The Old Circus

One of the things you can count on, one of the universal constants of American politics, is the Republicans will always find a way to save the Democrats from whatever mess they have created for themselves. It is the reason the Republican party exists. They are the guys at the back of the circus parade with shovels. They scoop up what gets plopped onto the streets by the Left. The main job of the GOP is making sure the suckers in the suburbs never lose faith in the system.

We have an example of how this works with the Build Back Better scheme the Democrats have been working on for six months. They don’t have the votes to pass it on their own under the normal procedures and many of their own members are worried that it will make them unemployed. Not everyone in plutocracy is onboard with the Great Break the radicals have planned. Therefore some Democratic pols have been instructed by their owners to oppose it.

The squabbling between the far-left crazies, close to half the House Democratic caucus at this point, and the slightly-less-crazy members has resulted in a deadlock. The Inner Party cannot find a way to get agreement on passing the Build Back Better bill or agreement on kicking it down the road. Worse yet, they have to raise the debt limit to avoid a government shutdown. They either need the Republicans to help them raise the debt ceiling or they need a deal with the crazies.

Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, here comes the Republican Party to the rescue, offering to help them raise the debt ceiling. You see, it is against conservative principles to let the government shutdown, so the Republicans will graciously give the other side all the time they need to hammer out their great restructuring of American society. They are waving this around as a victory, claiming they owned the libs or some such nonsense.

Now, none of this matters all that much as the Republican Party is just an ornament to decorate the system. They have no power and no desire to exercise power even if permitted to wield it. That should have been made clear during the Bush years when they had control of both houses and the White House for six years. Instead of doing anything they promised for generations, they did the exact opposite. It was the least “conservative” period since the Johnson administration.

Of course, the Obama years and the Trump years should have made clear to even the dumbest white person on the municipal golf course that voting for the Republicans is a statement against interest. The party got the majority in the House after 2010 and remained rolled up in a ball until Obama left town. When Trump arrived, they sprang into action to block his every move. Then they threw the 2018 House elections to make sure the Trump administration got nothing done.

That is the good news about the current circus in Washington. No one seems to care all that much other than the crazies on the Left. Trump is holding rallies and people are attending, but he is not talking about the circus in DC. The mouth-breathers in Conservative Inc. have tried to get people interested in this issue, but the rest homes have been quiet. It looks like Covid has wiped out most of their supporters, those unwilling to wake up to the reality of the racket.

Even regime media is struggling to pretend this is interesting. They can’t figure out how to attack the freaky left-wing Senator from Arizona, who is one of the senators holding up the works. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) ticks many identity boxes, so they have to tread lightly with her. Joe Manchin is just a Republican playing Democrat, so they can’t do anything with him either. The fact is, the regime media is overrun with kooks now, so they are not very good at selling the party message.

Prior stand-offs over the debt ceiling and the budget have been big news, but this one has no interest, suggesting that there has been a change in sentiment. One possible reason for that is many normal people are now fully aware that they had been throwing their vote away on Republicans. They may hate Biden and chant his name at public events, but they are no longer Republican by default. They will support Trump as a symbol of their team, but that is as far as it goes.

That could be good news. On the other hand, the lack of media hype about this fight in Washington could be a sign the system is fully aware. That is, they now realize they can operate in spite of public opinion. People who gladly went along with bizarre mandates like mask wearing and accepted the 2020 election are not going to be fertilizing the tree of liberty anytime soon. If you have an unlimited supply of imaginary voters and no one cares, then why pretend public opinion matters?

Both things can be true at the same time, so that may be what we are seeing with this edition of the political drama. The old Red Team – Blue Team politics of the last thirty years has finally run out of road. What replaces it remains to be seen, but watching octogenarians play a pointless game of legislative chess is no longer what engages the general public. The supporters of Red Team may have finally wised up and the supporters of Blue Team just want their stuff.

Either way, it is a probably good sign. The best thing that could happen for normal Americans is that the Republican Party dissolved. Once the fight is purely “us and them” with the latter part being the people running the system, regardless of label, then a genuine politics is possible. As long as normal people have the escape hatch of compromise, they will always take it. If the disinterest in this is the prelude to disillusionment, then things can get interesting again.

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228 thoughts on “The Old Circus

  1. The debate seems to boil down to two opinions on where white normals should go from here. Either build political power from the ground up, or “fertilize the tree of liberty.”
    Personally, I don’t think either will happen as long as everyday life maintains a bit of comfort level for whites. Nobody really wants to rock the boat if it means losing their material possessions.
    On the other hand, if some calamity like economic collapse or a cyberwar with China brings down our power grid, then I believe there will be a possibility that the average (albeit hungry) white man will finally rise up and do what should have been done long ago. Strange as it may sound, utter widespread disaster seems to be our only “hope!”

    • You have to do both, fertilize the tree and build power.

      Problem is that Gen X and Y have little experience with or interest in power and in fact recoil from it

      There are exceptions, DeSantis is quite good but there are not enough.

  2. The Z man is a magnet for those trying to see in the land of the blind. Day after day, righteous content, followed by comment perspectives unsurpassed and kickin ass. Rock on brother, the one and only Wordking.

  3. Does the Z man know where “Build Back Better” comes from; the mantra that all global leaders repeat endlessly?
    His last podcast on the American Constitution was the best I’d heard him give. It was a superb reasoned delivery on why we have no option but to dispense with our current leaders.
    But, the subjects that Z man constantly opines on- immigration, feminism, ziri science, China, community, traditions etc are all the peripheral things that chip away at the foundations of our society. These have been deliberately pushed by the globalists of the Rockefeller Foundation and subsequently the WEF (plus all the other associated fascist groups) The Z man seems to fiddle around the edges whilst the bloody obvious drives its tank through the middle.
    Of course the Republicans won’t make waves. They’ve been bought like every other politician in the world. No politician condemns Covid vaccination despite it killing tens of thousands. Z man even said he might take it if it means he can travel ffs. No, you’ll be forced to have the vaccination and still won’t be able to travel.
    This is the new normal,
    This is Technocracy,
    This is the age of “sustainability”
    This is the time for global depopulation.
    This is the time when you’ll own nothing and be happy.

    All the things you identify in your articles are true, but you never see the central driving theme. There’s a world supranational government above the nation state, and its time is coming NOW!

    • Agreed. Once the Zman finally admits that this whole scheme is a work beyond the natural, then everything will fall into place. You can’t make sense of the world and its players unless you have a religious lens.

  4. If you think about it, its impossible to lose money, in the long-term, with Pro Sports. Almost all their cost is labor. And people would play Pro Football or Basketball for 1/10 they’re getting now. If 99% of the USA doesn’t watch, that’s still 3 million who do watch. Plus the cable fees. And people who pay at the Gate.

    BTW, the NFL has a long term contract. Their $$ is locked in. If the ratings go down its the TV networks/ESPN who take the hit. Thinking the NFL or any Pro Sport is going to change due to people not watching is not going to happen. You just need to cut the cord and give it up.

    • True story. The good news: if pro sports tank, the social engineers and money men will be on to the next thing, so they’ll be watchable again!

      One can hope the same thing would happen to Hollywood, but that’s probably a bit too optimistic. Who knows though? Mass anything seems to be on the way out to me.

  5. Speaking of circus, well, monster movies really

    I keep expecting that Facebook whistleblower lady’s face to open up exposing her as an alien Predator

    • Reminds me of Blasey Ford. Same baby type voice and looks like a man with a wig on. Whistleblower my ass.

      • Peabody: If she was a genuine whistleblower, she’d never see the light of day, let alone get the press she has. She is criticizing Faceborg from the left and for allowing and promoting ‘hate.’ She’s bought and paid for.

        • Its possible she is to the left of FB, and being used by leftists. She may also be a FB plant. To encourage the creation of internet regulations. FB et all will then get their people in place, theirs to lobby, and theirs elected. Its the rail road commission all over. None being our people.

          • Exactly. Globohomo Inc. loves itself a good regulatory state. The multi-national conglomerates can afford compliance while the little guy can’t get would-be competition off the ground. Big Tech will make sure that the lucre flows easily into the coffers of the Imperial Capital, ensuring that the game is rigged in their favor. The marionettes on Capitol Hill will talk tough about how they brought the tech companies to heel and
            then they’ll all go out for drinks to laugh about it.

  6. Zman,

    Here’s an anecdote for you re sportsball. I used to, every Sunday, when I was living in another city than my favorite team, drive 25 minutes to certain sportsbars that had the NFL games on. I even put on my jersey.

    Fast forward 20 years, I watch almost NO professional sports. Haven’t been to a game in ages.

    They all disgust me pretty much. But I don’t want to pay the special club who hates me and players that are not like me and fairly harmful on the average. I think I’m being a bad dad though so in the next year I’ll probably bring the boys to a few games just so they can have the experience.

    Anyway, my two cents.

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  8. I was wondering about something. We bring in all these people from countries that we used to send food to, to keep them from starving to death. Once they turn this place it into that kind of place who do they expect to send them food to keep them from starving to death, or will it just be willed into existence. It’s this weird oogily boogily belief that you can fundamentally transform a nation and still have it be the same place.

    • Or if you import the third world into your country does that not – in effect – make you a third world country?

    • Nobody believes it.

      OK, some libertarians do, but they’re creepy dorks who don’t get to decide anything that happens in real life (or even on the internet).

      People actually turning your neighborhood into a cartel company town or a far-flung outpost of the desert caliphate do it because *maybe* it hurts you very slightly more than it hurts them—or at least *right before* it hurts them, so they can watch.

      This is actual existing Christian charity.

      • Gotta bring on those End Times! To save the world (and gain status), of course. Just as long as they get raptured out of there before the fun starts.

        What scum, what absolute scum. Can’t wait for them to realize it ain’t happening.

    • They don’t think of it that way. They are blank slaters who think the system makes the man. Any mouse can conquer any maze if the maze is constructed carefully. It’s morally taboo to engage in imperialism, so in-perialism is practiced instead, which allows for coalitions of grift. Social worth is measured in helping mock victims fight against mock oppressors. Allyship confers status and a modicum of protection. If the marks for this scam up and left, it might get dicey, but not before.

