Autumn Awaits

One of the most fascinating things about any revolution is the mistakes made by all sides leading up to the revolution. The errors of the people in charge tend to be the most obvious, as the winners focus on them as justification. “The king did this, so we had no choice but to do that” is the formula. Objective analysis usually reveals that the motives of the ruler and the revolutionaries were far less coherent. In retrospect, revolutions tend to look like a series of massive blunders.

The reason, of course, is that both sides of the fight tend to see the other side as a black box. They only see the actions of the other side, without understanding the motives or reasoning. With limited evidence, they fashion explanations that tend to be self-serving and petty. The aristocracy in France could have done a lot of things to head off disaster, but instead they made one error after another. From the outside, what was driven by ignorance appeared to be driven by malice.

There is a cascading effect in revolutions. The initial conditions that lead to general unhappiness soon give way to anger over specific events. One group gets angry over something, and they no longer see the ruler as reasonable. Then another event triggers different people and before long every event adds to the avalanche of unrest. In between, there seems to be some calming, but in reality, it is just the energy building up for another burst of anger and frustration at the next event.

We may be in one of those periods of calm. The dropping of the Covid nonsense and the start of summer has people thinking of things other than politics, despite the signs that this summer will be ugly in many ways. Soaring prices for food and fuel are always bad omens, bit so far people seem to be ignoring them. Similarly, the building crime wave is not getting much attention. Antiwhite violence is already a problem, but white people seem to be looking past it for now.

Even if the revolution takes a holiday this summer, there are a couple of big storm clouds on the horizon. Both are Supreme Court cases. The first one is an abortion case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This will take up the question of the constitutionality of a 2018 Mississippi state law that bans abortions after the first 15 weeks of pregnancy. People who claim to know about these things believe the court could overturn or sharply limit Roe v. Wade.

The other case is a gun case. The court, in NY State Rifle & Pistol Assoc. v. Corlett, will review a New York law that requires individuals to get a license to carry a concealed gun outside the home. In District of Columbia v. Heller the court ruled that the Second Amendment provides an individual right to keep a handgun at home for self-defense but did not address the carry issue. Many think the courts will rule that carrying a firearm is equally protected by the Second Amendment.

If one were to identify two key beliefs of American civic nationalism, one would be faith in the courts to enforce the Constitution, if we get the right judges in place. The other is faith in the Second Amendment as the ultimate backstop. The whole purpose to voting for so-called conservatives is to eventually get a court that will strike down many of the left-wing programs, like abortion. Along the same lines, that same court will affirm the Second Amendment, thus ensuring people will never fear their government.

There is a good bet that the court rules against the civic nationalist position on both of these issues in the fall. The abortion case is the most likely shock to the system, as this was the reason to support Trump. He stacked the court with his people and now they are supposed to deliver. The Christian conservatives ignored Trump’s rather obvious personal failings because he promised to deliver judges. He did his part and now the judges have to live up to their end of the bargain.

History says they will find a way to fink on the people. In theory, it is a 6-3 court, but John Roberts has miraculously transformed into Ruth Bader Ginsberg, so it is really a 5-4 court again. Gorsuch is the most likely to find a reason to vote with the far-left. He has already found a way to fink on his side. In Bostock v. Clayton County, Gorsuch wrote the majority opinion granting men in dresses special rights. It is not hard to image him flipping to the far-left on this abortion case as well.

The gun case is a bit different, as the court could find some technical problem with prior rulings and send it back for rehearing. It is also not the radical change that the abortion case presents. Extending Heller to include carrying a firearm outside the home will have no impact on most of the country. Still, given the nature of Washington, it is not hard to imagine a similar dynamic as the abortion case. This time it would be Barrett siding with the far-left, sighting some nonsense about black victimization.

The regime has already begun to let the court know that they better rule the correct way, or their will be consequences. Senator Blumenthal from Connecticut is the first out of the gate threatening the judges. It will not be long before he is joined by other prominent Democrats, as well as the media. Then you have the extortion rackets run by the FBI and other players. The odds of the court ruling in favor of the civic nationalist position are very low, but their expectations are very high.

This is shaping up to be one of those unforced regime mistakes that seem to characterize every revolution. The abortion case in particular is the one that could radicalize a lot of civic nationalists. Christian conservatives are already on the edge, given the overtly anti-Christian pogroms run by the ruling class. If the court finks on them in the fall, it could be the last straw. They will conclude that there is no path forward in conventional politics and begin to organize outside of the system.

Predicting the future is always a mugs game, but history says that the regime does not miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. The combination of paranoia and partisan hatred keeps leading them to the wrong decision. The wise move would be to give the people a win in the courts on these issues, but wisdom requires wise men, and the ruling class is desperately short of them. Instead, the regime will be dispensing truckloads of red pills to civic nationalists when the court returns in the fall.

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192 thoughts on “Autumn Awaits

  1. I’d wager Z is correct about another “long, hot summer” (e.g. violence). Here’s a news item saying Baltimorgue murders already are ahead of 2020’s rate. “Unofficial” summer only began just over a week ago. Schools don’t even let out for a few more weeks.

    Predicting the economic future is a mug’s game too, and no better place to get mugged than the stock market (beyond the literal mugging on a Baltimore street, I suppose.) I’m expecting — more or less — the Fed to raise (or the market to force the Fed) to raise interest rates sometime this summer and that will have various and sundry effects on the market and the economy, likely none of them good, unless you had a pile of cash waiting for things to get cheaper 😀

    A non-election year makes the most sense, to the extent the planners can plan these things, to inflict necessary (?) economic pain, with hopes that it’ll be alleviated by the time the mid-term elections roll around, a year and a half away.

  2. I’ve pushed the idea to civnats that the constitution has become effectively useless because the progressives have figured out easy workarounds by emphasizing the letter of the law rather than the spirit. You can ban conservative speech by working with “private companies like google or book
    publishers. They’re looking to contract a private company to monitor the internet activity of conservatives. They have companies enforce covid passport systems to get their jabs. The republicans then shuffle their feet and say “oh well” because they don’t want to regulate private companies. Many civnats are starting to wake up and acknowledge these points when I bring them up.

  3. Vaxpartheid – Day 2:

    So, it turns out I have two jab jockeys in my immediate vicinity.

    Jab jockey #1 is an early 50s male of Italian extraction. Appears 5 to 7 years older than his actual age. Seems to get moderate exercise and sunshine via regular golf so he’s in okay shape. Coughs and wheezes quite a bit throughout the day. Also blows huge boogers from his nose two or three times a day.

    Jab jockey #2 is a mid-to-late 50s YT male. Also appears 5 to 7 years older than his actual age. Is quite portly and has a pronounced limp. Odd worldview that is on one hand hippie/hackerish yet he’s all about the USG. I get along with him and don’t question his claims about hacking Chicoms from the library or calling up people at Langley. You never know.

    I should probably start a blog on this topic. Frankly, after almost 20 years of beating my head against the wall trying to convince myself I’m a corporate guy, I’ve grown a bit lazy. Playing options footsie with the orange juice gang is still going well, so why stress?

  4. “This is shaping up to be one of those unforced regime mistakes that seem to characterize every revolution. The abortion case in particular is the one that could radicalize a lot of civic nationalists. Christian conservatives are already on the edge, given the overtly anti-Christian pogroms run by the ruling class. If the court finks on them in the fall, it could be the last straw. They will conclude that there is no path forward in conventional politics and begin to organize outside of the system.”

    I don’t think they will do much of anything, frankly. Pray and vote harder, maybe. The guns ruling will be status quo ante, largely because that would explode in some pockets, and could escalate.

    The spark will be a financial crisis, and a state with the jack and courage to build its own weapons program independent of the feds.

  5. here’s a question – how do the dems EVER get a rubber-stamp majority without doing Ipatiev House stuff. The two oldest cons are 71 and 73. They can win the presidency two or three times in a row but by then they could be down to only 40 senate seats. So they would have to then have two terms of R presidencies so they can get the senate back and then (if everyone is on board) – pack the court. Guys like @davidshor and @ronbrownstein have been sounding the alarm on this.

    • Seems like the Supreme Court case on abortion is a win, no matter the verdict/decision. Fail to restrict/limit abortion to a State decision, the religious right is alienated finally from the political process. Curtail Fed abortion over-reach and the Court will surely be “packed”, thereby lifting the mask on the facade of “rule by law”. I can’t wait. 😉

  6. Z: ‘Even if the revolution takes a holiday this summer’…it’ll still be on your bagel.

    I had a lox bagel delivered yesterday because I grew up surrounded by Jews so I love delis and bagels. Some of the bagel chips that came with it were rainbow-colored. I ate them. There’s no escape.

    Speaking of gays. When I was a kid I went to Kmart with my dad. He went his way and I went to the record section. As I’m flipping through the albums, this guy who’d been browsing nearby walks up to me and holds up two Richard Simmons’ albums with Simmons in short-shorts, and asks “which one do you think I should get?”

