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An old and mostly true observation about revolutions is that they end up where they started with a new set of rulers doing pretty much the same things as the rulers they deposed in the revolution. Stalin was the Tsar decorated with the ideological trappings of the revolution. Napoleon was a secular version of the Sun King. The people hiding behind razor wire and armed men this weekend in the imperial capital are the authoritarians they claimed to have deposed last election.

One reason, maybe, for this is that changing the culture that created the old leaders is not as easy as the revolutionaries imagine. The character of a people is the product of many generations. The unwritten rules of society are simply second nature, habits of mind that no one needs to consider. Changing a lifetime of habit is not easy with one person but changing a population’s lifetime of habit is impossible. The best the revolution can do is change the people at the top.

That is what we are seeing in America. The long march through the institutions has not produced the glorious revolution, because altering the character of the people is not simply a matter of blasting new culture from the institutions. It turns out that the cultural Marxist were wrong, and culture does not emanate from institutions. The institutions are the product of the culture. Even adding lots of new people fails because those people bring their culture with them.

That does not mean the cultural revolution is harmless. For example, they have turned patriotism into a weapon. Our choice is flag waving, which means supporting the destructive ends of Conservative Inc., or flag burning, which means supporting the monstrous ends of Progressive Inc. Of course, the point of patriotism, the preservation of our land and people becomes increasingly impossible. What is natural and good gets twisted into a weapon used against the patriotic.

Altruism is another virtue turned into a vice. Since white people are not permitted to cheer for their own side, their natural altruism has one outlet. White people are conditioned to link their happiness to the happiness of nonwhites. A visitor from another planet would assume the white people in this area of the planet worship the black people and that George Floyd was some sort of prophet. Altruism has been warped into what John Derbyshire calls ethno-masochism.

These are thorny topics, because most people correctly sense that loving your country and caring about other people are good things. They are good things, but they are channeled toward bad ends by our present rulers. Battling this is one of the most important challenges in this age, but it is easier said than done. These are two issues where there are no simple answers. The best we can do is keep working the problem until conditions are such that an answer materializes from the conflict.

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  • 02:00: Patriotism
  • 32:00: Altruism & Envy

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241 thoughts on “Unplugged: Dissident Sentiment

  1. from Taki : “Another good example of how this works is health care. Every good progressive will tell you how much she favors universal health care. The fact that such a thing is as impossible”


    in Europe, we have such “impossible” things. Walter White would have no need to produce meth in France.

    It’s stunning to see millions of Americans ignoring the simple fact. I mean, really.

  2. The Plan:
    Keep everyone sick enough for the government to control everything.

    Vax destroys natural immunity
    Vax viral load shedding is spread, by incentives and policy

    You end up a sitting duck
    Even to mild forced PIC variants
    The fat, sick, old, and weak are decimated

    Then, import covid to complement the vax-induced immune deficiencies

    They’re giving the Afghans Ivermectin
    They need their small arms fighters, strike force units, kept strong to counter any 2A units that might arise

    • Prior to collapse, most LEOs will stand as a firewall protecting the status quo (read elites) against challenge to their actions or authority. Post collapse (C+10), many will stand-down, disperse, or simply be overwhelmed. National Guard will enter the fray, but mostly be tied down in riot control and civilian aid functions such as food distribution and medical care. This is when chaos & wanton gang violence will create “fog of war” opportunities. Despite this masking effect, large-scale opposition to tyranny will be spotted quickly and countered. But when antibodies start arising out of seemingly nowhere, the fog becomes the Jackboot’s worst enemy. In essence, the entirety of the country is behind enemy lines. Smarter, not harder.

      • Agreed although 10 years may be generous.

        The elites’ delusion that they will live some beatific life post-collapse is very dangerous. Again. 10 years is generous and it’s not out of the question although unlikely that their thugs may off them immediately.

      • TomA: The National Guard is driving school buses up in Massachusetts already, for ‘reasons.’ Symptom of things to come.

    • Is “The Plan” fully thought out ahead of time, or does “The Plan” evolve as opportunities present? Therefore, create as many crisis as possible. “Let no crisis go to waste.”

      The plan is probably flexible, only the end state fixed. The plan is to march us down the path to tyranny, but first the main obstacle must be removed: white people and Western Civilization.

      • Assume that 9/11 was done solely by Arabs and that Covid is a naturally occurring virus.

        Even then, our elites are adept at capitalizing on surprising events.

        “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

        9/11 gave us universal surveillance and Covid will give us universal electronic dossiers.

  3. here’s my hope: we are in the midst of a great evolutionary bottleneck event. The lunatics will eventually kill themselves off and through idiocy kill a lot of other lunatics. If enough of us survive, the lunacy ends.

  4. Dead thread?
    Good, great, I don’t talk anywhere else-
    so I’s about to do some serious OT abuse.
    Don’t nobody look.

    Holy shit I just figured out practical time travel: Tesla was a man from 14,000 years in the past, trying to get back home.

    He was stuck in “limbo”, encoded as radiant DNA in the Heaven layer, the bottom end of the magnetosphere, moving right along with the Earth’s orbit. When he stepped back out, he stepped out on the wrong deck: ours.

    • Into a blastocyst embryo, building a new vessel: which means his memories remained partially intact and accessible.

      Ruh roh, Raggy, I see where the transhumanists are trying to get too…

    • You clearly have amazingly good drugs, care to share your source? Because your posts, especially these last two clearly say you are tripping balls on something. This is far more than simply ‘off-topic’.

      • Hey! Nobody saw that, right?!
        Heh. Was having some fun teasing the missus.
        She’s switched from ancient aliens to Tesla.

        That was such a delightful scenario because it’s actually entirely plausible. I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm, so I thought I’d take the piss (pull a leg). Plus it’s a fun exercise to visualize certain concepts.

        The idea that the UFOS are terraforming us with the vaccines, now…that’s a 1000% certainty. Yup. Tis.

        My bad!
        I tried it out texting my hyperliberal best friend after he bragged the whole family was “fully protected”, and he shut right up! No doubt he’s still muttering “cult, cult, cult”, whee!

  5. The weaponization of patriotism has a parallel in the weaponization of Christianity. It has made agnostics on both God and country like me hate both. An excellent and very thoughtful, Z.

    Your point at the end is your strongest. The challenge is to show love of your own is not hatred of the other. This has been very effective globalist propaganda.

    Also good is your point about tying Israel to patriotism. Again, there is a parallel in tying Christianity to Jew worship. It is bizarre to see the historical enemy of the West and its religion effectively used in such a way. While we disagree on Kevin McDonald’s evolutionarytheory, there is no doubt there is a widespread Jewish tendency to undermine the West with importation of foreigners. Ultimately this is suicide and will be the end of them and Israel because these foreigners hate them as well.

    Our people need a place to go in post-America. As “Biden” engages in outright genocide by withholding lifesaving medicine from hostile states, the day of the implosion of the United States draws near.

    • The evangelicals don’t realize that not everyone holds Israel in a special regard, so the idea of Juice killing Juice is something they can’t square. We see the same mindset when they try to appeal to African better natures with ‘blacks killing blacks’.

      A black man doesn’t impress a black man, to him he’s just another nigga. Same with hebes, same with us.

      • ps- in the USSR, the small hats would gleefully set up each other for certain prosecution, torture, and death. Like a mad competition. That insanely reckless courage enabled them to do things like open trading posts in Indian country or darkest Africa, or mafias and spy craft amidst their strongest enemies. Not a people to underestimate.

  6. Zman Ramzpaul said there was a key difference between Nationalism and Patriotism. After 9/11 rather than be nationalistic and support our own people, it whipped up Patriotism which just feeded and funded the state to pass horrible bills like The Patriot Act, and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Patriotism was used by evil people like Dick Cheney and dumb and evil people like George Bush. Nationalism would have worked so much better than Patriotism.

  7. Pathological altruism. Is all altruism harmful? Of course, the majority would say “no.” But the devil’s advocate (Nietzsche) would say “yes.” I’m not sure he used the exact term altruism, but he certainly inveighed greatly against pity, suffering, and slave morality.” Other writers (English philosophers?) would argue that what at first seems “altruism” might be better termed collective self-interest. If you read a bit about biology and evolution, in-group preference extends fair into the animal kingdom.

    Ayn Rand condemned altruism, rightly I think. To put the interests of your enemy ahead of your own? Really? How can that be a successful survival strategy? At best, an individual sacrifice might be justified if it will help his in-group. But at worst, it will be a net loss to all.

    As alluded in this week’s podcast, even to praise a standout minority can backfire. A white in good faith praising the above-average performance of that black quarterback, a good student, or whatever, will only stoke resentment amongst blacks, because they will correctly interpret: Most black people can’t meet that standard. And sadly, they are right.

    • The other thing I think people mix up is government altruism, and personal.

      For instance CS Lewis (I know, he is overquoted…) would lament peoples charity towards abstract distant people they have never met, and their contempt for members of their own family.

      Loaning someone money with generous terms is different than agreeing that blacks need to be forced into white schools at a dinner party. One is charity, the other is nothing.

      • My dad taught me a valuable lesson I live by: When you “loan” someone money, assume it is a Gift and do NOT have expectations to get the money returned and make sure the recipient feels no demands that it MUST be returned. If he/she pays you back ,that is great. But, make no assumptions that it will be returned.

      • What Lewis missed is that strangers are mysterious (and thus can be hoped for), while family is not. I refuse to give money or aid to one of my siblings because I know it will simply be wasted, benefitting neither me nor my sibling. I could set the money on fire and it would at least have the benefit of providing, temporarily, some warmth. on the other hand, a stranger in need may be unlucky or unfortunate. I don’t know him well enough to say whether his problem is circumstantial or self-induced, but with family, I can say.

        Ultimately, the failure is in coupling charity with a practical outcome instead of practicing it for its own sake. The goodness of charity is that the practitioner gives away something of value. Whether the recipient makes something of the gift is completely irrelevant to the intrinsic value of charity. Thus, charity ought to begin (and end) at home because the most important thing is to cultivate concern for the well-being of those around you, and not to evaluate whether ones charity is put to good use.

    • Ah. Cultivating out-group ‘altruism’, status by demonstrating approved morality, to counter the natural in-group preference.

      In-group is made out to be negative, thus lower status.
      “That’s not who we are.”

  8. Is it still Friday? Ok. Good. O/T:

    The vaccinated are not the killshot.

    The vaccinated are the primary vector to spread spike proteins to kill the fat, sick, and weak. The term ‘variants’ is a disguise for vaccine injury, the collateral damage.

      • Woops woops.
        And to force all into the Freedom Pass system.

        Hey, it’s Friday. Cut me some slack here?

        • The big question would be: How much of this agenda [vector/sterilize/freedom-pass] was planned beforehand, and how much of it is the Georgia Guidestones crowd improvising on the fly as circumstances change on the ground?

          I still can’t figure out why Israel jumped head-first & whole-heartedly into the shallow* end of the v@xx pool, unless the khazarians are imposing their own mini-Georgia-Guidestones project upon the sephardim & mizrahim & ethiopians & aramaeans.

          Are Netanyahu/Bennett simply medicine-illiterate stooges handpicked to be duped just like Trump/Biden were?

          I guess I spent so many years in the medicine industrial complex that it’s difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that Normies are [or, until now, were] blissfully unaware of the overwhelming preponderance of Hemlock Society nihilists in the profession.

          I’ve talked to a number of doctors in the teaching hospitals, and there’s consistent agreement that almost all of today’s med students & interns & residents are outright psychopaths, interested in one thing and one thing only: SHOW ME DA MONEY!!!!!

