Civic Marxism

Back in the heyday of conservatism, Bill Buckley would often say you can know everything about a person’s politics from their options on abortion and Israel. It was true to the extent that it put them one side or the other of the consensus. By the late 20th century, the ruling consensus in Washington was pro-abortion and pro-Israel, but not publicly enthusiastic for either. These two issues were useful proxies for foreign policy and social policy at the time.

Something similar can be said of race and culture. Those who deny the reality of race are on one side of the great divide, while those who accept biological reality are on the other side of the divide. There is no middle ground. Those who think culture is a manufactured good are on the side of biology deniers, while those who think culture is the product of biology and time are on the side of the realists. Again, these are mutually exclusive positions that cannot be reconciled.

That is what makes this post over at the American Mind interesting. According to their website, “The American Mind is an online publication of the Claremont Institute dedicated to the ideas that drive our political life.” Claremont was founded in 1979 by four students of political theorist Harry V. Jaffa, the man responsible for the second founding thesis. He is also why so-called conservatives preach the glories of Lincoln to their mostly Southern supporters.

The title of the post is the first clue that the writer is not only on the denialist side of the great divide, but in their left-wing camp. The first sentence sounds like something from a grievance studies paper. It is pure cultural Marxism. “The fabricated black race should never have been born. It was confected out of false biological taxonomies by Europeans to justify a system of human physical bondage that, paradoxically, brought black people into the historical process.”

Whenever you see the phrase “historical process” you are almost always dealing with a man of the Left. This is right out of the Young Hegelian view of history that was allegedly rejected by Strauss. If there was any doubt as to the views of the author, the next sentence clears it up. “It was a cruel, artificial construct, and blacks have suffered enough under it.” When someone speaks of race as a social construct, they do so not to clarify, but to obscure the reality of biology in human affairs.

A further example of that desire to obscure reality in the fog of rhetoric is this sentence further down in the post. “A taxonomy that makes human distinctions based not on cultural differences—which can objectively be defined as the set of dominant beliefs, customs, and traditions of a homogenized or non-homogenized group—but based on race, which none of the conceptual markers that allow us to predict or pick out any moral characteristic of a human being, is valorized by most blacks.”

This is another habit of the far-left. They conflate issues so that the easy to defend can be blended with the impossible to defend. In this case, he claims cultural differences can be quantified. This is true to a point. Then says racial differences tell us nothing about moral characteristics of people. This is also true, but it is incorrect to compare culture with morality in this way. It is a false comparison. Further, race helps us explain cultural differences and is quite useful at predicting them.

Then we get this sentence. “Holding a racial identity turns one into a practicing racist. White supremacists of all stripes, either of the North American variety or the Nazi counterpart, have given us ample evidence of the nefarious nature of strong racial identities, especially when they are wedded to a political ideology that demonizes racial/ethnic minorities such as blacks or Jews.” That is jargon right out of the grievance studies department of a state university.

It is tempting to dismiss this as irrational ranting or maybe a display item used by the Claremont people to show they are not racist. The conventional Right has always loved putting the intellectual version of a lawn jockey on the pages of their publications to own the Left by being to the left of them on race. Donald Trump spent a good deal of his presidency celebrating his gifts to people who hated him just to prove that he was not the evil racist his enemies claimed.

Beyond that, it suggests that the path of civic nationalism, the sort preached by people like Ben Shapiro, must end up in cultural Marxism. Once you deny that biology is real and has a real impact on social organization, you are left with a problem. How does culture come into existence, if it is not a function of blood and soil? The answer they are left with is that it is a product imposed on people by other people. Culture is just ideas, and they can be anything you like.

There is nothing more Marxist than this interpretation of culture. The cultural Marxist seek domination of the institutions for this reason. They believe culture is the product of societal institutions. If you control them, you can control the culture. The civic nationalist, like Strauss, believe there is an ideal culture. If you get that right, then the institutions fall into place. In both cases, the underlying assumption is that the nature of man plays no role in the final outcome.

To deny that biology is the prime mover of both history and culture inevitably leads to man declaring himself the prime mover. This is what we see here. The writer assumes humans can be talked out of their racial identity. There is a short hop from there to thinking that humans must be compelled to abandon their natural identity. This is the same path that all such thinking takes. If man is free of nature’s god, then he can recreate himself and his fellow man by his own lights. He becomes man’s god.

The end of most journeys is determined by the starting point. It is why intellectuals of all types talk about first principles. It is that starting framework that lays out the path forward and ultimately sets the destination. When the first principle is a denial of observable and measurable reality, the road suddenly opens up to wherever the imagination can conjure. So far, all of those imaginary destinations have not been the utopia, but rather a hellish bloodbath of murder and mayhem.

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223 thoughts on “Civic Marxism

  1. “How does culture come into existence, if it is not a function of blood and soil?”

    Blut und Boden? You’re living in the 20th century.

    Races mingle and miscegenate. What’s called the “white” race is an Americanized amalgam. Innovation, in time, becomes tradition. Social constructs are just that, “social” and useful for ideological purposes. “I’m a boy who’s a girl” eventually becomes, “I’m a girl.”

  2. There’s a huge problem with the idea that culture is determine by biology.

    Which is that our degenerate culture is the inevitable result of our biology. The white race is an evolutionary dead end. It will disappear from a combination of low fertility and outgroup preference. And there’s not a damn thing that any of us can do about it.

    I reject all of that.

  3. “The fabricated black race should never have been born. It was confected out of false biological taxonomies by Europeans to justify a system of human physical bondage that, paradoxically, brought black people into the historical process.”

    This MFer needs to watch Empire of Dust and get back with us.

    • I’m sure he doesn’t know it, but he’s recycling an argument straight out of the Sixties. The literal 1960s — White Over Black, by Winthrop Jordan, published 1968.

      That’s how old, tired, and busted this stuff is.

    • “The US occupation of Afghanistan was rationalized based on an entire edifice of lies. At its foundation lay the lie of Nineleven. Above it towered the lie of fighting terrorism…”

      Count me in already!

    • Fort McCoy [Wisconsin] hit by case of MEASLES amid Afghan refugee resettlement effort

      Fox News | Sep 7, 2021 | By Adam Shaw , Jennifer Griffin

      Invade a diseased world, invite a diseased world.

      • “According to the CDC, Afghanistan has the seventh highest number of measles cases in the world…”

    • It’s a Marxist interpretation.

      People are always looking for a financial motivation for the insanity of the Empire.

      They just can’t wrap their heads around the reality that it’s driven by ideology, not materialism. Money flows from the empire it does not drive it.

  4. In terms of how much our genes control our destiny, think of it like athletic ability. Your genes control the range of your athletic ability, but you control what you do within that range.

    You can also decide whether to marry an athletic woman or not, so you have a say in the genes and thus the range for your kids.

    Our lives aren’t pre-ordained by our genes, but our genes do limit the range.

    • pm,

      Exactly: our genes place us within a range of possibilities, while our life circumstances and choices determine where on that range we’ll end up.

      And usually, nature and nurture— genes and circumstances— function to enhance each other: a kid inheriting a tendency towards impulsive violence from both his parents will also grow up in a home environment where impulsive violence is the norm.

      That’s the fallacy of attributing Black’s violence to having grown up in violent inner-city neighborhoods: it’s because they’re made up of Blacks, that those neighborhoods are violent in the first place. Culture simultaneously recapitulates, reflects, and reinforces genetic inheritance.

    • That’s why the Malcolm Gladwell “10,000 hour” theory is limited. As Steve Sailer has reported, the guy who decided to put the theory into practice to see if he could become a PGA tour golfer, actually improved a lot after 10,000 hours. But he hasn’t come very close to being as good as the pro golfers. He became about as good as his abilities allowed him to.

      • Tangential, I realize, but I have come to believe that if you want to be good enough at golf to go pro, you must never even touch a baseball bat. Once you pick your lead foot up to power through your swing, your golf game is toast. You don’t have to be a Tiger Woods level freak, golfing every day from age four or whatever, but you’d better not play Little League.

        British readers can help test this theory. Does cricket work similarly, since you have to shuffle your feet to address the ball?

      • That depends on what you mean by “a golf pro”. If you mean a top touring pro – well yeah there’s fewer than a hundred of those out of a population base of half a billion or more.

        If you mean “a teaching pro” working at a local country club – well the bar there’s a lot lower and someone with the interest to put in 10,000 hours of practice could most likely reach that level.

      • I would have have come up with that Feynmen Diagram and String Theory too but i only studied it for 9950 hours.

  5. I think William F. Buckley was the inspiration for the ‘fancy lad’ character in the movie Cabin Boy.

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  7. Vaxpartheid update:

    Now our internal website is screeching about how the scamdemic crestes, “new internal threats!”

    I guess you really can make this stuff up.

  8. Lack of tribalism is a sign of bad judgement , weakness and cowardice. It makes you a useless lump of flesh no one can trust.

    I see no reason to hate mind you, it attaches the positive identity of yourself and your people to some other group. That is unwise.

    These people have no concept of morality either . As Vox Day put it “These people can take the side of demons.” I figured he was well being Vox Day rhetorical.

    Turns out I was wrong. As I was watching a show on YouTube some years back, Shoddycast I think they were discussing the new Doom game.

    The host Austin IIRC who was a typical educated millennial type was actually taking the demons side in Oh it was OK for them to invade Earth cause we wanted the power in Hell.

    Uhm, Demons? No moral agency, no souls are actually pure evil , no rights. The fact that it was done so earnestly was a weird sort of wake up call for me. These people have no moral foundation at all.

    That is what makes them a threat, no breaks on the train, purely materialistic and a predisposition to think they are God.

    We are I supposed blessed they are so weak because if they weren’t, we’d be in camps or dead.

    We had best learn to drop Leftist ideals of individualism uber alles and the Chsritian one of passivity because if we haven’t and they do get strong, we are fracked.

    • “Lack of tribalism is a sign of bad judgement , weakness and cowardice. It makes you a useless lump of flesh no one can trust.”

      Too right, A.B. I was thinking about just this today regarding a colleague who is proud of his ‘middle-of-the-road’ approach to all issues. Perhaps the rational approach.

      Great for building computer networks; but gets you shunned and without any backup in the world of race based politics. And maybe dead, too.

  9. It’s important too, when discussing race and racial differences, to keep in mind the distinction between individuals and groups:

    While it’s true that his skin color can tell me nothing about the individual Black person standing in front of me; it’s also true that group statistics can allow me to predict with great accuracy what a place will be like once a critical mass of Blacks has been reached.

