The Vampire Society

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The boom-bust economic cycle that came with the industrial age has been a primary focus of economics for close to two centuries. Marx was the first to notice that these periodic economic crises were an inherent part of the system. He theorized that over-production was the cause, which lead to a destruction of capital. The economist Joseph Schumpeter picked up on this and gave us the term “creative destruction” to frame the busts as corrections to inefficiencies.

It is one of those truths that still haunt the modern economy. The reason the down cycle is terrifying is that economics is really about politics. When the busts come, the people get angry at the politicians. Worse yet, they can get angry at the rich people and start demanding a share of the loot. It’s why economics has evolved to prevent the bust at any cost. Seven trillion in new money was created over the last year in response to the Covid panic in order to keep people pacified.

We still have the boom-bust issue, just in small scale. A new idea goes through a familiar cycle. At first it is highly profitable for the owner. They ramp up their production to meet demand. Soon, others come up with similar products that cut into his market, thus undermining his profits. In time the profits are reduced to the barest minimum as the product becomes a commodity. In time the value to the original creator of the new product drops to zero. It is a commodity.

This is generally considered a good thing by modern economics, as it means the relative cost of goods continues to fall. It also means intellectual capital is naturally forced to innovate. The company with the hot new product knows they will have to keep coming up with hot new ideas. Otherwise, their profits will fall. On the other hand, they might seek a monopoly like we see with the tech oligarchs, which allows them to artificially maintain their profit margin.

There is another angle to this that is unique to this age. The technological revolution has created a new form of capitalism that is rooted in the creation of new ideas, particularly in the entertainment space. Like the imitators who draft on the creations of the innovators, this new process in the technological economy is dependent on the initial creative energy of an innovator. Unlike the old industrial age imitator, this new form of economic activity is highly profitable.

It works like this. The new idea for something like a movie or a type of popular music is expensive and difficult to create. It requires smart and creative people to try different things until they get a concept that works. Then they have to convince investors or an audience, often both, to give it a look. In the case of a movie, it means the risk of a box office bust. In the case of music, it means years of failure, while living on cat food. The new idea promises profit, but mostly risk.

If the new thing does well, then this is where the new entrepreneur steps into the picture and realizes the big profit. That hit movie becomes a franchise. Soon, there is a remake which is very profitable. Then subsequent remakes, reboots and spin-offs that have declining profits. Eventually, they reached a point where there is no profit in the franchise. At this point, the original concept has lost its value and often has a negative value, due to the terrible imitations that came after it.

Recent examples of this in Hollywood are legion. The Terminator franchise has become a joke due to the many sequels. So desperate to squeeze the final pennies from the idea, they have the 70-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a geriatric robot named Carl who is an interior decorator. The Alien franchise is mostly known for the idiotic reboots and spin-offs that are easily mocked. These are two ideas drained of all value, like the corpse after a vampire has drained the blood.

This happens with other things like pithy phrases. Back in the Obama years, someone used the term “crony-capitalism” to describe the tightening bonds between global corporations and the government. The phrase caught on and was in the mouth of every right-wing pundit. In time it sounded like some of them had a form of Tourette’s, in which they burped out that phrase uncontrollably. Today we have “deep state” and “globalist” getting the same treatment from the same crowd.

The thing is, these vampires who prey on new ideas are not without talent. They have a useful set of skills, in that they are able to drain every last drop of value from an intellectual property. They do so without regard to their own reputations or the reputation of the original creator. They are proud to be vampires and they are handsomely rewarded for their skill. In fact, they do better than the originators, who are often looking for the next concept or ignored by the imitators.

This is not confined to entertainment. A new bit of software can expect the same treatment, as most of Silicon Valley is now tuned to rapidly replicate and consume every new idea that comes along. The cable chat shows are festooned with ads for “apps” that are copies of some original. Facebook, in fact, is just a cheap knock-off of an original idea lost to the mists of time. It now is being cloned and copied by those looking to find some remaining profit from the idea.

A few years ago, an “entrepreneur” came up with the scheme to convince people that buying shaving products was difficult. Instead you should subscribe to a mail order service for razors. There was no new product or an effort to change the demand for razors and shaving products. The whole scheme was about fooling people into thinking there was a razor conspiracy. The goal was to get them to expose their neck so the vampires could get a clear shot at the artery.

Of course, this “innovation” has come in for the same treatment. The airwaves are full of ads claiming there is an underwear conspiracy that can only be solved by bespoke undergarments from a boutique maker. Instead of coming up with a better mousetrap, genius is finding a way to trick people into paying for the same mousetrap. Once the blood has been drained from that deception, it will be onto some new scheme to provide less for more, under the guise of innovation.

This has created a world that selects for the type of person able to suck every last drop of blood from a new idea. In a world where you make as much or more money from copying the ideas of others, it makes sense that people will go into that line of work, rather than the creative end. Hollywood is now full of vampires, looking to drain the blood from the next new idea. There are no “new ideas” in the movie world, because there is no one there interested in being sucked dry by his fellow vampires.

If these selection pressures exist long enough and are widespread enough, then eventually you have a world of too many vampires and too few victims. Those vampires have to feed, so they will move onto other victims. That may be where we are now in the late stages of empire. Everywhere you look the remaining bits of the original spirit are covered with vampires, looking for a clear bit of neck into which they can sink their fangs and suck some blood. Ours is a vampire economy now.

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183 thoughts on “The Vampire Society

  1. Z, regarding your Taki piece, you need to separate the ruling class from the managerial class. The managerial class really does believe on some level the insane dictates given them (life is easier that way) but the true elite is very astute. They isolate themselves from the consequences of their dictates and clearly don’t believe them. Cases in point, all the pictures of them without masks and their buying ocean front property when they tell us the seas are going to rise.

    You mention the razor wire at the Capitol. That was a huge win for the ruling class. They have a large percentage of the population convinced there are hordes of white supremacists hiding behind every bush. To combat that the ruling class has given the managerial class the green light to crush any dissent they find a threat to their position. If that means sending BLM into white suburbs then those suburbanites better not fight back or it is Berlin 1933.

    And most people don’t pay enough attention to what is going on to even care. Case in point Liz Cheney. You are right in your assessment of her but why then was she elected? Simple. The money was behind her and she had name recognition. That name recognition should have led to her defeat but that would require people thinking through the issues and that is boring

  2. Ha ha! The Zman was watching “Daybreakers” and the Harry’s razor commercial came on!

    • If these selection pressures exist long enough and are widespread enough, then eventually you have a world of too many vampires and too few victims. Those vampires have to feed, so they will move onto other victims. That may be where we are now in the late stages of empire. Everywhere you look the remaining bits of the original spirit are covered with vampires, looking for a clear bit of neck into which they can sink their fangs and suck some blood. Ours is a vampire economy now.

      The Venn Diagram of the intersection between the set of all Vampires and the set of all Passive Aggressives will be just about a perfect 1-to-1 fit.

      Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder is the meta-sociological cancer which necessarily originates and evolves and metastasizes in order to destroy end stage civilizations.

      The four things you have to study in order to understand the moderin world are:

      1) The race question [to include the JQ],

      2) The Insula-dominant/Amygdala-submissive neuropsychiatric wiring of the White shitlib,

      3) Women – you can either love them, or know them, but not both, and

      4) The omnipotent power of Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder to destroy everything in its path.

      PS: Apparently “Chad Gangsta Alpha PUA” Bill Gates was hosting nekkid pool parties [with hired strippers] since forever. So it’s looking moar & moar likely that he’ll have a significant M0ssad/Epstein/Maxwell problem on his hands.

      And boy oh boy oh boy would the Vampires of the Frankfurt School just love to destroy an uppity goy like Bill Gates.