          [Of course, those kids are also too stoopid to realize that if they ki11 all their patients, then the flow of money is gonna dry up and disappear.]

          *Krauthammer tried that [jumping into the shallow end, head-first], as a boy, at Harvard, and it didn’t end so well for him.

          • Not My Usual Pen Name: ” . . . there’s consistent agreement that almost all of today’s med students & interns & residents are outright psychopaths, interested in one thing and one thing only: SHOW ME DA MONEY!!!!!”

            Oh, surely not. I’m completely confident the Han and Pajeet, like the Juice before them, become doctors not for money and status, but out of pure altruism and the desire to save White lives.

          • Israel is nothing special to them, just another country, just another market.

            Baruch and Morganthau ordered the bombing of supply convoys to Belsen-Bergen just to stage the famous ‘liberation’ photographs, remember?

            These are a people that have been at war with a radical segment of their society since the Arc of the Covenant. They wrote the Bible, in part, to try to figure out how to deal with that segment that arose.

            Remember Jacob & Esau, the Golden Calf.
            The majority wanted to blend with us, that’s why they were gathering White brides.

            The radicals want to replace us, this drives their intense focus- just as the White radical segment is driven to the top.

          • My impression is that the people with an interest in medicine who actually care about people will gravitate towards scientific research with an aim towards developing cures for disease. The less caring are fine with just being mechanics who repair (ever more expensively) the damage done by age and disease. There are still doctors who care about their patients but today, the emphasis is clearly on cashing in on illness.

            It’s been obvious for a long time that the best way for doctors to prevent disease and treat people is to make sure they understand nutrition, exercise, and the value of staying fit. The fact is that most doctors were perfectly on board with the idea of lockdowns, closing schools, and closing or crippling gyms and sports programs all to (maybe and with little evidence) prevent a few cases of Coof. This shows that most doctors were either unaware of the value of healthy living, or were aware and didn’t care.

            Medicine today has something for everyone – everyone who is a nihilist. The more suicide/Gaia-worshiping/Hemlock types enjoy guiding their charges down through the poppy fields of hedonism and gently pushing them over the cliffs of oblivion when the time comes. The more psychopathic/homicidal/genocidal find their bliss in guiding the Hemlockers to cull more of some herds than others. Thus, they will create their Brave New World of masters (themselves) and slaves (a rainbow hued mass selected for stupidity and gullibility).

            As for the Normies. You’ve summed up their whole problem with institutions across the board. Most of them have this 1950s tinted view of schools, medicine, law, higher education, etc… and don’t realize how they’ve all been taken over by these sort of alien body snatchers with a totally destructive agenda.

            Many on the DR have been hard on the parents who were expressing outrage at the teaching of CRT to their kids. Didn’t they realize that this is the kind of stuff your typical young teacher fills her head with? Well no they didn’t. The masses are like that, oblivious even to mortal threats. This may be one case though where it may not have been too late to wake them up. It’s our task to tie all these things together and make more Normies aware that CRT isn’t just some wacky anomaly but tied in with a lot of the other stuff they know is going way off track but don’t understand the origins of.

  9. A fantastic podcast Z and one in which you put into words a great many things that have been mulling around in my thoughts for quite some time.
    One big takeaway from this is your segment on “patriotism” and how many people in the elite have weaponized it for their own ends and the parallel you said to develop and I think I have been unwittingly doing this for quite some time.
    Having roots that go back to the days of the Mayflower, I never display the current flag on Independence Day, I only fly the Betsy Ross Flag, even when I was in the service. A particularly obnoxious co-worker of mine asked me about this a few years ago and why I do it. My response was, “Because it was the last time this place was a nation, not a country and I’d give anything to get it back that way. This the flag of my people.” He didn’t understand (full disclosure, he’s a member of the tiny hat club) and I explained to him that, “A nation is a place where the people have a shared: race/ethnicity, language, religion, history and heritage/culture. A country is just a geographical location, name one thing we have in common other than living in the same space?” to which of course, he had no reply. His rebuttal was the usual leftist crap about how this never was a nation because there were several ethnic groups here at the beginning and so it could never be a nation, not like I described it. I just smiled and told him he sounded just like Ben Shapiro (who I know he hates!) well, he turned beet red and stormed off. I was actually tempted to respond with, “Oh, you mean like Palestine?” that probably would have gotten me into trouble, so I avoided it.
    Anyway, one of my other coworkers told me during lunch that she never though of it that way and that she too had family that fought in the revolution. I asked her why she never mentioned it and she said that it would probably be hazardous to her job. I couldn’t disagree with her, but she said she had two ancestors who fought at The Battle of Monmouth and that perhaps she should be honoring them better. I don’t know what she’ll ultimately do, but I believe a seed was planted, so let’s hope for the best.

  10. “An old and mostly true observation about revolutions is that they end up where they started with a new set of rulers doing pretty much the same things as the rulers they deposed in the revolution.”

    Um, haven’t read all the comments above, but if no one else noticed it, let me say that Roger Daltrey said pretty much the same thing fifty years ago.

  11. I do think that Branch Covidianism is the fulcrum over a hot civil war. Biden’s Regime is now withholding monoclonal antibodies from Red States, specifically Florida, Tennessee, and Texas as punishment for their defiance of his vaccine (and soon to be: mask, lockdown, and booster shot) mandates. The Feds are just hoarding them.
    DeSantis and others have made direct purchases but the “meeting engagement” is likely to be the Regency bigfooting everything and forbidding those direct purchases (which they can, they are the Feds, its what they do). The next step is withholding food, power, etc. That’s going to happen. At that point, it might as well be a fort in Charleston Harbor.
    And again, this is because American identity is already dead. Even under ideology there would be no way Jimmy Carter or LBJ would have done something like that. Not even Clinton. They would have figured out a way to bribe Red States in a way that (outside Carter, he was fairly honest) increased their bank accounts. But the Regency itself is not American, does not care about America or Americans, and sees itself through the global lens of global aristocracy.
    Paul Gottfried in “Fascism, History of an Idea” noted that after the war, nationalism inherent in Fascism was dead as could be. Well that eventually got round to Liberal Marketplace Democracy too and our Regency in spades — but begs the question, if we are just ruled by alien weirdos who hate us and want us dead: George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Ilhan Omar, AOC, what do we owe them? Since they are not American and America is dead, what comes next?

    • Great point about Soros and these foreigners who basically rule us. I just listened to Yarvis’ interview with Tucker, which was really interesting. Of course he never brought up race or even immigration, but still, his notion that:

      We don’t live in a democracy, and
      We shouldn’t live in a democracy.

      Also that. the “voters” are like the queen of England was something I never thought of, but really well put by Yarvis

  12. So glad to hear about the inversion of goodwill and patriotism.
    Inversion, a term I picked up from a Chicago lawyer who fought legal battles with commies in his city, is a rock-solid reliable term.
    To take anything good and invert it, flip it, view it through a dark mirror.

    It seems like a neural circuitry problem. I think it is.

    But how to explain hypocrisy, doublethink, contradiction?
    These people really believe they’re on the side of good, fighting against evil.

    Hypocrisy? Easy.
    If the mind can flip it once, it can flip it twice. Or as many times as needed.
    They invert the inversion. And invert it again tomorrow, or next week.

    • Last week Desantis was evil for using the voodoo medicine.
      This week, he’s hoarding it, to withhold it from disadvantaged minorities.

  13. Just finished the podcast. Main takeaway was the revelation about Bush-the-Minor using the patriotism card as a lever to con the plebs into supporting endless war. Deception on that level is evil on steroids, but it came at the price of growing skepticism & even cynicism in all things government. And what goes around, comes around. Or more properly, two can play that game. The NextGen freedom fighter will now wear the cloak of patriotism (and all the other PC traits) as a mask to enable infiltration & subterfuge. That is the beauty of not having clearly defined uniforms & lines of battle. The tyrant issuing orders for slaughter may one day fine that the pitchfork mob has been superseded by the bolt from the blue. Live & learn.

  14. I would argue that as Americanism has declined to basically, “I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express” with anyone like Ilhan Omar being “American” … or AOC or Kamala Harris or Obama for that matter; ordinary White people have looked for alternative identities and have found them.

    Sports teams: Raider Nation, the Children of the Corn, Red Sox Nation, etc. have their own identities that in some cases even supersede that of America. It would have been scandalous in the 1970s and even 1980s to call a sports teams fan a “nation.” Flags: the Gadsden Flag, “Don’t Tread On Me” might as well be a White Identity movement like Trader Joes and Renaissance Fairs. Just for Rednecks not yuppies. The Betsy Ross flag, the “Come and Take It” Texas Republic cannon flag, also fit right in. It also instinctively repels non Whites who know it means THEY are not included, and the upper class. I’ve never seen an upper class dude with a Porsche or Mercedes wearing one of those Gadsden Flag tshirts. I can’t count the number of dudes in Jeeps wearing one.
    Also, and this is the big one, the Confederate Flag. Tom Petty used it extensively, its part of his image. As late as the early 2000’s the “Buffy the Vampire” creator Joss Whedon got a cult TV Sci Fi show out of Confederate Chic which was big then, as the original Un Americans. It was a liberal, PC, Pozzed and Multicultural Confederacy and reaction to Bush being (barely) elected, but it was a secession from America, and came off as such explicitly. The original Dukes of Hazzard was aimed at Redneck America and pandered to their non pozzed identity: blacks were completely absent, as in not even in the show, like every episode of Friends years later.
    That fits into White men at various events, parties, WWE matches, football games, yelling out in unison “F — Joe Biden.” The identity he pushes as the Regency does not include them, for anything but groveling before Sacred Worshiped Blacks and that is sexual death to young men: to kneel before Zod. Of course they rebel. Its why “Alternative” stuff always finds purchase for young White men — the current system offers them nothing but a job at Starbucks.
    So I think we are already seeing an alternative identity, alternative altruism (White men only), and alternative patriotism: White America of the past not the pozzed Holiday Inn Express of the current and future.

  15. I went to see the Philadelphia Flyers in 2001 and it was the first sports game after 911, at least in Philadelphia, but I think in the nation. The game was interrupted with a Bush speech broadcast live that went on for like 45 minutes (it went on so long they ended up cancelling the rest of the game) . It is an experience I will never forget. The patriotic fervor was so great that people started booing the teams because they were lounging around and not paying any attention whatsoever to the President’s speech. It was absolutely surreal and intoxicating. It was a packed house and all the chanting and so on was just very intoxicating. If I saw video of it, I’d probably say it was straight up cringe, but when you’re there in the thick of it, it’s a whole different experience.

    • That sort of scene occurring today is unimaginable. The AW Power Structure has absolutely killed any real sense of American identity by demonizing the very people who conceived, built and sustained America. I proudly flew the flag after 9/11. If a similar incident occurred tomorrow, I would feel nothing. And I know I’m far from alone in that regard.

      • I will one up you and date myself. When Reagan was shot, I was in my college college’s student center. When the news came on, the blacks roared with approval, high-fiving each other and making dance moves. It was in that moment I realized these are not our countrymen and never will be.

    • Let me tell you the opposite version of that story. During the week of 9/11/2001 I worked in and around almost nothing but minorities and a sprinkling of Muslims. I was as outraged as most anyone you knew and had papered up my office door w/ some related items. Poems like Flanders Fields (WW1) and some other things I found online w/ striking pictures of those towers aflame.

      Everyone else that worked around me? Crickets. I still to this day am not entirely sure if this was because a) They are genetic aliens and simply were totally indifferent to anything that happened b) they secretly were pleased w/ that outcome. Sort of a massive ‘stick it to Whitey’ on steroids or c) they were afraid to speak out. I highly doubt C because they were surrounded by like minded people. So that means either total apathetic indifference or happiness.

