t happen, that particular story was a complete media con-job.

          One of the biggest profiteers from that war was the Carlyle Group whose founder, David Rubenstein, is now a billionaire. He is also the current chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

        • Pickle Rick,
          You are just another ignorant pissant asshole hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and verbally assaulting his betters. Like that other ignorant pissant asshole above YOU! WEREN’T THERE!!!

          Eat shit and die, the lot of you!

          • It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that you’ve been a dupe. At least it was for me.

      • So your son saw an Iraqi boynet a child or murder it be removing it from an incubator: yes or no?

        No one is arguing Iraq was a wonderful place as far as I can tell.

      • My other question would be, great, your son is a decorated war here. All well and good. Why does that have anything to do with what we are discussing here? Second, why do the supposedly witnessed atrocities justify full scale mobilization of the distant empire? You’re taking something personal when it need not be. No one involved your son but you, nor did anyone disparage veterans.

        Interested in your reply and explanation as to what good that war and further conflicts did for all of us, and the nation as a whole.

        • Whenever I ask why I or any American should give a pigs ass who runs Syria or the Ukraine, I usually get an incomprehensible gaping stare.

          If you really want to screw with the programming, ask what benefit the US gets out of its relationship with Israel…

  16. I wonder if the slander machine can generate enough buzz about xirls in the media, at the B level, for them to be basically run out of the luggenpresse. Use their own tactics against them by utilizing these “slander” websites to paint them as the soulless vile loathsome creatures they are.

  17. I was thinking how this current insanity is like a cell splitting. right now the cell/country is in the phase where mass is accumulated and the two strands are separating. next each strand will pair up to become whole, with two cells/countries resulting. that’s when the real fun begins…

  18. Hang on. So mathematics has hallmarks of independence, self sufficiency, and whatever else; and all this is bad? The xirl science preachers need to be blown from cannon, quite frankly.

    That tribute business is actually one of the most debauched things I have heard about.

    • Almost everything plaguing our world comes right out of feminism. Feminism is the underlying cancer in society.

        • Feminism is the existential threat. If we deal with that, the rest will quickly fall into place. Men are not acting like men because they are failing to be men in their homes wrt their wives and daughters.

          Feminism is how the other malicious ideas were injected into our culture and government to enable the importation of aliens and get us to pay for it, too.

          • Feminism is merely one tentacle of the subversive ideology promulgated by our elites. The elite is the existential threat to whites.

  19. It’s true that we’re not going to vote our way out of this mess, but I still vote in most elections, if only to vote against whoever the leftist candidate happens to be. I really don’t believe that the Left cares about legitimacy one way or another; only victory matters. How they arrive at their goal of totalitarian government and nihilist culture seems not to matter to them. In fact, they probably regard our despair with Schadenfreude. Our sneers about elective politics matter not to them–certainly not to the younger, Red-Guard-like hipster generation. I DO have backup plans if someone or something moves the abyss to a new low, but I’ll do what I can to push back, even if the prospects are bleak. Apathy and disdain aren’t options for me at this time. And one can find courage in his despair.

    • But how does one respond when you and your neighbors clearly vote one way, yet the persons who “count the vote” decide the opposite? In other words, they steal the election and make a fool out of you and mock your efforts?

      Seems to me fruitless in continuing such behavior in light of this phenomenon. I for one have simply quit the “game”. Not simply wrt voting, but also support of other civic activities. Just the other night, a charity that I have been active with for years called and basically asked, “…what’s up, not heard from you…”. I simply explained that in light of the last election and current situation resulting from such, I no longer participate in any charitable giving, nor other civic “duties”.

      This is not to say I don’t care. I’m simply at the point of reducing my formally knee jerk support to careful consideration and only to those of my immediate circle of friends and neighbors. That’s my interpretation of the small group organization we commonly talk about within this group. Those people know me and I know them. Not a grifter in the lot. White, but that’s to be expected, and has happened to fall out as such. 😉

      • Step 1 – wake up to the reality of what is happening.
        Step 2 – refuse to legitimize a fraudulent voting charade.
        Step 3 – recognize that the Uniparty is an authoritarian tyranny.
        Step 4 – prepare for things to get worse faster.
        Step 5 – be patient, and fight back on your terms & timing.

        Pitching a fit because you’re angry just gets you shot in the neck by a Fed. That’s not winning, it’s cruel suicide.

        • Moving to a remote cabin in Idaho per step 4 and 5 can also get you “shot in the neck by a Fed”. Just ask Vicki Weaver.

          • Chances are the way the way the Feds are demonizing whites it won’t matter where you are. If you are white you will be a target for them or their associates.

          • Rwc is correct.

            I’m in a position where I may be resuming overseas work in an authoritarian Muslim socialist police state.

            The upside is that I don’t hear an endless torrent of anti-white race hate from their government.