      [Back in the day, Gates & Allen ackshually did some pretty amazing coding – on that first big contract they won, they were flying by the seat of their pants, and it’s a minor miracle that they pulled it off.]

  3. On the subject of razors, I strongly recommend Bulldog. Cool wooden handle and I’m on the same blade one year after my purchase.

  4. Seems to me that in Econ 201 that the definition of advertising was to try to differentiate essentially non-differentiable products.

  5. Over here in dissident-right land we have “globohomo” and the ubiquitous triple parentheses burped out in Tourette’s-like fashion.

    • If the goal is to educate and persuade enough folks to make any actual difference, then we need to work a littler harder on the messaging. Just copying the snarky, shallow techniques of the leftist Twitter mob isn’t going to work, and they own that battle space anyway. People who are sick of that drivel come to sites like this one looking for something better.

    • This is more precise terminology than the politicians who stick to generalities like ‘elites’ or ‘the rich.

    • So what? There’s never been a movement, a succesful movement, in human history that didn’t cultivate a minor lexicon that would help explain or identify larger issues.

    • I think that’s Chateau Heartiste that coined that one. He approaches dissident politics with humour and ruthless honesty. I don’t agree with him on everything but he always has ammo for his argument.

      Our esteemed blog host here barfs up the odd gem from time to time too. I can’t tell the difference between Lagos and Baltimore anymore. I have started laughing like a loon whenever I here Cindi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” toon.

      They may be Touretteian vomit… but if the Jew fits… wear it.

      They may be

  6. You touched on the “creative destructtion” aspect of the boom/bust cycle, but you did not elaborate that this is a critically needed, albeit unpopular aspect of an economic cycle. In the “old days”, a recession/depression did create a lot of bankruptcies, threw people out of work and so on. The boom was traditionally caused by loose credit/easy money, the bust by a tightening or a simple realization by the market that the debts were of dubious creditworthiness, or other crisis of confidence. Tough times weeded out weak producers, removed bad debts through bankruptcy or default, etc. It was, if you like, the economy’s equivalent of a prairie or forest fire: it is part of the cycle of nature, to get rid of old dead wood and underbrush. For some species, a fire is essential to its life cycle. In many parts of America, the control of smaller brush fires is precisely the wrong thing to do: it allows brush to build up and eventually a major conflagration occurs. Oops. In a similar way, the government juices the economy along, trying to keep the buzz going for as long as possible. Clearly, there must be limits to how far this can go on. The really amazing thing is how long the system has been able to withstand the abuse. Beyond currency depreciation, we also have the zombie companies an dyes, vampires who suck the life out of once-productive businesses. The easy credit papers over all sorts of rot, excuses behavior that would have been foolish or even illegal in a more honest economy, etc. End it will, but when or how is anyone’s guess.

    • These repeating “pump-and-dump” events are designed to transfer wealth and control into fewer hands. The growth that occurs after the brushfire, to use your analogy, is more like a corporate tree farm replacing native forest after a controlled burn. For example, see the comments on Dollar General vs. locally owned mom ‘n pop stores below.

  7. I was discussing something similar with my friends last night. The total lack of craftsmanship in nearly everything we consume these days. From entertainment to durable goods. Even 20 years ago you used to pay a premium for a product, and get something that’s slightly better made. You get what you pay for. Now we’re NOT getting what we pay for. Just interchangeable nameplates on the same with the same underlying cheap components. The cheapness is everywhere. And ugliness. An era completely devoid of all pride and taste.

    • On the other hand, for people streaming across the border illegally, all this cheap stuff seems like paradise. They don’t seem to realize they are the human equivalent. Once it dawns on them that they are being allowed to debase our citizenry for the very same reasons that an American working man’s labor was also debased, they are probably going to feel pretty ripped off, which seems to be the modus operandi of the globalists. No one comes away from an encounter with globohomo feeling like they got a good deal in the end. All that matters is that we keep shopping. If we aren’t up to the task, they will just import some new shoppers.

      • It will never “dawn on them”. That’s just cope. It’s like people saying “wait till blacks find out they are on the democratic plantation!” They are low IQ Globohomo compliant slaves. As long as there are gibs, it’s infinitely better than living in Mexico (or India). Indians keep cramming into Canada in more and more degrading conditions despite the near zero upward mobility.

        If they could “figure it out” they would have figured it out back home and maybe made it less of a shit hole.

        • Very true. They are “essential workers” after all.

          It will never dawn on them that they are losers. They won the lottery from their point of view I am sure. It’s like one of those scary movies where “Beware” is written above a door that opens to a staircase that leads to a dank dark basement. We are all sitting here saying “America is finished” and yet, like the people in scary movies going down to see what’s in the basement, the illegals keep streaming in thinking they are getting the deal of the century. The US government will turn on you and drive you into destitution for political reasons because it is a system designed to steal wealth from vulnerable for the benefit of ultra-wealthy. Beware.

          And yet they keep on coming in.

    • Today, there is no such thing as a product that solves a problem without creating a new one. We live in the world of offsets.

      Example, anti-slip rug. My wife has spent the better part of the day trying to remove the rubber which has transferred from the rug underside to our hardwood floor.

      Chinese junk, no doubt, won’t waste my time checking the label.

      • La-Z-Man: Look on the bright side. Now, you’ve got yourself an anti-slip wood floor.

    • It’s a tired, worn out point to make. We all know. They all know. Everyone knows. And yet, we are powerless to do anything about it. Voting sure doesn’t work.

      • Everyone doesn’t know about the role of the tribe. Noticing and commenting on the tribe is the greatest taboo in American culture.

        • Taboo like being gay in 1990 was taboo. One of those things everyone knows but it’s just not something they can talk about on the nightly news. In most cities nobody cared. It was one of those fictional bodice ripper topics that elderly women rural states watching tv found scandalous. If anything, the last 10 years has shown us that that lady’s moral compass counts for nothing. Everyone knows Jews control the media and everything is being oriented around a war with Iran on Israel’s behalf.

    • The most creative version of the parentheses I’ve run across is the cockney rhyming slang, “sheepskin shoes.”

  8. A New Tomorrow (cont)
    Why antibodies matter.

    Once upon a time in the history of the evolution of our species, the natural environment of our ancestral era provided the primary mechanism of culling dysfunctional members from each tribe. This culling was most often driven by the forces of natural fitness selection, in that those individuals who were not well suited to survive & thrive in the local environment typically died young thereby failing to pass on their genes via reproduction. And we grew smarter & stronger with each passing generation spanning back in time at least 100,000 years. Then civilization happened and everything changed. Natural culling is now extinct. And it is the pathogens (read vampires/parasites) who now grow stronger with each passing generation. In a healthy organism, it is the antibodies that must cull these pathogens when nature cannot.

    • It depends on how you look at it, Tom. In one sense, everything is natural. Everything is made of atoms. Nothing that isn’t atomic exists.

      Pathological altruism is not unnatural, being just another way for a life form to behave. If a behavior becomes too maladaptive, it will die out. Evolution is blind and unforgiving. A species or subspecies that fails to adapt or change its behavior in a new environment may be replaced or go extinct, as in what we see is happening to white people.

      • Homo sapiens in the modern era are different from every other life form that preceded us. We modify our environment more than extensively and faster than anything save an asteroid strike. And our ability to use artificial selection to quickly alter the natural environment (as an example, modern cereal grains and domesticated animals) has produced a huge boon in food supply. As has modern medicine which has substantially eliminated our heritage robustness via the extinction of natural mortality.

        But to your point, yes, colony collapse may be in the offing because our DNA-based disease resistance is persistently declining and there is likely to limit to artificial miracle cures.