      This was a VERY early warning sign for me we were in very deep shit. These people had NO attachment to this nation whatsoever. You’d think it was a small office fire that happened that day because it was off the radar 24 hours later. I simply didn’t comprehend that this weird little ‘preview’ I was getting working in a very strange environment would 20 years later basically be the shape & attitude of vast swaths of the entire nation. The long slow invasion & transformation is nearly complete.

      • Your comment reminds me of the experience that many whites had to the reactions of black friends to the OJ trial.


        ‘a [black] graduate of a good university, danced in glee over the acquittal of O.J. Simpson, and the man explained that he was happy because the verdict was “payback” for all the things whites had done to blacks, among which was that they had “stolen” black civilization.’

        • Black civilization. Now there’s the ultimate oxymoron.

          But I can corroborate this experience. At the time the verdict was announced, I was working in a dry cleaners, and perhaps two-thirds of the employees were black and Hispanic. When the verdict was announced a large percentage of the PoC cheered wildly, while whites shook their heads in disgust, bewilderment and dismay. Verily, your skin is your team.

          • I remember where I was too. I had a minor flip out in public I was so angry.

            BUt I went back to being a civ nat for another 15 years. Its interesting to reflect back on the moments of race realism in my life. When my brother was applying ot med school, I knew that blacks would be pushed ahead of him. That was in the early 90s

          • This is how ridiculous that notion is on its face. When a people conquers another as for example the Romans over the Greeks, whatever is taken from the vanquished doesn’t suddenly disappear among the conquered. Remnants are there. Blacks would have us believe that Europeans stole everything from them and erased every vestige of it in the lands of origin, and further the Africans were never able to re-create that bounty civilization. Got it.

        • ABC news [as I recall] had a camera crew in the lounge/cafeteria of the Howard University Skrewl of Law, as the OJ verdict was being announced, and when the judge read the “Innocent” verdict, all the little heb00nz & sheb00nz lept into the air in unison [as though they were reaching for da jump ball], and came back down to earth with hugs & kisses & high-fives all around.

          My recollection is that Ted Koppel showed the footage on his “Nightline” show, but I have never been able to find it on yewt00b, and I imagine that all copies of the footage have long since been [intentionally] destroyed, what with ABC now belonging to Disney.

          For decades, back when I used to believe that Conservatism Inc was ackshually on our side, I always wondered why “we” didn’t make 24×7 copies of the video/audio of all newsfeeds [local/state/federal/international], but apparently the leaders on “our” side of the aisle were too obtusely porcinely girthfully & mirthfully in awe of themselves to ever ponder the idea of creating a permanent cultural historical vault, ergo that idea had to be left to the parasitic foreigners to implement.

          So now the parasitic foreigners control our history, and we have to rely upon them to tell us what “ackshually” happened.

        • I was in the cafeteria of a public university when the verdict was announced. I had not followed the shitshow at all. But when I heard a crowd of blacks (a minority of that student body, we not having outstanding athletics then), I knew what it was about. 🙁

          Of course, then as now, any attempt at rational conversation with a Woke, of any race, to note that blacks have six times the homicide rate of whites, or that 85%+ of the victims are black, that black-on-nonblack violence is the norm, rather than the opposite, would get one labeled as a “racist.” 🙂

      • American patriotism has always been a white thing. How often have you non-whites exhibiting patriotism, unless it’s for the all-black US basketball team in the Olympics?

        America was a white country. It was created and populated by whites, and almost the entirety of its history was the history of whites, speaking white languages, and engaging in white cultural, legal and economic practices. Why would POC feel any attachment to that? It was alien to them. It was not their country. For non-whites, America was always little more than a shopping mall to ransack.

        The 9/11 terrorists were POC who killed a lot of rich white people who were doing white things at the time of their death. Non-whites were bound to feel indifferent, or even sympathetic toward the terrorists.

      • My mother gave me a copy of a book called the worst 100 people in America (or maybe 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America) by one of the NRO guys. A bunch of the people listed were listed because of their reaction to 911, which was to blame us and say we deserved it. Unfortunately, the poison of anti-whiteness and anti-American-ness was already well entrenched. A lot of progressives’ response to 911 was “we deserved it” or “we provoked them” Ron Paul did the same thing (I really like/liked Ron Paul. This was hard to swallow).

        That was actually when I learned where “From the Halls of Montezuma To the shores of Tripoli;” comes from. Muslims have been at war with us for many centuries. It’s just that we’ve been so far ahead of them for so long, they’re just irrelevant. It didn’t start in the 50s with the Shah.

        • If they had said “we had it coming”, I could empathise. Deserved” carries a lot of moralistic overtones to which I can’t think is appropriate. Frankly, it’s pretty damn sick minded. Lime saying someone deserves rape or molestation.

    • Allentown, PA. February, 1984. The beginning of the Iron Sheik/Sgt. Slaughter feud. Look at this crowd, white and working class. This can never be recreated, the unity over the Pledge of Allegiance and the “U.S.A” chants, nor should we aspire to revive the corpse of the former Republic, but it’s a display of the kind of unity we should strive to create around our people.


      • Allentown is a slum now. This period in the early 80s was the beginning of the end for Allentown. By the 90s it was pretty bad. I used to know some people in Easton, PA (which isn’t very far from Allentown) and that got bad too. OTOH, my father’s company used to have a yearly company picnic at Dorney Park. I used to love visiting Dorney and meeting all my father’s co-workers as a small boy.

        Our politicians should have been arrested and put in hard labor camps for the rest of their lives for what they did all these little towns and cities. Cheap Japanese steel turned actually vibrant towns and cities into “vibrant” hellholes. They knew it would happen and they didn’t care. Then they flooded these places with drugs in the last 20 years.

        • I lived in Allentown from 1975 to 1983. It’s were I got my apartment burglarized by a couple joggers. It was officially designated an “All American City” back then but was already becoming crappy and dangerous. It was a weirdly dark place – lots of nasty biker gangs and not the kind one sees in Hollywood movies either. Haven’t been back since I left. With the demise of Bethlehem Steel and Mack Trucks moving its headquarters and much of its production to save money I can only imagine how much worse it’s gotten.

          • Well, they put a pretty big casino in the spot where the Bethlehem Steel plant was. You can gamble your savings away surrounded by the decommissioned equipment, which is all there on display. Poetic…

  16. Since it’s Friday, and since this is a war of elimination, and since he made the comment yesterday, I’m going off- topic here to thank Compsci for proving what we all knew to be true:

    That I am, indeed, the Stupidest Sumbich Alive.

    Compsci said, “there must be transmission from vexx’d to vexx’d given the numbers. The strain is Delta if I’m correct.”

    Welp, I’ve been fully onboard the genocide train, End Times Apocalypse, Children of Men sort of thing. I fell for the mind-f**kery, the pervasive unease, the poisonous atmosphere. I think they want to kill off whites, even the Scots, even the Irish.

    The vaxxed build up a huge viral load without symptoms and begin shedding.
    If ADE kicks in, then, in theory their exposure to each other should have them dropping like scythed wheat.

    But they aren’t. Most don’t have a problem, or at least not one that shows up soon or dramatically.

    By my lights, near all of my family.and kinfolk are dead this winter. The Missouri hillbillies had a round through their area that have left a 50ish and two 30ish with respiratory distress, and laid up the son-in-law for a week. Of course they were all councilled to get the vexx *after* recovery.
    (The dear missus has as well.)

    No airdropped Mexicans. Possible exposure to nursing home patients, a staple industry in the area, with regular shipments from the East Coast. Where did this strain come from?

    I’d say it’s from incubation, the Delta incubated in the warm bodies of the vexxed. That’s one part solved.
    But, why aren’t they dropping, then?

    We also know now that vexx is designed to be short lived, to allow for subscription boosters. If we’re on a subscription regime, they’ve got everything, the government owns us. OK.

    The short duration is because the corona spike proteins attach to the ACE2 receptor, the largest part of which are found in the small intestine. Since it’s not confined to nose, throat, and lungs, we don’t expectorate, coughing and sneezing, we eliminate it through mostly bowel.

    What all this tells me is that we have more time than I thought. The White Holocaust isn’t in the cards- yet-as this is simply a program to keep us dependent and surveilled, to keep many sick and weak, and to keep (((Big Pharma))) wildly profitable.
    Politicians and WEF plants do need their cut.

    Enough casualties have and will occur to keep this serious and legitimize government and medical authority, but we ain’t all dead yet.

    So thanks, Compsci, for helping me figure this. I can take off my End Is Near sign.
    Now, where is my crown? As the Stupidest Sumbich Alive! Who will fall for anything.

    (I had this thought while watching Joy Reid on MSNBC, ok? And to prove the SSA, I noticed Jen Psaki’s eyes are a lovely shade of brown. Fine features…straight hair…I’m finding Psaki kind of…*hot*)

    • ADE of that sort, if it does come about, takes longer than that. The sentiment seems to be another year “in the crockpot” at least, although I’ve seen four to five years pitched as well.

      The issue, or perhaps non-issue, is that the way the vax is designed is that it’s only a one-time anti-body hit and six to eight months after the booster your body has forgotten completely (hopefully) about it. Of course that can be “mitigated” with a lengthy booster regime.

      • I’ve heard a lot of “First shot gave me a sore arm and maybe a headache, second one knocked me on my ass,” so at least in the short term the danger is probably a simple more-is-worse immune reaction to the spike protein. Boosters of the same shot, pharma clearing out their oversupply of obsolete goo, will just increase the incidence of blood clots, heart enlargement, seizures, etc.

        ADE comes later, at whatever random moment the right mutation happens. The more asymptomatic carriers, the sooner. Statistically, it’s already out there. But the “right” virus might have to emerge a hundred times before it catches on.

        Gambling is fun!

    • Azaebo, glad to be of help—even inadvertently. 😉 However, as to winning the crown so to speak, I (and I suspect others here) will fight you for it. Scamdemic idiocracy is but one subject we speak of here these days. There are a myriad of other topics brought up by Z-man and commentators posting here that have left me with the thought—“What have I been thinking all these years?” It’s down right unsettling at times. You live, you learn, you move on.

  17. My pastor made the point in last Sunday’s sermon that many sins are just good things that have become twisted into something evil. And that it is actually those types of sin that can be the most pernicious. Patriotism in a normal country is a good thing but it has been twisted into serving evil. There’s still a lot of good people who are unknowingly serving evil because of this. Even if it destroys them. Just look at the case of Ashli Babbit. She loved her country, and was killed for it. And the dumbass cop who shot her still walks free.

  18. Napoleon was a secular version of the Sun King.
    This doesn’t ring true at all to me. Napoleon had an entirely different philosophy, an entirely different personality, and an entirely different power-base than Louis XVI.

    Napoleon was a dark-triadish, pragmatic military general. Louis XVI was a buffoon who bankrupted his country by fluffing up an utterly useless and arrogant aristocracy.

    Louis XVI sort of rhymes with our current useless Washinton elite and associated noblemen in the US. Now imagine that the US, in reaction to this had a hard-totalitarian communist revolution. And somehow in the turmoil and terror of the revolution, some Machiavellian pragmatist took control of the Army. (I’m having trouble thinking of an example in US history, much less right now, which is one of the reasons we’re screwed.) Some General Sherman type. Elon Musk is a pragmatist, but he didn’t grow up as a warrior, and cares too much about appearances. After a few victories overseas, the revolution gets so genocidal and outrageous at home that the general goes back in and stops that shit by eliminating all the people who are the problem, to the adulation of the military and the people (mostly the middle class) being murdered by the old regime. *That’s Napoleon*.

