Corruption Of The Soul

One way to measure the health of a society is to look at how the ruling elite of that society protects the things that are important to the society. Just as the management of a company cannot micromanage every aspect of the firm, the ruling class cannot make sure every rule and custom is strictly enforced. It has to focus its energy on the big items that make the society possible. From there this attitude will flow down to the lower levels who will enforce the smaller rules.

What the ruling elite of a society does by enforcing the big rules, especially those that manage the affairs of the ruling class, is set the tone. A disciplined ruling class reinforces the idea that the rules matter, and they must be respected. This attitude becomes a habit of mind for the people. On the other hand, a ruling class that has no respect for its own rules helps foster a culture of cheating. If it is okay for the bosses to cheat, then only a sucker follows the rules.

The easy example of this is the Roman Republic. When the families at the top of the social order strictly abided by the rules that governed patricians, the plebeians followed their lead in the minor things. The republican virtue that was necessary for their society was a habit of mind. Once the people at the top stopped enforcing their rules, the rest of the culture followed. Caesar was simply the logical end point of a process of decay that began long before he crossed the Rubicon.

In this age, things like the rule of law, the orderly transition of power and the respect for rational inquiry are the big items of society. Liberal democracies are supposed to be rule-based societies that seek to progress by advances in knowledge. That is done by allowing people to investigate the natural world looking for better solutions to the problems of life. These investigations are to follow a set of rules and ethics that reflect the general morality. Progress is orderly and open.

Recent events make plain that the rule of law has broken down across all levels of American society. The rich always have advantages in the law, but now they operate under a different set of rules entirely. America is now ruled by a pirate class that is free to do what they like to the people. Similarly, the orderly transition of power through the mechanism of elections has become a farce. No one involved has any respect for the rules of democracy and no one can trust the results.

Those seem like things that could be fixed once the geezers at the top of the political system are replaced by a new class of people. There is no guarantee, and the odds are not great, but it seems to most people that there is some hope of fixing these problems through a renewal of the liberal democratic spirit. On the other hand, the respect for rational inquiry and debate appears to be hopelessly lost. We are rapidly reaching a point where dissent is explicitly forbidden in America.

That in itself could be lumped in with the other bits of the system that need reform, but the corruption has gone beyond suppression. It is becoming clear that the culture of mendacity that plagues the political class has become the norm within the realms of science and medicine. A culture of rule breaking at the top of society has fostered a culture of dishonestly within the academic community. Even in the hard sciences the willingness to cheat and lie has become quite common.

A good recent example is the Elizabeth Holmes trial. Everything about her career and the company she created was a fraud. This was plainly obvious to many, but they remained quiet as there is no reward for enforcing the rules. Breaking the rules can make you very rich, so lots of people break the rules. The fact that the state is struggling to put this woman in a cage speaks to the legal corruption. The fact that she exists speaks to the corruption in the academy.

She is not alone. The chief executive of biotech firm Athira Pharma was forced out of her position when she admitted to faking her research. When she was a graduate student, she falsified her findings in a number of studies. Those studies set her up for funding to start the company. They were also used to obtain patents. Despite the fact she is a fraud and her company a sham, she only had to resign, and the company will continue on as if nothing important happened.

The elephant in the room on this topic is Covid. The idea of science has been so corrupted that it is now warping the language. Because the vaccines do not actually work as promised, the language is being changed to fit the crime. It used to be that vaccines provided immunity from infection by a specific virus. Now immunity means a sense of happiness that comes from compliance. You may still die from Covid, or you could become immortal. Who can tell anymore?

Science and its practical application have been the gift from the gods that has allowed man to move beyond his primitive existence. In modern societies it is the thing that is supposed to provide the limits on excess and steadily improve daily life. It is fair to say that trust in scientific and technological progress is the bedrock of modernity. It is the thing that we all trust to keep society anchored to reality. It should be the thing the ruling class protects at all costs, but that is no longer true.

In a world where you cannot trust the important things, the little things become nothing but a matter of opinion or convenience. If the people at the top have no respect for the rule of law, then the people at the bottom will have no reason to follow the law other than fear of punishment. The culture will become one where evading the spirit of the rules is the natural habit of mind. This corruption of the soul of society will corrupt the soul of the people, as we are witnessing today.

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209 thoughts on “Corruption Of The Soul

  1. “Those seem like things that could be fixed once the geezers at the top of the political system are replaced by a new class of people.”

    I think Roger Daltrey once said something about that quite some time ago.

  2. At least I didn’t have a Flock If Seagulls tune running through my demented brain while scrolling through doomporn, like yesterday. Godawful shite. They’re probably chewing on stewed kangaroo feet in an Aussie FEMA camp as we speak.

  3. Late to the party but here ’tis. Co-19 did not kill Hank Aaron and probably didn’t kill thousands either. Mr. Aaron died two weeks after getting one of the ‘Vaccines” that are NOT vaccines. True vaccines lead to immunity. Period.These witches concoctions lead to possible death and wretched side effects in some unfortunate enough to trust Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Medicine. Like the Z man said,” the hoi-polloi are interested in their happiness and they actually trust the aforementioned Bigs. Why did the Big Pharma honchos demand a no penalty clause ridding them from any responsibility of deaths or side effects BEFORE they began the juju jabs?

  4. Possible small bit of good news from DC:

    Zero Hedge is reporting that Senator Manchin’s opposition has shut down the unrealized gains tax and the $600 IRS bank account snooping limit.

  5. More tiny signs of creeping collapse:

    Traveling around the local surface streets, I’m noticing about half a dozen traffic lights out, which is something I’ve never seen before.

    The instant messaging system at work has been down all day for unspecified network reasons. This is a site with several hundred people. Not sure if it carries over to the larger corporate network.

    • Today was the first time I went out shopping and came home with almost none of my list crossed out. I depend on a “special diet”—of totally normal-until-now things—that requires a minimally functioning civilization. Oh well.

      And today my wife announced on a Zoom call with all her superiors that she’s looking for a new job because not only does nothing technological work anymore but now no one above her in the hierarchy can even understand what she’s talking about. Three guesses how the org’s personnel have changed lately. You’re right! They’re Indians (the traumatically stinking kind, not the statistically extinct kind).

      These are the days.

      • Same thing at my job. IT is full of them and they are petrified of COVID. Our return to office policy is fully masked even at your desk while social distancing even for the fully vaccinated. I cannot even get them to answer my questions about natural immunity.

  6. Seeing this in the corporate world too. Despite the bitching about Boomers, they were the last vestige of sanity and knowledge from a whiter, stabler world.

    They’re retiring in droves and there’s nobody to replace them. Alpha-ness has been totally driven from corporate Gen X males (it still exists in the trades and other fields).

    Strong white wimmin can’t actually do the job and are horrible at managing and understanding people, as technical things, project management, and instilling accountability (basically at everything).

    Other replacements include non-white males. They actually run things slightly better depending on the person. But the result is always the same – stagnation, eventual ethnic nepotism, and then chaos.

    White males have been shut out and most are too soy to do anything or to even care. But yes, the Boomer generation is finally quitting and we will see everything get worse.

    • “But yes, the Boomer generation is finally quitting…”

      Yes. And while elsewhere they are chortling about ‘pillowing’ the Boomers, the next thing after that act may be regret as the pillower cannot figure out how to get the stuck automatic doors to open and die of starvation in the room of the dead Boomer.

      On that note, ever notice when people come upon automatic doors that don’t just magically open for them? I may be the only person I have ever witnessed just shove them open manually.

      • Gary Larson’s Midvale School for the Gifted cartoon comes to mind.

        As for the pillowing, the kids of boomers won’t have to do it because that job has already been outsourced. ¡Qué lástima! Pillowing is an Xer daydream.

        I’m lucky, my early boomer mom has elected to suffocate beneath a collapsed pile of her precious things, saving me a long flight and a midnight mypillow (only the best, most liberty inducing pillow for mom).

        The generational hate is unfortunate, but us xers bash because we still love. Just wait till the next gens are up to bat. Indifference stings more than hate. And yes, they will be pushing ever-so-hard against that pull-to-open door cursing that they had to leave their pod to pick up the urn. There must be an app for that! Hmmm.

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    • Later in the article: “Part of this is probably because people who get vaccinated tend to be healthier than people who don’t the researchers noted.” Which renders the headline and entire article meaningless. Since the vaccine is irrelevant to the study, a truer headline would be, “People who are healthier live longer.”

    • Its just trying to front run the current upticking in all cause deaths from stuff like heart attacks, cancers and strokes for a younger age groups that people are starting to notice coincides with the vex rate, but is totally, totally, and I mean totally, in no way at all connected.

