The Game

There is an argument that we live in a novel political environment in which the mass media is the political authority. They get on an issue and the political and corporate classes respond to it. We saw this with the George Floyd story that was orchestrated by the big media operations. On the other hand, political actors will seed the media with fake stories hoping they will put it into their megaphones. The Russian collusion hoax cooked up by team Clinton is an example.

A couple of weeks back, Tucker Carlson observed that most Republicans wake up in the morning and go to the New York Times. They and their staff read the thing over breakfast, because it is their guide throughout the day. This is true of mainstream conservatives as well. What passes for the Right in America is entirely controlled by the Left, which is controlled by the media. Old school liberals sound like Trump people when they complain about how the media runs their party.

There is a lot of truth to the media-ocracy claim. The backers of the Ukraine fiasco have been feeding the media nonsense tales about Ukraine. They handed them Ukraine lapel pins they had made up for the occasion. Note no one in the media looked into who supplied everyone on television with those pins. Instead, it was a unified media voice, a wall of sound, selling the Ukraine story. Washington and the political class in Europe were swept up in this unfolding disaster.

The thing is though, the Russia hoax makes clear that the media does not have a coordinated center. The details of the hoax have been supplied in the court case against Clinton crony Michael Sussman. He relied upon confidence men like Franklin Foer, who exist to inject false narratives into the media echo system. Once these fake stories get loose, they rocket around the system, repeated by the sociopaths who are attracted to life in the media echo system.

Further proof of the passive nature of the media system is the war in Ukraine, a place few in the media can find on a map. There are three observable trends in the coverage of the war thus far. One is there are few Western reporters trying to cover the war on the ground in Ukraine. They went over for the photo-ops when it started but made sure to stay in Kiev. They quickly went back to their countries and left the reporting to contractors and interested think tanks.

That is the other thing about the media response to the war. The work-at-home war correspondents now do their reporting from press releases issued by outfits like the Institute for the Study of War. Alternatively, they rely on Ukrainians on the payroll of the American of British intelligence services. In both cases, a five minute search on-line would reveal these sources to be entirely fake. Instead, they just pass on the information without bothering to question any of it.

The lack of original reporting and reliance on single sources with narrow agendas has resulted in a uniform opinion in the media. Even the so-called conservative media, which took off their American flag pins and put on the Ukraine pin, repeated the same stories from the same sources as if it was holy writ. What the Ukraine story reveals is the media echo system operates like a murmuration of starlings, rushing through the news cycle in response to external stimulus.

This reality will lead some to assume this system is controlled by a tiny cabal of deep state actors in a hollowed out volcano. In reality, the people trying to inject their special brand of poison into the system are often tangled in the system. The Covid panic is the perfect example. It was people hoping for media recognition who kept injecting ridiculous claims into the system. These were not deep state players, but often just ordinary people hoping for fifteen minutes of fame.

The “frontline workers” posting their made up tales of woe on social media is the perfect example of how small players can move the media swarm. Hoping for attention, nurses and doctors started positing on social media stories that made them look like selfless heroes trying to save Covid victims. This psychosis, and it was a form of psychosis, was picked up by the media and amplified. These fake stories became fact, which spawned new fake stories made up by media members.

The Covid hoax, and it is fair to call it a hoax at this point, was not the result of clever scheming like the Russian collusion hoax. Instead, it was something like a stampede over a cliff. Unlike the animals in the herd, the people in this media stampede could question the rush over the cliff, but like the animals in the herd, they feared being trampled more than they feared the end result. As a result, fantasy became holy writ and Covid turned into a bizarre mass media religion.

In a way, the berserk obsession with disinformation and misinformation is not entirely motivated by malice toward the general public. The people running the New York Times and Washington Post still cling to the old myths about the media. They think they should be the cynics not falling for their hoaxes. They sort of get the problem, but they lack the proper perspective from their position inside the swarm to see that it is the nature of the swarm, what makes it possible, that is the problem.

It is tempting to think that at some point the public will get wise to the fake news and this madness will come to an end. If no one believes what is in the media, then the media’s ability to shape the news comes to an end. The trouble with this theory is most people have already figured out that the news is fake. The Ukraine war is a prime example, as most people never cared enough about it to listen to the story. Public apathy and skepticism have not changed the behavior of the media.

Instead, what we may be heading to in the short run is a world in which the mass media operates like an on-line role playing game for the managerial class. They get to play the various quests that get created in the media echo system. Since they live in a consequence free world, as in they never pay the price for their error, they are free to explore their dreams within these fantasies. Once the quest is over, they transition to a new quest or maybe play a different character.

We see this happening with Ukraine. As it becomes clear that this story will not end well for Ukraine or the Europeans, the players are looking for a new quest. Joe Biden’s heroic management of the economy through the Putin-Trump inflation spiral looks like a fun new expansion pack. Maybe they play the China as dangerous dragon add-on that came with the Covid edition. Maybe someone is about to release something entirely different and inject it into the media echo system.

The result is we are headed to a world in which the normal people go about their lives as best they can. Every once in a while, they will take notice of the streaming role playing game that keeps the managerial class busy. That will usually happen when the role players mistake their world for the real world, gas prices and baby food shortages being two current examples. Otherwise, the managerial class is becoming a virtual world, a metaverse to occupy an otherwise worthless ruling elite.

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147 thoughts on “The Game

  1. What you call a fire sale I’ve been calling Operation: Decapitation for a long time.

    In the unlikely event that the voters can overwhelm voting fraud and elect a Ron Desantis type of leader, that new leader is going to have to decapitate the managerial class in DC by firing literally every political appointee in every department of government. He’s going to have to order full declassification. He’s going to have to deconstruct and dismantle the FBI. He’s going to have to purge the US military of gays, trannies, and the woke leadership pushing that degeneracy. Anyone involve with the Afghan withdrawal gets sacked. Security clearances are revoked across the board. And executive orders barring people from government revolving door work get issued.

    Then you hire people whose explicit stated mission is to root out #resistance 5th columns operating in the civil service and you promote and advance people whose basic principles flow from the idea that the government is wholly corrupt and their mission is to rip it out root and branch.

    And that’s before you target Dominion Voting Systems and mail in voting fraud.

    The next America First President is going to need to be the sort of person willing to rip out their still beating heart and laugh while he feeds it to his dog.

  2. There is no reason to engage with the mainstream media from any source. Theirs is not to inform and enlighten, but to control and manipulate.

  3. I am old enough to remember a time when cranks and weirdos were isolated, and it was only in the most extreme circumstances that their words or deeds reached the public at large. Nowadays, every single crank and weirdo has an opportunity to put his or her thoughts and acts on public display through internet postings, i.e., the “social media.” It’s not that their relative numbers have increased (although they have increased in absolute numbers because there are so many more people on Earth), but their impact has been multiplied exponentially because of the availability of the internet megaphone. Homos, for example, wield an influence far outweighing their absolute numbers due to the publicity they receive for their perversion. This is multiplied by straight world’s desire to become “edgy,” a term which has become synonymous with “good.” That is to say, those who produce content for public consumption, whether in the arts, academia, politics or the media continually try to go further and further from that which society at large deems “normal.” This has the result of pushing the definition of “normal” ever further from the point from which it started. AT some point, we begin to fall over the “edge” and into .. what, exactly? I don’t know, but I do feel as if we are now living in that poetic time when the center will not hold. The widening gyre of our society is about to spin out of control and like any flying thing, that means we are destined to crash and burn. It is as if we are really passengers on board Flight 93 and just learned that our pilots have been replaced with kamikaze-style hijackers who want to crash our plane. Question is whether we have a chance to regain control and continue our flight to its planned destination or will end in a burning hole in the ground. At least I hope we are at that stage, but I fear we are nosediving past the point of no return. Returning to my original point, it is also possible that my fear is simply the result of the collective impression from all the cranks and weirdos shouting into their electronic megaphones. At my age, it hardly matters, but I do feel melancholic for my posterity and hope for the best for their sake.