    • They don’t think of the consequences. All they think about is the drama. Even if the consequences are obvious, and obviously detrimental to themselves.

      I saw this firsthand in graduate school. At Flyover State, as at most colleges, the vast majority of classes are taught by grad students. So the grad students thought it would be a good idea to unionize. They couldn’t form one on their own, so the SEIU or someone like that was happy to “help.” They sent over a whole bunch of professional agitators to do their thing…

      …the university was also happy to help, which should’ve been a visible-from-space red flag, but as we all know, if they could grok the obvious they wouldn’t be Leftists. Anyway, contract time rolls around, and the union decides — collectively of course — that they won’t settle for anything less than X, Y, and Z. Most of which was retarded beyond words (seriously, they wanted a 401k or something), and all of which would — as the few sane-ish people they had pointed out — effectively put them out of business. The lucky few who remained would have a slightly better deal than before, while the vast majority would be out of work.

      Even the SEIU goons pointed this out.

      Nonetheless, they persisted. The obvious happened — most of the grad program was gutted, including all the union agitators who “negotiated” the deal. Why did they persist? Simple: It was their chance to play Hero of Labor. No, really. They had this movie playing in their tiny pea brains, in which the ghosts of Cesar Chavez and the Haymarket Square rioters awarded them all the Order of Lenin, first class, for sticking it to the Capitalists.

      I’m sure this brought them great comfort while they were unemployed, but I guarantee you they didn’t learn a damn thing from the experience. That’s the kind of people we’re dealing with here.

  9. The problem of maintaining civilization, at least from a dirt-people centric perspective, is how to get rid of the grifters. If you study history carefully, and you filter out the non-useful musings of historians who do not understand human nature, that is the main way to understand the past and the present. And to predict the future.

    I propose a contest where the most noxious people to the society are selected to receive a notable prize (say 1 Billion USD in gold). Perhaps the greatest artists, commentators, humanitarians, politicians, it does not matter. Gather them together with a grouping of all of that person’s heirs. Place the money before them on a table in view of all, and confirm it is theirs. Then kill them all.

    I admit that we could only do this probably a half dozen times before they caught on, but it still would work to cull the herd a bit. The eternal lake of fire will of course take care of the rest, but we should do our part, I think.

    • This is essentially the gambit the law enforcement uses to herd together a lot of stupid criminals with outstanding warrants. Rather than send a horde of LEOs out into the city searching for these miscreants, they run a prominent notification in the newspaper announcing that the following people have won some sort of prize (usually a lottery award) and all they have to do is go to a particular location on a certain date and time to pick up their winnings. Never fails to nab a few dozen, but then you have to wait a few years to run the scam again in the same town. The Stasi also ran a similar entrapment OP during the Michigan Governor Kidnapping Caper in which they lured a bunch of low IQ dissidents to a “meeting” across state lines in order to charge them with a federal crime. The lead Stasi agent was later arrested by Michigan police for beating his wife half to death because she wouldn’t join a swinger group with him. That is the caliber of agent we’re up against these days.

    • Lmao! Ok but can we get midevel and sadistic with it? Ballistic experimentation,
      Boiling in oil, chipper shredders fun stuff like that.

    • Aristophanes wrote, “The problem of maintaining civilization, at least from a dirt-people centric perspective, is how to get rid of the grifters.”

      (Hey, I really enjoyed your “The Clouds” and “Lysistrata!)

      You underestimate the power of race on non-whites. Grifters are a problem, but the deeper issue is tribal commitment. If you allow into your civilization non-white people who are self-sufficient and competent, they will still agitate for more people like themselves and blame you for the many failures of their people. You cannot stop this primal tribal dynamic.

      You can’t form a society of multiracial self-sufficient people because race commands within deeper loyalty to non-whites than competence. This is why libertarianism and Objectivism fail.

  10. Strangely, I feel more optimistic, those times. GOP seems to have understand how deep was the Dem fist of 2020. A ton of news voting laws in red states are in place. And at the base,the purge continues. More and more populist/nationalist/reactionnarist republicains take the seat of old free-trade/social-liberal republicains.

    But our destininy (in the entire western world) depend on the vote of Manchin about the dem voting law (aka the big legal fraud).

    If Manchin resist to the pressure, he would deserve to be the republican candidate for WV

    • unlikely. Manchin, like every long serving senator is bought and sold through black mail. They probably have horrible blackmail on him that would be released if he went against the party line. He will never get the ” courage ” that you are hoping for. It will be fatal for him/family.

      • Joe Biden has bought Joe Manchin through his wife who was appointed co-chair of the Appalachian
        Regional Commission.

        “Nice job we gave your wife, be a shame if we had to appoint someone else to the position . . .”

    • Manchin is the democrat’s McCain, Romney,

      They always need some way to block things.

      A principled person, a maverick, etc.

  11. I chalk the disinterest up to the fact that it’s an off year and the fact that the GOP’s bluff has been called and we all know how the movie ends. The real test will be in 2022.
    The debt ceiling is kind of pointless. It has never once put the brakes on spending. Never have we reached it and then government had to cut back for a few years. As long as the fed is buying, there is no limit to how much debt they can sell.

    • Last year, COVID affected all sportsball leagues and hundreds if not thousands of players were sidelined for it in some way. To the best of my knowledge though, not a single one was affected permanently or in a debilitating way. Even where teams got hammered by it (like, if I recall, the Cardinals of MLB), they all were back within a week or two. One player in particular – Freddie Freeman of the Braves – spoke about what a nasty bout of COVID he had in the offseason, but once MLB returned he played so well he won the MVP.

      Now, though, with the safe and effective vaccines and teams/leagues more or less mandating them, we are seeing many cases of young healthy players getting horrible illnesses, being forced to retire, collapsing on the field, etc. It has happened in all the sports and in many different countries. Of course nobody has talked about it and nobody will talk about it.

      As for myocarditis from the coof, nonsense. I read hundreds if not thousands of articles about the coof last year, and nobody was talking about myocarditis. It became a household term after the vax came out, not last year. Myocarditis is a known and documented side effect of the vax for young men, so when the media says a young man developed myocarditis and doesn’t mention the vax, he or she is lying.

      • Exactly.

        Trouble is, normies have the memory span of goldfish and will gulp up this junk story like fish food.

        TPTB know this.

      • Personal example of this…

        Acquaintances of ours at our kid’s school got their junior high-aged boy jabbed (dumbasses). He developed heart inflammation. Their pediatrician will not tie that to the jab, so assume this adverse effect is not reported in VAERS.

        Similar to the story I’ve recounted before, where my mother-in-law had a massive stroke 2 hours after her 1st jab, and died within a month. The doctors “assured” her family that the massive stroke had nothing to do with the jab. Again, assume this adverse effect is not reported in VAERS.

        So, whatever VAERS reports as the adverse effects of these jabs, assume they are significantly underreported.

        And also, fuck the whole lot of these quacks.

        • It wouldn’t surprise me if Dominion was running the VAERS system, since it’s as rigged as the last election. Your mother-in-law would not even count as vaccinated, since the reporting rule is that you are not officially vaccinated until 14 days after the second jab. Very convenient they exclude the period where most of the adverse reactions occur. Of course, that all assumes the doctor is willing to withstand the pressure to not report it in the first place.

          • The thing is, even what is reported in VAERS is horrifying compared to traditional vaccines.

            Imagine that it is likely a magnitude worse.

          • Lucius: The estimates of reported vs. actual are between 1-10%. Given the system rigging and doctor pressure already mentioned, plus the fact that dead people are unlikely to report their own deaths, I would lean to the lower end of the range.

  12. Z: “They are waving this around as a victory, claiming they owned the libs or some such nonsense.” –pardon, but the article seems to suggest the opposite, that the Repub’s are embarassed or at least reticent about it. Sen. Coons (D-Del.) meanwhile, is the one crowing that McConnell “blinked,” which is a bit chest-thumpy even for this cable TV eunuch epoch. Then immediately after the distinctly unladylike Mazie Hirono (D-Hawai’i) shows who wears the pants by emitting some barnyard epithet.

    The GOP is finished whether they know it or not, and probably has half-suspicions banging around in their noggins instead of acceptance, like the pugilist who took a punch to the head really hard and dies in the middle of his Cheerios the next morning. Look how they glom onto PTA hearings and CRT and try to raise money off that. It’s a reboot to the sequel to the rehash of gay marriage and then transgender bathrooms, and probably Satanic rock music and alcohol before that. Confronting the structure doesn’t gun their engine, and there is no future in your party when elevating people like showboating mannequin Nancy Mace (possibly just the 2nd or 3rd worst Republican from S. Carolina).

    I do agree that the W Admin pooch-screw nearest in overall effect to the previous Democrat President from Texas; never trust Texans.

    • BLACK MAN owns school board on CRT. Eye patch man DEMAND anti-Semitic Dems give more money to Israel. Cripple congressman Madison shoots gun!! Libturds = owned.

      The whole thing is a joke.

  13. The one and only hope for our side is to take over the Republican Party — anything else is utterly delusional. If there is one thing Trump has demonstrated it’s that this is in fact quite doable. Trump accomplished what he did despite the fact that he is a vile human being and supremely incompetent politician. If this had not been so it would have been well within his power to remake the Republican Party as the de facto White Party, crushing the Democrats in the process. We need a better Trump — it’s the only way!

    • Nonsense. The only hope you have is to back a party (or create one) that is going to fight fire with fire and work outside the system. That means doxxing Lefty and personally attacking their leaders the same way they do with us, removing their finger puppets from the establishment by punitive means, and probably killing the odd one as a warning to the rest. Say what ya want, at least Trump tried to clean up the repubs and the swamp – and look what he got for his troubles. You will not be voting your way out of what is coming.

      • You are a fool. There is no other party to back, and if we try to create our own we will fail. American history is littered with failed third parties. Worse, it will be the pathetic failure of a dozen guys with signs by the side of the road facing 200 counter-protesters. White Americans do not like the anti-white hostility of the Left, and that was a big part of what got Trump elected, but there is absolutely zero support for an openly white nationalist party. Hijacking the Republican Party is the only way. Trump has halfway done this already, so it can definitely be done. We just need someone who isn’t an idiot.