      For it to be connected is so unpossible, it actually makes you healthier, so there, and now we have a super sciency source for the fact checkers to use to debunk the claims from the h8ters and science deniers using far right VAERS.

      • Until Caskets Are Us opens up at the mall, the shit for brains won’t realize they’re witnessing a genocide. Unfucking real.TV Lobotamy for the winner!

        • No, it must be Fritos. A Mexican co-worker pointed out there’s only 3 ingredients in the originals. And, she said it’s one of the healthiest snacks you can eat. With an endorsement like that, I am going to continue my addiction to the bags of the Chili-Cheese, the obvious super-snack and Covid killer. Here’s to your health!

  8. And then there’s the “green energy” science which will give us, deservedly, the energy crisis of a lifetime. Pay no attention to energy density. Nothing to see here. Democracy makes everyone and everything a political football. Not even Mao could integrate his personae into daily plebe life the way democracy does. And in doing so, society has been transformed into a dead, dusty, debt laden wax museum. One that will eventually burn down. And when that happens…good riddance.

    Holmes was smart. Very smart. She fit the mold of modern woman precisely, down to the black turtlenecks and speaking as low as she can, while exuding confidence and sophistication to the CNBC rubes. Her problem was that she built a company around a machine. In the end, a machine either works or it doesn’t. No one could catch her. She was only caught by the machine itself, sitting there, like a brick, doing nothing. Had she chosen a product that she could pretend works, when it doesn’t, like a COVID vaccine, she would be fine today.

    • Yes. Holmes should have done like Musk: find a product that already works and pretend you invented it.

      • Odd that whenever I read a comment similar to this I can’t help but think of Al Gore and the internet

        • Yes, same game, except Gore didn’t sell internet and was a good deal more stupid than Musk.

          Lefties never care about numbers (probably one of the reasons they’re lefties) but when you’re in a studio, winging it about geothermal power, you’re supposed to have a little voice of reason in your head that stops you from saying stuff like “two kilometers down, the crust is several millions degrees hot.”

          If Mrs. Krull said something like that in public, I’d slap her.

          • Felix (if I may),

            as a German I have long wanted to thank you for the nod to Thomas Mann that your online persona represents: Mille grazie.

            Oh, and let me add that I’m in awe as well as slightly envious of your perfect command of English.

            Warmest greetings north!

          • Wow! Thanks, Herzog, that’s a nice post to open my day with.

            Godspeed to you and to Germany – may our friendship be long and our wars short.

  9. “Those seem like things that could be fixed once the geezers at the top of the political system are replaced by a new class of people. There is no guarantee, and the odds are not great, but it seems to most people that there is some hope of fixing these problems through a renewal of the liberal democratic spirit. On the other hand, the respect for rational inquiry and debate appears to be hopelessly lost. We are rapidly reaching a point where dissent is explicitly forbidden in America.”

    Enjoyed this point immensely, given your topic of organizing last week. ZMAN, or anyone for that matter; how can we reconcile what was discussed last week regarding operable organizing and this:

    The man is a good writer and thinker no doubt. He has been invited to speak at AMREN Con this year as well. It seems to me he is simply arguing that WE have the end right (vote your own team) but the means is wrong (his example Republican submission in California). As difficult as last week’s examples of what shall be done were to think through, it appears that the author and fellow Taki contributor is still grasping hopelessly at the “democratic process” straws.

  10. As an outside observer of American politics, one could argue that following the 1886 Supreme Court case of Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Co., when corporations were granted the same legal protection as individuals, it’s been down hill for the average American citizen ever since.

    Can anyone argue against the fact that the longest existing Banana Republic in recent history, cleverly disguised as a first world country, proclaiming freedom and democracy to the world, yet openly abuses and censures it’s own citizens, has been the USA?

    No nation on earth can hold a candle to the levels of corporate, political and military corruption the USA has enacted upon it’s own people, and that of other nations, and for as long as the US has managed to get away with it. Even the old USSR pales by comparison when you look at the global impact the US has inflicted upon the world over the past 125-years.

    The darkness and depravity of America’s political soul is not really anything new to even the most casual student of US history. It’s just more obvious today thanks to your current president, Caesar Dementias and the circus of miscreants and deviants that are disguised as your political elites.

    If America society has degenerated this much in less than a year since Caesar Dementias took office, it’s absolutely frightening to contemplate what three more years under his reign of idiocy will bring.

    • It’s true that Tater Joe is the archetypical example of a corrupt and treasonous US president who also suffers from severe dementia and is being actively blackmailed by Communist China due to the recorded sexual deviance of this offspring Hunter. Even more insane is that his campaign never had more than dozen acolyte partisans at any rally (whereas Trump was drawing tens of thousands), and yet “won” the election despite known and obvious vote rigging. Worse yet, none of this could have happened without the complicit aid of many powerful Republicans in Congress.

      But enough rant. The spring has wound quite tight and there will be a backlash. And due to the anti-cop pogrom, local LEOs will stand aside. Only Federal Jackboots will defend the Citadel, and even they may quit in droves at the witching hour. Things change slowly until they change very fast.

    • Grass roots corruption (as opposed to top-down) in the US became entrenched with mass immigration. Literally nobody today of any political stripe believes that Tammany Hall or any of the various ethnic political machines in every big city since represent “good government” as envisioned in the founding documents. The Founders are irrelevant (at best).

  11. Has anyone else noticed how Brahminical the ruling caste has become? I don’t just mean how much power South Asians have (hi, Kamala!). I mean the purity rituals. They’ve always been Puritanical, our overlords, but now they’re concerned with bodily pollution….

    I know, I know, it seems weird, given how degenerate they are, but look at how insistent they are about goofy stuff like self-driving cars and making the masses eat bugs and grass. If you assume that what they really long for is a ritually pure world, where no grubby prole could ever possibly put his greasy mitts on their precious, precious stuff, all their attitudes click into place. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that Nancy Pelosi threw out every piece of furniture in her office, and had the room itself cleansed with fire, because a polluted Dirt Person touched it.

    • Good point. They have as little contact with the great unwashed masses as possible and want to have even less. The thought are having to share a meal with common people would make them physically ill.

      • And you thought the masks for the politicians were about the coof.

        Its a mask against the filthy outside plebs.

        • I never for a hot second thought the masks were about the vid, but I take your point, and agree. We keep seeing pics of the ruling caste at parties with no masks, but the servants all masked up. This is because they can’t force us to avert our dirty prole eyes when they walk in the room… yet.

          (Soon, my pretties, soon. That kid at Rutgers, who was expelled from ONLINE classes for not taking the shot, was not an isolated instance. I still have friends in the ivory tower, and they tell me a large and growing number of faculty really do seem to believe you can catch Der Hamsterkauf from a Zoom meeting. They’re the Party of Science, damn it, and how dare you suggest otherwise!! The fact that they all hate the greasy little Dirt People they’re supposed to “teach,” and long to have nothing at all to do with them, is just one of them coincidences that always seem to happen, predictable as sunrise).

          • We keep seeing pics of the ruling caste at parties with no masks, but the servants all masked up.

            The British parliament just re-introduced a mask mandate for everyone who works in Westminster. Except for the MPs themselves.

            They can’t not see what this looks like. It has to be deliberate, a contemptuous fuck you to the peons, flaunting how little they care about what you think.

      • Real-life example:

        Whenever the C-suite execs deign to show up at my plant, we plebes are banned from the entire front lobby, meeting rooms, the large conference room that overlooks the factory floor, and the front parking lot.

        Nope, no aristocracy in the US, no siree Bob.

        • Howard – this is a recent phenomenon. As recently as 30 years ago, I toured many factories/HQs with CEOs who wore jeans and work clothes and knew the employees by name – Don Tyson and JB Hunt – to name just a few of these famous, hands-on execs. The “royal” CEO has really just arrived over the last 15 years.

          • Cpt. Willard-

            What you describe sounds like the corporate world my grandmother used to describe from her days working as a secretary at the oil company Amoco in the ’50s.

            That sort of environment sounds like a different, far more pleasant planet than the corporate environment I have experienced for two decades.

          • The Texans (Long black leather jackets and Stetsons) came to the wheel foundry I was a contractor at and shot the shit with the boys in the cafeteria (best meatloaf I ever ate, sorry baba) and noodled over every aspect of the process.
            Fer a week.
            Up on the cranes, right inside the air handlers etc etc.
            I mean who the fuck am I blasting out condensers on the movable cranes.. But wanted to know and asked the right questions.
            Boys never forgot it..