    And the fact that African Blacks who have never been enslaved— whether they’re at home in Africa, or in Europe or Australia— show the same violent, promiscuous dysfunctions that characterize “the African-American community” here in America— along with the fact that high-achieving Blacks inevitably show a good proportion of White blood— point to a genetic rather than environmental explanation for the source of Black dysfunction.

    So while it’s impossible to make accurate generalizations about particular members of a tribe; it’s entirely possible to make accurate generalizations about the tribes themselves.

    Part of Whites waking up must include a realization of their tribal membership, and all that entails:

    Whites have been history’s supreme achievers— a fact which our ancestors knew, and took for granted— and it’s high time White people started taking pride in that fact, and recognizing it for what it is: an example of how our unique tribal accomplishments show forth our unique tribal characteristics.

    • One of the key dilemmas of the DR is the persistent belief that magic words may one day induce the sleeping masses to “wake up” to reality and finally see the light. This belief persists despite the mountain of evidence that most people are immune to rational discourse and remain a slave to both their heritage and the habits they acquired early in life. The simple reality is that only a major change in our environment will induce people to “wake up” and face reality as it is, not as someone hopes it will become. People change when they have no other choice, or die in the alternate. And it’s been that way for most of our evolutionary history.

  10. “To cling to a strong racial identity is a form of tribalism that is born of a deep narcissism where one needs to see oneself as special because of one’s racial or ethnic identity.”

    That’s the biggest irony in the whole thing. Notice how the author now drags ethnicity into it as well. First it was just race, but now its race or ethnicity. We’re all just isolated cogs in the global machine.

    “We have weaned ourselves from our mothers’ breasts, but we have substituted for the breast the name of the tribe, the race, the ethnos, and the Volk”

    Now we throw “Volk” in there for good measure in case you missed the point about how you’re a Nazi.

    I suppose you have to give him some credit for attacking the racial identity of blacks. Of course, he knows virtually zero blacks will be reading this article and that allows him to beat on the true target’s head with “you’re a Nazi if you have any ethnic or racial identity”

    This begs the question how do you beat the ethnic or racial identity out of a person? What are all these supposed black readers supposed to do? Give up their identity? How would one do that even if if they wanted to do it?

    • Blacks clearly are the most racially-identifying group in America. Most have consciously renounced their identity as Americans, in favor of identifying as “persons of color”.

      Just like “gays” see their homosexuality as the primary, most important fact about them: what defines them and identifies who they are as people, and determines what their values will be.

      And clearly, you don’t beat the racial identity out of Whites: you SHAME it out:

      You convince them that their ancestors were horrible people, that the “oppressiveness” of Whites and “Whiteness” is why other groups have failed to match White achievements; and that therefore the height of moral virtue is to express shame at their Whiteness every chance they get, and renounce it at every opportunity.

  11. This subject is the source of quite a bit of ‘cognitive dissonance’ for me. I’ve never thought people are moldable lumps of clay, nor thought we’re completely biologically determined. 80/20 nature/nurture is probably a good summation of where I stand.

    Not blood and soil but culture and soil is what put me on the path to this side. It’s the intersection of blood and culture that vexes. Maybe I haven’t put enough thought into it.

    Put it this way: if genes are destiny, that opens the door to Calvinism and makes a problem of free will. Yet free will opens the door to Marxism and Satanism.

    Probably just another instance of the difficulty of finding and cleaving to the golden mean.

    • I guess the whole blood and soil idea is that an extended family was formed from themselves, biology, and from where they grew up, soil. My uncle use to talk about how the slavs were natural potato-pickers because of how they were built.

      From there the culture arises. That debate with EM Jones and JT shows the absurdity of simple culture and soil. IE put an African in poland, teach him to speak polish, put a sandwich in his hand, and you have a pole, indistinguishable from any pole now or 500 years ago.

      I don’t think there is any contradiction in saying that certain peoples have certain tendencies, but that they also have free will to pull in a different direction. I think black culture is a good example, there are a lot of bad things in it, but and that may make it difficult for a black, but they still have free will not to impregnate 5 women and run scams

      • And lest we not forget that race is a “category of the mind”. When you cross paths with a Lithuanian who speaks Ebonics, you’ll know immediately that he is black.
        It should all make perfect sense.

    • Paintersforms,

      One fact to keep in mind when pondering the intersection of blood and culture, is that often the two act in concert, each reinforcing the other: a society made up of people genetically-predisposed to impulsive violence, will create a culture which reflects those tendencies. Individual members of that society will not only possess genes inclining them that way, their experiences in that culture will also reinforce those tendencies. So culture both reflects and reinforces genetics.

      A strong case can be made that our feeling of exercising free will is an illusion: that each decision we make is the inevitable result of what’s come before.

      If I were able to go back in time and relive my life, I’d make the same decisions I made then, for the same reasons: it looked at the time like the best thing to do. The decisions I made were the results of the person I was; *only if I went back as a different person would it be possible for me to make different decisions*

      So am I “free” to decide and act differently than I do? Theoretically, maybe I am; but practically, I’m not: I do what I do because that looks like the best choice at the time; and it’s that which “determines” what my choice will be.

      Imagining myself making another choice is tantamount to imagining myself being a different person than the person I am. For the person I am, the choices I make are inevitable, given who I am.

      Calvinism can be seen as a sort of religious perversion of that idea: Calvin having claimed that before God created anything, he predetermined everything that was to come: that every drop of rain that falls— and every human action and decision—
      has been preordained by God. And though Calvin denied it, that clearly removes the possibility of human free will.

      But there are other ways of coming to the conclusion that our exprience of acting with free will is an illusion.

      • I like JLP’s take. He says we do nothing of own because we’re influenced by spirits. Granted it’s a religious take, so it might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but imo it splits the difference neatly, in that we do have the choice of who to listen to.

        And I do have the same attitude about making the same choices over again. I am who I am, who I am now because of those choices, and there’s no point regretting it.

      • “Fate” is the word the ancients used to describe the forces of culture and heritage that make your choices for you. Every child is the product of the forces around and behind them, but that does not have to remain true in maturity.

        In some cultures, the hero is someone who overcomes fate and chooses their own destiny, which we would describe as exercising free will. People do not believe in free will because they do not believe in heroes, have not met a hero and refuse to do what it takes to become a hero.

        In practical terms, becoming a “hero” means developing your will to be stronger than your heritage or having your heritage fail you so utterly that your remaining choices are suicide, living death, or developing yourself enough to choose your preferred destiny.

        When you wonder when white people will wake up to their fate, you are really asking when someone will develop the will of the white people to the point where they choose a different fate than the genocide they have been given.

        Developing everyone to the point where they can exercise their own free will is not a practical solution, but there is a second way which involves a core of leadership guiding the fate-bound to a new destiny. Trump is conflated with Hitler is conflated with Satan because they are a repudiation of the worldview that the rank and file of liberal fools and zealots live in, the great other and faith denier come to take away the toys of the managerial class, but at the top of the food chain, they were selected for destruction because they lived outside the will of the powers that be and could lead their people to a different fate than Weimar-style degradation unto death. Hitler proved that it could be done, even if the fate he chose was a poor one. Trump was able to start the process, and so Trump is Hitler and that is why he needed to be stopped.

    • Think of genes like athletic ability. Nature puts your athletic ability within a range but what you do within that range is up to you. You also can control with whom you mate and thus likely change that range for your kids.

      Your gene don’t pre-determine your life, but they do put upper and lower limits on many endeavors. You have fill will to operate with the various ranges that your genes gave you.

    • Agreed. Z’s view is way to deterministic.

      I’d say it’s also false because cultures change over time much more rapidly than can be accounted for by biological change.

      IMO culture and biology reinforce each other as culture is the environment within which human s-x-uality and reproduction plays out. The people whose behavior comports with their culture will be more reproductively successful which creates a genetic bias for the traits favored by the culture. This is actuated by the fact only ~40% of males and ~60% of females produce offspring in every generation. The monkey wrench in the system though is that cultures, especially European ones, drift over time, changing the traits selected for,

  12. “The fabricated black race should never have been born. It was confected out of false biological taxonomies by Europeans to justify a system of human physical bondage that, paradoxically, brought black people into the historical process.”

    Oh, I see. There are “black people” but not a “black race”. Hmmmm….and maybe you could explain why they couldn’t bring themselves into “the historical process”?
    White oppression? Even before Whites came to Africa? “Reeeeeeeeeeeeee….”

    “It was a cruel, artificial construct, and blacks have suffered enough under it.”

    OK, I see. “Blacks” is not an artificial construct, but the “black race” is. Hmmmm….and we know this is an “artificial construct” how? “Because I told you so. There.”

    “Holding a racial identity turns one into a practicing racist.”

    But, if this is true, doesn’t that make blacks and jews the most racist groups in the world? I see. Only Whites can be racist. Makes sense!

    “If man is free of nature’s god, then he can recreate himself and his fellow man by his own lights. He becomes man’s god.”

    The oldest lie in the book. Ye shall be as gods!

  13. I will start with the non-sequitur. William F. Buckley, Jr., in his original work was quite racially aware and a realist about the Juus. He threw Pat Buchanan under the bus over alleged anti-Semitism to divert attention from his own, which was richly documented and frankly well-argued. It was a pure cuck move from Buckley and provided the template for how Conservatism, Inc., would operate from that day forward. National Review descended into irrelevance and became laughable from that day forward. The Great Purge(s) simply were a symptom of the disease Buckley spread..

    As to your larger point, there is no greater social marker than race realism/race denialism. I think the most fervent True Believers, for the most part, are CivNats, who increasingly find it far harder to square their beliefs with reality. They now function on faith alone. The Left is far more cynical and while it has many True Believers, too, it mostly exploits White by simultaneously oppressing them based on race and then having them mouth platitudes about how race is a social construct.

    The money will run out. It could happen this week or in ten years, but that event is on the horizon. Once blacks cannot be bribed and pacified with free sail foams and the like, they will erupt and most cities will become war zones. We already see the outlines with Black Lives Matter and the daily outrages committed against White victims. This will end, and it will not end well.

  14. “Holding a racial identity turns one into a practicing racist. White supremacists of all stripes, either of the North American variety or the Nazi counterpart, have given us ample evidence of the nefarious nature of strong racial identities, especially when they are wedded to a political ideology that demonizes racial/ethnic minorities such as blacks or Jews.”

    Simple solution: eliminate minorities. Meaning, every group of people, including Jews and so-called “African-Americans,” should live in their own homogeneous nation states. It is diversity, not strong racial identity, that is the problem. But, of course, that’s not what Jaffa and his fellow anti-white Leftists want. They’re not interested in distinct peoples living in harmony with themselves. They seek to impose diversity and white self-hatred on whites to destroy us. That is their agenda. And they can go straight to Hell.