        And are you seriously suggesting that violence might be useful? Good Lord, you might as well be reading from an SPLC script. Fool!!!

        • Its possible it may not be as clever as you feel you’re entitled to, but you’re falling back on the ol’ “You might as well be one of THEM” with your reference to the SPLC is absolutely pathetic. You’re stuck in a time capsule of your own making, but have fun “owning” the libs by pointing out “muh hypocrisies.”

      • Bingo! The party is beyond repair. I remember how the CA GOP essentially gave the state to the Dems via a host of stupid decisions and running some of the most unlikable candidates possible. After that it became irrelevant.

        In Orange County which was a GOP strong hold, they let the Dems use every dirty voting trick in the book to flip it without a fight in 2018. In 2020 the Red states let the Dems rewire the voting system to benefit Joe. Not one GOPer said anything.

    • We need a better Trump — it’s the only way!

      Dangerous strategy, waiting for the savior.

      The PTA-Karens know the way. The Feds don’t go overboard with it because muh trannydom, they freak out because PTA-meetings are chinks in the armor. Buying Congress is easy-peasy but they can’t fly all the school board members in America to Epstein Island. School board work is boring as fuck and only a Karen or a political firebrand would put in any real effort to get elected.

      Be that firebrand, don’t be a vooter.

      • You don’t just passively wait for a savior, you actively work to make it happen. In any event, it’s the only strategy that has any chance of actually working. In the end we will need people in official positions of power, and working within the system is the only way to make that happen. We have nowhere enough support for anything else.

        • I agree, largely, but you’re going at it ass backwards if you focus on presidential elections. You have to assault the political structure from the ground up – that’s what the Commies did and we need to do the same.

          • From the ground up is what I meant. But it has to be done in a way that will be acceptable to the majority of white Americans, because you can’t win without majority support.

            The blatant anti-white hostility of the Left gives us an opening, since most normies don’t need to be convinced that racial discrimination is bad, they already agree. What you need to do is focus on the fact that anti-white hatred is the only kind of hatred that our current elites endorse, and normalize the idea that anti-white hatred is just as bad as any other kind. This is a flag that most Americans (and not just white Americans!) can rally around.

            OTOH, if you talk about ethnostates you are going nowhere. And if you express hatred for non-whites you are poisoning the whole enterprise. (There is a delicate balance to be struck here though. E.g., it’s both possible and useful to talk about black crime rates, but you have to be really, really careful about the language you use. This may not seem fair, given the sort of language the other side uses, but since when has the world ever been fair).

          • That’s exactly where I am at. Electing more McConnell’s or Lindsay Grahams is worse than losing. But your local officials, from sheriff to governor, can make a difference.

          • The problem they had 50 years to do it with backing of some very wealthy people and foundations.

            We don’t have the time, organization or money.

            We go to the dance with the partner we have now not with the one we would like to have.

        • JEB: I think you’re for real. I think you are really serious and not trolling. You’re not even worth mocking.

          And always with the “we”

          German power metal is even more apt after reading your comment a second time around. Hollow souls indeed.

          • Why would you not think I was real? Because I’m not a dittohead? I share the general goals of everyone here (hence “we”), but I don’t have a very high opinion of how you are going about it. I at least am pushing a strategy that seems like it might be potentially workable. Because it sort of halfway worked already! Which, you know, is kind of a big deal!!!

            So what’s your grand strategy? Sitting in your mother’s basement listening to German power metal? I don’t think that will work. And if it happens the basement is actually in your own fancy McMansion, well it still isn’t going to work! So what do you propose? What plan do you offer that has even the slightest chance of getting you where you want to go? I’m pretty sure you’ve got nothing (OK, besides German power metal), but I’m listening.

          • Actually, JEB!, you are in fact a “dittohead” of the Limbaugh variety with your proposal, which is antiquated and cute. Keep voting and thinking you’re gonna “take over” the Republican party. Megadittos, JEB!

    • We’re in a post-political environment. Attempting to work within the existing system is a fool’s errand, and truth be told, has been one for decades. The only solution is to withdraw consent–which means, among other things, cease voting–form communities of the likeminded and create organizations within those communities. And then, after a gestation period, we create an ethnostate from the rubble of AINO.

      • Attempting to work within the existing system is a fool’s errand

        Then why are they going so hard after the PTA-moms?

        • Felix: You’re smarter than this. Because they want to discourage Jane Normal, keep Joe on the reservation. If you get the womyn riled up, their husbands will get nagged into action. That’s counter productive. The womyn are supposed to willingly bring their children to be sacrificed, and they will, as long as they’re kept pacified or distracted.

          • You’re smarter than this.

            Apparently not, because I actually believe that’s the way to make a difference, not passing out flyers for some millionaire, globo-party skin puppet.

            People are alarmingly ready to fight a civil war but they’re not ready to put in ten hours a week trying to get the Commies out of the public school system.

            The smaller the constituency of a democratic institution is, the harder it is to subvert. And likewise, the lower the level of the political hierarchy, the greater the number of offices. There must be at least half a million school board positions and globohomo can’t fix that many local elections without people noticing.

    • I’m with Kodos: it’s a two party system.
      There is no reason the Republican Party can’t be worn as a skin-suit. Trump has done it for over 4 years.
      The Communists have been walking around in the Dem’s suit for years.

  14. Hopefully, this disillusionment phase will manifest itself fairly quickly, followed up by the booing and hissing phase, finally culminating the the projectile (of one’s own choosing) phase, where the miscreants/criminals are removed from the stage.

  15. “They are the guys at the back of the circus parade with shovels. They scoop up what gets plopped onto the streets by the Left……”

    Oh dear gawd. I dunno who’s worse – you or Cornigulus Rye or Chateau Heartiste. When a lecture starts like that – you know you are in for a great ride. I hope I end up in the same labour camp as you guys when The Great Reset happens! I often despair that we are going to hang separately… but then I see stuff like this and dare to feel a sense of hope again!

    • that line reminded me of disneyland, where they did have guys whose job was to follow around after horses and clean up the road apples. i think they don’t have the horses any longer though…

  16. Yeah, I fear this transition could go on longer than most of us can stay alive. Be honest: How many of your Griller friends are giving up the GOP?

    The common refrain from my Griller buddies: “just wait until the Midterms!”; “How can they support this senile guy?”; “They’re completely incompetent and eventually the Elite will put someone sane in charge!”

    Honestly, these guys will grill until the barbecue sauce is Pangolin blood and the Kingsford charcoal explodes. Yes, a few have wised up. But as I said the other day, the power of GOP branding and Civnat inertia cannot be underestimated. Like the Whigs of old, it will take a full-blown crisis to destroy the GOP. We may get it, but I’m starting to doubt I will live to see it and I’m around Zman’s age.

    • I don’t see abandonment, but I do see lethargy. They don’t care.

      What I find interesting is that both liberals and conservatives that I know seem very reluctant, almost defensive, when I bring up the fact that it’s over for the GOP as a national presidential party and in my state of Virginia because of demographics.

      I get the griller conservative who wants to believe that it’s all about idea and that Hispanics are natural conservatives and Asians should be conservatives, but it’s the white liberals that I find most interesting.

      You’d think that they’d be happy about my analysis, but they don’t believe it. The really crazy ones think that conservatives will “steal” the election from voter fraud or suppressing the vote. But the more old school liberals simply can’t imagine that the system that they’ve known their whole lives is over.

      It’s going to take a generation for everyone to realize that things have changed.

      • Maybe. I think the balloon will go up when white people start going hungry and dying in their homes and on the their own streets while the establisment bends over backward to care for their ethnic replacements.

        The can is nearing the end of the road as we speak.

      • It’s somewhere between lethargy and what Captain Willard described. Indifference can be ad infinitum unless economic misery let alone the legitimate threat of physical violence exists. This very well may not happen in our lifetimes, and it could happen next week. I have started to lean toward sooner due to the Left’s reckless impulsiveness.

        So the grilling with Pangolin blood BBQ sauce (that was inspired, man!) will continue until there is nothing to throw on the grill or, even worse, grilling itself is outlawed and backyards closely monitored for the presence of smoke. If they are going after parents who attend school board members to voice discontent, they will go after grillers, particularly those who use meat.

      • Yes, the cognitive dissonance of the old “liberal” Left is astounding. My classmates who are now old professors are shocked that their students are such strident, hostile, Philistine a-holes, but they cannot make the connection somehow……how can it be that nobody wants to take their class on Plato or Henry James lol!?

    • “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent,” is true.

      The trick is accepting the irrationality and learning how to jiu-jitsu that to your advantage.

    • Twitter might end up being crucial in that regard, and I’m not joking. Back when they actually studied human beings and how they do, anthropologists coined the term “liminality” to describe what happens when people get promoted into elevated social roles. You might bowl with Bob on weeknights, but on weekends he’s Rev. Smith. He puts on the special clothes, and much more importantly, he went through the elaborate ordination rituals, such that it’s now ok to confess to this person — Rev. Smith — things you’d never tell Bob. You’re both in a liminal space — the confessional — where he’s “the pastor” and you are “the communicant;” when you step out of the booth, you cross the liminal threshold again, such that you can have a brew or two on league night with Bob.

      Something similar was supposed to happen with politicians in a republican government. Even though you know Bob is just a guy from your Congressional district, he goes through the rituals of ordination, such that even if he doesn’t do what’s good for you, personally, you can assure yourself that Bob is doing it for the greater good. Congress, too, is supposed to be liminal space, as is the state capitol and city hall and etc.

      The big flaw in this system, of course, is that we really have no way of checking up on Bob in any of his liminal roles — we don’t really know what Rev. Smith does with our confessions, any more than we know what Rep. Smith gets up to in Washington. We’re conditioned to think well of him, because liminal rituals are as old as humanity and we still go through them….

      …but now Rep. Smith has Twitter, and through that we learn that no, he’s not some exalted being, he’s jut Bob… and as it turns out, Bob is kind of a snake. Lobbyists and Chinese spies wave all kinds of honey in his face, and as it turns out, he’s decided that all that “liminal threshold” stuff is for suckers. He’s going to get his, and if you’re stupid enough to keep voting for him, well, that just proves how much he deserves it.

