America The Mini-Series

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One of the stranger things about the political system that has evolved since the end of the Cold War is the declining reality of politicians. No, not their declining grasp on reality, which is a real thing. It is the fact that our politicians are less and less like normal human beings and more like sketches of human beings. As the role of politician has become more of a role, performed by someone good at public performance, their back stories have grown smaller and less important.

Go back to the last two Cold War presidents and you see men with long and detailed back stories that were relatable. Reagan was the midwestern guy who went to Hollywood to become a star. He ended up on television as a pitchman but became the head of the actor’s union. Poppy Bush came from an old blue blood family. He was in the war and then had a life in politics. He was even the head spy for turn. We knew a lot about these men before they entered the White House.

The first post-Cold War president was a different matter. We know a lot about his time in Arkansas, mostly because of he and his wife’s personal corruption, but none of that was known before he hit the national stage. It was only after he was in the White House that his backstory came into focus. How much of it is true and how much of it is missing is something we will never know. Bill Clinton was the first president who started out as mostly an idea, a sketch of a man, rather than a real person.

Bush the Dull was another poorly drawn sketch. His backstory never got much attention at all, other than his wild days. His bio was mostly inherited from his father, other than the hints of his prior drug taking. It is easy to forget, and many would like to forget, but Bush was sold as an updated Reagan. He was the best of the old line Republicans combined with the social conservatism of the new Republicans. Like Clinton, George Bush was fitted to the role, not the other was around.

Obama may go down as the quintessential liberal democratic politician, because he was pretty much an actor hired for the role. Central casting sketched out the ideal liberal democratic Progressive. He was one part black leading man, one part urban sophisticate, one part mysterious foreigner and one part post-racial.  This was poured into the mold of the former three letter heroes. Obama was FDR, JFK, MLK and RFK all rolled into one character. He was the first Mary Sue president.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but when Reagan entered the White House, the media was full of people who knew Reagan going back to his youth. Like presidents before him, this was part of the getting to know him process. We had a lot of Clinton chums turn up in the media, usually from jail, but at least they were people who knew the man before he was famous. To this day we have precious few people who have come forward to talk about the young Obama.

The we got Trump. If Obama is the epitome of liberal democratic politics, Trump is the epitome of modern business ethics. He created a brand first then he used that brand to create business opportunities. He is “fake it until you make it” in the flesh. His life was as the brand manager of Donald Trump the brand. In the whirl of self-promotion, a swarm of ever changing characters would work various deals that always relied on someone in the room being the mark.

This is why Trump struggled as president. He remained the brand manager, but instead of being surrounded by sharps who knew how to fleece a mark, he was surrounded by naïfs who had no political skills. It turned out that commercial real estate is the low minors relative to the rough and tumble world of imperial politics. The Trump brand did well, but the Trump presidency was four years of chaotic failure. This is because Trump the brand had no role in Washington the musical.

Now we have Biden, a man with early stage dementia. For reasons no one can explain, this shuffling corpse is supposed to be wildly popular. In his youth, when he was able to be himself, he was as popular as rectal exams. Then all of a sudden when he becomes a shuffling husk, he is all the rage. It turns out that his real value was as a vessel into which the image makers could pour the ideas for his role. Biden is the death mask for a dying regime that does not have the decency to like still.

The presidents are not the only examples of this phenomena. Across the political space, the characters on the stage are becoming more two-dimensional. They are also declining in quality. Stock characters like affable black conservative have gone from Walter Williams to Candace Owens. The former was a real man of flesh and blood who had a real life. The latter is just a poorly drawn concept. Before her turn as numinous negro, she was an antiwhite activist harassing teenagers on-line.

Poorly written characters end up in poorly written plots. Conservative Inc. is now rallying around a man playing the role of a woman. Bruce Jenner is no longer the guy who won an Olympic gold medal fifty years ago. He is now a right-wing transvestite running for governor as a collection of ideas. He is the full expression of conservatism, in that the ideas are wholly divorced from the person. Just as America is just an idea, Bruce Jenner is just an actor performing for the conservatives.

Liberal democracy is like the story of the ventriloquist who descends into madness, thinking his dummy has come alive. Instead of the ventriloquist putting words into the mouth of the dummy, it is the dummy in control. Instead of actors performing the roles required for liberal self-government, we are now in a world where the garishly festooned actors dictate the terms of liberal self-government. The increasingly freakish cast members are writing the script as they invent their roles.

This is why modern America increasingly feels like colonialism. The people in charge are not only alien to us, but they are relatively unknown. A real flesh and blood character with a genuine backstory sticks out like a sore thumb. Even Trump, with all of his flaws, was a real person, which is why he was such an oddity. The overclass has become alien, in part, because it is now run by poorly drawn characters in a poorly written melodrama. America is colonialism, the mini-series.

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260 thoughts on “America The Mini-Series

  1. I see it as a reversal of how they kept stringing along all the libs who thought Trump colluded with Russia. Come on man, Putin would have picked someone more competent.

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    • Restricting Leibniz’s observation to the sublunar, perhaps he was right. Ours was the best of all possible worlds. We made a good go at it, the Founders did, for a couple centuries. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, balance of powers. A noble effort, but we are a flawed species. It was, for a while at least, the best of all possible worlds. We went to the moon!

      • We never went to the moon. Film director Stanley Kubrick admitted to staging the whole thing.

        • Well we made a really convincing film about going to the moon with Stanley Kubrick!

  3. Politicians increasingly resemble the rotating cast of fey hucksters at the presidential level of a company, hawking the latest reorg.

  4. The jews pick out the next freemason canidate they got by the balls. to lead you into Hell. Obama. with his man dick wife, they’re shoving it right in your face. They hate you. They want you motherfuckers dead, and you are lining up for a jab thats gonna do it..

  5. Two more recent ops I’m interested in hearing takes on:

    1) The Arizona audit, which seems purpose built to string along the Q-anon crowd.

    2) The Gates’ divorce, which seems designed to protect their assets. I also think this is a potential false flag tipoff, probably something on Memorial Day or the 4th designed to implicate Russia, maybe Iran.

    Remember, it’s all just one big worked shoot!

    • I see it as a reversal of how they kept stringing along all the libs who thought Trump colluded with Russia. Come on man, Putin would have picked someone more competent.

  6. “Bruce Jenner is no longer the guy who won an Olympic gold medal fifty years ago. He is now a right-wing transvestite running for governor as a collection of ideas.”

    I cannot answer for the rest of my state, but this Californian knows when he’s being mocked by the powers behind the throne.

  7. Racially-inverted Nazism.

    That’s what the Deep State is attempting to implement in the US.

    • Bioleninism seems more pithy, but I like what you did there. Works for me.

  8. ” It was only after he was in the White House that his backstory came into focus. How much of it is true and how much of it is missing is something we will never know.”

    I vividly recall that convention (another thing we can truly thank the coof for eliminating from our lives) where they showed that “Man from Hope” film. (Hope, sound familiar?) I also vividly recall thinking, as the talking heads were oohing and ahhing over how it showed a real, authentic American or something, that this was the biography of a serial killer. Never knew his father, raised in a trailer park, etc. This was “spun” (the word was coming into use) as some kind of gritty, “I feel your pain” kind of Ordinary Joe who made good in the big city. The spin never stopped to this day.

    • Yeah, Clinton was just an ordinary guy who studied under Carroll Quigley at Georgetown, went to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, and joined the CFR in 1989.

      Clinton’s predecessor, George H.W. Bush was a CFR director (1977-79), just before his assignment as Reagan’s VP.

      • Heartiste was doxxed over 5 years ago so you’d think he would be resistant to such threats.

        I don’t doubt this guy’s dedication, so something else must be going on.

        It was educational and revealing to watch his transformation from a “sit at poolside, nail tail, and watch the world burn” PUA to WN warrior.

        • There is talk that after he was doxxed Roissy sold the brand to someone else. I have no idea if that is true but I can see the logic

      • I can’t get Heartiste’s Gab to open on either Mozilla browsers or Chrome browsers.

        Been several days now.

        Hope everything’s okay chez le CH domicile.

    • He may have changed his handle recently. I haven’t noticed before, because I follow him on Gab and it switched automatically for me, but if you have his old Gab handle bookmarked, it won’t work.

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  10. Yeah.

    Well, if America is a colony — again– then I want to know who is going to be the Capt. John Parker this time around.

  11. So how did we devolve from a political system that gave us men like Jefferson, Madison, and Adams— educated men and serious thinkers, who— while certainly not averse to accumulating personal wealth— also truly had the good of the Nation at heart— to a system that gives us the choice between lying mendacious mediocrities like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and The Donald?

    Surely the dumbing-down of America counts for part of it: a stupid people with no real concept of history doesn’t know enough to compare the mediocre present with the past, and see how far we’ve fallen.

    I don’t know, but I’m guessing that back in the days of Jefferson and Madison and Adams, there were mediocrities like Clinton and Biden, and ambitious men like Trump, willing to say whatever it took to get elected. The voters— back then, landowning White men— just weren’t taken in by them; they had better options in front of them, and the contrast was obvious.

    And yeah: part of the dumbing-down is our shift into a celebrity culture: where a politician is not just a politician, and a ball player isn’t just a ball player; but both have been elevated by the media into the artificial role of all-wise celebrity; where— simply because they’re rich and famous— it’s assumed that they have something to teach us, that their opinions are worth more than those of the average person, and their example worth emulating.

    Again: a smart populace would see the fallacy in that: ‘And why should I give a flying f**k what Lebron James thinks?’