          • Don’t forget that she was holding her infant child when the Stasi sniper took her out from 400 meters. It takes a special class of evil to attempt that shot. That’s what we’re up against. Underestimate them at your own peril.

      • Here is a good rule of thumb–whatever “society” wants you to do, do the opposite. For instance, the grocery store at which I shop occasionally hits you up for a contribution to some charity when you check out. Most recently it’s been the Children’s Miracle Network or some such. In the past, I was inclined to make occasional contributions to these organizations. No more. Frankly, the tentacles of the Power Structure are so invasive that I no longer trust even charities. I just assume that a portion of my contribution–or perhaps all of it–will be deployed against white people, some way, somehow.

        • No doubt about it. Many corporations pressure their employees to contribute to the corrupt United Way organization, which “proudly” supports LGBT and BLM groups.

          • In ancient times (the 1960s) my dad was a federal employee. When there was a periodic savings bond drive he would sign up as was his patriotic Duty. But he made sure to redeem the bonds as soon as he received them. 💩

        • Almost every charity in the US is staffed with people who hate your guts. I don’t give to charities, I give to people. Find someone who is of good character but struggling and help them. Or find someone who is doing good work that needs to be encouraged and reward them.

          • Funding charities is basically what keeps Portland, OR and other useless future above-ground nuclear test sites going. There wasn’t much industry here before the Coof and the Governor and Mayor have driven off most of what remains. The only work here is found in non-profits (Big Poz), government (Bigger Poz), boutique hipster stores and restaurants (Small Poz), and the sex industry.

            For the love of God stop giving to charities and starve the hipsters.

          • Charity begins (and ends) with those whom you know, personally.

            The local Church and men’s/women’s organizations used to be great for this. The now desert of “social capital” that R. Putnam wrote about.

            They know who’s deserving, and who’s not.

        • I don’t trust charities these days either. But regardless, charities—where I live especially—support the power structure to our disadvantage. How? Well the ones that are not pure grifters fill in the holes that the local Leftist government rule creates, which in turn tends to mask the effects of their bad policies.

          As we all have come to understand, “No pain, no change!”

        • Your point about doing the opposite of the establishment propaganda is dead-on with regards to Covid.

          Everything they trash, ignore, or actively suppress are exactly what you should be out doing to maintain good health.

      • But how does one respond when you and your neighbors clearly vote one way, yet the persons who “count the vote” decide the opposite? In other words, they steal the election and make a fool out of you and mock your efforts?

        Which is why, since November, I no longer will bother to vote. There is a local election tomorrow and a polling place a scant mile from my house but I have no intention of voting. Why bother? The city (San Antonio, Texas) and county (Bexar) are both totally under Democrat control. The graffitti is easily readable. My vote no longer counts. So be it. I don’t have to like it but I DIDDLE DAMNED sure don’t have to support it by participating. Eat shit and DIE,Democrats!!!

      • “I for one have simply quit the “game”. Not simply voting, but also support of other civic activities.”

        Spot on, Compsci. I have done exactly the same. I used to be HUGELY involved in local volunteer efforts to ‘serve the underprivileged’. No more. I am not happy to see the projects that I poured my efforts into become derelict (which they invariably will) but that is simply the reality of the Country Formerly Known as America.

        “and only to those of my immediate circle of friends and neighbors”
        Correct again. We support our tribe exclusively and shun all outgroups. If it’s good enough for g*d’s chosen, it’s good enough for us. 🙂

    • “I really don’t believe that the Left cares about legitimacy one way or another; only victory matters.”

      If this was true then Biden would already have suspended elections in Blue areas. Instead, the Socialists have gone to incredible, expensive efforts to make all their gerrymandering and vote fraud look authentic.

      How they actually act is the exact opposite… as if appearances are ALL that matters. Like with COVID, they don’t care about defeating the plague. They want to be seen making heroic measures. Yes, they’re making the vaxx mandatory but look at how hard they’re trying to get people to take it voluntarily: offering bribes and respect.

      The traitor craves legitimacy above all because it’s something he cannot steal.

    • One thing I’m curious about – where are her family and friends? You’d think they’d be kicking up all kinds of a fuss, but if they’ve had anything to say, I haven’t seen anything in the media.

      • A tree falls. Kaboom! Makes a big fuss. No one reports it, how would you know, especially if it’s a tree they don’t care about.

      • “One thing I’m curious about – where are her family and friends?”

        She has neither. You can search for her name on my blog, I did some background work on her. (When I post a link to myself, the system calls it spam.)

        TL;DR Babbit was D.C. Air National Guard then divorced her Beta husband, married her Alpha lover and moved to San Diego to become a pool boy.

        No kids and neither of her husbands is likely to miss her.

        • That is….disturbing.

          Thanks for posting. I don’t respect women who divorce; especially don’t respect women who won’t have kids (medical issues notwithstanding).

    • I thought she was shot by a congressional cop. What’s this about her being shot by an actual congresscritter?