    • This Claremont statement isn’t totally wrong. Of course, it focuses on the wrong race. Numerous studies and voting patterns have shown that blacks have the strongest racial identity and egos. They also by far demonize other races and commit crimes against other races because of it. This doesn’t just target whites either. They’ve perpetrated most of the “Asian hate crimes.” Whites, meanwhile, have probably the lowest racial identity in this country, which is why you have whites literally bootlicking other races.

      • The Greek: Your statement contradicts itself. It does not follow that if blacks have a stronger sense of self and race than Whites, that to minimize black racial identity will then minimize racial strife and/or discrimination. On the contrary, this state of affairs demonstrates that a state of racial identity is normal and natural, and that it takes active and continual measures to weaken and destroy the natural, genetic ties that bind a people.

    • Im watching Dazed and Confused which I could never get through before, its just too boring. But it takes place in 1976. There is a scene the last day of school when the young, hot female teacher says something to her exiting class like, “Dont be taken in by all this 1776 junk, this country was founded by aristocratic slave owning white men who didnt want to pay taxes.”

      Then there is a baseball game where a sign says, “happy birthday America!” I wonder if the civil rights and all that came with it, was a sort of hubris that the US was the most morally advanced empire that ever existed. Sort of a combination of pagan Rome and Christianity. All religions are equal, and thus irrelevant, all races are equal, thus race is irrelevant. Its a sort of tower of babel~!

  15. “To deny that biology is the prime mover of both history and culture inevitably leads to man declaring himself the prime mover. . . If man is free of nature’s god, then he can recreate himself and his fellow man by his own lights. He becomes man’s god.”

    Tikkun Olam in a nutshell. See also: The Talmud; law-based religions; resentful non-Whites; eternally resentful ‘fellow Whites.’

    • Interesting blend of Aristotle, Sartre, and Nietzshe, that there. Prime mover, existentialism, and nihilism.

  16. “Claremont was founded in 1979 by four students of political theorist Harry V. Jaffa”

    Zman, you’re not saying that Claremont is a propaganda site, are you?

    This is why you don’t let your enemies teach your children. Especially if your enemies are shape-shifting schizophrenics. Doublethink is their forte’.

  17. “It is tempting to dismiss this as irrational ranting or maybe a display item used by the Claremont people to show they are not racist.”


    These things always start the same. Some obscure self proclaimed intellectual opens up xer pie hole, and lets fly with stream of so much idiocy in the first sentence, that you need to counter it with 3 paragraphs.

    I don’t even bother any more. I go straight to, “F*** you, you Marxist POS – go tell it to the fairies. And while we’re at it, f*** your noggers too…”. As you say, there is no room for debate, you are on one side or the other with the politics of it and nobody is going to change their mind. Why waste time?

    • I’m stealing your response.

      My usual retort is,”You’re embarrassing yourself, and insulting me. Go away, you’re annoying.”

      That tends to disarm them and cause retreat.

      • I’m trying out the indirect approach: “I wouldn’t phrase it like that in case some-one mistook me for a fucking idiot” type of thing.

    • Or, if profanity is out of place, if (say) you are called a “racist,” smile and say it’s so, and perhaps add for a bonus barb something like “At least I’ve got the balls to affirm what I believe. I don’t have to hide behind a facade of go-along get-along political correctness!” Sure, it doesn’t help your social credit score, but there is a certain satisfaction to be gained if you can stroll away with a smirk on your face while your political opponents and their sycophants flop around on the floor turning blue 😀

      • Except they don’t anymore Ben. You are never going to own Leftie. No amount of reason, no pleading or cajoling or appeals to their better nature is going to work.

        If I could, I wouldn’t even tell them to FOAD. I’d stick my .45 under their nose and pull the trigger three times in rapid succession. That’s where all this is going to go eventually anyways.

      • Who cares?

        At the end of the day, racist just means you prefer your own people over all others.

        Every other group besides YT does this.

        Every other group uses this a cudgel to bash YT.

      • The response to “racist,” et. al. is to charge them with being anti-white. This move puts them in the position of having to defend/justify themselves.

  18. It’s a telling indictment of the state of the Right that the publication (The American Mind) that the Left paints as the boogie-man intellectual engine of the rise of Fascism in America publishes the rantings of a Jamaican tragic mulatto homosexual. Yawn.

    • It’s hilarious that there is a such a long article about how all tribal or ethnic or racial identity is evil on a website named “The American Mind” They should rename it “The Cuckservative Mind” because “American” sounds a bit too much like an ethnicity.

  19. This is why we’re a great big Yugoslavia. Only, in place of Tito we have a complex, interlocking welfare state. The truth about biological reality has been papered over in the last 70 years of various transfer payments. The core of the cultural differences is time-preference. One particular culture values time in the moment. A culture like this, when resource constricted, with develop raiding parties to raid the next village…or the Foot Locker…or the Target in modern times (an environment not created by them). The satiation of welfare prevents 90% of this. The removal of welfare, due to resource exhaustion of the state, will show the true colors of each culture and how they interact for survival. Once we see this culture in action, in high definition, questions will begin to arise about assimilation failure. And someone will ask the bold question “why are they here?” If a thousand year old village in Africa has no well, until the white man comes to drill the well, the question should be asked, what were you doing for a thousand years? If the Flint water system was contaminated with lead, the question should be asked, where was Shanequa, the city employee, testing it before the state had to come in to do that years later?

    • Excellent distillation of the delusion of race denial. While Black Lives Matter mostly is a terror organization directed and manipulated by another Tribe, it actually recognizes what motivates blacks: desire for the property of others since their time preferences will not allow them to obtain the same goods and services. It would be fair to state BLM is the extrajudicial acquisition arm of the cash-strapped welfare state.

      As Uncle Schmuel increasingly finds it impossible to feed the colored crocodile, it will resort to more terror to extract the wealth of Whites. There will be a line crossed eventually.

      • You can see the same phenomenon with honey bees. The European ones, knowing that a long, iced-over winter approaches, move their bee asses all summer long, making as much honey as they can. The African ones, ironically much more violent, prefer raiding other colonies. You may as well have little empty malt liquor bottles scattered around the colony. We’re having this discussion because of the plenty of the late industrial age, which was kept going in this current financialization age. White people thrive in adversity. The darker the winter, the more expensive the resources, the better white people do culturally. The other culture I mention gets a pounding by the laws of nature that sends it reeling. The times of plenty will end soon.

        • I remember the “Africanized bees” panic of the late 1980s. They were going to come over here and sting all our pets and children to death!

          Turns out they had an Africanized work ethic as well. And The Media’s decade-long string of being completely wrong about everything remained unbroken.

          • “You may as well have little empty malt liquor bottles scattered around the colony.”


      • While Black Lives Matter mostly is a terror organization directed and manipulated by another Tribe, it actually recognizes what motivates blacks: desire for the property of others since their time preferences will not allow them to obtain the same goods and services.


        BLM was a scam perpetrated by the democrat party to fill their coffers for the 2020 presidential election. The money pledged by the corps went through BLM into the DNC. Remember that the DNC was reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy in 2019 and then so flush by fall 2020 that they outspent Trump. A few crumbs were through to the POC faces of the movement, but none of the money found it’s way to “the black community” at all.

        And the motivating factor for blacks wasn’t the gibs it was incoherent rage against whitey.

    • There you go, expecting blacks to act “white”. The question is, why?

      We have several dogs and a Cockatoo. (That barks with the dogs when the door bell rings).

      We don’t expect any of them to act like a cat.

  20. “They conflate issues so that the easy to defend can be blended with the impossible to defend. In this case, he claims cultural differences can be quantified. This is true to a point. Then says racial differences tell us nothing about moral characteristics of people. This is also true, but it is incorrect to compare culture with morality in this way. It is a false comparison.”

    Look at any number of videos on YouTube where someone will say: “I’m from Spain but was born in Mexico what race does this make me” Several people will utter useless platitudes like “I know, right” or “We’re all human, smh.” Eventually about the 10-15th comment down someone will try to explain the differences between nation of origin, ethnicity and race, and do so in a dutiful way. At which the original poster will say setting like; “how can I be white then but Hispanic.”

    I realize this qualifies as a black pill anecdote but if the idiot at DePaul is saying this (self aware that he is a black male unironically) and the average boob in the comments section is painfully oblivious with regards to the difference between race or ethnicity and culture; where do we start on the pushback?

    • Stephen. The “pushback” inevitable starts when the “Normie” meets/interacts with the minority/race he so vehemently denies exists. Unfortunately, when/if this happens is not under our control. And as often mentioned here, might be too late to facilitate change.

      As has been often noted, it is impossible to change someone’s position on a subject with reason and logic, when that person has taken up that position through emotion—rather than reason and logic.

      • “Trump bad. Literally Hitler.”
        Oh, my gawwwwwed!!!!! We’re all gonna die from Covid!!!”

        You mean those people?

      • Thanks. What better way then to learn through firsthand experience.

        As to your point about reason and logic: I have noticed more and more with the recession of religion and the assent of politics as a substitute – people will now claim your “facts” aren’t true depending on some logical fallacy. Ex: Maureen Dowd is wrong about many things because she conflates morality and logic incorrectly. She isn’t wrong because she works for the New York Times. Same is true of Kevin Williamson and National Review.

        What does matter most certainly matter is the number of incoherent people who write for these publications and perhaps more importantly the uncritical normies and true believers they reach daily. We need larger audiences and more varients of the Z blog message.

  21. Really disappointing to see Claremont publishing garbage like this. They are usually better than this. Until people in the West are free to say “Yesm I think that race is real and important, what about it?” we are never going to get out of this mess. Fortunately, that day is coming.

    • Altitude Zero: Every ‘conservative’ website has to have their magic black token. Even Counter Currents and Amren have taken to hawking the random musings of a Jamaican black as glorified offerings to their White readers. It’s all so tiresome.

      • Bill Whittle now has Dude as one of his hosts on his YouTube channel.
        The shift prompted me to “unsubscribe”.
        Although I did compliment him in the comments on the accumulation of virtue points.
        Not interested.

    • Of course first one should “count the cost” of being a bit too blunt. Careers, friends, even personal safety are at risk otherwise. But in the right conversation, you could even plant a red pill by comments as simple as:

      You think racial difference do exist, but being “racist” should not be the witch hunt term that it’s become. When did a natural preference for one’s own kind become a crime against humanity? Why have the so-called anti-racists made it such a polar issue, demonizing the slightest opposition as dangerous? Why are the Whites like me singled out for criticism, when the very same or worse behavior in non-whites goes unnoticed?