    It seems likely that in the course of human evolution, the ability to engage in abstract thought could only have arisen after the emergence of language. Words precede and enable the ability to form concepts. Even as simple an abstract concept as ‘the future’— or the ability to stand aside from various possibilities and compare ‘what if I did this?’ to ‘what if I did that?’— could only happen after words— and the ideas and concepts composed of words— had come along to stand-in for and symbolize reality.

    The arising of beliefs— of shared notions about the nature of the Universe, which didn’t necessarily accord with what we today would call objective reality— is more problematic.

    Evolutionary theory assumes that everything which finds a place in human life— including the widely-varying belief systems which characterized every human group we’re aware of— became part of our world because they served an evolutionary purpose: they each somehow enabled the individuals who embraced them to survive and reproduce more successfully than their fellows who didn’t.

    But what was the survival benefit of early primitive religious beliefs? How could it help a group to believe something which wasn’t in fact true?

    It appears from archaeological evidence that religions as we know them today— with a separate priesthood to preserve and spread the word, distinguished from other individuals in the population, whose lives were solely devoted to being religious functionaries; and fixed places of worship where people met to practice the rituals of their belief system— arose around 10-15,000 years ago, at the time when human stopped roaming as hunter-gatherer groups, and settled down in towns and cities to practice agriculture.

    Prior to settling down, your group was constantly moving to follow the herds, and you and everyone else had to carry everything you owned with you; a necessity which prevented anyone from accumulating more stuff than anyone else.

    But once people settled down into a fixed location, accumulation of possessions could begin, and— so the theory goes— hierarchies could begin to develop. The primitive egalitarianism of hunter-gatherer groups was replaced by a system of rulers and ruled: wealthy/important people who could and did accumulate wealth, then use their wealth to purchase influence, and use that influence to further increase their wealth; and so on in the same cycle we see today. Compared to the majority of people who, for whatever reason, remained at the bottom of the ladder.

    And because of their ability to influence the people, the priests— like the Jewish rulers in the Bible, who were among the wealthiest classes of their society— became wealthy and powerful also.

    In that understanding of things, shared religious doctrines arose for two basic reasons:

    1) they gave the people a sense of common meaning, purpose, and destiny— ‘I’m not just Freg; I’m one of those who affirms the shared narrative which all my fellow villagers believe’—
    and therefore enabled them to think and act with a unity which furthered their survival; and

    2) they enabled the rulers— the priests and the wealthy ‘top men’— to manipulate the people, and make them easier to rule by virtue of the belief system they jointly affirmed.

    Once I’ve convinced the people that my mandate to rule comes from the god we all worship, I’m home free.

    So maybe that’s what’s happening with the New Faith of Anti-racist Egalitarianism: our priests, moneymen and rulers see that if they can get everyone believing that theirs is the Morally-Right One True Belief System, then the diverse woke coalition of the fringes— the Progs, Jews, feminists, LGBTQs, GoodWhites, Gaia worshippers, and ‘people of color’, whose life-circumstances don’t naturally tend to unify them— will not only feel unified— surrounded by a comforting majority of like-minded morally-righteous goodthinkers like themselves— but will be easier to manipulate and fleece as well.

    Convince them that X is part of being a Good Person, and that’s all you’ve gotta do to sell them on X; and to arouse them to hate— as not just mistaken, but as Evil— anyone who doesn’t feel likewise.

    • “So how did we devolve from a political system that gave us men like Jefferson, Madison, and Adams— educated men and serious thinkers…?”

      1. We were a white nation then and there is a natural feeling of concern for all in such a nation. And the high IQ, agency, and inventiveness that come with that DNA.

      2. Some whites have a utopian, xenophilic tendency that has been weaponized against other whites. No other people have this tendency, with the possible exception of the Chinese under Mao. This is our cross to bear and our problem to solve, probably by separation and expulsion.

    • Simple: progress. A relatively tiny, backwoods 18th century colony gives bright, ambitious men fewer options, politics being one (soldiering another, related one). You’re not going to be running a software company, or even a railroad, or becoming a movie star.

      It’s like how, under segregation, smart blacks went to black colleges and became lawyers, doctors etc. and then worked in the black community (being “discriminated” against elsewhere). Now, they go to Harvard and then New York or wherever, gaining a place in the White world and leaving their “fellow” blacks behind.

      BTW, being colonials, the Founding Fathers weren’t actually that clever. They were provincials, a generation or two behind British and Continental thought. (Locke? Give me a break, yokel!) That’s why the Brits eventually reformed their system into a democracy that avoids many of our flaws (which is why every democracy in the world, expect Liberia, uses their system, not ours. Even Israel!). A parliamentary system gets things done, unlike our “divided government” that we think “protects liberty”; hence every other country eliminated slavery without a Civil War, provides social security and healthcare, etc.

    • The current generation, raised on everything from TV to Twitter to TikTok, has been conditioned to “think” in ways totally alien to previous generations. This unprecedented barrage of instant, worldwide video propaganda has made old-school statesmanship obsolete. The other day on Twitter, the Foreign Minister of the Philippines literally told the Chinese to “get the f*ck out of our territory”. Welcome to 21st century “diplomacy”.

    • How did we devolve from Madison and Jefferson to today? Because LeBron James isn’t out in a field picking cotton where he belongs…

      • No. He belongs in Africa along with all his other co-racials. Using them as cotton picking equipment is insanely expensive.

        • That’s got to suck for LeBron, knowing that your entire race’s reason for being in America was rendered obsolete by John Deere and Farmall, and your own worth is based on chucking a basketball…

          • The silver-linging about latino birth rates is they don’t like football or basketball but soccer, where fast-twitch muscle fibers and long arms are a little less relevant. So once the boomers pass away, we may not see pro black athletes have as much influence. The zoomers dont seem to watch sports at all. So they might just fill the “sports” bars up with people watching others play video games live.

    • “So how did we devolve from a political system that gave us men like Jefferson, Madison, and Adams…”

      Our political system did NOT give us Jefferson, Madison, and Adams; an imperial monarchy with a parliament, an official state church, a long-developed legal code, a true university system, and a centuries-old White culture did – England gave us the “Founding Fathers”. Those men rejected that culture and the government that formed them and gave us instead a constitutional democratic republic in its place. Over time we can see the quality of rulers that has given us.

      I’m not an unvarnished fan of all of America’s founders, but John Adams hit many nails on many heads:

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.“

      So obviously the original constitution is not fit for today’s Americans.

      “Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.“

      Sometimes I think the suicide already took place, a long time ago, around the middle of the 19th century – our democracy did not really last long, it inevitably evolved (devolved?) into an oligarchy, but one that retained the forms, offices and trappings of the original republic.

      Z is right, we are colonized by an internal empire – a banal, venal, superstitious empire. I can’t remember where I read it first, but we are effectively internal expats, and I generally conduct myself as one, living in a country that is not my own, probably never was.

  12. I don’t understand some of the hostility in the comments towards playing a role or three in life. This only becomes a problem if you are only *today’s* role: I.e. there is no separate person at the center. Frankly, all society consists of multiple roles, in some sense, that we have to play to make it work. Many roles are absolutely vital.

    For example, every military in the world has officers. Every brand new officer has to play the role of what an effective officer looks like in his (not her, sorry) military culture. It has to be a role, at least at first, because he is actually not yet that officer. The senior enlisted he’s in charge of have far more specific factual knowledge and life experience than he does, etc.

    It took me a while to realize that, due to HBD, if the senior enlisted could think like officers, they’d *be* officers, but they (mostly) can’t and so they aren’t. (However, they are good people who are absolutely vital to the mission. So when one of them tells you that you’re making a mistake, you’d best listen carefully.)

    This is more than ‘fake it ’till you make it’ acting. Maybe the difference is *why* you’re playing said role. If it benefits only yourself, it’s sociopathic.

    • There is a difference between being a politician and being an actor hired as a politician. There is a difference between being a hero by doing something heroic and playing a hero by talking up your mask-wearing.

  13. A far more interesting question is who are the (mostly) men in the shadows who pull the strings, that make the dummy (the President) talk and move? This has been true for many administrations. Even the great leaders of history (“great” in terms of power, not necessarily for noble motives) must have been reliant upon their subordinates. Now, it’s not highly likely that Stalin or Hitler were manipulated by the Trilateral Commission, the CFR or their equivalent cabals in those eras. But it’s virtually certain that our current leader, and leaders going back many generations, are largely controlled by these and similar in-the-background entities.

    This is not to say that everything that happens is according to some diabolical plan run by The Learned Elders, the Freemasons or [insert your favorite cabal]. But there are powerful figures who would prefer to remain unknown, that look out for their own interests.

    • The “Biden admin” is a good example. Biden is barely able to play the role of teleprompter reader, but nearly every key player on “his team” is a CFR member, including the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Homeland Security, and CIA. Plus Jerome Powell, Susan Rice, John Kerry, Jen Psaki, and dozens more.

      The CFR is the flagship of the interlocking network of corporations, foundations, think tanks, etc which dominate US policy. Most of the major finance, energy, defense, pharma and media corporations are sponsors. Many of their execs are members.

      One example: Billionaires Larry Fink (BlackRock) and David Rubenstein (CarlyleGrp) are CFR directors, and Marc Benioff (Salesforce, TimeInc) is a CFR member. All three are trustees at the World Economic Forum (WEF), promoting the fascist CFR/WEF “great reset” agenda.

  14. The CEO of my GlobHom corporation is like this.

    Average looking WASP with a totally bland WASP name.