  4. ” Otherwise, the managerial class is becoming a virtual world, a metaverse to occupy an otherwise worthless ruling elite. ”

    Got to question the constant and thoughtless use of the term ” elite ” here and elsewhere. Using the term acknowledges that this group IS somehow better or different.
    Can we all try to use the term ” elitist ” ( the opposite of populist ) as it refers to their ideology, rather than their actuality.

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  6. It’s as if the era of middlebrow, everyman media was a short lived exception to the historical rule, or a failed ruse.

    Here are tptb behind their walls, and here we are on the internet writing graffiti on those walls. The more things change, right?

    The feeling of disenfranchisement is a bummer, yet the more popular sentiment infiltrates the halls of power, the more ridiculous the politics.

    It would be wonderful to go back to the design of the Constitution, with its checks on popular sentiment. Or maybe it didn’t have enough checks, and that’s how we ended up here. At any rate, getting on with life as the political system collapses and purges itself of entertainers, professional liars, and unserious people isn’t the worst case.

    • the constition is a piece of paper , only the willingness to follow it gives it effect . it has beena dead letter for at least 60 years

      • I know, but it was the wisdom and customs of a certain people written down, and I like to think it would have been sufficient for them. One can dream lol.

  7. With all due respect. Z, Tucker is a well paid whore he would’nt mention or critique Shlomo, even if he was being drawn and quartered. That little fuckin crew you joke about, runnin everything, well, they do run things. They print the money, they own the kid fuckin, coke snortin politicians, they bring the programming to the dead brain, mind fucked masses. This plan ain’t new its 100’s of years old, coming to fruition now, just go back and read the shit they wrote. These sick motherfuckers want us all dead. Do not underestimate the sickness of Satan.

  8. ” This reality will lead some to assume this system is controlled by a tiny cabal of deep state actors in a hollowed out volcano. In reality, the people trying to inject their special brand of poison into the system are often tangled in the system.”

    When every word or image vomited out by the MSM is identical except for the media corporation who puts it out, I don’t see how anyone can deny that someone or something controls the whole shebang.

    Then we have our Babylonian Monetary system, where anyone with a lick of sense ought to see how that system works. They are the ones who really control everything. Most still don’t understand how they take out an insurance policy on every person upon deposit of their birth certificates in some rat-hole archive in Washington, D.C.

    Anyone who has refused to understand much less talk about any of this is willfully ignorant, or they work for The Man. And the ones whose position as a trumpet is an asset of the system. It’s as simple as that.

    Thank God for the internet. It has educated many of us, and those who don’t take advantage of this are the sheep, who are being led worry-free to their destruction.

    • Indeed.

      It seems strange to posit that the largest coordinated hoax on humanity, to set up a mass poison injection in every white country in the world using the same novel technology is the evidence that there is no large coordinated hoax.

      Or that the Ukraine being used by all western governments to push in self sanctioning for the green/reset agenda is again evidence of there being no group organizing the push for the energy poverty and de-industrialization of white countries.

      If I did not know better I thought I was on a normie site.

      next up: 10 reasons why Davos is not a meeting of treasonous politicians pushing a global agenda.

      • “If I did not know better I thought I was on a normie site…”

        Thank you. This is why I posted what I said. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets the whiff of controlled opposition.

  9. I wish I could say “everybody knows”. But while “… normal people go about their lives …”, if we zoom out a little:

    Media – the stenographers, “The Wall of Noise” or “The Miasma” – has owners and “stakeholders” (buzz word of the year). Owners are people. People seem vulnerable to religion, expressed as “ideology” or a “cult”, open to the public or secret.

    People with like ideologies, and who prefer to ride on private jets, like to get together and see ‘who’s who in the zoo’, and get pats on the head from their pals. They also plan and cement ‘business’ alliances and cartels to see who can loot and plunder the best, whether for the biggest $$$ or in the name of some virtue signal. Since their ideology has a Malthusian flavor, they apparently see nothing wrong with shutting down parts of their biz for a ‘greater cause’ – knowing they will profit more from less work if they kill capitalism. Scarcity! We got ours, shut down those upstarts.

    But, faction conflict being what it is, their Media and minions are free to to disagree, speak with a not perfectly unified voice, to not be scripted, not be on the same page. That’s good, otherwise it would appear too soviet! And that “… fifteen minutes of fame …” issue? That helps too! Have no fear, The GateKeepers are returning. As long as all the cats are herded in the same general direction, confined by the Overton Window, the regime is progressing toward their – loosely defined – goals. The Rove quote comes to mind at this point.

    The Owners cannot do it alone, and in a truly free market (which has never existed) cartel “rentier-ism” would be impossible because of faction warfare. And the creativity that freedom fosters would obsolete their product, their biz model, their dominance, and over three generations, their fortunes. Therefore they need the ‘rent-a-cop’ that is the MPTBAGs – the Men Pretending To Be A Government – to keep the submittizens and the opposition in line.

    War, germ panic, and detonating the economy – all at once – seem to be the tools of this “business consolidation”; along with so many public lies it’s a wonder they even trust each other. I’m wondering if this new combination can be called Sixth Generation Warfare? Or if the war of our Rulers against the genpop culminating in a Bioterror Slave State will gain that moniker?

    An interesting expression – to me – in this age of the interwebz, is + big.gang.guv = FASCISM. Fascism in principle, not all the detailed EU variants in that past podcast. That comes with an interesting handle that our side could use to slander it as it consolidates – by joining everyone, probably forcibly – into the WORLD NAZI EMPIRE. Or is that just sophism?

    Wonder how long it’s going to take to reach the Ominous Parallels of the 1945 climax shown in the pics of Berlin and Dresden? The end of The Swarm and The Hive? “… once the quest is over …”, I wonder how the Dissident Right who will become The Remnant will handle it as we struggle to build ‘politics’ – the original philosophical branch, how should groups of people get along – out of the rubble? Only a few of us Boomers will be around for that show. Unless it starts tomorrow 🙂

  10. This is an fantastically good study of a a self-organizing system, Zman.

    “A murmurration of starlings” is inspired poetry; let us not forget the Z-classic “like fireflies blinking at each other.”

    I regret not having wished our host a nice day off, but I can see that a 3 hour break, at least, has done wonders.

  11. does anyone here feel like it’s time to look back on what the anti-cigarette drive was all about? I mean I remember being vehemently anti-cigarette as an elementary schooler after learning about the dangers smoking can cause. Although even then there was a part of me that felt secondhand smoke was bs.