          • It came with a hige increase in pay. CEO’s back in the day made 20x maybe 30x what the workers made.

            Its reasonable. Being a CEO is actually a tough job.

            These days they get 300x or more and this doesn’t include bennies.

            How much is enough? For these people, apparently there is no upper bound.

            Frankly if the DR every gets power , the hardest thing we will have to do isn’t repatriation or rooting out the subversives.

            That stuff would be child’s play compared to making the economy low corruption and having a sane wealth distribution.

            That would be a cultural sea change and while Roosevelt managed to cram quite a lot of that down, these money obsessed a**h*** are like termites, they never sleep. It was gotten rid of in a few decades

            The DR will be busy with making sure some CEO doesn’t come back with an army of mercs just so he can arbitrage wages down

            The other problems the putatively on our side the Libertarian the “I could be rich if I just was allowed to work children to death or sell substandard products” crowd will need to be dealt with.

            No one wants regulation, no one wants endless bureaucracies and parasites but the grift isn’t gonna work and anything that gets tin the way of family formation including money junkies needs to be stomped.

        • Wild Geese – Hubby just forwarded an email about his office Christmas party – yes, really – scheduled for December. No mention of masks at all – just labeled “A Party Never Killed Anyone.” I’m a bit surprised, but husband said his boss’s secretary is not a branch covidian. The question is how many will go, and how many of those will be masked.

          We don’t usually attend (everyone started bringing their kids years ago so it’s not really a fun adult evening the way it was when ours were young and we got a night out). Babysitters for nice White people seems to be a thing of the past, too. They will dump them in daycare 5 days a week from infancy but would never dream of hiring a babysitter for an adult dinner at a restaurant, or a party. Then if you object you’re labeled ‘anti-child.’

    • It is the old Podhoretz line about Jews living like Episcopalians and voting like Puerto Ricans. Our rulers live like Victorians but talk like pornographers.

      • Victorians. Lol, no they don’t. I used to bodyguard these types of people. The ratio of sickos-to-normal is disproportional.

        • Interesting. One wonders if one had the power and wealth we so decry, whether or not one would become a “sicko” as well. My general thinking is *yes*—especially if one is born into such.

          Poverty, or rather lower class existence, may not be desirable, but high class wealth and power is no great blessing either it would seem.

    • It seems strange how the most bugmen/bugwomen are in places like the imperial capital. Outside of the main business/government districts, DC, like most metro areas, has a lot of slums. Though they may claim to worship African Americans, there is a certain amount of realism you have to have to live in an American city.

      These are people who will sit for hours in bumper to bumper traffic twice a day to avoid contact with the dirt people and vibrant dirt people on the trains and buses. It’s almost like the implausibility of the ‘pure and good’ vibrant dirt people makes it all the more attractive to them. BART in California actually announced on TV that they wouldn’t be releasing any more video of crime on the BART system because it might cause people to incorrectly assume African Americans are responsible for making BART unusable by normal people who want to get to work safely and with all their belongings..

      • IIRC BART stopped showing the CCTV footage to ‘avoid racist stereotyping of suspects.’ They were just early adopters. Now when some widely witnessed crime occurs the description of the perp(s) is “wearing a hoodie and sneakers.” Everyone knows the code at this point.

    • As far as I can tell the Brahmins have taken over a huge chunk of the US elite and upper class without anybody even noticing.

      Seriously, go look at the key people of any major company. At least half of them are Indians (presumably Brahmins). In tech & engineering well over 50% of the corporate “leaders” are Indians. It’s even worse there than in Canada, we have different types of Indians, who are taking over the drug trade and concrete mafias.

      It’s entirely possible that the Brahmin influence is far far larger than we realize, and the reason for the ‘Brahminical’ behaviours are simply because alot of them are actually Brahmins. The new anti-white crusades are very vicious, cruel, and sadistic. They actively push to destroy the middle and working classes, through direct legislation. In the past it was destroyed by greed and short sightedness.

      Whoever is behind it enjoys inflicting pain. Certainly not the style of the old Anglo elites. Even the J elites never seemed this hateful towards us. Maybe the Brahmins are pulling the strings of the moronic gentile libs, who are easy to grease.

      So many theories out there. Regardless, as anybody who has dealt with large numbers of Indians knows – if you cared about your nation and future you would expel them immediately with extreme prejudice. Regardless of religion, caste, or ethnicity. One Indian seems cool – in large numbers they are hell, and will drive anything to hell, and they can’t help themselves. The increasing Brahmin (and general Indian) influence is an extremely bad omen for the USA and West in general.

      • To tie back to our host’s mention of the Holmes trial, that – the literal Brahminization of the ruling caste – would explain a lot. I’m not surprised that *young people* got taken in (this is Asperger Nation if you’re under 40), but they weren’t funding her, OLD people were. But that weird, robotic affect is very common among high caste Hindus. If she’d mastered that head bobble thing Subcontinentals do, she had it made.

        • Severian: Well, she took her Hindoo co-exec into her bed and that must have added to the allure for the cloud people giving her money – so wonderfully perverse/diverse. Now, of course, she’s saying it was all his fault and she’s an innocent little girl.

          God, women really are manipulative beyotches.

      • B125 – yes it amazing how many pajeets are relatively in positions of power in this (former) country. It used to be a joke that every time one called customer service, some damn dot named Bob or Mary, who could hardly be understood, was on the other end of the line. Now they seem to be running way too many things or opining on American subjects they have absolutely no business commenting on.

        • There’s also the fact that Indian women (I won’t be so impolite as to call them “pajeetas”) are among the most annoyingly, stridently, shrilly, aggressively woke amongst all our new American neighbors. I assume it’s because they see it as a way to further their status rather than personal animus against (eg) a farmer from the Deep South who served in the Confederate Army, but it’s no less annoying for all that.

        • And right on schedule, another pajeet commenter shows up. Why you think you’re welcome absolutely everywhere Whites try to go and discuss White issues would be puzzling if I didn’t understand you’re motivated by envy and hatred. The Brits showed what a sh%thole your country was and how few White men it took to dominate and somewhat improve it. Today, to your simple brown mind (excuse me, wheatish mind), anglosphere countries equal England, and you now feel triumphant.

          • The funniest thing about the Brits in India was that they weren’t actually trying to improve the place but rather trying to rob it. They improved it in during the process of making wealth extraction more efficient and profitable. Even dreg WASP’s do a better job job governing diversities than native diversity elites.

      • I worked for a Paki boss at a Japanese company decades ago. It had a really evil HR department that he got to tap my phone. I hated the guy and said some rather unflattering things about him over that phone. Instead of just firing me he and the evil HR demons conspired to make me miserable enough to leave on my own. It gives me a fair degree of satisfaction to think of the look on his hound dog face (that may have been one of the insults) when he heard my uncensored opinion of him.

      • Bignose lends them the money for their yachts. Bignose paid off the whores in DC to let them in. So whose the real boss here, brother?

      • its the bottom end too. I have traveled throughout the rural midwest , the rural south and rural plains states in the last few years . they own EVERY party store, motel , independent gas station . absolutely all of them . even in very tiny towns

    • Asimov was prescient in his description of the “Spacers”, who saw themselves as superior in every way to the Earthpeople. They felt most comfortable interacting with others via their version of Zoom, were pathologically concerned with disease, and became physically ill when forced to be in the physical presence of a filthy Earther.

      • Hand sanitizer, masks, vaccines (and endless “boosters”), rituals like refusing handshakes, scowling at people who touch their own face (sorry, no more scratching your beard to ponder something) – they’re already there.

        The Cloudies’ belief that without these constant technological interventions they will become deathly ill suggests that after a few centuries and with assortative mating continuing, this will actually come to pass. Will it be so surprising when the total lack of an immune system is a status symbol?

        Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them, the current society won’t last long enough for the bug people to complete their, um metamorphosis, a la Kakfa.

  12. I’m not really into the Jew thing, but

    ” The culture will become one where evading the spirit of the rules is the natural habit of mind.”

    Sounds incredibly Jewish.

    • 100% accurate. Rabbinical Talmudic ‘Interpretation’ was basically a bunch of old jewish guys figuring out ways to weasel out of, circumvent, and lawyer their way out of God’s laws. And you wonder why these people excel in courtrooms. 2000+ years of practice…

      • I once spent several months in Israel on company business. Here are a couple of examples I recall.