      • “If it’s in the news, it’s a lie. It’s purpose is to manipulate you. ”

        Repeat x1000.

        I still get sucked into “the narrative”.

  20. The Left used to play the underdog. It has moved on to playing the grinning vigilante. Lawless but cheered on by the hordes for its gratifying revenge kills.

  21. These are words that were put into our President’s mouth, that he spoke to the nation on Wed. April 28, 2021:

    “And, we won’t ignore what our own intelligence agencies have determined – the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacist terrorism.”

    Now it’s no secret this is one of the regime’s current “talking points.” We recently heard a nearly identical statement (or leak, same thing) from the FBI. But that is the point that should not be overlooked —

    This is officially approved thought. It doesn’t matter that it’s patently false. In a sense, it IS true, as Z points out in today’s essay. In so many words, we are increasingly polarized. The Woke regime is constantly upping the ante. Let us hope for now, that the current regime doesn’t literally want to “murder half the people.” But it is almost certainly true that they view about half of the electorate as actual, or potential “white supremacists.” And we have already been labelled terrorists. Will they continue to push, until more and more of us actually become so, whether by their ever-evolving web of “laws,” or by our deeds? This is not going to end well.

    In sort of related news, France had the statement by past and present military bemoaning France’s slide, and all but threatening the possibility of a coup. Here’s a good article from Power Line. Some of the comments are especially good.

    Now, let’s leave aside paranoid thoughts, like could that be a false-flag psyop? It doesn’t matter. What does matter, both in France and here, is that the time is growing short. Surely there are similar sentiments in our military. Whether we’ll see our won similar declaration, I don’t know. It’s rather hard on one’s career, is the problem! Those who smugly say “Can’t happen here” apparently have no knowledge of US history ca. 1860.

    • Biden: What he said: “The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacist terrorism.”

      What he conveyed: “The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacists or anyone who even remotely sounds like them.”

    • Basically Biden is defining the Left’s “new” enemy, anyone who disagrees with the Left’s agenda. It’s a twofur, it allows/declares war on the Left’s greatest potential threat, White traditional, united, Americans, while distracting the rest of the mob from who is really making their lives miserable.

      • A threefer, because a lot of those ‘terrorist White Supremacists’ will beg to surrender just at the accusation.

        Have you seen the Jeopardy champ Kelly Donohue? 500 people falsely accused his of flashing a WP sign and his response was a one-man struggle session. “I absolutely, unequivocally condemn white supremacy and racism of any kind. People who know me personally know that I am not a racist, but for the public at large it bears repeating: I am not a racist and I reject and condemn white supremacy and all forms of bigotry for the evil they are…”

        Why do Cuckservatives care so much what their enemies think about them?

  22. In that NY Times story on slander, the reporter called himself “a loser who would do anything for attention.” Based on the content of his article, I don’t see the slander.

  23. Well that is just another spectacular show, Z. I really liked the ‘Hate Them Back’ segment. You should really have a chat with Torba over at Gab about that – there has been an absolute deluge of normies and neoconservative rubes that know something is wrong, but can’t put their fingers on it. You are preaching to the choir here – you need to be doing your evangelical magic over there among the sinners, fornicators and the tribute/cumshot sinners of Blab. Stuff like this will get even the densest rube to start thinking and questioning – and that is what we need most right now.

  24. In response to the corporate woke advertising segment, I have seen a lot of commercials where the mixed race couple is a white man and black woman. Nissan has an entire series with this and the black woman is usually driving. In the one ad where she isn’t, she wants to stop at a farmer’s market and buffoon white dad wants to drive his Nissan off road instead. Admittedly, I don’t watch that much TV, but this seems to be the new trend.

    • As for “buffoon white dad” in the corporate advertising world, think of where these vaunted ‘Madison Avenue’ types live and were raised. In the cities, and suburban locales adjacent to them.

      IMO they are reflecting THEIR buffoon dads. Living in suburbia, near a major city, I see these men all the time. Interact with them in business, etc.

      I see them masking up 500 yards from the stores, waddling their fat selves, sometimes with their masked-up toddlers in tow.

      They can’t use a tool, maintain their own homes, vehicles.

      Spend time in front of the TV, wearing two or more pieces of the same licensed sports team gear, cheering on ‘their team’.

      Their wives do not respect them and there is an evident lack of chemistry between those that remain married, say pre divorce raped by their middle-aged wives.

      The need $2,000 riding mowers to mow a 1/4 acre, or pay illegals to do it like their peers. They certainly do not put their sons, let alone their daughters out there.

      Their children don’t work as teens.

      I could go on and on, but you get the idea. If these advertising industry geniuses could wander out, say to the forbidden zone, they might see men that don’t fit the description of their own fathers. In the meantime, their lack of respect for their own is reflected in their work.