    What’s to say that the anti-cigarette movement wasn’t just another media-driven production? And if it was – what was the reason for it? In many ways the anti-smoking movement has been successful as smoking is no longer as common as it was back in the day. It’ll be interesting once the silent generation (half dead already) dies out. They were the last generation to be heavy smokers so once they die off – the incidences of lung cancer should go down. If lung cancer incidences also go down – we can thank the anti smoking movement. If they stay the same – then the anti-smoking movement was all bs. That’s not to say that smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer. Nat King Cole smoked three packs a day and died from it in his mid 40s.

    • I was yelled at by a 13 year-old for smoking in the street at a tiny-town annual summer shindig.
      In Nevada!

      My friend’s stepdaughter, it was how the school taught her to introduce herself. Etiquette matters, you know.

      The creepy gov4U site detailed their ‘victories!’ in getting indoor smoking banned in small counties all over Europe and the US.

      It was just an excuse, an exercise, to see what they could pull off.
      Of how much traction they could get pushing buttons.

      Avalanches start with a few rolling pebbles, so they were rollin’ ’em.

    • The anti-smoking movement was a powerful example of TPTB reminding you that freedom of association no longer exists. Very rapidly, the bar or small business owner was told that he couldn’t set the rules for admission on his own property. I understand the libertarian bent of that argument – of course there are behaviors we want to proscribe – but smoking seemed such and arbitrary and capricious target. And that’s coming from someone who never smoked and had no interest in the habit.

        • Yeah, as healthy young people start keeling over, the PTB just make up some bulls*** acronym to blame it on. Vaccine is safe and effective, make sure you’re up to date on your safe and effective vaccines and boosters, bwak, bwak, polly want a cracker….

  12. Z: “The Covid hoax, and it is fair to call it a hoax at this point, was not the result of clever scheming like the Russian collusion hoax. Instead, it was something like a stampede over a cliff. Unlike the animals in the herd, the people in this media stampede could question the rush over the cliff, but like the animals in the herd, they feared being trampled more than they feared the end result. As a result, fantasy became holy writ and Covid turned into a bizarre mass media religion.”

    Great metaphoric visual for the M.O. at play. Which is the existential need of most people to desperately remain in the in-group rather than be cast into the wretched out-group.

    • Nailed it, Frip. It’s been a shock even to a misanthrope like me to see how, these last two years, most people are more interested in remaining in the herd at ANY cost rather than in finding the truth.

        • The new thing is that the herd was your friends and family yesteryear. Now it’s the mass media, which artificially creates a virtual herd to manipulate people

  13. In terms of MSM… I still have a false charge on my credit card called “Biden*Slob*Co” that I can’t get removed. Since the only game in town to clean this up was Trumpstein and that was another fraud… I decided to work on perfecting my nap management techniques and disconnect from cable some 18 months ago. Lucky for me Biden*Slob*Co is a suicide parade masquerading as another Zelensky clog dancing hoedown.

    Also… I’m spending more time at the library and helping with the cognitive dissonance wounded with Ivermectin and doodling drawings for the Jeffrey Epstein Museum in Jerusalem.

    Going without television should be a top recommendation for good health. As it turns out… rationality and decency didn’t need any advertising and television (in addition to the NYT/WP whorehouse brigade) have acted together as a kind of unintended spiritual filtration device to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Besides… I don’t really want to watch the degenerate blind bump into each other in Sodom before the place is incinerated under the guise of television entertainment. Instead I’m hoping to read accounts of politicians, pharmaceutical CEOs and media shitholes publicly kicking and twitching from the ends of various quality rope and how cheaply the nylon stuff was obtained.

  14. What kind of a shitty role playing game is it when you get in trouble for killing Orcs, and the Goblins own everything?

  15. Belated thanks, Z, for providing a link to that map, which would clearly indicate that the Russians had something of a strategy before they invaded/liberated (take your pick) “sacred Ukrainian soil.” They may have withdrawn from some of the territory they’d occupied, but the map gives one the impression that they’ve “refused” the line, and have ensconced themselves in a contiguous area from which the Ukrainian forces–such as they are–can’t eject them. I hope this war ends soon; the Donbass Russians have endured enough sniping and shelling from their “fellow countrymen.” And to the West’s shame, it guiltlessly stokes the flames and carnage with promises of more weapons, trying to bleed the Ukrainians AND the Russians white in order to weaken the latter. Some have posited that the proxy war on Russia is a step leading to one with China. In reality, it would seem that China would be the prime beneficiary of this fiasco, figuratively ordering takeout and sitting back to watch the whole shambles with grim fascination.

  16. The funniest thing about the media is that they are so often wrong. Not just missed a few details but spectacularly, incandescently, wrong. They never seem to notice or care. A great example is the whole Russia business. The media has been telling us for over 20 years now that Russia is trying to regain an empire of sorts. Back in 2000 or so the first Chechen war was the resurgence. Then it was OMG! they’re trying to take Georgia by invading South Ossetia. Then it was the Crimea, and now it’s the Ukraine. If they are trying to re-build the whole of the USSR, at this rate, they might get there about 200 years from now. Yet somehow the Russians have always managed to stop exactly where they said they would. Crafty bastards, aren’t they? It’s like Paul Krugman’s columns in the NYT, you know for certain it’s not going to turn out that way.

    • the breakup of the soviet union was chaotic. many of the borders drawn during WWII and during that the chaotic breakup were not along ethnic lines. what we have been seeing now is the treal-alignment of borders with ethnithity

  17. “Joe Biden’s heroic management of the economy through the Putin-Trump inflation spiral looks like a fun new expansion pack.”

    One thing I’ve noticed about the big money managers out there, the ones who put Biden up to this piece, most Democrats or Romney Republicans who began their careers in the 80’s by the way, is that they think, once this inflation spiral is put in its place and we take our hits, everything can grow again, and will be back to normal. They just don’t get it. What about this population makes them ever think that we as a country will want to take our medicine? The population is changed out to a point where even most of the whites are now n words.

    A country that has first world law enforcement, balances its books, considers policy implications beyond two quarters….that’s white people sh t. Responsible white people from another era. What they need to realize…and these are guys who manage billions….is that it’s over. A couple years ago Warren Buffett he’ll “never bet against America in his life.” Well, Warren, you’re well past your expiration date.

    At our core, we need to understand that it’s the people that make prosperity…or don’t. Show me the mix of people in a country, and their beliefs, and I’ll show you a healthy economy with a healthy currency. When this goes, it’s not coming back. At the end of this crisis half the Congress will be AOC types, and Sean Hannity will be repeating her talking points while still slamming her.

    The country is about to move politically….and not to the right….an Argentine style perpetual basket case economy awaits. “Republicans will crush it in November.” Perfect timing for the landslide against them in 2024.

    • That’s right.

      There are many familiar echoes of the 80s in the present.

      The financial situation is not one of them.

    • But according to leftards, the people of the world are just interchangeable widgets. Doesn’t matter where they come from or their skin color, we’re all the same… F-ing lying bastards. Well, we’re beginning to reap what our “betters” have sown these past decades. Buckle up.