        And none of this means that we should become defeatist and quit. Rather, I argue that we should evolve and fight back smarter. Yakking & vote gullibility is counterproductive because it diffuses the anger that normally motivates people into action. And mass protest whining or mob violence also accomplish nothing other than venting & destruction. There is better way, and it requires intelligence, seriousness, and focus.

        • Yup, I agree. “There is a better way, and it requires intelligence, seriousness, and focus”

          Whites need to change their maladaptive behavior or die out. To stop feeling guilty and making excuses and feeling ashamed for their success. Let pride, strength, and confidence replace weakness, doubt and shame or else we shall die out. Thus spoke Zarathustra.

        • You are probably going to need to recruit some younger people. The geriatric keyboard warriors of the dissident right don’t seem to be connecting with anyone but other geezers. The best way to recruit younger people, as the Left learned long ago, is to create non-profit jobs that match your ideology and then hire absolute fanatics for those jobs out of college. An example from the Left would be: we want to distribute condoms in gay bars. OK, so now you form a non-profit that gets huge numbers of condoms from various grants, donations, corporate gifts and then you go around to gay bars and hand out those free condoms. Everyone wins. People will do that kind of job for like $12/hr because they are fanatical believers in the cause of gay rights.

          Right wing causes have absolutely nothing on par with that kind of activism/employment. The Left has built up an army of millions of people in major cities who either work for their non-profits or work for government agencies that distribute funds to their non-profits. Arts. Social Services. Activism. Social causes. On and on. And now that almost every Billionaire in America is a socialist/leftist/trans rights/BLM activist, they have loads of money to shovel at their friends. And they probably get a tax deduction for doing so.

          If there was some kind of organization that I could work for to promote our cause, I would gladly do so even at poverty wages if it meant being freed from having to put up with corporate/woke life in the big city. But there isn’t. All the right wing jobs in thinktanks and suchlike go to a very specific group of people who pick from among their friends at the top. Like, if you were personal friends of the Bush family, you would probably have a job in Washington working for some goofy institute that puts out white papers on tax law for wealthy donors. But you could only ever get that job if you knew someone who was powerful in the Republican party. The people at the top do absolutely nothing to help their voters or supporters if you are on the Right. I probably got 1000 emails last year asking for Donations from the Republican party but i never once got anything saying there was a community based way to contribute to the cause at all. They couldn’t care less about anything other than sucking money out of their supporters. Unlike the Left, the Republicans provide nothing in return. No community. No activism. No friendship or comraderie. No activities. Just: send us more money so we can win back congress! Why? Am I supposed to have some deep philosophical commitment to helping a rich guy protect his assets from Socialist theft just because I don’t like trannies? Puh-lease. I hope the socialists do stick it to middle class white people and America withers and disappears. I really couldn’t care less about “fighting back” anymore. You are on your own. Once all of this is wiped away and we are in a position to start over I might join in but i suspect it’s just going to be more of the same: send us money.

          • exactly correct. z calls modern America a Bustout . meaning its the looting immediately after a government has fallen , but before any enemy has come in to take possession . there is no real rule of law because there is no real future

          • I hear you, but I also don’t think we’re going to be able to community organize our way out of the mess we’re in. There are too many illegals flooding in and at least half the population has now been seduced into parasitism, so trying to rally the sane is likely to be too little, too late.

            My prediction is that things are going to get real sooner rather than later, and we will have two potential paths going forward. One is the passive acquiescence path taken by the Russian people in the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution, which then resulted in tens of millions dead at the hands of Soviet tyranny. The other path is the one taken by our forefathers in the American Revolution, which required active rebellion against a much bigger and more powerful State authority, so it was long odds but worth the gamble in my opinion.

            Conventional warfare is typically fought with young men, so I can understand your desire to begin recruiting them now. But the last time that was tried (American Civil War), it resulted in 600,000 dead alphas from both sides and 3 times that number grievously wounded, so not optimum.

            You don’t beat a Goliath with a set piece battle in which the other side is holding all the big firepower. Better is to fight from the shadows and focus on the root of the problem. And all ages can play because unconventional & spontaneous is more impactful than macho bravado by young studs.

          • I think this bears highlighting … getting a good DC job requires connections, something the GOP elite aggressively promote, but also seek to hide from their base, perhaps to maintain the illusion of meritocracy. I almost stumbled into this trap. In my mid-30’s my now ex-wife was pissed about my navy career and suggested that I should get out and work in DC. She offered up the example of her friend from college who worked in some DC think-tank and her husband, who was a GOP staffer on the Ag committee. I mentioned this to my boss at the time, who had several Pentagon tours under his belt. He immediately saw the con and asked “who’s his dad?” (referring to the guy who works on the Ag committee) The answer turned out to be that his dad was the second larger farm owner in (midwest state, maybe Michigan?) and was active in GOP politics. By comparison, my dad was in the Navy and had no connections. In other words, what my silly ex-wife saw as merit was in fact nepotism.

  9. The Star Wars and Star Trek series of movies are examples of a good idea run into the ground by endless prequels and sequels. I lost interest in both series after about the second movie of the endless serieses.

    • Star Trek is a mystery to me, it looks like an amalgam of bernie sanders & carl sagan fetishes, like how their people go into white countries and starts spreading communist agenda.

      • Captain Kirk swaggering across the galaxies, constantly violating the Prime Directive, in search alien tail to nail. Analogy for colonialism?

      • Star Trek is like the USSR writ galactic but will all of USSR’s problems (e.g. motivation) resolved or completely hidden. The Federation operates its gulag archipelago far away from Earth on a mulititude of worlds, all of them in remote parts of Federation space. The economic calculation problem has been solved, and as in the USSR, loyalists get the most exiting jobs and best resources.

        There are never any shortages. Want a snack or tea, Earl Grey, hot? Just tell the computer to make it with that magical materializer device. Religion is effectively smothered, and in it’s place is the holodeck where you can act out your every fantasy. Unlike the USSR, however, only a few people in the Federation have any money, and this is just for interaction with outsiders, like the Ferengi, who are represented with grotesque caricatures.

        • Ugh. …but with all of the USSR’s problems…

          Also: Unsecular religions are effectively smothered, and in their place are holodecks in which to act out your secular fantasies.

        • The Star Trek food fabricator is a great representation of how much Bolsheviks think about supply chains and the means of production, which is a lot of words to say, “not at all.”

      • Check out this brief clip of Ted Turner asking oily Carl if he’s a socialist. “I’m not sure what a socialist is, but…but I believe that government has a responsibility to care for the people.” He disguises what he really believes with doubletalk about making people self-reliant. Funny that the Fascists of Italy and the Nat Socs of Germany held the same attitude about state parentalism.

        • “same attitude about state parentalism”

          Ms. Nut, you may be able to let poor people die in the street due to unfitness, I’m pretty sure I could, but most people can’t.

          Most people want a social safety net from their government. To impose “live and let die” libertarianism would ironically involve violating the non-aggression principle.

          • LITS, if most people want “a social safety net” (i.e. a generous welfare state) from their government, then what they really want is to live as farm animals or as the farmer. This suggests that they don’t really deserve to live at all, but it’s the condition under which any European Fascist, Nat Soc, “Progressive”, democrat, or corporate capitalist wants people to live. It’s also the condition in which most people of European descent find theirselves. Our animal farm culture is degrading and crippling, and it’s a contributor to the slow-motion suicide which anyone can observe. But I think that you prefer it anyway. THAT is ironic.

            Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt

            A Constitution nut killed
            by the empire she served

            Aged 35 years


          • Ms. Nut, I commend you on having perfectly consistent beliefs, like many right libertarians.

            The problem is that so few people agree with you, and those that do are almost entirely high-IQ white men. Non-whites hate your vision of self-sufficiency. Your model may be logically consistent but it doesn’t apply to the world in which we live.