    We could seriously use one eventually, but where in our culture could someone like that come from? Because without him, the nightmare doesn’t end until the last citizen is bayoneted in the last ditch by the last fanatic. (Genocide of Tours – the home army ran out of bullets killing rebels and proceeded to bayonet them and shovel them into ditches until they ran out of Vendee, the traditionalist Kulaks of northwest France.)

    • You are getting your Louis confused. The Sun King was Louis XIV. “Apres Mois, le deluge.” He reigned in the second half the 1600s to the early 1700s. His regime was characterized by: A. Constant Warfare on his borders. B. Repression of feudalism and a centralized, absolute monarchy. C. Repression and expulsion of Protestants. With his reign founded on both military success abroad and the divine right of kings at home.
      Napoleon famously crowned himself emperor, and reigned as sort of a People’s Ruler. He ruthlessly cut down the old Committee For Public Safety, not the least of which is he gave peasants communal land (that had in turn been seized from the Nobles) which gave him a devoted and formidable army and domestic force. He constantly waged war on his borders, and styled himself as a sort of “Sun Emperor” aping Caesar Augustus in style. As Louis XIV aped Charlemagne.
      I think here the comparison mostly holds.

    • No, Le Roi Soleil referred to was, as Whiskey points out, Louis XIV. Louis XVI was, indeed, an idiot running on fumes. That Louis XIV presaged and informed many of Napoleon’s policies seems a reasonable surmise.

    • Napoleon was a provincial nobody 2nd lieutenant when the French Revolution started. And his rise would have been impossible in the Ancien Regime precisely because he was a nobody.

      Similarly, Grant wasn’t much of a military man at the start of the civil war. Neither was Cromwell at the beginning of the English civil war.

      Point being, that whatever autocrat emerges from the troubles ahead will be an unknown nonentity, pushed to greatness by the troubles.

  19. The time for white patriotism and altruism is at an end. Or more precisely, white patriotism and altruism must have a new object. Whereas in the past whites, mostly justifiably, directed their patriotism toward the United States, now it must be channeled into the creation of a white homeland. Today, whites waving the Stars and Stripes is providing moral support for a state that seeks overtly to destroy white people. That way walks madness.

    As for altruism, it must now, in as much as it is possible, be reserved for fellow whites. In general, I bear no ill will toward non-black minorities, but the objective right now must be strengthening white people as a group, and that means keeping our capital among ourselves. And God knows that our tax moneys have long been charity enough for non-whites.

    The overall gist of the above is that whites must begin looking out for number one. And if that means non-whites have it a bit rougher, so be it.

    • Yup yup, ok by me OK.

      First we separate, then sort, then congregate, then build a separate parallel life. Our own “no go” zones. Nothing in writing, just de facto. There are places in my city where we mustn’t go. Why shouldn’t we have our own such places?

      • As Robert Barnes says,

        “Never in writing, always in cash”.

        And you’re spot on with regards to parallel “zones” of existence. I’m still having trouble figuring out a means of exchange, other than barter.

        If the deplorables could cut the cord from the current banking and credit card system, the yolk would be much lighter on the neck.

        • Add to that: no emails, no texts, no phone calls. As the recent guy said about the survival rules for a Chicago alderman: “Only take envelopes of cash from people you know.” 😀

    • No ill will, but off you go, blacks. You have been given every chance in to have the privilege to live among us and in what we build and you spit in our face over and over.

      OFF YOU GO!

      I think theres a Johnny Reb song for this situation…

    • The rule for this abomination that currently controls D.C.:

      Give it nothing, take anything you can from it.

      Rules for Whites vis other Whites:

      All within the race, nothing outside the race.

      I also bear no animosity toward non-Whites, but I also owe them nothing. Hasten the day we live apart, hopefully as friends. As for the AGW Whites and (((Whites))), I have as much hatred reserved for them as they do for me.

  20. Most of the “American citizens” “stranded” in Afghanistan are not Americans at all. Just certificate-holders.

    • The number of “real Americans” in Afghanistan who are not there for the Great Grift can be counted on the fingers of one foot.

    • Those poor Afghan-Americans, trapped in their native Afghanistan where their extended families live to face the predictable consequences of their last twenty years’ worth of choices. Life can be so unfair.

  21. I don’t agree with Ayn Rand about everything, but I understood the very first time I read her that she was onto something with regard to altruism. She saw the dark underbelly of altruism very clearly.

    “Guilt is altruism’s stock in trade and the inducing of guilt is its only means of self-perpetuation.”

    “If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject.”

    • Very true and even though a Rand affectionado, a teaching which I admit—embarrassingly—I ignored until recently. My recommendation for those wishing to practice such virtues is simple: Do so on a personal level to those who are White and are known to you.

      Trust me, there are many such to keep you fully occupied.

    • I dunno, V. I am sympathetic to objectivists too… but altruism has a place in white run states and communities, doesn’t it? With it we have built globe spanning empires. When we dispense with it, our cultures tend to fall. Rand did pretty good for a jewess and sexual degenerate I have to admit.

      The only race where that generalization seems to fail is with Jews. Their civic cycle seems to be one where they amass great power until their hosts see what they’re up to… and they get driven back into poverty and often driven out altogether. Altruism (or interracial altruism) are not really pushed in Judaism if I understand it correctly.

      We certainly need to be much more cognizant of our altruism, charity, chivalry and other virtues and how to apply them. I think throwing them away would be a huge mistake.

      • All you have to do is see how easily altruism was weaponized against us in order to regard it with loathing. As Zman said in the show, Whites did quite well with “charity,” “kindness” and “looking out for the less fortunate” long before political altruism became a force.

        As soon as someone starts telling you, “I have to take something away from you to benefit this other guy, whether you like it or not and if you resist me you are selfish!” you know you’re being fed a shit sandwich and that sort of collective “It’s regrettable that I have to make you (but not me) suffer on behalf of this other chap” is exactly what modern political “altruism” is about.

        Adam’s quote ” “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” is about this. Governments are an expression of the people. You can only have a society like we once had when the people can largely be left to their own sense of charity and kindness. The moment you have to start coercing it, you’re done.

        And, if you start coercing it, even if the people were being kind and charitable on their own, you inevitably destroy that kindness and charity.

      • Altruism is a slippery word. What does it mean in terms of concrete human acts? I accept the necessity for a Christian to practice charity, but Jesus spoke about individual acts of providing food, water, and clothing. He said nothing about housing or education. In other words, his commission was to give man a fish, not to teach him how to fish. But somehow this was transmogrified into the international economic development schemes that are today the essence of globohomo. If altruism is anything other than what Jesus prescribed 2000 years ago, I thoroughly reject it. I am not a libertarian, but there should be no public education, public housing, public child care or social welfare enterprises. Families should be coerced by legal sanctions into caring for their own kin. If they cannot afford to do so, perhaps a very simple UBI scheme might be justified. But if a person is too stupid or venal to use the funds “gifted” to him through either redistributive taxation or outright charity for the necessities of life, e.g. he chooses an Iphone and high-end sneakers or a flat-screen TV or custom rims for his hoopty over nutritious food and sensible clothing for his children, then let him bear the consequences of his folly even unto a squalid death.

        • I believe in Jesus’ time, there was a better balance in altruism, that is to say, charity. If I recall, there was an Old Testament precept about leaving a portion of your field ungleaned so that widows and orphans could come and harvest that portion of the field for their (charitable) sustenance.

          Note what the wisdom of the exchange was. You left a portion of your grain in the field as a charitable “donation”. They (the poor) had to sweat and toil as any other person to obtain this “gift”! There was no command that you had to harvest it, nor mill it, nor bake a damn loaf of bread from it and bring it over to the poor person.

          You don’t have to believe in God to see the wisdom of that precept and the folly in our (charity/welfare) system today.

        • Christianity means that if you see a poor beggar who needs help and, in your own personal judgement they deserve the help, then you reach into YOUR OWN POCKET and you help them.

          What you don’t do is vote for a political party who will steal hard-earned money from someone else and give it to the beggar. Liberals do this, and then strut around acting holy, like THEY helped the person.

          i.e. maybe you help someone whose house burned down through no fault of his own, but you don’t help a junkie. It’s your choice. Charity cannot be coerced by force.

          You don’t get to steal money from someone, give it to a third party, and then take credit for “helping.” That’s not Christianity.

      • Out-group altruism is most certainly NOT a Hebrew thing, as a perusal of the Old Testament will show 😀

    • Isn’t the reason that white countries used to be nice places to live is because people cared about things beyond themselves, like their community?

      A small example: I live in an area that has only recently begun to be infected by West Coast people. Until recently, people were quite courteous in traffic: Let the other driver go first, lots of nice hand waves, no tailgating. Now I notice people cutting off the other drivers and tailgating. I feel like I’m in San Fran again.

      I imagine that an Objectivist who rejects altruism would drive like the cutthroat @ssholes from LA.

      I want to redirect the altruistic feelings of whites towards those of their own people who reciprocate.

      • A language isn’t always adequate to make the distinctions one wants to make. “Altruism” to me has always seemed something that emerges as a way to guilt or coerce people into doing what you want them to do. I use it in that sense as a very distinct thing from “charity,” “generosity,” “kindness” or whatever terms you like to use for when people choose to act based on their own moral sense of what is right and good.

        I tend to use the word “altruism” as a pejorative encompassing the concepts of “political altruism” or “pathological altruism” because we have so many other words besides “altruism” to denote the good charitable impulse and I almost always find “altruism” to be used in contexts where someone is trying to grift and guilt.

        • Yes, I agree. The semantics of “altruistic” are subtle.

          For me, I want to support those who can and will reciprocate my support, which basically means traditional whites.

      • “I imagine that an Objectivist who rejects altruism would drive like the cutthroat @ssholes from LA.”

        But that guy from LA will be right up in front at the city council meeting insisting that there needs to be a big government levy to support the homeless encampment on the edge of your town, in the name of “altruism.” Oh, and let’s take into our town a whole big bunch of third-world refugees! Altruism.

        As I say in my other post, “altruism” always seems to come about in destructive forms. I distinguish it from being charitable, generous or kind.

      • I think we are missing something here. Its not just altruism that has screwed us, its that white men, in our hubris, started thinking that we could My-Fair-Lady women, blacks and then the whole world. We thought we could bend the world to us.That we could make women and blacks in our own image if only they accepted the enlightenment ideals

        The project was a secular one, many may say a Freemasonic one. The project is to build a world without the Catholic Church, build on fraternity, freedom and equality. ITs an anti-gospel. One built on “humanitarianism” and not the laws of God and his Church.

        (And by Cathlic church, I don’t mean what ever is in the Vatican and in your local parish… that ain’t catholicism)

        • It’s a toxic mix of pathological altruism, out group preference and a tabula rasa belief.

          IE “those poor sods only need the proper programming to be upstanding like me, as opposed to the bad whites that are just bad”.

  22. Please, please, don’t help us in Appalachia. We’ve been the recipient of far too much “help.” I’m inundated every day with meeting notices from the many groups of left wing grifters trying to make a buck off grant money.

    As for not sending us Afghanis, please — punish us more like that.

      • Nope. Pretty much all FDR’s depression-era programs were BS nose-under-the-tent socialism.

        You can’t prove to me it was a good program unless you prove to me we’d be worse off without it, that the electrification and development in the Tennessee Valley wouldn’t have happened anyway. I never met a government program that actually did things efficiently.

        You don’t need to convince people to generate, sell and use electricity.

        And the fact that the TVA still exists nearly 100 years later, long after its founding purpose is fulfilled just goes to show that once you establish an “emergency” government program, you can never get rid of it.