      • The left says that but they don’t believe it. The right believes it and says it. The left knows very well that they’ll still be sitting in power the way it does in Brasilia, giving the poors in Sao Paolo and the Amazon a few pennies for votes. They know that people are dumb animals and can be cheaply and easily bought. The left knows human nature as irrational and emotive. The right figured that out once in 1930’s Europe.

      • People are absolutely not fungible resources.

        Neither is oil, contrary to what Dick Cheney tried to tell us.

    • ” A country that has first world law enforcement, balances its books, considers policy implications beyond two quarters….that’s white people sh t. ”

      Yes, yes and thrice yes. Very well put. This is the world we want. ( and where people know what thrice means )

  18. My most recent use for the NY Times was to wrap fish. Not very effective as It made the fish stink.

  19. Do not underestimate the role ideology, anti-white ideology, plays in the Governmedia’s behavior. It is hardly a coincidence that the vast majority of media scams–Russian collusion, the January 6 “insurrection,” the Passion of St. George Floyd, the Covid Captivity, Ukraine, etc.–all work against the interests of whites. Various players may seed the Governmedia, whose inmates LARP, but if those seeds didn’t find a congenial home in the Leftist loam, they would never germinate.

    • Whites, especially white men are the perfect lightning rod.

      Contrary to what Sailer believes, there is no sign the Coalition of the Fringes is in any danger of falling apart.

      • Not yet. However, if we can believe what we hear–a big if, perhaps–the Messkins are moving rightward. I’ve always thought they were a bit too normal to be a natural fit on the Left. But, we shall see.

  20. the guys in the volcano are well on their way to the big famine they have planned for us . that will start dominating the news cycle in a few weeks .

  21. Speaking of media lies and blatant fake news, don’t forget that Kyle Rhittenhouse apparently “shot three black men”.

    I know people who actually believed this. Also, I think it is important to note that it isn’t only what the media covers. It is also about what they don’t cover. That is partially the reason why “educated” White women think that police hunt black males and that black men don’t really commit crimes against whites or Asians.

    • It’s like the (since deleted) WaPo tweet that asked for reader feedback about what’s changed in their lives since George Floyd was shot by a white police officer. There’s a large cohort who either genuinely believe what they’re told because they have no other inputs. And there are some who understand what they’re told are lies, but they go along with it because it benefits them personally or their cause.

      • I still marvel at the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t spending the rest of his life behind bars, getting abused by gang bangers while the corrections officers look the other way.

  22. “The Covid hoax” is a prime example of media hype, to be sure. However, it was far from accidental. From the beginning (and, perhaps, even prior to the pandemic) it was orchestrated by powerful Deep State actors. Yes, the media was whipped into frenzies of parroting mostly absurd tales, but these were not all spontaneous. The virus came from somewhere. The panic reactions by governments did not happen by chance. Meanwhile, in the background, investments were made, money changed hands, and emergency powers were dusted off and at times put into action. There are a lot of breadcrumbs to collect, but the evidence can be found for those who will look.

    The single best source I’ve found is the RFK Jr. Fauci book. But there are many other sources too.

    Covid-19 was far from, an accident. At best it was a brilliant opportunistic response to a not very dire accident. At worst, it was deliberately planned, to include releasing a dangerous engineered virus.

    Let that conjecture sink into your mind, if it doesn’t reject it in instinctive horror: Yes, really, the greedy and unethical might not be above deliberately risking killing hundreds of thousands to millions of people, all for the sake of amassing personal wealth and expanding their political powers.

    The overall lesson (that hidden interests seed the media to desired ends) can, of course, be extended to the Ukraine “war,” and many other topics.

    • How correct you are! All one has to do to understand that the plandemic was orchestrated, to one degree or another, by technocratic globalist elites is research topics such the Rockefeller Foundation report of 2010 or Event 201. And those two items are only tips of the iceberg. Whether or not the virus itself was deliberately manufactured and released is beyond my knowledge. However, the powermongers at the top have been looking to exploit an event such as Covid for decades. This was no random occurrence.

      • Also note they ran a monkey pox wargame in May 2021 and predicted that it would start May 15th, 2022.

        All a big coincidence, like all those food processing plants that keep burning down.

        • Like one of the country’s largest egg processing plants a day or so back. Another day, another mysterious fire. Ho hum.

          • A shortage of cow piss!

            Add derailments of Canadian trains carrying much needed fertilzer potash and chemicals to the plant fires, and then there’s this:

            (From Clusterfuck Nation:)

            “the ammonia-based chemical additive for diesel fuel used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from trucks is getting scarce. New EPA rules require computerized sensors in truck engines that register nitrogen oxide levels. If they are too high, the sensors automatically cut the engine. Result: trucks stop running. Further result: nothing gets delivered. Furthest result: you starve.”

            DEF is refined cow piss, since I was talking trucks in sweltering Lagos this morning.

        • OT speculation: we don’t vaccinate against smallpox anymore, do we? Since it’s been eradicated.

          Aren’t elements of pox included in the “vaccines”? With natural immunity erased by the same “vaccines”, we’d be sitting ducks for a return of smallpox.

          Perhaps the Queer Nigerian Immigrant STD
          (aka Monkeypox) is cover for the rollout of the Next Big Thing.

          • Sorry, obtuse:

            Gotta have the DEF now, or the truck engine shuts down.

            They don’t need to cut off fuel anymore- just cut off the cow piss, and 80% of it all stops.

          • “OT speculation: we don’t vaccinate against smallpox anymore, do we? Since it’s been eradicated.”

            Funny you should mention that. Smallpox vaxxes are currently being released from the national stockpile in order to vaxx the gays against monkeypox. Turns out the two diseases are treated with the same vaccines… which explains all the instant and extreme interest in monkeypox from all the top-tier players in GAE.

            I hope we don’t have another globalist “oopsie” like when polio vaxxes trigger polio outbreaks.

    • Covid looked to me like a cover for the bursting of the everything bubble. Stephanie Pomboy has a good understanding of the looming corporate/private bond rollovers that were too massive to finance. You saw it in September ’19 when the interest rates shot up to 10% overnight. The government was doing a level of QE greater than anything they did from ’08 to ’14. When the lockdowns hit, they shoveled massive amounts of corporate debt onto the Fed balance sheet and started the helicopter drops Bernanke advertised in The Economist back in ’04-ish.

      I think the lockdowns and Covid were designed to begin the liquidation of America’s debt in stealth. The lenders lent too much and they are going to get paid back one way or another. You will own nothing and be happy. I stand to be proven wrong, but this, on top of that fact that these morons actually think they can start and stop and manage an economy are the reasons behind the lockdown. The next phase is catastrophic climate change.

      The laws of physics and chemistry will be their demise as I think they actually believe you can power society with wind and sun. Buttigieg and Pelosi and Waters and the rest actually believe it. Of course, behind the scenes there, if you can force divestment from the primary energy and material sources of the world, someone can buy them up in stealth in private placements. I think that is the real plan behind ESG and, “The Energy Transition.” I don’t think it will work, but let’s see.

      Nobody in the elite is behaving like they want to solve the problems of the energy crisis. They seem to welcome it with glee.

        • Agreed. There also simply isn’t enough copper for the EEV project alone. On the positive side, there is a real opportunity for us to profit from this insane project. While the market has been melting down, my portfolio is comprised of all of the things needed to continue life as we know it, and for the energy transition.