            In my judgment, we’re going to need an army bigger than that just the right libertarians, so you must accept your need for white people whom you may deem insufficient.

            Your skin is your uniform.

    • Star Trek remained popular for decades until it went BLM, so “endless remakes” had little to do with its decline. The current incarnation is a failure because the feminist writers, wholly unqualified for the job, have contempt for the audience: White males.

      The majority of Discovery’s leads are female POCs. There are no heterosexual White male protagonists who don’t appear in makeup. The leaders of every major world are female. They deliberately cast White men to be the bad guys (always defeated by the show’s POC lead). And they actively discriminated against White male directors when producing the show.

      Modern Star Trek has nothing to do with what the target audience of White men actually want — exploration, philosophy, science fiction, and cool spaceships & technology. Instead, it’s a bizarre concoction of feminist complaints, underhanded jokes about men, nihilism, and science fantasy (girls love magic, not so much technology). Modern Trek is written for an audience that doesn’t exist to the exclusion of the traditional audience. That’s why it failed.

      Star Trek was always a vehicle for smart White men to fantasize about doing cool things like explore the galaxy, being around hot girls, making peace with aliens, space battles, learning about science, and discussing philosophy with extraterrestrials. It’s sorta funny to read old boomers complain about “communist” Star Trek when that show was far more tame, and much more White, than anything on television today. There are even moments of that show that could be considered subversive, like its “equality” and “meritocracy” over “equity” focus. There is even a scene in DS9 where the black captain is told to get over his racial grievances with 1960s America. Sure, there were “woke” moments like a couple of hot chicks about to kiss each other in DS9 (and typical muh racism, nonbinary stuff), but it was tolerable unlike the modern incarnation.

      99% of Star Trek was tame by modern standards. Far from being a socialist utopia, Star Fleet was a fiercely meritocratic paramilitary–science division that enjoyed the fruits of technological progress, not Marxist economic theory. The leisure came from technology, not communism. That’s a point it’s detractors miss.

  10. The libertarian explanation of boom and bust cycles always seemed to make the most sense to me. Whether it is the private banks of the 19th century or the fed of the 20th century, printing too much money causes an expansion which real production cannot keep up with. Money is poured into long term economic expansion which is not needed and will never be profitable like bridges to nowhere, canals that nobody needs or millions of new square feet of office or retail space for which there is no demand.

  11. See also Jacques Ellul/”La technique”

    NPC herding is the last frontier of business efficiency. They’re improving at it by the day.

  12. Are people who love the Cloud people (I actually had a dot-head customer from India who’s idol was Zuckerberg if you can believe that) Cloud people themselves? Or are they Dirt people who THINK they are Cloud people

  13. I grew a beard and maintain it with a cheap usb chargeable trimmer. Shaving annoying and beards have benefits against sunlight exposure for the face.

    With regards to plagiarism, it would seem that Poland’s national treasure and author of The Witcher series, Andrzej Sapkowski got his ideas from Michael Moorcock’s Elric books. YouTuber Razorfist does a lengthy critique and expose in this video:

  14. Ah. So AINO is the Vampire Empire.

    As for film franchises, not all of them lapse into laughable and increasingly unprofitable self parody. Take for example, the James Bond franchise, which has been around for 59 years, and, the Kovid Kaptivity notwithstanding, is still going strong. Up until very recently the most profitable Bond film was Thunderball (1965), which was finally eclipsed by Skyfall (2012), which netted over a billion dollars. Of course, it now seems likely that James Bond, under the onslaught of the AWRs, will soon be converted to Afro-Bond, which, of course, is not James Bond at all. That demarche may well put paid to 007 as Ernst Stavro Blofeld never could.

    • Bond has been self parody for a long time. At least since Roger Moore. Self parody doesn’t always mean unprofitability.

      The last Bond movie was pretty much a complete deconstruction of original Bond.

      • There were moments of self parody during the Moore years, but, with the possible exception of Moonraker, none of Moore’s films were entirely self parodic. And, say what you will about the Daniel Craig films, there’s very little self parody in them, and in terms of their seriousness–arguably too serious–they hark back to Dr. No and From Russia with Love. The only Bond film that made a true mockery of the Bond mythos was Die Another Day, which is unwatchable.

    • Skyfall will also be dear to me for two reasons. M quoting Tennyson’s Ulysses at that hearing (‘though much is taken, much abides…’). And for the late great Albert Finney.

      • It’s the most conservative Bond film yet made. Quantum of Solace, which followed it, was the most Leftist.

    • Anything as old as James Bond or Star Trek or Lord of the Rings should be public domain, like Sherlock Holmes or Huck Finn. There isn’t a Proust cinematic universe and “franchise”, why should there be a Bond one?

  15. I’ve long maintained, living in Hollywood as it were, that the push for homosexuality acceptance was merely so Hollywood could insert gays into the roles of straights and make it seem as if they were creating new material when in fact it was the sitcom from the past with a new cast. They could save lots of money, paper over the fact of a dearth of creative energy in the community and that Hollywood had become a spent force, and get brownie work points from the critics. The icing in the cake was their own sexual degeneracy became more normalized.

    Race is playing the same role. No need to invent a new franchise or new plot. Just take the white guy and make him black, or gay, or a tranny.

    If anyone remembers the instant soup? It works similarly, Just add water and voila.

    • Not really about movies, but you have reminded me of watching ‘A Christmas Carol’ performed at Ford’s Theater several years ago. Half the actors and actresses were black; Scrooge himself was performed by a black. Otherwise the production was conventional. At the end of the show the entire cast formed a chain at the front of the stage and chanted some “inspiring Christmas message” that, in retrospect, was some SJW prayer, exhortation, or whatever. It didn’t bother me at the time because I didn’t yet feel walled in by ‘wokeness’, and I was happy to have seen something ‘traditional’ at that historical venue. Now, I realize I was being mind-raped.

    • Speaking of Hollywood and diversity …

      Hollywood cancels itself:

      NBC refuses to air Golden Globes over lack of diversity

      Hollywood is truly over. The most creative demographic (White men) have been shut out to give Affirmative Action plaques to blacks, so you can expect the BET Awards Show every year now. & certainly quality movies are out the door. The last Oscars and Golden Globes (and Grammys) were the lowest rated ever but most diverse. Can you see the pattern there?

      They asked for it. Was Driving Miss Daisy, Mississippi Burning, Roots, 12 Years a Slave, and countless other propaganda films that only served to engender this hatred really worth it? Bye American entertainment industry. It’s just a matter of time now before the rest of the world decouples from it. Japanese anime and manga are killing it and the Chinese — along with the rest of Asia — are rejecting American movies. China now has the world’s largest box office.

      • This one never gets old:

        “Jews totally run Hollywood… The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them…five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews… All eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish… But I don’t care if Americans think we [Jews] are running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” — Joel Stein, LA Times, 2008-12-19

  16. I actually like the recent Alien prequels. The Engineers are interesting characters. Sort of a sci-fi treatment of gnostic themes. Alien vs Predator is a different story.

    “In a world where you make as much or more money from copying the ideas of others…”

    Read that and first thing that came to mind was the Chicom Knockoff Century. Fits the vampire motif for sure.

      • I admit to being easy to entertain.

        I thought the idea was good, anyway. Certainly as good as walking vaginas that stick their penises down their victim’s throat to lay eggs. Maybe not even as subversive.

        • The latest Mortal Kombat removed Johnny Cage, the White male character, because he was White and the producers didn’t want a White man saving the world. The only White male who appears in the film is a villain. The movie, predictably, crashed. But yet they make this stuff anyway. My guess: this is CIA backed propaganda. The studios certainly don’t think they’re in any danger going bankrupt making this unprofitable junk, so there has to be something going on. Either that or the executives figure they can put this woke stuff on their resumes and then skate and get a new job before the studio implodes.