        Furthermore, there is something fundamentally offensive -about a “private” corporation that is endowed by Congress to be able to use eminent domain. It has all the powers and legal backing of government and all the privileges of a private corporation. It’s a massively overpowered despotism.

        • Separation of Corporation and State is probably more important than separation of Church and State at this point. The TVA was an early example of a blending of these things and today we have big corporations being used as “police by proxy” to enforce the various illegal mandates of various governors and town councils.

  23. As someone who gets to hear the national anthem twice a week in gym full of normies, I can tell you that patriotism is still extremely strong with upper middle class whites. Hands over the hearts, the whole nine yards.

    I wish that I could ask them what they think the USA means, what makes them so proud. My guess is that each would have a different answer and that most would feel patriotism toward something that no longer exists except in their minds.

    But in our protected little slice of the world, their fantasy is reality. Neighbors still help one another. Kids still play in the streets. Even our sprinkling of non-whites are a CivNat’s dream with Asians, Indians and a few blacks acting like whites in dark face. The America of their childhood still exists. Hell, it’s even better because now it’s “inclusive.”

    Those of us on the DR need to remember that most people don’t look much past their own neighborhood. For many middle and upper-class whites, the old America still exists. For now, the Goths remain beyond the mountains, so their bubble remains intact, and they still feel patriotism to their world.

    • Citizen: All true, but . . . that bubble needs to be burst. Stat. Comfortable or not, their dream bubble is, for most outside, a world-wide nightmare. Sorry, I’m all out of sympathy for normies, of any economic class. Black pill Friday for me.

    • I was weird the other day when one of the local guys I hire for my ranch went off on an anti-racism rant. It was prompted because a guy he’d brought in to help that day was half-black — a rarity out here.

      The half-black guy was middle-aged and lived here all his life, basically a very tan redneck. Somehow, later when the half-black guy wasn’t around, my friend/worker felt compelled to tell me about a couple incidents where this guy or his black dad had been mistreated and how the good, non-racist White guys stepped in to stop it, blah, blah, blah, content of their character not the color of their skin, etc.

      It’s was like a “very special episode” of some dumb ’80s sitcom. In fact, it probably was — he’s my age and no doubt he grew up fed that crap on TV just like I was.

      This guy has lived here all his life, never lived in a black neighborhood. Never had to deal with what happens to a neighborhood or town when it gets overrun by blacks, but since there’s one and a half blacks that he’s lived around, all he’s had to teach him in his White bubble is what TV has instructed him to believe. Almost all the bad people he’s known in his life have been White, so why would he think differently?

      And this guy is the absolute stereotype of the backwoods hick that the well-coiffed, well-spoken types in Hollywood always present as the face of White racism.

      I have to be gentle telling the guy that having two or three black guys in your whole county is a whole lot different than having them be half your neighbors.

      • And your friend, no doubt, feels really good when he heaps praise on the black man.

        I have a friend who likes to virtual signal, who told a story on facebook about going to a fast food place years ago with a black friend, and threatened to get violent with somebody who made a racist remark to the black friend. The story ended by my virtue-signaling friend describing how everyone at the fast food place stood up and applauded.

        I’ll take “shit that never happened for $500, Alex!”

      • The story I relate to normies like that is I tell the tale of blacks ruining the white, mostly Slavic, burghs to my east. I rattle them off, along with a story from each one, working my way from east to west until I arrive at my burgh where I mention that they are now moving into it having despoiled everything east. I’ll ask something like “I don’t want my town to fall, but then what should I do?” Crickets, that’s the only response I’ve ever gotten.

      • Yep, between TV/media and knowing a few non-whites who act fairly white, most whites 100% believe the fantasy.

        And why not? It makes them feel ever so good about themselves. They get a pat on the head from society. It’s wonderful.

        Unfortunately, only reality washing up on their doorstep will change their tune, and, of course, by that point, it’s too late to do anything about it.

        But I will say that I’ve heard more grumblings from whites in the past year and a half than in the previous 20 years. There are cracks in the Matrix, and people are noticing.

        One thing that I do think helps is simply being openly proud of your people. I’ll say something along the lines of “Well, I’m proud of my heritage, proud to European American.”

        I’ve begun to pop that into conversations when some of this stuff pops up. I don’t push it or go any further. I don’t say CRT is bad or deny white privilege or whatever. I just let people know that I’m not going to trash on my group nor am I going to be too happy if someone else does. Nothing else.

        It’s an interesting tactic because I’m not promoting whites or even pushing back against whatever issue that they’re talking about. I’m simply saying that I have a people. It seems to stop or slow people from saying anything against whites.

        To be honest, I don’t want to argue with people anymore. If they hate whites or feel that they have something to apologize for, I don’t care. I’m letting them know where I stand. I couldn’t care less if they agree or don’t, just as I assume that they don’t care that I disagree with them.

        I’m just letting them know what side that I’m on. It usually works to push people to move on to another topic, which is fine with me. I’m done arguing. Let’s all just find our people and move on.

        • I like your approach of taking your own side, and while you may be done arguing, I’m not. I use the term “antiwhite” as often as possible, and push back on CRT (as antiwhite) and white privilege (pointing out that jewish privilege and asian privilege are bigger problems.) every chance I get.

          Maybe the libtards are lost causes, but MAGA folks are fertile ground to plant seeds.

        • You don’t have to disagree with CRT. In fact, highlight that you agree with aspects of CRT. For example, “CRT certainly gets some things right. Being on time, a hard work ethic, and rational thought are all white attributes.” Let them squirm with that one.

    • I regret to say that the astigmatism you describe is indeed a reality. I routinely take walks in a beautiful, wealthy and overwhelmingly white neighborhood in my city. And when doing so on a traditionally patriotic day–most recently it was 9/11/21–the bloody flags fly in profusion. I dare say close to 75% of the houses brandish the Stars and Stripes.

      And, as you say, it makes a certain amount of sense. The people living in that neighborhood have it good. Dam’ good. They are far from miserable, and they fail to sense the misery that is encroaching upon them from all sides, nor do they hoist in the lessons of corporate funding of the anti-white terrorist organization BLM, a flagrantly stolen presidential election, and the abrogation of the Constitution in the name of protecting against some half-assed pandemic. These fools cannot see beyond their own neighborhood, and even if they could, their egocentrism would compel them to ignore the horrendous forces of doom that are advancing broadly and inexorably just beyond the horizon. They fly the banner for a dead nation that wishes them death.

    • As someone who gets to hear the national anthem twice a week in gym full of normies, I can tell you that patriotism is still extremely strong with upper middle class whites. Hands over the hearts, the whole nine yards.

      Maybe, just maybe it’s time to flip the script and embrace the progressive narrative wrt patriotism.

      As in, why yes, it is a white thing. America was great when it was a white country. That’s what people are nostalgically clinging to with their patriotism. And yes, we do want to make America white again.

      Just a thought.

  24. In a neighboring small town where I grew up the population is almost entirely the original stock of German immigrants who converted the deep forest into farmland and lived off the soil. If the U.S. Government ceased to exist for the first 100 years of their settlement, I doubt anyone would have noticed other than their young people not being conscripted for war.

    One of the men who grew up in that village decided it was his patriotic duty to enlist after 9/11, and came home in a body bag after getting hit by a car bomb in Iraq. As much as I respect his sentiment and make no judgment on his moral character, that young man was duped to fight for people that were not his countrymen in any real sense of the term.

    Iraq and Afghanistan were literally no risk to his village, or his historical people. They weren’t even a risk to the secondary loyalty to his nation. The Federal propaganda machine made that man die for literally nothing. If someone wants to talk about patriotism, whether one more death of this sort is worth it so you can wave the flag and feel nostalgia one last time.

    • I hear you. I was well in to my late 20s, with a fledgling career and a small family in 2001, and I seriously considered joining. I would have insisted on some form of combat infantry because you want to shoot people and not drive a truck. Probably would have stuck me in intel or some weasel crap like that.

      Point is, I was nearly scammed in to exactly that. Imagine losing a family or a limb for that lie.

      • Yeah, it’s embarrassing looking back on my attitudes at that time. I do remember having a niggling about why the hell Iraq? Wish i would have gone down that rabbit hole earlier. BTW the myth20 guys have a new and excellent podcast on 9-11. They just about got me convinced it was total false flag. I’ve always believed that they wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of a catastrophe. Guess I could never get over the psychological barrier that they would murder so many people for a propaganda boon. Truly we are dealing with sociopaths.

        • I recall Bush the Wrinkled’s Iraq war. I remember watching CSPANs coverage of the Congressional hearings designed to show how solemn and serious our overseers were about starting a war.
          The hearing featured the tearful testimony of Nayirah, a young nurses aide who told of Iraqi soldiers throwing new born babies from incubators so the machines could be taken to Iraq, Outrage abounded. as it must.
          A few weeks later it transpired that the girl was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador and the whole thong was arranges by Hill and Knowlton, a New York PR firm.
          I expected some outraged reaction. If arranging for the Ambassadors daughter of a foreign country to commit perjury before Congress for the purpose of involving the US in a war isn’t treason, what is?
          Nothing. The war went ahead as planned.

          That was point that I realized that the US wasn’t a real country, it was just one big con job.

          • I noticed at the end of last year that Hill and Knowlton had just got a contract advising the WHO on its Covid Communication Strategy.

          • Yes, I embarrassed to say I believed a lot of the ridiculous stories of Saddam Hussein’s monstrous savagery and sadism in the lead-up to the Iraq war.

            Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
            We don’t get fooled again

          • We were overseas at the time of Gulf War I and listened to the whole thing via BBC radio. My biggest regret at the time was “Well, there goes our trip to see the pyramids led annually by the Egyptian embassy here.” So my whole memory of it is rather different from other Americans who lived through it via network television.

          • “…Hill and Knowlton had just got a contract advising the WHO on its Covid Communication Strategy.”

            That right there is the fountain, the source of corporate wokeness.

            The marketing firms.

            Corporates, university, and agencies hire somebody to identify and outreach to a target pool.

            The marketer tells them who the most promising pool is, and designs a marketing to catch it.

            If it were the other way around, it would be racist profiling, now wouldn’t it?
            “We want these people, more than those.”

          • I was so moved by reports of Serbian atrocities against Bosnian Muslims in the mid-90s that I actually wrote a poem about America’s “reprehensible” inaction in the Balkans and dedicated it to–horribile dictu–Joe Biden, who was stridently pushing war against the Serbs. That poem actually won me a prize in a national poetry competition. If I could only have known…

          • I fell for those crap stories too. Even watched said girl testify to the Congressional committee and felt anger…

            And Alzaebo wants to claim the “stupid crown”—get to the back of the line, you’re a piker.

        • In 2001, the anti-white nature of America was not yet terribly apparent. At that time, I was pretty much a rightwing Griller, not to become a DR race realist until several years later. Still, I was reasonably aware and perceptive, but had not yet fully grasped what America was soon to become. That being the case, I was in a state of full-on bomb-em-to-glass war dudgeon like so many other whites. Had I been able to foresee what the country would be like in less than 20 years, my reaction would have been rather different indeed.

      • Imagine losing a family or a limb for that lie.

        If you get into serious genealogy, and research the origins of your family, then you’re very likely to discover that you are descended from men whose young adulthoods were “staggered” just out of synch from the cycle of war.

        As an example:

        French & Indian Wars, 1754 – 1763: soldiers were born circa 1734 – 1743

        Revolutionary War, 1774-1781: soldiers were born circa 1754-1761

        War of 1812: soldiers were born circa 1792

        And it’s very likely that you’re descended from men who were born out-of-synch with that pattern, such as, say:

        1) a father, born circa 1750

        2) a son, born circa 1775

        3) a grandson, born circa 1800,

        where all three generations were simply the wrong age to have served as cannon fodder in any of the ongoing wars.