  7. Wait a minute…, can someone explain what the rationale is, from our side, for wanting to restrict abortion? Responsible people (you know who I mean) mostly limit their reproduction using birth control, so they would not be affected. The people affected would mostly be the irresponsible people, who would lose an option that currently allows them a late recovery from their own mistakes. WHY WOULD WE WANT TO DO THAT?

    • One case I saw made that I’m still chewing over is that abortion allows (our) women to act in the most reckless, antisocial manner, exactly what a society does not want from their women. The case further pointed out that we’re going to have to figure out how to survive the “brown wave” regardless and that it would have been better to not degrade our own women in an effort to stave it off.

    • The abortion debate is good to keep around to throw in Lefty’s face to show what selfish monsters they are. I personally hope nothing much is done about the subject. Most people are sad and life is depressing so the little fetuses are probably better off not being birthed into this world.

        • Culture is what we make of it. Genetics can get anyone so far. Better to ban abortion, death penalties for more crimes

      • Ever here of the Soviet union, it crashed, the military chose not to intervene. Granted it was a badly run gov. But our is going in the same direction. Where there is chaos, opportunity

    • The brutal truth of the matter is that abortion *will never be prohibited*. There were, I’ve read, 6 States at the time of Roe vs Wade at allowed for abortion above and beyond the usual rape, incest, life of mother allowances. The Supremes at best will toss the abortion issue back into the State’s bailiwick. That will probably mean more than half the country will still allow abortion in some meaningful way for getting rid of unwanted “mistakes”. Abortion will be only a bus ticket away.

    • I don’t want to live in a society that kills babies or pretends life starts outside the womb. Sterilizing undesirables would be preferable. Not that I’m for that either, but at least they’ve proven they don’t belong in the gene pool. Abortion is a monstrous thing.

    • “Wait a minute…, can someone explain what the rationale is, from our side, for wanting to restrict abortion?”

      It’s the most important “telling women NO” that is possible. “No, woman, you do not get to kill MY child”.

      We will never have patriarchy until that statement is true.

    • I’m late to the party on this Z man post, but I second the anti-feminist logic about abortion.

      Believe it or not, this is one of the very few issues that unite white men and women of “normal” values and persuasions. Most married white women that I know who are mothers are pro-life. It is only the very worst whores and uppity social and economic status climbers who are pro-choice. It doesn’t matter that they inadvertently are in favor of policies that keep the black population from exploding. I will be straight with you. I hate these women more than I dislike blacks. I hate their selfishness. I hate their self serving ideas. I hate their alienating behaviors. I don’t hate women. But I hate hate hate leftist white women, because they are everything women shouldn’t be.

      I am one who believes that disharmony between white men and women is a much more destructive issue than proximity to blacks. And as long as our women are selfish whores, there isn’t much left to fight for anyway.

  8. What Revolution?

    Who? What?

    There is absolutely no group capable of revolt , never mind Revolution . We in the service study these matters, as do those who read history. The makings of Revolution require organization to rival the State, and nothing exists. Should anyone suggest organizing they are shouted down as Feds, esp in the DR, especially here. Wishing and doing are worlds apart.

    You are dreaming, daydreaming.

    No Revolution including yes the French ever happened without organizing first, usually for decades.

    If I were to pitch it I’d make clear we guarantee nothing except suffering, prison, death. Guaranteed.

    The price of risk avoidance is failure.

    And no, no one else does this for you, certainly not me.

    The regime is here to stay. Believe it.
    Its legitimacy grows with every day it sits in DC, put there by Fraud and minute force. Minute.

    If it was replaced it would probably be worse, and far more woke and aggressive in repression than the Fat Bitch in HR. Biden replaced by Kamala and BLM getting badges.

    Ain’t happening.

    People had their fun calling everyone a Fed, it worked. Zero capacity to do anything but grumble, and they’ll take that away at leisure.

    Makes one wonder who really was working for the Feds, certainly dissing down everyone serves the Feds interests. Hmm?

    • True but for different reasons. The revolution already happened. It happened years ago. The Rainbow flags and BLM flags on all the embassies are symbols of a completely captured society. The right is by its nature counter-revolutionary. A counter revolution at this point is building entirely separate systems. But doing this will be an incredibly slow and stunted process until after the financial crisis that will end in state solvency issues. The financial crisis will split the country into far left and far right within a few years. Nothing like today, with is already much more bifurcated than 20 years ago. The actual paradigm will shift. We haven’t had a paradigm shift in our lifetimes and its due.

      • Tanks should have been sent out and fired at the hippies and civil rights demonstrators back in the 50s and 60s.

        Even then, the post ww2 wave of prosperity is so unprecedented that I’m not sure anything could have stopped the cucking and softening of the west.

      • Winner, winner…

        It was like the “coup” against Trump. The coup happened a long time before he came on the scene.

        A currency crisis, and perhaps a state starting its own weapons system, will be the spark. And the former, and probably the latter, are coming fast.

      • JR Wirth I’m trying hard to be respectful and polite, but please notice something in your point above: all of it happens due to impersonal forces like inflation, paradigm shift…This is magical thinking.

        Nothing magical about the Left on the other hand, they just put the work in, and they run the risks of doing so. Even now. They don’t believe in magic.

        I also must caution politely against the [? event ?] always being a few years off. I seem to notice everyone always thinks it’s always a few years away…

        It may be happening as we speak. I will say it will probably happen very fast and without much warning, rather like the stolen election and the National Guard tricked into backing the Jan 20 coup, all of which happened in 3 months.

      • In agreement, and restating the obvious: in the USA and other nations, the social – political – legal – economic changes have taken place over many decades and several lifetimes. Now, it is not clear (to me) how much of this was deliberate by organized factions, and how much simply by popular apathy or even approval (“free stuff!”). My point is that the institutions were indeed marched through, even if at half-step march, and by and large, unopposed by and even with approval by the prior occupants.

        I have no opinion about how far these changes will go. I do concur, also, that revolutions worthy of the name (bloody or not) typically don’t happen unless a severe crisis presents itself. Bad economies are often a feature of those. Even absent an organized opposition, reality presents insuperable limits to how absurd a regime can go, before it would simply collapse on its own, even without anyone putting a knife in anyone’s back.

    • You’re not thinking outside the box. You don’t fight a war with obsolete strategy & tactics from the past, and similarly, you don’t attempt a revolution using the predictable methods of the past either. A new paradigm is necessary.

      The government produces nothing. It needs a productive population to generate wealth in order to feed the beast. Our society is now nearing a majority of parasites that live off of the productivity of others, and the ability to sustain the beast is becoming precarious.

      Now what if the productive element of society gets fed up with all of the bloodsucking and becomes de facto dissidents? And what if those dissidents decide to stop feeding the beast? Or perhaps, stop repairing and maintaining the beast? Or perhaps affirmatively help the beast to grind to a halt?

      No shots need be fired in anger or otherwise. And you don’t need an army either. We’ve already seen what happens when an important fuel delivery pipeline shuts down. And a computer hack is not as powerful as maintenance that doesn’t get done. The former can be fixed quickly, the latter could take months.

      • Now what if the productive element of society gets fed up with all of the bloodsucking and becomes de facto dissidents? And what if…

        Have you been studying Atlas Shrugged again? If so, now is a good time to notice that John Galt had a vested interest in destroying the power companies. He needed their distribution networks to make his generation gizmo into a practical option for supplying the masses with electricity. He did not need the power companies’ expensive but obsolete generation equipment, their long-term depreciation schedules for that expensive equipment, their long-term supply contracts for fuels, or their timid aversion to revolutionary technology. The solution to his problem, therefore, involved moves to bankrupt the power companies, after which Johnny and his little crew (with guys such as the judge) could swoop in like vultures for the assets Galt needed.

        At the end of the story, the vulture phase of the plan is about to commence. Galt is at his gulch with Dagny (iirc) where he’s fantasizing about his return to the world which he has just turned upside down. There, lost in the ecstatic vision of becoming plutocratically wealthy, he waves his hand in the air in the pattern of $.

        That’s your revolutionary who preached all that stuff about producers resisting the moochers and looters. You should also notice that many of your “dissident” producers in this world are themselves moochers and looters. They won’t be joining your revolution any time soon, for the beast is their patron.

        A good example of corrupt producers comes in the form of military contractors, even when they have civiliar divisions. Another example is the automobile industry (including suppliers). That’s an epic bloodsucker completely dependent upon government largess for roadbuilding. Without the vast network of multilane divided highways, the market for automobiles would be a small fraction of what it is today. The petroleum and refining industry provides another example of producers with a natural hostility to your revolution. They need the vast network of subsidized roads for the huge numbers of cars guzzling their products.

        I could go on here with examples like this, but I think I’ve made my point. Your revolutionary zeal is driven by a masturbation fantasy in facts and logic do not matter..