      • There are only two films in the series: “Alien” and “Aliens.” All other purported films that people refer to are simply enemy psyops aimed at destroying my boyhood.

        Game over, man.

        • The “Alien” and “Terminator” films are like the genders: there are only two true ones.

    • I took the android-centric Alien prequels as a sign Scott would have much rather been making Blade Runner movies.

  17. The online razor schtick reminds of the online nut purchasing site that I see many ads for lately. I have no difficulties in buying pistachios and cashews at a real store.

  18. “the creation of new ideas” has unfortunately devolved into… there must be something new to look at today, and every day in the future, and it needs to be more valuable in this moment than anything else the audience could be doing at all times. Hence, youtube.

    • This also helps to erase the past, and to prevent the current generation from learning any valuable lessons about how the grifters run their scams — economic, political and otherwise — century after century. “There is nothing new under the sun”.

      • I have to admit I got sucked into tuning into the daily information firehose of the internet because of the pandemic. I kept hoping there would be some relevant, new information. I watched hours and hours of news, new conferences, press briefings, analysis. Almost every day. And then I realized that, for example, Fox News will announce the daily news topics in the morning and then for the rest of the day every news show will simply repeat the exact same stories over and over all day long until about 10 pm when they just switch to broadcasting reruns of the days news. It’s worse than the movie Groundhog day. Every day is exactly the same and yet every day there is some earth shattering factoid that needs to be discussed ad nauseum in order to elevate the political narrative. It’s purely dystopian information designed to demoralize and humiliate the public rather than to inform anyone of anything. Seeing how the “news cycle” works so clearly over the last year really left me feeling dejected and lost. Even the Republican party follows this same pattern of pretending to talk about current events but only ever really trying to create the narrative that dominates the news cycle. They created a bleak echo chamber of meaningless words.

        I have completely lost faith in the idea of “America”. We are basically being openly threatened with genocidal annihilation by our own political elite and not a single news organization is willing to talk about it. How is this not some kind of crime against humanity? Tucker went out on a limb and essentially confirmed the “replacement” theory that was the core of the Charlottesville message but even then no one in the political elite of either party seems to care about the fact that what is happening here is a real violation of human rights and they are all clearly working to genetically change the population of the United States through open borders, violence, and intimidation. And threatening to throw us all in jail or worse if we complain about. Human Rights as a political topic is obviously pure hooey. Crimes against humanity only ever matter for one particular group of tribalists and no one else really gets any consideration. So the concept is hollow. Meaningless really.

        • “…We are basically being openly threatened with genocidal annihilation by our own political elite and not a single news organization is willing to talk about it…”

          There is no such thing as “our own” ruling class. These vampires are separate and distinct from the herd, and their stated objective is “population control” and “global governance” for their own benefit.

          See this chart showing the interlock between the media and the corporatist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR):

          • Thank you Mr Smith for the interesting, if not disheartening link.

            It made me think of “ole McDonald”;

            Here a jew, there a jew, everywhere a jew jew.

          • Not one American in a thousand knows that most of the media execs and talking heads are CFR members, that most of Biden’s cabinet members are CFR members, etc.

            Secular “jews” are heavily represented in this network, but it is a tactical mistake to focus on ethnicity rather than the organizational structure.

        • America had a good run and I won’t forget. When I was a kid I wanted to be Eric Hoffer, poor but free, enjoying what he called “the elbow room” for ordinary men, “working and thinking on the waterfront”.

          Twentieth century America was the workingman’s ‘pax romana’ but it is as gone as gone can be.

  19. We have to recognize that enormous sectors of the economy – government, health care and education – are de facto State cartels. Therefore, they are impervious to innovation and productivity enhancement.

    A great example during the “pandemic” was Zoom school teaching. In this case, technological innovation (Zoom) was, for the first time in US history, employed to make a product worse, as actual in-person education went “on-line”.

    • Zoom is the ideal offshoot of the drive for “technology in the classroom,” which has been an educational imperative since ca. 2010. And, outside of the catastrophic destruction of academic standards to make way for diversity, nothing is more deleterious to teaching and learning than technology in the classroom.

      Are there any trends in the Western world that are not ominous and harmful?

      • Nothing could be better to freeze technology than to put it in the classroom. Had there been such a push for technology in the late 70s, we’d all be using basic.

  20. We talked last week about how most of the people getting rich right now have added absolutely no value to the economy. One of my brother’s in-laws made $70k on Doge bitcoin a couple weeks ago. He immediately cashed out and used his unearned winnings to buy consumer products manufactured abroad. It kind of feels like I’m living inside of a video game where the rules are just based on arbitrary programming rather than value and logic.

  21. I noticed while traveling through some small midwestern towns this weekend that Dollar Generals and Dollar Tree stores are in about every small town now.
    Sucking the local money right to Wall Street.
    The locals don’t even have to drive 30 miles to the Wal Mart Super Center anymore.
    The local general store owner of the past whom financed the local softball team and sat on local community boards is now replaced by a Dollar General manager whose focus is being a vampire and sucking money out of small towns.
    It’s everywhere in the modern age.

    • When taking road trips, I always drive along back highways and stop at little country restaurants. I’ve had some great conversations, some great food, (and some very bad food/coffee, but variety is the spice of life lol). You even run into some white owned gas stations, which I make sure to fill up at as much as I can.

      In the city I try and buy local where possible too. It’s a shame that the townspeople often seem to prefer the chains over their own local stores. Most Indian/Filipino owned franchises are just money laundering schemes, send remittances back home, or drug trafficking rings.

    • it’s the weirdest thing. Small towns used to have the intellectual capital to generate enough people to run small retail operations. Are they still around?

      Similar thing with suburban dining. Everything in the suburbs is chains restaurants, as if nobody knows how to open a diner, let alone some cool and expensive place – those are all in the gentrifying parts of the city.

      • I took a road trip with my dad last month and he made very clear that we are not trying anything new. He wanted no surprises. So motel 6 and chain restaurants was all we experienced. Most of this arose during the boomer’s generation. It’s amazing how picky the boomers are. They’re nowhere near as resilient as my grandparents’ generation.

      • Since I live on a a farm in the rural Midwest and also run a business, here are my observations:

        Most rural folks either run a trade business or work in small manufacturing. Some also work in logistics (in my particular neck of the woods, this means the bourbon distributor in Clermont). A lot of men are self employed or contractors, which suggests they have the brains to manage retail. As best I can tell, the reason they do services instead of retail is because of the margins. I’m a self employed contractor, and I make vastly more money from that they I could from retail, with more flexibility in scheduling.

        Moreover, general retail is extremely low margin, which means success is predicated on high volume, which is impossible in areas of low population density, unless you run a chain with a small central warehouse so you can buy in bulk. This is the dollar general model, and this takes more skill than running one store.

        Regarding restaurants, it’s important to note that most small towns with major throughways will actually get a lot of dining traffic from outsiders, possibly even a majority of traffic. Travellers seem to prefer predictable mediocrity to variance in quality. Locals don’t seem to care much one way or the other. There’s a real market gap, so it tends to be more profitable to own a franchise instead of something unique. Moreover, most dinners buy from the stand vendors anyway, so it’s not like they’re making unique food anyway. I’ve thought of making a farm-to-table bakery and diner on my property, but from talking to locals it would appear that most of my clientele would be tourists from a big city. Rural people like to eat processed junk food, for some reason, with the exception of retired hippies who live nearby, and the Amish, who don’t eat at non-Amish restaurants . Just my two cents.