          Coal (Met and Thermal – US and Australian producers)
          Aluminum Producers
          Nuclear Energy (Uranium)
          Copper Producers
          Oil and NatGas producers + Midstream Cos.
          Oilfield Services
          Nickel Producers
          LNG supply chain companies (producers; shippers; liquifiers)
          Consulting Firms helping the East build Coal and Nuclear power plants.

          On the down side, there will be shorting opportunities with the Teslas and Energy Transition darlings.

          Let’s strengthen our hand. The inflation genie can’t be put back in the lamp, and they are going to do this energy transition by hook or crook. That is a great double tailwind and opportunity for us. We have to find ways to come through this stronger. Buy cheap tranches, keep cash on hand for dips and benefit from the wealth transfer.

          The theme of this transition, in the cultural and economic realm is the transition away from the hyped/phony and to the real. Own real things and be happy.

          • Meant to say that while the market is melting down, my portfolio has been way up. It is volatile, but I think the transition to the real is the correct bet. So far this is proving true for me.

        • howard, they don’t plan on doing any of that green shit , it’s a ruse to cover their de-population agenda .
          All those ” conspiricy nuts” were correct. I work for a major manufacturer , second tier auto parts for a number of auto makers . the whole industry is shutting down . pointing out to them that it won’t work is useless , because they already know that . but telling us the bright green future await keeps us quiet while they shut everything else down and reduce us to abject poverty and subservience , or let us die off

  23. I agree with the others that they are losing control of (some of) the herd. “Liberal Democracy” was always a little bit fake and contorted in hindsight, but faced with increasing pushback (pushback that didn’t exist in the 1970s/80s/90s), it’s becoming more blatantly authoritarian.

    They’ve ramped up their megaphone to 11 with constant moral panics, with diminishing returns. If the media was screaming this loudly about Ukraine in the 1990s people would be demanding nuclear war. Today they scream very loudly, but it pushes the needle less and less.

    The problem is that there is really no reason for an average person to play along in the Liberal Democracy system. For example in Canada, a detached house has ballooned in price to 800k average, well over 1M in most urban centers. Average salary is 57k or something. At best a person with above average income (without parental help) can buy a small condo and be a debt slave for life. Nobody is going to fight for that system.

    They do their best to alienate large segments of the population in media, business, education, etc. Many people are turning away and focusing on their own thing, and rightly so. The media can moan as loudly as they want, but once people tune out they tune out for good.

    Most Canadians are noticing the problems but begging the State to “do more” to take care of them – until we learn to operate outside the traditional state and build our own institutions no relief will come. But 10% automatically rejecting everything is a big development, and a segment that continues to grow.

    • B125: Canada, Australia, the US – Whites have been priced out of the housing market. I read that about 75% of young adult Australians are forced to live with their parents because rents have become so obscenely high (and with an unending influx of Han/subcons, will keep on climbing). Although there is significant variation by state, the average rent for a house in the US is about $2000. Again, obscene.

      The planned destruction of the White middle class as a somewhat financially independent and educated group is well underway. Younger people seem to be at either extreme – either still believing in the best of all possible worlds where fairy farts will power green energy for everyone, or extremely cynical because they know they can look forward to a far lower standard of living than their parents and grandparents, at best.

      • ” Younger people seem to be at either extreme – either still believing in the best of all possible worlds where fairy farts will power green energy for everyone, or extremely cynical because they know they can look forward to a far lower standard of living than their parents and grandparents, at best.”

        My money is on the latter when cell service and heating and cooling start to become intermittent.

      • Hmmmmmm. Interesting, but there are other family systems beside the contemptible single mom and nuclear family options that are now common for whites. In the times of my elderly parents there were still extended families living in one house. Nowadays the pakies and chinks here in Canada will move entire swarms into a single large home.

        Whites used to live quite commonly in extended family groups. Having lived that way ourselves at one time… it could be made to work quite well. Large families can pool resources, and divide labour much more effectively than a smaller nuclear one can. It really is amazing how well such families can do. Or could, back in the day?

        I would say the knife in the back of the modern extended white family is not housing, but neoliberalism. What do you do when the mother in law wants to ditch her husband, drink wine and shout at the clouds? Or your wife decides that she’s a lesbian and the father has no place in the home? Or your son decides he’s a woman and everyone has to walk on eggshells around him and mind their pronouns? Or you vote the wrong way, notice the wrong things and have the wrong opinions?

        Can the argument not be made that we are not being killed or replaced… but are instead committing cultural and demographic suicide?

        • Yes, one could certainly make that argument; but it was by design, step by step as every culture-supportive institution or set of traditional practices was sedulously undermined. “Termites”…

        • Glen: While the idea of extended family living sounds good in theory, there are various undercurrents in practice. In Asian families the mother of the groom rules the roost, and the daughter-in-law is very much under her thumb. The grandmother spoils and favors the boy, controls family finances, etc. Daughter-in-law then repeats the pattern when her own children marry. Whites used to live this way, as you note, but once again there were ethnic and cultural patterns involved.

          I could certainly see having my sons and their families residing on the same plot of land with me and my husband, but in a separate structure. While certain meals and tasks can and should be shared, there are numerous marital and childrearing stresses that will arise between generations. Obviously needs must, depending on how bad a crisis arises, but if given a choice I think most Whites would prefer more privacy and autonomy than traditional multigenerational living provided.

          • I told my kids that times have changed and nowadays it is all about the family pooling resources together. Those days of the kids being their own independent selves are over. This way when we break through to the other side, meaning after we get through this shitty phase of American life we are now living, which invariably will happen, we are sitting pretty. I told them our model should be the Kennedy’s lol, not that I am crazy about them but it was what sprang to mind when I was making my impromptu sales pitch.

        • I read of pre-Mandela get-togethers in South Africa, where Afrikaaner families routinely had 100 people over for Easter dinner.

          Attendence, good manners, and behaving oneself, by the way, were mandatory.

          I heard the same about annual family or Christmas get-togethers in Conneticut and West Virginia, so I know it’s possible.

          Our moms and older sisters knew how to do this. We youngers, though, just seemed to lose interest without that one essential gal organizing everybody. A big Thanksgiving brunch seemed to fall together naturally.

    • When I was last in Vancouver, there were entire blocks that were empty, owned by foreign buyers, but not rented or occupied. Canada and the US should adopt the (former? cartel?) Mexican policy of not allowing foreigners to own property w/in 50-100 miles of the coast or border.

      • If it’s true that the Chinese have ordered their citizens to pull out foreign assets, And if the citizens comply,, things might get slightly interesting

  24. “The Covid panic is the perfect example. It was people hoping for media recognition who kept injecting ridiculous claims into the system. These were not deep state players, but often just ordinary people hoping for fifteen minutes of fame.”