        I.e. your very existence is likely to have been self-selected due to pure random good luck of asynchronicity.

          • Mine was infantry in the Korean War and was lucky enough to come back intact and sire 3 more kids. His dad was too young for WW1 and too old for WW11. He was of 100% German descent so being an “in between” baby was truly a blessing.

            That word “infantry” is kind of interesting, isn’t it?

          • My grandfather fought in the pacific theater and got a silver star. A lot of his war buddies signed up for the reserve. One weekend a month camping and extra money. Why not? Grandpa was like hell no! A lot of them found themselves in Korea. They didn’t even get a generational reprieve.

          • A lot of his war buddies signed up for the reserve… Grandpa was like hell no… A lot of them found themselves in Korea.

            It would be fascinating to learn how many Korean War deaths were of men who had also served in WWII [it’s entirely possible that someone has already compiled that statistic].

            The bottom line is that no one beats the odds forever.

            Eventually Bad Luck catches up to all of us.

            I just learned that one of my brother’s high skrewl buddies died in a traffic collision.

            Dude was a phenomenal athlete; played lacrosse and was all-conference in football.

            But high-Testosterone redneck boys in 300HP pickup trucks is an whole helluva lotta bad luck just waiting to transpire… eventually.

        • Not My Usual Pen Name: Excellent point. Studying genealogy gives one many different and valid perspectives on history.

        • My dad was WWll fodder for Zeros and submarines, but I fell into the “selective service window” (I didn’t have to register for the draft.)

        • Given that the US has been at war for 90% of its history, your theory would posit a current population of about three.
          Thank God for immigration Eh?

    • This is why I have no use for the inclusion of 9/11 into the religiosity grift that it has become. What good has come out of New York City? As far as I am concerned, they are not part of my country. Its not that I hate them. Its not that I don’t see that they are human beings living their lives in the pursuit of happiness. But, a manufactured event, like flying planes into two buildings in NYC, sent us into a protracted “war” for 20 years, and accomplished nothing except getting mostly White Americans killed. I take that back. It accomplished a lot. It tacked another few trillion onto the debt that the slaves that live in the Federal government’s control have to pay with more and more of their declining wealth. It is similar to WWII. Roosevelt and his masters couldn’t get the American people to go to war with the Germans. However, a war was needed to ramp up economic growth and borrow billions into existence. So, they got White Americans to agree to fight because Germany’s “ally”, Japan, attacked us. “Treacherous Japs! They sucker punched us! Let’s kill ’em all!” Didn’t matter that the US’s oil embargo was, basically, an act of war, or any of FDR’s other maneuvering and his undeclared war against Germany. That’s always been the White American’s problem. They don’t bother to understand the issue and are only shown the Kabuki theater, which is easy for us to understand.

      Back to my original point of my lack of connection to NYC and it’s surrounding environs. I want nothing to do with them. We have nothing in common, except two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs, kind of stuff. Creating a country as large as the US has become is just asking to be controlled centrally by a force that will not be good or true. Secession is the logical solution. Think local, act locally. This makes for good government that you can actually keep track of. If the founders’ original attempt at a federated republic of individual countries (States) had not been obliterated in 1861, the history of the world would be much different. Not that evil wouldn’t have found another way to flourish, it wouldn’t have done so as quickly.

      • In the immediate aftermath of 911 I felt a kinship with the people of New York City. The attack on them was an attack on my and my family.

        I no longer feel that way. If 911 happened today I might cheer. (Sorry if you are DR and live in NYC. If it makes you feel better I have family in S. Cali and still pray to St. Andreas)

        • I wonder if its becuse of TV that the US was homogenous enough to have family live more or less anywhere. All those shows could take place anywhere.

          I think now its not homogenous, but it was until recently. I thought of new york as part of “my country”

          BUt not anymore.

        • I’m at a restaurant reading your post, and the end of it made me laugh out loud!
          The people around me think I’m nuts.
          I too, would like the western shore to slide into the pacific.

  25. “Since white people are not permitted to cheer for their own side, their natural altruism has one outlet. White people are conditioned to link their happiness to the happiness of nonwhites.”

    Or just not be altruistic at all.

    • The state propaganda does not endorse the choice of not being altruistic. Pathological altruism is its stock in trade.

      If you make the jump to not being altruistic you are on your way to dissidence.

    • Feigned altruism is the cloak you wear when you want to get in close. Think of it as but one more tool in your bag of tricks. There’s a good reason why modern military troops wear camo in the field.

    • Abelard, suppose that you lived in a town with a nice community feeling and the local factory closed down leaving half of the families unemployed.

      If you still had a job, would you donate to the local food bank? Or would you say, “f*ck those guys for not being more self sufficient?”

      • That’s a good point Line, but there’s another aspect I’d point out.

        Suppose you live in a berg where the one and only prerequisite for elective office is an Hispanic surname. And that being such, a generation of Hispanic grifters and know-nothings has driven the berg into third world status. Then suppose one industry after another pulls out and moves while others never even consider moving here. Then the covid scamdemic hits like a tornado and folks on the margins are desperate—but it was precisely those who voted in the grifters. Feeling charitable still?

        The Community Food Bank here found $50k to fund a city proposition to raise minimum wage to $15 per hour, which will of course destroy a goodly percentage of the small businesses not yet bankrupted by the scamdemic and drive others to outlying cities.

        This is what I meant when I posted my rejection of “civic” duties—such as charitable giving, and voting. All we are doing is filling in the holes left by corrupt and incompetent government. Government that we did not vote in. Nothing changes without pain. Welfare—not religion—is “the opiate of the masses”.

        • Compsci: Very well said. No charitable giving or ‘civic’ duties until we have a nation. Anything else just unnecessarily lends legitimacy to and extends the lifespan of the occupation.

  26. “A visitor from another planet would assume the white people in this area of the planet worship the black people…”

    Oh shit, Z’s onto me 🙂

  27. Wonderful podcast, thank you.
    I hate that ((they)) have eradicated that warm sentiment of patriotism and I still hold out hope that my children can truly experience it someday.

    While the outrage and deep concern for Afghans who find happen to find themselves in their home country of Afghanistan is on full display, not a word is mentioned about the condition of South African farmers. Must be due to that crazy conspiracy theory about white genocide.
    There were 26 farm attacks and 9 farm murders there in August. If you are a believer, please include them in your prayers.

  28. The Bush clan has always been superb at playing bait and switch with other people’s patriotism. (They’re also good at manipulating people’s sense of charity, decency and guilt.) What’s tragic was the Bushes were simultaneously undermining the very basis of patriotism: a common people.

    Nevertheless, residual patriotism lives on in heritage Americans (Union and especially South) and those with living memory of the vestiges of America, despite the material conditions on the ground being distorted almost beyond recognition.

    AntiWar paleos, paleolibertarians and isolationists had no problem seeing through the Bush machinations – so did Greenwald, Escobar, and Financial Times, South China Post, and countless others, long before social media. It was a curious mix of left and right (who generally didn’t interact with each other much, but nevertheless came to similar conclusions). Generally it was the left who objected to all the Reagan shenanigans in Central America. But during Clinton’s mucking around with NATO/ Africa and Yugoslavia, (not to mention Waco), some of the right was becoming critical of Empire and its warping of America. Buchanan and Greenwald see the world through their respective lenses, but they come to similar conclusions about Empire undermining America.

    Conservatives were the ones dragging the right down with the love of state and reflexive defense of military. Hannity’s mission seems to be keeping the right confused (and therefore distracted and ineffective) to this day. Currently he’s running a One Man Ted Koppel revival act with “Day x of Americans left in Afghanistan”, as if it was 1979 all over. Hannity is a huge obstacle to getting the right off the couch since he’s feeding garbage to his guaranteed audience.

    • Tater Sean.

      Just like Tater Joe.

      The only question worth axing [i.e. worth learning the correct & truthful answer to] would be: WHO WRITES THEIR SCRIPTS?!?!?

      Identify the scriptwriters, and you’ve identified The True Enemy.

    • “Currently he’s running a One Man Ted Koppel revival act with “Day x of Americans left in Afghanistan”, as if it was 1979 all over. ”

      Now, that’s pathetic, and shows how clueless, deceptive and deluded Con, Inc., truly is. The thought that with the dramatically changed demographics and communization of many Whites that a Reagan redux is on the horizon is….special. People like Hannity either were useful idiots or deliberately participated in this country’s destruction. Maybe I should embrace the power of “and.”

    • As Jack has pointed out, Hannity is a useful idiot. He is one of the stupidest men on the radio, perhaps the stupidest if one weighs in his share of audience. He of course, is a civnat of the highest order. He promotes himself tirelessly and when he has a “guest”, can never allow but a few moments to pass by before interjecting himself by interrupting the guest. Hannity is all about Hannity. That he is so popular shows the vast gulf we need to bridge with the common White listener.

  29. My daughter was referring to have to make a trip to the local mega mall recently. She hadn’t been there in a while and described the run down and overall decline of this once popular shopping experience. That’s a perfect metaphor for America isn’t it. I know we have been described using the mall analogy before but the dysgenic part is in full swing and those on our side know it all too well.

    • the local mega mall… a perfect metaphor for America…

      Especially when you take about sixty or 120 seconds out of your busy day to engage in just a teeny-tiny little bit of cyber-stalking, so as to figure out which particular clan owns the real estate in question.

      Then armed with that knowledge, you’ll realize that it truly is a perfect metaphor.

      PRO-TIP: There’s a reason they loved to make movies like “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”…

        • guessing some financial connection between the producers of the movie, and the frequent scenes set in (and filmed at) a local mall.

        • To make whites look stupid. Just like we’really pushed into attacking foreign nations to make us look evil.

          • To make whites look stupid.

            Yep, something along the lines of: “We own all the money, we own all the real estate, we own all the movies, and we own all your filthy shiksa whore daughters.”

  30. Having children has changed so much. Individualism makes even less sense now than at any point in my life. We still go to Church and loath the corruption therein.
    We still attempt to be good neighbors and go about engaging them in cordial conversation and offering them time and talents if they need it. This wasn’t always the case more recently especially when we lived in the city.

    As far as the country is concerned; it’s back to the basics or least common denominator for me. Family and tribe are the most important. Then this rule is extended to friends (which are very much like my kin). I am done with the military because it openly disdains people like me and my children and I am hardly a fan of the useful idiots who will support the power of the state to crush my family. There is still reason for hope and in my view a belief in a higher power and afterlife. There is however even less reason to remain patriotic to a nation state and soil that is being taken away from you and your children by the very people and institutions you may have at one point in time worked with and believed in.

    My brother recently asked me about a friend who was running for city council; suffice it to say I told him that I will in no way support someone who’s politics are both a direct and indirect threat to my children. This man just had a child as well. Perhaps I shouldn’t go about the Vox Day directive and cut them off like cancer, but the people in my life who want these positions aren’t doing it to measurably improve the lives of the citizenry; they will openly assist those that don’t like my kids if it means gains in treasure and fame for the short term. The same is also true of many first responders and certainly those in the public schools.

    Everybody’s middle name is “Bill” but there is only so much I can tolerate from people (even those formerly in my life) who love the authority, love the pledge of allegiance and the American Flag on their left shoulder and of course the pension and the chance to move up the hierarchy. After all, they can or almost always will move, let it be some other suckers problem.

    Patriotism today, like a true devotion to your family, neighbors and career (in that order) is only reserved for those that haven’t removed the blinders or those truly rare people who have lived a far more honorable and moral life than I certainly have inspite of all the decadence and depravity from the elites and the wannabe hacks who play the lackey.