      • Ironically, as AINO becomes more diverse, we are seeing the death of dining diversity. The bland and dull food mills known as chains are a big part of the problem. Another one is that independent restauranteurs are all creating identical restaurants. Not so terribly long ago, even in mid-sized cities, one saw true French, Italian, Chinese, German, Japanese, Indian etc. restaurants. Nowadays, every independent upscale restaurant menu is a predictable melange of Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican and American concepts. The menus are chaotic food jumbles rather than carefully curated ensembles representing a specific cuisine. So, unless you live in a large metro area–which I have no interest in doing–your best bet is to cook your own food.

        • Good example of how homogenized and “non-diverse” things are actually becoming. The population itself is a “chaotic jumble” that no longer represents unique and diverse cultures. Corporatism requires “globo-homo” for efficient management.

          • That’s exactly right. If you have multi-culture, you don’t have a culture.

        • Good points. On my several travels by car across the nation, I’d often stop to exercise and shop by walking around a mall. The stores are so similar you can easily forget you’re 200 or 2000 miles from your home mall. Many downtown areas are similar situation.

          Because I’m cheap, I’ll stay in dumpy old motels if they’re available. Almost invariably the office smells like curry. I call these “New Dehli Motelli” 😀 Perhaps I’m inadvertently supporting money laundering, but I do get a trace of 1960s nostalgia from the old rooms.

          I too like to shop, or at last at, local. I give chains enough business, but if a local place looks good I’ll try it.

      • Building and zoning, code enforcement and health regulations fucked the little guy right in the ass, jewflu will kill off whoever’s left.

    • Note that the major shareholders of Dollar General include the “big three” vampires: BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.

      Larry Fink, billionaire chairman of BlackRock, is a director of the CFR and a trustee at the Davos WEF, promoting the fascist “great reset” agenda. BlackRock also owns $15B in Pfizer shares.

    • Dollar general i believe is a franchise, so the owner might be right around the corner. They probably wont be sponsoring the local softball team any time soon, but they’re not sending money directly to some corporate office in NY

      • Unfortunately, not. The DG investor website says that all the stores are corporate, none are franchised. BlackRock and the other major NY vampires reap the profits.

        • The sad reality is that the GlobHom vampire squid is effective and omnipresent.

    • I know a personal story about a gas station/small grocery in the U.P. of Michigan. Brother stopped by last year on his way to his hunting spot. Sadness all around as they are closing up. Why? Points across the street at the new dollar store. It is bad up there as it is but decimation is the rule of the day now.

    • Yup. After I got doxxed and lost my job, I moved back to my old town. Dollar General had just popped up

  22. The mail-order razor companies are a great example.

    These days they are all woke with a retail presence, just like Gillette.

    • It has to said, though, that no matter how pozzed a company like Harry’s is, they did act as a relief valve on the price of disposable razors, which had reached insane levels when Gillette had a hammerlock on the market.

    • Mail order razor companies is actually a pretty poor example. Cheaper razor blades, automatically delivered. Where’s the problem? Capitalism at its finest. (I’m saying that in the voice and face of Ben Wattenberg, who had a proto-neocon series on PBS on capitalism and in one episode addressed the anti-fast food hate by listing all the good things about cheap, convenient food and, holding a Big Mac, said to the camera, “Where’s the problem?”)

      Harry’s is woke (don’t use it myself) but so is Gillette, so the difference, again, is price and convenience. I noticed last week that Dollar Shave Club is now selling razors in the drug stores, so I suppose some kind of strategy is going on, get people hooked, raise prices and then end the mail order business? Also, I hear they are owned by Jews, so there’s that (hilariously, they tout the precision of their German supplier).

      Not everything is a Woke Business conspiracy.

  23. Interesting concept.

    We have to be careful. Using that argument on someone like Torba over at Gab, for example – would be unfair. There was a crushing need for a free speech social media platform and he provided it … and almost got crushed in the process. Last I heard he was firing a torpedo at OyTube with Gab TV. I hope it takes them square amidships.

    Yannow, the Dissidents should do the same thing to Hollywood. Cornelius Rye would make an excellent director. You’d probably be a fair screenwriter. That horrible green frog would make a capital counterpart to MGM’s roaring lion.

    I think we should run with it!

    Don’t any of you deplorable reprobates and racists steal my idea.

    • Errrrmmmm… none a you guys molest children, do ya? Or wear funny small hats?

      Guy’s gotta be careful these days.

    • Gab is a actually real innovation. There is a need for open platforms, so he is creating one that is hard to knock off-line. Note that Parler is a vampire coming along to suck on that artery though. The pillow guy is doing the same thing. These sites offering nothing new. They are just drafting off Gab and other open platforms trying to keep the internet open to dissidents.

      Conservative Inc. is a great example of institutional vampirism.

      • True on conservavamps.

        But there must be an actual replacement for that which is destroyed, or there is nothing to rally under.


    • This is what we should support IMO. Unless you want your kids indoctrinated in trans, anti-white propaganda, we need pro-white or at least christian versions of every product out there, especially social media, entertainment, and politics.

  24. Our rulers also despise economic downturns because they are about the only mechanism to reduce income and wealth inequality. Yes, poor people get hurt by downturns, but they have little to nothing to lose. The rich, on the other hand, have a lot to lose.

    Outside of the unusual post-WWII period from 1945 to mid 1970s, good economic times always increase wealth inequality and wealth concentration. Like the game Monopoly, money increasingly flows to asset owners.

    Downturns reduce the value of business assets and wipe out a lot of debt (and one man’s debt is another man’s asset). Poor people may lose their job, but their net worth doesn’t really change. It might even improve if some of their debt is wiped away. Rich people’s net worth falls dramatically.

    Downturns act a bit like the old debt jubilees – which, of course, is why TPTB aren’t so keen on them anymore.

    • The manufactured “downturns” is when the billionaire parasites fleece the sheep that were lured into the casino, then buy up the assets at deep discount. Read the history of the 1929 stock market crash or the 1907 panic. Same as it ever was.

      • True. Downturns can be opportunities as well, especially when certain groups know that they’re coming.

        But, historically, it’s a fact that wealth concentration and wealth inequality fall during downturns. And generally, it’s the only time that happens – again, with the exception of ~30 years after WWII>

        • Well, if a downturn causes more people to fall out of the billionaire class, but creates a couple trillionaires, is that reducing or increasing wealth concentration?

  25. When you look back at the technological advancement of the first two decades of the twentieth century vs the last twenty years, it’s an absolute joke. Nothing really new is happening other than our collective society is going insane. At this point, an implosion would almost be a blessing.

    • You should read a book called the rise and fall of modern medicine. The first fifty years of the twentieth century was one Miracle after another and the second 50 years why is it being populated by grifters and bureaucrats and largely explains how we are in our position right now.

      • Not only grifters and bureaucrats, but lots and lots of people and future freaks who should have never survived birth.

      • I’ve heard, and think it plausible, that the “major improvement in life and life span” attributed to modern medicine is almost entirely due to public heath measures (sewers, etc.) from the early 20th century, which massively cut down on urban plagues. Since then, it’s all itty-bitty cuts here and there. Remember when they cured cancer and heart disease? Nah, still around. And guess what’s number 3 in morality? Deaths from hospital infections and medicine side effects. Nice racket.

        • Also the increases in lifespan is a lie widely repeated by everyone. The increase in lifespan is because the average has gone up because childhood mortality is not as high. If you have two children one dies in childbirth and one lives the average lifespan of seventy to eighty the average age is around 40 . When Socrates killed himself he was in his seventies and nobody thought he was a fantastically old man because there were a bunch of equally old men running around. The lifespan of humans has been the same for thousands of years 70 to 80

          • Whitney: This. If you do genealogy, you will see tons of children who died before the age of 5 and then those who lived to adulthood often lived to age 70 or 80. Women died younger because of childbirth complications and a lack of basic cleanliness – the public understanding of the germ theory of disease took quite a while and, as we see even now, never took a deep enough hold.