      • ” Why are the Whites like me singled out for criticism, when the very same or worse behavior in non-whites goes unnoticed?”

        I wouldn’t use that. “The very same or worse” implies that “the very same” behavior is bad, It isn’t.

      • Ben: As I was correctly reminded a short while ago by Bartleby, reason and logic won’t get you anywhere but trouble. Don’t waste your time.

  22. Like the force of biology, another underestimated factor in all this debate is Time.

    560 years passed from the Magna Carta to the Declaration of Independence. Culture is cumulative and it moves slowly, even among advanced Whites. In today’s world, the intellectual class expects immediate progress among less “advanced” cultures once they’re exposed to the genius influence of Progressive thought. News flash: it hasn’t happened and it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

    So of course, the cognitive dissonance produced by this failure to progress makes intellectuals’ heads explode. Enter Racism – the universal excuse for failure. Father Time has his thoughts on this topic, but he’s not available for comment.

    • “Father Time has his thoughts on this topic, but he’s not available for comment.”

      Oh, Father Time is always available for comment. It just takes him decades to finish a sentence.

    • “Culture is cumulative and it moves slowly, even among advanced Whites.”

      I’m not sure it moves at all at the most fundamental level. The stories in the Old Testament are instantly relatable to modern audiences because people are the same now as they were then, with the same desires, motivations and fundamental natures.

    • As Steve Sailer (yes) once so brilliantly asked: how many more centuries will we need to wait until blacks are assimilated into American culture?

      • As a CivNat of HBD sympathies, Steve has given away the game before it starts. Much of the HBD crowd seems to limit their consideration of racial difference to the Supreme God of IQ. This has the effect of discounting the other ways in which racial genetic legacies can exert a profound effect upon members of that racial group. These HBDers, by restricting their purview to only the isolated factor of IQ, thereby assign all other responsibility for group manifestations to “culture”, totally missing that if other genetic factors are in play, this ain’t gonna cut it.

        Then add in the CivNat propensity; this can work reasonably well within the white racial/genetic population, but only because these advocates neglect to notice those other ways in which membership in the white racial/genetic population predisposes toward attitudes and perceptual potentials that are upstream from the perceived good things in white culture. Then they double down on this leaning their full weight on erroneously derived belief that it’s all down to “culture” (the reality being that the attitudes and perceptual potentials implicit in the white racial/genetic legacy are not recognized as being fundamentally traceable to racial/genetic factors), and make the leap of faith that other racial/genetic populations are not otherwise abled.

        We see this in the belief that inside of every other race there is a white person waiting to be made self-aware. Uh uh, sport.

        Sailer’s CivNattery only works within the white racial/genetic population; any other expectation that it will inerrantly yield the desired effects with other racial/genetic populations is wrong. Actually, other racial/genetic populations can, and will, easily perceive this as White Supremacy in action. Just thought of that one…huh.

  23. I apologize for the lengthy quote at the end but the primary way to know that True Believers are truly mad is that they are the very distilled essence of the concept of ‘Doublethink’ as outlined by Orwell in 1984. Race and related topics are the –textbook– definition of this pathology.

    Go talk to any leftist or true believer and you will hear them utter ‘race is a social construct’ out of one side of their face when trying to justify what this entire article is about. Conversely, in the very next breath, ask them about ‘Whiteness’ and race becomes a 100% concrete reality that you can physically point to as real as water, stone, or bullets. THAT GUY, right there. That Trump supporting fly over hick. He is Whiteness. Not a social construct at all but a flesh and blood biological nature that he will be shackled to forever. Original Sin he was born with and can never erase.

    That alone is how you know these people are A) Completely mentally unhinged, B) Full of sh-t, C) Irrational enough to hold both of these contrary beliefs as axiomatic truths, and D) stupid and impressionable enough to repeat these mantras unquestioningly. Combine all that and you are dealing with someone both dangerous & unable to be reasoned with. There are few solutions for such an individual once they’ve reached these descriptors.

    And now the money quote from Orwell which has literally now become a reality of our everyday world–

    “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself—that was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word—doublethink—involved the use of doublethink”

    • That final quote sounds like an awful lot of work.
      As the female Sheboon said in that ole time YT video;
      “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!”
      Excuse me while I tend to my herds, change my oil, and play cards with my friends.

  24. I can’t help but think many more people are skeptical of this of Claremontes founding principles, and the idea that blacks can be my-fair-lady-ed into fitting into our culture. I’ve spent a lot of time with blacks, and they can’t.

    It’s important to be able to point out the root similarities between conservatives and the left….

    Whats weird is that Chronicles magazine links up with something called the Charlamagne institute. I played their highly produced video and they start with this:

    “At the Charlamagne institute, we defend Western Civilization. What is Western civilization? Its about ideas…our culture was founded on judeo-Christian values.” Ok, no!

    • I haven’t paid much attention to Chronicles magazine since the days of Samuel Francis. Are they downplaying race these days?

      • Only reason I visited was beause of Paul Godfreid. They were sharing this website with a few others, which is where I found the Charlamagne institute.

        i just haven’t read enough of Chronicles to see what they are up to. My guess, not mentioning race much

    • “the Charlamagne institute.”
      Wait, is that the same institute passing out Coudenhove-Kalergi awards in Europe?

  25. Race and culture — both are part of the equation. Like body/soul and reason/faith. Example: The Shakers were smart white people, but no longer exist because their heretical culture believed babies were evil. Conversely, although there are Christians in Nigeria, you never could have had an Aquinas or a Leonardo because the IQs were too low. The problem now is white women are like the Shakers, so they must be brought back to Christian belief to “Go forth and multiply.” Only traditional/orthodox Christians now are having large families among whites.

  26. You can always recognize a black author. The language is always stilted and ornamented with way more big words than necessary.

    • Allow me a little pastiche…

      “Yes indeed, brothers and sisters, it is always manifest when a work is by a brother of our race. He’ll write — forgive my sexism; I don’t mean it must be a man, for woman too has been given the gift of literacy at times — in the complex language of the White man. And so it must needs be, my compatriots, for it was not without reason that a wise man once said that if you wish to hide something from the Black Man, there is no better hiding-place than between the covers of a book. Even the wisdom of a Black Man, be he the most learned Negro who ever lived, alas, will remain unknown to his racial kindred for that selfsame reason. You see the wordy speech of the Master in the contracts you must sign. You hear it in his everyday utterances. I tell you now, it is the prolixity, this sesquipedalian prose that is the bane and obfuscation of simple understanding.” 🙂

      I’m reading Plato. There is more than a bit of humor and sarcasm. For example, The “Menexenus” offers one of the few extant examples of Athenian funeral oratory, yet clearly in the form of a parody. It’s a masterwork of sophistry and/or rhetoric. I’m still not clear on the distinction. Making fine speeches was a big thing in ancient Greece and much comment is made on the merits — or lack thereof — of long-winded speeches.

    • I couldn’t make it through the entire article so I skipped to the end. First, check out the author.

      Second, he writes:

      ‘Free and living in that space of radical love and forgiveness, the virtuous man or woman, holding no racial identity as his standard-bearer, stands confidently … and declares to the world, “I have no history. I have no race. I have only you, and the future.”’

      When he can get his people to show “radical love and forgiveness” then I’ll take him seriously.

      Instead, he hammers white people.

      • What a pretentious git. If he had a shred of self-awareness, he wouldn’t be able to look at himself in the mirror.

    • And often, the usage is not quite right. For instance, take the author’s use of “homogenized or non-homogenized groups.” Groups of people are not homogenized. Milk is. The mots juste are “homogeneous and heterogeneous.” One is reminded of that SNL skit where Richard Pryor is the president.

  27. I’ve seen you write in the past that race becomes real soon as you need a bone marrow transplant. I use that. It’s very pithy and inarguable

  28. “There is no middle ground.”

    Isn’t there?

    Actually, I agree with you, but Sailer and Murray make an attempt. They espouse an HBD-aware but colorblind civic nationalism. Their argument is that, yes, groups are different but the bell curves create people of similar temperaments and intelligence across races. Thus their “go to” argument: Would you rather have Thomas Sewell as a neighbor or some violent redneck?

    CivNats love them some Thomas Sewell.

    Now, personally, I’d advise them to go back to Sewell’s writings and re-read what he’s written about going beyond stage one thinking. I’d also remind them that most smart people of other races aren’t quite so quick to give up their racial identity as Sailer and Murray.

    Regardless, there are those that attempt to find a middle ground. The Christian CivNats at Gap do something similar with “we’re all God’s children and religion is more important that race.”

    • Sailer and Murray are smart, but they lack wisdom. By that I mean they can grind through the minutiae of biological reality without ever contemplating the implications, much less appreciate those implications. Further, they remain trapped in the fantasy world of bourgeois objectivism. Those who deny biology do not do so because they lack information. They deny biology because it is a prerequisite of their beliefs in the same way Christians believe in the divinity of Christ.

      • Agreed. That’s why I mentioned stage one thinking. Sailer and Murry engage in a very sophisticated version of stage one thinking with it comes to race.

        Regarding their opponents, it’s baffling to me that after several decades, Sailer and Murray continue to believe that those who deny race do so because they are either misinformed or motivated by materialistic goals such as money or fame.

        I actually understand Murray better than Sailer. Murray seems to want to keep his seat at the respectable table, so he believes things that keep him there. Sailer seems to like being in that orbit as well. Even he’s not allowed a seat at the table, they let him into the room and quietly talk about his writings. I don’t think that he wants to lose that.

        Btw, here is a fascinating interview of Murray by none other than Jonah Goldberg. It’s fascinating because Murray and Goldberg are comically incapable to understanding what Murray’s conclusions mean in the real world. Goldberg simply falls back on culture uber alles and pretty much ignore what Murray is saying. Murray refuses to correct him.

        The podcast is also interesting because you can feel how much Murray likes to be liked by the Goldberg crowd. Finally, it’s really fun to listen to just how stupid Goldberg is. The Tribe is not sending their best anymore.

        • I think Murray and to a lesser degree Sailer inherited the old WASP confidence in social progress. They think biology can be accounted for in the liberal democratic project. Read political tracts from a century ago and men like this were in the efficiency movement and Taylorism.

          • True of Sailer, but Murray was successfully mau-maued into silence on the reality of race (for the most part; he does acknowledge the outlines). It would be fun to get Murray drunk and comfortable and hear what he really believes.

        • The other thing about Murray is that he’s a fruit who keenly understands that Western civilization is far and away the best deal his bunch are going to get.

          You’d think more of that bunch would realize they’re going to get free flying lessons in the future Islamic People’s Republic of France, but they don’t.