    Interact with the guy for 5 seconds and you’ll immediately be repulsed by mannerisms and speech that resemble a poorly made automaton or a reptilian wearing a human skin suit.

  15. I watched Hannity interview Jenner. It was a surreal summarization of everything weird about the US from 2020 onwards. I felt like it had to be some kind of brainwashing experiment from the MK-Ultra playbook being rolled out by the Globalist empire. Basically it was the final humiliation of right wing masculinity. Seemed to perfectly scripted to be real. For the most part Bruce espoused Alt-Right talking points from 2016 but the hilarity of that was that those ideas can only be acceptably promulgated by a transsexual. At no point do the internesctional wokelings and their California sponsors ever articulate an idea of justice that isn’t just one group of people lording it over another group of people based on race or gender. So, Bruce can get away with playing that game under the guise of he is inspiring other transsexuals. The only people who can’t enjoy the fruits of authoritarian power are white men. White transsexuals, on the other hand, are free to live out their totalitarian fantasies. The media has won. We have been backed into an absurd predicament ideologically where we can have everything we want so long as it is nothing at all that we want.

    • Hanity is a good partisan who does what he is told. Plus, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if his best friend was a tranny. I remember Bruce Jenner from my childhood (I was like 7 when he won) and him being on the Wheaties box, now he’s on the fruit loops box.

        • “Box”? Is that confirmation that he went ahead and had the unkindest cut of all? I cannot for the life of me understand how a male surgeon could do the m-2-f trans operation!

      • Wheaties => Fruit Loops. Simply excellent quip.

        I remember the Wheaties boxes too.

        (Any affection that I had for Hannity is gone with the Jenner interview. I used to think of him as low nutrition comfort food for conservatives and now I see him as poison. “Let’s cut off our dicks to own the libs!”)

      • yeah, when my dad told 8 year old manc “if you work hard and dedicate yourself you can be like Bruce Jenner”…I don’t think this is what he had in mind.

        90% of the public knows we’re in Heinlein’s Crazy Times and is striving manfully to not mention it.

      • Watch, we’ll end up with Candace Owens as president promoting white majoritarianism

    • Just assume everything is an op now.

      Put another way, assume there is a Straussian agenda behind everything.

      2021 makes perfect sense when you start doing this.

      • well said, I’d say politics is like a reality show, like Survivor for example.

        Pelosi, AoC, Kamala etc are the contestants, they behave like the retards they are(no acting there), their main role is to distract the general public from the important matters.

        Small hats are the directors who coordinate the looney show, they simply make sure the contestants pass the laws they’re supposed to pass, they also ensure the crazies don’t get outta line otherwise they get voted out & replaced with other crazies.

      • And that, mi amigos, is the mindset behind a low-trust society. What’s more, the mindset is not unjustified.

    • Jenner is taken seriously because the GOP wants to lose badly in CA. They went out and picked a freak that no one will vote for. But this is par for the course. They did that with Meg Whitman whom no one liked and lost to Brown as a result

      People just need to walk away from the party, it’s clearly hostile to normal white Americans. The same with Trump. Ever notice that neither the GOP nor Trump has said one word about the people illegally locked up and tortured by the Biden admin over the Jan 6th protest?

      • I’ve known a couple GOP office holders, not at the federal level, mind you. My impression of them after having spent some time talking with them, is that they are a) unimaginative and b) way more focused on elections than governance. Consequently, I’ve concluded that they aren’t so much hostile to normal white Americans, so much as being generally incapable of thinking about how to get what they want from a weak position. They have no concept of poison pills or MAD during negotiations, and they are unduly focused on voter perception instead of results. They are like a general that only wants to fight from an unassailable position with a 3+:1 favorable troop ratio. The search for the ideal ground means that they are always retreating from messy but winnable battles, because they are always looking for the ultimate final battle in which they can win easily. Their loss aversion means that they have truly earned the name of conservative.

      • the top in cali is like a website that has been abandoned and the name is for sale…

      • You’re probably right about Jenner losing, however he is exactly what the CA coastal conservatives whom I used to interact with want. They are all social liberals who agree with all the leftist anti-white, anti-heterosexual agenda but demand low taxes as well. Low taxes are literally all that they care about.

        (They may complain a bit when their white son is taught to hate himself in public school but they won’t oppose it. The only thing that animates CA coastal conservatives is lower taxes and maybe ME wars.)

      • I genuinely felt like Bruce is going to win though. Hannity played the interview totally straight-faced and Bruce answered all the questions correctly.

        If it ends up taking a Tranny White Nationalists and a congress full of Black Nationalists to finally bring the US to an end by encouraging succession for their own sake because they can’t stand being around all these bigoted white guys, it’s a win-win. They just won’t let us say it first.

        • Bruce Jenner has a serious mental disorder. Why in the world would anyone want someone who is so f**ked up that they think they’re a girl, running a state!?
          I wouldn’t want that creep anywhere near me or my family.
          He’s an abomination.

          • Well we’ve got a POTATUS ostensibly running the whole shebang so why not? Mental illness is all the rage in politics today.

          • See my lengthy comment awaiting moderation, the last time it was a total circus. And the GOP former candidate has gone all Trump in hilarious ways. It really is amusing. That bear even shows up at his press conferences. The media can’t not cover it.

      • Jenner is not taken seriously, and was not the first candidate out of the box and running ads. That would be John Cox.

        Cox is or was a standard issue Republican, he ran before for Governor against Newsom and lost badly, on the usual low tax libertardian stuff. Trump seems to have inspired him, his ad is HILARIOUS.

        I am not KIDDING YOU, he’s featured with a giant Kodiak bear (standing in for California’s former grizzlies featured on the flag and in lots of commercials the past year) promising to be “an ugly beast” to solve the issues: HOMELESSNESS, CRIME, and the shutdowns. With Gavin Newsom featured adoring himself in the mirror. Its Trumpian, and has got the guy noticed. EVERY newscast features the ad because its weird and effective,

        Now, the last time out, the candidates included (I am NOT kidding either): the late Gary Coleman (What you Talkin Bout Willis?), porn star Mary Carey (she looks like Mariah Carey and is running again), various Latino State Officials running on what amounted to a Fidel Castro Communist platform, Arnold, and a host of other circus freaks. This time we have “Caitlyn” plus possibly Randy Quaid (the crazy brother), possibly Charlie Sheen and/or Mel Gibson, and a guy who went from Caspar Milquetoast to walking with bear and calling himself an ugly beast. [His selling point is that it takes an ugly beast to solve the problems which are real and why Newsom is getting recalled].

        Gavin Newsom has released 63,000 violent inmates from state prison for “safety” and among them 20,000 lifers. In California a prisoner needs to be pretty much Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker serial killer, to get life. So that’s the guys he’s letting out. He must figure the fix is in, per Biden’s fraud and wants to punish voters for not obeying. Not sure about that. The backstory to Gray Davis getting recalled was Davis had few friends in the Party or Legislature, and had presided over an electricity boondoggle that led to skyrocketing prices and rolling blackouts — in February. Newsom has few friends, and lots of enemies who would like to Governor. Including London Breed of SF, Alex Padilla, Xavier Becerra, and more. Probably also the very oily former LA Mayor Antonia Villaraigosa.
        The fix might be in, or it just might be in for say, Villaraigosa.

        • “Now, the last time out, the candidates included (I am NOT kidding either): the late Gary Coleman (What you Talkin Bout Willis?), porn star Mary Carey (she looks like Mariah Carey and is running again), various Latino State Officials running on what amounted to a Fidel Castro Communist platform, Arnold, and a host of other circus freaks. This time we have “Caitlyn” plus possibly Randy Quaid (the crazy brother), possibly Charlie Sheen and/or Mel Gibson, and a guy who went from Caspar Milquetoast to walking with bear and calling himself an ugly beast. [His selling point is that it takes an ugly beast to solve the problems which are real and why Newsom is getting recalled].”

          My soul thanks you. Superb.

    • Is there a link? I was unaware of the Hannity interview with Jenner. Maybe I shouldn’t search for it because the mental image I already have is too freaking awesome to risk.

      • Found it.

        Imagine this being allowed on the air even three years ago, and this is the True Con network.

    • Hannity may be another actor playing a role. Years back he and the leftist loon Keith Olbermann used to go to baseball games together. They left their acts at the stage door

  16. “Then we got Trump. If Obama is the epitome of liberal democratic politics, Trump is the epitome of modern business ethics. He created a brand first then he used that brand to create business opportunities.”

    Brilliant stuff. So Zman needs to take the next step and recognize that modern business and politics have fused in America.

    We saw the beginnings of this in politics with Herbert Hoover and Wendall Willkie and more with Ross Perot. Of course, these men had real substance and built real businesses. Had they not failed in politics, we would have seen many more like them. Arguably, they were held back by their substance. Hoover, the Great Engineer, couldn’t be made to believe the bullsh*t FDR implemented. Ross Perot, to his eternal credit, couldn’t fathom how NAFTA could benefit the average American worker.

    Trump was the full flowering of this emergent trend. He wasn’t burdened by substance and he understands the media. He just couldn’t govern. My fear is that we’re going to get a business leftist eventually who has substance, understands media and can govern.

    • I have that fear too, but ironically demographics might save us. They have been throttling white men for a few decades now. Good luck getting Kamala, or even Obama, to do anything useful. A non-white country is also highly dysfunction, and corrupt. Try getting anything done on a mass scale in Mexico or Brazil. A 9 year old train system just collapsed in Mexico City, lol.