      It’s so ironic, Alanis Morissette must be weeping salty tears of joy, somewhere deep in the Canadian wilds.

      • That’s a good analysis. The Jan 6 hysteria is necessary to reinforce this “holy” liminal mechanism. Of course it’s failing, but slowly.

        I hope Alanis isn’t weeping. She has a pretty smile; back when I was a youngster (and better looking) in Manhattan, she gave me a knowing smile as we passed each other in Midtown. The East Side, Alanis, America, Canada and I have all seen better days alas….

        • Alanis did have that kinda-cute girl next door thing going. Alas, my friend, you never had a chance, because she has terrible taste in men (if you choose to believe, as I do, that Dave Coulier from “Full House” was the infamous guy in the theater).

      • I stopped trusting every politician regardless of R, D, I, L behind their name the day Pence certified the election. They are full on communist now and will do everything in their power to destroy America and American citizens. I am a 56 year old Grandmother behind enemy lines just trying to figure out how to survive what’s coming.

      • I can just imagine Joan lunden getting damp when announcing Alanis’s next big supposed hit on good morning America back in the day.

    • The point is the Left is moving fast and hard. Joe(Obama) has been in office for 9 months and we are being invaded by millions of illegals, he weaponized the FBI/DOJ/DHS against and he is just getting warmed up. In 4 years most of the Red states will be like CA, and Big Brother will be nasty and invasive for us whites.

      Look at Australia, it went from a open country to NK in a matter of months. The same can happen here if Whites keep acting like Water Buffalo. Make no mistake the Lefty brains behind all of this ae watching our responses and if they see we are weak, they will ratchet down even further.

      As for the Grillers, f-ck them. They are a waste of time. These men are not fighters, or resisters, they are cultists and will die as cultists.

      Lastly, people laughed at Hitler early on but in just a short period of time he became a all powerful tyrant. Joe won’t be that tyrant but someone else will be.

  17. The end is nigh for these slime bags. Sometimes you can sense things intuitively long before you can rationally ‘know’ them. Get a water filter, canned food, gold coins and ammo, there will be bumps in the road. But their battery is running low. F ’em!!

  18. As long as the possibility of compromise exists, most will take it. As the famous Jewish philosopher says, people choose the broad and easy path, even though it leads to destruction, rather than choose the narrow, hard path that leads to life. Even an unbeliever can understand that wisdom. The “debt ceiling” has been an annual spectacle for decades now. It’s mostly theater. Even the occasional “shutdown” is mostly play-acting. Yeah, the museums were closed for a few weeks, or payments delayed. But it’s all for show, and everybody knows it. Our government, like most if not all in history, gladly will continue to borrow and spend until it can borrow no more and/or the money is no longer accepted. The similar problem applies at the individual and smaller group level: People are simply going to do what they want to do, as they’ve always done, until either of two conditions occur. (1) A better choice will present itself, in which case most rational people will modify their behavior to choose it. Or (2) force majeure: outside circumstances perforce end old behaviors and eliminate choices, forcing a revaluation upon agents.

  19. Whomever coined the phrase “vote harder!” hit the nail on the head. The most succinct two words to describe this whole era. I just imagine someone filling in the bubble for the R candidate more forcefully. Almost going through the paper. That’s the true extent to their influence on the system. Putting an extra layer of graphite on a tiny bubble.

    • And in my experience, they really do not like being confronted with the mockery of “vote harder!” Or, they just totally tune out. Save who you can, right.

  20. The idea that magical voters who come to life at election time negate the need to care about public opinion makes the most sense.

    Good Whites will not waver and are going to be the majority of Whites when boomers die off. Bad whites are being replaced and silenced so the party can continue even if no one really cares.

    There is a fully integrated system to preserve the system with all branches of government, the press, FBI, CIA, military and all those other acronyms dedicated to preventing real dissidents from interfering with the grift or making the tribe feel nervous

  21. We’re in a time of transition, but our rulers don’t seem to know where they want to go. The old guard is used to the old rules and, more importantly, the old country, i.e. the United States of the 1980s and 1990s. They wanted to bring Badwhites to their knees but keep the country that Badwhites created.

    That’s the country that they want to rule.

    But their POC mercenaries are causing a problem for them. The GOP is doing its job of being a loyal lapdog, but Badwhites are starting to notice. If Badwhites bail out of the system, the Dems are just an occupying force. That’s not how our rulers perceive themselves. They are the good guys.

    Then you have the problem of the new guard, filled with POC and seriously radical Goodwhites, the Puritans brought up on the propaganda without knowing that it’s propaganda. They want radical change.

    The old guard – run by the usual suspects – doesn’t want radical change. After all, they’re the ones actually in charge, so the current system works very well for them, thank you.

    The old guard needs the GOP to stick around as both a sign of the legitimacy of the system (and thus the rule of the old guard) and to keep the more radical new guard in check, i.e. “we can’t enact your crazy ideas because that would let the GOP win the next elections.”

    Unfortunately for us and the usual suspects, we’re moving to both a political system and a country where the GOP and its voters – normal white people – no longer have a say in how things are run. With the GOP, the old guard will have to deal directly with the new radicals. They can’t run the good cop, bad cop routine because the bad cop – the GOP – will be an empty threat.

    Can the usual suspects bribe and cajole the leaders of the new guard into doing their bidding. Well, it is what they do, so probably. But the new guard will be a much more dangerous and unpredictable animal than Badwhites/the GOP.

    • “But the new guard will be a much more dangerous and unpredictable animal than Badwhites/the GOP.” It then makes sense that the acceleration into complete totalitarianism is underway, yeah? The bribes will come, but at some point they will be worthless paper and then its killing fields time.

      The new guard will do what they always do: locked themselves in a holiness spiral as the useful idiots are liquidated. The badwhites will be incrementally marginalized or brought into submission with the last of the economic carrots.

      In both cases when TPTB run out of carrots for the proles, the only thing left is the stick. Actual scarcity pierces the veil. So bring on the beatings.

      The good cop GOP and ‘normal’ people voting harder have not have not had any meaningful say in a long time. What we have gotten is a shrinking seat at the fiat feast of debt to maintain the illusion of prosperity necessary to send our kids into debt and chasing that shrinking carrot. A carrot that always seems to just need a few more votes to grow.

      Vote harder is heads, borrow to go to college and spend harder is the tails. Both entrap normal folks into the cogdis of believing in the system. This belief seems to be extremely elastic.

      Even so, the political charade is collapsing because the make-believe economics are producing smaller carrots to corral and entice the next gens. The kids will never be GOP because the economic carrots of the american dream-state are just not a thing. The glorious free market is just wage slavery. The glorious voting booth is just a gibs lever that is increasingly subject to rationing.

      When both “sides’ start to think burning it all down might be the best plan, brute force is coming. Which is why I keep returning to the whole covid, fake election, etc. great reset thing being likely. If even it is a stumbling bumblefuk, they have to pull the rug on the whole thing or stuff starts burning. Of course both is just as likely.

      • Strangely they seem to now be pushing dissidents *off* the plantation. They used to rope in white people into the plantation with money, career, jobs, family.

        Family men who need a paycheque to support a wife, kids, and house payments are the least radical and most compliant.

        Today, many men have not procreated or married, due to strange social norms and unchecked female hypergamy. Alot of white guys no longer have a career – the smart ones are throttled in career growth and the average ones have been pushed right off the corporate ladder. And the working class jobs have been outsourced.

        That was before COVID. Now, I’m banned from clubs, restaurants, and theaters due to my vaccination status. And today I found out that I will no longer be welcome on trains and planes to travel across my own country. I find it highly likely that I’ll be out of work in 6 months.

        Not only are they no longer roping me and other into the plantation through financial obligations, they’re now actively pushing us off. Frankly a system that treats me this way doesn’t deserve apathy – it needs to be destroyed.

        Don’t know why this change. On purpose? Are they dumb? Do they think their Mexican replacements can do the job? Dunno. Either way I will soon have no choice but to not participate in the system.

        • Why the change? How to put it tactfully… The End Of The World isn’t coming and nobody planned for that possibility. Not just that, a good many are salty about it.

          • I’m assuming you were born after the fall of the Soviet Union, or at least too young to remember it 🙂

            The threat of nuclear annihilation, fascism/communism, pre-tribulation rapture… everything that justified woke and saving the world kind of went away overnight, but you still had generations of people ingrained in it. Tough adjustment, I guess.

            That there are people (maybe you’re one of them?) too young to remember all of that garbage is great cause for optimism about the future. The problem in the meantime is obsolete beliefs that won’t go away.

        • B125: Fascinating take, and illuminating. I think you are correct – the constant ratcheting of covid restrictions and rayciss scamming does seem to be leading up to something more than the usual “White man bad.” There’s no hint of carrot in the words of Australian, English, and Canadian politicians regarding the unvaxxed – you will be squeezed ever tighter until you are compliant.

          American politicians have been a bit more circumspect, but as they see just how much of the population is begging to be leashed, they, too, are now closing the choke collar. There’s no pretense on the left anymore re ‘compromise’ or ‘bipartisanship.’ It’s even been a while since I’ve seen calls for the usual phony ‘honest conversation.’

          I think the grumbling compliance with the 2020 steal, and more importantly the casual acceptance of the focused and determined search for the Jan 6 civnats and their political jailing and torturing, has the authorities feeling supremely confident. It’s not worry or concern about the DR that has them searching out heretics. They consider our numbers insignificant (and I can’t really find fault with their reasoning). It’s the slightly dodgy civnats they’re really going after – pour encourager les autres.

          As everyone else has noted, I think they are trying to bring things to a boil, to see who still tries to resist. But as the GOP has already signified, Joe Normal isn’t really going to push back. He’s had it bred or beaten out of him – by the authorities, by corporatism, by the wife he foolishly chose – and he will comply.

          The question is, are there enough in the DR who are willing to let go of trying to save Joe Normal or drag him and his harridan Jane along? Or are there enough who just no longer give a damn, come what may? Note I’m not calling for violent or open confrontation. But rather questioning just how many will retain enough determination to go gray and then go hard.