    • Citizen: Once you realize just how deeply held Sailer’s mixed-up and rather illogical racial beliefs are, you start to question not just his version of HBD but his take on everything. And each question turns up greater inconsistencies. Every time I scan his site (and I do so to vent my spleen – not particularly ‘honorable’ but it amuses me) I am struck by how, beneath his superficially ‘logical’ exterior, he is a rather weak, insecure, and star-struck simulacrum of Spock.

      It was never ‘all about the science,’ and his commentariat strikes me as his ideal world of ‘citizenism’ – just the right sprinkling of this or that religion and race and ethnicity , but all convinced of their intellect and reason and, above all, reasonableness. But challenge their self perception and it all evaporates. Like those videos of the black public figure caught sounding like World Star Hip Hop when off camera.

      • In the words of one of Sailer’s critics, poster Intelligent Dasein:

        “Deep in his heart, he wants to be a famous journalist. This did not work out for whatever reason, so in compensation for it he has built an entire career as blogger out of basically trolling the MSM with his HBD schtick. In the course of so doing, he has attracted a small but devoted following of very spergy IYIs who actually think he is being serious. He can not let go of this fan club because they are now the only source of the recognition he seeks.”

        • I don’t disagree with what he says above, but I regard him as a crazy person and won’t engage with him since he went full loony on me in a thread, insisting that there was no way to create machines that saved labor, because of the labor that goes into creating the machines. No, I am not misrepresenting him.

          • Vizzini: Same – Intelligent Dasein is on my list of ‘commenters to ignore’ at Unz’s site. Sailer’s HBD may be a mile wide and an inch deep, but
            Dasein denies racial reality altogether and pushes Christianity as the unifying factor. Sort of a lesser E. Michael Jones.

          • I offered the quote as a window into Sailer. That it is authored by a guy who is not a race realist and who has other opinions at odds with reality does not thereby mean his take on Sailer is not spot-on.

            BTW, ID’s post was removed by Sailer.

          • “…pushes Christianity as the unifying factor…”

            Not just Christianity, but his own very peculiar take on it.

      • His Covid hysteria and pro-vax stance are odd. The fact that the virus isn’t all that dangerous to the majority of the population and the in your face forcing of the vax on everyone would seemingly cause him to question more deeply the situation, but apparently not.

      • Sailer has become irrelevant. He used to be useful to our side by being a gateway drug for normies just waking up, but I’m not sure how much we need that anymore.

        Our society openly hates us now. Do we really need to have an hbd debate. Also, Steve actively fights against white identity so is he a help or hindrance.

        His writing has become incoherent. He acknowledges race and racial differences but then reaches the conclusion that we shouldn’t care or do anything about it. He also defines race as an extended family and then concludes we shouldn’t show any more loyalty to our family than strangers who happen to hold a piece of paper saying American citizen.

        It’s laughable.

        • I don’t disagree with you, but I wonder how much of his reluctance to go beyond his citizenism policy is due to him writing under his real name? He’s said recently that he sometimes wishes he used a pseudonym, but when starting out he couldn’t figure out how to cash a check made out to that name.

          • I used to think that using his real name has a lot to do with it, but I’m not so sure anymore. I think that Sailer doesn’t want to cross the line because he knows where it leads – the end of the United States as he knew it – and he can’t accept that.

            What he doesn’t get is that the United States as he knew it is already dead.

    • Thomas Sowell is fine as a neighbor—but that does change whether or not races should live side by side in close proximity, or confirm a belief that an individual of another race on the far right of the Bell curve has in some way transcended his genome.

      Problem with race mixing is the follow on generations and regression towards the mean of the parent race. YouTube is filled with videos of people interacting with all sorts of large, predatory animals as they would their cat or dog. Such behavior is good for the occasional news story about some woman’s “pet” chimpanzee tearing her face off in a frenzy. 😉 It’s not for nothing we have coined the term “chimp out” to describe the behavior of some of our melanin enhanced neighbors.

      • You’re accepting their morality. As soon as you allow the argument to be whether an individual non-white is a good neighbor or a good fellow citizen, you’ve accepted their morality – and thus doom yourself to lose.

        They can always find some upstanding non-white that you couldn’t possibly argue wouldn’t be a good neighbor or citizen. Since you’ve accepted their moral framework – judging an individual as part of another race or tribe is wrong – you have to concede letting that person live in your neighborhood or country.

        Reject their morality. Demand your own. I demand that they accept my morality which I couch with the example of Japan or Israel so they can’t reject it.

        I could be the finest person in the world, but the Japanese would never allow me to become a citizen of their country because I’m not Japanese. Same with Israel. Israel isn’t going allow a million Chinese – even if those Chinese all have 130+ IQs – into Israel because they aren’t Jews.

        They are not my people. It’s not a question of whether Saint Thomas is a good or bad man. A smart or dumb man. Etc. He’s not my people.

        I don’t want Thomas Sowell to permanently live in my neighborhood for the same reason Japan and Israel won’t allow him to become a citizen of his country.

        I can be the finest person in the world

      • And it seems clear from his appearance that Thomas Sowell— like so many high-performing “Blacks”— is benefitted by a healthy proportion of White blood. He’s actually more like a White than a Black.

      • Btw, if Sowell is so smart, how come he can’t figure out that there genetic differences between racial groups and that differing outcomes isn’t only about culture.

        • Citizen: You already know why, of course. Because he has black children, and cannot face the cold, hard truth about his own people’s eternal lack of fitness for civilization.

  29. The most distinctively American-leftist explanatory form is “[concept] was invented by [one side of a conceptual binary] to oppress [the other side].” So, white people invented race to justify their anti-blackness, men invented sex to justify their misogyny, etc. That any such pseudo-idea is blatantly logic-violating makes it all the more exciting to insist on it.

    For once “postmodernism” really is to blame. Derrida’s early fans in America took his idea of inverting the “privilege” of binaries in order to hold them up to the rhetorical light differently and turned it into this retarded mutant. To his discredit, he defended those people against critics who’d understood him correctly and said his “followers” were making his work look stupid. Dude was morbidly careerist.

    • I just realized “postmodernism” means ‘rejecting the modern world, to return to the past’. That is, the tribalism and superstitious certainty of the past.

      Intuitively clever. The Left rejected the god of Equality before we did.

      Why? As a sure path to power, by asserting the rightful dominance of one’s tribe, the Left.

      This is how it has been done since the beginning.

  30. Here is a NYT article regarding the riots in South Africa and how different cultures reacted to the strife. In this case it was how the Indians and Africans behaved according to their distinctive traits. The money quote is from a Black looters family member after learning what the Indians did to those who came to their neighborhood to rob and destroy:

    “They have brown skin like us, so why would they do what they did to us?” said Ms. Khawula, 22.

    They did this because of their cultures disapproval of getting erased.

    • “They did this because of their cultures disapproval of getting erased.”

      Heh. And also probably because most non-blacks do actually seem to despise/mock/look down upon blacks pretty severely.

    • ArthurinCali: Very telling, and not merely for black and Indian South Africans. I find that same, superficial understanding of racial homogeneity and unity at sites like Amren, where the commentariat disdains typical black behavior but every last one has a naxalt buddy of one sort or another. Or they tout their favorite black con as a shiny badge of merit – their admiration for Sowell, or Elder, or Owens means they’re not ignorant redneck rayciss, they’re deep thinkers.

      This is why I like to point out to others that, regardless of culture or dysfunction, skin color does matter. Not in the simplistic or merely predictive way that the South African woman thinks, but as a marker of cellular-deep differences. The top 1% of whatever non-White race, no matter how much money or civil trappings they acquire, still retain their genetic differences. Just like the subcon girls who now throng to former high-society British debutante balls, they’ll never be more than a darker hued reverse Cinderella. For while the fairytale princess-to-be had a noble character beneath her poor trappings, these poseurs retain their ancestors’ souls beneath their London accents and white gowns.

      Different races and ethnicities are different. And while their genetic desire to procreate and continue their line may appear to go dormant temporarily, under a particular ideology or developmental period, marry and breed with one and suddenly their heritage, whatever it may be, comes to the fore and it matters intensely.

      This is where I waver over the future of the leftist coalition. Every gut instinct tells me they are intensely different and each faction is seeking dominance, but their hatred and resentment of Whites remains strong enough to overcome their differences. In South Africa’s latest upheaval, the Indians dislike of the blacks and consciousness of themselves as a people overcame any anti-White resentment they may have retained. Or perhaps it had withered along with any privilege Whites once had, now that they are a persecuted minority in that benighted country? What it means for AINO’s future, I don’t really know.

      • In the United States, Hispanics already loathe blacks with the passion of a thousand hot suns and routinely displace them in neighborhoods. The future of the Coalition of the Fringes is the fate of all fringes: it unravels. Whites overwhelmed American Indians initially through manipulation of tribal differences. It easily can happen again.

        I have observed the same about AmRen. And, to be fair, even Greg Johnson at Counter-Currents at one point had commentary from a black libertarian. His readers pushed back hard and I think that abomination has disappeared.

        • Displacing the unwanted from a neighborhood is a good or bad thing (depending, of course, if you are the displacer or the displacee.) Alas, in the example given, the problem is the displaced move elsewhere and thus inevitable blight to their new locale.

          I can think of a remedy that would prevent this latter problem, yet would improve their former neighborhood just as much. I’ll bet you can figure out what I have in mind. It is not suitable for the present time, but might become feasible in the future. 😈

      • I wish I could inculcate in Whites the same disdain blacks have for their “allies.” They’re not shy about scorning “the White savior.”

        Well, that’s exactly how I feel about black “saviors” like Elder and Owens. I don’t need them to speak for me. I don’t need their stamp of approval.

  31. This post is yet another anecdote validating the prediction that collapse is inevitable. Allow me to make the point more crisply. There are many serious people in leadership roles in our society that now argue with passionate intensity that sex is not binary, not associated with genetics, not immutable, and all others should be forced under penalty of law & punishment to use only “approved” pronouns or suffer the jackboot on one’s neck. And there is no path of civility or rationality that will cure this fundamental conflict between the two sides of this issue (which both sides agree IS binary).

    So connect the dots. How does this end? And are you prepared for the coming confrontation?

    Methinks that survival-of-the-fitness is about to explode back into existence after a long dormancy of affluence-driven suppression. And you can bet that the soy men will be hurling their rocks at you from behind a phalanx of Jackboots lest they themselves be in harm’s way. And many a white male will be standing in that Jackboot line.