      There are some smart Hans and Brahmins, but it’s too obvious to have one of them on TV screaming about how evil white people are. Nobody listens. Latinos are too lazy and don’t have the same hatred for whites. Basically crazy whites and (((whites))) initiated the demographic collapse but I frankly don’t see them being able to govern this mess past a Brazillian, stagnant shit hole level. Unless China invades and colonizes (which is a whole other scary thought).

      • We need to exercise a sort of practical divorce by sanctuary-like laws where local governments get to implement reasonable high IQ policies with the support of local police and military.

        One funny picture last summer was the one of some going planet of the apes in MN when at the same time other segment of the population was doing the first commercial flight to the space station. This proves that we can still have high IQ America goals executed in a low average IQ demos.

        This just need clever imagery so the nut-lefty whites don’t detect it or their NPC programs crash. The nut-left non-whites are just tools so they won’t noticed if not prompted by their college-educated white masters.

    • Agree that we get a leftist business person. My guess is someone like Mark Cuban. A Jew who hates the country but a non Jewish name and friendly demeanor

  17. I’m ambivalent about it because who controls it is the fundamental problem, but the screen is perhaps the most insidious thing that ever happened to society. Even a newspaper, a book, or a magazine is at least a tactile thing the reader has to interact with. I suspect that interaction is a subconscious reminder that you’re dealing with something external to your consciousness.

    The screen is totally passive— it takes a conscious effort to remind yourself what you’re seeing and hearing isn’t your lived experience. This makes it simple to foist unreality on people. Making unreality entertaining helps, so actors and stooges make effective politicians. The colonization of the mind, or something like it. Rent-free space.

    • Also, radio takes imagination. You have to visualize what you’re hear, which is also a kind of interaction. Fwiw.

    • “Even a newspaper, a book, or a magazine is at least a tactile thing the reader has to interact with.” An excellent observation, and I’d like to piggyback on this for a moment.

      As a teacher (and a GenXer) I constantly bemoan the fact that there are currently too many streams of information available. These streams are passive (as you noted), but they are aggressively targeted at us, all the time (thereby becoming far too convenient). I was born way back in 1965, and when I was in high school we listened to teachers talk, we did book-work exercises, we wrote essays, and we learned how to take notes “cold” by intuitively identifying which things were more important than others. And these were really the only “streams” available to us. The newspaper, the evening news, and People/Newsweek/Time magazines were all that normies had to deal with, and that was enough to keep them occupied.

      But today’s kids and college age people have a bazillion streams available; all of them passive. They are raised in a different world than the one in which I was raised, and they do not know how to think in a linear, organized way. It’s like working with aliens.

  18. There is one overarching DC eco-system now. The 3 branch concept is gone.
    …the levers of power are all controlled by the same system, and behind that system are positions – not people. “Positions”
    …people are evaluated based on their ability to support and protect the system, and their skill level is what moves them into position.
    Position. Evaluation. Next Position. Evaluation.
    Lather. Rinse. Repeat

    This is a portion of a post someone sent me that someone sent him – am unable to properly attribute.
    It states much of what Zman does with his essay. I don’t like it, but it does drive the point home.

  19. It is probably worth noting that, coincident with the end of the Cold War is the rise of digital reality, more specifically, the Internet and then social media. One major effect of digital reality is that more and more people are plugged into a common field of discourse. We all share, to a greater degree, a catholic culture, albeit one divorced from history and at odds with the real world. From a political standpoint, what this means is that politicians and their handlers have a new and extremely powerful tool to craft self-images that are untethered from the politician and his past, and instead, are composites of sundry orts and tropes considered desirable by the Power Structure and salable to the benighted masses. This phenomenon facilitates our post-Cold War class of ontologically distorted, non-human politicians.

    • Careful Mr. Ostei: you need to watch your language. This is a family blog.

      “…ontologically distorted, non-human politicians…”

      My perspicasity can only be stretched so far…

    • I make no claims to in-depth knowledge of philosophy. However, let me humorously note, backed by’s definitions, that postmodernism basically means a rejection of previous values, including rebelling against modernism, which was itself a rejection of prior values 😀

      On a more somber note, doesn’t postmodernism encompass the currently fashionable trend to replace facts with feelings, history with feeling, which I suppose includes whitewashing or airbrushing away those parts of history, or even reality, that don’t suit one’s tastes? “Don’t like reality? Make up your own!”

      • Accurately speaking, there is no postmodernism, although I’m guilty of using that term, too. Instead, we live in the postmodern era, and the philosophy of this ara is properly termed poststructuralism.

        As for the poststructuralist stance on facts, it effectively denies their validity if by fact we mean a concrete, knowable thing that may be accurately described with words. The poststructuralist posits a radical disjuncture between the sign (word) and the signified (the referent). And because language is so at odds with the actual world, facticity is viewed with great skepticism. For the poststructuralist, “facts” are what we think them to be rather than what we know them to be.

        To the extent that poststructuralism is the intellectual underpinning of postmodern society, the ramifications are manifold and pernicious. I’m not sure heightened emotionalism is one of them, but respect for assertions based upon intense feeling or belief rather than empiricism, certainly is.

        • hmmm, I suppose there is someone else here (other than you) that cares enough about academic jargon (i.e. nonsense) to read that comment.

          • I couldn’t care less. If you choose to wallow in ignorance of the intellectual force behind our enemies, so be it.

          • you cared enough to reply. glad we have that big brain of yours *talking* for our side.

          • Some people actually prefer to learn something new and useful once in a while, rather than just the same old trailer park gossip.

        • If I’m getting what you’re saying, they’re describing a state of insanity, and I’d suspect there’s some projection involved.

          Now if there isn’t a *radical* disjuncture between sign and signified, that could be called a state of confusion, which sounds eminently reasonable to me.

          After all, that’s more or less the state described by Christianity. For now we see though through a glass, darkly— because Christians believe there’s more to reality than what can be measured.

          Whence modernity’s love of the radical and the extreme? Whose ethic?

          Idk random Thursday thoughts…

          • There is no doubt that severe mental illness is unusually common among the poststructuralists. People such as Althusser, Bataille, and Foucault were clinically insane, or very close to it, and de Certeau may have been as well. That did not limit their influence, however. And this fact surely accounts for their fascination with and championing of irrationality.

            As for postructuralist vs. Christian views of reality, while the Christian believes there’s more to reality than meets the eye, the poststructuralist believes there’s no reality at all beyond language itself.

          • Interesting that they’re concerned with language, since Jesus is the Word.

            Not sure if there’s anything there or not, but it’ll be fun to chew on!

        • Heightened emotionalism IS by its very nature a preference for feelings over facts. The point of poststructuralism is to reduce language to a tool to inflame emotions to manipulate others

          • Actually, the point of poststructuralism is to use language in such a way as to destroy so-called “hegemonic discourses,” and thereby allow subjugated knowledges space to rise to the surface and flourish. Those “knowledges” are possessed by transgressive people, i.e. sexual and racial minorities.

  20. I think we’re going to need a bigger clown horn and some stale vegetables for throwing.
    Won’t you join me in the faculty lounge under the Mao/Stalin shrine for some fine undistilled primo flatulence?
    The air is rare among the evolved enlightened beings that we have been waiting for.

  21. This is another Pulitzer worthy post that is almost literary in the quality of the writing. None of the current crop of MSM and Conservative Inc. writers can produce anything anywhere near this level of writing in either style or content. And yet, the enjoyment of reading this quality of writing obscures the essential message therein. The point is that we are all trapped on a runaway train being driven a dementia patient & his supporting theater troupe. Our comfy lifestyle masks the mortal danger because no matter how insane current events appear, you can still buy a latte at the Starbucks on the corner. We cannot continue to just entertain ourselves with tales of how screwed up the Progs are. At some point you have to act rather than smirk.

    • Less talk, more action! But what action would be effective? Who would back you up? How do you persuade them to join your cause? The BLM/Antifa/SJW crap is promoted because it serves the ruling class agenda. Our side is up against both of these.

  22. “Bruce Jenner is no longer the guy who won an Olympic gold medal fifty years ago. He is now a right-wing transvestite running for governor as a collection of ideas. He is the full expression of conservatism, in that the ideas are wholly divorced from the person. Just as America is just an idea, Bruce Jenner is just an actor performing for the conservatives.”

    Shark. Jumped.

    This is a bridge too far, and we will get even more Normie Cons to move this way with a Shemale True Con as the face of the GOP. I have to note that even the CivNat sites I read have a substantial hesitation of defense of even Tim Scott–it’s because he’s a cuck, but it is so rare to see Normie Cons not freely ejaculating over the concept of a right-of-center African.

    Con, Inc., is past threadbare.

    • Yes indeed, Mr. Bruce Jenner can only work in our favor. You can not call yourself a “Conservative” in the common understanding of “Joe Normie” while voting for a mentally disturbed candidate—a delusional man pretending to be a woman—asking you to enable/promote his mental illness. Bruce may indeed win, Arnold did, but you can expect he’ll simply be another RINO in the mold of Arnold.

        • Bruce isn’t the only hyper athletic male to discover his true courage. might be something to do with injecting steroids in copious amounts.

        • Pharmacology produces interesting politicians

          You got that right. I would LOVE to see the orange bottles most politicians are carrying around with them. I bet 85% of DC’s finest are on multiple psychotropics. I’m not being facetious either.

    • Jack- All true. And yet . . . I really don’t know that we’ll see a genuine, significant number refuse to turnout for the 2022 midterms. That reflexive voting = patriotic duty=good citizen appears still strongly ingrained. They may hesitate more online, or even approach forbidden thoughts, but when the time comes I predict they’ll still vote harder. Dearly hope I’m wrong, or that a long, hot summer changes some minds. Readily admit I’m a natural pessimist, but I just don’t see enough people truly waking up to make a difference.