        1) Jews are not allowed to have alcohol in their house during Passover. To get around this, they enter into contracts with a 3rd party who purchases their liquor before Passover, and sells it back to them immediately after Passover. All the while, the liquor never leaves their house, but they don’t technically own it during Passover.

        2) Jews cannot operate electrical devices during Shabbat, so there would always be a dedicated elevator in each hotel that would go up and down automatically, stopping on every floor, because they were not supposed to push the buttons.

  13. Nice to read Z-man expressing a touch of skepticism toward the experimental gene therapies that are all the rage these days.

      • Yes, this entire group has been pretty much on target wrt Covid hysteria, from day one. The notable exception, JEB, who remained a steadfast supporter/apologist of the CDC and WHO pronouncements from on high. At least he had the good sense to quit commenting when repeatedly proven wrong.

  14. There’s hardly a paragraph or even a sentence in this missive that can’t receive valid criticism or be considered 180 degrees off.

    None of this stuff is new. Homo sapiens has been swindling others of his species since moving down from the trees.

    A disciplined ruling class reinforces the idea that the rules matter, and they must be respected. This attitude becomes a habit of mind for the people.

    The rulers, whomever they may be, encode behaviors that already exist in the population, they don’t initiate them. For instance, cock fighting and eating horse meat were both common in the early years of the US. The legislatures didn’t spontaneously decide that chowing down on Trigger was harmful to one’s health or produced hallucinations. They merely codified an attitude that had come to dominate most of the population. “The people” decided that this particular animal, in contrast to cows, pigs and chickens, couldn’t be used as food.

    There’s a long US tradition of business dishonesty. Eleanor Holmes is just another fraudster making use of developing technology to fleece wealthy “investors” who just don’t feel wealthy enough. Jim Fisk pulled the same stunt with the Erie Railroad in the mid-19th century.

    That is done by allowing people to investigate the natural world looking for better solutions to the problems of life. These investigations are to follow a set of rules and ethics that reflect the general morality. Progress is orderly and open.

    How would people be stopped from investigating the natural world? The rules and ethics are different from one city block to another, not just from one continent to another. Progress, however it’s defined, has always followed a rocky and undisciplined course. It often isn’t even beneficial to the average meatball.

    While the Covid fraud is of particular note, especially for its use of pseudo-science, an even better but unmentioned example is the politicization of climate science. The AGW swindle, begun with the furor over the “ozone hole”, will be the golden goose for the managerial elites.

    • You may be right, twas ever thus, in a general sense. I’ve watched the man made climate change fraud corrupt pubic science for most of my adult life. The holiest of holies for society is definitely that blacks are capable of achieving and participating in a modern white society as equals. Life included a steady drum beat of experiments to somehow prove this article of faith but that always, ALWAYS, proved the opposite. The Obama administration gave executive power to those who consciously or not recognize that blacks can’t be lifted up to achieve equality of outcome and therefore whites must be torn down. This was really the number one priority of the whole 8 years and they were very successful in institutionalizing this mission. Exactly like the soviet experience, science is subordinate to a comically ridiculous ideology. It’s an evil ideology by traditional moral standards, resting on pernicious lies, intending to destroy the innocent and good. On traditional religious moral grounds therefore it should be suppressed and its proponents punished. By modern moral ‘standards’ it is an ideology opposed to the existence and general prosperity of whites as a category and therefore its advocates must be met with a proportional response to attempted genocide.

      • What you note is a general corollary of Marxism’s implementation of “equality” among the masses. It is always possible to bring the higher performing people down to the level of the lowest, but never the reverse. This simple truth goes a long way to explaining most official policy we see today.

        Occam’s razor applied to sociology?

      • If an Uzbekistani warlord didn’t buy is nobel prize and then give it back to him without asking the money back, Holmers would be on the street right now for his views. He is completely ex-communicated from science. The co-dicoverer of the structure of DNA. Or perhaps, it is God’s wrath since he and his buddy, hid into from Rosalind Franklin , depriving her of also sharing the prize.

        • That’s a myth. Rosalind Franklin died young of cancer several years before Watson & Crick won the Nobel. Nobel Prizes aren’t awarded posthumously.

        • Surely you have some pseudo-IRS phone calls to make and some White marks to cheat out of their life savings rather than linger here?

  15. The professionalization of science has most likely been the signal that it has grown weaker and weaker. Far less effective at what it used to do. In so many cases, professional scientists just seem to pretend about attaining the truth; without actually putting in the hard work, it’s all marketing and hype. Again and again.

    In the early 1900s, when Niels Bohr and company were considering how to interpret quantum phenomena, there were probably only a thousand professional physicists worldwide. This network appeared small enough that many were on personal terms with many others, with this link extending across the globe… some feat for that time. Any biography of people like Bohr, Prandtl, Einstein, Planck, von Karman, von Neumann &c shows just how dedicated and smart these fellows were. These lads would have had to have been told not to be scientists.

    In short: real science is hard. Very hard. And it is also very boring in parts. Perhaps in most parts. That’s why I don’t trust most professional scientists, because doing real, proper science is so hard, and at times so demoralizing, that I do not think the current bucket loads of professional scientists could hack it.

    Another interesting thing to consider when you next see some professional PhD MSc CuNT on the TV is this: How much time do these very esteemed people actually spend doing real science? When you are the head honcho of some institution I’d imagine you spend a lot of time doing that most 20th Century aspect of make-work: management. And probably some fund raising. And maybe also some PR stuff to bolster your reputation.

    I am grateful to proper science. But I’m afraid professional science, as practiced in many institutions is most probably very rote and of little importance. It’s all one big sham; who can appear the most virtuous of all… why look! Company ‘X’ really wants you to know they are working hard toward that cure for cancer! Imagine what amazing geniuses they have working for them! Look at this new advance! Mark you, we know from all the efforts the Big Corps put into their marketing that it’s all hype.

    The question of what truths science should explore is another matter, however. I cannot support science for science’s sake all the time; it must act in service to a higher culture. But that culture ought not to be poisonous anti-white wokeism.

    • Real science is very, very hard—especially in modern fields of maturity (the low hanging fruit having been picked). And we are less intellectually capable than our predecessors of even a few generations ago. That, coupled with the growth in University attendance and “publish or perish” promotion policies, has produced a glut of mediocrities that fill our once vaunted University system.

    • Michael Faraday will always be my favorite scientist. He was, after all, essentially an uneducated prole … (father a blacksmith, he himself apprenticed as a book binder).

      Yet his work in electromagnetism and chemistry was as fundamental to modern technology as any formally educated man who ever lived. (And was even rewarded a membership in the Royal Society for his work)

      The fact that a non-credentialed cannot achieve such prestige (without first becoming vastly wealthy at something else and “buying” the prestige) is a strong indication of just how corrupt modern science has become. It is a priest caste and nothing else.

  16. “Science and its practical application have been the gift from the gods that has allowed man to move beyond his primitive existence. In modern societies it is the thing that is supposed to provide the limits on excess and steadily improve daily life. It is fair to say that trust in scientific and technological progress is the bedrock of modernity. It is the thing that we all trust to keep society anchored to reality. It should be the thing the ruling class protects at all costs, but that is no longer true.”

    I’d add that as important as science and its practical application is to moving past our primitive existence, a solid moral framework that delineates right from wrong is vital as well. There’s a good book that provides ten simple rules for living, and points out to us in This Brave New World that human beings and their failings are nothing new under the sun. Scientific advancement and business transactions, tying into your post from yesterday, without a moral underpinning of asking “Is this right?” leads you down the road to the perversion of the Golden Rule to be “Do unto others before they shall do it unto you”.

    To be fair, too much moral underpinning can lead to the Zealous Crusader (“We MUST bring Christianity to these poor, downtrodden brethren!”), but it does serve as a good brake to the darker side of our human natures, when it works.

    • A good point. Many scientific writers of the past 300-400 years saw science as an attempt to understand Him. I’d agree that we want to avoid zealotry – but after we’ve wiped anti-white wokeists from the face of the planet.

      It’s also interesting to note that science with a Christian bedrock has a much better track record than science with an ideological (think Wokeist) bedrock. I believe this to be related to the link between many early scientists and their Christian beliefs. That said, some of our greatest minds and innovators were either quiet about their believes or outright atheists/agnostics.

      But woke science? Jogger, please!

      • This is because the previous generations of scientists who were Christians were approaching science with an awe and wonder of the natural world, something they could only attribute to a divine creation. When you TRULY love life and the beauty and mystery of everything, you are full of genuine motivations that lead to real, valuable discoveries.