    • Things are coming to a head naturally and for some reason the rulers all over the world are starting to a queens the pimple before it’s ripe by introducing mandatory injections and digital internal passports. Why are they doing this? Obviously powerful global planners are on a timetable but we don’t know what the basis is. Perhaps they’re just following the arbitrary deadlines already put down (see UN Agenda 2030) or there could be some cosmic event they see coming (solar flares and whatnot). Whatever their reasons they’re now boiling the frog too fast and that can only be to our advantage.

      When I see them flying in hundreds of thousands of Afghanistanians into the west I naturally am disturbed but then I remember we really are in the accelerationism timeline so I say go for it. Bring on the masses of foreign fighters, bring on the draconian restrictions. The sooner our people wake up the better.

    • On that note, the Oz truckee’s strike is working. Their shelves are as empty as a Venezuelan grocery store.

      Why wait for our idiots to starve us out first? I say seize the initiative.

      I’ve heard that unemployment and rent moratoriums are ending, maybe this week? Millions of health care providers are preparing to walk out rather than get jabbed.

      Personally, I need three more months to be debt free, four to have cash for winter, as I see a slow collapse advanced by our overlords. If it’s sudden, well, not much any of us can do about that.

      Flu season is upon us.
      I expect we unbelievers will be hanging from the trees when the rage zombies explode in an orgy of accusation, as the aftereffects become more apparent.

      Here’s to hoping we have a few more weeks to prepare, as this Christmas may bring us some dreadful presents, all wrapped in bright colors.

      • Alzaebo – We need more than a few weeks, but overall you’re spot on. All aware Whites ought to be working on making themselves more resilient – financially, physically, socially.

      • Mind games are also in play, so beware. One of the reasons that the Progs have been shitting on the LEOs is to get them good and pissed off. Then they hope to direct that pent-up rage at concocted “white supremacists” in a manufactured bloodbath intended to decimate white alphas on both sides. Patriots would also be enraged by all the insanity being forced upon them and, in theory, the two sides would then lock up in fury of unrequited anger. Nice plan if you can get it to work, but it fails utterly if the patriots go guerrilla instead and respond from the shadows, only from the shadows. What good is a phalanx of Jackboots if there is no enemy to meet them on the riot line?

      • Red areas absolutely need to be cutting food, water, power, and sanitation to the blue hives.

        Sometimes, you just need to let the ovens clean themselves.

    • While those Whites never can be trusted, eventually they, too, will be bloodied up by the reality of race. White federal law enforcement officers have to shake their moneymakers with increasing intensity, to cite one example, and the same is spreading throughout the military. There always will be Uncle Chads but eventually they will not be wanted or endured.

  32. Z-Man is attacking the piece in the American Mind by critiquing the wrong first principles of the author’s essay. And arguably the current political al dynamic we see today.

    During the latest cycle of dissident right discussion on the Afghanistan fiasco, there has been “interrogation” of the justification that our elites use to legitimize their control despite their incompetence. While the concept of “power-holding rationale” has been discussed, no one adequately explains how our elites justify their right to rule.

    It’s quite clear that in our godless system, our elites increasingly rationalize their positions of authority from their morality. Consent by the people is clearly not their explanation; Trump won an election of popular consent and was pilloried by the unelected, true power holders because he wasn’t pious enough.

    So, with the understanding that holding the highest morality enables our elites to justify power, we must then view their actions through the prism of the pursuit of secular holiness. The more pious, the more power they deserve. Logically, the American Mind piece builds off this premise as the author seeks to better his place in the world. The essay brings up no original points nor does it prescribe any logical action. It’s a drive to increase his piety.

    At this stage in our economic theocracy, the most revered objects are those who have not shared equally in the greater economic prosperity. Domestic minorities and strange browns from abroad all fit this bill. But they are props of the great race of our elites to achieve divine morality. And these sacred objects will be quickly swapped out for whatever the next great cause becomes.

  33. Keeping things in the virtual world “tight” is a sucker’s bet. The constant firehose of stimulation, information and distraction, is by its nature corrupting.

    Mr. Z Man puts together a cogent missive every day. He does not have a good looking secretary type things out for him or a super-geek running his web site.

    Mr. Z had a gift, but like all gifts, it is personal and loses something when it is scaled up. National Review, The Wall Street Journal, The Federalist: there is not a person on this website who did not spend hundreds of hours reading their output. Further, I will go out on a limb and say that Jesus would not be too impressed with what is coming out of Rome these days.

    I keep coming back because I am NOT excellent. Like the con man in “Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels”, I have neither talent nor skill, but I can appreciate both.

  34. This race-denial business, this need to prepend “I’m not racist but…” to every ‘controversial’ statement, the terror of being though a racist, &c is simply all so tiresome. Let it be said clearly, concretely and without academic fancy that Blacks are not whites. They cannot do the same things, build the same things that whites can. If one does not wish to live around blacks – because of crime, discomfort and the like – one simply says “I want to live around my own people”.

    Job done.

    That’s one good thing about those on this blog, we don’t feel the need to claim we ain’t no raycisss. I’m reminded of my grandfather, who, when asked if he was happy to be embarking on a cruise for his 90th birthday – departing from Southampton – remarked:

    “Happy? Course I am. Ain’t no pakis or wogs ‘ere are there?!”

  35. I understand the attraction in hoping that we can talk people out of being tribal. But most non-whites are tribal and can’t be talked out of it, just like all people can’t be talked out of requiring oxygen to live.

    The implications that most non-whites will always be tribal are terrifying and depressing but that doesn’t make tribalism a social construct.

    • Imagine a society where no one has any tribal connections, not to family, community, nation, or religion. There’s no war, no conflict, all equal, and we are all just Human Undifferentiated Matter.

      The question of whether such a world would be a moral good is the difference between the left and the right.

      • Such society would die out very quickly. Why should they procreate when not even their families matter? All that is left is brand loyalty to consumer products, which include carefully manufactured slogans.

        … no war…

        Except on Black Friday.

        • Hun: Good reminder that I need to update one of my standards. In addition to “Public school is White child abuse,” add “No true White shops on Black Friday.”

      • John Lennon “imagined” such a society and came up with a song that’s somewhat of an anthem to delusional reality-deniers.

        • You may say he was a dreamer, but he’s not the only one. 😀

          Being a pessimist and (usually) realist, his goal of that “the world can live as one” is a utopian fantasy that has never come close to being possible, and I doubt ever will.

        • And John Lennon was strung out on heroin when he died.

          Clearly, the paradise he was imagining eluded him in real life; as do all utopian imaginings when confronted with the hard cold realities of existence-as-it-actually-is.

    • Nobody is even trying to talk non-whites out of being tribal. This stuff is only targeted at whites. Everybody else is supposed to be proud of their tribe.

      • This x1000. They really see whites as the primary obstacle to be erased on the way to utopia, rather than the bewildered fools of good will whose social capital was the only thing holding their lunatic multicultural project together. We are lab rats and what used to be our country is now their experimental laboratory. The post-WASP ruling elites are an entire tribe of Josef Mengele’s, experimenting on the children of the West.

      • Hun,

        And that’s just one example of the racial double standard: the many things that are OK when Blacks do them, but horrible if done by Whites.

        Blacks can invade a restaurant and harass the diners with BLM slogans, and be celebrated as protesters for social justice. The cops are not called: that would be “racist”!.

        But try something similar yourself, and you’ll end up in jail.

    • LITS:

      Indeed. It seems a degree of tribalism is most certainly required on the part of whites.

      How unabashedly racist of us.

    • Whites are just as tribal, but material excess provides a space to play make believe. That space is closing quickly.

      • May it be so. May He will it quickly, too.

        But yes, the consumer cancer has to die first. And die hard. The plenty needs to go. Sucks really, the West used to be decent.

        • Consumerism is drawing to a close. The State next will strip Whites of as many assets as possible because it will be impossible to fund their PoC foot soldiers through taxation once economic reality emerges, which appears sooner rather than later.

          Denied consumerism, the White tribe will turn its attentions elsewhere.

        • Why should we lose what we have labored millenia to create?

          Follow the God of Nature’s design. Cast them out to the dark lands, where their genes will uplift the rest. That’s what misfits are for.

      • As I’ve said, whites are the trust fund kids of the world. You can believe all kinds of stupid stuff if the checks go through.

      • Interesting thought experiment: Suppose that the Chinese come to dominate the world in the way that the Europeans did. Will their affluence and security cause them to fall prey to a similar degeneracy as whites?

        • It is an interesting question, because it leads to an important fact of the current crisis. It is not due to Europeans dominating the world, but rather a narrow tribe of Europeans dominating the world, along with a certain other tribe acting as their imperial Hoffaktor. The WASP elite that emerged out of New England to dominate the continent and then the world are a strange subgroup of Europeans. If the Indians hate eaten the Puritans, the world would look nothing like it does today.

          • Dear Mr. Z-Man,

            Historical counterfactuals are always hard, but the Aborigines didn’t eat the (100% not Puritan) Australians and New Zealanders. Yet, look how they ended up.

          • I don’t think so. First, the Poz is universal. China and Japan might as well be in a different universe, the language barrier and much else keeps them separate from Anglophone poz, and yet they have the same issues, the point that Xi has: restricted video gaming to 3 hours a week for kids, eliminated “effeminate men” from entertainment, eliminated private tutoring, eliminated female/internet celebrity culture, and more. Even places like Algeria and Tunisia have Western style TFRs, and much of the same plagues. Catholic Italy and Western Turkey both suffer from the Poz. I would argue that it is modern industrial society itself that creates this Poz.
            Second, the Puritan influence in New England is negligible. Mass immigration from Ireland and Italy altered the genetic makeup and social attitudes. That desire for a secular utopia and such seems baked into all Western peoples, hence the Gnostic heresies and Cathar like menaces showing up century after century everywhere, from the People’s Temple and Heaven’s Gate to the Cathars themselves.

        • Xi thinks yes. Hence his banning all sorts of poz. Including “effeminate men” and private tutoring. The latter he thinks is a dagger aimed at social unity, as it allows the upper classes a hereditary grip on advancement and creates a social class of hereditary losers. That’s a revolutionary condition — resentment of being losers by the ordinary people drove violent revenge taking during the Cultural Revolution. To maintain the mandate of Heaven Xi must provide ordinary Chinese people to at least not slip down while a large class moves up above them. Chinese seem willing to tolerate a hereditary small ruling class at the national level but not one at the local level and have expectations of both doing better themselves and for their one child.
          However I think in contradiction to Z-Man that the modern managerial state creates these conditions through its semi-hereditary credentialism, emphasis on female driven leadership and feminism, and uncertainty in the near elite (say, Assistant to the Assistant of the Secretary of Energy, or Marketing Manager at Reebok) of passing their position on to their kids. The dynastic impulse is strongest among people and only gets worse not better in the managerial state; while the complexity of modern society requires ever more managers.