      • The GOP dies if the turnout dips too much below presidential turnout this time. I think at least that many may not vote. It only takes about a 20 percent downturn and the Fat Lady sings. Mister Jenner certainly isn’t helping the Republicans keep voters in the fold.

        We are getting there, and I’m a pessimist, too. It is largely due to the craptacular nature of the GOP and events too horrible to ignore that have awakened Normie Con.

        • “The GOP dies if the turnout dips too much below presidential turnout this time.”

          Nah, the GOP isn’t going away; it’s the placeholder for a true opposition. Just because the Republican Party is useless TO US, doesn’t mean it’s not providing value to someone else.

      • that’s like asking a scorpion to “wake up”. these people are hard wired to be the way they are now. their only response will be louder bleating.

    • Bruce Jenner is not the weirdest candidate in the race.

      Randy Quaid is considering. Possibly also Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson is rumored to weighing an entry. The former pr0n star who ran last time is running again (she looks like Mariah Carey and has a similar name). And the mainstream Republican is … campaigning with a giant Kodiak bear. No he really is.

  23. I keep asking myself who’s in charge and the closest I can get is that Silicon Valley has overtaken Wall Street to be the leading player. I think it happened because Silicon Valley isn’t just greedy like Wall Street, but is also deeply fanatical about the new religion of Wokeness (thieves like Lloyd Blankfein or Jamie Dimon know this stuff is ridiculous, but see it as the cost of doing business). But that still doesn’t explain the fierceness with which Biden’s corpse is being shoved around (like one of those Avatars) by someone else, and forced to write bills like a man possessed. Whoever’s piloting Biden is doing it directly, not as a sphere of influence, as their command is too total. Some people think it’s Obama’s White House running a camarilla from Martha’s Vineyard, but the problem with that is, as you’ve alluded, that Obama is dumb and now that the media’s putting its effort elsewhere, this is obvious even to the less dumb liberals. They’re intent on riding Biden until the wheels fall off, but the guy could very likely die at any moment, which is probably why they chose Harris as the backup, since she is so dumb she might as well be dead. They’re smart, though, whoever’s doing it.

    • I think it’s because Silicon Valley works on “network effects” and needs de facto monopolies/cartels to make its business models work. Social media models, most prominently, are “winner take all” businesses. They require government enforcement of their dubious IP claims and exemptions from libel laws and “common carrier” regulation (and now even SEC rules; see Robinhood). And of course they are trans-national business models. So SV needed a foreign policy too…..

      So it’s cheaper and more expedient for them simply to take over the government. The “Wokeness” is just moral camouflage for an old-fashioned power grab.

      It’s a reprise of the Cold War mining/oil/extraction/weapons/MIC multi-national business model, just more fully realized.

      • When the masses are enslaved by a drug, in this case Silicon Valley, there is no where to go but down.

      • “The ‘Wokeness’ is just moral camouflage for an old-fashioned power grab.”

        I hope so, as cynical isn’t as bad as insane. The Crusades may have been about reconquest of lost territories, but eventually the more fanatical crusaders started actually leading some of the marches. At one point, they believed a duck was a reincarnated saint and literally followed him around wherever he waddled. Sounds crazy, until you remember America gave a gold coffin, a 27 million dollar payout, and created a site of holy pilgrimage for a fentanyl junky who put a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly.

        Also, Silicon Valley’s ability to control people by controlling their information is undercut by their support for sexual permissiveness and destruction of bourgeoise morality. What are they going to do when holding a politician’s sexual degeneracy against him holds no weight? I think the Epstein case proves our rulers are ready to *evolve* from endorsing homosexuality, then transsexualism, on into outright hebephilia and pedophilia. Netflix even tried to introduce some of this with a sleazy, hypersexualized show targeting preteen girls. But once these practices are on the table, blackmail is out the window, at least standard blackmail (you’ll probably be able to send people to prison for using the N-word in a phone conversation here soon, though).

        • Wokeness has to be a ruse. If there is one technology that needs the best and brightest, it’s high tech. They profess wokeness, but their employees do not reflect such and can not represent it.

          • Not always.

            California is trying to cancel advanced math in high schools for, “muh equity.”

            If they do that, most Cali HS grads will not have the math skills required for college STEM.

            Stuff like this and the growing semiconductor shortfall will be huge impediments to their digital spider web.

          • The thinking here is probably just that they will always be able to just buy scientific genius off the shelf from *somewhere* to do the real work. Then the “tech” companies can stock their American offices with Oompah Loompahs, baboons, or clones of Joe Biden for all it matters. As for California and its public schools, the oligarchs have probably just given up on it anyway as a source of actually useful workers. The relevant thing for them about a California high school grad is whether he can do their landscaping work, not his calculus skills

            There’s also probably an element of, ironically enough, old fashioned Big Man patriarchal kingly rule for some of the oligarchs. Think of their American offices more as something like the old French Court. No one is really there to “work”. The college Xrrl interns are there as concubines, the magical negroes, gays, and trannies are there as court jesters. The “creatives” in advertising, marketing, graphic design, are the court storytellers, astrologers, and minstrels. The actual work? Let the colonial subjects in the tropics do that.

        • Epstein got cleaned up because he was too high-profile.

          The border trafficking is much lower profile and has no single, visible string-puller.

    • Obama gets the orders in his DC bunker a few blocks from the White House.

      Psaki has repeatedly stated, “Barry and Joe speak all the time,” on the record.

      Susan Rice is the go-between for the really sensitive topics. Notice how we haven’t heard or seen her in the media for months.

      So, the question is, who is feeding Obama the orders?

      • In answer to your question – here’s a hint: pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.

    • Biden . . . could very likely die at any moment, which is probably why they chose Harris as the backup, since she is so dumb she might as well be dead.”

      Nah. I do not see him dying any time soon. My dad’s mom had Alzheimer’s and lived a decade and a half past the time when she forgot my dad (her eldest). Up until then I could tell her who I was by telling her I was my dad’s (her eldest) firstborn. Not sure how much of old Joe there is left. Clearly enough for him to make a usable spokes-muppet. I figure he’ll be back skinny dipping in his own pool and grossing out the SS detail by Labor Day. Then it’ll Kameltoe with somebody’s hand up her ass.

    • Your comments are interesting to the extent the following is true. I recall in the very late 80s, when Microsoft was being investigated for antitrust allegations regarding Windows, that by and large, Silicon Valley had NOT been a major political campaign contributor, up until 1990 or so. It’d be fascinating to see records of Big Tech’s contributions over the past few decades. I’ll admit I’ve seen no such list (even though the information should be available) and that this post is based on speculation off that one article thirty years ago. I may have some details wrong.

      At risk of belaboring the obvious, may I point out that thirty years ago, the internet hardly existed. This year is the 30th birthday of the browser (the world wide web). But except for an elite few government and academic users, those of us who used PCs communicated via dial-up modems and chatted on “bulletin board systems.” This remained true, for me at least, and I considered myself fairly cutting-edge, until well into the mid 1990s.

      For all practical purposes, I don’t think social media even existed for another ten years, until sometime in the 2000s. Ditto for smart phones. I had a cell phone in the late 90s, after airtime had decline in cost from ridiculous to merely expensive. But the smart phone, the Iphone, and the zoo of apps, including social media apps, were still quite into the future.

      Sometime in the past twenty years, Big Tech by default, as much as by clever marketing, gained a stranglehold on mass communication, media, and consequently vastly increased in political influence.

      • “This year is the 30th birthday of the browser (the world wide web)”. off by 5 years. 🙂

        big tech was given a stranglehold. they have exactly 0 true power. they are the hammer, not the carpenter.

        cause and effect are sometimes hard to tell apart.

    • “is it possible to turn off typing completion? it is bidenesque in its choices…” Should be in your Browser’s Settings Menu. (In Brave it is anyway. . .)

      • thanks for the tip, unfortunately I am using safari for the moment, and it doesn’t have control to turn off auto-complete. will check again once I get another browser installed.

    • Great movie! Haven’t seen it in years, though. They always only show Silence of the Lambs or something.

  24. Greg Brady recoiled in horror at finding he was cast as the new Johnny Bravo singing star merely because he fit the suit the producers had made.

  25. I find this quite depressing. On a personal level, this could be, in theory, solved by simply detaching from it all. But the madness is now so pervasive that escaping it is becoming very difficult. Politicians are actors playing leaders and all the way down are maskholes playing heroes. It’s all so tiresome.

    • It is absolutely becoming more difficult. I have clients loving telling me they’re vaccinated. A couple of them has asked me if I’ve gotten my shot yet and so far I just say I’m not even going to think about it until it’s FDA approved. But I definitely foresee losing clients which I’m kind of okay with because I’m also getting new clients and the one I met yesterday we shook hands and I would rather have that person as my client. We’re dividing up in camps now I’m ready

      • first off the shots being handed out now, in the US and EU are not vaccines. this guy talks about it at length:

        second, the shots are capable of doing a great deal of permanent harm, all on their own.

        third, they do not confer immunity. [so why get them?]

        • Flash, today on the news (forgive me, I listen to radio), Pfizer announced their “vaccine” is effective against Covid variants and that they were making “booster” shots in any event and should have enough for a Fall inoculation series.

          Yep, the jab is here to stay and the campaign (and subsequent pressure to join the fold) unceasing.

      • Suggestion:

        Them: “Well, I’m vaccinated you know”.