          • No masks in English schools,no vaccine passports either . Amusing the way Americans always think they’re the land of the free-even dissidents.
            England is not Australia or Canada. Or Scotland for that matter.

        • B125, I think I speak for many here in saying that we are all pulling for you. You have a faith that will help you navigate the burgeoning dystopia much better than most. Find a good wife to stand by your side and start a family. Lead that family as an alpha and shield them from the evil bubbling all around us. That alone will bring joy to your life that you can only imagine.

          You’re not going to end up in the gutter, you’re too clever for that. Keep your chin up and help the rest of us fight this battle. Just your existence outside the bubble is a defeat for the ones that hate us.

        • Thats just it. Money is the last carrrot. They can’t fake the American Dream but they can fake a lot off the economics.

          Even then the looting is so massive at this point TPTB are getting that uneasy feeling. I think they are working to expose, isolate, and starve the dissidents before we can effectively withdrawal, build our own, and starve them; to force that reckoning while there is still enough dreamsauce to keep the fence sitters paralyzed with inaction and pox hordes drunk on gibs and salivating for reparations.

          You are looking at it from the dissident lens, having already decided your price to stay and play or to bolt.

          To normie civnat right wing republican guy the insults of late are super bad but in his mind the restoration is to go back to 2019. Or if real edgy, 1986. But with all the goodies of Progress he still enjoys. Just get the triple-penetration and you can have that world again. Safe and effective. Our greatest strength.

          Joe got the jab to keep his income or to travel or to not get in trouble socially. Just like he sent his kids to pub school for dual income. Gave his daughter a smart phone. And submitted to the previous 1,000 small cuts of humiliations in order to get along and go along even though things just kept getting more hostile. We all have our price, our revealed preference of what we value.

          How far back do we go? Who knows but we are all resistant to self-indictment. Most of those guys were already dead men walking. Just as you were already dissident walking.

          We can speculate all day about whether or not TPTB expect the globohomo, open borders brown female future to carry the weight of it all but it doesn’t really matter because all “we” have left of that world is economic anyhow.

          And when most whites are content to submit, to loot their slice on the way out too, well the whole white thing is just a matter of price anyhow.

          So it comes down to what we value more. The fact that they seem to be amplifying and accelerating the trade-off machine to reckon our notion of value is probably a good thing at this point.

          We have the equivalent of millions of white NCO’s who thought they could cruise control, run out the clock in peace. They are gonna have to choose as well. Soon.

          • I think TPTB are kind of aware they screwed up with Y/T and they are seeing light on the horizon that might just be a train coming head on. They of course lack the will or self awareness to actually solve any of the problems they created but seeing them is possible

            . I think this is why the incessant screaming about the non existent White Supremacists , trying to keep Whites on the political plantation with the last thought stopper they think will work.

            Money, jobs, family all gone. Faith won’t slow them down since the milquetoast “Christianity” we promote is about as satisfying as a bowl of pap.

            This leaves only something hard core. Muscular Christianity, Ultra Nationalism or something else.

            Probably the most damaged part of the equation is Male/Female . This is effecting all races , MGTOW for example is open to all. The dangers are obvious of course but the severity is lost on your governing class.

            I mean its so bad that Taliban Chad/Wojack memes are well received ! While this probably not going to result in the US going Muslim it will have a very pronounced effect on one of the pillars of clown world, you must hate Muslims and meddle over there is going to be met with a lot of skepticism.

            The TL;DR version, The Taliban hates Uncle Sam not Americans and may have good reasons plus unlike us they get wives and families.

            If I was a clown with any brains, a near oxymoron that would scare me silly.

  22. “As long as normal people have the escape hatch of compromise, they will always take it.”

    Yep, normie is a coward.

    Also OT: anybody ever watch that documentary “The Gift”? (If you haven’t, don’t, unless you want your conscience permanently seared.) It strikes me as a good metaphor for the vaxx.

  23. Once again, incredibly insightful, accurate, and devastatingly brutal honesty about the fallacy of voting Republican, and of course, voting harder in general. We are not going to vote our way out of the mess we’re in, despite Normie’s fervent (really desperate) belief that 2022/24 will cure all that ails us.

    We are a very sick society. Half our population are now manufactured parasites, another third (at the least) consists of pampered child-men addicted to affluence and unable to pull their head out of their ass for fear of going a day without their latte. The remaining sane are biding their time in the shadows and chomping at the bit for the revolution to start so they can unleash the fury that has been building for over a decade now. The idiot tyrannists in DC now split their time between tearing down the country and praying that the Jackboots will save them when the shit hits the fan. And those Jackboots are getting fatter by the day. There will be no sprinting into the battle.

    The collapse is both the trigger and the cure. Sooner is better.

    • Yep, there is a machine shop in every other garage, the American public has literally trillions of rounds of every type of ammunition. Millions of small arms.. Vast amounts of material to create mayhem with And most importantly hundreds of thousands of people who have knowledge and experience. If ever even a few hundred were to stand up it would start something that could not be stopped. And yet tptb continue to throw lit matches into dry grass. Reckless they are.

  24. “One possible reason for that is many normal people are now fully aware that they had been throwing their vote away on Republicans. They may hate Biden and chant his name at public events, but they are no longer Republican by default. They will support Trump as a symbol of their team, but that is as far as it goes.”

    That may be coming to am end as well. I saw a video of a Trump rally (link below) where he was telling supporters to get vaccinated and they were booing him. My guess is all but the dumbest MAGAtards will have their come-to-Coulter moment and realize he’s a conman and move on, most likely sooner than later. You love to see it.

    • So now we know where the FBI glowies spend all their time trying to get dates, scrawling “BJ – Call 1-800-DEMOCRACYNOW” with their sharpies on Reddit’s bathroom stalls.

  25. I am well past the point of caring about Imperial Capitol shenanigans, but it is very telling that the GOP, which normally does nothing, springs into action at the exact moment when they should be doing nothing. CNN yesterday put up an editorial declaring Evil Mitch to be the Emmanuel Goldstein of the moment, but reading the article, it is clear that Mitch was simply telling the Democrats to find a way out of their own disaster, using avenues that they have already established (they used reconciliation to pass their COVID gibs bill earlier this year). Sticking the other party with their mess is rule one of partisan politics. Of course this is why the GOP isn’t doing it.

    It is telling, as well, that Mitch is not going to receive any credit for being a Bipartisan Statesman Who Respects Our Country’s Norms And Obligations. In fact, he is being called (in swamp parlance) a loser and a coward for doing this. However, despite this, despite the fact that this would harden and repel any free-thinking man, he will continue in this game as long as he can hold on to the power and notoriety it gives him. It’s like the One Ring.

    • Meanwhile, on the “Right”, Turtle Mitch either:

      “Had no choice, because no matter what they do, the evil press will blame Republicans anyway”


      “Clever Mitch, this will really own the Dems when the debt ceiling becomes an issue again in December”.

    • Mycale: Don’t forget his Han wife. If he loses face, she loses face and status, and so do her hapa children – and she’s not going to let that happen.

  26. Demographics are destiny. Remember that it’s not your country anymore and the electoral theater is not meant for you, but for 85 IQ racial aliens.

    The USA is hitting a demographic tipping point. The number of people in age categories who do things (aka not seniors) are full of Mexicans, Asians, Africans, Indians, and mixed race (but mostly Latinos).

    Latin America isn’t known for its democracy. In fact nowhere else in the world is – it’s an invention of the North West European. Most of the world kind of pretends to have a democracy, so they can get UN and IMF funding.

    The country is morphing into a corrupt and incompetent third world country in the political sphere, just like Mexico, Brazil, or any country with a large concentration of non whites. If the USA were getting huge caravans of Anglo Saxons we might notice democracy getting stronger. What seems “stupid” to us seems smart to a Somalian – “Ayo, gibs me dat, whitey” is a perfectly logical campaign slogan for the third worlders.

    And the fun hasn’t even started yet, wait until whites are 45% of the population and all the “moderate” Dems are dead.

    It’s time to stop worrying about a failed system from yesterday, and focus on real world action.

    • > Saxons we might notice democracy getting stronger. What seems “stupid” to us seems smart to a Somalian – “Ayo, gibs me dat, whitey” is a perfectly logical campaign slogan for the third worlders.

      Let’s be real, if blacks offered me wads of cash for no other reason than to feel good about themselves, I’d take it. If complaining more and burning down a few buildings gave me more money and political power in their stable and prosperous African country, that’d be a hard thing to pass up.

      Sometimes primitive ways are the logical way.

    • The Italians and Greeks did republics, too. But even they tend to more stable under monarchs.
      And the very cold reality is that globalists have wanted “liberal democracies” so they can control the world. Monarchs after a while tend to have investment in outcomes that committees never have. One world government requires locals always on the grift, beholding to some other guy to take responsibility when it counts.

    • The canary in the coal mine is sports. Big time sports are a white thing. Ratings have been in decline for a while now and it track demographics. As white people get older, they consume less sports entertainment. Tennis stopped being a thing, for example, when Baby Boomers got too old to play. That is when golf took off in terms of participation as well as viewership.

      The magic money machine that keeps asset values growing hides the decline, but eventually the decline in spending on sports will be a reality that cannot be covered up with shenanigans. Once the sports leagues start showing financial strain, then you know collapse is around the corner.

      • I wonder how many universities are only financially viable due to their giant sports programs? From what I understand (I may be wrong) collegiate sports hasn’t lost viewership the way pro sports leagues have, but it will be interesting to see what will happen if they eventually follow the same trajectory…

        • Viewership for college basketball collapsed with the NBA. College football attendance is way down, except for the handful of super programs. That said, college sports is not a money maker for schools in the direct sense. The profits from football are soaked up by the administrative coast and the other sports. Colleges live in the debt from undergrads, mostly white undergrads.

          • The major programs make most of their money via TV rights, which are tied to ad rates.

            The big programs also make decent money licensing their brand for merch and from the attendant merch sales.

          • The big driver of TV has been and continues to be the cable tax. Ads are not a big part of the picture. ESPN collects eight billion in cable fees before anyone watches a program. CNN gets a buck a month from every cable home in America. It is why cord cutting is so worrisome to the TV people. Service like Hulu are really just reduced version of cable. Soon they will be undercut by people offering an even more reduced service. Not hard to see where it ends.