        • Japan wanted their culture to be exportable and made a point to package it as such whereas the Chinese hold a yearly contest to “mandarin-ize” foreign terms (like making the word for ‘thunder’ also be the one for ‘reggae’) in order to keep their written language, and to a lesser extent their spoken language, as impenetrable as possible. This can work in their one-way relationship with their resource-extraction ‘guest’ countries, but will always make them an outlier among everyone else.

          As to your question, I agree with another poster here that it is probably inevitable. The hyper-bug-man-urban living brought about by industrialization is a one-way trip up a dead-end street.

        • The Chinese in power are not driven by historical guilt as the western whites in power are. In fact the Chinese in power are quite the opposite – driven by parts national humiliation of the past and the expectation that the Chinese will again assume their rightful position at the top of human civilization. I doubt they will go the route of the English-speaking world. However they do have a curious form of poz, which is girlie-men. Girlie-men are all over Chinese TV, much more than you’d see on western TV shows actually. They are effeminate and quaffed but never gay, if that makes sense. They are just girlie-men. Xi and the rest of the politburo probably sees this as leading to openly-gay TV stars, which is why he’s shutting down the poz. If Beijing were controlled by neoliberals, I’d suspect that China wouldn’t have the minority fetishes that whites have, but their male role models would all look like boy band members. It would be all sexualization (like Japan has) without political puritanism. Basically, in a future conflict, it would be our stronger but low-IQ diverse homos vs. their weaker but high-IQ Han homos.

      • Yes: all groups are inherently tribal, humans having evolved for thousands of years in tribal groups. It’s just that some GoodWhites are confused about this fact. They applaud Black or Hispanic pride, but condemn the White version as “White supremacy”.

        And while they must be aware of the historical fact that Whites have discovered/invented pretty much everything that makes our world civilized, they’ve become ashamed to admit it.
        Instead, they suggest that it was just a trick of fate that resulted in the supremacy of White achievement: it could just as easily been Black or Brown people. Jared Diamond admitted that he wrote ‘Guns, Germs, and Steel’ in an effort to find a “non-racial” explanation for historical White supremacy of achievement.

        Whites coming to their senses and embracing their White tribal identity is what it means to cross the Great Divide.

      • Tribalism? Pride.
        Pride in our ancestors, our achievements, our character, our beauty, our role in the Greater Scheme Of Things.

  36. “To deny that biology is the prime mover of both history and culture inevitably leads to man declaring himself the prime mover. This is what we see here. The writer humans can be talked out of their racial identity.”

    The first issue at play is whether man’s behavior is a result of free will or the inescapable fate of biology. The second issue is whether there are limits to man’s free will, and the final issue is whether those limits are natural or supernatural. It should be obvious that man has free will and is not a slave to biology. It should be equally obvious that man’s free will is limited. Thus, the only question is: who limits man’s free exercise of will?

    • If, as it is said, that man is a slave to his passions, and his passions are a slave to his biology, then a case could be made against free will, that we are just being dragged along by a hunk of meat. But once you know all this, can you then call it null and void, and contravene? But then being made aware again, contra-contravene?

    • It should be obvious that man has free will and is not a slave to biology.

      That is not at all obvious, indeed it’s a philosophically suspect statement. If biology is not the first mover when you make decisions, what is?

      • Excellent. Perhaps the prime mover, the purpose for which life and mind themselves exist, is something more than a primitive children’s version of Daddy issues.

    • Man has free will, but it is damaged. As far as races are concerned, I don’t think blacks have any less free will, they just are not as smart as Whites. So the cultures they create are more disordered,wwhich leads to personal disorder.

      Theres a Catholic tradition that Africans are descended from the son of Abraham that , ahem, either raped Abrahams wife to steal his position, or raped Abraham himself when he was drunk. God turned him into a black as punishment….

    • Drew,

      It’s not obvious to me that man has free will.

      And not just because perfect free will could only be possible if people were able to see what the results of each possible decision would be; which of course we can’t. We’re stuck with guessing, and hoping our choices were made on the basis of accurately anticipating the various results of the various possible choices.

      > But aside from that, a strong argument can be made that our feeling of exercising free will is an illusion: that each decision we make is the inevitable result of what’s come before.

      It *feels* like we’re freely choosing, but that’s not the case: in every instance, we’re choosing what seems best to us; and what seems best to us is a result of a set of beliefs and estimations that already exists in our minds. *Given those beliefs and estimations, the course of action that seems best to us is a foregone conclusion*

      The only way we might have chosen differently, is if the conditions surrounding our choice had been different. *But given the person we are, and the way we see things, the choices we make can be seen to flow inevitably from them*

      If I were able to go back in time and re-live my life, I’d re-make the same decisions I made the first time, for the same reasons: it looked at the time like the best thing to do.

      The decisions I made were the results of the person I was; *only if I went back as a different person, would it be possible for me to make different decisions*

      > So am I “free” to decide and act differently than I do? Theoretically, maybe so, but practically, I’m not: I do what I do because that looks like the best choice at the time; and it’s that which “determines” what my choice will be.

      Imagining myself making another choice is tantamount to imagining myself being a different person than the person I am.

      For the person I am, the choices I make are inevitable, given who I am.

  37. Another useful litmus test is muh Holocaust, although that pertains less to political hue than to the degree of intellectual integrity.

    Given the morbid nature of the subject, you’re legally excused if you don’t want to look into it, especially since the Denier-community is full of cranks. But if you have done even a cursory examination and maintain that people were gassed in Auschwitz, you’re compromised in some way – either because muh shekels, because you’re afraid to have your life destroyed or because you’re Jewish.

    And it’s not an unimportant issue either. Auschwitz is the Death Star of white-shaming, it’s what allows the usual suspects to pain white people as uniquely evil. If we could blow it up, a lot of other issues would blow up in sympathetic detonation.

    David Irving fired his proton torpedo too early, but soon the world will be ready to listen.

    • I used to make of point of asking such holocaust enthusiasts the following question:

      “Suppose it were true that only 2 million Jews perished in the holocaust… do you think this would ever be accepted?”

      Many of them struggled with my contention that the 6 million ain’t going down no matter what the truth is. It may go up, but who knows? Got ’em thinking about the viability of the history as well as the immense interested in maintaining the victim narrative.

      Also gets you called an ‘anti-semacisss’, whatever that be in this day and age.

    • That uncomfortable, squirming look on your friend’s face when you discuss racial realities, a lot of that is due to the “6 million-holocaust” thinking that everyone in the West has been subject to for all of their lives. If you’re trying to get your friend to understand the truth about race, that’s a huge hurdle to clear.

    • I accept the Auschwitz story. The main reason is the following. In 1944, between May and July, practically all Hungarian jews except from Budapest were deported from the country (more than four hundred thousand people), most of them to Auschwitz.

      The vast majority never returned, they “disappeared”. No revisionist could ever explain how this was possible, where did these jews eventually ended up. Usually, revisionists argue that “deportation to the East” literally referred to some kind of jewish reservation in the occupied Soviet Union. This was evidently impossible in 1944, so the disappearance of these jews is a huge problem for revisionist historians. While they demand very detailed explanations about the possibility of the killing process, they don’t accept that they also have to establish a coherent, plausible narrative which explains the known historical events. I have never seen any remotely plausible alternative explanation.

      I see the problem differently. Auschwitz does not and should not imply anything about White people in general. I don’t accept that the Holocaust justifies in any way mass migration, replacement, reverse genocide, White subordination or anything like that. The moral intuition which connects the two is the thing that should be questioned.

      • No revisioniThe vast majority never returned, they “disappeared”.

        It does not follow that they were gassed. Theoretically, they could’ve all been shot, like a normal dictator would, although there’s little evidence of that either.

        I imagine some died of typhus, malnourishment or diphtheria, with the rest ending up behind the Iron Curtain where history lost track of them.

        But that’s beside the point. The key feature of Holocaust is not the killings themselves or even the magical number, but the gas chambers, the death factories; those are what makes it different from all other mass murders.

        • They ended up behind the Iron Curtain.
          I suspect they were ‘impressed’ into the front ranks of the Russian soldiery, the ones famously without rifles.

          David Goldman, whose own aunt and uncle were killed by Eisensatzgruppen, estimates that the actual number of the Holocaust disappeared were 2.4 million.

          We know that nearly 3 million fled Poland for Russia, where their communist compatriots were mustered. Family flees to family, so it’s almost a certainty that the emigres disappeared into the Russian front or hinterland- since there are no bodies, bones fragments, or mass graves.

          As a comparison, ten’s of thousands of Huns simply walked away into the wilds of North America, where they took on new names and became Americans.

          • I admit that I’ve never read more than a sketch of revisionism or “holocaust denial.” To a large extent, I agree with the guy who says maybe it doesn’t even really matter after most of a century.

            In my opinion, the most interesting ideas, and the reasons to be leery of accounts of the past, is simply the old saying (true!) that history is written by the victor. Applied to the Holocaust® to me, this means that a skeptic (such as me) would expect the Jews will spin the story to their tribe’s advantage. This is doubly true given their prevalence in academia and government, which so far as I know, no one denies. For example, I can’t recall ever hearing about the NON-Jews that the Nazis or others killed, even though their numbers were quite substantial. No, it’s all “Look at what they did to the Jews!”. In sum, the historical facts may not even matter. Who controls the current narrative, and to what ends, are what people should delve into.

    • I agree that the Holocaust needs to be thoroughly and popularly deboonked but I don’t get this monomaniacal insistence that it is the key to our oppression and liberation. The perpetrators of the sham obviously think it’s tantamount but is it really?

      • The perpetrators of the sham obviously think it’s tantamount but is it really?

        Less so as time goes by, and people care less, to be fair.

        But to people of my generation (myself), it’s like finding out the moon landings really didn’t happen or that Hillary Clinton really is a lizard in a human skin suit. The lie is so enormous.

        • May I speak to the Christians for a moment? I’d like to demonstrate that their Revelations prophecy is, nonetheless, about to become true- for them, and for Jews.

          “Holocaust” means the “holy fire” of the altar of sacrifice.

          A Kabbalistic prophecy in Isaiah refers to the six million Jews who must burn, for Greater (World) Israel to be born. The Holocaust narrative is fashioned on this prophecy.

          The False Jew pretended to die, then was miraculously resurrected, to pave the way for world rule of the Anti-Christ, “Anti-“, as in “non-” as well as “opposed to-“.

          The Jewish house has always been divided between those sympathetic to and those antipathic to White (Aryan) culture.