        The secular scientists of today are nihilistic know-it-all’s who believe life to be meaningless and random, the beauty of it subjective, the structure of it nothing more than a computer code that can be broken and manipulated at will. When you believe your own mind to be godlike, the work you do as a scientist becomes tedious and trivial.

        It’s very sad.

        I’m not particularly religious, definitely agnostic, but I am so very glad that I don’t follow the religious cult of modern science.

        • Other possible issues are the immense specialization of science, resulting in fragmented knowledge that hardly anyone can check or verify.

          Secondly, the separation of science and the philosophy. Most silly.

          But a lot of science actually has no grounding in the real world, so to speak. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is pretty much the only way to get meaningful models of hypersonic (watch out! The Chinks!) flow; yet it works. But it has limitations.

          Plus, scientists tend to also think that computer models are the be-all and end-all. They’re not.

          • Computer models are fine when the temporal and spatial scales are on the order of what we can measure and when all the input parameters that matter are known. This is why you can have really good models of car crashes that will reproduce even the little details in the way the metal folds up.

            When you model a system where there’s still disagreement about exactly how it works and what weights to attach to different factors your model will only be reasonable to the extent that it matches reality. Climate models are notorious since people are still arguing about how much the different factors matter. We recently had even more egregious examples of this in those Covid models that had gorillions of dead within months.

            The fact that no one is ever held to account for the above kind of blunders and indeed often continue to be consulted as “experts” in the media is another of modern science’s social and political failings. Actually the failure to punish miscreants of all types is probably modernity’s most notable break from tradition. It’s almost as though modern people are too apathetic to defend anything with much vigor. Will wokeness itself fall victim to this as the wokeists fail to act when their sacred cows are slaughtered by Muslims, invasive primitive cultures, or renewed White “barbarism”?

  17. Another excellent post today. Phenomenal day in and day out. I have to say I really don’t like the way the covid discussions are headed. No amount of proof of the questionable efficacy or the direct dangers of the vaccine, let alone the obviously low fatality rate of the virus itself will change the covidian mind. The continued clamoring for everyone to get vaxxed, now including young kids is very disconcerting. The further talk, becoming more mainline, of isolating and impoverishing including forcibly, non-covidians is extremely troubling. We have to be very close to some sort of inflection point.

    • It is, as Z and Severian have pointed out, a religion. We now have the Crusaders marching forth to convert or punish the non-believers.

      • Handkerchiefs fit with the germ theory of disease in that germs were understood to be spread through coughing and sneezing. Perpetual mask wearing implies that Miasma theory (polluted air) is the primary vector of cross-contamination.

      • The truly devout Covidian still follows that but it’s true they don’t talk much about it anymore. Social distancing also seems to have faded away. The main obsession of the Coofists now is masks. None of this surprises me. The Coofian religion is a stupid one meant for the stupid and simple minded. They needed something obvious and concrete to tell the righteous from the damned and settled on the Holy Rag of Coofing. All the other shit is out the window so just make sure to strap that filthy napkin on your face and you’re fine.

    • This is why it is imperative for us to get out of their system.

      Then, start developing our own system, or assist those who seem worthwhile that are doing the same thing.

    • usNthem: It’s been a steady ratcheting up, and will continue until there is either a major conflict or we’re all forcefully subdued. For a substantial portion of the vaxxed, the very existence of the unvaxxed represents a critical rebuke. That an unvaxxed can survive and thrive represents a contradiction of their cherished dogma, and then threatens the entire edifice of their woke unreality. They truly have a burning hatred of those who won’t accept and participate in their fantasy world, to the point they truly want you and I dead – no job, no food? No problem if we’d merely comply.

      • For the same reason every white area, no matter how small and remote must have its influx just so no counter example can show up the lies.

    • Bignose lends them the money for their yachts. Bignose paid off the whores in DC to let them in. So whose the real boss here, brother?

  18. ||| “Science and its practical application have been the gift from the gods that has allowed man to move beyond his primitive existence” |||

    Yet, in that ‘primitive existence’ Man had a much better idea of ‘Man’ and ‘Being’, which he lost once he began to overestimate his ‘rationality’.

  19. I was recently listening to a podcast about 2 guys who were murdering people in the 19th century to sell the bodies to medical men at the university. Their names were “Burke and Hare,” and their crimes are called the “Burke and Hare Murders” They were murdering poor people in London, from prostitutes to down on their luck workers. When what they were doing came to light, one of them was tried and quickly hung. But the wealthy doctor from the college who was buying the corpses (to autopsy/vivisection for public display) and hiding where they came from and how he knew for sure one of them was murdered and took steps to hid the identity, no charges were filed against him.

    There has always been two sets of rules. What is different today is that the rules have been weaponized. Kyle Rittenhouse is a great example of how the law no longer protects you. There is no longer a rule of law, there is only rule of men. The cloud people don’t like his kind and so they have to punish him regardless of the facts of the case.

    • Our enemies would or rather do say explicitly that what is different today is the power to oppress has been justly turned on the white devil. The spirit of today is very much that of retribution against whites for the stubborn failure of blacks to achieve equality of outcome. Since that is not possible without genetic engineering to lift up one side or some kind of reverse eugenics policy to bring down the other whites must be punished and oppressed. Genetic engineering is hampered by ideological constraints here in the US since certain discovered truths that would make it possible are unacceptable to acknowledge even within scientific circles. The reverse eugenics program is obvious and needs no further comment.

    • This is what seems to be incredibly hard for people to accept: Rule of Law is dead- Rule of Men (if it ever truly went away) prevails. Adjust paradigms accordingly.

    • Did not know that. I did know about the “Resurrection Men.” You can still visit graveyards in Scotland where families or parishes put cage-like structures over the graves of their loved ones to thwart them.

  20. Once again, these are hard truths of our modern era in which prolonged affluence has made us soft and that softness has allowed deviant predators to rise to the top of our political & economic power structures. Robber barons have become an epidemic and the normal checks & balances of law enforcement have been corrupted absolutely. They own the police & judiciary.

    And if we don’t take it back, we will have earned our fate. But how?

    There are still many good men and women among us (tens of millions in fact), and we are all behind enemy lines, and we still have access to pretty much everything because we are the grunts that make things work. The engine does not run without us. And now that the rule of law is dead and buried, all is fair game. It is both moral and an existential imperative to rid the body of disease. The cancer cells must go. Focus and precision. From the shadows, only from the shadows. It’s the only way to be sure.

    • As an added note.

      It’s amazing how many wrenches you can throw in the system and how much you can get away with just by being polite and nice to their face while doing it. People have been programmed to equate niceness with morality. As annoying as it is to dip your words in honey, it’s an incredibly effective way to silence your enemies.

      • Revenge of the Nice Guys(TM).

        Like Dalton’s famous lecture to the team of bouncers in “Road House”: “I want you to be nice. until it is time to not be nice.”

        It works really well. But in the end (spoiler!), he still has to rip that guys throat out. Right in front of the hot chick no less.

        • The hot blonde babe was Kelly Lynch in her prime.

          She was the hottest thing to hit the screen from Minnesota since prime Jessica Lange’s debut in the 1976 remake of King Kong

  21. My favorite “science” is that of the airport dwelling consultant – Neo-liberal economics. This is best personified by Daron Acemoglu. Because, according to this caste, every attribute of humanity is due to human environmental factors, they seek to explain facts like differences in national GDP through “institutions.”

    To them, the “developing world” is suffering due to environmental causes like lack of “institutions,” “natural resource curses,” or “dengue fever.” Never mind the fact that institutions didn’t spring from the earth, the US does well with ample resources and winter is a far greater killer/economic retardant than tropical disease.

    But, as many on our side point out, realistic explanation is ignored because modern morality only allows us to see life through the prism of environmentalism. We live in a theocracy where the religion of the economic bug man is state sponsored. And, to many, it derives its reverence and authority because it enables consumption of goods beyond any other point in history.

    But we are reaching a paradigm shift as the economic bug man’s explanation of the world will come into question as the economy falters. Eventually, the bottom will fall out – whether it’s this year of in 10 years. But it’s coming.

    Once that happens, people will seek new explanations of reality. Be ready.

    • Not to mention no sales taxes for the first decade or so, courtesy of the government, to put all you competition out of business.

      • Makes sense when you consider Amazon is meant to become the global plantation store.

  22. A recent poll showed that Millennials are far more likely to think it was morally acceptable to cheat and to try to get even with people than Gen X. While a lot of this has to do with the collapse of religion, a large portion is younger generations growing up in a society where the rules mattered far less.