        • College football is at a lower TV viewership to start with than pro football. People watch March Madness, but generally don’t watch the college basketball regular season in large numbers. Big time college football teams have not had trouble filling stadiums this season. The big money maker related to football is in donations and enrollment. Their are kids who seriously decide to enroll at a place like Auburn or Ohio St. over a smaller school because they want to go to football games.

          TV networks and now Amazon have still been giving sports leagues increases for broadcast rights even as viewing numbers have declined. This does not make any sense to me. It is getting harder to find data on attendance and season tickets for pro sports than it used to be. I am very curious to see how bad attendance for the NBA will be this season, I am guessing a majority of teams do very poorly and try to cover it up.

          • I think the networks and Amazon are able to temporarily sustain those increases because of the *brrrrrr*

          • For the networks, live sports programming remains valuable because its considered to be appointment television; viewers generally won’t DVR games their interested in. I’m not sure that’s actually true.

          • Barnard: Bingo. “The big money maker related to football is in donations and enrollment.”

            And it’s not just Joe Normal who wants to send his kids to a ‘good skool’ – plenty of the genuinely more awake civnats and even a significant number on the DR still think that’s the ticket to the good life. Despite the dropping rates of male enrollment, colleges are still full of students wearing masks and taking classes via zoom on campus.

            I’ll bet more on truly cratering White male college enrollment – and I mean any college, not just the big names – rather than sports as the sign things are coming to a head. When the silents and older boomers die off along with their big donations, and their kids find their own children barred from ‘success’ by their Han and Pajeet neighbors, then maybe we can talk. They don’t feel that bite yet, although a few are getting concerned.

            Being explicitly shut out of colleges and jobs will come before people go hungry. And plenty of White women will happily sacrifice their children to Baal and Moloch. When White men who give a damn are forced to face the future in store for their sons, then perhaps things will start to change.

          • My sons generation, Just 20, are pretty much bypassing TV.
            A year ago we got a new tv and the old one > Bedroom> son?
            He wasn’t interested.
            He get’s what he wants from Laptop and phone. I gather that’s fairly typical.

      • Well, NFL says ratings are up 17%. Don’t know how accurate those numbers are but not a good sign.

        • It’s up from some basement lows from last year. It’s disappointing, but not all too surprising unfortunately.

        • But that is compared to last year, which was another down year. The last Super Bowl was the lowest rated in 25 years, assuming the ratings can be trusted, which is probably not wise. If you ever look at a ratings book, there is something for everyone. “We’re number one….with left-handed ginger midgets.” Still, I’d expect the NFL to be the lagging indicator, which appears to be the case. All other TV content is down 20% and the other sports have seen steady declines.

          • Agree that the ratings are suspect, but the numbers – such as they are – show the NFL on track to reach 2015 numbers which were their highest.


            In my little world, that seems questionable. A few people seem to have stopped watching over the past couple of years, a few seem to watch less and a few watch each week, though I’d say that their level of caring seems to be going down.

            But, again, that’s just one little example. It’s hard for me to gauge because I stopped watching the NFL and, really, all sports a decade or more ago. Kids and life pushed them out and once they’re gone, you don’t go back.

            That’s a big danger for the leagues. Once people stop watching, it’s hard to get them back. You discover much more enjoyable things to do. The soap opera aspect loses its appeal because you no longer know the characters. I had to sit and watch football the other night because of some guests and it was incredibly boring. I couldn’t believe that I used to watch three or four games a year.

            But I do agree that the NFL will be the last to go. It has the tightest grip on whites. If the NFL starts showing sign of strain, the our rulers had better start figuring out a Plan B.

          • One of the games they play is how they count “streaming viewers”. If you watch a highlight of a game, you count as a streaming viewer. No kidding. In theory this makes sense, as it means you have some interest, but it is not the same as someone sitting on the couch for four hours to watch the game.

            That really is the great crime of this age. We can’t trust the numbers on anything.

          • Major League Baseball attendance numbers have long been considered inflated, even years before the woke stuff started. Here is reported attendance for this season:


            These are terrible numbers, even for the teams at the top. The Texas Rangers are playing in a new stadium and average around 50% capacity for the season and that puts them at 5th in the league for attendance. We can assume reality was more like 35-40%.

            When the Cleveland Indians opened Jacobs Field in the late 90s they had 455 straight sellouts. A few years prior to that, the Rockies had over 200 straight sellouts opening Coors field, in a city with no baseball tradition. This charade cannot keep going long term. The crash is going to be ugly.

        • If the numbers are true, it means the MAGA grift is over and normie has decided to chill until the end. If the system is broken beyond repair, why worry about it? Why not enjoy the passing pleasures you have, while they’re still around?

          • Sadly the two sports bars I drive by every day were pretty packed last night.

            The only game of note was the MLB playoff, but I can’t see either of those teams as a huge draw in this area.

          • From guys I know who are into the sportsball this seems to be the feeling.

            We are in some long descent; coping is a skill that has been honed particularly well in whites. You could argue that the whole suburban life is an amalgamation of coping, of making the best of life among the various attacks of foreign invasion, economic theft, government overreach, diversity terrorism, and the cultmarx war on tradition and nature.

            Anyhow, these guys I know have gone back to NFL because after 18 months of being whipped, they just want to bounce around in each others garages or basements for a slice of “normal”.

            The programmers have backed off the kneeling bit so its also a relief to not have to think of themselves in racial terms. The cul-de-sac is tranquil again.

            And sportsball is ‘essential’ according to our rulers, so that’s one ritual of their former community that gets an hour of yard time like clockwork, regardless of what absurd new rules come down in prison planet.

            It is disappointing but I understand it. And I am prone to distraction in my own ways. So glass house and stones and all that.

            Giving money to ESPN or getting paid by Amazon/google/JPM/Pfizer/FedGov/ConAgra. The choices each man makes vis a vis his investment in the system that hates him are becoming more stark, but it is also breaking hard on both sides of the equation now. So in that the grains of time are slipping the hourglass pretty quick on all copes and compromises.

          • One of the things I have noticed about people I know who are sports fans is they have an amazing capacity to filter out the poz. They know the payers hate them and the owners think they are scum, but they still enjoy being fans. It is as if the structure of being a fan is what they truly crave, rather than the product itself. I bet the number of NFL fans that are active in their church is very low.

          • If the numbers are true — big IF — I think it indicates that Normie has hit “bargaining” in the Kubler-Ross cycle. “Denial” was “1946-2015.” That was followed by “anger,” i.e. the Bad Orange Man’s unlikely victory in 2016 (and 2020, of course).

            “Bargaining” includes mask mandates, “vaccines,” and all the other stuff you might call “forced normalcy.” One thing I’ve noticed in my little patch of paradise is the ubiquity of what you might call Toby Keith Syndrome. Shirts with slogans like “these colors don’t run;” “kneel for the Cross, stand for the flag;” and those “wounded warrior” ones are everywhere — and I do mean everywhere. I tried counting them at a local sporting event and lost track when I got near triple digits.

            People are desperately trying to pretend things are normal. It doesn’t surprise me, then, that they’re watching sports again, just as I’m sure they’re going to break the weekly food budget on the regular to buy breathtakingly expensive bratwurst for the grill.

            This is bargaining, and it’s all good, because the next stage — that would be “depression” — will be mistaken for victory by the Totally Legit Joe regime. At which point they will of course put the pedal to the metal…

            …thus hastening the onset of the final stage, “acceptance.” The Saxon will well and truly have been taught to hate.

          • Z,

            I lot of that is being part of a community. In particular, rooting for “your” NFL team is often a way for people to celebrate where they grew up. They get to cheer for Philly or Cleveland or Minnesota or Buffalo.

            For many people, the game is about cheering for their current or former hometown. It’s bizarre, I know, but it’s a huge part of being an NFL fan.

          • It is a pseudo-community, for sure. Sports is the one place where white people can sort of cheer for their side. Back when I used to follow sports, I loved watching or going to games with friends. The game was really not the draw. I never thought of it as cheering for myself, but in retrospect it makes sense.

      • Someone posted this video in the comments to your Sunday Thoughts podcast. It’s ESPN’s hockey kick-off video and it’s depressing as all hell. The sport that should be the most resistant to the poz is portrayed as being all aboard the woke train, joggers and all. North of the border, the CBC is probably more egregious in pushing vibrancy during its flagship Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts. Don’t you know those Punjab speakers just love them some hockey? They’re more Canadian than you are, Gordon and Rosemarie!

        • The NHL going all in on this stuff has to be sponsor driven. They are telling the league you need to go after diverse fans as the old white guys who have been your loyal supporters are dying off. Hockey really is a regional sport though, there is no justification for trying to take it global. They are unwilling to shore up support among the core fans rather than chase after ones that will never be interested. It is like churches that are indifferent to the views of long time active members and change their services to cater to the whims of the unchurched who show up for a few months and then leave.

          • Non whites just aren’t interested in hockey.

            However, the poz is not surprising given that the main demographics of hockey players are upper middle class white people. The days of working class kids being hockey stars is over, mostly due to exorbitant costs. Upper middle class whites are very cucked and still have alot invested in the system.

            If Wayne Gretzky, or Gordie Howe were growing up today there’s no way they could afford it.

            All Big Sports are slowly dying with the Boomers though. Non whites aren’t as excited about sports and neither are younger white people.

            If the NHL were smart they would try and carve out a niche, mostly white market. But obviously that is not allowed these days so they’re trying to sell hockey to smelly ragheads who just landed from Punjab.

          • Good point about the costs. I once heard Mitch Marner’s father estimate he’d spent $700,000 on his kids’ hockey habits. He now has a son pulling in $10 million a year, so the gamble paid off for him, but as you said, it shuts the door on many. Does Wendel Clark in Kelvington, Saskatchewan have a chance to make the pros without playing on an elite travel team right from day one? And we know pretty boy Mitch and Wendel are going to represent two completely different cultures.

      • zman: If you’re correct, then we have a while yet to go. There are a ton of folks who’ve gone back to following “their team.” They may not be buying as much merchandise or even going to live games, but they are still invested in who wins.