        • Ayn Rand materialism and Karl Marx materialism are two sides of the same coin. It’s a false dialectic, setup by the hidden hand which controls both, leading to global dictatorship either way.

          “‘If there is hope,’ Winston had written in the diary, ‘it lies in the proles.’ The words kept coming back to him, statement of a mystical truth and a palpable absurdity… He wrote: ‘Until they become conscious they will never rebel; and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.’ “

        • Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. It’s been nearly a half century since I read any Rand (like most of my college age contemporaries), but Atlas Shrugged was not an inspiration for my comment. Rather, computer based simulation modeling of societal evolution has been ongoing for nearly 3 decades now and the current models are quite sophisticated and suitable for both prediction estimation and case study analysis. Big Brother uses these tools to aid in its indoctrination implementation, but they can also be used to evaluate optimized countermeasures.

          As to your specific criticism about the corruption of power players in industry, almost all of those guys have never picked up a wrench and wouldn’t be of any use sabotaging anything tangible. To do that, you need the grunts at the bottom of the pyramid with dirt under their fingernails. You know, the guys that nobody notices.

          • You mean like a John Galt, on the one hand a world-class genius inventor, but on the second hand, an overlooked track laborer? Rand wrote a great philosophical novel (IMO). But surely Galt’s generator, Stadtler’s death ray, the invisibility screen and other marvels are firmly in the science fiction realm.

        • The nerds have overthrown industry. Now we have UBI, 5G, work from home, electric cars, smart cities, Amazon, Netflix, masks, the mark, etc.

          No more paved sprawling suburbs, grilling, Hollywood, materialism. A pig, in a cage, on antibiotics, plugged into the matrix, to misquote an old song(?).

          The beauty of it is, being nerds, they misjudged human nature and gave us the internet. No slick soothing productions to put people to sleep, only the irritating din of everyone talking at once and the weirdest of weirdness the erstwhile outcasts can muster. So no social control without the iron fist. Yeah that’ll work.

          Nerds! Who had the bright idea to give them control?

          At any rate, John Galt’s prospects are looking better than ever, but he won’t be tracing dollar signs this time.

        • Galt didn’t turn the world “upside down”, just the opposite; he let it wind down due to neglect and incompetence (on the part of the people running society). The book title gives a hint about this…

        • I get your point (?) about insiders perhaps rigging a system so that assets go on a “fire sale” which they later scoop up.

          But you have Atlas Shrugged mostly wrong. There is absolutely NONE of such sabotage among Galt and his fellow strikers (the Producers.) Now it is true that some of them deliberately sabotage their businesses: D’Anconia his copper mines, Wyatt his oil fields, etc. These Producers cede their properties to the Looters who are incapable of running them.

          You are correct that Galt could in theory profit by future use of the electrical infrastructure. But again, I think you are totally wrong, relative to the narrative of the novel. To the best of my knowledge, Galt never engages in any such shady business as you describe, much less in partnership with the Looters. You ARE correct, to the extent that Galt is the lead saboteur (“I will stop the motor of the world.”) But he does so by convincing the Producers, the “men of the mind” to “go on strike,” e.g. to go to ground and withdraw consent from the Looters.

          Of course Rand’s novel is fantasy: the real world doesn’t work quite as neatly as she would have it be. There is an ideological chasm between her Producer and Looter. If only the real world were so clear-cut.

      • TomA, just a nit, but the majority of the population already are parasites. The lower two quintiles of the population pay no net taxes, but rather receive more than the pay in welfare. The remaining 60% (upper 3 quintiles) contain monstrous numbers of people who work for the government, and who’s societal production is sorely in question. I’d estimate at least 10%, who also are “deadwood” (and in such parasites). That’s your 50% right there.

      • TomA,

        “No shots need be fired in anger or otherwise. And you don’t need an army either.”

        Tom, this is fantasy.

    • When I take a break from media things don’t look as bad, and that makes me think life is still bearable. But then I also know cowardice pushes the limit of what people are willing to put up with. That makes it hard to measure the situation.

    • Ever here of the Soviet union, it crashed, the military chose not to intervene. Granted it was a badly run gov. But our is going in the same direction. Where there is chaos, opportunity

    • Looks like they peaked around when I was born. Hallmark should have a card, “you didn’t abort me in the late 70’s to snort coke at a disco??? Thanks mom!” She also gave up here career when all the career women Hillary Clintons of her time were telling her she was a fool and a throwback. I truly won the lottery of life.

    • The Bible Belt people might regret it if they get their way and do actually ban abortion.

      Becky’s mom got an IUD into her on her 16th birthday, and will make arrangements for an underground abortion in the unlikely case of an unplanned pregnancy, legal or not.

      L’Shaniqu’a is certainly *not* on birth control. She’ll say “Sheeit, but Day-kwan tell’d me he pullout how I be pregnant” and have the baby, if abortion is not legal. Repeat this process multiple times across her life.

      I’m not super opposed to abortion in general but I think it should really be restricted for the good of public morality… in a 90% white, Christian, family values country. In a 3rd or 4th world shit hole… well might be best to keep it legal for certain reasons and look the other way. Just saying.

      • This is all true. Even in the 50’s you had the white girl in the poodle skirt getting the business card of a doctor who would “discreetly take care of it.” Abortion was legalized because back in the 50’s and 60’s they would watch demographic figures like hawks, and were trying to figure a way out of the negro unwanted birth situation. I’m sure Reagan was thinking of this when he signed the CA bill, which was up there with NY at the time. Not to mention hippie daughters coming home knocked up by some degenerate. Yet another example where their precious Reagan was a fraud.

        • “hippie daughters knocked up by some degenerate” sounds exactly like Obama’s mother.

          • Exactly women like her. A woman who sat of every black dick she could find and then expanded to Southeast Asian dick.

    • I’d want to see some graphs of black population growth before and after various interventions like birth control, abortion, the civil rights movement, the welfare state, etc.

      Even black people react to incentives and disincentives. It is certain that not all the abortions would turn into live births if abortion were banned. The key would be to figure out exactly what the conversion rate would be, and what other incentives were influencing it.

    • Yep. Sad but true. We’ll pay for this vibrant crew one way or the other. Things really haven’t changed since Margaret Sanger’s day. Or my day, either, back in the 60s when my contemporaries were getting “illegal” abortions and then marrying multiple times but not actually procreating. Lots of them becoming Managing Partners of big law firms but NOT having babies. Their genes — and their husbands’ — have hit a wall. The “wrong” folks are the ones having offspring.

  9. I also had this same thought. The last statistics I saw show blacks were the majority (by a few thousand) of the abortions performed… Why would we limited one outlet for ridding ourselves of this particular problem… (harsh I know, but…)

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  11. We are about 53/54 weeks away from these decisions being handed down, however. They will be argued in the fall, but the court won’t issue rulings until mid-June of 2022. By then, who knows what this country will look like, or even the composition of the Court?

    Mutatis mutandis, the point stands that this so-called “conservative” court will almost certainly rule against Mississippi’s abortion law. I am a pro-lifer but long ago left behind the “movement” for its decades-long naivete and allegiance to the regime. A 2022 decision re-affirming Roe and Casey should be the final reveal to pro-lifers that they have lost, permanently, and that other alternatives to political life in the US must now be considered.

  12. As I recall, John Robert’s name was on Epstein’s flight manifest. That was swept under the rug pretty quickly. We heard nothing about it. It makes perfect sense too. I always found something wrong with Roberts as soon as ass clown W. rolled him out. It’s hard to believe it was 20 years ago. But I distinctly remember his kids, dressed in some 1920’s outfits, basically like a child’s suit in short pants, and thought it was so odd and inside the beltway. Even in my early 20’s I knew something was off with that. Roberts has a face of pure, distilled, D.C. smugness. I never trusted him out the gate, and sure enough he’s been a disappointment all along, appointed by the most disappointing and retarded of Presidents. Something about Roberts whispers in my ear “he’s a pervert of some kind.”

    As a side note Scalia had no business on that Texas ranch where he died as the owners were connected to a future case he was going to decide. And supposedly there were rumors about the place flying in hookers on private jets. Scalia had some great decisions, but on anything related to money he could be counted on to decide with Conservative Inc. He nearly always sided with government power when a dollar bill was dragged through his chambers.

    I’m not sure if there’s been a “conservative majority” on that court since the 19th Century.

    • John Roberts is a very common name and the flight in question left from Teterboro on a day the Supreme Court was in session and hearing arguments. It is not possible it is the Supreme Court Justice.
      My thought when I heard people throwing this around was that the John Roberts on the Epstein flight was most likely the CEO of J.B Hunt.

      • Okay, where is the (((Carl Bernstein))) of 2021 stopping by the country club to ask the CEO? All he can say is no, and possibly show evidence. Did they have oral arguments that week or was there another “oral” activity going on? The Senate stays in session all the time now. It doesn’t mean anyone is there.