    Once again, you miss the forest for the trees. This is the nature of people with an academic background. They have to make things more complicated than they are so that they can explain it. All you have to realize is that there is a war between good and evil. Those that have chosen to follow evil will consider everything in how it benefits them monetarily. There may be “people hoping for media recognition” that were not “deep state plainyers”. But, they had no control over the issue nor made a big impact. These things always go in one direction. A thesis is generated, an antithesis is proposed, and a synthesis is generated. The only change I see is that the antithesis is sadly lacking in deep state action these days. It is minimal. It may be that the current dialectic consists of creating a thesis and continue to mutate the thesis until the desired outcome is arrived at. If the desired outcome is not achieved, drop it down the memory hole and generate a new thesis to keep the masses confused. But, there is a “grand plan” and it is controlled from the top. Low level players are given direction and they are rewarded by how well they follow instructions. That way, they get to live the life of Riley, while the rest of us eat bugs and aren’t happy.

  25. I think the, “news media”, phenomena are an all-of-the-above proposition. There is no doubt a managerial class and top 10% professional class are engaged in a role-playing game. You can see it around the office unless you are fortunate to work at a place that is still serious. It is a set of rites and catechisms for people with no sense of self desperate to show that they care about the downtrodden and/or low IQ people who went to college and parrot the dumb crap they heard in college – the true believers. Some of them are CEOs and executives. Some very dumb people with very bad ideas are in charge. Then there are the manipulators and operators – usually a clever woman who is head of the HR or “People” team who carves out an indispensable niche solving a non-problem that can never be solved. They know exactly what they are doing. It is the private sector transformed into a government bureaucracy. It is the regime’s conformity enforcement arm.

    Then there are the highly coordinated psy-ops. Where did all the Ukrainian lapel pins come from? We’ve all seen the clips of thousands of, “local news”, teleprompt readers using the exact same words to cover the same story on the exact same night. We’ve all seen the war games of one event or another that happened the same month and year it was hypothesized to happen on. We’ve all seen the clips of the brazen, satanic Noah Yaval Harari saying the significance of the Covid, “pandemic”, was that the surveillance state would be instituted, “under the skin”, as an epoch and monumental moment in human history. He didn’t even bother to try to sell it as a momentous scientific achievement to innoculate against a disease. We’ve all seen Davos thanking the NYT, WaPost … for keeping quiet about the shocking and brazenly evil plans and schemes of the WEF. That the Davos crowd openly says what they want and then knows they can count on, “journalists”, to not report on it tells you ithat there are highly coordinated state/private-firm/media collusions.

    This happened with the empire’s coordinated campaigns too. After Vietnam they took over the media. The first big trial balloon was the removal of Noriega from Panama. That was the precedent and test for brazen regime change. Would Boobus Americanus witness such acts and be reviled? Answer, no. He seemed to love this early days metaverse, couch surfer’s blood sport. Then the great cinematic nightly war TV Series came in the form of, “Operation Desert Storm.” It has degenerated ever since.

    This is what happens when a civilization:
    1) Promotes the unproductive and pedigreed over the productive and accomplished
    2) Sends everyone to college
    3) Equates money with wealth
    4) Can’t distinguish a Subsidy Truffle Hound from a real entrepreneur (e.g. Elon Musk vs. Henry Ford)

    The Progressive Era will end when its original sin of the digital currency printing press and the illusion of prosperity it creates falls into the grave it has dug for itself. From the delusions of wealth it creates and the unproductive and “risk off”, activity it enables flow all of the delusions and derangement of the Parasitic Elite.

    There are a lot of people in, “news rooms”, who would be much better off operating the Mason Jar lid press as would society as a whole. When or if that happens is anyone’s guess.

    • PeriheliusLux,

      I would upvote your comment more times than once if I could but do so. Thank you.

    • Excellent comment.

      I’d only add that Panama was also the kickoff for the modern Special Forces Olympics and the elevation of those units in the public consciousness.

      • Special forces were an adjunct to conventional war fare in their origins; think the SAS or the Rangers during WWII. But now, they are the shock troops, and/or mentors to native insurgents, in staging color revolutions.

  26. Mass media always acted as a control mechanism for the United States and the West, and has become increasingly ineffective. Operation Songbird is/was a real thing. War propaganda always has been a thing in all forms of government.

    The Regime wanted, and got, Whites atomized so it could oppress them and eventually unleash a genocide on them. What it did not take into account was atomization would expand to include information from a proliferation of previously unavailable resources. In turn, the atomized Whites have started to use largely digitalized media to once again come together. While concerning, censorship will fail because it cannot keep up with the availability and expansion of information.

    As KVH mentioned, the Regime has sensed it has lost control of the herd. The contortions and carny acts grow faster and more furious as the ability to garner attention collapses. People like us once ridiculed those who did not pay attention. More and more neither do we.

    I will grant there may be some emergent behavior involved, and the propaganda outlets have become on line games for the Managerial Class, but their primary mission always has been to consolidate power and control. That mission is failing. Yes, the media continues to have impact, but it is waning fast, and a distrusted and despised government has nothing to fill the void. Even worse for it, the Regime increasingly is just ignored and the subject of ridicule when it does get attention.

    • “Yes, the media continues to have impact, but it is waning fast…”

      I wish this was my experience. The NPCs around me, including self proclaimed “republicans” are completely brainwashed by the media. It has proven to me that it does, in fact, work.

      • It works on most, but not all. But there are also more people currently rejecting the status quo than ever.

        No point worrying about others. I suspect those that can’t distinguish media narrative & globalist agenda from fact & truth are in for a rough time as they are marched off the figurative cliff.

      • My experience has been quite the opposite, although I neglected one point that kind of bolsters yours: the media has started simply not to report anything that hurts the Regime, or quickly buries it. Case in point is the $54 billion grift to the Ukraine. That went over like a lead balloon and any mention of it sort of disappeared in a few days.

        • Or the two mass shootings in Chicago on Sunday (two episodes, 5 people shot in each attack). Luckily, the gunmen were diversified Americans, so only one Black body was killed. Imagine the loss to society had they been accurate and more diverse Americans were killes.
          I don’t follow the news, but I’m sure this is front page across the nation, CNN is reporting live from Chicago and Biden will visit the grieving families.

      • Same here in my western NY blue zoo. Face covering use is up somewhat on the back of the monkey pox narrative.

        • Really? That might come from living in a more urban setting. Down the road from you, mask usage has steadily and slowly decreased to almost non-existence.

          • Even in Toronto masking has mostly declined.

            It’s created a big division between Chinese and everyone else, since they are the only ones who are still masking up (and of course the obese and/or elderly white folks).

  27. The result is we are headed to a world in which the normal people go about their lives as best they can.

    That’s always been the case. Normal people don’t have the mental energy to analyze the war off the Black Sea, the efficiency of 6 foot social distancing or what level of testosterone changes a man into a woman. They’re more interested in what one of the Kardashians wore to a party, Alec Baldwin’s latest problem and the newest cell phone plans.

    • I cannot understand why anyone cares about what any celebrity thinks on any subject. They are the most worthless people on the planet. That anyone knows who Kim Kardashian is a complete indictment of our society. She’s famous for being famous for being a whore.

      • The pig Kardashian got a guilty as sin black murderer off of death row in my state last year. They had DNA evidence on the murder weapon and an iron clad case but the Pardon and Parole board saw stars. He is still in prison for life without parole so that is the good news.

        • Springing black killers from jail is her new thing – provided the victim is white. And Oprah Winfrey is backing her.

          Devon Tracey made an outstanding, 2 hour+ documentary the Chino Hills Massacre and Kevin Cooper, one of the filthy animals Kim and Oprey wanted to set free.