        That means not just the older boomers need to die off but also the younger ones – so it’s unlikely I’ll be around for the denouement. My fervent wish is for rapid demise of the dem leadership holding back the squad. Even the money men only have so much control over the genetic inheritance and cultural tendencies of those they’ve designated as our replacements, and then the wheels come off. That’s what I’m waiting for.

    • what kind of history do they teach up there? you might want to check where Plato was born, before typing “it’s an invention of the North West European” in reference to democracy.

      • Should have just said European lol

        However in the post enlightenment era the democracies were NW Euro, initially. And it’s spread around the world by the USA, UK, and UN (today).

  27. Let’s see, a 60 to 90% rate of death or disability within 3 years, since it takes 2-3 years for autoimmune disorders to manifest…yeah, the rest home vote should be about done.

    Bankrupt millenials and autistic zoomers?
    Not seeing much interest there, either.

    Where it might start to simmer is when I won’t be working at a $126,000 job, using their company equipment. The good money is made in real infrastructure, in this case, a smallish company with a $138 million contract to redo the water/sewer system in Jackson, MS. Since everybody tied to a federally-funded contract has to abide by current health guidelines…welp, once the medicos, EMTs, cops, and the folks who keep the water flushing are ‘impacted’…

    Nope. Can’t get Sanjay, Sancho, and Sh’aniqua up to speed fast enough.

    I hate to say it-not really-but I might even enjoy seeing God’s wrath poured across the waters. If anybody deserves getting what they asked for, it’s this bunch. May justice be done at last.

    • I’ve been saying for a while that the Goodwhites and the foreign scabs/invaders they’ve brought over will suffer the most. Normal people can see what’s coming and at least try to deal with it; everyone else is bracing for utopia. It’ll be painful but on the other side of this will be heartened white communities that will be willing to do what must be done.

      It’s not going to look good in the places these dusky folks come from either. When the west diminishes so too does all the overflow abundance and charity. Say good by to remittances and foreign aid, Sancho, Sanjay, and Sambuktarabubu.

    • as an aside, I happened to scroll to “Survivor” tv program just at the moment the new shanikwa realized she actually had to work and cooperate with her group, and sobbing on her log said this aint what i signed up for and immediately began looking around for someone to blame/help–I laughed and laughed–

    • You speak of the possible long-term side effects of the vaxxes, yes? Of course all this is conjecture at present. Not just autoimmune. How about: heart disease (already reports of myocarditis in healthy young, mostly males; that’s why Scandinavia has already paused under-30 vaxxing with one or more vaccines); various blood clots, including untreatable microclots in the tiny vessels; possible multiple organ attacks; brain disorders, anyone? The list of suspected ailments already is quite long; who knows what’ll show up in one year or five?

      Major Point: It is not at all in the interest of The System to track, to document, much less to admit (if true) the escalating deaths and injuries likely due to the jabs. Politics and greed have long since taken over. Science and Medicine are still allowed to work in the back, brought out for public relations as required, but never allowed to make decisions. You see, it might hit the bottom line, or reduce the creeping tyranny.

      At some point, of course, even a Stalinist regime will not be able to totally quash casualty rumors. You can be certain, that as deaths mount, they will still be blaming “Covid” the unvaxxed. Or they’ll invent a new bogeyman. Anyone and anything except innovative medical treatments that were never adequately vetted for efficacy or safety.

      You may call it “God’s wrath.” But for the secular, it’s just as accurate to call it “Man’s hubris.”

      But it does indeed look like we are in for a dismal future, starting right now in fact. There’s no way of knowing how many quality employees will be fired for vaxx refusal. They will become pariahs (but I hope, will be able to find alternative jobs.) The remaining, having proven their “loyalty” to the system (renewable, perhaps, every six months with the latest jab) will, sadly, increasingly fall prey to whatever morbidity the vaxxes are liable to evoke.

        • I’ve heard it convincingly argued that the vax production hit the input supply chains for the semiconductor industry.

          It also appears the semiconductor/electronics situation is spiraling, as it is across industries and affecting basic commodity components like surface mount capacitors.

    • It can’t be allowed to take 3 years. Next year is baked into the schedule.
      Soylent Green is set in 2022.

  28. Leviathan: “We will do what we damn well please and you will like it – or else.”

    The Public: “Play ball!!”(NFL TV ratings up 17% over last year),

    Turn out the lights the party’s over.

      • My own eyes have seen most NFL stadiums filled with white boys and girls screaming for their favorite joggers this year. They even wear clothing with DeAndre ‘s and DeShawn’s name on them- for free!. I don’t need the MSM – or you -to tell me what’s goin on.

        • I agree for the most part, but I’ll pass along some anecdotes that form a small shaving from a white pill:

          First, I have an acquaintance who had season tickets to Local Football Team (LFT) for many years. We met up with him at a local event and while he had LFT swag on he noted that he had gotten rid of his tickets and wasn’t keeping religious track of the team (such that he was at this event while the game is going on).

          Second, my son has a large circle of friends and only one of them is an NFL fan in any way, and their indifference has nothing to do with politics. American football is basically sports themed lawfare and impossible to get into for it’s own sake (it stumbles on as one of the few white commonalities of late AINO).

          Lastly, and your mileage probably varies, I’ve had no one bring sportsball up to me in casual conversations. That’s where it hurts them the most: it used to be the one thing besides the weather that people could have a meaningless conversation about, but they killed that last year.

          • Evil Sandmich: My anecdote only somewhat comport with yours. Our older son has never been interested in following team sports, and he’s been solidly DR for years. Our younger one, unfortunately, glommed onto football as a way of bonding with dad, and the two still follow the damned Cowboys. My husband is significantly to the right of his friends, and the only one who is defiantly unvaxxed. He hates the kneeling and the black ‘anthem’ and the miscegenation ads . . . but he just cannot give up the team he’s followed since he was a young boy. But but but . . . even he watches far less tv than he used to, and only rarely meets up with his friends who are the worst sports fanatics. So make of that what you will.

      • The weather reports are pretty reliable 😏

        Actual useful stuff I learnt in my literature program. The lesson was speaking of history, but applies to the news as well (since it’s basically just very recent history.

        One can logically argue that any historical account must be imperfect, even if due only to being incomplete. It is simply impossible to give a full accounting, in deepest detail, of every people, place, thing, action, motive, and so on. Keep in mind we are only talking about the hypothetical honest account-giver. We haven’t even delved into the infinite variety of psychological biases a human will have, motives to shade the truth, to fail to report, to distort, or to create out of whole cloth what he wishes were there.

        I think this is what Nietzsche means when he says that all beliefs are false, because they are foreground. They are “interpretations.” Man does not have access to the “text.”

        Here’s an example: The news reports a passenger jet crashed on landing, killing all aboard. The account is 100% true. It’s saddening and shocking. Yet the media in the broader sense is telling a lie. Why? Because there’s no report telling you the boring news that about 100,000 safe plane trips occur daily, or that such travel is statistically the safest. Even when they tell the truth, they are lying.

        • Ah, but when some unlucky soul dies of a blood clot from one of the gene therapy “vaccines”, they never leave out the fact that the clot shot is still “safe and effective”.

  29. It would be cosmically funny if the Dems had to manufacture votes *for* the GOP, to hide evidence of mass non-participation.

    • Don’t discount it. The other day Biden gave a semi-coherent speech praising mainstream Republicans as principled opposition. Gotta keep that controlled opposition around.

      • A while back Biden had a dementia-rage slip and smugly revealed that whoever lets him in on plans has a goal: that the Republican Party be outlawed before the 2024 election. Seems unnecessary as the GOP is fake opposition already, with not even a handful of antiestablishment members. But the plotters behind the scenes, Democratic politicians, their partisan bureaucrats, and almost all of their voters, really are just sadistic idiots who’ve fallen for their own propaganda. They’re *gonna* slaughter every “domestic terrorist,” i.e., average middle class Trump/DeSantis/Paul type voter.

        Isolating and valorizing a hated-by-those-voters “loyal opposition” is part of the show. (Freaking out about “Trumpists” taking over local Republican politics—to the point of siccing the FBI on them now—is another.) The replacement even-more-fake party will be given to Cheney, Romney, et al. And if the illusion of representation is to be maintained, when literally no one outside the political-media blob is that kind of upper-class sissy neocon “thoughtful Republican,” a lot of votes will have to be faked.

        Unless they’re too stupid to know that.

        • “Unless they’re too stupid to know that.”

          Worse than stupid (which they also are), the Left has an uncontrollable and reckless impulsiveness. It is one thing that plays to our advantage in a big way. The decision to sic the FBI on parents who attend school board members to oppose CRT–in Deep Blue enclaves, too–qualifies as absolutely the most politically destructive act this year.

          • Yep. Or to be fair to them (though lord knows why we should be), they’ve just mistaken the internet for real life. Why shouldn’t they win with 110% of the vote? After all, they’re just doing the right thing, and everyone they know agrees with them.

          • We are fortunate that the left is crazy, incompetent and has no self-awareness.

            “Hey you piece of shit dumbass rubes, believe our discredited institutions, you racists!”–This, according to the regime, is a winning message.

          • Jack: Yes, but will Karen truly follow on in the face of such opposition? You have the occasional Yasmin or Ho Ping complaining about CRT or the removal of advanced classes, but I don’t believe they will continue their public opposition when the authorities truly crack down. They’ll just spend more on cram schools or increasingly send them to Christian schools (which they’ve been doing for about a decade now, which is why so any of such schools now are just public schools with uniforms and without metal detectors).

            Karen is almost slavishly devoted to following the herd and getting public likes. I predict a lot of them will fall away after getting snubbed by their neighbors, and perhaps just resort to home schooling or moving their children to other schools. They, too, avoid confrontation at almost all costs.

          • Since I cannot directly reply to you, 3g4me:

            You very well may be right given Karen’s need for social acceptance at all costs, but that’s not a given and the downside still greatly outweighs the upside for the Left. This was a profoundly stupid and reckless thing for them to do even if Karen does her normal capitulation act for the most part. We need to accept “victories,” if an opponent’s error qualifies as such, when we get them.