      • I grew up in a couple of the NY suburbs you describe; went to school with kids whose Dads were name-partners in some of the biggest ad agencies out there. They weren’t fat slobs waddling into Wallyworld or watching sports on tv. They were extremely well-groomed, often VERY good-looking men who applied their creativity in long work weeks. They were strangers to their kids, is how I remember them. Of course a lot of that work involved Don Draper-ish behavior, but the folks at home were well-cared for and generally issued no complaints. Obviously the point of their business was to make money for their clients, so I have to believe the same motive maintains in their work today. Maybe the mixed-race theme is a “thing” with the young and hip these days, or perhaps the jarringly odd pairings are a adman’s tongue-in-cheek take on the culture, an in-joke that the client is afraid not to use b/c racism.

        • I can tell you from personal experience in the business that, no, the mixed race thing is not an in-joke. All the woke casting in TV commercials comes often straight from the client, although the agency people would never eschew the approach, either. In fact for creatives it’s become natural and unconscious as breathing (or writing that screenplay on the side, the one that will put you into the movie business). You wouldn’t go outside without shoes, and you wouldn’t design a campaign that doesn’t have lots of opportunities for woke signaling. The clients and agencies both agree that woke casting, or as they say, “showcasing our diversity,” is a central objective of any advertising campaign. How does this make money? There are things more important than money, young lad. Like diversity. And when everyone sees how diverse we are, we will earn brand loyalty.

          No. I’m not kidding. They talk like this.

    • And my Son #1 used to look askance at me when I told him Family Guy was nothing more than another weapon in the progs’ armamentarium used in the War on White Men. Now, years later, not too late I hope, he gets it.

      I recently watched one of the generic cop shows where a white–well, ok, Latino [gotta check all the boxes] cop hurt his shoulder busting in a door. Later in the epi, one the two chick cops kicks a door open with ease. Given the de rigeur costume of yoga pants and combat vest, she still couldn’t have wieghed more than 110, tops.
      But, Xirl Power!

    • One thing you’ll notice about mixed-race couples in ads: one member of the couple is always white. It’s never Negro/Messkin, or Chinese/Indian, or Arab/Injun. This is not about selling product or even about creating one big Kumbaya world. It is about destroying nascent white identity by suggesting that preferring our own kind is wrong. Once we begin viewing ourselves as fundamentally identical to non-whites then we will have vanished psychologically from the world, which would then create the possibility of disappearing physically as well through miscegenation.

      • An interesting thing I have noticed is a strong uptick in POC-POC couples in the past 3 or 4 years. Prior to 2018 I never really saw POC with other types of POC; mixed race usually involved white. Since 2020 it’s really accelerated, it’s not rare for me to see Chinese-Indian, Arab-Chinese, Latino-Chinese, Black-Arab. Chinese women seem to prefer anything over their men.

        White men are still the #1 race mixers, with white men at #2.

        Maybe the propaganda is having more of an effect on POC? Could be wishful thinking.

  25. Not to be a fawning sycophant Z, but the Xirl Science bit about the first “researcher” where you described Googling “English Cuckold” made me first exclaim “Oh God NO!” and then laugh out loud. Rule 34 sir, remember it.

    How in the Hell do you find this academic gobbledygook?

  26. This definitely isn’t Efrem Zimbalist jr’s FBI or for that matter G. Gordon Liddy’s.

    You know, the more I see Zmans influence expand the thought increasingly crosses my mind that he may get targeted. Maybe doxing, then no fly lists, economic ruin or hell, Seth Riched’. I usually don’t go down these dark flights of fancy but now?

    • “Sure is a nice blog you have there, would be a shame if something happened to it…”

      Really Mets fan (David Wright)? Really?

      Maybe Zman should just shut up? Cover his face with a nice black mask to remind himself?

      The lawless enforcement is doing enough to spread fear and dread. Same with the government.

      Are you Fedpoasting here or what??


      • I think you might misunderstand David. He is a contemptible deplorable racist, bigot, homophobe and DEFINITELY a Hitler worshipping NAZI. His dissident credentials are impeccable.

        If you watch him long enough you will see that his commentary is largely respectable and thoughtful.

      • You’re new here aren’t you? Maybe lie low for awhile and get the lay of the land. Fedposting, too funny.

        • Nope, been posting here for years. Black pills, swallow them yourself.

          You didn’t answer my question. Fedpoaster, are you?

          • “Nope, been posting here for years.”

            Get lost, hoser

            Dave’s a friend
            Nobody knows you, fedboy

          • Spell the term right then I can take you seriously. Also prove you are old enough to be here.

      • “Fedpoasting” (sic) David? Funny, that is not AT ALL what I took away from his post. What I took away was a genuine concern for the Zman possibly running afoul of the now Gestapo-ized Federal Bureau of Idiots. Those assholes are pulling shit I doubt J Edgar would have considered beyond the pale.

        • The veiled allusions to a non DC cop killing A.B. and today’s podcast explicitly promoting that theory?

          I thought much the same about Zman crossing a line that isn’t smart to cross.

          However plausible it might be.