    At this rate Gen Z will be a bunch of moral psychopaths. It’s just a matter of if there’s enough competence being taught in our institutions where they can keep the lights on while backstabbing their way through our new low-trust society.

    • BFD since the previous generations didn’t do squat except support a series of insane foreign wars, off-shored our industries and made us China’s bitch.

      Do you realize how pathetic we are as a nation today when we are totally dependent on China from toys, medicine, clothes and semiconductors that are needed for everything from making cars to our latest military hardware. 30 years ago this wasn’t the case.

      At least this current crop is learning not to trust the government, businessmen, politicians and hopefully grow a backbone that the earlier generations gave up for a 401k.and sportsball.

      • The Based Zoomer is the right’s Hidden Imam.

        No American generation has ever been more obedient to government and business and Mom than today’s young adults. In surveys forty percent of them claim to be some kind of quasi-gay. Why? Because that’s what the government and business and Mom tell them to be. They’re lying about it, hiding, being teacher’s pet, etc.—yes. They’re absolutely defeated, all the way down to their [Carlins].

        Of course “we” made them that way. And? There they are. Daily nudes $5/mo.

        • I’m not a John Mayer fan, but his song ‘Waiting On the World to Change’ summed it up nicely a long time ago.

          The feeling of powerlessness and having a huge mess to clean up was pretty well-beaten into anyone under 35-40.

          Remember that talk of boomer removers and the day of the pillow? Yep.

  23. “For when these men have been brought up in a corrupt city, where their training is little likely to improve them, nothing that can happen will induce them to withdraw their pretensions; nay, to have their own way and satisfy their perverse humor, they will be content to look on while their country is ruined.”

  24. We have a legion of Winston Smiths redacting and changing accepted knowledge and facts from the past. As you have noted with the Covid BS. At some point the masses will believe it was always this way, hell, some change on the fly with the new “facts”.

    When will that final penny drop for average conservative and still with many dissidents that the system is fully broken and is daily being retooled to crush us.
    Watch the hopium being injected in many regarding the Virginia governor’s race.
    Believing polls, expecting fair vote counting is nuts at this stage. Have they learned nothing?

    • The dismantling of the internet wayback machine is already happening with sites blocking it, and Google’s search algorithms are practically North Korean for controversial topics.

    • I burst out laughing last night watching Tucker Carlson because he seemed genuinely sure the two clowns in Virginia were at a dead heat.

      First, I never believe polls. Second if I ever had I would no longer knowing the Gestapo cooks the books.

      Finally, has Tucker not learned the lesson of the election coup of 2020? Any election the demofascists can’t afford to lose they won’t.

      Oh, and the leftists always count the votes.

      • No.

        He was projecting a message to you.

        What he believes is irrelevant to this, and you cannot possibly know. What is saying to you is as written in his script and talking points. This is what is projected.

        I am confused people cannot apply a theory of mind to the people on TV. You are not having a conversation as to their views. You are being managed in a wider programme.

      • Tucker has to be careful when it comes to vote fraud because he will end up like Lou Dobbs being fired and erased from Fox. It is now the third rail.

        All it took for Dobbs to be fired was Dominion threatening to sue FNC.

        • RWC1963 – seems like there have been lots of “third rails” over the past few decades. And for some reason, they keep getting updated as society and the culture degrade…

      • “It’s not longer about who gets to vote…It’s about who gets to count the vote”. –

        President of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden.

        (he actually said this)

    • “When will that final penny drop for average conservative and still with many dissidents that the system is fully broken”

      When a new system is on offer, I expect. Most people who are dependent upon the Matrix, can’t contemplate escape without somebody to recruit them at the other end.

      That explains the current observed behavior of conservatives opposing Biden’s mandate by every method up to, but never including, directly challenging D.C. They need the Matrix more than the Matrix needs them.

    • Whitney Webb noticed that a lot of reporting on Epstein (even on the Wayback) is being purged. She advocates for saving things off as a .pdf if you can.

    • David Wright: You are obviously wise enough to answer your own rhetorical question. No, they have not learned. They will not learn. Even at the cost of their children’s lives. My apologies to those who believe many of their ‘friends’ and relatives will eventually come to our side, because I don’t think that will happen. They’ll go only so far and no further, because that would entail badthoughts and risk and social opprobrium. And because they’ve been taught that human equality is part of Christian teaching, although Jesus never said or implied anything of the sort.

  25. The West and particularly the United States is now sociopathic. Yes, some of this can be attributed to the presence of Puritans and Jews at the top echelons–certainly the narcissism and cruelty–but most of the widespread pathology can be honestly attributed to those groups.

    The public as a whole embraced the dysfunctional,, violent pathology of urban Blacks because that is what they see as admirable; brainwashing played a role albeit a small one. Most is choice.

    Disconnect from this sick culture as much as possible not just because it is about to collapse into violent chaos but because you you know what happens when you stare into the abyss. If the nightmare scenario of a nuclear war started for shits and giggles does not materialize, we can live through this.

    • If the charming psychopath trading in narcissistic supply is the model actor certainly the globo petro dollar factors in as well.

      The west being the market maker and clearing house for financial transactions of the global pillaging provides quite a carnival in which barkers and freaks and their pets can thrive.

      Who needs virtue when your fiat currency is the sword on the neck of the world?

      Even for us plebs the abuse of reality is so widespread and intrusive at this point that the dignity of our own labor has been cooked off to boil the pot we call home.

      The eggheads will burn the candle at both ends to do the economic maths required to explain where all the labor went and the middlemen will nod along, mumbling something about taxes. Unfortunately – or fortunately, the solution is as you say to disconnect.

      Its a paradigm that will be too difficult for most. That’s the unfortunate part. The fortunate part is that a scorched earth divorce from globo fiat tyranny breaks the hypnosis of debt-fueled upward mobility; the golden handcuffs that have turned to zip-ties and a bar code in quick time.

      A lot of talk of needles of late. The vaxx dagger coming at us and the one that will be pulled from our veins feeding us fiat and lies. There is a growing number of people that will not be content to roll back a few years or even decades. All of modernity is coming under rightful inspection.

    • Heh. whites have been disconnected from culture and life since the 70’s. This is why they lost their country. They stopped caring. There is a reason why Wall Street labels us consumers and not citizens. Because we gave up being citizens for creature comforts and entertainment.

      For the most part we became indifferent. This indifference is also allows a tiny minority to rule over us with impunity. We have become the modern day Eloi.

      • Simple enough. Love of money. Trade hot ashes of fiat for green trees of culture. Point is at least when I was young the solution to a culture of naked materialism was to work. Its so absurd now that the kids have figured out its all or nothing and so work is mostly for suckers unless you show me the money. So what’s the solution? Most, even on our side, will say so just get more jooey, get more money while you can; get yours. The consumer and citizen have converged; they are of equal value at this point: zero. Less than zero if you count the contingent liabilities of “citizenship”.

    • Jack writes, “The public as a whole embraced the dysfunctional, violent pathology of urban Blacks because that is what they see as admirable; brainwashing played a role albeit a small one. Most is choice.”

      I am a bit more forgiving of our people. Since WW2 the mass media and academia have been hegemonic and have had almost total control in shaping the values of our people.

      Think of the popularity of Lindbergh’s campaign to keep us out of WW2 and how it was vilified and smothered by the media.

      Most people are simply not independent thinkers. They have no defense against conditioning. This is not their fault because such a defense is beyond their abilities.

      The solution that I see is that we must control the media, which is, of course, easier said than done. So long as there are monopolies in the media, conditioning will occur. There is no neutral mass media or education.

  26. “It is fair to say that trust in scientific and technological progress is the bedrock of modernity. It is the thing that we all trust to keep society anchored to reality.”

    So you are saying our power grid being torn up and replaced with solar panels, bird Cuisenarts and unicorn flatulance is not going to keep the lights on?

    Man, I wish I lived in a more temperate climate and / or weighed more. It is going to be a cold winter…

  27. In some “end of the world” short story collection I read 40 years ago, one had to do with a real man-made pandemic, not this bullshit Covid-19. The reaction in most countries was to first blame the scientists. And kill them. Then techs and medical staffs. The story ended with primitives around a fire telling about how “those who could read” died last.

    Pace your post today, loss in trust in science and technology could have a nasty feedback loop leaving us in the dark. Probably forever.

    • With respect, ‘TLDR’ is one of the reasons why we have profligate & draconian EULAs as well as 1,200 page congressional bills; both staples of this new order. I’m trying to slow down and read more detail again.