          Four-part playlist:

          • I saw that series when he was still on youtube.

            The problem with him is he a leftist at heart. He had catch-phrase of “praise the pantsuit” during the 2016 election. Plus, he’s an atheist and atheism is absolute cancer. And he idolizes Sam Harris. Harris is an absolute goofball.

            If you can find it, I highly recommend his series “When they rape us” on the Central Park Five.

          • Yes, he’s a Commie, but he’s also one of the most eloquent and uncompromising voices for white people online today and he went to bat for the Charlottesville people and the 1/6’ers.

            He’s a big fan of Jared Taylor (whom he interviewed), he names the Nose from time to time, and he regularly curbstomps his sensei, Sam Harris, for being a race cuck.

            It so happens I also made a convenient playlist for When They Rape Us, another must-watch:


    • Just so. And this is one reason why democracy with a capacious franchise is farcical. It’s a room full of ignorant–or stupid–people deciding what’s best.

      Of course, the people of “America” used to be far less ignorant and stupid.

  28. That the media are the game players whose games are provided by the ruling elite/managerial class certainly seems plausible. Why do the game creators, each with their own foggy or well thought out agendas, create the games they create? The usual explanation is “the will to power.” But power to do what? Often it’s the creation of some utopian fanasy with its attendant horrors, but there may be other considerations as well.

    In any event, why do we imagine there’s a war going on in Ukraine or that such a place exists? There was apparenty a place called Ukraine at one point but now? Eventually the result of a sollipsistic culture may be the assumption that when it comes to things we can’t personally verify, maybe what they tell us is happeninng is happening and maybe it’ isn’t.

    • Of the many diverse things he said, one of my favorite chilling Nietzsche quotes is [paraphrase mine] that Man would rather will nothing (Destroy what already exists? Nihilism?), that to not will at all. I take his meaning as: we are wont to destroy ourselves and perhaps anything else we can drag down with us, as being preferable to leaving well enough alone. If that insight doesn’t case a certain frisson, I’m not sure what will. Our current regime, as well as many historical instances, would lend support to this baleful view. 🙁

      • With all due respect. I’ve begun to think you have an unhealthy obsession with Nietzsche. 🙂

        • I disagree. Nietzsche was the Urvater of modern dissident thought; even before contemporary genetics, he was posing the right questions, and drawing conclusions concerning racial/cultural differences. I need to dive into my collection of his works (and replace a couple that I loaned out and never got back) to refresh my remembrances of his speculative thoughts.Beyond Good and Evil, The Geneology of Morals, Joyful Wisdom, The Will to Power, The Anti-Christ, The Twilight of the Idols, and various other works

          His technique is sometimes discursive, adducing evidence for an argument. At other times, his concentrated aphoristic style just delivers a strong shock. In combination, they work quite effectively, S when the Z-man frames a topic, and then delivers an uncompromising distillation of the gist that highlights, and makes inescapable, the point. Transformative effect at best.

      • Pascal said it before him.

        “All of man’s problems arise from being unable to sit quietly in a room.”

  29. In short, what (social) media + the march through educational institutions + globalism has gotten us is the worst case of “emergent behavior” ever. Instead of just burning a few witches, we burn the world. “Never blame on conspiracy that which is explainable by emergent behavior”

    • There certainly *are* names that can be named as responsible for many of our miseries. Blaming “emergent behavior” is in effect the same as blaming society and it strips the bad actors of their responsibility.

      • Which fish is to blame for the motion of the school? Or which individual bird for the direction of the flock in flight? Emergent behavior is a real thing. Humans aren’t exempt. This isn’t saying that human beings never plot deliberate acts, nor that all happens by accident. Of course not. But taking the opposite extreme, that every event is due to hidden actors and deliberate plotting, is equally invalid.

        • I didn’t say that emergent behavior is not real. Similarly, society is real and yet, blaming society tends to be stupid.

          There exist certain specific people, who have names, and they need to be physically removed so that we can move on and start fixing things. This needs to happen periodically.

        • It’s a blend of behaviors.

          At the top there most certainly a coeterie that acts with intent.

          In the middle and at the bottom there are certainly simple creatures that pick up on the emitted signals and swim in that direction.

    • If that is true, why is the emergent behavior always partisan in one direction and just happens to benefit the managerial class?

      Some of it is obviously emergent, but not all. The managers have a choice of who they hire whose behavior might “emerge” in a different direction. They do everything humanly possible to keep out wrong-thinkers. Even if the behavior is 100% emergent, it is not an accident that the hive is loaded with particular types of people whose emergent behavior is at least somewhat predictable.

      • Just because it is emergent does not necessarily mean it can not be directed. You through a rock from a particular direction at a school of fish and you can influence the direction of the emergent behavior

  30. Today’s post accurately describes a vicious cycle of degeneracy that is taking us all into the vortex of decline as a society. And there is nothing to slow or check the acceleration. Worst yet, the vote-harder myth is keeping normie firmly planted on the couch because the upcoming RINO wave justifies his Comfort First addiction.

    Enough Black Pill. There is a road to redemption, but it is, of necessity, a very hard road that will demand the best of us. And make no mistake about it, the price of failure is death. There is no reset button in real life. We’ve been too affluent for too long, and have grown dangerously soft. But we are descended from those that ran a similar gauntlet in ancestral times, and then both survived and prevailed. Our current road will be no different.

    Take heart. The disease cells are few. And they are not invincible.

  31. Z-Man’s diagnosis is similar to Yarvin’s, who blames Harvard and The Media. I am not entirely sure I believe the theory that there isn’t a small cabal behind a lot of this, though I don’t think this “cabal” is necessarily a part of the US deep state.

    Anyway, on a semi-related note, I heard someone use the word “presstitute” and it got me thinking about where the journos stand in the ranking of bad actors in the system. In conclusion, the word “presstitute” is an insult to prostitutes and common whores, who tend to be pathetic, but not evil. Mainstream journos are usually both – pathetic and evil, while the top politicians are usually evil, but not pathetic (except Biden who is quickly sliding from evil to pathetic).
    So, journos are worse than politicians and politicians are worse than whores. Fin.

    • What I tried to get across is that there is this system evolved, despite have many designers. It has taken on a life of its own so that the inputs often seem tp produce random outputs. It has evolved past individual agency.

      • In many ways it is like “organized” crime of old. There were many factions within a general framework that at times coordinated out of self interest, at other times clashed. To an outsider, it looked somewhat “organized” but was more just coordinated actions when it suited the situation, like if a particular group overstepped its bounds and the rest got it back in line or if they met an external threat

  32. The problem with our worthless, game playing elite is they control all the levers of power over the rest of us plebes. Their fantasies are our nightmares. We can ignore them as best we can, but they’re still screwing with our lives non-stop – see Justine and the ban on all handgun sales – next step will be attempted confiscation. Until there’s some sort of 21st century version of Sherman’s march to the sea, on Washington DC in particular, they have no reason to stop.

    • That’s the problem with TomA’s “Grey Man” theory. You can be a “Grey Man” but suddenly you will be chased and exposed for something you *didn’t* do – like taking an experimental COVID jab. In extreme cases like Austria, vaccine papers were being checked in public and simply existing as unvaccinated mean you got fines and extra taxes.