          The Eye of Sauron is not something you want to wave flags at.

          • The Eye of Sauron is not something you want to wave flags at.

            That’s true. Pity.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much, not yet, anyways.

      They have far more to fear from us than we do from them, especially our esteemed blog host. They can stomp all over fags like Milo, Vox Day, Spencer, Cerno and their gang because they are impetuous and excitable. They can be lured into idiotic no-win battles in their tilted battlefields and destroyed there. Once they are stomped, no one will miss them or remember them.

      Say what you want about him, our blog host is reasonable and convincing, has a reasonably high profile, and cannot be goaded or lured into Lefty’s morality plays. That right there scares the hell out of them because if they start moving on people like that there will be hell to pay. At some point they will probably have to… but by then the bullets will be flying and the blood will be flowing and they will have much bigger problems on their hands. If I had to guess, I would say they will go after low hanging froot for now…

      • Vox appears be holding his own, and doing good work. He is a dick, but I say more power to him. Concerning the perceived underdog status, i think of the run-of-the-mill sjw. But the elites that are running the show seem to be confident that they have the situation in hand. Unconcerned that they might provoke a backlash. Actually that’s what worries me the most. The ritualistic humiliation that they handing out would seem unnecessary to achieve their goals. The all too obvious lies that they tell and get caught telling . Do they know something we don’t, or do they over reach. Tucker seems to have survived a brush with the ADL. Also the and NJP has stuck its neck out there and has thus far avoided decapitation. 5yrs out could look completely different. Honestly, if i were a little Jew I would be horrified and concerned with whay the big guys are doing. They presumably don’t have a private plane gassed up ready to jet to sanctuary . The likes of max boot and bill krystal are bad enough. But I’ve also come to despise the Scott Johnson’s and Ben Shapiro’s as well.

        • Vox Day is beyond awful.

          4 years of “4D Chess”! “The God Emperor!!!!”

          Then 4 months of “TRUST THE PLAN!!!!”

          I like hope porn as much as the next guy; I also know it’s a fantasy.

          I’m as likely to fly an X-Wing against the Death Star of my youth as Vox Day is to competently discuss realistic US domestic politics. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

        • the real risk to the people currently sitting at the high table are the Jacobins. the pelosis and schemers are in the way a lot more than any of us are. my sense is a military coup d’etat is the end state from here, perhaps under cover of a shooting war with the pro…

    • Probably most of that risk will come from lone wolves (“Antifa” activists) and affiliated footsoldiers like Seth Rich, or from an impatient hound in Maryland’s AG office. The intended audience, however, has a different exposure to persecution.

      Now, the DOJ (and FBI), IRS, CIA, ATF, Mossad, the WEF, etc. have a reason to keep thezman open for business. If sites like this didn’t exist, it would be necessary for globalist ringleaders and their servants to set them up as honey pots and bug lights to attract and identify stupid, lost, white boys who want to repeat the Fascism and natsoc experiments. The resume builders, however, would struggle to generate engaging content so frequently, thus christopher.zeeman saves the scoundrels much effort. Moreover, cz is no great threat yet* to the power structures of the corporate capitalist mafia for which libernuttians, too, are carrying water. (Stock markets, good!) So this site will be considered useful for a long time to come.


      * thezman threat to the establishment will improve if he changes his ‘tude about the precious stock markets. He could, for example, argue for the termination of rootless, democratic turbocapitalism and for its replacement with responsibility capitalism. The latter implies, at minimum, that every thirsty, insatiable go-getter will do business as a sole proprietor or as a partner in a GP or LP. This reform would be a deep wound to the globalists’ imperial way of life, and it would irritate the skins of Lew Rockwell, Cato, and Reason Foundation, too. A nice bonus would be watching members of the Mises-Rothbard-Rockwell sect struggling to ignore and deny the irony that Capitalism, Inc., provided a powerful motive to establish and perpetuate central banks. Suffice it to say, however, that I’m not holding my breath yet for cz to follow through on his antilibertarian rhetoric such that he humiliates and silences the MRR libertardians.

    • “Maybe doxing, then no fly lists, economic ruin or hell, Seth Riched’.”

      Why would you post this? Sounds like a threat to someone’s life.

      • How dense are some of you. These are perilous times. They raided Guiliani for God’s sake and are still holding good Americans in jail over a rally.

        My point is they are to the stage now that they can and will ruin anyone just for being white American or 2010 liberal positions.

        If just noting a perilous trend that right leaning midwits can’t seem to comprehend.

        • I mean no offense to you and I agree with that these are dark times. I just don’t like it that you posted that Zman might get killed for writing his blog. I don’t think this is true and I don’t think its helpful to say this. Your original post was a small one, but has a chilling message for Z and the posters here.

          • Fair enough but I am not a Mets fan nor any sportsball. 😉

            Mentioning these these things doesn’t make them happen. At some point we are in peril. This last week has convinced me of this.