    • Your comment reminds me of something I was thinking about last night.

      There’s a township near where I live that was probably upwards of 2/3 farmland when I was a kid. It’s now 90+ % suburban. A couple of years ago, the supervisors approved a big development in the midst of the remaining, mostly Amish, farms over fierce popular resistance. One of those deals with fancy condos surrounding a strip mall. Come local election time, the supervisors got the boot, and the township is now under Democratic control.

      That’s rock-ribbed, conservative Republican leadership for you: selling you out piecemeal and absconding. They love the money.

      • I had a coworker who lives in a crowded part of the country talk about how he was able to score a house with some land around it such that he was somewhat shielded from his neighbors. Later on, I think even the same day, we were driving by a soulless condo development* in his town and he remarked that he was glad that they were finally able to “do something there”. I asked what was there before and he derisively replied “dirt”. I made no effort to keep my “it’s all so tiresome” face from being donned.

        *(It gets even better. I was staying at an apartment complex down the road and it turned out that it used to be a glorified retirement community, but it had recently been redone and the old whites who lived there were bled off so that a town-worth of SubCon H1-Bs and their families employed by local GloboHomo Corp could live there. The redeveloped land that we were looking at was the new retirement apartment/condo complex).

        • Who was the proposed beneficiary of the Kelo decision? Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

          (A middle class, blue collar community was pushed out of their affordable homes in another SCOTUS backstab.)

      • Painter. As Z-man taught, we are “monetizing social capital” and selling it. Perfect example—and another lesson I learned here from Z-man and this group.

    • Stephen Flemmi: Bittersweet words. I share your sense of loss. But, as you note, only an unnatural fool befriends or supports someone whose beliefs represent a direct and indirect threat to one’s children. I don’t care if they are blood kin or friends you’ve known since you were 2 – if the future they support means your children as a despised and persecuted minority, these people are your enemy and you need to treat them as such.

      One must let go of that reflexive patriotism and love of country, because that country is in hostile and alien hands. But love of nation, of one’s people, can and should remain and be nurtured. No, Afghanis who hold American passports are not my neighbors. Nor are the Han who’ve purchased local churches or the various Mussulman who’ve built their mosques all over Texas. Know who your people are, and discern who your neighbors are, and hold them close as a bulwark against the State that wants to crush you all into indistinguishable, abject servitude.

    • Does truly limited government let two men get “married” and adopt children or nah?

      I think the whole limited government thing is a useless sideshow.

      • btp: Agree. At this point, the standard conservative retreat to ‘limited government’ ignores what Zman states in his essay – “The character of a people is the product of many generations . . . changing a population’s lifetime of habit is impossible.”

        If one could restore limited, genuinely constitutional government today – even in a nation of almost entirely White people – it would fail. Because minimal government is not going to effect any significant change on habits that have become ingrained over generations. And, as so many here have noted, so many Americans are not what they once were. Generations of broken families, sexual promiscuity and depravity, hedonistic licentiousness, and massive cultural marxist indoctrination have left people with no moral compass or core values.

        Restoring a system of government is rather simple in comparison to restoring a people and their proper sense of self. That will take rather more government – and one with vision and purpose and authority. “Winning” will be the easy part in comparison.

  31. I might’ve found it here, but “it’s not altruism, it’s more of kind of fetishism” seems purty darn accurate.

    I remember waiting politely so as not to interrupt a bunch of black Muslims doing their noon prayer in a rest area, thinking they might notice and return said respect.

    I didn’t realize what they were doing then was a display of defiance and disrespect with their big put-on, like blocking a sidewalk or street or airport floor.

    (Other Muslims showed me how to pray circumspectly, as is proper, and proper respect for their God.)

    • The blocking of common areas is an intentional, calculated part of Islamic hijra, or jihad via immigration and colonization, against the infidel in his homeland.

      Plenty of vids out there where they do this to entire streets in Paris.

    • I first experienced this in Norther VA. GUy in a medium strip. Very creeepy.

      My hope is that after some time, we can segregate and start to have more local control. We cant live with them

    • “ I remember waiting politely so as not to interrupt a bunch of black Muslims doing their noon prayer in a rest area, thinking they might notice and return said respect.”

      I share your sympathies, but am learning to resist such urges. As Z-man taught, and you now acknowledge, you have let your (White) virtues be used against you (by the unvirtuous).

      They set the rules for engagement. Act accordingly. Our better yet, as my tired refrain goes: Leave your virtues at the door, pick them up when you leave.

    • Jesus said that hypocrites pray on the street corner, so as to be seen as pious or some shit.

      Guess those black muslims didn’t get the message that Jesus so thoughtfully supplied as a corrective, eh?

  32. Thank God, I was born in the South. Its having an entire history and nation in your back pocket. I honestly feel for the mid-west, who have to intuit a new nation out of nothing. Unless they’re Mormon.

    • The Mormons I have talked with practically radiate multicultural civic nationalism. I have no idea what is going on in their homeland areas, but if what I see in the outland (my homeland area) is any indication, they are going to have a hard time, too.

      • The same is true of most southern whites. However, what I’m referring to is the at least vague notion of belonging to some nation that isn’t America.

  33. There was a time, Z, when worshipping the state through the firemen and the sanitation crews and Loyal Order Of Buffaloes was a good thing. It was good because these were your people, and they were on your side. You went bowling with them, you grilled with them, you babysat their kids, and we were homogenous. As Louis Armstrong once noted, it was a very fancy, very special and very American way to say ‘I love you’. They still do it out of tradition – or try to. Of course it doesn’t work anymore.

    Now your fire dept. is run by affirmative action noggers, their kids rape and kill yours, and you get morally and ethically lectured by the garbage man. I am right with you on patriotism. F*** these people, they are only going to screw as much out of the country as they can before it dies, and when it does they will try and kill us and take our chit. They will enjoy some initial successes with that too.

    Who knows, once racial realities reassert themselves and enough lefties are dead… maybe there will be something left to salvage.

    Great show – hope you have a great weekend teed up.

  34. The worst part of politics is it makes everything political. I don’t want to be *that guy.* That guy is a self-propelled toothache. And yet… what else is there? But that’s how it has to be in Clown World, so I am learning to embrace my inner *sshole. I’m starting to take a sour joy in being obnoxious.

    “Hey, do you want a Coke?” No thanks, they’re anti White. “Hey, what do you think about So and So?” Dunno, haven’t heard of him, is he White? “Have you watched thus and such?” Nah, I don’t watch tv, call me when they start casting White people. Etc. I really don’t like being that way, but there it is.

    You have taught the Saxon to hate. Heckuva job, Brownie.

    • Since you bring up the Saxons. I would like to ask you and other Americans what you think of Celts? I am a Scot,a full blood Scot which means I am a Celt. The other Celtic peoples in Britain are the Welsh,Cornish,possibly the Manx people and the Irish and we were here before the Anglo Saxons.

      • I’ve honestly never met a white american in my entire life that has any bias against Celts or even honestly even can distinguish between them and any other white american. In a world where we’re having to dodge jogger bullets and have to put up with around 1/2 of the people we see in public not speaking a lick of english, all those distinctions between various flavors of white european just kind of seem quaint and old fashioned I suppose. Beggers can’t be choosers and the difference between your average, say, scandanavian american and irish american and germanic american (that’d be me) are slight to the point that in day to day life nobody cares because we have to worry about the difference between all of the above and an angolian-american or somalian-american or el salvadorian-american. Those groups, the differences are stark and impossible to ever go away. Some italian dude is close enough. Big part of why the whole “no more brother wars” thing resonates so strongly with most of the young white american men I know. The wars of the past seem so silly in comparison to the existential threat the entire brown world poses now.

        t. half german and half dutch before those ancestors made their way to Weimart back in the 1870’s.

        • Brett Stevens over at america.org regularly dumps on the Irish. And, one must admit, they have historically been mainstays of the Democratic Party.

          • “… historically been mainstays of the Democratic Party.”

            TLDR: The problem with Irish is software (culture or systematized behavior) rather than hardware (DNA). (1)

            While Irish do trend Dem, Brett Stevens overstates the genomic aspect essentially considering them non-Europeans (non-white). We had some Irish (and some Germans, some Poles, etc) in America at the beginning and they joined in the founding of our new republic just fine. It was the waves that came later that were the problem, because they came with defective culture in numbers too numerous to assimilate into the host culture without contemporaneous changing of the host (historic American) culture.

            Irish culture was degraded because they had been living under hostile foreign imperial occupation for many generations. The exigencies of war, including the imperial culture war waged upon them by the English, warp, mutate, and destroy organic culture. The exact same thing is happening to us RIGHT NOW.

            Imperialism destroys everything. It’s one reason why our founding fathers wanted ‘no foreign entanglements’. We are not going to turn the clock back to 1789. Any genomically Irish or other Celt on the North American continent who joins existing or helps in creating new European tribes or nations inside the territory of the Former United States of America is welcome. The essential thing is that their hardware can run our software, and that they choose to do so.

            (1) 1rst order explanation of genomic structure:
            (a) 3 races: Europeans with few percent Neanderthal alleles, Asians with few percent Neanderthal alleles (but not all the same ones as Europeans), Africans (no Neanderthal alleles)
            (b) each race has ethnic groups within it that correspond to the different evolutionary pressures each faced as they coevolved their genome (hardware) and culture (software) over time. variation between ethnic groups within a race can be described as differences in the ratio of alleles within them.

        • Salmon: Your excellent comment echoes what I wrote in response to a Counter Currents’ review of the movie “Bread and Chocolate,” a 1974 Italian film (that I now can’t recall precisely when or where I watched, although I know it was before 1983). Fwiw, the movie comically and exaggeratedly portrayed the cultural and physical differences between Sicilian immigrants (shown as short, dark, and mentally dull) and Swiss Nordics (tall, blond, perfectly clever and orderly).

          As most of us are aware, there are significant physical and cultural differences among Sicilians, southern Italians in general, and northern Italians. And Switzerland has its own Italian section. And not all Nordics are tall and blonde. Regardless, both Italy and Switzerland now harbor tens of thousands of foreign born and alien people – perhaps the Europeans having allied themselves earlier would have prevented much of today’s immigrant devastation.

          While in no way minimizing the differences amongst various European ethnicities, I believe there remains sufficient sameness, and has been sufficient intermingling, that those differences can be minimized and lived with without friction arising from mutual antipathy. The same general genetic roots, the same original cultural and religious history for hundreds of years.

          While there are some on the Dissident Right who choose to focus on and (I believe) exaggerate the innate European differences, most recognize that at base, we are all one people with the same ultimate goal – survival and self rule. In America, in particular, there has been significant genetic mixing that one could argue a new, pan-European has been born (or merely a mutt if one chooses an alternate view). I enjoy celebrating the blend of different European foods and people and music that have joined to create the harmony that was historic America. (Yes, I’ve been listening to Glen Campbell play guitar with Roy Clark, and listening to Alice Cooper discuss their close friendship).

          • To clarify, I am NOT proposing a “united Europe” or suggesting it is not a good and proper thing for each European nation to have its own territory. I am merely noting that, at heart, Europeans have far more in common with one another than with other races and religions.

      • scots are worse in a way, than the irish – who are the undisputed bottom of the totem pole. the irish can’t help being human roaches, that’s just how they were made. but the scots have chosen to live like animals. the cccp had higher levels of private enterprise, than the scottish have now.