          Now, we see Israel dying of vaccination. A forth “booster shot” is already being demanded.

          Israel’s current Jewish population is…six million.

          I say the previous Narrative was a set-up. World rule, through the BIS banks, has been achieved. To seal the deal, the real Holocaust must occur.

          Those who care not about borders have deftly corralled the necessaries, and despise them anyways, as they are a light to the Christians- Bethlehem, Calgary, etc.

          One half of the divided house is about to fulfill the Final Prophecy, bringing the Judgement of the Roman Christians and the Perfected World- with Abraham’s seed in their rightful place on the throne.

      • “I don’t get this monomaniacal insistence that it is the key to our oppression and liberation.”

        It’s the cultural version of seizing the enemy army’s depots. Holo-deniers would gain control of the Narrative that reshaped the entire world post-WW2 while denying it to the enemy… double win.

        • Yup. The absurd Holocaust and Mengele (and King Leopold’s Congo) stories, exposed as frauds, show that our tribal enemy is our enemy, and a shameless liar.

          Ultimately, it means that White people aren’t the most mindlessly evil creatures who ever lived.

    • The important point of the pervasive Holocaust religion is not only that it has warped the Jewish mind, but that it has warped the Christian mind as well.

    • The only part of the Holocaust story that particularly interests me is the fact that we’re not allowed to question it. That alone makes me want to ruffle feathers.

  38. I sometimes think that half of Western Civ’s problems could be solved if we simply issued everyone a portable tape recorder, and at a few designated times a day, forced everyone to listen to the crap that comes out of their own mouths. For instance, I’m told that the sportsball leagues are doing “social distancing” again this year. Enormous men can sweat, bleed, and puke on each other for three hours during the game…but after the game, they can’t shake hands or exchange jerseys, because that might spread Covid.

    So, too, with the race denialists. Ok, dude, if culture has nothing to do with race, why isn’t Kabul the new Portland? They have twenty years’ worth of Gender Studies majors over there now. (Seriously — you could get not just a BA, but a Master’s Degree, in Gender Studies from their national university). Never mind that that’s “cultural imperialism,” supposedly the second-worst sin (another thing a quick session with the tape recorder would reveal, but let’s move on). Either it works or it doesn’t, champ. No one can say we didn’t give it the old college try. It didn’t work. WHY didn’t it work? They had unlimited resources. We were practically herding them into classrooms at gunpoint. Anything that “Gender Studies” can achieve, must’ve been achieved in Kabul…

    We could do the audio playback sessions seven times a day, facing Mecca.

    • Or ask them to compare Detroit and Hiroshima in 1945 and 2021. One city flattened by a nuclear weapon but rebuilt because it was populated by Japanese, the other city flattened by replacing the white population. Negroes are more devastating than nuclear weapons. It just takes them longer.

      • “Negroes are more devastating than nuclear weapons.”

        Indeed. Perhaps it ought to have been them who were dropped upon Japan by Enola Gaye and Bocks Car. Possibly could have solved two problems…

        • Give the Soviets this, they saw it clearly. It wasn’t entirely communist propaganda that weaponized our negroes against us, but they were behind a lot of it — the plight of the poor exploited negro under capitalism, as opposed to communism where all “national minorities” are of course brothers — was a staple of Soviet propaganda practically from 1917.

          So effective was it that even the rabidly anti-Communist Japanese used it in the 1930s — that “Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere” business was just anti-colonialism, which was just gussied-up “anti-racism.” They didn’t mean it any more than the Soviets did, but just as Mustache Guy’s boys were actually greeted as liberators in the Ukraine (and could’ve pushed the other mustache guy’s legions into the Sea of Okhotsk if they could’ve toned it down a notch), so the Japanese could’ve waltzed into, say, India on a red carpet if they weren’t so, you know, Japanese about everything.

          tl;dr — never weaponize negroes, but if you feel you have to, do it like claymore mines: Front Towards Enemy, baby, always.

          • Holy smokes, that’s right. Conservative blacks in the 1920s called the flood of money from Moscow funding corrupt preachers, lawyers, and politicians “the White Poison”.

            They were angry because they were teaching their own to bootstrap themselves on a shoestring- trades at the Tuskegee ‘University’, traveling ducators for sharecroppers, etc.

            No, I am so not mentioning the middlemen this time.

        • From various stories I’ve read, Black service members have done a good version of that to Okinawa over the decades. But that is after Japan surrendered, so doesn’t seem fair by the law of war.

      • “Negroes are more devastating than nuclear weapons. It just takes them longer.”

        No truer words have ever been spoken.

      • Fauci states that fans need to wear masks. Yet on March 6, 2020 Fauci said “masks don’t really work.” Fauci also was caught at a baseball game in the stands not wearing a mask. Obviously he got the memo that we need to mask up, even though he doesn’t really believe it.

  39. “The conventional right has always loved putting the intellectual version of a lawn jockey on the pages of their publications to own the left…” Another brilliant turn of phrase. However, this clown hardly rises to the “intellectual” level, but lawn jockey, most assuredly.

  40. A quote, if I may, from Cold Fury:

    “Of course, as damned-nigh impossible as it is to believe, the answer is Yes.

    Yes, they really ARE that stupid. Our self-declared Elite masters seem to be quite proud of being abject morons; they must be, strutting around like peacocks as they do after each new failure or fiasco; quacking on and on as if they hadn’t just stepped in yet another steaming pile of their own dung, or as if no one saw them do it.

    The rogue facade they built over the face of a once-legitimate US government displaced by their machinations is shot through with utter, blank stupidity, on exhibit in its every department, office, and bureau.

    The evidence of this stupidity is voluminous, ubiquitous, and continually mounting. It proclaims its presence with every blustering politician’s gaseous windbaggery; every unlawful, unworkable, and redundant edict; every heedlessly squandered taxpayer dollar; every empty, disingenuous claim to cherish “principles” or “values” they routinely disgrace, and are in reality contemptuous of.

    So why do I say all the above is stupid? Because these mountebanks, these grifters, these preening fucking muttonheads are unswervingly convinced that their subjects all adore, respect, and trust them.”

    • “… these preening fucking muttonheads are unswervingly convinced that their subjects all adore, respect, and trust them.”

      Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu thought that, too, until they didn’t. I don’t know how accurate this is, but I read many years ago that their execution was orchestrated by a faction of the Romanian ruling class that wanted to preserve their property and power by personalizing popular discontent onto the Ceausescu’s and away from the regime elites as a whole.

  41. “The writer [believes] humans can be talked out of their racial identity. There is a short hop from there to thinking that humans must be compelled to abandon their natural identity.”

    Two comments. (1) This is the primary reason why Christianity is despised. The Christian religion asserts that God is the prime mover, not Man, a position that is anathema to the utopian. (2) The remaking of Man through the machinations of utopians underlies the race chauvinism of hucksters such as Robin DiAngelo, who argues that one must “dismantle your very identity to the core and rebuild it.” Cultural waterboarding, for all intents and purposes.

    • One of my major problems with Christianity is that almost all of its adherents believe that non-whites can lose their tribalism and that blacks can lose their low IQ and lack of impulse control through Christ. Barring miracles like we haven’t heard of since Biblical times, all of this is untrue.

      • Agreed, although this is a modern permutation of a (in my view) heretical Christian view. Prior to the 20th century, Christians didn’t hold such a blank slate view of humanity and being equal was not a prerequisite for God’s love. Likewise, Christian charity was not conceptualized as a political act, wherein the job of the Christian was to ‘make people equal’. Instead, the task of the Christian was to spread the word of God and behave in accordance with God’s moral strictures. The modern Christian view is arguably heretical because it quarrels with God’s unequal allotment, rather than accept God’s will.

      • The problem with modern Christianity (as I see it anyway) is that most of it nowadays is just feel-good motivational talk. Go to any modern “church” and you’ll see the same blue mood lights, the modern music (which can be pretty decent sounding) and sermons that do nothing else but make you feel really, really good about yourself.

        There’s no hard questions or self-reflection. The modern Jesus, as taught in the modern church, resembles John Lennon much more than the Jesus of the Bbible.

        • Yes, there is the feel good version and also the self-flagellation version (viewing oneself as despicable relative to others, seeing virtue in self-abasement). And also the pseudo-Warrior of Christ, which views chastisement of one’s own people as the highest moral good. None satisfy Christ’s requirements as they all serve the parishioner’s ego more than anything else. Laying aside such concerns is very difficult and most – myself included – fail.

          Whether an alternative to the Christian vision will arise, or whether it will find its roots and revitalize, is impossible to know.

      • CHristianity does not make blacks smarter, and it doesn’t claim to. And blacks may be even morally starting from last place. Blacks may still be child-like race that needs a type of care from the other races. Theres nothign un-christian about that.

      • The distinctness and normality of there being various separate nations of men permeates the Bible so much that it’s practically the water the rest swims in. Only a couple perniciously misinterpreted verses stand in contrast to this.

  42. > It is tempting to dismiss this as irrational ranting or maybe a display item used by the Claremont people to show they are not racist.

    Claremont is one of the most schizophrenic publications around. They will have several articles arguing the nuances of a book written by an anonymous right-wing bodybuilder, then write strange dreck like this. It’s also argued very poorly, where the quality of most of their articles toying with the dissident right are almost universally excellent. This isn’t just a bias either, as their top guys seem to write the more edgy content, while allowing clowns like this Jason write boilerplate mid-wit nonsense like this.

    It’s like writing your opponents arguments in such a lousy way it makes your arguments look better.

    Oh, the writer is black. He probably actually believes this. Guess if I was in his shoes I wouldn’t want to admit my race had an insufficient average IQ for modern civilization either.

    • That’s exactly the same position that Thomas Sowell takes on race. Sowell will never admit to the concept of race in his interviews, preferring to talk of “culture”. Ironically, Sowell’s early books on race and culture and the mixing of races was some of the best and earliest works illustrating racial differences and the effect (conflict) of race mixing around the world. I guess it’s a cognitive dissonance that he holds to keep himself sane.

  43. I read the first couple of sentences and gave up – too damn early in the morning for crap like that. The only way not to see blacks as blacks is to be blind (and probably deaf as well). Hey, a Great Dane Is just the same as a Chihuahua – same temperament, proclivities etc. What a freaking moron. I used to read some of American Mind’s content – glad I quit when I did.

    • “The only way not to see blacks as blacks is to be blind (and probably deaf as well)”.

      I consider myself someone who came to these realizations at a relatively young age (maybe late 20s) based solely on my real life experiences – post college. I’m in my mid 40s now, and those same realizations have simply come to the forefront of my daily life.

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