            It also illustrates how important CRT is to their sociopathic worldview.

    • > It would be cosmically funny if the Dems had to manufacture votes *for* the GOP, to hide evidence of mass non-participation.

      They do this already. Look at the Edison data. Most elections in all 50 states are complete simulations.

    • Oct 5 12:40pm I posted this exact same thing. As long as they control who wins in the end, padding Rep votes doesn’t hurt and can even help.

  30. do not underestimate how the coof has remoulded the electorate. the very worst civnats are the oldies, as they are the most set in their ways. something like 5% of SS recipients were killed off in 2020; jab effects will cull twice that many (I bet).

    do not see millenials going for gop in big numbers, either, so their overall appeal will be shrinking dramatically every election.

    so to me, instead of trying to build up a movement/party now, focus solely on killing the GOP base via one on one discussions. make the elections an open joke. best part is this kind of activity is actually allowed by the dems! you might even get in their good books for your efforts.

    • karl: I can actually kinda get behind that. Not thinking one can convert Joe Normal to race realism or the DR, or even truly wean him from sportsball, but just killing his addiction to voting. Mocking that is also publicly permitted – for now. They may make voting mandatory before the end or merely ramp up the manufactured statistics, but either way the end result is the same – withdrawal of consent by Whites. And that is what we want, after all.

  31. I am shocked by the malevolence and evil coming from our ruling class and I actually believe evil is real. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for people that have been trained to believe that there is no such thing as evil and good. When things were going along fine many fantasies were proposed about natural arcs and progressions but now trying to understand in the face of manifest evil must be incredibly difficult when you have no words or ideas to describe what’s happening.

    • It’s very helpful to have believed in evil before this. I was just saying yesterday that what is remarkable about the world post 2020 (and maybe post 2015) is that may problems have become visible. That includes (finally!) the evil that is our ruling class.

      • I have heard multiple people bemoan 2020 as “the worst year ever” and I have to disagree. In my opinion, 2020 is perhaps the most aptly named year in history for it was in 2020 when the full scope of the enemy that faces us was revealed.

        Trump promised to “drain the swamp” and while Trump’s presidency was largely ineffective, he did accomplish THAT. Think about the analagous “swamp”. The scary thing about it is the unknown, what is hiding beneath the water. When the swamp is drained, the swamp creatures are not defeated but they are revealed and that is not nothing.

        2020 was the year the swamp creatures were fully exposed. Dealing with all those slimy beasts is another task altogether but the first step has been taken.

        The fog that has long obscured the battlefield and the movements of the foe has finally lifted and we can now see the size of the host that opposes us. Will we emerge victorious? Unknown, but at least we now know what we are up against.

        P.S.: The one other accomplishment that Trump had was to break the Clinton/Bush dynasties. Hopefully Hilary is done politically at this point and Chelsea is an empty suit. Ditto the Bushes. They have one (George P I think) trying to make a go of it in Texas but aside from him that entire family is spent. Good riddance too.

        • Neon_Bluebeard: Cannot concur. Trump may have caused the worst of the neocons and GOP to show themselves, but most of the swamp remains, and few have any conception of just how deep it goes. It’s not just Black Rock buying up all available houses or Bill Gates buying up American cropland – it’s quite a few national and multinational corporations, and then one needs to trace where the $ is coming from.

          The current generation of Bushes may not harbor great political ambitions, but they doesn’t touch their wealth or influence behind the scenes. There’s a reason George W and Bill Clinton and Michele Obama are the best of friends and in the exact same social circles.

    • Wow wow wow. That is a level of grifting that should not be possible. Who are these people?

        • And an ’80s-style Neon Night party followed by a prayer brunch with mimosas!

          • I did not even realize that it is (I assume) a Christian fellowship (and/or secular term) night recreation.

            I am more familiar with the 1980 Black Sabbath song “Neon Knights.” 😎 I wouldn’t claim it a righteous song. But we’d probably agree that “legions of the brave” might defend us from the “jackals of the streets” and in vermin in high places, too. Perhaps they will yet.

      • Maybe it’s the residual southern baptist upbringing, but the “prayer brunch” followed by cocktail party images seems particularly cringe. As in, it’s an obvious grift.

        • That one was priceless. So too the rapper for God and the artiste who cited his father’s achievements before ‘his own’.

      • I do have to wonder how these grifters interact with each other. The episode that springs to mind was Candace Owens taking issue with the black woman who ran as a conservative in Baltimore (Lol). Not only was she muscling in on Owens’ grift but she did it such a botched job of it that she threatened to kill the golden goose of boomer anti-racism. I mean a handful of those characters are unwitting dupes themselves while others are straight up conmen; I’d have to imagine that the inner group dynamics of such an event would be quite strained.

        • I’ve been in a room with these types of grifters. It’s like a holding cell. Everyone is watching everyone. They even stand with their backs to the nearest wall.

          • If you feel the need to pray before you get drunk and dance with strange women, your agenda was probably never that serious.

      • You get not only George “The Crucible” Papadopoulos but his hot Italian wife Simona hosting a fashion show.

        There’s many talented people on this site, but literally no one could have made this effective of a parody. Who gives the benediction? Ben Shapiro?

        • “Thrives on the success of others.”

          At least National Review types know to hide that.

        • Wendy Rogers or Karen Fann Gets my vote for best grifter. I donate to no one. I need my money for ammo and food for my family.

        • The annual Grifter Awards would be a great troll. Have a ceremony and invite the nominees. Maybe have a statue that looks like Mike Cerno or Benjie

      • What?

        No grilling competition?

        Oh the humanity!

        To overuse a phrase, those dingbats have the self awareness of a dog licking its balls in public.

        It’s truly breathtaking.

    • If I vote “harder” can I too get a government-supplied country club membership, trophy wife, and 50 caliber sniper rifle, and token negro bro to hang with?

    • Contrast:

      The perpetrators of the failed coup attempt against Trump get CNN gigs.

      The victims of the failed coup attempt against Trump participate in a garbage tier celebrity golf tournament.

    • I forwarded this link to my brother, who still grapples with residual Civ Nat tendencies. He couldn’t stop laughing … apparently his whole office is now watching this video and hooting over how ridiculous it is. Sometimes, I let myself get just a tad optimistic and start to think that normie really is, slowly but surely, coming over to our side of the great divide.

  32. ” If the disinterest in this is the prelude to disillusionment, then things can get interesting again.”

    On the other hand, disillusionment may lead to “we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us” passivity. With the roll out the digital fedcoin, allocated by one’s social credit score, inflation and collapse may prove to the better stimulant to the secession of the proles.

    • Perhaps it’s time to lay in some alternative currency. In the USA, for decades “junk silver” (pre-1965 90% silver dimes, etc.) are popular. Right now a silver dime is worth $2.00 (+/-). The precious metals are a bit pricey lately (and they can fluctuate dramatically up and down in just a few years.) Inflation’s been bad since 1964, but I’m pretty sure most consumer goods and services haven’t risen by 2000%.

      On second thought, perhaps lay in a supply of high-value trade goods, foods, tobacco, quality booze.

  33. It’s a fascinatingly stupid time to be alive, that’s for sure. The closest historical analogy breaks down quickly. The 1852 election was the end of the Whig Party, and the death knell of the Democrats (they broke up 8 years later), but with the key differences that 1. All factions of Democrats had an overriding issue on which they agreed; and 2. that issue was tethered to observable reality.

    No question the GOP are the new Whigs, but all factions of Democrats are just insane. It’s ALL make believe. One imagines the Roman Senate in 410, making pretty speeches while the Goths rampage through the streets.

    If some group of merry pranksters *really* wanted to make a difference, they’d take a few of those midnight buses from Del Rio and drop them off in Arlington. That’s pretty much what it’s going to take.

    • The key is to make the lives of the Ruling Class as miserable as hell in a way that does not lead to death, imprisonment or impoverishment. Dumping illegals in Georgetown, Martha’s Vineyard and in Silicon Valley is a good start.

  34. Agreed. The Left and its “loyal opposition” are almost universally dismissed at best or viewed as despicable grifters at worst; the best part is they are ignored. The fools think ginning up a war with China or Russia will garner them support. If either of those nations could turn D.C. into a fireball and not ruin livelihoods, no small number of Americans would be elated.
    “Shutting down the government” is so fake and gay literally no one cares, and this is in fact a very positive development. Bob Dole famously asked “where is the outrage?” These days he would ask why no one even cares.

    • In the past, the government had to close open air national parks and monuments in order to try and force people to care. Expect more draconian measures to be taken so the plebs feel the same pain the pencil-pushers at D.C. feel.

      • Let’s think of some new and evil ways to make us care about a shutdown. Shutting down airports or interstate highways maybe.

      • That’s the rub, though: the D.C. pencil pushers feel no pain. They are furloughed and receive a continuous revenue stream from emergency funds. In the past they went without pay. The few kabuki measures–shutting down parks, for instance–are toothless given the Covid restriction.

        This is such bad theatre McConnell cannot sell tickets. Given he and his grifter wife, who otherwise would be selling Pearl Cream, view the federal budget as personal revenue, of course they caved.

        The only way to really effect ordinary people is to cut off transfer payments, and that won’t happen for obvious reasons.

        People don’t care for the sound reason there is no reason to care. This is a minstrel show for the Beltway crowd.

        • The parks thing is dumb.

          There are plenty of state, county, and local parks to chill at while you wait the feds out.

        • Let’s not forget COLA’s – inflation protected compensation.

          They clean up with rampant inflation as the non-government employed lose all purchasing power.

          • This is why there is no financial education in the government schools.

            If the middle mass of normies understood that inflation is the most pernicious, unequal, and lethal tax there is we wouldn’t be in this pickle.

    • Aye.

      “Prior stand-offs over the debt ceiling and the budget have been big news, but this one has no interest, suggesting that there has been a change in sentiment. One possible reason for that is many normal people are now fully aware that they had been throwing their vote away on Republicans.”

      The other reason is the real reason.

      The Swamp ‘shutdown’ the country… in various parts for months…with no ‘backpay’ like fed workers in previous debt-ceiling shutdowns.

      When the Swamp shut down the country…

      …why should the country care about ‘shutdowns’ anymore?


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