        • Not true. As Mark Twain observed, Jewish businessmen could not compete in Scotland because the Scots were too canny and careful. The Scottish Enlightment was a massive achievement for such a small people, and the Scots basically created the Industrial revolution with the Steam Engine, Factories, and interchangeable parts.
          The Irish of course, saved Christianity in the West when everything else was illiterate pagans. Irish poetry, literature, and music stands above all the other smaller nations and is second only to England in literature and music.
          The degeneration you see in Scotland today is the end of manufacturing and the oil boom and the full force of the Poz from post industrial society. When even Xi has to ban “sissy men” and celebs and feminism from China, this is not any one culture’s problem but structural in post industrial America.

          • Oh man. The Scots, who designed every large scale structure in the modern world.
            Now there’s a tribe that punches way above its weight.

            And those Irish monks, remember saved the seed corn of Western Civilization, hiding and copying Western works in their remote land while Arabs burned every library they could find.

            Now, I don’t know if that qualifies Pictish Scots and Celtic Irish as fully human, but I think they’ll pass.

          • No they didn’t. The Scots did not invent the steam engine. The industrial revolution began in England. The Scots fed off of the creative talents of England. Scotland only succeeds when it’s not under their control. The Irish did not save the West-the idea that all classical manuscripts and books were eradicated other than in Oiland is the kind of simplistic idea only a journalist would propose.

        • Back when there was a difference in the political parties, the fringes Scotland and Wales always voted for the left and always for the most extreme exemplars. England had a golden opportunity to devolve the parasites when it was shedding colonies.
          English GDP per head was perhaps the highest in the world, certainly in Europe. Nye Bevan, “father of the NHS was Welsh, Tony Blair is Scottish.

          • Celts are largely parasites who whine about the “Eternal Anglo” but believe it’s a human right to live in our countries.

      • I suppose the “Celts” here are the Scots-Irish, who settled the interior south. And these people have a reputation for being emotive, rowdy, kinda poor, and irreverent. Same as in the old country.

        Most Americans know the word Celt from the basketball team, so they may have a vague association with Celts being the Irish.

      • Am I wrong in thinking that the more globalist-Tories are the Normans?

        (Sort of like much of the shitlibs are the Puritans?)

        • you can tell if a person is anglo-saxon or norman, by their last name. “miller”, “white”, “cooper” are anglo-saxon. fancier names “Arundel, Bruce, Clifford, Devereux, Glanville” are norman.

      • James Clerk Maxwell was a Scott.
        James Watt.

        A lot of engineers and scientists in England were Scottish. Always sort of wondered about that: What was it that gave them that tendency, and why doesn’t it weigh more heavily in outside perceptions of the Scotts? There are quite a few conspicuous intellectuals (if that’s the right word) in people who are despised as anti-intellectual by shitlib idiots.

        • There’s also a lot of Irish in our conservative punditry.
          To name a few. Probably because the Irish are more combative. Though they often pick fights with the wrong people.

          • My late father-in-law, a classic social register, Groton-Yale was a managing partner (trusts and estates) of a major white shoe law firm. ALL the litigators were of Irish extraction. Combatitive and articulate.

        • The Scots punched so far above their population weight class there is a book called, “How the Scots Invented the Modern World.”

          It’s a pretty good, well-researched read.

        • “A lot of engineers and scientists in England were Scottish.” Not a lot.

          Scots on average have lower IQs than English people.
          IQ of ethnic groups in ascending order: Scottish,Welsh,Irish,English.

  35. Ever since Dr. William Pierce woke me up with his American Dissident Voices shortwave broadcasts in the 1990’s, my personal view of “patriotism” changed dramatically. I began to realize that our government and mass media are occupied by deadly enemies. Now I feel more kinship with besieged white South African farmers than I do with nonwhite American citizens, or for that matter, most American citizens and institutions.
    If enough young white people reach this tipping point, perhaps we’ll get around to “Doing Whatever Is Necessary” in the words of Dr. Pierce.

  36. The US is being turned into a population dump in order to overwhelm the founding stock. At first, steadily sneaking camel noses in under the tent, decade by decade. But now, since the traumatic Hillary upset actually demonstrated that YT numbers still had potential political consequence, it’s suddenly a mad dash to get those numbers just past that magic majority minority threshold.

    • Those people came here illegally. They have to go. No more dreamers. Dream on this. I’ll start listening to a candidate when I hear one declare that if one came here illegally then you need to return to your country immediately. Convert that f’in useless Covid hospital vessel that was in NYC, and several other soon to be mothballed defense ships into people transporters and bring them home. No place like home….no place like home! There is no reason…none whatsoever…that this cannot happen.

      • Northam Foul: Oh for God’s sake, DO NOT park yourself on the ‘legal versus illegal’ fallacy pushed by Conservative, Inc. I suffered through my mandatory tour as a visa officer, and let me scream it out once again: The only difference between legal and illegal is TWO GODDAMN LETTERS. Our immigration law is a massive mess of contradictory parts and interpreted by the idiot asses in congress and applied by the idiot asses in the Foreign Service. Magic papers or no magic papers, if they’re not White Europeans, they shouldn’t be here.

        • White vs non white. Hat people included in non white. Anti white, gentile subversives included in non white.

          Pretty simple. Don’t overthink it

    • Today’s black pill.

      Down here on the border, the BP grunts (they have a radio show) have stated that last month was the worse—ever—in crossings. They estimate 10,000 *per day*, and this is in the hottest part of summer! Won’t hear that in the news. However, extrapolate these numbers for an entire year—3,065,000!

      In the news of course are the calls for more Afghans to be pulled from Afghanistan and now the numbers being resettled across the US, 40k acknowledged. News from TX (I believe) of an encampment by a freeway of up to 10k IA’s of Haitian origin (lowest IQ in the hemisphere). This again is not unexpected as I’ve seen videos of Blacks rioting in MX when—under Trump—the MX authorities did not allow their crossing into the US.

      • Compsci: We were demographically over-run years ago, but now people are getting to see the swamping up close and personal. This changes nothing that hasn’t already been set in stone via birth rates, and can only be altered via massive conflict and deportation and death. Meanwhile, hie with your family to someplace offering as much safety and community as can be found in this chaotic time.

        • Positive thought for the day, as you mention that “people are getting to see the swamping up close and personal”.

          This desire to overrun us with the dark people is relatively recent, and only began officially in 1965. In theory, if enough people see the issues and/or we get a different government, these darker people could be resettled elsewhere. We’ve done it in the past with the Indians (feather, not dot).

          To be clear, I don’t think this is likely, but it is not impossible.

          • The population under 18 is now over 50% minority—mostly of non-native born parents. Which, since 1965, or so means “non-White”.

            So the question is, How is the move for non-Whites to deport going to happen when the majority of the country, especially the younger part, is non-White? They going to deport themselves?

            No, the die is cast. Best we can hope for is a tightening of immigration as those already here pull up the ladder and reject their kin. Most likely however, is that open borders to the US becomes less of a lure as we decline into third world mediocrity and can no longer provide a free lunch to whomever can get here and fogs a mirror.

          • Reply to Compsci below:

            Hence why I agree it is unlikely.

            However, a strong-willed, highly competent minority has shown over the centuries it is capable of subjugating and resettling others.

            Again, not likely, but not impossible.

      • That was the math I got. I posted on Normie Web that the government was dumping a Cincinnati worth of third world rabble into this country a month. Yes, every month another mid-sized city worth of people who could never even aspire to be “trailer trash” in legacy America.

        The response was, well, I didn’t get any response. Like all the other unpleasantness they just ignore it in the hopes that it goes away.

      • As of today (Sep. 18) the situation is so bad that even the Biden Administration reportedly plans to fly the Haitians back home. Whether they actually DO, remains to be seen.

        • I find that odd as well. The Haitians have as good a claim to asylum as any of the current “refugees”. If the MSM were not an arm of the Leftists, you’d hear hew and cry about overt racism in this immediate deportation.

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  38. At least I’m not one of those people who comment on here before I could possibly have listened to the podcast….

    • I’m joking of course, I only listen to the pod on Saturdays…

      “most people correctly sense that loving your country and caring about other people are good things.”

      This is the most heartbreaking thing about this time. Catholics are commanded to love their country by justice, its the 4th commandment. Since the very principles of the US: civil rights, nation of ideas, paper citizenship, melting pot, are wicked, what is there to love? Sure we can say these are NOT the REAL principles of the US, but what are we left with afterwards?

      I think we may have to start admitting we are men without a country.

      • “… we are men without a country.”

        That is exactly it. This is the point I push. Our country was raped and murdered in its sleep by an unholy alliance of international marxism and globalism (international corporate crony capitalism). Their shared desire is to destroy European nations and tribes which stand between them and their separate efforts to remake the world.

        That’s why I continue to support civnat Donald Trump and his movement. Another 4 years of him trying and failing with the civic nationalism will facilitate convincing normies that their country is not fixable but dead, and that it is time to begin a national liberation struggle to get a real one. We Americans need a federation of European ethnostates, like we started out with in 1789, but without the tolerance of diversity mistakes of our ancestors.

      • Yes, we are refugees within our own borders. I sometimes think our best bet is to leave. Perhaps we should keep our options open? Plant members of your family in other countries to whom you can flee if/when the second amendment is overturned.

  39. To everything – turn, turn, turn
    There is a season – turn, turn, turn
    And a time to every purpose under heaven

    A time to be born, a time to die
    A time to plant, a time to reap
    A time to kill, a time to heal
    A time to laugh, a time to weep

    A time to build up, a time to break down
    A time to dance, a time to mourn
    A time to cast away stones
    A time to gather stones together

    A time of love, a time of hate
    A time of war, a time of peace
    A time you may embrace
    A time to refrain from embracing

    A time to gain, a time to lose
    A time to rend, a time to sew
    A time for love, a time for hate
    A time for peace, I swear it’s not too late!

      • Actually, the Bible predates the song.

        Maybe you like this one better. The other JC.

        I fell into a burning ring of fire.
        And I went down down and the flames went higher
        And it burns burns burns
        That ring of fire.

        We are merely smoldering now.

        • From the Book of Ecclesiastes (“The Preacher”), perhaps the most pessimist book of the entire Bible. Yet perhaps the most often quoted for its words of worldly wisdom (as opposed to “Gospel” preaching in a sermon.)

          Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

          It’s always been my favorite, even back to when I read or at least skimmed all 66 “books” back in my youth.

        • The Man in Black’s version is the classic of course. But my favorite is the 1990s take by punk band Social Distortion.

          • Social D was cool until they went full TDS.

            Yeah guys, you’re a total bunch of rebels in tune with your audience.

            I think they are a bunch of pro-jabbers as well.

            I know G n’ R also went TDS, not sure about their jab stance.

  40. An old and mostly true observation about revolutions is that they end up where they started

    Yes. That’s why they’re called revolutions.

    • While technically true, the original sense of the word was that the revolt was restoring conditions to some prior state. The revolt against the king was not about the king, but the system that evolved to produce him. Instead, it usually ends up with a new king and the same old system.

      Like all “rules of thumb” this one is only partially correct in the very general sense. France after Napoleon was not the France before the revolution. Germany after the Nazis was not Weimar or the empire.

      • To be honest, I’m not even sure it’s technically true, I just thought it was funny.

        I suspect it really means something like “turn upside down,” so geometrically speaking, you’d have two revolutions per full circle. That fits with both Napoleon and the Nazis: it took two revolutions to bring France from Louis to Napoleon and likewise from Wilhelm to Adolf.

      • Napoleon was the new king but the heads of Louis and the rest of the nobility did not get re-attached. Some consequences of revolution are both immediate and permanent.

      • There is a sense in which the problem with a bad king is, well, the bad king. It doesn’t mean there is a problem with the system of monarchy. You solve the problem by selecting a replacement from the same pool of eligible candidates.

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