        • I noticed in the Fox piece about the Giuliani raid and subsequent interview that while the warrant would have allowed them to basically take the microwave, they somehow forgot to take the Hunter Biden laptop which was sitting out in plain sight. Imagine that.

        • As Alan Dershowitz noted:

          A subpoena would have sufficed.

          Giuliani knew this was coming for months. If he was going to scrub documents/emails/iPhones ala HRC, he would’ve done it months ago.

          It’s a lawless world.

          • I watched the livestream of Rudy on the warroom following his uninvited house guests and I can say he neither sounded nor looked concerned. His rhetoric was in line with my expectations, but I suspect the raid was more of an intimidation tactic.

            A big difference between this government and 0’s 2009 admin and government was that they rammed through legislation. ACA was a health insurance coup and the pandemic appears to be their second coup attempt. Like ACA, the math doesn’t compute on the pandemic, the stimuli, the crypto currencies, the stock market, the fuel prices and what was once over priced health care in 2009 is now 5x overpriced.

            Trump is alive.
            Rudy is alive.
            Bannon is alive.
            Navarro is alive.
            Lindell is alive.
            Lewandowski is alive.
            Torba is alive.

            Rush is dead. From cancer.

            My concern alert went off on Parscale and I have left it on alert because everything has only gotten weirder, but the real action appears to through media, NGOs, corporate boards and large shareholders cramming diversity down the work force. I can confirm that these initiatives are not +ROI and the producing managers are hostile to it.

            The government, ex-military, has been reduced to a revolving credit line. Fortune 500 thinks they can make a play on .mil, but we will see how that works out. The 0 admin aimed to hold the pentagon’s budget. This admin says they can cut it.


  27. “They cannot fake the lack of interest in Mumbly Joe. They clearly asked YouTube to rig their system to make Biden look popular. The media will keep telling us that Biden is the most admired man on earth. It is really hard to fake popularity and efforts to do usually backfire on the regime. There is always the risk of a Ceaușescu moment. Given the problems in the economy and the ongoing unrest, it is hard to see how they maintain this pillar of the regime. People just do not like Biden very much.”

    As we are in the Late Phase Soviet Union stage of American Democracy it’s appropriate that we have a doddering old man fit only to stand atop a reviewing platform and salute a military parade as our figurehead.

    Z knows how “Popularity” is maintained in dictatorships: At the point of a knife or the barrel of a gun. How soon it will come, who knows?

    • “The risk of a Ceausescu moment.” Somewhere in the bowels of YouTube there is a video of both Ceausescus “on trial” in some dingy room in their version of a Chancellery building. I know not a word of Romanian, but the look on the Mrs’ face when she realized she was NOT going to talk her way out of anything; well, that look was even more gratifying than the photo of her bullet-riddled corpse.

      How I would love (with all my heart) to see this look on the faces of the Regime. But I just don’t think I’ll be alive to see it.

  28. Did the great bitcoin brawl mp3 ever get posted? Didn’t see it on a site: search but I might have missed it. Thanks.

      • Listened to a slightly more detailed defense of Bitcoin on another podcast and the two guys involved in that world were clear that BTC was not a currency and likely never would be.

        They also acknowledged that government would never give up their control of the currency, so even if BTC managed to become more currency-like, it would be heavily regulated and not some libertarian fantasy of an alternative money.

        They argued that BTC main purpose was a “store of value.” Digital gold. Then something about its nods and infrastructure as to why other digital currencies couldn’t replace it. In fact, one of them even said for now, BTC’s main purpose was speculation though he argued that eventually it would settle down into be calmer and more gold-like in term of volatility.

        Regardless, even the “experts” acknowledge that BTC is not and likely won’t be a currency. It’s best case scenario is becoming the digital gold, i.e. an alternative store of value, which may or may not happen. But BTC’s value is not based on utility but on people’s belief that it has value.

        Doesn’t make BTC a good or bad, but it does show that the guy you were debating doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

        • You might wish to check yesterday’s comments for my and others’ comments about money and what gives it value. If you think that Bticoin or anything akin to it will hold value long-term, I fear you will be greatly disappointed. Meanwhile, my $20 face value gold coin from most of a century ago is currently worth about $1800, maybe more for collector’s value. I do believe there may be a lesson in there, somewhere. 🙂

  29. “The regime needs Trump and right on cue he is going to be there for them”

    Maybe that part isn’t a coincidence (or cohencidence). Trump has been a mixed bag for our true rulers. While he legitimized some bad thoughts, he:

    1. energized the Democrats and unified the two wings of the party

    2. Accomplished everything for Israel a president could have been expected to achieve and more for Israel minus war with Iran

    3. Made heros of the official propagandists. Before Trump I didn’t know any Democrats that held the NYT and Washington Post as sacred. Now they do. All it took was Orange Man criticizing them.