        • Like I said, it is a common name, the JB Hunt CEO is my best guess, I could have been one of the thousands of John Roberts out there too. Yes, people saw SC Justice Roberts in the building on that day. I am sure he is as corrupt as all the rest, but that particular conspiracy theory didn’t hold up.

          • There are many John Robertses, but it’s not going to be John Roberts the plumber from Philly or John Roberts the baker from Albany. Epstein didn’t waste that illegal pussy and five star accommodations on nobodies.

        • If there were any journalists inclined to check on that, and there aren’t, they’d be close enough to the ruling class to understand how Epstein fit in with it.

          Nobody in DC needs to be blackmailed into stabbing the people in the back. Betraying you is the job, and they want it. (Clarence Thomas doesn’t, but his vote never counts, so they let him play in a puddle.) Epstein had nothing on anybody. He was a pimp with a shiksa-defilement fetish, and he knew where to peddle it. *That* is his message.

          Cops don’t side with antifa/BLM against MAGA for “muh pension.” They do it because they want to hurt you—because you’re innocent.

          How many NGs refused to be deployed to the capital—directly against their “brothers?” Of thousands, not one.


          Our enemies are our enemies. How consciously? That varies. How reliably? Totally.

          • It’s ALL about “muh pension.” They’re whores with no skillset other than what they do. Do they like f-ing with people, that may be a perk of the job too, but its all about the Benjamins, as AOC says. And people are bought cheaply too. As far as blackmail goes, you don’t spend a million dollars hard wiring your houses to not do that.

          • I watch a lot of first amendment auditors on youtube. SGV News First is one of my favorites. Its hilarious to see how stupid some cops are. They will do whatever they are told, you can bet on it.

          • I think you dismiss Epstein too easily. Just look at his “resume.” Nobody comes from relative obscurity to being a multi-millionaire and rubbing shoulders with the world’s most powerful. He was a known (convicted) child prostitution pimp and suspected of much worse. While the full story will probably never come out, a reasonable hypothesis is that Epstein was an asset for domestic or foreign intelligence. Acosta and others have even made statements to the effect. Epstein’s mission was to schmooze with the elite, try and get dirt on them (a video of sex with a minor will do nicely!) and presumably, keep dossiers that could be used to coerce these players. Blackmail is possible, but unlikely since the big organization that do this kind of stuff don’t need pocket change. Epstein was likely a Mossad agent, but could have been working for one of the alphabet agencies. Or both.

  13. People who claim to know about these things believe the court could overturn or sharply limit Roe v. Wade

    I also find it hard to believe anything substantive will change wrt RvW. My prediction is nothing changes, but Thomas and Alito dissent, and the rest of the “conservative” clowns write some incomprehensible 50 page gibberish about why they can’t change RvW despite its obvious flaws.

    The gun rights is a closer call, but the 2nd Amendment does say “bear arms” not “store arms” or “own arms.” Storing and owning would be useless if you could not bear them. But that is simply reading the words and applying third grade level comprehension. It would be a short, clear opinion of about 30 words which the SCROTUS is constitutionally incapable of generating. They need a seven part test at a minimum to determine if a frog’s ass is watertight.

    • How ironic would it be if Barrett was the one who flipped on the abortion one. It would be a great way to tell all the DC crowd, “Oh, no no no, you misunderstood, I PLAY Catholic. Like Joe, or any Georgetown Jesuit. I’m one of you. I would chop up a baby in front of you to be invited to those Georgetown/Potomac/McLean cocktail parties.”

      • ACB will disappoint so many, for so, so long.

        The normies loved to refer to her as “Amy” back in the pre appointment days. Like she was some feminine kindred soul but at the same time the girl next door, who would go the court to slay dragon.

    • The civnats are going to get a heaping pile of steaming edumacation on what “stare decisis” means wrt Roe. Moloch must be sated.
      The gun thing I am less sure of. Just like voting, they often let us win when it doesn’t matter. If you want to carry, you leave NY CA or HI and move to a state that allows it. Given the WhitExodus from Wokeistan, it is a self-resolving dispute as the number of ppl who want guns and are also behind enemy lines approaches a negligible rump f those willing to knuckle under.

      • Correct—and if you toss the decision on abortion back to the States (where it belongs), you’ll have no meaningful national abortion prohibition. Abortion for most all will be a bus ticket away.

  14. “the regime will be dispensing truckloads of red pills to civic nationalists when the court returns in the fall.”

    Why not? The Left is in full control of everything. There is no mercy rule. No slaughter rule. Why not run up the score? Politics is a blood sport. Gladiatorial combat. 👎

  15. I kinda like the way Derbyshire gives odds on outcomes in his podcast. I give a guess on the odds Z Man is right on the abortion case 70%. On the gun case 60%.
    On a separate note what are the odds the radical left in the United States has the same agenda as the Russians?
    They both coincidentally hate fossil fuels and hate red meat and the Russians just happen to set up a computer hack job that fulfills the wishes of our own left?
    I think the odds the Russians really did this?
    Maybe 30%.
    The odds it was somebody or some group associated with our own powers and our own elites?

  16. I wonder who the Court will side with when more people realize that vaccinated females are sterilizing unvaccinated women through contact?

    The “vaccine” is a live, engineered, mutagenic RNA virus after all. Of course, by that time, many of the vaxxed will be dead or disabled, having done their job.

    Perhaps the vaccine’s ‘co-variants’ will be roaring through the larger population by then. The finks might have more business on their plate than they expected.

    • “that vaccinated females are sterilizing unvaccinated women through contact”

      There is *very* limited evidence that this is happening. Wild stuff like this is Qtard-level and doesn’t give bring more wavering civnats to our side.

    • I’m not fan of the vaccine or Covidianism in general but what is the evidence of this? This sounds like one of those notions you hear from time to time that the elites are sooper-brains plotting all kinds of Bond villain type stuff in their secret underground labs. Everything I see though indicates that Z’s notion of them as basically blundering clowns is closer to reality.

      The most likely unfolding of the vaccine religion that I see is that the vaccines, being a novel technology (mRNA) as well as poorly tested, will turn out to be a massive oopsie. Some sort of “vaccine syndrome” will start to be noticed and will then plague millions with chronic effects ranging from nuisances to occasional fatalities for years. Along with that it will turn out that the vaccines basically don’t work that well or for very long.

      The sensible thing to do at that point will be for everyone to just quietly walk away from the Covid religion and lock auntie Karen up in the attic with a few dozen 55 gal drums of Paul Masson. Of course, that’s why everyone will do the opposite and triple-down on vaccines and try to mandate weekly injections for everyone between 6 and 116 for life.

      This is all very bad of course but the overall picture just requires everyone to have been acting in accord with their greed, stupidity, short time horizons, and lust for power rather than some genius plot to sterilize the human race or some part of it (i.e. Whites)

      • Do not forget: all long-term side effects from the jab will be Trump’s fault.
        “It was rushed.”
        “Trump hated (old people, black people, poor people, etc)”
        and, of course,

        • He is to blame for not firing Fauci and for letting the hysterical people turn covid into ‘end times’.

      • My wife had covid in march 2020,
        had the vaccine against my advice in feb 2021
        currently has weird symptoms which started 2 months after the vaccine, lasting over a month so far;
        tinnitus, pressure in the skull, swollen lymphs in neck, dizzyness. been to half a dozen doctors (yes, really), blood tests, audiology tests, endoscopy, cranial MRI; no diagnosis or treatment at this point.

      • the vaccine is very dangerous , and the fact that symptoms take time to develop doesn’t mean they aren’t there . I would say about half the people I know who got the vax had sid effects ranging from joint pain to days of intense sickness .
        some have had the pain continue for over 3 months and is still persisting.
        the people who developed it think like this:

        • Yes, there are documented cases of pretty severe “vaccine hangover”. The term is apparently apt as the combination of foggy thinking, headache and nausea is similar to what you get after a serious bender. My coworkers are a bunch of pozzed goons who all got the vaccine as a religious sacrament as soon as they could and even they were talking about this on the internal message system. Of course to them it’s all for the Glorious Revolution so they don’t question anything – Onward Comrades!

          The government and it’s enablers are still in the deny, deny, deny phase on this. The transition to the “acknowledge and downplay” stage should come this summer. The media may stage a new wave of Burn-Loot-Murder this summer to act as a distraction – or just because they didn’t work out all their hatred for us last summer. Rumor has it that there are still combustible materials in Portland and Minneapolis.

      • There’s a reason behind the constant push for the jab. There;s a reason for the censorship. These fuckers want alot of people dead, like the ferrets they tested it on. They know whats in it and what it does. 911 was just a joke on us, a poke in the ribs, the jab is the full metal jacket, right in the head.