        You: “Prove it.”

      • It is nobody’s fucking business what medicines you do or do not take.

        I swear, the next time somebody asks me if I’ve been “vaccinated”, my response will be to ask them if they’ve had their HPV vaccine yet.

        • Exactly. It’s constantly asked of me, but I still flinch each time. It’s incredibly rude. There used to be a word for this sort of thing: prying. A modest person simply doesn’t talk about their personal medical problems or concerns, especially to strangers.

          If it continues much longer, I’m going to start firing back, rhetorically: “Has your wife ever had an abortion?” or something along those lines.

          But we shouldn’t expect otherwise in this culture, I realize. Any manners or decorum or respect is long dead.

      • Wouldn’t it simpler to lie to the woke clients? I’m all for integrity but this is business!

      • Whitney: Isn’t it strange how that’s become one of the ‘signals’ by which we discern someone is sane or woke? If they wear a mask outside or in their car or working in my home, they’ve taken sides. If they insist on an elbow bump or decline to shake hands, I will go elsewhere. If any stranger calls and uses my Christian name, I berate them before I hang up. If they knock on my door for any politician they’re brainwashed rubes. I saw a statistic yesterday that about 2/3 of America’s vaccinated are women – not a surprise.

      • The COVID/mask/vaccine/passport madness is alarming. I’ve been replying with a polite “now that so many are vaccinated, I’m not certain masks are in order at this point” when asked why I’m not masked. And then “everyone who wants to be vaccinated, has been” when asked if I’m vaccinated.

        It has been a phenomenal opportunity to gauge where people stand and share frank and open conversations regarding the outrage. I know and have met dozens of people who are furious and seem to be waking up to the truth. Occasionally, those conversations have even led to quiet discussions of anti-white campaigns, etc.

    • Depression comes from feelings of powerlessness. The truth is that you are not powerless. We live in a changing paradigm. We have the privilege to see the world changing around us, and maybe even take part. Even 10 years ago, who would have thought that there would be such a large anti-democratic underground faction, the elections would be openly rigged, anti-white riots would be happening, etc. And despite all the brainwashing, millions of whites across the world are not backing down, or even becoming more redpilled. That is something worth celebrating.

      You have to be the future you want to see. Personally, I’m doing better than ever. My personal fitness is at its highest point. I’ve cut back on alcohol to less than 1 bottle of wine per month. With lockdowns and WFH there are NO excuses to eat toxic fast food from anti white corporations. I’ve been strengthening ties with the non-woke, friends and family who see through the BS.

      You are powerless to save “the white race” or stop immigration. But you are powerFUL, because you can strengthen ties and communities with like minded people. You can pump iron – when you feel depressed do pushups until your arms are rubber – it’s a start. Learn a new hobby. Have another kid. Start a blog or work on pro-white material. Remember that the persecution of conservatives is just for show. And most of all, look forward to the future, because if Mexico is any indication it’s much easier to carry out “activities” in lawless 3rd world shit holes than in the former Anglo-America. We have an amazing opportunity and are blessed to live in this time period.

      • Well written, Mr. B125. We have 1st world problems and we will have 1st world solutions. My grand parents and parents left me a world with supersonic aircraft and microchips. I will NOT leave my sons a nation imitating a closed amusement park or abandoned mall.

        • “I will NOT leave my sons a nation imitating a closed amusement park or abandoned mall.”

          But you will because there is nothing you can do about it. That ship has already sailed. Demography is destiny, so they say. This country’s future is something approximating South Africa, once they start dumping in African “refugees” that is, and they will:

          Whites racially discriminated against, ruined, living in fear; all of our monuments and culture destroyed; racialized violence, perhaps even kidnappings; mass poverty and widespread economic dysfunction due to government mismanagement; Whites living behind barbed-wired fences; Whites always on the verge of having our property stolen from us by a corrupt single-party government headed by envious racists who hate us.

          A nation is nothing more than its people. Ephemeral, poorly-defined ideologies make a nation not. Change the people, change the nation. You’re not making America great again because America is already gone. Thinking otherwise is merely giving false hope. Stay and fight for a lost cause and be ruined if you want, or maybe fight for something new and win the day for once.

        • As B125 alluded, we may have to resort to third-world methods to solve certain problems, at least for a time. 😈

          Disclaimer! Of course I am by no means suggesting vigilante or other lawless activity. That is a symptom of raw anarchy. I hope we’ll avoid that. Clearly, what I meant is that like the third world, we often have limited resources, so we should use our native ingenuity, working as individuals to solve smaller problems or when necessary for larger challenges,
          organizing locally to solve local problems, rather than wait for a distant, central government to do so, with all the burden and slowness that bureaucracy and cost necessitate. 😇

      • You are right, sort of. I am actually doing well on a personal level, including my fitness level and business. However, almost all of my family and long-time friends have turned into maskholes. So, yes, strengthening ties with community is great, but if the family isn’t with me, it just isn’t the same. The family turning crazy is the most depressing part of the pervasive madness. I am doing my best to persevere, but it’s increasingly less easy, especially when I see that the madness is everywhere and at all levels.

      • I damned sure don’t feel blessed to live in the Loonylithic Age, but I upvoted your post all the same.

    • Being a normie Boomer sounds like hell – imagine being some bluepilled beta simp in a dead bedroom marriage (90% of Boomer men I know). Imagine thinking that your “stuff” is the key to salvation. Imagine rejecting pro-family advice and instead promoting abortion and free love. Imagine living out a paradigm that no longer exists – they still act like it’s 1960 and their country is 95% white – and getting confused why nobody respects you.

      We’re actually lucky to have this knowledge. It’s easy to “overdose” though. You should be angry. Not depressed. Let the anger flow through you and fuel you. Visualize the future you want. For God, your family and your people. Get in shape. Women find this edge attractive too. You didn’t take the mark of the beast! The Bible already warns of this – most people are sheep. This is the state of humanity.

      • I am both depressed and angry. I have to be careful with the anger. So far, it has been mostly transferred into creative energy (hence, my business is doing well), but I don’t think that’s sustainable. TBH, I don’t believe we are lucky to live in times like these. I grew up in hard totalitarian country. I know how it sucked for my parents. And this sucks more than that.

        I appreciate your positivity, but I think you overestimate how much power a person has. We don’t live in vacuum. There are others around us and they have their own interests, currently affected by mass hysteria. All the political shit, including the Great Replacement, total surveillance and wokeism matters too, because it is more pervasive than ever.

        • the exaggerated virulence of this regime is why it will collapse so quickly.

          • It fully knows this. A competent regime doesn’t turn quickly and exclusively to terror. People are peeling off even now under threat of ruin. The theatrical flexing has helped us. It may not be all that quick but this will implode.

  26. I remember seeing this happen in realtime at the turn of the century. Back in my day (the early Clinton Era, which ran from 1988-2001), college kids got this idea that going backpacking through Europe somehow made them interesting — “taking a few semesters off to find yourself” was all the rage. It didn’t work — turns out you’re still you, just with a few more flea bites from staying in Eurotrash youth hostels — and most of them realized it.

    But then Social Media happened, as my students would’ve written back in my teaching days, and the Matrix really took over. Turns out “you” are really just a collection of carefully curated tics that you display on Facebook and Twitter. The older generation, we Gen Xers, just couldn’t grasp this. For instance, if someone put a gun to my head and forced me to summarize myself in one Instagram post, the only thing I could think of to do is post a picture of my library. It’s not me, of course, but the kind of stuff you see on my shelves is at least a rough stand in for my interests.

    That wouldn’t compute for Generation Selfie, and not just because they don’t read. It’s the fact that I — my physical person — am not even in my gun-to-the-head “self-portrait.” How can anyone know how special and quirky and unique and interesting I am, if no one can see my carefully chosen hipster clothes, my ironic facial hair, my tattoos, the social justice stickers that cover up everything but the glowing apple on my MacBook Pro?

    • The other day I watched a video of a young girl proudly giving a tour of her 430 sq ft studio apartment in NYC. It was filled with items from West Elm and Ikea. I suspect she just copied what she saw in the catalogs. My only thought was “Why does this video even exist?”

      Way back when Warren Beatty briefly had a thing with Madonna he groused that ‘if there’s no camera around, for her it’s not worth living’. It’s a large part of the madness of the current age that so many people have begun to see their lives as a reality show that only has meaning if enough strangers give it a like, share, or subscribe.

      Venturing outside the DR/“conspiratorial” realm on YT (what’s left of it) is quite disturbing.

      • Ya, like, I live in this super cute 200sqft cage, it’s like in a super hip area. I love the HUSTLE and BUSTLE of the BIG CITY. And look at this brick wall and concrete ceiling! So trendy, oooh. There’s a bodega and 5 taco trucks here, it’s like, so authentic! Just like Mexico!

        For alot of younger people life is just a random status competition. Particularly Asians but white girls are in on it too.

        Have to admit that I live in a small apartment in a big city too, but bugman is a mindset, not a location. I don’t delude myself into thinking it’s the pinnacle of lifestyles lol.

        • I can’t help commenting on the “200 square foot” apartment. 200 sqf was the size of my office at the university. As I remember, it held my desk, a side table, some bookcases along the wall, white board, and 3 visitor chairs in front of my desk. Can’t imagine how to squeeze in a bed, couch, toilet, kitchen and shower.

      • Since taking up “farming” as a hobby the missus and I have been watching the occasional homesteading videos on YT, and on one channel I was surprised to see a couple say that they were quitting their jobs to be full-time homestead YouTubers, and they weren’t even particularly good or entertaining with what they were doing. But that can be seen on a bunch of channels with what is generally a more “conservative” topic: the camera is it’s own means to an end. If it wasn’t homesteading enabling their love of the camera they’d find something else that did.