            Even today, both personal experience and reported studies show that half the time people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom (and both anecdote and data demonstrate that as diversity increases hand washing decreases). By far the most effective means of reducing germ transmission, fecal matter, viruses, etc. – not a face diaper but simple soap and water.

          • 3g4me, yeah childbirth for women and War for men. Both took out a lot of young people. I’ll admit we have cured a bunch of really nasty diseases. Look up tetanus. People dont really die of that anymore but it was a particularly horrific way to go. But if you survived all the things that could potentially kill you, your body would not wear out completely until around 70 to 80. That’s life span

          • “Look up tetanus. People don’t really die of that anymore but it was a particularly horrific way to go.”

            Yeah, I know. I had a cat die of tetanus. He had had multiple compound fractures set in one of his back legs. We think he’d gotten hit by a car on the highway. The vet didn’t give him a tetanus shot despite the open, dirty wound, because cats don’t usually get tetanus. It took the vet a while to realize that’s what was going on, and to this day when I mention it to other vets, they give me that stink-eye look that means “Yeah, layman, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

            It was indeed horrific. Worst death I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some bad ones. We kept hoping we could get him through it by keeping him on a phenobarbitol IV to help ease the muscle contractions until the toxin worked its way out of his system, but either his heart gave out from the stress or the phenobarb itself stopped his heart.

          • The fact that fewer people smoke also helps. If you look at olde tyme movie stars, it seems about every other one of them died in their 50s or 60s from lung cancer or another smoking-related disease. And they all smoked like London chimneys.

    • A lot of the technological advancements of the last two decades feel like ever smaller incremental advancements.

      The other thing that has occurred is the atomization of popular culture due to all the online streaming options.

      That atomization is not all bad given the political bent of most celebrities.

  26. Good essay! I have a personal story which fits with the premise. For a few years, in conjunction with some doctors at a medical university, we developed an app to track disease in a community–it took a lot of thought and was clever–and, most importantly it was gaining customers and users. Then Covid hit. We quickly adapted the app for the new landscape (which wasn’t too difficult as all the basic work and research was done) and we figured we’d have a hit as a result of preparation hitting opportunity. But then, the App stores took weeks and weeks to approve the new version. By the time they approved it, both App store giants had their own disease tracking App launch and up on their App marketplace and it looked, amazingly, like ours. We shut the App down, knowing it is not prudent to continue to innovate in a rigged system.

  27. I was waiting to see if you ‘went there’ with the cliche opportunity near the end of another great essay. Well reasoned. Tightly, thoughtfully written.
    Vampire Economy. Empire…

    VEmpire of Dreams…..

    I think I just vampired your essay….. I’ll show myself out…..

  28. “[T]he tightening bonds between global corporations and the government.”

    Many people don’t realize that that’s one of the textbook definitions of Fascism.

    • This is something I’ve noted many times. Our current political-economy is a form of international fascism. Instead of a combination of capital, labor and the state, it is a combination of capital, the state and the cultural commissars.

      • Interesting thing is, Il Duce and Mustache Man seemed to care (at least a little) about Italians and Germans. Our current rulers, like the international socialists, don’t have that problem.

        • If only it was indifference for us. It’s the malevolent malice that they display that get me down.

        • We really don’t have a word for this that is useful. NazBol is the opposite, in that it is Marxism and nationalist. This is fascism and internationalism. GlobFash does not have a good ring to it.

          • In the early ’90s, when globohomo/etc. first became identifiable in its current form, some academic Marxists tried to get the descriptor “fascoid-liberal” to catch on. Of course it didn’t, because it’s weird-looking and what it means isn’t immediately obvious. Same reason “anarcho-tyranny” is a righty nerd shibboleth and normal people will never say it, no matter how much of it they experience. The one indignity the average American always refuses is talking like a dork.

          • Orwell called the system “oligarchical collectivism”, others call it “corporate socialism”. The best one-word description is “corporatism”.

        • I think Wild Geese said the other day, Globohomo is basically Hitler but with white gentiles as the target.

        • They don’t need to care about individual peoples since we are simply fungible meatbags in their globalist matrix.

        • The most important lesson an engineer can learn during his career: “In theory, theory and practice are the same; in practice they ain’t.”

          Regarding the Mustachioed Man and his “caring” it is amazing how nostalgia can blind somebody to the facts that his singular historical legacy is the most efficient race mixing in Germany’s history. Not even counting the Slavic-Aryan mostly “involuntary coupling”, within ten years of the end of his earthly activities Germany started to import Mohameddans in large numbers, first Turks, then Arabs and Africans, a true first in European history followed by the current officially approved and promoted “voluntary” couplings.

          Admittedly looking back 85 years is still historically a short time but what else we can discern as “legacy”? Do you think that history’s judgement, whatever that is, will be any better 85 years from now when Germany will be renamed Germbabwe?

          • You’re blaming Moustache Man for what happened ten years after his death?

            If you’re going to kill the king then you had better succeed. Moustache Man did not succeed but you want to blame him for what the king did after the assassination attempt.

            You are saying that if Moustache Man had not made his assassination attempt then Germany would be white? The history of the USA after WW2 says otherwise.

          • I like “Germanistan.” 🙂

            Sadly, given demographic trends the Caliphate of Europe is a real possibility.

      • Italian fascism had the Catholic church as one of the branches in its bundle. Our academia and media fill that role in American fascism.

    • Those people who think companies follow the standards profits incentive of economics should have to explain the companies who had their stores burned down by rioters then display pro-BLM propaganda in their windows once they rebuilt.

      And no, it’s not a modern blood offering for appeasement, as they know that doesn’t work.

      • Those stores were of two varieties.

        Local small businesses that were hoping the mob would see them as organic parts of the community and leave them alone. Hell the owners may even have agreed with the protestors.

        Large national chains that thought the localized losses would be more than offset by gains from positioning themselves as allies of the protests. They were wrong, but that was the reasoning.

      • Standard practice for co-opting a “rebel” movement is to pretend to take their side, while defusing the energy and steering the herd back to the corporate comfort zone. Then sell Che Guevara tee shirts on Amazon.

        • Our ousting a member of your leadership only to replace them with someone seemingly even worse on immigration.

        • The corporate fascists, through their advertising campaigns and corporate giving, are attempting (successfully) to create a political/cultural environment in which their views are mainstream. The corporate power brokers are true AWRs and they’re doing everything they can to normalize anti-white racism. As an aside, you don’t suffer profit losses for your AWR when your competitors are pushing identical anti-white propaganda.

      • I can easily explain that.

        The owner/managers look at the “big picture,” which for BLM would be some belief set like: “Clearly Blacks have been marginalized and mistreated through America’s history. They continue to be oppressed now. We will show our solidarity with those would finally bring justice to the downtrodden, as well as punish their oppressor. By doing so we are on the winning side of history, and this has a positive effect on our public image.”

        For the inconvenience of facts like riots, mayhem, assault, murder, looted and burnt down stores, that’s easy to rationalize: “Well, sure there were some protests that got out of hand and and led to rioting, but mostly it was peaceful demonstrations. Besides, our insurance will cover the losses.”

        Not that such positions are entirely rational, but isn’t this a case of cognitive dissonance, or 1984’s Double Think?

        A more interesting, deeper question would be “What, exactly, are the motives of groups like BLM and Antifa? Who is behind them? Who organizes and finances them? Long-term, will these be good or bad for us?” But those are Bad Think, and to be avoided at all cost.

    • Yeah, I’ve tried to point that out to people, but the word Fascism has been so warped that it no longer has any meaning other than “bad white people.”