        • It really makes you wonder. Some local governments are trying to bribe, pay people to take the jab. West (By God) Virginia reportedly is offering guns, pickup trucks, etc. (prize drawings?) to recruit reticient rednecks

      • I broadly agree.Mind you, I’m in no hurry to get any COVID (or mRNA) vaccine. It’s entirely possible that the mRNA jabs do work, for the most part. For the sake of argument, let’s say that mRNA vaccines are on the whole, as effective as traditional vaccines in providing immunity.

        Aside: then the COVID jabs may only offer partial immunity. No one claims they provided complete immunity. I expect the benefit is similar to a flu or pneumonia vaccine, which represents a “best guess” of what the following season’s viruses will be. We already are at the point with COVID variants that vax makers are planning, if not already providing, jabs for the the mutations.

        But like you (?) I am leery of long-term harmful side effects.

        I agree that sometimes the conspiracy theories get a little too wild. But that need not detract from their entertainment value 🙂

  17. People who claim to know about these things believe the court could overturn or sharply limit Roe v. Wade

    I also find it hard to believe anything substantive will change wrt RvW. My prediction is nothing changes, but Thomas and Alito dissent, and the rest of the “conservative” clowns write some incomprehensible 50 page gibberish about why they can’t change RvW despite its obvious flaws.

    The gun rights is a closer call, but the 2nd Amendment does say “bear arms” not “store arms” or “own arms.” Storing and owning would be useless if you could not bear them. But that is simply reading the words and applying third grade level comprehension. It would be a short, clear opinion of about 30 words which the SCROTUS is constitutionally incapable of generating. They need a seven part test at a minimum to determine if a frog’s ass is watertight.

  18. “People who claim to know about these things believe the court could overturn or sharply limit Roe v. Wade.”

    “Many think the courts will rule that carrying a firearm is equally protected by the Second Amendment.”

    Yeah, and “people who claim to know about these things” and “many think” that audits in Arizona and other areas will overturn the election and Trump will triumphantly re-enter the White House. Not a chance. Like they say, spit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up the fastest.

    • IDK what the Supreme Court rules:

      Women are no more going to give up on their “right” to an abortion than men are going to turn in their firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition.

      The court know this: First rule of leadership: Never give an order that won’t be followed.

      • I dunno. Males gave up everything but guns already so wormen wouldn’t have badfeels. Women have rights; men have responsibilities. Women define the terms of both. But to your point, yes there is no need to cancel guns when they can just continue to cancel Whiteness and manhood.

    • Where is your faith in humanity? Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Schumer and all the others on the Left are “good people” just like Trump says the Clinton’s are. If audits show that Presidential election was decided in error I know kindly Uncle Joe will graciously concede.

      • I know you say this in jest, but my faith in humanity just strolled away down the street with the obese, tatted up, bright pink ponytailed cow dressed like the hippo from Fantasia (bare midriff included so nobody has to imagine the fat rolls)), pushing a stroller, 3 young kids in tow, whom she was screaming at, naturally. They are all White. I seriously don’t know how we come back from this level of degeneracy.

  19. It really doesn’t matter how those two cases are decided, women are going to terminate pregnancies no matter what and guys are going to pack firearms as well. Look how effectively the prohibition of alcohol and drugs have worked out.

    A ladder would be needed to get over the top of the pile of federal and state regulations that the various levels of government have enacted to solve all the possible problems. More than ever, the cops selectively enforce the law. Speeding and reckless driving is everywhere on the highway, carjacking and strong arm robberies are affecting once placid communities with little evident police response. The supremes don’t seem to have a positive role in societal developments. Their decisions are generally ignored except by only the secular legal priests, among whom they are the leaders.

    • It’s not the same. You can ferment alcohol from lots of different household ingredients. It’s a lot harder to manufacture weaponry and the ammunition to go along with them from just the stuff lying around your garage. Sure, some guns will get through an embargo, but then mostly to criminals and not to Joe Normie White Guy who would never risk his career by committing a felony weapon possession or manufacturing violation.

      • If you watch the MacGyver series you can learn how to make weapons from anything that’s just lying around.


      • There are more than enough weaponry to go around now. Most everyone that wants, has. And the few who remain unarmed, but are willing, can get one from those who have surplus. Now as to supplies like munitions, you can pick them off of the ground after engagement with a few other choice weaponry.

      • Ever see the Broadway musical or movie “West Side Story”?
        It’s about gangs in post-WWII New York. The weapons that did most of the damage in that era were “zip guns”, manufactured by ingenious criminals who couldn’t access genuine firearms for one reason or another. They built primitive but cheap and effective handguns that were commonly used until real pistols became available. It would be even easier to put zip guns back on the street now as the technology to make them is much better.

  20. “If the court finks on them….” The Court will fink on them. You didn’t mention Kavanaugh. It’s no better than 50-50 that’s he’s not among the finkers. Will the CivNats finally have their eyes opened? I hope so. However, the past sixty years of white behavior do not instill confidence.

  21. Z, I am not the political prognosticator you are, but here are my takes on each case:

    Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. – Roe V. Wade stays.

    There is a commenter who goes by the handle “Whiskey” who comments at Unz, Instapundit from time to time, and other sites (maybe even here). His schtick is White Women HATE HATE HATE White Men. Usually I roll my eyes at his comments but he did make one comment that made me think (paraphrasing):

    Modern society is arranged in such a way to protect women from the consequences of their actions or decisions.

    Want to have sexual relations with lots of HAWT guys? Here’s birth control available over the counter.

    Did you have sexual relations with a guy, get pregnant, and don’t want to raise a baby? Abortion is available. Heck, here’s the morning after pill.

    Did you have sexual relations with a guy, get pregnant, want to raise the baby, but don’t want to marry him? We can give you financial aid and force baby daddy to pay child support.

    Did you marry a guy because all your friends got married and you were still single, and now after having a child or two, “Steady Eddie” isn’t so exciting or fun anymore? Here’s no fault divorce, and we’ll force your ex to pay child support.

    So, Roe V. Wade repealed? In light of all that, nope. Think people (especially women) were driven crazy by Orange Man Bad being President and Bret Kavanaugh getting appointed to the USSC? Buddy, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet! The thought of metaphorical pitchforks and torches being waved at them by furious peasants will have the Justices keep it in place, albeit allowing a few restrictions as a sop to the other side.

    NY State Rifle & Pistol Assoc. v. Corlett – To women and soi-bois bang sticks are loud and bad and kill people. Never mind motor vehicle accidents kill more Americans per year than guns, bang sticks are bad, and following a certain ideological view of “If I have a problem with something, NO ONE can do it / have it”, the Second Amendment right won’t be extended to unlicensed concealed carry. Besides, someone with a hidden bang stick might kill me while I try to bash their skull in for Social Justice, and that’s bad.

    Of course you would express it more elegantly than I do.

    • It would be really smart of the regime to let the Mississippi law stand. I am going to go out on a limb and say the overwhelming majority of post 15 week abortions in Mississippi are done on poor black women. This restriction won’t impact any member of the elite. The problem for them is that abortion is one of the sacraments of their new religion. Allowing this law to stand will enrage one of their core support groups, liberal, childless women who have sex twice a year while using three different kinds of birth control. As they are purely controlled by their emotions, they cannot comprehend this law has no personal impact on them.

  22. Yeah as Z has said before all they needed to do was co-opt Trump and give some symbolic meat to the MAGA voters to keep them invested in the system.

    Big Shiny Wall with a giant, “skills based” door like we had in Canada for so long swamps the country with non-white, Democrat voting aliens anyways. Some useless abortion restriction stopping it after 15 weeks (only a small % of abortions are after 12 weeks). Let the MAGA rubes have a demonstration on January 6 to blow off some steam.

    They either hate us too much or are too incompetent to understand how power works. They’ve clearly decided that white people, by and large have no future in their country. Just look at the ads on TV. So why give them a voice?

    Of course, they are winning pretty much unopposed, demographically the great replacement chugs along. Whether or not they hold onto their power to the brown hordes is still in question (probably not), but no doubt white america as it previously existed no longer is around.

  23. They can’t all be Clarence Thomases. Isn’t it ironic that the greatest Supreme Court Justice in history is a Black guy?

        • And that brings up my other thought. No matter what the Court rules, our totally legitimate rulers will simply ignore it if they so choose. After all, the Lincoln administration gave zero fucks about Taney and the Supremes. In fact, Saint Abraham gave serious thought to having the Chief Justice arrested in 1861. I expect Potato Joe’s Jolly Junta to do the same, as they love to toss around 1860s words like “insurrection”…

          We didn’t vote our way out of this, and we’re surely not going to lawyer our way out.