  28. It gets old repeating, but that dictum militating virtue as the linchpin of any civil polity is wonderfully illustrated by Zs excellent précis. Regardless of our Framers [and other theoreticians] efforts, without virtue, even the most cleverly devised system of check, balances, and limited governments are eventually going to fail. The ouroborean nature of civilization seems inextricably tied to the Fall, writ over and over again.

    • “ouroborean”: relating to the serpent Ouroboros, eating his own tail.

      Show up to read Mr. Z-Man’s missive, stay for the perspicasity.

  29. Whatever else you might think of him, NN Taleb (Black Swan guy) has it right about “skin in the game”. Not only do the elites not have to play by the rules, they are increasingly immune from the results of their disasters.

    The historians tell us that at Cannae, perhaps 25% of the Roman Senate perished under Hannibal’s swords. The Code of Hammurabi held that architects/builders would suffer death if their structures collapsed due to negligence. Today, lower-echelon officers get blamed for four-star disasters and entire companies get blown up while the CEOs skate. The Boeing MAX 737 debacle is being blamed on some poor slob VP too dumb to get out of the way of the investigative steamroller.

    This is of course the terminal point of democracy’s descent into kleptocracy: Pirates run the system, as Zman has pointed out so well. The ethics of the Pirate become the popular mores and customs soon enough. Soon enough, Chicago will make Sarajevo look like the Garden of Eden.

    • Taleb is a hedgehog who thinks he is a fox, but that does not change the fact that he got a few things very right and those are worth knowing.

      • I know nothing about him except that his fans use “skin in the game” to blame people so poor they don’t pay income tax for what oligarchs have politicians do.

        That says what he is.

      • Taleb likes to say that he only eats or drinks food that has an Arabic or Hebrew name, basically he like food that’s been around for hundreds of years, it would do him far less harm than some new or foreign food. This is not a bad idea, its essentially conservitate in nature. Yet NNT seems to have bought into the covid BS

        I do like him, but he’s not always right

    • In the past, to be a noble or an elite provided obligations as well as privileges.

      I am currently reading through Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”. While the noble families described in the novel are certainly flawed, the expectation existed that they were to serve Russia, and that their sons would be risking their lives on the battlefield to fight for their country. They had skin in the game.

      As recently as WWII, the expectation of the elites in our society was for them to risk their lives serving their country when called upon. And not just pushing papers. Joe Kennedy Jr. was killed in WWII, JFK was a PT boat captain who actually was involved in fighting. GHWB was flying planes, as was Ted Williams.

      Today’s elites are more isolated from the plebes, and for now more removed from the consequences of their decisions, than were the Russian nobles under the tsarist regime. Think about that.

      • And that very fact was used to engender two world wars to obliterate the existing elite in Europe and make way for the new entries into the power structure.

      • I’m on my second reading of W&P and the only suspect character is Pierre. Its almost like, unwittingly, he is an ideological timebomb. I havn’t read any commentary on W&P yet, but I wonder what Tolstoy was getting about Pierre. Andrei has his liberal side, but Pierre bests him in strangeness and wrecklessness. The fact that he is a bastard has got to be symbolic

        • To this point (about 570 pages in), I am suspicious of the Kuragin family especially. Seem to be rather conniving. Perhaps I am mistaken, and the story will reveal itself.

      • Even that ridiculous shell of a man Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex served in the British army for a decade, flew helicopters, and served two tours in Afghanistan.

        God help us when foreign popinjay royals have more sense of patriotism and military fervor than anyone in our political elites.

        • I am not sure you want Kamala or Pelosi’s offspring flying armed helicopters in a war zone.

          Hunter Biden in a tank on the front line. Hilary Ben in the marines.

          Just writing it seems ridiculous, So that shows how nonsensical obligations have become.

  30. I canceled my appointment to get the J&J jab a week ago when I read that it landed a local police chief in the ICU. I was also supposed to see one of my favorite bands play live tomorrow evening, but the venue requires proof of vaccination or a negative Kung Flu test.

    Damn it all.

    • So go get a flu test. Could save your life if it enables you to begin therapeutics early. If you’re negative go to your concert. Either way you screw the man.

    • The wages of entertainment is death lol. Same as it ever was, but things get really clear as they play out.

      Good choice!

    • I have been uninvited to a Thanksgiving get together by my aunt because I won’t take the shot. I don’t care. My family is a microcosm of the state of the white world. It will be a couple lesbians and their partners and a single catlady witch/satanist who considers baby killing the highest good. The only male is a retired doctor who wears a mask alone in his car. Nobody under 50 because there are no children. I’m sure they will talk about how crazy I am.

      • Jeez that sounds a depressing holiday dinner.

        I remember reading about a guy who killed himself by drilling into his own skull 9 times with an electric drill.

        I always wondered how he kept going after the first 2. Perhaps he had a similar Thanksgiving.

          • With that cast of characters – if I were uninvited to that get together – that alone would be cause for thanksgiving.

          • You might be surprised. Years ago when I was at the age where shocking your elders was a “thing,” I made a comment at Thanksgiving dinner that Uncle Ted was right about a lot of things (except blowing innocent people up, of course.) We actually had a discussion about it!

      • Strange that you’re the only sane member of the family, back when Trump was running in 2015 I went to my cousins wedding, I always assume that most people are normies, but talking to my American cousins was interesting, they laughed at Trump and called him a clown, but based on what they said, I know they voted for him. This was a wedding in Ireland BTW and I was surprised with the number of people who I would class as normies were using Alt right terms

      • Not having to spend a day under the same roof with them–sounds like you got the best end of the bargain.

      • That is sad. 2021 looking to be the most bizzare Thanksgiving yet. I will be hosting gluten free ,vegetarian, dairy free Covidian inlaws. Fully penetrated, even the kid. The covid finally has them convinced that I have brainwashed their kin with my supremacy. So I embrace the dropping of the pretense that maybe I am one of them.

        I have gone out of my way to stuff the shelves of my library with as many hatefact history and other far-right-wing-extremassistic books I could find at the local used book stores and from my private reserve. Its also been motivation to acquire the books that will soon be banned.

        One of my faves: “White Gold: The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and Islam’s One Million White Slaves.” alongside the tyranny of liberalism, camp of the saints, the diversity delusion, no campus for white men, etc.

        Having already hit badthink bingo I now take joy in the silent triggerings. I smile and laugh and play nice while they slowly digest their soy and cogdis and their precious aspiring bugson talks about the world that of rainbows and unicorns that I am more than happy to shiv whilst his parents are away.

        • I wonder why people entertain such stupid dietary mandates from a guest.

          If I do not want to eat a thing I do not go. Otherwise I am grateful someone has taken the time to prepare a meal and I attend with good grace.

          If you go to their house do they prepare a normal meal for you?

          I would bet a large amount they do not (this type never does). So if they do not reciprocate the thought they are just dominating the situation and you are letting it happen. Its the same reason they dominate in society. Attempting to keep the peace lets them dictate all the behaviors.

          To which I would say to them. This is how it is and if you don’t like it, tough shit.

      • Whitney : Have a celebratory dinner with similar non-Covid believing friends. Or just do something else – anything else – which makes you happy and for which you give thanks.

        I know being the family outcast, even if your family is nuts, can be painful. Build yourself a new family and shake the dust of the old, perverted one off your feet. Don’t let false modesty stop you from fully believing you are in the right here, and that you are a force for good.

  31. The CoVid phenomenon may well have a sociological effect similar to that caused by World War One. A complete collapse in the public trust of institutions, elites and the philosophy that ordered the previous century.

    I’d say we’re one high casualty flu season away from that happening. It’s becoming obvious to just about everyone that the elites are making shit up as they go along and that “science” is no where near as certain as the establishment insists. Not to mention the self dealing, hypocrisy and shrillness of their blatant propaganda.

    • I very much doubt that “it’s becoming obvious to just about everyone.” There is no shortage of fanatic, emotionally deeply invested sheep out there.

      • I agree. I have elderly conservative neighbors that use the “n” word regularly but are convinced 50 people are dying a day in the city from covid….

  32. For a long time I had the feeling that this decade will be the last “normal” years and when the 2030s come is gonna be a wild ride of uncertainty, maybe already is but when the older boomers finally retire of this life all hell is gonna break because liking then or not it is Boomers who this kept society working.

    • We are already suffering a talent shortage. I run into this in my daily work life. Finding people with the brains and character to perform essential tasks is getting difficult. Technology covered for a lot of it, but you cannot automate everything.

      • I know I sound like the Boomer I am, but the twenty-somethings I repeatedly hire–replacing those who quit after less than a year–just don’t wanna work. They can’t see any value in work other than the $$. And now via a YT video, I heard of a new thing called ‘workism.” As it was an essay from the Atlantic, the mind boggles.