    4. Turned the Deep State from villains to heros of the republic. I have had liberals explain to me that the bad days of the institutions like the CIA and FBI are behind them and now they only hire the best and the brightest like the two love birds. Even the NSA spying on Americans is now viewed as a good thing

    5. Made Fauci a star and legitimized the Covid reign of terror against the economy and civil liberties. .

    5. Let his FBI and DOJ wage war on the Dissident Right and normalize censorship while letting the cities burn and businesses be looted

    6. Got liberals to demand open borders

    7. Got a lot of criminal blacks out of jail

    8. Wages a worldwide jihad for anal sex and marriage with the full weight of the US empire supporting the war

    7. Made the rich richer

    8. Is now showing controlled opposition like Bennie Shapiro how controlled opposition is really done by denouncing his followers he got to come to DC, shaming people who don’t want the jab and working hard to get people to vote harder.

    • I have torn feelings on that. If he stayed away and hidden he would be a martyr and people would continue to cast attributes on him that weren’t true. However, if he sticks around he will wear out his welcome and more people will wise up to the fact that they’re being had.

    • On the flip side, because of Trump, all those persons and entities you claim are “solidified” have revealed themselves and their true colors. We now have hard evidence that the system is two-tiered, corrupt and rigged. Stop for a moment and imagine a world where we would now be in Hillarys’ second term.

      • Right. Whether Trump instigated The Knowing, was Controlled Oppo, or whatever is immaterial.

        The Knowing cannot be turned off once it is in place. Not by rational people that are not willing to sell themselves for 30 pieces of silver and make an ‘OnlyWhores room’ for their wife, and maybe their daughter to ‘work’ from.

      • Trump stumbled into the villains’ dark lair and flipped a light switch. The walls were papered with their plans for us, and we all saw them. He backed out confused, because he can’t read. Now he’s wandering near the lair again, this time blindfolded, because…

        It’s hard to believe, since the Trump media persona has been around for decades acting business-tough and not taking any bullshit, but real-life Trump is so innocent that villainy makes no sense to him. Even now, after all that’s been done, after he’s been betrayed by everybody, openly threatened with generations of persecution, told in plain language what doom awaits him and us if we refuse to just die already, he doesn’t believe it. It’s not what the rules say.

        He’s the most American man.

      • Stop for a moment and imagine a world where we would now be in Hillarys’ second term.DAMN! That nightmare ranks right up there with one that woke me in a cold sweat back in February. In the dream it was Thanksgiving ’28 (which if I live to see will be by virtue of outliving BOTH my parents) and there was a football game on the tube. In the shot every person visible was wearing a damned face diaper! Not really sure which is the bigger nightmare; Hildemort on her 2nd term or people still wearing diapers seven years from now.

    • In hindsight (and some foresight, which I let my hopefulness ignore) Trump was a tool from day 1. And by day 1 I mean the day he was born. He was first made popular for no particular reason through the tabloid media, appearances on Oprah, and especially the fawning portraits given him in the quintessential 80s materialism extravaganza program “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”. Later some gravitas was incorporated into his persona by presenting him as the decisive, hard nosed, yet fair CEO type. Finally he was sent out on his private jet (wonder who really owns it – or anything else with his name on it) as the actor he is to give tdtb an accurate assessment of how many people still needed to be subjugated into accepting the fact that the US is no longer a nation of White primacy.

      I suspect tdtb were surprised, dismayed, and then angered when faced with the impressive numbers of White Americans supporting their carney barker creation despite their continuous, full spectrum criticism of them and him. After years of ginned up crimes, adultery scandals, a clownish impeachment trial and finally re-election certainty looming they brought down the hammer.

      In the 5 subsequent years since Trump came down the escalator my (former – thank God) city of 30 years has turned into a menacing, filthy, incoherent ghost town filled with what may as well be zombies. Whites are now overtly classified by the government as Enemy #1 for the crimes of defending themselves against attacks on their person or property, expressing solidarity with their genetic brethren and, suggesting an actual Nation would have actual borders.

      Trump, I believe, deliberately spoke and acted in ways to assist the cooperating media in encouraging the screeching blue hairs and virtue signaling AWFLs, driving them insane in the process, and to give cover to BLM and Antifa to go on their murderous and destructive rampages. I think the 1/6 bit of theatre was a set up with his cooperation. And let’s not even get into his role in legitimizing the Mother of all tyrannies coming down the pike – the Plandemic.

      Yes, he had to break some eggs that woke some people up to get tdtb the information needed so they knew what direction to turn their canons on Whites, but, as far as I’m concerned that’s what he was. An operation. He even told us what he was with his snake story and his subsequent bragging about the success under his administration of everyone but us, and his ‘eh Hilary’s okay’ and his ‘but think of the dreamers’ schtick. And now he’s hiding out in his tacky resort in Florida until tdtb decide he’s needed again to serve his part in creating more chaos and division. Can we at least never get fooled again by these cat’s paws?