        • Here’s an appropriate place to pitch what I mean only half-jokingly. So far as I know, when the slaves were freed in the USA, the former slave owners received no compensation. This is clearly in violation of the amendment that says among other things, that a person may not be deprived of property without compensation. Slave owners had committed no crime up until when slavery was outlawed. Some Union states had legal slavery, Maryland for one. It’d only be a footnote of our legal history, but I’d be fascinated to know if a lawsuit was ever filed for such a claim, and how the government weaseled out of it. If the former slaves are owed “reparations” (under what legal theory?), then certainly former owners have a better claim to payback.

  24. I have to completely agree on with Z’s take. I said to some associates years ago that, when those two or three states restricted abortion, these laws would eventually be struck down by the Supreme Court. The ruling will de facto legalize all, including third term. Anyone who is too foolish to see the parallels to Cali prop 8 has their head in the sand.

    • Or Prop 187. The system doesn’t care what you want.

      They will discover that 3rd term infanticide is actually what Thomas Jefferson intended in the constitution.

    • Abortion will never be restricted in the US.

      Trump floated the idea of prosecuting women (not the physician) for abortion and had to walk that back so fast he’s lucky his neck didn’t snap from whiplash.

      Another failure of conservatism failing to conserve, I’m afraid.

      • That’s what gets me about the Pro-Life movement.

        They say a fetus is the moral equivalent of anyone else. They say abortion doctors are literally worse than Nazis because they have killed many more millions of “people”

        Yet they crap their pant at the mere suggestion of putting a woman in jail for having an abortion.

        Nope, pro-lifers actions clearly demonstrate that they don’t believe a fetus is an actual person with the same “right”

        Pro-life rhetoric is overheated nonsense.

        • It’s worse than that. Pregnant women who give birth to a child with fetal alcohol syndrome face no dire personal consequences. It’s illegal to poison a baby but not a baby under construction. Hopefully, at some point a fetal alcohol victim will sue the mother and bring this tragedy into the national spotlight.

  25. The Supreme Court tangibly declared itself to be corrupt when it shirked its duty to allow litigation over the the 2020 election fraud. Everything downstream is therefore irrelevant at this point as a matter of law (they effectively killed off the principle of the rule of law). And everything they do or don’t do now will piss off half the country and further reinforce the perception of partisanship and illegitimacy by the Court.

    As a result, most ordinary citizens will continue to transition from being predominantly “law abiding” to being selectively “law breaking” when it suits their interests in a significant way. This will initially take form with respect to firearms, ammunition, and other forms of personal protection equipment. And as social trust continues to decline, will expand into many other areas. The spring is winding tighter faster.

  26. I think a lot of the cluelessness from our leaders is age-related. Over on Gab I saw some elderly geezer with Netanyahu waving around a ‘More For Israel’ and he thought he was the bee’s knees. Joe Biden is a vegetable, as are most of the other most vile and lunatic shitlibs: Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein etc. Those people literally belong in old folks homes. Our gov’ts became illegitimate a long, long time ago.

    It won’t be long now.

    • Yep, no matter how much blood doping, etc. these decrepit criminals partake in, their years are numbered. They think they’re going to wait out the Boomers? Jokes on them. And the next generation of leftists they raised are snowflakes, less able to be effectively evil compared to this generation of elderly satanists.

      Granted, they stay at their jobs (kind of boomer-esque) long beyond their compos mentis stage, but still, single digits in terms of years before they are eaten by maggots.

  27. Christians are already starting to organize, though not quite outside of the system, yet. I meet with a small group every few weeks or so to discuss things going on in the area. Right now there’s a big push back against liberals trying to promote transgenderism in the schools. We’re making some inroads and miraculously, one of the big promoters of encouraging kids to become trannies without parental involvement recently got removed from office for sexual harassment. His replacement is much more sympathetic to our cause.

    We’re also working to get pornographic materials removed from school libraries. Believe it or not, but there has been a lot of smut being pushed as “educational” material in schools, even though it’s against Florida law. That said, I think the proliferation of smart phones is the bigger problem. What I’d like to see is a movement to take away their smartphones until they are 18. But that’s probably a long ways off.

    • I don’t expect anything from the “God is in charge/All we can do is pray” crowd.

      • Rando is not sitting back and praying. He is meeting with like minded individuals and trying to achieve a well defined objective, removing smut for his kids school library. We have to win these small skirmishes if we have any hope of winning the larger fights.

        Well done and good luck Rando.

        • Correct. Our church now literally runs it’s own education program. Technically the parents are home-schoolers, but church coordinates with them for intramural events, field trips scholastic testing, and other stuff. The kids are focused on academics and they will wipe the mat with public school students. The local teachers unions are shitting bricks – and they are square! They are trying to ban us and probably won’t succeed. The kids actually enjoy it and have fun, too – which just blows the normies away.

          I disagree about smartphones though. At some point the kids are going to have to deal with them. It’s like having guns in the home. Expose the kids to them, make sure they can handle them and use them safely – and you have nothing to worry about.

          • My children are in a similar program. Technically it’s a homeschool co-op but it’s operated like a full school. As educational institutions continue their collapse, you’re going to see more of this. We’ll be buffered legally because even leftists are developing their own homeschool co-ops. They just call them Pods.

          • Yup. Bible believing churches in Ontario are now running their own “academies” too. The cost is high but of course arrangements can always be made.

            They are weak on race, but you can’t have it all. The white kids are encouraged to excel academically and not to be self hating trannies.

          • Teacher’s unions are already getting their lackeys to lay the groundwork for going after homeschooling and unaccredited, small private schools. We are looking into both options for our kids. I am hopeful enough liberals are disgusted with the Covid shutdowns to keep this at bay in the short term.

        • My wife and I agree – none of our grandkids will see public school. Rather we pay the full freight than watch the rapacious medical pharma industrial complex drain it away in ‘end of life care’.

          Public schools and their leftist denizens need to be avoided like the plague.

          • If you are footing a bill for a private school, I hope that you will vet the school beforehand. I’m not in the game (no kid) but from what I read, the mere fact that a school is private, small or for that matter, “Christian” does not insulate it from Progressive — Leftist — Pozzed ideology or personnel.

      • I’ve seen a lot of creepies here, too. Childless, kayaking “Christians” who move into towns from far away and then attach themselves to non-profits and Republican Party honchos. Something doesn’t add up with them. They don’t let you get too close, seem friendly and agreeable enough, but no clues as to what they are really up to.

    • Smart phones are one of the biggest disasters that struck the world since WWII. Very few people understand that.

        • You think that everyone understands that smart phones are a disaster for the human race? You must be living on some other planet.

          • As an addiction and face-to-face social blunt, cell-phones, i.e. “screens”, as social problem are much discussed. Very topical.

            I’m not sure in what wackjob sense you mean they’re the biggest disaster since WWII. Care to explain your secret pet theory that only you know about?

          • I’m in the process of transitioning and it’s a very emotional challenge for me .

            I think increased contact with my feminine side has led me to be more strident when articulating my opinions.

            Those of the more masculine persuausion need to be more tolerant of alternative voices.

          • “I’m in the process of transitioning…” I didn’t write that comment.

            So, people here can just comment using your name? That’s some dirty pool man. Not cool.

          • Aside from name calling, I find truth in both your opinions—from personal experience. I am the person who keeps his turned off cell phone in a black bag. My wife will literally carry her phone wherever she goes and surf, everywhere. She gets up in the morning and reaches for it like a smoker needing a cigarette. She goes to bed with it and surfs until she falls asleep. Of course, whenever the phone receives a text message, reaches for it. Dinner time, whenever.

            Now she is highly educated (3 advanced degrees), tell her she has an addiction and you’re in for a fight! How much more clueless can the average joker be?

        • If parents were confronted to their faces with what their 10 and 11-year olds are looking at online, things might change. But of course that doesn’t happen in this world, and furthermore, many 30 and 40somethings have no sense of shame, anyway.

          You can find the absolute worst of humanity — gore, torture, execrable pornographic videos and photographs — in seconds. This is what children are looking at online and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

          Until this is put on banners and billboards for us to confront and not avoid, no, you cannot say that people truly understand the damage that smartphones are doing.

    • God bless you, this is exactly what we need to be doing.

      Keep going, no matter what.

    • “We’re also working to get pornographic materials removed from school libraries”

      The Christian conservative right will overreach, as they always did in the past, and label innocuous things like videogames and comic books as violent and pornographic, sending the youth fleeing to the other side in response. That’s how the left captured the culture — by being the free speech, free expression, hip & cool alternative to stuffy conservatives; it’s been the Left’s Puritanism on those subjects in recent years that has driven the White youth back to the right … but here we have the Boomers ready to send them back right at the last minute before they all hit the grave. Worst generation ever.

      • You have a point, but there is a strong current among today’s youth that is looking for more order, more tradition and more meaning and they will not be repulsed by this.

        On a related note, I think the embrace of liberal values by the Church and by the protestant churches has been a disaster and has accelerated the crisis of modern Christianity. Churches should be turning in the opposite direction and become reactionary again. Otherwise, they have nothing of substance to offer.