      They aren’t just going to leave you alone.

        • Biden’s threatened door-to-door jab squads faded away quite quickly.

          I guess they couldn’t find anyone that eager to take the ambient temperature challenge.

  33. I sit on my front porch listening to the far off yelping of the coyotes on a fresh kill. It matters not a whit to me. Three weeks is about the max for the disaster of the month, the attention span of the average person cannot stay fixated on them longer than that and they require a new set of gladiators.

  34. the people at the top have lost control of the herd, and they sense it. sure they can make normie go “moo” but that is about it. people are withdrawing from the hive, quietly, but steadily. the corporate work model is breaking down, the public school model is breaking down, the volunteer military model is breaking down, the get married and start families model is breaking down. in short, the consumerist society is dying. at some point real people have to do real work in the real world, and more and more that work is not at the behest of the hive masters. it is hard to see and understand this societal shift because by definition it is outside of the hive mechanism. but it is real and it is growing. the pendulum is always moving…

    • Agreed, I was about to make the same point (and still will touch on some related aspects).

  35. The only way I’ll ever believe Joseph R. Biden junior had anything to do with that “editorial” in the WSJ is if it turns out to be 90% plagiarized.

    • His bio (which includes being held back in school more than once and repeated plagiarism) never deterred his voters, though, did it?

  36. Just got the gun confiscation DLC, “Uvalde.” My character build this time is chaotic evil, so I’m going to see if I can fight the Empire’s enforcers and arm the village’s children with M4s. I’ve heard that will blot out the sun and bring an Era of Darkness to GAE, so it’s kinda hardcore. But, you know, chaotic evil, so…

    I’ve heard there is a side quest you can trigger if you sequence your discussions with NPCs just right, where you smuggle guns to Canada. Super-risky, but it pays off with 10mm gold, so gonna give it a shot.

  37. I think when you cut through everything, the question is really quite simple. Do you worship man or God? If the latter, Truth is your ultimate concern because God is external truth. Do you even put God before country? Country is men, often lying and deceitful men, and what is a country when borders are artificial and subject to change or to the whims of man?

    What strikes me about those persons in the media pursuing the truth is their strong and unmistakable religious natures. And that they would not hesitate to put the pursuit of truth before politics or country. On the flip side, what is screamingly obvious ie the total lack of religious conviction among anyone in the corporate media or MSM. Sure you get poseurs like Hannity, but on his off hours he is a slumlord buying up single family rentals.

    This is a religious battle at its core. Despite the various and multiple distractions.

    • External = eternal

      But I think even the former makes some sense, albeit unintentional

  38. You are correct to a point. But only up to a point.

    The difference between “the media” and a flock of starlings is that the starlings are free agents and the people in the media are not. Reporters, writers and the face people of the media are all employees of corporations. They don’t report on whatever they want, with whatever take they want. They follow directives from their bosses. This is (or should be obvious) to anyone that thinks about if for a few moments. But instead everyone plays along with the fantasy that “journalists” are all entirely free agents doing and reporting whatever they please.

    So no, there isn’t some super villain in a volcano directing the media. There’s a handful of executives doin so from their offices. Their efforts are then amp,I fixed by the second and third tier media that just parrot what the leading outlets produced yesterday.

    And it should further be obvious that there’s a nexus between various government bureaucracies and specific leading media outlets. The NYT is a conduit of the “intelligence community”, WA Post is DOJ and CNN to the state department.

    Add it all together and what we are living is a government dominated by federal bureaucracies. Unaccountable, uncontrolled bureaucracies. That use “their” media to push public opinion and politicians to supporting their goals. Sometimes the bureaucracies achieve consensus and all push i the same direction – as was the case with CoVid and is mostly the case with Ukraine. Other times they compete with each other.

    • Boiling everything down, the media selects for either immoral or amoral people who have zero qualms in spreading lies or half truths.

      These are people who can be bought off for a low price, i.e. cheap whores.

      What used to strike me about politicians, when they were caught in some kind of bribery scandal, was how little money it took to buy them off. The people buying them had to be laughing their butts off.

      But then the politician got wise. And so did the media, and they upped their prices. So here we have today people who by their nature are cheap whores but who have gotten agents and consultants to get them better prices.

      • Ja, I recall a comedy record by Rich Small (?) from diring the Nixon administration in which he did a bit about how Spiro Agnew could be bought off with a bribe of a turkey. Logical, considering what a small time Maryland politician he was.

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  40. Feels like the new George Floyd might be guns for awhile. The idiot and chief and the media are going to role play being Justin Trudeau. It really does get weary dealing with these clowns. We can count on Mitch McConnell and conservative Inc to pick up their NY Times and read that today it’s time for the gun clown act.

    • They’ll milk it for fundraising.

      Kinda surprised nobody’s taken a shot at Trudeau yet.

  41. It will be nothing but gun-control for a few weeks. Perhaps the left thinks this is an issue that they can win with in November. It already blew up in their faces somewhat as people noticed how the cops on the scene facilitated the massacre.

    By the time it blows over as a headline, the Russians will be finished crushing the Ukrainian army in Donbas.

    • The Republicans are happy to have discovered a way to both preemptively double-cross their voters and cost them victory in the midterm elections: join in an assault weapons ban. An opportunity like this only comes by once in a very great while, so the leadership plans to make the most of this chance. Godspeed, Mitch!

      • I suspect that McCornhole has no qualms about losing the election this fall. A guy I used to work with was heavily involved in the local GOP and he told me that the party elders – McCornhole in particular – would rather be in the minority as it helps them with fundraising and they don’t have to take much heat from the media.
        This was on display during the obamacare/budget fight in 2011. For a while, they had obama on the ropes and could have demanded more, but chose to back off. I suspect one of the reasons was that they were terrified of being labeled “racists”, but Mitch didn’t want to actually have to do anything either.

        • they are not going to lose crap. the dominion vting machines will give the GOP a uselessly small majority in the house and the dems will stage a last minute comeback to keep the senate.

        • That man and his wife are more responsible than anybody in either house for offshoring critical manufacturing and enriching themselves in the process.

      • btp: If that’s what it takes to stop the anticipatory warnings of “red wave in November,” then God speed. I want to see the lowest possible turnout. Let the evil part and the stupid party both lose.

      • Ja, already saw some article floated about how very, very infectious the Omicron variety is. So, right you are, masks up, NPCs; your craven, self-abnegating lives may depend upon Universal Compliance being forced upon us all. Mohr Jabs for all, this time with certified “hot” batches of poisoned shots.

        I hope that I live long enough to see Gates, Fauci, and their ilk twitching and kicking ar the end of ropes.

      • Almost certainly. The diagnosed Monkey Pox cases overwhelmingly have been among men who have sex with men. “Pride” month will not be cancelled or curtailed in any way, so expect media coverage to disappear. Particularly if cases skyrocket post viral-incubation/contagion period.

    • In somewhat related news, Rosneft (Russian gas/oil company) is paying a record dividend, despite “sanctions.” How much of this will actually be collected by owners of the stock(s) in the West remains to be seen. I have a sneaking suspicion that the well-connected will claim their money, despite supposed asset freezes. Whether us little fish, who took speculative positions before trading was suspended, will ever see that money is an open question.


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