      • Orwell noticed the same things all those years ago:
        “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies “something not desirable”…In the case of a word like democracy, not only is there no agreed definition, but the attempt to make one is resisted from all sides. It is almost universally felt that when we call a country democratic we are praising it: consequently the defenders of every kind of regime claim that it is a democracy, and fear that they might have to stop using the word if it were tied down to any one meaning.”

        • HIs essay, “Politics and the English Language,” used to be required reading for anyone wanting to learn how to be accurate, concise, and straightforward; now, it has become a primer on what to avoid when writing. Cf. Any gender studies or race studies paper.

          • Yeah really:”Words and meanings are fluid” blah blah blah.

            I once got into a debate with someone over the meaning and use of the word “literally.” He was trying to argue that it is no longer used in its “literal” sense, but as an emphasis. After all, “words are fluid, their meanings are constantly changing and evolving.” I tried to point out the layers of irony expressed in that idea as well as offered my own argument as to why we cannot accept such views and behaviors. By the end of it, he was still convinced that he was the paragon of linguistics. So I told him I am will refer to spoons as zebras from now on. Language is constantly changing after all, why not? “Hey can you please pass me the zebra?” People will catch on eventually I’m sure…

        • Despite wearing all black, massing in masks, brandishing weapons, assaulting private citizens, destroying property, and doing it all with the tacit approval of the state (police protection and legal immunity), big business who won’t speak out and an educational system enthusiastically producing more of them…

          “Antifa” isn’t “fascist. They’re “Anti-fascist”. Durrrr. It’s in the name. See?

          Orwell wept. Language is broken.

        • In Coming Up For Air he is amused by the so-called anti fascists of the day. He wondered what they would do with themselves after ‘small stache’ was gone. He knew the answer to that question. Witch hunts don’t end after all actual witches are killed. New witches are always being conjured.

      • What’s really funny is you can find the Roman fasces all over public buildings in Occupied America’s Imperial City. Of course, that dates from when Roman Republican virtues were actually believed to be an ideal…

      • What compounds it is the idiots who insist fascism means antisemitism. There are two sides to that group, but they are both irritatingly stupid in their own way.

        • True. In modern America, fascism is defined as “Bad white people who hate and want to dominate other races but who really hate Jews and want to kill them in death camps.”

          How our society defines fascism is a very good sign of just how childish and ahistorical that we’ve become.

          • One hallmark of fascism is that it is based on an in-group and an out-group. The fascists are the good people, and they are at war with a bad people. In AINO, the good people are negroes and the bad people are whites. It’s classical fascism alright, but with the dramatis personae inverted from the stereotypical conception of fascism.

        • Anyone who thinks “facism means anti-semitism” has never been to Israel or studied their history, and just accepts this propaganda at face value.

          • Fascism = 1848 nationalism on steroids
            Zionism = 1848 nationalism for Jews, steroids depending on the Zionist being discussed.

    • In Fascism, the state commands the economy and private businesses are subordinate. There is a grand idea around which the nation rallies and there is a unity – real or forced, usually a combination of both.

      What we have now is corporatism, where the businesses rule and the politicians are puppets that pull the levers of the state purely for the benefit of business. There is no grand idea, no unity, nothing organic to rally around. Instead there is only PR and suppression.

      • Il Duce had the idea of completing the creation of modern Italy, started by Garibaldi and nearly destroyed by WW I. We all understand Hitler’s ideas. The “grand idea” today is really the opposite of these historical examples – it is a negation of the nation (the actual people and their traditions).

        The “grand idea” today is the apotheosis of the State. The State is no longer a vehicle for Italians, or ethnic Germans or Americans, to achieve goals and development. Instead, it’s a vehicle for global corporate hegemony and it demands total submission. There need be no state religion because the religion is the State.

      • According to Mussolini himself, who invented the concept of “fascism” as a successor to liberal “socialism”:

        “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power…

        The Fascist State is an inwardly accepted standard and rule of conduct, a discipline of the whole person; it permeates the will no less than the intellect…”

        • Then we need to find a more appropriate word, because what we have now doesn’t look and work like Mussolini’s fascism. The power is totally inverted now. There is no balance.

      • This is an excellent point. Historical fascism gained its force from its appeal to nationalism. The emerging order being discussed here explicitly rejects nationalism. Rather than ‘oligarchical collectivism’ – Orwell’s term of course – perhaps we might call it ‘plutocratic collectivism’.

        Marx wasn’t entirely wrong about class struggle, he was just wrong about which class would prevail, as was Orwell. It turns out that capitalists are far more adaptive than Marx or Orwell – who despised and underrated them – could imagine. The ‘patron saint’ of our emerging new system could well be Armand Hammer.

        • Marx is a materialist and a historical determinist so a romantic notion a future communist utopia is needed for the political movement to continue. If a Marxist realizes that the dialectically predetermined successor to capitalism is a thousand years of neo-feudalism he might as well off himself. The struggle becomes hopeless.

    • I may be a bit of a crank on the definition of “fascism,” but hear me out. Right wing thinkers like Z and Maniac define fascism as “a bond between corporations and government.” This definition mistakes a secondary feature as the defining essence.

      Fascism as practiced by Mussolini and Moustache Man was about organizing a society to serve its founding people. That is the defining essence. The fact that realizing this goal required taming corporations is just a secondary feature.

      I don’t imagine that the fascists sat down and said, “Our main goal is to enmesh corporations and government.” No, they probably said, “Our main goal is to serve our people and that may entail forcing corporations to serve the common good.”

      I know that I am just arguing semantics, which is usually pointless, but it bothers me that fascists are being slandered.

      • Yes, well stated. You can read about Hitler’s “corporation-taming” in Adam Tooze’s excellent book on the economic policy of the Third Reich (Wages of Destruction). Hitler forced a lot of mergers, consolidation and price-fixing. His tactics are debatable, but the early results were good. I think he was much more pragmatic and less ideological on this subject than Il Duce.

        Il Duce began his public life as a Socialist journalist and agitator. He was a lot more rooted ideologically in taming corporate power than Hitler. His problem was that he needed the big Northern Italian industrialists to achieve his political aims. He never got them under control the way Hitler did with his guys.

        So I think your point is excellent. These guys were nationalists first, economists second.

        • “These guys were nationalists first, economists second.”

          Which is one of the reasons they ended up losing the total, industrial war they initiated.

          • Agreed. Your point explains Stalin’s relative success. All the ethnic groups of the SSRs were coopted into the system and there was no negotiating with industrialists. Of course, this doesn’t work in the long run…..

      • [Disclaimer: I have very light knowledge of history!]

        As I understood (slightly!) Italy’s or Germany’s fascism, it had firm roots in nationalism.

        If we are going to term what’s happening in the USA (and perhaps other nations), it seems to me that quite the contrary is operative: marginalizing the founding stock (Whites) — making him the Other. Perhaps the other traits of corporatism, statism, fascism are present, but nationalism? Not in any form that I can see.

        It occurs to me that perhaps “anti-fascism” is more accurate than one would think at first glance.

      • “it bothers me that fascists are being slandered”

        You must be bothered a lot! I’ve given up trying to explain to people “Fascism. You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

        I’m afraid it is a lost cause.

    • But fascism needs a charismatic leader to be complete

      We have fascism by committee. Or something

      • It’s worth pondering the idea that distributed surveillance, network technology and private censorship has empowered thousands of cat-lady Fascists to enforce the new State religion of St. George Floyd on all of us without requiring a charismatic leader.

        The Fascism of the future may end up being as dull as it is oppressive: No rousing balcony speeches or torch-lit rallies may be needed. We may just get the quotidian, gray oppression of millions of unseen tyrants.

      • China has the Politburo and the Standing Committee to manage the corporate-socialist state. The USA has the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission.

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