        • “there is a strong current among today’s youth that is looking for more order, more tradition and more meaning and they will not be repulsed by this.”

          Wishful thinking. No, they definitely will be. I say that as someone deeply familiar with that crowd. Anyone who thinks otherwise is over the age of 50. The only people you’ll appeal to are SJW Leftists. You’ll divide your side with this “muh pornography” (meaning innocuous things in many cases) rhetoric while the other side takes your own goals and runs up the score.

          There are countless videos like this on YouTube from dozens of popular, non-Leftist, creators. This one has over 100k views and there are hundreds more.

          “Embrace Puritan Values! Marvel pro thinks lecturing Manga fans will bring them back to comics!”

          I can already see the genesis of Boomer conservatives shooting themselves in the foot once again. Let’s face it, probably more than half the posters here are over the age of 60. Politics for this side of the aisle is mostly wash, rinse, and repeat ancient childhood dogmas. What’s that saying about leading a horse to water?

          • Who said anything about embracing Puritan values? Your argument is basically the same as cuckservatives – give up everything (eventually) to appeal to leftist morality. It’s a losing strategy. Past several decades have proven that many times over.

            The part of your argument I agree with is to not go overboard with the fight against pornography. However, *actual* pornography should be fought against and it’s elimination from anything resembling mainstream is a worthy goal.

            FYI, I am not over 50 and you are not the only one “familiar with the crowd”.

      • You are conflating groups. Culture is largely genetic. There will be the naturally leftist “hip cool” croud with their drugs, porn, and edgy media/art, wwhich appeals to leftist r-selected teens, the Young Democrats or whatnot. They are wired differently, and we will not reach them. They are fundamentally different from us.
        But the young right-ists will be alienated by the lack of order, consistency, heirarchy, and will follow someone willing to call filth what it is. Take a right winger, whether 17 or 77, and show them a “tranny story hour” or a john waters movie, and they will take the pitchfork you offer them. Disgust with filth is a genetically implanted reaction in rightwingers, they do toddler tests and find this. Read some Ed Dutton.
        The leftists will always want openness, inclusion, and lack of judgment, your “cool hip kids.” But our progeny, and those like us, will be disgusted and want an alternative – think the preppy movement in the 80’s, when teens started wearing slacks and blazers to stand out in opposition against the hippy crap.Thinking the preppy Christian white kids and the punk goths respond to the same messages in the same way is just wrong, though.

        • “Thinking the preppy Christian white kids and the punk goths respond to the same messages in the same way is just wrong, though.”

          There are far more non-preppy, non-dogmatically religious White kids than preppy Christian White kids. All you’ll do is trade in a larger demographic for a much smaller one — smaller every day as America becomes increasingly secular.

          Repeating jargon about r-selection and Edward Dutton doesn’t discount my comment, which is almost certainly true. There are far more non-dogmatically religious people than dogmatically religious people. Only about 25% of those who call themselves Christian can even name a majority of the 10 Commandments, for instance. Most people are merely religious in a very broad, non-committed sense — at least when it comes to traditional religion these days. The future isn’t won by appealing to a shrinking demographic.

          The Left won the culture war, among many reasons, because they appealed to a larger audience through their control of the entertainment media. Self-fulfillment, pleasure-seeking, etc. are also genetic. They appealed to that demographic by portraying you as backwards, censorious, prudes who stood in the way of their fulfillment and pleasure-seeking. It’s true. Doesn’t anyone remember popular culture from 1968 — 2008? Now you want to give the other side a reason to pick up where they left off?

          The Right lost because they are chronically incapable of prioritizing issues (race ahead of social conservatism, immigration restriction ahead of cheap labor, etc). For example, we have people here complaining about abortion, but abortion clearly benefits our people because it’s mainly a procedure for poor blacks, a demographic that is a heavy burden on society and a barrier to political power at the ballot box. The court should find a way to continue the practice. That should be our position.

          In any conflict you pick your battles wisely. Conservatives want to pick and lose EVERY battle because they won’t strategically pick winning positions for the greater goal of winning the war. Conservatives just can’t see the forest for the trees, so they lose.

          • Hopefully, in the not to distant future, we’ll be able to put that forest of trees (and a lot of stout rope) to productive uses! 😀

      • One other thing re Street Fighter: you also have to remember these people hate truth, beauty, and God. The pornographic crap they push isn’t mid-20’s Jenna Jameson shaking her ta-tas, its more like Stacy Abrams anally plundering some nebbish white boy. Mentally healthy people of any age who see the garbage the left puts out as erotica/”sex ed” think “I don’t want to see Stacy Abrams’ flabby haunches, girded with a strapon” not “they’re trying to ban fun.”

        • I have a feeling conservatives won’t stop with Jenna. Not too long ago, one of the last Christian feminists got Cosmopolitan Magazine banned from my grocery store (admittedly, not a huge loss) on grounds of disrespecting women. Feminism hiding under the cloak of conservatism was quite common for a long time in our culture. They are the ones who wanted to censor risque television shows like Married With Children and complained about violence in movies. I’m sure that’s where the conservative demographic will again head back to in the near future. It won’t be long before they are attacking violence in video games or trying to cover up women in comics and movies.

          Maybe that’s a good thing. Conservatives are worthless. So, maybe we can straighten out our culture by giving the other side, which although mentally defective is at least capable, a boogeyman to oppose. We can dress up like those monsters in The Village and scare Leftists into adopting principles of liberty, freedom, and moderation in order to demonstrate their virtue instead of wasting their lives causing trouble on social media. As sad as that sounds, that may be our only way out of this mess because Conservatives are … well, I’ve already said it.

    • Why do Fathers appeal to the State not to castrate or rape their children?

      And what pray tell do you expect from said state?

      Speaking of issue 2; of what use are the guns to such creatures?

      You’re correct, we’re a long way off.

  28. Speaking of mistakes, there’s also the fact that while “conservatives” (for rhetorical convenience) are usually pretty good at figuring out how “liberals” (ditto) think, the reverse doesn’t apply. (I recall some Soash study the Left was trumpeting a while back – “even conservatives think liberals care more!” When in fact what it actually said was, conservatives believed liberals *believe* they care more. The study was about “perspective taking,” or what’s known in child psych as the “Sally Ann Test.” Conservatives are good at it; the Left, very very bad).

    We could probably find some modus vivendi with these lunatics, as their lunacy follows some general patterns. They will never find one for us, because they have no idea what, let alone how, we think. And since politics operates on a kind of Say’s law (supply creates its own demand), their constant search for e.g. “insurrection” will bring one into being.

    • I’ve maintained for a while that “Rent-a-Klucker” would be a profitable business (assuming the work comp costs don’t swamp you). So much demand, so little supply that the Left has to run their own false flags and constantly engage in Cargo Cult behavior to try and summon some.

      • I’ve thought of that too! Great minds think alike… and, apparently, so do ours.

        The problem, though (aside from worker’s comp) is that the Left, far from being cunning, can’t turn it off. That Richard Spencer guy sounds like the best thing that ever happened to them. They should be promoting the hell out of him, as he has volunteered to be The New David Duke. But they keep beating him up, because they are stupid and insane.

  29. Core inflation will take a while to play out, but will be the real killer. Right now “substitution” and cash reserves are covering for it. But as fuel and higher commodity prices drive through the production chain, substitutes (chicken for beef) will start to vanish. Add in the inevitable tax hikes on middle class and the frog will begin to realize it is boiling. Lived through the last hyperinflation and it is not a pretty thing. But back then we had a much less “vibrant” populace and lower social program costs. Crime, like inflation, takes a while to wend its way through the normie system. Right now still mostly vibrant on vibrant. But hunch is they will increasingly realize they can expand their area of operations more aggressively. Already seeing, in NYC, blatant daylight attacks in places that were crime free. Once a big enough network of normal people all know a victim or were one themselves–it will get interesting.

    • In the 1970’s, at the peak of inflation, my grandfather got a 30 year CD for something insane like 10 percent interest. Had a very comfortable retirement.
      Of course, the ruling class doesn’t let us plebs get reasonable returns on safe investments like that anymore and force us to play the stock market casino. Still need to keep ourselves aware, as there is money to be made and power to be acquired in the ruins coming.

    • 1970’s America was 80% white, mostly church going and mostly nuclear family. That was the real social safety net. By the end of the decade, much of the safety net was destroyed, but crime, inflation and social volatility were in sharp decline. I suspect the ruling class assumes the surveillance state and firm control of the political process will be enough to keep a lid on things. Their paranoia, on the other hand, suggest they are not entirely sure of that.

      • I remember the 70’s well and you are correct. the disaster in the supply chains along with the raging inflation are going to render both those court decisions moot . things are coming apart at an incredible rate. the supply chains are wrecked. our leaders are clearly of the Mode .