      • Very insightful comments Peabody (does that make me Sherman? 😀 ) I’m a late boomer. I dabbled in the social media thing but, like cocaine in the 80s, gratefully did not fall under its spell. I DO seek attention, but primarily in print, in places like right here. The old saying is that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But, perhaps that’s no longer true. As your example of the woman giving a video tour of her closet, the truth is that video, like many technologies, is so accessible that any idiot can make today what would have been a network-TV quality documentary in our childhoods. In parallel, the internet has allowed nearly anyone to be a publisher or a reader or viewer.

        But one thing that HASN’T changed, in my opinion — the individual’s ability to think and, of course depending upon his education and skill, to put thoughts into words. It takes a similar amount of intellect to be able to read and parse the meanings of the written word. In contrast, watching a video just doesn’t do the same thing.

        I’m not saying my words are golden. Far from it. But a single post like mine — or yours, or nearly any of those here — are worth a thousand pictures, in my opinion. Also has the advantage of taking much less bandwidth.

      • And I’m guessing that virtual ditz is paying 3K per month to live in that New York micro-shitbox.

    • Interesting. I walked the Camino – that old pilgrimage route from Basque county to Santiago – a few years back. I walked it because I’m a religious zealot, I guess, but the whole march was filled with exactly the people you describe. Maybe it’s part of the burning up of social capital, even that capital built up over a thousand years, Z is always talking about. But there it was: people who could not understand the process by which a 500 mile pilgrimage comes into being, snapping up local wine and tapas and taking selfies in front of gothic cathedrals.

      • There’s a whole genre of Instagram posts, I’m told, that are popular with the few old grouches who use sites like Instagram. They’re called “utterly inappropriate selfies” or something, and it’s always some idiot hipster or girl-with-dreadlocks mugging for the camera in front of the gates of Auschwitz or places like that. Yeah, we’re doomed.

        • She’s only smiling like that because she can clearly see the doors are wood and she thinks, “Hey, wait a second…”

          Couldn’t help myself. Sorry I’ll show myself the (wooden) door.

    • As a middling artist, the great divide came into view for me through many similar observations of the perspective shift; the inversion of object and observer.

      A man with a camera will hike, climb or hide in a blind for hours to capture a slice of life. He is a keen observer of the world.

      However small his lens might be it honors the truth of those things, the beauty that both hides in plain view as well as that which happens a blink of perfect sunlight.

      His creativity is expressed as that of a conduit. His art is in his innate eye for bringing focus to the object such that other people can glimpse the beauty and meaning he has captured.

      We crossed some line, however, where man asserted himself above the beauty and truth of life to become the object himself; the art itself.

      He now points his lens inward, all the world is a background. He IS the art. The story is HIS story.

      Truth is an awkward interloper. Reality is a blemish on his storyboard.

      So he takes and retakes, filters and curates and posts. And waits for the fleeting, hollow rewards from other artists who respond with veiled envy over the superior production value of his story.

      To call it solipsistic or narcissistic or feminized is the convenience of symptoms. Righting the inversion will require plumbing the depths.

      • I agree with you that this inversion you describe is rooted in envy. Those who literally mediate their lives through social media are either intent on stoking others’ envy or feeding their own. It is the basis for the radical egalitarianism that permeates society today; and my fear is that it will lead to a race to the bottom, since reducing everyone to the lowest common denominator is the only way equality can actually be substantiated. Bugmen have the same things and live the same lives; so the last arena for envy will be the realm of ideas.

        • if everyone else is racing for the bottom, you only have to hold your position to win.

          “Racing For The Bottom” sounds like some kind of gay reality show

    • It’s sorta funny how back in the day Europe was the go-to destination for upper-Middle White class kids to “find themselves.” But as Europe embraced diversity, it became less attractive. My experience with the youth now has them going to racially homogeneous Japan to “find themselves.” There are countless videos on YouTube of White kids parading around Japan.

    • It is heartbreaking, actually. There are some parents (I strongly suspect 3g4me qualifies) who have endeavored to make sure their children turn out to be decent people, but most have abandoned their kids to the Borg. We now have young adults who judge their worth by the number of “likes” they receive. They literally don’t have to point to actual merit, or even better, not have to point to it, to present and be accepted as honorable and decent.

      • Jack – Thank you for your kind words. It’s probably helped that I have sons. Although I dearly wanted a daughter, had I had one she would probably hate me.

  27. Even our highly educated politicians from elite institutions, extremely high-iq people, are simply playing roles now.

    Does anyone believe the twitter scuffles between Cruz and Cortez are genuine, or Cruz “owning” some random person in a congressional hearing is anything but sound bite harvesting? The same with Hawley and Gorka. They have double the IQ of a puppet like Rubio, but they are all just as incapable of accomplishing anything, so they just bide their time playing as actors in an increasingly dumb drama.

    We’re not going to see them act any differently until we have left-wing or right-wing Caesar take the helm and shake things up. If it’s left-wing Caesar, they’ll likely simply be exiled from Washington.

    • Ron DeSantis is looking pretty good. But given that the track record of Republicans is usually around 0, I suspect it’s only a matter of time before he start following (or is coerced) the script

      • Even if DeSantis was president with both houses, he would be able to accomplish nothing without turning Harvard, the FBI, the CIA, and CNN headquarters to glass.

        • Republicans only play defense, Democrats only play offense. Rolling things back is never an option.

          • The most precise way to tell if someone is on our side is to ask:

            “If Russia nuked D.C. tomorrow, would you be worse off?”

        • DeSantis is an anti-BDS zionist, and signed off on the red flag law in FL. He may be better than Gillum who was almost elected but he is definitely not our guy.

        • That’s the reality. Politicians are dutiful whores. The thugs in the IC, FBI, and military are dutiful whores. The real enemy is those they protect. To remove the latter you have to remove the former. These evil bastards have made damned sure to be as entrenched as possible to oppress the masses.

      • We are in a post-political environment. That being the case, there is no longer any point in paying attention to any politician, let alone pinning hopes of deliverance upon him. DeSantis, in other words, will ultimately betray his own people, just as every Republican before him.

        • Well put as usual. I’m starting to think Savior Compkex is about as big of a problem for Whites as individualism.

          • Right. We need leaders operating outside of the usual political parameters rather than salvific senators and governors who talk a mean gain to inflame the base, and then burn those same people when the rubber meets the road.

    • it’s sweet how people here still show the gop love, and invest their hope in its salvation (and their own). guffaw.

      • The GOP is the only (nominally) powerful organization that has any of our non-enemies in it. Those three or four guys don’t accomplish much and they never will, but they’re there.

        Spectators who still believe that normality or peace or America is winnable are going to latch onto the team that has those players. As long as Clarence Thomas or Stephen Miller or [other minimally acceptable pol] is out there, we’re only 99.99% doomed.

        Normal people can’t (and shouldn’t) consciously embrace the darkness.

        • karl throws hemid a Scooby snap for being a good boy. and more than a little naive, terminally so I am afraid.

      • We turn away from the huge challenge of what we must do to survive. It’s daunting but it’s reality.

    • I agree with this completely and you can see it in the international stage also. In Hungary, Orban, is the supposed right-wing Christian leader and he’s pushing this experimental vaccine on the populist and blaming the left-wingers for being anti-vaxxers It’s really something.

      I have no idea what’s in this vaccine but the people pushing at with such relentless energy and mendacious propaganda appear manifestly evil to me and that’s a good enough reason to avoid it

      • The monomaniacal focus on the vax is a huge red flag for any thinking person.

        The fact it is coming from all corners suggests a larger evil, possibly the Antichrist, or even Satan himself.

        • As a non-believer, I must settle for a more worldly, but equally depressing characterization, perhaps: social pressure, demand for conformity to a standard dictated by (whom?) — that’s where I get confused, and the trail becomes very faint. Clearly, many of these pushes for conformity (e.g. to take the jab) come from on high: the UN agencies, leading governments, major media. It’d be interesting to trace the origin of such memes. I don’t have access, but probably LEXIS/NEXIS or a similar database would help. Sure does sound like a person or more likely, a small group, wields outsize influence in world opinion, don’t it?

      • “In Hungary, Orban, is the supposed right-wing Christian leader and he’s pushing this experimental vaccine on the populist and blaming the left-wingers for being anti-vaxxers It’s really something.”

        orban pushes the chinese/russian vaccines cause he does not want his people to receive the western vaccines. Smart man!

  28. This isn’t completely new. Saint Abraham Lincoln was a Obama style mystery in 1860, partly because the abolitionist lunatics, elite New Englanders almost to a man, needed a “working class hero” frontman to dupe midwestern CivNats. As usual, they also hated each other so much that none could stomach one of their own running the show, so they thought nominating Lincoln, like nominating Biden, meant a controllable President. Lincoln turned out to be a lot less docile than Seward or any of the Republican big shots of 1860 thought. Dementia Joe won’t pose that problem.

    • Yes, and Ben Franklin wore his fur skin hat at the French court to give himself the image of a colonial rustic sage. So theater has always been part of politics. George Washington deliberately wore his uniform to Philadelphia for the first Continental Congress.

      But these men had actual substance. The point is that we now get the theater without the substance.

  29. It was amusing, but sickening, to see Hannity fawning over Jenner as the next Gipper.

    • What’s Jenner’s chances to win if Governor Doosh-Face gets the boot? I’d almost give herm a 50/50 shot at the start.