        • Please go easy on that
          It’s a bit too much to swallow, and discredits ‘J.Smith’

          Good lord, twitter is decimated, now they’re coming after the scattered survivors

          • I hear you, but if we wish to see clearly, then it is Trump’s manufactured image that deserves to be “discredited”. Let the reader do his own fact-checking, then decide. I recommend part 4 of the series, which explores Trump’s connections to the Chabad Lubavitch cult.

    • They were already doing this anyways. Trump just made them show their hand and expose themselves

      They will go further, too, if they think we are getting the upper hand.

      • The pivotal event was j6. From the moment he announced a wild event, I pondered what good come of it?

        In hindsight, I think the j6 operation was a dud but the institutional inertia couldn’t be stopped.

        I am watching the Arizona election audit pondering who is forcing this through and why now? It’s not just the state senators pushing it through or why would Pennsylvania’s legislature capitulate?

        In any case, Arizona will either be the rubber stamp of approval on the election or the beginning of something much bigger underway.

    • The media/DC regime are playing Trump as Orwell’s Goldstein, complete with 2 minutes of hate each night on the news.

  30. C’mon man, gibbering joe is the most popular president in US history – more “votes” than any other candidate, eva. I have to admit I’ve taken to watching this old fool/tool purely for the potential entertainment value – waiting for the epic meltdown. Somehow, he continues to get through his big speeches – very disappointing and very curious.

    • The juice him with Adderall apparently. This keeps him lucid through these things, but there is a cost to it. That’s why is out of camera view most of the time.

      • Belaboring the obvious and beating the dead horse is good sport, but it can’t be said enough: Biden as POTUS was unimaginable a mere 10 years ago–even to the lunatic Left. I think the Ceausescu moment is truly and well upon us.

        Your highlight of Fremdschamen is spot-on, but after about two minutes of the Pretender, that sense of pathos gets overwhelmed by wave upon wave of Backpfeifengesicht.

        As far as Adderall, I had first hand experiences, son was briefly on it and he complained of flatness of affect and suicidal thoughts. Hmmm, that latter might be worth pondering if Joe manages to stay on the grassy side for any length of time.

        • On the “Fremdschamen”, I don’t agree. That term applies to when your uncle chews with his mouth open while telling the same boring story for the umpteenth time. You have feelings for him, and thus you feel embarrassed for him.

          To feel embarrassed ‘for’ someone entails a link to them. A commonality. I feel exactly none of that for this criminal Delaware rat and his ilk.

          • I guess you are removing from the table the possibility that Mumbles is, in fact, a human being like the rest of us. Don’t get me wrong, I despise him, but for a few seconds, anyway, it’s sad to see that a mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste [away].

          • 3 Pipe, for normal elderly people I would feel bad. Biden is an anti white piece of scum and I don’t feel sympathy for people who want me and my people dead. I hope he is in agonizing pain as his organs start to fail from drug abuse, as his last stop on earth before he goes to Hell.

    • (I need some down votes, so don’t disappoint me!)

      Please understand that I loathe Biden. That said, consider the possibility of the following conjecture: Most of the people who voted for him (and let’s be honest, most of the votes were honest; they only needed enough fraud to swing the election…) probably knew in their hearts that Biden is a potato, or whatever you’d like to call him. No, they voted Democrat simply because they detested Trump more and wanted him to lose.

      • And this is why we should have a limited franchise.

        To any thinking person, it was obvious Biden was going to crush freedom, raise taxes, and go straight back to endless wars.

        Sadly, the low-info “Orange Man Bad!” folks are allowed to vote,which provided enough cover for the Dominion fraud to succeed.

        • Don’t agree that the Dominion fraud succeeded. If it did, they wouldn’t have paused the voting at 3 a.m. to dump in 100,000 Biden ballots in each state. Trump’s margin was so overwhelming that the Dominion “shaving” methods would have led to >100% turnout if Biden won.

          So they halted the whole thing, dumped 100k Biden ballots in WI, and called it a night. Biden is Pres either way.

      • That’s entirely true. I can’t think of no one who voted for him who had a positive thing to say about mumbly-joe. He was simply the vehicle for removing Orange Man Bad. I’m actually surprised that he’s been propped up this long … I expected his utility to be exhausted on 21 Jan, and then he’d be shown a quick exit. The sad truth is that Trump energized Lefty like no one I’ve ever seen, and that’s a dangerous act since Trump lacked the will or ability to do anything other than antagonize Lefty.

      • Another option is that they really are that stupid, brainwashed, or apathetic, the Prog Holy Trinity.

      • A large fraction of Biden voters understand at some level that government does not depend on the President to have things their way. In fact Biden depends on the permenant ruling class cabal to tell him what to do.

  31. And we ain’t seen nothing yet. If people don’t like Totally Legitimate Joe, they’re going to *love* Kamala.

    What’s your favorite part of a Democratic regime? I enjoy the gaslighting and the Media constantly beclowning themselves, but as with Obama, I still have to go with all the racial healing..


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