        • I have given 30 years of my life to my job/industry and believe me I am having serious regrets about the night shifts, weekends, overtime, relocating multiple times. It has now come down to being threatened with termination over the vaccine. The assets that I have accumulated, investments and a paid off home, are now being targeted by the DC mob’s tax on unrealized gains (you don’t really think they are going to stop at billionaires do you). Maybe younger people are looking at all this and deciding not to invest their time and energy in a system that has become so obviously rigged against them.

          • This. A despair of disparity. Certainly the factories of talent and skill have fallen steeply into alt-reality and thus the youngins are ill-equipped.

            But more importantly the elixir of the american dream has turned to turpentine but he label on the bottle remains. Sure, it can still get you drunk. But you also go blind. In my young years as a corporate cog I could at least see the trajectory; the pretty lies still had some bearing in reality.

            The kids now have to swallow so many lies that by the time they matriculate into a cog the can no longer manifest a vision of reality from the vapors.

            The thing is the entire message has changed. We still like to talk of building some long career arc of skills and hard work that pays off incrementally. So it makes sense, sorta, to take on college debt.

            But then all of the cultural messaging is of insta-wealth and insta-fame. There is a massive bait-n-switch and the lede is buried in the narrative. The kids know, however, if even unconsciously.

            The information age fell like an anvil on the little piggies with dreams of brick houses. Its all straw houses. Tech billionaires. Bitcoin millionaires. Robinhood ironic short-sellers. Social media influencers. Some bug-eyed b-rate ivy league psycho spreading for thirsty old grifters. Conjur idea, monetize. 50 million cameras pointed inward as they scratch lotto tix and dream of a more authentic life to livestream.

            Meanwhile many boomers who have benefitted from the biggest economic expansion in human history provide no sage advice or succession plans.

            They are too busy getting dragged around by Dickens’ ghosts of Christmas. The fear of not having enough is being replaced by the fear of the reaper punching their ticket. What do you mean i can’t take it all with me?

            Wuhan has made several boomers I know go literally insane with the prospect that their life will actually end. So kids don’t want to work hard. Go figure.

          • This a million times.

            There is less than zero reason for any white guy to be running a time charity for the corporate state’s benefit.

          • Tax on unrealized gains has been around for decades – it’s called property tax. In many states, including “red” Texas, property taxes are based on the current year made up “market value” of the real estate.

          • Get liquid and get to the country; enjoy a simple life under the radar and, depending on your proclivity, fight if they come to your door, or hope they don’t come to your door before you take the dirt nap.

            We are in the process of doing that as I type.

          • A lot of us have been there, friend. If you work in Big IT/Big Law/Big Medicine you’re expected to work all the hours and if you don’t they’ll just find someone in a more dire position to replace you. This isn’t good for any society.

        • It’s become a self-reinforcing feedback loop. A lot of millennial compatriots complain about corporate culture, in it’s demands for overtime, unpaid or underpaid labor, and the complete lack of work-life balance. The thing is, their complaints are legitimate to an extent. I personally hate corporate culture, which is why I’m self-employed. I’m basically the type of young person corporations would love to hire, but I make six figures working for myself, and thus wouldn’t consider a salary of less than 150k to give up my independence. The trouble is, corps won’t offer more than a third of that.

        • An addendum to my comment above: a lot of retail and service jobs that young people work simply serve to insulate upper management from their customer base. By this I mean that the people working POS in retail etc have to hear complaints about policies they have no control over but are expected to enforce. Their job is to absorb abuse but not resolve anything so upper management’s paperwork looks good. That’s just not worth it at entry level wages.

          • … the elixir of the American dream has turned to turpentine but the label on the bottle remains. Sure, it can still get you drunk. But you also go blind..
            With that, Screwtape wins the prize for Idiom of the Day

        • There is no value in anything but $$$ in a rigged system.

          Our system is designed to funnel all gains to a tiny group of elite and pay off government workers to keep the elite in power.

          The other 89% of us get crumbs.

          The pandemic caused a lot of people to have enough time to realize this to “wake up” and now they get it,

          Work no more than you have to and do no more than what they money you are paid buys.

          That $20 an hour you are making is “still struggling” so you get “pretend to pay me, I’ll pretend to work” effort put in.

          Its not just the economy the social foundations for hard work, home, spouse, kids, stability of economy and culture have been destroyed for short term gains and lower wages by the money boys.

          Without those things , no one has any incentive to work hard.

          Frankly I think the work less movement is good, The Protestant work ethic makes sense in a developing country dependent on manual labor . It makes no sense in a banana republic or a highly developed one.

          Let it die.

      • People have come to think they owe potential employers nothing. I have had people not return phone calls after sending me a resume the same day, not show up for interviews, and not show up for the first day of work after accepting a job. It has nothing to do with wages either. These people have no/low skills and don’t think they should have to develop any either.

        • They do owe them nothing though: “We hate White people and you must comply with any healthcare mandates dreamed up by our HR under-secretary. Click here to apply!”

          • Have you always dreamt of applying your boot the throat of the proles?

            In love with the sound of your own reeeing?

            Do you already have your own list of ideas on how to expand the 27,563 existing covid rules?

            Well we have a perfect career for you in mega-corp HR.

            Join the largest company in the world to stick it to the capitalists running your local store!

          • For the overwhelming majority there is nothing principled about this at all. They cannot make the connection between how the community they live in needs ordinary people faithfully completion their jobs, many of them mundane, in order for it to continue functioning. All of life is meant to be entertainment and leisure for them.

          • Barnard-

            Because electricity comes from the outlet and food grows at the store, silly!

            Terrifyingly, some lunatic German woman in the Green party said exactly this last week.

        • No one owes potential employers anything; they aren’t employed yet. Besides, employment is at will and either side can end the job on a whim. It’s weird how employers who don’t bother to inform candidates they’ve been rejected get upset when candidates decide not to tell employers they’re no longer interested in the job. It’s even weirder how employers who reserve the right to terminate employees without warning get upset when employees decide to terminate themselves without warning. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

        • Barnard: But the same thing happens in reverse. When my son was looking to better his employment he routinely heard nothing back, not even a courtesy “We’re not interested/job has already been filled.” And one guy who said he was very interested in person never even returned a follow-up phone call. When every word of a resume has to pass a female POX filter and then the company thinks they own not just your labor but your thoughts and life outside of their premises, it’s really not worth the hassle.

      • But the media told me we have millions of qualified, vibrant STEM PhDs rotting in the fields!

        They also told me we have millions of doctors and engineers streaming across the borders every day!

    • Call me a slacker, but I didn’t want to be the guy who created the next plague in the lab. That was 20 years ago.

      The meat grinder will start chewing your hand if you don’t pull it out. Guess it’s a matter of perspective.

  33. ” America is now ruled by a pirate class that is free to do what they like to the people. ”

    The only rub is that most of the people love the pirate class, love the direction the empire is going, and believe the things they hear in the news.

    They give their stamp of approval of the rulers

    • Most on the left seem to accept the pirate class because the pirate class push causes dear to the left. Most on the right like the pirate class because they too worship money and “success” but think as the economy gets worse more will grow to hate the pirates

    • Most don’t, they know full well we are being screwed over, bullied and even terrorized. Except they have no venue to express their views in a manner that does not invite retribution.. For all intents most of us live in what amounts to a variant of the USSR.

      • A relatively more comfortable USSR. Things will have to get a loss worse before normie awakens. I think the plan is to boil off just enough people to get rid of the undesirables at an acceptable pace, but not so fast as to cause the pot to boil over. Have to hand it to them, they sure seem to be able to walk that fine line.

    • I don’t think so.

      A lot of people are scared half to death of well everything. Some oldsters who just realize their summer of 69 is over fear the reaper

      Others , the mouse people they’ll go along in hopes that they’ll make it last and that the camps will have jobs, Its just how some people are.

      Many others though are so angry they could spit . There is a reason that “Let’s Go Brandon” made 1st, 2nd and 3rd on Spotify beating out Adele

      Problem is right now no one is offering an alternative that isn’t crazier than the clowns or can’t be easily co opted by them.

      So the sane action such as it is to do nothing and vote harder.

      Ultimately the problem is simply democracy itself and the fact that our system was built for a people that no longer exist, we may be White or White enough but we aren’t Moral or Religious.

      Even when we were it was only half rate, Now its unfit for purpose,

      Figuring out how to go back or to change that and to what ? Ah now there is the rub

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