      • All due respect to your excellent post(s) and yourself, but the motives for monumental fuckups aren’t important. If your government is populated by monumental fuckups the only solution is removal, even if they are replaced by more monumental fuckups. At least we would be attempting to unfuck things rather than laying back and enjoying it. As some sexist asshole once said.

        Why would/do we care WHY some person killed a bunch of folks? The only sane course of action is to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    • Agreed. We’re in a slow-motion crash skid right now, but the tumbling & wheels come off during the second half of the Biden Administration. Get out of the city now. And kill your TV too. You’ll need to be calm & serious in the days ahead, not perpetually enraged.

      • I don’t have any backlog of evictions to process. Almost all of my tenants paid as usual throughout the pandemic. And my tenants are exactly the type of working class people, majority black, who were hit hardest by the pandemic.

        I’m fairly sure the coming eviction “crisis” is way overblown. Fear sells pageviews.

    • When inflation kills money, it will look like “high prices”.

      The inevitable “solution”? Price controls, to “stop the greedy producers”.

      There’s no idea so dumb that it can’t be tried over and over and over. Because this time, it will be different.

      (Good book called Forty Centuries of Wage & Price Controls: How Not to Fight Inflation – Robert L. Schuettinger)

      • Rationing is more likely. Price controls don’t give them leverage to dole out sustenance and favors to ensure enthusiastic kneeling and feet-washing, or to punish the badwhites. And the fact everything is or can be bought on an app will greatly increase the feasibility of this: you’ll have to order your groceries in the Dangerway app, but can’t place the order without sufficient gubmint karma credits. And we will be shocked, SHOCKED to find tha being badwhites means we het fewer or none of those, irrespective of your USD bank account balance.

      • Gary Norths “How You Can Profit from the Coming Price Controls” (1978) is excellent too, even if the price controls haven’t actually arrived in 43 years 🙂 North is a pessimist’s pessmist, so it’s just as well.

    • SamlAdams: I agree wrt inflation. The rising cost of all sorts of unexpected things is really startling. Add in increasing unavailability (either supply chain issues or panic demand outstripping supply) and I think people might start taking notice by Christmas. Oh, their big screen tvs and various plastic Chinese junk will be available, but a roast for dinner will be stratospheric, and a portable propane heater for the inevitable power outages will still be out of stock everywhere.

      When it comes to crime, I’m not as certain. There certainly will be more, and it will be in places previously considered ‘safe,’ but I’m not so sure White reaction will change. There are still far too many with Amy Biehl/Amanda Blackburn syndrome. Even when little Cash Gernon was stabbed to death, not a whisper about race. If anyone dared notice, it wouldn’t be publicized anyhow. The typical female commenter at Mail Online is both fed up with Critical Race Theory and endless woke nonsense, but also still prattling about how these things ‘divide us’. Civnattery* and equality still have a stranglehold, both in the US and the UK and the rest of the anglosphere. I would love to see it all crack, but I think it will take something a lot more catastrophic than inflation and a few hundred more home invasions for Whites to give up their most cherished lies.

      *My husband had a long conversation with a high school buddy a few days ago. Smart guy and increasingly aware of some things, but determined to keep his head buried about most others. What news he gets on the internet is still from Conservative Inc., and he had literally never heard the term ‘civnat,’ and my husband had to explain. As shocking as it is to me, I realize he’s probably one of millions.

      • As FUBAR as the supply chain has been this year – and will continue to be throughout – I wouldn’t be so sure everyone will even have all their Chinese plastic junk by Christmas. Perhaps the tipping point will be inavailability of some toy everyone must have but can’t get. I’ve always suspected the final push over the cliff and descent into..whatever happens next..will be the result of an otherwise innocuous trifle.

      • Things in history always happen gradually then suddenly. Problem nobody knows where that break point is. There is that old Lenin quote–“There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen”

      • 3g, I think you are partially right re crime. Currently the normie is in condition white, but the rumblings of awakening nare there. It used to be nothing would penetrate the fog, but now we are seeing little blips and burps where the containment field fails – the Steinle thing made waves, even in an ultra-far-left area, or the Tibbits thing got national attention. The normiecons just need reinforcement, to begin believing these are not isolated incidents, and to start personally feeling the fear. It happened before in the early 90’s, it got so important to all the Beckys that we had the left crowing about locking up superpredator joggers.

    • Core inflation will be the Killer when the State wants it to kill en masse.

      If any of the rest of those daydreams were going to happen it would have happened in the 1970s, instead Reagan happened.

  30. Even on the off change they rule ‘favorably’ in v. Collett, if DAs charge people who use firearms to protect themselves (with double jeopardy for the federal hate crime charge, natch), what good is it? Chauvin’s trial is a perfect example. Rittenhouse’s will be next.

    • Just don’t get caught. As the orcs come out into the light, we will move into darkness. Hard to prosecute a ghost.

      • Moss – Shoot, shovel, and shut up is definitely the most sensible policy. With cameras everywhere, though, it’s also increasingly difficult.

        • Officer: “what did the shooter look like?”
          Answer: “jeans, long sleeve black shirt, black gloves, black hat and mask. Looked like one of those antifa guys.”

          • Triple-S may work out in the sticks with an ‘our guy’ local Sherriff, but not in the cities, particularly if you’re being baited into a reaction and filmed (the McClusky’s), snapped incidentally by a dozen or so security cameras and doorbells, or by the mook’s buddy to put on World Star.
            The lesson would be to keep the face diaper on, but of course the smartphone in your pocket will be triangulated by every device in range.
            Recall that the Sanford police were very friendly to ZimZam when things initially went down. Open and shut until the news got out.

        • Dalek commented, essentially, the 3S approach won’t work due to the layers of surveillance in everyday life. I suspect that we will figure out how to get around that problem. Perhaps not in the moment of being attacked, but when cleaning house becomes the flavor of the day, we will choose the time and location shifted advantage needed to execute (heh) the problem(s).
          The constant surveillance may also motivate our people caught in the moment defending themselves to simply leave no living witnesses. Yes, streaming devices and fixed cameras may be an issue. But dead men tell no tales.
          When we get to that point, I believe the Bystander Documentarians crowd will shrink dramatically, as their presence presents a target. Perhaps that’s just me.

          • Somehow they don’t let it stop them in the UK.

            Its will, not tech.

            Not even guns.

            Its will.

        • Having a few hundred pounds of lime (for landscaping of course) on hand is a good idea, too.

        • Your home invader carries a smart phone. When they subpoena the Google location data from his phone they find one of his last locations was your living room and then either stops (because you destroyed his phone) or leads to where you disposed of the phone and/or the body.

          Not easy anymore.

          • The irony is that as a tracking device the smartphone would make it just as easy to catch burglars as it would be to prosecute home-defenders, yet everyone knows what happens when you get robbed. The police take a report and do nothing, pure anarcho-tyranny.

          • “The irony is that as a tracking device the smartphone would make it just as easy to catch burglars as it would be to prosecute home-defenders,”

            In some ways it’s understandable. Dead people don’t have privacy rights. Subpoenaing a murder victim’s location data isn’t hard, and it’s just the data of one person.

            For a burglary, unless you think you already know who the burglar is, you have to check the location data of everyone who was within proximity of nearby cell towers during the crime window. That’s a lot more invasive of public privacy.

          • Is true? Your living room? That precise? Not my neighbor?

            Give the phone a good washing in battery acid! Run over it with your car. Then bury it 6 feet under!

    • Dalek, how do you propose to respond to attack, in light of your outlined state of affairs? Your plan is to lay down and accept death? I’m genuinely trying to understand the value of pointing out the precedent, without offering something different.

        • That’s clearly the message they want sent. It’s exactly what they are doing in South Africa.

          That’s not my plan, I’m just making observations.

  31. One of my colleagues had Barrett as a lecturer in her time in Law School. Apparently Barrett went into a rage when she was caught checking email in class. At the performance assessment, she stated my colleague knew the material very well, but had appalling decorum in the classroom.

    From this anecdote, I would bet Barrett is going to put respectability above everything else and use any weaseling possible to get the respectable ruling. She won’t hesitate to limit Roe v. Wade for the reason that it would get her ostracized in her circles and she has some genuine principles regarding abortion, but she won’t blink in ruling with the left on gun control and immigration.

    • Typical woman (sorry ladies): it’s all about the process and not about the results. (Note that isn’t always bad).

    • She wept with her adopted Haitian daughter over the George Floyd incident. Less than useless.

      • I’ve pushed the idea to civnats that the constitution has become effectively useless because the progressives have figured out easy workarounds by emphasizing the letter of the law rather than the spirit. You can ban conservative speech by working with “private companies like google or book
        publishers. They’re looking to contract a private company to monitor the internet activity of conservatives. They have companies enforce covid passport systems to get their jabs. The republicans then shuffle their feet and say “oh well” because they don’t want to regulate private companies. Many civnats are starting to wake up and acknowledge these points when I bring them up.

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