      • jenner is not going to win anything, anywhere. the next governor will be a democrat. the last republic gov here to do anything not totally left wing was pete Wilson back in the late 1980’s. cali is a real life arkhaven and no one is going to fix it, because the mass of loonys here like it this way. sigh.

        • Just looking at the campaign ad, (s)he/it basically is running as a democrat. Aren’t conservatives just democrats a decade too late anyway? I know the brand name and logo of Dem and Rep matter more than anything now. But Jenner is itself a logo for progressivism. So she is effectively a trans-woman running as a trans-republican. I think she has a shot at least. Never underestimate clown-world.

          • If Jenner wins will the. Kardashians get the band back together and move into the Governor’s mansion in Sacramento?

        • No one is going to fix it because it is a non-white landmass with non-white demographics. Expecting California to be “fixed” is like expecting Oaxaca or Sinaloa to be “fixed” – it just won’t happen.

          Lunatic whites will be out sooner than later too as a conservative culture (not in the Anglo-American sense) amongst the proles developing is inevitable. Family, religion, and community is the only way for people to survive in poverty conditions.

          • it’s the lib whites here who have ruined the place. there wouldn’t be hordes of mud people here if the insane whites hadn’t clamored for it. cali is crazy to the bone, you just have to experience it to know what it is really like.

          • ” s/h/it”

            “Kardashians get the band back together and move into the Governor’s mansion in Sacramento?”
            While we’re at it, lets get some camera’s in there and get a reality show going!

          • The potential governor of California has quite possibly been “fixed”, so why not the state at large?

    • Do yourself a treat and watch Gutfeld puke all over himself when he talked about “Caitlyn” running for governor. Absolutely disgusting.

    • This kind of story can be amusing while visiting Grandpa as he dodders around the old farm or retirement home. Some facts and memories with mixed up dates and facts. If I thought he was really acting as the President, it would be horrifying. It is horrifying that I have no idea who really is making decisions.

  30. The new conservative party of Canada leader:

    – supports a carbon tax
    – supports ultra mass immigration
    – supports homosexual “marriage”
    – is pro choice
    – in favour of endless lockdowns (Science!)
    – recently wore heels at some gender bending march

    This is a middle aged white guy who represented a working class/conservative rural area. If these people don’t actually exist and are holograms, or are space aliens who shape shifted into human form, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

        • I only saw the new series. It was interesting. Too bad it was cancelled. Several stories started developing and none of them were finished. The vaccination stuff seems prophetic, but it was playing on the swine flu hysteria. Back then, mass vaccinations were just a crazy conspiracy theory.

    • I probably know more about Canadian politics than 99.9% of the US population; I tend to pay attention to these things as a sort of outsider observer. I am confident that Erin O’Toole is *never* going to be PM. He just looks like a squish. At best, his strategy is to allow Liberal voters to feel like they’re voting for a liberal while punishing the Liberal Party for whatever excesses eventually get hung around their necks. It’s a terrible strategy, and it won’t work in a culture of virtue signaling suburban women and weird foreigners. I don’t know much about his political opinions, but Peter MacKay sort of looks like someone you’d want to see on tv every night. O’Toole has a face for radio … he just looks pudgy and weak: repellent to the suburban women in Ontario the CPC would need to win. He’s at best hoping to match Larry Hogan’s approach in Maryland: offering to slightly better administer the state without upsetting the status quo (OT: That’s what Hogan apparently things qualifies as “Change Maryland). I quite enjoy seeing Maxime Bernier’s posts on Twitter, but he seems so normal and reasonable that he’s hopelessly unelectable in Soviet Canuckistan.

      • Women hate ugly / beta woke men. They only want to hear from alpha men, be it woke or trad messaging. You need a Chad right wing firebrand, like Trump or Bernier (he’s 6″4) or else non whites and women aren’t interested.

        I voted Bernier in 2019 just to leave a record for the future that not all whites were suicidal lunatics. I think he got 1% overall or something. Basically nobody voted for him.

        Either way, the election will just be rigged even if Tool or Bernier had a chance. They rigged Trump out of a 10 million vote landslide. Canada is small potatoes.

  31. I appreciate you referring to Bruce Jenner as Bruce Jenner. I simply can’t stand that every article written about him refers to him as “caitlyn” or “she” or “her”. It’s laughably disgusting. From a gold medal decathlon winner to a freaking tranny – and cashing in both ways. Ain’t America great?

      • It’s rude to ask.

        My basic response to all this is that anything that, is universal would result in the extinction of humanity is not a good thing.

      • “Did he even cut his dick off?”
        I don’t know, but one thing is for sure. That lady sure has some balls running for conservative governor of California!

    • I get the surgical procedures mixed up.

      Addadictomy vs. Chopadickoffamy.

      Latin names are tricky.

    • There’s a tactical lesson in Hannity’s interview with Bruce. I’ve read a number of comments about Hannity using feminine pronouns in the interview, and while I find that repellent, I can understand that from a simple matter of politeness: if Hannity immediately starting calling Bruce “Bruce” then the entire interview collapses since the implication would be that he is disqualified for being a degenerate, so why have the interview? I agree with that and would never waste my time watching Hannity (I once heard it said that Sean Hannity substitutes vehemence for coherence) but I would probably not want to be seen as rude if I were having to interview him/it. Of course, the problem is that the entire western world is apparently willing to commit suicide for fear of being seen as rude.

      • That’s the point, though. He shouldn’t have had the interview anyway, and brought on a serious person with serious ideas for California instead.

        Hannity is a carney in our modern traveling media circus.

  32. I don’t know how you manage to do it, but this article was as thought-provoking as it was hilarious. I think this may be the most I’ve audibly laughed while reading one of your posts.

    I love the character descriptions:

    Obama: “the first Mary Sue president”

    Biden: “For reasons no one can explain, this shuffling corpse is supposed to be wildly popular.”
    “In his youth, when he was able to be himself, he was as popular as rectal exams”

    Candice Owens: “the numinous negro”

    • Yes, for turns of phrase and literary flourishes (as well as substance), this one was a delightful read. I especially loved, “Biden is the death mask for a dying regime that does not have the decency to lie still.” That’s going to stick with me.

    • My wife is a Candy Owen fan, but in my mind she’s just “conservative” negro grifter. If she was on the left, she’d just be another whiny black bitching about systemic racism, micro aggressions, White privilege or her hair.

      Now she’s heralded and feted by conservative inc, who pleasure themselves as they listen to her calling out black dysfunction or mouthing the latest con inc talking points.

      • She never has anything original or thoughtful to say. Its just the same rehashed obvious talking points that have been done long before she came around.

        • “Its just the same rehashed obvious talking points that have been done long before she came around.”

          Didn’t that used to be the core of conservatism?

          ” Our History tells us “These things work” so we should keep doing these things?

          • I get what you are saying. But this woman literally thinks in hashtags and headlines. That is the extent of her intellect.

          • no, conservatism has always been a fraud, so timid men can pretend they could have done something (other than talk) if only circumstances had been slightly different.

            I can name a hundred prog victories, but not a single conservative one.

          • One of my few minor victories has been to convince my brother that Benny S. is a grifter. He thought I’d like Shapiro and when I commented that I thought he was a carney act, he was stunned. I eventually quipped that for Lefty, feelings don’t care about your facts, so “owning the Libs” is just preaching to the choir, an exercise in self-gratification. But my brother is a good example of someone who needs to be brought over to this side slowly.

          • Shapiro maybe 5-6 years ago when he was “owning” dimwitted Liberal co-eds on college campuses… She hasn’t really adopted Shapiro’s “The Liberals have a point…” schtick from what (blessedly) little I’ve seen of her.

            I’ve been able to turn most of my friends off to Shapiro. Once you point out his angle, and how it always winds up letting the Progs move the ball down field, you can’t unhear it when he starts doing that sort of thing.

            Give it time. At some point, somebody “conservative” will call her the grifter that she is, and she will immediately hide behind her skin color as a defense. Or that she’s a woman, that one is popular too.

      • This being America, Ms. Owens has filled a marketing niche, right out of the Harvard Business School/Boston Consulting Group playbook. We have gone from politics to brand management and it was sorta inevitable.

      • I’ll say this for Candace Owens–she’s smart. At least smart enough to cash in on the Repub enthusiasm for black conservatives. I’m sure we’ve all experienced seeing our normie-con friends talk about Candace. Their eyes light up in excitement and enthusiasm, and the “see…I’m not racist” vibe cannot be contained. That’s how important not wanting to be seen as racist is to these people, yet still retaining their “conservative principles.” Candace fits that role perfectly.

        • Let’s hope Candace’s genes get the best of her and she shivs the “Conservative Movement” good and hard.

      • I had hardly heard of Owens back when she first joined the conservatard grifter brigade. How anti-White was she prior to that? She now preens her ‘status’ having married a White Brit and produced a mulatto. She really epitomizes for me that the root of black resentment is envy. They can claim pride and hotness and brilliance all they want, but deep down they want to be White, or at least paper-bag tan with ‘good hair.’

        • I’ve watched Owens for a while. If she is a grifter then she is less obvious than many others. I’m willing to grant that she believes what she says, until proven otherwise.

          We should accept that there may be a small number of non-whites who sincerely accept our values. The two problems are that: 1) it is not worth the enormous effect required to verify such persons and that 2) their offspring will likely regress to the anti-white mean.

          Unfortunately, these few non-white unicorns convince normie conservatives that non-whites are on the brink of voting conservative en masse, which is appalling foolishness.

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